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An International Student’s Introduction to the University of Maryland

Discover An International Student’s Introduction to the University of Maryland


The college experience is about stretching your brain musc new ideas, about self-discovery. There’s no better place to

University of Maryland, one of the world’s top-ranked publi

Located just outside Washington, D.C., the university offers

opportunities for research and internships with governmen

industry and major nonprofits. Beyond offering all the bene the campus is a 1,250-acre oasis in suburban College Park,

shady oak trees and stately architecture. You’ll find high-te

performing arts, a hugely popular athletics program and sc

be beat. Discover the University of Maryland. Awaken your

A Commitment to Global Education

The university’s president, Wallace D. Loh, strongly believes in promoting student opportunity as well as internationalization. One reason? He was an international student himself. Dr. Loh was born in China and raised in Peru, and he came to the United States alone at age 15 with the meager life savings of his parents to pursue his education. He went on to earn a law degree and a doctorate, and he speaks four languages. Dr. Loh’s college experience changed the course of his life, and he wants other students to have that same chance to realize their dreams.

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international students from 137 countries on campus

undergraduate students studied abroad in 59 countries

in Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s “Academic Ranking of World Universities”

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Location & Access

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Conveniently located just minutes from Washington, D.C., the University of Maryland can get you where you want to go. The campus is a short Metro ride from all the culture and opportunities of such an international city—including dozens of embassies and potential internships at places like the National Institutes of Health, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. You’ll be a car or train ride from Annapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York (not to mention within 45 minutes of three major airports). And the university’s shuttle buses make it easy to get around College Park, with its eclectic hangouts and cool vibe.

#8 in The Wall Street Journal’s list of schools where employers like to recruit.

São Paulo, Brazil 4,748 miles (7,641 km)

« College Park

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor 30 miles (48 km)

New York 199 miles (320 km)

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Annapolis 27 miles (39 km)

Cayetano Barnechea Economics / Peru

Washington, D.C. 8 miles (13 km)

Cayetano was drawn to Maryland’s proximity to the nation’s capital and the beautiful, bustling campus. He played intramural soccer, served in the University Senate, joined several clubs and spent a semester in Paris. Plus, he landed two D.C. internships related to his field. Maryland, he says, “is a way to discover yourself and a new city.”

Ramatou Cisse Electrical Engineering / Ivory coast

Ramatou was drawn to Maryland by the prestige of its A. James Clark School of Engineering. She’s gotten the powerful experience she’d hoped for: The academic program is challenging, the professors push her to do her best, and she learns from peers in group projects. She plans to stay awhile, too—Ramatou aims to pursue her graduate degrees here.

What’s a Terp? Terps are University of Maryland students, alumni, fans

and supporters. It’s short for Terrapins, named for the diamondback terrapin, or turtle, indigenous to the state of Maryland. At the University of Maryland, we call the terrapin mascot Testudo and we proudly say, “Fear the Turtle!”

26,538 undergraduate students / 4,248 total faculty / 325,000+ alumni / 1:1 male-female ratio / 1,250-acre campus / 6 bronze Terrapin statues

Living & Learning Nothing connects students more than our highly regarded living and learning programs, in which students with a common interest share residence halls, classrooms, faculty and friendships. More than half of all first-year students participate, choosing from 30-plus areas of focus, including entrepreneurship, the environment, the arts and civic engagement. You want more of a challenge? We’ve got it in CIVICUS, College Park Scholars and the Honors College. We’re also a leader in providing amazing international learning opportunities, because we believe education extends beyond the classroom. Study global health issues in India. Learn about China’s business culture. Focus on Peru’s approaches to sustainable development. Take something important head-on. Be fearless. In other words, be a true Terrapin.

Natsuha Kuroda Physics / Japan

As an aspiring astrophysicist, Natsuha’s researching solar weather at NASA. But studying at Maryland is down to earth: She likes seeing so many international students on campus and the university’s diversity, which she says “keeps a sense of community, but respect for different cultures.”


37 residence halls / 100% of academic buildings with wireless Internet access / 4.1 million library books / 20 Division I NCAA teams / 13 national championships since 2005


1 study social networks 2 bike to class

#10 in Kiplin

Admission Terrapins are smart. Most admitted freshmen carried a strong A/B+ average in high school and challenged themselves with honors, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses. The middle 50 percent of our admitted freshmen score between 1260 and 1410 on the SAT or between 28 and 32 on the ACT. One-fourth score above 1400 on the SAT, and about two-thirds are in the top 10 percent of their high school classes. Successful transfer applicants demonstrate better-than-average grades in strong academic courses and complete Fundamental Studies English and mathematics. Admitted transfer students earned an average GPA of 3.36.

International application priority deadlines Fall 2014 (semester beginning in September) Freshman

November 1


March 1

Spring 2015 (semester beginning in January) Freshman

August 1


August 1

nger’s Personal Finance magazine’s 100 Best Values in Public Colleges for out-of-state students

Estimated costs (per year)* Tuition and mandatory fees


Books, supplies and medical insurance


Living expenses** (room, meals, local transportation and personal expenses)


Total (per year)


* An important fee notice: The fees listed above are for the 2012-13 academic year. Although changes in tuition, fees and charges ordinarily will be announced in advance, the university reserves the right to make such changes without prior announcement. ** Figure includes additional expenses related to international students.

English proficiency

All applicants whose native language is not English, regardless of citizenship, are required to provide the university with verification of English proficiency. All application materials, including standardized test results, language of instruction and performance in English language course work, will be reviewed to determine the student’s level of English proficiency. For more information, visit

Apply online Aleksandar Damjanic International business / supply chain management / government and politics / Croatia

Coming to Maryland didn’t just give Alek the opportunity to swim competitively and train for the Olympics. He says the academic environment “made his brain work” and allowed him to dive into three majors and be exposed to new ideas.

What’s a Terp? Terps are University of Maryland students, alumni, fans

and supporters. It’s short for Terrapins, named for the diamondback terrapin, or turtle, indigenous to the state of Maryland. At the University of Maryland, we call the terrapin mascot Testudo and we proudly say, “Fear the Turtle!”

26,538 undergraduate students / 4,248 total faculty / 325,000+ alumni / 1:1 male-female ratio / 1,250-acre campus / 6 bronze Terrapin statues

Quick Guide For more information on the admission process or to apply: Office of Undergraduate Admissions University of Maryland Mitchell Building College Park, MD 20742 USA 1-301-314-8385 1-800-422-5867

The Office of International Services (OIS) helps students handle visa and reporting requirements and make the most of the academic experience at Maryland. For more information: Office of International Services


The following campus resources can help you explore the things that interest you most: Undergraduate Catalog

Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Education

1-301-405-5616 Education Abroad

Research at Maryland


Maryland English Institute

Office of Research Administration and Advancement 1-301-405-6269

1-301-405-8634 Schedule of Classes University Libraries

Nondiscrimination Policy窶サhe University of Maryland affirms its commitments to a policy of eliminating discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, personal appearance, age, national origin, political affiliation, physical or mental disability, or on the basis of the exercise of rights secured by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

This brochure is printed on Cougar Opaque paper, which contains 10 percent post-consumer recycled fiber and is manufactured with wind power. During the production of this brochure we: Saved 2 mature trees, Saved 1.36 million BTUs of total energy, Saved 816 gallons of water and wastewater flow, Reduced the generation of solid waste by 90 pounds. (Environmental impact estimates were made using the Environmental Defense Paper Calculator.) June 2013

DISCOVER—An International Student's Introduction to the University of Maryland  

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