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Commencemen may 19 - 21, 2018

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THE “DO GOOD” CAMPUS The University of Maryland commits to becoming a global leader in advancing social change, philanthropy and nonprofit leadership with its Do Good Campus efforts. Building on the School of Public Policy’s Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership and its annual Do Good Challenge, the effort amplifies the power of Terps as agents of social innovation and supports the university’s mission of service. We are: · Creating the Do Good Institute to serve as the campus hub of social innovation; · Developing a Do Good Accelerator to scale up the impact of student ventures; · Cultivating new research on philanthropy, nonprofits and social change; · Expanding opportunities for students to learn about and practice giving back. Our Do Good campus will lead to a Do Good world. For more information, visit

Agriculture and Natural Resources, College of 25 Architecture, Planning and Preservation, School of 26 Arts and Humanities, College of 26 Behavioral and Social Sciences, College of 30 Business, Robert H. Smith School of 36 Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences, College of 41 Education, College of 46 Engineering, A. James Clark School of 47 Information Studies, College of 50 Journalism, Philip Merrill College of 50 Public Health, School of 51 Public Policy, School of 53 Undergraduate Studies 53 Certificate Programs 53 HONORS COLLEGE, CITATION AND NOTATION PROGRAMS, AND ACADEMIC AND SPECIAL AWARDS

Honors College CIVICUS College Park Scholars Beyond the Classroom Federal Fellows First-Year Innovation and Research Experience Global Communities Global Fellows Global Migration Studies Hinman CEOs Jiménez-Porter Writers’ House Language House Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program Program for Undergraduate Language Science Ambassadors in Research QUEST University Teaching and Learning Program Departmental Honors Athletic Certificates Merrill Scholars National Honor Societies ROTC Special Awards

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SPRING COMMENCEMENT / MAY 20, 2018 Congratulations on your graduation from the University of Maryland! This is a milestone that should bring great pride to you, your family and friends. I am certain that your time at the University of Maryland has been filled with fearless ideas, friendships and opportunities. As president of this great university, I want to express my hope that you have explored new areas and discovered new talents. The world is waiting for you to share them. As you move beyond the campus, I hope you will remember the intellectual curiosity and drive that inspired your time here. Graduating does not mean that learning has come to an end. It means that you are now equipped to take charge of your own learning. This is a privilege and a profound responsibility. Society’s advancement will depend upon your knowledge and your leadership. As you leave us, you should take with you the pride we all feel in your accomplishments as scholars, artists, athletes and leaders. You have enriched the university’s life and have helped it to climb to a new level of distinction. We welcome you into the alumni family, a truly special group. I hope that you stay connected to the University of Maryland and take full advantage of being an alum. Stay involved with us and help new generations of students develop their futures. You can do this by returning to campus often, starting with Maryland Day 2019, on April 27. You have my very best wishes for all your future plans. Make your mark. But wherever your future path takes you, please remember that you will always be a TERP. I hope you will always stay in touch. Go Terps! Sincerely,

Wallace D. Loh, President 2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



On behalf of the University of Maryland Alumni Association, congratulations on your milestone achievement! Today you become members of a distinguished group: University of Maryland alumni. Like you, we all exhibited discipline, commitment, determination and leadership in our academic studies as well as in our campus and community activities. After departing College Park and applying these qualities in other aspects of our lives, we saw doors open wide to opportunities once unimaginable. You, too, will carry these qualities, and we trust they will lead to great accomplishments and success. But your journey is not over with Maryland; it is just beginning. You now play the important role of alumnus, a role that is critical to the success of this great institution. I encourage you to make a commitment to your alma mater by becoming a lifetime member of the Alumni Association. By becoming a Terp for life, you will leave your own legacy and make a contribution that will enhance the experiences of those who follow. There’s no better time to support your alma mater, which this month launched its most ambitious fundraising campaign ever. Fearless Ideas: The Campaign for Maryland aims to raise $1.5 billion to elevate and expand our mission of service, enhance our academic distinction and bolster our leadingedge research enterprise. The Alumni Association can help you stay in touch with friends you made on campus, prepare you for your career through networking opportunities and keep you informed about alumni and university news. It is our hope that as an alumnus, you will display your degree proudly and continue the tradition of demonstrating to the world the high-quality education it represents. In turn, Maryland will continue to educate the country’s brightest students, pursue cutting-edge research, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, explore the arts and defend our athletics titles. Maryland will continue to be fearless in everything it does and will always make you proud to be a Terp! Stay active, stay informed, stay connected. And stay fearless. Sincerely,

Kirk D. Bell ’88 President, Maryland Alumni Association Board of Governors


2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Order of Commencement MAY 20, 2018 / 1:00 P.M. / XFINITY CENTER PROCESSIONAL

University of Maryland Wind Ensemble Mr. Craig Potter D.M.A. ’18 Conductor PRESENTATION OF THE COLORS

University of Maryland Honor Guard


Mr. Christopher J. Bambic ’18 Presented by President Loh REMARKS TO THE GRADUATES

Ms. Michelle Sauer ’18 Graduating Senior




President Loh




Ms. Adia Evans ’18 Soprano



Mr. A.J. Pruitt ’18 Student Government Association President ADDRESS

President Loh

Ms. Zyda Culpepper-Baldwin M.M. ’19 Soprano Dr. Wallace D. Loh President MOMENT OF REFLECTION

Mr. Tarif Shraim Muslim Chaplain

Mr. Kirk Bell ’88 President, Maryland Alumni Association Board of Governors



The Honorable Al Gore 45th Vice President of the United States


University of Maryland Honor Guard



Ms. Ellen Fish University System of Maryland Board of Regents

The Honorable Al Gore, Doctor of Public Service Presented by President Loh


University of Maryland Wind Ensemble




















2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y





9 A.M. Art History, Department of

Gildenhorn Recital Hall, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Criminology and Criminal Justice, Department of

Reckord Armory

Public Health, School of

Xfinity Center

9:30 A.M. Music, School of

Dekelboum Concert Hall, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

10 A.M. Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies, School of

Kay Theatre, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

11:30 A.M. Philosophy, Department of

Gildenhorn Recital Hall, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

12 P.M. Psychology, Department of

Reckord Armory

12:30 P.M. Sociology, Department of

Dekelboum Concert Hall, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

1 P.M. Business, Robert H. Smith School of (Graduates)

Xfinity Center

1:30 P.M. Art, Department of

Kay Theatre, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Xfinity Center

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Maryland Stadium

Riggs Alumni Center

Cole Field House

Stamp Student Union

Visitor Center McKeldin Library

Reckord Armory

Marie Mount Hall

Memorial Chapel

Food available for purchase


2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Ritchie Coliseum

Fraternity Row



2 P.M. Individual Studies

Gildenhorn Recital Hall, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

3 P.M. Agriculture and Natural Resources, College of

Reckord Armory

3:30 P.M. Language, Literatures and Cultures, School of, and Film Studies, Department of

Dekelboum Concert Hall, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

4:30 P.M. Anthropology and African American Studies, Departments of

Kay Theatre, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

5 P.M. Business, Robert H. Smith School of (Undergraduates)

Xfinity Center

6:30 P.M. Communication, Department of

Reckord Armory



6:30 P.M. Economics, Department of

Xfinity Center



9 A.M. Architecture, Planning and Preservation, School of

Dekelboum Concert Hall, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

History, Department of

Memorial Chapel

Engineering, A. James Clark School of (Graduates)

Xfinity Center

9:30 A.M. Classics, Department of

Kogod Theatre, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

10 A.M. Journalism, Philip Merrill College of

Ritchie Coliseum

11 A.M. Linguistics, Department of

Marie Mount Hall

12 P.M. Geographical Sciences, Department of

Memorial Chapel

12:30 P.M. Government and Politics, Department of

Reckord Armory

Public Policy, School of

Dekelboum Concert Hall, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

1 P.M. Engineering, A. James Clark School of (Undergraduates)

Xfinity Center

1:30 P.M. English and Comparative Literature, Department of

Ritchie Coliseum

3 P.M. American Studies and Women’s Studies, Departments of

Memorial Chapel

4 P.M. Education, College of

Reckord Armory

Information Studies, College of

Dekelboum Concert Hall, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

5 P.M. Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences, College of

Xfinity Center

6 P.M. Hearing and Speech Sciences, Department of

Memorial Chapel

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Speaker Biographies

MICHELLE SAUER STUDENT SPEAKER Michelle Sauer remembers how her firstgrade teacher made her want to go school every day. Her education and experiences at the University of Maryland have only made her more enthusiastic about mentoring the next generation of students. Graduating with a 4.0 GPA and a B.A. in English language and literature, and secondary education, Sauer spent her last semester as a teaching intern at William H. Farquhar Middle School in Olney, Md., writing lesson plans, grading papers and passing along a love of reading to seventh graders. “It’s amazing the moment a kid who struggles to write a sentence, writes a story,” she says. Sauer grew up in a military family and was living outside of Minneapolis, Minn., before coming to College Park. She worked in the UMD Writing Center as a tutor and served as a resident assistant for two years


2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


in Oakland Hall, handling everything from roommate conflicts to events each semester on physical and emotional health, diversity and academic success. Sauer is also a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity, and won the 2016 UMD Library Award for Undergraduate Research for an essay on identity in Nella Larsen’s 1929 novel “Passing.” Off campus, Sauer has worked for Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes in Edina, Minn., and Washington, D.C., teaching reading comprehension one-on-one to students. Sauer plans to work as a middle school English teacher in Maryland, and says the university’s faculty encouraged her to apply for jobs and awards that might have felt like long shots. “I’m pushing myself now without that support,” she says. “That ‘be fearless’ mentality is what I’m leaving here with.”

CHRISTOPHER J. BAMBIC UNIVERSITY MEDALIST summer at Cambridge analyzing data A student who continually impressed and supercomputer simulations on how professors with his intellect, research and turbulence and sound waves heat the work ethic, Christopher Bambic is forging a career that builds off a childhood love of plasma in clusters of galaxies, and, as a freshman and sophomore, working outer space and learning how things work. on the High Altitude Water Cherenkov “I wanted to be an astronaut,” he says, (HAWC) Gamma-Ray Observatory with “but I was terrified of rollercoasters.” UMD Distinguished University Professor of The Ohio native is graduating with degrees in astronomy and physics and won a Physics Jordan Goodman. “In a day when many of the best 2018 Winston Churchill Scholarship to fully students are a mile deep and an inch fund his pursuit of a Master of Philosophy wide,” Goodman says, “Chris distinguishes degree in astronomy at the University of himself with both the depth and breadth of Cambridge. Afterward, he plans to study for his experience and knowledge.” his Doctorate in Astrophysical Sciences at A Goldwater and Philip Merrill Princeton University. Presidential scholar, Bambic is the lead “He is the once in-a-decade student author on two published journal articles. that makes academic life so rewarding,” He hopes to continue research into says Christopher Reynolds, a professor of astronomy at UMD who was recently named how microscale physics like turbulence and magnetic fields interact with larger Plumian Professor of Astronomy at the phenomena like black holes and galaxies. University of Cambridge. Outside of the classroom, Bambic served Bambic, a Stamps Banneker/Key Scholar as a tutor, president of the AstroTerps and member of the Honors College, came student astronomy club, and volunteered to UMD because of its accomplished in the local community through activities history in physics and its emphasis on with the Catholic Student Center and the student research. He took full advantage of those opportunities, spending a Knights of Columbus.

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



AL GORE COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER A former U.S. representative, senator and vice president, Al Gore has followed his career as a public servant with a second act just as important: raising awareness about and finding solutions to the environmental challenges facing Earth in the 21st century. The son of a U.S. senator from Tennessee, Gore earned his B.A. at Harvard University before serving in the Army, working as a journalist and then studying law. He was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1976, and served three terms before being elected to the U.S. Senate in 1984 and 1990. Three years later, Gore was inaugurated as the 45th vice president of the United States and served eight years with President Bill Clinton. After leaving politics, Gore, long a committed environmentalist, spurred a global conversation on climate change as the subject of the 2006 documentary film “An Inconvenient Truth,” which won two Academy Awards, including Best Documentary. A year later, Gore was


2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, along with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, for “informing the world of the dangers posed by climate change.” He is the author of the #1 New York Times best-sellers “An Inconvenient Truth” and “The Assault on Reason,” and the bestsellers “Earth in the Balance,” “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis” and “The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change.” Gore most recently wrote The New York Times best-seller “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” which was paired last year with a documentary of the same name. He is the co-founder and chairman of Generation Investment Management, a firm that manages funds based on sustainability, and the founder and chairman of the Climate Reality Project, a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. A senior partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Gore is also a member of Apple Inc.’s board of directors.


The Alumni Association’s Hall of Fame recognizes university graduates who have brought honor to their alma mater through distinguished careers in a variety of disciplines. The Hall of Fame induction ceremony takes place once every five years, with the last group of honorees being inducted in June 2015. The following 67 individuals have shown the world what it means to be a Terp. Carmen Balthrop ’71 World-class soprano Lt. Gen. Julius W. Becton Jr. M.A. ‘67 Highly decorated Army veteran and educator Charles L. Bennett ’78 Prominent astrophysicist Gail Berman-Masters ’78 Entertainment powerhouse Adisai Bodharamik Ph.D. ’70 Telecommunications trailblazer Lester R. Brown ’59, M.S. ’76 Honorary Doctorate International environmentalist Waldo Burnside ’49 Retail king Harry Clifton “Curley” Byrd 1908 Legendary University of Maryland president Robert F. Chandler Ph.D. ’34 A founding father of the Green Revolution Connie Chung ’69 Prominent broadcast journalist A. James Clark ’50 Construction magnate, benefactor William P. Cole 1910 U.S. congressman Mary Stallings Coleman ’35 First female Michigan Supreme Court chief justice George B. Dantzig ’36, ’76 Honorary Doctorate (awarded posthumously) Father of linear programming Larry David ’70 “Seinfeld” creator Raymond Davis ’37, M.S. ’40 Nobel laureate (physics) Ruth Davis M.A. ’52, Ph.D. ’55 Respected scientist

Mylo S. Downey ’27, M.S. ’40 (awarded posthumously) Global agricultural leader Leonard Elmore ’78 All-star basketball player and scholar Geary Francis “Swede” Eppley ’20, M.S. ’26 Administrator, coach and soldier Norman “Boomer” Esiason ’84 Football hero, CBS analyst John Faber ’26, M.S. ’28, Ph.D. ’37 Legendary coach and distinguished professor Charles L. Fefferman ’66 Mathematician, professor, winner of Fields Medal Carly Fiorina MBA ’80 Trailblazing executive Robert E. Fischell ’53, M.S. ’96 Honorary Doctorate Medical technology pioneer Jon Franklin ’70 Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Alma Gross Gildenhorn ‘53 Educator and charitable organization leader Joseph B. Gildenhorn ‘51 Distinguished lawyer and civic leader Michael D. Griffin Ph.D. ‘77 Aerospace engineer Herbert A. Hauptman Ph.D. ’55 Nobel laureate (chemistry) Jim Henson ’60 Muppets creator Steny H. Hoyer ’63 Minority whip, U.S. House of Representatives Harry R. Hughes ’49 Maryland governor Carlisle H. Humelsine ’37 Preservationist and statesman

Hugh Newell Jacobsen ’51, ’93 Honorary Doctorate World-renowned architect Clifford “Cliff” Kendall ‘54 Leader in Government Technology Solutions Jeong H. Kim Ph.D. ’91 High-tech communications entrepreneur Albin O. Kuhn ’38, M.S ’39, Ph.D. ’48 Builder of Maryland’s Baltimore campuses George J. Laurer ’51 Inventor of the Universal Product Code Wilbur Monroe “Munro”Leaf ’27 “Ferdinand the Bull” author Samuel J. LeFrak ’40 Urban planning leader Liz Lerman ’70 American choreographer Catherine P. “Cassie” Mackin ‘60 (awarded posthumously) Pioneer woman journalist Kathleen Magee M.A. ’72 Nurse and philanthropist Manning Marable Ph.D. ’76 Authority on AfricanAmerican history Russell Marker ’23 Trailblazing chemist Tobin Marks ’66 World-renowned chemist William E. “Bill” Mayer ‘66, MBA ‘67 Investment banking powerhouse Charles Thomas “Tom” McMillen ’74 Gifted scholar, athlete and public servant

Thomas V. “Mike” Miller ’64 President of the Maryland Senate Parren J. Mitchell M.A. ‘52 Maryland’s first African American graduate student, U.S. congressman Renaldo Nehemiah ’81 Track and field world record holder Tom Norris ’67 Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Michael Olmert Ph.D. ’80 Emmy Award-winning writer Robert M. Parker Jr. ’70 The Wine Advocate Jane Cahill Pfeiffer ’54 First woman chairman of the board at NBC Judith A. Resnik ’77 Challenger astronaut Bernice Resnick Sandler ’69 Godmother of Title IX Chun-Shan Shen Ph.D. ’61 President of Taiwan’s Tsing-Hua University William Woolford Skinner 1895 Research chemist Robert H. Smith ’50 Developer of Crystal City Adele Hagner Stamp M.A. ’24 Maryland’s first dean of women Reginald Van Trump Truitt 1914 Naturalist and Chesapeake Bay advocate Millard E. Tydings 1910 U.S. senator Evelyn Pasteur Valentine M.S. ’67, Ed.D. ’86 Educator and entrepreneur Gary Williams ’68 Championship-winning coach Morgan Wootten ’56 Basketball Hall of Fame member


The Maryland Alumni Association created the Emeritus Alumni Society, or Golden Terps, to recognize University of Maryland, College Park alumni who are 50 or more years beyond graduation. A new class is inducted every spring, and they are included in the commencement ceremony. The Class of 1968, proudly adorned with their Emeritus Alumni Society medallions, black-trimmed gold robes and gold mortarboards, will follow the student marshals in the processional.

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Doctoral Degrees The doctoral degree is the most advanced earned degree conferred by American institutions. There are two distinct types: the practitioner’s degree and the research degree. The first type represents advanced training for the practice of various professions, principally doctor of audiology, doctor of medicine, juris doctor, doctor of pharmacy and doctor of veterinary medicine. These degrees do not involve the completion of original research by the student. The University of Maryland, at the professional school in Baltimore, awarded the first two dental degrees on March 9, 1841.

MAY 2018 CANDIDATES DOCTOR OF AUDIOLOGY Mikayla B. Abrams Daniel D. Eisenberg Amber C. Frazier Gavin C. Mahoney Nikita Razeghi Maeve E. Salanger Sarah M. Shin DOCTOR OF EDUCATION Megan Ashworth Education The Principal’s Role and Impact on Teacher Attrition in an Urban School District: The Relationship Between the Vanderbilt Assessment of Leadership In Education (VAL-ED) Ratings and Teacher Attrition Janice K. Briscoe Education An Investigation of the Perceptions of NinthGrade Latino Male Students on Factors That Impact Their School Success Charoscar Coleman Education An Investigation of Site-Based Administrators’ Perception of SchoolBased Factors That Influence Students’ AP Enrollment and Success David G. Curry II Education Examining the Impact of Peer Assistance and Review on Teachers’ Practice Barry S. Cyrus Education A Qualitative Analysis of Middle School Principal Retention in an Urban School District


Carol A. Dimmie Education Perspectives of 1st- and 2nd-Grade Parents About Enrolling Their Children in Public Specialty or Charter Schools

Bonnie E. Alger Their Own Agenda: The History, Development and Culture of Women’s Orchestras Outside the United States

Treesa F. Elam-Respass Education Effective Instructional Practices That Engage African-American Male Students in Middle School Science

Emmanuel Borowski Folkloristic and Ethnic Influences in Selected Violin Repertoire: A Study of Music Inspired By Scottish, Jewish and Latin American Culture

Monica L. Gaines Education Exploring the Impact of Elementary Principals’ Perception of Gifted Education Programs Nathaniel R. Laney Jr. Education Why Do They Stay? A Study of High School Math and Science Teachers’ Perceptions of Working Condition Factors in a Large Urban School District Jacqueline R. Marshall Education Title I Middle School Principals’ Perceptions of Parent-Involvement Mandates Aundrea L. McCall Education Teacher Perceptions of Online SIOP® Professional Development Danielle H. Moore Education A Qualitative Analysis of Middle School Administrators’ Perceptions of Cyberbullying DOCTOR OF MUSICAL ARTS Florence Ahn A Survey of Czech Piano Cycles: From Romanticism to Modernism (1877–1930)

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Sean A. Carmichael Beethoven and Schubert: Selected Late Piano Sonatas Yong S. Clark The Legacy and Influence of Isang Yun’s Musical Aesthetics Brian A. Coffill The Wind Band Works of the MENC Contemporary Music Project Library Laura Colgate Half of Humanity Has Something to Say, Also: Works for Violin by Women Composers Milena Gligic Unusual Soundscapes: Chamber Ensembles of the Twentieth Century and Beyond Involving the Collaborative Pianist Molly L. Jones Voices From the Holocaust Remembered: Selected Works for Cello


Kieun Kim From Picture to Sound: A Conductor’s Study Guide to the St. John Passion of Johann Sebastian Bach

Megan M. Bailey Anthropology Landscapes of Tension: Exploring Nervousness and Anxiety on a Maryland Plantation

Eric M. Pazdziora House of Witner: Opera in One Act

Jon A. Balajthy Physics Purity Monitoring Techniques and Electronic Energy Deposition Properties in Liquid Xenon Time Projection Chambers

Craig G. Potter The Electroacoustic Tuba: A Study of Selected Works for Tuba With Fixed Media and Live Processed Electronic Accompaniments Guericke C. Royal Selected Works of Composers Associated With Howard University Karen A. Thomas Musical “Telephone”: Post-Publication Edits to Carlos Salzedo’s Variations Sur Un Theme Dans Le Style Ancien Mary K. Whitmore Prayers From the Old Church DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Assma M. Al Thowaini Second Language Acquisition Speech Modifications to Non-Native Speakers and Content Dilution: Implications for English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) Mohammad Ali Mechanical Engineering The Dynamic Behavior of Polyurea Composites Subjected to High Strain Rate Loading Alexey Aliev Philosophy Novels and Their Instances: A Metaphysical Exploration Hannah Allen Behavioral and Community Health Graduate School Burnout and Attrition: Examining Associations With Substance Use, Mental Health Problems and Academic Support Supreet G. Anand Curriculum and Instruction How Long Does It Take for English Learners to Be Reclassified as English-Proficient? Jason E. Andrews Physics Study of the Decay B+->K+π0 at LHCb and Mechanical Development for the Design of the Upstream Tracker Md T. Arafin Electrical Engineering Hardware-Based Authentication for the Internet of Things Lauren T. Artzi Curriculum and Instruction Effects of Word and Student Factors on Instructional Reinforcement in a Vocabulary Program Implemented With Second-Grade Bilinguals Tara M. Augenstein Psychology Relation Between Adolescent CallousUnemotional Traits and Subjective and Physiological Reactions to Social Exclusion

Christina Banalopoulou Theatre and Performance Studies Tragedy Machine(s): Performances of Power and Resistance in Indebted Greece Matthew H. Becker Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation Modeling the Transfer of Drug Resistance in Solid Tumors Samuel Bloom Mathematics Lang-Trotter Questions on the Reductions of Abelian Varieties Vinay P. Boda Electrical Engineering Sampling Rate Distortion Aaron E. Bryant American Studies City of Hope and the 1968 Poor People’s Campaign: Poverty, Protests and Photography Rosalyn Bryant Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation Investigating Item Parameter Drift (IPD) Amplification and Cancellation at the TestletLevel on Model Parameter Estimation in a Multistage Test Quan M. Bui Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation Fast Solvers and Preconditioners for Multiphase Flow in Porous Media John Burczek Dreier Higher Education Examining How Tennessee State Merit Aid Influences Institutional Grant Aid: A Difference-In-Differences Approach John Bush Mechanical Engineering CO2 Transcritical Refrigeration With Mechanical Subcooling: Energy Efficiency, Demand Response and Thermal Storage Kailyn Cage Reliability Engineering Optimizing Mass Customization Through Interaction Variability and Manufacturing Trade-offs Mark L. Carroll Geography Establishing Linkages Between the SatelliteObserved Surface Water Dynamics and Potential Drivers of Change in High Northern Latitudes of North America Andrew M. Chap Aerospace Engineering Simulation and Optimization of the Continuous Electrode Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusor

Cen Chen Behavioral and Community Health An Investigation of the Predictors and Perceptions of Flavored E-Cigarette Use and Local Flavored E-Cigarette Sales Restrictions in the United States Chen Chen Electrical Engineering Radio Analytics for Indoor Localization and Vital Sign Monitoring Joonkyu Choi Economics Essays on Firm Dynamics and Job Creation Stephen Christensen Biological Sciences Meta-Transcriptomic Profiling of Human Cutaneous Leishmaniasis John M. Clay Biological Sciences The Phytohormone Ethylene: (I) Investigating the Molecular Function of RTE1 and (II) Insights on the Evolution of the Ethylene Biosynthesis and Signaling Pathways Samuel M. Clevenger Kinesiology Acts of Livelihood: Bodies and Nature in International Garden City Movement Planning 1898-1937 Nightvid F. Cole Physics Cyclotron Resonance Gain in the Presence of Collisions Matthew Conte Biological Sciences Structure and Evolution of African Cichlid Genomes Crystal L. Cooke Entomology Forest Micro-Hymenoptera, Including Those Attacking Trees (Cynipidae Oak Gall Wasps) and Those Potentially Defending Them (Parasitic Pteromalidae) James R. Corson Jr. Chemical Engineering Predicting the Transport Properties of Aerosol Particles in Creeping Flow From the Continuum to the Free Molecule Regime Brandon J. Crosby Psychology The Impact of Race on Newcomer Knowledge Utilization Gregory S. Custer Jr. Bioengineering Examining the Role of Water and Hydrophobicity in Folding Aggregation and Allostery Jiaqi Dai Engineering Materials Nanomaterials for Garnet-Based Solid-State Energy Storage Nina Daoud Higher Education Portraits of the (In)Visible: Examining the Intersections of Race, Religion and Gender for Black Muslim Women in College Sindhuja Devanapally Biological Sciences Perpetuation of Non-Genetic Changes at a Transgene Locus in C. Elegans

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Deanna N. Devlin Criminology and Criminal Justice The Effects of Parental Involvement in Maintaining Discipline on School Crime: Community and Crime Type Variations Sarah Dickerson Policy Studies Psychological Well-Being and Health Gains in the Developing World: Evidence From Peru and Malawi Gregory P. Dicomo Electrical Engineering Nonlinear Self-Channeling of High-Power Lasers Through Turbulent Atmospheres Qinyi Ding Civil Engineering Using Social Media to Evaluate Public Acceptance of Infrastructure Projects Han Dong Civil Engineering Understanding and Modeling Time Use, Well Being and Dynamics in Activity-Travel Behavior: A Choice-Based Approach Fan Du Computer Science Explainable Recommendation for Event Sequences: A Visual Analytics Approaches Xianzhi Du Electrical Engineering Computer Vision and Deep Learning With Applications to Object Detection, Segmentation and Document Analysis

Cheng Fu Geography Using Socially Sensed Big Data to Model Patterns and Geographic Context of Human Activities in Cities Amy C. Fuhrmann Counseling Psychology Physical Health in Psychotherapy: An Examination of Discussion and Response From Therapist and Client Perspectives James N. Gachau Journalism Studies The Role of Social Media in Participatory Democracy: A Case Study of Three Facebook Groups Anya M. Galli Robertson Sociology Disproportionality, Discourse and the Debate Over Coal-Fired Power William J. Gammerdinger Biological Sciences The Diversity of Sex Chromosomes Within African Cichlids Mingze Gao Electrical Engineering Approximate Computing Techniques for Low Power and Energy Efficiency

Shaun E. Edmonds Kinesiology Fitting In: (Radically) Contextualizing the Crossfit Phenomenon

Ning Gao Information Studies Towards Population of Knowledge Bases From Conversational Sources

Farzad Ehtemam Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Neural Control of Speed in Human Walking

Zebao Gao Computer Science Quantifying Flakiness and Minimizing Its Effect on Software Testing

Li Fang Urban and Regional Planning and Design Do Industrial Clusters Encourage Establishment Innovation?

Ronny N. Gentry Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Neural Mechanisms of Approach and Avoidance

Caroline Figgatt Physics Building and Programming a Universal Ion Trap Quantum Computer

Zohreh Ghorbaniardakani Mechanical Engineering Modeling Buoyancy-Driven Instability and Transport in Porous Media With Application to Geological Carbon Dioxide Storage

Megan I. Fitzmaurice Communication Commemorative Activism: Tracing Black Nationalism Through Contemporary Campaigns to Memorialize U.S. Slavery, 1991–2017 Rebecca Follman Information Studies Describing the Ineffable: A Mixed-Methods Study of Faculty Mentoring Information Practices Kara P. Fontenot English Language and Literature Representations of the Military in 20th-Century Ethnic American Literature David B. Foote Chemical Physics Optical and Quantum Interferences in Strong Field Ionizations and Optimal Control


Kathleen Frey Criminology and Criminal Justice Smart Sentencing: A Look at the Differential Effects of Prisons and Jails

Anne E. Giller-Wilde Spanish Language and Literature Market Behavior in the Post-Transitional Narrative of Rafael Chirbes and Belen Gopegui Chen Gong Engineering Materials Metals and Metallic Alloys for Energy Harvesting and Storage Xiaoyang Gong Curriculum and Instruction Students’ Achievement Emotions in Chinese Chemistry Classrooms John J. Goodell Chemistry Modeling and Validation of Neutron Activation and Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy Measurements as an Exploratory Tool for Nuclear Forensic Analysis

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Lucas W. Goodman Economics Essays on Unintended Effects of Government Policy Gabriel B. Goodwin Aerospace Engineering An Investigation of Flames Deflagrations and Detonations in High-Speed Flows Adam Greeley Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Estimating Surface Elevation Biases From Subsurface Scattered Photons for Laser Altimeters Meghan R. Green School Psychology Public School Principals of Color: An Exploration of Trends in and Predictors of Representation and Influence on SchoolLevel Outcomes Jacquelyn T. Gross Psychology Expressive Suppression in Middle Childhood: Links With Negative Emotion, Physiology and Professional Behavior Pallavi Guha Journalism Studies Mind the Gap: Connecting News and Information to Build an Anti-Rape and Sexual Assault Agenda in India Sara A. Haas Human Development Neural Chronometry of Visual Attention and Threat Processing Fudong Han Chemical Engineering Revisiting the Electrochemical Stability Window of Solid Electrolytes for the Development of Bulk-Type All Solid State Lithium Batteries Jung Y. Han Chemical Engineering Lab-On-A-Chip Integration of Size-Based Separation Techniques for Isolation Of Bacteria From Blood Bryan J. Hardy Economics Foreign Currency Debt and Capital Flows in Emerging Markets Margaret R. Harrington Art History Picturing Devotion in Dutch Golden Age Huiskerken Courtney Hattan Human Development Prompting Rural Students’ Use of Prior Knowledge and Experience to Support Comprehension of Unfamiliar Content Thomas H. Hays Engineering Materials Evaluation and Improvement of Mechanical and Chemical Resilience for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode Support Layer Hua He Computer Science Architecture, Models and Algorithms for Textual Similarity Pan He Geography Environmental Impacts of Changing Dietary Quality

Peiwen He Electrical Engineering High-Frequency Bidirectional DC-DC Converters for Electric Vehicle Applications Elana M. Hoffman Psychology Environmental Reward, Goal-Directed Activation and Depressive Symptoms as Predictors of Transdermal Nicotine Patch Adherence in a Randomized Controlled Trial of Behavioral Activation Treatment for Smoking Vincent K. Hughitt Biological Sciences Development and Optimization of Tools for Co-Expression Network Analyses of HostPathogen Systems Hilary M. Hurst Physics Dynamics of Topological Defects in Hybrid Quantum Systems Kim L. Huynh Chemistry Adsorption and Mechanistic Studies of Dimethyl Methylphosphonate for CWA Defeat Irina A. Iles Jr. Communication Improving Chronic Illness Medication Adherence: A Counterfactual Thinking-Based Model of Persuasive Communication H.M. Jaim Engineering Materials Effects of Doping and Defects in BaSnO3 and Covetic Alloys Abbas Jamshidi Comparative Literature From Karbal to Qadesiyyeh: The Spectacle of Arab “Other” in Persianate and Parsi Literary Traditions Mark K. Jenness Plant Science Analysis of Arabidopsis ABCB Auxin Transporter Mutants Reveals a Primary Role in Membrane Exclusion Cheng Jie Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation Decision Making Under Uncertainty: New Models and Applications Nayoung Jo Geography Have the Local People Become Invisible? A Case Study of a Military Installation of Jeju Island, South Korea Adam G. Jolley Engineering Materials Lattice Modifications of Solid State Electrolytes for the Optimization of Ion Transport Maya Kabkab Electrical Engineering Learning Along the Edge of Deep Neural Networks Jessica L. Kendal Music Education The Effects of With-Text and Without-Text Song Presentation Styles on Preschoolers’ Singing Voice Use and Pitch Accuracy Pouyan Khakbaz Chemical Engineering Computational Studies of Lipid Bilayers and Transmembrane Proteins

Heedong Kim Business and Management Do State Taxes Play a Role in Corporate Investment Decisions? Evidence From Interstate Investment Sunhye Kim Women’s Studies “Baby Miles”: Reproductive Rights, Labor and Ethics in the Transnational Korean Reproductive Technology Industry

Xia Li Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation Misspecified Weights in Weight SmoothingMethods Yiran Li Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation Feature Extraction in Image Processing and Deep Learning

Young H. Kim Psychology Career Barriers of College Women Across Racial/Ethnic Groups: Examination of the Perception of Barriers Scale

Yangang Liang Engineering Materials Development of Functional Metal Oxide Thin Films Via High-Throughput Pulsed Laser Deposition for Advance Energy Applications

Derrick I. Ko Chemical Engineering Breakage of Single Droplets in 2-D Inertial Flows

Yujia Liang Chemical Engineering Functional Particle Generation by AerosolAssisted Processes

Abdollah Koolivand Chemical Engineering Dynamics of Capsules in Complex Microfluidic Devices

Dandan Liao Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation Modeling the Speed-Accuracy-Difficulty Interaction in Joint Modeling of Responses and Response Time

Avinash Kumar Physics Experiments With a Superfluid BEC Ring Elizabeth R. Kurban Higher Education Building Readiness and Intention Towards STEM Fields of Study Among High School Students Jonathan M. Larson Physics Innovative Scanning Probe Methods for Energy Storage Science: Elucidating the Physics of Battery Materials at the Nano-to-Microscale Kristofer D. Lasko Geography Characterizing Rice Residue Burning and Associated Emissions in Vietnam Using a Remote Sensing and Field-Based Approach Judith Law Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation Estimation of a Function of a Large Covariance Matrix Using Classical and Bayesian Methods Wendy M. Laybourn Sociology Beyond Honorary Whiteness: Ideologies of Belonging and Korean Adoptee Identities Jihyun S. Lee Art History Adapting to the Market: Gabriel Metsu in Amsterdam Vasileios Lekakis Computer Science Decoupling Consistency Determination and Trust From the Underlying Distributed Data Stores George L. Leventhal Policy Studies The Stubborn Persistence of Homelessness Chen Li Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation Subscore Reporting for Double-Coded Innovative Items Embedded in Multiple Contexts Weilin Li Mathematics Topics in Harmonic Analysis, Sparse Representations and Data Analysis

Chih-Hsien Lin Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences Harmful Algae in Chesapeake Bay: A Study Focused on Karlodinium Veneficum Applying Time Series, Physiological and Modeling Approaches Melanie Lipton Psychology An Experimental Approach to Examining Individual Differences in Evaluative Concerns and Response to Feedback Che-Wei Liu Business and Management The Interplay Between Social Connections and Digital Technologies: Three Essays Examining Healthy Behaviors and Income Mobility Qin Liu Physics Large-Scale Neural Network Modeling: From Neuronal Microcircuits to Whole-Brain Complex Network Dynamics Xiaoyang Liu Veterinary Medical Sciences Viral Immune Evasion of FCRN Functions Alex S. Lopatka Geology Climate Change During Intervals of the Past Millennium in the Southwestern Tropical Pacific Chunting Lu Mathematics Hydrodynamic Limits of the Boltzmam Equation Jessica H. Lu Communication Reckoning With Freedom: Legacies of Exclusion, Dehumanization, and Black Resistance in the Rhetoric of the Freedmen’s Bureau Yujie Lu Civil Engineering Occupant Behavior in Building Energy Management: Behavioral Characterization Intervention and Forecasting

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Jenna L. Luek Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences Characterization of Organic Compounds in Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids

Katrina McNally Government and Politics Who Advocates for the Disadvantaged? Reputation and the Representation Group Interests

Zexu Ma Veterinary Medical Sciences A Novel Interferon-Inducing Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus Strain: Characterization and Vaccine Development

Andrew W. Mercer Survey Methodology Selection Bias in Nonprobability Surveys: A Causal Inference Approach

Sudesh B. Madamperum Arachchilage Theatre and Performance Studies Colonial Choreography: Staging Sri Lankan Dancers Under the British Colonial Rule (Special Focus 1870s–1930s) Mark E. Magsino Mathematics Constant Amplitude Zero Autocorrelation Sequences and Single-Pixel Camera Imaging Julie M. Maier Kinesiology Exercise Is Medicine? A Critical Examination of Promotion of Exercise for Mental Healthcare Field H. Manar Aerospace Engineering Measurements and Modeling of the Unsteady Flow Around a Thin Wing Peter Mancini Aerospace Engineering Experimental Investigation Into Unsteady Force Transients on Rapidly Maneuvering Wings Camil Martinez Business and Management Supply Chain Risks, Resilience and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study Golnush Masghati Amoli Civil Engineering Time-Dependent Green Vehicle Routine Problem Megan C. Masters Second Language Acquisition Pathways to Proficiency: Examining the Coherence of Initial Second Language Acquisition Patterns Within the Language Difficulty Categorization Framework Heather Mazursky-Horowitz Psychology Executive Functioning and Parenting in Mothers of Children With and Without ADHD Sarah Mburu Engineering Materials Kinetics of Thermal Aging and the Associated Embrittlement of Cast Duplex Stainless Steels Meaghan C. McHugh Behavioral and Community Health Cyberbullying: An Examination of Victimization, Parent-Child Communication, Collective Efficacy and Safe Behaviors Online Among Young Adolescents Ryan McKay Bioengineering Genetically Engineered Probiotics for Diagnostics and Drug Delivery: Applications for Crohn’s Disease


Stephanie M. Merwin Psychology Psychological and Neurobiological Outcomes of Parent-Child Adrenocortical Concordance Sidra J. Montgomery Sociology Coming Home as “Wounded Warriors”: Identity, Stigma and Status Among Post-9/11 Wounded Veterans Jessie E. Moon Mathematical Statistics Consistency of Special Clustering With Functional Magnetic Resonance Image Data Molly F. Morin Student Affairs “I’m Here for A Purpose”: Latina/Chicana Senior Student Affairs Officers’ Testimonios of Resistance and Resilience Alicia M. Morse Curriculum and Instruction “If Not Me, Then Who?” Resources, Orientations and Goals of Effective and Equity-Minded Developmental Mathematics Instructors in a Community College Context

Susan S. Park Ochsner Biological Sciences Mucosal Delivery of Influenza Vaccine Antigens Deok G. Park Computer Science Visual Analytics for Open-Ended Tasks in Text Mining yh Patt Women’s Studies Feminists Transforming Their Worlds: A Collective Oral History of Feminist Salvadoran Protagonists Emily Y. Perez English Language and Literature Worlding Race in Minority U.S. Fiction Taylor N. Plank Chemistry Tailoring Guanosine Hydrogels for Various Applications Lyndsey R. Powell Chemistry Light-Driven Chemical Creation of Fluorescent Quantum Defects Andika Putra Physics Magnetized Plane Wave and Strip-Ordered Phases in Spin-Orbit-Coupled Bose Gases Stephen J. Ragole Physics Understanding Phase Transitions, Symmetry Breaking and Interaction-Enhanced Sensing in Optomechanical and Cold Atomic Systems

Robert L. Murray Animal Science Tributyrin, a Butyrate Pro-Drug, as a Muscle Growth Promoter in a Promoter in a Porcine Model

Bhaskar Ramasubramanian Electrical Engineering Opacity and Structural Resilience in Cyberphysical Systems

Taylor M. Myers Mechanical Engineering Predicting Fire Sprinkler Sprays

Samuel D. Ramsey Entomology Novel Adaptation in Morphology, Development and Nutrient Acquisition for Host Exploitation in the Mesostigmatid Honey Bee Parasite Varroa Destructor

Perrine Nadaud Nutrition Formative Research to Assess Key Factors Associated With the Diet Quality of Home Packed Lunches in Young School Children Sri P. Nandamuri Biological Sciences Mechanisms Contributing to Opsin Expression Divergence in the Visual System of African Cichlids Yue H. Ng Computer Science Video Understanding With Deep Networks

Scott Rauscher Mechanical Engineering Force Sensing by Electrical Contact Resistance in SOI-DRIE MEMS Matthew E. Reed Physics An Experimental Realization of a Griffiths Phase in 87Rb in Three Dimensions Benjamin Reschovsky Physics Studies of Ultracold Strontium Gases

Adam W. Nixon Theatre and Performance Studies Performance in Ones and Zeros: No-Budget Cinema in the Digital Era

Zachary J. Richer Sociology In the Name of Culture: The Politics of Celebration in the Multicultural Civil Sphere

Alexander J. Novarro Biological Sciences Thermal Physiology in a Widespread Lungless Salamander

Ines P. Rivera Comparative Literature Protean Gods: A Retelling of Hispaniola’s Story Through the Maroon

Dimitrios Ntogkas Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation Non-Linear Geometric PDEs: Algorithms, Numerical Analysis and Computation

Michael T. Rizzo Human Development Children’s Developing Conceptions of Fairness: The Role of Status in Children’s Responses to Inequalities

Bryce Pardo Policy Studies Essays on Regulating Pain and Pleasure

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Cécile P. Ruel Modern French Studies Politique, Poétique, Philosophique: Le Récit De Voyage De Simone De Beauvoir Aux États-Unis Kiersten J. Ruisard Physics Design of a Nonlinear Quasi-Integrable Lattice for Resonance Suppression at the University of Maryland Electron Ring Hossein Sadat Lavasani Bozorg Urban and Regional Planning and Design Impact of Green Building Certifications on the Economic Performance of Real Estate Office Assets: Net Operating Income and Market Value Mohammed E. Salem Computer Science Sparse Representations and Feature Learning for Image Set Classification and Correspondence Estimation Shelley E. Sandmaier Animal Science Analysis of the Role of PRDM14 in Pluripotency and Specification of the Germ Cell Niche in the Domestic Pig Niloo Sarabi Comparative Literature Figures of Excess: Subversive Narrative Strategies in Contemporary Iranian Women’s Literature and Cinema Elissa L. Sarno Psychology What is Beautiful Is Safe: Physical Attractiveness of STI Risk Among Men Who Have Sex With Men John S. Schardt Bioengineering Engineered Multivalency for Enhanced Affibody-Based HER3 Cancer Therapy Allison L. Schroeder Family Science Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) in Early Childhood and Their Associations With Middle Childhood Behavior Problems: A Three-Paper Dissertation Christoph W. Schulze Computer Science Model-Based Testing of Off-Nominal Behaviors Samuel C. Schwarm Engineering Materials Microstructural Evolution and the Resultant Mechanical Behavior of Duplex Stainless Steels Elizabeth L. Seaman Behavioral and Community Health Co-occurring Tobacco and Marijuana Use Among Young Adults: A Sequential Explanatory Mixed Methods Study Christopher J. Seitz-Brown Psychology Examining the Interaction of Internalizing and Externalizing Disorders With HIV Status in Relation to Residential Substance Use Treatment Dropout Adam Sheaffer Theatre and Performance Studies Building Public(s): The Early History of the New York Shakespeare Festival

Botong Shen Animal Science Characterization of Genetic Recombination and Its Influencing Factors in Cattle Demetra N. Skaltsas Plant Science Diversity and Distribution of Fungal Endophytes in Two Amazonian Hardwood Genera Yvonne W. Slosarski Communication Freedom From the Market: Antagonistic Disruptions of Neoliberal Capitalism Erin R. Sohr Physics Student Sense-Making in Quantum Mechanics: Lessons to Teachers From Studies of GroupWork and Representation Use Ryan St. Pierre Mechanical Engineering Legged Locomotion in Sub-Gram Robots Zachary Stone Linguistics A Structural Theory of Derivations Ghassan H. Sutaih Civil Engineering Soil-Pile Interaction Under Vertical Dynamic Loading Jessica G. Sutter Education Policy Studies Market Conditions and Political Forces: Charter School Restarts in Washington, D.C. Megan E. Tempel-Milner Education Policy Studies Implementing Full-Time Gifted and Talent Programs in Title 1 Schools: Reasons, Benefits, Challenges and Opportunity Costs Elizabeth M. Tennyson Engineering Materials Functional Imaging of Photovoltaic Materials at the Nanoscale Brandon Terrizzi Psychology Children’s Developing Representations of Physical and Social Power Alexander M. Testa Criminology and Criminal Justice Incarceration and Nutritional Hardship: Considering the Link to Food Insecurity and Healthful Food Access Richard R. Thompson Chemistry Electronic Modification Within the WellEstablished CPAM Framework as a Means Toward Increased Reactivity Sara E. Thompson Theatre and Performance Studies Craft Beer, Chandeliers and Shakespeare: A Study of the Postmodern Hipster, the New York Shakespeare Exchange and the Production of Cultural Capital in the TwentyFirst Century Julia B. Topper Ethnomusicology “As We Circle the World”: A Performative Ethnography of Irish Step Dance and Music in the United States and Japan

Sonya V. Troller-Renfree Human Development The Development of Cognitive Control During Childhood: A Neurocognitive Perspective Rodman E. Turpin Epidemiology The Syndemic Effect of Psychosocial and Structural Factors on HIV Testing Among Black Men and the Moderating Effect of Sexual Identity Yassaman Vafai Maternal and Child Health The Effect of Depression on Women’s Contraceptive Behaviors and Teenage Pregnancy Michael L. Vetter Art History Robert Irwin’s New Materialism Jyothi K. Vinjumur Information Studies Predictive Coding Techniques With Manual Review to Identify Privileged Documents in E-Discovery Lindsay Walberg International Education Policy “Speak English”: Challenges of and Opportunities for Implementing National Education Language Policy in Rural Nicaragua Rachel Walker History A Beautiful Mind: Faces, Beauty and the Brain in the Anglo-Atlantic World, 1780–1870 Julian Wamble Government and Politics Show Us That You Care: How Community Commitment Signals Affect Black Political Considerations Bohan Wang Electrical Engineering Optics and Computer Vision for Biomedical Applications Yulu Wang Computer Science Selective Search Architectures and Brute Force Scan Techniques for Summarizing Social Media Posts Elizabeth A. Ward Aerospace Engineering Aeromechanical Behavior of Twist-Morphing, High-Speed, Slowed RPM Rotors Jared J. Watson Business and Management Aspects of Online Reviews and Their Effects on Consumer Decisions Amanda J. Waugh Information Studies A Nice Place on the Internet: An Exploratory Case Study of Teen Information Practices in an Online Fan Community Hannah Wegmann Modern French Studies In Search of the City: Power, Identity and Narratives of Urbanization in the Works From Stendhal to Zola Matthew Whiteway Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation A Latent Variable Modeling Framework for Analyzing Neural Population Activity

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Raymond Williams Government and Politics A Simple Twist of the Wrist: Presidential Usage of Executive Orders and Proclamations in Time of Crisis, 1861–2012 Matthew R. Wilson Theatre and Performance Studies Moving From the Archive: Historiography and “Authenticity” in Commedia dell’Arte Performance Riley E. Wilson Economics Essays on Individual Responses to Labor Market Conditions and Policies Jack T. Wimberley Physics Semitauonic Bc+ Decays and Quark Flavor Identification Methods Yang Xie Electrical Engineering Circuit Design Obfuscation for Hardware Security William Yagatich Sociology The Sociological Study of Expert Knowledge Work: Current Trends and Changes in the Study of the Professions, Professionalization and Professionalism Zhi Yang Mechanical Engineering Thermophysical Properties of Nanostructured Materials Zhiyuan Yang Electrical Engineering Thermal Power Delivery and Reliability Management for 3D ICS Xuan Yao Mathematical Statistics Extended Estimating Equations and Empirical Likelihood


Yonggang Yao Engineering Materials High-Temperature Nanomanufacturing for Emerging Technologies Hyunjin Yeo Ethnomusicology Voicing the Unheard: Gendered Practices, Discourses and Struggles of Gugak Musicians In South Korea Yungjun Yoo Electrical Engineering High-Field THZ Generation and Beam Characterization With Laser-Based Intense THZ Sources Bahar Zarin Civil Engineering Arterial Probabilistic Traffic Modeling and Real-Time Travel Time Prediction With Vehicle Probe Data Using Machine Learning Mengqi Zhan Communication Cultural Diversity in Project Teams: Unpacking How and When Cultural Diversity Affects Collective Performance Diana Zhang Biochemistry Modifying DNA Crystals for Nanotechnological Applications Shaoyi Zhang Chemistry Design and Hierarchical Assembly of Amphiphilic Supracolloids That Mimic Biomolecular Compounds Xuechi Zhang Civil Engineering Integrated Traffic State Uncertainty Modeling, Portable Traffic Sensor Network Planning and Management

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Iadviga Zhelezinskaia Geology Sulfur Isotope Records in Neoarchean Carbonates: Implications for the Early Precambrian Sulfur Cycle Youtong Zheng Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Satellite Retrieval of Updrafts and Cloud Condensation Nuclei Concentrations at Cloud Bases Honglin Zhong Geography Topics in Modeling Adaptation Dynamics of Chinese Agriculture to Observed Climate Change Taotao Zhou Reliability Engineering Development of Approaches to Common Cause Dependencies With Applications to Multi-Unit Nuclear Power Plant Xiuquan Zhou Chemistry Intercalation Chemistry of Tetrahedral Transition Metal Chalcogenides Zheng Zhu Civil Engineering Online and Real-Time Transportation Systems Management and Operations Decision Support with Integrated Travel Behavior and Dynamic Network Models Elizabeth K. Zinecker Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences A Biodegradable Pot Technique and Emergy Analysis to Improve Restoration Outcomes of Potamogeton Perfoliatus L

Master ’s Degrees The master’s degree is an academic honor bestowed upon students who have successfully completed work beyond the baccalaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are usually required. In 1920, the University of Maryland awarded its first Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees in fields other than agriculture.

MAY 2018 CANDIDATES MASTER OF APPLIED ANTHROPOLOGY Blaze Mary Buck Sarah A. Grady Kevin Ryan McDonald Helen Grace Mittmann Siobhan Alise Elizabeth Summers Catherine Marie Tier MASTER OF ARCHITECTURE Wadiah Akbar Lonna Plathottathil Babu Ryan Joseph Banger Christopher Paul Courtney Sophie Habib Peyton Leigh Jackson Joshua K. Kilian Karen Susana Kim Christiane Jones Machado Anil Moore Jake Sharlin Morris Sandra Oh Boun Christopher N. Reyes Elisabeth Helena Erlenkotter Smith Keith Eugene Urio MASTER OF ARTS American Studies Ian Funk Art History Sarah Frances Evans Melanie Louise Nguyen Classics Emily Erickson Kimberly Barrett Hunter David Stratton McDonald


Communication Nora Lee Murphy Counseling Psychology, School Psychology and Counseling Education Julia Emily Christine Barlis Jeffrey Garrick Yeung Criminology and Criminal Justice Benjamin Lee Acquisto Danielle Marie Ehrnstein Raquel Aida Hernandez Shelby Nichole Hickman Sarah Elizabeth Holland Meghan Michelle Kozlowski Jennifer Margaret Newton Lafferty Adam David Neal Jacob Alexander Noel Lisa Marie Pierotte Shradha Sahani Ryan Leary Sanford Rachel Ann Sperando Economics Ishita Ahmed Jeffrey David Clawson Kenneth Barrett Coriale Seth Murray Shanjukta Nath Yongjoon Park Veronika Penciakova Luis Diego Rojas Alvarado Yi Zhao Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Leslie Marie Dow

English Language and Literature Robert Alan Burgard Erica Nicole Cochran Christopher James Colclough Lissette Escariz Rick James Frankos Kristen Michelle Gray Dara Faye Liling Shuang Liu Robert Raymond Lucci III Savannah Elizabeth Moix-Rogers Kimberly Ann Park Alexandra Elyse Parker Brian Eugene Reing Jasmine Scott Smith Christopher Joshua Suarez Dominika Jagoda Szybisty Jenna Tobin Vincent Keith Worrell Ethnomusicology Victor Miguel Hernandez Sang Maxwell Hiroshi Yamane French Language and Literature Julie Ledon German Language and Literature Raleigh Joyner Maria Assunta Sitzler-Sawicki Wendy Cassandra Ellen Timmons Government and Politics Joan Carreras Timoneda Michael James Coates James Herman Glenn III

Higher Education, Student Affairs and International Education Policy Julia Anderson Kurubel Belay Matthew Cuozzo Shannon Michelle Donaldson Viviana Beatriz Gahuancela Cordero Kenya Beverley Graham Katrina Louise Hauprich Kyle Alan Kastler Julie Beth Keddell Kara Michele Korab Ivan Lamas-Sanchez Leslie Ann Lindeman Kristyn Emilie Lue Melissa Carolina Rivas Ilana H. Waldman History Guy Bracken Aldridge John Jacob Calhoun Jesse Owen Cebulash Jacob Wayne Chaires Catherine Denise Daniels Natalie R. Gill Jackelyn Joy Gitlin James Dixon McDonald Megan Moyette Jordan Francis Slavik Halei Yue Human Development Education Kelly Banks Sophie Jablansky Karen Carmel Levush Jewish Studies Noam Meinrat

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Journalism Karin Zeitvogel Kinesiology Elizabeth Mae Bell Theresa Christine Hauge Calvin Ming Lu Shakiba Rafiee John Skelton Jun Yeon Won Linguistics Michael Alexander Fetters Mathematics Matthew M. Dellatorre Micah I. Goldblum Nathaniel Burton Monson Cyrus Teng Adil Barkatali Virani Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation Devon Blumenthal Josh Kazman Weimeng Wang Music Evangeline Katerina Athanasiou Jennifer Elizabeth Weyman Philosophy Aleks Knoks Second Language Acquisition Katie Bancker Abadie Anna Gallagher Ryo Maie Bradford Salen Lili Zhang Sociology Julianne Renee Apodaca Kelly Ann Beavan Hannah Cash Asiah Gayfield Shaun Stewart Genter Kelsey Marie Johnson Omkar Joshi Danielle Melvin Koonce Justin Thomas Maietta Ebonie Chante Massey Connor Reed Powelson Shilpa Reddy Gilad Wenig Polina Zvavitch Spanish Language and Literature Ma De Jesus Serna Dennis Catalina Shorkey Special Education Bradley Quarles Speech-Language Pathology Andrea Sabrije Azem Maria Andrea Binger Kelly Marie Cavanaugh Deborah Elise Colantuoni Sara Elizabeth Cournoyer Sarah J. Fisher


Kerianna Donovan Frederick Kim Cherie Jordan Evelyn Genuina Oliveira Jayna Alise Roscoe Nicole Beverly Schoenbrun Karly Anne Schwarz Nisha Sharma Lauren Athene Steedman Audry Francine Tafoya Janelle Raven-Brianne Thompson Sophie Wereley Catherine R. Zaczek Theatre and Performance Studies Jacqueline Joan Hammond Women’s Studies Jocelyn Mary Coates Lenora Renee Knowles MASTER OF ARTS/ MASTER OF LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE History/Library and Information Science Madeleine Marie Parra Allen Ian Charles Bucacink Erin Durham MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Anastasia Akhmedova Olubukola Titilola Akinwande Claire Alexander Almand Daniel Altman Caroline McLaughlin Andrews John James Appod Jr. Isaac Ashong Bhrugi Rajen Badheka Staci Jill Bank Brian Beaty Ellen Madgel Berlinghof Achal Bhushan Jacqueline Michelle Black Benjamin William Bloschock Daniel Benjamin Bosworth NourElHouda Bouadis Andrew Thomas Boyd Hannah Schnebly Braselton Lynne Ellen Bresler William Stuart Bright Porter Bruce Brockway IV Darla D. Brown Alan Wolf Brylawski III Courtney Ann Burke Roberto Arif Calvo Jason Henry Canham Joseph Daniel Caraccio Rachel Carstens Baanie Chandok Guankun Chen Qi Chen Xiao Yan Chen Jonathan Daniel Cichowicz Courtney Louise Clonch Carl James Comasco Jr. Nicole Ashley Cramer Charlene M. D’Almeida Michael Paul Dausen Janmejay Praveer Dave

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Joseph M. Davies Christopher Michael Delfino Brett Thomas Depenbrock Karan Sushil Deshmukh John Devita Skyler C. DeWalt Elliot Newman Dickerson Joseph Andrew Distefano Jr. Nicholas Andrew Ditchey Sudiv Divakar Jennifer Ifeyinwa Enwonwu Fumika Eto Julia Ann Flood Andrew Freund Steven Michael Frid Kyle Patrick Gaffney Thomas Anthony Gardiner Rakita Janay Garner Christian Mark Gaspar Eleanor Constance Gass Dario Gatti John Gregory Gavin III Sean Allen Gilson Robert Anderson Ginsberg Colin Lynam Goddard Julian Andres Gomez Mark Anthony Gonzalez II Andrew Jay Graf Ryan Michael Hagemeyer Tom Halleran Younguk Han Narissa Michelle Handler Joseph Michael Haynos Jeffrey Cyril Holliday Michelle Katherine Holmes Lauren Jean Hudspith John Manning Hunt Sandeep Iyer Ha Da Jang Nikita Jeswani Ningfu Jiang Omar Kaleem Mark Christopher Kane Joshua Luke Kappers Alexander Stephen Kappes Krupa Abhay Karekar Sean Ryan Kelley James Patrick Kenney Gregory Philip Kilkus Christopher Luke Kimber David Alexander King Sho Kiryu Boris Amah Holale Kouevi Patrick A. Kramer Andrew James Krantz Ohjoon Kwon Yea Ling Lan Catherine Anne Lee Myounghun Lee Rosemary Virginia Lee Greg David Lewis Lin Li Hong Lin Mathew Edward Litcher Eileen Mallory Little Ninjbadrakh Lkhagva Katerina R. Lozanov Christine Elizabeth Lynch Sean Michael Maley Sreejith Venugopal Manghat Renee Michelle Maton Benjamin William Max

Karolyn Maynard Godwin Okechukwu Mbagwu Jr. Alexander McGrail Kelley McGrath Parker Andrew McIntosh Aaron Todd Mines Jaime Montalvan Jr. Erin Denise Moore Christian Morris Gideon Seth Moskowitz Emmanuel S. Motsiopoulos Eric Shane Mullis Daniel John Myers Tanay Natarajan Brian Christopher Nickols Kerry Elizabeth O’Brien Efrata Obsa Tatiana Oliynyk Mari Orita James D. Page Jason Pallante Taylor Paradeses Chungeol Park Nickolas Patrick Parker Dale Devin Parsan Michael Joseph Penzes Dylan Allen Naresh Poonia Viplove Prakash Benjamin Adam Quick Rahul Rathore Yasmin Rigney Leah Rodriguez Marta Dorota Roskwitalska Melissa Sanjurjo John George Savoy Patrick Kevin Savoy Richard Henry Schildman III Leni Amanda Schimpf Daniel M. Schindel Meegan Schuckers Agyeman Prempeh Senkyire Peter Shames Si Shen Krishna Devesh Sheth Jaideep Singh Noah Rennell Smith Euisung Son Michael Eugene Spinner Giulia Alexia Stavropoulos Georges Stephan Jonathan Justin Sutton Graham Cassidy Taylor Michael J. Tenaglia Erika Danielle Thompson Hidetake Toji Angela Vaughn Andres Xavier Villegas Jacintha Renee Wadlington David Alexander Wainland Hong Wang Jason Wang Kyrin Taisse Wharton Michael Alexander Wiener Caroline Buckley Willemin William Gerard Woska II Ping Yi Mohammad Mehdi Zare Mehrjerdi Ming Zeng Ke Zhang Yafan Zhang Ying Zhang

Lian Zhao Zihao Zheng Michael Florindo Zybrick MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION/MASTER OF FINANCE Zane Oustaz Adoum Stephanie Ann Bo Pablo Vicente Lafuente John Thomas Neuberth Nero Nam Nguyen Tianxi Yu MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION/ MASTER OF REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT Nathan Vaillancourt Robbins MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION/MASTER OF SCIENCE Business Administration/ Accounting Thomas Sutherland Crowley Business Administration/ Information Systems Luke William Gregerson Shayan Hobbi Phuong Kieu Le Rajesh Ramachandiran Business Administration/ Marketing Analytics Harpreet Singh Ghuman MASTER OF CHEMICAL AND LIFE SCIENCES Cheri Amarna Gregory Alan Combs Mark Richard Madden Marissa Miklavcic Allison Lynn Sarfati Carol Smith Rachel Lorraine Taylor Rebecca Wheeler MASTER OF COMMUNITY PLANNING/MASTER OF ARCHITECTURE Arica L. Thornton MASTER OF COMMUNITY PLANNING Iryna Bondarenko Juan Jose Castro Cerdas Daniel Lewis Engelberg Kristen Nicole Franklin Ryan Robert Hall Jennifer Hopkins David Carson Lipscomb Ridhima Mehrotra Jack Nathaniel Narron Abidemi O. Olafusi Andrew Joseph Seguin Nayo Safiya Shell Holly Jean Simmons Samantha Rose Sperber Claire Eaker Warner


MASTER OF EDUCATION Counseling Psychology, School Psychology and Counseling Education Cameron Phillip Agerston Rachel Elizabeth Akins Julie A. Colatrella Marian Kathleen Gabrielle Digby Jacob Avi Ferentz Michael Shamir Hopkins-Gross Allison Price Isrin Caroline W. Lee Alexis Emeline Pappadeas Jessica Marksbury Roake Samantha Stanford Svetlana Elizabeth Holt Wright Curriculum and Instruction Adam Samuel Atwood Claire L. Bagish Jaelen Deion Barnett Jamie Rebecca Berman Martha Cole Brogden Erin Brownlee Jean Marie Carlson Mary Brennan Carvajal Ann B. Cavanaugh-O’Keefe Mengfei Chen Kayla April Clarke Kaitlin Elizabeth Connolly Patrick Corey Daniel M. D’Amico Nathaniel Andrew Dalgetty Edward Thomas Dohler Kevin Robert Eaton Jennifer R. Fischer Stephanie Victoria Fitzgerald Christopher Lash Fowler Jr. Ian Thomas Gleason Jessica Adrienne Goocharan Sue Anne Goodwin Angela Lynn Harmon Angela Laurie Haskins Ruba Farhat Hassan Arrin Hawkins Michael David Heckhaus Catherine Virginia Heisey Tahirah M. Hope Kiara Elizabeth Howard Amy Catherine Johnson Erica Chanel Johnson Joleen Johnson Paige Morley Keller Olivia Keane Kelly Charlotte Miller Kiernan Elizabeth Klass Victoria Alice Knorr Sarah Ann Konieczka Xue Kuang Bethany Leigh McClary Bhavisha Jagjivan Mistry Emily Jean Molchan Summer Dawn Moore Rozita Amini Mostofi Daniel Samir Mourad Mariangela Negro-Zevallos Bruno Daniel Neto Julia Catherine Oldham Emma Nillaya Ouska Hae Sol Park Mina Marie Park

Rita Ann Petruccelli Risa Reid Erica Richardson Moriah Nichole Rochlinski Richard Joseph Rose Michael Rowland Vanessa Jean Schmidt Sarah Seltzer Alaina Christine Shorey Daljit Singh Andrea Joy Stutzman Anneliese Charlotte Taylor Jeremy Noel Tomasulo Alicia Maris Waitsman Muzi Wong Ruixin Xie Ronghui Yang Xue Yang Jennifer Marie Yeisley Yangyang Zhang Rong Zhou Chunyuan Zou Higher Education, Student Affairs and International Education Policy Kaylin Brewer Quincy Kay Kissack Hyunji Lim Melanie Lucia Pflucker Darien Jamal Smith Kyle Wilson Whitaker Juliana Ka Kiu Wong Human Development Education Katherine Marie Bouwkamp Lanita Callahan Michelle Carla Deutsch Glenda Anne Griffith Nicole Hammond Susan T. Leckie Erin Nicole Magee Kerry Amanda McGovern Erica Norcini Yeni Arely Perez Diana Truong Pham Alyna Eileen Raynovich Erinn Elizabeth Thompson Special Education Katlyn Louise Benish Andrea Celeste Kerry FitzPatrick Elisheva Tova Franco Paige Michelle Hawkins Renuka Hiranandani Lin Jiang Liba Breindi Klein Andrew Lo Elizabeth Chandler Matthai Julia Jaewon Napaporn Na Kelsey Elizabeth Orsborne Rachel Young Philbrick Maira Rizwan Elisabeth Grace Smisson Katherine Dolores Smith Kanika Cheles Staten Yunxinyan Xiao Wenxin You MASTER OF ENGINEERING Wail Musa Abu-Rashed

Johnny Mousa Abudayeh Olukayode Ayanlekan Adeleke Mohamed Ahmed Alaabar Jon Angle Md Abdul Aowal Nirav Badjatya Akshay Bajaj Anantha Rama Sharma Baskaran Ilya Viktorovich Batychenko Ravi Nitinbhai Bhadeshiya Karan Vivek Bhargava Vaibhav Kaluram Bhilare Rishabh Rajeev Biyani Carina Nicole Cannon Michael Edward Cenkner Mihir Mukesh Chheda Sarannya Pratap Chilhal Michael Cifelli Sarah Cohen Jessica J. Cornelius Jamil Sameh Dababneh Keegan Tyler Deppe Tarunkumar Rameshbhai Dholariya Chengyuan Diao Donald Dzedzy Anne Eberechi Ekwo Jamila Gallman Steven Joseph Gambino James Xiang Geng Alex Joseph George Solome Belay Getnet Arjun Shyam Gharpure John Phillip Goldbach Gowtham Raj Gunaseela Udayakumar Antonio Gutierrez Kevin Michael Harp Garvit Hasija Vivek Hemchandra Eric Billy Herrera Yuyu Hsueh Xiahao Huang Evan William Hyde Talha Ijaz Rishabh Manish Jain Bryan David Janaskie Akshaya Jayaram Siqi Jiang Ayotunde Olumide Johnson Rahul Joshi David Kabelik Kenneth Ke Fahad Izhar Khan Jeong Yun Kim Yidi Kou Samir Minoo Lalvani Md Saiful Latif Kevin C. Lee Mu-Di Lee Joshua Solomon Levine Yuzhang Li Ghaus Baber Khan Lnu Zachary Robert Long Edward Joseph Lopez Mostafa Reza Lotfi Byron Luquez Yixiang Ma Miguel Angel Maestre Trueba Yash Arvind Manian Daniel Bailey Martin Evan Martin

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Nicholas Robert Martin Adrian Martinez Utrero Tresor Sengo Mavinga Diane Marie McGahagan Priyanka Mendon Pranav Menon Miguel Rafael Milla Godoy Stefan Michael Miller Vinesh A. Mohun Ananya Mukherjee Steven Anthony Mummey Krithika Manjunatha Mutuguppe Aditya Vijay Nair Ribe Johnny Ninan Calvin Ikenna Nwachuku Christopher Leo O’Hare Chima Christaugunu Ohanyerem Daniel Ryan Page Narayan Paravasthu Chintan Sanjay Parikh Neel Rajeshkumar Parikh Bhargavi Patel Kavit Harshadbhai Patel Kiran Nitin Patel Parth Nandkishor Patel Nitish Pathak Saurabh Patil Richard A. Pecone Dustin Hoangdung Phan Francis Douglas Pinckney V Siddesh Chikkanayakana Prabhu Dev Ujjni Xinyi Qi Sr. Zohaib Rafique Sudarshan Raghunathan Chinmay Rajesh Rao Rashmi Ravichandran Randall Edward Rentfro Aditya Arvind Revankar Tiffany Bianca Reynolds Spencer Philip Robinson Jon Tyler Rodriguez Vishakha Sadhwani Jonathan David Sajdak Sagar Sameer Shah Sherif A. Shazly Garleya Sanvala Shimbura Stanley Shimizu Surabhi Sanjay Shinde Lionel Nobel Wansi Sindjui Chahat Deep Singh Matthew Paul Smucker Morgan Shane Spencer Rahul Subramonian Bama Adebayo Wakilu Sule-Koiki Asif Sultan Mengsong Sun Kenan Atay Unal Harshvardhan Uppaluru Nicholas Richard Walsh Aobo Wang Hao Wang Qingye Wang Yue Wang Matthew Evard Warden Luke Weber Yuan Wei Jeffrey Ryan Westrich James Tyler Wigfield Darrell Wright Yigang Yao Hongquan Yu


Corey Matthew Zamenski Sr. Kathryn P Zander Zejiang Zeng Wei Zhang Xiao Zhang Yiming Zhao Yu Zhao Haowei Zhong Timothy Aaron Zimmerman MASTER OF FINANCE Torki Meshal Alsabah Gary Harris Ascher Siavash Jason Azima Yue Ban Perry Marcus Bloch Wangyu Cai Fangyue Cao Hao Cao Mengya Cao Wenxin Cao Yin Chai Jiaxu Chen Yufei Chen Linqiao Chu Andre Claro Junhao Dai Lulin Deng Celia Rose Dinn Lily Veronica Esfandiary Boxin Fang Yining Fu Xing Gao Xinyi Gui Huizi Guo Yuchen Guo Yuehao Han Juanzhu Hao Xiaohan He Xing He Chih-Yun Hsiao Jianqiu Huang Yisu Huang Shuyu Jiang Yan Jiang Xiaotong Jin Yang Jin Linghao Kong Congshan Li Jingkun Li Li Li Siyuan Li Xiangyu Li Bochao Liang Fa Liu Jiazhen Liu Peng Liu Siyu Liu Zhen Liu Xinran Lu Danni Luo Prahaladh Ramamoorthy Nagarajan Jingyang Nan Luke Hunter Newquist Qinsi Peng Yujia Qin Zhiqiang Qing Bowen Ruan Eduardo Antonio Salgado Joshua Spencer Schwartz Zhihan Shao

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Jiayu Shen Chuyue Song Dan Song Ke Song Guanli Su Lanqi Su Huiyi Sun Mengke Sun Nianyi Tian Weijia Tu Danqi Wang Jinming Wang Jitao Wang Shijie Wang Tongtong Wang Ye Wang Yi Wang Yuchu Wang Jiantao Wu Mengxuan Wu Yanbo Wu Zepeng Wu Zhuoxi Wu Yidan Xi Sixuan Xia Yu Xia Yuanxin Xu Zirou Yan Jie Yang Rongpei Yang Zhicheng Yao Sunghee Yoon Chuhan Zhang Kaixuan Zhang Lanxin Zhang Xiyuan Zhang Yanyang Zhang Meng Zhao Yuge Zhao Xueying Zheng Fengli Zhou MASTER OF FINE ARTS Creative Writing Pierce Clifford Brown Carlos Alonso Chism Heather Nicole De Bel Emily Ann Myrick Caitlin Claire Reid Dance Mustapha Braimah Jennifer Brooke Graham Chunhui Xing Studio Art Rebecca Hallie Basch Hugh Condrey Bryant Theatre Matthew Wayne Buttrey Maria Jeannette Christensen Alexandra Kelly Colburn Mark Alan Costello Connor James Dreibelbis Alexa Karynn Duimstra Tyler R. Herald Emily Christine Lotz Brandi Danielle Martin Richard Joseph Ouellett

MASTER OF HEALTH ADMINISTRATION Brenton Ross Andreasik Kwadwo S. Asiedu Siham Beshir Japan Bhalja Nikita Leah D’Souza Nisha Dhebaria Sanjeev Krishna Ganesh Brianna Danielle Jones Neha Vasant Kulkarni Milad Marani Avni Patel Mihir B. Patel Virginia Powell Ana B. Simon Nygel Albert Williams MASTER OF INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Rajat Aghi Saba Riyad Aldughaither Mayuresh Dhananjay Amdekar Harshith Anantharam Sharma Rahul Jung Bahadur Anish Balasubramanian Sandra Jean Bostian Arpit Prakash Chandra Sanchari Chowdhuri Veronica Cuello Pushkar Ganesh Deshpande Pal Pankajkumar Doshi Jency Francis Alicia Geller Natasha Kosta Hurwitz Aniket Nitin Jadhav Namratha Jagadeesh Samarjith Jawaharlal Sathyanarayan Suyan Jin Ruchira Kapoor Shashank Madhav Kava Hyunsik Kim Naveen Krishnamurthi Yue Liu Zhenye Ma Sheryl Wilfred Mathias Paridhi Mathur Kyle Allen McKillop Matthew Mozeleski Khushal Jammu Navani Amit Parihar Charles Edward Porter III Namrata Anand Rao Shivam Saith Himanshu Sushil Sawant Sohan Shashank Shah Susan Shanshan Shen Prerak Rajesh Sheth Tu Shi Neeraj Sanjay Shirname Edel Grubbe Spencer Faith Nicole Steele Akash Mukesh Udani Dimitri Alexis Wolford Irina Valeryevna Yakubinskaya Binghuan Zhang Xinyun Zhang Yuheng Zhang MASTER OF JOURNALISM Julia Storella Karron

Mamie Lucinda Maynard Zachary Steven Shapiro MASTER OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE Nathan S. Collier Avantika Vikas Dalal Mark Dennis Seth Michael Fleming Joshua W. Franklin Jennifer Eena Ren Laura Katherine Robinson Matthew Richard Zerfas MASTER OF LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE Rebecca Leora Annis Mathew Scott Aquino Erin Kathryn Berry Shannon Nicole Bland Rachel Burroughs Andrea Castillo Shiyun Chen Melissa Ross Cline Jeffrey T. Coster Charles Allen Courtney Joseph Carmel Dacey Anne Grace Dempsey Kelsey Anne Diemand Lucie Margaret Ferguson Luz Maria Flores Neil Manel Frau-Cortes Catherine Leone Fravel William Michael Froliklong Nancy Harrison Gage Esther Gabriela Giron Kathryn Anne Gucer Eva Danielle Gunia Ashley Victoria Haddix Karina Ebba Hagelin Gwen M. Hambright Kelsey Brooke Hughes Eric Hing-Tao Hung Heather Elizabeth Arella Jager Elizabeth Anne Laribee Valerie Lee Linsinbigler Dorothy Lavonn Martino Rachel Elizabeth Maxwell Andrew Michael McDowell Catherine Yetive Meals Rebecca Mayela Mena Diana Marie Michel Jennifer Erin Proctor Caitlin Rizzo Joanna Ruedisueli Rosalind Jean Seidel Andrew Michael Staton Rebecca C. Thayer Taylor Nichole Vaughan Cecelia Joern Vetter Catherine Emily Von Brand Julia Marie Wheeler Darryl K. Wilson Meaghan Elizabeth Wilson Suzanne Claire Wilson Kathryn Rose Yanosko Fiona Fangyi Zhang MASTER OF MUSIC Joseph Leo Arkfeld Ruth Lois Bright Zarah Grace Brock


Tyler Allan Buisch I. Hsuan Chiang Natasha Naomi Costello Morgan Elizabeth Daly Hannah Dara Michael Dranove Rodion S. Efremov Veronique Marie Filloux Samantha Flores Guerrero Lauren Elizabeth Floyd Laurin Friedland Ryan Gregory Emily Honzel David W. Lu Ross Harrison McCool Christopher Lucius Newman Nicholas Clay Obrigewitch Allysa Packard Kylena Parks Leo Paul Rayon II Olivia Ren Joseph Scott Ava Shadmani Yiwen Shen Peter Olaf Swanson Jordan Amelia Swett Lauren Momo Tokunaga Nicholas Addison Vassar Katherine Lynn Vest Terriq White MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES Applied Economics Adil Abdela Genta Agaj Deepak Basnet Alexander James Beckman Mary Katherine Belyeu Agbor Beteck Colleen Marie Bieberich Dennis Binseel Ricky Brooks II Cassandra Spencer Brzezinski Hang Dong Eda Emil Dan Angelo Gamarra Minaya Zijin Guo Xixi He Geoffrey Christopher Hebertson Zoe Elizabeth Heiliczer Nuzhat Nooery Islam Alan John Karickhoff Brandon Scott Kastl Patrick Lee Timothy Jean Lepoutre Hio Lou Yiping Ma Christian Amadeus Manglitz Catherine Renee Menking Oluwatomide Oluwasina Ogundana Roshan K. Poojari Dilyana Rossenova Popova Kripa Shyamakrishnan Yi An Sun Aakash Amit Tandel Sarah Anne Van Giezen Adam Nicholas Wozniak Conglong Xu

Applied Entomology Caroline Selle Tamara L. Strobel Geospatial Information Sciences David Miller Banach Andrew Burnham Parsons Barrows Bethlehem Damtew Chefick Abigail V. Childs Max Irvin Cushner Danielle I. Dupuy Mussie G. Ghebreselassie Christopher Brian Gower Lindsey Paige Harris Kelly Charles Heatherman Andrew Viedt Hutchison Osiris Adaiah Jackson-Bey Phillip Norman Jacques Nicholas Anthony John Kevin Michael Johnson Darrien Lorenzo Keith Maureen Elizabeth Kelly Gisele Mosiala Ngilambi Jiamin Ou Demi Riley Boitumelo Karabo Kgobe Sevilla Victoria Lynn Woltz Aleah Valencia Worthem Interpreting Yara Basem Bustami Junqiao Chen Anthony Joseph Goode Guillermo Herce Martin Siyeon Lee Dwayne Parker Shao-Hsien Zheng Public Administration Anisha Simone Boucher Fatima Sierra-Vargas Technology Entrepreneurship Uyanga Ayurzana Roger Bilinda Evan Andrew Machado Clough Edwell Chiringa Dombodzvuku Alex D. Garwig Elvis Tchenagni Hedji Jr. Barry Hulce Lourdes Jusino Tomassini Kashif Malik Desmond Scott Morgan Anthony Richardson Kamilhussain Zakirhussain Roowala Vaidyaraman Sambasivam Janakan Saravanapavan Erica Smith Translation Olivia Benkovic Yumi Chung Emily Leavitt Daniel Lerman Linda Inmaculada Saucedo Briseida Soto Monica Valencia Yun Zhou

MASTER OF PUBLIC HEALTH Yewande B. Akinkuowo Rachel Denise Anderson Rebecca Louise Bailey Matthew William Bradley Susan Sights Buckenmaier Christopher Luke Cairns Weibo Chen Jennifer Chiang Anna Irene Clayton Amy Elise Cohen Nicole Alexandria Cummings Felicia N. Davenport Erica Rachel Debaggis Nhaomie Frances Douyon Elizabeth L. Dunwiddie Grace Fansler Nicole Jean Filion Alyssa Lauren Foust Vanessa Stephany Fuentes Ami Fukunaga Dilani Natasha Goonewardene Jessica L. Grau Elizabeth L. Groncki Allison Therese Hermane Bridget Leigh Higginbotham Seo Young Hong Colleen Michelle Howarth India C. James Ayana Jones Noora Shama Kanfash Amanda Kathleen Kennedy Shawn T. Linman Chengxin Liu Hailey V. Marr Daniel Joseph Marthey Molly McKinstry Maria Nkwanzi Shanelle Nasheka O’Connor Arielle Ocampo Roshitha A. Paul Anna Reed Taylor B. Rogers Reshma Ann Roy Jonathan Patrick Rudy Sara Safi Alphius Alpha Komareneko Sesay Marquis Lanier Simms Selene Ariane Tituana Jurado Alicia Nicole Ward Morgan Aliah Williams Heather E. Wittsack Qianyi Zhang MASTER OF PUBLIC MANAGEMENT Jamal Badee Alkubaisee Elizabeth Ann Burzenski Mark Robert Land Ophir Caicedo Lemoins Glen Edward Lyddane Grant Michael McDonald Isabel Cristina Ocasio Stephen Pratt Joi Lenore Roberson Nolen Yevgen Zagudaev MASTER OF PUBLIC POLICY Abigail Whitney Allen Elizabeth Jane Allison Kathryn Allred

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Stephanie Marie Areizaga Ahmad Bin Abdullah Christine Bogan-Phillips Marcela Bonetto de Campos Aaron Q. Burr Theodore Akil Caruthers Patrick Michael Cochran Cody M. Collins Evan Robert Cook Shannon Nicole Corrigan Maria Victoria Curzel Mounica Devagudi Meredith Donaho Kelly Christine Dwyer Caden Howell Fabbi Ellis Anne Field Nolan Fine Sarah Louise Foster Nathan Glen Frierson Maria Paz Gomez Wes L. Hanson Bryan P. Harrison Rebecca Ann Hiemstra Peiying Hu Sr. Nathan Randall Jessen Thomas Michael Jones Chitra Sivaram Kalyandurg Sara Christine Lackey Taryn Levels Nan Lin Taoyu Liu Emily Jung Hwa Long Noah Lenes Maghsadi William Andrew Marose Martha Ann Marr Chloe Elizabeth Mazzone Thomas James McConnell Isaac Munene Ndereba Dianne Neville Kliti Nuri Oluwatobi Opeyemi Olaiya Louisa Olson Renuka Pai Daniel Champie Parker Naya Machell Patterson Corinne Alexandra Paul Rachel Yvette Powell Andrea Victoria Prada Hernandez Katherine Emily Raulin Kelly Marie Roberts Nicole Solange RodriguezHernandez Helen Ruth Rogers Emily Sandys Julia Michelle Schuble Christopher Scott Connor Augustin Semelsberger Stone Eisenhower Shoaf Benjamin Snyder-Kamen Saisriram Komala Sribhashyam Amogh Srinivasan Gabriel John Stangl-Riehle Kayla Anselle Steinberg Delisha Thompson Peter Seamus Tobiassen Christopher Tate Walkup Sam Hunter Wallace Adrianna Marie Wolaver Tian Xu Qianye Yang Wardah Zaman


Yuyun Zhan Bowen Zhang Zili Zhang Xinran Zhao Yujia Zhao MASTER OF PUBLIC POLICY/ MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Brenna Rose Cole Larry K. Graham Jr. Gbogbo Nina Marie-Laure Kouadio Eric Matthew Larger Aurin Paola Lewis Samantha Janis Mudon Ariel Rachel-Bat-Sarah Nathan Jeremy R. Waldron MASTER OF QUANTITATIVE FINANCE Jing Bai Qiushi Bao Wei Cang Robert John Castle Chengyingzi Chang Guiyue Chen Lu Chen Shengzhi Chen Shucheng Chen Xingru Deng He Diao Jisong Dong Xinran Feng Zihui Feng Tomas Edward Garchitorena Adam Rogers Greene Xinxue Guo Xuejiao Han Mengwen Hu Tianwei Hua Shanying Huang Wenxiu Huang Xiaoya Huang Yin Huang Zicheng Huang Shengting Ji Kaixuan Jiang Fengzhe Lan Jiaqi Li Jielu Li Yao Li Minchen Liao Gaofan Lin Yuang Lin Anqi Liu Yang Liu Yiling Liu Yanying Long Dandi Ma Ben Mathew John Corey Joseph Palumbo Ziwei Peng Fanglin Ren Shan Ren Tithi Tadadoltip Wen Tang Vikas Verma Marcelo Parente Vives Chenyang Wang Xuyao Wang Yidong Wang Yixiao Wang

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Zijun Wang Xinxie Wu Yutan Wu Zichen Xiang Fei Er Xu Xiaojian Yang Siqi Yu Nan Zeng Linwei Zhang Xinyi Zhang Lin Zhao Xingmi Zheng Lingxiao Zhou Runtian Zhou Yi Zhou Zihao Zhou Andi Zhu Yuanzheng Zhu MASTER OF REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT Deborah Bonner William James Campbell Shea Patrick Cashen Marco E. Fernandez Tyler James Grote Ariel J. Higgins Michael Aaron Horwitz Burt Edward Jackson Jr. Dericka Deshawna Joyner Sunila Shakya Ilakkiya Kalaignan Thambi Caroline Anne Varney-Alvarado Buqian Wen Lanlan Zhang MASTER OF SCIENCE Accounting Aliah Yvonne Abdul-Malik Rukiyat Ajila Richard Scott Cogburn Kevin Patrick Cotter Runan Deng Jay David Etkins Chenyuan Han Liule Han Stephanie Marie Hasenei Jane Kamau Victoria Elizabeth Marie LeCompte John Stephen Newton Elizabeth Mawuena Ocloo Modupeola Esther Ogunmefun Kouser Sarah Rizvi Samuel Swen Francis Sawyerr Christina Marie Schnorf Ekaterina Tour Vivian N. Tyaba Hayden Page Williams Maia Witow Fuwen Xiang Lingni Xu Xiaonan Xu Aerospace Engineering Hulya Biler Christopher James Carlsen Lemuel Douglas Carpenter Andrew Paul Ceruzzi Alexander Banks Costenoble Daniel Fernando Escobar

Charles Clark Esty Philip Brian Kirk Daniel Mattern Samuel Pawlyk Ana Ramekar Atif Muhammed Salahudeen Zachary Francis Smith Agricultural and Resource Economics Mohammed Mehrab Bin Bakhtiar Andrew B. Rosenberg Animal Sciences Leslie Juengst Jasmine Nisha Parikh Mengers Shu Wei Wu Applied Mathematics and Statistics, and Scientific Computation Graham Matthew Antoszewski Kayla Diann Davie Sara Evalyn Frederick Atmospheric and Oceanic Science John P. Cavanagh IV Nikita Markovich Fedkin Kanishk Gohil Dylan Porter Jeffrey Casey Allen Joseph Vitaly Kholodovsky Bioengineering Dylan Gregory Bertoni Joseph William Hunter Jr. Sean Michael Virgile Biological Sciences Alisha Nicole Barnes James Gamble Corckran III Biophysics Benjamin Tyler Daniels Business and Management Ali Abdulridha Alghareeb Lynda Baba Victoria Anne Radcliffe Shweta Shyam Tinaikar Michael Otis Williams II Chemical Engineering Mohammed Abdulqader Almafrachi IV Robert Ishii Clifford Jay Clifton Fernandes III James Yan Liu Pompon Mputu Udipabu Dongchang Qin Michael Brendan Rudy Sai Sreedhar Varada Chemistry Jessica Harker Teodora Kljaic Kathryn Marie O’Nele Fan Yang Civil Engineering Jawairia Ashfaq Ahmad

Arash Asadabadi Rithvik Boda Sr. Aditya Sachin Deshmukh Shashank Ganesh Yeming Hao Uros Jovanovic Sami Ur-Rahman Khan Niteesh Komatineni Xinya Liu Ryan Mason McCullough Meigan Dwyer McManus Emre Odabasi Yixuan Pan Chethan Kumar Puttur Ranteg Singh Rao Kathleen Jane Russell Elizabeth Meghan Ryan Garima Sharma Krishna Singaraju Atul Kumar Singh Computer Science Rohan Chandra Fang Cheng Ronald Stephen Cheng Ryan Michael Eckenrod Alejandro Flores Velazco Sachin Grover Karan Deep Kaur Colin McDaniel King Emily Kowalczyk Tara T. Larrue Tongyang Li Pouya Moetakef Ivan Dimchev Petrov Parsa Saadatpanah Michael Scott Saugstad Nidhi Rajesh Shah Virinchi Srinivas Xuetong Sun Nicholas C. Thieme Ashton Niels Webster Couple and Family Therapy Rafee Al-Mansur Diamond Greene Liza Suzanne Harbison Pamela Marie Herrick Kaitlin Annette Hippen Natalie Marie Krenz Naomi Bracha LeVine Wilson A. Llerena Jordan Ashley Madison Jasmine Marie Mauss Liann Nicole Seiter Tariiq Omari Walton Rolonda Kierra Reneé Williams Electrical Engineering Sheng Cheng Zhe Cui Dimitrios K. Dimitriadis William Robert Hamel III Danny Kim Timothy P. Kohler Aaron James Kramer Mukul Ramesh Kulkarni Bum Jun Kwon Ryan K. Lee Shao-Hung Lee Siqin Li Wenyan Li


Huai-Jen Liang Xiaomin Lin Eli Abraham Lorenzi Ciara Lynton Ke Ma Ayan Mallik Sayyed Sina Miran Dhiraj Reddy Nallapa Yoge Chintan Ajaykumar Patel Yiming Qian Rajeev Ranjan Xuyi Ruan Austen C. San Nicolas Sayantan Sarkar Soumyadip Sengupta Jiani Shen Moiz Rizwan Siddiqi Gregory Stinson Xiaowu Sun Mengziying Tu Sriram Vasudevan Yi-Peng Wei Min Zhou Entomology Mengyao Chen Peter Lawson Coffey Meghan Eva McConnell Environmental Science and Technology Sara Christine Mack Christopher Palardy Natalie Mei-Lan Yee Fire Protection Engineering Katherine Ahrens Maibritt Tulin Antonsen Brent Allen Turner III Geographical Sciences Caroline Dore Bruchman Moying Li Sean Louis Turner Geology Meng Guo John Walter Hollingsworth Human-Computer Interaction Vinita Laxminarayan Atre Siddharth Anil Bhagwan Michael Brescia Chiun-Yao Chang Akshay Ajit Deshpande Olivia Clarisse Garahan Vichita Jienjitlert Raghavendradatta Chandappa Karkera Kanika Hitesh Mehta Shalmali Milind Naik Alisha Pradhan Shankar Ramesh Christopher L. Robeck Lisa M. Rogers Julianne Romanosky Praneetha Sattiraju Rebecca Suzanne Stone Zijian Wan Di Xiao

Information Systems Wenxin Chen Melissa Delcid Suvrodeep Ghosh Yizi Ma Yang Zhou Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences Melissa Christine Day Agraj Khare Katlyn Rae Lecorchick Samuel Russell Major Jacob Matthew Oster Marketing Analytics Jiaxin Chen Xinyi Chen Micaela Creighton Yusi Dong Nicole Ann Dragon Meng Gao Lu Hao Feifei He Wenlin He Ruoyun Jiang Che-Yu Lee Wen Ru Lee Furong Li Jiaji Li Jialin Li Mengfei Li Qiuhui Li Hsuan-Yu Lin Chen-Lin Liu Sinan Liu Yi-Ching Lu Yanyu Luo Jingshu Lyu Neha Mehrotra Elise T.D. Nguyen Melissa Reyes Michael Wayne Semmel Tianjie Shen Ziyuan Tang Sagar Telagi Harapanahali Math Chenyu Wang Jiaheng Wang Yujia Wang Cara Mary Anna Wiley Danqi Xiao Chengkai Xie Yingjia Xie Yajing Yang Yiyi Yang Xueying Ye Mengyue Zhang Yihan Zhang Ziyao Zhu Xicheng Zhuo Materials Science and Engineering Sabrina Michelle Curtis Emily Michelle Hitz Christopher J. Klingshirn Daniel James Wiacek Matthew David Widstrom Caroline Ruth Zellhofer Mechanical Engineering Werner Christian Born

Yan Ding Yimeng Dong Grant Daniel Dube Joshua Geating Jenna Marie Gipple David T. Horst Jason Christopher Kelly Darren Key Byung Yub Kim Raja Sampath Maheedhara Samuel Arthur Massa Guru Prasad Pandian Jahin Patwary Tianyue Qiu Physics Theodore Eric Mefford Tuan Khoi Nguyen Ming Song Yuan Yan Tay Plant Science Joseph Ryan Doherty Shanie Margalit Gal-Edd Chinchu Harris Briana Alysa Otte Louis A. Thorne Ross Daniel Whitehead Psychology Sara Elizabeth Barth Rosalind Nguyen Kelsey Elizabeth Woods Reliability Engineering Jay Matthew Fitzpatrick Supply Chain Management Ankit Dinesh Gedam Brandon Lee Gum Hengyang Li Patricia Sagna Chunan Tong Survey Methodology Jehun Kim Robert McMahon Alexander Reyes Mendoza Evan Daniel Schulz Bruno Zunino Silva Xin Yang Systems Engineering Rishabh Agarwal Siddharth Bansal Kersasp Aspi Cawasji Arturo Jose Davila Andino Yufei Huang Pranay Kanagat Vasudha Sri Kowtha Amar Vamsi Krishna Kunal Mehta Jacob Dudley Moschler Andrew Michael Poissant Aditya Ramaji Shinde Samvrit Srinivas Miguel Norman Franco Venegas Zambrana Telecommunications Naveen Bala Koteswara Rao Achyuta

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Abiodun Sunday Adewuyi Ali Adel Ali Mohamed Alaazmi Aparajit Ananya Benwin Babu Kavya Bangalore Venkataramu Vinayak Rajendra Bendale Sushant Bhagat Abhijit Manjunath Bharadwaj Snekha Bhasker Swanand Shridhar Bhave Srihareendra Bodduluri Vishnu Chandrasenan Rishiraj Mahendra Singh Charan Apeksha Chauhan Ishan Chauhan Sreenuj Chellath Madayambath Xiao Chen Pankil Chokshi Shwetha Suryakanth Choudhary Franklin Solomon Christu Doss Clement Vanya Dasari Nirali Bipin Deliwala Omkar Mahesh Dhomane Kavya Dinka Erappa Mohini Anne Dsouza Kaushalchandra Ramsajivan Dubey Aishwarya Duggirala Laveena Balakram Dulani Anand Rajendraprasad Dwivedi Yaddel Akachi Ezeribe Pavithra Ezhilarasan Kedar Girish Gaitonde Sandesh Shantaram Gawde Meera Geetha Devyani Gera Aanvi Goel Abhijith Gudihinddala Rajeev Raj Bhaichand Hindocha Jiateng Huang Sumeet Suresh Jeswani Xiaofan Jiang Ashish Joshi Darshan Rajnikant Joshi Meghan Bhaven Kachhi Venkata Rama Subramanya Santos Kesaraju Sahil Khanna Harsh Rakesh Kothari Sharan Omkar Kotre Abhijith Prasanna Kumar Aditya Sadanand Lad Yaesop Lee Hao Liu Zhouyang Ma Kanishka Macherla Lalitha Sahitya Maruvada Jason Raj Miranda Swati Mohan Nikita Satish Naik Khushboo Nigam Apoorva Mohan Oak Babatunde Micheal Okutubo Wenkai Pan Kosha Harshesh Parekh


Omkar Shashikant Patil Sanchit Rajendra Patil Saptarshi Patnaik Nihal Aaron Paul Luis Fernando Pavon Guillen Lalitha Poluri Susmita Sunil Pradhan Swapnil Pyarelal Prajapati Vrajesh Jagdishkumar Prajapati Alekhya Dixit Pulavarthy Abhishek Mangalore Rao Anirudh Bhagwandas Rathi Anand Ravi Sujay Ravi Raabithkhan Razackkhan Jhanavi Sadanand Parag Bhikaji Salgaonkar Mandar Harihar Salunkhe Omkar Harihar Salunkhe Sankalp Shantanu Samant Jugal Piyush Shah Mrinalini Jayesh Shah Shashank Nishad Shah Tanvi Sharma Yash Kishore Kumar Sharma Deepika Prakash Shastri Lintao Shen Mahi Kiran Reddy Siddareddy Digvijay Singh Ishmeet Singh Surbhit Sinha Srijesh Sudarsanan Pranati Sumedha Surabhi Surendra Tambe Goldy Palackathadathil Tomy Ekta Tyagi Deepika N. Vaidya Tanvi Sandip Vaidya Apurva Ajit Varalikar Ashutosh Sadanand Verule Zeming Wang Pai-Kai Yeh Satya Sesha Sai Praneeth Yeleswarapu Yihao Zhang Veterinary Medical Sciences Payal Chirania GRADUATE CERTIFICATES Beekeeping Douglas Stewart Mitchell Consecutive Interpreting Regine Duroska-Murray Marina Karpova Critical Theory Po-Hsien Chu Lissette Escariz Kayla Harr Raino Eetu Isto Andrea Elizabeth Knowles Kayla Jean Watson

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Engineering Johnny Mousa Abudayeh Olukayode Ayanlekan Adeleke Sunita Adanne Benson-Agwu Meghan Boltey Derek Alan Brylanski Carina Nicole Cannon Spencer Quentin Elyard Christopher William Fike Jamila Gallman Alex Joseph George John Phillip Goldbach Rishabh Manish Jain Bryan David Janaskie David Kabelik Jeong Yun Kim Ernest Ponkam Lowe Tresor Sengo Mavinga Priyanka Mendon Miguel Rafael Milla Godoy Stefan Michael Miller Erika Tatiana Mora Restrepo Aditya Vijay Nair Dustin Hoangdung Phan Joseph Paul Robison Vishakha Sadhwani Ruth Ann Schonbachler Sagar Sameer Shah Shaan Shakeel A. Shakeel Adebayo Wakilu Sule-Koiki Yue Wang Matthew Evard Warden Tsinat Tsegay Weldetnesae James Richard Winsley Wei Zhang Geospatial Information Sciences Kwasi Awity Amponsah James Lester Davisson Joseph A. Haugan Byron Antonio Marroquin Global Health Nikita Leah D’Souza Elizabeth L. Dunwiddie Intermediate Survey Methodology Timothy James Satterfield Elizabeth Lucy Seaman Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation Ji An Huili Liu Kelly Alexandra Smith Multimedia Journalism Deirdre Eliza Byrne Regina Marie Ham Golshan Jalali Susan Kimberly Kash Elena Macias

Museum Scholarship and Material Culture Catherine Denise Daniels Kevin Ryan McDonald Neuroscience and Cognitive Sciences Lara Maria Isabel Ehrenhofer Nur Basak Karatas Population Studies Yuko Hara Professional Communication for Enhanced English Fluency Ki Hyun Park Public Sector Finance and Acquisition Jamal Badee Alkubaisee Daniel Nathan Peters Real Estate Development Enrique Nunez Jr. Travis Fitzmichael Wierengo Survey Statistics Paige Hehl Ya Mo Technology Entrepreneurship Wayne Hawkins Arun Pasupathy Terrorism Analysis Salma Bouziani Stanton Cheah Bradley Michael Hansen Kevin Michael Hoover Krista Danielle Moore Karina L. Panyan Peter Michael Riz Ryan Andrew Serabian Jon Thompson Deborah Tamar White Translation Ronald Bio Soltes Women’s Studies Lissette Escariz Megan Irene Fitzmaurice Pallavi Guha Elizabeth A. Novara Working with Survivors of Violence, Torture and Trauma Kimberly A. Davis Alexandra Lopez De Haro World Language Education Mengfei Chen Ruixin Xie Chunyuan Zou

Bachelor ’s Degrees The bachelor’s degree represents the completion of a four-year course of college-level study and is the oldest academic degree awarded by American institutions of higher learning. Maryland Agricultural College, which later became the University of Maryland, College Park, awarded its first Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in 1862. Note: Latin Honors published in the commencement program are tentative and unofficial, pending the submission and calculation of all final grades for the semester of commencement.

MAY 2018 CANDIDATES COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND NATURAL RESOURCES Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Blair Helen-Marie Danies Jenny Dibra Garrett Thomas Foss Dong Hyun Kim Sara Johanna Saernwald James Buckland Schwartz Jr. Akira Augustina Shepherd Christopher Ray Snyder †Cecilia Yao Tran Sarah Elizabeth Whiteley William Demarco Wolfe Akintola Olaitan Yinka-Jaiye Qi Zhou Bachelor of Science Agricultural and Resource Economics Shijie Ba Louise Carolina Baltodano Danna Chen John Baptist Cinotti III David Robert Cook Alex Richard Cuklanz Noreen Elizabeth Duke Maxime David Etocke Michael Ryan Fangmeyer *Jingning Feng †Xianru Han 2nd Major: Mathematics *Yuerong Han Brandon Scott Harrison Meredith Abigail House Renee Blair Huffert Mandela Muhammad William Jones Benjamin Issac Kates Kristina Marie Kerr Ke Lan Marcus Anthony Laracuente Carrie DeAnna Lewey §Qingzhi Liu 2nd Major: Mathematics

§Zidan Luo

2nd Degree: Mathematics *Xueqi Ma Satvik Mishra Nebafabs Cedric Nwafor Milton Jonathan Orellana Jr. Asamaniwa Padi-Adjirackor *Xiaoxuan Ren Jacob W. Roberson Raekwon Lamar Sample 2nd Degree: Criminology and Criminal Justice §Shihao Sun 2nd Degree: Mathematics Margaret Tubridy Blake Evan Venick †Di Wang 2nd Degree: Mathematics Yang Xu 2nd Degree: Mathematics Ming Ying Zhang 2nd Degree: Economics §Benjamin Paul Zimmitti Agricultural Science and Technology Andrew James Bauer Rachel Gabriella Maikisch Valerie Jo Mason Animal Sciences Dalia Rachel Badamo Melissa Marie Benjamin §Cassandra Rose Bernhardt Emily Marie Bugbee Nicole Camelo-Lopez Courtney Barry Carlson Lauren Paige Carter Dena Marie Castellani Cassandra Kim Champ Brittany Eilene Curry Emily Rae Davis *Grace Marie DeWitt 2nd Degree: Studio Art Cierra Kay Dilks Ruby Amanda Fishbein *Annette Elena Folgueras Atessa Foroutan Erin Gary



Megan Elizabeth George Sarah Jane Gitterman Claudia Rose Gomez Briana Maria Gooden Morgan Gray †Carly Anne Guiltinan Kayla Marie Harvey Kelsey Anne Hoffman Haley Alicia Honegger Joshua Bradley Julian Zora-Maya Nicole Keith Mitchell Brandon Kenyon Kristian Nicholas Koeser Ashley Marie Mann Grace Irene Markley Marissa Rose Melzer Aviva Leah Movsas Taylor Elizabeth Park Muir Thomas Christopher Mullineaux Danielle Nicole Naundorf 2nd Degree: Economics Zoe Cheyanne Putman Katelyn Mahree Repoli Cristians Esau Rivas Morales Edahlia Monet Singleton Julie Nicole Summerfield Anne Clarice Tavera *Rebecca Danielle Thompson Sophia Francesca Tomaselli Erika Tonnon §Hannah Leah Warshawsky Julianna Monique Wood Morgan Leigh Wooten §Jillian Elizabeth Yant 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences

Justin Michael Derato Gabriel Dylan Donnenberg †Natalia Nava Jaffee Jordan Thomas Jones Peter Eumsuk Kim Sarah Elizabeth Lank Megan Yvette Lewis Noah Wiley Nickerson Marcus Gregory Patton Marina Michelle Peterson Carly MacKena Reed Elizabeth Sese Justin Tyler Shapiro Jason Samuel Winik

Environmental Science and Technology Julia Lauren Abolafia Randy Aird Christopher Allen Biddle †Alexis Nicole Boytim Hercheallee Brown *Paul Dugan Butz 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences §Robin Louise Cagle Tylar Lane Clark 2nd Degree: Chemistry Matthew John Coughlin Samuel Bradford Cromwell Mary Elizabeth Dafin Louis Paul DeMaso John Edward Dietrich III Morgan Mae Doherty Katie Lynne Faulkner John P. Fennell Combined Program-Veterinary Samantha Rose Francis Eddie Thomas Garcia Science §Ian Patrick Doody Sutton Edward Gasper †Rachel Gagliardi Kevin Andrew Gautrey George Michael Gaylord Jisselle Damarys Guzman Alexandros Georgiadis Pineda Emily Yi Xuan Goo Alisa Paige McNamara Meredith Anne Good Jillian Patricia Gottlieb Environmental Science and *Nicolette Katherine Henning Policy Wenqi Hou Kate Elizabeth Allcock Tajuddin Rashad Ingram Neil Robert Amaral Whitney Alexis Diana Jarrett 2nd Degree: Marketing

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Jay Frederick Kinnaman Samantha Rachel Klig Thomas Stephen Klose Rebecca Lake Matthew Raphael Lagomarsino Kyoung Hee Lee Brandon Ott Lang Janet Marie Link Nathenael Abebe Lema Olivia Marie Lynch 2nd Major: Geographical Aubrey Michelle Morrone Sciences Deborah Chimdimma Okere James Shiannder Lin Maria Josephine Gonzalez Joseph Bernard McAleer Palmer Brandon James Miele Brijeshkumar Kaushik Patel Victoria Lucie Monsaint-Queeney Chelsea Anne Pudimott 2nd Degree: English Language Lauren Elizabeth Seat and Literature Komal Sanjay Shah §David C. Shaya Casey Rose Moore Joshua John Nichols Xhulio Shyti Raymond Praveen Nimalan Emma Katherine Slattery Emily Elizabeth O’Gwin Holly Nicole Smidt Stephenie L. Pitt Chelsea Nicole Smith Nihil Linga Rajendran Brittany Pauline Spraker Alan Patrick Rannals 2nd Degree: Biological Kathleen Mary Robb Sciences Philip Solomon Schwartz Natasha Ssenyondo Thayer Thomas Seely Ashley Beth Statter *Matthew Vincent Silverman Penelope Ann Taylor Michael Adam Sioson Craig Aaron Wasserman Joshua Emmanuel Smalley 2nd Degree: Kinesiology †Abigail Tzipora Weinberger Glenn Keener Stanley Nathaniel Francis Strang Kayla Wiley 2nd Degree: Individual Studies Johnny Dongun Yu Chih-Ting Tai Miriam Dove Elizabeth Pauline Plant Sciences Fo Tasker Jessica Whitney Atkins Kelly Anne Taylor Steven James Burchett Zihao Chen Kristin Elizabeth Adele Webb Meghan Yi Chin Brendan Weinstein Benjamin Edward Crane Thomas Ivron Welch Philip Thomas Evich Andrew Fred Woerner Lukas MacKenzie Hallman William Jesse Wyner Vincent Edward Liebermann Ashley Yen †Zichao Liu Ivy Yen *Joy Zhang *Amelia Liesel Loeb Alexander Robert Mahlandt Nutrition and Food Science Evan Manning Meinhardt Ayobami Alfred Adebayo Colton Jarrett Simpson Adeola Elizabeth Adeoye Maria Ahmad SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE, Amanda Christine Amodol PLANNING AND Ashley Balderson PRESERVATION Nicole Emily Barnabe Marc Zachary Blitzstein Bachelor of Arts Kira Holmes Bursaw Hannah Dealey Butterfield Architecture Lin Ling Chen Elizabeth Alyce Bernstein Yu-Xi Chen Khaleef Inayat Bradford Samantha Chu Eric Song Cho Kelsey Elizabeth Coupe Cole Stephen Cremen Jeffrey Arthur Dahlka Jr. Yuanyuan Cui Leena Eve Daniel Deanna Marie Frink Krizia Del Mar Fernandez Nadege Fuller Dolma L. Gazan Jillian Mae Garza Julie Anna Gessler Stephanie Lissette Gomez Rebecca Lyn Heming Lizette Gutierrez Keely Jane Hollyfield Kelli Virginia Hanaway 2nd Degree: English Language Kelcy Elizabeth Hayes and Literature Nicholas Charles Majka Brooke Taylor Hutton Soulihe Jemal Nida Siwei Jiang 2nd Major: Geographical §Caroline Anne Johnson Sciences Hector Pereira Fernandez Jr. 2nd Degree: Government and Jenny Carolyn Umana-Lemus Politics §Kristi Amanda Kan Kirsten Young Susan Yu 2nd Major: Chemistry


2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Samantha Leigh Kominos Alexa Tova Kwart Justin Kennard Morris Architecture Michael Ayomipo Adebamowo Jr. Richard Zachary Morris Jared Drew Nickens Meaza Akalu Mariuxi Alexandra Pintado William Howard Ayres IV Corey Margaret Schwartz Hunter Thomas Bailey Clay Bradley Smith Herber Andres Beltran Elisabeth Getachew Tesfaye Kristopher Raymond Blessing Autumn Safiya Thompson Hugo Eliot Caldwell Jacquille H. Veii Pau Sian Cin Dion Taquan Wiley William Edward Combs Joshua Quintin-Wesley Woods Suzanne Mary DeMeritte Kadiatou Diallo Arabic Studies Oritseweyinmi Bernard Dorsu Kalyn Cai Amalie Mohamed Elfallah Sarah Verdilla Cover Gabrielle Austin Enguillado 2nd Degree: Government and Tatiana Guadalupe Escobar Politics 2nd Degree: Spanish Language, Marina Corinne Farrugia Literatures and Cultures *Theresa Hope Fellner Marvicbob Ebias Estoque Caitlin Gallagher Sean Tenorio Evans 2nd Major: Theatre Allexxus Chante Farley-Thomas Barrett Lawrence Goldberg Kaira Angele Monique Farrell 2nd Degree: Journalism Naomi Asgedech Fassil Zachary Bateman Goldblatt Brittany Michelle Gamewell 2nd Degree: Government and Carlos Arnulfo Gonzalez Jr. Politics Taha Shafiq Khan Reed Charles Kafer Joshua Sung Been Kim †Thomas Davis Keppen Samantha Nicole Lewis Eric Chek-Yin Liu Nancy G. Khoury Ryan Calbert McDonald John Wesley Mathena Krisztina Reka Nemeth 2nd Degree: Linguistics †Matthew Brendan Wheeler Marshall Evan Noye Harold Andres Ortega Tasiana Maria Paolisso Art History Vincenza Perla Edelweiss S.M. Calcagno Caroline Frances Pickart Chelsea Esterque Costa Christian Omar Romero Nicolay Duque-Robayo Weston Wade Rynn-Mason 2nd Major: Philosophy Huda Idris Said Zachary Jake Goldglit Njillan Tisbeh Sarre Mallory Nicole Haselberger Annie Spence Smith-Estrada *Megan May Amanda Nicole Sparks Miri Amit Miller Hannah Ruth Stauffer Anna Eliza Nielsen §Rebecca Lauren Peters Joshua Edward Turskey Hannah Claire Veater Max Isobel Taylorch Maria Victoria Velikovsky Micaela Shannon Tracey Kelsey Paige Winters Elizabeth Marie Von Buhr Tatiana Elizabeth Wooden Korhan Fethi Yeniceli Chinese Tabatha Treasure Anderson COLLEGE OF ARTS AND 2nd Degree: Government and HUMANITIES Politics Dominic Paul Dix Bachelor of Arts 2nd Major: Government and Politics American Studies William Antonio Ennals Justin Michael Alexander Richard Alan Gavigan Jr. Evelyn A. Avelar Jack Carroll Goldstone *Bethany Ireland Cox Matthias Link Kelderman 2nd Degree: English Language Daniel James Lane Jr. and Literature Daniel Steven Parilla Liza Kate Ellis Corinne Alexandria Perloski Clifton Newton Halloway Jr. 2nd Degree: Biological Juan Jose Hoyos Monroy Sciences Bernardo Ivan Jimenez Brianna Sanden Elizabeth Kim Brian J. Sengelaub *Jenna Riegel Klaverweiden Brandon James Smith 2nd Degree: English Language Yueting Xiao and Literature David Michael Kocher Bachelor of Science

Classical Languages and Literatures Edward Paul Borders 2nd Degree: Computer Science Helen Elizabeth Bynum †Jonathan Randal Clark 2nd Degree: Linguistics Judah Leib Eisenman †David Noah Malamud 2nd Degree: Jewish Studies Dolapo Martins 2nd Degree: Linguistics §Elliott Vance Rebello 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Communication Lindsay Morgan Abrams Abigail Grace Adams Karen Nicole Alberto Olemeku Cynthia Aledan Ian Mark Allen-Anderson Lauren Lillie Allen Orela Desiree Anani Ellen Kay Arantes Katherine Arias §Sharmaine Victorio Arias Nick Augusto Arnold Mariama M. Bah II Eliu Barahona Christopher Peyton Barranco 2nd Major: English Language and Literature Kay Yuye Barwell Ian Noah Bass Sarah Mae Bates Phillip Michael Bauer Chandler Grace Baxter Victoria Nicole Maria Bellucci Samantha Danielle Benedict Sophie Elisabeth Benson Margo Hanna Bernhaut Stephen Joseph Blackman Tiffany Amber Blossom Amanda Rae Blum Alyssa Blumenthal Nicole Danielle Bowcutt Yonatan Brand Christian Alexander Bressi Justin Broussard Nia Michelle Brown Megan Elizabeth Bryant Aimee Rose Buck Jordan Harris Burt Morgan Jenna Cafritz Emily Marie Caldari 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Courtney Marie Camp Anna Jamila Cannady Michael Kearney Cassidy Katherine Marie Castelli Cody Connor Cervenka Meng Ying Chen †Yuanting Chen 2nd Major: French Language and Literature Matthew Young Choi Nicole Taylor Chwatt Julia Marie Conners Christina Sabina Connolly Devin Nichole Cooper

Kaitlin Elise Hrozencik Jessica Lynn Cooper Sarah Huang Alexandra Dacosta Cox Binyamin Meir Huisman 2nd Major: Studio Art Isabelle S. Hum Tiara Nakia Crowder Jennifer Caroline Hupman Jenna Mae Dainesi Brenden Joshua Hutton Isabella Damiano Daniel W. Hyland Priyanka Das Corday Martez Ingram Adrianna Christine David Jack Walter Irvine 2nd Degree: Theatre Desiree Rose Istrati Madelyn Barbara De Manincor Gabrielle Begona Defrancois-Saiz Kayla Nicole Jackson Xinliang Jiang Alexia Marie Deleers Danielle Lauren Joel Jesse Boroff Denenberg Christian Davon Jones Tiago Desouza Yara Anton Hanna Jouzy Joseph Patrick DeWitt Nathalie Karam Lexy Danielle Diamond Lindsey Joy Karlsson Christopher Nicholas DiLuccio Rachel Nicole Kastil Molly Teresa Donnelly Sadie Danielle Katz Nicholas Vincent Dragonetti Eliana Keimach Jessica Marie Dudley McKenna Ryan Kelly Hayley Egart Diamond P. Kennedy Emily Rose Fairbaugh Emily Jean Kennedy Fatou Fall Jennifer Ann Kerr Arnette Figueroa 2nd Major: Anthropology Vincenzo Leo Fiordelisi Gabrielle Patricia Kerrigan Elizabeth Regina Fletcher Joseph Michael Kerrigan 2nd Major: English Language Patrick Koogle and Literature Sheri Ellen Kornblatt Elijah Dakeh Freeman Maya Rachel Kotz Gina A. Fuchs Sarah Fitz Kreutz Silvia Raquel Garcia Ayala Andrew Michael Kunszt Jenna Eve Gekas Timothy Van La Ilse Genovese Johnny Q. Lam Christine Emma George Morgan Elizabeth Lang Shaliah Arielle George 2nd Degree: Psychology Shasa Gil David Minkyu Lee Amy Kathryn Gill Sarah Yeeun Lee 2nd Degree: Marketing Samantha Brooke Levine Foster Riley Gillis 2nd Major: Family Science Alexandra Emma Goldfarb Courtney Shae Levitt Alessandra Jesus GonzalezSydney Victoria Levy Callan Julie Anne LeGar 2nd Major: Spanish Language, Rebecca Nicole Lipstein Literatures and Cultures Emily Rose Lisanti Danielle Samantha Goodstadt James Edward Carpenter Lord Paige Alexander Graham Sarah Abimiku Lorentzen Veronica Nickerson Green-Gott Gabrielle Marie Love Skylar Marie Green Damian Michael Lucas Carly Jill Greenberg Kritika Mahajan Hannah Taylor Grimes Kathryn Elizabeth Mahon 2nd Major: Anthropology *Maya Frances Mandell Myles Steven Grossman 2nd Major: Film Studies Megan Nicole Guiltinan Fernanda Martinez Fabela 2nd Major: Government and Rosie Margarita Martinez Politics Rosie Madeline Meile Auris Guzman Bautista Julissa Mera Alyssa Jade Haduck 2nd Major: Romance Languages Kayler Noelle Michael Sarah Alexandra Michaels Morgan Lynn Hall Matt Ross Miller Sabrina Rose Hames Matthew Nathan Miller Sarah Anne Hamlin 2nd Degree: Music-Liberal Arts Alexandra Eve Haris Program Kaitlyn Marie Henderson Hedeya Mizrahi 2nd Degree: Government and Evelyn Rose Monroe Politics *Allison Marie Montoya Edvin A. Hernandez Danielle Marie Mora Hyatt A. Heshmat Emma Elizabeth Moss Emma Kaite Hogans Sarah Noa Moyer Lourdes Sarabia Holloway Erin Nicole Musselman Max Frederick Hooker 2nd Degree: Criminology and Kimberly Nikole Hopkins Criminal Justice Fran Lauren Horowitz



Rachel Grace Nelson Stephanie Josephine Neri Winner Pham Nguyen Kany Sidibe Niane Kelly Louise Niesen Madison Nichol Nordyke Lauren Noel Norris Ashley Rene O’Berry Patrick Andrews O’Conor Katriina Emily O’Donnell †Emma Celia O’Hara Emilia Ann O’Leary Brittany O. Olopade Krisha Marie Pastolero Ordaniel Sydney Ann Parker Johanie Parra Molina Amanda Claire Paull Angelique Alita Payne Katherine Anne Perry Natalie Ann Peters Harlie Lain Pietrangelo Jeffrey Robert Place Danielle Claire Pollera Grace Emma Porter Darryl Prather Jonathan Jacob Prigal 2nd Major: Kinesiology Briana Marie Provost Mary-Dena Purvis Rachel Lynne Quigley Micaela Daniela Quiroga Eimon Raymond Razjooyan James Neto Rebelo Krystal Antoinette Rennie Alfonso Revilla Valeria Rivadeneira Robert Bryce Robinson Jose Ramon Rodriguez Anna Christine Rodrock Luis Rosales Arielle Sydnie Rothstein Noreen Anna Rozario Jessie Rae Rubenstein Allia Georgina Ruparelia Diana J. Salkini Mia Elizabeth Sapienza Faryn Nicole Scheck Kaitlyn Elizabeth Schenk Kayla Schorr Jill Lauren Schreider Aaron B. Schuckman Annabel Louise Scott 2nd Major: Government and Politics Joseph Allen Seils Jon Michael Simpson Stephanie Sin Caitlin Eileen Smith Eve Alexa Sorkin Lindsey Brooke Sorota Alexandra Maria Spiropoulos Erica Leigh Springirth Emma Riki Stanicek Jacqueline Arbor Steinberg Shelby Brooke Stepp Jacelon Taj Strickland Dani Rachel Tapiero Carli Nicole Thomas Shira Devorah Torchinsky Andrew Turay Chelsea Marie Vargas-Felix Kimberly Taylor Vaughn

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Alison Elizabeth Venooker 2nd Degree: Psychology Jennifer Anne Vento Francis Michael Vincent Brian Thomas Wagner Lindsay Danielle Waldman Katherine Virginia Webber Kelly Maria Wells Shelby Leann Welty Jennifer Anne West Grace Elizabeth White James Patrick White Lauren Max Whitney Mary Grace Wight Joseph Brian Williams Mia L. Williams Aliyah Nicole Wilson George James Wooden Gyani Gabrielle Wright Lauren Taylor Young Roxanne Lauren Young Jessica Leigh Zenn Leigh Bailey Zilber Alyssa Christyne Zinar 2nd Major: Marketing Dance

†Emily Bethene Ames

2nd Degree: History *Amber Lucia Chabus 2nd Degree: Kinesiology Vannya Nathali Cisneros 2nd Degree: Government and Politics *Reyna Fox Adrian Zajac Gusky Isabella Leah Hayes Erin Maureen Lenahan 2nd Degree: English Language and Literature Grace Mona Okpali 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences English Language and Literature Noah Augustus Ager †Yasmine Rashed Albanna Alexandra Francis Andreassi Charles Felix Aube Amani Perwaz Aulakh §Jenna Nicole Bachman Lucy Anne Bannister Sarah Elizabeth Barreca Klara Loc-Ling Boger Michael Hermann Bregenzer Michael Jerome Burke Michael Patrick Calender John Thomas Canavan 2nd Major: Government and Politics Alexandria Carolan 2nd Degree: Journalism London Donnelli Carroll Larry William Cass Jr. *Irene Chern 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Vanna Chung *Bethany Ireland Cox 2nd Degree: American Studies Tsahai Tajhari Crawlle Lisa Marie Dammeyer *Halie Elizabeth Danielson


Nicholas D. Dephillip Grace Brennan Derbyshire 2nd Major: Communication Nisha D. Desai Christina Irene Diamante Katherine Sheehan Ebel Sadie Elizabeth Echols Jacy Lanae Eisel 2nd Degree: Management Katherine Maria Fishell *Elliot Golding Frank 2nd Degree: Mathematics Christian David Fuller Paola Carolina Fuster Denisse Garcia Madison Anne Garey 2nd Major: History Danielle Beijing Gillis Michael Joseph Gladchuk 2nd Major: Plant Sciences Kaitlin Sarah Jee Gleason Andrew John Golden Tyler Anne Goldsborough *Jennifer Christine Greenwell Daniel Patrick Hatfield Corrine Alysse Hickin Keely Jane Hollyfield 2nd Degree: Nutrition and Food Science Maxwell Jay Horowitz Mary Claire Elizabeth Hudak 2nd Degree: Economics Thomas McKinley Huebner 2nd Major: French Language and Literature Harris Lee Jacobs *Victoria Nicole Chin Jennings Samuel Joseph Joffe Michael L. Johnson Luke Kwon Soo Johnston Aautumn Monet Jones-Evans *Madeline Smith Kelleher Rebecca Alice Kendall 2nd Degree: Secondary Education Ju Hyeok Kim Christine Michelle Kirchner *Jenna Riegel Klaverweiden 2nd Degree: American Studies Rachel Angelica Knowles Katherine Susanne Koman Elijah Chungsung Ku Emily Caitlin Kunisch 2nd Major: Spanish Language, Literatures and Cultures Erick Lastarria 2nd Major: Philosophy Emily Rose Ledbetter Erin Maureen Lenahan 2nd Degree: Dance Jamie Samantha Lescht Lauren Allison Levy 2nd Degree: Community Health Alexis Marie Lindsay Angela Suzette Long Priscilla Nicole Lourenco *Mykala Kristin MacEachern †Julia Marie Maier †Jean Elizabeth Maloney Charles Thomas Marsh Jr. Steve George Massouras

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


†Lindsey Marie McCumber

2nd Degree: Secondary Education Ellen Diane McDaniel Isabel Helene McLane 2nd Major: Film Studies Ashley Lorraine McNeill Corinne Kathleen McQuillen Victoria Lucie MonsaintQueeney 2nd Degree: Environmental Science and Technology April Amara Monu 2nd Major: Theatre Jacob Daniel Moore 2nd Degree: Geographical Sciences Atousa Motameni 2nd Degree: Psychology Zaid Ayub Naseer Ashling Elizabeth O’Connell Alexis Victoria Ojeda-Brown 2nd Major: History Chidinma Kelechi Onuoha Maryam Ayesha Outlaw Antonio Dewayne Parker John Dallam Parsons III Hong-Dao Samantha The Pham Kara Lyn Phillips Nadiah Rodriguez †Sarah Anne Schurman Dominique Fawnte Scott *Heather Seyler *Xiuyu Shen Jessica Elentari Smith Olivia Powers Stearn 2nd Major: Computer Science Courtney Melville Steininger Grace E. Suh Sarah Rose Suskind Samuel L. Tappa Amina Semret Thomas Matthew David Town 2nd Degree: French Language and Literature Radhika Tyagi 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Eric Antonio Valdez Tianna Ralynn Vance Samuel Curtis Vickers *Taylor Marie Vitelli 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Alyssa Marie Wallace Rayanne Mary Weigel 2nd Degree: Journalism *Emily Kathryn Wescott Kristin Gray Wilkinson Caitlin Margaret Wilson †Mitchell Frederick Wilson Carolyn Ferguson Worden Alexander Cole Orvill Wright 2nd Degree: Secondary Education Melinda Kyong-Jin Yoon Jesse Dylan Young Du Zhao Film Studies Iciar Andreu Angulo 2nd Degree: Computer Science

Natalie Gayle Artola Coriander Kathleen Fay †Joshua David Hansel Symone Keonna Jackson John Peter Leahy Stephen Daniel Sullivan Jr. Edward Reed Wolins French Language and Literature Ebony Michelle Argaez 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Kolleen Ann Barclay Michael James Biondi 2nd Degree: Government and Politics §Iva Boishin 2nd Degree: International Business Donna Rachel Coburn *Ann Matilda Gershunskiy 2nd Degree: MusicProfessional Program Theron Andrew Mercadel II 2nd Degree: Environmental Science and Policy Colton Philip Seigel 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Matthew David Town 2nd Degree: English Language and Literature Melanie Erin Vaught 2nd Major: English Language and Literature Germanic Studies

†Austin William Bourgerie

2nd Degree: Computer Science Gillian Craig 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Margaret Freeman Currier 2nd Major: Linguistics Thomas Edward Harris 2nd Degree: Computer Science Carolina Meurkens Katherine AnnMarie Mosley 2nd Degree: Russian Language and Literature Andrew Joseph Nixon 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Rachel Louise Pritchett

History Kevin Michael Alexander Melissa A. Alvarez †Emily Bethene Ames 2nd Degree: Dance *Abigail Marie Bell Rachel Batya Blaszkowsky William Mitchell Bonaparte Andrew Vincent Bonner Jr. 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Jasmine Danielle Brown Aaron Matthew Cash Reyna Paige Charapp Zachary James Desotelle Marie-Pierre Diomi

Julia Anne Dolinish Joseph Charles Dyer Adam Ramsey El Hamti Caleb Ray Finesurrey Alyssa Fay Gabay Nicolette Marie Ganassa Andrew Martin Gelsinger Pinar Gezgec †Aaron Wolfe Gladstone 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Cecily Tenisha Greene Luke Patrick Griffin Jarryd T. Hawkins †Matthew Thomas Hermane 2nd Degree: Persian Studies *Daniel Jesse Hoffman 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Jiajia Jiang Michael Kang George Michael Kirk Samuel Asher Kirwan Yaroslava Alexandrovna Kuzina Heather Nicole Louis †David Noah Malamud 2nd Degree: Jewish Studies Alejandro Otoniel Marroquin Elizabeth Ann Morgan Danielle Rose Mundhenk Cameron Darius Nasseri Daniel Thai Nguyen Michael Andrew O’Neill Gabriel Addison Parise Thomas Richard Pedersen 2nd Degree: Chemistry Noah Benjamin Peskin 2nd Degree: International Business Aaron Timothy Peterson Matthew Brian Phebus †Hailey Lauren Philbin 2nd Major: Communication Tasha Karena Powers Amanda Lauren Reed 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice *Matthew Kyle Rhinehart 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Charles Aloysius Rogers III Sadie Rogot 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Clare Elise Rose Joseph Michael Salamy Jasmin Sanchez 2nd Major: Secondary Education Noel Anna Sitnick Donald Smith IV §Benjamin Samuel Sonnenberg Elijah Jack Steele 2nd Degree: Elementary Education Keith Stephen Taylor Ryan Matthew Tetter Garett Stanley Unger Dalton William White 2nd Major: Secondary Education Alan Blatius Wierdak

Michelle Elizabeth Yoder 2nd Major: Secondary Education

Persian Studies Bahareh Ghonsul Asia 2nd Degree: Government and Italian Studies Politics †Matthew Thomas Hermane Sofiya Gennadievna Schug 2nd Degree: Music-Professional 2nd Degree: History §Jasper Roy Surrett Program §Joshua David Weaver Anna M. Waller Japanese Zhi Cao 2nd Degree: Computer Science Matthew Henry Du 2nd Degree: Computer Engineering Andrea Michelle Goggans Keith Aulester Hopps II Matthew Chan Koenig 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Kathleen Marie Miller Grace Kathleen Murphy Shangyi Xi Jewish Studies

†David Noah Malamud

2nd Degree: Classical Languages and Literatures


†Jonathan Randal Clark

2nd Degree: Classical Languages and Literatures §Scott Harris Kaplowitz Joon Lee 2nd Degree: Computer Science Dolapo Martins 2nd Degree: Classical Languages and Literatures John Wesley Mathena 2nd Degree: Arabic Studies David Michael Montier Rosetta Elena Previti Sydney Moreau Robinson 2nd Major: French Language and Literature John Francis Sciaraffa II §Rebekah Catherine Senderling Madelyn Clair Seymour Gbemileke Omolayo Soyoye Amy Tsz-Ting Tang Dylan Eickmann Wright Yuanyuan Zheng Music-Liberal Arts Program Dean Thomas Emerson †Daniel Alexander Kapit 2nd Degree: Computer Science Matthew Nathan Miller 2nd Degree: Communication Emily Claire Murdock 2nd Degree: Mathematics †Francis Daniel Fosmire O’Neill 2nd Degree: Geographical Sciences †Samantha June Scheff Eli Stopak John C.G. Stricklett 2nd Degree: Finance Santiago Vivas-Gonzalez 2nd Degree: Mechanical Engineering Joshua Simon Waldman



Philosophy Anis Amrane Jennie Anne Askew Keenan MacKenzie Austin Maxine Louise Balagtas-Badoy 2nd Degree: Psychology Paul A. Darnell Parmida Enkeshafi Sarah Mohamed Eshera 2nd Degree: Mathematics Madison Ann Gray 2nd Degree: Sociology Tong Jia Andrew Davis Jordan 2nd Degree: Computer Science Julie Lilian Kil Andrew Paul Masco Christian Alexander McConnon Austen Glen Milone Zoe Lynn Reger Bryan Michael Selby Paul Raymond Smith †Katelyn Elizabeth Turner 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Nelson Lane Webster William Press Woodruff Romance Languages Caitlin Therese Banez Betzaida Noemi Nolasco Ethan Cornelius Trass 2nd Degree: Economics Russian Language and Literature Samantha Rae Enokian *Ashley Fydenkevez Alladin Hidar 2nd Degree: Criminology and Criminal Justice Katherine AnnMarie Mosley 2nd Degree: Germanic Studies Alexandros Nickoloff 2nd Major: Linguistics Spanish Language, Literatures and Cultures Anastasia Agapova 2nd Degree: Information Science †Nicholas Athayde-Rizzaro *Olivia Turner Braley 2nd Major: English Language and Literature *Joseph Henry Celtnieks 2nd Degree: Geographical Sciences Nicole Elover 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Tatiana Guadalupe Escobar 2nd Degree: Architecture

Corey Maxwell Ferrick 2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering Katherine Garcia Rhianna Skye Michaud Riley Lynn Nairn *Tyler Austin Plack 2nd Major: Economics Destiny Robinson *Emily Beatrix Starobin 2nd Degree: Environmental Science and Policy Jessica Lynn Stimely 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Maureen Gabriela Wrightson 2nd Major: Secondary Education *John Placidino Zagami 2nd Degree: Individual Studies Studio Art Nursena Acar Javier Andres Aguilar Dalya Ruth Bain 2nd Major: Art History Vivian Vadimovna Belenky 2nd Degree: Physics Graylyn Cannon Broadnax Joseph Andrew Carson Megan Lynn Chester 2nd Major: Art Education Kate Jude Delossantos *Grace Marie DeWitt 2nd Degree: Animal Sciences Cassandra Lynn Dillon Isabel Anne Divinagracia Kathryn Elizabeth Grace Donahue Leah Azize Dulber Anna Louise Galeano Jessica Maria Gaunt Jennifer Ann Gedz 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Delaney Lillian Green Juan Devoe Green Jacqueline Harriette Gropper Taryn Cai Harris Jose Hernandez Juan Francisco Herrera Jr. Aldijah Timysha Koeiman Isabella Grace Laurel Eun Jin Lee Hyon Lee Reojin Toni Lim Ana Christina Maldonado §Charlotte Elizabeth Mann 2nd Major: Art History Elise Stiven Nichols Valentina Nunez 2nd Degree: Psychology Nkiruka Isioma Obiyor Melanie Vela Outtarac Gentry Paul Pack Kylie Riddell *Erica Marie Ryan 2nd Degree: Economics Brian Everardo Salguero Leah Suzanne Schaperow Samuel D. Sheckells Hyowon S. Sices

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Paola Margarita Sorto Lesley Erin Sprouse Keran Sui 2nd Degree: Computer Science Kaitlyn A. Taylor Gabriela Del Rosario Teran Aguilar *Zebrielle Jaz Wheatley Mandy Ann Yu Melissa Zamora 2nd Major: Communication Yun Zhang Noah Zwillinger Theatre Radcliffe Chloe Adler Agyeiwaa Asante Ilana Rachel Bernstein 2nd Degree: Journalism Alexander Todd Beveridge Amber Nicole Chaney Samarra Dainice Coakley Elizabeth Caroline Crino 2nd Major: Psychology Adrianna Christine David 2nd Degree: Communication Karen Joy Dolle Samuel Louis Elmore Whitney Alexis Geohagan Alicia Nicole Grace Kenneth Hans Johnson Patrick Michael Joy Devin James Kohn Montana McNeil Monardes Adanna Robin Nnawuba Trehana Mary Riley Madelyn Roura II Nitsan Scharf Abigail Ruth Wasserman Women’s Studies Chioma Jane Agbaraji Chloe Emily Yale Chauveau 2nd Major: Sociology Julianna Marie Gesiotto Corissa Anja Goodrich Samantha Lynne O’Donnell Dominique Touya Bachelor of Music Music-Professional Program *Hayley Marlaine Abramowitz 2nd Major: Music Education Rebecca Rose Barnett Samantha Candey Bittle Demarcus Dierre Bolds Noah Gabriel Calderon Grace Wenyin Chan Haley Lynn Dietz Briana Arielle Downs Jovon Dwayne Eborn Zachary George Novick Elgort 2nd Major: Individual Studies David Gregory Flyr *Ann Matilda Gershunskiy 2nd Degree: French Language and Literature Angela Richard Kazmierczak Jessica Lynn Kincaid Ashley Kitchelt Anthony Stephen Konstant


Amos Jonneau Balasundaram William Seth Ballard Jordan Oluyemi Bamidele Roy Karl Barker Adam Lawrence Basner Mark Edward Baxter Jennifer Nicole Bibiano Kevin Biondic Alyssa Monet Blue *Tiana Boardman Caroline Stephanie Boisseau 2nd Major: African American Bachelor of Music Education Studies *Ann Matilda Gershunskiy Ryan Talley Bollinger 2nd Degree: French Language Asia Sade Bolton and Literature Jaqueline Xiomara Bonilla †Michael Andrew Helgerman Joshua Thomas Bonin †Alexis Sophia Kalivretenos Justin Tyler Boynton Katherine Maria Smolen Meechelle Kwanzza Bradley 2nd Degree: Music-Professional Terry Yvette Brown Program Gregory David Brubaker §Emily Sarit Weiser Keith Douglas Campbell Mirna Vanessa Carbajal Elizabeth Carranza COLLEGE OF BEHAVIORAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Brittany Elizabeth Carty Brian Castillo §Dylan Howard Cattie Bachelor of Arts 2nd Degree: Government and Politics African American Studies Ka Ho Chan Isaiah Brickus *Maria Elizabeth Chesnos 2nd Major: Public Policy Sean Thomas Christie Asia Nicole Downer Kathryn Michelle Ciliberti 2nd Degree: Family Science Nathan Ryan Clements Erica Joanna Puentes Joshua Allen Coggins Brittany Jade Woods 2nd Major: Journalism †Nicole Fiore Colella Anthropology Mohammad Takbeer Ahsan Breanna Jonelle Coleman Hannah Rachael Correlli Lucas Alexander Collazo Nicholas Edward Galloway Alexander M Collins John Carlos Garcia-Tobar Sonia Patricia Colon Moriah Olivia James Gregory Allen Conaway Jr. §Adam Gray Ketchum Karen Camille Condor Louis Joseph Corgliano 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences §Madeline Elizabeth Laub Eric Michael Corona Nicholas Wayne Corser Jasmine Nicole Mathis Taylor Leigh Croson *Johanna Emory McAlister Jordan Evelyn Culley Kara Christine McClure Khareen Deidra Curtis Lena Elizabeth Muldoon Gianna Marie Dano Erin Elizabeth Oakes Gabrielle Diem Dao Tiara Cymone Proctor Brooke Logan Day *Kendra Nicole Pryor Alexa Decesaris Rachel Elizabeth Sweren †Tiffany Wang Samuel Adam Dechter Bruce Jacob Dennis 2nd Degree: Biological Bradley Deren Sciences Amelia Ann Di Nardo Antonia Marie Dolan Criminology and Criminal Janelle Faye Donahue Justice Michael Killian Donellan *Aigbolosimuan Okhiku Abaku 2nd Major: History Arielle Danielle Aboulafia Christopher Edward Dugan Jr. Lydia Abraham Drew Alexander Durnbaugh Tamara Lanese Adams Dylan Michael Edwards 2nd Degree: Economics Jackson Juul Edwards *Michael William Adcock Teresina Olivia Egas Lauren Nicole Ahn Max Ryan Eichler 2nd Major: Psychology Skylynne Kopia Ellazar Jose Angel Alarcon Sophie Carolyn Ellis Junee Aranico Caleb Erasmus Atkinson-Barnes Braidon Scott English Sara Nicole Esposito Adam Kennedy Baker *Joseph Michael Evans Stephen Robert Baker Antranik M. Malkastian Blossom Ifunanya Ojukwu Pablo Ariel Salazar Preetcharn Kaur Saund Kaitlyn Marie Schmitt Sofiya Gennadievna Schug 2nd Degree: Italian Studies Katherine Maria Smolen 2nd Degree: Music Education Vivian Wang Jonah Alexander Yeh

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Lydia Sarah Farag Kelly Marie Fern Michael De Castro Fernandes §Alexandra Ferreira Kathryn Teresa Ficca Eric Thomas Fiege Justin Adam Fimiani Paige Madison Foley Nicole Katlyn Fowler Arielle Amanda Frechter Shantel Ausmine Frederick Peyton Elizabeth Freestone Nicole Irene Fullem Kamil Gabbani †Nicholas James Gallo Zachary Robert Gamble Erick Rudisindo Gamez-Mendez Kiara Stephanie Darlene Gamez Denise Paola Gaona-Cardozo Naomi Perpetua Gaston Ruth Getachew Miranda Lynn Gillis Kendall Taylor Goldstein Dioni Eunice Gomez Flores Jr. †Daisy Anabelly Gomez †Jinadaree Sachinthana Gonaduwage †Hope Linette Goodman 2nd Degree: Psychology Jeremy Ray Gordon Kelly Rose Gorman Steven Tyler Gouldman Madelyn Sarah Grebe Colin Rhyne Grey Samuel Keith Grierson Jr. §Tessa Claire Guiton Yamile Guraieb-Solorzano Emily Ann Haase 2nd Degree: Chemistry Maya Tony Habash 2nd Major: Government and Politics Richard Patrick Joseph Hall Shaun Hamzaoui Calvin Underwood Hannagan §Caroline Alexandra Hecker Brandon James Hemans Destiney Janee Henderson Brendan Hennessey Michaela Anne Hennessy Sadday Antonio Hernandez William Anthony Herzer Alladin Hidar 2nd Degree: Russian Language and Literature Joseph Paul Horwitz Morgan Rae Howard Zachary Nathaniel Hubbard Hunter Elizabeth Hurst 2nd Major: Psychology Christopher Hyun †Codi Grace Inloes-Williams Deondra Imani Irby *Chelsea Marie Jackson Nisha Jain Portia Clarice John Chevoy Olando Johnson Imani Lanice Johnson 2nd Major: Family Science Tyler Brent Johnson Sydney Nicole Jolliffe 2nd Degree: Psychology

Morgan Marissa Jones Isabel Jorrin-Garcia Jose Abraham Juarez Emily O’Neill Kennedy Danme Kim Hyunuk Kim Ryan Carr Thomas Kleintank Samantha Nicole Kline Theadora Christina Kwas Chelsea M. Kyei Oluwatomilola Ifeoluwa Lanlokun Laena Hyunjeong Lee Jesus Ernesto Legorreta Geraldin Leukeu Vincent Joseph Levin 2nd Degree: Individual Studies Kara Danielle Lipscomb Mayra Alejandra Lobaton Gonzalez Christian Paul Lopez Taylor Lauren Love 2nd Degree: Psychology Johanna Estefani Lozano Lauren Marie Lupinski Connor Patrick Mack Tyler James MacDonald Heather Renee Madigan 2nd Degree: Accounting †Kinsey Rose Manchester †Joselyn Nicole Markas Arielle Masica 2nd Degree: Family Science *Amanda Marie Matus Vicky Tamara Mazariegos Lopez Joshua Ezra Maze Rachael Sue McCullough Mark Andrew McGinniss Justin Thomas McKillop Marquise Kindu McKine Derek Andrew McNamara Sean Paul McNicholas Kanta Lokanath Mendon 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Colin Dean Mercilliott 2nd Major: Government and Politics Eleanor Marie Meschino Adena Rivka Miller Danielle Lily Morreale Zachary Shane Moses Hazel Mouayang Elizabeth Anna Mullin Erin Nicole Musselman 2nd Degree: Communication Lailah Sallet Nawaz Ashley Nelson Elizabeth Nemerovski *Long Huu Nguyen Ji-Min No Joshua Adachi Odey Oladapo Akindamola Olayinka §Andrew Chayce Olsen Karla Orellana Hernandez Denise Guadalupe Ortiz Stephanie Erin Pantos Jacqueline Maichelle Pascual *Divania Carolina Penado Matthew Alexander Pente §Francisco Javier Perez-Aviles Lesly Pineda

Shelby Charmaine Jacqueline Pittman Naomi Pontecorvo Theodore Franklin Porter Dale Alan Poskus Jr. Alan John Pracht Jr. Loren Marie Prescott Jasmyn Ciarra Proctor 2nd Major: Communication Alejandro Javier Pugh Nicholas Howard Pusey Jacob Clark Rabon Molly Rebecca Reichert *Kacie Lynn Reider Nikko Joseph Respeto †Vanessa Marisol Reyes Nikeosea Aundra Richardson Michael Alexander Rivera Ana Jamileth Rodriguez Samantha Romero Sabol Raekwon Lamar Sample 2nd Degree: Agricultural and Resource Economics Yesenia Mabel Sanchez-Viera Leonardo Dean Santos 2nd Degree: Computer Science Tony John Sanzone Olivia Marie Sbrocco †Tayler Nicole Schmidt Meagan Yvonne Scully 2nd Major: Government and Politics Brian Connor Seipp Danielle Cara Selsey Marissa Nicole Shelby 2nd Degree: Psychology Michaela Siobhan Shields 2nd Major: English Language and Literature Jonathan David Shinholt Melissa Michelle Sibrian Jhared Michael Simmons Jamal Rashim Smith Shaunakay Stewart Benjamin Xavier Studnicky Anne Louise Stutz Mary Casey Sullivan Jeremy Benjamin Suls Dezhane Maureen Sutton Tatiana Chevonne Taylor Ian Zachary Theisen Mercedes Fieara Thomas Zachary Glynn Thomas Brianna Elizabeth Tocci Christian Patrick Tormey Christina Ngoc Tran Dominiquea Christine Trotter Xuan Minh Truong David Anthony Urgilez Diego Valenzuela Alessandra Andrea Vallejos Jessica Michelle Villatoro Santos Nicole Vongkhamchanh Alex Hoang Vy Rachel Morgan Wanat †Sophia Noel Wathen *Benjamin Ellicott Weinberg 2nd Degree: Psychology Samuel Asher Weinstein Precious Darlene Weke Jessica Ann Weller



Paul Christopher Wesnofske 2nd Major: Government and Politics Shannon Marie White Megan Kathleen Whittle Shay Alexander Wigfield Kiara Lashaé Williams Sydney Lauren Wilson §Laura Ashley Wines Brianna Marie Wittkamp *Daniel Wolff 2nd Major: Philosophy †Grace Yang 2nd Degree: Marketing Amiah Misheé Young Bryce Anthony Young Claudia Patricia Zamora 2nd Major: Sociology Economics Christopher Aubrey de Raet Aiman Osama Abdelmouti Ethan Robert Ace Kevin Christopher Adams 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Tamara Lanese Adams 2nd Degree: Criminology and Criminal Justice Ibrahim Ademola Adeyemo Michael John Adler Disepia Akua Akoto *Michael Anand Allada Jason Henry Alweis Sebastian Omar Ames Farhang Ansari Stalisha Urenna Anyadike Nelson Josue Arana-Vasquez Luis Horacio Arrazola Byron Noe Arriola Jr. Sade Ayinde 2nd Degree: Individual Studies Francis Oyedeji Ayoola Gabriela Alexandra AyoroaPerez Charles Bagley Eden Getnet Belay 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Benjamin Adam Belfar Sahil Sandipkumar Bhutwala Adam David Bienstock 2nd Major: Sociology Matthew Jake Bragin Dean Isaac Bregman Drew Edward Brooks Thomas Patrick Brophy Thomas Kubersky Brown Christian Lozada Bryant Jonathan Robert Burgee Kiana Mailani Penina Burgess Joshua Michael Caldwell 2nd Major: Finance Ajah Naeemah Campbell Jennifer Ivett Canales Louisa Rose Caramico Joseph Michael Catoe Jr. Jeremiah Andrew Cavanaugh Sharif Muhammad Ceesay Greggory Alexander Cerino Andrew Heber Chevez Kyu Bin Cho

John Clarke Matthew Brendan Collins Kevin Thomas Conroy Stefano Contini Anna Lee Cook Max Andrew Coonin Michael Alexander Corboy Benjamin Scott Cotler Lovelle Louise Mutuc Cuenco Matthew Aaron D’Ambrosio Shikha Dave Gretchen Lee Dellinger Michael Anthony DePaul William Dowling Stafford George Duncan Dilinigeer Duolikun Matthew Joseph Dwyer William Enrique Dyess 2nd Major: Finance Cedrick Sylvanus Ekomie Engone John Robert Faherty Leonardo Anthony Falcone Liam James Farrell Rachel Leigh Feidelman 2nd Degree: Journalism Lucas James Flavell Joseph Zaiser Forman David Montgomery Foxwell Jr. Isaac Paul Fried Edith Joyce Gathura Ian Paulo Rimando Genove Rebecca Lynne Gilmore Alex Matthew Glickman Blake Foster Goldberg Jessica Nicole Goldman Gregory Alexander Goldstein Stephen M. Goldstein Ketti Ryann Gorski †Jeffrey Samuel Greenburg Andrew Charles Grejda 2nd Major: Finance Jasdeep Singh Grewal Jake William Griffith Marcelo Scott Grosberg Matthew Stephen Gross Kevin James Haag Spencer Thomas Hall Dana Elisabeth Hamblett Ying Han Johnny Paul Haro Carter Robert Harrison Cecilia Lane Herrick-Reynolds Alexis Danielle Hickson Mary N. Ho Grant Alexander Homan Gerald Arthur Horn Austin Irving Horowitz Evan Brooks Howell Jocelyn Hsueh Mengting Huang Yuting Huang Mary Claire Elizabeth Hudak 2nd Degree: English Language and Literature Mark Thomas Hunley 2nd Major: Finance Charles Eugene Imes Jr. Rachel Anne Ingram Genesis Inoa Reyes Cameron Parker Ivey Freya Wei Jiang

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Siqi Jiang Yanqi Jiang 2nd Major: Theatre Kai Johnson Cullen Hugh Jones Rico Jones Rohun Samir Joshi Stephen Nicholas Kalinock Jr. Navraj Singh Kalra David Kane II Heejung Kang Jake Alexander Karlin Connor Moore Kelly James Elliot Khaghan †Mihir Khetarpal 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Matthew Ryan Kidd Josie Marie Kidwell Jingeon Kim Matthew Steven King Cassondra Jennifer Kinnucane Willem Christopher Klajbor 2nd Degree: Environmental Science and Policy Spencer Harris Klein Benjamin Crawford Knight Kevin Martin Kraus Patrick John Kukalis Kwame Asare Kumah 2nd Major: Finance Kenneth Paul Lamar II Bryan Andrew Lamm Adeyinka Christopher Laniyonu Matthew Karl Larson Julie Le Regina Mae Rillon Ledesma Dong Chang Lee 2nd Degree: Computer Science Thomas Jonghoon Lee Nicholas Jospeh Lehaf John Paul Lemus Vanessa Liyi Li Theodore Scott Liakakis Jess Lin Sarah Meimei Loewenstein Matthew Michael Lowe 2nd Major: Government and Politics Ping Lu Justin Scott Lucas Jane Prudence Lyons Cheuk Kit Ma John Robert Major III Brendon Vincent Maldonado Justin Antonio Mankita William Bayard Manley III Matthew Peter Marchione Andrew Justin Markowitz Ian Cole Marsteller Nicolas Orlando Martinez Idean Ali Marvastian Jeffrey Joseph Mason Elizabeth Marie McClellan John Cameron McGlynn Brent Christopher McGuire Brady Matthew McKinney Joseph A. Mebrahtu Emily Grace Merklinger Edson Erick Millan Kevin S. Min 2nd Major: Computer Science


Manas Mishra Paige Alileya Mock 2nd Major: Communication Liam Karl Moog Arya Moola Brian David Moore Martin Nikolas Moreno Zachary James Morton Jacques Mayo Muya Jeffrey Nahm 2nd Major: Finance Tyler John Najarian Danielle Nicole Naundorf 2nd Degree: Animal Sciences Karim Ahmed Neuman Jeremy Dang Huy Nguyen Uy Huu Nguyen †David Michael Niezelski 2nd Degree: Finance *Katherine Maemie O’Reilly 2nd Degree: Finance Toluwanimi Peter Obalade Margaret Eugenie Om Nikolas John Ostis *Ondre Lanier Padgett 2nd Major: Finance Austin Scott Pagnotta Robert Sangwon Pak Sohyon Pak Denisse A. Parada Theresa Anne Mawe Pasag Amish Ajay Patel Hiralkumar Prakash Patel Jeffrey Eric Patterson Paola Ximena Peredo Barbery Matthew Brandon Perlmutter Kishon Quaadir Pinckney Trevor Anthony Pollack Alexandra Cole Prescott †Adler Jeffrey Pruitt 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Daniel Orazio Puglisi Ruiyi Qin Kareem Abdel Ragab Trishank Ramchandran Avery William Hazen Rand Christian Paul Redmond Bryan James Reich Patrick Liam Reilly Gregory Francis Richards Kyle Richnafsky Patrick John Rivard Jose Ramon Rivera-Rios Jacqueline Stephanie Rivera Syed Farhad Raza Rizvi Bradley C. Robertson Jr. Robert Gerard Rodgers III *Madeline Elisabeth Roesler Ferdows Roshan Justin P. Rothstein Sylvain M. Roux Zackery James Rowland Sean Patrick Ryan Ira Sadjedy Frederick Safo Shawn Sanavullah Hugo Almada Santos Paola Angelica Santos Ian Alexander Schaaf Christopher Thomas Schiavone Karl Austin Schmidt

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Jack Michael Cerenzo Schwabeland Eric Hawkinson Scott Kavita Kaur Sehmi Azariah Amha Selassie 2nd Major: Government and Politics Joshua Nicholas Sharp Erica Terrelle Shields 2nd Degree: Accounting Sean Taylor Sigmon Donna Marie Shiann Sin Leong Surjit Singh Shrawan Kumar Sinha Jacob Eli Slepian Kemet Jawara Sloan Forbes Maulford Kev-Patrick Smith Riley Thomas Sneden Zachary Charles Snyder Omar A. Soliman Ramya Srinivasan 2nd Degree: Civil Engineering Peter Clendon Steelman David Michael Stoica Logan G. Strausman George Sukol Matthew James Sullivan Jason Li Sutterley Zahrah Ali Syed Jeferson Simon Tabuga Zachary Joseph Talbot Pei Tang Gabrielle Antoinette Tharkur 2nd Degree: Accounting Joezane Soyica Thomas Joseph Michael Thompson Jacob Adam Tinordi Edna Guadalupe Torres Ethan Cornelius Trass 2nd Degree: Romance Languages Isabelle Trauger Bryce Paul Trezise Madeleine Troy 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Charles Christopher Van Tongeren Elizabeth Rose Vantiem Megan Varden Nickis Gabriel Ventura Camille Jacobovitz Veselka 2nd Degree: Computer Science Peter Waldo Daneen Elizabeth Walmer Jordan Walode Liheng Wang Xinyuhui Wang Yijing Wang 2nd Degree: Accounting Daiki James Watanabe Errol Eugene Watson Jr. Peter Thomas Webster Haichang Wei §Brett Cameron Weidemeyer 2nd Degree: Finance Aryeh Chaim Weinrauch Madeline McDowell Werner Robert Claude Wildermuth IV Jack Wilkie Matthew Joseph Williams Carson Page Wilson

Max Aaron Wishinsky Mary-Elizabeth Woolsey Donghao Wu Ryan Wei Wu Abigail MacKenzie Wyatt Daixue Yang Amin Youssefi Alisa Marie Zacharia 2nd Major: English Language and Literature Galo Zapata Ryan Zelinsky Ming Ying Zhang 2nd Degree: Agricultural and Resource Economics Ruoyu Zhu 2nd Major: Studio Art Nathaniel Warner Zumbach 2nd Degree: Finance Government and Politics Lilia Dina Abecassis Heaven Girmatsion Abraha Kevin Christopher Adams 2nd Degree: Economics Nicholas Steven Agyevi Armah Langston W. Alexander *Sofia Mohsen Alsamadi William Joel Alvarado *Salman Americianaki Tabatha Treasure Anderson 2nd Degree: Chinese Wilfred Ikenna Anokwute Sr. §Zachary Ethan Atran †Cayli Jude Baker 2nd Major: English Language and Literature Angela Jebou Barnes Kathleen Lixia Bender *Michael James Biondi 2nd Degree: French Language and Literature Mikaila Kira Block 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Adam Nathaniel BloomPaicopolos Adwoa Omane Boateng 2nd Degree: Economics Andrew Vincent Bonner Jr. 2nd Degree: History Timothy Botros †Thomas Gray Brimmer Jocelyn Elizabeth Brocato Rachel Christina Brocker Jessica Rae Brodsky Brandon Wallace Brooks Gregory Alexander Brown II Jacob Nathaniel Brown Shelby Anne Brown Alessandra Marie Caico Elifnaz Caliskan Kyle Robert Campbell †Jaime Michele Capron §Sara Dillon Carter §Dylan Howard Cattie 2nd Degree: Criminology and Criminal Justice Taler Brice Cerullo Cassidy Joy Chassagne Allison Yishing Chen 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences

Andrew Michael Chouinard 2nd Major: Economics Katherine Anne Christ *Eugene Chung 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Rachel Nicole Ciliberti Vannya Nathali Cisneros 2nd Degree: Dance †Molly Jean Collins Ines Hannah Colmey Caroline Rose Connor Sarah Verdilla Cover 2nd Degree: Arabic Studies Gillian Craig 2nd Degree: Germanic Studies Katie Jane Dallimore *Lillia Jo Damalouji *Noa Dar Benjamin Charles Dean Zachary Brian Deaton Timothy Daniel Deedy Shoshanna Kapin Dintzer 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Neel Nikhil Divecha Taylor Jordan Duckworth 2nd Major: Economics †Sarah H. Duncan Nnaji Brenda Eni Munkhjin Erdenebayar Adali Espana Moses Olawale Fatola Benjamin Augustin Fleury V Kirstyn Alexandra Flood 2nd Degree: Journalism Lauren Elizabeth Freed Taylor Brett Friedman 2nd Degree: Economics *Melinda Fu Scott Thomas Fulton Juliana Desouza Funkhouser Esteban Garcia Zachary Garelik Anthony Jon Genco Bahareh Ghonsul Asia 2nd Degree: Persian Studies †Aaron Wolfe Gladstone 2nd Degree: History Matthew Scott Glazer 2nd Degree: Sociology †Hanna Tova Glicksman 2nd Major: Economics Zachary Bateman Goldblatt 2nd Degree: Arabic Studies Ramon A. Gonzalez Rebecca Patricia Hage Delia Louise Harris Erica Harris Matthew Kyle Hartman §Kaylin Rose Hawkins Elizabeth Theresa Heid Kaitlyn Marie Henderson 2nd Degree: Communication Taylor Henderson Ariel Endie-Alease Hill Kevin Ho Adrian Nathaniel Hodge *Daniel Jesse Hoffman 2nd Degree: History Karinna Hudyma Meghan Rose Iannarone

Ashley Caroline Ipina Matthew Aaron Jacobson §Caroline Anne Johnson 2nd Degree: Nutrition and Food Science Kevin David Johnson Justin Andrew Jon Elizabeth George Jones Leslie Maria Joy †Anjali Kalaria Ali Reza Kazemipour Dylan Jonathan Kelly †Christine Marie Kennedy Christopher Michael Keosian †Mihir Khetarpal 2nd Degree: Economics Thomas Allen Jin Kidd †Rebecca Kathleen King 2nd Degree: Journalism Amira Njeri Kingori Taylor Brice Kitzmiller †Moshe Yair Leb Klein Samuel Evan Koralnik Joshua Matthew Korbelak Natsu Kumagai Anastasia Kitty Kyriakos Kristen Devine Lauda Erica Nicole Lee Jookwang Barnabas Lee 2nd Degree: Economics Jack Hughes Lewis Peggy Liang Kurt Benjamin Liming Sabrina Inigo Mallavarapu Augustine Patricia Manga 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Matthew Aron Mantell 2nd Major: History Breonna Nicole Massey Paul George Mavrikes Allyson June McCarthy Sarah Justine McDermott Kristina Marie McKenna Ellis Carnett McKennie III Lynza Marche McKoy Aaron Richard Megar Kanta Lokanath Mendon 2nd Degree: Criminology and Criminal Justice Elaine Heise Miller Ryan Patrick Milley Ahmed Moneib Dina Emerita Morales Averlar Teja Mulpuri *Daniela Nehama Nagar Luke Navratil Cristen Cire Negron Ashley Awele Ntosi 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Heather Rose O’Connell Beatrice Grace O’Connor Jack Francis O’Connor Alexis Niccolo Ortiz Paige Ani Padmore §Jonah Thomas Panikar 2nd Degree: Finance Megan Kathleen Parlett Mayuri Nilesh Patel 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Michael George Pauls



Stephanie Perez Tam Thanh Pham Norman Nelson Phelps V Frederick Ernest Pierce III 2nd Major: History Kirby R. Poelstra †Jacob Joseph Polce *Amanda Grace Povman Susan Miriam Stith Price 2nd Degree: Individual Studies †Adler Jeffrey Pruitt 2nd Degree: Economics *Nolan Kelly Quinn Liriam Victoria Quintanilla Figuereo Zefanya Rampengan *Jesse Samuel Rao 2nd Major: Economics †Matthew Kyle Rhinehart 2nd Degree: History §Christopher Joseph Ricigliano 2nd Major: History §Ari Efrem Rickman 2nd Major: History *Griffin Steven Riddler 2nd Degree: Economics Megan Todd Robertson 2nd Major: Sociology †Mitchell Brandon Rock 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences †Paige Elena Rodrigues Dana Jian Rodriguez 2nd Degree: Finance Sadie Rogot 2nd Degree: History Jonathan Aaron Rosen 2nd Major: History Patrick Lonergan Russo 2nd Degree: Marketing Miguel D. Salgado Chase Austin Sanchez *Gabrielle Elyse Scanlin *Bronwen Elizabeth Schriml 2nd Degree: Geographical Sciences Darren Steven Schweibel Michael Anthony Scott Colton Philip Seigel 2nd Degree: French Language and Literature *Alexander Jacob Shapiro Michael Thomas Shearer *Yasmin Shemali Melanie Lauren Sheppard Konnor Benjamin Shetler 2nd Major: Economics Samantha Blizzard Shiller 2nd Major: Chinese †Justin Philip Silverberg *Joshua Michael Silverman Leah Shayne Singman Camila Siqueira Paranhos Velloso Eden Shoshana Siskind Henry Michael Smithmyer Jasmine Elaine Snead Melin Arguro Sotiriou Droz 2nd Major: Public Policy Christina M. Sourvinos *Michael Elias Sousane 2nd Degree: Economics

Nicholas Francis Starost

§Erin Nicole Sullivan

2nd Major: Family Science Ashwin Kunal Suryavanshi Ashli Imyia-Nicole Taylor Arthur Lafayette Thomas IV Adam Alexander Tiehen Nathan Alexander Trail Madeleine Troy 2nd Degree: Economics Natnael Beidemariam Tsegaw Alexandros Kyriakos Tsoulfas †Katelyn Elizabeth Turner 2nd Degree: Philosophy †Akhil Venkat Uppalapati Nicole Diane Valentine †Jacob Matthew Veitch 2nd Degree: International Business †Daryan Abed Ver Ploeg Gabrielle Cristina Vila 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Juan Carlos Villatoro †Taylor Marie Vitelli 2nd Degree: English Language and Literature *Matthew C. Vuono 2nd Major: Economics Erin Catherine Weinstock *Clifford James Wells 2nd Major: Spanish Language, Literatures and Cultures Sara Danielle Winkler †Nicolette Shannon Wolfrey †Lindsey Shannon Christine Wright 2nd Major: Environmental Science and Technology Parker David Yablon Andrew Kerr Yesnick

Hearing and Speech Sciences Brittany Kayle Beckford Nicole Danielle Berrio Jaira Billups *Jennifer Carolina Borja Ariana Mercedes Braganza Maya Vaughn Carter Taylor Nicole Chep Aileen Choi Liana Jessica Conticello §Lauren Alyse Eisner Rivee Friedberg Dayna Gager Grace Emilya Garcia Gabrielle Cecily Giangrasso *Rebecca Lauren Goodridge 2nd Degree: Psychology Allison Granados *Kaitlyn Anne Haller Jessica Taylor Hayes Madison Taylor Hearney Jordan Elizabeth Hulse Rebecca Lynn Humphrey Kevin Loren Jerde Andrea Katina Kaplanges Greer Grodd Kauffman §Samantha Hyunkyung Kim Lauren Nicole Knoblett *Julie Elizabeth Knorr Thuy-Giang Caitlin Le

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



*Katherine Yihn Lee *Kelly Lutz Destini Beverly Monk *Alexis Michelle Montgomery Maria-Emilia Newlands *Michael John Pensabene Gabriela Pereira Abigail Anne Konschnik Poe Lindsay Taylor Rispler Allesondra Paige Sanchez †Daniella Ruth Sassieni Carly Isabel Saunders Isha Sharma Taylor Elizabeth Sheely Alyssa Cabrini Smith †Lydia Tova Sonenklar Kristyn Sarah-Marie Tsu Madalyn Rae Ulery Yayoi Tatiana Vanzego Miranda Brittany Velasquez †Emily Lauren Waddington †Lauren Marie Wilson Rebecca Gabriele Wolf Calli Marie Yancey Erin Elizabeth Young Psychology *Emily Sara Abraham Christine Addo Anna Lauren Adelman Trevor David Angert 2nd Degree: Family Science Ashley Ashanna Argyle 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice †Michalah Anne Arnold Clement Kwayisi Asiedu Jr. Zachariah Aaron Borkowski Nicholas Bishop Breslin 2nd Major: Government and Politics Jessica Marie Brown Katherine Anne Byrne Fiona O’Regan Caretto Jay Wiley Carroll Lindsay Brooke Chase Nicholas Youngmin Chin Laura Marie Cholvibul Hye In Chung 2nd Major: Communication Alicia Marie Chunta Haley Kathleen Clements Jacob Louis Cohen Kaitlin Susan Cossentino Jordan Taylor Costa 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Andrea Cremidis Caroline Breanna Dato Stacia Kathleeen Der Jamie Nannette DePaul Carly Jaye Dickerson Colton Bosun Dougherty †Nicole Sydney Dresner Marion Madea Droe Lindsay Rebecca Druskin Arcadia Rayne Ewell Lindsey Paige Feingold 2nd Degree: Journalism Kathryn Elizabeth Filipov Hailey Mae Fleece Emily Elizabeth Forgo


Yuval Meir Freund 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Caroline Decima Gabriel Irene Sophia John Giorgakis Gabriel Queenie Gomes Irene Guadalupe Gomez †Hope Linette Goodman 2nd Degree: Criminology and Criminal Justice *Rebecca Lauren Goodridge 2nd Degree: Hearing and Speech Sciences Jessica Rae Gordon Gabrielle Nadia Haeuber 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice †Cassandra Ann Hart 2nd Major: Communication Julia Michaela Hatch Sofia Josephine Hearne Olivia Ann Herdje Molly Nicole Higgins †Erika Marie Hinkle Kara Lynn Hollenbeck Alana Dominique Hudley 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Rachel Fortunata Hurley Haley Miranda Ihmels *Elana Sydney Israel Stephanie Gabrielle Jaime-Luna Cameron Sinclair Johnson Julianna Marian Johnson Renee Nicole Johnsson †Meredith Arden Johnston 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Alana Monique Jones Alaina Breanne Kahn Jacob Alan Katinsky 2nd Major: Marketing Jordan Rose Kaye Jasmine Anita Kelly Anastasia Khizder 2nd Major: Government and Politics Jana Knezevic 2nd Major: Communication Lauren Catherine Knowlden Kimberly Anne Krueger Fiona Helen Lachman Morgan Elizabeth Lang 2nd Degree: Communication Amber Lee Larkin †Faith Chi-Lok Lee Carissa Choy Levine 2nd Major: Communication §Jose Luis Lima-Rosas Taylor Lauren Love 2nd Degree: Criminology and Criminal Justice Lee Gilson Lovett III Brianne Danielle McAuliff Lindsey Jean McLallen Maidot Michael 2nd Major: English Language and Literature Ava Mirzadegan Brooke R. Mittleberg 2nd Major: Family Science Malek Moukaddem

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Nigel Alexander Moxam Paul D’Arcy Munger Manda Kristen Nambiar Nia Amani Nickerson Valentina Nunez 2nd Degree: Studio Art Bethany Joy Oh 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Afiong Esu Onyile Lindsay Taylor Ozyck Emily Morgan Park Gary Wayne Parker III 2nd Major: French Language and Literature Ryann Samantha Plotkin Janey Catharine Pulzello Rachel Alanna Rabinowitz 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Shivani Wali Raina Amber Alice Rexrode Jordan Beth Robins Liora Miriam Rosenberg †Tova Hannah Rosenthal Andrea Maria Samayoa-Sosa Alexander Sanchez Sydney Danielle Sanzone 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Clare Ashburn Sarsony Anthony John Sartori Ke’Von S. Sauls Jason Micheal Schiren Morgan Taylor Sher †Anna Papke Shields Alexis Brooke Silverman Julia Winter Snider Geordan Demitri Somerville Alexandra Lynn Stampfer Samantha Lauren Straus Ateret Shoshana Sultan-Reisler 2nd Major: Art History J. Heaton Helene Talcott Alexis Tara Tanenbaum Amanda Nicole Tennant 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Nnenna Chikaodili Thompson Mary Victoria Tipton Cara Elise Traub †Judith Simae Tsoi Tanya Farrokh Turner Hannah Viriginia VanBuiten Rose Mary Villatoro Tina Hang Vo 2nd Degree: Journalism Karsyn Elyse Wagner Briony Tegan Waite 2nd Major: Criminology Alanna Francesca Walczak *Emily Marie Walsh Kelly Brooke Walsh *Benjamin Ellicott Weinberg 2nd Degree: Criminology and Criminal Justice Daniela Hope Weinsweig *Tamara Rae Wilhite *Samantha Elizabeth Wilkins Madeleine Emma Woodworth 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice

Tonglei Xu Michelle Hoi Lam Yan Nan Zhang Sociology Natalia Anne de Gravelles 2nd Major: History Feyikemi Mercy Ajayi Nakjun Baek Hadiah Ayanna Broady Michael Wayne Brown III Yasmeen Giovani Brown Robert Burns *Jochebed Felia Cadet Michal Cekovsky Yi Ting Chan Kevin Douglas Chaney Jr. Daniel Wang Chen Sabrina Amber Christian Sonadji Davis Jessica Lorraine De Mouy Darien Gerome Dixon Samuel Taylor Dyson Dakota Will Edwards Dele Fakunle Cesiah Fuentes 2nd Major: Communication Rachel Hope Futterman Jessica Glassman Matthew Scott Glazer 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Tyler Gilbert Goodwin *Madison Ann Gray 2nd Degree: Philosophy Chad Bernard Hazman Caleb Joshua Henderson Gabrielle Elise Hunt Shawnee Mayatu Johnson Tyrell William Johnson Ryan Robert Kail Kate Rebecca Kaufmann Lillian Spencer Kilduff Joshua Daniel Landsman Joshua Keith Lobo Gabriel Chinedum Nwani Jomaesia Paylay Lennet Darleny Penate Eurico Domir Pereira Taylor Lynne Poncher Djellza Ramadani Roberto Carlos Ramos Summer Anja Robinson Gabriella Sophie Robles Timothy Robert Rotanz Troy Michael Schaafsma Nicholas Andrew Alex Service Duaa Shamim 2nd Major: English Language and Literature Benjamin Shedlo Amanda Claire Stussman Uranium Girmay Tesfai Amy Thu Tran Tian Jeanette Twine Ashley J. Vasquez Kevin I. Weitz *Teri Camille West 2nd Degree: Journalism Shoshana Raquel Wolf Angela Tiange Wu Dazhi Yu

Bachelor of Science Anthropology Sarah Heather Eppley *Alyssa Elizabeth Jordan Hope Genevieve Loiselle Ana Elizabeth Ortez-Rivera Sharon Nicole Ridge Victoria Frances Tully 2nd Degree: Individual Studies *Brandt Matthew Wootan II Economics Victor Abate Ramos Modibo Muhamed Abbo Adib Ahmad John Michael Anderson Mustafa Sadiq Asad 2nd Degree: Finance Gregory Douglas Davidow Bell 2nd Degree: Finance †Samuel Aaron Besse 2nd Degree: Geographical Sciences Trisha Biswas Adwoa Omane Boateng 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Michael Joseph Boyce Emily Elizabeth Cevallos Janssen 2nd Degree: Psychology Rishabh Chatterjee 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Jingwen Chen Yuzhu Chen John Cameron Cooley Harry Christopher Culleton Haris Mahmud Dar Rahul Kumar Das Rucheeka Desai Aidan Daniel Dobbins Michael Junhao Duan Caroline Mary Duffy Kathryn Elizabeth Eddy Keaton Hyuckmin Kweon Ellis 2nd Degree: Mathematics Nader Fawaz †Jingbo Feng 2nd Major: Mathematics Meghan Christine Flaherty Johann Focke Edmund Douglas Frantz Taylor Brett Friedman 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Nicholas Robert Frush 2nd Degree: Mathematics Peter John Gagnon John Paul Gavin Thomas Benjamin George 2nd Degree: Mathematics Shawn Richard Glabach Maxwell Ross Godwin Patrick Tice Green Bocheng Gu James Bradley Harris Jr. Nupur Rajeev Hegde Alex Shih-Hua Huang Matthew Raymond Hubbard Camran Khezri

Ryan Hunter King *Leanne Linda Klock John Atem-Ngong Kum Jookwang Barnabas Lee 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Vivianne Jing-Xuan Li Dominic Patrick LoPiccolo Weihao Lu 2nd Major: Mathematics Zhenliang Lu 2nd Degree: Mathematics Haoxuan Lyu Andrew Frederick May Keaton Davis Mock Myers Joel Ashwyn Nair Domenick Santo Nastasi Javier Jose Nieto Matthew Joseph O’Lone Taekyu Eric Park Nicholas Joseph Perilli Jeremy Alexander Peterson 2nd Degree: Finance Joseph Denison Pittman 2nd Degree: Computer Science Yuheng James Qin 2nd Degree: Accounting Harish Ravi Angner X. Reyes *Griffin Steven Riddler 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Philip Matthew Rindone III †Erica Marie Ryan 2nd Degree: Studio Art Ashley Renee Schwanebeck 2nd Degree: Mathematics Siddharth Sharma Rachel Anne Shea Angelina Shtereva Mark Joseph Sintetos 2nd Degree: Finance Veronika Skryl Andrew Michael Smith *Michael Elias Sousane 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Kevin Joseph Strasser †Rebecca Ellen Sullivan Tailai Sun James Wesley Talbert Matthew Anderson Terpstra *Karyna Titania Todd 2nd Degree: Mathematics Xu Tong Thomas Clark Trauger Pablo Antonio Trueba Narmada N. Variyam Ayush Vashistha §Jorge Martin Von Horoch Talavera *Davin Wang 2nd Degree: Mathematics Michael Roy Ward *Gareth Rayburn Weakly 2nd Degree: Mathematics Robert Weaver III Colin Charles Wick Yue Yang Maximilian Eugene Yarosh *Emma Argubright Yeager *Sarang Suresh Yeola 2nd Degree: Physics



Christian David York

§Victoria Ho Yu

2nd Degree: Mathematics Yeri Zinn

Environmental Science and Policy Carly Lorrayne Cascio Megan Anne Clampitt Hayden Lee Cullen Beza Dagnachew Thalia Beatriz Eigen 2nd Degree: Psychology Tyler Jessica Feigenbaum Anthony Gary George Kathleen Jamie Harrison Melanie Alicia Herrera Katherine Gray Holmes *Kathryn Marie Hutcheson Grant Audet Johnson Mitchell Ian Kessler Marcella Jeanha Kim Willem Christopher Klajbor 2nd Degree: Economics Theron Andrew Mercadel II 2nd Degree: French Language and Literature Andrea Maria Miralles Sylvanus Newstead III Jessica Lynn Rothman *Max Settineri Kyle Rhae Shouldice Ryan Matthew Slater *Emily Beatrix Starobin 2nd Degree: Spanish Language, Literatures and Cultures *Elizabeth Downes Truitt Megan Taylor Williams Nathan Primo Zeck Winch Geographical Sciences Ebone Chantell Baker †Julia Bell 2nd Degree: Environmental Science and Policy Adam Charles Bensimhon Ethan Darin Berg †Samuel Aaron Besse 2nd Degree: Economics Misael Eduardo Bonilla Caitlin Elise Burke 2nd Major: Studio Art *Joseph Henry Celtnieks 2nd Degree: Spanish Language, Literatures and Cultures Sean Thomas Dryhurst Avery Furey Raul Gonzalez de Mendonca Silva Kevin Anthony Greco John Kalbflesh Hershey Michelle Suejin Hwang Cameron Jorrell Jackson Laurie Beth Lillith Johnson Eric Jason King Brett Arthur Kulka Emilie Jean Lahneman Julianna Hyunjung Lee Jacob Daniel Moore 2nd Degree: English Language and Literature Giovanna Vanessa Moreno

Matthew Joseph Motz Artem Budimirovich Muchnik Christopher Sean O’Brien §Francis Daniel Fosmire O’Neill 2nd Degree: Music-Liberal Arts Program Chidi Simon Obineche Jorge Alberto Ramirez Wayne Alexander Rice Charlotte Bergin Robbins Carlos Eduardo Rodriguez *Bronwen Elizabeth Schriml 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Taylor Anne Stark 2nd Major: Communication Kieera Lynn Stewart Alexander Gage Truitt Aljamal Michael Truss Stephanie Turner Washington Derek Gavin Woodward Isaac Mikhail Zhodzishsky Psychology Fatimat Oluwadamilola Adekola Jessica Ann Alexy Aliyah B. Allen Abiodun Kafayat Awosanya Maxine Louise Balagtas-Badoy 2nd Degree: Philosophy Alexis Marie Beale Taylor Rose Brothers Jasmine Nia Brown Brianna Marie Caljean 2nd Degree: Chemistry Emily Elizabeth Cevallos Janssen 2nd Degree: Economics Briana Simone Chambers *Deborah Yun Jee Choi Faria M. Chowdhury Eunice Chung Dylan Shayla Clay-Devlin Sarah Catherine DiGregorio Elizabeth Singer Dolin Nora Delaney Doyle 2nd Major: Spanish Language, Literatures and Cultures Louie Dallas Dukinfield Rachel Morgan Eckley 2nd Degree: Fire Protection Engineering Thalia Beatriz Eigen 2nd Degree: Environmental Science and Policy *Avraham B. Eisenstein Christopher Andrew Eyo Dawn Nellie Fedorka Anthony Deon Fontaine Justin Michael Goldberg Alyssa Nicole Goldsmith Haley Priest Goodfellow Caitlyn Grubb Sara Hafezi 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Zachary Donald Hannan 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Levi Timothy Hooper 2nd Degree: Biochemistry Dominic John Horodowicz

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Christina Huynh Tenni Kim Idler Rabbiya Nayyar Iqbal Aliyyah Nicole Johnson Sydney Nicole Jolliffe 2nd Degree: Criminology and Criminal Justice Brian Nisan Kahen Jennifer Keyes Saad Khalid 2nd Degree: Computer Science §Alexandra Marie Kindahl *Sarah Yangqiao Kosterlitz 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Brittany Lynn Langway Tejah Yanee Lee Celia Mary Lunking Reethika Gutta Maddineni 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Talatha Hawa Mah’Moud 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Angela Grace McConaughy Conor Michele McEwan 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Meredith Ann McLaughlin Naomi Getachew Mengistu 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Keara Judith Miller Noreen Mohamed Mira Yancy Elizabeth Molina Atousa Motameni 2nd Degree: English Language and Literature Nimra Naeem Matthew Anthony Nalls 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences †Daniel Rollan Nemirovsky Trang Linh Nguyen Galya Karissa Oberman Chioma Stephanie Okeke *Sarvar Farnouche OreiziEsfahani Princess Genesis Onyeka Osazuwa Dharni Rajan Patel Megan Ann Prass Carlos Eduardo Puerta Erica Marie Rausch Madeline C. Rea Meredith Reid Alesia Anne Richardson 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Elie Jay Rizk Laila Magdy Rizk Saraiah Raquel Rodriguez Rust 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Precious Blaire Ross 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Kesanet Seleshi Sydney Nicole Shade Krishna Deepak Shah 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences


Karishma Sharma 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Marissa Nicole Shelby 2nd Degree: Criminology and Criminal Justice David Michael Silversmith 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Sophia Katarina Skala Kathryn Marlene Skalski Maria Anna Skibniewska Skylan Orion Smith §Elinor Anna Stern Sunny Yun-Ching Sun *Chris Takiar Sidney Theodore Tan Brittany Viola Taylor 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Michaela Alyse Taylor 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Leah Teshome Shianna Anna-Kaye Thompson Tania Claribel Turcios Alison Elizabeth Venooker 2nd Degree: Communication Jessica Wachtel Abriana E. Walls Mary-Charlotte Yukai Wasserbach Lucie Kennedy Wiedefeld Suzanne Dora Woller Young Min Youn Hua Wei Zhou Danna Zinger Rafael Felipe Zuleta ROBERT H. SMITH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Bachelor of Science Accounting Kevin Anthony Adams Lotharius Aldwin Elizabeth Victoria Aleshire Lexus Charles Ampadu Kevin-Barthelemy Asseye Anani Sudan Anduze Aman Bin Asif Maxwell Harris Auerbach 2nd Degree: Information Systems Bingxin Bai 2nd Major: Information Systems Francesca Ballon Christina Bianca Basile Shane Douglas Bauer Veronica Beltran Gabrielle Christina Bianchi 2nd Major: Information Systems Turi Lucia Biswas Nardos Gebeyehu Bizuneh Bryant Alonzo Bowman Jr. Nabil Brek 2nd Major: Information Systems §Kyle Douglas Brown 2nd Degree: Finance

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Ryan Campbell Brown Daniel Scott Brumer Alexandra Marisol Burgos 2nd Degree: Marketing Mengzhe Cao Johnny Francisco Castro Danny Hans Chacon Andrew Chia-Chi Chang 2nd Degree: Finance Charles Chang Jasmine Chang Jonathan Chang 2nd Degree: Finance Calvin Kuan Chao Jose Junior Chavez Torres Hao Chen Ling Chen Xuanyi Chen Zhiling Chen 2nd Degree: Finance Brandon Harley Cohen Allison Rae Conde Jaclyn Maraia Connell Jaelin Anthony Cook 2nd Degree: Information Systems Julie Correia Kuster Maia Florian Cotera Berndt 2nd Degree: Finance Vincent Salvatore D’Agati Sagar Ramesh Dalsania 2nd Degree: Information Systems Shane Michael Davis Donovan Wolfert-Fountain Delore Caroline McKenna Dennehy Christian Peter Dolgos Ruth Angele Dudley 2nd Degree: Information Systems Luke Joseph Farrell 2nd Degree: Finance Fernando Miguel Fernandez Samuel David Foard S. Kobi Fodor 2nd Major: Information Systems Michael Ford Samantha Lee Fotino 2nd Degree: Finance Alan Hiroshi Furuyama 2nd Degree: Finance Alvaro Ivan Garzon Colin Michael Gergar Amsalech Tamene Gesesse John Alexander Giel Pamela A. Gonzalez Marroquin Beletshachew Zewdie Haile Conor Thomas Haines William Joseph Hendron Allison Jill Herskovitz Mason Hong Sichan Hong Carly Brooke Hopple *Kai Huang Kangmoo Huh 2nd Degree: Finance Mahir Farzad Husain †Sarah Nicole Husted Ji Yeon Hwang 2nd Degree: Information Systems

Feisal Abdallah Iddi Patrick Michael Jackson 2nd Major: Finance Keaton Alexander Jacobs Eden Jakob Carolina Paula Juarez Cindy Xy Jui Miezzan Emmanuel Kakou Calvin Kam 2nd Degree: Information Systems Sydney Jessica Kamil 2nd Major: Communication Sean Kang Tyler Alexander Kessler Kiflu G. Kidanne Abigael Iminza Kigame Patrick Scott Kile Sooji Kim Jamy Andrew Klotzbach Sheldon Perry Konecke 2nd Degree: Finance †Sydney Katharine Koubek 2nd Degree: Finance *Andrew James Kovar 2nd Degree: Finance Matthew James Kraeger Zachary Harris Kratchman Taisiya Sergeyevna Krylova Jordan Samuel Kupferberg 2nd Degree: Finance Gaetano David Lamberti Jacob Ethan Laughlin 2nd Major: Finance Nina Van Le 2nd Degree: Finance †Jonathan Tyler Lee 2nd Major: Information Systems Yungkong Kim Lee 2nd Degree: Information Systems Hannah Huishan Lei Gregory Edward Leonhartt 2nd Degree: Finance Robert Daniel Lewis Zhuoqing Li Di Liang 2nd Degree: Finance Patrick Wen-Cheng Lin 2nd Degree: Information Systems Shao-Min Lin Jared Daniel Lipschutz 2nd Degree: Finance Thomas A. Lipsett Michael Liu 2nd Degree: Information Systems Shan Liu Michael Ralph Lopez Heather Renee Madigan 2nd Degree: Criminology and Criminal Justice Samantha Marie Makris Samuel Arthur Mallery 2nd Degree: Finance *Anna Maloney Mark Jiali Mao 2nd Major: Information Systems Jessica Nicole Martins 2nd Degree: Finance

Erica Karen McBride Micaela Rose McKay Guillermo Andres Medina Bethlehem Thelahune Mengestu Jennifer Anne Miller 2nd Degree: Information Systems Ian Monroe 2nd Major: Finance Vanessa Montiel Matthew Hyungwoo Na Sarah Nam 2nd Degree: Finance *Lauren Alyssa Naphtali 2nd Degree: Supply Chain Management Camille Anne Nelson Claudine Ngum Chau Thi Minh Nguyen Olivia Nicole Nightingale 2nd Degree: Finance Sarah Elizabeth Nogal Veronica Elizabeth Novoa Christina Elizabeth O’Connell 2nd Degree: Finance Miranda Olivia O’Donnell 2nd Degree: Finance Tayo Olaolu Omisore Brittany Marie Orr 2nd Degree: Information Systems Kangjing Pan Kevin Justin Parks Samuel Phillip Patrone Yang Peng Tyler Jason Phillips 2nd Degree: Finance Joseph Michael Piscitelli 2nd Degree: Marketing Jutarat Po Jacob Alexander Pomeroy 2nd Major: Finance Juliana Carol Prezelski Joseph Taylor Proch Thomas Joseph Pryal Jr. Yuheng James Qin 2nd Degree: Economics Ammar Saud Qureshi 2nd Degree: Finance †Paula Rabade 2nd Degree: Finance Johanna Rafael Perdomo Zachary Raizon *Rovaniaina Ramamonjisoa Sandra Jacqueline Raymundo Nicholas Oneil Reid †Alyson Beatrix Resnikoff 2nd Degree: Information Systems Jacob C. Rhim Zachary Rispler Anastasia Romero Sara Alexandra Ruiz Laudan Salvidio James Lee Scaletta Chloe Nicole Seltzer 2nd Major: Finance Erica Terrelle Shields 2nd Degree: Economics Hyeokchan Shin 2nd Degree: Information Systems

Chad Matthew Siegel Joseph Patrick Siegel Gi Woong Ethan Sim Joshua Collin Singshinsuk 2nd Degree: Information Systems †Melissa Jaclyn Sklar 2nd Degree: Finance Olivia Lee Sondler Yingting Song Zalandria Spann 2nd Degree: Finance §Hunter Marie Stevens Kurtis Grayson Stubbs 2nd Degree: Finance Katherine Marie Sudbrook Keanu Ching Sy Loretta Tackie Selamawit Ayele Tamirat Yun Tang 2nd Degree: Finance Victoria Etando Tataw 2nd Degree: Management Seth David Tawes 2nd Degree: Finance Anthony Akille Taylor 2nd Degree: Finance Gabrielle Antoinette Tharkur 2nd Degree: Economics *Meryl Rita Thomas 2nd Degree: Finance Sandra Thomas 2nd Major: Economics Devin Erin Thrasher Min Thura Ke’Andra Capri Tindal Brenda Esmeralda Torres Tiffany Minh Tran Tran-Kiem Andrew Tran 2nd Degree: Information Systems Calvin Hoa Nguyen Tran Lena Traore Chetachi C. Ukejianya 2nd Degree: Finance Dania Marietha Valencia Alejandro Vera Shanshan Wang Yijing Wang 2nd Degree: Economics Fangbin Weng Fan Wu 2nd Degree: Finance Jasmine Wu 2nd Degree: Finance Jiming Wu 2nd Degree: Information Systems Laura Elise Wunderlick 2nd Degree: Finance Menglu Xu Qiyuan Yang Yazhe Yang 2nd Degree: Information Systems Connie Yeung 2nd Degree: Marketing Diego Alejandro Yunda Karen Vanessa Zelaya Michael Shuya Zhan 2nd Degree: Finance Daniel Zhang



Kenneth Zhang 2nd Degree: Information Systems Finance Nate Carmen Adams Hafeez Adedamola Adeniyi Adeoye *Jose Agustin Aguerre 2nd Degree: International Business Adam Hamilton Aist Christopher Michael Allen Brandon George Korku Amoah 2nd Major: International Business Brittany Kay Anderson Mustafa Sadiq Asad 2nd Degree: Economics Saron Asfaw 2nd Degree: Marketing Alon Ashourzadeh Kourosh Emmanuel AshtaryYazdi Alexandra Kelsey Balachow 2nd Major: International Business Maria Belen Balangero 2nd Major: International Business Michael Mark Barillo IV 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Michael Andrew Barnes 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Devlin Terrill Barry-Hoke §Nadia Maria Batkhan 2nd Degree: Mathematics Lina Isabelle Bauer Gregory Douglas Davidow Bell 2nd Degree: Economics Joseph Seth Berman 2nd Major: International Business *Jacob Thomas Biedronski 2nd Degree: Information Systems Benjamin Binyaminov Gage DeMore Bolesta †Brett Alexander Bond Greyson Malloy Boozer 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Eleni Boutsikaris James Dylan Bredt Matthew Michael Brennan 2nd Major: Information Systems Shawn Patrick Brosko Benjamin Maxwell Brown 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics §Kyle Douglas Brown 2nd Degree: Accounting Tori Morgan Brungart §Joseph Andrew Cardarelli Christopher Ryan Carney Will Joseph Case 2nd Major: International Business

*Shane Thomas Cassidy 2nd Major: Information Systems Andrew Chia-Chi Chang 2nd Degree: Accounting Jonathan Chang 2nd Degree: Accounting Zhiling Chen 2nd Degree: Accounting Zachary Benjamin Cherna William Ali Chiappone Nandini Choudhary *Patrick John Cimerola 2nd Major: Economics Adrienne Shanese Cobb 2nd Major: Information Systems Patrick Scott Coghlan Raymond Reid Collins III Florian Cotera Berndt 2nd Degree: Accounting Michael Christian Crooks †Kathleen Elizabeth Curry 2nd Major: International Business Harriet Ewuresi Aduwa Dadzie Gabriel De Castro Ros Avner Jacob Denicoff *Rachel Marie Denton Clair Elizabeth Devaney 2nd Degree: Supply Chain Management Adam Joseph DiMillo Timothy Dang Khoa Do *Cole Drummond *Michael Fan Du Louis Solomon Dubick Jordan Shamus Dunn Sam Michael Eisen Scott Lawrence Eisland Robert Emory Ellett III 2nd Degree: Marketing Elizabeth Katelin Emanuel 2nd Major: Management Gerardo Jesus Espinosa 2nd Major: International Business Kodilichukwu Ezekwerre 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Luke Joseph Farrell 2nd Degree: Accounting Michael Samuel Feitel 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Trevor Joseph Ferrara Ryan David Fick Jesse Alexander Fidel 2nd Major: Information Systems Leticia Flores Emily Forcillo 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management John Landrum Foresman Samantha Lee Fotino 2nd Degree: Accounting Michael Lewis Fuchs Alan Hiroshi Furuyama 2nd Degree: Accounting

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Chaz Myles Gladden Kawan Akil Glover Martin Mario Gonzalez Jacob Mitchell Goode M. Jonathan Greenberg 2nd Major: International Business Allison Brooke Grinspoon Jamie Hao Grossarth 2nd Major: Marketing Chad William Gruzin 2nd Degree: Information Systems Matthew Dean Gutermann Adam Craig Harrison Samuel James Hartz 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Qi Cong He 2nd Degree: Computer Science Jeremy Tyler Hikind 2nd Degree: Computer Science Timothy John Hill Taylor Matthew Hillman Steven A. Hines 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics †Madeline Denae Hope 2nd Degree: Marketing †Melissa Rae Horovitz 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Matthew Flemon Hortopan §Calvin Si-Heng Hou Kangmoo Huh 2nd Degree: Accounting Emma Nicole Iavaroni 2nd Major: Marketing Hunter Darren Jamison 2nd Major: Economics Trevor Douglas Janoskie Daniel Laurence Jenkins Keith Anthony Jernigan Jr. 2nd Major: International Business Amaya Rukmani Jhaver 2nd Major: Information Systems Kimberly Katherine Johnson Austin Jones 2nd Major: Information Systems Nikita Jumani 2nd Major: Information Systems Isabella Angela Kalender 2nd Major: Marketing Nayib James Kalender 2nd Major: Information Systems Shannon Brook Kapoor Jacob Brandon Karl 2nd Major: Information Systems Daniel Eitan Katz 2nd Degree: International Business Adam Jacob Kellner 2nd Major: Information Systems


Chandler Patrick Kennell Conner Omid Khodabande Sheldon Perry Konecke 2nd Degree: Accounting †Sydney Katharine Koubek 2nd Degree: Accounting *Andrew James Kovar 2nd Degree: Accounting *Stuart Leon Krantz 2nd Major: Information Systems Granit Krasniqi 2nd Major: Marketing *Sophia Marie Kuenzel Arjun Shivraj Kumar Jordan Samuel Kupferberg 2nd Degree: Accounting Philip Kyle Kwong Scott Bryan Lastova 2nd Major: Information Systems Monica Barbara Lawrence 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Nina Van Le 2nd Degree: Accounting *George Tao Lee Jordan Eric Leibowitz 2nd Major: Information Systems Julia Sophia Leikin Gregory Edward Leonhartt 2nd Degree: Accounting Daniel J. Letterio 2nd Major: International Business †Sherry Faye Levine 2nd Degree: Information Systems *Emily Smith LeGrand Ang Li 2nd Degree: Computer Science Di Liang 2nd Degree: Accounting Justin Anthony Lieu 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Jared Daniel Lipschutz 2nd Degree: Accounting *Jeremy Isaac Liss 2nd Major: Information Systems Kimberly Lauren Livingstone Brenner Robert London Alejandro Lores 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Alexander Todd Lowenthal Johnson Luo Gang Lyu 2nd Degree: Mathematics Samuel Arthur Mallery 2nd Degree: Accounting Joseph Clement Maloney 2nd Degree: Information Systems Ankush Manchanda Daniel Alfonso Martinez 2nd Major: Marketing Jessica Nicole Martins 2nd Degree: Accounting

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Daniel Evan Marzullo Julia Starr Mattson 2nd Major: Information Systems Christopher Thomas Meyer Katherine Anne Meyers 2nd Major: Marketing Andrew Lawrence Miller Ian Miller 2nd Major: Accounting Marshall Shane Miller §Guilherme de Oliveira Minoietti Albert Misul 2nd Major: Information Systems Parsa Moayeri Emily Robert Morris 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Desmond Eliezer Morrison Zaid Mazen Muhtaseb 2nd Major: Information Systems Tamerat Mulugeta Miranda Myers 2nd Degree: Operations Management and Business Analytics Sarah Nam 2nd Degree: Accounting Aaron Yale Neuman †David Michael Niezelski 2nd Degree: Economics Olivia Nicole Nightingale 2nd Degree: Accounting Therese Nkafu Nkeng 2nd Degree: Operations Management and Business Analytics Chris Lawerence Norkus Christina Elizabeth O’Connell 2nd Degree: Accounting Drew John O’Connell Miranda Olivia O’Donnell 2nd Degree: Accounting Katherine Maemie O’Reilly 2nd Degree: Economics †Daniel Adebayo Ogunlowo Arielle Rose Oppenheimer Michael Noel Oristano 2nd Major: Information Systems *Jamie Catherine Palmer §Jonah Thomas Panikar 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Drew Thomas Pascale 2nd Major: Information Systems Nikhil Patankar 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Jayson Evan Perez Jeremy Alexander Peterson 2nd Degree: Economics Matthew Ryan Petraites 2nd Degree: Mathematics Tyler Jason Phillips 2nd Degree: Accounting Ryan Austin Pistorio 2nd Major: Information Systems

Ammar Saud Qureshi 2nd Degree: Accounting †Paula Rabade 2nd Degree: Accounting John Tyler Radcliffe Wynston Avery Reed 2nd Major: International Business †Matthew Kyle Rhinehart 2nd Degree: History †Kirby Mae Rhodes 2nd Degree: Public Health Science Joshua Rich Elijah Saul Richardson Jorge Alfonso Richardson Michael Sebastian Rinaldo Scott Alan Ritter Jr. Dana Jian Rodriguez 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Kenneth John Rosenbach 2nd Degree: Management Nicholas Adam Thomas Ross 2nd Major: Information Systems Brittany Elizabeth Royce Thomas Joseph Ryan Jr. Jeremy Peter Sabrio 2nd Major: Information Systems Nishwath Samiya 2nd Major: Information Systems Rachel Sarah Sanders *Virginia Mari Sangster Matthew Ryan Schaney *Noah Moses Schiff Harrison Seth Schweitzer 2nd Major: International Business Ethan Gabriel Seid Amartyo Sen 2nd Major: Management Stephen Dominic Seraphin Carter Thomas Shaffer Jori Morgan Shearer 2nd Degree: Supply Chain Management Morgan Ashley Shelko 2nd Major: Economics Adam Nicholas Silbert 2nd Major: Information Systems Evan Paul Silverman 2nd Major: Economics Tatiana Imani Sindass 2nd Major: International Business Mark Joseph Sintetos 2nd Degree: Economics †Melissa Jaclyn Sklar 2nd Degree: Accounting †Alejandro Antonio Smith Diamond Tierra Smith Reed Dononvan Smith Sophie Ann Smolen Kayla Josefa Soos Baba Sow Zalandria Spann 2nd Degree: Accounting Dylan Joseph Spiel 2nd Major: Information Systems

*Micah Nathan Spielman 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management John Paul Spies Jake Matell Steinberg Connor Joseph Stieglitz John C.G. Stricklett 2nd Degree: Music-Liberal Arts Program Kurtis Grayson Stubbs 2nd Degree: Accounting *Kayla Wan Hua Sukri 2nd Degree: Information Systems Malik Sulieman Joseph Milton Tabakin 2nd Major: International Business Nikhil Sagar Talwar Parth Talwar 2nd Degree: Information Systems Yun Tang 2nd Degree: Accounting Seth David Tawes 2nd Degree: Accounting Anthony Akille Taylor 2nd Degree: Accounting *Meryl Rita Thomas 2nd Degree: Accounting Kyle Thompson Lance Aldrin Tinana 2nd Major: Information Systems Jared Louis Tommer 2nd Major: History Austin Alexander Trach 2nd Major: Information Systems Chetachi C. Ukejianya 2nd Degree: Accounting Natalie Marie Urban 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Keith Alfred Vasconcellos Rahul Vazarkar 2nd Major: Information Systems Tori Lynn Vienneau 2nd Major: Economics Taylor Ann Vile 2nd Major: Marketing Nandan Ketan Vithlani Stephen Joseph Walsh 2nd Major: Information Systems James Wang 2nd Major: Information Systems Peiyu Wang Siwei Wang Yixuan Wang §Brett Cameron Weidemeyer 2nd Degree: Economics Jacob Victor Weiss 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Thomas Jefferson White V 2nd Major: Marketing *Natalie Kristen Wilferth 2nd Major: Information Systems Fan Wu 2nd Degree: Accounting Jasmine Wu 2nd Degree: Accounting

Jiaying Wu Laura Elise Wunderlick 2nd Degree: Accounting Yuzhou Xiong 2nd Major: Accounting §Emily Junyi Yang 2nd Major: Information Systems Amy Michelle Ye 2nd Major: Information Systems Jiachang Ye 2nd Major: Information Systems Shayan Youssefi-Niaraki 2nd Major: Information Systems Michael Adam Zborowski Michael Shuya Zhan 2nd Degree: Accounting Charlena Zhang 2nd Degree: Operations Management and Business Analytics §Zuri Z. Zhao 2nd Degree: Information Systems Lindsay Gabrielle Zolet 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Nathaniel Warner Zumbach 2nd Degree: Economics Information Systems Adedeji Oluremi Adebayo *Sayeef Ifraz Alam 2nd Major: Accounting Maxwell Harris Auerbach 2nd Degree: Accounting Darryl Duane Badley 2nd Major: Marketing Daniel Batlle *Jacob Thomas Biedronski 2nd Degree: Finance Abigail Joy Araza Cajayon 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Stone Zhong Chen Luke Christopher Cheswick 2nd Major: Finance Jaelin Anthony Cook 2nd Degree: Accounting Andrew Winship Creighton 2nd Major: Finance Sagar Ramesh Dalsania 2nd Degree: Accounting *Shaun Keith Daniels Yan Ding 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Kristina Leigh Ditta 2nd Degree: Supply Chain Management Muhammad Djaya Celine Ateh Essam Djomo Ruth Angele Dudley 2nd Degree: Accounting John Alex Dull 2nd Major: Finance Kelsey Victoria Edwards 2nd Major: Government and Politics Shane Michael Flynn *Kelsey Margaret Forbes 2nd Major: Finance



Perry Steven Gordon 2nd Major: Finance Michael James Grippo Jr. 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management †Julianne Elizabeth Groshon Marianne Leszcz Gruber 2nd Degree: Management Chad William Gruzin 2nd Degree: Finance Adir David Hakakian 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Reema Walid Halboni 2nd Major: Marketing Andy Hung Huynh 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Ji Yeon Hwang 2nd Degree: Accounting *Anjali Rao Kalavar 2nd Degree: Supply Chain Management Calvin Kam 2nd Degree: Accounting Samih Shakib Karama 2nd Major: Finance Quentin Colburn Kent III 2nd Major: Government and Politics 3rd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Farhaan Abdul Khalik 2nd Degree: International Business Jacob Avery King 2nd Degree: Operations Management and Business Analytics Van Ha Nguyen Le Yungkong Kim Lee 2nd Degree: Accounting †Sherry Faye Levine 2nd Degree: Finance Patrick Wen-Cheng Lin 2nd Degree: Accounting Claire Margaret Linton 2nd Degree: Marketing §Helen Zhao-Hua Liu 2nd Degree: Marketing Michael Liu 2nd Degree: Accounting Edwin Steve Lopez 2nd Major: Marketing Andrew Manshun Lui 2nd Degree: Operations Management and Business Analytics Akshay Malhotra 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Joseph Clement Maloney 2nd Degree: Finance Scott Matejka 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Tiffany Rose Memenza 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics

Jennifer Anne Miller 2nd Degree: Accounting Uday Misra Osama Naeem 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Roshan N. Nayak 2nd Major: Finance Diem Phuc Thi Nguyen 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Van Thi Thanh Nguyen Brittany Marie Orr 2nd Degree: Accounting Thomas Piantone Daniel Andrew Pomeranz 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Sharmein Sana Qureshi †Namitha Ramakrishna 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Zakiya Dara Randall Sharita Denise Ray 2nd Degree: Operations Management and Business Analytics †Alyson Beatrix Resnikoff 2nd Degree: Accounting Yaakov Tzvi Rosen 2nd Major: Marketing Aamir Murad Rupani 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Hyeokchan Shin 2nd Degree: Accounting Saksham Shukla 2nd Major: Management Joshua Collin Singshinsuk 2nd Degree: Accounting *Kayla Wan Hua Sukri 2nd Degree: Finance Nicholas Garrett Tabler 2nd Major: Marketing Parth Talwar 2nd Degree: Finance Andrew Tran 2nd Degree: Accounting Joseph Robert Verdone Minh Nhat Vo Alvin M. Wang 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Marcus John Washington David Max Wildes Brianna Danielle Williams 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Ashley Elizabeth Wray 2nd Major: Management Jiming Wu 2nd Degree: Accounting Yazhe Yang 2nd Degree: Accounting Liam Adam Zeitchik Amy Jieling Zhang 2nd Major: Finance Kenneth Zhang 2nd Degree: Accounting

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



§Zuri Z. Zhao

2nd Degree: Finance Jasmine Jiayun Zhu 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management

International Business Jesutofunmi Boluwatife Adebekun *Jose Agustin Aguerre 2nd Degree: Finance Rachel Xibao Baldwin 2nd Degree: Supply Chain Management Lorenzo Bartolini Monica Lynn Bladel John Paul Boddiford §Iva Boishin 2nd Degree: French Language and Literature 2nd Major: Marketing Danah Nasser Bourislee 2nd Major: Finance Samuel John Brechtel Jasmine Elise Brown Hai-Son Alexandre Dang Luke Nicholas Feldman Emma Amsell Heberton Isaac Drew Hembree Christopher A. Hogenson 2nd Major: Accounting Kaleb C. Jareaux Toniesha Anne Johnstone Daniel Eitan Katz 2nd Degree: Finance Tuti Khairda Farhaan Abdul Khalik 2nd Degree: Information Systems *Kara Judith Kwart Elizabeth Chisoo Kwon David Nathan Lurie Nguyen Thao Thi Nguyen 2nd Major: Management Toan T. Nguyen Tina Nikakhtar Douglas Ngatia Njoroge 2nd Major: Marketing Jason Lee Oakes Noah Benjamin Peskin 2nd Degree: History Tomas Alberto Reinhardt John Wang Rose James Christopher Rouchard Monica Sarphare 2nd Major: Economics Diape Seck Eva Keng Shen 2nd Major: Finance Tyler Nash Silverstein 2nd Major: Accounting Madison Lea Stinchcomb Tegen 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics †Jacob Matthew Veitch 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Ngoc-Quyen Vu Felicia Lok Yau Michelle Yeung 2nd Major: Finance


Management Christian Archundia Upneet Singh Atwal *Sarah Ellen Ballow 2nd Major: Marketing Bridgette Campion 2nd Major: Marketing Daniel Abraham Chaite 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Brandon Alan Crawford Lucca De Paiva Azevedo Fasika Zeleke Delessa Patrick Joseph Dowling Shanazar Dupuy-Sandy Jacy Lanae Eisel 2nd Degree: English Language and Literature 2nd Major: Marketing Ryan Paul Fatula Jacqueline Angelica Febles Noah Elliott Fleishman Jacob Daniel Gallagher Golnoush Golban Jordan Samuel Goldberg 2nd Major: Marketing Joseph James Gregory IV Marianne Leszcz Gruber 2nd Degree: Information Systems Jonathan Hijazin Yiannis Demitrios Hristopoulos Farman Hussain Audrey Huwae Shannon Eileen Ishimoto 2nd Major: Information Systems Zenny Bokeng-Ntein Jua Japnit Kaur 2nd Major: International Business Jacob Kram 2nd Major: Marketing Westin Ga-Leung Lee Andrew William Legum Ryan Christopher Loudon Rentao Ma 2nd Major: Finance Carly Elizabeth Malpede Rachael Naomi Martin 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Andrew Marlen Mergler II Omara Nazareth Meza Desiree Nikole Negron 2nd Major: Marketing Sean Gabriel Nguyen Sihrish Noureen Orukanma Nyema OkogbuleWonodi 2nd Major: International Business Jonathan Alberto Perez Kristina Andrea Rivera Christofer Patricio Riveros Hidalgo 2nd Major: Spanish Language, Literatures and Cultures Kenneth John Rosenbach 2nd Degree: Finance Cara Marie Santucci Chaney Schultz

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Michael Joseph Sheehan Justice Stanton 2nd Major: Finance Andrew Woodland Stringfellow 2nd Major: Marketing Victoria Etando Tataw 2nd Degree: Accounting Ashley Nicole Taylor Samantha Lynn Thomas Spencer Owens Trach †Ashton Johnell Trevino MacKenzie Grahm Watson Eric Joseph Young Sharareh Yousefie Marketing Michael Benjamin Abrahams Isaac Louis-Yao Adeeku Neil Robert Amaral 2nd Degree: Environmental Science and Policy *Doyeon Katie An Ayoub Antar 2nd Major: Information Systems Edwin Aristides Arias Saron Asfaw 2nd Degree: Finance Cameron William Aud Lumnwi Audrey Awasom Ryan Christopher Babnew 2nd Major: International Business Emily Charlotte Tara Balkam 2nd Major: Information Systems Cheyenne Bartolomei 2nd Major: Management *Chloe Danielle Berman Juan Bermudez Saron Gizachew Bizuayehu 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Taylor Elisabeth Blare 2nd Degree: Supply Chain Management Moraya Mahnaz Boggan Alexandra Marisol Burgos 2nd Degree: Accounting Robert Byron Burke IV 2nd Major: Information Systems Marcelo Nicolas Chavarria Brandon Heejoon Cho 2nd Major: Information Systems Nicholas Yongsu Cho Thomas James Clark III 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Alexander James Davidson Matthew Thomas Desouza Ishan Dey Colleen Michelle DeCampo Andrew Henry DeMichele II 2nd Major: Management †Katie Lynne Doherty 2nd Major: Management Alyssa Domash 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management

Estefany Alejandra Elena Sandoval 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Robert Emory Ellett III 2nd Degree: Finance Shayna Marie Etches Christopher Fanous 2nd Major: Management Melissa Joy Fellman 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Amanda Mariani Ferreira 2nd Major: Information Systems Ryan Samuel Freedman Morgan Blair Fried Rebecca Sforza Friedman 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Daniel Ganton Nicholas Thomas Gardner Brooks Claiborne Gearhart 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Amy Kathryn Gill 2nd Degree: Communication Luis Alberto Gomez Jr. Marina Gonzalez Alexa Gorczycki 2nd Major: International Business Cornelius R. Griffith 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Caroline Frances Grover Mohil Gupta Kian Donald Haddad Sophia Ioannou Hadjipanteli *Theodore Samuel Harris 2nd Major: Information Systems Eric Michael Higgins †Madeline Denae Hope 2nd Degree: Finance Jacob Francis Hughes Natalie Grace Hutcheson 2nd Major: Information Systems Emily Mason Jacobs Daniel Edmund Jenkins 2nd Major: Management Diaundra Chanell Jones 2nd Major: Information Systems Ashley Anne Kavanagh David Jeffrey Klotz Shaylah Elyse Koontz 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Geri Kozeli 2nd Degree: Computer Science Nadiya Kutishcheva 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Julia Alexandra Kutyrev 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Steven Robert LaFemina Rebecca Leone 2nd Major: Information Systems *Charlotte Fei Li

Alison Taylor Lieberman 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management †Sara Judith Linder 2nd Major: English Language and Literature Claire Margaret Linton 2nd Degree: Information Systems §Helen Zhao-Hua Liu 2nd Degree: Information Systems Kyle Graham Lopez 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Eric Michael Lyman Christian Machado 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Jocelyn Michele Malesa Fei Anim Mancho Marissa Nicole Martin Abigail Emily McClive 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Vivian Stephanie Mendoza 2nd Major: Management David Seth Mitchell 2nd Major: Management Katelyn Marie Moore 2nd Major: Information Systems Maurice Haim Naim Gabrielle Nash 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Trinh Thao Thi Nguyen 2nd Major: International Business Jared Mitchell Nozick Michael Charles Nunziato Elizabeth Kelly Ogilvie Madeline Angeline Owens 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Brett Panaccione Bansi Patel 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Philip Yacob Peker Janeth Jaquelin Perez Peter Edward Perini Jr. Brian Barnett Pflaum Melissa Kathleen Pisciotta Joseph Michael Piscitelli 2nd Degree: Accounting Roger Pope Payal Pubbi 2nd Major: Psychology Jasminy Queiroz Jack L. Robinson 2nd Major: Information Systems Skyler James Rudolfsky Patrick Lonergan Russo 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Ryan Sam Satsky Andrew Jonathan Shapiro 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Daniel Barron Shasho 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management

Victoria Y. Shepelev 2nd Major: International Business Maxwell Evan Silverman Ryan Paul Stark Jordan Alexander Steiner 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Alexa Shaye Stone Caroline F. Summers 2nd Major: International Business Sama Tamaddon Jahromi David Brian Tarcza 2nd Major: Information Systems Jiaying Teng 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Madison Jae Tippett Tarsila F. Torrens Natalie Mindy Tran 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Thu Thi Anh Tran 2nd Major: Finance Rebeca Marie Trujillo 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Vito Demetri Vallone Gianfranco Fabrizio Vega Luke Patrick Watson *Xueting Xia 2nd Degree: Operations Management and Business Analytics †Grace Yang 2nd Degree: Criminology and Criminal Justice Connie Yeung 2nd Degree: Accounting Eric Hajun Young 2nd Degree: Supply Chain Management *Yiyi Zheng 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Olga Sergeyevna Zhigunova Wendy Yu Zhou 2nd Major: Information Systems Katherine May Zmoda 2nd Major: Management Operations Management and Business Analytics Alia Hatem Abdelkader Addie Max Armbruster 2nd Major: Marketing Joshua Logan Backman Madeline Margaret Clark Briana Marie Cobell Brendan James Cox 2nd Major: Marketing Meghan Elizabeth Kane Damon King Jacob Avery King 2nd Degree: Information Systems Anna Elizabeth Loftness Andrew Manshun Lui 2nd Degree: Information Systems



Andrew Stephen Machi 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Miranda Myers 2nd Degree: Finance Kaitlyn Ashley Natchez 2nd Major: Marketing Therese Nkafu Nkeng 2nd Degree: Finance Chineme Obie Obiefune Samuel Philip Panitch Sharita Denise Ray 2nd Degree: Information Systems Alexandra Virginia Romano 2nd Major: Finance Chase Gregory Taylor 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management Ivannia Tiberie 2nd Major: Supply Chain Management *Xueting Xia 2nd Degree: Marketing Elyas Ahmad Khan Yousufzai 2nd Degree: Materials Science and Engineering Charlena Zhang 2nd Degree: Finance Supply Chain Management Omar Adel Alfawzan 2nd Major: Finance Jordan Reinhardt Arndt 2nd Major: Marketing Rachel Xibao Baldwin 2nd Degree: International Business Brianna Xiomi Baleno 2nd Major: Marketing Taylor Elisabeth Blare 2nd Degree: Marketing Tyler Edward Brandon Richard Austin Chambers 2nd Major: Marketing Clair Elizabeth Devaney 2nd Degree: Finance Kristina Leigh Ditta 2nd Degree: Information Systems Thomas James Furlong 2nd Major: Finance Nahot Tesfay Gebremariam 2nd Major: Marketing Alexa Marie Goodrow Jennifer Elizabeth Grimes Catherine Marie Gugliotta 2nd Major: Finance Katherine Frances Harris 2nd Major: Marketing Sarina Yasmine Haryanto §Mary Anne Hope Aleksey Rebekah House 2nd Major: International Business Patrick Haly Johnson Taylor Mae Judge *Anjali Rao Kalavar 2nd Degree: Information Systems Andrew Thomas Keenan 2nd Major: Information Systems

Patrick Ryan Kelly

†Braden Wallace Kern

2nd Major: Finance Seong Moon Lee 2nd Major: Information Systems Samantha Rebecca Levy 2nd Major: Information Systems Brandon Chambers Longest 2nd Major: Information Systems Alexandra Lee Malek 2nd Major: Information Systems Seher A. Malik 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Rahul Mehta 2nd Major: Finance Diljaan Singh Melhi 2nd Major: Information Systems Brendan Carter Nahola Kaho’Okano Moore *Lauren Alyssa Naphtali 2nd Degree: Accounting Chun Ming Ng 2nd Major: Information Systems Pleiku Vu Nguyen 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Anders Roseman Norberg Christian David Olsen *Christina Katharina Paras 2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics Christy Lynn Powell 2nd Major: Information Systems Jordan Eli Riese 2nd Major: Marketing Jori Morgan Shearer 2nd Degree: Finance Benjamin Samuel Sheppard 2nd Major: Information Systems Douglas Matthew Tong 2nd Major: Information Systems Peter Hoai-Di Tran Thuynhung Lam Tran 2nd Major: Information Systems Sara Titus Veppumthara Kate Lee Wetchler Claire Gaskill Widicus 2nd Major: Finance Michael Davidson Wulbrecht Eric Hajun Young 2nd Degree: Marketing Cynthia Xinliang Zhang COLLEGE OF COMPUTER, MATHEMATICAL, AND NATURAL SCIENCES Bachelor of Science Astronomy †Christopher John Bambic

2nd Degree: Physics

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Vivian Vadimovna Belenky 2nd Degree: Studio Art Brendan Thomas Bennett 2nd Degree: Physics *Jordan Ari Corbett-Frank 2nd Degree: Physics Joseph Vincent DeMartini 2nd Major: Physics Anna Elizabeth Engle Zachary Charles Gatland 2nd Degree: Physics Molly Leeba Grabill Mark Alexander Hubbert 2nd Degree: Physics Austin Ryan Kim 2nd Major: Physics Daghan Tunc Percinel Lindsay Leeanne Poleto Isu Ravi 2nd Degree: Physics Chris Michael Rhinehart Nathaniel Richard Swanson 2nd Degree: Physics Jonathan Lik-Yin Tsang Matthew Robert Varakian Eric Alan Yates Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Troy Joseph Arcomano Tyler Patrick Boyle Matthew Michael Chaundy Chloe Jade Clark-Robertson Kevin James Dougherty Keenan Christopher Eure Justin Daniel Hicks Rebecca Marie Huff Henry Valentine Osei Monique Danielle Robinson Harrison Fairfox Rose Nicholas William Schweiker Cody Hunter Snell Grant Campbell Tipton Michael Anthony Toscano Lu Zhang 2nd Major: Geographical Sciences Biochemistry Alexander Gustaf Anderson Jovan Florentino Aquino Eugenia Awuah Boadi Logan Conrad Kelley Baker Soaroor Amanda Behdin Andrew Corbin Brown Kenneth Xavier Brown Nicole Michelle Brundridge George Christopher Caceres Carmen Cheng *Prableen Kaur Chowdhary 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Elizabeth Rose DiCioccio Albert Michel Djoum Jr. Michael James Eklund Farida Sherif Ettefa Jacob Matthew Fishbein *Theodore Leonard Fobe 2nd Degree: Chemical Engineering John Robert Goodwin Grace Eun Hyea Hahm


Lillian Faye Hallmark 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Levi Timothy Hooper 2nd Degree: Psychology Mitchell Aidan Kennedy Emily Jane Larkin Ryung San Lee Bowen Lian Robert Rui Liu 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Chun Mun Loke 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Eleanna Niki Makris Shimona Malik Karen Azucena Mata Kristiniana Claire Disonglo Moreno Gloria Maria Munayco Maldonado Froza Mushfique Gemima Mpunga Muteba Purvi Uday Nanavaty Saima Saba Naseem §Akshay Jitendrakumar Patel 2nd Major: Biological Sciences Bhakti Kiritbhai Patel Mitchell Porter 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences †Jessica Xin Qiu Lorena Lilibeth Rivera Rubio Ezra Baruch Roberts Eric Matthew Russ 2nd Major: Biological Sciences Nicholas Alexander Schouten Diego Javier Torres-Diaz Nhien Vu An Tran Huy Bao Vu Julian Antonio Washington II Michael Alexander Weglein 2nd Degree: Computer Science Jennifer Grace Weinpahl Brady Austin Wilburn Andrew Timothy Wilkes Dylan Howard Williams Samantha Hailey Winokur Yonas Woldeab *Zisui Yan Bohao Yuan Biological Sciences *Kimia Elizabeth Abtahi Koffi Enam Adanlessossi Dorcas Elyson Adeola Nick Hossein Adimi Abena Adjei Taylor Leigh Aguiar Samiha Nahar Ahmed 2nd Degree: Public Health Science Sahra Akbari Ikechukwu Emmanuel Akujobi Madeline Alia Alizadeh 2nd Major: Mathematics Lynn Alkhalil Benjamin Allen Michael Berkery Amedeo Julianne Andrade Troy Joseph Anlage Haris Mohsin Ansari

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Ebony Michelle Argaez 2nd Degree: French Language and Literature Aya Asherov Monica Makram Attia Gregory Charles Aubertin Savannah Ann Aversa Lesley Uchechi Azike Eleni Maria Baker Sayan Basu Yasmine Bedjaoui David Vitaly Bednov Tristan Jeffrey Beeson Rachael Elizabeth Belcher Rina Yael Berman Kanisha Treyana Bernard Sumon Bhattacharyya Breanna Behnaz Boggan Sougr-Nooma Monia Bonkoungou Wendpanga G. Bonkoungou §Julianna Bays Boswell David Alexander Boyd Lena May Boyer Megan Elise Brinkman Alicia Marie Briscoe *Paul Michael Brock III Marissa Nachelle Brown Alina Quynh-Anh Bui Benjamin Giancarlo Burke Cameran Isiah Burt Sierra Van Buskirk Paul Dugan Butz 2nd Degree: Environmental Science and Technology Mimi Quynh Cao-Pham Nicolas Leonidas Carayannopoulos Erin Elizabeth Causey Kelly Alana Cavender *Esther Hei-Teing Chan Ajay Chatim Taimur Shahab Chaudhry Allison Yishing Chen 2nd Degree: Government and Politics *Irene Chern 2nd Degree: English Language and Literature Chaehyun Cho Maya Michelle Cho Su Jeng Cho Ha Young Choi Seung Eon Choi *Prableen Kaur Chowdhary 2nd Degree: Biochemistry Hannah Christine Clark Lindsay Danielle Clark Kevin James Clements Anthony Michael Combs Kristen Michelle Confroy Minhquan Dang 2nd Degree: Secondary Education Philip Kwabena Danso Cyrus Seper Davati Coleman Ayobami David Robert Kane Davidson †Brooke Christine Davis †Emma Ruth De Ravin Sadil Lorensu De Silva 2nd Major: Psychology

Hannah Josephine Demers Amani Tristyn Desormeaux Keeya Dezfoli Samantha Geethi DeSilva Chandni S. Dhamsania Monneh Diggs §Jennifer Maria Drechsler §Morgan Nicole Driver *Lily Durkee *Matthew Kent Eason 2nd Major: Biochemistry Derek Lyndon Edwards Vivienne Edwards *Daina Rae Eiser Yuval Elkun Samantha Jane Ellis Nicole Elover 2nd Degree: Spanish Language, Literatures and Cultures Kevin Bradley Emmerich Imoleayo Seyi Fanilola Matthew Joseph Fisher Ryan Bradford Fiske Natalia A. Fongrat *Sarah Katherine Frail *Michael Isaac Frohlinger Jasmine Elyssa Fuhrmann Aleksandr Yuryevich Fuksenko Perry Jordan Ganz Joshua Tyler Gardner †Chloe Frost Garfinkel Harisha Garimella Akiva Yonatan Gebler Jennifer Ann Gedz 2nd Degree: Studio Art Kenneth Akum Yuh Geh §Elias Gregory Geist Jose Joshua Nicomedez Geronimo *Sherry Shahrzad Gholami Anjik Ghosh Sesen S. Gidey Shannon Noel Gleeson Kiersten Nicole Godfrey Simone Nicole Goodman Raja Goyal Amanda Elizabeth Green Joshua David Green Kira Ann Griswold Heather Darley Groves Rachel Maureen Gurnett Carol Biskal Haddad Sara Hafezi 2nd Degree: Psychology Ermias Ataklti Hagege Lillian Faye Hallmark 2nd Degree: Biochemistry Zachary Donald Hannan 2nd Degree: Psychology Anna Elizabeth Harrison Sanuri Tharaka Hennayake Andrea Stefany Herbas Tiffany T. Hewitt Jennifer Leigh Holler Matthew James Hollister Amanda Lee Horodyski Margo Paige Huffman †Robin Singh Hundal *Binyam Hundito Muzaffar Hussain Irresaba Ahmed Hussein Milki Safi Hussen

Jake Marcus Hyatt Uchenna Nnamdi Chimaobi Ihenatu Mohammad Ikram Chelsea Chidera Iloanya Rasha Iqbal Fahmeed Razee Islam Natalie Anne Ivanina Brittany Nicole Jackson Hannah Bryce Jacobson Danyaal Muhammad Jafrani Suraj Kevin Jaladanki Aria Jalalian Megan Christine Jennings Caroline Jiang Jessica Marie Joe *Philip Zhao Johnson 2nd Major: Computer Science †Brendan Michael Joyce 2nd Degree: Computer Science Miranda Margaret Kelly Judd Muhammad Junaid Youkyung Jung Yianni Louie Kanaras †Juhye Kang Aman Anil Kankaria *Noriko Katagiri 2nd Degree: Family Science Emmanuel Katsigiannakis Pranish Katwal Saransh Neel Kaul Navjot Kaur Allan Mubeezi Kawiiso Abel Kebede Michael M. Kebede †Adam Gray Ketchum 2nd Degree: Anthropology Omair Azam Khan §Yousuf Anwar Khan Anam Nadim Khatib Bijal Amul Kikani In Ho Kim Jina Prasertwaree Kim Holly Michelle King Rosanna Jepkoech Kiplagat Matthew Chan Koenig 2nd Degree: Japanese Ramya Harshavardhan Kolagani Megan Kong Dharani Krishnamoorthi Kyle Stephen Kroll *Tomer Lagziel Anne W. Lai *Wei Chen Lai Michael William Laskowski Andrew Jay Layton Jada Janei Ledbetter Amanda Ji-Eun Lee Danielle Jungwon Lee Yunghon Kim Lee 2nd Degree: Chemistry Hannah Magdalena Lefors Sidney Mechom Leno Kim Liang Anna Ning Lin Brian Yian Liu 2nd Degree: Computer Science *Qing Liu Robert Rui Liu 2nd Degree: Biochemistry Timothy Cheng-Shin Liu Juan Andres Llaja-Herrera

Chun Mun Loke 2nd Degree: Biochemistry †Nicholas Blaine Lolli John Thomas Lukish Christopher Roy Luthers Makayla Anna Machovec Reethika Gutta Maddineni 2nd Degree: Psychology Zoey Rachel Maggid Talatha Hawa Mah’Moud 2nd Degree: Psychology Darilyn Capri Mahoney Eliana Alissa Maia-Goldstein Sarah Irene Maknati *Tania Mamdouhi Alexander Peter Todd Mangerian †Sasha Vali Margob Melissa Rosaura Marquez Arvin Massoudi *Jamie Emoto Matthews 2nd Major: Computer Science *Kylie Nicole Mauricci Tobenna Blossom Mbonu Elaine May McCabe Conor Michele McEwan 2nd Degree: Psychology †Spencer Darius Mehdizadeh Julie Mehta Naomi Getachew Mengistu 2nd Degree: Psychology Anne Catherine Meyer Nichole Chimnonso Mgboji §Jacob Pine Miller Justin Andrew Miller Logan Marie Miller Sarah Feldman Miller David Morris Millner Adrienne Renee Minor Tina Mirzazadeh Yasmin Mirzazadeh Ankit Mishra Jordan MacKenzie Mitchell Hamza Saboor Mohabbat Imran Zahid Mohabbat Jordan Grace Mohondro Matthew David Montani Shaun Christopher Moore Ryan Jason Mortman Kaitlynn Jean Motley †Mariame Moumena Katherine Hope Mullen Areeba Khalid Mushtaq Claudia Desiree Najera Matthew Anthony Nalls 2nd Degree: Psychology Hannah Alexandra Narburgh Bushra Nawaz Tabish Nawaz Claris Mawum Nde Boris Duvalier Ngouajio Augustine Ai Nguyen Andrew Joseph Nixon 2nd Degree: Germanic Studies Jennifer Nicole Novak Ashley Awele Ntosi 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Chydubem Brett Nwaiwu Anthony Kenechukwu Nwankwo †William Francis O’Connor Kerina Akinyi Ochieng



Katherine Kimiko Okada Grace Mona Okpali 2nd Degree: Dance Samuel Oluwatimilehin Olaniran Folarin Ndidi Onifade Ruth Ashley Domingo Paat Jaime Park Jungwhon Park Jan Aleksander Pasternak Kunal Patel Mayuri Nilesh Patel 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Mitkumar Romeshbhai Patel Neerav Bakul Patel Priyal Dushyantkumar Patel Shalin Nilesh Patel Corinne Alexandria Perloski 2nd Degree: Chinese Pheleshia Chelsie Persaud Kim Hoang Pham Kalala Simone Pines Mitchell Porter 2nd Degree: Biochemistry Daniel Joseph Prettyman Emily Frances Prickril Martinna Gina Raineri Tapies Mishal Rao Aishwarya Raveesh Michael Anthony Ray †Elliott Vance Rebello 2nd Degree: Classical Languages and Literatures Tricia Danielle Borja Restum Alesia Anne Richardson 2nd Degree: Psychology David Michael Rickert Erin Leigh Riley Richard Michael Roberts Jr. †Mary Caroline Robichaux †Mitchell Brandon Rock 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Hunter Myles Rogoff Kevin Matthew Rose Precious Blaire Ross 2nd Degree: Psychology Soham Roy Jennifer Grace Sabol Amil Sahai Zahraossadat Sahiholnasab Hirad Saleh Nezhad Daryl Sanguinetti II †Mathavi Gowri Sankar Yasasvhinie Santharam Amrita Sarkar Ontara Sarker Alyssa Schledwitz *Destan Can Scott Dylan Andrew Selbst Samhita Vishnupriya Sengupta Jash Ambarish Shah Krishna Deepak Shah 2nd Degree: Psychology Saloni S. Shah Shrey Hiren Shah Jordan Matthew Shapiro Deena Ahmad Shariq Karishma Sharma 2nd Degree: Psychology Christine Yunn-Tyng Shen Sweekar Krishna Shrestha

Dannial Siddiqui Sana Siddiqui Aliyah Brianne Silver David Michael Silversmith 2nd Degree: Psychology Rasika Laxmi Singh *Rohan Singh Heather Elizabeth Slattery Robert Dent Smith Jr. Stephanie Elyse Smith Evelyn Janeth Solis †Savannah Justice Speir Brittany Pauline Spraker 2nd Degree: Nutrition and Food Science Rae-Ann Steele Jessica Lynn Stimely 2nd Degree: Spanish Language, Literatures and Cultures Kathleen Heather Streeks *Aidan Kohana Strother Daniel Agrella Stylos Kaitlyn Veronica Sullivan Reid Kathleen Sullivan Alan Kris Sun Karthikeyan Sundar Jayshree Meerah Surage Isabella Sarah Swafford *Jay Prakash Swayambunathan Thomas George Szeliga Nicole Marie Szeluga Sarine Carolyn Tahmazian Anton Taimassov Azka Tariq Brittany Viola Taylor 2nd Degree: Psychology Kaelyn Ann Taylor Michaela Alyse Taylor 2nd Degree: Psychology Hannah Getachew Terefe †George Mathew Thomas Zelandonaii Thompson *Amir Reza Tofighbakhsh Thomas Tran Tommy Quang Tran Rachel Jordan Troxell Gia Thinh Truong Radhika Tyagi 2nd Degree: English Language and Literature Paris Naquan Tyson Alec Arthur Tzianabos Muhammad Atta Ullah Maharshi Vaidya Andrea Valencia Rodrigo Vargas Eguez David Joseph Varisco Daniel Alejandro Vazquez Escobar Shreya Vuchula Zakiyah Isa Wada Sicole Diamond Walters *Tiffany Wang 2nd Degree: Anthropology *Caleb Todd Weddington Singiti Weerasuriya Robert H. Weigman Margaret Ann Wickless *Matthew Levi Widlus Wesley Hughes Wilcox †Allison Patricia Williams Candace M. Williams

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Alexandra Marie Wilson Thanda Win Angel Onki Wong Kelly L. Wright Michelle Yang §Jillian Elizabeth Yant 2nd Degree: Animal Sciences Amy Happy Yuan Alex Zhang Christopher Zhang Emily Jiahui Zhang Alice Tang Zhou 2nd Major: Individual Studies Anna Zimina Filip Zuber Chemistry Jocelyn Baer Sahil Bandyopadhyay Sarah Elizabeth Bard Tatiana Mariel Bravo Brianna Marie Caljean 2nd Degree: Psychology Tylar Lane Clark 2nd Degree: Environmental Science and Technology Stacey Blanquita Cristales Andrea Sheenan Dai Ian Meade Eggleston Anna Michelle Gipsov Emily Ann Haase 2nd Degree: Criminology and Criminal Justice Jackson Thomas Hensley †Joseph Gabriel Hood Alyssa Rose Kaden Liza Gail Kanter Brandon Paul Kim Allison Fong Chuan Lee Yunghon Kim Lee 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences *Muxiao Li Tae Young Lim *Robert Thompson Martin 2nd Degree: Mathematics Ryan Parker Mitchell Taylor Ann Motley Ndema Achuocho Ndi Nnaemeka Okorie Nwokorie Thomas Richard Pedersen 2nd Degree: History Carianne Louise Powers Pranaya Pramod Terse Mandy Tran Shuyue Wu Elizabeth Slater Zipf Computer Science Zaki Abdullah Benjamin Andrew Abshire Lucrecio Derama Alberto III Abdullah Qabas Alshabeeb Lena Tamiko Amano Yusuf Americianaki Bismah Amin Iciar Andreu Angulo 2nd Degree: Film Studies Andres Anhalzer Colin James Ardizzone Benjamin Aronson Majed Mordhi Arrfedi


Miguel Lorenzo Manalo Aviles Satchel Franklin Aviram Andrew C. Banks Kurt Samuel Barsotti Noah Scott Becker 2nd Major: Mathematics Mark Vladimir Bedanov-Pack Kyl Owusu Bempah Jr. Dania Benalla 2nd Major: Biological Sciences Alec Nath Beri William Bermudez Jr. Ankit Bhandary Jonathan Edward Binkley Benjamin Matthew Bissett Derek J. Blahut Anna Michelle Blendermann Sarah Elizabeth Bobo Edward Paul Borders 2nd Degree: Classical Languages and Literatures †Austin William Bourgerie 2nd Degree: Germanic Studies Brody Thomas Bowen Jonelle Alexi Bowen Steven Paul Bower Brett Matthew Boyer Dustin Cordell Brashear *Blaise Wilson Brennan Hailey Caroline Brown 2nd Major: Mathematics Raymond R. Bryant Wyatt James Bucci 2nd Major: Mathematics Nicholas Budimirovich Daniel John Bugos John Nicholas Bundra Colin Alexander Park Burr Abdul Wadood Butt Joseph Scott Cahill Zhi Cao 2nd Degree: Japanese Alexander Capo Christopher Nolan Castellano 2nd Major: Psychology Shouvik Chakraborty Christine Chan Justin Hon-Kwan Chan Pauline Chan Chin-Ming Chang 2nd Major: Mathematics Justin Harris Chang Alexander Der-Zhu Chao Noa Eisenbach Chazan Hsin Chen Michael Xiaohong Chen Nicholas Shihsuan Chen Shiqi Chen 2nd Major: Mathematics Xi Chen Zhehao Chen Sylvia Cheng Tony Cheng Jr. Bradford Miles Chessin Ihtesham Ahmed Chowdhury 2nd Major: Mathematics Dmitriy Chuchuva Brian Changsuk Chung James Vincent Clingerman Nicholas Riley Condron Andrew Dominic Corson Aerin Frances Cox

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Joseph Manly Cox IV Nolan Joseph Crane Michael William Crouch Harry Conrad Cummins 2nd Major: Mathematics Akshay Dadhwal Sohum Jignesh Dalal Ian Edward Dalton John Thomas Daly Bryan Hieu Linh Dang Brandon Joseph Daniel Saurav Das 2nd Degree: Mathematics Marcellus Dante Davenport Joshua Carroll Davis Ngoc-Han Huynh Dinh *Michael John Doxey Geri Dunellari Marcus Christopher Eastman Joshua Steven Eichel 2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering Omar Mahmoud El-Mihilmy Sofia Dmitry Eliseeva Thomas Leslie Evans Henry Charles Eveleth Jixiang Fan 2nd Major: Economics Alexander Jai-Min Fang Courtney Rae Farnsworth Marcus William Fedarko Alexey Konstantinovich Fegeding Matthew Austin Ferrando Jason Steven Fields Brian Jonathan Fitzgerald Joseph Robert Lee Fong Kyle Joseph Foster *Patrick George Freed 2nd Degree: Mathematics Samuel Cserhalmi Friedman *William Shuang Fu 2nd Degree: Mathematics Payal Praveen Gadura 2nd Major: Economics Jihan Gao Rosana Garay Jiaxin Geng Santiago Gepigon III Maxwell James Gipson ChanSeung Go Alexander W. Golden 2nd Major: Mathematics Benjamin Goldin William Xiaowei Gong *Andres Ignacio Gonzalez 2nd Degree: Bioengineering James Matthew Gordon Brian Keith Gottfried Tushar Govil †Elise Miriam Green 2nd Degree: Mechanical Engineering John Carl Groninger Aaron Mattathias Hall 2nd Major: Mathematics Cory Shane Hannon Gabriel Santiago Hardgrave Matthew James Harding Gregory P. Harris 2nd Major: Mathematics Thomas Edward Harris 2nd Degree: Germanic Studies

Jessica Marie Hatfield Qi Cong He 2nd Degree: Finance Kyle Michael Herock Rachel Marie Hewitt Malik Haitham Hijazi Jeremy Tyler Hikind 2nd Degree: Finance Candice Le Ho Robert Patrick Hoff Matthew Holman Nikhil Suresh Hosamane †Vincent Hsiao 2nd Degree: Mathematics Alyssa W. Hu 2nd Degree: Mathematics Siliang Huang 2nd Major: Mathematics Jenna Elizabeth Hunte Hannah Hwong Jules Richard Panganiban Iglesia Ian Victor Ihde Arman Alberto Iman Christopher Peter Iwaskiw Alexander Thomas Jack Anshita Jain Christine Yojay Jean Ashwin Jeyaseelan Kevin Jiang Matthew Limin Jiang Henry Estuardo Jimenez Samantha Marie Johnson Andrew Davis Jordan 2nd Degree: Philosophy Connor M. Jordan Kevin Carter Jordan †Brendan Michael Joyce 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Seung Ha Jung Kevin Michael Jurrius Rinor Jusufi Stefan Marcus Kagan Bill Saverio Kamba John D. Kanu 2nd Degree: Mathematics *Daniel Alexander Kapit 2nd Degree: Music-Liberal Arts Program *Ayman Shafin Karim 2nd Major: Economics Allison Marie Kendrick Ryan Matthew Keyes Benjamin Gehula Khakshoor Saad Khalid 2nd Degree: Psychology Aastha Khanna Arbaz Khatib Pranav Mukesh Khatri Andrew Lee Kim Dong Han Kim Ellan Minsong Kim Matthew Kim *Jonathan Abraham Kittner Michael Avery Kniffen Joshua Michael Kofsky Rajan Brian Konai Keshav Srinivas Kowtha Geri Kozeli 2nd Degree: Marketing Leland Hamilton Kraatz

§William Eugene Kunkel

2nd Major: Mathematics Sui Wing Howard Kwok §Cassidy Meier Laidlaw 2nd Degree: Mathematics Eric Craig Lancaster 2nd Major: Mathematics Joshua Michael Land 2nd Degree: Mechanical Engineering Andrew David Landfried Scott Edward Lanoue Brendan John Lawler 2nd Degree: Mathematics Jennifer Minh Le Brian Lee *Datvuong Chana Lee Dong Chang Lee 2nd Degree: Economics Hojoon Lee Joon Lee 2nd Degree: Linguistics Joshua Christian Lee Joshua Joon Lee Jung Sup Lee Ruoyu Lei Ryan David Leimenstoll Alexandra Claire Levenson Ang Li 2nd Degree: Finance Bowen Li 2nd Major: Mathematics †Ruizhe Li Ruoxi Li Xiaoqi Li Ingrid Moira San Pedro Lim Chenqian Lin Rodrigo Alberto Linares Araoz Brian Yian Liu 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Charles J. Liu Everest Fubo Liu Jin Liu 2nd Degree: Mathematics Ian Joseph Longo John Lingchao Luo Mark Knoll Lyons Xiao Ma Akash Magoon Talia Jennifer Mallo Dolapo Martins 2nd Degree: Classical Languages and Literatures Daniel James Masin Aishwarya Sarah Mathew Ryan Samuel Mavilia Jonathan Edward McConnell Brian Dominick McDevitt Conor Edward McDonald Gwen Evans McGuirk Colin Richard McNulty Matthew Blaine McQuin Joshua Lawrence Meek Parker Howell Meek Daniel Enrique Menendez Richard Andrew Metrey Jonathan Reed Mevs Dylan Russell Mink Brian Edward Mitchell 2nd Major: Mathematics Aditya Mithas Gregory James Mollica

Nathaniel Davies Montague-Smith Stefani Moore Teofilo Alexander Morales 2nd Major: Psychology Colby O’Rourke Morgan Eric Christian Mott †Cameron Chuen Ming Moy 2nd Major: Mathematics Richard Christopher Moyer III Muhammad Usman Nadeem Albert Jeesung Nam Khanh Quoc Duy Nguyen Linh Vu Nguyen Minh-Khoa Dinh Nguyen *John Joseph Nolan Steve Malachie Noumbissi Joseph Ocharo Nyangwechi Motunrayo Olusola Odejinmi 2nd Major: Mathematics Muftiat Hillary Ogunsanya Jihoon Ok Brian Oluwo Alysha Oswal Thomas Jerome Outing Jr. Alexander Panagopoulos Jaemoon Stephen Park Ishwarya Lakshmi Pasala Aadit Alpesh Patel Harsh Jaimin Patel Kishan Nitin Patel Satvik Pendem Julia Teresa Pennington Alex Gia Pham *Kaman Mali Phamdo 2nd Degree: Mathematics John Robert Pike Anthony Louis Pingelli Joseph Denison Pittman 2nd Degree: Economics Sebastian Pituscan Jason Allen Pollock Daniel David Portin Neelima Pradhan Alec Robert Pskowski §Alex Pu 2nd Degree: Bioengineering Rui Qian Ivan Kwok Quach Vladislav Zdravkov Rachev Nayantara Ramachandran Charith Rumal Ranawake Bracha Tova Rappaport Dennis Reyes Nao Rho 2nd Degree: Mathematics Dallas Michael Rhoades Waliullah Rifai Bethany Marie Riley Ian Gordon Robinson Bryan Nicholas Ross Jared Joshua Ross Ephraim David Rothschild 2nd Degree: Mathematics Carlos Salamanca Ahmad Seiam Salehi 2nd Degree: Mathematics †Jake Aaron Sandler 2nd Degree: Mathematics Leonardo Dean Santos 2nd Degree: Criminology and Criminal Justice Ian B. Savage



Jack Harrington Saylor *Kevin Alan Schechter David Gregory Schlegel Simon Marr Schlegel Richard Frank Seabrease III Gregory John Segala Lauren Seidleck Dominic Austin Sesto Phillip Henry Shebel Han Yang Shen 2nd Major: Economics Yiwen Shen Davis Ross Silverman Eric Youngsun Sim Justine Alina Sim Narjit Singh Daniel Joseph Sitnick Brandon Tucker Sloane 2nd Major: Mathematics Jazmine Ashleigh Smith Sarah L. Smolen Mikhail Sorokin 2nd Major: Mathematics Steven Patterson Staley Joshua Max Stein §Thomas John Steitz 2nd Major: Mathematics Matthew John Straathof 2nd Degree: Mathematics Yu-Ping Su Vijay Ambarish Sudharshan Keran Sui 2nd Degree: Studio Art Yuanxin Sun Starla Seika Suzuki 2nd Major: Mathematics Harriet Hay Symington Kaushal Jigish Thaker Wesley Paul Thomas Zachary Joe Titus Alexander Tran Andrew Hoang-Quan Tran Daniel E. Trevino Sidhanth Tuli Evan Jarell Tunstel Daniel Christopher Turner Steven Joseph Tvardzik Abdul Wasay Usmani Gabriel Jardin Vallangca Stephanie Jeanette Verduguez Camille Jacobovitz Veselka 2nd Degree: Economics Juan Carlos Vicente Pardo III Sujith Vishwajith 2nd Degree: Mathematics Vinay Venkata Viswanadha Richard Michael Vook Amanda Min Wang Jeffrey Shichao Wang †Jixuan Wang 2nd Degree: Mathematics Katie Wang 2nd Major: Studio Art Shanshi Wang Yu Wang Audrey Lauren Watt 2nd Degree: Mathematics Michael Alexander Weglein 2nd Degree: Biochemistry Craig Andrew Weiss Kayla Lauren Wiegand Grant Americus Wigfield

Emily Susan Winner

§Kevin Richard Wittmer

Nicholas Walter Wolf Gi Yoon Woo Timothy Ryan Wood Tianchu Xie 2nd Degree: Mathematics Vikram Yabannavar Alex Yang Corey Yang 2nd Major: Mathematics Eric Liu Yang Zhou Yang Mingyu Yao Alex Peihao Yu Alexander Tao Yu Hailun Yu Jeffrey Yu Zohib Zalmy Alexander Zhang Alexander Yuanchen Zhang Binpeng David Zhang Hanping Zhang Jonathan H. Zhang 2nd Degree: Mathematics Lihan Zhang Patrick Zhang Julia Zheng Paulina Zheng Jiahua Zhou

Environmental Science and Policy *Julia Bell 2nd Degree: Geographical Sciences Hannah Corrine Benzion Esther Youngen Cho Kelsey Marie Gump Nan Skinner Himmelsbach *Jessica Mary MacGregor Michael Joseph Mitchell Danielle Jordan Norwitz Theodore Leo Thormann Maggie Olivia Wartman Geology Diego Manuel Burgos Kevin K. Mei Rhobeca Thomas Sweat Hope Adrienne Tornabene Madison Leigh Turner Youchuan Wang Benton James Williams Mathematics Tauqir Abdullah 2nd Degree: Computer Engineering Marieclaire Lomosbog Alde §Timothy Patrick Barry †Nadia Maria Batkhan 2nd Degree: Finance Runhan Bi 2nd Major: Economics Chloe Bonifacio Matthew Alexander Bowman Jonathan Michael Bozzonetti Jacob William Bruington Troy Pierce Cary Simon Sungil Chang Akshay Chauhan

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Minli Chen Yunfei Chen 2nd Major: Economics Nia Simone Coaxum Danielle Sarah Cohen 2nd Major: Economics Saurav Das 2nd Degree: Computer Science Nirja Ketan Dave Owen Eliot Daw 2nd Major: Economics Michael Matthew DeSiena Jonathan Robert Eby Keaton Hyuckmin Kweon Ellis 2nd Degree: Economics Sarah Mohamed Eshera 2nd Degree: Philosophy *Elliot Golding Frank 2nd Degree: English Language and Literature *Patrick George Freed 2nd Degree: Computer Science Nicholas Robert Frush 2nd Degree: Economics *William Shuang Fu 2nd Degree: Computer Science Thomas Benjamin George 2nd Degree: Economics *Jacob Ezra Greenspan Jingjing Gu Emily Anne Hauge †Vincent Hsiao 2nd Degree: Computer Science Alyssa W. Hu 2nd Degree: Computer Science Jonathan Da-En Huang 2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering Paul Jeon 2nd Degree: Mechanical Engineering Xuwen Jiang Hunter Ezra Johnson John D. Kanu 2nd Degree: Computer Science Marshall Alexander Kayda 2nd Major: Economics Jason Kim Jungkyu Kim Samuel Gregory Kolodrubetz 2nd Major: Economics §Cassidy Meier Laidlaw 2nd Degree: Computer Science Brendan John Lawler 2nd Degree: Computer Science Andrew Lee Joon Lee 2nd Degree: Linguistics Yuan Liang 2nd Degree: Computer Engineering Mengyuan Lin 2nd Major: Economics Jin Liu 2nd Degree: Computer Science Yuxin Liu Tong Lu Zhenliang Lu 2nd Degree: Economics *Zidan Luo 2nd Degree: Agricultural and Resource Economics


Gang Lyu 2nd Degree: Finance *Robert Thompson Martin 2nd Degree: Chemistry 2nd Major: Secondary Education Benedict Apurba Mondal 2nd Degree: Physics Emily Claire Murdock 2nd Degree: Music-Liberal Arts Program Xiner Ning Edward Nusinovich Lukash Radomyr Onyshkevych 2nd Major: Computer Science Ruslan Volodymyr Onyshkevych 2nd Major: Computer Science *Ines Pancorbo Matthew Ryan Petraites 2nd Degree: Finance Tri Minh Pham *Kaman Mali Phamdo 2nd Degree: Computer Science Tushar Vijay Ponkshe Vaibhav Pravin Ponnuri Pavani Rangana Rannulu Nao Rho 2nd Degree: Computer Science Ephraim David Rothschild 2nd Degree: Computer Science Garrett Sadtler Saba Safa Ahmad Seiam Salehi 2nd Degree: Computer Science †Jake Aaron Sandler 2nd Degree: Computer Science Margaret Winick Sauber Allison Rachel Schwam Ashley Renee Schwanebeck 2nd Degree: Economics §Arianne Hannah Schwartz Victor Sellemi 2nd Degree: Physics Chase Thomas Shilling 2nd Major: Computer Science Wasif Hasan Sikder 2nd Degree: Computer Engineering Njord Rose Soevik Yuchen Song Neha Soni Dean Stephen Sproul Aaron M. Stanley Linda Steele 2nd Major: Secondary Education Matthew John Straathof 2nd Degree: Computer Science *Shihao Sun 2nd Degree: Agricultural and Resource Economics Sara Dawn Tatum 2nd Degree: Secondary Education *Zonglin Tian 2nd Major: Computer Science Karyna Titania Todd 2nd Degree: Economics Madelyne Ventura Sujith Vishwajith 2nd Degree: Computer Science Vanessa Katherine Wagener

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Daokuan Wang 2nd Major: Economics Davin Wang 2nd Degree: Economics *Di Wang 2nd Degree: Agricultural and Resource Economics Hanchu Wang 2nd Degree: Chemical Engineering †Jixuan Wang 2nd Degree: Computer Science Ruiyu Wang Tianrui Wang 2nd Major: Economics Audrey Lauren Watt 2nd Degree: Computer Science Gareth Rayburn Weakly 2nd Degree: Economics Teli Wen Sydney Charisse Williams Danielle Marie Wilson 2nd Major: Economics Mark Christopher Wilson Jingjing Wu Jenny Fei Xia Tianchu Xie 2nd Degree: Computer Science Yang Xu 2nd Degree: Agricultural and Resource Economics 2nd Major: Economics Junran Yang 2nd Major: Computer Science Yunjun Ye Jessica Alison Yeung *Aria Jeewon Yom 2nd Degree: Physics Lawrence Yu §Victoria Ho Yu 2nd Degree: Economics Ruge Yun 2nd Major: Economics Jonathan H. Zhang 2nd Degree: Computer Science Ang Zhou 2nd Major: Computer Science Zhengxuan Zhou 2nd Major: Economics Physics Abdulquadir Oluwafayohanmi Ajadi Nathan Scott Anthony 2nd Major: Astronomy †Christopher John Bambic 2nd Degree: Astronomy Vivian Vadimovna Belenky 2nd Degree: Studio Art Brendan Thomas Bennett 2nd Degree: Astronomy Eric John Birckelbaw *Jacob Allen Bringewatt Mathew Calkins §Benjamin Michael Cannon 2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering Nathanial James Carter *Jordan Ari Corbett-Frank 2nd Degree: Astronomy *Eliot Frederick Fenton Thomas Patrick Fowler

Nathan Isaac Fredman Joseph Michael Gallagher Jr. Zachary Charles Gatland 2nd Degree: Astronomy Kevin V. Gima *Brandon Jacob Grinkemeyer Matthew True Haynes Michael Aaron Hoffman Samuel Levi Hokanson Mark Alexander Hubbert 2nd Degree: Astronomy James Odiaga Iannone Noah Saul Kasmanoff 2nd Major: Astronomy Sarah Kerr *Yuxi Lu 2nd Major: Astronomy Miles David Miller-Dickson 2nd Major: Mathematics Ameer Insaf Mohammed Benedict Apurba Mondal 2nd Degree: Mathematics Sarah Ashley Monk Kevin David Webb Porter Andres Daniel Principe Isu Ravi 2nd Degree: Astronomy Nao Rho 2nd Degree: Computer Science Samuel Benjamin Rombro Joshua Samuel Victor Sellemi 2nd Degree: Mathematics Liam Joseph Shaughnessy Aaron Michael Stahl Nathaniel Richard Swanson 2nd Degree: Astronomy William Tyler Tanzola 2nd Major: Secondary Education Justin Kirby Terry Steven Ward Williams §Gina Michelle Wong 2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering Michael Jiantso Wong Sarang Suresh Yeola 2nd Degree: Economics *Aria Jeewon Yom 2nd Degree: Mathematics §Valerie Joy Yoshioka Andrew Zhao *Peter Zhou COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Bachelor of Arts Secondary Education Brooksley Marie Baran 2nd Major: Government and Politics Michael Anthony Barrett 2nd Major: History Reina Jacqueline Canales 2nd Major: Spanish Language, Literatures and Cultures Katie Elizabeth Evans 2nd Major: History Molly Katherine Hustead 2nd Major: English Language and Literature

Rebecca Alice Kendall 2nd Degree: English Language and Literature Mesfin Kirub 2nd Major: Government and Politics Marion Lindstrom 2nd Major: Spanish Language, Literatures and Cultures Amie Renee Littman 2nd Major: English Language and Literature †Lindsey Marie McCumber 2nd Degree: English Language and Literature §Carly Elizabeth Moore 2nd Major: English Language and Literature §Michelle Elise Sauer 2nd Major: English Language and Literature Rachel Marie Scott 2nd Major: English Language and Literature William Avery Sickels 2nd Major: History Alexander Cole Orvill Wright 2nd Degree: English Language and Literature Bachelor of Science Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education Sara Beth Adler Chi-Un Baik Susannah Clancy Bane Celine Angelique Cedeno Hannah Elizabeth Cummings Emily Megan Dahl Rachel Mae Davis Bridget Catlin Delehanty Shannon Silva Derksen Jennifer Oralia Diaz-Arriaga Rory Marie Duarte Vivian Hannah Franks Melanie Erin Friedlander Colleen Marie Gray Deirdre Marie Henry Kelsi Alexandra Hinrichs Natalie Anton Hanna Jouzy Eunice Yaeun Kim Helen Hye Lin Kwon Melissa G. Leccese Avital Louisa Lupovitch Siyi Mao †Troiah Alyse McCorkle Nguyet Thi Anh Nguyen Daniel Ross Offermann Natalia Stanislawa Pacyga Boeun Park Megan Marie Raup Sarah Colleen Sinnott Murphy Lee Taube Breanna Marie Wharton Elementary Education Jessica Ann Abrams Giselle Balcazar Natasha Oppido Bremmerman Ashleigh Nora Brown Eric Gino Cataldi

Leanne Marie Cetorelli Jordan Deanna Cohen Michala Collis Cara Lauren Davidson Caitlin Julia Doherty Matthew David Fisher Teresa Gois Flanagan Jessica Jamilette Flores Laura Christine Fratta Lily Xi Gates Jana Rose Gawitt Carly Alexandra Goodman Bria Marie Gregg Grace Elizabeth Hamilton Tara Rose Hart Nahl Ilyas Michelle Joseph Colleen Nicole Konkol Rachel Levine Samantha Anne Link Meghan Elizabeth Lisle Allison Grace Locker Christopher William Lodge Alicia Beatriz Martinez Casey Valen Miller Sierra Michele Mullins §Laura Catherine Nesbitt Sarah Jessica Parker Lauren Marie Regulinski †Alanna Taylor Rothman Mollie Jayne Russell Marissa Lynne Salatto Kara Ann Marie Savercool Alexandra Rose Schneider Kylie Nicole Siegel Michelle Song Elijah Jack Steele 2nd Degree: History Ethan Howard Stewart Yena Suh Sierrah Irene Taylor Michaela Paris Vila Rachel Elisabeth Werre Holly Noel Williams Chia-Chi Wu †Sabrina Kristen Ziegler Caroline Abril Zurita Middle School Education Ian Biglow David Kenneth Brown Sean Patrick Crawford Sabrina Elizabeth Elshafei Gina Beryl Ethe Aileen Mary Farrell Sarah Danielle Fultz Rachael Marie Herman †Ariana Maria Lulli Kathryn Jeannette Shannon Edwin Frederick Singer IV Hana A. Yi Secondary Education Toni Nicole Burriss 2nd Major: Mathematics Minhquan Dang 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Sara Dawn Tatum 2nd Degree: Mathematics Special Education Ja’Nya Andrellé-Mae Banks



Rachel Michelle Fishman

†Eliza G. Foster

Katrina Elisabeth Haas Elizabeth Kang Sr. Gillian Beth Kramer Adam Peter Mackie Hayley Summer Miller Kathryn F. Ruiz Sarah Margaret Wofford Caroline Haley Wolf

A. JAMES CLARK SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Bachelor of Science Aerospace Engineering Benjamin Gorman Adam Melissa Joy Adams Spencer James Aman Luke Edward Amatucci Matthew Ryan Angel Ian Kevin Bahr *Vergilio Antonio Bandini Michael Robert Bassett Christopher Seaver Bernard Derek Christopher Bierly Kaitlyn Ellisa Blair John Henry Bolster Miles Preston Bromfield Joseph Michael Bryce Karenna Aimee Buco Jared Stephen Bumgardner Benjamin Ye Chang Ji Min Chang Alexander Cheung Ryan Patrick Collins Joshua Anthony Curreri Samuel Burton Dame Matthew Charles David Rosemary Katherine Davidson *Brian Patrick Davis Andrew Christopher Delmont Jonathan David Detoro Dylan Paul DiBernardo Ehiremen Itulua Ebewele Bianca Constance Foltan Caleb Thomas Fricke Zane Braden Gardenhour Sean Karl Garrahan Logan Daniel Gibb Henry Stephen Gillen V Benjamin Leslie Graney Green Jaclyn Spindler Green David Arthur Hairumian Sean Sunil Haliyur Jung Ho Ham William Lehman Hewlett III Simon A. Hochmuth Dong Kyu Hong Stephen Thomas Hunsberger *Andrew Godwin Jones Kyle William Kaplan Saimouli Katragadda Christopher William Kennedy James Minjae Kim Athipat Kuphirun Nathaniel Alexander Lawless Daniel Alexander Lee Nicolas Jake Levitsky Austin Mahowald Dale Fan Martin

*Jacob Ryan McCullum James Daniel McLaughlin Nolan Michael McMahon Rahul Menon Johnathan Patric Morley Christopher John Moseman Mohamed Nassif David Nestor Havya Rajeshkumar Patel Neel Ketankumar Patel *Evan Peaco §Zachary Jay Plotkin Andrew Michael Powers Ryan Michael Quinn Amos Joseph Remer §Luke William Renegar Noah Phillip Robinson Jacob S. Sandral *Nathan Mahir Schilling Gabriel Peter Segnatelli Ilya Yevgeniyevich Semenov †Katarina Elizabeth Sherman Mark Anthony Shiderly Nash Avery Snodgrass †Cole Edward Sousa Richard Michael Sponseller Aseel Syed Derek Bertrand Thompson Skylar J. Trythall Chinonso Oscar Ude Robert Van Fleet Brayan Varghese Jennifer Vuong Christopher Calvin Wald Westley Reid Weinkam §William Valentin Whitmore Peter Stuart Wight Jason Wan Xu Barnabas Rian Fock Yong Jacob Matthew Zembower Duke Du Zhang Bioengineering Cailin Adair Marisa Caroline Adelman Turki Ibrahim A. Alahmadi Christine Elizabeth Anderson Sarah Naa-Ayeley Aryee §Jessica Kay Baer Carrie Alice Baumgartner Evan Zackary Botterman Andrew Lawrence Broda §Erica Gabriella Brown Aaron Domenick Brust Nicholas E. Cha Joanne May Chan Aaron Thomas Cherian Brandon Jia-Wei Chu Monica Joy Chu Joseph Garrity Dawson †Urvashi Dayalan Jacqueline Lee Dempsey Justin Devos Boris Deogracias Djiguemde Emma Catherine Dobry Caroline Yorlan Dong Dylan Andrew Donley David Dubey Metecan Erdi †Mairead Theresa Fahy Naomi Shoshanna Feldman Lucia Maria Fernandez

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Nidhi Gandhi Noam Gannot Amy Garcia-Vivas Havisha Garimella Katie Rose Geary Monil Manish Ghodasra Sukriti Ghosh Nicholas Scott Giroux *Madelyn Dana Golding †Andres Ignacio Gonzalez 2nd Degree: Computer Science *Riddhi Gopal Jordan Anthony Gorsuch Patrick Joseph Grandinetti Jacob Michael Gross Alana Rochelle Gudelsky Valerie Gupta Negin Haghighi Ara Samuel Jaehyun Han Cameron Riley Harner Audrey Lynne Heffner Kellie Maureen Holovac Stephanie Nicole Hughes Kara Grace Huie †Stephanie Anastasia Krikoria Hutchinson †Timur Kamalitdinov Alston Yen-Jiun Kau Riley Drummond Keane Joseph Shuah Kim Ajay Kurian Shannon Sheridan Larson Sung Hoon Lee Geena Nicole Lingberg Andrew Blake Lippe †Natalie Katerina Livingston Alexander Miao Lu §Allen Y. Luk Manuel Nicholas Mastromanolis Thomas Mathews Jacob Connor McCright Allyson Elise Meltzer Christopher Andrew Mikus Serenity Antoinette Miller Lily Motabar Zoe M. Mote *Thomas Royal Mumford Elene Athanasia Nakas Yousuf Naved Connie Pham Nguyen David Tri Nguyen Vu Quang Nguyen Wesley David Niswander Adam Gregory Paley Nicole Theresa Palumbo §Alex Pu 2nd Degree: Computer Science *Joe Joseph Puthumana Veda Ravishankar Julia Phillips Ringel Ladeja Desiree Robinson Jane Emilia Rouse Malavika Shukla Lisa Maria Kissoon Singh Brooke Morella Szczesny Jesse Vo Tyrus Jin Hao Vong Jimmy T. Vu Troy Thomas Walker Bryan Spear Wand Kellen Nicole Weigand Sonya Corina Williams


Elizabeth Ann Wilson Michael Kenneth Wong Alex Junhee Woo Devin John Wright Tiffany Gah Yan Wun Jessica Guangluh Yau Chemical Engineering Robert James Allsopp Emily Ann Arnold Sonia Arya Seth Michael Birch Matthew Nathan Bohensky Catherine Borig Benjamin Wesley Brock Stephanie Lee Chill Boungrok Choi Tyler Newman Cline John Mark Cross Sophia Leanne Dietrich §Kevin Joseph Dragonette Daniel J. Drost Rebecca Chia-Wei Fan Adam Ferrick Mackenzie Collette Fitzgerald *Theodore Leonard Fobe 2nd Degree: Biochemistry Colby Barnet Francoeur Soliver Che Fusi Sterling Chase Holgate Gordon Eyuel Abraham Gorfu Ana Carolina Gubert Galvao Samuel Guo Paul Han David Joseph Hans Miles Alan Harriston Brendan Anthony Hensel Kelly Rebecca Hillen Priyanka Hegde Hiriyanna Gregory Michael Jarnutowski Adrian C. Johnston Michael Thomas Kelleher Julie Ann Kessler Brandon Lara Gomez Megan Thuy Nhi Le Nhi Thao Le Kimberly Jessie Lo †Gerry Liyang Ma Marisa Renee Maher Hema Manivannan Trey Russell Mason Michael Grady McKee Garvey James McKeown Oliver Shannon Meade Alexander Patrick Mitchell Benjamin Andrew Morales Rukayat Morenike Muse-Ariyoh Fatemeh Noroozi Luke John O’Malley Deborah Olawuni Francis Adebayo Oyebanjo Kenneth W. Parker Karan Patel §Nimit Raju Patel Kyle Joseph Patrick Rachel Michele Pennington Tanner Pfendner Joseph William Repac III Matteo Antonio Ricci Benjamin Levi Richardson Shira Rubin Joshua Michael Scholz

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Eileen Marie Shea *Mariya Shevchuk Tingchen Shi Zachary Willman Spawn Amanda Louise Stewart †Morgan Elizabeth Sulzbach Vivian Ailinh Tran *Nina Vivian Uchida Annika Leigh Vaerst Lauren Elizabeth Van Exter Ross Elliott Vechery Anthony Vu Sarah Wain Brandon Lee Wallace Hanchu Wang 2nd Degree: Mathematics §Samantha Weaver Sulin Wu Wei-Lee Wu Samuel Swanzy Yamson Civil Engineering Kokou Anoumah Rachel Antomattei Abdul Rahman Arnous Jonathan Andrew Bryan Aspito Kamil Adam Baraniewicz Niusha Bastani *Vera Belaia William Ryan Beveridge Madison Eliza Boone John Joseph Brletich Justin Robert Burger Tiger Zhihao Chen Ashley Cohen Amy Frances Conley *Samantha Paredes Corbel Juan Carlos Coronado *Noah Thomas Cynkar Alexander Joseph D’Alessio Travis Allen Danko Nicholas Richard Dasher Darek Junior Davis Sahan Nilupama De Alwis Anthony Deban Jr. Alexander Ronald Dixon Reema Ramanlal Domadia Sean Joseph Duffy Jake Louis Eberth Alejandra Felgueroso Paul James Fritz Natasha Tatiana Gelmann Michael Joseph Glaser Dain Golsen *Brian Goncalves Matthew Earl Groff Claire Harvey Bradley James Hogan *Michelle Barbara Huffert Ariel Leah Jarvis Patrick Joseph Katafiasz Cillisha Shabron Knights Wing-Mei Alexandria Ko Stephanie Jane Kriz Alix La Fonta David Andrew Larson Victoria Jean LaFemina Jean-Philippe Benoit Le Guil †Summer Ann Legambi Chelsea G. Legaspi †Jason Luu †Sadie Juhua Kay Lynch

David Alexander MacGregor Richard M. Meehan Chyanne Nicole Nader Thinh Luu Hai Ngo LeAnn Du Nguyen Jacob Andrew Nickoles Ana Novo Ivana Giselle Olivares Brandon Michael Quinn Bilal Ahmad Rana Andrew Steven Reitzes Sean Richardson Julius Gijiva Sandy §Christopher Louis Satterfield Jessica Schroeder Dylan Schulz Jill Sara Smith Cameron James Spruill Ramya Srinivasan 2nd Degree: Economics Michelle Lynn Stanley Dajani Anthonia Strachan Rachael Nichole Strauss Savannah Leigh Swaim Jaclyn Taylor Guillermo Terrazas-Dominguez Melody Leh-Yeun Tsao Joy Yiran Wang Daniel Clayton Webb Kara Lynn Webb Charles Michael Wernig Nicole Elizabeth Wilson Jennifer Young Yun Kyle James Zelkoski Christopher Joseph Zoufaly Computer Engineering Omar Helmy Abdelkader *Tauqir Abdullah 2nd Degree: Mathematics Sami Yaser Abuzeineh Renee Tyree Adkins Zachary Gerard Aebli Cole Michael Alban Govardhen Arunagiri *Daniel Thomas Beck Anthony F. Breitzman Jr. Jeremiah Nicholson Brown Victor Weiming Chan Gursimran Chawla Brian Jisoo Choi Jason Robert Chulock Kathryn Paige Crisafulli *Alex Hua Dang Matthew Bao Dang Rahul B. Dhruve Aesha Doshi Matthew Henry Du 2nd Degree: Japanese Bradley Scott Felton John Patrick Fitzgerald §Jodi Lin Flanders James Michael Gaitan Mingbo Gu Samuel James Guro Kevin Konrad Halliday Kelly Ann Harner Lucas Stephen Hays Michael David Henehan Tiffany Sarah Jachja Christopher William Jackson Samrat Kumar Jha

Alexander Jia Alex Peter Johny Michael Kevin Jurrens *Nikhil Kandpal David Eitan Kaplan *Neel Khanna Brian Levine Yuan Liang 2nd Degree: Mathematics Chong Tian Lin Eileen Cherry Liu Kevin Joseph Mak William George Maloney III John Patrick McAninley Christopher McCall Mark David McCloskey Jeremy Brigham Meredith Kevin Michael Merrick Kyle Montemayor §Timothy Michael Murnin Brandon James Newman Dylan Patrick O’Reagan Osbert Libra Octavianus Jesse Pai Mahitosh Deepak Patel David Michael Pfeiffer Jonathan Lei Pierce Andrew Putlock Yichen Qian MacKenzie Lee Robertson Matthew Saggar Daniel R. Schofield Zachary Elliott Schwartz †Brendan John Sheehy Anjana J. Shenoy Cameron Dennis Shepherd Christopher Sieber Wasif Hasan Sikder 2nd Degree: Mathematics Ivelin Tchangalov Harry Vancao William Henry Vea Ceril Trey Sarmiento Venegas Jeffrey Jim-Siang Wan *Andrew T. Wang Frank Wang Xun Wang Ian Hanshaw Wilmoth *Yimeng Wu Zemichael Belew Yemane *Tiffany Shien Yen Charles Yin *Bryan Thomas Zeug William Huasheng Zhang Electrical Engineering Alema Yohannes Ararso Sr. Nicole Marie Armstrong Mangliwe None Bimizi Matthew Blair Matthew Nicholas Brundin §Benjamin Michael Cannon 2nd Degree: Physics §Anthony Spero Caputo Cody Alan Cashmark Sai Meghasena Chavali Peng Chen Michael Salvatore Chiaramonte Daniel Eric Comberiate Gerald Vincent D’Ascoli Thomas Ryan Darden *Aditya Dev Dash

Madison Jacob Glover Varvaris Charles Johne Waduwarage Perera Christopher Martin DeFrancisci *Kevin Julian Ward Sydney Jordan Edwards Christopher Daniel Wilson Joshua Steven Eichel 2nd Degree: Computer Science §Gina Michelle Wong Nathaniel Alexander Ferlic 2nd Degree: Physics Corey Maxwell Ferrick Ryan Andrew Wong 2nd Degree: Spanish Language, Glenn D. Wyche Literatures and Cultures Karl Chun-Hao Yee *Aaron Joshua Fradkin Majd Sabah Zaker †Danny Brandon Goldberg Xiechen Zheng Akshay Kaila Grewal Fire Protection Engineering Andre Sebastian Guzman *Eric Thomas Auth Julian David Hammett Rachel Bourassa Karl Neimann Hill IV Lucas Summerfield Crofton Adantchede Amouzou Anhhuy Kyle Dang Hounzangli Rachel Morgan Eckley Jonathan Da-En Huang 2nd Degree: Psychology 2nd Degree: Mathematics †Gregory Joseph Fiola Evan Leo Hying Ndukwe Azubike Iduma Michael Vernon Heck Hasme Rafsan Jani *John Anthony Hoffman Dong Hyun Kang Lindsay Anne Huffert William Gabel Kay Jeremy Owen Knopf Gordon Lee Kordell Alexa Renee Kushner James Martin Krehbiel Zoe Elena Ladwig Alexander Krutan Rachel Sarah Lentchner Jacob Allen Lejeune Katherine Laura McKee Samuel Beede Lemma Grant Alan Millenburg Alex Yu Li Porter Polcaro Dong C. Li Garrett James Scheetz *Xincheng Li Porscha Changmin Silva Nathanial Ryan Macko Jesse Hunter Simpson Jason Philip Mallon Michelle Colleen Smith Erich Paul Meissner Connor Andrew Van Scyoc Tewodros Emishaw Mengistu Nicole Katherine Welch Richard Karl Miller Matthew Joseph WestonVladimir Vladimirovich Dawkes Mokrushin Jr. Nicholas Joseph Zielinski Karl Robert Montgomery Salman Nabeel A. Morshed Materials Science and Marouane Nafaa Engineering Theodore Alexander Arianna Michelle Avellan Nikolaitchik Jaramillo Trevorne Q. Nisbett Patrick William Ayerle Chukwuma Collins Anthony Jeremy Asher Cade †Alexander Rizzolo Epstein Odigwe Augustine Obinna Onyekonwu Jason Tyler Fleischer Hinesh Padhiar *John Mehlville Hayden *Geoffrey Harrison Palo Steven Hong Pavlo Piliptchak Shoshana Rose Javitt †Alan Benjamin Kaplan Christopher Steven Rand *Maitry Randeria Dylan Jesse Kirsch Elizabeth Reitan *Spencer Logan Kronthal †Ryan Louis Rinker Alexander Sterling Lees Joseph Thomas Morgenstern Brett Noah Rogers *Alan Murphy Matthew David Rosenfeld Alexandra Rose Murphy Katie Lynn Ruland Nicole Ann Nodar Alexander Edward Scott §Arun Seetharaman Allison Michelle Orr Luke Christopher Savage Meyer Aaron Shimanov §Miriam Sheyndel Silton Ryan Rowland Smith Kailey Marie Stracka Trevor Lars Solberg Alice Uanchian Tsao Roshan Julian Talagala Evan James Winter Xuyang Tan Elyas Ahmad Khan Yousufzai Jason Tang 2nd Degree: Operations Raymond T. Tann Management and Business Alexa Tavassoli Analytics Kumie Awoke Tesfaye Liqi Zhu Tiffany Trang Tran Bibiana Valdes §Jonathan Dassoulas

†Peter Young Deaville



Mechanical Engineering Couami Serge Agbokou §David Gabriel Alcantara Omar Saeed Alvi Getachew Anteneh Trevor Ward Appler Joseph Donald Arias Micah Doron Arnson-Serotta Eliab Ayicheluhim Kyeong Il Bae Suliaman Sultan Bah Zachary J. Ball Amanda Elizabeth Bank Erik Robert Bazyk Zane N. Beal Richard Alexander Bee Jeroen Beh Brooke Amanda Benson Jaime Michael Schnaier Berez Sebastian Marco Bio II Stephen Michael Blumenthal William Thomas Bogdan Jose Antonio Bonilla Jr. Antonio Borckardt Theresa Ann Bounds James Edward Bowie Brendan Jeremiah Bradley Jr. Andrew William Bradshaw Jeremy William Brown Thomas Joseph Buas Christopher Michael Buckley Ethan Thomas Burbridge John Broderick Burns Joseph Tyler Buto Clifton Edward Buxbaum Thomas Carlacci Kate Teresa Carter Tate Albert Carter-Graham *Matthew Edward Caspero Valerie Renee Cazeau Timothy Chandler Cervi David Cheng Vincent Cheng Randall Odom Clay †Alison Grace Cleary Joao Pedro Montezzo Coelho Devon Conrad Cogan Marcos Aryam ColonPappaterra Jessica Contreras Nicole Devin Convissar Drew Corry Christine Lee Cwieka Zelalem Kibret Damtew Jordan Ashton Dantzler William Manuel Dawkins Thomas Samuel Deloache †Catherine Demmerle Neal William Denny Mark Edmund DiMarzio James Larkin Doody Keven Alexander Dubon Peter Michael Dziki Christian Joseph Egbert Andrew John Endres Yonatan Estifanos Ian Anthony Farris Evan Harris Feinberg Tyler Darren Felicien Patrick Vincent Findle Matthew James Fitzgerald Trevor Lawrence Flach

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



John Willem Folkerts Ryan Zachary Frankle Falan Agastya Garner Arber Gashi Joshua Christian Gaus Nathan Wayne Gehr Harrison Tutelian Genis Demosthenes Athanasios George Chariah Janel Ghee Grant Kaftan Giftos Charles Stewart Gilak Sherlock Swann Gillet III Katherine Alina Goetz Justin Michael Gotard *Megan Elizabeth Gotsch William Charles Shriver Grabill Allison Grabowski Andrew David Graham §Elise Miriam Green 2nd Degree: Computer Science Mahesh Guda Jennifer Alice Hendrick Andreas Kevin Hochmuth Kevin Phat Thuan Hong Matthew Thomas Houtman Jui-Ting Hsu Jacob Warren Hudson Ryan Alexander Hutchens Abraham Alexander Irias Jr. Sadie Delaine Isakower §Kathryn Lea Jahn Paul Jeon 2nd Degree: Mathematics Esben Dystrup Jepsen Alexander Kai Johnston Matthew P. Kanter *Ashley Nicolette Keffer James T. Kernan Hae Lee Kim TaeHwan Kim Patrick Joseph King Muturi Gacangi Kiruthi †Surabi Kondapaka Kaitlin Constance Roxy Krejcik Christopher Paul Kujawa Arye Jacob Kupferberg Joshua Michael Land 2nd Degree: Computer Science Luke Landiak Andrew Evan Lantz Carlos Roberto Lanza Galeas Christopher Jensen Laughlin Samantha Leigh Lawler Theo James Thompson Leasca Victoria Christina Lee Sam Sloane Lewando Zhengliang Liu Hannah Raye Loeb Sean Theodore Lowthert Albert Lyou Grace Catherine Macatee Andrew Gregory Maio Colt Hampton Mason Caroline Ellen Massey John Thumbunkel Matthew Michael Robert Mattis Justin Matthew Mayle Jackson Connor McCarty †Jessica Lee McWilliams Aaman T. Mengis *Christopher Roger Meuse Kathleen Alice Miller


Vivek Narendra Mistry Paul Gregory Monaghan III Kevin Joel Moreno Erin Colleen Moser Grayson Gerald Moses Brian Charles Mulligan *Eliza Ann Mummert Meredith Redford Murphy Patrick Robert Musselman Benjamin James Nardo Graham Tyler Nettleton Cody Stephen Niblett Emma Cecile Norman Joshua Philip Novick Patrick Loyd O’Shea Kyle David Olchewsky Caitlin Sierra Olejnik *Robert England Parcher *Eun Ji Park Brendan Basil Parlett Abhishek Patel §Trisha Umesh Patel William Padraic Peabody Bryce Adrian Peterson §Alexander Pique Mitchell Robert Poe Nikolay Alexander Poist Steven Michael Powers April Julynn Privett James Gregory Psoras Manasi Pukazhenthi Cesar Francisco Ramirez Edwin Antonio Ramos Rios Vivek Kenny Ravishankar Timothy Michael Raymond Sophia Thais Larkin Relph David Philip Rennert Connor Michael Reynolds Thomas Casey Reynolds Joshua Nathaniel Rezavker Junelle Magno Rivera Zachary James Rodriguez *Artur Marek Roman *Sebastian Antonio Romo Duenas Daniel Ross Philip Charles Royce Bryan Jesus Sanchez-Pariachi Ryan Patrick Schmidt Andrew Peter Scontras Joshua James Sheldon Samuel McManus Sherman Chae-Rin Shin Sara Katherine Shonkwiler Shariq Zia Siddiqui Welbeck Sintim Ryan Edmund Smith Joseph Alexander Sonken Daniel Rolin Soreng Benjamin Findlay Spaulding Ethan Sternstein *Florence Olivia Stevenson Darien Anthony Strachan Jr. *Christopher Randall Strem Trevor Allen Suchter Noah James Suttner Matthew Scott Swetz §Justin Kai Tang Jordan Terrazas David Patrick Thibeau Kyle Irving Thibeault Isaiah Jamal Thomason Michael Grant Titus

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Xuan Thanh Tran Ann Michelle Tsay Mariya Tymofiy Haroula Marianthe Tzamaras Adam Sean Vinner Santiago Vivas-Gonzalez 2nd Degree: Music-Liberal Arts Program Eric Lebry Vrydagh Kejin Wang Lee Wei Richard Trent Weidman David Alan Werking Garrett Scott Wiles Dakota Aubrey Wilhelm David Christian Wilkinson Brennan Scott Williams Jacob David Williams Joseph Steven Wofford Joseph Kyle Wood Robert Parker Woods Cody Alan Wright Yanming Xia Benjamin Wye-Don Xu Qidi Xu Michael C. Yeh David R Yu Yuanzhao Zhao Danielius Jonas Zilevicius COLLEGE OF INFORMATION STUDIES Bachelor of Science Information Science Nathan Edward Abbott Charell Valencia Adagala Anastasia Agapova 2nd Degree: Spanish Language, Literatures and Cultures Bukar Sunoma Alibe Alexis Ankrah Carl Leon Apgar IV Stephan Appiah Rashad Banjo Pierre Benites Luis Alfonso Beteta Nikoli Thad Bolivar Richard L. Bool Devin Wayne Brown Robert Nils Bruffey Ryan Chi-Hun Chang Paul Theodore Cheakalos Kyle Chin Nabintta Mahnond Fina Coulibaly Jhon Rommel Ahorro Dela Cruz Seyoum Ambachew Demssie Aseem Bikram Dhakal James Ehahoun Yadinma Chimaobim Ejiogu Noha Nagy Elansary Waleed Falak Phuntsok Tashi Geleg Marisa Rose Gilman Ibrahim Ayaz Hashme Zamier Levar Heyward Keona Michelle Jai Holden Hyeng Ki Hong Justin William Hsieh Martin Ming-Fei Hu Chelsea Elizabeth Hunt

Richard L. Jackson Jr. Adam Abdula Jiroun Gabriel Isaac Kempenich Damilola Kukoyi Roosvelt Kwamou Eyerusalem Mengstu George Ibarra Mirano William Theodore Mohn IV Anna Mulli Jaira Keshawn Myers Oluwaseyi Opeyemi Oni Kingsley Chukwuemeka Opara Jr. Reginald Jerome Padgett II Bianca Jade Palmer Joseph Stephen Pezzulla Andrew Trong Pham Michael Rubino Azeez Olademji Saba Jan Christian Vega Santos Austin Wooshik Shin Matthew George Smart Brandon Yount Turp Monica Marcela Urrutia Kevin Raymond Wan Derek Michael Wu PHILIP MERRILL COLLEGE OF JOURNALISM Bachelor of Arts Journalism Oluwatomike Adekemi Adeboyejo Jennie Abigail Aguilar Oluwatoyin Oyinlola Akinwande 2nd Major: English Language and Literature Molly Leigh Alkon Nadia Elise Barnett 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Liam Evan Beatus Connor Andrew Bell Evan Joseph Berkowitz Daniel Lee Bernstein Ilana Rachel Bernstein 2nd Degree: Theatre Bradley Pierce Billington Michael Anthony Brice-Saddler Jake Alexander Britton Jacob Ripken Brodsky Elisee Paige Donnelly Browchuk Julia Elisabeth Bryant Jessica Sara Campisi Alexandria Carolan 2nd Degree: English Language and Literature Abel Chanyalew 2nd Major: Film Studies Daniel Jason Chavkin Timothy Jim Chong Camille Alexis Chrysostom Andrea Kate Cwieka Amanda Blare Deutch Haleigh Morganne Dibetta Steven Erario Dilsizian 2nd Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice Maeve Douglass Dunigan Andrew Eaton Dunn 2nd Major: Economics

Joel Michael Eliach Aja Nicole Ellison Kayleen Renae Ennis-Yermal Danté Maurice Evans Sydney Young Fazio Rachel Leigh Feidelman 2nd Degree: Economics Lindsey Paige Feingold 2nd Degree: Psychology Sarah Elizabeth Fielder Jessica Fischberg Kirstyn Alexandra Flood 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Alexander Paul Flum Joseph Alvaro Foley Lauraine Aimee Dulay Genota Brooke Shannon Giles Barrett Lawrence Goldberg 2nd Degree: Arabic Studies Robert Michael Greenspan Natalie Elizabeth Grim India Hamilton Caroline Anne Hanks Mina Haq Nathaniel Patch Harold Thomas Clair Hart Thomas Scott Hausman Juan Emmanuel Herrera Asia Jhane Hester Mollie Starr Higgins Ana Maria Hurler Jacqueline Hyman 2nd Major: English Language and Literature Blair Elizabeth Jackson Cristina Raquel Johnson Makayla Cerehia Johnson Michaela Ann Johnson 2nd Major: Government and Politics Griffin Matthew Jones Ye Lin Jung Casey Jordan Kammerle Gabrielle Marie Kanik *Carly Eden Kempler §Rebecca Kathleen King 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Rachel Ann-Marie Kuipers Alexandra Emmanuelle Lashley Layne Litsinger Alexander James Littlehales Myleah M. Lofland 2nd Major: Government and Politics Tristan Robert Madden Joseph Malandruccolo IV Alexander Graham Mann Zachary Tigger Marcus †Madison Marmen Carlos Marquina Julianne Christine Maxwell Catalina Mejia 2nd Major: Spanish Language, Literatures and Cultures Kyle Nathaniel Melnick †Hallie Ilana Miller 2nd Major: Government and Politics Charles Janvrin Mitchell II Zane Philip Moses

†Anna Krystyna Muckerman

Cameron William Neimand Cara Lorraine Newcomer Uyen Hanh Nguyen Elizaveta Vladimirovna Noskova Sebastian Gustavo Obando Daniel Ofman Keirsten Owens John James Paciotti Alec Ohara Perez Morgan Sara Pilz Evan Joshua Raigrodski 2nd Major: Economics Julia Elizabeth Reed Matthew William Regan Nicole Anne Reisinger Brett Austin Roberts Christopher Emmanuel RogersSpatuzzi Kira Dorothy Sansone Joshua Joseph Schmidt Vidal Ian Serfaty Kristen Nicole Seto §Ryan Michael Sevel Aisha Sharipzhan §Karina Bahari Sharma *Megan Elizabeth Smedley Nicholas James Sobel Jacqueline Anne Tanner Sydney Alexis Tonic Joel Michael Valley †Gillian Leigh Vesely Sabrina Viscomi Tina Hang Vo 2nd Degree: Psychology Samantha Julia Waldenberg Abby Taylor Wallisch Rayanne Mary Weigel 2nd Degree: English Language and Literature Benjamin Daniel Weiner *Teri Camille West 2nd Degree: Sociology James Holbrook Whitlow Sean Patrick Whooley SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH Bachelor of Science Community Health Karla Mariela Alvarado Granados Fiona S. Bett Cierra Michelle Bryant Olivia Kay Burgess Brent Anderson Cook Nikita Daniel Maya Lee Deane-Polyak Merritt Rachel Dermer Hana Mohamed Helmy Abdelmoneim Elborai Natalie Suzanne Fecteau *Amelia Feng Tiffany Nicole Filomena Sarah Margaret Fisher Tekele Marie Ghonda Gah Beth Sarah Goldberg Jessica Nicole Goldstein Nicholas Granozio Samuel Haile Maria Beatrice Molina Halaguena Benjamin Peter Harper



Talia Nicole Hoch Hanieh Javaheri Boluwatife Barakat Kamil Katya Noemi Kaplow §Israel Kates Meryam Fatima Khan Dylan Nicholas Kirby Alexandra Noelle LaFree Mary Elizabeth Lees Joseph Nicholas Leuzzi Lauren Allison Levy 2nd Degree: English Language and Literature Briana Winslow Lockhart Molly Ruth Mantus Sofia Idalia Marmolejos Lea Sarai Mejia Nicole Elizabeth Messina Marianna Jasmine Molina Marie Christiane Nguewa Emma Xenia Oroxom †Sabrina Nicole Pasta Dhara Mukesh Patel Mina Rachel Pulitzer Sydney Love Rutledge Rebecca Jane Scherwatzky *Rachel Elizabeth Seitz Sarah Shahid Madison Bevan Shutt §Jessica Joanne Throwe Biola Tjongarero Delaney Nicole Todd Victoria Marie Valcarcel Raquel Leah Weinberg Jacklyn Louise Wilson Naomi Rena Zukerman Family Science Iman Ismael Abdulmalek Oluwaseun Victoria Ajimoko Kaltrina Alaj Shirel Sarah Altmann Zuleyma Crissel Alvarado Dennys Samuel Amaya Bryce David Andrukitis Trevor David Angert 2nd Degree: Psychology Jesse Aniebonam Anja Laurencia Aniere Miquela Caroline Apicella Estefany Araniva Shannis Maria Asilis Shakirat Ayodeji Brianna Lindsay Bachner Lillian Halle Baker Jhoselin Diana BeltranContreras Shannon Nicole Berkheimer Amber Desiree Booth Morgan Rielle Bristow Alashia Danice Bryant Emanuel Enrique Ceron Ji Ae Cha Sandali Km Chandradasa Chelsea Seizo’o Che Anthony Darnell Coley Teresa Rose Collier Mary Caitlin Nicolas Deyto Rachel Thibault Dillon Asia Nicole Downer 2nd Degree: African American Studies

Gabriela Michelle Ellison Mahe Sayed Elsayyad John Joseph Fellers Jr. Nya Cymone Ferguson Amoni S. Griffin Gabriella Hammer Emma Margaret Haydasz Megan Christine Hemmer Zachary Ryan Henderson Azalia Abigail Hernandez Nicole Janoff Archelia Jacqueline JohnstonTaylor Marshé Qushawn Jones Ashley Jung §Noriko Katagiri 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Melvin Manneh Keihn Alexandra Erin Kennedy Kristine Maria Kraus Melanie Sophie Kugler Zainab Lawal Erica Ranit Levy Melissa Angela Grace Lodge Johan Andre Malcolm Leandro Marques Manuel †Jessica Janett Manzano Kevin Raphael Martir Astrid Putri Masfar Arielle Masica 2nd Degree: Criminology and Criminal Justice Jessica Victoria Mayorga Kaitlin Mary McAllister Rahel Mehreteab Patricia Elizabeth Mezarina Zack Alexander Miller Nessa Claire Moghadam *Natalie Renee Moyer Carolann Joy Newgent Gertrude Fuhbi Nkwamu Afua Korama Owusu Oluwatoni Akonde Oyinloye Samantha Ilene Pavsner Emily Elizabeth Peet Wendy Isabel Pintado Natali Porta Julia Cooke Price Damian Devaughn Prince Jr. Michael Anthony Rescigno Anabel Reynolds 2nd Major: Psychology Trerese Betty Roberts Marissa Blaire Robinson Doreen Katherine Rozario Mayra Allison Saavedra Alana Dorothea Schauer Jessica Leigh Schoen Jessica Marie Seidleck Stephanie Shao †Priya Beth Sharma 2nd Major: Spanish Language, Literatures and Cultures Kadiatou Binta Tounkara Katherine Angela Trant Roi Roger Abundo Turalde Elliott Lamar Watson Jessie Rae Woodall Quanise Alexus Wooten Micah Brianna Yarbrough Alan Yin

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Kinesiology Samantha Lynn Abernethy Maya Jillian Acocella Chance Anderson Albury Brandi-Lexi Moradeun Alegbeleye Gabriela Malka Alter Mikal Michael Carter Ames Dawood Ahad Amiri Sodiq Folarin Amusat †Morgan Rose Aronson Anton Maher Asknder Emmanuel Atehchong Atabong †Maria Jean Ayoub Alberto Pereira Barbosa Lauren Ruth Batlas Kristina Louise Bayton Alexa Beovich Amanda Jean Bertorello Andrew Michael Biddle Allison Allisa Blackman Lily Shor Blum †Sameh Nabil Lamey Boulos Jacob Louis Boyer Michelle Nasia Briner Andrew Tyler Brown Christina Marie Buettner *Madeline Burns Brittany Alexis Buxton †Robin Nicole Buxton Abigail O’Donnell Cahalan Samet Caliskan §Daniel Davidson Callow Antonio Raphael Camponeschi Jenna Rochelle Caraher *Katherine Mary Caramanica Raymundo Antonio Carreon Chavez †Amber Lucia Chabus 2nd Degree: Dance Shelley France Chernin Charles-Ray Custalow Christian George Max Cislo Jack Kenneth Clifford *Meghan Bridie Costello Alexis Simone Crispin Jaclyn Louise Dail †Claudia Danielle Damico Lauren Rae Davis Julianna O’Donnell Dawson Alana Janette Del Sordi Mark Philip Depaul Madison Disher Brian Kygia Do Matthew David Dorn *Megan Elayne Dougherty Eric William Dour Anthony Robert Duncan *Kelly Marie Dunn Marshall Luck Dupuy Marie Gabrielle Vargas Dy Cok Jennifer Marie Eckert Nolan Matthew Empeno Michael Stephen Fjeldal Kelly Christine Flamand Eric Coronado Flores Ashley Syrai Gallo Kara Lynnice Gans Emily Josephine Garguilo †Becky Hannah Geller Mackenzie Stuart Genthe 2nd Major: Communication


Cairan Brennan George Loureen Gil Thomas Robert Glendenning Hana Gnaoui Tony Lee Gross §Casey Lee Gruber Quinshay Charniece Hall Meghan Rose Harrington Dana Nicole Harris Arion Nazeem Henry Taylor Marie Hensh Maris Drew Higginbotham Sydney Hiller Matthew Ryan Hoberman †Morgan Maria Hochuli Molly Catherine Horan Andrew Hwang Fatjon Ismalaj Mustapha Almami Jawara Thierry Anthony Jean-Pharuns Samael Jean-Philippe Elee Christopher Johns Heather Johnson †Kathryn Elizabeth Johnson Rylenn Leanah Keys Lindsey Yailin Kim Emily Kerstin Kjellman Allison Emily Kuntz *Alisa Kuznetsova Anthony N. Lam Michelle Lay Camden Alan LaMarsh Chase Matthew LaPilusa Jamie Lee Alexander Joseph Leto Millicent Celia Levin Michael Erik Lober Teresa Long Kacie Marie Longo Leah Janay Lytle Brianna Kiri Mallory Cheyney Manning Peyton Thomas Manning Max Gabriel Manson Alexa Nicole Martini Khadar Dayib Mohamud Sam Motaghi Jacqueline Elizabeth Mueller Sanad Naber Evelyn Yai-Mei Nee Victoria Diemi Ngo Tim Trung Phuc Nguyen Madison Dale Nickens Jennifer Tova Nir Meghan Marie Noonan 2nd Major: Psychology †Rachel Georgetta Norton Kevin Mitchell O’Donnoghue Michelle Ifeoma Obijekwu Nnamdi Azikiwe Offorbuike Tochi Nkechinyere Ogbumbadiugha Moses Oluwafemi Ogunyoye Won Kyung Oh Laura Paola Paez-Ortiz Andre Allen Paper Nikhil Upendra Patel Isaias Alfredo Perez Matthew Jacob Perry Gregory Poku-Dankwah Andrew William John Potocko Briana Patrice Prue

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Nicholas James Pulli Carly Nicole Putterman Kahlil Austria Rasul Zachary Alan Robertson Casey Kennedy Rogers Emily Ann Rohlfing Daniel Gary Sanchez Miguel Angel Sanchez Aziz Sanusi Jacquelyn Yejide Bisola Sayikanmi Maya Alexandra Schwartz †Grace Elizabeth Sekscienski *Julia Blanche Serrao David Matthew Siegel Kristian D. Simon 2nd Degree: Public Health Science Amanuel Awedew Sisay Evan John Skoparantzos Daniel Aaron Spitz Dana Sung Daniel David Sutton Mizuki Takata James Hunter Templeton Francis Frederick Tietgen-Muller Vietmy Thi Tran Jacob Anthony Trybus Ellie Patricia Turcotte Lindsay Heather Turcotte Lea Renee Valentine Luke Christian Verdi II Matthew Adam Wachtman Kimberly Michelle Warren Craig Aaron Wasserman 2nd Degree: Nutrition and Food Science Kathryn Leah Waters Aubrell B. Watts Tyler Uthus Westfall Valerie Elaine Westney Emma Reilly Whisted Kathryn Joann Wolter Aaron David Yitzhaky Mara Beth Zankman Shayne Aubrey Zaplitny Public Health Science Jerusalem Abebe Elyse Lauren Abrams Mary Kathryn Afzali Samiha Nahar Ahmed 2nd Degree: Biological Sciences Myra Quratulann Alam *Jonathan Ryan Alcazar Aatessa Alimahmoodi Khadija Arif Alvi Adaeze Queenette Amaefule Sabih Sarfaraz Ameen Aniedi Andrew Meghana Annadata Ifrah Saud Ansari Christina Asare Liya Fikru Asfaw Fawzi Marwan Asraf Samuel Ryuji Bara-Garcia Omid Stefan Barr Melissa Rose Barto Marissa Rose Baxter Alexandra Elizabeth Bean Roshan Belbase

Sarah Julie Benenson Chelsea Benjamin Joan Ashley Bielski Patrick Thomas Bjork Hailey Evelyn Bradley Kaitlyn Bristol Alexandria D.J.C. Brown Brittany Samone Brown Gabrielle Leah Brown Phuong-Uyen Nguyen Bui Amy Rosario Cabrera Madison Daina Campe Ryan Lester Carter *Rachel Victoria Cermak Kasey Kwongyin Chan Vishal Vinod Chavan Stephanie Soo Jung Choi Megan Victoria Chui Jess Alise Coggins Jasmine Simone Coltrane *Charlotte Josephine Louise Costello Samantha Caitilin Curbelo Priya Dalsania Shriya Dalsania Rachel Elana Davis Nicholas Owen Dempster Courtney Cheryl Deng Olivia Grace Durling David Egbufoama Cleave Emmanuel Ekpe Monica Lily Eng Samantha Erin Ernst Jacqueline May Ewing Chukwudi Chukwuemeka Ezeonyebuchi Nicole Alexa Falus Bianca Margaret Fiore Marcus Alan Fisher Michael Dave Flancia Simone Elizabeth Fleary Fredy Alexis Flores II Claire Seton Ford Drue Keva Foster *Alison Richele Gaynor Chebreia Dabrenae Gibbs Kerianne Rose Gibney Sammrawit Daba Girma Lexi Corinne Glockner Lindsay Mara Gray Samantha Elise Greene Anne-Catherine Grela-M’Poko Taylor Griffin Mark R. Groom Wengiel Gugssa Risheilly Gutierrez Madeline Elaine Hagerty *Jaycee Lynn Hart Sacdia Mahamed Hassan Jodeh Hanna Huleis Meron Getenet Hunegnaw Yasmine Abdi Hussein Areege Jendi Hannah Rachel Jerison Adeel Ejaz Johri Zachariah Brelia Kachemov *Eliana Rachel Kahan Rashida Mbalu Kamara Nanami Kamiishi *Allison Kayla Kell Fiona Kennedy Ameen Zakaria Khalil

Mariam Hamid Khan Laura Khoury Hannah Hyunyoung Kim Kayleigh Ann Kinnelly Clauton Maih Kum Stacey Mbet Kum Madison Grace Kutzera Wenduo Lai †Margaret Annabell Lane *Elana Laster Mi Rim Lee Richard Seoung Lee Yat Tung Elise Lee Elizabeth Lopez Maximo David Losada Radley Lynn Ma Jonathan Maa Flavius Sebastian Mastacaneanu Raven Monee Matthews Olivia Lee Mays §Maura Kathleen McCann Samantha Ann McGeehon Danyelle Fatima Molayem †Shira Movsas Sohrob Anthony Navai Paul Francis Netzel II Samjhana Neupane Dai Loan T. Nguyen Karren Thi Thu Nguyen Nancy Nguyen Augusta Theresa Noah William Henry Norris Jr. Crystal Ihuoma Nwachuku Adjoa Adem Ofosu-Ameyaw Aristea Maria Papadopoulos Flores Jory Pierce Parson Catherine Power Patton Jack Andrew Payne Tiffany Avniella Venicessa Poetranto †Jessica Marie Potestivo Andrew James Quinn Jessica Taylor Quinn IV *Samantha Julia Quinn Hira Tariq Rahman Tanjila Rahman Priti Rayamajhi *Elizabeth Severine Reis Natalie Stacy Reynolds

§Kirby Mae Rhodes

2nd Degree: Finance *Ashley Renee Ruhomutally Sarah Obidullah Sakhi Najma Abdullahi Salhan Jordan Salmon Julia Annamaria Santoro Samerawit W. Sebesibe Shreya Hiteshbhai Shah Emily Rose Siegel Kristian D. Simon 2nd Degree: Kinesiology Usha Singh Marcus Roosevelt Smith Elizabeth Tolulope Sogunle Gabriella Spencer Sarah Abigail Stull John Fitzgerald Swanton Matthew John Szawaluk Yuser Yahia Tagouri Shivani Ashley Talwar Payaam Patrick Tavakoli Vanessa Milena Tellez Amory Y. Tetteh Anjali Anil Thaivalappil MacKenzie Brooke Thompson Mary Tikoyan Nyajei Miatta Vandi Estefania Velez-Gomez Rishi Paul Verma Katie Marie Viets Peyton Wade †Elizabeth Darlene Walton *Kerin Alice Webber DeEnna Elizabeth Wedding †Eric William Wellham Victoria Joy Wheatley *River Brooke Williams Travis Edward Wood Diandrea Madeline Jaquai Wynn Chan Song Yoo SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY Bachelor of Arts

Public Policy Proma Chowdhury Amanpreet Kaur Omari Christopher Lemmie *Kathryn Brodigan Posko



Esther Lourdes Rodriguez Cole Mason Rzepka Michael Diamante Sanchez Jordan Malik Teixeira Ida Melana Yohannes UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES Bachelor of Arts Individual Studies Sade Ayinde 2nd Degree: Economics Liana June Berlin-Fischler Alexander Madison Devereux Grace Nicole Jubert Hyun Kyu Kim Jeremie Michael Angeles Lecuyer Vincent Joseph Levin 2nd Degree: Criminology and Criminal Justice Susan Miriam Stith Price 2nd Degree: Government and Politics Jonathan Spadafino Nathaniel Francis Strang 2nd Degree: Environmental Science and Technology Victoria Frances Tully 2nd Degree: Anthropology John Placidino Zagami 2nd Degree: Spanish Language, Literatures and Cultures Bachelor of Science Individual Studies Crystal Chisom Agha Samuel Frank Drozdov Pranjal Gupta †Rachel Jaschik Herman Lily Christen Liang Briana A. Osei Leah Nicole Prince David Jeffrey Steele Ivey Marie Tucker

East Asian Studies Matthew Henry Du Rosetta Elena Previti Valerie Joy Yoshioka Latin American Studies Chioma Jane Agbaraji Alexa Decesaris John Carlos Garcia-Tobar Juan Emmanuel Herrera Ana Elizabeth Ortez-Rivera Kendra Nicole Pryor Leadership Studies Jenna Mae Dainesi Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies Maxine Louise Balagtas-Badoy Louie Dallas Dukinfield Alexandra Marie Kindahl Lily Christen Liang Camille Anne Nelson Samantha Lynne O’Donnell Science, Technology and Society Darien Anthony Strachan Jr. Women’s Studies Orela Desiree Anani Sarah Elizabeth Barreca Tsahai Tajhari Crawlle Nya Cymone Ferguson Natalie Elizabeth Grim India Hamilton Kayla Nicole Jackson Rachel Nicole Kastil Evelyn Rose Monroe Sydney Ann Parker Harlie Lain Pietrangelo Samantha Alfreda Ransom Madelyn Clair Seymour Michaela Siobhan Shields Julia Winter Snider Nan Zhang

CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS African American Studies Ian Zachary Theisen

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Honors College, Citation and Notation Programs, and Academic and Special Awards HONORS COLLEGE Modibo Abbo Julia Abolafia Kimia Abtahi Cailin Adair Kevin Adams Adeola Adeoye Taylor Aguiar Samiha Ahmed Yasmine Albanna David Alcantara Madeline Alizadeh Aliyah Allen Spencer Aman Michael Amedeo Emily Ames Julianne Andrade Iciar Andreu Troy Anlage Rachel Antomattei Emily Arnold Micah Arnson-Serotta Monica Attia Eric Auth Satchel Aviram Patrick Ayerle Jenna Bachman Jessica Baer Cayli Baker Sarah Ballow Christopher Bambic Vergilio Bandini Susannah Bane Amanda Bank Ja’Nya Banks Rebecca Barnett Timothy Barry Nadia Batkhan Lina Bauer Daniel Beck Mark Bedanov-Pack Vera Belaia Rachael Belcher Abigail Bell Gregory Bell Julia Bell Dania Benalla Jaime Berez Liana Berlin-Fischler Chloe Berman William Bermudez Samuel Besse Sumon Bhattacharyya Jacob Biedronski Derek Bierly Eric Birckelbaw Derek Blahut Brooke Blankenship Taylor Blare Klara Boger Matthew Bohensky Iva Boishin Edward Borders


Julianna Boswell Theresa Bounds Austin Bourgerie Lena Boyer Alexis Boytim Brendan Bradley Andrew Bradshaw Anthony Breitzman Jacob Bringewatt Paul Brock Jacob Brodsky Jasmine Brown Kyle Brown Nia Brown Thomas Brown Erica Brown Joseph Bryce Karenna Buco Colin Burr Cameran Burt Sierra Buskirk Paul Butz Clifton Buxbaum Brianna Caljean Daniel Callow Katherine Calvert Jaime Capron Joseph Cardarelli Sara Carter Aaron Cash Matthew Caspero Dylan Cattie Erin Causey Demetri Cendo Timothy Cervi Emily Cevallos Janssen Nicholas Cha Amber Chabus Esther Chan Joanne Chan Andrew Chang Ashley Chang Benjamin Chang Justin Chang Ji Chang Ajay Chatim Taimur Chaudhry Gursimran Chawla Noa Chazan Allison Chen Daniel Chen Lin Chen Lucas Cheng Aaron Cherian Irene Chern Stephanie Chill Brian Choi Deborah Choi Prableen Chowdhary Monica Chu Samantha Chu Eunice Chung Jonathan Clark

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Tylar Clark Dylan Clay-Devlin Alison Cleary Patrick Coghlan Ryan Collins Marcos Colon-Pappaterra Daniel Comberiate Amy Conley Nicole Convissar Jessica Cooper Drew Corry Meghan Costello Jack Cowan Bethany Cox Kathryn Crisafulli Andrea Cwieka Christine Cwieka Harriet Dadzie Claudia Damico Alex Dang Bryan Dang Philip Danso Haris Dar Saurav Das Aditya Dash Rosemary Davidson Rachel Davis William Dawkins Joseph Dawson Urvashi Dayalan Jessica De Mouy Emma De Ravin Peter Deaville Christopher DeFrancisci Jacqueline Dempsey Shannon Derksen Samantha DeSilva Grace DeWitt Chandni Dhamsania Sophia Dietrich Ngoc-Han Dinh Aidan Dobbins Ian Doody Michael Doxey Nora Doyle Kevin Dragonette Jennifer Drechsler Morgan Driver Matthew Du Michael Du Taylor Duckworth Sean Duffy Andrew Dunn Lily Durkee Peter Dziki Matthew Eason Jonathan Eby Rachel Eckley Derek Edwards Kelsey Edwards Vivienne Edwards Daina Eiser Dean Emerson

Gabrielle Enguillado Parmida Enkeshafi Sarah Eppley Metecan Erdi Samantha Ernst Sarah Eshera Farida Ettefa Christopher Eyo Kodilichukwu Ezekwerre Mairead Fahy Alexander Fang Marcus Fedarko Lucia Fernandez Alexandra Ferreira Amanda Ferreira Adam Ferrick Corey Ferrick Jason Fields Kathryn Filipov Gregory Fiola Jodi Flanders Annette Folgueras Eliza Foster Kyle Foster Sarah Frail Elliot Frank Daniela Frankel Ryan Frankle Nathan Fredman Patrick Freed Caleb Fricke Taylor Friedman Michael Frohlinger Melinda Fu William Fu Nidhi Gandhi Rosana Garay Chloe Garfinkel Zachary Gatland Joshua Gaus Alison Gaynor Natasha Gelmann Thomas George Chariah Ghee Monil Ghodasra Nicholas Giroux Sarah Gitterman Shawn Glabach Aaron Gladstone Katherine Goetz Madelyn Golding Dain Golsen Brian Goncalves Martin Gonzalez Carly Goodman Riddhi Gopal James Gordon Sterling Gordon Eyuel Gorfu Justin Gotard Megan Gotsch William Grabill Benjamin Graney Green

Amanda Green Elise Green Jacob Greenspan Jamie Grossarth Heather Groves Ana Gubert Galvao Catherine Gugliotta Wengiel Gugssa Kelsey Gump Samuel Guo Pranjal Gupta Valerie Gupta Andre Guzman Katrina Haas Emily Haase Alyssa Haduck Sean Haliyur Aaron Hall Paul Han David Hans Cameron Harner Thomas Harris Anna Harrison Miles Harriston Cassandra Hart Jessica Hatfield Michael Helgerman Sanuri Hennayake Jackson Hensley Rachel Herman Jeremy Hikind Kelly Hillen Bradley Hogan Lourdes Holloway Madeline Hope Mary Hope Nikhil Hosamane Vincent Hsiao Alyssa Hu Mark Hubbert Michelle Huffert Margo Huffman Jacob Hughes Kara Huie Robin Hundal Binyam Hundito Sarah Husted Ryan Hutchens James Iannone Jules Iglesia Uchenna Ihenatu Sadie Isakower Hannah Jacobson Danyaal Jafrani Kathryn Jahn Suraj Jaladanki Aria Jalalian Christine Jean Megan Jennings Paul Jeon Keith Jernigan Samrat Jha Caroline Johnson Cristina Johnson Hunter Johnson Kimberly Johnson Philip Johnson Samantha Johnson Alexander Johnston Alex Johny Sydney Jolliffe Alyssa Jordan

Andrew Jordan Kevin Jordan Michelle Joseph Patrick Joy Michael Jurrens Rinor Jusufi Alaina Kahn Anjali Kalavar Nayib Kalender Alexis Kalivretenos Calvin Kam Timur Kamalitdinov Kristi Kan Meghan Kane Juhye Kang Daniel Kapit Alan Kaplan Kyle Kaplan Scott Kaplowitz Israel Kates Saimouli Katragadda Daniel Katz Ashley Kavanagh Angela Kazmierczak Ashley Keffer Sarah Kerr Julie Kessler Adam Ketchum Farhaan Khalik Yousuf Khan Aastha Khanna Danme Kim Ellan Kim Jina Kim Alexandra Kindahl Rebecca King Jay Kinnaman Ashley Kitchelt Jonathan Kittner Samantha Klig Wing-Mei Ko Ramya Kolagani Katherine Koman Surabi Kondapaka Shaylah Koontz Andrew Kovar Stuart Krantz Kaitlin Krejcik Stephanie Kriz Kyle Kroll Kwame Kumah Alix La Fonta Wei Lai Cassidy Laidlaw Joshua Land Margaret Lane Emily Larkin Shannon Larson Elana Laster Brendan Lawler Avery Layne Megan Le Nhi Le Amanda Lee Danielle Lee Faith Lee Jookwang Lee Alexander Lees Summer Legambi Rachel Lentchner Alexandra Levenson Jack Lewis

Alex Li Charlotte Li Xincheng Li Bowen Lian Jose Lima-Rosas Anna Lin Geena Lingberg Claire Linton Charles Liu Eileen Liu Everest Liu Gina Liu Helen Liu Robert Liu Qing Liu Natalie Livingston Kimberly Lo Sarah Loewenstein Hope Loiselle Chun Loke Nicholas Lolli Kyle Lopez Alejandro Lores Taylor Love Andrew Lui Allen Luk Celia Lunking John Luo Jason Luu Sadie Lynch Gerry Ma Grace MacAtee Jessica MacGregor Zoey Maggid Julia Maier Andrew Maio Eleanna Makris David Malamud Anna Maloney Kinsey Manchester Augustine Manga Hema Manivannan Sasha Margob Joselyn Markas Robert Martin Trey Mason Caroline Massey Manuel Mastromanolis Jamie Matthews Kylie Mauricci Tejas Mavanur Justin Mayle John McAninley Troiah McCorkle Jacob McCright Jacob McCullum Robert McDermott Conor McEwan Gwen McGuirk Katherine McKee Garvey McKeown Nolan McMahon Alisa McNamara Ashley McNeill Colin McNulty Jessica McWilliams Oliver Meade Julie Mehta Erich Meissner Allyson Meltzer Tiffany Memenza Aaman Mengis

Rahul Menon Jeremy Meredith Richard Metrey Anne Meyer Hallie Miller Jacob Miller Kathleen Miller Sarah Miller Uday Misra Brian Mitchell Aditya Mithas Benedict Mondal Victoria Monsaint-Queeney Teofilo Morales Kristiniana Moreno Colby Morgan Timothy Morrill Zane Moses Lily Motabar Zoe Mote Mariame Moumena Shira Movsas Cameron Moy Natalie Moyer Katherine Mullen Brian Mulligan Thomas Mumford Eliza Mummert Danielle Mundhenk Emily Murdock Timothy Murnin Alan Murphy Patrick Musselman Miranda Myers Chyanne Nader Elene Nakas Albert Nam Aparna Natarajan Danielle Naundorf Luke Navratil Augustine Nguyen Connie Nguyen David Nguyen Vu Nguyen David Niezelski Theodore Nikolaitchik John Nolan Emma Norman Danielle Norwitz Crystal Nwachuku Galya Oberman Kerina Ochieng Christina O’Connell Muftiat Ogunsanya Kyle Olchewsky Francis O’Neill Folarin Onifade Sarah Onimus Dylan O’Reagan Katherine O’Reilly Ondre Padgett Geoffrey Palo Nicole Palumbo Jonah Panikar Christina Paras Brendan Parlett John Parsons Karan Patel Mahitosh Patel Mayuri Patel Neel Patel Neerav Patel

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Nimit Patel Shalin Patel Trisha Patel William Peabody Evan Peaco Satvik Pendem Julia Pennington Alec Perez Bryce Peterson Matthew Petraites Hong-Dao Pham Kaman Phamdo Tyler Phillips Caroline Pickart Jonathan Pierce Pavlo Piliptchak Alexander Pique Joseph Piscitelli Joseph Pittman Zachary Plotkin Porter Polcaro Jacob Polce Jessica Potestivo Neelima Pradhan Susan Price Leah Prince April Privett Kendra Pryor Alex Pu Cara Purdy Joe Puthumana Yichen Qian Jessica Qiu Anibal Quiroz Moreyra Paula Rabade Namitha Ramakrishna Bracha Rappaport Veda Ravishankar Elliott Rebello Andrew Reitzes Amos Remer Luke Renegar David Rennert Thomas Reynolds Matthew Rhinehart Kirby Rhodes Alesia Richardson David Rickert Griffin Riddler Julia Ringel Ryan Rinker Junelle Rivera Lorena Rivera Rubio Kathleen Robb Mary Robichaux Jack Robinson Monique Robinson Mitchell Rock Dana Rodriguez Zachary Rodriguez Madeline Roesler Brett Rogers Hunter Rogoff Artur Roman Samuel Rombro Tova Rosenthal Daniel Ross Precious Ross Erica Ryan Garrett Sadtler Amil Sahai Jake Sandler


Mathavi Sankar Yasasvhinie Santharam Leonardo Santos Amrita Sarkar Prateeti Sarker Christopher Satterfield Michelle Sauer Kevin Schechter Samantha Scheff Rebecca Scherwatzky Nathan Schilling Bronwen Schriml Dylan Schulz Arianne Schwartz Zachary Schwartz Destan Scott Arun Seetharaman Dylan Selbst Victor Sellemi Ilya Semenov Julia Serrao Dominic Sesto Heather Seyler Patrick Shan Jordan Shapiro David Shaya Eileen Shea Jori Shearer Brendan Sheehy Yasmin Shemali Christine Shen Xiuyu Shen Katarina Sherman Mariya Shevchuk Mark Shiderly Anna Shields Chae-Rin Shin Sara Shonkwiler Miriam Silton Eric Sim Justine Sim Lisa Singh Rohan Singh Melissa Sklar Brandon Sloane Jill Smith Benjamin Sonnenberg Cole Sousa Michael Sousane Zachary Spawn Savannah Speir Michelle Stanley Emily Starobin Jacqueline Steinberg Courtney Steininger Thomas Steitz Elinor Stern Florence Stevenson Jessica Stimely Rachael Strauss John Stricklett Kayla Sukri Rebecca Sullivan Morgan Sulzbach Jay Swayambunathan Matthew Swetz Roshan Talagala Parth Talwar Raymond Tann Azka Tariq Victoria Tataw Brittany Taylor

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Jaclyn Taylor Pranaya Terse George Thomas Lance Tinana Zak Titus Karyna Todd Matthew Town Andrew Tran Thomas Tran Tommy Tran Vivian Tran Xuan Tran Bryce Trezise Madeleine Troy Judith Tsoi Sidhanth Tuli Victoria Tully Katelyn Turner Radhika Tyagi Haroula Tzamaras Chetachi Ukejianya Akhil Uppalapati Natalie Urban Annika Vaerst Lauren Van Exter Connor Van Scyoc Brayan Varghese Narmada Variyam Alexander Vecchioni Ross Vechery Jacob Veitch Farah Vejzagic Maria Velikovsky Madelyne Ventura Camille Veselka Adam Vinner Nandan Vithlani Tina Vo Zakiyah Wada Sarah Wain Sicole Walters Jeffrey Wan Andrew Wang Jixuan Wang Joy Wang Kejin Wang Vivian Wang Kevin Ward Hannah Warshawsky Stephanie Washington Mary-Charlotte Wasserbach Gareth Weakly Joshua Weaver Samantha Weaver Singiti Weerasuriya Richard Weidman Kellen Weigand Jennifer Weinpahl Nicole Welch Clifford Wells Emily Wescott Teri West Matthew Weston-Dawkes William Whitmore Colin Wick Andrew Wilkes Allison Williams River Williams Sonya Williams Ian Wilmoth Mitchell Wilson Nicole Wilson

Emily Winner Kevin Wittmer Nicholas Wolf Nicolette Wolfrey Ashley Wray Lindsey Wright Angela Wu Wei-Lee Wu Zisui Yan Emily Yang Eric Yang Jillian Yant Jessica Yau Emma Yeager Karl Yee Tiffany Yen Andrew Yesnick Aria Yom Valerie Yoshioka Alex Yu Alexander Yu Victoria Yu John Zagami Jacob Zembower Bryan Zeug Michael Zhan Alex Zhang Alexander Zhang Alexander Zhang Charlena Zhang Emily Zhang Patrick Zhang William Zhang Andrew Zhao Zuri Zhao Julia Zheng Alice Zhou Wendy Zhou Sabrina Ziegler Benjamin Zimmitti Elizabeth Zipf Katherine Zmoda Nathaniel Zumbach CIVICUS Adam Aist Evan J. Berkowitz Timothy Botros Michael Anthony Brice-Saddler Megan Clampitt Lisa Marie Dammeyer Maya Deane-Polyak Fasika Delessa Nisha Desai Katie Lynne Doherty Colton Dougherty Sean Dryhurst Sarah Elizabeth Fielder Meghan Rose Harrington Kevin David Johnson Rohun Samir Joshi Jasmine Kelly Sophia Marie Kuenzel Richard Seoung Lee Eleanor Marie Meschino Christopher Mikus Taylor Muir Teja Mulpuri Cristen Negron Laura Catherine Nesbitt Melissa Pisciotta Gabrielle Tharkur

Nicole Valentine Joel Michael Valley Hannah Van Buiten Daneen Walmer COLLEGE PARK SCHOLARS Tauqir Abdullah Arielle Danielle Aboulafia Emily Sara Abraham Jessica Ann Abrams Maya Jillian Acocella Renee Tyree Adkins Jose Agustin Aguerre Feyikemi Mercy Ajayi Cole Michael Alban Brandi-Lexi Moradeun Alegbeleye Langston W. Alexander Lynn Alkhalil Christopher Michael Allen Lindsay Vaughn Allen Robert James Allsopp Sofia Mohsen Alsamadi Jason Henry Alweis Lena Tamiko Amano Neil Robert Amaral Luke Edward Amatucci Doyeon An Orela Desiree Anani Alexander Gustaf Anderson Tabatha Treasure Anderson Haris Mohsin Ansari Nathan Scott Anthony Troy Joseph Arcomano Sonia Arya Kourosh Emmanuel AshtaryYazdi Charles Felix Aube Savannah Ann Aversa Abiodun Kafayat Awosanya Eliab Ayicheluhim Ian Kevin Bahr Chi-Un Baik Kolleen Ann Barclay Lauren Ruth Batlas Alexis Marie Beale Soaroor Amanda Behdin Julia Vadi Belenky Liana June Berlin-Fischler Joseph Seth Berman Cassandra Rose Bernhardt Gabrielle Christina Bianchi Jonathan Edward Binkley Seth Michael Birch Patrick Thomas Bjork Alyssa Monet Blue Adwoa Omane Boateng Sarah Elizabeth Bobo Breanna Behnaz Boggan Ryan Talley Bollinger Andrew Vincent Bonner Jr. Antonio Borckardt Sameh Nabil Lamey Boulos Steven Paul Bower Matthew Michael Brennan Benjamin Wesley Brock Andrew Corbin Brown Brittany Samone Brown Hailey Caroline Brown Jasmine Nia Brown Nicole Michelle Brundridge Alina Quynhanh Bui Robert Byron Burke IV

Madeline Burns Robin Louise Cagle Joseph Scott Cahill Jessica Sara Campisi Anthony Spero Caputo Valerie Renee Cazeau Joseph Henry Celtnieks Ji Ae Cha Briana Simone Chambers Christine Chan Jasmine Chang Stone Zhong Chen Vincent Cheng Maya Michelle Cho Aileen Choi Timothy Jimin Chong Andrew Michael Chouinard Sabrina Amber Christian Brandon Jia-Wei Chu Megan Victoria Chui Brian Changsuk Chung Nicole Taylor Chwatt Thomas James Clark III Randall Odom Clay Jack Kenneth Clifford Danielle Sarah Cohen Jordan Deanna Cohen William Edward Combs Allison Rae Conde Nicholas Riley Condron Cameron Nicholas Connolly Anna Lee Cook Jaelin Anthony Cook Devin Nichole Cooper Samantha Paredes Corbel Florian Cotera Berndt Kelsey Elizabeth Coupe Michael Christian Crooks John Mark Cross Samantha Caitilin Curbelo Kathleen Elizabeth Curry Gerald Vincent D’Ascoli Andrea Sheenan Dai Sohum Jignesh Dalal Shriya Dalsania Leena Eve Daniel Gianna Marie Dano Shikha Dave Brooke Christine Davis Emily Rae Davis Gabriel De Castro Ros Andrew Christopher Delmont Suzanne Mary DeMeritte Bradley Deren Alexander Madison Devereux Mary Caitlin Nicolas Deyto Amelia Ann Di Nardo Madison Disher Kristina Leigh Ditta Dominic Paul Dix Albert Michel Djoum Jr. Julia Anne Dolinish Janelle Faye Donahue Gabriel Dylan Donnenberg Jesse Daniel Doris Aesha Doshi Megan Elayne Dougherty Briana Arielle Downs Louie Dallas Dukinfield Jordan Shamus Dunn Nicolay Duque-Robayo Sydney Jordan Edwards

Lauren Alyse Eisner Robert Emory Ellett III Keaton Hyuckmin Kweon Ellis Sabrina Elizabeth Elshafei Kevin Bradley Emmerich Samantha Rae Enokian Gerardo Jesus Espinosa Keenan Christopher Eure Philip Thomas Evich Jaylen Tyree Fails Nicole Alexa Falus Allexxus Chante Farley-Thomas Rachel Leigh Feidelman Evan Harris Feinberg Lindsey Paige Feingold Michael Samuel Feitel Alejandra Felgueroso Melissa Joy Fellman Eliot Frederick Fenton Michael De Castro Fernandes Patrick Vincent Findle Caleb Ray Finesurrey Sarah Margaret Fisher Brian Jonathan Fitzgerald Elizabeth Regina Fletcher Shane Michael Flynn Theodore Leonard Fobe Joseph Robert Lee Fong Claire Seton Ford John Landrum Foresman Atessa Foroutan Nicole Katlyn Fowler Michael Lewis Fuchs Juliana Desouza Funkhouser Caroline Decima Gabriel Payal Praveen Gadura Rachel Gagliardi James Michael Gaitan Kara Lynnice Gans Amy Garcia-Vivas Esteban Garcia Zachary Garelik Madison Anne Garey Havisha Garimella Lily Xi Gates George Michael Gaylord Kenneth Akum Geh Becky Hannah Geller Andrew Martin Gelsinger Jose Joshua Nicomedez Geronimo Sukriti Ghosh Gabrielle Cecily Giangrasso Logan Daniel Gibb Amy Kathryn Gill Henry Stephen Gillen V Claudia Rose Gomez Emily Yi Xuan Goo Hope Linette Goodman Rebecca Lauren Goodridge Molly Leeba Grabill Delaney Lillian Green M. Jonathan Greenberg Natalie Elizabeth Grim Hannah Taylor Grimes Jennifer Elizabeth Grimes Brandon Jacob Grinkemeyer Marcelo Scott Grosberg Alana Rochelle Gudelsky Carly Anne Guiltinan Tessa Claire Guiton Gabrielle Nadia Haeuber

David Arthur Hairumian Calvin Underwood Hannagan Zachary Donald Hannan Alexandra Eve Haris Arana Lee Harkness Theodore Samuel Harris Kathleen Jamie Harrison Jaycee Lynn Hart Kayla Marie Harvey Sarina Yasmine Haryanto Kaylin Rose Hawkins Lucas Stephen Hays Madison Taylor Hearney Nupur Rajeev Hegde Azalia Abigail Hernandez Kyle Michael Herock Melanie Alicia Herrera Allison Jill Herskovitz Justin Daniel Hicks Eric Michael Higgins Nan Skinner Himmelsbach Erika Marie Hinkle Priyanka Hegde Hiriyanna Talia Nicole Hoch Jennifer Leigh Holler Matthew James Hollister Katherine Gray Holmes Kellie Maureen Holovac Haley Alicia Honegger Kevin Phat Thuan Hong Mason Hong Melissa Rae Horovitz Calvin Si-Heng Hou Matthew Thomas Houtman Lindsay Anne Huffert Jenna Elizabeth Hunte Ana Maria Hurler Stephanie Anastasia Krikoria Hutchinson Ji Yeon Hwang Tenni Kim Idler Mohammad Ikram Chelsea Chidera Iloanya Natalia Nava Jaffee Nisha Jain Gregory Michael Jarnutowski Whitney Alexis Diana Jarrett Ariel Leah Jarvis Esben Dystrup Jepsen Grant Audet Johnson Julianna Marian Johnson Kathryn Elizabeth Johnson Michaela Ann Johnson Meredith Arden Johnston Alana Monique Jones Andrew Godwin Jones Isabel Jorrin Garcia Brendan Michael Joyce Grace Nicole Jubert Anjali Kalaria Isabella Angela Kalender Casey Jordan Kammerle Dong Hyun Kang Katya Noemi Kaplow Amanpreet Kaur Navjot Kaur Michael M. Kebede Matthias Link Kelderman Allison Kayla Kell Michael Thomas Kelleher Dylan Jonathan Kelly Carly Eden Kempler

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Christine Marie Kennedy Emily Jean Kennedy Braden Wallace Kern Mitchell Ian Kessler Tyler Alexander Kessler Jennifer Keyes Ameen Zakaria Khalil Omair Azam Khan Elizabeth Kim Marcella Jeanha Kim Jacob Avery King Rebecca Lindsay Kinsella Samuel Asher Kirwan Willem Christopher Klajbor David Jeffrey Klotz Jamy Andrew Klotzbach Julie Elizabeth Knorr Samuel Gregory Kolodrubetz Colleen Nicole Konkol Joshua Matthew Korbelak Sarah Yangqiao Kosterlitz Sydney Katharine Koubek Keshav Srinivas Kowtha Geri Kozeli Jacob Kram Sarah Fitz Kreutz Dharani Krishnamoorthi Spencer Logan Kronthal Ajay Kurian Julia Alexandra Kutyrev Alisa Kuznetsova Philip Kyle Kwong Fiona Helen Lachman Zoe Elena Ladwig Alexandra Noelle LaFree Morgan Elizabeth Lang Amber Lee Larkin Alexandra Emmanuelle Lashley Michael William Laskowski Madeline Elizabeth Laub Andrew Jay Layton Theo James Thompson Leasca Jamie Esther Lebovics Jeremie Michael Angeles Lecuyer Jada Janei Ledbetter Erica Nicole Lee Julia Sophia Leikin Omari Christopher Lemmie Sidney Mechom Leno Jamie Samantha Lescht Joseph Nicholas Leuzzi Sherry Faye Levine Nicolas Jake Levitsky Lauren Allison Levy Sydney Victoria Levy Sam Sloane Lewando Ang Li Vivianne Jing-Xuan Li Justin Anthony Lieu Kurt Benjamin Liming James Shiannder Lin Patrick Wen-Cheng Lin Jared Daniel Lipschutz Brian Yian Liu Michael Liu Timothy Cheng Shin Liu Kimberly Lauren Livingstone Amelia Liesel Loeb Ariana Maria Lulli Christopher Roy Luthers Leah Janay Lytle David Alexander MacGregor


Reethika Gutta Maddineni Heather Renee Madigan Talatha Hawa Mah’Moud Darilyn Capri Mahoney Eliana Alissa Maia-Goldstein Mark Jiali Mao Zachary Tigger Marcus Jessica Nicole Martins Daniel James Masin John Thumbunkel Matthew Raven Monee Matthews Julia Starr Mattson Michael Grady McKee Aaron Richard Megar Rahul Mehta Kevin Michael Merrick Jonathan Reed Mevs Andrew Lawrence Miller Keara Judith Miller Matthew Nathan Miller David Morris Millner Ankit Mishra Jordan MacKenzie Mitchell Marianna Jasmine Molina Evelyn Rose Monroe Nathaniel Davies MontagueSmith Brian David Moore Carly Elizabeth Moore Valeria Morales Joseph Thomas Morgenstern Desmond Eliezer Morrison Atousa Motameni Eric Christian Mott Anna Krystyna Muckerman Rukayat Morenike Muse-Ariyoh Froza Mushfique Daniela Nehama Nagar Jeffrey Nahm Matthew Anthony Nalls Purvi Uday Nanavaty Cameron Darius Nasseri Roshan N. Nayak Cara Lorraine Newcomer Pleiku Vu Nguyen Nia Amani Nickerson Jennifer Tova Nir Rachel Georgetta Norton Elizaveta Vladimirovna Noskova Beatrice Grace O’Connor Jack Francis O’Connor William Francis O’Connor Chineme Obie Obiefune Chidi Simon Obineche Alexis Victoria Ojeda-Brown Blossom Ifunanya Ojukwu Katherine Kimiko Okada Chioma Stephanie Okeke Grace Mona Okpali Ivana Giselle Olivares Brian Oluwo Andre Ifechukwude Onwudinjo Afiong Esu Onyile Ruslan Volodymyr Onyshkevych Michael Noel Oristano Allison Michelle Orr Brittany Marie Orr Thomas Jerome Outing Jr. Maryam Ayesha Outlaw Melanie Vela Outtarac Jesse Pai Jamie Catherine Palmer

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Kangjing Pan Alexander Panagopoulos Samuel Philip Panitch Sydney Ann Parker Aafreen Amina Parvez Jan Aleksander Pasternak Nikhil Patankar Kunal Patel Priyal Dushyantkumar Patel Sajni Ashit Patel Jack Andrew Payne Philip Yacob Peker Michael John Pensabene Corinne Alexandria Perloski Kim Hoang Pham Norman Nelson Phelps V Hailey Lauren Philbin Kalala Simone Pines Alexa Sylvia Pinto Ryan Austin Pistorio Mitchell Robert Poe Jason Allen Pollock Vaibhav Pravin Ponnuri Roger Pope Kevin David Webb Porter Carianne Louise Powers Tasha Karena Powers Megan Ann Prass Daniel Joseph Prettyman James Gregory Psoras Kishen J. Pujara Manasi Pukazhenthi Andrew Putlock Carly Nicole Putterman Rui Qian Yuheng James Qin Nolan Kelly Quinn Samantha Julia Quinn Charith Rumal Ranawake Jesse Samuel Rao Erica Marie Rausch Vivek Kenny Ravishankar Michael Anthony Ray Sharita Denise Ray Sophia Thais Larkin Relph Alyson Beatrix Resnikoff Ari Efrem Rickman Waliullah Rifai Michael Sebastian Rinaldo Dmitry Rivin Sydney Moreau Robinson Paige Elena Rodrigues Christopher Emmanuel RogersSpatuzzi Matthew David Rosenfeld Bryan Nicholas Ross Alanna Taylor Rothman Jessica Lynn Rothman Soham Roy Philip Charles Royce Mollie Jayne Russell Joseph Michael Salamy Najma Abdullahi Salhan Raekwon Lamar Sample Ontara Sarker Njillan Tisbeh Sarre Anthony John Sartori Margaret Winick Sauber Noah Moses Schiff Alyssa Schledwitz Jessica Schroeder Sarah Anne Schurman

Allison Rachel Schwam Annabel Louise Scott Colton Philip Seigel Danielle Cara Selsey Max Settineri Ryan Michael Sevel Krishna Deepak Shah Saloni S. Shah Aditya Shajil Kathryn Jeannette Shannon Alexander Jacob Shapiro Andrew Jonathan Shapiro Aisha Sharipzhan Karina Bahari Sharma Karishma Sharma Liam Joseph Shaughnessy Eva Keng Shen Benjamin Samuel Sheppard Samuel McManus Sherman Aliyah Brianne Silver Tatiana Imani Sindass Edahlia Monet Singleton Sarah Colleen Sinnott Eden Shoshana Siskind Kathryn Marlene Skalski Jazmine Ashleigh Smith Nash Avery Snodgrass Mikhail Sorokin Christina M. Sourvinos Jonathan Spadafino Brittany Pauline Spraker Dean Stephen Sproul Hannah Ruth Stauffer Jordan Alexander Steiner Dajani Anthonia Strachan Darien Anthony Strachan Jr. Amanda Claire Stussman Erin Nicole Sullivan Ateret Shoshana Sultan-Reisler Sunny Yun Ching Sun Jasper Roy Surrett Noah James Suttner Harriet Hay Symington Matthew John Szawaluk Thomas George Szeliga Nikhil Sagar Talwar Shivani Ashley Talwar Jason Tang Sara Dawn Tatum Ivelin Tchangalov Madison Lea Stinchcomb Tegen Justin Kirby Terry Meryl Rita Thomas Zelandonaii Thompson Devin Erin Thrasher Jessica Joanne Throwe Grant Campbell Tipton Brianna Elizabeth Tocci Sydney Alexis Tonic Erika Tonnon Kadiatou Binta Tounkara Natalie Mindy Tran Pablo Antonio Trueba Natnael Beidemariam Tsegaw Ivey Marie Tucker Joshua Edward Turskey Paris Naquan Tyson Alec Arthur Tzianabos Robert Van Fleet Kimberly Taylor Vaughn Sara Titus Veppumthara Daryan Abed Ver Ploeg

Juan Carlos Vicente Pardo III Rose Mary Villatoro Richard Michael Vook Anthony Vu Shreya Vuchula Jennifer Vuong Matthew C. Vuono Briony Tegan Waite Joshua Simon Waldman Troy Thomas Walker Alvin M. Wang Amanda Min Wang James Wang Tiffany Wang Maggie Olivia Wartman Robert H. Weigman Raquel Leah Weinberg Abigail Tzipora Weinberger Emily Sarit Weiser Jacob Victor Weiss Lucie Kennedy Wiedefeld Joseph Brian Williams Danielle Marie Wilson Evan James Winter Joseph Steven Wofford Ryan Andrew Wong Morgan Leigh Wooten Carolyn Ferguson Worden Kelly L. Wright Sulin Wu Tiffany Gah Yan Wun Diandrea Madeline Jaquai Wynn Alex Yang Grace Yang Michelle Yang Yazhe Yang Amy Michelle Ye Michael C. Yeh Erin Elizabeth Young Jeffrey Yu Johnny Dongun Yu Alisa Marie Zacharia Shayne Aubrey Zaplitny Liam Adam Zeitchik Christopher Zhang Cynthia Xinliang Zhang Duke Du Zhang Jonathan H. Zhang Kenneth Zhang Lihan Zhang Jasmine Jiayun Zhu Lindsay Gabrielle Zolet Rafael Felipe Zuleta NOTATION PROGRAMS Beyond the Classroom Kirstyn Alexandra Flood Lynza Marche McKoy Alexis Niccolo Ortiz Michaela Siobhan Shields Autumn Safiya Thompson Megan Taylor Williams Federal Fellows Dennys Amaya Adam Basner Julia Bell Kathleen Bender Rachel Blaszkowsky Thomas Brimmer Brittany Brown

Shelby Brown Dylan Cattie Samantha Chu Anna Cook Lillia Damalouji Katherine Dolan Michael Fernandes Alexandra Ferreira Nicole Fowler Rivee Friedberg Taylor Friedman Ashley Fydenkevez Nicholas Gallo Heather Groves Kate Harrison Sacdia Hassan Olivia Herdje Melanie Herrera Alladin Hidar Talia Hoch Nikhil Hosamane Kathryn Hutcheson Nisha Jain Imani Johnson Michaela Johnson James Lin Taylor Love Ryan Milley LeAnn Nguyen Uyen Nguyen Crystal Nwachuku Paige Padmore Leah Prince Jessica Rothman Nicole Sadecki Rachel Shea Marissa Shelby Anna Shields Justin Silverberg Ashwin Suryavanshi Pranaya Terse Libby Truitt Margaret Tubridy Jason Winik Nicolette Wolfrey Emma Yeager John Zagami Nathaniel Zumbach First-Year Innovation & Research Experience Nick Adimi Kasey Chan Joao Coelho Noa Dar Benjamin Dean Elizabeth DiCioccio Lindsay Gray Amanda Green Cecilia Herrick–Reynolds Elana Israel Emmanuel Katsigiannakis Holly King Ruizhe Li Spencer Mehdizadeh Erin Riley Zahraossadat Sahiholnasab Aidan Strother Isabella Swafford Roi Turalde Sujith Vishwajith Victoria Yu

Global Communities Melissa Alvarez Gabriela Ayoroa-Perez Lesley Uchechi Azike Nicole Danielle Bowcutt Benjamin Edward Crane Akiva Yonatan Gebler Shaliah Arielle George Grace Gibbons Kira Griswold Maya Habash Daniel Hoffman Brittany Nicole Jackson Jane Lyons Gang Lyu Alexandra Malek Noreen Mira David Seth Mitchell Shaun Christopher Moore Yang Peng Mitchell Porter Ashley Schwanebeck Harrison Schweitzer Nicholas Sobel Ramya Srinivasan Nicole Marie Szeluga Ke’Andra Tindal Global Fellows Heaven Abraha Sofia Alsamadi Tabatha Anderson Sade Ayinde Rachel Baldwin Michael Biondi Adwoa Boateng Alexis Boytim Hailey Bradley Sara Carter Andrew Chevez Lindsay Clark Molly Collins Gillian Craig Ngoc-Han (Nina) Dinh Taylor Duckworth Sarah Duncan Andrew Dunn Kevin Emmerich Nicole Fowler Bahareh Ghonsul Asia Zachary Goldblatt Hope Goodman Kira Griswold Rebecca Hage Johnny Haro Daniel Hoffman Grace Jubert Ashley Kavanagh Adam Ketchum Hyun Kim Amira Kingori Willem Klajbor Rajan Konai Samuel Koralnik Joshua Korbelak Natsu Kumagai Barnabas (Jookwang) Lee Michael Leggett Peggy Liang Michael McKee Elizabeth Mullin Rachel Mural

Erin Musselman Tolu Obalade Ana Ortez-Rivera Corinne Perloski Susan Price Kendra Pryor Mina Pulitzer Nolan Quinn Griffin Riddler Mitchell Rock Dana Rodriguez Matthew Rogers Jonathan Rosen Bronwen Schriml Jake Shapiro Yasmin Shemali Melin Sotiriou Christina Sourvinos Michael Sousane Gabrielle Tharkur Phillip Tolentino Victoria Tully Jacob Veitch Daryan Ver Ploeg Joseph Verdone Stephen Walsh Erin Weinstock Benjamin Zimmitti Global Migration Studies Michalah Arnold Jeffrey Mason Hinman CEOs Isaac Adeeku Colin Burr Drew Corry Michael Du Amanda Ferreira Adam Harrison Jui-Ting Hsu Austin Mahowald Katherine McKee Jessica McWilliams Erich Meissner Catalina Mejia Arenas Guilherme Minoietti Uday Misra Elene Nakas David Niezelski Satvik Pendem Nishwath Samiya Courtney Steininger Matthew Sullivan Matthew Swetz Allison Thompson Jiménez-Porter Writers’ House Olivia Turner Braley Alexandria Carolan Henry Eveleth Madison Garey Whitney Geohagan Cairan George Lee Lovett Carolina Meurkens Atousa Motameni Tayo Omisore Antonio Dewayne Parker Kara Phillips Allison Schwam

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Samuel Tappa Matthew Town Radhika Tyagi Tianna Vance Rayanne Weigel Joey Williams Caitlin Margaret Wilson Language House Immersion Program Arabic Sofia Alsamandi Sarah Eshera Joshua Phinney Chinese Tabatha Anderson Matthew Du Corinne Perloski Maria Skibniewska Phillip Tolentino French Chloe Chauveau Ann Gershunskiy Aidan LaPierre Francis Daniel Fosmire O’Neill German Margaret Currier Andrew Nixon Hebrew Noam Gannot Ariel Kotch Japanese Ryo Maie Persian Amin Youssefi Russian Anastasia Agapova Spanish Chioma Agbaraji Sarah Eppley Christopher Eyo James Rouchard Priya Sharma Emily Starobin Tiffany Wang Ronald E. McNair PostBaccalaureate Achievement Program Sade Ayinde Jochebed Cadet Amber Chaney Darien Dixon Nicolay Duque-Robayo Adrian Johnston Melissa Marquez Ana Ortez-Rivera Program for Undergraduate Language Science Ambassadors in Research Rebecca Goodridge Julie Knorr


Lindsey McCumber Taylor Sheely


QUEST Alia Abdelkader Renee Adkins Micah Arnson-Serotta Patrick Ayerle Xiomi Baleno Lina Bauer Brooke Benson Chloe Berman Gabrielle Bianchi Christy Cwieka Harriet Dadzie Uva Dayalan Clair Devaney Jesse Doris Kevin Dragonette Michael Du Bobby Ellett Benjamin Graney Green Cameron Harner Sarina Haryanto Eric Higgins Alyssa Hu Alex Huang Andrew Jones Alston Kau Pranav Khatri Jacob King Shannon Larson Summer Legambi Sherry Levine Sam Lewando Patrick Lin Andrew Lui Eleanna Makris Alexandra Malek Tiffany Memenza Aaman Mengis Chyanne Nader Chineme Obiefune Nimit Patel Bryce Peterson Joseph Piscitelli Porter Polcaro Christy Powell Andrew Powers Paula Rabade Erica Shields Miriam Silton Jordan Steiner Ethan Sternstein Kayla Sukri Parth Talwar Haroula Tzamaras Cece Ukejianya Natalie Urban Brayan Varghese Alvin Wang Samantha Weaver Ryan Wong Ivy Xia Jasmine Zhu

Departmental Honors

University Teaching and Learning Program William Gammerdinger Courtney Hattan

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


With High Honors in Astronomy Christopher John Bambic Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Kevin James Dougherty Keenan Christopher Eure Justin Daniel Hicks Cody Hunter Snell

Mohamed Nassif Evan Peaco Luke William Renegar Nathan Mahir Schilling Katarina Elizabeth Sherman Cole Edward Sousa Westley Reid Weinkam William Valentin Whitmore African American Studies Caroline Stephanie Boisseau Brittany Jade Woods American Studies Bethany Ireland Cox Jenna Riegal Klaverweiden

Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics Farida Sherif Ettefa Yousuf Anwar Khan Jessica Xin Qiu Kevin Matthew Rose Aliyah Brianne Silver

Art Grace Marie DeWitt Delaney Lillian Green Eun Jin Lee Charlotte Elizabeth Mann Erica Marie Ryan Hyowon S. Sices

Computer Science Austin William Bourgerie Marcus William Fedarko

Art History and Archaeology Nicolay Duque-Robayo Mallory Nicole Haselberger Megan May

Entomology Lily Durkee Chloe Frost Garfinkel Margaret Ann Wickless

Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Troy Joseph Arcomano

Government and Politics Zachary Ethan Atran Caroline Anne Johnson Christine Marie Kennedy Nolan Kelly Quinn

Bioengineering Metecan Erdi Natalie Katerina Livingston Sonya Corina Williams Jessica Guangluh Yau

Hearing and Speech Emily Lauren Waddington

Biology Timothy Patrick Barry Timothy Erin Elizabeth Causey Christopher Andrew Eyo Shimona Malik Mishal Rao Samhita Vishnupriya Sengupta

Mathematics Edward Nusinovich Physics Jacob Allen Bringewatt Brandon Jacob Grinkemeyer Yuxi Lu Ameer Insaf Mohammed Nathaniel Richard Swanson Peter Zhou Psychology Alexandra Marie Kindahl Sarvar Farnouche OreiziEsfahani With Honors in Aerospace Engineering Melissa Joy Adams Vergilio Antonio Bandini Benjamin Ye Chang Rosemary Katherine Davidson Brian Patrick Davis Ehiremen Itulua Ebewele Caleb Thomas Fricke Sean Sunil Haliyur Christopher William Kennedy Jacob Ryan McCullum

Business Nadia Maria Batkhan Gregory Douglas Davidow Bell Jacob Thomas Biedronski Iva Boishin Kyle Douglas Brown Jonathan Chang Clair Elizabeth Devaney Kelsey Victoria Edwards Elizabeth Katelin Emanuel Amy Kathryn Gill Melissa Rae Horovitz Matthew Flemon Hortopan Stuart Leon Krantz Helen Zhao-Hua Liu Jennifer Anne Miller David Michael Niezelski Noah Benjamin Peskin Kirby Mae Rhodes Katherine Marie Sudbrook Jacob Matthew Veitch Brett Cameron Weidemeyer Laura Elise Wunderlick Xueting Xia

Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics Madeline Alia Alizadeh Morgan Nicole Driver Kevin Bradley Emmerich William Francis O’Connor David Michael Rickert Amrita Sarkar Nicole Marie Szeluga Computer Engineering Tauqir Abdullah Computer Science Noa Eisenbach Chazan Cassidy Meier Laidlaw Alexander Zhang Criminology and Criminal Justice Adam Lawrence Basner Breanna Jonelle Coleman Nicholas James Gallo Hope Linette Goodman Calvin Underwood Hannagan Tayler Nicole Schmidt Shannon Marie White Economics Samuel Aaron Besse Trisha Biswas Leanne Linda Klock Joel Ashwyn Nair Davin Wang Electrical Engineering Xiechen Zheng Engineering Kamil Adam Baraniewicz Vera Belaia Alexander Rizzolo Epstein Bradley James Hogan Geographical Sciences Kevin Anthony Greco Geology Hope Adrienne Tornabene Government and Politics Molly Jean Collins Kelsey Victoria Edwards Hanna Tova Glicksman Mihir Khetarpal Daniela Nehama Nagar Adler Jeffrey Pruitt Griffin Steven Riddler Mitchell Brandon Rock Melin Arguro Sotiriou Droz Andrew Kerr Yesnick Hearing and Speech Sciences Rebecca Lauren Goodridge Julie Elizabeth Knorr Lauren Marie Wilson History Natalia Anne de Gravelles Alyssa Fay Gabay Matthew Thomas Hermane Daniel Jesse Hoffman

Matthew Aron Mantell Danielle Rose Mundhenk Christopher Joseph Ricigliano Noel Anna Sitnick Mathematics Timothy Patrick Barry Pavani Rangana Rannulu Mechanical Engineering David Gabriel Alcantara Micah Doron Arnson-Serotta Amanda Elizabeth Bank Zane N. Beal Jaime Michael Schnaier Berez Stephen Michael Blumenthal William Thomas Bogdan Theresa Ann Bounds James Edward Bowie Ethan Thomas Burbridge Clifton Edward Buxbaum Matthew Edward Caspero Vincent Cheng Alison Grace Cleary Devon Conrad Cogan Drew Corry Christine Lee Cwieka William Manuel Dawkins Catherine Demmerle Evan Harris Feinberg Patrick Vincent Findle Ryan Zachary Frankle Joshua Christian Gaus Nathan Wayne Gehr Grant Kaftan Giftos Katherine Alina Goetz Justin Michael Gotard Megan Elizabeth Gotsch Allison Grabowski Andrew David Graham Elise Miriam Green Abraham Alexander Irias Kathryn Lea Jahn Esben Dystrup Jepsen Alexander Kai Johnston Ashley Nicolette Keffer Hae Lee Kim Surabi Kondapaka Kaitlin Constance Roxy Krejcik Arye Jacob Kupferberg Joshua Michael Land Christopher Jensen Laughlin Sam Sloane Lewando Hannah Raye Loeb Sean Theodore Lowthert Colt Hampton Mason Caroline Ellen Massey Michael Robert Mattis Justin Matthew Mayle Jessica Lee McWilliams Christopher Roger Meuse Vivek Narendra Mistry Eliza Ann Mummert Patrick Robert Musselman Graham Tyler Nettleton Kyle David Olchewsky Robert England Parcher Eun Ji Park Trisha Umesh Patel William Padraic Peabody Alexander Pique James Gregory Psoras

Vivek Kenny Ravishankar Timothy Michael Raymond Sophia Thais Larkin Relph Thomas Casey Reynolds Zachary James Rodriguez Artur Marek Roman Sebastian Antonio Romo Duenas Daniel Ross Philip Charles Royce Chae-Rin Shin Sara Katherine Shonkwiler Benjamin Findlay Spaulding Ethan Sternstein Florence Olivia Stevenson Christopher Randall Strem Matthew Scott Swetz Justin Kai Tang Isaiah Jamal Thomason Xuan Thanh Tran Ann Michelle Tsay Mariya Tymofiy Haroula Marianthe Tzamaras Adam Sean Vinner Kejin Wang Richard Trent Weidman Garrett Scott Wiles Dakota Aubrey Wilhelm Jacob David Williams Joseph Steven Wofford Michael C. Yeh Danielius Jonas Zilevicius Physics Nathan Isaac Fredman Sarah Kerr Justin Kirby Terry Psychology Alexis Marie Beale Megan Ann Prass Mary-Charlotte Wasserbach Rafael Felipe Zuleta Athletic Certificates Men’s Baseball Justin Kennard Morris Men’s Football Nate Carmen Adams Adam Rogers Greene Brett Arthur Kulka Ellis Carnett McKennie Daniel David Sutton Men’s Lacrosse Michael John Adler Adam Joseph DiMillo Louis Solomon Dubick Daniel Thompson Morris Men’s Track & Field Louis Joseph Corgliano Alexander Joseph Leto Nicholas James Pulli David Brian Tarcza Men’s Wrestling Matthew Alexander Pente Women’s Basketball Kristen Michelle Confroy

Women’s Field Hockey Sarah Mae Bates Caroline Anne Hanks Layne Litsinger Madalyn Rae Ulery Women’s Gymnastics Amanda Jean Bertorello Women’s Lacrosse Taylor Marie Hensh Theadora Christina Kwas Julie Anne LeGar Kacie Marie Longo Emma Elizabeth Moss Megan Kathleen Whittle Women’s Soccer Chelsea Marie Jackson Madison Leigh Turner Kathryn Leah Waters Women’s Softball Destiney Janee Henderson Women’s Tennis Ekaterina Tour Women’s Track & Field Oluwaseun Victoria Ajimoko Chandler Grace Baxter Breanna Jonelle Coleman Micaela Creighton Adrienne Renee Minor Emma Celia O’Hara Deborah Olawuni Peyton Wade Merrill Scholars Christopher Bambic Rosemary Davidson Daniel Dorfman Sarina Haryanto Caroline Johnson Rebecca King Kinsey Rose Manchester Montana Monardes William O’Connor Chineme Obiefune Zachary Plotkin Kirby Rhodes Miriam Silton Erin Sullivan Katelyn Turner Chetachi Ukejianya Tiffany Wang National Honor Societies Mortar Board Zahra Aligabi Harrison Bartlett Kayla Catlett Laura Cholvibul Maya Deane-Polyak Rebecca Goodridge Kathleen Harrison Hannah Jacobson Julianna Johnson John Locke Tara McCurry Kate Melone

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Timothy Raymond Jennifer Schultz Kevin Schechter Madison Suarez Bryce Trezise Gillian Vesely Omicron Delta Kappa Alia Abdelkader Nicholas Agyevi Armah Madeline Alizadeh Sofia Alsamadi Gabriela Alter Doyeon An Gary Ascher Sade Ayinde Ja’Nya Banks Rachel Blaszkowsky Adwoa Boateng Kyle Brown Karenna Buco Elifnaz Caliskan Dylan Cattie Amber Chabus Allison Chen Kristen Confroy Matthew Cuozzo Kathleen Curry Harriet Dadzie Lillia Damalouji Rosemary Davidson Urvashi Dayalan Maya Deane-Polyak Andrew Dunn Kelsey Edwards Samantha Enokian Marcus Fedarko Rachel Gagliardi Hope Goodman Rebecca Goodridge Jamie Grossarth Carly Guiltinan Kevin Halliday Sarina Haryanto Katrina Hauprich Allison Herskovitz Eric Higgins Stephanie Hutchinson Elizabeth Jones Anjali Kalaria Daniel Katz Christopher Keosian Mihir Khetarpal Yoolee Kim Colin King Jacob King Rebecca King Julie Knorr Samuel Koralnik Stuart Krantz Shannon Larson Amanda Lee Summer Legambi Sherry Levine Samantha Levy Helen Liu Jane Lyons Zoey Maggid Julia Maier Alexander Mangerian Jessica Martins Trey Mason


Jessica McWilliams Catalina Mejia Hallie Miller Uday Misra Elene Nakas David Niezelski Chineme Obiefune Daniel Ogunlowo Katherine O’Reilly Daniel Page Michael Pensabene Adler Pruitt Alex Pu Paula Rabade Namitha Ramakrishna Christopher Ricigliano Mary Robichaux Mitchell Rock Dana Rodriguez Yasasvhinie Santharam Alyssa Schledwitz Bronwen Schriml Ashley Schwanebeck Colton Seigel Kathryn Shannon Karina Sharma Miriam Silton Emma Slattery Courtney Steininger Ashwin Suryavanshi Matthew Swetz Victoria Tully Katelyn Turner Haroula Tzamaras Chetachi Ukejianya Jacob Veitch Samantha Waldenberg Christopher Walkup Brett Weidemeyer Matthew Wheeler Megan Whittle Sonya Williams Mitchell Wilson Kevin Wittmer Xueting Xia Emily Yang Jessica Yau Benjamin Zimmitti Nathaniel Zumbach Phi Beta Kappa Yasmine Albanna Salman Americianaki Cayli Baker Rachael Belcher Michael Biondi Iva Boishin Julianna Boswell Jochobed Cadet Joseph Celtnieks Ajay Chatim Deborah Choi Joseph Dawson Emma De Ravin Dominic Dix Nora Doyle Matthew Du Sarah Duncan Avraham Eisenstein Christopher Eyo Eliot Fenton Hailey Fleece

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Melinda Fu Ashley Fydenkevez Elias Geist Julianna Gesiotto Sherry Gholami Sukriti Ghosh Nicholas Giroux Kaitlin Gleason Rebecca Goodridge Jean Maloney Jeremy Gordon Madison Gray Jennifer Greenwell Lillian Hallmark Molly Higgins Erika Hinkle Daniel Hoffman Kellie Holovac Kaitlin Hrozencik Cameron Ivey Suraj Jaladanki Victoria Jennings Caroline Johnson Meredith Johnston Alyssa Jordan Madeline Kelleher Thomas Keppen Alexandra Kindahl Jonathan Kittner Leanne Klock Katherine Koman Sarah Kosterlitz Julia Kutyrev Margaret Lane Amanda Lee Erica Lee Julianna Lee Jamie Lescht Charlotte Li Amelia Loeb Hope Loiselle Nicholas Lolli Jessica MacGregor Zoey Maggid Eleanna Makris David Malamud Kinsey Manchester Lindsey McCumber Kanta Mendon Jacob Miller David Millner Kristiniana Moreno Francis O’Neill Katherine O’Reilly Sarvar Oreizi-Esfahani Evan Peaco Hailey Philbin Tyler Plack Rosetta Previti Kendra Pryor Elliott Rebello Vanessa Reyes Christopher Ricigliano Ari Rickman Griffin Riddler Mitchell Rock Paige Rodrigues Madeline Roesler Hunter Rogoff Erica Ryan Amil Sahai Jill Schreider

Bronwen Schriml Arianne Schwartz Rebekah Senderling Max Settineri Alexander Shapiro Yasmin Shemali Christine Shen Xiuyu Shen Justin Silverberg Sarah Sinnott Benjamin Sonnenberg Michael Sousane Savannah Speir Emma Stanicek Emily Starobin Elinor Stern Hunter Stevens Eli Stopak Sarine Tahmazian Alexis Tanenbaum George Thomas Karyna Todd Elizabeth Truitt Katelyn Turner Radhika Tyagi Garett Unger Jacob Veitch Daryan Ver Ploeg Taylor Vitelli Tiffany Wang Hannah Warshawsky Samantha Wilkins Caitlin Wilson Daniel Wolff Kelly Wright Valerie Yoshioka John Zagami Phi Kappa Phi Michael W. Adcock Turki Al-Sabah Gabriela Malka Alter Christopher J. Bambic Veeda Baradar Robin Cagle Jean M. Carlson Nicole Fiore Colella Lillia J. Damalouji Lily F. Durkee Annette Elena Folgueras Jinadaree Gonaduwage Elizabeth Groncki Mallory N. Haselberger Elana Israel Katelyn E. Jensen Dylan Kirby Christine Kirchner Moshe Y. Klein Sarah Kosterlitz Margaret A. Lane Julia Maier Troiah McCorkle Laura Nesbitt Adam W. Nixon Sarvar Oreizi-Esfahani Leslie L. Palmer Kit Parkinson Stephenie Pitt Rebecca Faye Rosansky Linda I. Saucedo Bronwen Schriml Emily Beatrix Starobin

Ashton Johnell Trevino Garett Unger Eric Wellham Sarah Elizabeth Whiteley Tamara Rae Wilhite John P. Zagami ROTC Air Force Roshan Belbase Mahesh Guda Sean Haliyur Victoria LaFemina Nathaniel Lawless Daniel Lee Hazel Mouayang Joshua Novick Michael Rivera Richard Sponseller Benjamin Studnicky

Jennifer Vuong Amina Zahoor Army Jordan Bamidele Dennis Binseel Rachel Blaszkowsky Eric Corona Garrett Dearden Sarah Duncan John Foresman Lauren Freed Ashley Fydenkevez Anthony Genco Jacob King Hannah Lefors Alexander Mangerian Allyson McCarthy Kristina McKenna Jacob Nickoles Aaron Peterson

Alan Rannals Chike Springer Huy Vu Juliana Welch Special Awards H.C. Byrd and Sally Sterling Byrd Awards Jacob Veitch and Kristen Confroy Adele H. Stamp Memorial Award Max Balagtas-Badoy Mary McLeod Bethune Award Ja’Nya Banks Vera Cruz-Kochiyama Award Cindy Jui

Wilson H. Elkins Award Dana Rodriguez La Raza Unida Award Wendy Pintado Lorde-O’Leary Award Max Balagtas-Badoy Camille K. Rajpat Memorial Award Dylan Cattie Graduate Student Distinguished Service Award Skyler Jackson William L. Thomas Student Government Association Award Alia Abdelkader

Special Recognition SENIOR MARSHALS


The Senior Marshal Program began in 1991 as an opportunity to acknowledge outstanding seniors at their commencement. The students selected to be marshals were nominated by faculty, administration and staff for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the University of Maryland. We are proud to recognize these truly remarkable students.

Alia Abdelkader Kimia Elizabeth Abtahi Monica M. Attia Sade Moturayo Ayinde Zachary Ball Christopher John Bambic Julia Bryant Kristen Michelle Confroy Nisha D. Desai Matt Du Natalie Fecteau Elizabeth Regina Fletcher Rebecca Goodridge Sarah Nicole Husted James Lin

Tong Lu Erich Meissner Catalina Mejia Arenas Carly Elizabeth Moore Kathryn Shannon Zalandria Spann Brittany Pauline Sparaker Erin Sullivan Autumn Thompson Katelyn Elizabeth Turner Joshua Edward Turskey Jacob Veitch Samantha Waldenburg Angela Wu Nathaniel Zumbach

UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF MARYLAND BOARD OF REGENTS James T. Brady, Chair Barry P. Gossett, Vice Chair Gary L. Attman, Esq., Treasurer Linda R. Gooden, Assistant Treasurer Michelle A. Gourdine, M.D., Secretary Robert D. Rauch, Assistant Secretary Members Norman R. Augustine Joseph Bartenfelder, ex officio Katrina J. Dennis, Esq. Ellen Fish James Holzapfel Robert R. Neall D’Ana Johnson Robert L. Pevenstein Louis Pope Dr. Frank M. Reid III William A. “Will” Shorter Jr., Student Regent UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF MARYLAND ADMINISTRATION

Donald F. Boesch Vice Chancellor for Environmental Sustainability David Mosca Director of Auditing Jeff Neal Vice Chancellor for Communications Patrick N. Hogan Vice Chancellor for Government Relations Leonard R. Raley Vice Chancellor for Advancement Joseph F. Vivona COO/Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance J. Thomas Sadowski Vice Chancellor for Economic Development UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND ADMINISTRATION Wallace D. Loh President

Robert L. Caret Chancellor

Mary Ann Rankin Senior Vice President and Provost

Joann Boughman Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Linda M. Clement Vice President for Student Affairs

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Carlo Colella Vice President for Administration and Finance

Sheri Parks Department of American Studies

Laurie Locascio Vice President for Research

UNIVERSITY SENATE Daniel Falvey, Chair

Michael R. Poterala Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel


Jacqueline “Jackie” Lewis Vice President for University Relations DEANS Gregory Ball College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Craig Beyrouty College of Agriculture and Natural Resources William Cohen Associate Provost and Dean, Undergraduate Studies Lucy A. Dalglish Philip Merrill College of Journalism Steve Fetter Interim Dean, Graduate School, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs Babak Hamidzadeh Interim Dean, University Libraries Sonia Hirt School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation Boris Lushniak School of Public Health Keith Marzullo College of Information Studies Robert C. Orr School of Public Policy Darryll J. Pines A. James Clark School of Engineering Jennifer King Rice College of Education Bonnie Thornton Dill College of Arts and Humanities Alexander J. Triantis Robert H. Smith School of Business Amitabh Varshney College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences OFFICERS OF COMMENCEMENT University Marshal Martha Nell Smith Department of English Faculty/Student Marshals Marsha Guenzler-Stevens Division of Student Affairs


Executive Committee Sharon L. Akers ’78 Carlton M. Arrendell ’84 Richard M. Finkelstein ’72 Geoff J. Gonella ’90 Karen B. Levenson ’76 Timothy F. Maloney, Esq. Paul S. Mandell ’95 Marvin H. Rabovsky ’81, Immediate Past Chair Craig A. Thompson, Esq. ’92, ’95 Trustees Murray P. Abrams ’83 Arthur H. Adler John Alahouzos Jr. ’71 Wanda Alexander ’81 Alan M. Alsheimer Jr. ’96 David M. Baggett ’92 Kenneth Bedingfield Thomas G. Birnbach ’88 Mark Butler Albert P. Carey ’74 Michael Caruthers ’72 Mark T. Ciardi ’83 Nancy Clarvit ’78 Rose Horan Cohen ’03 Charles W. Daggs ’69 Michael S. Dana ’81 Ryan L. Dearborn ’90 Gail Segal Elmore ’75, ’78 Marlene K. Feldman ’75 Joel Feller, Esq. ’90 Emilio A. Fernandez Jr. ’69 Eric S. Francis ’71 Harry Geller ’81 Brian Gibbons ’84, ’87 Alma G. Gildenhorn ’53 Stanley Goldstein ’68, ’70 Marc S. Greenberg, C.P.A. ’93 William Greenblatt, Esq. ’79 Suzanne D. Hillman Phillip H. Horvitz ’75 Brendan Iribe ’01 Michael Johnson ’76 Carolyn A. Karlson Julie Klingenstein ’76 Christopher E. Kubasik ’83 Michael P. Luzio ’98 Ruchi Mehta ’00 Daniel J. Millman ’84 Shelley Mulitz Richard L. Novak ’61 Kevin A. Plank ’96 Nicole R. Pollard, Esq. ’91 Robin L. Portman ’80, ’89 Timothy J. Regan ’77 Avis Richards ’80 Steven M. Rotter ’82 Harvey L. Sanders ’72 Robert R. Satterfield ’95 Philip L. Schneider ’79

2018 Spring Commencement / U NIV ER SITY


Thomas H. Scholl Michael Schwab Mark E. Schwartz Michelle Smith Margaret Moose Swallow ’75 Catherine Merrill Williams Robert Zarco Emeritus Trustees Robert A. Bedingfield ’70 John M. Brophy ’71 Waldo H. Burnside ’49 P. Douglas Dollenberg ’61 Gordon England ’61 Lowell R. Glazer ’55 Shirley Phillips Marilyn Berman Pollans ’73, ’79 Brenda Rever ’65 Dr. Philip R. Rever ’64 Robert “Turtle” Smith ’63 Joseph D. Tydings ’51 Honorary Trustees David C. Driskell Robert E. Fischell ’53, ’56 Joseph B. Gildenhorn ’51 William “Brit” E. Kirwan Jehan Sadat Pedro Wasmer Gary B. Williams ’68 COMMENCEMENT PLANNING GROUP Dakia Adams Robert H. Smith School of Business Kayla Anderson Office of Special Events Tammi Archer Department of American Studies Craig Arnold School of Music Joe Levesque Department of Transportation Services Kimberly Kwok Department of Linguistics Carlin Bokal Department of Communication Heather Buchanan College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Lisa Bradley Klemko College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences Michael Brick School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation Erin Caporellie School of Public Health Josiland Chambers School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Janis Cornell-DeMoss College of Education

Jason Hess Reckord Armory

Lori Praniewicz Individual Studies

Lesley Colwell Office of Special Events

Matthew Hicks Department of Environmental Safety

Gabriel Purviance Facilities Management

Natalie Cosner Philip Merrill College of Journalism Marci Deloatch Department of African American Studies Nicole DeLoatch Department of Sociology Alexandra Dooley Office of Special Events Laura Dyer Department of Public Safety Shanna Edinger May Department of Economics Liam Farrell Strategic Communications Jane Fines A. James Clark School of Engineering Jennifer Flores Department of Art

Bobby Hunter School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies Nicole Jackson Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice Lori Kader Department of Psychology Debra Kirsch Department of Jewish Studies Stefanie Kuchinsky Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences Kevin Lauer Office of the Registrar Karen Lewis Department of English and Comparative Literature Jiehong Lou School of Public Policy

Michelle Foster University Book Center

Eric Mantz Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

Louise Gilman Department of Philosophy

Denise McHugh Memorial Chapel

Eric Grims Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

Stephanie Monaldo Office of Special Events

William Guididas Facilities Management Amanda Hall Department of Geographical Sciences

Lawrence Moody Ritchie Coliseum Mark O’Reilly Office of Special Events

Erik Hanson Department of Anthropology

Moriah Peterson College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Jodi Hall Department of History

Virginia Pinto Office of Special Events

Kiersten Riffert Department of Government and Politics Patricia Rhodes-Kelly Department of Classics Richard “Joe” Roundtree Facilities Management Kristina Rubio Office of Student Affairs JV Sapinoso Department of Women’s Studies Robert Shearman Department of Transportation Services Michelle Slone College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Sarah Sohns Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences Mary Kate Sullivan Reckord Armory Ashley Venneman Office of Student Affairs Anna Waller Department of Art History

With special thanks to the following campus divisions/ departments responsible for commencement preparations: Campus Recreation Services Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center Environmental Safety Facilities Management Office of General Services/ Special Services Area Maintenance Building and Landscape Services Carpentry Shop Electric Shop Floor Shop Housekeeping Services Paint Shop Sign Shop Intercollegiate Athletics Facilities Memorial Chapel Public Safety Senior Council Stamp Student Union Transportation Services An extra special thanks go to the Office of the Registrar and the Graduate School. A heartfelt thanks go to the many volunteers who assist with the campuswide and individual college and school ceremonies. These efforts are greatly appreciated.

Jeff Waters College of Information Studies Jessica White College of Arts and Humanities Sheron Williams A. James Clark School of Engineering Leighann Yarwood Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center


The May 2018 class roster comprises degree candidates from the graduate and undergraduate programs at the University of Maryland, College Park. As final action cannot always be taken for candidates by the time this program is printed, the list of candidates here is tentative. The university reserves the right to withdraw or add names. Diplomas (for other than doctoral degrees) will be mailed by the Office of the Registrar.

PRODUCTION: Jennifer Paul Design

Commencement produced by the Office of Special Events · Book produced by Office of Strategic Communications · Division of University Relations · May 2018

2018 Spring Commencement / U N I V E R S I T Y



Hail! Alma Mater Hail to thee, Maryland! Steadfast in loyalty, For thee, we stand, Love for the Black & Gold Deep in our hearts we hold, Singing thy praise forever, Throughout the land.

University of Maryland Commencement Program (Spring 2018)  

The 2018 Spring Commencement Program, where graduates, family members, and the university community may find information about the ceremonie...

University of Maryland Commencement Program (Spring 2018)  

The 2018 Spring Commencement Program, where graduates, family members, and the university community may find information about the ceremonie...