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Precision Lapping & Polishing Machines

MULTIPOL 8 and 10 are versatile lapping and polishing systems capable of preparing the most demanding specimens required by Research and Industry. Primarily designed for failure analysis, research and pilot-scale production applications, they allow for many methods of sample holding - producing a high versatility which is extended by the availability of a range of accessories and polishing plates. Optical Standards of finish can be achieved with the use of the system’s reciprocating sweep mechanism. This control allows maintenance of surface parallelism and flatness. Sample loading is fully variable, as are the sweep and rotation speeds.

All parts that come into contact with polishing media are produced from either stainless steel or heavy duty plastic and are quickly detachable for ease of cleaning and avoiding cross contamination. A spindle lock allows plates to be changed conveniently. The fully-controllable reciprocating arm mechanism allows maintenance of plate flatness. This means that samples of the highest optical standards of flatness and parallelism may be prepared.

Product Highlights

m The exceptional degree of control which is available for all preparation parameters means that MULTIPOL's may be configured for hard, soft, and friable materials, and suits preparations of expensive and unique research materials.

Versatility – all polishing methods can be used including, abrasive, diamond, slurry, CMP and etch polishing

Optical Quality Polishing


Easy to clean - All parts which could cause cause contamination can be easily detached. This means downtime is minimized.

All lapping and polishing techniques can be accommodated


Tight control of all process variables allows superior performance on most materials

Bench-top and quiet in operation

Precision jig mounted on 6183.M ULTRACOLLIMATOR allows for the production of extremely parallel sided samples

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Precision Lapping & Polishing Machines

Product Specifications System Part #

6108.1 – MULTIPOL 8 6110.1 – MULTIPOL 10 0 to 90 rpm Variable +/- 8 degrees 21 inches (53cm) wide x 18 inches (46cm) deep x 8 Inches (20cm) high 40 kg (100 lbs) 110 to 240V, 50 to 60 Hz

Spindle Speed Sweep Stroke Footprint Unit Weight Electrical

Key Accessories 6166.2 6166.3 6166.4 6158.1 6230.1

Precision Polishing Jig Kit for maximum 2 inch diameter samples (see separate datasheet) Precision Polishing Jig Kit for maximum 3 inch diameter samples Precision Polishing Jig Kit for maximum 4 inch diameter samples Recirculating slurry pump Slurry containment tray

Lapping & Polishing Plates Order Code




6191.8 6191.1

8 inch 10 inch

Cast Iron scrolled

Initial lapping with loose abrasives, polishing very hard materials

6193.8 6193.1

8 inch 10 inch

Copper-faced scrolled

Polishing hard materials

6195.8 6195.1

8 inch 10 inch

Solder-faced scrolled

Polishing medium-hard materials

6197.8 6197.1

8 inch 10 inch

Cast-iron plain

Preparing brittle and very small samples

6199.8 6199.1

8 inch 10 inch

Stainless steel plain

General purpose, covered with films, cloths, papers and pads

6206.8 6206.1

8 inch 10 inch

Polyurethane-faced plain

Polishing with slurries, used in CMP processes with colloidal silica and alumina suspensions

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