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Regent’s College London European Business School London Regent’s Business School London Regent’s American College London London School of Film, Media & Performance School of Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology

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Regent’s College London is the largest college of private higher education in the UK, and one of the most internationally diverse, with around 140 different student nationalities currently represented. Situated in the heart of Regent’s Park, central London, the main quadrangle of classrooms is surrounded by halls of residence, lawns and tennis courts and, beyond this, the gardens and lakes of the beautiful Royal Park. This peaceful environment is only a few minutes away from the financial centre of London, the West End and the many attractions of this exciting European city.

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Regent’s College comprises six specialist schools, including the Internexus English Language School. Four of the schools below offer UK qualifications, while Regent’s American College London offers the opportunity to gain an American degree in the centre of London.

EXTERNAL ACCREDITATION AND VALIDATION European Business School London Regent’s Business School London London School of Film, Media & Performance School of Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology The European Business School London, Regent’s Business School London, London School of Film, Media & Performance and School of Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology are approved by The Open University as appropriate organisations to offer higher education programmes leading to Open University validated awards.

European Business School London Regent’s Business School London London School of Film, Media & Performance School of Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology Regent’s American College London All students are members of their own school, as well as members of the larger student community of Regent’s College, and benefit from our extensive campus facilities and student support.

Programmes at these schools have been developed and will be delivered by these schools. These have been validated through a process of external peer review by The Open University as being of an appropriate standard and quality to lead to an Open University validated award.

This publication introduces the undergraduate programmes available at these five schools – full prospectuses are available upon request.

Regent’s American College London Regent’s American College London degrees are awarded by Webster University, St. Louis, USA. Webster University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the Nor th Central Association of Schools and Colleges. 1

THE REGENT’S COLLEGE DIFFERENCE American and British undergraduate education We offer a wealth of academic oppor tunities to our students, with the choice to study for a fully accredited US or UK Bachelor’s degree. Beautiful central London campus Our campus is located in a Royal Park in central London, close to the West End and the Eurostar terminal. International focus Our 4,000-strong student body is diverse and multicultural, with around 140 different nationalities and more than 110 different languages spoken. All students benefit from study abroad opportunities and can take evening foreign language classes to enhance their employability. VISITING REGENT’S COLLEGE Career support and work experience We have links with companies worldwide and can help students arrange relevant work experience and internships. We offer one-to-one career coaching to all undergraduate students.

Come and see Regent’s College in person at one of our informative undergraduate open days. These are held on the first Tuesday of each month throughout the year (excluding January and September), as well as three Saturdays a year, and provide an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about what we have to offer. Each open day consists of:

Personal attention Class sizes are small, allowing a high level of interaction with academic staff and fellow students. Students can meet one-to-one with personal academic advisors.

ppTalks by senior staff outlining our undergraduate courses ppA campus tour ppAn informal buffet lunch ppAn opportunity to meet and chat with students and academic staff

Accommodation We provide personal support to all students seeking accommodation in London, and have a range of on- and off-campus housing options.

For more information on open days and a list of dates please visit our website

English language school on campus Students who wish to study English prior to commencing their undergraduate degree may do so through our on-campus English language school, Internexus.

If you are unable to attend an open day, we welcome personal visitors to our campus, Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00. Please contact us to arrange a personal academic consultation and guided tour.



WHY COME TO US Practical relevance We design our undergraduate programmes in consultation with the business and events management industries, to ensure that we equip you with the most highly sought-after skills, knowledge and expertise. This means that our programmes are industry-led to a unique degree. Skills development through work experience and internships You will undertake a minimum of 30 weeks of work experience throughout the duration of your degree; these internships can be taken in different companies/sectors around the world. International focus We are committed to the principle of embedding internationalism in the academic content of our degree programmes. You will study modules that examine business and events management practice in different cultural contexts. Extensive foreign language choices You can study either one or two foreign languages as part of your undergraduate degree, choosing from a range of nine languages; additional languages can be studied through optional evening language classes.

The European Business School London (EBSL) is the UK’s oldest private business school. Established in 1979, our undergraduate degrees offer you a unique combination of business, languages, study abroad and work experience.

Exciting study abroad opportunities You will benefit from a one-year study period abroad as part of your degree, choosing from our portfolio of over 90 study abroad partners worldwide (depending on your foreign language choice(s) and area of business/events specialisation).

An EBSL degree is a serious investment in your future career. You will find the working environment here challenging and demanding, but also enormously rewarding. When you graduate with a degree from EBSL, you will be entering the job market with a set of skills for which employers around the world are prepared to pay a premium.

Scholarships To celebrate the international spirit of the European Business School London, we offer three annual scholarship prizes for our BA (Hons) International Business and BA (Hons) International Events Management degree courses.




The European Business School London offers two BA (Hons) degrees, which take place over three and a half years:

Our student body has students from 95* different countries worldwide. This multicultural student body creates a dynamic environment for the design and delivery of our academic curriculum.

ppBA (Hons) International Business ppBA (Hons) International Events Management We have start dates for both degree programmes in February and September each year – offering two opportunities for you to join us. BA (Hons) International Business This full-time undergraduate degree course equips you with the academic and practical business knowledge necessary to succeed in the business world, along with foreign language exper tise. You will develop a management overview of all the main functional areas of business. Building on this, you can choose to develop an optional business specialisation in one of the following areas:

Europe Africa North America *

ppEconomics ppEntrepreneurial Management ppFinance ppHuman Resource Management ppInformation Systems ppLaw ppManagement ppMarketing


80% ** 4.5% 2.5%

Asia South America

9.5% 3.5%

Includes visiting study abroad students, who comprise 20% of total student body Includes UK, at 6% of total student body

All students on the BA (Hons) International Business degree study one or two foreign languages as part of their course.You can study any language at beginner level (no prior knowledge required), or at a more advanced level, depending on your previous experience of studying the language.You can choose to study either one or two languages as part of your degree; please note that it is not possible to study two languages at beginner level. You will also spend up to one academic year of your degree as a study period abroad and will undertake a minimum of 30 weeks of work experience throughout the duration of your course.


FOREIGN LANGUAGE STUDY Our award-winning language department offers a choice of nine languages, all available at beginner, intermediate and advanced level: ppArabic ppFrench ppGerman ppItalian ppJapanese ppMandarin Chinese ppPortuguese ppRussian ppSpanish

BA (Hons) International Events Management This programme equips you with knowledge and skills relating to all stages in the events management process from conceptualising and planning the project, to operational, financial, economic and events marketing.

STUDY PERIOD ABROAD You will spend up to one academic year as a study period abroad. This year is an integral part of the European Business School London experience. We have over 90 partner institutions worldwide in countries as diverse as South Africa, Japan, Argentina, Canada and Italy.

You have a choice of relevant supporting elective subjects in areas such as luxury brands management and international events, modern gastronomy, services marketing, culture and tourism, and design in international events management.

During this period you will study elective classes relating to either events management, or your business major/general business classes, taught in the foreign language(s) that you have been learning. If you take two languages as part of your BA (Hons) International Business degree, you will split your study period abroad across two different countries.

Students on the BA (Hons) International Events Management degree can choose to study a foreign language as part of their course, but do not have to study a language. If you decide to take a language as part of your degree, you can choose to study at beginner level, or at a more advanced level.

An alternative to one semester of study abroad is the placement learning project.This involves a 16-week internship in a host organisation, offering major experience of a real-world working environment.

You will also spend up to one academic year of your degree as a study period abroad and will undertake a minimum of 30 weeks of work experience throughout the duration of your course. If you have chosen not to study a foreign language within your degree, the study period abroad will be taught in English.




You will also complete a minimum of 30 weeks of work experience throughout the duration of the course.This total is usually divided into blocks of time between the academic semesters, and work placements can be carried out all over the world, and in more than one language.

I wanted a practical course that would prepare me for real-life business action – that’s why I chose EBSL. For example, in the first semester we have a module called ‘Individual Influence Skills’; as part of that course we had to write a CV, cover letter and undergo a mock interview for an internship. International business with Chinese is a perfect combination for me. I think language skills are essential in order to succeed in the international business arena. At EBSL you don’t only study a language; you also get to immerse yourself in the culture during your study period abroad. I’m very happy with my course and feel that I made the right choice in EBSL. And I really can’t wait until my study period in China.

Working in real business and events management situations before you graduate means that you are able to explore career options, test theoretical know-how, and learn the cultural conventions and sensitivities unique to each country’s business practices. BA (Hons) International Business / BA (Hons) International Events Management with Integrated Foundation

Kristina Asrieva Russia / BA (Hons) International Business

The BA (Hons) International Business / International Events Management with Integrated Foundation are four and a half year programmes, divided into one year of foundation-level studies, and three and a half years of BA (Hons) level studies. They are designed for students whose present qualifications do not permit direct entry to the first year of BA (Hons) studies. The courses commence each year in February and September.

Progression Completion of the one year of foundation-level studies guarantees progression to study at BA (Hons) level. Students can choose either the BA (Hons) International Business or the BA (Hons) International Events Management. Alternatively you can choose to progress to the BA (Hons) Global Management with pathways at Regent’s Business School London (see page 8). Regent’s Business School London. In this case, the BA (Hons) with Integrated Foundation becomes a four-year programme.

Course Aims The Integrated Foundation course comprises compulsory and optional business and language modules. A total of 10 modules are studied over two semesters. The course aims to prepare you for entry into higher education, ensuring you possess the necessary knowledge, values, skills and competencies to undertake either the BA (Hons) International Business or BA (Hons) International Events Management.

Fast Track We offer a fast-track route within the Integrated Foundation, which allows you to complete the course in just one semester if you achieve a minimum of a 60% average in all first semester modules, and meet the necessary English language requirements.

Carefully designed to focus on the academic areas most useful to your future studies, the course encourages you to reflect on your learning and to be increasingly self-motivated and self-critical, with assignments and examinations becoming progressively more challenging and demanding.



WHY COME TO US? Innovative and contemporary programmes of study We ensure that you gain knowledge in core management areas such as business and finance, and that you also study contemporary subjects including design management or sustainability management, helping you to stay ahead of the competition. Flexible structure Our three-year BA (Hons) Global Management with pathways has been designed to allow you to develop core competencies across a broad range of management areas, prior to specialising in your chosen subject. Learning through experience We will encourage you to engage in direct, practical learning through role play, business simulation, business competitions, teamwork and leadership workshops – all designed to enhance your skill-set and employability. This holistic approach to business education develops a wide range of transferable skills outside of the classroom.

Regent’s Business School London (RBSL) is a dynamic school with a practical focus. The personalised and enterprising approach of our faculty ensures that you gain the expertise required to succeed.You will be given many opportunities to network and adapt your practical skills to the real business world. Students benefit from small class sizes, high levels of personal support and attention and contemporary programmes that meet the requirements of a rapidly changing business world.

Optional study period abroad You will have the opportunity to study abroad, choosing from a range of exciting options, with all programmes taught in English. Scholarships worth up to 50% of tuition fees Available for academically strong students.




Regent’s Business School London offers a diverse range of undergraduate study opportunities through the BA (Hons) Global Management with pathways:

Our highly international student body – from more than 90* different countries – values our innovative and supportive approach to undergraduate education.

ppGlobal Business Management pathway ppGlobal Business & Design Management pathway ppGlobal Business & Sustainability Management pathway ppGlobal Financial Management pathway ppGlobal Marketing Management pathway Global Business Management pathway This pathway will give you the skills and experience required to lead in a global business environment. You will gain detailed knowledge in a global context, plus practical experience. You will investigate business issues and solve problems, give formal business presentations and produce consultancy reports. The programme will provide you with the tools to analyse IT strategies and new business opportunities. You will learn about the global political economy and how it affects all business, from large multi-nationals to small family-run firms. Graduates will be able to work in and manage cross-functional and multicultural teams.

Europe Africa South America * **

58% ** 9% 1%

Asia North America Australasia

28% 3% 1%

Includes visiting study abroad students, who comprise 3% of total student body Includes UK, at 14% of total student body

Global Business & Design Management pathway

Global Business & Sustainability Management pathway

Design management includes the processes, business decisions and strategies that enable innovation and create well-designed products, services, communications, environments and brands. Choosing to study Global Business & Design Management offers you the dynamic combination of business and creativity. You will gain skills and knowledge in areas such as innovation management, product and services development and intellectual property protection. We are currently the only institution in the UK to offer business and design management at undergraduate level, giving our students a competitive edge.

Sustainability management is a highly contemporary subject; many organisations and even whole industries are beginning to engage with sustainability research. Engaging in sustainability is seen by many as an important way to increase an organisation’s competitive advantage, respond to government sustainability targets, protect and raise brand awareness, and build trust with customers and employees. A wide range of opportunities for sustainability management exist within the private, public, not-for-profit and research sectors.



Global Marketing Management pathway

Studying here has given me the oppor tunity to meet people from different cultures and countries. I chose the School as it offers a small and secure environment. I was initially worried that learning in English, rather than my native language, would be too difficult. I found, however, that as the class sizes are small it’s easy to understand everything, especially as I received so much suppor t, attention and personal care from the teaching staff. Students are encouraged to ask questions or discuss problems and are able to get instant feedback, building up a personal relationship with academics.

The world has become more and more people-focused; markets are defined by what individual people need, want or desire. The pathway in Global Marketing Management explores this shift through tapping into the latest developments in this field. It focuses on every aspect of marketing, from the research phase to the product, from identifying customers to creating a promotional campaign, and from sales forecasts to marketing strategy. STUDY PERIOD ABROAD: GATEWAY PROGRAMME The Gateway Programme offers you the opportunity to study abroad for one academic semester as part of your three-year BA (Hons) degree.

Meng-Jiun Lin Taiwan / BA (Hons) Global Management with pathways / Graduate

This offers the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures while gaining additional insight into academic and business practices in different cultural contexts. All study options are taught in English. We offer a wide range of partner institutions in Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Mexico, Russia, Spain and the USA.

Global Financial Management pathway An understanding of finance and accounting is an essential skill for anyone who wishes to embark on a highly successful career in business. It has long been acknowledged that finance plays a vital role within organisations with accounting systems designed to help decision making and controls, financial techniques such as discounted cash flow and providing tools for valuing projects and investments. This pathway enables graduates to discuss and analyse with confidence the financial parameters of business planning, performance and evaluation.

LEARNING THROUGH EXPERIENCE We strongly encourage all students to take advantage of a variety of exciting extra-curricular activities. Through participation in real or simulated experiences, you will put into practice theoretical skills that you are learning in your curriculum, as well as further develop key skills and enhance your employability. IBM Universities Business Challenge This undergraduate business challenge, in which teams of students work as management consultants to a series of realistic simulated companies, is fiercely competitive – participation is highly regarded by prospective employers. Leadership and Team-Building Experience This compulsory exercise forms an essential component of your personal development.


BA (Hons) Global Management with Integrated Foundation The BA (Hons) Global Management with Integrated Foundation is a four-year programme, divided into one year of foundation-level studies, and three years of BA (Hons) level studies. It is designed for students whose present qualifications do not permit direct entry to the first year of BA (Hons) studies. The course commences each year in February and September. Course Aims The Integrated Foundation course comprises 10 business modules, taken over two semesters. The course aims to prepare you for entry into higher education, ensuring you possess the necessary knowledge, values, skills and competencies to undertake study at BA (Hons) level. Carefully designed to focus on the academic areas most useful to your future studies, the course encourages you to reflect on your learning and to be increasingly self-motivated and self-critical, with assignments and examinations becoming progressively more challenging and demanding. Progression Successful completion of the one year of foundation-level studies guarantees progression to the BA (Hons) Global Management with pathways.You can choose any of its five specialist pathways (Business Management; Business & Design Management; Business & Sustainability Management; Financial Management and Marketing Management). Alternatively, you can choose to progress to BA (Hons) level study at the European Business School London. In this case, the BA (Hons) with Integrated Foundation becomes a four-and-a-half-year programme. Fast Track We offer a fast-track route within the Integrated Foundation, which allows you to complete the foundation-level studies in just one semester if you achieve a minimum of a 60% average across the marks for all your first semester modules, and meet the necessary English language requirements.



WHY COME TO US? The Webster Global Citizenship Programme, fully accredited in the United States, but taught in the centre of London You will use London as your classroom through a series of exciting theatre and museum visits, talks and workshops. Wide range of available majors We offer diverse subjects ranging from management to psychology. Cultural and social attractions of one of the world’s greatest cities London is a vibrant and multi-cultural city that offers new perspectives and unparalleled opportunities – both social and professional. Study abroad opportunities in Europe, Asia and the USA Once you have been accepted to any Webster campus you are part of the whole network, and can study abroad at one or more of our sister campuses. Scholarships worth up to 50% of tuition fees Available for academically strong students. Recognition of prior learning and credit transfer opportunities If you are taking A-levels or an A-level equivalent qualification such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, you may be able to commence your studies at RACL in Year 2 of the four-year degree, depending on grades achieved. This also applies to students taking AP examinations within the American High School Diploma. Students wishing to transfer to RACL from other higher education institutions can apply for credit transfer into the programme.

Regent’s American College London (RACL) * is the London campus of Webster University, USA. At Regent’s American College London, we are committed to bringing the classic elements of American higher education to the UK. We can offer the internationally minded student a multicultural experience in the hear t of Europe’s most cosmopolitan capital.

* In association with Webster University, USA 11



As RACL follows the US system of education, the BA degree programmes are four years of full-time study in duration, depending on qualifications upon entry. The academic year is divided into two 15-week semesters, beginning in September and January and one six-week summer session beginning in May – offering you three opportunities each year to join us.

With 60* nationalities in our student body you will find your learning infused with multiculturalism. This wonderful diversity contributes to your learning experience both in and out of the classroom.

The flexibility of the American degree programme allows you to enter the degree with an undecided major. Students who have not confirmed what they want to study have until the end of their second year to make the choice. You always have the option of changing your mind at any point during the degree. When you join the college, an academic adviser will be assigned to guide and assist you in making the best decisions as you work towards your degree. GENERAL EDUCATION / GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP PROGRAMME Europe Africa

The BA degree curriculum at RACL follows the Webster Global Citizenship Programme, which allows students to explore a wide range of knowledge and skill areas. Students take courses from four categories: Major, Minor, General Education and Electives.

* **

The Major is the main field of study. The majors on offer at RACL are listed in the following pages. It is possible to complete a double major.

28% ** 5%

Asia North America

14% 53%

Includes visiting study abroad students, who comprise 47% of total student body Includes UK, at 7% of total student body

In addition to fulfilling the requirements of the Major, Minor and General Education, you have a choice of courses to take – Electives – from the overall course offering. Electives give you the opportunity to expand your horizons and to explore many new subjects.

The Minor is a secondary discipline and must be in a different area of study from your major. Minors are offered in all the major subjects, as well as Computer Applications, Drama Studies, English, Journalism, Photography, Religious Studies and Theatre.



BA European Studies

When the opportunity to study for four years in a different country came I immediately jumped at it. I feel blessed to be able to attend Regent’s American College London. It is in the heart of central London and gives me the opportunity to see all the sites with the comfort of being able to come home to a safe and fun environment in beautiful Regent’s Park. I know that when I graduate in 2013 I will be a well developed young adult, with a solid foundation, and a future full of opportunity because of the education and experience I will have received from attending RACL and living in London.

The European Studies major is a flexible, interdisciplinary programme covering Europe’s distinctive history and politics, commerce and media, and contribution to the arts, literature and ideas. BA Film Studies The Film Studies major is designed to provide you with a comprehensive theoretical study of film and knowledge of basic film production. You will develop an understanding of film history and aesthetics, as well as critical approaches to the study of film.

Katherine Wiley USA / BA with Major in Film Studies

BA History


The study of history remains one of the basic pillars of a sound education. Learning from the past is an integral part of understanding contemporary events and preparing for the future. The History major is an enriching experience that allows you to study and research social, political, cultural and economic events of the past, analyse their causes and effects, and discuss how they relate to the present.

Once you are accepted to one Webster University campus, you are part of the Webster worldwide network. Webster has campuses throughout the United States, across Europe and in Asia. For students who are interested in an academic experience in more than one country, Regent’s American College London is an ideal choice. MAJORS AVAILABLE BA Art History & Criticism Art history is an empirical and humanistic discipline that explores art as a reflection of the broad history of human experience. You will study art through the evaluation, analysis and interpretation of aesthetic objects by identifying the materials and techniques used, and the time and place of their creation. You will also explore the meaning or function of a work of art, and the biography of the artist.


BA International Human Rights

BA Management (Emphasis in Marketing)

This programme seeks to encourage greater understanding of international human rights standards, problems and solutions.You will become familiar with the history and current practices of human rights, exploring issues both past and present.You will gain a critical appreciation of theory and ideas in the field, and learn to evaluate potential solutions to human rights abuses.There is also the opportunity to engage directly in human rights field experience.

This programme incorporates a domestic and international perspective to reflect the increasingly global orientation of business and marketing. Core courses for the degree cover the practical, real-world application of marketing principles in advertising, market research, consumer behaviour, marketing strategies and international marketing. BA Media Communications

BA International Relations You will learn the current and emerging theoretical, technical, creative, and managerial aspects of communications.You will acquire an awareness of the aesthetic, historical, social, ethical, and global aspects of communications.

The International Relations major provides an understanding of global issues and world cultures. You will study political, social and economic history and learn to analyse international issues from a variety of perspectives.

BA Political Science

BA Management

Political Science majors study many different facets of politics, ranging from the ideas of Plato to the role of modern advertising in political campaigns. Political science is the preferred choice of many students interested in law school and those seeking careers in government or public service.

The Management major provides a broad management education and develops the skills required to be an effective leader in today’s global economy. You will study the practical application of business concepts through the principles of accounting, management, economics, human resources and business strategies.

BA Psychology This programme is designed to provide you with an understanding of the complexity and diversity of human behaviour and the context for understanding the behaviour of the individual.You will use approaches that range from the scientific to the philosophical, from the experimental to the theoretical.

BA Management (Emphasis in International Business) Building on the core elements of the Management major, this specific route focuses on international business disciplines such as accounting, finance, sales, marketing, economics, management and strategy, and also develops proficiency in a foreign language. The intensive multidisciplinary curriculum will prepare you to be a leader in today’s global economy.

BA Public Relations The Public Relations major combines a strong base in academic study with opportunities to test concepts through projects with actual clients. You will learn theories and gain hands-on experience in creating public relations strategies and campaigns using all available formats of media (print, video, radio, television, and digital and electronic applications).


THE LONDON SCHOOL OF FILM, MEDIA & PERFORMANCE The London School of Film, Media & Performance (LSFMP), is the latest addition to Regent’s College’s Faculty of Humanities, Ar ts and Social Sciences. LSFMP offers innovative, challenging and highly creative media and production programmes which bring together theoretical understanding and practical, hands-on experience, to produce the creative industries’ leaders of tomorrow. We offer: ppActing Foundation Course (one year) ppBA (Hons) Acting & Global Theatre ppBA (Hons) Creative Industries ppBA (Hons) Film, TV & Digital Media Production ppBA (Hons) Screenwriting & Producing

WHY COME TO US? Inspiring central London location London is vibrant and dynamic; it’s one of the world’s great entertainment and creative industries hubs. It’s an inspiring place to live and to study – especially if you are passionate about the creative industries.

All courses have been designed in consultation with industry professionals, to help you gain the skills most highly valued and desired by employers. You will be taught by media industry practitioners, academics and recognised specialists in creative production, and receive ongoing support and mentoring.

Extensive work placement opportunities LSFMP is ideally situated to provide invaluable practical, hands-on work placements at TV, film and theatre production companies in the heart of London’s media-land, to complement your academic study.

The majority of our three-year, full-time BA (Hons) degrees include a compulsory industry placement at the end of the second year, as well as industry and professional skills modules. This combination of academic study and practical work placements means that upon graduation you will be perfectly placed to begin a career in film, performance or the media.

Award-winning instruction LSFMP is led by Head of School David Hanson, who has won BAFTA, Ace and Golden Rose of Montreux awards during a very successful career within the creative industries. Our staff members are industry specialists; you will benefit from their diverse experience and extensive industry links. Study abroad opportunities If you join us on the BA (Hons) Acting & Global Theatre degree, you’ll undertake one academic semester of study abroad in your second year, taught in English.


Acting Foundation Course

BA (Hons) Film, TV & Digital Media Production

The Acting Foundation Course is an intensive one-year (two academic semesters) programme for those who wish to gain the core physical, vocal and communication skills of the actor. We offer two start dates each year, in January and September. If you have an interest in acting, but perhaps limited practical experience, this programme will allow you to explore and develop your potential as a performer through workshops, lectures and practical exercises. The programme also provides a ‘stepping stone’ to further study, either at university or drama school.

BA (Hons) Film, TV & Digital Media Production is a three-year degree designed for students looking for a career in global media, in roles such as film and TV producers, directors, camera operators, editors and production managers. You will learn about ‘360-degree broadcasting’ – this refers to the range of different platforms on which we are now able to broadcast, watch and interact with media. As well as learning the traditional skills of directing, producing, sound, lighting, camera, editing and production management for television and film, you will be using the web to creatively produce material and communicate your ideas to a potentially global audience.

BA (Hons) Acting & Global Theatre BA (Hons) Acting & Global Theatre is an exciting three-year degree that combines practical actor training with an exploration of theatre cultures of the world. You will gain and develop techniques for creating character and dramatic roles through workshops, scene work and tutorials. You will learn specific techniques for acting for the camera, as well as how to interpret poetic texts and Shakespeare. Using a comparative and intercultural approach, you will study theatre traditions, theories and practices from selected world cultures, continents and historical periods. In your second year you will undertake a study period abroad in Australia, Chile, the Czech Republic or the USA, taught in English.

BA (Hons) Screenwriting & Producing The script is the cornerstone of television and film production. From the point of conception through to the realisation of the final work, the script forms the spine, structure and design of the final creative project. This three-year programme will give you the skills needed to succeed at the top of the industry, and is the perfect combination for film and television careers. You will develop your skills as a screenwriter, but will also gain essential business skills and become a highly trained producer. This dual skill-set is crucial for anyone wishing to become part of the next generation of writer-producers.

BA (Hons) Creative Industries The creative industries are changing rapidly. In terms of multi-media and cross-media delivery, recent developments have opened up exciting career opportunities for talented graduates. This three-year degree will provide you with the transferable skills to capitalise on these employment opportunities. It offers the broad training necessary to work at any level in the creative industries, across both creative and decision-making management roles.



WHY COME TO US? International reputation SPCP has a reputation for innovation and the promotion of critical thinking in the field; members of its faculty are invited to speak throughout the world. Experienced faculty Members of the school’s permanent faculty possess a breadth and diversity of professional experience – they are recognised for their commitment to excellence in their field and have made significant contributions to it. A supportive but challenging learning environment Class and group sizes are carefully limited according to the specific learning activity; this enables students to benefit from high levels of personal attention and support. Wide range of exciting subjects If you choose the BSc (Hons) Psychology degree, you will benefit from a wide choice of courses. Modules currently available include Health Psychology; Psychology of Fashion; Fame and Identity; Crime and Punishment; Psychology of Music; Positive Psychology; Psychology of Film and Theatre; Peace, Conflict and the Environment, and Psychology of Sexuality and Gender. Accreditation by the British Psychological Society (BPS) The BSc (Hons) Psychology was recently accredited by the BPS. Students on the programme are now eligible for Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC).

The School of Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology (SPCP) is one of the UK’s leading therapeutic training institutions in psychology, psychotherapy, counselling and counselling psychology. Our courses are demanding as well as enjoyable. We believe it is through hard work that worthwhile results are achieved and you can be sure that taking a course at SPCP will be a challenging, intense and rewarding experience. Studying here has made a decisive impact on the lives of many of our students.

This widely recognised and respected mark of quality for psychology courses in the UK, offers students the opportunity to gain graduate and/or chartered membership of the BPS and access a wide range of training, development and employment opportunities.


BSc (Hons) Psychology

The Integrated Foundation course provides a challenging yet enjoyable overview of many aspects of psychology. It gradually introduces theoretical, methodological and practical elements, giving you a headstart and a thorough foundation on which to build future study. The course will allow you insight into both the scientific and counselling elements of psychology. Small class sizes, pastoral support from a personal tutor and a supportive, non-pressurised learning environment will contribute to your development.

The three-year BSc (Hons) Psychology places an emphasis on the psycho-social aspects of human behaviour. It has a distinctive design and content structure which reflects SPCP’s expertise and its central London location. The programme combines theoretical and practical components and builds research skills across the three years – culminating in the final-year double-module Research Project. A careful balance of core and elective modules allows you to gain a thorough grounding in the basics of the discipline in Years 1-2, prior to specialising and pursuing individual interests in Years 2-3. Core modules include, but are not limited to: Society and the Individual; Conceptual, Cultural and Current Issues in Psychology; Applying Social Psychology; History and Concepts in Therapies and Counselling Psychology, and Applying Cognitive Psychology.

The course begins with an introductory module, in which you can familiarise yourself with the learning environment, practice new skills and refresh existing ones. Thereafter, the course consists of the following modules: Social/Developmental Psychology (e.g. group behaviour, prejudice and discrimination, maternal attachment); Applied Psychologies (e.g. health psychology, psychology of sport and performance); Bio/ Cognitive Psychologies (e.g. emotion and the brain, memory, face recognition); Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy, and Research Methods and Experimental Design (including statistics for beginners).

In Year 3, you choose four options from a wide range of exciting elective modules (these may vary from year to year, depending on specialist staff availability). BSc (Hons) Psychology with Integrated Foundation The BSc (Hons) Psychology with Integrated Foundation is a four-year programme, divided into one year of foundation-level studies, and three years of BSc level studies. It is designed for students whose present qualifications do not permit direct entry to the first year of BSc studies, or for those who feel that after a prolonged absence from education they would benefit from a foundation year. Completion of the one year of foundation-level studies guarantees progression to the BSc (Hons) Psychology degree.


Our superb campus facilities, social activities and extensive student support ensure that all students can make the most of their time at Regent’s College London. RCLE




Student Dining We offer a range of excellent catering facilities for breakfast, lunch, evening meals and snacks, including the Regent’s College Refectory, the Deli and the Brasserie – which includes a restaurant with an impressive Italian-inspired menu, as well as a more informal café – and the Students’ Bar.









The Student Centre The Student Centre provides non-academic information and assistance. It organises social activities including day trips and weekend trips, parties and quiz nights, as well as providing advice on health care, counselling, student discount cards and travel. EUSTON SQUARE








































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Student Support and Personal Counselling In addition to the support provided by your personal academic tutor, you will also have access to the services offered by the School of Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology. The College will make every reasonable effort to support students with a disability, specific learning difficulty or recognised mental health condition; we encourage students to disclose any disability on application.





Sports We have a fully equipped gym and offer a wide variety of evening classes such as dance, aerobics, fencing, yoga, Pilates and martial arts. Surrounding the campus are tennis and basketball courts, and a five-a-side football pitch. Sports teams include volleyball, basketball, football, tennis and golf. English Language Support Classes Regent’s College has its own English Language School (Internexus) which offers English language support throughout the academic year. This is available for those students who need help with academic writing and reading texts.

For a copy of this publication in an alternative format, please contact the Publications Officer on +44 (0)20 7487 7505 or

Healthcare Depending on your nationality, the length of time you have been resident in the UK and the nature of your medical condition, you may be eligible to receive free medical treatment on the National Health Service. The Student Centre will be happy to advise you. Accommodation We know how important it is to secure comfortable, affordable and conveniently located housing. We offer a personalised service to all students seeking accommodation in London and can offer a range of on- and off-campus housing options.


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