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August 19, 2013

ULM gains new athletic director




Parking decals

double $ 50 in price P 4




August 19, 2013



Egypt’s military takes control again despite civilian riots


“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on”

(MCT) CAIRO - At the site where thousands of people once lived in support of ousted President Mohammed Morsi, all that remain are ashes and military tanks stationed to control the area. Where kitchens once prepared thousands of meals to break the fast during the holy month of Ramadan, government bulldozers now sit. Where the injured from the sit-in camp once clung to life on dirty hospital floors littered with bloodied bandages, are now charred hallways. Despite the 2011 uprising that aimed to end the military’s grip in Egypt and give power to its civilians, the military is firmly in charge of the country again.

Robert Frost, American Poet


Obama addresses violence and martial law issues in Egypt

Lifeshare Blood Center to visit ULM next week

Malone Stadium could include new concessions

Lifeshare will hold a blood drive in the SUB Commuter Lounge and in front of Kitty DeGree Hall during Aug. 26-29, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. According to Lifeshare, about one in seven people entering a hospital need blood and one pint could save up to three lives. Each donor will receive a cholesterol screening among other health screenings. Donors will also receive a T-shirt, free appetizer coupon to Fieldhouse Restaurant Bar & Grill and will be entered to win a $25 or $50 gift card to a local restaurant courtesy of the Warhawk Bookstore. For more information, go to www.lifeshare. org

Malone Stadium may see increased attendance this fall with planned beer sales. New Athletic Director Brian Wickstrom met with The News-Star on Aug. 14 to share how he plans to increase the football experience at ULM. The cost for beer will be $4 with $1.60 going to ULM. Patrons can buy two beers per trip and will need their ID for each purchase. Wickstrom has researched beer sales at other universities. He said stadiums selling beer cuts down on students drinking too much beforehand and creates a controlled environment. Wickstrom also plans to add new food items and more vendors.

Welcome Baby Warhawks

(MCT) WASHINGTON - The United States advised Americans to leave Egypt and canceled a joint military training exercise, but stopped short of cutting off aid, reflecting the Obama administration’s attempt to retain some influence as the situation continued to deteriorate following a lethal crackdown on supporters of the country’s deposed president. President Barack Obama interrupted a vacation on Martha’s Vineyard to issue the administration’s sharpest criticism yet of the escalating conflict, condemning the violence and calling for the military to lift martial law.


2 dead after recent bank hostage situation in rural town A man identified as 20-year-old Fuaed Abdo Ahmed shot and killed two hostages at the Tensas State Bank in St. Joseph. He was then shot and killed by the police. One hostage died at the scene and the other died in the hospital on Aug. 16. He initially took two women and a man hostage on Aug. 13. He released one of the female hostages after speaking with a friend over the phone. Louisiana State Police superintendent Col. Mike Edmonson said Ahmed was a paranoid schizophrenic. Ahmed believed a device had been planted in his head.

photo by Jaclyn Jones

New students Allison Crotwell, Amy Canizaro, Spencer Roark, Rachel Landrum and Jenna Mailhes are excited about their first semester at ULM.



5-7 p.m. Fish Fry and Frisbees at Bayou Park 7-9 p.m. Ice Cream and Karaoke at Wesley


11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Free Lunch Social at the Quad 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Ace the Warhawk Tryouts at the Quad 1:30-3:30 p.m. Job Expo 6 p.m. Warhawks for Christ presents The Duck Commander with Axios, First Day and Big Al


Wednesday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Greek Life Philanthropies Show Case at the Quad 12 -1:30 p.m. BCM SteakOut at BCM 4:40 p.m. Convocation March at the Bell Tower 5 p.m. Convocation at Fant Ewing Coliseum 6 p.m. Ice Cream Social at Fant-Ewing Coliseum


Thursday 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. CCM Carnival at CCM 1-5 p.m. First Week Stress Relief at the Quad 6 p.m. NPHC Stroll Off at the Quad 7 p.m. NPC Sorority Orientation at SUB Ballroom 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Jump off Party at Brown Gym


Friday 9:30-11:30 a.m. Spirit Day in the SUB Overhang



11a.m. to 1 p.m. Free Lunch Social in the Quad 1-7 p.m. Water Slides and More at Bayou Park




August 19, 2013


Stubbs 131 700 University Avenue Monroe, LA 71209 Editor in chief - Jaclyn Jones Co-managing editor news - Ashley Lyons Co-managing editor design - Breanna Harper Sports editor - Drew McCarty Freestyle editor - Jamie Arrington Photo editor - Daniel Russell Opinion editor - Landius Alexander Multimedia editor - Kylie Stracener Advertising director Rita Brown 318 342 5453

Why we shouldn’t boycott Sochi

Faculty adviser Christopher Mapp 318 342 5454 Feedback 318 342 5453 newsroom 318 342 5452 fax

Newton’s third law of motion says “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The law applies to science but it feels like it took place during the gay rights movement as well. Four days after the U.S. Supreme court declared DOMA unconstitutional, The opinions expressed in personal columns are the Russia unanimously passed a law forbidding “propaganda of non-traditional opinions of the author and not necessarily the opinions of the editors, staff, adviser or the University. relationships to minors” and any public display of homosexuality. Unsigned editorials represent the collective opinion The controversy over this law is only inflamed by the fact Sochi, Russia is of The Hawkeye’s editorial board, but not necessarily the opinions of the adviser or the University. hosting the 2014 Olympics. It currently appears unlikely Russia will repeal the The Hawkeye (USPS #440-700) is published weekly law. Surely Russian President Vladimir Putin could at least suspend the law except vacation, exam & holiday periods by The University of Louisiana at Monroe, 700 University Avduring the Olympics right? Nope. enue, Monroe, LA 71209. Annual subscription price Putin’s stubbornness is even more shocking considering even Hitler is $15.00. Periodicals Postage Paid at Monroe, LA 71203. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The suspended his anti-gay laws and took down his anti-Semitic signs for the 1936 Hawkeye, 700 University Ave., Stubbs 131, Monroe, Olympics in Germany. LA 71209-8832. The International Olympic Committee claims to have received assurances Russia won’t mess with Olympic athletes although it is still getting the details. Reaction to the law and fear, gay HAWKEYE P.O.V. athletes and workers could be jailed has to led to calls for a boycott in America. However, I think a boycott would be a mistake. For one, a boycott would mean us not attending the games. Unless multiple other national powers joined our boycott, it would only It’s a new school year. And of course, there have been multiple hurt the athletes. Just the absence changes since the last academic year. of America from the 2014 Olympics The library recieved new computers, Schulze cafeteria underwent won’t have Putin losing any sleep. a few design changes and Masur Hall got some much needed Boycotting the 1980 Olympics renovations. Campus personnel is different as well. There is currently no chief of police, the majority of the baseball coaches left, as did our former public relations director and there is a new athletic director, Brian Wickstorm. But don’t be alarmed by the transitions, we believe this semester will be just as great. The expectations for the football team are higher coming off the school’s first bowl game last season, stunning many along the way by upsetting Arkansas at home. For the new Warhawks, make sure to get involved throughout school. It makes it that more enjoyable. You can start by participating in this year’s Week of Welcome. Many activities are available regardless of your interest. Monday, you can hang out at the Fish Fry at Bayou Park. Tuesday, see the Duck Dynasty’s Duck Commander. Relax at the ice cream social Wednesday. See the Greeks stroll off in the Quad on Thursday. And show your school pride on Spirit Day in the SUB on Friday. Just don’t have so much fun during Week of Welcome you forget to attend class. Most teachers take attendance very seriously. The Hawkeye wishes everyone the best of luck for the 2013-2014 school year. Stay focused.

didn’t make Russia stop its invasion of Afghanistan. Second, recall the 1968 Olympics. John Carlos and Tommie Smith famously put up their fists for black power after winning their medals. Meanwhile NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabar stayed at home because he was boycotting the Olympics. Which one is more talked about 45 years later? The former. Regrading Sochi, John Carlos said,“To be heard is to be greater than a boycott. Had we stayed home, we’d never have been heard from again.” Last, the Olympics only happens every four years. Athletes can only go to so many Olympics. A boycott means them possibly missing out on potential life changing opportunity. That doesn’t mean America can’t show its disgust of the law. See if the Olympics can still be moved. Try to apply political pressure on Russia. Just don’t ask the athletes to stay at home. contact Landius Alexander at

Welcome back Warhawks

Check out our website at Leave a comment to let others know your views

illustration courtesy of MCT Campus



August 19, 2013


University parking increases Higher One decal price 100% this year comes to ULM Funds from permits could be used for campus upgrades by Landius Alexander

ULM has raised the price to purchase a parking decal from $50 to $100 this year. ULM Vice President Stephen Richter said the extra money would be used in compliance with state laws. Richter also said raising decal prices brought ULM in line with other universities within the state. Eight universities in Louisiana have their prices available online. Four universities have prices of at least $100 and the other four were under $46. Among those are LSU at $165, Xavier at $132, Dillard at $105 and University of New Orleans at $100. The other group consists of NSU at $45, McNeese and Tech at $40, and LSUS at $20. Many students wish the permit

prices were closer to the latter universities, especially with the parking fine increase. “Tickets are already expensive and raising the decals is just doing too much. It’s making campus life a lot harder,” Demiere Burkett, a junior criminal justice major, said. The increased funds from parking permits will allow ULM to spend more from the state general fund to upgrade or fix the campus. “It sucks that the prices went up but they say it’s necessary, and as a student I don’t think I can really change it,” Sarah Ricaud , a Richter pharmacy student, said. The state law says funds from parking permits are “for use only for future construction and repair and maintenance of parking facilities, including streets, roadways, walks, and walkways leading into such

parking facilities and for operation of these parking programs and for all operations incidental to campus related parking.” Those who fail to register his or her

“Tickets are already expensive and raising the decals is just doing too much.” Demiere Burkett, junior criminal justice major

car for this academic year will receive a $250 fine. School policy states “falsifying, forging, or altering permit will cost $50.” The parking decal still features the Warhawk Athletics logo but with a maroon background. contact Landius Alexander at

by Jamie Arrington

ULM students will receive refunds via the university’s partnership with Higher One this fall. Students will receive green envelopes enclosed with a debit card. After, they can choose which method to receive their refund, by visiting Options include having money loaded on the card when ULM gives refunds out on Aug. 30, check by mail or direct deposit into the student’s bank account. But some students have issues with the time needed to give refunds out as check or direct deposit through the Higher One system. Huyen Nguyen, a senior radiological technology major, doesn’t like the hassle this new procedure is putting on students. ”It’s one extra step and a delay in getting my refund check in the mail,” said Nguyen. “It should be an option you choose when you first do your FAFSA.”

A check takes an extra five to seven business days to be delivered and direct deposit takes an extra two to three days. Students needing their refunds for books and other necessities may opt for the debit card. Changes can be made after choosing a method, but will not go into effect until the next time refunds are issued. For Emily Lovelady, a senior elementary education major, it helps her clearly define how she will receive her refund. “In the past I wasn’t sure if I was getting a check or direct deposit. But I wouldn’t choose the card because I’ve had similar pay cards for jobs. They are too much hassle,” said Lovelady. Higher One ATMs can be found on campus in the library and other locations. For further information go to and check the terms and conditions. contact Jamie Arrington at


August 19, 2013



New logos kick off year of change by Jaclyn Jones

With the new school year came quite a few changes, one in particular—a revamped logo. ULM President Nick Bruno revealed the new institutional logo on Aug. 12 to a jam-packed room. The Office of Public Information worked to create the new logo with ULM’s own Director of Graphic Design, Christi Bailey, designing it. “I like how they have more than one design; it’s more versatile now,” said senior management major Jaquita Smith. Our previous logo placed emphasis on the Kitty Degree Bell Tower, as its symbol was centered, with the university’s name circled around it. The previous logo was “restrictive in its usage,” said Bruno. And several variations of the new logo were produced “in order to meet the needs of anyone who uses it.” According to Bruno, the new logo

is a better representation of the university brand. The new designs are considered modern versions of its predecessor and continue to place emphasis on the Kitty Degree Bell Tower. “It caught me off guard, because I’m so used to looking at the old one,” said sophomore Toxicology major Myeshia Hamilton- Bailey Moore. “I’m not sure why we needed a new logo, but it’s cool. It goes along with all the other changes around campus.” The new logo will be used on envelopes and other stationery item connected to campus. contact Jaclyn Jones at

Logos courtesy of

ULM spends summer renovating campus, website School upgrades Masur, Schulze, library technology by Ashley Lyons

The changes didn’t stop with the new logo. ULM students can expect to find many upgrades on campus and online as well. Schulze Cafeteria has seen renovations, including a new salad bar and a paint job. Masur Hall dorm rooms have also been repainted and received new AC units, light switches and power outlets. The library and Hemphill 316 have received new computers over the summer because of the Student Technology Access Plan, or STAP.According to Chance Eppinette, Interim Director and Technology Support Manager, the STAP budget is reviewed every year with consideration of apply-

Photo by Ashley Lyons The library now hosts new Dell computers equipped with an Intel i3 processor and eight gigabytes.

ing budget dollars toward computer lab upgrades. The new computers feature all-in-one footprint, less cabling and are equipped with an Intel i3 processor and eight gigabytes

of memory. They still use Windows 7 and are also equipped with Microsoft Office 2013. They are also upgrading the computer labs to Microsoft Office 2013 because it’s available according

“Week of Tastings” 19th to 23rd at 4 pm to 6 pm

to Bill Dean, Lab Tech Coordinator. “The old computers would normally go to smaller labs that have even older computers,” Dean said. “Since the computers are bought with student funds they cannot be used by faculty or staff so we have to find student accessible areas to place them in. If there are not enough places to put the computers, they are removed from campus.” “With this frequent replacement cycle, we can ensure we have up-todate technology in our primary labs. This allows us to then circulate two to three year old computers out to other satellite labs around campus,” Eppinette said. Katie Frith, a junior nursing major, was surprised to find the new computers in the library. Frith says that she thinks Microsoft Word 2013 and the size of the computers will be a huge convenience for her as a fre-

quenter of the library. “I usually print in the nursing building so I use their computer lab a lot, but I also have a lot of friends who aren’t in nursing school so I study [in the library] often,” Frith said. Moodle, Zimbra and the ULM mo-

“With this frequent replacement cycle, we can ensure we have upto-date technology in our primary labs.” Chance Eppinette, Technology Support Manager

bile app have all taken on a new look. And sports tickets can now be purchased online, through new website contact Ashley Lyons at

Welcome back ULM students with a 5% discount




August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013




ULM Survival Guide: Part 1 When It Rains, It Pours

Parking Is An Art Form

$4 A Week Lunch

When storm clouds roll in at ULM, students usually roll out. This is because our campus has a tendency to flood on rainy days. Instead of trekking through massive puddles to get to class, some students stay indoors and in bed. However, there are benefits to showing up to class. Some professors give bonus points to their students who show up on treacherous days. When going to class here is what you will need: rain boots, a canoe and finally the obvious, an umbrella. Another plus to going to school on rainy days is the extra parking, which brings us

The first few weeks of school, parking strategies will form for all students. When it comes to parking we Warhawks usually become more like vultures. Tip 1: be aware of the time of day. After 9:30 a.m. you’ll have more luck parking at the top of the parking garage or beside the construction building. Parking spots will not be available again until lunch time. Tip 2: if another student’s class ends at 8:50 a.m. and yours starts at 9 a.m., there may be spots available in between those 10 minutes if you don’t mind the risk of being late.

to the next survival tip.

At the end of the day courtesy while

Monday- Warhawks for Christ Tuesday- Wesley Foundation Wednesday- Baptist Campus Ministry

parking is a thing of the past.

Thursday- Catholic Campus Ministry

Through the generosity of student ministries, students on campus can eat lunch every week for only $4 if their schedules allow it. Dollar lunches are a great way to meet new students, learn about the particular ministry on campus and eat lunch. Dollar lunches are Monday through Thursday. Lunch socials during Week of Welcome, Homecoming and Spring Fever are other ways to eat for free on campus.

Illustrations courtesy of MCT Campus

crossword Across

1 Under-the-table money 6 Teamster’s rig 10 Tight-lipped 13 Dubuque natives 15 “Once __ a time ...” 16 Chowed down 17 Lacking a strong foundation, metaphorically 19 Corp. board member 20 __ over backward 21 “That feels good!” 22 Florence’s country 24 Snoopy’s WWI plane 28 Prize on the mantel 31 Hors d’oeuvre cracker 32 Northwestern Canadian territory 33 Naval hoosegow 35 Brew in a bag 38 Shutterbug 42 Mork’s planet 43 Senate staffer 44 Lusterless finish 45 Windy day toy 47 Put the blame on 48 Farina-based hot cereal 53 Egypt neighbor 54 Subway whose first line had a terminus at NYC’s City Hall

55 Suffix with wagon 59 Before today 60 Ideal toast color, and a hint to the ends of 17-, 24-, 38- and 48-Across 64 Hamlet, to Gertrude 65 Change a manuscript 66 “I, Robot” author 67 Butt in 68 2013 Oscars host MacFarlane 69 Pert Down 1 Light-green lettuce 2 Disreputable fellow 3 “Heads __, tails you lose” 4 Rogaine target 5 Dr. who treats snorers 6 Bite-size raw Asian dish 7 Water quality org. 8 Start of a wk., workwise 9 Formally charge, in court 10 Sir’s counterpart 11 More than decorative 12 Streep of “The Iron Lady” 14 All lathered up 18 Folksy negative 23 Whirling toon devil, for short 25 “How awful!”

26 Hogwash 27 “__ Noon”: Gary Cooper Western 28 Printing error, perhaps 29 German mining region 30 “Quit nagging! I’ll do it!” 33 To the point 34 “Way cool!” 35 “Black Swan” skirt 36 Immature newts 37 Set __: name the price 39 Ratón chaser 40 Org. that usually has a community pool 41 Neosporin target 45 Mary __ cosmetics 46 Publicists’ concerns 47 Blue Cross rival 48 Anklet fastener 49 Strictness 50 Dense black wood 51 Boot spec 52 Otto I’s realm: Abbr. 56 Male turkeys 57 What Noah counted by 58 Covet 61 “__ to Joy” 62 Set ablaze 63 Undergrad tech degs.



August 19, 2013


Wickstrom named new AD Brian Wickstrom plans for succes in near future. by Drew McCarty

The Athletic Director Search Committee and ULM President Dr. Nick Bruno chose Brian Wickstrom as the school’s new athletic director. The announcement became official at a press conference held on July 2. He suggested that the recent on field success of the football program would spark a desire for community involvement. “I want to put this athletic department in a position to compete for championships in all sports on a regular basis”, said Wickstrom. “We have to make sure we get our facilities upgraded and maintained to be a legitimate Division 1 program.” The choice was made largely due to his impressive background at several different institutions. Most recently, Wickstrom has

served as athletic director at the University of California, Riverside. While there, he was involved in renovations of the basketball and track facilities. Prior to his time at UC Riverside, he was on staff at the Univerity of Texas at El Paso, where he played a significant role in bringing the 2011 Conference USA men and women’s basketball tournaments to the city of El Paso.

“I want to put this athletic department in a position to compete for championships in all sports on a regular basis.” Brian Wickstrom Athleiic Director Wickstrom spoke about the need for an increase in student participation at athletic events. “We’re trying to work out a rewards

program to where we may give out some sort of reward or scholarships to students who show up at the most events,” said Wickstrom. “We want a rewards program with promotions that are more tailored towards the students and would want to get them more involved in our success.” A native of Kansas, Wickstrom stayed home and ran track at Kansas State University where he received his bachelor’s degree in business administration/finance. He received a MBA in buisiness administration/management from KSU and went on to finish his master’s degree in sports administration at Ohio University. His doctorate in educatioal leadership was earned at Eastern Michigan University. He replaces former Athletic Director Bobby Staub, who resigned in April and has recently accepted a position at Florida International University. Contact Drew McCarty at

Photo by Daniel Russell

New athletic director Brian Wickstrom

Volume 88 issue 1