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If you’d like to be a part of our community, please get in touch to arrange a visit, chat to our current students and see how you could benefit from what we can offer. Contact Rob Dawson, Head of Sixth Form at Ullswater Community College Sixth Form Wetheriggs Lane Penrith Cumbria CA11 8NG Telephone: 01768 242160 Email: Website:

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Ullswater Community College Sixth Form

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many choices – with such a range of possibilities, which subjects do you choose? Do you want to go on to further study, but feel your results aren’t good enough? Are you keen to study one of our alternative Level 3 courses, or perhaps you are thinking of going to university, but don’t know what course to aim for? Perhaps you’ve

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got your heart set on a place at Oxbridge or an apprenticeship in the career of your dreams, and are nervous about making those ambitions a reality. Ullswater Community College’s Sixth Form has the variety of courses, the individual support and the track record of success to help you make the decisions and get the results that are right for you.

We don’t select our students simply on the basis of their academic achievements – we only use your qualifications to set up an appropriate level of study. Much more important is your own desire to succeed; if you’re willing to make the commitment to study hard, and you’ve got the determination to overcome any obstacles, then we’re very happy to welcome you into our Sixth Form.

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NOW WORKING AS A COMPUTER SOFTWARE DEVELOPER IN LEEDS I have always wanted to: Run a marathon, work in the computer industry, climb all the Lake District Wainwright fells and Scottish Munros. After UCC, I decided to read Electronic and Computer Engineering at the University of York.


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Now I’m: My first job was at a small IT company in Harrogate, where I trained to be a computer software developer. My current company in Leeds is a leading producer of membership and booking management software for the leisure industry. How I’m doing: I’ve run the New York marathon, finished all the Wainwrights, and I’m working on the Scottish Munros. What UCC means to me: I have fond memories of working behind the scenes as a light-and-sound technician in countless productions and concerts. My other passion was Maths: I’m proud to be on the top results score wall of fame.

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the ability to express your individual aims, desires and interests in the work you do. We recognise that no two students are the same, which is why we provide more than 40 different course options that can be combined to produce your own truly personalised study programme. The range of subjects on offer gives you the chance to study topics you enjoy, explore areas in greater depth, and

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gain new skills in areas you might never have thought about before. Our selection of more than 30 A-Levels includes modern options such as Law, Archaeology, Psychology and Health & Social Care, alongside the more traditional classroom subjects. We also offer a variety of vocational options including courses in Childcare, Hair and Beauty and i-Media, as well as Foundation Learning and re-sit courses for those who require them. Sitting


alongside these are a range of Level 3 courses as an alternative to A-Level study. For even greater flexibility, we work in partnership with local learning and training institutions, so it is possible to work towards their outside qualifications (many of which are unique to our area) while continuing to study in the Sixth Form. The exam statistics show that our methods have been gaining students steadily better results over the past few years.

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Katharina Stobbs,

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NOW STUDYING AT MOUNT ALLISON UNIVERSITY, CANADA I have always wanted to: Have new experiences. My mum was born and raised in Canada, so I decided to explore the option of studying at her former university in the eastern Canadian province of New Brunswick. Now I’m: Halfway through a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Religious Studies. Last year, I served as an Assistant Don for one of the campus residences and I’m also involved in the Student Administrative Council. How I’m doing: I still have big plans for my time at Mount Allison. I will be running for a position on the University Senate and hope to be chosen to be Class Valedictorian and speak to the graduating class at our graduation ceremony. What UCC means to me: I became the person I am now because of all my experiences and time at Ullswater.

t u o h t i w

WHAT you do outside the classroom now plays an increasingly

important part in your future. Universities and employers want evidence that you are the kind of person who takes a real interest in the opportunities that are on offer and is ready to make the most of them whenever they appear. It’s not just the size of our facilities that provide so many different activities for our Sixth Form students, but also the scope of our thinking. We don’t stop at asking you to form working links with schools overseas – we also help and encourage you to travel around the world to see the effects of their projects, as far afield as Tanzania and South Africa.

s t i lim In addition, there are plenty of ways that you can find out more about yourself in a domestic setting. Thriving schemes such as the popular and prestigious Duke of Edinburgh’s Award combine physical challenge with organisational skills and the requirement to help others. Whether it’s in Science, Sport, Drama, Music or Enterprise, you’ll find challenges that fire your imagination and stretch your talents to the full.


NOW EMBARKING ON A POST-GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN EDUCATION TO BECOME A QUALIFIED TEACHER I have always wanted to: Have a job that involved Mathematics. While studying Maths at the University of Manchester, I helped first year students in a peer mentoring scheme, and this reinforced my aspirations. Now I’m: Awaiting the results of my degree and applying for a one-year, Post-Graduate Certificate in Education course, so that I can become a qualified Maths teacher. How I’m doing: I have been doing some work experience back at UCC as a classroom assistant. I really enjoyed seeing the other side of teaching and the excellent job all the teachers do.


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Owen Price-Jones,

What UCC means to me: When I attended UCC, I was really influenced and nurtured by my Maths teachers, which led me to consider a career in teaching.

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need the space to make their own decisions, while getting the support they need to help them evaluate the different options available. We take your aspirations as seriously as you do, and our thorough system of support for your academic, personal and future needs means we can talk through your progress, thoughts and ideas, without ever telling you what to do. From the moment you arrive, we aim to make you feel welcome at our induction days, culminating in a residential for new students at Lancaster University during Year 12. Your academic progress is reviewed

regularly; your personal tutor will be in daily contact with you, and you will be expected to complete work assessments every halfterm. Our dedicated Learning Mentor is available to discuss and help with any in-classroom concerns. When it comes to thinking about the future, our programme of advice and events is first-class, whether you’re planning to go into Further Education, training or employment. In-school advice sessions are complemented by visits from guest speakers, trips to external institutions, and events such as our three-day Higher Education convention, to give you a real flavour of life beyond the Sixth Form.

Dan White,


NOW WORKING AS A SPORTS JOURNALIST I have always wanted to: Work in sport. So I targeted working in sports media when I was growing up. This led me to study Broadcast Journalism at Nottingham Trent University. Now I’m: A Graphics Operator at Alston Elliot. We provide live, on-air graphics for television broadcasters like Sky Sports, ESPN, the BBC and ITV: a good example would be a team sheet just before kick-off at a football match. I’ve been lucky to work mainly on rugby, including

being at Twickenham for England’s matches last autumn and the Millennium Stadium for this year’s Heineken Cup Final. How I’m doing: I’m being trained up to lead individual rugby jobs from next season, which means taking on a lot more responsibility. What UCC means to me: While I was at school, I figured out where I wanted to go in life. UCC opened doors for me, and I made some lifelong friends.


EVERY job in the real world carries with it a measure of

responsibility: to co-workers, clients and others with whom you work. Being able to take on responsibility for the affairs and wellbeing of others helps you to develop the confidence and organisational skills needed to shoulder responsibility effectively. Sixth Form students are involved in leading roles at almost every level in

the lower school, from hosting tours for prospective students to conducting lunchtime duty among the Sixth Form prefects. Depending on your personal skills and interests, you may like to improve students’ literacy by taking part in the paired reading scheme, organising sporting activities to gain your Community Sports Leaders award or, simply, lending a hand in lessons occasionally.



Our full Sixth Form extra-curricular life also means plenty of opportunity to organise your own activities. Sixth Form Drama and Music productions and Enterprise initiatives are regular occurrences, along with special events and fundraising efforts for school-related projects. With so many chances to participate, you’ll find a niche that will allow you to make a real difference to the lives of others.


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Daniel White,

affairs and wellbeing of others helps e h t r o f you to sibility n develo o p s e ely. r p v i t n h t e o confi ffec take e dence y o t i t and o nsibil able o r p g s e g a r nisation al skills needed to shoulder Bein

I have always wanted to: Be a journalist. I decided that the next best thing to becoming a professional sportsman was to earn a living watching and reporting sport. Now I’m: The chief news reporter for an education newspaper, SecEd, which is sent to every secondary school in the UK. My main role is to cover stories affecting secondary education. My day can include attending Government meetings at Westminster, covering conferences or going to Auschwitz-Birkenau for the day. How I’m doing: I’ve just interviewed Sir Bob Geldof and Education Secretary Michael Gove. I still want to work in sports journalism, and I’ve made lots of useful contacts. What UCC means to me: I’ll always be grateful to the teachers who helped me out when I needed an extra push to succeed. I have fond memories of winning the County Cup at cricket and playing football for Carlisle Schoolboys.

If you’d like to be a part of our community, please get in touch to arrange a visit, chat to our current students and see how you could benefit from what we can offer. Contact Rob Dawson, Head of Sixth Form at Ullswater Community College Sixth Form Wetheriggs Lane Penrith Cumbria CA11 8NG Telephone: 01768 242160 Email: Website:

l a o R g U O Y H C REA

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Ullswater Community College Sixth Form

Ullswater Sixth Form Prospectus 2011  

Our Prospectus for Sixth Form Students at Ullswater Community College

Ullswater Sixth Form Prospectus 2011  

Our Prospectus for Sixth Form Students at Ullswater Community College