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HEADTEACHER ’ S WELCOME Welcome to the autumn 2013 edition of sUCCess magazine – another sparkling 24 pages of sensational student achievement and staff support. What success the last few weeks have brought! With UCC students smashing our previous best in GCSE, AS and A-level examinations there was a huge amount to celebrate at the end of the summer holidays and many of our Year 11 students have now returned to our Sixth Form to pursue their studies further. There’s so much more on show in this edition of sUCCess than exam results, however, with our students showcasing their trips abroad to France, Italy, Tanzania and Poland. Then there’s dance, poetry, drama, fashion design and public performance in the Winter Droving, whilst our sports successes include gymnastics, cross-country running, show jumping and Duke of Edinburgh award expeditions. Our students have also raised money for the Philippines through a street-food event and practised their butchering skills! To top it all, of course, was the second of our annual Prize Day events. What a day! Outstanding performances, glittering choreography and a stunning multi-media backdrop to the whole event made us all very proud of our prize winners and of being a part of this astonishing school. Congratulations once again to all those involved in the success of the school and to those staff and students who contributed so much to the events recorded in this edition of sUCCess. A big thank you, too, to Mrs Reardon, who leaves at the end of term, for all the superb drama productions she’s been part of over the last 6 years. Have a lovely, relaxing Christmas and a Happy New Year. Mr Pattinson


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This year’s college pantomime was the rags-to-riches fairy tale of Cinderella. The audience roared with laughter at the attempts by the Ugly Sisters and Wicked Stepmother to prevent Cinderella going to the ball. But she sUCCeeded – with the help of her Fairy Godmother – and won her handsome Prince! Poor Buttons was left distraught and the Baron didn’t have a clue what was going on. Our pantomimes are firm favourites with students, staff and the general public alike. This year saw packed houses on each of the three nights. At some points, the cast of 74 staff and students (which included four dance groups and four live singing performances) was joined on stage by members of the audience; Stephen the Scarecrow encouraged the audience in their singing. Next Christmas – the 13th annual pantomime performance – sees the return of Jack and the Beanstalk. See you then! Ian Tuer




NATIONAL POETRY DAY WITH THE DREADLOCK ALIEN On National Poetry Day the LRC accommodated Birmingham’s former poet laureate ‘The Dreadlock Alien’. The day kicked off with a performance from him which included lots of rhymes, poems, beat boxing and funny games to get the audience involved. One particularly fun activity included the Dreadlock ‘taking the register’. Here he reduced the Year 7s to hysterics as he read out their names, twisting them and slotting them into funny rhymes. In the afternoon we enjoyed a performance from various Year 7 groups. They sang, danced and rapped their way through the competition, striving for the winner’s title. In the end ‘The Scotty Dogs’ were announced the winners with their interesting mix of a nursery rhyme and an original poem by a UCC student. See the film from the day, including performances from the Dreadlock Alien as well as the X-Factor style competition, on the LRC page of the school website. Lizzie Price



SUMMER VISIT TO LA ROCHELLE The 2013 La Rochelle trip saw the usual mixture of excitement and nerves from the students. The new workbooks allowed them to complete the language challenges and discover the culture of the region. The students enjoyed a successful trip. Below are some quotes from the projects. ’My first day started very early as I was super exited to be away with friends, without my parents for a whole week. After getting on to the coach the journey down to Portsmouth went surprisingly quickly!’’ ‘’ I thought the hostel was really good, the visits were interesting, especially the Aquarium and the food was delicious. It was really hot and the beaches were great apart from getting sand everywhere!!’’. ‘’On the last day I had mixed emotions, I didn’t want the trip to end but I was looking forward to seeing my mum and dad again.’’ ‘’I want to thank Mr Cooper, Mrs Jones, Mr Derbyshire and Mrs Jenkins for the best trip I’ve ever been to as everything was soooo amazing!!’’


VENICE TRIP 2013 On the 14th July 2013, four brave teachers took forty-two excited students and me to the sun, sea and sand of Lido Di Jesolo, a resort near Venice and the surrounding islands. In the five days we were there we saw some of the finest attractions Italy has to offer, from the beautiful Doge’s Palace to the glass-making factories on Murano. Apart from the time spent eating excessive amounts of gelato, probably the best experience for many was the visit to Aqualandia, “Europe’s best water park”, where the adrenaline seekers amongst us attempted the huge drop slide! Our evenings were spent eating a fantastic meal at the hotel before exploring Lido Di Jesolo. A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all to the point where we were disappointed to return home! I would recommend this trip anyone. Rebecca Kirkby Student Reporter



As part of the GCSE Catering course students need to know and understand about different types of meat – where it comes from, different cuts of meat, quality checks, nutritional value and how to prepare and cook them. What better way to learn about these things than from an expert? So Mrs Turney organised a visit from a local butcher: Little’s of Penrith. Phil, who works in the shop, came into school to demonstrate how to prepare all the joints and different cuts of meat from a lamb. His knowledge and expertise was fascinating and the students watched and listened with interest to all he showed them. Even the most squeamish were able to overcome their fears and learn about the process of getting a lamb from field to plate. Students then had to show what they had learned from Phil’s demonstration by boning, rolling and stuffing a breast of lamb. One student commented afterwards that he had really enjoyed the lesson, learned a lot and he felt he would remember it. Lesley Turney



On Friday 15th November, a group of Year 9 Catering students finished off their 10 week course by holding a ‘Street Food Event’. Held under a gazebo on cherry tree island, pizzas, vegetable samosas, sausage rolls and chilli with garlic bread were on offer. All proved to be very tasty and very popular. An impressive £40 was raised and split between Children in Need and the disaster appeal in the Philippines. Well done Year 9! Viv Cuthburtson


PRIZE DAY 2013 The Leisure Centre was buzzing with anticipation and excitement as students found their seats on the 25th of October 2013. As the lights dimmed and Mr Tromans’ booming voice welcomed us to Prize Day, the audience of pupils, parents and community sponsors knew that this was going to be a great day. A unique and creative introductory video starring Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and many UCC students set the scene. Next came a showreel of our guest for the day – Rob Norbury – and then Mr Pattinson introduced our “Hollyoaks Hottie”, sending the audience into a deafening roar and enthusiastic applause. What a start. The event itself was a momentous success, celebrating the achievements of fellow pupils and highlighting what it means to be a UCC student. We congratulated those students who had been awarded prizes in a wide range of categories and appreciated highly impressive performances from the Jimmy Milne Band, the Jazz Band and jazz vocalists, under the baton of Mr Bryant; a drama performance of “Daisy Pulls it off”, directed by Mrs Reardon and Mr Walkden; a Flash Mob Dance number choreographed by Miss Dixon and the amazing gymnasts, coached by Mrs Castle. I would like to add my congratulations to those students who received awards and I hope that, one day, we’ll all aim high so that we too can shake hands with a celebrity to the thunderous applause of the rest of our school. A brilliant day. Macauley Gladwin Student reporter


To see the Prize Day Film, featuring staff and students, the Sounds of the Beacon interview with Rob Norbury and the Review film of the whole day, go to the Prize Day page on our website.




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During the start of the new term a momentous occasion occurred wit head students. After hours of debate and careful discussion between stood out from the crowd. One Flora Blackburn and Charlie Theakston of this prestigious role.

If you have ever wondered what the role of the head students have bee school, to voice the gratitude of the students towards speaking guests, and d When Flora and Charlie were asked about how they felt on gaining this positio knew there was going to be a bit of responsibility but was quite looking forwar

Since both students have been involved in multiple events and helped out the scho to Year 13 we know that both students will achieve great things in the near future an their future whether they decide to take a year out or go to their chosen Macauley Gladwin Student Reporter


Pupi ls alon from ei g gsid e Ye ht Eden sele a c p The tion of m r 7 DT s rimary day s t u grou end aterials dents t cho ols w e o in p frien presen d with a to a ha transfo orked rm a ted ds a c atw t and t abo n ut th d the ju heir fina alk sho a waist w, w l pie eir in coat conf dge ce id . s h s judg ently. W piration . They w s to pa en each s r e es V e e re a but nts we i desi gner ctoria Re re delig all the t sked qu , e e Gar h l dine who spe ph – a l ted to w ams ans stions o r, a were Gla cialis elco cal a C sg m crea ow. It w reative es in mill rtist and e as d in tivity D a , inno s a fant irector ery – an textile at Th astic d vatio e Ar Gary day n an ch t da serio hat was es in us a full o m Hay ount of f ley F orkn fun.. all



thin the sixth form, the election of this year’s Mr Pattinson and his team, two examples were elected to take on the responsible

en, it is to be representatives of the during public events of the school. on they replied with “Quite happy, I rd to different roles we will do”.

ool throughout Year 7 through nd we wish both good luck in n universities.



This A arts utumn t e festi val C rm , Art artis ts s stud and de -ART. Th tudents ents visite e s ign ex som e tra were ins ers had hibition d the v of is p a d cont emp itional a ired by theme Cumbr ual t of ‘Y ian orar and he v nd s e y a h o bein and cra . There me mo riety of llow’. O re g w u m f wire the life ted piec as a fa cutting ediums r n , run , s e e t ize asti s. T dg n posi tions ing and models he defin c range e and of . We ite di of had ving, sta athletes favouri art te ge to ha m ve a d in a s ade ou s t e go! Hele quence of of n Pic kup




ts den u t s e 24 013. over th 2 y l d tc he n Ju nia i establis 50 stre e n a z n Ta r1 di e en sited have b Saidi fo ey staye d i v UCC ks that t called zing, th t involve a is in the l y an art ere am also go by the d y w b run tudents taff. The impresse s s The nts and ff were e ta stud g. The s n singi z s Jan i r h C


e ntinu o c to ania scho ol . z n a rity nT tor am i d a cha -ordina an a l a ni co sS an ar E Scho ol nal links + Tanza ely D o ar t ma ernatio ills to 60 ome liv Qat , Nianje t n i C in st aid sk ians to s trip. a e h C g o U a ia D rphan visit as each fir Tanzan we ek v d e vell saida O the last ped to t ned the ut the 3 a r t f o th f s el ai d sta ars in Be ey it wa e and h d entert through n a s p g n e rn t 7 y Mrs Tu rphana roject a ole grou s a l e eo For wh ep ren. ry at th nterpris by the d l i h c n e ito dorm ess and nce show a n sin lie a bu and resi n i d turity e ma



WINTER DROVING A group of year 9 and 10 students performed at the Winter Droving event in Penrith on Saturday 30th November. Despite the cold, the students involved rose to the occasion and performed a lyrical dance piece to an outstanding level. Some of the students involved have never performed outside of UCC before so it was their first experience of performing to a different audience. The dance was warmly received by the public and the feedback received was very positive. The students involved thoroughly enjoyed their performance and they look forward to performing it again in the UCC Dance show next year. In preparation for the event, Year 8 students had designed animal masks during the Autumn Term. Students produced these wonderful creations based on wolves, stags and birds of prey. The students really threw themselves into the project and were invited to wear their masks as part of the droving procession. Erin Dixon and India Campbell





The G com ymnast p i hard etition s cs Squa d i n day work pa ce the s had be . Som e ta id in fro e of off wit rt of Se n trainin h n t p h to th t of an e gym a fanta tembe g for the r n e a on th occasio udience asts had stic resu and the lt i othe e flo or a n brillian before not per on the r a f r tea t o n l n the g ms f d vault y. The g d they rmed rom all ro irls’ p was o l d awa E m rded edal. T den and exceptio erforma se h med n n al to to Lucy e individ Carlisle al, se ein ce 50 s Mon UCC ual g g Sop t o tud off t a k h k o g i w e a e ld m nd t e eke ents an Hun h perf ymnas o m e h te d e ect t e t the h nd hik d acco heir s – they r. I am s individ al was in m u routi o h glor ills near g and n panyin nes, ave all proud al silver io D a o a fa reac us and erwent vigating ntas worked f the t h h W tic a earl camp o e stude ater. T chiev so hard y Sa h nts w n the t o e men Kare t n e a t ! r Ke urday m first nig ere en n Ca sw o h to th stle In O e ca ick and rning an t. Each ctob m c d o e psit ven oke hik New er, J a b with d their e at Sea tually m ed u boys y beco mes Sa o a e lt m ’ in or veryon wn mea thwaite de th very cross-co e count , Luke H e F d u y u co ok er. The extreme ls, put up arm. St over wet afte ntry. Th champ nter and e io r were breakfa next day ly tired a their te and 140 run no on, c boys ra ns at Ye Joe s n o J n stud on the t and p student n early Luke oe 11th, ers. Jam mpeting superb ar 7 s a m e n e l arou nts arriv enu!!) A ck up. (B were up inter also qua to take t s finishe against y on a n f e a a d h c l and d 3pm. d at the ter a lon con an e perf ounties ified to e team 2nd, Lu field of d T c g h erta re o e t k inly h e we ek finish ne day wa e was rmance vent, wh present itle. Jam e 3rd ar e lk elpe s e t d by nd was Keswic in and he first C against ere both the coun s and k a the s L t unny great su at plac uke the umbrian op-class produce ty at the e. A cces 2 d we supe nd Cum runner h oppositi fantas Jenn ather!! tic on. J rb a ome bria y Ev am chiev n i ans eme runner n 4th pl es ace hom nt! J ohnn e y G in 14th re en wo o d







SHOW-JUMPING SQUAD IN ACTION At the end of September, UCC’s show-jumping squad was in action at the Cumbria Interschool Show-jumping competition held at Blackdyke Farm Equestrian Centre. A team comprising Tayla Purdham on Howie, Amy Idol on Petal and Chloe Reed on May came 6th in the 75 cm height class, an excellent result from the youngest members of the squad. This class was won by the UCC team of Amy Miller, Tamar Miller, Sally Braithwaite and Chloe Reed, who competed on another student’s pony after riding for the first time that day. In the hotly contested 90 cm class, Amy Miller, Romarna Wilson, Colette Sewell and Anna Holliday came in second place by a very narrow margin. The school is very much looking forward to the next competition on the 22nd December at Blackdyke. Sally Flatman



ng s taf g th f spent eir w th he w ay th e rou ea nthu ther wa gh sia s grou stic to p se to up C atbe ff lls heir way tude n ents ts and nigh tw earl as y egg to s ng




Jane Reardon is leaving UCC for pastures new. We wish her every success in her future endeavours. Jane joined the Drama Department at UCC in September 2007 and rapidly became an important part of its success, contributing to The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Daisy Pulls it Off, Little Shop of Horrors and Oliver! When she took over as Head of Department in 2011, Jane directed productions of Lord of the Flies, A Christmas Carol and The 39 Steps. She also devised and ran three Rock Challenge entries, accompanying students to the Regional finals in Grimsby in 2012. Passionate about her subject, hardworking and ambitious, Jane has been an inspiration to generations of aspiring actors and theatre practitioners at UCC. We will miss her. Owen Smith


Ullswater Community College Wetheriggs Lane, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8NG Telephone: 01768 210206 Website:

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