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WELCOME011 TO YOUR 2 ND CAMPING AT GUIDE EOUIPMEN My first mountaineering camping experience was a disaster! I was aged 13 and climbing Snowdon. By dusk I was exhausted, had blisters and, in a hurry, I put up my tent with little care or attention – I was just so tired. That was my first mistake. And my second? Believing that it never rains during summer in Wales. By 3am we were in a torrential downpour and, predictably, I was lying in a pool of water with the tent and canvas having collapsed around me. Nightmare! And guess what? A tent doesn’t fix itself if you just lie there like a turkey. So, big lessons learnt: erect your tent early, do it in daylight, and take your time to do it properly. And finally, when it comes to weather, always plan for the worst – then you won’t get caught out… like I was! Oh, and remember, a smart person learns from their mistakes, but a really smart person learns from other people’s mistakes! PS: For the record, I don’t get caught out any longer.

Bear Grylls, Chief Scout, adventurer and keen camper Hilary Galloway Editor: ‘When I was five, my sisters and I saved our pocket money for six months and bought a two-man ridge tent. We pitched it in the garden. I didn’t want to come back inside.’

Ian Hart Art Director: ‘My most memorable camping experience was a couple of nights spent in a Bedouin tent in the Sahara Desert. We were woken in the morning by the rumbling growl of camels.’

Rica Dearman Sub-editor: ‘My earliest memories of camping are with my family in New Zealand. We would pitch our tent near the beach and I would go to sleep and wake up with the soothing sound of the waves.’

Melissa Green Big Adventure guru: ‘My favourite memory of camping is watching the Cubs cook their dinner for the first time on a fire they built themselves. Seeing their pride really made my day.’

Richard Ellacott Sales Executive: ‘Camping as a young Cub, I spent the first evening sobbing due to homesickness. But, after some counselling, I ended up having a great weekend abseiling and orienteering.’

Jolyon Braime Kit checker: ‘My first camp was as a small boy in my godparents’ garden. The night brought gale-force winds and torrential rain. Someone carried me indoors around 2am, still fast asleep.’

Published by The Scout Association. To advertise in next year’s camping guide or Scouting magazine, call Richard Ellacott on 020 8962 1250


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2011 Camping guide

campinegrations consid 2 Whether it’s your first time or your 50th, spending a night under canvas is an adventure that never tires for Scouts (unless you’re ill-prepared, of course). We’ve spoken to two camp gurus for their canvas insights

Pitch perfect

You can never be too prepared for a night under the stars. Dan Yates, from, says choosing the site is probably the most important part of the camping experience


A good campsite can make or break a great trip. Do your research – make sure the site meets your specific needs. At we have more than 80 criteria to find the perfect spot – from ‘campfires allowed’ to ‘wildlife haven’.

Know the regulations of the area – especially if you’re wild camping (legal restrictions vary significantly) or near land used by the military. Respect any sensitive habitats for flora or fauna, such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), Heritage Coasts or Coastal Preservation Areas (such as sand dunes).


Check that your chosen site can accommodate your Group in the right pitch configuration, to prevent having to split up on arrival. Smart Scout Leaders will have a back-up site in the same area in mind, just in case.


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Camping tips


The difference between camping in a field or campsite and wild camping is the sense of achievement, but to do it well, you have to choose your site carefully, says Simon Carter, Group Scout Leader and keen wild camper


Once at your chosen location, look out for clearings on relatively flat, well-drained terrain.


Make sure the site is safe for your Scouts – check for nearby insect nests, and bear in mind that tall, dominant trees and single or small clumps of trees, are targets for lightning, whereas dense stands of trees and large boulders or rock outcroppings make safe natural wind blocks.


With your site chosen, tents pitched and camp stove lit, all that’s left is to ensure your Scouts have a great night under the stars. Search 5,000 campsite listings at – voted Best UK Travel Information Site at the Travolution Awards 2010.

Go somewhere where there is a variety of landscape, such as with lakes and hills. If you are doing a 50-mile walk, you need to be excited by an ever-changing landscape, rather than bored by monotonous flatlands. And it’s a real balance between taking what you need and not weighing yourself down. You’ve got to be comfortable enough to enjoy the experience. One of my favourite places to go wild camping is Scotland, where camping policies are more flexible. You have a statutory right to camp there, but you should adhere to advice laid out in the Outdoor Access Code ( – for example, never camp near enclosed fields of crops or farm animals.

Tips for wild camping

Stay out of sight where possible, avoid livestock and always follow the ‘pitch late, leave early’ rule. Leave the land as you found it, removing any rubbish – even if it does not belong to you. Do not build open fires. Keep groups small. Always find a spot at least 30m from fresh running water when going to the toilet. Take a small trowel with you to dispose of the evidence. When packing, always ask: ‘Do I really need this?’ Gadgets and gizmos will weigh you down – take essential clothing only and minimal additional kit. Pitch on soft ground. Rocky areas will damage your tent. Take water purifiers and dehydrated food. Spice up dishes with Tabasco sauce or curry powder. Ensure that you have a ‘stand-out’ tent – you’ll be easier to spot if you get into difficulty.


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2011 Camping guide

WELL EOUIPPED Family camp, sleepover, night hike: whatever the event, it’s crucial you have the right gear for the occasion. Here’s our guide to help you choose



Number of people For small groups, a few two-man hike tents are quick to put up and easy to transport, but these start to become less convenient when you are using a lot more of them. A big ridge tent, such as the traditional Patrol tent, will sleep about six people with all their kit, and is usually a better use of space and resources for larger camps. Remember, too, that you’ll need space for rucksacks. Often, small tents advertised as being for two to three people are actually for two, plus their bags.

Function Are you going to have one fixed base, or pitch up in a different place each evening? And will you have transport? If you’re moving the camp round on your back, then your Group will need to carry several small tents, rather than one big one, and speed of pitching will be important. Increasingly popular are pop-up tents, which you can pitch and strike in minutes. The downside is that they are quite bulky to carry around, so aren’t ideal for hiking. If you’re setting up a longer-term camp, then you may well need more canvas than just what you’re sleeping under. This might include big frame tents for storage, dining shelters, marquees and toilet tents.


Vango Beta 250 Tunnel Item code: 1027452 A firm favourite in the Vango collection, this two-man tent offers fantastic space. It comes with a versatile tunnel design, which features a huge porch area with double entrance that can be used for gear storage, bikes and provisions. The higher central pole makes the porch area spacious enough to also be used as living space if the weather dictates that being inside is better than out. It’s also a relatively lightweight package that can be split between two to carry. £49.99 RRP £75 (Save up to 33%)

Weight If you’re lugging your tent around, then the lighter the better, though ultra-light models can have their drawbacks. Space can be a problem, and some of them are single-skin, which can make them more prone to condensation, especially on cold nights.

Durability If you’re camping on the side of a mountain, or out of season, you’ll need a tougher tent. Tall domes and tunnels are not well suited to high winds. Geodesic tents (like domes, but with more poles crossing in more places to increase strength) tend to be the best all-weather ones.


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Kit list


Scout 65-litre rucksack with ABS Item code: 1027425



Vango Alpha Tent Item code: 1026334 The Vango Alpha dome four- to five-man tent with a large front porch is ideal for first-time campers, festival enthusiasts or cyclists carrying their home on their backs. Easy, portable and packed full of quality Vango features, the Alpha range represents great value. £44.99 RRP £60 (Save up to 25%)

It’s usually worth getting your main pack slightly bigger than you think you’ll need. Most rucksacks can be made smaller by tightening straps, and having to leave things behind is a pain, while making other people carry all the group kit because your pack is too small will not make you popular. On the other hand, having a 100-litre rucksack doesn’t mean you have to fill it.

Comfort If possible, get one that might put padding between you and any objects inside the bag that might stick into your back. Most modern rucksacks are very adjustable, so if you’re finding certain parts of your back or shoulders are aching more than the rest, then try altering the pack. £31.50 RRP £45

SLEEPING BAGS Vango Nitestar 250 sleeping bag Item code: 1027521



Gelert Cadiz Tent Item code: 1026354 This six-man tent offers plenty of room with two bedroom compartments, making it ideal for a family or group. It comes with a large living area groundsheet, an electric cable zip access point, double guying system for increased stability, inner and outer ventilation and bright guy lines for extra visibility. Packed in a three-in-one suitcase-style carry bag. Allows the user to remove the smaller bedroom for added space. £110 RRP £154.99 (Save up to 29%)

For all these and more visit or call 01903 766 921

Sleeping bags are usually referred to by the number of seasons they are suitable for. A two-season bag, for example, is designed for spring and summer (late spring and early autumn) camping. A lot of sleeping bags also come with a minimum temperature rating. Down sleeping bags tend to be warmer and lighter than equivalent synthetics, but synthetic bags are better at keeping you warm if they get wet, and they dry more quickly.

Upgrading sleeping bags To make your sleeping bag warmer, you can use liners made of silk, fleece, cotton or other materials. If you’re still cold, then you can pour some warm water into a Sigg bottle, put it in a sock and take it to bed with you as a makeshift hot-water bottle.

Ground insulation Most people either use a foam mat or a self-inflating mat, such as a Therm-a-Rest. Foam mats are lighter and cheaper, but bulkier and not as insulating. £25 RRP £30


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2011 Camping guide

OTHER THINGS TO PACK First-aid kit Check that it’s been restocked since last use and that the dressings aren’t out of date. Add blister plasters.

Survival bag Always good practice to carry one, and you can also use it as a waterproof groundsheet or for extra insulation on cold nights.

Toilet roll and trowel At sites without toilet facilities, bury any waste well away from camp, and at least 20cm deep.

Penknife Unless you’re building shelters, you’ll rarely need a sharp knife bigger than a penknife blade, and the tool you use most will probably be the tin opener.

Utensils How large a range you bring depends on your preferences, but if you can, get hold of an insulated mug with a lid.

CAMPING STOVES Amount of heat

If you’re going to be cooking for just two or three people, then a spirit burner, like a Trangia, will be fine, or a tiny hexamine stove. If you’re cooking more complicated things, or for larger numbers of people, then you’ll be better with a more powerful stove.

Weight and portability For a fixed camp, the traditional Primus or suitcase-style petrol stoves with multiple burners are good. If you’re moving around and carrying your cooking equipment with you, then you’ll need something lighter.

Fuel Some fuels are more expensive than others, or more difficult to get hold of. Trangia fuel (methylated spirits) is cheap and widely available. Multi-fuels are very adaptable and can give out good heat, but can be expensive and temperamental. Remember, too, that some fuels don’t work well in low temperatures. If you’re camping with young people, it’s also worth bearing in mind that some fuels are more dangerous than others.

CAMP COOKING MADE EASY, BY SCOUT SHOPS Vango Non-stick Two-person Cook Kit Item code: 1026372 £15 Never eat alone with this two-person cook kit. So robust, durable and non-stick that scrambled egg shouldn’t be feared.

Matches and/or lighters Weatherproof ones are expensive, but are sometimes worth every penny.

Antibacterial gel. For washing hands when you don’t have a tap, and useful as an emergency firelighter. Washing-up liquid Preferably biodegradable, plus a sponge.

Gelert Anodised Aluminium Five-piece Cookset Item code: 1024824 £29 The perfect cooking companion for any budding camper and three friends.

Water carrier Collapsible, tough plastic reservoirs, like those made by Platypus or Camelbak, are light and adaptable.

Water-sterilising tablets For wild camping. Boiling enough water for a day’s walking can take a very long time.

Coleman Power Pack Single Burner Stove Item code: 1027622 £30 This versatile stove is easy to clean and store. The PerfectFlow pressurecontrol system and PerfectHeat technology make this stove fuelefficient and reliable in cold weather, at high altitudes or when fuel is low.


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Kit list

INSURING YOUR KIT You’ve splashed out on your new equipment, but don’t forget that all-important insurance. You certainly don’t want to be up a creek without a paddle, and unable to afford to replace it. However, insuring camping equipment need not be a daunting exercise. Here are some of the things you should consider: Insure your equipment at its full replacement value, even if it was donated as a gift or originally purchased second-hand. Check whether your equipment is covered when it is being used. There have been cases where policies do not cover your camping equipment outside. It isn’t much fun camping inside! If you borrow equipment, you would need to reimburse the owner if it is damaged, lost or destroyed. If you lend out your equipment, most policies will not automatically cover the loaning of it. Seriously consider insuring hired-in or loanedout equipment.

Unity can cover your camping equipment for: Loss or damage while stored or in transit to and from the campsite Use in the UK (even when left unattended at camp) Overseas camping trips When it is hired out to others Short periods for items you borrow. For more information on how Unity can help, please call 0845 0945 703, email or visit

more info For more ideas on camping, nights away or residentials, see Scouting Skills and Nights Away, available from


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2011 Camping guide

COME DINE OUT WITH ME Being on camp doesn’ t pen mean you have to dam s. ill your creative chef sk It can be just as easy ur (and more fun) to get yo creative juices flowing. All of these recipes can be easily multiplied for larger groups

BREAKFAST Porridge It can be cold on a summer morning, never mind at winter camp, so some warming porridge will help kick-start any sleepyhead. And with complex carbohydrates, it’s a good source of slow-release energy. Serves: 4 Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes Equipment large pan stove Ingredients 4 cups pinhead oatmeal pinch salt milk 1 litre water brown sugar, honey, apples (optional) Method Soak the porridge overnight in a covered pan with 1 litre cold water. In the morning, cook over a hot stove with a pinch of salt, stirring continuously. Serve in bowls with milk and a sprinkling of brown sugar or honey, and sliced apples, if desired. Tip: Pinhead oatmeal takes the longest to cook, but makes the tastiest porridge.

ESSENTIAL KIT FOR OUTDOOR CHEFS � water � food � cooler � stove � mess kit � can opener � charcoal � heavy-duty aluminium foil 10

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Camp cooking

Cooking outdoors can be a lot of fun, and you can be adventurous with the meals you make, too

Lunch Spaghetti soup This is a simple veggie option, packed with carbohydrates. Perfect for those in a rush. Serves: 4 Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes Equipment large pan knife stove Ingredients 1 tbsp cooking oil 1 onion 2 carrots 1 litre water 1 vegetable stock cube 1 tin chopped tomatoes half packet spaghetti 1 tin chickpeas handful of frozen peas vegetarian cheese bread (optional) Tabasco sauce (optional) Method Heat a large pan and, using the cooking oil, fry the onion and carrots. Add 1 litre water, the vegetable stock cube and tomatoes. Break up the spaghetti and add it to the pan. Add the chickpeas and frozen peas. Cook for 6-10 minutes. Sprinkle with cheese. Serve with bread or Tabasco sauce, if desired. Tip: Spaghetti is easy to make more or less of, so is particularly useful if you don’t know how many are eating.

Dinner Pork and bean big bang stew by Dawn Orrells This stew is simple, tasty, nutritious and gluten-free. It will feed the hungriest Scout at a reasonable price. With the winter months creeping up, this warming dish is easy to complete on just one ring. Serves: 4 Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes Equipment large pan knife stove Ingredients 1 tbsp olive oil 1 onion, finely chopped 2 garlic gloves, crushed 250g pork belly (trim off layer of fat and cut into 50p-sized cubes) 1 tin tomatoes 1 tbsp tomato purée 1 tin cannellini beans 1 medium sweet potato (boiled for eight minutes and cut into 50p-sized cubes) 1 tsp paprika 1 vegetable stock cube pitta bread and cheese (optional) Method Heat a large pan, place the oil, onion and garlic in it, and cook for a minute or so without browning them. Set the onion mix aside. Add the pork belly to the pan and fry until golden and crispy; this will take about five minutes. Add in the tomatoes, purée, onion mix, cannellini beans, sweet potato, paprika and stock cube, and simmer for ten minutes. Serve hot with toasted pitta bread and some cheese, if desired. Tip: Freeze meat before putting it in the cooler. It helps other foods stay cold and will keep longer.


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2011 Camping guide


ou’ve made it on site, set up camp and are settling down to a rewarding cuppa. But what to do with your Scouts? Living and working at a Scout Activity Centre means that I constantly hear and see people enjoying various activities. At Youlbury, we offer a range of activities to suit all tastes, from a sedate archery session to the high-adrenaline rushes of the 3G Swing. But what are the most popular activities, if you don’t count organised ones or if you’re camping at a greenfield site? Here are my top ten.


Wide games It all depends on the imagination of the person organising the game; what can be a simple game of hide-and-seek can transform into a quest for valuable crystals across far-flung galaxies if the right person is organising it.


Survival exercise Your Group is stranded on a desert island for four, eight or even 24 hours and must survive on what it can find in its area. Popular with fans of our Chief Scout’s TV show!


Forest art

Use the area around you to create works of art to leave there for the next groups to discover, or take it home to brighten up the Scout hut.


and breathes activities. es liv n to ng di Ad il Ne re Manager happy Youlbury Activity Cent ities to keep the troops tiv ac d an es m ga ten p to s Here’s a countdown of hi 10 Icebreakers Ideal to use with mixed-section camps or when there are new young people or adult leaders in the group. Fun and silly ‘get-to-knowyou’ games allow Groups to break down barriers and bond during a residential experience.


Environmental activities

Use the space around you to explore what else is living there. Start by simply looking under logs or rotting leaves, or get your hands dirty in a small pond or stream looking for minibeasts!


Themed camps From Harry Potter to Pirates of the Caribbean – whatever is the blockbuster film of the moment – this is a great idea for the younger Scouts. Again, it’s all down to the imagination of the organiser.


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Camp activities



Backwoods cooking From damper and twists to pizzas and roast dinners, food is always popular with both young and old.

Sports events

Why not organise an Olympic Games? Each Group can represent a country and compete in a variety of games.


S E I T I V I T C S &A


Hiking, orienteering and geocaching Any form of journey gives leaders a chance to include many areas of the programme. The older the group, the more independence can be given.

Campfires and fire lighting More than 100 years on from the beginnings of Scouting and the most popular activity at Youlbury remains lighting a fire, sitting around and poking it with sticks.

TAKE A TASTER Youlbury Scout Activity Centre is based in rural Oxfordshire and offers camping, indoor accommodation, a self- and full-programme and more than 20 activities. Tel: 01865 326 264


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2011 Camping guide

e r u t n e adv Camp ere’s a Green. Do that, and th ss eli M ys sa e, ur nt ve Big Ad of it Turn your camp into a t volunteers by the end ou Sc e m so ith w up d en a good chance you’ll


his guide is full of information about new places to go and equipment to take, but if you’re planning a camp next year, have you thought about turning it into a Big Adventure?

So what is The Big Adventure?

Inviting parents to your Big Adventure might encourage them to get more involved

You no doubt have a clear idea of the experience you want your Scouts to have at camp. For many, it is the excitement, teamwork and adventure of camping that gets them hooked on Scouting. But for adults the experience can be just as rewarding. The Big Adventure is based on research that shows it is often getting involved in camping and residential experiences that encourages adults to help out as volunteers. By inviting other adults along, giving them a clearly defined role and making them feel part of the leadership team, you are showing them what they can get out of Scouting as a volunteer. Many leaders have told us over the past two years that

The Big Adventure has been the perfect way to encourage the supportive, but less involved, adults in their sections to offer a more defined commitment to Scouting. And, of course, we need more volunteers than ever. We had a fantastic year in 2010 and Scouting continues to grow, but there are still thousands of young people waiting to join us. Most leaders tell us they need more adults, either to help bring down their waiting list or simply to provide support and an extra pair of hands. They are always looking for new and innovative ways of growing their leadership team. The big question is: where do you find potential volunteers and how do you get them hooked? The Big Adventure is just one of the ways you can try to encourage more people to help out.


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The Big Adventure

ement, For many, it is the excit ure teamwork and advent em th ts ge of camping that g hooked on Scoutin

14-19 Big Adventure.indd 15

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e what

2011 Camping guide

ace a

What can parents do? Parents can do far more than just setting up tents and running activities. The key is to find a role that uses their talents to the full and makes them feel part of the team. Breaking down the supporting roles to individual tasks and providing a clear role will encourage adults to take them on, as well as realise that everyone has a skill they can bring to Scouting. To get you started, ask yourself: What skills do you need on your leadership team? What tasks need to be done to plan and deliver your residential experience? Who do you know who could come along and help out?

What would they be good at, what skills do they have and what can they bring to the event? Once you have people in mind and tasks you want them to do, you just need to ask and start building your leadership team for the event. You must make sure that these new adults in your team are clear on what they are being asked to do, have all the support they need, feel like a valued member of the team… and, most of all, that they have fun. Don’t forget to get in touch with them as soon as possible after the event to say thank you, get their feedback and see if they would like to get more involved. It really is as simple as that!

klist The Big Adventure chec th leaders. cuss dates and venue wi Decide on your event, dis / rce packs at ww w.scou Reg ister for free resou thebigadventure on how dership tea m. Decide Consider the event lea m. the ask d an ults to help, you wish to inv ite ad Complete OH for m an Visit venue, pla n pro

d cri mi na l records che

gra mme and set budg



th tim ings, ers, pa rents/carers, wi Send let ters to memb es, for ms, fees, etc . costs, activity outlin angements, activity and travel arr Confi rm equ ipment, . nu me mme and and finalise the progra ion . t tra ini ng or prepa rat Ar range any pre-even Hold final leaders’ me

eti ng.

Hold pa rents’ meeti ng

and give out final de

tai ls.

wr ite to us e – and don’t forget to Go on your adventur to tel l us all about it! s if they te the event, ask adult Say tha nk you, eva lua about ing nk thi rt r. Maybe sta would like to voluntee have y ead u might find you alr next yea r’s camp… yo tea m! a wi lling leadership


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The Big Adventure

Big Adventures are not only lots of fun, but young people – and adults too – can also learn new skills


There is a wealth of information and resources available to help you run your own Big Adventure. Here are some you may find useful: The Big Adventure website The site has resources, case studies and hints and tips designed to help run your Big Adventure. The Scout Information Centre Based at Gilwell Park, the team can help you with information or resources about The Big Adventure. It is open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 12 noon on Saturday. Call them on 0845 300 1818 or email The online Scout Print Centre This is a service available to all adult members to create branded, personalised resources. There is also an area dedicated to Big Adventure materials. To access, visit www., log in to the members’ area and select the icon from the My Tools menu. The Little Guide to The Big Adventure A useful free resource about the event that can be given to your parent helpers. Copies are available from the Scout Information Centre. The No-Nonsense Parents’ Guide to Scouting This resource provides a good introduction to Scouting, giving general information about the options available to parents. It is available free from the Scout Information Centre. Helpful information is also available at www.scouts. The Big Adventure badge and T-shirt This is available from


14-19 Big Adventure.indd 17

16/11/2010 14:48

2011 Camping guide

who ‘We had several adults weren’t had never camped and t who looking forward to it, bu e th of d went home at the en ly gh weekend having thorou enjoyed themselves’


14-19 Big Adventure.indd 18

16/11/2010 14:48

The Big Adventure


also The Big Adventure is supported by Wall’s

e Leaders and helpers shar their Big Adventure w experiences and say ho d lve vo they got people in

In 2009, we were new to inviting parents, but in the 2010 year, we have been much more organised and savvy. We provided a chill-out area last year, but this year we made it a coffee shop and decorated it with information and quizzes about Scouting. We also made sure parents were given a role and not just looking after Cubs and Beavers. They were given bases to run, helped in the set-up (such as erecting marquees) and also looked after PA systems, using their expertise. Robin, Group Scout Leader


‘I’m a parent who volunteered for the Seeonee Pack annual Cub camp for the first time. The experience was fantastic, and perhaps parents like me could use The Big Adventure to recruit others (rather than it all coming from the leaders).’ Steve, occasional helper

‘Our Group has planned and organised annual family camps for the past five years, with the opportunity for all four sections to camp. Parents have accompanied Beaver Scouts, who camp for up to four nights. It has encouraged a lot of parents to return the following year and resulted in further interest in the form of helping at section meetings. We have gained a few leaders this way, and also recruited new members for our executive committee. The planning of such an event (up to 70 members camping) comes from a dedicated team of leaders and helpers, with a supportive executive committee (our Chair is chief camp cook). Our Group Scout Leader ploughs a great deal of her spare time into doing the admin and making telephone calls, with support from other Group leaders. The efforts and planning are always worth it; in the end, the young people experience the great outdoors and all it has to offer, plus they get an insight into what the other sections do. A fun, successful way of recruiting.’ Jackie Hill, Beaver Scout Leader

As a Group, the 22nd South Shields annually has its own Big Adventure at a parent and child camp and can’t wait to register this year. We have many photos of our own Big Adventures and some of the parents and guardians who have taken part have gone on to become Troop, Pack and Colony Assistants. It is a great way not only of offering parents/guardians an opportunity to spend time away with their young people in a different environment, but of encouraging them to ‘take part’, and everyone benefits and has a great time. I’m looking forward to taking part in 2011. Merle Mellors, Scout Leader

Register today for Big Adventure 2011 Stay in touch with all the latest news, updates and resources. thebigadventure


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20 Activity Centre ad.indd 20

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2011 Camping guide


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2011 Camping guide


Pennwood Scout Campsite, Gloucestershire Nestled in the Cotswold Escarpment, Pennwood offers views across the Severn Plain to the Welsh Mountains. With grassy glades and ancient woodland, it’s ideal for expedition planning and small Patrol camps. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): From £2 Maximum group size: 75 Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes/has altar fires Scout discount: Yes 01453 764 169

Downe Scout Activity Centre, Kent Downe has large, open grass sites surrounded by trees, together with

smaller woodland sites. Downe is steeped in Scouting heritage, and a history talk can be provided during your stay. It’s also only 16 miles from London. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): From £4 Maximum group size: Any Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes, in designated areas Scout discount: Yes 01959 572 121 •

Pleasant Streams Farm Camping, Cornwall Located in rural Cornwall, close to the coast, in a large and peaceful site with a stream and a little lake with a rowing boat. Open: July (summer season) Price camping (per person): £10 per pitch, two adults; extra adults/children £3/£2

Maximum group size: Negotiable Indoor accommodation: Caravans for hire Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes Scout discount: Yes 01726 74837

Ferny Crofts Scout Activity Centre, Hampshire Ferny Crofts is located in the New Forest and covers 31 acres. It is ideal for biology and geography activities, as well as more adventurous pursuits. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): From £3.10 Maximum group size: Any Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes, in designated areas Scout discount: Yes 023 8084 5092 •


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Campsite directory

Extreme Adventure A mobile adventure unit that will come to you. High ropes and climbing activities. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): Not applicable – quotes for activities on demand Maximum group size: 400 per day Indoor accommodation: Not applicable Suitable for survival camping: Not applicable Campfires allowed: Not applicable Scout discount: Yes 01829 261 313

Gilwell Park Scout Activity Centre, Chingford The ‘home of Scouting’ campsite sits on the edge of Epping Forest, has excellent modern facilities and a permanent staff of on-site activities specialists.

Open: All year round Price camping (per person): From £4 Maximum group size: Any Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes, in designated areas Scout discount: Yes 020 8498 5411 •

Troytown Farm campsite This working farm site is situated on the remote island of St Agnes, in the Isles of Scilly. It enjoys views across the Atlantic and the uninhabited island of Annet, and has its own beach. Access is by boat from the island of St Mary’s, and you can bring small trailers or trailer tents by arrangement with the ferry company. Open: 1 March to 1 November Price camping (per person): From £7 per night Maximum group size: 50 pitches

Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes (outside school summer holidays) Campfires allowed: Yes, in designated areas Scout discount: No 01720 422 360 •

Youlbury Scout Activity Centre, Oxford Youlbury is a well-equipped activity centre, set in rural Oxfordshire. The woodland setting makes many of the camping areas feel secluded. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): From £4 Maximum group size: Any Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes, in designated areas Scout discount: Yes 01865 326 264 •


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2011 Camping guide

CENTRAL Walesby Forest

Set in the heart of Sherwood Forest, Walesby offers a wide range of activities, including bushcraft and CSI weekends. It’s an international centre, so you might find yourself meeting people from all kinds of different countries and backgrounds. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): From £3.20 Maximum group size: 9,000! Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes/has altar fires Scout discount: Yes 01623 860202

Sherbrooke Scout Campsite Around 22 acres of undulating open grassland on the outskirts of Calverton Village in Nottinghamshire, this District

campsite was given to the Scouts in 1966 by the decorated rear admiral it is named after. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): £2.30 Maximum group size: Any Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes Scout discount: Scout campsite 01159 655 034

Drum Hill Scout Camp Four miles north of Derby, Drum Hill is set in 47 acres of mixed fields and woodland. It provides good-value activities and accommodation indoors and outdoors for groups of all sizes. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): From £3 Maximum group size: Any Indoor accommodation: Yes

Suitable for survival camping: Yes, in altar fireplaces Campfires allowed: Yes Scout discount: Yes 01332 831 233

Willesley Campsite Willesley occupies 14 acres of the old Willesley Hall and estate near Ashby de la Zouch in Leicester. The hall was demolished in the 1950s, but part of the original gatehouse is still there, along with a coniferous wood. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): From £2.50 Maximum group size: Any Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes Scout discount: Yes 01530 839 103


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Campsite directory


Hawkhirst Scout Activity Centre, Hexham Set in Kielder Forest and surrounded on three sides by Kielder Water, this centre is ideally placed for nautical adventures. It has a range of accommodation and camping pitches. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): £4 Maximum group size: Any Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: No, but altar fires available Scout discount: Yes 01434 250 217 •

Blackhills Scout Campsite Blackhills Campsite is run by the two Scout Districts of Bradford (North and South). Visitors will enjoy the countryside of unspoilt woodland, and

accommodation ranges from basic backwoods camps to heated centres. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): From £2.50 Maximum group size: 750 campers, 52 indoors Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes Scout discount: Yes 0845 094 8894

Ratlingate International Scout Camping Centre Four acres of camping field and 20 acres of mixed woodland and pine plantation near Carlisle. There is ample wood for open fires, and access to water at several standpipes. Campers also have the use of the toilet block in the main building. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): From £4

Maximum group size: Any Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes Scout discount: Yes 0845 643 0161 •

Dodgson Wood Group Campsite A secluded site on the edge of Coniston Water in the Lake District. There are composting toilets on site, and though the wood is protected, the owners will provide fuel for campfires free of charge. Open: Easter to the end of October Price camping (per person): Whole site – £50 per night Maximum group size: 40 Indoor accommodation: No Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes Scout discount: No 01229 885 663 • dodgsonwood


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2011 Camping guide

Scotland Meggernie Outdoor Centre

Panoramic Highland views in Scotland’s longest glen. Part of the 37,000-acre Meggernie and Lochs Estates, where many DofE/Queen’s Scout and Explorer Belt expeditions take place. A turfed five-person shelter provides overnight accommodation with a difference. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): £3.50 Maximum group size: 400 Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes Scout discount: Yes 01887 866231 •

Lochgoilhead Up in the West Highlands, the centre provides a large number of activities on water and land, including national governing body training and awards,

and Scout activity permits. Most activities are within walking distance of the accommodation. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): No camping. Catered activity weekends in dorms from £51 Maximum group size: 152 Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: No Campfires allowed: Yes Scout discount: Yes 01301 703217

Bonaly Outdoor Activity & Camping Centre Situated in Colinton, to the south of Edinburgh and at the foot of the Pentland Hills, Bonaly has both indoor accommodation and camping facilities across 26 acres. Many activities are available both on and off site.

Open: All year round Price camping (per person): From £4 Maximum group size: 200 in main field Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes Scout discount: Yes 0131 441 1878 •

Fordell Firs Covering 48 acres, including camping areas, woods and rocky parts, Fordell Firs is located in Fife, on the same site as the Scottish Scouting Headquarters in Dunfermline. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): £3.50 Maximum group size: 750 campers Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes Scout discount: Yes 01383 412 704 •


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Campsite directory


Pro-Active Adventure A residential activity centre in north Wales, Pro-Active Adventure provides activity breaks and outdoor education for youth and school parties, corporate groups, and hen or stag weekends. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): No camping Maximum group size: 92 Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: No Campfires allowed: No Scout discount: Yes, on activities 01588 630 123

Camp Oak Scouting and Pack Holiday Centre Camp Oak is a Scout hall in Ystradgynlais village in south-west Powys. The group premises are available to other Scouts as a holiday base, with

indoor facilities and an outdoor camp area with fireside seating. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): No camping. Indoor accommodation £10 Maximum group size: 32 Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: No Campfires allowed: By arrangement with the warden Scout discount: No 01639 849 695 •

Yr Hafod Yr Hafod is a hostel in the mountains of Snowdonia owned by the Welsh Scout Council. It was built in 1959 as a base for Scouts to learn mountain skills, and still offers a number of courses in things like mountaineering and climbing. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): No camping. Indoor accommodation from £6.50

Maximum group size: 40 Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: No Campfires allowed: No Scout discount: Yes 01189 810 009 •

Cae Llwyd Cae Llwyd is a greenfield site adjacent to a reservoir and adjoins the open moorland of Ruabon Mountain. It is ideal for back-to-basics camping, wilderness camps and as an overnight stop for DofE expeditions. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): 75p Maximum group size: 100 Indoor accommodation: No Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes Scout discount: No 07930 103 090 • uk/caellwyd


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2011 Camping guide

NORTHERN IRELAND Cladagh Glen Scout Centre

A Scout Centre along a wooded glen by the River Cladagh, with fully fitted kitchen, drying room, main hall, campfire circle and toilet and shower facilities, including those for disabled people. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): £4 Maximum group size: 80 Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes Scout discount: Yes 028 6638 7381 •

Crawfordsburn Around 12 miles from Belfast, along the coast of Belfast Lough towards Bangor, the campsite sits next to Crawfordsburn Country Park.

Open: All year round Price camping (per person): £4 Maximum group size: 800 Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes Scout discount: Yes (NISC members only) 028 9185 3307

Tipperary Wood Campsite A two-acre site on the banks of the River Shimna, set at the foot of the Mourne Mountains and within easy walking distance of the town of Newcastle in beautiful County Down. Booking is for private use of the whole campsite and there is a minimum charge. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): £2 Maximum group size: 100 Indoor accommodation: No Suitable for survival camping: Yes

Campfires allowed: Yes Scout discount: Yes 028 4372 2512

Ardnavally Scout Centre Located in the leafy suburbs of Belfast, Ardnavally Scout Centre has a number of campsites across a ten-acre woodland site. It is next to the Lagan Valley and provides a good base for a wide range of activities. Open: All year round Price camping (per person): £5 Maximum group size: Any Indoor accommodation: Yes Suitable for survival camping: Yes Campfires allowed: Yes Scout discount: Yes 028 9069 4161 •

WALTON FIRS ACTIVITY CENTRE Convent lane, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 1HB Owned and managed by Walton Firs Foundation

Spider Mountain

Whatever you are planning our unique mobile climbing activities will add the ‘wow’ factor. Suitable for indoor and outdoor events, we provide everything you need to give your event a new dimension.

Mobile High Ropes Course

Warm & Friendly Welcome 3 Accommodation Buildings, 30 acres of Camping Ground Activities, Open Fires & Easily Accessible

Wardens: Sue & Dave McIntosh 01932 8632243 Email: Walton Firs are pleased to welcome Scouts

Call us today: 01829 261313 or 07807 189330

Please note that while we welcome Scouts, this centre is neither owned nor run by The Scouts Association


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Directory SOUTH EAST “Runways End” Scout Activity Centre 4 acres of Camping for 200-300 Campers. Also, a new Modular Building coming on line soon (sleeps 30-40 people). Camping pack holidays brick building with showers/disabled facilities on site activities climbing/abseil, shooting, archery, cave experience, campfire circle, chapel, canoeing on canal nearby, scout shop. Many local attractions. Some activities affected by ongoing campsite improvements

Thriftwood Scout Campsite Brentwood Essex

Individual Woodland sites Over 25 onsite activities

.Contact: Becky Riley Booking


GUIDE ACTIVITY CENTRE 7 acres of camping area set in 47 acres of woodland near Watford Herts. Accomodation blocks sleeping 28 & 22 people. Activities include climbing, archery,shooting, assault course, orienteering, nature trail.

Contact S.Leach 01923 233281

OVERSEAS LES MAINGYS, GUERNSEY Best campsite in the Channel

Islands, full range of activities.

Enjoy the Island’s history and Blue Flag beaches. Camping for 500,

hostel for 32, Sports Hall and

Indoor Climbing Wall, Archery etc.

Tel: 01481 256 796 or


• • • • • • •

14 acre activity centre close to London (will be 30 mins. by tube to main 2012 Olympic venues) Three camping fields with toilet & shower facilities Indoor accom. with 36 beds and kitchen Further hall with good kitchen & sleeping mats on request Climbing to go-karts, traverse to trampolines Water sports and shops near by

Tel. Warden on 0208 590 0962 or Email:

Secretary Runways End Scout Activity Centre Phone; 01252 676849 Email;



Contact details: email Tel: 01277 212784

Chigwell Row 141 Lambourne Road IG7 6EN • 56 Acres of Essex countryside with easy access to London • Three self catering holiday homes; equipped/ unequipped campsites; flush toliets, showers. Available Long/Short stay

Phasels Wood Activity Centre Where else can a young person zip the wire, scale the ice wall, conquer the cube, stack the crates, aim for gold, or even go underground, all before lunch? Set in 95 acres of rural Hertfordshire, Phasels Wood Activity Centre has something for everyone. From camping to indoor buildings, we have everything to help YOU deliver the adventure.... Call us today for an information pack on 01442 252851 or visit our website:

• Day or evening visits/activity events • On site activities include Climbing, Abseiling, Crate Challenge, Archery, Pedal Karts, Trampolines, Zip Line, Splash Pool, Grass Sledges 020 8500 2450

LONDON Haringey District Scout Park

BRAMHOPE SCOUT CAMP SITE Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales Buildings sleeping 20, 32 & 43 in 13 acres + wide range of Activities

Gordon Road London N11 2PB Eight-acre site near underground for exploring Central London. Ideal for Pack/Troop/Unit Camping. Patrol camp. Beaver Fun Days. Indoor Accommodation for 36+ with hall kitchen. Good toilets and shower facilities plus special need toilet. Climbing Wall/Archery/Rifle Range/ Pioneering/Canoes – Nature Watch centre. Large Hall and kitchen for events. Meeting Rooms and Wi - Fi. For details send A5 sae to Shirley Fort,

Full details at

95 Sydney Road, London N10 2ND or telephone 020 8883 4375


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2011 Camping guide



• Located in the Hampshire, South of England in the New Forest National Park • 18 Large camping areas including woodland and open field sites • Two lodges accommodating 36 and 14, both have Kitchen and Toilets • Large campfire circle with coliseum style seating • Archery, Climbing, Abseiling, crate stacking and zip wire activities all offered on site • Only 18 miles from the famous Brownsea Island For further information & booking forms you can look on Braggers Wood, Braggers Lane, Bransgore, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 8EF

Tel 01425 673333 email


Burton upon Trent

Needwood Forest Scout Campsite Centrally heated, fully equipped, 28 bed building, plus 2 acres woodland & 2 acres field. Central to Peak District National Park. Cannock Chase, Alton Towers, Waterworld, Drayton Manor Park, Snowdome and Twycross Zoo. For full details telephone Brian Reeves 01283 546536 Email

Canal Boat Scouting Holidays Willow Wren, Rugby Wharf, Consul Rd, Rugby, CV21 1PB Phone 01788 562183 narrowboats@ Hire one or more of our purpose-built 12 berth boats from our RUGBY base in the Heart of England. All tuition given free or RYA Helmsman courses are available from Willow Wren Training Full RYA certification available



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Directory MIDLANDS

BEAUDESERT PARK 124 acres of parkland adjoining Cannock Chase Country Park, Staffordshire. Camping for 1000 people, 37 different woodland sites. Modern toilet facilities with hot water and free showers. 6 accommodation buildings catering from 12 to 24, fully equipped and heated.

Woodland Chalet offering comfortable accommodation for 2 people Activities include Archery, Climbing Wall, Orienteering, Pioneering, Rafting, Low Ropes, Abseiling, Zip Wire, Crate stacking, Tree Climbing, Jacobs Ladder, Go Karts, Grass Sledging, Crafts, Initiative Exercises, Treasure Hunt, circus skills and mini golf Many nearby offsite attractions. Ideal for D of E Expeditions. Spring Bank Holiday week & Summer Camps (first two weeks of the summer holidays) On these weeks we will be putting on a programme of evening entertainment at no extra cost and are in the process of organising some exciting day trips at an affordable price.

For full details of all these events please see our website

On the edge of the Peak District

BARNSWOOD CAMP has 23 secluded camping glades in deep woodland with easy parking nearby, good toilet facilities. Good local climbing areas, low ropes course, orienteering course, water activities on Rudyard Lake. Hiking and Caving in the Peak Park. Alton Towers down the road.

For info: 01260 270205

Email | Telephone 01543 682278 Fax 01543 682623


Drum Hill Scout Camp

Gradbach Scout Camp

17 Hectares of woodland and camping fields 2 Pack Holiday Centres and a 10 Bed Residential unit

Farmhouse, Cottage & Camping

Little Eaton Derbyshire

Activity building – Abseiling – Climbing - Archery Rifle Shooting - Mountain Bike Skills - Orienteering Low Ropes Course - Adventure Courses - Altar Fires Attractions Within Easy Reach The Peak District - Carsington Water - Alton Towers Chatsworth House - The National Tramway Museum

Buxton, Derbyshire

The “Natural Playground” site, located in the beautiful Peak District Ideal for Walking, Climbing, Caving, Canoeing, Alton Towers, DofE Expeditions and Traditional Scouting. New Toilet / Shower block now open Border Hike Competition Weekend 16th- 18th September 2011

Telephone: 01332 831233

Telephone: 01260 227679





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2011 Camping guide

SOUTH WEST Broadleas, Haytor, Devon Indoor accomodation for 30. 2 staff bedrooms sleep 5. Shower rooms, fully equipped kitchen, dining area. Camping 55. Tentage provided. Fully equipped kitchen, dining hall, showers, toilets. Outdoor swimming pool. Large hall. Tel Diana Dale: 01452 615072 E:



Thinking of

Camping in Cornwall For information & contacts

7.5 acre campsite with easy access by public transport to Bournemouth, Poole and Brownsea Island. Two fully equipped indoor centres. Activities include archery, shooting, climbing, abseiling, crate stacking, trampolines, pioneering, orienteering, agility trail, playground and NEW FOR 2011 HIGH ROPES 01202 574747


Kentdale District Scout Centre AMBLESIDE At the heart of the Lake District Situated just 5 minutes walk from the centre of Ambleside; this recently renovated Scout Headquarters is available for hire as a base for all your outdoor activities. (includes showers, new kitchen and mattress).

For more information contact 0845 6012977 Email

CENTRAL Alfrey Activity Centre - BROADWATER Indoor and Outdoor Accommodation All Year On Site Activities - Absieling, Climbing, Air Ries, Archery, Assault Course, Crate Stacking, Trampolines, Aerial Runway, Greasy Pole, Go Karts, and Pond Dipping. Located near the centre of England, between Birmingham and Coventry. Close to several major motorways.

More details can be found at: 07914 596233

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Directory SCOTLAND Scotland’s Highland Perthshire


A country atmosphere – yet only five miles from Edinburgh city centre. Located at the edge of the Pentland Hills. • • • • • • • • • •


Accommodation Activities Camping Team Building Training Special Needs Centre Places to visit in Edinburgh Easy Access Day Visits Friendly welcome!

P 0131 441 1878 E W



Fordell Firs

Bring on the Challenge

Campsite + bunkhouses. Hot and cold showers and toilets. Scouts welcome.

Fordell Firs is situated in Fife on the outskirts of Dunfermline. We have 2 large chalets that can accommodate 36 and 18 people as well as a 48 acre camping area. Tel: 01690 720276

We offer a wide range of activities including: Abseiling, climbing, zip line, caving, low ropes, adventure play area, challenge course, mountain bikes, soft play area, archery, circus skills, nature trail, orienteering, wet weather games, pedal go-carts, bungee trampoline, Jacobs ladder and more!

Indoor accommodation for 30 Large, level camping areas Modern toilets & showers Dishwashing & drying rooms Facilities for the disabled 20+ onsite activities Ideal base for D 0f E Training White Water Rafting etc available offsite

Check out our website or call 01887



Address: Fordell Firs National Activity Centre, Hillend, Dunfermline KY11 7HQ Telephone/fax: 01383 412704 email:

WALES Looking for a base to explore Snowdonia? Look no further!

Visit ‘The Old School Lodge’ - Deiniolen

Yr Hafod The Scout Mountaineering Centre In the heart of Snowdonia

Four miles from Llanberis and the foot of Snowdon this Scout owned and managed lodge is suitable for all ages. The centre can accommodate up to 38 people in 8 en-suite bunk rooms and 2 twin bedded rooms. Resident warden. For details on prices and a booking form visit out site: or contact the booking secretary on 0151 632 4943 33

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2011 Camping guide

E T I R U O V A F MY CAMP t Bear Grylls’ Simon Reay, Chief Scou s first camp cameraman, relives hi t as a wide-eyed Cub Scou Even though the camp was only two miles down the road from where I lived, it felt like I was going to the Himalayas. That was the first time I had been away from home, so there were all these emotions flying around.

It was amazing. I remember the tent pitched up and the campfire, everyone sitting around having various bits of food. There were ghost stories being told and I thought I would be really scared by them, but I wasn’t at all because of the group around me. I was a bit homesick, but it was a great experience to come out of at that age, sleeping out under the stars. There was a strong family feeling, which was instigated by the leaders and the adults there. There were older Scouts helping with the Cubs, too. It was something that I remember vividly to this day as being magical.

‘I was a bit homesick, but it was a great experience to come out of at that age, sleeping out under the stars… It was something that I remember vividly as being magical’


The summer camper

Enjoy scaling the remote mountains with nothing but a backpack and bottle of water? Never pitch more than 500m from a shower block? Anyone who’s ever been camping fits into one of these categories. Get in touch with your inner camper.

Recognised by: mould on their tent from last year’s summer camp Likely to be found: reminiscing about how great it is to be camping Will be carrying: instruction manual for tent

The bushcraft camper

The eco-camper

Recognised by: no tent Likely to be found: under a bivouac in Bolivia Will be carrying: nothing but a hunting knife

Recognised by: the yurt tent Likely to be found: in charge of recycling Will be carrying: solar pocket shower

The glamper

The sleepover-er

Recognised by: colourful, stylish, yet impractical, tent Likely to be found: by the hot showers Will be carrying: hair straighteners

Recognised by: being under 4ft tall Likely to be found: in a bunk bed Will be carrying: a teddy bear


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2011 Includes the 2011 UK campsite directory CAMP COOKING The perfect camp menu THE ESSENTIAL KIT LIST Fantastic products for a top-rate cam...


2011 Includes the 2011 UK campsite directory CAMP COOKING The perfect camp menu THE ESSENTIAL KIT LIST Fantastic products for a top-rate cam...