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UKEN in Bergen is among the largest festivals in Vestland and consists only of student volunteers. While the festival will take place during March 2024, the work has already started. The UKEN festival will in and of itself be incredibly fun, but the work and planning towards the festival is undeniably the most rewarding and memorable thing you can participate in as a student in Bergen. Here you will meet students from all over Bergen, get responsibility from early on, make useful experiences and of course – have loads of fun doing it!

The beating heart of the UKEN festival is the UKEN revue. With traditions tracing all the way back to 1946, it has since then gone on to win multiple awards in the Norwegian Studentrevue Competition and has served as the debuting stage for many, now well established, Norwegian comedians. In addition to the revue, UKEN offers a multitude of events, spanning from big to small concerts and shows, world record attempts, themeparties and much, much more. 50 Cent, Backstreet Boys and Kygo are just some if the artists that have visited UKEN through the years.

With all this said, we personally feel that the thing that truly makes UKEN special is the sense of community and belonging that occurs while planning and running the festival. UKEN can offer tasks and assignments that suits your flavor and guarantee both friends and memories that will last you a lifetime. UKEN is now hiring for the second time, and we highly recomd that you apply to a part of the UKEN family! Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding UKEN (or if you just feel like chatting). This is something you don´t want to miss!


Dear fellow student!

The UKEN family will finally grow! While we are currently around 30 fUKENsjonærer, we will soon be over 100! The effort the crew has put in so far suggests that UKEN24 will be the best UKEN ever. Therefore, it’s only fitting that you join in and leave your mark on Western Norway's largest student-run cultural festival?

From my own experience, I can assure you that UKEN is without a doubt the most fun and most educational thing you can be a part of during your studies. If friends for life and unforgettable moments tempt you, do you really have any other choice? Search UKEN now and join an amazing adventure!

UKEN is without a doubt the largest subcommittee in the student union, and will eventually become over 1,000 fUKENsjonærer who will together create UKEN 24. Together we will put on a revue, concert and countless other fun events for people of all ages. There is plenty of room for ideas here, and we are now looking for people who want to help shape the festival right from the start!

This is the second time UKEN has advertised positions, and here I promise you will find something that tempts you. We are looking to fill several different positions, where the only thing we look for is commitment and passion! I had the opportunity to join early last UKEN, and it is without a doubt the best choice I have made during my time as a student. UKEN is certainly much more than just a few (fantastic) weeks in March in evennumbered years!

Whatever you find most interesting, don't think that there is only room for people with long CVs and a lot of experience. We want all curious 1st graders on the same level as the grey-haired ring foxes in the student union - the most important thing is a burning commitment to creating Norway's best cultural festival!

If you join now, I can guarantee that UKEN24 will give you invaluable learning, heaps of new friends across cohorts and faculties, unforgettable moments and a huge amount of joy! It is not without reason that former fUKENsjonærer return year after year to experience the best of what Bergen has to offer!

Still undecided? Send me a message and we'll have a chat!



The PR division is hiring!!

LLife becomes about a billion times more fun when you are part of the PR division.

Do you think the idea of spreading UKEN joy to the whole country, knowing that you can stand behind the reason that UKEN24 sells out every single event seems exciting and make your stomach tingle a little? Then the PR section is for you!

By 2024, we will turn UKEN into a festival that even more people want to attend. Not just people in Bergen, but around big cities, small towns, nearby and furtheraway places. "The country should be painted green" if you like. Through colorful posters, social media, funny stunts, the UKE bus and a number of other creative inventions, it will be impossible not to notice that UKEN 24 is the happening of the year in 2024!

PR is one of UKEN's largest sections and, as of recent years, the division will consist of groups from all schools and faculties in Bergen. If you like to work creatively, and want to help UKEN spread joy and sell all the tickets we have, I really recommend you apply for PR!

EMIL GJØRVAD Head of PR MARTE SØVRE Assistant head of PR


Are you annoyed by long queues and technical solutions that do not work optimally? Do you think you could have solved the problem in a much better way? Are you a person who likes to put things in order? Does the word sold out tickle you a little extra? Then we need you as Group Leader Ticket. You will work closely with the PR manager and Assistant PR manager on the way to a completely sold-out UKEN2024. As group leader Ticket, you will have primary responsibility for the ticket section and ensure that everything runs smoothly when the tickets are released. You will gain full insight into UKEN's ticket system and this will become your best friend.

We are looking for you who have a good mood and enjoy having an overview and control. You don't need to be a technical genius or computer engineer, just have motivation and logical sense. If this sounds like something for you and you want to join an adventure you won't soon forget - search for Group Leader Ticket!


ÅAre you the type of person who never gets mad watching the commercials before a YouTube clip? Or think "Go, I could do that better myself"? Then you are in the right place.

Although many people find short commercials before YouTube clips annoying, there is no doubt that digital marketing is here to stay, and the use of videos as a visual promotion of products has become huge. That is why video as a marketing format is so incredibly important for PR and UKEN.

You will get to join the PR section and will help shape a large part of UKEN's marketing strategy. In addition, you will lead your own group of like-minded video fans and will together decide which UKEN moments should be immortalized, create really cool promo videos for artists, parties and maybe even music videos? You will also be a sought-after resource for the other sections of UKEN, and thus get an insight into a great deal of what happens in the organisation!

Do you feel that you have an ever so little Director in your belly? Look around and search Group Leader Video!


EIt is time to highlight UKEN throughout the city of Bergen. Do you want to set up absolutely sick events with a focus on creating joy? The joy of UKEN must be spread to all friends, acquaintances and random passer-bys throughout Bergen. We are going to set a world record, we are going to give back to the city of Bergen and spread the happy news that yes, UKEN is NOW. As Group Leader PR Event, you will be responsible for organizing and carrying out UKEN's most important PR events, and not least shaping them.

In the past, these events have been Bergensgaven, The World Record Attempt, The UKE hunt and an ever-so-small project X. As Group Leader PR Event, your task will be to shape the PR events for WEEK 24. The only limit to how the UKE joy will be spread to the whole city of Bergen is the imagination!

Are you creative, ambitious and bubbling over with WEEKLY joy? APPLY PR Event.



Do you want to revolutionize UKEN's PR strategy? Do you want to shape a completely new position? Have you always wanted to party with the PR gang and the SoMe family, but are a bit analytical? Then you are UKEN's next Digital Marketer! As marketer, you will shape UKEN's SoMe content through digital advertising and paid advertising on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and Facebook.

Do tiktok dances lead to ticket sales? Do men 18-24 years old respond to Insta contests? How many tickets does a repost from Martine Lunde generate? This, and more, you can find out! As a digital marketer, you will be a central component of UKEN's new SoMe team, and together we will sell more tickets than ever!!


The info division is hiring!

The info division will finally be expanding again, which is something you definitely don't want to miss! There is no doubt that it is the info section that keeps the wheels of UKEN moving, as we are the ones who make sure that everything runs smoothly in the organization. Info consists of many different groups, but what we have in common is that we solve all kinds of small and large challenges. The groups here are, among other things, responsible for arranging internal parties, preparing UKEN's graphic profile, designing the UKEN website and the UKEN collection, and much more! Here there are groups for every taste, where together we will ensure that the wheels of the UKEN machinery keep turning both until and during March 2024.

The Info family will therefore now be expanded to an even larger group, which together will come up with lots of fun together. In addition, as an intern in the info section, you will collaborate a lot with the rest of UKEN, and therefore also get to know many other interns across the sections. Here there is no point in hesitating to apply, but if you have any questions, just contact us on Facebook or email.

VILDE GJENDEM Head of information info@uken no HENRIK HAMRE Assistand head of information henrik@uken no


Group leader Graphic Design is the position for you who want to leave your mark on UKEN's appearance, as you will have the main responsibility for the design of UKEN's graphic profile. You will employ your own group of fUKENsjonærer, where you will have great freedom to decide how UKEN will look. In other words, you will have a major impact on the appearance of one of Western Norway's largest cultural festivals.

Graphics decides everything from the logo, font and colours, and you will also work closely with the PR section. Here you will make and prepare everything from posters, banners and the like. Does smooth and elaborate logos make you happy and do you enjoy working in Photoshop? Then, this is a position for you. As this is a big responsibility, it is an advantage if you have previous experience with graphic work. Search Group leader Graphic Design!


Are you a budding photographer looking for flash shots wherever you go?

As Group Leader Photo, you will have the overall responsibility for capturing the small and big moments of UKEN. You will employ your own team of photographers, who together will ensure that everything that happens in connection with UKEN24 is documented and stored in the memory book forever.

Your job as Group Leader Photo will therefore be to organize all of UKEN's photography work. This includes taking photos for recruitment rounds, photos at parties and cabin tours, creating duty schedules when various events are to be documented, processing the photos and making them ready for display and publication. Collaborating with other sections that want events or work to be photographed, and especially PR, will be central.

In addition, as group leader, you will also be responsible for the necessary training of your fUKENsjonærer, so that all images are of the highest quality. Does this sound like the job for you? Then I recommend that you apply for Group Leader Photo!






Foto: Lars Broch Bjørgaas @larsfotografi

Foto: Rosario Alvarenga & Maria Argueso, Foto NHHS

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