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greetings from the leader of uken

Dear fellow student! There are only a few weeks until this year's biggest event in student-Bergen, and this is your very last chance to take part of the fun! Every day our 800 fUKENtionaries works hard to build UKEN 20, but we still need your help to create the best cultural festival Bergen has seen. Together we will turn Bergen from being rainy and grey to green and full of joy! We are working hard to finish the line-up for UKEN, which is already starting to shape in to a promising festival. So far, we have revealed both Klovner i Kamp, TIX and an anniversary show, but there is more to come. There is no doubt that UKEN's 40th anniversary is going to be an amazing event! UKEN is by far the largest project you can participate in as a student in Bergen, and together we represent almost every school in the city! All of our fUKENtionaries forms the UKEfamily, which turns into a unique community when we build a festival from scratch together. In UKEN there is room for everyone, and our only requirement is that you are motivated to make UKEN 20 the best of all times, and want to spread joy to all of Bergen. All the positions we announce are therefore equally important for this amazing machinery to work in the time ahead, and during the festival. I can guarantee you that UKEN will give you a tremendous experience and friends for life. The feeling when UKEN 20 begins and you know that you have been a part of creating something this big is one of the best things you can ever experience!

UKEhilsen Martine Fornes UKEsjef

THE PR SECTION The PR section is hiring! Do you want to make sure UKEN is the most cited student festival in 2020? Then it is PR that you should apply to! In our section we transfer the joy of UKEN from within the organization to the entire city of Bergen. The brand of UKEN is to be stuck in everyone’s brains, and both your school and Bergen is to be painted in UKEN’s colors: green. Through media reports, social media, stunts and all kinds of other profiling methods, we shall make sure everybody gets a lovely time! The PR section is one of UKENs biggest sections. If you love to let your creativity unfold and bring good vibes to everyone, then you only have one choice; APPLY TO PR!

Sebastian valenzuela



ASS PR prass




GL Video


5 fUKENtionaries

Do you love a good party, and also love to eternalize memories from parties and fun nights? If yes, you are PRfect as a Video-fUKENtionary! We are looking for talents, and in the role as a Video-fUKENtionary in PR Video you will get a free pass into the coolest concerts and parties during UKEN with only one objective: capture and eternalize the atmosphere and fun that can be used for PRomotion and documentation afterwards. In this position, it is important that you are comfortable with a camera close to the audience to capture the atmosphere, in addition to being on, in front of or behind the stage with the artists. This is not the same position as Live Video, which observes the fun from afar. No PRepare or editing skills are needed. Bad wordplay-pun-skills are also not needed, only interest in video and fun!

HVL 8 fUKENtionaries For you as a part of faculty HVL Do you have a PR-talent inside you just waiting to come out? Well, not for long, because YOU can become a part of the big UKEfamily. Are you excited to create the next to-largest student festival ever? If yes, I need YOU to spread the joyful UKEmessage. I am looking to hire eight engaged and excited fUKENtionaries to help promote UKEN at HVL. As a fUKENtionary at HVL you will join in spreading UKEjoy at Campus Kronstad and Møllendalsveien, where we will do stands, stunts and profiling through social media to prove to all HVL-students that UKEN 20 is the place to be. I’m looking for people that have the ability to motivate others, are committed to spreading joy and are excited to meet and get to know other students. Is this you? APPLY TO PR HVL!



2 fUKENsjonærer For you as a part of faculty Høyden PR Høyden is hiring! Do you have a flair for good PR? Hm, you might think.. Public Relations.. Is that something for me?! Yes, that is in fact what PR stands for; Public Relations. As a fUKENtionary in PR Høyden your job will be to spread the joyful UKEmessage to the students in the city centre! We are going to put on a great show, which will make everyone who meets us cry happy-tears and want to participate at UKEN 2020! I hope YOU apply as a fUKENtionary in PR Høyden. Join in creating a buzz about the world’s coolest student festival!

THE SALES SECTION The Salesection is hiring! With about 300 fUKENtionaries, the salesection is UKENs largest section. But that isn’t all! The Salesection is also, without doubt, the best section , and it is us who are going to make sure all of the UKEN guests get an experience they will never forget-before the day afterwards. Yeah, some people think concerts are fun. Other souls also like revue. However EVERYONE think it’s fun with a megaparty in Kjelleren And who are the bosses in Kjelleren? SALE!! The section consists of the groups fUKEN, Aulabar, Campus Lounge, Logistics, Hospitality, Restaurant and Orvils Café. Together these groups make the most worthy and joyful UKEsection, and it is these groups who make sure that Norway’s best party happens in Bergen during UKEN 20! No matter if you want to create the Nachspielroom, sell beer from freerunning taps, waiter the magnificent UKE-pamps, or straight out just play on the Salexophone - there is one thing you can do: APPLY FOR UKEN 20 - APPLY FOR THE SALESECTION!

THor-Helge s. Brandal

Head of Sales salg @

mathias seter

Ass Sale salgass @

anne charlotte slåen

GL Orvils Deli



GL Hospitality


25 fUKENtionaries

24 fUKENtionaries

Do you want to fill all the empty student stomachs during UKEN 20, with the very best of coffee and midnight snacks you can imagine? Are you service-minded, engaging and a true joy-spreader? If you answered Yes, Yes and Yes, I want you on the team!

Do you want to get an insight behind the scenes of UKEN that very few will ever have access to? In that case, hospitality is for you! Through close cooperation in social teams, every member of Hospitality will acquire new relationships for life.

I need 45 joyous fUKENtionaries who are determined to take Orvils Deli to new heights. Our task is to waiter food in the Kjeller, during both day-and night times under UKEN! Our guests will be both UKEN participants, students, and fUKENtionaries. There is no prerequisite knowledge needed, but you have to be motivated!

As a host, you will play a central role in making UKENs events safe for all. The tasks will be solved in small groups, where you also have the opportunity to get individual responsibility. In Hospitality you will represent UKEN in a friendly and professional way. There are no requirements for previous experience to apply for Hospitality.

I can guarantee you much joy, new friends and experiences both before and during UKEN, you will truly not forget anytime. So do you want to experience and spread joy towards and during UKEN? Then there’s just one thing to do: APPLY FOR Orvils Deli!


Are you afraid to miss out on UKEN 20? Don’t worry! The amount of work during UKEN is moderate, so you will have the opportunity to party both before, during and after UKEN 20!

solveig ugland

GL Restaurant

Do you enjoy gourmet food and delicious beverages? If you answered yes, you are perfect for the Restaurant Group! In our own restaurant we will serve the best of food and beverages for the UKEN guests during gala dinners and business events. We don’t make the food ourselves, but make sure that everything from the premises to dressing the table looks perfect! Together we will carry out the serving so smoothly that even the Michelin guide would give us several stars. The Restaurant group will create a unique experience for restaurant guests, however we will have even more fun together! I am looking for you, a bright, serviceminded and motivated person. No prerequisite knowledge needed. The choice is clear, join the Restaurant group! I am looking forward to get to know precisely YOU!

THE EVENT SECTION The event section is hiring! The event section in UKEN 20 will really make sure that UKEN 20 becomes the best of its kind ever! We are now hiring fUKENtionaries who will take part of forming the whole of the program and decide what UKEN 20 will be filled with. It is in fact, the event section that plan and implement everything in the program (with the exception of the revue, of course). Only imagination set limits to what we can achieve! The section has previously put Axwell & Ingrosso on Stage in the tent, 50 Cent on the Aulascene, let the guests cock their eyes intensely between the fingers of the fakirs in The Box and have given amounts of glitter and glamour during the The Great-Gatsby party! During UKEN 20, we will ensure surprises, unforgettable memories and tons of joy to thousands of visitors! Additionally, UKEN celebrates its 40th anniversary, and we will, of course, celebrate that like only a forty-year-old party lion can! Does this sounds exciting , interesting and maybe even scary? Then there is just one thing to do: Apply for the event section NOW!

PETTER ALMĂ…S Head of events arr

caroline gran rugland

Ass Event arrass @

Eirik vassbotn

GL Tech. Gr. for Events


GL Tech. Gr. for Events EVENT-TECH 8 fUKENtionaries Do you like to be where the magic happens? Do you want to experience how big concerts are designed from the inside? Event-technical is looking for 8 eager fUKENtionaries with a great work ethic. As a member of the Event-tech-team your task will be to work as a stagehand at the different concert venues during UKEN20. This involves assembling sound- and light equipment, in addition to facilitating the artists' technical needs and making the concert experience optimal for everyone! As a fUKENtionary you will work closely with the artists and their crew, and at some concerts you will have access to the stage and sound checks. No Eventtech, no concert! No previous experience or skill is needed, you will get the necessary training. Our only demand is that you have a good attitude and a great work ethic! Be in the middle of UKEN20, apply to Eventtech!

Linn ingebrigtsen

GL Live Video LIVE VIDEO 10 fUKENtionaries

Do you want to be in the middle of everything that happens during UKEN? If yes, Live Video is definitely the group for you! As a fUKENtionary in Live Video, you will be witness to everything that happens in the Aula. No previous experience or skills are needed, so don’t worry about that. All you need is engagement, excitement and a wish to learn! This job is something everyone can do. In Live Video, we are responsible for giving everyone who participates at UKENevents the chance to see what goes on on stage. Even if they came in last and are squeezed in the back, they will see the show streamed on our big screens in the Aula. Our job is easily put to catch all the moments from UKEN on camera.

THE INFO SECTION The Infosection is hiring! There is no secret that it is the Infofamily who care of and take the functionality of the UKEN machinery at any time. We want to become a gang with a wide range of competence, and together we will ensure that the knowledge is always at the right place, and that the information is flowing like never before! It doesn’t matter if you already have a mountain of competence or if you just want to learn something new. We say it like Winnie the Pooh: Yes please, both of ‘em. By joining the Infosection you will become part of UKEN’s centre of competence, and you will get the opportunity to work with great fUKENtionaries from the other sections to create the greatest UKEN throughout the times! The Infosection consists of the groups: Foto, The Secretariat, Personal Social, IKT, UKEcontractor, UKEpoint, Trans port, Grafic and the Translators.


Mats olsen myrland

Head of Info info

signe ellevold Nytrøen

Ass Info infoass @


GL Photo



Do you want to capture the coolest photos of what happens during UKEN? If your answer is yes, you should apply to UKEN Photo. As a photographer, an attention to detail and interest in taking cool pictures will go a long way. In the photo group, you will take pictures from the cool concerts and shows and afterwards edit these pictures to assure top quality. This is a unique opportunity for you to try advanced equipment, learn how to use it, and utilize it in the best way. In Photo, you will also get the opportunity to join a very social group that wants to enjoy UKEN as much as possible. Hope to see you!


GL Contractor

UKEcontractor Design

2 FUKENtionaries

Are you a creative and colourful person? Do you want to participate in designing UKEN’s visual expression? Design is now looking to hire fUKENtionaries. Along with Graphics and UKEContractors, the Design group is in charge of putting the creative impression on UKEN, and really make it pop. As a fUKENtionary in Design you will have a lot of creative leeway as you put a green and stunning look to UKEN. Walls and inventory is to be painted and designed visually. The Design group is also in charge of how this is done and how the end product will look. Do you have good ideas, an eye for detail and good creative skills? Apply to design!

THE REVUE SECTION The revuesection is hiring! The revuesection is the very heart of UKEN and it is us who will create what UKEN 20 will be remembered for hundreds of years in the future! Since 1946, UKEN has been Norways best student revue, and next year this will be celebrated with a grandiose anniversary-revue where old UKEN-hits will be resurrected on the Aulastage! For the second time in history, such a anniversary-revue will be made, and we in the revuesection hope that you won’t just join the celebration, but also form this revue, so that it becomes worthy of a 40th anniversary! In addition to this anniversary-revue, we will together lift the UKErevue 2020 to new hights! In the revuesection you will get a very special feel of ownership to the work you put down, and it is amazingly rewarding to see how the work you do turns into a revue that make 10. 000 people speechless… No matter if you want to work with costumes or requisites, sound or lighting, or standing on-stage; no section will make you feel the joy more than REVUE! UKEgreetings from the revuesection



herman bøe vilseth

ASS Revue revyass

harald wikan


UKE ORCHESTRA 2 CHORISTS 1 percussionistS Do you want to be part of something bigger than yourself? Are you ready for a journey through majors and minors, across the peculiarities of the music genres? If yes, you are exactly the one we are looking for! UKENorchestra’s job is to make sure the UKErevue is a musical and unforgettable success, in addition to spice up some of the other UKEN events with good vibes and delightful tones. Together with good friends you will meet a conglomeration of challenges and festivities. In Orchestra, you will find music-related challenges, parties and great musical fellowship. Nothing beats the feeling when the curtain goes up in front of a packed Aula! To give the revue the musical quality it deserves, we are looking for percussionists and background singers. Don’t sit on the fence. Apply to UKENorchestra. Period.


GL Costume



Do you want to join in on making the best costumes anyone has ever seen? When looking at old clothes and fabrics, do you see new opportunities? Do you want to contribute to the humour in the sketches and leave your mark on the UKErevue 2020? Join the costume group! As a fUKENtionary in the costume group your job will be shopping for and putting together costumes for all the sketches in the revue. In addition, the costume group works shifts behind the scenes during the show. Backstage, the costume group has to be in control of the actors’ costumes and changing schedules, in addition to their makeup. You don’t need any previous experience to join the costume group. If you have ever used a sewing machine before, this is of course a plus, but a lot of the work doesn’t require sewing. This is also a perfect opportunity to learn a lot! Are you creative, have a good work ethic and a good attitude? Apply to the costume group!

sander dahle eiding

GL Revyvideo

REVUE VIDEO 1 middle leader 3 fUKENTIONARIES Are you ready to switch the audiences’ focus from the stage to the screens? Do you want to elevate the visual expression of the revue to another level? If yes, I would advise you to apply to Revyvideo! 2020 is the first year we have a Revuevideo group. With me and the instructor, your responsibility will be designing videos and effects for the screens in the Aula, and also controlling these screens during the shows. You will get the opportunity to unfold you creativity and enjoy an AV-table most revues can only dream of. No previous experience is required, only a solid dose of engagement, excitement and a love for revue. If you want to make the screens the main attraction of the revue and be a part of the amazing Aulafamily, Revuevideo is the place for you!

adrian ekroll kjøsnes

GL Stage/Props



Did you forget to apply for UKEN? Does bad craftsmanship grind your gears? Do you want to get to know the Aula and the amazing people in the coziest section of UKEN? Even though you probably haven’t thought about this before, I would advise you to apply to Stage & Props, because this is something you definitely don’t want to miss! As a fUKENtionary your tasks will be varied and exciting, and can involve anything from building your own stage house to creating your own version of the Lady of Liberty. You will be the person doing the final touch on the sketches and connect the visual impression. If you are solution-oriented and creative, or just looking to have fun, Stage & Props is the group for you. Together we will contribute with fun, spaceships and strollers, in addition to a decorated Aula - everything the revue needs to be complete!


GL Revue sound


Are you the kind of person who wonders about what happens backstage at concerts? Do you like music and want to learn more about how sounds works? Or perhaps you just think this sounds interesting? If yes, this is the job for you! As a fUKENtionary in Revuesound in the Revuesection, your job is to make sure the revue is heard. The role as a fUKENtionary is very versatile, and you get to follow the progress of the revue from rehearsals to the shows You will get comfortable working a digital mixing board with countless options. You will learn to be comfortable tuning a great digital mixing board with countless options. Our main task is to make sure the audience hears what happens on stage, which means the orchestra and the actors need YOU to be able to shine on stage. This is a role where no previous experience with, or knowledge about sound is needed as you will get the experience here! The most important thing is that you are positive, excited, engaged and solution oriented.


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UKEN 20 hires!  

UKEN 20 are now hiring for the last time!

UKEN 20 hires!  

UKEN 20 are now hiring for the last time!

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