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UKEN 22 IS HIRING! Apply before April 9. 23.59


About UKEN UKEN i Bergen is one of the largest cultural festivals in Vestlandet, and is arranged only by students, mainly form NHH. The festival finds place in March 2022 however, the work has already begun. Both the festival itself, and the work towards it, will be the most unique and fun experience you will have in your time as a student. You will make new friends, be given responsibility, make useful experiences, and first and foremost; have a lot of fun. There is no doubt that the revue is the heart of UKEN. UKErevyen was arranged for the first time in 1946, and since then, the revue has won multiple prices in national competitions for student revues, as recent as march earlier this year. UKEN has a lot more to offer than just the revue however, everything from small to largescale concerts, to attempts at world records, children’s days and much, much more! Famous artists that have performed at UKEN during the last decade include names such as 50 cent, Karpe, Backstreet Boys and Kygo. Considering all the above, the best thing about UKEN is the diversity among its people, combined with unique unity. This is what makes UKEN truly special. We can guarantee that you will get friends and memories that will last for life. Now, UKEN 22 is hiring for the second time, and we really cannot stress enough how fun it is to join. Do not be afraid to contact us if you wish more information. You do not want to sit this one out! 2

GREETINGS FROM THE LEADER OF UKEN Dear Fellow Students! The family that is UKEN is finally growing bigger! Today, we are 30 wonderful fUKENtionaries however, in the next few days, we will become more than 100! The preparations for UKEN 22 have already begun, and now it is time for YOU to make your mark on Western Norway’s largest student festival. There is no doubt UKEN is one of the most memorable activities you can do during your time as a student. So, what are you waiting for? Apply now for the opportunity to join this amazing adventure! UKEN is by far the largest subcommittee in the Student Association. We will eventually become more than 1000 fUKENtionaries, creating UKEN 22 from scratch, and together reaching our goal of making the greatest UKEN ever! We got great ambitions and are now looking for people who are willing and able to work towards this goal from an early stage! This is the second time UKEN 22 is hiring. This time, we are looking to fill several different positions. No matter what position you are applying for, we are looking for dedicated students, who truly want to create something special. A little more than two years ago, I joined UKEN myself, and this has been my greatest choice during my time as a student. UKEN is so much more than the amazing weeks in March 2022!

you will find a position that matches your interests or skillset. You do not necessarily need to be an expert in what you are applying for however, you need to be eager and willing to learn. UKEN is a place to grow, and it is an organization for everyone. No matter your age and your previous experiences, if you are a first-year student or are soon to graduate, we want to join! If you are motivated and stay in Bergen until March 2022, you should apply for UKEN. By joining UKEN now, I can promise you invaluable experience, many new friends, memorable moments, a lot of fun, but fist and foremost tons of UKEjoy! There is a good reason previous fUKENtionaries from years back, revisit year after year, to experience the amazing festival we are going to create together! Still not convinced? Do not hesitate to message me for a chat

Herman Vilseth

If you read through this magazine, we hope


Leader of UKEN


THE INFO DIVISION The Info division is hiring! There is no secret that the Info-family is the division that makes sure the UKEmachinery runs smoothly, no matter what challenges we may face. We consist of people with various skillsets, and hopefully, yours will soon be in our fold. Together, we will work to create the best UKEN ever, making sure the information flows like never before!

Anders Pay Eriksen Head of Information

The Info division cooperates a lot with the rest of the organization. In addition to become a part of the Info-family, you will thus get to know people from all of UKEN! You will get unique insight into how the organization is actually working, you will gain invaluable experiences, both as a leader and in your craft, but first and foremost: you will get new friends and have a lot of fun! If this is not for you, I do not know what is. If you have further questions, you are always welcome to contact me or Kerstin, either on Facebook or by email. Kerstin Hareide

Assistant Head of Information


Group Leader Graphic DESIGN Are you the type of person who really loves a great logo? Or do you spend your free time playing around in Photoshop? Do you consider yourself creative, and do you enjoy watching others’ creativity unfold? If this is so, you sound like the perfect candidate for Group Leader Graphic! As Group Leader Graphic, you will not only be a part of UKENs best division: Info. You will also be the person responsible for how UKEN will be presented to the public. In other words, it is your job to create everything from the unique UKEN 22 logo, to posters, flyers and much more! You will be given a lot of creative freedom, and hire and lead your own group of graphical workers. Further, you will work closely with the PR-division, as they will use your productions in their promotion of UKEN 22. Considering this is a lot of responsibility, it is preferable if you have previous experiences with graphical design. Does this seem like the role you were born to have? Apply now!

Group Leader Photo Do you have a steady hand, a good eye, and a love for the beautiful? To ensure that all the amazing moments that happen during UKEN 22 will live forever, we need great photographers! As Group Leader Photo, you will hire and lead your own group of photographers with one objective: making sure UKEN 22, and the way there, is properly documented through funny, beautiful, and silly photos alike. In other words, you are responsible for organizing and leading all of UKENs photo related work. This include taking promotional pictures, taking pictures at parties, making rosters for your fUKENtionaries, and editing the photos, making them ready for publishing. You will also be responsible for necessary training of the fUKENtionaries you will hire later on, gaining you valuable experience as a leader. Furthermore, you will work closely with the PR-division, as they might want to use certain pictures for promotional purposes. Does this seem like a challenge you are up for? If so, apply for Group Leader Photo now!



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