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Antiques Auction Friday 27th November 2009

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ANTIQUES CATALOGUE AUCTION Day of Sale: Friday 27 November 2009 at 11am th

Sale on View: Wednesday 25th 9am – 5pm Thursday 26th 9am – 5pm Morning of the Sale from 8.30am

Catalogues: £4 from the Saleroom Cover Illustrations: Front Cover Lot 394 Back Cover Lot 394 Location: The Sheffield Saleroom The Nichols Building Shalesmoor Sheffield S3 8UJ (Directions at the back of the catalogue)

Contact: Tel (0114) 281 6161 email Fully Illustrated Catalogue online & Live Sale with Company Reg. No. 3556806

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Glossary of Terms relating to Paintings and Drawings The forename(s) and surname of the artist - In our opinion a work by the artist Initials of the forename(s) and the surname of the artist - In our opinion a work of the period of the artist which may be wholly or in part his work Surname only of the artist - In our opinion a work of the school or by one of the followers of the artist or in his style and of uncertain date Attributed to - A tentative attribution based on style Bears signature - In our opinion this is not the signature of the artist The name of the artist preceded by “After” - In our opinion a copy of the work of the artist All measurements are in centimetres, height before width. All pictures are framed unless otherwise stated. Please also see our ‘Conditions of Sale’ All sales are subject to the ‘Conditions of Sale’ as printed in this catalogue. Buyers are reminded that a premium of 17.25% including non-recoverable VAT is payable on the hammer price of each Lot. IMPORTANT NOTICE APPLICABLE TO ALL LOTS IN THIS CATALOGUE AND THE AUCTION (IF ON A SUPPLEMENTARY NOTICE) Some catalogue descriptions indicate some damage, repair and / or restorations or alterations. This is a guide only and does not constitute a full condition report or a guarantee for other Lots where no reference to condition is made. Purchasers must satisfy themselves as to condition prior to the commencement of the sale as stated in our ‘Information for Buyers’ and ‘Conditions of Sale’. Saleroom staff are available at all times of the viewing for assistance, the Auctioneers will not accept any responsibility for condition.

Information for Bidders

To Register Before bidding for any lot, prospective buyers must acquire a Bidding Number from the Saleroom office. It would be helpful to ELR if prospective bidders can register during the viewing period, or prior to the start of the sale. Buyers Premium A buyers premium of 17.25% inclusive of VAT (15% exclusive) of the hammer price is payable by the purchaser of all lots in this Auction. (Note – There is no VAT payable on the Book Lots) Commission Bids If you cannot attend the sale personally then you can instruct ELR Auctions Ltd to bid on your behalf – this service is free of charge. Lots will be purchased as cheaply as is allowed by other bids and the reserve price on the auctioneers books. A Commission bidding form can be found at the Saleroom office. All Commission bids must be placed 24 hours prior to the sale. (ELR Auctions accepts no responsibility for incorrect information entered on the Commission bid form, please refer to the Conditions of Sale for further information). All bidders leaving Commission bids with ELR Auctions Ltd must have fully satisfied themselves as to condition prior to leaving the bid(s). ELR do not make any guarantees regarding the condition of any Lot(s). All persons leaving Commission bids with the office must provide a current form of identification. All postal or telephone Commission bids will be required to leave Credit or Debit card details. Payment Our accepted methods of payment are cash, Switch, Delta, Debit, Solo or Electron cards, or personal and company cheques (subject to limit of guarantee card).Visa and Mastercard are also accepted but are subject to an additional service charge of 1.84% inclusive of V.A.T at the current rate, as authorised under The Credit Cards (Prices Discrimination) Order 1990. All purchases must be paid for in full on the day of the sale before any Lot is removed from our premises. No Lots will be released to Buyers unknown to ELR Auctions Ltd paying by cheque without adequate bank references or before their cheques have cleared. “Droite de Suite” – Artists Resale Right Royalty Levy This is a royalty payment, payable to living artists, that came into force in the UK on 14th February 2006. It is payable to qualifying artists (or heirs) every time a work is sold/re-sold during that artists life, (this may be subject to change in 2010 and include up to a further 70 years after the artists death).The royalty is calculated on a sliding scale, at the exchange rate on the day of the Auction, for all works that sell for 1000 euros and over, but is 4% of the total Hammer price only (VAT is not applicable on the royalty) up to 50,000 euros. Royalties are calculated on the whole hammer/selling price including the first 1000 euros. In line with the major auction houses, ELR Auctions will, (with immediate effect, including this auction) charge this royalty to the Purchasers/Buyers of qualifying Lots (where possible these Lots will be highlighted with an asterisk in the catalogue).This will then be paid to/collected by the DACS collecting society (Design and Copyrights Society). More information can be obtained from the saleroom office and at Cash/Money Laundering Regulations In line with new money laundering rules ELR Auctions Ltd is unable to accept cash payments of over £9000 in settlement of accounts. All large cash payments will require two proofs of identity in the form of passport, driving license or utility bill. Copies of these proof’s will be retained. Collection of Lots Smaller lots can be released to buyers during the sale on presentation of a receipted invoice. All purchases should be paid for on the day of the sale and collected by 5pm. Any lots not collected by then will be taken into storage at The Sheffield Saleroom, The Nichols Building, Shalesmoor, Sheffield, S3 8UJ and will attract storage charges of £1 Per Lot, Per Day. Attribution & Condition of Lots ELR make every effort to ensure accuracy of any statement concerning attribution and age. However it is essential that prospective bidders carefully examine the Lots they are interested in, in person, to satisfy themselves fully as to the attribution and condition of any lot, Auctioneers staff are happy to discuss and assist with this. ELR do not make any guarantees regarding the condition of any Lot(s). Saleroom Notices Please read carefully any and all Saleroom notices, as they will relate to such matters as extra lots included in the sale, withdrawn lots, revised estimates, or other amendments to the auction catalogue.

Glass 1.

A Stourbridge Green Glass Dump, internally decorated with a flowering pot plant, 16.5 cms high. £40-60


A Thomas Webb Crystal Vase, of waisted form with slice decoration, 25cms high; Together with Three Similar Globular Posy Vases, 8cms high, all boxed. (4) £20-40

Lot 8


A Mdina Glass Spill Vase, with narrow neck and stippled turquoise oval body, 22.5cms high; A Biot Amethyst Glass Vase, green and ruby decanters with ground pontil. (4) £20-40


A Pair of Mid XIX Century Pink Glass Table Lustres, each portraying a young lady an a floral band with gilt highlights, both under glass domes, on ebonised bases, 37 cms high. £400-500


A XIX Century Purple Malachite Pressed Glass Candlestick, on a dolphin triform base, 17.5cms high; A Green Glass Cream Jug, decorated with a young girl on a fence in the Mary Gregory style, 10 cms high. (2) £20-30


Stuart and Other Wine Glasses, with slice cut decoration; A Decanter, Water Jug and Plated Oval Galleried Tray. (14) £30-50


A Lead Crystal Decanter, Six Tots, Three Wine Glasses and A Circular Plated Galleried Tray. (11) £20-40


Spare Lot


An Amethyst Circular Glass Casket, decorated in the Mary Gregory Style, with a young girl in a garden, with gilt metal mounts and ring handles on pierced feet, 8.5 cms high, 8 cms diameter. £30-50


A Modern Daum Glass Paperweight, as an owl’s head, signed Daum France, 13.5cms high. £30-50


Spare Lot




A Kosta Glass Pedestal Vase, with a blue tinted pew shape bowl, raised on a waisted stem from a domed green tinted foot, etched signature Kosta 1686, 29cms high. £30-50 An Orrefors Heavy Glass Vase, of elliptical form, with tipped rim, on a raised foot rim, signed and numbered 3092, 12cms high; Together with a Holmegaard Small Blue Tinted Vase, of ovoid form, 6cms high. (2) £15-20 A Ruby Glass Table Lustre, painted with flowers and hung with facetted drops, 32cms high; Together with a Green Glass Table Lustre, similarly decorated, 36.5cms high, the latter fitted for electricity. (2) £60-80

15. ��������� Spare Lot 16. ��������� Spare Lot

Modern Ceramics 17.

A Royal Doulton Figure “Bonnie Lassie”, HN 1626, 14 cms high. £75-125


The Snowman Coalport Characters, “Pulling a Cracker” exclusive to H. Samuel, boxed and with certificate; together with “Dance The Night Away” exclusive to the Guild of Specialist China & Glass Retailers and was only available until 31.12.03, boxed. (2) £30-50


The Snowman Coalport Character, “By The Fireside” limited edition no. 202 of 2000, boxed. £20-40


The Snowman Coalport Characters, “Dance The Night Away” exclusive to the Guild of Specialist China & Glass Retailers and was only available until 31.12.03, boxed and with certificate; together with “Dancing With Teddy” boxed; “Dancing At The Party” boxed. (3) £40-60


The Snowman Coalport Character, “The Band Plays On” limited edition no. 144 of 2000, boxed. £60-80


The Snowman Coalport Characters, “Hug For Mum” and “The Adventure Begins” both boxed. (2) £20-40


The Snowman Coalport Character, “The Merry Trio” limited edition no. 0633 of 2000, boxed. £50-70


The Snowman Coalport Character, “Goodbye My Friend” exclusive to H. Samuel, worldwide limited edition no. 1728 of 1750, boxed and with certificate. £20-30


The Snowman Coalport Characters, “Snowmans Suprise” and “The Wrong Nose” both boxed. (2) £20-40


The Snowman Coalport Characters, “Chilling Out” with certificate and “Sitting Pretty” both exclusive to H. Samuel and both boxed. £30-40


The Snowman Coalport Character, “Walking In The Air” limited edition no. 279 of 2000, boxed. £20-30


The Snowman Coalport Characters,“Highland Fling” and “Cowboy Jig” both boxed. (2) £20-40


The Snowman Coalport Characters, “Building The Snowman” and “How Do You Do?” both exclusive to H. Samuel and both boxed. (2) £20-40


Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas Coalport Characters, “Where’s The Chimney” and “Almost There” both boxed. (2) £20-40


Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas Coalport Characters, “All Home Made” and “My Best Friends” both boxed. (2) £20-40


Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas Coalport Character, “Line Dancing” International limited edition no. 0338 of 3000, boxed and with certificate. £20-30

Lot 42


A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figurine “Cheryl”, HN3253. £40-60


A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figurine “Top O’ The Hill”, HN 1834. £25-40


A Pair of Royal Crown Derby “Old Imari” Ovoid Vases, pattern 1128, with gilded necks, 10.5 cms high. £40-60


A Royal Crown Derby “Old Imari” Mantle Clock, cased, pattern 1128, with octagonal border to circular face, 10.5 cms high. £20-40


A Royal Crown Derby “Old Imari” Hexagonal Waisted Vase, pattern 1128, 11.5 cms high; Together with A Similar Egg on Stand and Oval Trinket Box. (3) £30-50


A Royal Crown Derby “Old Imari” Circular Plate, pattern 1128, 21.5 cms diameter; Together with two similar, earlier 2451 pattern, 18 cms diameter. (3) £20-40


Lot 44


A Royal Dux Bohemia Table Centrepiece, modelled as two maidens supporting a large conch shell, on a naturalistically moulded column clad with leaves and lily of the valley, from a shaped base, pink triangle patch, model no.914, 45.5cms high (chip to rim). £300-500


An Early XX Century German Porcelain Ewer, with a scrolling spout over a wrythen fluted neck, from a shouldered circular body, applied with playful putti, the scrolling caryatid handle with cherub surmount, on a pedestal moulded as four supporting mermaids on a cruciform plinth base, underglaze blue and printed marks, 40cms high. £75-125


A Lladro Porcelain Figure of a Young Boy, in a harlequin costume, holding a cat, seated on a chair, 26.5cms high; Together with a Nao Figure of a Young Girl, with a pet lamb, 18.5cms. (2) £50-70

Spare Lot

40. ��������� Spare Lot 41. ��������� Spare Lot

British & European Ceramics 42.


A Pair of Royal Dux Bohemia Candlesticks, modelled as a shepherd and shepherdess, he with a pipe, sheep at his feet, she with goats, both beside a classical column, with entwined foliage, on naturalistically moulded bases, coloured in pastel tones of lilac, green and ivory with gilt highlights, applied pink triangle. no.677 and 678, 41.5cms. £250-350 A Royal Dux Bohemia Figure Group, of a milk maid and cow, she standing with a bucket in her right hand, holding the beast’s rope in her left, on a moulded shaped base, coloured with green, pink and russett glazes highlighted in gilt, pink triangle patch and model no.988, 27.5cms high. £150-200


A Pair of Early XX Century German Porcelain Candelabra, modelled as a man and female companion, in XVIII Century dress, each standing by a rose encrusted stem, on conforming domed bases, 38cms high (damages to one and lacking candelabra fitting). £100-150


An Austrian Amphora Figure Group, of a young girl with donkey and cart, on a rose encrusted moulded base, impressed marks for Reissner, Stellmacher & Kessel, Turn, Teplisk, Bohemia, no.4998, 37cms high, 47cms long (minor damages to hands and lacking whip). £100-150


An Early XX Century Continental Earthenware Lidded Urn, of ovoid form, with two raised handles, encrusted with vine, a figure of a vintner standing before, holding a large bottle of wine, on a raised plinth, 75cms high (repaired head, chips). £100-150


An Important XIX Century Vienna Porcelain Charger, “Columbus landet in den hafen von Palos 1493”, depicting Columbus’s return to Palos, signed Berger, within a magenta border detailed with pink medallions and heavily gilt, titled verso in red and blue Bindenschild mark, 50cms diameter. £2000-2500



Lot 87

A XX Century Continental Porcelain Figure Group, of two figures in an ornate flower painted boat, on a scrolling base with swans, 27cms high; A Pair of XX Century Berlin Porcelain Figures, of a hunter and female companion, on scrolling bases, 22.5cms high; A Sampson Porcelain Figure, of a colourful parrot on a tree stump, 22.5cms high (all with damages). (4) £60-80 A Shelley Mabel Lucie Attwell Three Piece Nursery Tea Set, comprising teapot, modelled as a pixie house, the milk jug as a pixie and the sugar bowl as a mushroom, painted in colours, reg. no. 724421, the teapot 14.5 cms high. £150-200 


A Pair of Doulton Slaters Patent Vases by Annie Milne, of shouldered tapering form with everted rims, lace decorated and enamelled in pink, white and gilt against a yellow ground, impressed and painted marks, 40.5cms high. £75-125


A Carlton Ware Black Ground Mikado Pattern Two Handled Pedestal Dish, with gilt foliate moulded handles and raised on a conforming pedestal foot, pattern 2881, 31cms wide. £50-70


A Carlton Ware Mikado Pattern Vase, of ovoid form with a petallated rim, enamelled in colours against a deep blue ground, on a horizontally fluted foot, shape no.2089, 17cms high. £30-50


A Carlton Ware Black Ground Mikado Pattern Pottery Vase, of shouldered ovoid form, enamelled and gilt, shape no.226, pattern 2881, 26.5cms high (repainted roof). £40-60


A Lladro Figure Group, of a seated clown dog and drum, model no.5763, 22.5cms high. £60-80


A Lladro Figure Group, of a young boy teasing a dog with her puppies, model no.5376, 17cms high. £60-80


A Lladro Figure Group of a Young Boy, with puppets, watched by a dog and two cats, model no.5736, 15cms high. £30-50


Carlton Ware Primula Pattern Oval Dish, with gilt scalloped rim and stepped handle; Together with Limited Edition Carlton Girl “Hollyhocks” Figure, modelled by Douglas V. Tootle, 226/1250, 22.5cms high. (2) £30-50


A Limited Edition Royal Doulton Pottery Figure “The Walking Cat”, 637/1000, 13.5cms high, boxed with certificate; Together with a Beswick Pottery Model of an Alsatian, 14cms high. (2) £20-40


A Royal Doulton Matt Pottery Figure Group “Buddies”, HN2546, 16cms high; Together with an Early XX Century Doulton Stoneware Cache Pot, 8cms high. (2) £30-50


A XX Century Limoges Pottery Pedestal Vase, with hand painted floral cartouches on pink ground ovoid body and gilt decoration to twin bird handles 31.5cms high. £30-50


A Bourne Denby 1920’s Danesly Ware Jug Vase, with blue streaked body, 18.5cms high; A Glyn Colledge Ovoid Vase, and streaked fanned posy vase. (3) £30-50


A XIX Century English Porcelain Plate, possibly Rockingham, painted with foxgloves to the centre within a shell and foliate moulded gilt border, 25.5 cms wide. £70-100


A XIX Century Rockingham Style Teapot and Stand, moulded and gilt with foliage and printed in blue with flower sprigs, raised on scroll feet, the cover with twig moulded handle. £150-200


A 1920’s Bourne Denby Danesley Ware Blue Streaked Jardiniere, 18 cms high; A Similar Cylinder Vase, in green, brown and blue, 20 cms high. (2) £30-50

Lot 90


A Lladro Figure of a Clown, lying down, his foot resting on a ball, 37cms long. £120-180


A Lladro Bust of a Young Clown, wearing a pom-pom hat and striped bow, model no.5612, 25.5cms high. £100-150


A Lladro Bust of a Melancholy Clown, wearing a flower trimmed hat, his head resting on his folded hands, 27cms high. £120-180


A Beswick Model Bald Eagle, model 1018, 33.5cms wing span, 16.5cms high. £40-60


A Carlton Ware Mikado Pattern Vase, ovoid, enamelled and gilt against a blue ground, 20cms high. £60-80


Kevin Francis Limited Edition Figure “Lo La Palooza”, produced by Peggy Davies Ceramics, 411/500, 26cms high, boxed with certificate. £40-60


Kevin Francis Limited Edition Figure “Ethereal Beauty”, produced by Peggy Davies Ceramics, 86/500, 24cms high, boxed with certificate. £40-60


A Limited Edition Beswick Ware Beatrix Potter Figure by Royal Doulton “The Tailor of Gloucester”, 77/1947, 13.5cms high; Together with “Tom Kitten”, 367/1947, 13cms high, both boxed with certificates. (2) £30-50



A Moorcroft Pottery Jardiniere, circular, tubelined and painted with the hibiscus pattern, coloured in deep pink against a brown ground, impressed marks and facsimile signature, 17 cms high, 18 cms diameter, (fine crack to base). £100-150


A Pair of Rockingham Dessert Plates, painted to the centre with a partridge, within a moulded border, grey and gilt with scrolls and foliage, puce griffin mark, 22.5cms diameter; A Further Five Rockingham Plates of Various Patterns. (7) £50-70


A Rockingham Porcelain Cup and Saucer, of quilted outline, painted and gilt with yellow flowers and foliage against a blue border, pattern 821; Together with Another Cup and Saucer, painted with birds, within gilt rims, puce griffin marks, and three grey and gilt painted cups and saucers, puce marks. (10)�������� £80-100


A Rockingham Soup Plate, the border moulded with flowerheads and painted with flowers, 25cms diameter; Three Rockingham Dessert Plates, various patterns. (4) £30-50


A Royal Crown Derby Two-handled Vase and Cover, of flattened ovoid form, painted with orange flowers and gilded against a blue ground, the shoulders with moulded shell and scroll mounts, raised on a quatrefoil domed base with conforming detail, printed marks and date code for 1899, pattern no. 1135, 22 cms high, (fine crack to body). £40-60


A Copeland Porcelain Vase, of circular moulded form with an everted rim, painted and heavily gilt with panels of flowers and leaves, beneath an Imari pattern neck, raised on three claw and ball feet, 20.5 cms high. £45-75


A Wedgwood Pottery Jasper Ware Blue and White Salad Bowl, with plated rim; Together with Glass Handled Servers. £20-40



Three Rockingham Dessert Plates, painted with differing flowers within a moulded gadrooned rim, gilt with shells, scrolls and foliage, pattern 534, red griffin mark, 25.5cms diameter; Together with a Plate, similarly painted within grey border and ivory and gilt moulded rim, pattern 1279, 26.5cms diameter (damages/repairs). (4) £30-50 A Pair of Don Pottery Dinner Plates, printed in blue with Venetian vignettes, 25.5cms diameter; A Brameld Pottery Transfer Plate, together with nine further pieces (some with damages). (10) £50-70


A Don Pottery Plate, printed in blue with Nuneham Courtney Wild Rose pattern, printed mark in blue, 23.5cms diameter; A Don Syriam Pattern Meat Plate, printed in brown, together with a soup plate and plate similar. (4) £40-60


An Early XIX Century Middlesborough Pottery Plate, printed in blue with Nuneham Courtney pattern, impressed marks, 25cms diameter; A Twigg Pottery Willow Pattern Plate, two Twigg willow pattern meat plates and a XIX Century blue and white plate (damaged). (5) £40-60

Lot 91



A Royal Doulton Bone China Tea Service, printed in brown and polychrome painted with stylised flowers and fruit trees, pattern no. H3958, comprising twelve plates, cups and saucers, two large plates, milk jug and sugar bowl. £50-80


A Clarice Cliff Bizarre Summerhouse Pattern Jug, of octagional tapering form, painted in bright colours against an ivory ground, raised on an orange foot rim, printed marks in black, 15.5 cms high, rim chip to spout . £40-60


A Coalport “Sevres Group” Part Dinner and Tea Service, circa 1950, moulded and coloured with flowers against a pale pink ground, pattern no. 21, printed marks, comprising four large plates (two damaged), six cups, saucers and small plates, milk jug and sugar bowl; Together with The House Of Coalport 1750-1950 by Compton Mackenzie, Collins 1951, signed in ink on front free end paper by Stanley Harrison, owner and Chairman of Coalport in 1947; see page 120 for reference to the pink body of this service. Also with this Lot is an interesting biographical history and provenance of the service. £80-120


A Carlton Ware Circular Bowl, printed in gilt with the Mikado pattern against a mottled blue ground, blue printed marks, 17.5 cms diameter. £30-50


A Shelley China Woodland Pattern Tea Service, of twenty two pieces, stamped “13348”. £30-50


A Gouda Pottery Two-handled Ovoid Vase, painted with flowers in colourful glazes, 16 cms high; together with Clog, similarly painted, 16.5 cms wide. (2) £30-50

Lot 114


A Royal Worcester Fruit Painted Dish, by William Ricketts, internally painted with apples and grapes against a mossy bank, signed Ricketts, within a wavy rim, externally with apricot glaze and misted gold border, on flared foot rim, 1924, 23cms diameter. £200-300


A Pair of XIX Century Staffordshire Pottery Spill Vases, modelled as cows and calf, coloured in iron red and green, on oval moulded bases, 28 cms high. £150-250


A Moorcroft Pottery Ovoid Vase, tubelined and painted with Woodside Farm pattern, modern printed and painted marks, 13.5 cms high, (surface crazing towards foot of vase). £150-250


A Pair of Royal Dux Bohemia Posy or Spill Vases, modelled as children, kneeling on a moulded base, each with a pannier on their back, coloured in soft hues with shot gilt highlights, no. 1547 and 1548, applied pink triangle and printed marks, 19.5 cms high. £300-400


A Royal Dux Bohemia Figure Group, of cherubs with a chariot, moulded with floral swags, on an oblong base, no. 2667, applied pink triangle and printed marks, 30 cms high, 42 cms long. £300-400 12


A Wedgwood Bone China Tea Service, printed in iron red with a floral medallion within a lightly moulded well and floral border, comprising twelve plates, two large plates, eight cups and twelve saucers, pattern no.Y3354. £30-50


A Border Fine Arts Limited Edition Group James Herriot Series “The Country Doctor”, 756/1250 by Ray Ayres, JH63, on wooden plinth, with certificate. *This piece is now retired. £300-400





A Late XIX Century Wileman & Co. Bone China Tea Service, the shell moulded design printed in blue with daisies, comprising six plates, four cups, five saucers, one large plate, sugar bowl, milk jug and slop bowl. £30-50 A Victorian Staffordshire Pottery Dinner Service, of moulded outline, coloured with pink borders and gilt lines, comprising forty-two pieces, including nine platters in sizes, a soup tureen and cover, the latter with scroll moulded handles, impressed Alba. £75-125 A Susie Cooper Ivory Ground Baluster Vase, incised with abstract plant forms, facsimile incised signature and no. 346, 30 cms high. £30-50 A XIX Century English Porcelain Trio, printed and painted with floral garlands, gilt with fern and scrolls over buff border, comprising two cups and saucer, pattern no. 32. £25-40


A Wedgwood Porcelain Dish, of open shell design, painted and gilt with shells, sea urchin and seaweed against a pale yellow ground, 24.5 cms wide. £20-30


A Royal Doulton Stoneware Table Lamp, decorated in the manner of Edith Lupton, with incised leaves and strapwork and sprigged flowerheads, raised on a metal circular domed base with scroll feet, 33cms high. £150-200


A Pair of Early XX Century Majolica Style Scroll Handled Vases, the lower body decorated with foliate vines on a white ground, 40 cms high. (2) £100-150


A Large Royal Doulton Musical Character Jug “Auld Mac”, playing the tune ‘The Campbells are Coming’. £80-120


A Royal Worcester Figure of a Scotsman, from The Countries of The World Series, modelled by James Hadley, c.1900, wearing yellow tam o shanter and ochre iridescent kilt, printed puce mark, impressed to base, 16cms. £120-180


A Royal Worcester Figure of a ‘Yankee’, from The Countries of The World Series, modelled by James Hadley, circa 1900, wearing blue hat and green breeches, printed puce and impressed to base, 18cms. £120-180


A Royal Worcester Blush Ivory PotPourri, of spherical shape, painted with flowers, puce mark to base, 10cms high. £20-40


A Moorcroft Pottery Ovoid Vase, tubelined and painted with the Clematis pattern, against a blue ground, impressed marks and facsimile signature in green, 21 cms high, (chip to rim and scratches to body). £40-60


A Set of Six Brownfield Porcelain Dessert Plates, each painted with differing vignette scenes within a black printed lambrequin well and magenta border and gilt line rim, impressed masks, pattern no. 1136, 23 cms diameter. £50-70


An Electroplated Mounted Wedgwood Jasperware Biscuit Barrel, with swing handle, on three ball feet. £30-50





A XIX Century Russian Porcelain Small Vase, A Popoff, of flattened ovoid form, painted with a vignette of a ruined building in a landscape, the blue ground moulded with gilt scrolls and shells, and panels with flowers, underglaze blue mark to base, 13cms high. £200-300 A XIX Century Pottery Scent or Snuff Bottle, modelled as a shell, coloured in brown, blue and ochre glazes, with a gilt metal screw cover, 8 cms high. £40-60 A Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Bowl, of circular footed form, circa 1920, designed by Daisy Mekeig-Jones, decorated in the Poplar Trees pattern and with mermaid roundel to the well, printed and painted marks, Z4968, 28cms diameter. £2500-3000


Spare Lot


Spare Lot


Spare Lot


Spare Lot


Spare Lot


A Japanese Meiji Period Satsuma Tripod Censor, painted and gilt with figures on terraces, against a brocade ground, the domed cover with shishi finial, 45cms high. £50-70


A Pair of Early XX Century Chinese Celadon Plates, each painted in famille rose enamels with stylised birds, peonies and pomegranates, blue seal mark to underside, 19.5 cms diameter. £40-60

126. ��������� Spare Lot 127. ��������� Spare Lot

Silver Plate & White Metal 128.

A Walker & Hall Electroplate on Britannia Metal Four Piece Tea Service, circa 1920, with bakelite handles and finial’s to tea and hot water pots. (4) £30-50


A Georgian Toddy Ladle, the oval bowl with coin inset, to twisted whale bone handle, 36.5cms long. £40-60


A Reed & Barton Plated Ice Bucket, of plain tapering form with twin lion mask and ring handles and high finial domed cover, on gadrooned spreading base. £50-70


A Plated Three Piece Cruet Set, of compressed form with gadrooned borders, on rounded rectangular tray. £20-30


A Pair of Rectangular Lidded Entree Dishes, with detachable loop handles, within beaded borders; Together with An Oval Example. (3) £30-50


An Electroplated Four Piece Teaset, comprising teapot, coffee pot, jug and twin handled sugar bowl, each of oval semi reeded compressed form with angular loop handles. (4) £30-50


An Electroplated Three Piece Teaset, each of oval semi reeded form with angular loop handles and reeded border. (3) £20-30

Oriental Ceramics 122.


An Early XX Century Japanese Imari Plate, of cusped outline, painted in underglaze blue, red and gilt with asymmetrical panels of birds and blossom, celestial dragons and flowers, 24cms diameter; Together with an Imari Square Platter, painted to the centre with a basket of flowers, within a border of stylised birds and scrolls, 29cms x 29cms. (2) £30-50 A Pair of Japanese Meiji Period Satsuma Vases, of baluster form, each painted and gilt with alternating figural and floral panels against a brocade ground, 37cms high. £60-80









An Elkington & Co Plated Wine Bottle Holder, of cylindrical form with geometric pierced decoration, with twin handles, on spreading base; Together with a Plated Twin Handled Wine Cooler, and two pairs of tongs. (4) £30-50


A Three Colour Propelling Pencil, the reeded case sliding with a black, blue and a red enamelled band, on suspension loop, stamped “S.Mordan & Co”. £ 30-50


A Propelling Pencil, acanthus leaf scroll engraved, with inset finial, stamped “S.Mordan & Co”; A Gilt Metal Example, a bloodstone inset example, and another. (4) £30-50


A Walton & Haw’s Patent Lady’s Dress Clip, with foliate engraved decoration; A Cornelian and Bloodstone Inset Swivel Fob Pendant, Birmingham 1898; Shell Glass Bottle, on suspension loop. £30-50


Spare Lot

A King’s Pattern Three Piece Plated Handle Carving Set, boxed. £15-25


Spare Lot


Spare Lot

An Elkington Plate Art Deco Period Suite of Cutlery, twelve place settings, in a good quality walnut canteen, with ivorine handles, and two lower drawers, 23cms high, 45cms wide. £125-175


Spare Lot

An Electroplated Four Piece Teaset, comprising teapot, coffee pot, jug and twin handled sugar bowl, each of oval semi reeded compressed form with angular loop handles. (4) ������� £����� 30-50 An Electroplated Four Piece Teaset, comprising teapot, coffee pot, jug and twin handled sugar bowl, each of oval semi reeded compressed form with angular loop handles. (4) ������� £30-50

An EPBM Novelty Musical Cigarette Box, stamped JD&S, in the form of a Gentleman’s desk, with engine turned hinged lid and modelled drawer fronts, with internal central musical box and four compartments (musical box damaged). £30-50 A Set of Six AWS Wellner Knives and Forks, the knife blades marked “AWS Wellner” and the Henckels Zwillingwerks Twin makers mark and “Nicht Rostend” stainless mark, the forks stamped “Wellner” “90” “30”. £40-60


A Pair of Viners Electroplated Oval Serving Platters, with gadroon rims, 50cms wide. £25-40


A XX Century Electroplated Wine Cooler, with bracketted rim, scroll cast handles and on a reeded foot rim, 15 cms high. £20-30

151. ��������� Spare Lot

Silver 152.

A Hallmarked Silver Bride’s Knife, J.G, the handle Birmingham 1864, the blade Birmingham 1867, with acanthus leaf scroll decoration. £25-40


A Hallmarked Silver Waiter, Adie Bros Ltd, Birmingham 1925, of plain oval form, 29.2cms wide, 370grams. £60-80


An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Mounted Glass Inkwell, Martin, Hall & Co, Chester 1908, with pen well and star cut base. £25-40


A Pair of Late Victorian Hallmarked Silver Sweet Meat Dishes, Walker & Hall, Birmingham 1900, each of scrolling wave design, with pierced decoration,144grams. (2) £����� 30-50


An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Candlestick, Martin, Hall & Co, Sheffield 1903, the tapering beaded square base supporting leaf decorated column and circular beaded sconce, 12.5cms high, filled. £30-50







A Hallmarked Silver Bon Bon Dish, Alexander Clark & Co, Birmingham 1922, of shaped circular form with geometric pierced decoration, raised on three scroll legs, 123grams. £30-50


A Hallmarked Silver Sauce Boat, Elkington & Co, Birmingham 1947, with wavy cut edge and flying scroll handle, on three shell capped hoof feet, 120grams. £20-40

A Late Victorian Hallmarked Silver Trinket Dish, EGP, London 1895 (bearing ‘F’ import mark), depicting fairies and a stork, within foliate and scroll border. £����� 20-30


A Hallmarked Silver Lady’s Buckle, G.E.W, Birmingham 1903, of openwork engraved design. £20-30


A Matched Hallmarked Silver Four Piece Teaset, BES Co, Birmingham 1967, 1968, 1969, each of circular compressed lobed form, with foliate and leaf scroll detail and reeded borders, with leaf capped scroll handles, raised on shell and scroll feet, total weight 3159grams. (4) £500-700


A Hallmarked Silver ‘Port’ Decanter Label, T&S, Birmingham 1955; Together with ‘Sherry’, T&S, Birmingham 1952, each highlighted in blue enamel. (2) £30-50


A Hallmarked Silver ‘Whiskey’ Decanter Label, R&K, London 1964; Together with ‘Brandy’, R&K, London 1965; And Another ‘Brandy’. (3) £����� 30-50


A Pair of Small Hallmarked Silver Photograph Frames, SS, London 1983, each of oval form, on velour easel backs. (2) £20-40

A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Teaset, George Unite, Birmingham 1918, each of plain circular form with ribbon and reed border, raised on shell capped hoof feet, total weight 974grams. (3) £������� 150-250 A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Openwork Napkin Rings, makers marks indistinct, Birmingham 1905, of foliate design, initialled; a plain example, Martin, Hall & Co, Sheffield 1905, initialled; another and a hallmarked silver lidded mustard and spoon. £15-30 A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver and Enamel Coffee Spoons, Turner & Simpson, Birmingham 1950, highlighted in green and white enamel, with blue and yellow enamel flowerhead finial, in Mappin & Webb case. £����� 60-80

ard Doyle’s classic Punch Magazine cover illustration depicting Mr Punch and his dog Toby. £����� 15-25


A Norwegian Viking Ship Salt, stamped “830s” and MA for Magnus Aase, naturalistically modelled, with green glass liner, on oval pedestal base. £30-50


A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Cut Glass pedestal Dish, James Dixon & Son, Sheffield 1923, the plain pedestal base supporting fluted glass dish. £30-50


A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Sauce Boats, FH, Sheffield 1992, each with gadrooned border and leaf capped flying scroll handle, on three hoof feet, total weight 211grams. (2) £40-60


A Hallmarked Silver Caddy Shovel, Birmingham 1919, with foliate engraved and shaped edge bowl, to scroll embossed handle, £����� 20-40



A Late Victorian Hallmarked Silver “Punch” Trinket Dish, makers mark indistinct, Birmingham 1896, of shaped rectangular form decorated with Rich-

A Large Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Tray, BES Co, Birmingham 1968, of shaped oval form with acanthus leaf scroll and foliate decoration, to twin reeded scroll handles, 66.5cms wide, approximate weight 4040grams. £700-900



A Hallmarked Silver Coffee Pot, HWLtd, Birmingham 1920, with reeded waist on four ball feet, bearing presentation inscription, 389grams. £70-90


An Austrian Cigarette Box, of tapering reeded design, with plain hinged lid and lined interior, stamped “Made in Austria” “Wiener Werk Statte” “900”. £50-70


A Hallmarked Silver Tea Caddy, makers mark indistinct, Birmingham 1899, of oval form with embossed acanthus leaf scroll decoration, to plain pulloff cover, inscribed. £20-40

Lot 178


A Hallmarked Silver Vinaigrette, E.E, London 1837, the silver gilt grille with vase and flowers (detached), within engine turned case with foliate thumbpiece, initialled “EEMM”. £60-80

An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Cow Creamer, BM, import marks for Chester 1907, the standing cow with tail loop handle and hinged cover with fly detail. £300-500


A Hallmarked Silver Vesta Case, S&B, Birmingham 1911; A Smaller Example, Birmingham 1880; A Plain Example, Birmingham 1905, and another. (4) £25-40


A Hallmarked Silver Lady’s Trinket Box, H&W, Birmingham 1919, of shaped oval form with ribbon tied swag detail, raised on four tri-furcated legs. £60-80


A Pair of Part Hallmarked Silver Sugar Tongs, once gilt and with brightcut engraved decoration. £25-40


A Small Lady’s Chain Mail Purse, to snap clasp; A Modern Silver Novelty, in the form of a lady’s purse; A Hallmarked Silver Pot, and a small compact (lacking mirror). (4) £20-40



A Hallmarked Silver Engine Turned Matchbook Holder, T&S, Birmingham 1939; A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Cheroot Holder, H&F, Birmingham 1920, and a case, of hammered design. (3) £20-40

An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Cream Jug, makers mark indistinct, Birmingham 1901, of circular cauldron form with wide spout and leaf capped scroll handle, raised on three pad feet, crested; A Hallmarked Silver Jug, E.S.B, Birmingham 1909, of plain form, with scroll handle on three pad feet. (2) £30-50


A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, D.Bros, Birmingham 1955, of rectangular form with engine turned decoration. £25-40


A Hallmarked Silver Strainer Spoon, MS ES, possibly London 1809, with leaf and cross pierced bowl, crested; Together with a Shell Bowl Strainer Spoon. (2) £25-40


A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Bon Bon Dishes, T.W, Birmingham 1923, of circular form with pierced decoration. (2) £20-40



A Hallmarked Silver Nutmeg Grater, T.W, Birmingham 1799, of plain rectangular form with canted corners. £100-150



A Hallmarked Silver Backed Brush, maker mark indistinct, Birmingham 1912; A Hallmarked Silver Nail Buffer, W.A, Birmingham 1928; A Hallmarked Silver Handled Button Hook, W.D, Birmingham 1903. (3) £15-25


A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Glass Hip Flask, William Hutton & Sons, London 1895, cup London 1899, of oval form with textured glass and plain removable cup, to twist hinged lid (lacking stopper). £30-50



A Set of Six Dutch Hallmarked Silver Forks and Spoons, each of plain design with reeded border, initialled. £80-120 A Hallmarked Silver Salt, William Bateman, London 1819, of compressed oval form with shell and scroll decoration, the once gilt bowl within leaf border, raised on four ball feet, initialled “K”. £60-80


A Hallmarked Silver Canister, Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1936, of plain cylindrical form with twist-off lid. £20-40


A Pair of Dutch Hallmarked Silver Serving Spoons, each of plain form with reeded border, initialled; A Dutch Hallmarked Silver Straining Spoon, with uniform design pierced bowl. (3) £30-50



A Hallmarked Silver Old English Pattern Table Spoon, RC, London 1826; A Hallmarked Silver Propelling Pencil, London 1957; A Fork, SLd, Birmingham 1925; and two condiment spoons. (4) £20-40 A Hallmarked Silver Old English Pattern Basting Spoon, George Smith & William Fearn, London 1788, initialled “N”; Together with An Old English Pattern Plated Ladle, initialled, and a Fiddle pattern basting spoon. (3) £30-50


A Mother of Pearl Handled Hallmarked Silver Folding Fruit Knife, Martin, Hall & Co, Sheffield 1891, with fruit engraved blade, in fitted case. £30-50


A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Gilt Coffee Spoons, Henry James Hulbert, London 1917, each with reeded edge and floral ends. £15-30


A Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Fish Knife, William Eaton, London 1833, initialled; Pair of Hallmarked Silver Napkin Rings, JR, Sheffield 1911. (3) £25-40


A XX Century Silver and Baisse Taille Pink enamel Dressing Table Set, comprising hair brush, clothes brush and hand mirror, various dates. £30-50


A George V Silver Three Piece Cruet, Walker & Hall, Birmingham 1928, of baluster outline, raised on pad feet, the mustard and salt with blue glass liner. £40-60


A Hallmarked Silver Rose Bowl, Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1910, of planished design, with twin lion mask and ring handles, on spreading base, with wire grille, 1080grams. £200-300


A Matched Set of Six George III / IV Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Spoons, possibly James Beebe, London 1819, 1820, initialled, 233grams. £40-60


A Hallmarked Silver Inkwell, Cornelius Desormeaux Saunders & James Francis Hollings Shepherd, Birmingham 1912, of circular tapering design, with hinged lid and clear glass liner. £20-30


A Hallmarked Silver Lady’s Buckle, GS, Birmingham 1976, of openwork scroll design. £20-30



A Hallmarked Silver Snuff Box, possibly John Bettridge, Birmingham 1819, of curved form with flowerhead spray and allover engraved hinged lid, initialled; Together with a Hallmarked Silver Vesta Case, R.B, Birmingham 1900. (2) £50-70


A Hallmarked Silver Anointing Spoon, Barnard & Sons Ltd, London 1901, in fitted case, Together with Another, Sheffield 1901. (2) £20-40


A Pair of Victorian Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Sugar Tongs, possibly George Burrows, London 1839, initialled. £25-40


A Pair of Early XIX Century Hallmarked Silver Sugar Tongs, William Bateman, London 1819, of plain design, initialled. £25-40


A Pair of Irish Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Sugar Tongs, John Pittar, Dublin 1891. £25-40


A Hallmarked Silver Tooth Pick, WV&S, Birmingham 1914; An Engine Turned Pocket Spring Balance, Stamped “John Sheldon”, weighing up to 2oz; together with another tooth pick. £20-40


A Lady’s Cased Hallmarked Silver Mounted Manicure Set, J&C, Birmingham 1914, 1915, including nail buffer, twin lidded glass pots and scissors, in pink lined grey fitted case. £40-60


A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Blue and Clear Glass Dressing Table Jar, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1925, of cylindrical form with geometric decoration, to plain pull-off cover; Together with Another Silver Mounted Glass Jar, H. Matthews, Birmingham 1910 (worn). (2) £40-60


Spare Lot


Spare Lot


Spare Lot


Spare Lot

Jewellery 218.

An 18ct White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Dress Ring, claw set to the centre with an oval tanzanite, between diamond set shoulders. £300-400


An 18ct White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Cluster Ring, the central tanzanite claw set within border of brilliant-cut diamonds. £350-450


An 18ct White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Ring, claw set to the centre with a tear-drop shape tanzanite between brilliant-cut diamond set shoulders. £600-700


An 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone collet rub over set between crossover shoulders, approximate diamond weight, 0.60cts. £700-900


An 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone four claw set in Tiffany style setting, approximate diamond weight 0.65cts. £ 550-750


A Gent’s 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone claw set between reeded shoulders, approximate diamond weight 0.60cts. £750-850


An 18ct White Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, the uniform brilliantcut stones collet set in crossover setting, approximate total diamond weight, 0.50cts. £480-550


An 18ct White Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stones claw set, approximate total diamond weight 1.25cts. £900-1100


An 18ct White Gold Large Three Stone Diamond Ring, the central brilliant-cut stone high claw set between two further brilliant-cut diamonds, approximate total diamond weight 3.10cts. ����������� £4500-5500



A Three Stone Diamond Ring, double four claw set to the centre with a rectangular cushion-cut diamond between two brilliant-cut diamonds, stamped “AU750”, approximate total diamond weight 1.53cts. £1700-2000


An 18ct White Gold Princess-Cut Five Stone Diamond Ring, the uniform stones claw set, approximate total diamond weight, 1.35cts. £1000-1200


An 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone six claw set between plain crossover shoulders, also stamped “22”. £200-300


A Victorian Opal and Diamond Nine Stone Ring, the three oval cabochon opals claw set spaced by six oldcut diamonds, within scroll carved setting, stamped “18”. £650-750


A Gent’s 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Buckle Ring, star set with an old-cut diamond, Birmingham 1918. £200-300


Three Large Single Stone Dress Rings, each claw set, stamped “9ct”. (3) £40-60


Spare Lot


A Single Stone Cocktail Ring, high four claw set to the centre within circular textured border, between pierced shoulders, stamped “18ct”. £40-60


A 9ct Gold Coral Dress Ring, six claw set to the centre, between ropetwist shoulders; A 9ct Gold Banded Agate Dress Ring, the circular cabochon four claw set within shaped border; A 9ct Gold Oval Cameo Ring, depicting female profile (shank cut). (3) £60-100


A Single Stone Dress Ring, high claw set between textured shoulders, stamped “9ct”; Further 9ct Gold Dress Ring; of marquise design; A Modern Oval Cluster Ring, on chain-link, stamped “585”. (3) £60-100

Lot 232


An 18ct White Gold Five Stone Diamond Ring, rub over collet set with brilliant-cut diamonds, approximate total diamond weight 0.78cts. £600-800


An 18ct White Gold Five Stone Diamond Ring, claw set throughout with uniform brilliant-cut diamonds, approximate total diamond weight 1.62cts. £1400-1600


An 18ct Gold Seven Stone Diamond Ring, the uniform brilliant-cut stones bar claw set, approximate total diamond weight 1.08cts. £600-800


An 18ct White Gold Seven Stone Diamond Ring, rub over collet set with brilliant-cut diamonds, approximate total diamond weight 1.40cts. £1000-1200


An 18ct Gold Diamond Set Band, with two channel set rows of 19 brilliant-cut diamonds. £180-250


An 18ct White Gold Seven Stone Diamond Flowerhead Cluster Ring, the brilliant-cut stones claw set throughout, approximate total diamond weight 3.15cts. £2500-3500


An 18ct Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, the central emerald-cut diamond four claw set between two brilliant-cut diamonds, approximate total diamond weight 0.80cts. £900-1100



A Modern Emerald and Diamond Dress Ring, the central rectangular emerald four claw set between six brilliant-cut diamonds, stamped “750”. £600-800


A Modern Aquamarine and Diamond Three Stone Ring, the oval aquamarine, four claw set between two brilliant-cut diamonds, stamped “750”. £200-300


A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the old-cut stone claw set between diamond set shoulders, stamped “18ct&PLAT”; A Three Stone Crossover Ring, in crossover setting, stamped “18ct”. (2) £120-180



Lot 234

A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone illusion set between faceted crossover shoulders, stamped “18CT&PLAT”. £200-300 A Modern Diamond Set Dress Ring, claw and collet set throughout with brilliant-cut diamonds, stamped “585”. £50-80


Spare Lot


A Black Opal Ring, the circular panel on angular band, stamped “18k”; A Black Opal Set Bracelet, with three claw set panels; A Pendant, stamped “585”; A Two Stone Crossover Ring, claw set, stamped “14”. (4) £70-100




A Modern Crossover Cocktail Ring, with central stone within plain and graduated channel set shoulders, stamped “585”; A Modern Cocktail Ring, oval collet set to the centre between stepped and millegrain set shoulders. (2) £70-100 A Modern 18ct Gold MillenniumCut Single Stone Diamond Ring, the central single stone four claw set between six brilliant-cut diamonds. £100-150


A Diamond and Cabochon Set Dress Ring, oval collet cabochon set to the centre, within two-tone laurel wreath border set with single-cut diamonds, stamped “585” “14k”. £150-200


A Sapphire and Diamond Cocktail Ring, high claw set with six marquise shape sapphires, within openwork shaped border of old-brilliant-cut diamonds, indistinctly stamped. £300-500


An 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone eight claw set in high setting, between knifeedge shoulders, approximate diamond weight 1.30cts (2 claws damaged). £600-800


An 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the old-brilliant-cut stone illusion set between plain shoulders. £40-60


A Three Stone Diamond Ring, illusion set, stamped “18ct” “Plat”; Further Ring Mounts, damaged; Brooches, including horse head brooch, stamped “375” and double kitten brooch, pair of earpendants and two oval locket pendants. £70-100


A Modern Emerald and Diamond Openwork Cluster Ring, composed of central graduated row of claw set brilliant-cut diamonds, between crossover style shoulders of graduated circular claw set emeralds, stamped “18ct”. £250-350

A Large Single Stone Quartz Dress Ring, the rectangular stone (30 x 24mm), four claw set in high openwork setting, stamped “18k”. £60-80 21


A Modern Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone four claw set, inscribed “18k” “0.99”. £250-300


An 18ct Gold Millennium-Cut Single Stone Dress Ring, four claw set between diamond set shoulders. £100-150


A Three Stone Diamond Ring, claw set throughout, stamped “18CT PLAT” (one stone damaged). £200-300


An 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the old-brilliant-cut stone six claw set. £80-120



An 18ct Gold Gent’s Emerald and Diamond Three Stone Ring, rub over set to the centre with an old-cut diamond, between two square set emeralds (shank unmarked). £400-500

An Art Deco Green, Black and White Set Bracelet, of geometric openwork design, to snap clasp, indistinctly stamped (damages). £40-60


A 9ct Gold Curb-Link Charm Bracelet, to heart-shape padlock clasp, suspending fourteen novelty charm pendants. £350-450


Spare Lot


An Oval Locket Back Brooch, oval collet cabochon set to the centre, within stepped and textured border, with applied bead detail and glazed locket verso. £40-60


Bucherer; A Lady’s Marcasite Set Pendant Watch, movement stamped “Bucherer”, cased stamped “Bucherer 0.925” (lacking some marcasites), suspended on bow brooch; A Pair of Marcasite, Black Onyx and Mother of Pearl Swivel Earpendants, hallmarked silver bangle and three further bangles. £40-60


An Oval Brooch, hand painted depicting rural waterside scene with bridged building; Together with Further Brooches, including spider bar brooch, ‘Baby’ and enamel brooches, cameo ring, compass pendant and swivel fob. £30-50


A 9ct Gold Seven Stone Diamond Flowerhead Cluster Ring, claw set throughout with brilliant-cut diamonds, stamped “.50”. £150-200


Spare Lot


Spare Lot


An 18ct White Gold Diamond Set Bracelet, of uniform design, claw set throughout with brilliant-cut diamonds, approximate total diamond weight 2.00cts. £1200-1600


A 9ct Gold Curb-Link Bracelet, of uniform design to scroll highlighted heart-shape padlock clasp. £180-220


A Modern 9ct Three Colour Gold Bracelet, of graduated geometric design with bark textured finish, to snap clasp. £200-250


A Stylish Grey Pearl Set Panel Bracelet, composed of four raised and shaped rectangular panels, set to the centres with a grey pearl bead, on wide belcher link connections, to hook clasp, stamped “835”. £40-60

Lot 256




A Victorian Diamond Set Floral Spray Trembler Brooch, the single flower head claw set to the centre with an old-cut ‘fancy yellow’ diamond, within six petal border of old and single-cut diamonds, ‘trembling’ on leafed stem, set throughout with old and single-cut diamonds, approximate total diamond weight 2.48cts. £800-1000 A Turquoise Enamel and Seed Pearl Stickpin, together with an Essex Crystal style reverse painted fox head stick pin (damaged), cameo example, claw set example etc, and a hat pin. (8) £50-70


A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set in openwork setting, approximate total diamond weight 0.63cts. £500-600


A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set, approximate total diamond weight 0.73cts. £450-500


A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone six claw set, approximate total diamond weight 1.00cts. £1100-1300


A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set, approximate total diamond weight 1.25cts. £1000-1100


A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set, approximate total diamond weight 2.04cts. £2200-2500


Spare Lot


A Pair of Modern 18ct White Gold Diamond Set Earstuds, each of three tear-drop design, rub over set with three brilliant-cut diamonds. £200-250


A Pair of 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set in openwork setting. £150-200


A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set. £160-200


A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set on screw post, approximate total diamond weight 0.45cts. £250-300

A Pair of 18ct White Gold Princess-Cut Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each stone four claw set, approximate total diamond weight 0.64cts. £500-600


A Pair of Modern Diamond Set Panel Earrings, the uniform curved panels star and square set with brilliantcut diamonds, on Continental fittings, stamped “750”. £150-200



A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set, approximate total diamond weight 0.50cts. £350-400


A Pair of 18ct White Gold Three Stone Diamond Earstuds, of trefoil design claw set. £400-500


A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set, approximate total diamond weight 0.67cts. £400-500 Lot 255



A Modern 18ct Yellow and White Gold Diamond Set Necklace, of uniform design, rub over set to the front with seven brilliant-cut diamonds. £1500-1800


A Long Jade Bead Necklace, composed of 78 individually knotted uniform circular polished beads (string broken). £100-150


A Single Stone Quartz Pendant/ Brooch, the central stone (17 x 15mm) four claw set within openwork textured border, on plain bale, stamped “18k”. £50-70


A Large Single Stone Quartz Pendant, the rectangular stone (33 x 20mm) four claw set within oval hoop setting, stamped “18k”. £60-80


A Large Single Stone Pendant, (30 x 29mm) four on stepped mount and bale, “18k”.


A Turquoise Set Oval Locket Pendant, on chain; A Cultured Pearl Dress Ring, stamped “14k”. £30-50


A Three Row Graduated Cultured Pearl Bead Necklace, the circular beads individually knotted to claw set and pearl textured snap clasp, stamped “14k”. £200-300


A Single Stone Diamond Pendant, the brilliant-cut stone four claw set on split bale, on Figaro-link chain, approximate diamond weight 0.50cts. £ 400-500

A Double Row Graduated Cultured Pearl Bead Necklace, the circular beads individually knotted to engraved snap clasp, stamped “Silver”. £50-70


An 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Pendant, the brilliant-cut stone four claw set within openwork setting. £300-400

A Single Strand Pearl Bead Necklace, the imperfect beads individually knotted to clasp, stamped “Silver”. £100-150


A Single Stone Pendant, four claw set to the centre within shaped openwork border, stamped “k18”. £20-30

Lot 268


A Pair of Rose-Cut Garnet Earpendants, each of double cluster design, on hinged hook fittings, stamped. £30-50


A Pair of Cultured Pearl and Garnet Earpendants, each composed of circular cluster suspended from bar link and claw set single stone surmount, on post fitting, butterflies stamped “14k” “585” (lacking one garnet). £50-70






A Pair of Diamond and Cabochon Set Earpendants, oval collet set to the centre between claw set diamonds, within ropetwist mounts and post fittings, butterfly stamped “14k” “585”. £100-180 A Pair of 9ct Gold Amethyst Earpendants, of openwork design; A Pair of Flowerhead Earrings, on screw fittings, stamped “9ct”; A Pair of Flowerhead Cluster Earstuds. £40-60

An 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Pendant, the brilliant-cut stone four claw set on split bale, on fancy-link chain. £300-400


Quartz claw set, stamped £60-80





A Modern Lady’s Sapphire and Diamond Set Suite, comprising necklace, bracelet, ring and earpendants, the articulated necklace claw set to the front with marquise-shape sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds in foliate design, on fine-link chain, together with matching bracelet, cocktail ring and earpendants on screw post fittings, each stamped “18k” “750”. £������� 600-800 A Seven Stone Diamond Flowerhead Cluster Pendant, claw set throughout with brilliant-cut diamonds, on chain to bolt ring, stamped “375”; Together with a Pair of Single Stone Diamond Ear Studs, each brilliant-cut stone four claw illusion set. £70-90 A 9ct Gold Derbyshire Blue John Pendant, in plain collet setting, Sheffield 1981. £50-70 A Cased Set of Art Deco Gent’s Dress Studs, comprising pair of studs, four buttons and pair of cufflinks, each of square panel form with circular concave centre, stamped “18ct & Pt”, in fitted case. £40-60


A 1920’s 9ct Gold Engine Turned Cigarette Case, of slim rectangular form, Birmingham 1929. £800-1000


A Gilt Metal and Enamel Filigree Lady’s Buckle, highlighted in white, red and blues; Together with Another, composed of two ovals, with applied flowerheads and central collet setting. £20-40


A XIX Century Lady’s Panel Clip, of slim rectangular form with applied acanthus leaf scroll border, flowerhead spray set to the centre with pearl and turquoise (one absent), to hinged back. £60-80



A Graduated Curb-Link Albert Chain, suspending swivel fob pendant (damaged); Together with Two Smaller Examples. £40-60


An Oval Belcher-Link Guard Chain, together with another. (2) £20-40


A Belcher-Link Albert Chain, to single swivel, suspending T-bar; A Graduated Curb-Link Example, and another. £30-50


Assorted Curb-Link and Graduated Curb-Link Albert Chains, some part, to swivels, suspending T-bars. £40-60


A Cased Set of Six Shell Buttons, within plain circular settings with central highlight, in fitted case. £25-40


Spare Lot


Spare Lot

Watches 327.

Omega Seamaster; A Gent’s Automatic Wristwatch, the signed circular dial with day/date aperture and baton markers, within plain case, on later bracelet, in fitted box with booklet and assorted receipts. £80-120


Rolex Oyster Speed King; A Gent’s Mid Size Watch, the signed circular dial with Arabic numerals and sweeping seconds hand, within plain case with screw down back, numbered 658058 and 5056, on later expanding bracelet. £300-400


Spare Lot

An Albert Chain, composed of belcher and elongated belcher-links, suspending T-bar; A Similar Curb-Link Example, suspending T-bar; Large CurbLink Part Albert Chain. £30-50



Spare Lot


A Fancy-Link Watch Chain, composed of faceted belcher and star pierced links, suspending T-bar, to single swivel, stamped “9c”. £250-300


A Lady’s Albertina, composed of four chain rows, with central foliate panel, suspending T-bar and tassel; Together with Another Similar. (2) £40-60


Spare Lot


Spare Lot

340. ��������� Spare Lot Lot 331



An Early XIX Century Masonic Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the white dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial (lacking hand), the movement with diamond end stone, movement and movement cover inscribed “M Tobias & Co Bell Dock, 2611, LONDON, with Masonic and foliate engraved balance cock, within plain case, JD, London 1815; Together with Another Openface Pocketwatch, (damaged). (2) £100-200 John Russel, London; A 9ct Gold Cased Openface Pocketwatch Stopwatch, the signed white enamel dial with black Roman numerals and sweeping hand, within plain case, London 1915. £200-300


J. G. Graves Sheffield; The ‘Express’ English Lever Hallmarked Silver Gent’s Openface Pocketwatch, Chester 1901; Another Openface Example, Birmingham 1902, and another, stamped “Fine Silver”. (3) £40-60


Spare Lot


A Lady’s Victorian 18ct Gold Fob Watch, the circular dial with black Roman numerals, within foliate engraved case, London 1878. £60-80


A 9ct Gold Graduated Curb-Link Albert Chain, suspending T-bar, to single swivel; A Bloodstone and Cornelian Swivel Fob Pendant. £280-350


Spare Lot


Spare Lot


Spare Lot

Museums Sheffield The following 14 Lots are offered on behalf of Museums Sheffield and the proceeds will be reinvested into the maintenance of a strong visual art collection in the city. The paintings were part of the picture loan schemes which operated prior to 1998. These works were bought specifically for the schemes and are not part of Sheffield’s permanent collections. The paintings were released for auction following a review of the former picture loans by curators at Museums Sheffield. A number of works were added to the visual art collection for their significance and the remainder of the pictures is being made available for auction through ELR. The monies raised from the auction will directly benefit Sheffield’s impressive visual art collection.



346. 347. 348. 349. 350.

* ������������� JACK SIMCOCK ��������� [b.1929] ARR ��� Farm Buildings and Figures, Oil on board, signed lower left and dated indistinctly 1956, 53 x 60.7cms. £400-700 RUSKIN SPEAR CBE, RA [19111990] Farm on the Edge of the Wood, Oil on board, signed lower right, 45.4 x 55.3 cms. £2000-4000 HENRY MOORE [1831-1895] Silver Sea, seascape, Oil on canvas, signed lower right and dated 1869, 39.6 x 64 cms. Small angled tear of approximately 1cm x 1cm top left of canvas. £6000-8000 ADRIAN PAUL ALLINSON [18901959] A Mediterranean Farm, Oil on canvas, signed lower left, 56.3 x 69.3cms. £2000-3000 RONALD OSSORY DUNLOP [1894-1973] Landscape, Oil on canvas, signed lower right, 63.7 x 76.7 cms. £2000-3000 ATTRIBUTED TO MARY POTTER [1900-1981] The Red Bog, Oil on board, Graves Art Gallery label verso, 59.5 x 75.3 cms. £4000-6000

Lot 346


STEPHEN BONE [1904-1958] Blowy Day Galway Bay, Oil on board, signed lower left, Fine Art Society label verso dated 1929, 26.3 x 34.2 cms. £300-500


STEPHEN BONE [1904-1958] Winter Sunset, Oil on board, signed lower right, 23.7 x 34.3 cms. £400-600


HENRY LAMB [1883-1960] Woman with a Perambulator and Four Idle Men, Oil on board, signed and dated (19) 38, 22.7 x 31.5 cms. £7000-10000

* JAMES NEAL [b. 1918] ARR The New Flats, Oil on board, signed lower right, 18.5 x 28.4 cms. £400-600 354.


356. Lot 348


ATTRIBUTED TO WINIFRED WILSON [XX CENTURY] Ancestral House and Garden, Oil on board, unsigned, attribution verso and inscribed with exh. date of 1931 for The Iman Show, 29 x 39.1 cms. £300-500 JOSEF HERMAN [1911-2000] Snooker Player 1983, Oil on board, Signed to Backboard, 26.5 x 34.2 cms. £3000-5000


STEVEN BONE [1904-1958] Isla Craig from Bruce’s Camp, Oil on board, 25.2 x 34 cms. £200-300

Prints etc 359.

BY AND AFTER GEORGE CUNNINGHAM [1924-1996] Workhouse Green, limited edition colour print, no.17/250, signed in pencil to margin with blindstamp, 30 x 45cms. £40-60

360. ��������� Spare Lot Lot 349


362. 363. Lot 350


BY AND AFTER GRAHAM ILLINGWORTH [b. 1953] Palm I & II, Plume I & II, a set of four coloured lithographic prints, limited editions numbered 247/850, signed in pencil, 11 x 11 cms. (4) £150-200 AFTER FRANZ HANFSTAENGL Girl with a mandolin in a garden, tinted crystoleum, 23 x 20 cms. £50-70 WILLIAM RAYWORTH [XIX / XX CENTURY] Still life fruit, a pair, Oil on opaque glass panels, signed, 21 x 15cms. (2) £100-150 H. HILL [E. XX CENTURY] Back to Blighty - Never Mind I Strafed ‘Em; Has Anybody Got a Pin?, pair of pen ink and wash drawings, signed and dated 1919, 29.5 x 18cms. (2) £50-70

365. ��������� Spare Lot 366. ��������� Spare Lot Lot 352


CHARLES W HOWARTH [XX CENTURY] Sketch of Hathersage Area, Oil on canvas, unsigned, attribution verso, 23.5 x 33.4 cms. £40-60 28

Watercolours & Oils


JOHN THRELFALL [XX CENTURY] Study of a bird amongst foxgloves and grasses, oil on canvas laid onto card, signed lower right, 44 x 55cms. £40-60

CHARLES ASHMORE [1851 1925] A summer woodland stream, watercolour, gilt mount, modern gilt frame, signed, 18 x 25cms. *Charles Ashmore is mainly known for his illustrations for Harold Armitage’s “Chantrey Land”. £����� 40-60


Spare Lot



ARTHUR JACKSON [XIX CENTURY] Poultry in a barn, a pair, oil on panel, signed lower left, 9 x 27.5cms. (2) £125-175 AFTER GUIDO RENI [Florentine 1575-1642] Portrait of Beatrice Cenci, wearing a white turban, oil on canvas, oval 60 x 50 cms In a giltwood and gesso frame contemporary with the canvas, with shell and scroll mounts. £700-900

Hornby O Gauge - type 101 clockwork tank loco in LMS maroon, #2270; the same but LNER green, #460, both good / very good working order with keys; No.1 water tank, National Benzole tanker and No.2 double arm signal, all boxed; two tinplate LMS coaches, Esso tanker, crane wagon and three others, with level crossings, unboxed. £120-160


Britains Toys #144F Haystack, VG/ Exc in good condition pale green illustrated box. £40-60


Matchbox Lesney Regular Wheels #1 Road Roller, #24 Excavator, (gpw), #39 Zodiac Convertible, (pink / cyan) and #65 3.4L Jaguar (blue, gpw); all in Moko boxes; With Matchbox Series Bus. (5) £20-30


Triang Minic Plastic Clockwork Morris Minor, excellent in VG/excellent box, with key; Jeep #1, with spare wheel and jerry can, very good in very good box. (2) £40-60


Dinky Toys - eight unboxed models including, 140A Austin Atlantic (red interior, cream hubs), two 170 Ford Fordor Sedan (all green and all yellow), 40G Morris Oxford (fawn), 40A Riley Saloon (fawn with rear wheel pillars) and three others; generally very good condition. £160-200


A Large XX Century Wooden Model of a Lighthouse, with model furniture, accessories, utensils and light fittings, painted in white and pale blue, 110cms high. £40-60




373. ��������� Spare Lot 374. ��������� Spare Lot

Toys & Dolls

ATTRIBUTED TO DAVID PAYNE [1874-1891] Figure by a country cottage, Oil on board, 18 x 21 cms. £200-300

Lot 371



Armand Marseille Bisque Headed Doll, 390 A7M, ginger wig, sleeping blue glass eyes, open mouth and composition body with loss to one finger, dressed in early XX Century undergarments and modern blue velvet dress. £150-180


393. ��������� Spare Lot

382. ��������� Spare Lot 383. ��������� Spare Lot


A Victorian Hallmarked Silver and Horn Desk Novelty, by William Leuchars, London 1884, modelled as a dragon, its mouth agape, with green cabochon eyes, the fore legs and body naturalistically cast with scales, the ram’s horn as the curled tail with silver tip, the mouth and tail possibly intended as quill receptacles, 16cms high, 31cms long. £2000-3000


A Pewter Cigar Holder by Petfield, Wicker, Sheffield, the twin hexagonal boxes, each having six circular holes, with single loop handle, 16 cms wide. £30-50


A Pair of XIX Century Continental Gilded Metal Cameos, of Classical elderly gentlemen, housed within circular walnut frames (one cracked), 25.5cms diameter. (2) £30-50


A Cast Iron Sundial, the centre engraved with a foliated sunburst, gnomon missing, 34 cms diameter; Together with A Small Example, 25 cms diameter. (2) £50-70


A Polished Cast Iron Coal Box, of oblong form, with studded strapwork panels, on claw feet, 43 cms wide. £30-50


A Set of Polished Cast Iron Fire Irons and pair of Fire Dogs. £60-80


Spare Lot


An Early XX Century Japanese Ivory Okinomo, carved as a man carrying a young child in his arms, and holding a lotus branch, standing on a rocky base, with an upended hobby horse, 21.45 cms high, with a hardwood stand. £100-150

Works of Art & Collectables 384.

A Thompson of Kilburn Oak Ashtray, of shaped oblong form, carved in relief with a mouse, 10 cms wide. £30-50


A Mahogany and Electroplated Tantalus, with three square, cut-glass decanters, with faceted ball stoppers. £60-80







An Early XX Century Oval Oak Tray, with electroplated gallery and turned wood handles, 53 cms wide over handles. £50-70 Fishing Reels - A Pflueger Atlapac 9/0 fishing reel, and five plastic/bakelite reels including Ever Ready Dam and Alpha W. £80-120 Fishing Reels - An Early XX Century Wooden Reel with brass foot marked “Richardson And Luyt, Ltd. Cape Town”, 11.5cms diameter, and six other wooden reels including Townsend of South Africa and Castle Reel of Cape Town. £60-80 Fishing Reels - Six early XX Century reels, all with brass feet, ranging from 12.5cms to 18cms in diameter, one bearing “Aristocrat” label. £60-80 Fishing Reels - A large mahogany sea fishing reel, 27cms diameter, with brass feet and another, 22cms diameter with white metal foot. (2) £50-70

A XIX Century Rosewood Bobbin Stand, with turned uprights, the concave platform base fitted with a pin cushion and frieze drawer, on compressed bun feet. £40-60

An Early XX Century Oak Desk Standish, with slope top to stationary compartment, fronted by twin glass inkwells and pen well, over single drawer. £30-50 30


An Early XX Century Ivory Teether, composed of five individually modelled novelties, 9 cms long. £20-30


An Early XX Century Chinese Bone Mah-jong Set, in a hardwood casket, with figural handles, the panels carved with figures, 19 cms high, 24 cms wide. £50-70

404. ��������� Spare Lot 405.

Two Large 8mm Film Reels of “A Queen Is Crowned”, both in Lecol cannisters and housed in a War Department carry case with canvas straps. £20-30


A Jadeite Figure of a Bear, grasping a cub’s leg between its jaws, indistinct signature to rear foot (John Young?), 4cms high, 7cms long. £15-25

Lot 412



The Fair Play Totalisator Penny One Arm Bandit Slot Machine, with a quantity of early XX Century pennies. £60-100


Two XIX Century Chinese Hardstone Desk Seals, of square section, with animal finials, 7.5 cms high. £30-50


A Victorian Pâpier Maché Desk Blotter, the upper board inlaid with mother-of-pearl and painted with flowers, with a scroll border, inscribed to the inside with verse and owners details, 31 x 23 cms. £15-20

An Early XIX Century Tortoiseshell Piquet Etui, the flattened oblong case inlaid with a monogrammed oval, foliate swags and garlands, the hinged cover concealing a complete fitted interior with a glass scent bottle, tortoiseshell handled folding knife and accessories and accessories, 7.5 cms high. £150-200

413. ��������� Spare Lot 414. ��������� Spare Lot 415. ���������� Spare Lot�

Lamps & Light Fittings


A Meerschaum and Amber Silver Mounted Cigar Holder, 8 cms long; A Meerschaum and Amber Cigar Holder, 6.5 cms long; both in cases. £30-50


Three Pairs of Victorian and Edwardian Lorgnettes; A Pair of Gilt Metal Prince Nez; A Pair of Victorian Spectacles; and Two Further Prince Nez. (7) £30-50


An Early XX Century Amethyst and Clear Cut Glass Table Lamp, with mushroom shade, supported on three metal brackets over a knopped and facetted baluster stem, from a circular domed foot, 50cms high. £70-90


A XIX Century French Brass Oil Lamp, with a single burner, the brass reservoir with pierced basket over an adjustable stem, the base supported by four cast and scroll brackets from a dished circular socle and square base, clear glass chimney, the lamp 55cms high. £40-60


Spare Lot


Textiles 419.

A Kashan Tasseled Rug, mid XX Century, with blue and white central medallion surrounded by floral decoration on red ground, 345 x 250 cms. £400-600


A Far Eastern Wall Hanging, worked in colourful threads, sequins and cabachon, with two principal panels of Indian dancers and elephants, within a border of peacocks and elephants within framed panels, 125 x 170cms. £30-50


A XX Century Large Wall Tapestry, of a Medieval hunting scene, of men and dogs before a moated castle, approximately 180 x 270cms. £50-70


A Victorian Mosaic Beadwork Purse, worked with bands of colourful flowers, drawstring neck, 10 cms; Together with A Trefoil Shape Beadwork Evening Purse, and A Pair of Bone Glove Stretchers, with zoomorphic finials. (3) £30-50


Spare Lot


Spare Lot

Mirrors 425.

A Mahogany Cheval Mirror, with finial tops, square supports and rectangular mirror, on shaped feet, 158cms high (damaged). £30-50


A Victorian Mahogany Dressing Mirror, with finial tops, bobbin supports, rectangular mirror, and on serpentine shaped base with carved feet, 86 cms high, 73 cms wide. £50-100


A XIX Century Gilt Convex Mirror, with applied eagle, moulded frame with ball decoration, black slip, the base with fan decoration, 100 cms high. £200-300

Records 430.

The Beatles - A Hard Days Night, PCS3058 (YEX 127-/128-1 WITH 1/0 2/GG stampers). A superb copy in a similar condition Garrod and Lofthouse Sleeve with the larger “Stereo”, and a Parlophone flyer; Let It Be, R5833 with “Factory Sample Not For Sale” sticker. £60-100


Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street, (COC 69100), UK stereo pressing, matrix numbers COC69100-A = ST-RS-723507, COC69100-B = ST-RS722508, COC69100-C = ST-RS-722509, COC69100-D = ST-RS-722510, In the original gatefold sleeve with the original inners but lacking the set of postcards. £20-40


The Beatles - Rubber Soul PMC 1267, (XEX579/580-1, both G/DR stampers); Sgt Peppers......PMC 7027, (XEX367-1/638-1), with Peter Blake insert but lacking original inner; Magical Mystery Tour MMT1 Mono EP, all in higher grades; with a 1970’s Poster of Paul McCartney, and another of the Fab Four £40-60


The Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones LK4605 Mono LP, (XARL 6271-1A / 6272-3A); The Rolling Stones #2 LK4661 Mono LP, (XARL 6619-1A / 6620-2A) with Upton flip back sleeve and “Blind Man” text. (2) £30-50

434. ��������� Spare Lot

Militaria 435.

A 1914-15 Star to T. S. 248, H. Boyce, TR., R.N.R. F/VF; Four WWII Stars, all F/VF or better. (5) £30-40


A Third Reich Eastern Front Medal, some wear; 1935 “Reichsparteitag” or National Party Day 1935 Medals, “G Balmberger NBG” verso; A 1937 NSDAP “Kreistreffen” or Regional Rally Award 3/4 April in Minden. ` £40-60

428. ��������� Spare Lot 429. ��������� Spare Lot


Lot 440


A Good Selection of Approximately Fifty Military Badges, including Durham Light Infantry gilt and enamel badge, KC, pin back; AFS silver badge number 172702, Royal Marines EIIR helmet plate, etc. £30-50

and photocopied documents including CWGC certificate. *Private Christopher Edward Payne was K.I.A July 1st 1916, and is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial, France. £600-800


A Good Selection of Cloth Insignia, including Merchant Navy epaulettes and stripes, RN Electircal Artificers badge and Italian Navy epaulettes; with Two Ammunitions Boxes, with leather strap handles. £30-40


Military General Service Medal 1793-1814 to Cpl Robert Smart, impressed “R Smart Corp.l 85th Foot”, lacks the issued clasp of St Sebastian. Light bruise to obverse base otherwise F/VF. £500-700


Forty Military Headdress and Other Badges, including Scottish Regiment helmet plates, brass Lewis Gunner cap badge, Corps badges, Royal Sussex Regiment bi-metal badge, mounted on red cloth covered board. £80-120 A Great War Somme Casualty Group of Three with Memorial Plaque to Christopher Payne, 18809 East Lancs Regiment. Replacement WM, VM and Star to 18809. Pte. C. Payne. E. Lan. R., with regiment bimetal cap badge, photographic postcard of the soldier and 1914 Christmas tin,


Medal Pair - An EIIR RAF Long Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal to Cpl. P. R. Gibbs (R1930253) RAF, and GSM with Arabian Peninsula Bar to 1930253 S.A. C.P. R. Gibbs R.A.F. Very Fine. (2) £80-120


A XIX Century Percussion Double Barreled Shotgun, the 75 cms circular barrels marked “F Baxter, Birmingham”, the lockplate engraved with gamebirds; Another, similar, 62 cm barrels, diced stock. (2) £100-200


Spare Lot


Spare Lot



Books 446.

Milne (A. A.) The House At Pooh Corner, Methuen And Co. Ltd., 1928 first edition, 8vo, 178pp, salmon pink cloth with gilt vignette to upper cover, gilt top edge, inscribed, very good in dusted, rubbed dust-jacket. £140-180


Wilson (Owen) The Larvae Of The British Lepidoptera And Their Food Plants, London 1880, large 8vo, 367pp, 40 colour plates, gilt stamped brown cloth, internally clean and bright. £20-30


Young (Arthur) A Six Months Tour Through The North Of England, London 1770, four volumes, folding engraved plates and maps, full calf, front board vol one detached but all volumes remain clean and bright; One Other unrelated volume. (5) £80-120


Joseph Cundall - A Treasury of Pleasure Books for Young People. Addey and Co, London. N.d (mid XIX Century). Small 8vo, worn half morocco. Twenty pamphlets bound in one volume with black and white litho illustrations by John Absolon, Harrison Weir, Edward Wehnert; other XIX Century children’s including - Turner (Elizabeth) The Daisy, or, Cautionary Stories in Verse, Harris 1807; The Cowslip, or, More Cautionary Stories in Verse. Harris 1811; Donaldson Brothers - How 8 Men Became 1 - Magical Changes with Mother Goose Melodies. New York Carleton and Co 1878. Fair to Good. (10) £150-250


An Early XIX Century Handwritten and Pen Ink Reproduction of Charles Knight’s 1809 “Simple Stones In Verse”, each story transcribed with the original engraved plates expertly copied in pen and ink. Bound in full morocco with gilt trim. £20-30


Lawrence (T.E.) Seven Pillars of Wisdom, 1935 First Trade Edition, G/VG; Revolt in the Desert 1927, third impression. (2) £20-30


The New Adventures Of Rupert 1936, poor; Rupert Annuals 1946 to 1950, all published by The Daily Express, Good+/Very Good Condition. £120-160


Mickey Mouse Bedtime Stories, The Sunshine Press, card covers, very fine. £20-30


Charles Darwin / Evolution - Origin of The Species. Murray. 1891; Descent of Man. Murray 1906; and other works by S Laing, T Huxley and John Fiske on the same subject; Humboldt (Alexander Von) Cosmos. A Survey of The General Physical History of The Universe, seven volumes published c.1845; Buckland (Francis) Curiosities of Natural History. 4 vols :- One Box £80-120


Massey (Gerald) A Book of The Beginnings. Williams and Norgate 1881 two volume first edition set. Publishers cloth, worn at extremeties. (2) £40-60


Local Interest - Manning (JE), History of The Upper Chapel, Sheffield 1900; Seed (T Alec) History of The Sheffield Repertory Theatre. Sheffield 1959; and nine others on Sheffield, Eyam and Southwell. £40-60


Kate Greenaway Pictures, With An Appreciation By HM Cundall. Warne And Co, Ltd. 1921. 4to, green cloth with gilt and black titles. A fine copy in dusted creased dustjacket. £40-60

Lot 461



Children’s Books - Wain (Louis) Full of Fun. Ernest Nister 1908. VG boards, contents a little shaken; The Lovesome Book For Little Folk. Epworth Press; Hans Andersen’s Fairy Stories. Forty eight colour plates after Margaret W Tarrant; and three others. £40-60


Mogg (Edward) Paterson’s Roads.... In England And Wales With Part Of The Roads Of Scotland, 16th edition, London 1822, 8vo, 672pp, 11 maps on 8 folding plates, XIX Century half Morocco, worn. £60-100


Hardy (Thomas), Tess Of The D’Urbervilles, Osgood McIlvaine And Co. 1894 (fifth), half black morocco with “White Star Line” gilt stamped to front, “I 04” to spine. £15-25


Sewell (Anna) Black Beauty: His Grooms And Companions, The Autobiography Of A Horse, Jarrold And Sons c.1877, first edition, 8vo, 247pp and eight pages publishers adverts, the Carter ‘C’ variant binding of brick red cloth, gilt blocked titles and horses head medallion to the upper board, rubbed at extremities, split front hinge, inscribed and dated 1878 verso frontis. £600-1000

Hamerton (Philip Gilbert) Paris, In Old And Present Times, Seeley And Co. 1885, folio, etchings and vignettes by Brunet-Debaines, Lalanne, Hermette and others, gilt stamped maroon cloth, gilt edges, internally very bright and clean. £40-60


Thompson (Francis) A History Of Chatsworth, Country Life 1949, folio, photographic and other plates, very good. £20-30


Shipping And Naval Interest Parkes (Oscar) British Battleships, Seeley Service & Co. 1957 first edition in dust-jacket; Royal Mail Steam Packet Company - A Link Of Empire, first edition with errata slip; Admiralty Navigation Manual 1939, published by HMSO. (3) £60-80


Hargrove (William) History And Description Of The Ancient City Of York, York 1818, two volumes bound in three parts, hand coloured engraved plan of the city and other plates, half calf, marbled boards and edges, spine labels. £30-40


More Adventures of Rupert, published by The Daily Express 1947 (Greycaines). 0.5cm loss to lower spine, with closed tear lower left front cover, inscribed, unclipped, lightly dusted. Good plus. £40-60




Potter (Beatrix) The Tale Of Two Bad Mice, first edition, first impression, published by Frederick Warne And Co. 1904, re-bound by Asprey in crushed grey morocco, with gilt titles and original cover vignette mounted, gilt spine and edges, floral endpapers surrounded by gilt scroll tooled borders, very fine condition. £600-800 Butler (A.S.G.), Hussey (Christopher), Stewart (George) The Architecture Of Sir Edwyn Lutyens, Country Life 1950, 3 vols, folio plans and illustrations, all fine to very fine in original green buckram in dust-jackets with light foxing; The Life Of......., Country Life 1950, large 8vo, fine in lightly foxed dust-jacket. (4) £500-700

Lot 463





The Rupert Book, published by The Daily Express 1948 (Harrison). Splits to spine ends, inscribed, unclipped, internally bright and clean. Good plus. £30-40 Rupert Annual 1967, published by The Daily Express. Very slight nick to front board, uninscribed and unclipped, all but one magic painting untouched. A nice VG/VG+ copy. £10-20 Churchill (T.O.) The Life Of Lord Viscount Nelson, 3rd edition, 1811, engraved portrait frontis, facsimile letter inserted, 13 eng. plates, some minor spotting, re-bound with remnants of original spine glued down. £100-150


Spare Lot


Spare Lot


A Neopolitan Mandolin, with eight strings and rosewood neck, labelled Gennaro Maglioni. £30-50


A 1920’s Walnut Small Upright Piano, iron framed, by Cramer for Wilson Peck, Sheffield & Nottingham; Together with A Matching Stool, with upholstered lift-up seat. (2) £50-100


Spare Lot

Scientific Instruments 479.

A WWII Period Portable GPO Telephone System, the wooden case bearing instruction and diagram sheets and small plaque impressed “Property of The Postmaster General”, Serial No. 157”, 26cms x 36cms. £60-100


An Eastman Kodak Brownie Automatic Folding Camera, Thornton Pickard mahogany plate camera case and other XX Century photographic accessories, contained in two cases. £40-60


Junior Sanderson Folding Camera; Another Sanderson Folding Camera, with Compur Lustrar lens and two brown leather carrying cases. £40-60


A Watkins Mirror Clinometer, Patent 217, J Hicks of London; Together with a Compass, by the same, in a leather case. £30-50

Musical Instruments 474.


A Violin, with a 35cms two piece back, decorated with a penwork medallion, an unnamed bow, in a fitted case. £40-60 A Wheatstone Hexagonal Concertina, with forty-eight red, black and lettered buttons, with fretted rosewood ends, makers paper label to one end, with green leather and cream paper bellows, in a rosewood case. £200-300

483. ��������� Spare Lot 484. ��������� Spare Lot

Clocks 485.

Lot 475


A Late XIX Century German “Vienna” Wall Clock, with spring driven movement, the enamel two-part dial with Roman numerals, striking on a gong, the case with eagle surmount, turned pilasters and blind fretwork door, 135 cms high. £100-150

Lot 491


An XVIII Century Crossbanded Longcase Clock, with 30 hour movement to circular white dial, painted with a bear baiting scene, by Fletcher of Rotherham, the hood having stepped top and reeded pilasters, the trunk having shaped door flanked by reeded columns £300-500


An XVIII Century Oak Longcase Clock, the 29 cm square brass dial with Roman chapter ring, seconds dial and calendar aperture, to a matted centre, engraved with a sun’s face and signed Gabriel Smith, Barthomley, the later eight-day movement striking on a bell, the hood with blind fret frieze and turned pilasters, the trunk having a plain crossbanded door, on plinth base, 198 cms high. £400-600


Spare Lot


Spare Lot

Lot 486


A Mahogany Bracket Clock, the silvered dial with Roman numerals and Arabic minutes, Perigal, Royal Exchange, London, with a double fusee movement signed to the backplate, the adopted arched case with turned pilasters flanking an oblong door with canted top, raised on an ogee base and oblong plinth, on bun feet, 58 cms high. £300-500


A Late XIX Century Black Slate Mantle Clock, the Brocot movement with black dial, gilt Roman numerals and gilt hands, the architectural case with gilt metal mask mounts and handles, 43 cms high. £100-150


A XX Century Mahogany Eight Day Bracket Clock, with white dial, the movement backplate with impressed marks for Douglas Clock Company and Marti, brass carrying handle and domed top, on stepped base with gilded brass bracket feet, 32cms high. £80-120


An XVIII Century Oak Longcase Clock by Robert Schofield, of thirty hour movement, the brass dial with Roman numerals and date ring, the hood with stepped pediment and turned supports, the trunk with a plain door, on square base standing on a plinth, 212cms high. £500-800 37

Furniture 494.


An Early XX Century Oak Four Section Bookcase, with glazed cupboard doors over panelled doors, on plinth base bearing the label “Minty”, 89cms wide, 126cms high. £200-300 A XX Century Oak Dresser, with a panelled back, shaped sides and two shelves, the base having three short drawers with knulled decoration and arched cupboard doors below, on stile feet, bearing makers label Hunter & Smallpage Ltd York, 166cms wide, 187cms high. £400-600


A XIX Century Mahogany DropLeaf Table, on twin pedestals with pokerwork carved knees and scroll feet, united by stretcher, 109.5 x 108.5 cms. £200-300


A XIX Century Oak Chest, of two short and four long graduated drawers, having turned handles and rounded corners, 122 cms wide. £200-300


An Art Deco Figured Walnut Breakfront Buffet Sideboard, with rosewood cross banded top, with two drawers over four inset cupboard doors, 213 cms wide. £300-500


A Set of Five XVIII Century Style Chairs, two armchairs and three single chairs, with shaped top rail and pierced splat with drop-in seats, on straight legs united by an ‘H’ stretcher. £80-120


A XIX Century Walnut Music Cabinet, with mirror and spindle back, over twin doors and partitioned sheet music compartment, on plinth base, 58.5cms wide (some damage). £60-120


A 1920’s Globe Wernicke Style Three Tier Bookcase/Record Cabinet, with lift-up sliding doors and applied reeded mouldings, 89cms wide. £100-150


An Early XX Century Mahogany Extending Dining Table, with windout action, with two spare leaves, on cabriole legs and pad feet, 181 x 103.5cms extended. £150-200


An Early XX Century Oak Roll Top Desk, with tambour front and fitted interior, with a single drawer over kneehole and right hand flight of three further drawers, 91cms wide. £150-250


A Set of Six XIX Century Oak Gothic Style Dining Chairs, each with half petal carved apex to top rail, on turned legs, with upholstered back and seat. £100-200


A Set of Eight Mid XIX Century Mahogany Balloon Back Dining Chairs, with upholstered drop-in seats, on turned legs. £500-800


Late XIX Century Walnut Lady’s and Gent’s Easy Chairs, with carved and shaped top rail and upholstered back and seats, on turned legs. £100-150

Lot 526



An Edwardian Mahogany Sutherland Table, with canted corners to cross-banded top, on rail supports and splayed legs. £50-80


An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Display Cabinet, with low back and astragal glazed door, on bracket feet, 58 cms wide. £50-80


A 1920’s Oak Table Top Dumb Waiter, with scalloped borders to two graduated circular swivel trays and quatrefoil base to bobbin pedestal, 45 cms diameter. £50-80


A XIX Century Walnut Bathroom Wall Towel Rail, with shaped bracket and turned button knobs, 53 cms wide. £30-50


A XIX Century Mahogany Book Cabinet, with stepped pediment, twin dome topped glass doors, the base with cylinder lift-up secretaire compartment, over cupboard doors and applied side mounts, 126 cms wide. £500-700


A XIX Century Mahogany Breakfront Triple Wardrobe, with stepped pediment, mirrored central door, interior shelves and drawers flanked by end hanging compartments, on plinth base, 208 cms wide. £300-400


A XIX Century Mahogany Extending Dining Table, with rounded corners, fluted legs and telescopic action, with one spare leaf extending to 195 x 136 cms. £100-200


An XVIII Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard, with dentil cornice and two cupboard doors, with three internal shelves, 94cms high. £60-100


An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Armchair, with shaped top rail and pierced splats, with upholstered seat, on tapering legs with pad feet. £30-50


An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Armchair, with rail back and upholstered seat, with tapering front legs and spade feet. £40-60


An Early XX Century Globe Wernicke Sectional Bookcase, with sliding doors on shaped plinth, bearing label T.G.Woof Ltd, Sheffield, 138cms high, 87cms wide. £150-200


A XX Century Mahogany display Cabinet, with shell and scroll carved finial, twin bevelled glass doors, over two drawers, pierced and carved apron and cabriole legs, 106 cms wide. £150-200

Lot 529



A Pair of Edwardian Mahogany Tub Chairs, with pierced splats, upholstered seats, tapering reeded legs and spade feet. £100-150


An Early XX Century Mahogany Cabinet, with mirror back, single glazed door and three internal shelves, on turned feet, 136 cms high, 59 cms wide. £100-150


A XX Century Chinese Ebonised Armchair, heavily carved with sinuous dragons and foliage, serpentine solid seat and carved cabriole legs. £80-120


A XX Century Chinese Circular Jardiniere Stand, with Greek key border and carved cabriole legs, united by an undershelf, 76 cms wide. £40-80


A XX Century Chinese Ebonised Jardiniere Stand, with square top and carved cabriole legs, united by an undershelf, 75 cms high. £50-100


A XIX Century Mahogany Extending Dining Table, with wind-out action, having rounded ends to moulded border, on bulbous and fluted legs; together with two spare leaves, opening to 271.5 x 137 cms. £1400-1800


A Set of Six Mid XIX Century Mahogany Balloon Back Dining Chairs, with drop-in seats, moulded fronts and turned legs. £400-600


Lot 531


A XIX Century Mahogany Secretaire Chest, with fall front, fitted interior, two long drawers below, on bun feet, 135 cms wide, 105 cms high. £500-800


A XIX Century Mahogany Four Tier Whatnot, with fretwork gallery, turned and twisted supports to serpentine shelves, on bun feet, 127 cms high. £200-300

An Early Victorian Mahogany Chiffonier, with carved scroll work top to waterfall shelves, turned supports, the base with single drawer, two cupboard doors and plinth base, 106 cms wide, 164 cms high. £300-400


A Late XVIII Century Oak Floor Standing Double Corner Cupboard, with Greek Key cornice, reeded sides and four panelled doors, having shaped interior shelves, on plinth base, 194cms high. £800-1200


A XIX Century MahoganyTorchere, of circular form, having dish top, carved and turned pedestal, on a square base, 139 cms high. £200-300


A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Loo Table, with oval top, the base having turned supports on carved cabriole legs, 116 cms wide. £100-150


An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Display Cabinet, having shaped back, bowed end compartments and flanking astragal door, on tapering legs and spade feet, 122cms wide. £400-600


A 1920’s Oak Gramaphone Cabinet, with lift-up lid, H.M.V. label, two cupboard doors, on turned and block supports, 92 cms high. £50-100



A Late XIX Century Floor Standing Mahogany Bookcase, with stepped pediment, glazed astragal doors and four internal shelves, 175 cms high, 102 cms wide. £150-250


A 1930’s Oak Monks Bench, with liftup seat and knulled decoration to panelled fascia, on bun feet, 100cms wide. £150-250


A George III Oak Chest, of two short and four long drawers, with pine ends, (feet missing), 104 cms wide. £200-300


An Early XX Century Single Bed, with central splat and turned spindles, on turned legs, 130cms high. £50-100


A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Chest of Drawers, with cushion drawer and two short and three long drawers, on turned bulbous feet, 122cms wide, 132cms high. £200-300






Lot 544


A Victorian Walnut Davenport Desk, inlaid with foliate medallions, with an ogee moulded stationery compartment with pierced metal gallery, over a sloping top with moulded cusped border, with four drawers and opposing dummy drawers, 53cms wide. £200-400


A XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with two short and three long graduated drawers, on turned feet, 106cms wide, 110cms high. £220-280

An XVIII Century Mahogany Pedestal Table, the circular tilt top over a ring turned and wrythen fluted base pedestal, on tree moulded downswept legs, 43.5cms diameter. £250-350


A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Double Bed, the arched headboard with turned and carved finials, 137 cms wide, 104 cms high. £150-200

A XIX Century Mahogany Carver Chair, with rectangular bar back, shaped arms and drop-in seat, on turned legs. £40-60


A XIX Century Mahogany Wardrobe, with mirrored central door and one long drawer, on plinth base, 120cms wide, 117cms high. £100-150


A XIX Century Mahogany Writing Table, with crossbanded top with green leather scriver and three single drawers, on turned legs, 138cms wide, 76cms high. £200-250

A XIX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Chest of Drawers, with two short and three long drawers, on turned bulbous feet, 104cms wide, 123cms high. £200-250

A XIX Century Mahogany Straight Front Chest, of two short and three long graduated drawers, with turned handles and feet, plus side split pilasters, 115.5 cms wide. £200-300 A William IV Mahogany Secretaire Bookcase, with turned and fluted finial, Gothic arched astragal glazed doors, over pull out secretaire drawer with fitted interior, lower cupboard doors, on bracket feet, 121 cms wide. £500-800



A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Press, with two brushing slides and panelled doors, the base with two short and two long drawers, on bun feet. £400-600


A Victorian Figured Walnut Sewing Table, the rectangular top with canted corners and moulded edge, over a full width frieze drawer, sliding well below, raised on turned legs joined by an undershelf, 55 x 42cms. £150-200


A XIX Century Continental Oak High Back Armchair, the top rail and splat back pierced and heavily carved with foliage and acanthus leaf scroll hand rests, on turned legs, united by ‘H’ stretcher, (some damage), 142 cms high. £200-300


An Early XX Century Mahogany Framed Tub Chair, with olive leather upholstery, on tapering legs and spade feet. £60-90


A XIX Century Ash Four Piece Bedroom Suite, comprising wardrobe, marble top washstand, dressing table and pot cupboard. (4) £300-400


A XX Century Mahogany Coffee Table, rectangular topped with walnut crossbanding, shaped shell frieze on cabriole legs and hoof feet. £100-150


A Late XIX Century Oak Sideboard, the top with dentil cornice, three leaded glass doors, on associated breakfront base, with central drawers and flanking cupboards, on a plinth base. £150-250


An XVIII Century Bureau, with a fall front and fitted interior, with two short and three long drawers, on bracket feet, 105cms wide, 122cms high. £200-300


A Late XVIII Century Oak Chest of Drawers, with two short and three long drawers, on bracket feet, 94cms wide, 81cms high. £300-400


A George III Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with three long drawers, on turned feet, 91cms wide, 85cms high. £150-250


William IV Rosewood Occasional Table, with drop leaves and two single drawers, on turned pedestal with trefoil base and carved cabriole legs, 66cms wide, 73cms high. £300-400


A Late XIX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard, with two cupboard doors and brass ‘H’ hinges, with three internal shelves, 100cms high. £80-120


A William IV Mahogany Tea Table, with swing top and cushion frieze, on turned carved pedestal and trefoil base with carved paw feet, 87cms wide, 30cms high. £200-400




A XIX Century Mahogany Breakfront Triple Wardrobe, with stepped pediment and central mirror door, concealing four sliding trays over three drawers, flanked by end hanging compartments, on plinth base, 189cms wide. £200-300 A XIX Century Pine Bedroom Suite, comprising chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, a marble topped wash stand (cracked gallery back) and a two drawer dressing table, all with turned handles, together with a mirror, on turned supports. (4) £300-500 A XIX Century Mahogany Washstand Converted to a Writing Desk, with a shaped gallery and green leather scriver, with two small drawers, on turned legs, 94cms wide, 96cms high. £50-100

566. ��������� Spare Lot 567. 42

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End of Sale


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Conditions Of Sale ELR Auctions Limited are referred to as the Auctioneers throughout these Conditions Of Sale. The highest bidder shall be the Buyer and if any dispute arises between the bidders the Lot in dispute shall, at the Auctioneers discretion, either be immediately put up again and re-sold or the Auctioneers reserve the right to decide the dispute. The Vendor reserves the right to bid by himself, or by his agent, to alter, vary or withdraw any Lot or Lots before or during the Sale. ALL Lots are sold subject to a Buyers Premium of 17.25% inclusive of non-recoverable VAT on the Hammer price. All Lots bought on the internet during Live Internet Bidding or via commission bids submitted to the Auctioneers through the internet facility (on applicable Auctions) are sold subject to a 3% plus VAT (3.45% inclusive of VAT) surcharge on top of the Buyers Premium. This is solely to cover charges incurred in offering bidders this facility. Buyers Credit or Debit cards will be automatically charged by the Auctioneers after the Auction for the full account amount in line with our stated Terms with applicable charges. The Auctioneers may, without giving any reason, refuse to accept the bidding of any person or persons. Unless the Auctioneer in his discretion shall otherwise decide, no person shall advance less than 5% over the preceding bid. The minimum bid accepted by the Auctioneers on any Lot is ÂŁ5, where the reserve price and any commission bids allows. In order to be registered and approved by the Auctioneers to take part in and bid in any auction the bidders must have registered their name and address with the Auctioneers prior to the start of the auction and have had their identity checked; approval is wholly at the discretion of the Auctioneers. The Purchaser shall if required by the Auctioneers, immediately after the fall of the Hammer, pay the Auctioneers 25 pence in the pound as a deposit and in part payment, in default of which the Lot be immediately put up again and re-sold. The deposit shall be held by the Auctioneers as a general deposit on the whole amount due in respect of the purchases of the Buyer, by whom such deposits have been made. Each Purchaser shall pay the whole amount of his purchase money for all Lots bought by him before they can be removed, and the whole amount due from each Purchaser must be paid in full within one working day after the day of the auction, if not paid within such time all money deposited in part payment shall be absolutely forfeited and the Auctioneers shall be at liberty to resell the Lot or Lots or part thereof that remain un-removed, by public auction or private sale, without giving notice thereof to the Purchaser, and any deficiency which arises on such re-sale, together with all expenses arising from such action shall be made good by the Purchaser. Neither the Vendor nor the Auctioneers shall be responsible for any Lot after the fall of the hammer, as from which time all Lots purchases are wholly at the risk of the Purchaser. Lots which have been paid for may only be removed during the sale at the discretion of the Auctioneers.

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All Lots are sold, as seen, with all faults and errors of description, if any. The Purchaser is deemed to have inspected the Lots he buys; if he buys without previous physical inspection he is deemed to have done so entirely at his own risk. No allowance can, in any case, be made, nor shall the Vendor or Auctioneers be answerable for any deficiency in quantities, weight or measurement claimed for after the Purchaser, his agent, carrier or any person employed by him, has removed his Lot or Lots from the premises. It is the complete responsibility of registered bidders wishing to leave commission bids with the Auctioneers to ensure that completed commission bid forms are handed to and received by the Auctioneer or Saleroom staff only and that the forms are correctly described; bids or bidding forms handed to any persons not employed by the Auctioneers will not be accepted. Full and correct descriptions are available from the Auctioneer at the request of the bidder. The Auctioneers accepts no responsibility or liability for incorrect purchases resulting from incorrect Lot descriptions, wrongly noted Lot numbers or unclear/illegible bid amounts. Commission bids will only be accepted by the Auctioneers if accompanied by the required name and address identification. Telephoned, emailed, postal or faxed commission bids will only be accepted with credit or debit cards details as security on the purchase of any Lot or Lots. Buyers failing to settle their accounts in full within 5 working days of the auction will have their Credit or Debit cards charged automatically without further notice by the Auctioneers for the full outstanding amount. All Lots shall be removed from the Saleroom at the Purchasers own expense not later than two working days after the date of the Auction. In the event of any Lot or Lots remaining un-removed at the expiration of such period the Auctioneers shall be at liberty to re-offer such Lots by public or private sale without giving prior notice to the Purchaser. The Auctioneers shall retain out of the hammer price realized the expenses of such re-sale and the balance (if any) shall be paid to the Purchaser. Should the hammer price realized on such re-sale be insufficient to defray the expenses the Purchasers shall immediately pay such deficiency. In the alternative the Auctioneers may remove and store on or off-site any Lots remaining un-removed as above and the Purchaser shall repay all expenses of such removal and warehousing. If any dispute arises regarding any Lot offered at Auction or any other matter in relation to the same it shall be settled by the most senior member of the Auctioneers staff in attendance at the time, and whose decision shall be final and binding on all parties concerned. Neither the Auctioneers nor the Vendors shall be responsible for any accident or damage to life or limb which may occur to any person(s) during the viewing, auction or removal of the Lot or Lots. All statements contained in the catalogues and Saleroom notices as to any Lot are made without responsibility on the part of the Vendors or Auctioneers. Intending Purchasers must satisfy themselves by inspection or otherwise to all such matters and as to the physical description of any Lot. Neither the Vendors nor the Auctioneers make or give nor has any person in the employment of the Auctioneers any authority to make or give any representation or Warranty in relation to any Lot. The Auctioneers do not accept cheques in part or whole settlement of accounts. Cash, credit cards (subject to 1.76% surcharge including VAT) (American Express not accepted), debit cards or bank transfers are acceptable methods of payment. Bidders registering with the Auctioneers to take part in any Auctions agree to these Conditions Of Sale. ELR Auctions Limited reserves the right to amend these Conditions Of Sale at any time and without prior written notice. ............Continued from page 45


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ELR Antiques Auction Friday 27th November 2009  
ELR Antiques Auction Friday 27th November 2009  

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