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Creative Live 2012 : Tots to Teens



Creative Live 2012 : Tots to Teens



Creative Live 2012 : Tots to Teens


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Capture Every Moment Naturally The new Spiderlite® TD6 is a true daylight-balanced continuous light source that offers the natural look of window light. Perfect for both photo and video, each light provides over 1200 equivalent watts of brightness at 5500 Kelvin. Spiderlite TD6 36" x 48" Shallow Softbox Kit

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Creative Live 2012 : Tots to Teens




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A Diplome program covers 18 months through five years. Limited Edition sessions are low-fee opportunities to create themed portraits between the ages of seven months to seven years. These are two of my most tried-and-true ways to serve my clients during throughout the early childhood years. There are also plenty of coming of age sessions and birthday sessions that help my clients celebrate each big step in their child's life. These s lead right up to senior portraits, which are featured in high school year books, and have proven to be one of my highest grossing individual portrait sessions. I'll share all these programs with you, as well as some of my best-selling products in my children's line. We'll also cover a lot of my photography tips and marketing and sales practices that will help you build your children's photography in incredible ways. ph I promise that if you take this information to heart, you will come to see your toddler and children's photography as one of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways to use your time and talents. If executed properly, your children's photography clients will one day come to you for their senior portraits as they graduate high school, and perhaps even visit you once again when they welcome their own little ones into the world. For a photographer, there is no higher complement or honor, of that I can assure you!

Sincerely, Sincerel Creative Live 2012 : Tots to Teens

Welcome to Creative Live 2012

Any parent knows that the years just fly by, especially after the first milestones have come and gone, and a child is too old to give their age in months. Somehow, life seems to speed up, and without a good schedule, portraits can be easily forgotten. A well-crafted children's photography program will ensure that your clients will pr come to you for all their photography needs, and return to you over the years as they slowly transition into adults.



Creative Live 2012 : Tots to Teens



Creative Live 2012 : Tots to Teens


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newest SPU members, I am so honored that you have decided to check SPU out. I personally enjoy visiting daily, answering questions, critiquing images, price list, sharing ideas and information. SPU is one of the friendliest photographer networks avalible. Our members are kind and helpful and we all believe that by helping each other we protect the industry and make our businesses strong. There are so many tools, videos, monthly downloads to use and enjoy provided each month. Most of our members say that it takes them the first three months just to catch up and learn everything that is available to use. I would personally like to invite you to start posting and sharing right away. This is how I get to know you, your story and how we can make your business better. I love that I can hop on a plane and meet an SPU friend for dinner anywhere in the world. I do SPU gives you the tools that you need and I am grateful for your trust in me and my excellent associates. With warm regard,

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Unlimited Magic Your children’s photography can easily get stuck in a rut. Most parents will come in for a birthday session, and forget about you for the rest of the year. While there is nothing wrong with that, it doesn’t hurt to offer a few low session fee, themed sessions throughout the year. This will enhance your sales numbers and build your client relationships in amazing ways. Best of all, these sessions are fun! Here are a few of my favorite Limited Edition sessions, all of which are held at a $45 session fee and packages starting at $99. We recommend these sessions for ages seven months to seven years.

Enchanted Fairies

A magical forest set and fairy costumes is all you need to make any girl feel like a real fairy. A few faux butterflies and silk flowers will dress things up, and a little sprinkle of glittery fairy dust completes the look. These sessions always book up quickly, and are often high sellers. Your clients will love them!

Old Time Football

Every boy loves football. These all-American sessions are held at a local football field, featuring vintage football uniforms, helmets and of course, footballs! After you get some good shots of your all stars, add a touch of eye black and let them tumble around for a while to get some adorable (albeit dirty) shots. These are another popular session that sells wonderfully.

Field of Dreams

This outdoor promotion celebrates America’s love of baseball. Vintage-style uniforms and an American flag give these portraits a patriotic style. The session may be held at a local baseball diamond for an authentic feel or at any nice outdoor location.

Ballet Babies

This ballet-themed session is simple, yet elegant—the perfect celebration of girlhood. A dark background with theatre curtains, flower petals, leotards, tutus, ballet slippers and a bouquet or two will turn any girl into a prima ballerina in no time at all. These sessions are as adorable as they are profitable.

I hope you enjoy these Limited Edition sessions. You can keep them minimal or build up your sets to no end. Either way, with the magic of imagination, your subjects will be thrilled and so will your clients. These sessions might be available for a limited time, but the magic is truly unlimited.


all heard the

saying, you get what you give. But in my experience, you get much more than you give. This is especially true of all the charitable giving that I have had the honor of being a part of. Charitable giving is an important part of being a human, and as a business owner, it can have valuable returns while providing you and any employees the opportunity to help a good cause. My charitable giving has run the gamut from quiet school fundraisers all the way to co-founding a nonprofit organization called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. In my entire career, I have explored many different charitable giving options, and I can honestly say there is no right or wrong way to do it. But there are plenty of good ways, and it’s my pleasure to share them with you.

Giving Back 20

Start Small

Get the ball rolling with a cause that is near and dear to your heart. Volunteer your photography talents to that a local nonprofit in your area that speaks to that issue. You can help them update their website, marketing materials or annual newsletter. If you have the time, you can even join a committee or donate your time as a regular volunteer.

Make a Day of It

Seasonal holidays are wonderful opportunities to host charitable events for your clients and their friends, as well as your local community. A Halloween canned food drive with a blood mobile is a fun way to get clients to come together for some festive fun and help raise awareness for a food bank or blood bank in your area. You can decorate your house or studio as a haunted house and give a free 4x6 portrait to every household that donates canned food or $5. A Santa charity is another popular option, which offers clients a low session fee and donates a portion of the proceeds to a local children’s hospital or other important cause. Magical sets and an authentic looking Santa are enough to put a sparkle in any child’s eyes. You can also use these sessions as a toy drive, and include a bonus item for clients who donate a new, unwrapped toy for a local shelter. Locks of Love is another great charity event that donates a session and complimentary haircut from a local stylist to children who donate 10 or more inches of hair. Participants also receive 5x7 before and after portraits, to commemorate their donation experience.

Go the Distance

Many nonprofits use races to generate money for their budgets. You can volunteer to photograph these races, and donate images to them to use on their website and marketing materials. I have done this for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Denver for several years, and it has always been an incredible experience.

“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”~Winston Churchill


As I mentioned before, I co-founded a nonprofit organization called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep in 2005. This organization provides the gift of portrait art to families whose babies do not survive childbirth. From tragic and humble beginnings, this work has grown to serve grieving families across the world. An in-hospital portrait session and digital copies of all images are provided at no cost to all the families who request this service. Our volunteer photographers donate their time and energy to contribute to this cause. If you are interested in learning more, please visit There are several other nonprofits like this that serve other groups. Red Thread Sessions celebrates the joy of adoption. OpLove is a nonprofit that provides portrait art to deployed families or the celebration of a homecoming. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I hope it gets you thinking about ways that you can give back. Charitable marketing is a great way to build your brand and get your name out there, but it is even more likely to enhance your life in ways you can’t even imagine. Creative Live 2012 : Tots to Teens


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Creative LIVE: Tots to Teens Product Link Page Dear friends, I so enjoyed my time with you on Creative Live. I have noticed that many of you are asking for specific information on the mareting products I mentioned during the show. I thought I would create a comprehensive list with links to make your search even easier. The Big Kahuna - Click Here 3 months SPU - value $74 Really Big Book of Pricing - value $299 Really Big Book of Studio Management - value $299 8 Posing Guides - value $472 Tots to Teens Tour Video - value $59 Creative Edge Kids Tour Video - value $59 8 Timeline Collections - value $90 Mommy Marketing Kit - value $199 Display Marketing Kit - value $199 Tots to Teens Marketing & Creative Kit - value $399 Creative Edge Kids Marketing & Creative Kit - value $399 Credit toward an in-studio workshop - value $300 TOOLS AND MARKETING PRODUCTS Studio Management – Building a successful business The Really Big Book of Studio Management is full of my philosophy, every form we use in my studio, my employee manual, and the 50 tips video where I go throughout my studio to show you shortcuts. Pricing – The credit system revealed The Really Big book of Studio Pricing is my entire philosophy on pricing. It covers the mistakes I made, provides customizable Excel spreadsheets and the entire credit system is explained. In addition, a bonus CD with tons of price list templates is included so that you can create your own price list quickly too. This is MY baby! I built the University to give me a chance to work daily with my students. If

I listed all of the tools that you get every month for the price you pay, you would NOT believe me. My opinion is you should sign up for a month and try it out. We provide your marketing calendar, REAL usable campaigns, social media outlines and content, videos, webinars, 50% discounts at and so much more. I would love for you to join my SPU family. IN STUDIO WORKSHOP (Sold out for 2012) Our 2012 workshops are sold out and although we haven’t announced the 2013 dates, we do have a wait list already. If you are interested in being put on the wait list for the 2013 in-studio workshops please email us at Pricing Webinar Nothing is more costly to your business than ineffective pricing, and yet studios neglect this area of their business all the time. Taking an honest look at your numbers can be overwhelming and honestly a bit scary. Even when you do have solid grasp on your numbers, do you understand how do they factor into the price of your session or your products? Once you realize you need to make a change in your pricing, how do you justify it when the competition seems to be giving everything away? Tour Videos If you enjoyed the Creative Live show, here are hundreds of hours of more education. These shows are 4-5 hours on specific topics that have been taught all over the world. Just like Creative Live, I give 100% of my heart and I even have special guests that will blow your mind. Hands-On Merging Motion and Stills Creative Edge Kids Tots to Teens Facebook Timelines Click Here Posing Guides Click Here Marketing/ Creative Kits Tots to Teens Merging Skills Creative Edge Kids Senior Branding and Marketing Kits Click Here Facebook Party Kits Click Here School Portraits Click Here Newsletters Click Here

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A good senior program can really boost your sales throughout the summer and fall months each year. With a few helpful tips and the right timing, you’ll be booking up your schedule in no time.

Creative Live 2012 : Tots to Teens



Senior sessions are unique, because unlike children, they are both the consumer and the customer. When children are younger, the parent is both the consumer (enjoying and utilizing the purchase) and the customer (making the actual purchase). With seniors, they are old enough to have their say about the actual purchase, and they are the one who will do a good portion of the enjoying and utilizing of the pictures too. This transition can be smooth, but more often than not, parents (being the true customer who is making the payment) have a difference of opinion with their teen. Knowing these boundaries are blurred, it can be difficult to please everyone. I have found that it is wise to market to teens and shoot for parents. This way, you get the sessions booked, but the results are something any parent would love to buy. Of those portraits, the teen will have a selection of favorites that the parent will feel comfortable with. During the pre-session consultation, explain to the parent and the teen that wardrobe choices and poses should be age appropriate, and something that they both agree on before the session date arrives. In your marketing, as you are targeting teens, use a wide range of personalities, skin tones, hair colors and sets in your materials. Keep it fresh, funky, playful and young. Keep in mind that you are marketing to juniors, not seniors. By the time a student’s senior year has begun, their senior portrait deadline is likely to be past. Most school yearbooks require portrait submissions the summer before the senior year. So the sooner you get your clients in the door, the better.


Creative Live 2012 : Tots to Teens



Be Punctual It’s one thing to be late on a term paper, but when it comes to your senior marketing schedule, you can’t afford to fall behind your schedule. Aim to get your marketing designed by mid March of every year. It should be ordered in April and distributed in May. Ideally, this will put your marketing posters and postcards in schools in late spring before the school year ends for the summer. Then you have a few months before the yearbook deadlines come up. You will want to be clear in your pre-session consultation regarding your ordering process and how long that will take, based on the various products and quantities a client might want.


Ahead A referral program is a great way to fill up your senior schedule for the coming year. Include referral cards in your orders and ask clients to refer juniors during their senior year in the fall and spring. You can offer them a complimentary set of wallet sized portraits for every session booked, or a Starbucks gift card. Whatever you think will get them to refer a friend or two. If you do this for every senior client, you will be amazed at how well this can work. These guidelines will help you get your senior program up and running, and keep it thriving year in and year out. Look for new senior products on ukandu, like our 411 cards, collages, graduation announcements and much more!

Creative Live 2012 : Tots to Teens


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Creative Live : Tots to Teens  

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