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Summer Camp

Supplement to Jewish News March 25, 2013

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Getting ready for summer camp


h, summer camp: when kids get to be kids, and parents get to miss them (and, perhaps, enjoy a brief, childless respite).

Published 22 times a year by United Jewish Federation of Tidewater.

Whether children attend a local day camp or travel out of state—or to another country—for overnight camp, the

experiences can be magical, imparting lessons and memories that last a lifetime.

Just ask Connie Golden and Leslie Legum. The women first met at the exclusive, arts-oriented Belvoir Terrace summer camp

they attended in Lennox, Mass. Fifty years later, the two are still fast friends, living near each other in Tidewater, attending the same synagogue and able to sing a Belvoir Terrace camp song in their own sweet harmony if asked. The pair ended up at Belvoir Terrace because their parents (like so many of us are doing right now) looked for a camp where their children could be safe, happy, pursue interests, maybe learn a few things, and, simply, just play. Neither Connie nor Leslie were good at sports—always picked last for teams they say—so sports camps weren’t a good fit. But they danced and acted and Belvoir Terrace was an arts camp—a perfect fit! In this special Summer Camp issue of the Jewish News, along with Connie and Leslie’s story, are resources that will help in choosing a camp or camps that are good fits for your children. Jewish camps, day camps, overnight camps. Science camps, sports camps, arts camps. Camps for animal lovers, adventure seekers, emerging fashion designers and cheerleaders. And many more. Camp is such a special time in children’s lives and we work hard to ensure they have the opportunity to go. Sometimes, the cost can seem prohibitive, but, as you’ll read inside, financial assistance may be available. We hope everyone has the chance to send their

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kids to at least one of the great camps listed in these pages. Connie and Leslie, and even Cantor Wally in his Torah Thought on page 5, say they would go back to being campers in a heartbeat. We, here at the Jewish News, would ask them to pack us along in their duffle bags. Want to see if we can squeeze you in, too? Dreaming of summer, Jewish News

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jewishnewsva.org | Camp | March 25, 2013 | Jewish News | 35

A friendship forged at camp lasts a lifetime article and photos by Laine Mednick Rutherford


ecades have passed since Leslie Legum and Connie Golden first met one another at Belvoir Terrace, a summer camp for girls in Lennox, Mass. But as the two women pore over a treasured trove of faded camp programs, tattered pictures and a 12-page letter Golden wrote Legum one winter when the two were separated, the years melt away and they become the giggling teenagers and bunkmates from those many summers ago. “Those were the best days of my life, along with the

birth of my children and grandchildren,” says Legum. “Connie and I can still tell you the same silly jokes, tell you the names of our best camp friends, and even sing the camp alma mater,” she says, and proceeds to do so. With a gleam in her eyes, Legum begins reciting the words, then sings the ending: The lasting friendships made here will stay within our hearts, and we will always cherish the love Belvoir imparts. For the longtime Norfolk resident, the words could not be truer. People either love camp or they don’t, Legum says. For her, spending summer at the small, exclusive arts camp was an unforgettable experience, one that gave her everything that she loves and a lifetime of friendships. “Oh God, it was so wonderful,” Legum says. “I’d go back tomorrow if I could. That camp gave me friends from another part of the world, and to this day we’re all still friends.” There was never a doubt that Legum and Golden (and four other girls at camp) would remain friends forever. They’ve vacationed together, visited the camp on whims and for reunions, attended one another’s weddings and have stayed in touch for more than 50 years. “I don’t care what your home life is like,” Golden says. “Your camp friendships and your camp memories are the ones that mean the most.” So strong was the bond between these two particular camp friends that when Golden and her husband retired—she, a Reform rabbi and he a doctor—they made the decision to move to Norfolk from Philadelphia. They like the community and the weather in the area, but the fact that Legum lives here cinched the deal for Golden. The pair had roomed together their last year of college—Golden transferred to Boston University where Legum was a student. After college graduation, they lived just blocks apart in Manhattan, and, even when separated geographically by marriages and jobs for several decades, spoke constantly by phone. Today, they belong to the same synagogue—Ohef Sholom Temple in

36 | Jewish News | March 25, 2013 | Camp | jewishnewsva.org

Rabbi Connie Golden and Leslie Legum with some treasured camp photos.

Norfolk, see each other every Friday night at services, meet at least once a month for lunch, and email each other daily. What is it about camp that creates lasting friendships like these? With years of contemplation and discussion between them, Golden and Legum feel sure they know the answer. “I think, that as opposed to school, where you’re on your own during the day and then come home at night…” Golden begins, “…There are certain experiences you have to resolve, decisions you have to make, and you can’t run to mommy to help you,” Legum says, completing Golden’s sentence. “You’re not in a family setting, where birth order is important,” Legum continues. “Camp is a place where you are seen as who you are—not the daughter of, or the sister of—you’re allowed to grow as yourself,” Golden says, adding on to Legum’s thought. “You’re allowed to find your real self. You can see it and you can develop it. Part of it is the uninterrupted continuity in that circumstance—the uninterrupted long experience of having to figure things out on your own, finding out who you can confide in and knowing that you’re not alone.” Legum pipes in, “For better or worse, it’s living together—kind of like being married.” “I’d still be going if they would take me,” she adds. “So would I,” says Golden. “So would I.”

UJFT, JCC announce

Jewish camp for all of Jewish Tidewater


or the first time ever, the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater, Tidewater Jewish Foundation and the Simon Family JCC have partnered to guarantee that no Jewish child in Tidewater will be denied a Jewish camp experience. Through a recently announced commitment from UJFT, scholarship funds will be made available for all Jewish children whose family meets the criteria for receiving financial aid to camp. “This is a great opportunity for our community,” says Terri Sarfan, JCC president. “Simon Family JCC has always worked to ensure no child is denied a camp experience. However, in the past, scholarship funds were awarded on a first come, first served basis until all funds were allocated. This new commitment from the Federation will allow us to guarantee funding for all the Jewish kids who need it.” Camp JCC, the Simon Family JCC’s summer camp, is a traditional day camp experience for children as young as 16 months old through those entering the sixth grade. The eight weeks of camp begin Monday, June 17, during which campers learn to swim, participate in arts and

crafts, learn about Israeli culture, perform music and drama, and take regional field trips. “This was an easy decision,” says Alvin Wall, UJFT president, about the announcement. “So many of us went to JCC camps when we were kids, why wouldn’t we want that for the next generation? Every Jewish kid deserves a Jewish camping experience. The Federation exists to strengthen and perpetuate Jewish life, Jewish identity and to care for those in need. To me, JCC camp scholarships for Jewish families in need right here in Tidewater are a perfect example of doing all three of those things.” In order to receive a scholarship, families need to complete a registration form for Camp JCC and a Financial Aid Request form. Both forms are available online

at CampJCC.org or through the Customer Service desk of the Simon Family JCC. The Simon Family JCC will do all it can to process the information, speedily and confidentially to guarantee that all Jewish children will have an opportunity to experience some part of the summer at the Simon Family JCC summer camp. Scholarships for children’s programming at the Simon Family JCC, including Camp JCC, are made possible, in part, by the generosity of the Tidewater Jewish community through gifts to the UJFT’s annual campaign. Every dollar raised makes a significant difference to real people here in Tidewater, in Israel, and in 70 countries around the world. To make a gift, visit Jewishva.org.


jewishnewsva.org | Camp | March 25, 2013 | Jewish News | 37

Summer never ends at Camp Airy


n overnight camp for boys in Thurmont, Md., Camp Airy extended the camp season through the winter this year with its first-ever Camp Airy Winter Olympics on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday in January. More than 200 campers trekked to the Catoctin Mountains, many by coach buses provided by the camp with staff chaperones. All were eager to find out about the new winter version of the Camp Airy Olympics. The inaugural Camp Airy Winter Olympics featured a snowy tug-of-war,

sledding, archery tag, water balloon toss and an arts and crafts activity. The festivities kicked off with a polar plunge by the two Olympic generals, Jacob Felderstein and Max Katz. Campers were warmed by a bonfire and enjoyed a hearty lunch of hotdogs, hamburgers, chips and hot chocolate. “We wanted to continue the fun and excitement of our Camp Airy Summer Olympics with a new competition for the winter,” says Rick Frankle, director of Camp Airy. “The boys were excited to return to camp during the winter, when the experience on the mountain is normally just a

38 | Jewish News | March 25, 2013 | Camp | jewishnewsva.org

memory. This way, they made even more camp memories and had the chance to reunite with bunkmates, fellow campers, counselors and other staff members from the place that they call their second home.” Camp officials purchased snowmaking equipment to provide a snowy slope for sledding and a winter tug-of-war area on the campgrounds. The snow equipment will also be used during the heat of the summer to provide cool misting areas for campers. The Camp Airy Winter Olympics is just one way campers are remaining connected throughout the year. In the fall, Camp Airy staff created the Airy Game Spot, a virtual game center aimed at engaging campers with each other and with camp. The site includes games like Minecraft (a virtual community building game modeled on the camp), Pro Football Pick ‘Em contest, Max’s Joke of the Day and an NCAA Bracket Challenge. Prizes are awarded to those who win each contest, which run weekly, monthly or seasonally. Prizes relate to camp, including Airy Wear (clothing), canteen tokens for snacks next summer, and even gift cards to sports stores. To date, well over 200 campers are participating in some aspect of the Airy Game Spot site. In addition, a Camp Reunion at Larry Sheets’ Players in Westminster, Md., was held on Presidents Day, Feb. 18, when schools were closed. The reunion was held in conjunction with Camp Louise, sister camp to Camp Airy, located in Cascade, Md.

When is camp more than just camp?


t Jewish overnight camp, “the summer of your life” is more than just an expression. It’s a gift. It’s a place where children can discover who they are—and who they want to become—while having a total blast. For a child, Jewish camp is just plain fun. But it’s also so much more than that—it’s camp with a soul. At camp, children have amazing summers racing down a zipline, singing under the stars, and making lifelong friends. They also learn values like self-confidence, independence, and leadership that will last them long after the summer’s gone. At Jewish camp, ruach (spirit) is part of every activity—from dancing to hitting a home run—allowing campers to explore their connection to Judaism in a meaningful way while having the summer of their lives. There’s a Jewish camp for everyone— no matter what background, there’s a Jewish camp where children will have fun, be comfortable, learn more about themselves, and explore their Jewish identity. With more than 150 camps across North America, it is possible to find a great fit for nearly every family. Visit onehappycamper.org to find the perfect, traditional, specialty, outdoor adventure, arts or sports camp that will make a child One Happy Camper. If your child has never been to Jewish overnight camp before, you might be eligible for $1,000 off. In partnership with local Jewish communities and Jewish overnight camps across North America, One Happy Camper provides need-blind grants of up to $1,000 to families with children attending nonprofit, mission-driven Jewish overnight camp for the first time. Visit onehappycamper.org to find your camp and apply.

summer camp guide


Spend your summer at the wildest place in town!

Capital Camps

apital Camps is the premier Jewish overnight camp, located just one hour from Greater Washington. Join us for Yotair (Rookie Camp), August 13–18, 2013, where first-time campers, entering 2nd–4th grade, experience an

Summer Safari Camp 2013 Ages 4-6

entire summer of overnight fun in just four days! This intimate program offers children an opportunity to sample the wide variety of daily activities we offer at camp, all in a safe and nurturing environment. To learn more about Yotair, visit us at www.capitalcamps.org or contact us at 301-468-2267 or info@capitalcamps.org.

June 24-28 & July 29-Aug. 2: Do You See What I See?* July 15-19 & Aug. 12-16: Alphabet Zoop* July 8-12, July 22-26 & Aug. 5-9: That’s Incredible! July 15-19 & Aug. 19-23: Shake, Rattle and Roar

Ages 7-9 June 24-28 & Aug. 5-9: Can You Figure It Out? July 8-12 & Aug. 12-16: World Wide Web July 22-26 & Aug. 19-23: The Wild Life

Ages 10-12 July 29-Aug. 2: The Scoop on…Zoos

Norfolk Collegiate


oin Norfolk Collegiate for a Summer Under the Oak! Explore our newly developed centers, categorized by academic advancement, athletics, enrichment, experiential learning and lifelong learning. There’s something for everyone in your family from adults to children, ages 4 and up.

Weekly Camp Times and Tuition Full Day Camps • 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. $250 Zoo members / $300 non-members *Half Day Camps • 9 a.m. – Noon $150 Zoo members / $175 non-members

Act now! Register by March 29 for early bird discounts! For more info: (757) 441-2374 x 229 judy.totten@norfolk.gov virginiazoo.org

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3/13/13 4:47 PM

jewishnewsva.org | Camp | March 25, 2013 | Jewish News | 39

summer camp guide

HABONIM DROR CAMP MOSHAVA: A unique camping experience filled with leadership development, Jewish celebration, social justice and love of Israel. Campers love our tubing, singing, dancing, sports, swimming, low ropes challenge course, skits, canoeing, crafts, creative Shabbat activities and more. Close to home in beautiful Harford County, Maryland. For young people entering 3-10th grade. "I am truly amazed at your ability to create a real community based on Jewish values and on deep connections." - Proud Mosh Parent

Camp JCC


or children 16 months old through sixth grade, Camp JCC provides up to 11 weeks of traditional day camp. Swimming, sports, arts and crafts, music and drama, field trips and many other exciting activities will keep kids active, safe and happy as they build friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. 757‑321-2338 or www.CampJCC.org

Growing the next generation of Jewish leaders since 1935. www.CampMosh.org | 1-800-454-2205

Camp Ruach

Preschool through 3rd grade Older girls and boys programs available.

Camp Ruach is dedicated to instilling a strong sense of Jewish identity in each camper.

Camp Dates: June 23-July 21


sports Jewish arts & crafts weekly field trips water sports


For more information please contact us at campruachva@gmail.com 40 | Jewish News | March 25, 2013 | Camp | jewishnewsva.org


Camp Ruach

amp Ruach is a fun and exciting experience for all and for the past seven years has been a great option for families looking for a small camp full of energy and Jewish pride. We have licensed counselors who come to Virginia just to be with our kids. They bring a tremendous amount of energy and “ruach” each and every day of camp. Kids learn more about their heritage, enjoy fantastic projects that they can take home, and have weekly field trips to some of the most exciting places in the Hampton Roads area. Camp Ruach is almost too much fun! Contact us today with any questions you may have at campruachva@gmail.com.

Act Up with Hurrah Theatre Camp 2013 A fun, hands - on opportunity to learn all elements of Performing Arts! Workshop instruction in Musical Theatre, Voice, Tap, Stage Make– up and more. All campers perform in a One Act Play! Ages 5 and up

April 1 - 5 July 8 - 19 July 22 - August 2 August 5 - 16

Register Now! 757-627-5437 hurrahplayers.com

summer camp guide

Don’t let allergies slow you down!


Camp Moshava

t Camp Moshava, campers learn a love of Israel, thrive in a caring and inclusive community, gain self-confidence and develop friendships that last a lifetime. Modeled after kibbutz life in Israel, Moshava campers enjoy creating art, playing sports, enjoying nature, having fun and so much more. Visit www. campmosh.org to register today and take advantage of our savings for 2013, good through April 15th.


pring and summer are for fun and adventuring, not for battling allergies. With clinics located in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake, we can help. Visit www.allergydocs.net or call (757) 481-4383. Enjoy Camp 2013!

jewishnewsva.org | Camp | March 25, 2013 | Jewish News | 41

summer camp guide participate in a variety of activities including athletics, swimming, camping and photography. Campers at both camps enjoy weekly Shabbat services, a full outdoor adventure and nature program and joint social programming.

Camp Airy & Camp Louise


amps Airy & Camp Louise provide overnight camping experiences for children entering 2nd through 12th grade. Activities are designed to match camper interests while providing an environment rich in Jewish traditions and values. Camp Louise, located in the picturesque Catoctin Mountains of Western Maryland, has provided an extensive selection of programs for the last 90 years. Girls enjoy cooking, arts and crafts and a huge variety of sports including swimming, lacrosse, basketball, dance and performing arts. Established in 1924 in Thurmont in Frederick County, Camp Airy enables boys to

42 | Jewish News | March 25, 2013 | Camp | jewishnewsva.org

Summer Safari Camp at the Virginia Zoo


pend your summer at the wildest place in town! The Virginia Zoo’s Summer Safari Camps include up-close animal encounters, crafts, games and visits to the Zoo’s exhibits. Weekly sessions begin June 24 and continue through Aug. 23. For details, call (757) 441‑2374 x 229 or visit www.virginiazoo.org.

Get in the mood for camp

Watch a movie


ith the chill of winter still lingering and the healthy glow of a suntan months away, it seems almost ludicrous to think about summer camp now. However, it’s not; registration at some camps is already closed (and has been since November), while others encourage sign up now by offering discounts. Getting in the mood to tackle camp— where, when, how much and why—can be tough. So why not pop a flick in the Blue-Ray player or stream an online movie to help get in the mindset and make some decisions! Some of the movies on this list are family-friendly, others have high raunch factor, and the obligatory horror camp film is included, but not recommended for the squeamish, those prone to paranoia or those who still have children going off to summer camp in the foreseeable future.

Newest (and perhaps quirkiest) of the bunch: Moonrise Kingdom Oldest of the bunch: Parent Trap, the original (1961) Best remake of the bunch: Parent Trap, new version (1998) Cartoon: Scooby Doo: Camp Scare Another Cartoon: Race for Your Life Charlie Brown Fictional movie based on a real camp: Camp The real camp featured in that fictional movie: Stagedoor

And more: Camp Rock! Poison Ivy (the made-for-TV movie with Michael J. Fox) Space Camp Indian Summer Camp Cucamonga Heavyweights Ernest Goes to Camp Meatballs Addams Family Values Camp Nowhere Wet Hot American Summer Little Darlings Summercamp! Sleepaway Camp Bug Juice And the scariest summer camp movie ever: Friday the 13th


Camp Gan Izzy is now accepting SMILES for summer 2013

July 29- August 16 9:00 am - 3:30 pm Swimming Crafts Trips Sports & More

Visit www.ganizzy.org today to add your child’s SMILE today! Camp Gan Izzy is held at the Chabad House

jewishnewsva.org | Camp | March 25, 2013 | Jewish News | 43


to your best summer ever!

301.468.2267 12750 Buchanan Trail East, Waynesboro, PA 17268 info@capitalcamps.org capitalcamps.org

44 | Jewish News | March 25, 2013 | Camp | jewishnewsva.org

Each summer, we provide our campers an enriching Jewish camp experience, full of fun, new skills and new friends, all in a safe, nurturing environment. We invite you to join our Capital Camps family as we celebrate 25 amazing summers!

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