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A Programme: The City of Dubai, Manifesto Grande Table of Contents Chapter 1 Arrival - The Vision…………………………………..2 Chapter 2 Documented History……………………………..…11 Chapter 3 Case For Rebuilding La - La - Land…………..….16 Chapter 4 Big Is More…………………………………………...23 Dedications:

Chapter 5 Let Dubai Entertain You - Destinations Haven...32

“To my family and everyone with a vision for the future.”

Chapter 6 EXPO - Bring Out The Star Architects…………..42

“To Dubai a city with a vision and backbone, the city that doesn’t shy away from experimentation.”

Chapter 7 To Mars, Technology And Beyond……………...49

Umica D’Souza

Chapter 8 A Grand Finale - Public Disclosure……………...56

Chapter 1 Arrival: The Vision

Chapter 1

Arrival - The Vision

Figure 1: Map of Dubai

“As we look to the future and embark on a journey of empowerment at all levels, we must steer a course among challenges on many fronts with confidence, optimism and determination” (His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, 2010). The UAE began a small middle eastern country in the developing world, that soon grew to compete with some of the more developed advanced nations in several areas. Still having a very volatile market, the vision for the UAE carried forward and quickly to where it is today, one of the most technologically advanced global hub for business activity. The current population of the UAE is at 9,495,407. The UAE has ambitious plans which has kept itself apart from the neighbouring countries, providing itself as the big bold leading brother when compared to the other neighboring regions. The vision of Dubai therefore captures this as one of the many contexts of UAE. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 3

Chapter 1 Figure 2: Image of Dubai Clusters

Arrival - The Vision Dubai is one of the seven emirates in the UAE. This city quickly came to become a world leader in architecture, technology, infrastructure, and service. It started as a small pearl diving emirate. It now plays a role model for other cities in the surrounding area. Dubai’s strategy began with its intent to become a hub for trade activity when based on its central locality in the world. The current population is Dubai is at 2,689,000. The city started building its future in the 60’s and 70’s with the resurrection of the trade centre and now the trade center along with the convention center is host to many organizations from key industries all over the world. Surrounding, the trade center, a pivotal node, many service sectors grew around the area including a number of free trade zones. These free trade zones (see figure 2) are developed in clusters around the city, with some being themed in terms of speciality service, eg: Healthcare city, Airport free zone, Internet city, Industrial City, Business Bay, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Media city etc. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 7

Chapter 1

Arrival - The Vision Vision for Dubai 2021 aimed at ensuring that the UAE stood its ground among the best countries in the world.This meant that there were key targets that it aimed for which would then lead it to be among the best. Therefore the vision was created around key targets or themes which became the government’s priorities over the years:

Figure 3: The Vision

United in Responsibility

United in Prosperity

United in Destiny

United in Knowledge

● ● ● ●

United in Responsibility (A Connected Society) United in Destiny (Secure and Just Society) United in Knowledge (A Knowledge Based Economy) United in Prosperity (World class Education/ Health/infrastructure System)

These key themes were established to ensure the path and course of Dubai towards development of its economy and people eventually lead towards the desired outcome. The leadership aimed for these priorities to be key instruments in the success and growth of the country. This was then further elaborated in the 2015 strategic plan for the country. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 8

Chapter 1 Figure 4: Six Pillars of The Strategic Plan

Arrival - The Vision The strategic plan 2015 was created to detail government priorities of the vision for future city development and then translated it into six pillars. These six pillars or government priorities were categorized according to the following theme which then encompasses the city’s vision for 2021 (The Executive Council of Dubai, Dubai Plan 2021, 2015): ● ● ● ● ● ●

The People: “City of Happy, Creative & Empowered People” The Society: “An Inclusive & Cohesive Society” The Experience: “The Preferred Place to Live, Work & Visit” The Place: “A Smart & Sustainable City” The Economy: “A Pivotal Hub in the Global Economy” The Government: “A Pioneering and Excellent Government”

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 9


Chapter 2 Documented History

Chapter 2 Figure 5: Past Image of Sheikh Zayed Road

Documented History Dubai roots stemmed from when first settlers of the Bani Yas tribe arrived at the Dubai Creek, from there on sprung business activity around the Creek and Bur Dubai. Money traded hands over these areas and economy surfaced on fishing, pearl diving and trade by sea port. In the 1950’s the discovery of oil lead to further growth. The 1970’s oil crisis deemed favourable in some aspects to the middle east as the OPEC countries, among which the UAE is member, raised the price per barrel of oil. The Dubai Creek and Bur Dubai area still is host market and shopping destination to many travellers from all over the world, highlights of the area being the Gold Souk, textile markets and variety of wholesale trading souks. Dubai has enjoyed a steady population growth whilst welcoming travellers from all over. To live and work in the UAE or Dubai for that matter a work permit or resident visa is required. An individual is allowed to set up business via the free trade zones or acquire a local sponsor for business activity. Companies may sponsor individuals and their families to live and work in the UAE. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 12

Chapter 2 Figure 6: Dubai Population Expected 2030

Documented History The Dubai population is growing at the rate of 10% annually, and its location and world class infrastructure make it an appealing place for young expatriates from all over the world to settle.The population of male to female is still debatable with over two-thirds of the population being predominantly male. The population of Dubai is expected to grow to 3,500,000 in 2030. With the burst of the real estate bubble in 2008-2009, Dubai witnessed a population fluctuation and was portrayed negatively in the press worldwide. However, Dubai saw this as an opportunity to reinvent itself as a city predominantly working towards the same goals and vision for 2021. Although progress in some projects slowed down, a number of other projects propped up which were able to sustain the economy and keep a number of companies afloat. The city is yet to achieve market stability so that a diverse income expatriate group enjoy job stability during their tenure in the middle east. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 13

Chapter 2 Figure 7: Current Image of Sheikh Zayed Road.

Documented History Dubai is host to a number of tourist attractions, among these is the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Being host to one of the largest malls in the world, the Dubai Mall, Dubai also houses other retail destinations with over 100 malls in the city, numerous beaches, a number of unique hospitality tourist destinations, many restaurants and outdoor dining options, health care options, government and private. Sheikh Zayed Road has had a facelift in the turn of two decades. Dubai has yet to come out of its ghost town image that was established in 2009, when most of the apartments completed were still empty. Investments had largely come from oversee expatriates, namely India, Pakistan and Iran. Expatriates from these countries enjoy the luxury of being close to their home countries and having the modern amenities and choices Dubai has to offer. Recently value added tax (v.a.t) has been introduced to Dubai in a city which enjoyed tax free status for many years. The current onset of mega projects and the vision of Dubai still keeps the history alive. The course is still being steered.

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 14

Chapter 2 Figure 7: Current Image of Sheikh Zayed Road.

Documented History The lights are out and nobody’s home. This was a brief view of what Dubai Marina looked like back in 2009. It was not only selling on the primary market but many people would find better deals for the property on the secondary market. The recession has taken its toll on some investors. Lucrative investors saw this as an opportunity to buy into property. There were job cuts, cars left behind at airports and so much negative press. Money movement was challenged and many developers stood their ground. While some clients regretted buying off plan.Raising money for projects has always been a test for some developers with delays and meeting project deadlines on key priority. The construction and real estate sectors were greatly impacted compared to other businesses, however some developers still managed to work towards the vision for city. The Burj Khalifa was developed during the recession and compared to many other projects this project was pushed to meet deadline. Officially project completion and celebration of the Burj Khalifa was dated January 4, 2010.

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 15

Chapter 3 Case For Rebuilding La-La-Land

Chapter 3 Figure 8: Falcon City of Wonders

Case For Rebuilding La - La - Land The epic story of Dubai, another puss in boots tale only without streets paved with gold. The only thing lacking in this story was that this was the expected down turn during the crises. Dubai suddenly being in debt, was a splash of chilli powder in sulaimani tea, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of investors, while others opted to invest in other more stable markets. There were many who capitalized on the secondary market where it was cheaper to buy property from those with bank chasing down their necks than the actual property dealer themselves. A number of far-fetched projects were exhibited at cityscape. This included Falcon City of Wonders, US $1.5 billion which involved a rip-off of iconic buildings from around the world, more of a one stop shop for world travel through a museum of wonders in Dubai. Not that it is a bad idea, the idea saves time on destination planning and flight costs. Then there came the Dubai frame and that project actually got sold, bravo, bravo again. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 17

Chapter 3 Figure 9 & 10: Blue Waters Island

Case For Rebuilding La - La - Land Fancy a ride in the Dubai, well don't miss the Blue Waters Island project, a US $6 billion project with the ferris wheel that seems very similar to the London Eye. Obviously one seems to questions the originality of the developers. Are they copy pasting ideas for a country with the intent to innovate and lead. Well that is what some developers are doing, put a dash of their own country into the Middle East, making it DUKAI (DUBAI-UK). In Dubai there is an infusion of languages and projects. In one way it is an opportunity for tourists to celebrate the view while being up on the wheel. Blue water’s Ferris Wheel named the Dubai Eye is set to be the world's largest Ferris Wheel, compared to the current tallest ferris wheel in the world located in the USA, another bolder bigger move for Dubai. The wheel will hold 1,400 passengers in 48 capsules or pods. The passengers going up on the wheel will be able to have access of views looking out to Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Khalifa. And turn, turn, turn….next page please. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 18

Chapter 3 Figure 12: Bollywood Theme Park, Dubai Parks and Resorts

Case For Rebuilding La - La - Land Dubai Parks and Resorts came up with a US $2.9 billion project to have a mix of destination theme parks, these included concepts mimicking european landscapes in the middle east so when visitors come from their own country to the middle east they can have the same experience and feel at home. Among these parks include the Bollywood Theme Park, because Bollywood is so big in India, bring it on to Dubai and that just what they did. It isn’t only the local community of indians that enjoy the indian mix but a number of locals, russians and ukrainian who are all big on Bollywood ideals. People get excited to meet an Indian who can sing Bollywood jams and dance the dance. It is cool to be Filmy in Dubai. A number of stars travel to and fro between Dubai and India, with India being in the close neck of woods to Dubai. Dubai also attracts large numbers of Indian tourist and investors. Some prefer to enjoy the luxury available in Dubai and the Bollywood Theme Park will cater to this crowd. Dancing on streets...maybe... D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 19

Chapter 3 Figure 11: Restless Planet, City of Arabia, Dubailand

Case For Rebuilding La - La - Land Godzilla! Restless planet is a US $300 million project located in city of Arabia, Dubailand. This project aims to entertain and educate visitors on the story and existence of dinosaurs by replicating the prehistoric era in Dubai. The park will have an inhouse science museum and planetarium. It will also hold the world largest collection of animatronic dinosaurs, the latest and updated technology as well as restaurants and retail facilities. One can learn and see life like dinosaurs. This will definitely make a good place for day school trips that are considering an option for living animals at the zoo. The concept of Dinosaurs thriving in the Middle East is a bold step for Dubai and having life like toy Godzilla's is one too. In the age of technology anything is possible. Whether or not this is a caged zoo is still left to be seen, but most likely there will be barriers to keep kids at bay to prevent them from toying around with lifelike animatronic beasts. It would be interesting to have them operated via remote control, cautioned to the inexperienced user. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 20

Chapter 3

Case For Rebuilding La - La - Land A three dot rating review of the achievement of the vision in 2018, this is Three (High) One (Low).



Mixed Use

Mixed Income

Transit and Street Network Connectivity

Recreation & Food

The UAE Vision 2021 Aims United in Responsibility

United in Destiny

United in Knowledge United in Prosperity

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 21

Chapter 3 The case for rebuilding La-La-Land is exactly what the projects in Dubai represent, an experimental decoupage of grandiose, entertainment, world class infrastructure and mega retail experience, Dubai is La Vegas gone wild, only without the Casino’s. When some of these projects came out most people thought “fantasy”. Welcome to Fantasy Megaland in the City that is Dubai. Note, the people in the city do work hard. With the absolute scale of the projects projected to come up, the public and visitors will have to board the grand titantic of Dubai, with all round entertainment. Most public entertainment hot spots wind up by 3am. Dubai is one middle eastern city that enchants and impresses. Wayfinding in the city is Dubai is a whirlpool of cultures, find the cluster and get in, but wayfinding is still a hotpouge in Dubai. GPS systems are a much needed tool to get around. Technology dependence is become La La Land ‘s abode.

Case For Rebuilding La - La - Land La-la land’s design incorporates mixed-use communities and there is almost always a hotel in every plan, but with Dubai’s aiming to be a world class healthcare provider, healthcare facilities are still missing in these schemes. Most planners so far have not consider the health priorities in these schemes and therefore this is left to private independent doctors who decided whether or not they take up residence in that locality. Absurd, but not so much, transportation and infrastructure is becoming an increasing priority and transporting people around the mega La-La-Land is a must. Much has to be done with the clusters to promote vehicular non dependance. There are very few bicycle networks planned in these developments. The Dubai Tram in the Dubai Marina development has been an accomplishment in moving people around these zones to promote walkability. Mixed income communities is also another issue plaguing La-La Land, whilst most people who live here are non-residents, mixed income communities can be useful in the planning mix. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 22

Chapter 4 Big Is More

Chapter 4 Figure 13: Al Maktoum International Airport, DWC

Big Is More Bigger is Better! Dubai World Centrals’ US $32 billion Al Maktoum International airport expansion project is developed to accommodate approximately 240 million passengers a year. The project is planned to establish the airport as the biggest regionally and internationally. Dubai International Airport currently caters to millions of people every year. The project will be developed in terms of two phases and cover an area of 56 sq. km. The airport will utilize the latest technology in IT and Transport. This is done especially reduce travel distances within the airport. The DWC is planned to be an innovative hub for global travellers representing the next generation airport hub. Among the key features of the airport include, smart baggage handling, biometrics & smart passenger tracking with iris scan and palm scan features, RFID boarding cards therefore minimizing paperwork and easing passenger flow, while eliminating the need for ques. A 6-track train system will connect the airports two terminals with its four concourse to increase connection times and reduce passenger travel distances. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 24

Chapter 4 Figure 14: Burj Khalifa View at Night

Big Is More The Burj Khalifa, valued at US $1.5 billion is over 828 metres (2,716.5 feet) in height and with over 160 stories. Currently is the tallest building in the world. It has the tallest free-standing structure in the world, highest in terms of occupancy. Not only does it own the highest outdoor observation deck in the world, but includes elevators and service elevators with the longest travel distances in the world. The Burj Khalifa even met The Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) criterion for what makes a tall building. Taller is more, but in terms of functionality a mouth full. Anemometers are located on the balcony entrances, on a regular windy day opening the door to go out to the balcony is daring and in terms of functionality, patio future to enjoy the outdoors wouldn’t be the best option. Also this building does pose as hot soup during fire drills, although design consideration have been made to tackle this issue. Elevator wait times is bound to be an issue in tall buildings. Still opting to live in the tallest building… D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 25

Chapter 4 Figure 15: Dubai: The Solar Park

Big Is More Dewa has invested US $13.5 billion on the largest single-site (IIP) solar park in the world with an area of over 214 sq. km. to be completed in 2030. Planned power capacity of the solar park is 1000 MW by 2020 and 5000 MW by 2030. The estimated amount of annual carbon reduction by the solar park is at 6.5 million tonnes. Dubai is leading the world in terms of being a smart city power pioneer in solar technology. Dubai is also known for launching the world largest concentrated solar power (CSP) plant to meet the 2050 target of generating 75% of the city’s energy needs. A 700MW extension to the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Complex will more than three times the capacity of the initial plans for the extension, delivering energy at 7.5 US cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), this project will also include the world’s tallest solar tower, measuring 260 metres. Solar rooftops is another measure championed by Dewa to add to the energy saving mix. Dubai is definitely thinking power Big, and this is one example indeed… D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 26

Chapter 4 Figure 16: Dubai Creek Harbour

Big Is More Dubai Creek Harbour is a 10.5 million square metres project valued at US $1 billion having a well planned pedestrian friendly district. This development involves a spatial hierarchy of plazas and squares to enhance walkability. This development is to be completed within the span of 35 years. Walkability enhances neighborhood clusters for pedestrian convenience, only getting out is transport dependant. Features of this district include a wildlife sanctuary with the core being a tall twin tower development surround by retail, interconnected malls and F&B mirroring Emaar’s downtown development. Also included is a waterfront Canal District mirroring that of the Dubai Marina development. Concept being, a water city district similar to that of Venice with water taxis transporting pedestrian around the locality. A residential and corporate mix is planned. This isn’t a highly original concept but will add to Dubai’s cluster city with in a city mix. Views that sell will be a primary feature of the district. Water views are hot item in Dubai and building up is saleable. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 27

Chapter 4 Figure 17: Dubai World Islands

Big Is More A whole new world is in the city of Dubai, well it is The World Islands! Dubai is not only home to the world wonders. The world islands developed by Nakheel and valued at US $10 billion, can be viewed from space, much like The Palm developments. The world Islands comprises of 260 islands with project area between 14,000 to 42,000 sq. m. Each island is separated by a distance of 100 metres. During construction, 321,000,000 cubic metres of sand and 386 million tons of rock completed the formation of the islands. The complete development is still underway and is supposed to be serviced by four transport hubs and waterways. Zoning has already been established in the form of land parcels for the various uses, comprising of high to low density developments, residential, commercial, hotels, resorts etc. A number of sub developers have already bought stake in the islands and currently developing further. One can by an island or piece of the world in Dubai and that’s normal. Big it is and Dubai’s got the plans of the whole world on its shore. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 28

Chapter 4 Figure 18: View of Dubai Healthcare City

Big Is More Dubai Healthcare City is a US $1.8 billion company. As the GCC population is expected to reach over 64.9 million by the end of 2030 the Health Industry is prepping up for need of advance health care facilities to cater to the population expansion. It is estimated that there will be a 3% increase in the number of hospital bed required, presenting a demand of more than 13,800 beds by 2020. The Health market by 2020 is currently projected at $20 billion. State-of-the-art facilities for medical services is incorporated in the DHCC medical hub, as well medical educational facilities and research labs. However, this location will only service the immediate needs of the surrounding districts. There will be a need to incorporate health care and medical facilities in other parts of the city to cater for the growing population. The main question is will there be a DHCC section/hub 2 for easy access. Healthcare as cluster may be debatable, but healthcare within other clusters may not be. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 29

Chapter 4

Big Is More A three dot rating review of the achievement of the vision in 2018, this is Three (High) One (Low).



Mixed Use

Mixed Income

Transit and Street Network Connectivity

Recreation & Food

The UAE Vision 2021 Aims United in Responsibility

United in Destiny

United in Knowledge United in Prosperity

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 30

Chapter 4

Big Is More

Bold and Big, that is after all Dubai’s middle name, whilst Mies Van Der Rohe coined the term Less is More, Dubai looked at it, threw it in the trash and decided for them, Big is More. Dubai since then has been hitting the Guiness Book of World Records for having large schemes, they once built the world’s biggest cake, an ideal metaphorical representation of dubai projects built to fulfill the vision of the country.

The Dubai metro is currently designed to take people around most mega developments clusters and now the Hyperloop investment project will be able to transport people from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, the neighboring capital in record time. Plaguing the wayfinding issue is the need for more mixed use developments that include a certain number of healthcare facilities in the mix as discussed earlier.

Completing in world for infrastructure facilities, Dubai World Central intent to be amongst the world largest airport is a perfect metaphor for this phrase. Along with the challenge of the bigger is better, comes the challenge of moving people around and again wayfinding is a relevant criteria in this innovation mix, getting people around large airports for travellers to reach their destinations is of critical importance. Therefore to solve this issue, Dubai airport has included a number of transportation facilities to move people around but is this enough. Moving people around the airport is one thing but then moving people around once they get out of the airport is another ball game altogether.

The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world is an example of vertical urbanism, with a mixed use program in one building. The downtown development comprises of retail, food, beverage and entertainment. Wayfinding is still a challenge around the development. The development was designed for walkability however proper signage and wayfinding is still eluded in the development. Walkability is an experience only within the Burj development whereas, the downtown scheme is still much to be desired. A mixed use income community will benefit the Burj Downtown development. Dubai Creek Harbour can learn from the example of the Burj District. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 31

Chapter 5 Let Dubai Entertain You - Destinations Haven

Chapter 5 Figure 19: Restaurants, Bars and Fine Dining

Let Dubai Entertain You - Destinations Haven Dubai is a foodie haven having options to suit all tastes and budgets. Hosting over 100 nationalities, it is a melting pot of curry, cuisine and culture. It is always possible to find a wide range of ethnic delicacies all over the place. There are various dining options available as well as the option to order in or out. The bring it home option even allows one to order ice cream online. However, the hotels are ever keen to impress in grandeur and cuisine. Dubai enjoys a large selection of Hotels for every budget going up to 7 star rating. Restaurants are constantly competing to impress not only in flavor but in decor and service. Restaurants with a friendly candor are ever popular. According to Dubai Municipality, the number of restaurants in Dubai range from 9,000 to 16,000. Famous culinary personalities are also residents in Dubai including Michelin-star pedigree. Many restaurants brings in the stars to add to the speciality mix in the city. There are a variety options available from buffets to 5 course meals. The city is a mix of flavors, views and ever ready to delight. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 33

Chapter 5 Figure 20: View of the city skyline from outdoor dining

Let Dubai Entertain You - Destinations Haven Be it night or day the city never fails to impress with its culinary scene, leaving the world to awe in amazement of taste and scenic pleasance. There is lots to eat and see.

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 34

Chapter 5 Figure 21: Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Mall

Let Dubai Entertain You - Destinations Haven The retail experience is a mix of activity and shopping. Situated in the Dubai Mall, developed by Emaar is the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo to keep mall customers entertained whilst shopping, making it an adventure and outing spot for the whole family. Being one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world, the tank is 10-million litres in size. It is home to more than 300 sharks, stingrays and sand tiger sharks, hosting over thousands of aquatic beings with over 130 species. Shopping is now an all in one adventure, providing entertainment and education for kids while picking up daily requirements. It is a thrilling experience to go out for a visit, shop and stop to enjoy the view. There is more to be seen for an entrance fee to the zoo or to get a tunnel view of inside the aquarium. Footfall in this section of the mall is alway filled with viewers from all over the globe. Besides, shopping and aquarium entertainment, there are F&B outlets all over the place and entertainment with The Dubai Fountain, needless to say looking for more... D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 35

Chapter 5 Figure 22: Indoor Skiing, Mall of Emirates

Let Dubai Entertain You - Destinations Haven Now forget adventure sports and fancy Ski Resorts, Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates developed by Majid Al Futtaim is home to the first indoor Ski Resort in the middle east. There is snow in Dubai and it is at this place. Residents and visitors can part take in skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, chairlift and tubing in minus 4 degree weather. There are instructors available for those looking to learn. Is this another architectural la la land marvel? Well it is definitely a places for family to visit with their kids while bucking up for groceries or other items. Viewers can catch a glimpse of the participants from outside through a looking glass view of the ski area. Definitely looks like one of the glass bubbles you shake up with snow in them, only this is the real deal. One can go shopping and catch snow in Dubai, for real. In a city with relatively warm weather throughout the year, residents can go for a cool experience indoors. Quite a juxtaposition where as in other parts of the world people go indoors to keep warm. Dubai is certainly going in the opposite direction. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 36

Chapter 5 Figure 23: Dubai Opera

Let Dubai Entertain You - Destinations Haven The Dubai Opera is designed in the shape of a dhow, paying homage to Dubai’s history of sailors and merchants. Developed by Emaar Properties, it plays host to a number theatrical performances, opera, ballet, concerts, conferences and exhibitions. It is designed as an approximately 2000 seat, multi-format performing arts center with interchangeable spaces meaning that by using hydraulic lifts and seating wagons, the spaces and seating capacity can be easily adjustable depending on the use of space at that point in time. The Dubai Opera celebrates international performances worldwide and is home to a number of international theatrical stars. Situated in the downtown Dubai Opera District, the Dubai Opera is bubbling year round and adds to the culture in the area. It is a definite hotspot for music and theatre/ performing arts fanatics who enjoy a lively mix, spash or array of cultural activity. Dubai Opera adds Dubai on the map or international circuit of places to go. Curtains and next.... D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 37

Chapter 5 Figure 24: Box Park

Let Dubai Entertain You - Destinations Haven The outdoor retail experience, aiming for a trendy look, Dubai developers Merass came up with Box Park and Citywalk on Al Safa Street, this was developed to add culture to the dying look of Jumeirah after the emergence of other hot spots in the city. The colorful strip mall is 1.2km and consists of retail, parking, food and beverage outlets and play spaces for kids.

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 38

Chapter 5 Figure 25: City Walk and The Beach

Let Dubai Entertain You - Destinations Haven Citywalk and The Beach at JBR developed by Meraas is combination of shops, cafes, restaurants and public facilities. The food and beverage outlets have sea facing terraces providers diners with room for a view. Shoppers can catch a movie at the outdoor beach view screen. There is a running track, gym facilities and play spaces for kids.

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 39

Chapter 5

Let Dubai Entertain You - Destinations Haven A three dot rating review of the achievement of the vision in 2018, this is Three (High) One (Low).



Mixed Use

Mixed Income

Transit and Street Network Connectivity

Recreation & Food

The UAE Vision 2021 Aims United in Responsibility

United in Destiny

United in Knowledge United in Prosperity

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 40

Chapter 5 Dubai never ceases to entertain and amaze. From Malls to Strip Malls, Parks, Indoor Sports Facilities, Aquariums, Zoos, Restaurants, Major Hotels, Resorts and Dining Options. Dubai literally is a Destinations Haven. Several big name bands prop in to Dubai every year. The city is a big melting pot of entertainment adorers. One never tires of the outdoor options in the city of Dubai. Access to these networks in terms of wayfinding is still much to be desired when compared to other major cities scoring high on the liveability index. Dubai however is a combination of disneyland and vegas put together as mentioned before La La Land. The wayfinding experience to entertainment spots can be done within the the cities transport options available and this doesn’t score high on the walkability experience when one doesn’t live with the cluster. Migrating from one cluster to another cluster requires, taxi’s, abra’s, trains and buses.

Let Dubai Entertain You - Destinations Haven Living within the cluster city concept, i.e. The Beach, JBR, one can experience pedestrian friendly transit around the locality, a walk to the beach or enjoy an outdoor shopping experience during comfortable season of the year. Shading is not only provided by trees but by the tall buildings within the development. Mixed income groups within the development can enjoy variety of options to choose from in terms of food and beverage and retail. The Introduction of the trams into this development has eased the dependence of cars as finding a place to park is seldom present. Luxury is still part of Dubai’s name and the city walk dubai caters to that experience. Drama and theatre has been added to the Dubai Scene with the Dubai Opera. People seldom tire of being entertained in the city of Dubai. The Indoor Ski Resort at the Mall of Emirates was Dubai’s statement to the world, captioned Snow in the Desert. Bigger, Bolder and Entertaining hasn’t stop La La Land from steering forward to the next millennium and finding a place for itself in space. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 41

Chapter 6 EXPO - Bring Out The Star Architects

Chapter 6 Figure 26: EXPO 2020 Dubai Detail

EXPO - Bring Out The Star Architects Situated on a 438-hectare area (1083 acres), the Expo 2020 Dubai is located in area of South Dubai that closely borders Abu Dhabi. The US $33 billion Expo 2020 related development began with the master plan, designed by HOK. The essence of the project stems from the theme, Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, therefore having a central plaza connecting three large pavilions, each one dedicated to the subtheme, sustainability, mobility and opportunity. Each project includes expanded transport infrastructure network of roads, several highways, roundabouts, interchanges, and the Dubai metro line set to connect the Dubai Expo 2020 site and Al Maktoum International to the rest of the city. Alongside the Expo, Dubai has invested heavily in economic growth, real estate, environmental agenda and public affairs. The City is also set to action The Dubai Happiness Agenda by 2020 with over 82 projects participating in the happy city agenda. A rise in GDP is an expected outcome, although expert are warning of a property bubble post expo. Post expo future development plans was revealed third quarter of 2017. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 43

Chapter 6 Figure 27: The Sustainability Pavillion

EXPO - Bring Out The Star Architects The Sustainability Pavilion designed by Grimshaw Architects. This will feature and incorporate the use of sustainable technologies in the design with key criteria in mind such as solar energy, water harvesting, and material optimization.

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 44

Chapter 6 Figure 28: EXPO - Roof Structure, Sustainability Pavilion

EXPO - Bring Out The Star Architects The design of the long term 8,000 sq.m Sustainability Pavilion comprises of an exhibition space, an auditorium, a courtyard, and a reservoir. The overarching roof structure captured in figure 27 acts as a shading device whilst generating power with large photovoltaic panels utilizing the Middle Eastern suns energy. Also incorporated in the design program is a series of energy trees that harvest the sun energy when surrounding the main pavilion. Walkways surrounding the pavilion closely depict middle eastern landscapes and curved key spaces exhibiting the local regional fauna. The sustainability pavilion was planned with future use post expo. It will be exhibited as a science exploratorium. The use of innovative technologies in design is a elaborate decoupage of sustainable space decorum. A mix of cool spots would have been highly welcomed in the design of the Sustainability Pavilion...maybe next time... D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 45

Chapter 6

EXPO - Bring Out The Star Architects

Figure 29: Mobility Pavilion left & Opportunity Pavilion Right

Foster + Partners designed the Mobility Pavilion creating a layering of intriguing spaces surrounded by an illuminated plaza reflecting the dunes of the desert. BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) designed the Opportunity Pavilion creating an urban mix of spaces reflecting a conceptual anomaly of global economic trends and communication modes.

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 46

Chapter 6

EXPO - Bring Out The Star Architects A three dot rating review of the achievement of the vision in 2018, this is Three (High) One (Low).



Mixed Use

Mixed Income

Transit and Street Network Connectivity

Recreation & Food

The UAE Vision 2021 Aims United in Responsibility

United in Destiny

United in Knowledge United in Prosperity

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 47

Chapter 6 The Expo 2020 is a mega project that will bring visitors from all over the world to experience Dubai. Dubai decided to go bold and big by hiring star architects to design the pavillion that represent three key subthemes of the expo.

EXPO - Bring Out The Star Architects

These three architecture firms are Grimshaw Architects, Fosters and Partners and Bjarke Ingels Group. By dividing the pavilions between these architects, the stakeholder’s enjoy speciality design provided by the different firms. Star architects gain popularity through speciality in their chosen fields.

Wayfinding and crowd movement happens through the central plaza, a series of transportation networks will connect to and from the exposition to other parts of the city. Walkability is one option available around the expo site. The central node of the site will ensure that visitors are able to direct themselves back to the central plaza. Connecting minds and creating the future is a key theme of the Expo. The star architect’s capture the main sub-themes through pavilion design. Light ways, energy harvesting, passive design, curved surfaces, neat lines, eloquent geometry is depicted in the design of the pavillions.

The major proponent of that which is contemporary dubai will be represented in this Exposition. Contemporary Dubai is a mixture of state of the art technology, regional curves, middle eastern landscapes and a sustainable initiatives. Simply put these key themes will serve as a poetic prose of the vision, united in responsibility, united in destiny, united in knowledge and united in prosperity.

Dubai is constantly growing in knowledge and the city is filled with excitement at it prepares itself for the Expo 2020. Acquiring the right expertise for this showdown has been an inclusion and effort from many talented professionals of mixed backgrounds. Safety and security during this experiment that is the Expo will be highly securitized. The best of the best of the Expo 2020 is yet to come. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 48

Chapter 7 To Mars, Technology And Beyond

Chapter 7 Figure 30: Proposed Mars City

To Mars, Technology And Beyond The UAE is investing US $135 million on the Mars city project located in Dubai. Scheduled to be completed in 30-months. The key vision priority of this project is to boost the knowledge economy. Scheduled to be a simulation city for Mars living, this experimental model will consist of several domes, labs to harness food, energy and water in the Mars atmospheric environment. A Mars museum will also be incorporated in the programme to educate and exhibit. The local economy is also prepping up for the space mission by educating its people locally and internationally, talent will operate through collaboration with minimal outsourcing. A total investment of US $6 billion (Dh22 billion) in the UAE's space sector is aimed at promoting UAE’s space sector to be the largest in the region. The first spacecraft is scheduled to be on Mars 2021 for UAE’s 50th anniversary celebration. Life on Mars isn’t just a science fiction novel. With concerns over food and population resources on earth, this just maybe another answer... D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 50

Chapter 7 Figure 31: The Smart Palm

To Mars, Technology And Beyond The smart palm is another technological wonder strategically situated in public places all around Dubai, another smart city initiative. While acting as a shading device, smart palms will provide wifi hotspots, CCTV infrared security cameras, touch screen technology, digital outdoor screens to relay information, such as government announcements, city information and adverts, it will hold battery recharge points, an emergency button and solar panels to harness solar energy to support these features. These smart palms will not only serve as relax stations but will assist visitors in wayfinding around the city. Dedicated wifi hubs will ensure a connected visitor community in different parts of the city. Safety and Security is key priority of the Dubai vision and CCTV infrared security camera will be able to monitor and record activity around the city. United in Knowledge and Prosperity vision aims are also depicted in the smart palm technology as a symbol of world class infrastructure. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 51

Chapter 7 Figure 32: Hyperloop One

To Mars, Technology And Beyond Hyperloop One started out as a vision by Elon Musk but grew to be an important instrument in transportation technology. This technology, estimated at US $40 million/ km will be incorporated into the Road and Transport Authority (RTA)’s strategy to target 25% driverless transport trips in the UAE by 2030. Part of meeting the world class infrastructure goals this technology promises a total of 12 minutes in trip time between Dubai and Abu Dubai and is aimed at transporting 10,000 passengers per hour in both directions. Each capsule is to travel at a speed of 1200 km/hour. An electromagnetic propulsion system is used to accelerate the movement of capsules through a vacuum tube. Hyperloop technology is often described as a revolutionary mode of transport that will change the way cities are planned. Lets not forget that cities are designed for people. Driverless technology will reduce the number of parking spaces in key central business districts. Logistics services will also be impacted. At the moment the logistic hub has be revolutionized by drones, more on this in the next page... D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 52

Chapter 7 Figure 33: Urban Air Transport Drone

To Mars, Technology And Beyond Dubai like Germany will soon be utilizing the services of autonomous drones, the EHang 184 drone has already flown over the Burj Al Arab. Autonomous drones have been used for mail package delivery services in some countries. These driverless drones will revolutionize the future of transport and assist the Road and Transport Authority, (RTA) go 25% driverless by 2030. Urban Air Transportation drones will become increasingly popular in future as experts aim to ease pressure of the roads. The unmanned urban air transport drone (UATD) is expected to be a US $7 billion revenue industry with shipment to reach an estimated 90 million in 2021. Imagine getting out of the house and into a drone to work, well stop imagining, dedicated drone parking zones will be critical to ensure this mode of transport succeeds. Driverless technology will be revolutionizing the transport and logistics hubs by 2030. Air traffic and airspace will become even more valuable in the future as this technology gains popularity. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 53

Chapter 7 Figure 34: Blockchain Connectivity

To Mars, Technology And Beyond Blockchain technology is a US $3.2 billion investment to the GDP in data for the UAE by 2021. Blockchain relies on mathematical data to record information serving as an online ledger and storing information by using means of a digital signature or series of encryptions, thereby securing the transaction and allowing verification only within a transactional network. By using Blockchain technology, governments and corporate institution can ensure ease and security of monetary transaction in various purchases. Ever since the emergence of digital currency when bitcoin gained popularity, blockchain technology is now gaining momentum. Major global banks are investing in the technology to process various types of transactions digitally. Although concerns over fraud have been raised in terms of blockchain technology, major investment institutions see it as a potential advantage to aid clearing and settlement in financial matters and allow for ease of movement in billions through cross border transactions globally. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 54

Chapter 7 Figure 35: 3D Printed Office Building

To Mars, Technology And Beyond The first 3D printed building was resurrected in the UAE with in a span of 17 days and once printed off was assembled on site within a span of 2 days. The 3D-printer measuring 120 feet long, 20 feet high and 40 feet wide used a robotic arm to develop the project components. Resources involved one key personal to supervise the printing process, 10 specialist engineers and and an installation crew of 7. Mobile printers and advanced computers were used in the quality control process to ensure speedy and quality delivery. Although an estimated 50% saving was recorded in terms of labor cost, doubts still arise on the capabilities on the printer and its ability to be used in the large scale construction process with in Dubai. Labor in the UAE is presently cheap when compared to other countries and this has enabled UAE to carry on through the tough times. 3D printed buildings are an option depending on the nature of the project a definite cost saver, only one would have to measure the cost of utilizing the technology, materials, time and labour. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 55

Chapter 7

To Mars, Technology And Beyond A three dot rating review of the achievement of the vision in 2018, this is Three (High) One (Low).





The Economy

The Environment

The UAE Vision 2021 Aims United in Responsibility

United in Destiny

United in Knowledge United in Prosperity

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 56

Chapter 7

To Mars, Technology And Beyond

Progress in this day an age is defined by technological innovation. Every country is moving towards advancement and progress for its cities, towns and people. Urbanism is now a mix of governance, people and technology. Moving towards a knowledge economy, the UAE embarked on the mission to Mars project, to empower its people, lead them through technological expertise and give them alternative options for the future.

The movie terminator told the tale of a war between technology and humans, that one day, judgement day would reshape the future. Technology is good thing, it is already shaping the way cities are built, however human dependence and reliance on technology must be contained. Blockchain technology is an exciting system, one can capitalize on digital currency and enjoy smoother transactions. Whilst no matter how safe a system, there is still the possibility of a breech .

Dubai aims to achieve prosperity through technological innovations, world class infrastructure, advanced healthcare and education systems. Advanced infrastructure technology which is Hyperloop One will change the structure of arab cities of the future. These cities will operated at quicker, faster pace. Time saving will be added luxury in these cities. The Urban Air Transport Drone is already making waves in logistics hub, this is another step in progress for cities. Achieving driverless cities will positively impact the environment and ease economic pressures.

Enjoying Dubai’s advanced infrastructure is a wow to many visitors. Educating and empowering the local people to space and beyond is a luxury Dubai can afford. 3D printed buildings is next on the agenda, design it , print it and build it. Advanced technology has now replaced the need for labour in Dubai. Job creation in these cities is more for the skilled. As there are limits to 3D printing technology, this technology will definitely be of use in a number of sectors. To Mar’s, technology and beyond is glamour at best, to live where no man has inhabited before. D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 57

Chapter 8 A Grand Finale - Public Disclosure

Chapter 8

A Grand Finale - Public Disclosure A review of Dubai’s achievement so far in conjunction with the vision for 2021:

United in Responsibility (A Connected Society)

United in Knowledge (A Knowledge Based Economy)

The UAE maintains a responsible government in catering to the needs of the local people. There is a certain level of connectivity at the top. More has to be done in terms of expatriate population.

Much has still to be done in terms of educating the local population. Knowledge is currently imported. The mission to Mars project will drive the knowledge economy but other sectors also require focus.


United in Destiny (Secure and Just Society) The UAE is a relatively safe place. Most local communities and expatriate communities are secure. The smart palm project will aid safety and security. People still have to educated on this topic and once the responsibility sets in, security won't be an issue. In terms of Justice there is still a long way to go.

United in Prosperity (World Class Education, Health & Infrastructure) There are a variety of international education providers in the Dubai, so there is much choice. More has to be done to motivate the local students. Health investments are on the present agenda. Infrasture is advancing.

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 59

Chapter 8

A Grand Finale - Public Disclosure A review of Dubai’s achievement of the strategic plan so far in conjunction with the vision for 2021 (see chart below). The Dubai vision has to be transcended into reality. Dubai is becoming a world class smart city. However more has to be done to educated the locals and accomplish the vision for 2021.

The People Local are getting involved and contributing to the society ideals.

The Society

The Experience

There are income gaps in the society at present. The role of women has expanded since the discovery of oil.

Dubai promises an entertaining experience in terms of livability. A decent working schedule for locals and international companies.

The Place Dubai is a city like no other, with a broad variety of options for people to participate and enjoy especially for those with decent working hours.

The Economy After the discovery of oil in the 50’s Dubai prospered. Unfortunately suffering a major crisis in 2009 when the recession hit. Dubai is on its back preparing for the Expo.

The Government The pace,, vision and ideals of the government is set primarily by the Ruler and the elected Supreme Council.

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 60

Chapter 8

A Grand Finale - Public Disclosure A three dot rating review of the achievement of the vision in 2018, this is Three (High) One (Low).

The People

The Society

The Experience

The Place

The Economy

The Government

The UAE Vision 2021 Aims United in Responsibility

United in Destiny

United in Knowledge United in Prosperity

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 61

Chapter 8 Figure 36: Gold Souk

A Grand Finale - Public Disclosure Generally, the dramatic drum roll for exceptional show and the close of the book. Well here in Dubai Public Disclosure, Dubai is city unlike other city, having a religious primarily muslim culture, yet pretty lenient when compared to other countries in terms of foreigners and their customs. Winding up with a list on things to do in Dubai, 6:00 pm to 6:00 am for anyone who takes an interest in the delightful city and plans to enjoy over a regular visit, day at work or weekend.


Shopping Options 1. Dubai Gold Souk Visit and Shopping, Deira 2. Deira City Center, Deira 3. Dubai Festival Center, Dubai Festival City, Al Garhoud 4. Mirdif City Center, Mirdif 5. Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai 6. Mall of the Emirates, Umm Suqeim 7. Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Marina

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 62

Chapter 8

A Grand Finale - Public Disclosure 6:30Pm To 7.30Pm

Figure 37: Asha’s Restaurant 7.30 PM To 10.30PM

City View 8. Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai – View of the City- Levels 124/125 (Sunset/Evening) view.

Dinner Options 9. JW Marriott, The Market Place (Buffet/ International Cuisine ) Deira 10. Sas Radisson Blu, Minato (Japanese Cuisine) Creek, Deira 11. Wafi, Asha’s (Indian Cuisine), Oud Metha Road 12. Grand Millennium, Lock Stock and Barrel (British) Barsha Heights, Dubai 13. Millennium Airport Hotel, Da Vinci’s Dubai, (Italian Cuisine) Al Garhoud 14. Trade Center, BurgerFuel, (Fast Food), Sheikh Zayed Road 15. Deira City Center, 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, (Fast Food), Deira 16. The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence Operation Falafel (Arabic Fast Food), JBR 17. Pier 7 , Asia Asia (Asian Food) & The Scene (British European), Dubai Marina

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 63

Chapter 8 Figure 38: Patchi

A Grand Finale - Public Disclosure 7.30PM To 10:30PM

Dessert Options

7.30PM To 10:30PM

Fun Activities

18. Patchi Chocolate Store Deira, Atlantis The Palm 19. Godiva Chocolate Store, The Beach, JBR (Chocolates & Godiva Choco-lious Ice Cream Sundae) 20. BVLGARI IL Cioccolato, City Walk Dubai 21. Mall of Emirates Armani Café Coffee 22. Moore’s Café Mall of Emirates 23. Paul’s Mall of Emirates 24. Lime Tree Café and Kitchen, The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence

25. Snooker Club, Bur Dubai 26. Dubai Opera Theatre, The Opera District in Downtown Dubai 27. Dubai Mall, Reel Cinema, Downtown Dubai 28. Festival City, Novo Cinema, Dubai Festival Center

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 64

Chapter 8 Figure 39: Dubai Fountain & Dhow Cruise

A Grand Finale - Public Disclosure 7.30PM To 10:30PM

Fun Activities Continued... 29. Deira City Center, Vox Cinema, Deira 30. Dubai Mall, Aquarium, Downtown Dubai 31. Dubai Mall, Musical Fountain Show, Downtown Dubai 32. Mall of Emirates, Ski and Ice Skating, Umm Suqeim, Dubai 33. Dubai Desert Safari, Desert 34. Dhow Cruise Dinner , Dubai Creek & Dubai Marina 35. Dubai Dune Bashing, Sand Dunes, Desert 36. Atlantis, The Palm, 5 Star Hotel and Beach Resort & Aquaventure Water Park, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai 37. Wild Wadi Water Park, Burj Al Arab Locality, Jumeirah 38. Dubai Dolphinarium, Oud Metha Dubai 39. Dubai Bowling Center, Al Quoz, Dubai 40. Abra Ride, Dubai Creek 41. Heritage/Textile Souk Bur Dubai (Textiles, Materials and Belly Dancing Outfits)

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 65

Chapter 8 Figure 40: Jumeirah Beach Hotel-360°

A Grand Finale - Public Disclosure 10.30PM To 3:00AM

Drinks, Eats & Music 42. Le Méridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina, Al Sufouh Road, Barasti Le Meridien(Tasteful Campari) 43. Jumeirah Beach Hotel, 360° - Umm Suqeim, Dubai 44. Ramee Rose Hotel, Rock Bottom, Barsha Heights,TECOM 45. Westin, The 44 Sport Bar, Al Habtoor City, Dubai 46. Grosvenor House, Buddha-Bar & The Bar, Dubai Marina 47. Media One Hotel, Garden on 8 , Dubai Media City 48. Trade Center, MCGettigan's, Irish Pub , Dubai 49. Media One, Q43 & The Deck at 8, Dubai Media City 50. Crowne Plaza Dubai, Trader Vic's, Dubai Festival City (Famous TIKI PUKA PUKA Drink) 51. The Irish Village, Al Garhoud, Dubai 52. Novotel World Trade Center, Blue Bar, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 66

Chapter 8 Figure 41: Dubai Open Beach

A Grand Finale - Public Disclosure 2:00AM To 6:00AM

After Party Chill Outs


Wind Up & Head Home, Hotel Room or Work

53. Al Reef Lebanese Bakery, Al Wasl Road (Manakish, Tea & Crossword Puzzles) 54. The open beach, Al Wasl Road , Jumeirah (Cards, Breakfast and Sun Rise) 55. Jabal Al Noor Cafeteria (Shawarma, Sandwiches Mixed Fruit Juices and Shakes)

D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 67

Chapter 8

A Grand Finale - Public Disclosure

The experiment of that which is Dubai never ceases to amaze people. People come and go, they live, they enjoy and they tell stories about their experience is La-La-Land. It wasn’t a dream, it was real. This place does exist and one can get on a magic mystical carpet ride. The ride takes one through the wonders of the world, to reality parks, the tallest tower at present in the world, animatronic dinosaurs, the future, the expo site, journey on the world's fastest train, ride on the urban air transport drone, walk through the desert, travel from past to present in the same time portal. This is a whole new world.

The vision by the leadership of Dubai guides the advancement of this city. It guides the advancement of the local people. It writes the story of future. It tells the tale of where the people came from and shows them where to go. Dubai has set it sails and is ever ready to take on the brightest minds to color it’s open canvas, once this canvas is colored, they have targets to achieve. The plans are actioned as soon as they come up. The mission to Mars is one such plan which is aimed to be actioned within a 30 month time frame. The vision of Dubai is on already on its course, for 2021.

The vision of Dubai aims to keep its culture alive while reshaping the city to advance in several key areas, knowledge, security, infrastructure, healthcare and education. Children of expats who grew up in Dubai has the choice of a wide range of educational systems, leisure activities and a vibrant nightlife. Growing up in Dubai is struggle because this is an expensive city but anyone can make it in this city.

The call for caution to all those who board this ship, one lives an expat life, doesn’t gain any government benefits, lives in Dubai for a temporary period, depending on type of contract. People rarely choose to retire in Dubai due to contractual limitations or unless one own’s a business in Dubai. Success and liveability is choice of the inhabitant. Currently, 2% of the elderly population is above 60. Still ready to board... D’souza - Delightful Dubai - 68



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Delightful Dubai - A Programme: The City of Dubai, Manifesto Grande By Umica D'Souza (Snapshot)  

Delightful Dubai - A Programme: The City of Dubai, Manifesto Grande is about the communication and context of vision for the city of Dubai....

Delightful Dubai - A Programme: The City of Dubai, Manifesto Grande By Umica D'Souza (Snapshot)  

Delightful Dubai - A Programme: The City of Dubai, Manifesto Grande is about the communication and context of vision for the city of Dubai....