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Whatʼs The Word October 8, 2013

Cardinal Preview Day (Fall Open House) a chance TO DISPLAY your organization to our future cardinals! The Office of Admissions will host the Cardinal Preview Day (Fall Open House) on Sunday, October 27, 2013 from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  An Admissions presentation along with a student panel will take place in Marian Hall Ballroom.  The purpose of this program is to give prospective students and parents an opportunity to visit our campus and speak with faculty and administrators.   As in previous years, one of the most important aspects of the Preview Day is the administrative and academic fair.  The support of all academic departments, support services and student organizations is critical.  Each department will have a table, in which representatives can promote their programs.    The Academic Fair will take place in the McDermott Convocation Center and will begin at 1:15 p.m., and end at 2:30p.m.  We ask that each table be manned by 1:00 p.m.    Please send me an email with the representatives who will man the table and let me know if you need any audiovisual equipment by October 23, 2013.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at ext. 1242 or by email at 

&KHI$OGR&DUGLQL Chef Aldo studied at Le Cordon Bleu Peru. After working as a line cook in the Le Cordon Bleu restaurant, he then moved to Miami, FL to work as a banquet cook at the Four Seasons Hotel. He returned to Peru and continued to work in the hotel industry as an Executive Chef. In 2009 Chef Aldo started with Sodexo at the Catholic University of Peru where he was the Catering Chef. He returned to Florida in 2010 to work at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in various positions. Chef Aldo again returned to Peru and Sodexo in 2011. He ZDVDVNHGWREHDSDUWRIWKH³3HUX3DVVLRQIRU)RRG´SURJUDPLQYLVLWLQJ%DUFHORQDDQG0DGULG Spain where he demonstrated Peruvian cuisine. Chef Aldo has been part of the Sodexo Dakar Rally team for 2 years, 2012 and 2013.
















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Golden Harvest Deadline to register your org October 11

If you have any questions, contact


October 10 -­12, 2013 | San Antonio, Texas Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center DEEP IN THE HEART OF OPPORTUNITIES

Fortune 500 companies want to hire your MBA graduates Recruiters from top employers will be attending our Annual Conference & Career Expo this year. We’re expecting several hundred Fortune 500 companies at our event, and they attend for one simple reason: to recruit MBAs. Let us help you increase your MBA placement rates. We invite your MBA students to attend the top diversity recruiting event of the year as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary in San Antonio. Our Texas-sized Annual Conference & Career Expo is the premier opportunity for business school graduates to secure choice career opportunities with top employers.

October 10-12, 2013 Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center Benefits for MBA students and graduates: OHundreds of Fortune 500 companies participating OEstimated 2,500+ recruiters in attendance OProfessional development sessions ONumerous networking opportunities

OInternships available with select employers OConnect with top employers seeking to hire

MBA-level talent

Group discounts and exhibitor booths are available. For information: Jacqueline Rodriguez 214.524.7537 Technology Partner     &  Co-­Lead     Sponsor

Co-­Lead Sponsor

Co-­Lead Sponsor

Academic Lead  Sponsor

Volunteers Needed! Carrera Races, Inc is a premier race company focusing on creating awareness and opportunity for nonprofit organizations. We have 20 events for 2013 and already 23 on the books for 2014 and ALL to benefit nonprofit organizations. Our race events are fun, support health initiatives of the Mayor's office, and are well-organized. We work hard behind the scenes to prepare events which our runners will enjoy, our sponsors will appreciate, and our nonprofit beneficiaries can continue on an annual basis. Many of our events are for Nonprofit organizations which have a solid volunteer base however some do not. These smaller organizations are in need of volunteers and we are reaching out to you. We typically need 20 volunteers for a regular 5K race. When we have large races, we need up to 35. For this race we are seeking 10 volunteers: GUSTO Push For these races, we seek 5-8 volunteers: Hocus Pocus 5K and Trick-or-Treat Trot Mustache Dache Give Love 5K Volunteers can become involved in prerace activities such as stuffing race packets and packet pickup as well as race-day activities such as providing the runners with a cup of water or cheering them on at the finish line. We hope you can work with us on this and have a convenient online form for signing up: volunteer.asp?ID=127

Discounted Bike Tune-ups for Cardinals !"#$%&'()$*+,-$./0-&&$+1$/22-3+45$6+17/'48-6$9+,-$8'4-:';1$8/$<&&$!"#$18'6-481=$ >8<46<36$9+,-$8'4-:';1$7<4$3'4$?/'$<9/'8$@AB)$9'8$2/3$8C-$2/&&/D+45$18<46<36$ <6E'18(-481$8C-$3<8-$D+&&$3'4$@FG=! $ H'4-$';I<6E'18(-481$+47&'6-J$ $ • "#$%&!"'($&%&)! • *($+!,-./012(&10! • 3+$4(0!5(+6%7(! ! "2$<$3-;&<7-(-48$;<38$+1$4-7-11<3?)$6+17/'48-6$3<8-1$2/3$8C/1-$7<4$9-$<33<45-6$<1$D-&&$ <46$/;8+/41$D+&&$9-$6+17'11-6$<8$8+(-$/2$1-30+7-=$H/$17C-6'&-$<4$<;;/+48(-48)$ 7/48<78$*+,-$./0-&&$<8$FKB:LMF:NLFA$/3$8C-9+,-(-7C<4+7=1<O5(<+&=7/(=

Do you have an advertisement you want students and/or faculty to see? Call 210-829-6034 on the two step process how to send in your request! Newsletters are sent once a week and are sent campus wide...

Aric inspires audiences nationwide to achieve greater performance, engagement, and happiness. Aric passionately infuses humor, inspiration, and simple techniques to initiate changeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; to challenge students to dig deep, giving them hope and ability to change their lives, as did the coach who inspired him.

University Events and Student Programs (210)829-6034 Paul Ayala Director of UESP Paulina Mazurek Assistant Director of UESP Ellyse Sanchez Student Organizations Coordinator Ricardo Sanchez Student Center Coordinator Mercedes Moreno Greek Life Coordinator

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