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Learning outcomes - Not in my name! GRUMANEVA 08 IANUARIE 2021 18:28


i could't join yesterday but i'm happy to meet you all today ! ― ANONIM

ı have realized that ı am good team worker :) ― ANONIM

I learn english with my colleagues ― ANONIM

I learnt how to use my phone and Pc in the same time to facilitate zoom meeting ― ENDRE KISS

I have learned to cooperate with others using my computer ― ANONIM

I realized that I am not that bad in English ― ANONIM

I realized that I be more brave to speak English. ― ANONIM

I was happy to help my team members to learn better how to use Zoom platform ― ANONIM

I have realized that everyone have problem with covid-19

I attended an online training for the rst time and I was wondering how it would be. I didn't know there - on zoom - were different rooms. I learnt that. ― ANONIM

I learned that I love being on a team with lots of people from different countries. ― ANONIM

i discover excellent methods of know each other ! I love it !


I realized that I should be more brave to speak English. ― ANONIM


I have realized that working in teams is always better and that we can share ideas, opinions and experiences. Also, i learned how to use manti, because i have not heard about it before. ― ANONIM I got to know some about team members’ life and it’s been fun ― ANONIM

sorry, menti ― ANONIM I learnt some new words and I also learnt interesting activities in English. ― ANONIM I met a lot of intresting people that helped me understand the tasks ― ANONIM

it was VERY funny to try to make the shapes for the task with my group ― ANONIM I met some very interesting people and I had so much fun

DAY 2&3 i managed to communicate with many different people from different places ― ANONIM I was able to understand better how use youthpass is ― ANONIM I think that corona is not that bad. I realized that I can make friends even when I am home, from my pohone. ― ANONIM i am good at helping others understand the tasks ― ANONIM It was very informative and i learned how to use Jamboard ― ANONIM

I felt frustrated because I couldn't nd any pictures about discrimination in my city. I thought it was complicated to nd a proof of that. It seems to me that it is something 'hidden' ― ANONIM


Louiza: I was absent last day . Tmrw i will give my feedback for sure ― ANONIM

The experience i had last saturday, was a really amazing one. It's so astonishing what people can to with joint efforts. ― OHRIDINKLUZIJA

my patience with people was further developed ― ANONIM

I have learned how to use jamboard thing and I am getting better about the communication skills in English day by day.

Learned a lot about other breakroom-members , had a good time



I learnt that I should clean my room even if I am student I learned cultural aspects about North Macedonia; I enhanced my creative side; I felt comfortable in front of many people and speaking in fron of people I met for the rst time and I realised I can be a good team member ― ANONIM Aldo: I would like to understand better how to tackle discrimination more effectively :) and of course MENTIMETER OMG ― ANONIM



new online tools for multi user presentations ― ANONIM my patience with people was further developed ― ANONIM

the tasks which ı was supposed to do showed me what ı was looking for at that topic we will discuss on for whole project

3 hours are like 5mins. I couldn’t ask for anything better. ― ANONIM


I didn't like that the presentations were with no timer hahah It was very informative.



I learnt more about youth pass and had a great time during the group activities ― ANONIM

I learned about the situation in other countries and i realized that other countries have the same problems as mine with discrimination and hate speech ― ANONIM

I meet people who know some Turkish words. That was exciting and cute ― ANONIM

I love this day because of the introductory dance ― ANONIM

I listened an interesting testimony about a concrete situation relate with the hate speech somehow and also enjoy the activities with the partners ― ANONIM

in this way we can learn easier and more effectively ― ANONIM I have noticed similar challenges from diferent cultural backgrounds ― ANONIM

corona really restricts us ― ANONIM Aldo: I was able to understand the different situations from the photos homework from the country each one of us live in ― ANONIM

I had so much fun and learnt many things. I am excited for today

It was a great day because i had the opportunity to can share the opions between different minority groups ― ANONIM It was impressive to see that even though we are all from different countries with different backgrounds we are experiencing the terms we are discussing in our daily life. ― ANONIM


had the opportunity to meet Aldo's guittar ― ANONIM Aldo: Melina i loved your dishes, i need to learn how to cook them ― ANONIM

In fun way analysing, discussing different types of hate speach, discrimination or social exclusion inergrating with others.

i manage a trip arpund my town for searching photos . it was amazing becuase i make new freinds from my town ― ANONIM


It was interesting to know more about the problems in the different countries and how similar we think about them.

Melike* damn typos ― ANONIM


New interesting ways of thinking from another participants ― ANONIM

i manage a trip arpund my town for searching photos . it was amazing becuase i make new freinds from my town ― ANONIM Had great fun and work with different people. Get to know more about this course and certi cate. ― ANONIM

DAY 5 i improved my group skills ― ANONIM Yesterday it was a very creative day! I am excited for today ― ANONIM

It was informative and educational! :)



I learnt many stories from other countries regarding to our topics. came across different situations in other countries ― ANONIM


It was very nice and educative. I am waiting for the other presentations as well ― ANONIM

I deepened the roots of social exclusion and had a great time during the groups activities <3 very enriching, thanks ― ANONIM

ı have learnt that some de nitions and some events are the same in everywhere . ― ANONIM

I clari ed in my mind the roots of social exclusion ans i realized that most of them are the same in different countries ― ANONIM

I have learned more information and examples about hate speech and discrimination in different countries. ― ANONIM

I was able to learn some of the most common social exclusion examples of some countries ― ANONIM

I leant that there are other ways to think about the topics of discrimination and hate speech (related to migration as I knew before starting the project) ― ANONIM

I am excited for today and to continue the sessions and continue learning ― ANONIM

Listening to the other national groups works was very interesting. I loved the breakout rooms activities <3 thank you

Aldo: I was happy and satis ed with the teamwork we were able to build up in such a short time. Also, I can understand now how faceted social exclusion has become ― ANONIM


i got some ideas that I can use in practice as an educator Aldo: I understood better how to create a simple yet complete presentation on jamboard :) ― ANONIM


I have learnt how the social exclusion continues for the same reasons and roots even many years is passed ― ANONIM

It was a great day. Debiting with others, evaluating examples in different countries of social exclusion ― ANONIM

The exercise with the dream country where there are no prejudice was the best. I liked it a lot. :) ― DENITSA YORDANOVA

Aldo: I learnt how to work better with different kinds of team!

Aldo: It was educational for me; I nally had the chance to talk about very important topics, to set goals on ghting sereotypes too! ― ANONIM


It was nice to create our imaginary world. It contained lots of discussions and I gain more perspectives ― ANONIM

DAY 6 I was so sad not to be able to take part to the project ― ANONIM Yesterday it was a very creative day!

I undertood the importance of education in creating a better world with equal oportunities ― ANONIM


I improved my computer skills ― ANONIM Ι liked the excersise with the feelings that we had ― ANONIM Every day i am receiving more and more and gaining some extraordinary experiences. ― OHRIDINKLUZIJA

Yesterday, we found out that even the change is hard, it must start from somewhere, from us. ― OHRIDINKLUZIJA We were able to understand each other and listen to each other's ideas and opinions; we developed creativity. It was also an interesting and joyful session. ― ANONIM International interesting points of view! ― ANONIM

I learned about the term "positive discrimination". ― ANONIM i understood how these consequences affect all of us ― ANONIM

Yesterday, we found out that even the change is hard, it must start from somewhere, from us. ― ANONIM I liked the Yazdan story. ― ANONIM

ı have learnt there were so many types of prejudices we should nd a really powerful solution to hadle them. ıt can be love ! ― ANONIM

I was useful to clear up how stereotypes, prejuices and discrimination are connec ― ANONIM It was very inspiring to discuss about possible actions thatwe can work on for the solutions against hate speech, discriminations and social exclusion among youths. ― ANONIM I have learnt others opinions and streotypes about some person such as muslims, blonde girl, roma people etc.. it was interesting. Also i love Emilija's, Evi's and Vivian's cats!!! ― ANONIM

DAY 8 i met some people that i hadn't so far ― ANONIM I was happy that Yazdan wanted to share his story ― ANONIM It was great to think about solutions.


I was happy someone asked about why I joined later <3


I didn’t know that in my country exist campaigns about discrimination! ― ANONIM

It was good to share our ideas on how to empower youth when discussing about hate-speech and social exclusion. And it was interesting to have a practical understanding of stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination. ― ANONIM with the example of information, feelings and action! ― ANONIM Aldo: I learnt how to work better with different kinds of team! ― ANONIM

I learned about some campaigns ― ANONIM ı have realized that hate speech isn't being cared as much as should be cuz there are few campaigns to avoid it . ― ANONIM I have learnt amazing and inspiring story of Yazdan. I was really so happy because of that. Also to discuss about how to ght with hate speech was so nice ― ANONIM


I was very deeply impressed of the story of Yazdan. ― DENITSA YORDANOVA

Solidarity ― ANONIM Worked great with my national team ― ANONIM it was a very interesting day ― ANONIM I learnt so many things and I love the cooperation ― ANONIM team work isn't a bad thing after all ― ANONIM It was a great day. Also it was interesting.

I learned that hate speech is a bad thing for everyone. ― ANONIM I realized that also in my country there are campains about hate speech ― ANONIM Aldo: I was able to discuss interesting ideas and to compare the various actions taken by different states of EU ― ANONIM We founded about other organizations around the worl, that was interesting and acknowledging. ― ANONIM


We made a great job with national team and while were nding some stereotypes we laughed a lot as well ― ANONIM

DAY 9 & 10

I loved day 9 because the 100 ideas activity was amazing!

It was awesome to learn more about experiences of Yazdan <3



I didn’t know that our mind kept 100 ideas about hate speech! ― ANONIM

It was a wonderful day and I gained more knowledge on the topic of online and of ine hate speech. ― DENITSA YORDANOVA

working on groups can be hard but this time was really productive

I learned about the steps that are needed to set up a campaign.



It was very hard to nd innovative ideas because many of them it was common ― ANONIM

what can ı say everything was great to design our ideas to avoid hate speech and have information about an migrant story from Yazdan! ― ANONIM

Creating the ideas for overcoming online and of ine hate speech was an interesting activity. ― DENITSA YORDANOVA To think and nd new ideas about hate speech was very productive ― ANONIM I actually want to turn my idea into action. ― ANONIM Group works are the best, we had blast in brain storming in a forge of ideas. Super fun and productive ― SERENA BUSALLA there are a lots of ideas to make it. ı think government and non government organizations will be super busy in one hundred years. ― ANONIM It was interesting coming with different ideas and think about No Hate Speech campaigns and also learn what everyone has in their mind and what some have already accomplished in term of campaigns. ― ANONIM Work in groups was realy inspiring and acknowledging. Interesting and fun day. ― ANONIM

It was interactive. I gured out that everyone has a problems, but they might be big or smaller. So we need to be brave and try to do something. ― ANONIM I learnt how to design a campaign and enjoyed very much the group activity. I loved Yazan's story, his courage and strength inspired me a lot. <3 ― SERENA BUSALLA I learned the steps to design a campaign. Also i learned many things from the presentation of Yazzdan. It was really inspiring and interesting ― ANONIM BEST ONE! ― ANONIM I learned about the experience of a refugee in Croatia


It was amazing virtual project with awesome people! I am proud to be part of this team! Thank you for the new knowledge and zoom experience! ― ANONIM it was a day that made me appreciate things ― ANONIM I learnt how inspiring some people and their llife experiences can be ― ANONIM

DAY 11 I learnt how to design and write down my project in general terms. ― ANONIM It was the most educative day. ― ANONIM i improved my social and team skills , yesterday was the day that i understood this ― ANONIM


Also learnt some things about the reality of the refugees and the situation of Iran ― ANONIM I learned that I am able to share my ideas and opinions and that I sould never be afraid to do that. ― ANONIM