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CAMPUS As a Vandal, you become part of a close-knit community of explorers, researchers and dreamers.


Open up your mind to possibilities. Try new and scary things — go rock climbing, check out cultural events and make a plan to push yourself outside your comfort zone.

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.


There really is something for everyone here in Moscow! Discover Nine Reasons to Fall in Love with Moscow: uidaho.edu/ilovemoscow.


Gotta get the shirt! You can’t leave U of I without an intramural champ shirt. These shirts are exclusive swag for the winners of any U of I intramural tournament.


How do I find out about my financial aid and scholarships? U of I sends updates about financial aid and scholarships to your VandalMail email address. Make sure your electronic accounts are setup at bit.ly/setup-vandalmail.

When and how is financial aid distributed?

Disbursement, or delivery of financial aid funds, occurs within 10 days of class start after all required documents have been submitted and awards have been accepted,. Typically, funds are available on the first day of class each semester. Your specific information will be available on VandalWeb: bit.ly/vandalweb-finaid.

How will I receive my billing statement?

New students who have registered for fall classes will receive a billing statement at their permanent home address and through VandalMail in mid-July. During spring semester, continuing students receive their spring billing statement in early January through VandalMail. New spring semester students receive a statement in the mail. Contact Student Accounts with any questions.

How many credits do I need to take to be eligible for financial aid?

We package students assuming they will be enrolled full time with a minimum of 12 credits. Your financial aid eligibility will be reassessed at 5 p.m. on the tenth class day of the term. Your financial aid may be reduced or canceled if you drop below full-time status during the first ten days of class. Make sure you are registered for at least 12 credits so you don’t lose you financial aid.

How is financial aid applied to my college expenses?

Financial aid pays University of Idaho charges first (tuition, fees and residence halls). If your financial aid does not cover all University 4

charges, you need to make arrangements with Student Accounts to pay the remaining balance no later than the first day of class in order to avoid late fees. If your financial aid covers all university charges, any remaining funds will be disbursed to you. Log on to VandalWeb and sign up for direct deposit to receive funds in your specified savings or checking account.

What if my family financial situation changes?

Contact the Financial Aid Office if you have a significant change in your family financial situation and the information on your FAFSA does not reflect your current financial situation. All students have an assigned Financial Aid Counselor who can help answer questions and provide professional advice on a variety of financial aid related issues. Your counselor reviews each situation individually to help determine aid eligibility.

What do I need to do if I accept a Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized Stafford Loan?

Students who receive a Direct Sub or Unsub Stafford Loan for the first time must complete federal entrance counseling and sign a loan agreement for a subsidized/unsubsidized loan (Master Promissory Note). Every year a student loan is taken students must complete the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment as well. Go to bit.ly/uofistudentloans and log in using your FSA ID to complete each of these requirements, which should be completed by July 1.

Student Financial Aid Services 208-885-6312 Toll Free: (888) 8UI-DAHO finaid@uidaho.edu www.uidaho.edu/get-financial-aid


August 20-23, 2020 Vandal Welcome is your orientation event to kick off the academic year — it’ll set you up for a successful year.

SIGN UP TODAY. www.uidaho.edu/uofi-vandalwelcome Questions? 208-885-6163 | orientation@uidaho.edu


VandalStar is a tool to help you connect and thrive personally and academically at U of I.


WELCOME TO VandalStar YOUR CAMPUS NETWORK FOR STUDENT SUCCESS informed. A kudos lets you know when you’re doing great. A flag is a reminder to take action and connect with your support network or resources.

VandalStar is an online portal for you to connect with faculty, advisors, staff and campus academic services and for the Vandal community to help you when you need it most. It is an interactive place where you can quickly access and find your customized success network and key academic services and programs—when needed. And, it’s mobile friendly!

Simply put – VandalStar is a tool to help you connect and thrive personally and academically at U of I. Your success matters to us and we’re here for you.

What will I use VandalStar for?

When should I start using VandalStar?

• CONNECT—To Your Personal Success Network: VandalStar is all about connecting to your Success Network and your Network being there for you. Who is your Success Network? It’s all the people at U of I dedicated to helping you succeed both in and out of the classroom: advisors, professors, tutors, coaches, support programs and more! • ONLINE APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING—You initiate and direct: No more sending email back and forth! With VandalStar scheduling, you are in the driver’s seat in setting up appointments with Your Success Network and other programs anytime, anyplace, and on any digital device. It makes it fast and easy and you also receive email confirmations and appointment reminders. • RAISE YOUR HAND—Request Help: Have a question? Ask instructors and advisors through VandalStar! • STAY INFORMED ABOUT YOUR ACADEMICS—You’ll see flags, kudos, and sometimes even messages from your professors and advisors about your academic progress. This keeps you

Right away is the short answer! Once admitted you can log in and see your dashboard and the campus directory listing of over 45 campus resources and services. After you register for classes and have an assigned advisor, your customized Success Network will be viewable and accessible immediately. Your Success Network will expand and evolve as you connect with people and services on campus through your college years.

How do I login to VandalStar? Go to vandalstar.uidaho.edu and log in with your university provided email and password. You can create your profile and customize your settings after that.

For more information, contact:

The VandalStar Team at vandalstar@uidaho.edu or call 208-885-8787


Get your FREE UIdaho Bound Tee Shirt @ axs.uidaho.edu/uidahobound

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VandalStore, serving our students: Textbooks, VandalGear, Supplies, Starbucks and more


The University of Idaho offers a variety of alternative transportation options to get you where you need to be. In addition to walking and biking, free public transportation within the city of Moscow is available Mon.-Fri., 6:40 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday 8:10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students may also rent a Zipcars on campus by the hour or by the day. For weekend/holiday trips out of town, find classmates traveling in the same direction by joining the University of Idaho’s own rideshare network, Zimride. The Intermodal Transit Center offers students convenient access to regional public transportation connecting to major cities in the inland northwest. For additional information on transportation options, visit www.uidaho.edu/alt-transit. Students bringing a car to campus must purchase a parking permit online at uidaho.edu/buy-permit. Parking on campus is limited. Annual parking permits go on sale in July and must be displayed on the first day of the semester in all campus lots.

Students living in University Housing (Wallace, Tower, LLC’s, McConnell Hall) may purchase an economy or silver permit and students living in a greek chapter house may purchase an economy or purple permit. For those living off-campus, either a blue, red or orange permit will be appropriate. Check out parking lot locations at www.uidaho.edu/wheretopark. Be sure to read the parking regulations before the first day of school! We’re all held accountable for citations we receive. The regulations are on our website: www.uidaho.edu/parkingrules. For free on-campus vehicle unlocks, jumpstarts, a gas can or flat tire assistance call the PIT Crew: uidaho.edu/parkingpitcrew. You will likely have questions at some point. Get your answers straight from the source: Parking and Transportation Services at 208-885-6424 or parking@uidaho.edu.



MOSCOW There’s something special about Moscow, Idaho. It’s neither too big, nor too small — everything you need is within a short walk or bike ride from campus. It’s no wonder College Rank named our charming city as one of the 50 best college towns in America. Historic downtown is just a quick stroll from campus and features art galleries, boutiques, coffee houses, local fine and casual dining, as well as beautiful green spaces.

Here, Moscow rhymes with “let’s go”


Learn more about what makes Moscow special at visitmoscowid.com.


Experience all four seasons in Moscow:


Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. High 37 42 50 58 67 74 Low 25 27 31 36 41 45 Jul. Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. High 84 85 75 61 44 36 Low 49 49 43 36 30 24 Source: Weather.com

STUDENT ACCOUNTS IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Courses are not dropped for non-payment. Please drop your courses online prior to the first day of class if you’re registered and decide not to attend. Students are responsible for dropping courses prior to the first day of the term to avoid being billed and graded.

How to Pay Many students and families have questions about how and when to pay tuition and fees at the University of Idaho. Here are a few important details to keep in mind: • Fall semester charges post to your account in mid to late July. • Spring semester charges post to your account in early January. • All fees, tuition, room and meal plan payments not covered by financial aid are due in full the first day of the semester. • If you register for classes and decide not to attend, be sure to drop your courses online prior to the first day of class. Courses are not dropped for non-payment.

Payment Options In Full

You can pay your fees and tuition in full by cash, check, debit card, credit card or electronic bank transfer (e-check). • Cash is accepted in person only. • Checks are accepted in person or via mail. Make checks payable to “Bursar, U of I.” • Debit card payment is accepted in-person only with a PIN #. • Credit card and debit card payment is accepted via VandalWeb (service fee of 2.85% or $3.00 – whichever is greater). • Electronic bank transfers (e-checks) are accepted only via VandalWeb (no service fee). • If you mail your payment, it must arrive by the first day of the semester to avoid a late fee.

Mail payments to:

Student Accounts/Cashiers University of Idaho 875 Perimeter Dr MS 4250 Moscow, ID 83844-4250 Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (during academic school year term) 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (during summer) Cashier Hours: Monday –Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (during academic school year term) 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (during summer)


Third Party

(Sponsor/Athletics/Graduate Assistants) A third-party sponsor is an entity that has agreed to pay all or a specified portion of a student’s tuition, fees, books and other charges. If your tuition will be paid by a third party, the sponsor is required to provide the University with an official document guaranteeing payment. Students must notify Student Accounts of a possible third-party sponsor. Students are responsible for any amount not paid by the sponsor.

Scholarships, Grants or Loans

If you receive financial aid, it will show on your student account ten days before the start of the semester. If there is a remaining balance, payment is due in full by the first day of the semester. In general, any remaining funds due to the student will be available the first day of classes.

Student Payment Plan

If you are unable to pay in full up front, or do not have enough financial aid to cover the full balance for the semester, you need to set up a student payment plan in order to avoid late fees. Payment plans require an enrollment fee of $55 each semester at the time you start the plan. Payment plans must be set up by the first day of classes to avoid late fees from the University of Idaho.

Student Accounts/Cashiers 208-885-7447 Toll Free (888) 884-3246 Fax 208-885-9209 acctrec@uidaho.edu uidaho.edu/student-accounts

All fees, tuition, room and meal plan payments are due in full by the first day of the semester. If you are setting up a student payment plan it must be in place, and the first payment made by the first day of the semester in order to avoid late fees.

IMMUNIZATIONS U of I recommends vaccinations and/or screenings for certain vaccine-preventable diseases. Please visit uidaho.edu/vaccines to view the complete list of recommendations and fast facts about benefits, risks and info about accessing vaccines.


Are you covered? All full-time students at U of I must have health insurance. If you have your own health insurance that meets university requirements, that’s great! If not, don’t worry. You’ll be enrolled in our Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP), and a semester charge will be placed on your account.

Providing Proof of Insurance Before the first day of the semester, you need to submit proof of insurance. Here’s how: • Log in to VandalWeb using your NetID and password • Click on “Students Menu” • Click on “Student Health Insurance Menu”


• Click on “Health Insurance Information Form”

Student Insurance and Business Office

• Select “Upcoming Term”

208-885-2210 health@uidaho.edu uidaho.edu/health-insurance

• Provide requested insurance information • Submit




On-campus living sets you up for success, both in and out of the classroom — and provides opportunities to grow personally, socially and academically. That’s why all full-time, first-year students under the age of 21 are required to live in organized on-campus housing their first year.* * There are a few limited exemptions to our on-campus housing requirement. If you’d like to learn more about these exemptions, please visit uidaho.edu/housingexemption.

HOME AWAY FROM HOME Housing and Residence Life

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Engage with students from diverse backgrounds. Thrive while experiencing new ideas in and out of the classroom. Succeed in your academic and personal life.

Grow alongside a sisterhood of women or a brotherhood of men while navigating the challenges of college and beyond. Serve your community through philanthropy and civic engagement. Learn to lead others while bettering yourself personally and academically. Build connections that will last a lifetime.

• Choose your room, roommate and explore your new independence. Live and learn with amazing people while you create relationships that will last a lifetime. •

17 living options including 12 academic and interest theme floors

Housing and Residence Life offers a safe and inclusive living environment where you can explore all that campus life has to offer. Apply for housing:


• 26 Greek housing options • 10 sororities, 16 fraternities Joining and living in a fraternity or sorority with an on-campus chapter house will meet your on-campus housing requirement as a first-year student. Recruitment for these opportunities begins before Vandal Welcome in August. There are also a wide variety of other fraternity and sorority opportunities available to explore after you arrive on campus. Register for recruitment:



Joe’s Cheesy Grill

Off Campus: Palouse Mall and Beyond From award-winning local eateries and coffee stands to national chain restaurants and fast food options, there’s something for everyone.

The Hub Newly renovated and equipped for all dietary needs. Get on a meal plan to help with costs! Located on the first floor of the Wallace Residence Center.

The Fishbowl Café Your latest hot spot. Featuring a mix of healthy and traditional snack foods, find the fuel you need for studying any time, day or night. Located in the U of I Library.

Gourmet grilled cheese AND loaded french fries. Need we say more? Located at Sixth Street Market in the Living Learning Communities.

The Grid Community Store A community marketplace on campus with something for everyone. Charge your phone or computer while you shop. Located at the Sixth Street Market in the Living Learning Communities.

ISUB Food Court

MY DINING OPTIONS Fuel up the Vandal way. As you explore the town, you’ll find there is more to Moscow than meets the eye — especially when it comes to food. Here are some dining options that you should check out.


Stop by between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. to fill your cravings. Choose from Mein Bowl, Chick-fil-A and Qdoba. All located in the Idaho Student Union Building.

Einstein Bros. Bagels This is where you can eat ALL the bagels. Located on the second floor of the Idaho Student Union Building.

You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food. — PAUL PRUDHOMME

Papa John's

Off Campus:

Whether you're getting pepperoni, Hawaiian or the classic cheese, this is your pizza destination. Located in the Sixth Street Market in the Living Learning Communities.


One World Café Grab a drip coffee, latte, mocha, espresso, tea or Italian soda to keep you going. Located in the Janssen Engineering Building.

Starbucks Any coffee-lover’s dream. Located in the VandalStore.

Whether you want to impress your family with a fancy restaurant, peruse the Farmers Market, or grab a quick bite with friends, downtown Moscow has plenty of options. And most of them are on or near Main Street!

The Grid Community Store Need a quick pick-meup? Stop by The Grid for a selection of snacks, quick meals and beverages. Located in the Idaho Student Union Building.

Moscow Food Co-op

One World Café Satisfy your coffee craving or hunker down to study. Located in the Administration Building.

Stop in for coffee, sandwiches, wraps and other snacks. Located in the Campus Christian Center.

Stover’s Everyone loves a pita! Located in the J. A. Albertson Building.

Check out your dining options: uidaho.edu/goodeats


MY DETAILS In all the excitement, don’t forget these important items.

VandalCard Your VandalCard is your magic ticket into everything at the University of Idaho — from basketball games to the dining hall. Visit the VandalCard Office in the Bruce M. Pitman Center to have your photo taken and card printed. If you want to get ahead of the game, stop by any day during working hours. If you won’t be on campus before Vandal Welcome, you’ll be able to get your card then!

Common Read Think of the Common Read as a really big book club for new U of I students. The entire freshman class reads the Common Read book. You can choose to read the book over the summer (and get ahead) or wait to read it your first semester. Watch your VandalMail for more information.

Set up your computer Textbooks You can buy your textbooks from the VandalStore on campus or online. To buy your textbooks online: 1. Log in to VandalWeb. 2. Select the Students tab. 3. Click on the Registration option. 4. Select Textbook Express. 5. Select a semester from the drop-down list and click Submit. 6. Click the Submit Textbook Express Info. You will be taken to the VandalStore website with the list of textbooks that are required and/or recommended for your registered courses. If you receive a “you are not registered for PRO any classes” message, check that you have TIP selected the current semester and try again.


Getting ready for college means getting your technology ready. U of I has software programs available for free download and many other products offered at discounted rates to help you succeed. U of I also has a variety of on-campus student computer labs to make studying and printing convenient. As a reminder, before you arrive you’ll want to make sure any file-sharing applications you have are set up to only share legally obtained content.

Buy parking permit While our campus and community are incredibly pedestrian-friendly, we understand that you may wish to bring your own transportation. Starting in early July, reach out to Parking and Transportation Services for answers about what permit you need and buy your permit at uidaho.edu/parking-permits.

Great things never came from comfort zones.

Pack it up.


Hmm, what to bring?! Here’s a list of things you’ll want to be sure to pack, with spaces to note the personal treasures you’ll want to remember to throw in.

Twin (XL) sheets, pillows and blankets

Towels and washcloths

Shower caddy and shower shoes

Laundry detergent and basket

Cleaning supplies

Clothes hangers

Bicycle, helmet and bike lock

Desk lamp

Extension cord/power strip

Ear plugs/headphones

Dishes and silverware

First-aid kit with thermometer

Prescriptions or medications

Water bottles and water pitcher with filter

School supplies and backpack


3M command strips to hang pictures

Social Security card, insurance card (or card photo) and passport


Doing laundry might be one of those great things outside your comfort zone. Learn some

Other Packing Tips



Leave it at home: Candles, incense, heaters, microwave, refrigerator (U of I provides this in every room), pets, any open coil or open flame appliance (e.g., toaster ovens, hotplates, George Foreman grills), weapons and tobacco products (including e-cigs and chew; U of I is a tobacco-free campus). Don’t forget: Family pictures, posters and anything else that will make your room feel more like home!

Big Three Major Goals to accomplish my first year at U of I



DREAM A LITTLE Setting goals is a great way to make sure you have a successful year.



PERSONAL MOTTO for my year at U of I:

Set your goals high, and don’t stop ’til you get there. — BO JACKSON

Financial Goals

How can I make my money work for me?

Personal Growth

New Things

Make Connections

New Adventures

Fitness Matters

Bad Habits

Book List

Stay Connected

What steps can I take to become my best self?

Who do I want to get to know at U of I?

What steps can I take to keep myself healthy and active?

What’s on my personal reading list?

What out-of-the-ordinary things can I try this year?

What places do I most want to visit during breaks?

What do I need to stop doing in order to reach my goals?

Who do I want to make the effort to stay in touch with?


DREAM A LITTLE FURTHER. What I’m most excited about:

Now is a good time to start making goals for your future at U of I. This page will help you get thinking. Dreams to become realities: Unknowns about college:

Your Resources at U of I Take advantage of these on-campus resources to help you dream even FURTHER.



The Writing Center uidaho.edu/writing-sos 208-885-6644

Located on the third floor of the ISUB, the Writing Center is available to assist you throughout the writing process — just make an appointment to get started.



uidaho.edu/study-buddies 208-885-1021

Tutoring, academic coaching and supplemental instruction is designed to help you succeed.

Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success. — DAVID JOSEPH SCHWARTZ

I want to learn more about:

My study strengths:

I’m grateful for:

Study weaknesses to improve:

How I want to grow: Sources of inspiration:

Plans for the future:


Counseling & Testing Center uidaho.edu/counseling-testing 208-885-6716

A wide range of counseling services, resources and referrals are available at the Counseling and Testing Center on the third floor of Mary E. Forney Hall.


Career Services uidaho.edu/work-it 208-885-6121

From job exploration to career fairs, Career Services has resources and staff to help at any stage in your career.


For a list of tips to kick-start your career: uidaho.edu/careerready.

Explore more resources to dream further: uidaho.edu/dream-further


GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS In some cases, U of I general education requirements may overlap degree requirements; students should check with their academic advisor for specific information. For more information, please check with your advisor and consult U of I’s General Education page under Student Information: uidaho.edu/student-information

ACADEMIC AFFAIRS General Education

n Written Communication (6 credits; Catalog J-3-a)

208-885-9025 panttaja@uidaho.edu uidaho.edu/gen-eds

The U of I General Catalog requires that students take ENGL 101 (and 109 in some cases) and 102 every semester until ENGL 102 is satisfactorily completed. Please consult the English placement information.

If placed in ENGL 102, upon successful completion of the course, passing credit for ENGL 101 will also be granted.



SAT: Pre 2016

SAT: 2016

If Exempt from ENGL 102, passing credit for ENGL 101 and ENGL 102 will be granted.


101, 109


< 500





n ENGL 101 Introduction to College Writing (3)





n ENGL 102 College Writing & Rhetoric II (3)




> 730

n Oral Communication (2-3 credits; Catalog J-3-b) Required ONE of the following: n COMM 101 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (2) n COMM 150 Online Oral Communication (3) n PHIL 102 Reason & Rhetoric (2) n Natural & Applied Sciences (7-8 credits; Catalog J-3-c)

Students are required to complete TWO science courses, from TWO different disciplines, and their accompanying labs, or a CORS course and another course with its accompanying lab.

Required TWO of the following: n BIOL 102+102L Biology & Society & Lab (3+1) n BIOL 114 Organisms & Environments (4)


Placement information available at: uidaho.edu/english-placement

CHEMISTRY PLACEMENT You can place into CHEM 111 in one of four ways: n One of the following: ACT math score of at least 25, SAT math score of at least 560 (pre-2016) or 580 (2016+), or ALEKS math score of at least 46 n A grade of at least a C in MATH 143, 160, or 170 or CHEM 101 n Pass the Chemistry Placement Exam n Department Permission For more information on the Chemistry Fundamental Exam visit: uidaho.edu/chem-exam

n BIOL 115+115L Cells & the Evolution of Life & Lab (3+1) ***Pre-req: CHEM 101+101L or CHEM 111+111L

n GEOL 101+101L Physical Geology & Lab (3+1)

n EPPN 154 & 155 Microbiology and the World Around Us & Lab (3+1)

n PHYS 100+100L Fundamentals of Physics & Lab (3+1)

n BIOL 154+155 Introductory Microbiology & Lab (3+1) n BIOL 250+255 General Microbiology & Lab (3+2) ***Pre-req: BIOL 115 & either CHEM 101 or 111

n GEOL 102+102L Historical Geology & Lab (3+1) n PHYS 103+104 General Astronomy & Lab (3+1) n PHYS 111+111L General Physics I & Lab (3+1) ***Pre-req: MATH 143

n CHEM 101+101L Introduction to Chemistry I & Lab (3+1)

n PHYS 112+112L General Physics II & Lab (3+1) ***Pre-req: PHYS 111

n CHEM 111+111L General Chemistry & Lab (3+1) ***Pre-req: See Chemistry Placement

n PHYS 211+211L Engineering Physics I & Lab (3+1) ***Pre-req or Co-req: MATH 170

n CHEM 112+112L General Chemistry II & Lab (4+1) ***Pre-req: CHEM 111 & CHEM 111L

n PHYS 212+212L Engineering Physics II & Lab (3+1) ***Pre-req: PHYS 211

n CORS 206-297 Integrated Science (3)

n SOIL 205+206 The Soil Ecosystem & Lab (3+1)

n ENVS 101+102 Intro to Environmental Science & Field Activities (3+1) n GEOG 100+100L Physical Geog. & Lab (3+1) 24

***Note: Many degree programs require specific science courses from this list. Students should check their degree requirements and discuss this with their advisor.

n Math, Statistics, & Computer Science (3-4 credits; Catalog J-3-d)




108, 123



108, 123, 130



108, 123, 130, 143


n MATH 143 Pre-Calc, Algebra & Analytical Geometry (3)


108, 123, 130, 143, 160


n MATH / STAT 153 Intro to Statistical Reasoning (3)


n MATH 160 Survey of Calculus (4)

Students may challenge their placement by taking an approved exam.

Required ONE of the following: n CS 112 Computational Thinking and Problem Solving (3) n MATH 123 Mathematics Applied to the Modern World (3) n MATH 130 Finite Mathematics (3)

n MATH 170 Analytic Geom. & Calc. (4) n MATH 175 Analytic Geom. & Calc. II (4)

108, 123, 130, 143, 160, 170, 176

SAT: Pre 2016


n STAT 251 Statistical Methods (3)

***Note: Many degree programs require specific math courses, so consult your academic advisor. Math 160 should not be taken as a pre-requisite for Math 170.

Social Sciences and Humanities (Catalog J-3-e)

Senior Experience (Catalog J-3-g)

n Humanities (6 credits, from TWO different disciplines)

n Senior Experience/Capstone Students must have completed at least one upper-division (300499) course from approved Senior Experience courses found in your Degree Audit (available through VandalWeb).

n MATH 275 Analytic Geom. & Calc. III (4)

n Social Sciences (6 credits, from TWO different disciplines) Refer to list of approved Humanities and Social Science courses found in DegreeAudit. *** Note: Many degree programs require specific humanities and/or social science courses from the approved list. *** Students should check their degree requirements and discuss this with their advisor.

n TOTAL OF 36 CREDITS Students must complete a total of 18 credits within the J-3-e, J-3-f and J-3-g categories, and a minimum total of 36 credits in all categories to complete the General Education curriculum requirements.

American Diversity and International Courses (Catalog J-3-f) n American Diversity (1 course) n International Course (1 course, 1-4 credits) Refer to list of approved Humanities and Social Science courses found in DegreeAudit. *** Certain American Diversity and International courses are cross-listed with certain Humanities and Social Sciences course, and can be used to satisfy both associated requirements.

CHECK YOUR REQUIREMENTS IN DEGREE AUDIT: To view your Degree Audit: login to VandalWeb (www.vandalweb. uidaho.edu) and select the Student Tab4 Degree Audit and Transcript 4 Degree Audit. Your general education requirements, degree and major requirements, and minor requirements will load automatically. If you have a second degree program, select it from the drop-down menu at the top to the right of your name.

*** The International course requirement may be waived if a student successfully completes an approved Summer, Fall or Spring term abroad through the International Programs Office (IPO).


Profile for The University of Idaho

UIdaho Bound Digital Welcome Booklet  

A resource for students who cannot attend the in-person UIdaho Bound events.

UIdaho Bound Digital Welcome Booklet  

A resource for students who cannot attend the in-person UIdaho Bound events.

Profile for uidaho