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For UH, 2011 was a truly remarkable year, one filled with unparalleled unparalleled

“Higher expectations inspire people to work harder to achieve greater success year after year.” –System Chancellor and UH President Renu Khator

…and the promise promise

The President’s Report: A Year of Excellence As the University of Houston continues to make its mark in the annals of higher education, 2011 merits special attention. Our formidable undertaking to become a nationally recognized research university has been rewarded. UH’s designation as a Tier One institution brings with it an obligation to acknowledge not only the vision and hard work of those at UH, but also the steadfast encouragement and support of the city for which we are named. We are striving to become the great university that a great city deserves, to educate the enlightened leaders and to prepare the productive citizens that our community must have to prevail. We respectfully accept

5 University of Houston is a Carnegie-designated Tier One public research university

5 The University of Houston generates $3.1 billion annually in the regional economy

5 Up to 80% of University of Houston graduates remain in the

that responsibility, and what we share in this report is done so in the spirit of accountability. As Houston prospers in the energy industry, in the health care fields, in the arts and humanities, this university works diligently to reflect and reinforce such success. We are partners in progress. There is much to applaud in this


recognition and reward…

report, but we do not seek such honors and awards for their own sake. They are signposts along the way as we travel toward overall excellence at the University of Houston. That journey continues.

Houston area, many serving as CEOs or company owners

5 University of Houston has been named one of the nation’s Best Colleges by The Princeton Review

of even greater progress in our continuing journey to excellence.


The University of Houston’s Tier One status has a significant, direct

When Texas voters approved Proposition 4 in 2009, our journey to Tier One was confirmed as a state-level priority. Proposition 4 established the National Research University Fund (NRUF) allowing approximately $500 million in state higher education funds to be awarded to seven Emerging Research Universities as they meet required benchmarks. The University of Houston is the first of these Texas universities to meet all of these benchmarks.

“The great news is that we are not just a Carnegie-ranked Tier One university, but that we are comfortably within that group.” –System Chancellor and UH President Renu Khator

Our destination is to achieve full Tier One status in every ranking, 3

Tier One: Growing Excellence 6



Undergraduates Living on Campus 8%


Average SAT

Six-Year Graduation Rate 43%


FRESHMAN: Acceptance Rate


Total Research Expenditures $113.7M $73.5M 46% National Academy Members







PhD Degrees Awarded




Graduate Enrollment


Retention Rate




Annual Giving

Post PhD Appointees




Endowment 0 12 3

0 12 3 20






impact on the economy, quality of life and future of Houston.


NOTE: Information in this report contains the latest data available to the university. Some 2011 entries may be based on 2010 data.






1 2 3 4 5 67 8 9







9 87 6 5 4 3 2 1 0||

0 1 2 3 ||

1 2 3 4 5 67 8 9

9 87 6 5 4 3 2 1 0||

0 1 2 3 ||

*After applying single campus discount per TARU. Single campus data reported after 2007.

including research, academics, student success and athletics.


Challenges and achievements define our path.

The University of Houston is ranked among the top 50 research universities

UH Performance on the Nine TARU Measures* 6

in the nation by Top American Research Universities (TARU). TARU raised its qualifying bar in 2008, and in the 2010 report UH accelerated progress by placing three measures in the Top 50. We are committed to even higher levels of excellence. Our goal is to place five of the nine measures in the Top 50 with one of those in the top 25. It is a sign of a nationally competitive university that, as we ascend on our path to excellence, the university is attracting the world’s best research talent.


Total Research x $1000 Federal Research x $1000 Endowment Assets x $1000 Annual Giving x $1000 National Academy Members Faculty Awards Doctorates Granted Postdoctoral Appointees SAT/ACT Range

$ 84,490 $ 43,162 $ 441,725 $ 73,214 8 1 231 173 450-570, 490-600

UH Rank Among Publics

104 110 45 50 41 179 54 55 178


*2010 report, featuring 2008, 2009 data

In 2011, we added three more members to our roster of eight faculty in the National Academies: Dr. John Lee, one of the world’s foremost petroleum engineers, Professor Joseph Colaco, one of the noted structural engineers of the century and Dr. Benton Baugh, an accomplished Houston engineer and UH alumnus. We are building excellence in every area.


–System Chancellor and UH President Renu Khator

Our milestones mark a path of ever higher goals.


“What we are doing now will give us the sustained excellence that we seek.”


More than 3,500 UH alumni head their own company or are presidents Competitive Resources: Endowment/Giving Rates6 Alumni Giving Rate

“We have told the community that student success, nationally competitive research and academic excellence are important to us. The community has answered back, ‘Yes, these things are important to us, too.’ The result has been a gratifying level of private giving and civic support.” –System Chancellor and UH President Renu Khator


Total New Giving/ New Commitments

$584M $590M

$49M $75M

5.3% 12.6%

2007 2011

2007 2011

2007 2011

While many institutions have struggled during economically challenging times, UH has run counter to that trend. Private financial giving has increased steadily, reflecting the community’s generous and enlightened support for Houston’s premier public university.

We are accelerating our efforts to achieve in every area,

Competitive Resources: Total per FTE Student 6 In 2011, the Bauer College of Business’ undergraduate entrepreneurship



Magazine. Our Executive MBA and Energy MBA programs have inspired top


program was ranked #1 in the nation by The Princeton Review/Entrepreneur


Houston professionals to reach the next level in their careers. Our independent, striving spirit energizes the marketplace and translates into real-world advances. The University of Houston is a leader in the state and the nation for licensing revenue, based on breakthroughs by researchers in the Colleges of


State Appropriations

$6,695 $20,135

State Appropriations


Pharmacy, Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Engineering.


Licensing income is a benchmark of a nationally competitive university focused on translational research. The University of Houston is moving innovations from the laboratory to the marketplace to make a tangible impact

UH Revenue from Technology Commercialization 4

in people’s lives. In 2011, UH royalty and licensing income reached nearly


$9 million, up from more than a $1 million in 2008.







while keeping our commitment to affordable higher education.


or CEOs.


“We are changing the institutional culture to one that is supportive of true excellence.” –System Chancellor and UH President Renu Khator

UH’s partnerships with Houston’s energy The UH Energy Research Park (ERP) houses a growing consortium of UH engineers, scientists, business professors and students working with industry leaders to meet energy challenges of today and tomorrow. In 2011, ERP welcomed its first academic department, Petroleum Engineering, located in the newly-named ConocoPhillips Petroleum Engineering Building.

Overall Research Citations 6 [5-yr citation average]

2007 – 20,828 2011 – 26,739

The Petroleum Engineering program began in 2009 with 20 students

Research Expenditures 6

and has grown tenfold with more than $12 million donated from industry

Total Research Expenditures


jointly designed by faculty and industry professionals.


and private sources. It is gaining national recognition for a curriculum

Total Research Expenditures

Federal Expenditures

$73.5M $40.1M

Our partnership with the Texas Medical Center offers new training opportunities for students in health sciences. A dual degree program with the University of Texas School of Nursing at Houston reserves 25 percent of the seats in each entering nursing class for UH students.

$113.7M $60M

Federal Expenditures


and health care leaders are changing the future.

284 Doctorates Awarded

239 Doctorates Awarded

158 Postdoctoral Appointees

210 Postdoctoral Appointees

Doctorates Awarded/Postdoctoral Appointees 4



Our research drives solutions to the world’s challenges.


University of Houston awards more than 7,000 degrees annually…

The University of Houston is listed in The Princeton Review’s Best 376

Colleges: 2012 Edition for the first time. We have earned this national recognition by making student success our number one priority. According to U.S. News & World Report rankings, the university’s graduation rate of First Time in College (FTIC) freshmen should be 53

Student Success 6



Freshman Retention Rate 77% 81%

percent, however it is currently 46 percent.

Graduation Rate (6 Year)



Initiatives are already under way to close the gap. We have developed

Percentage of Freshmen in top 20% of high school class



Freshmen Acceptance Rate



Average SAT





a nine-point plan to inspire and develop student potential by gradually raising entrance requirements, providing mentoring and small peer-group partnerships, and enhancing the campus community. We are seeing impressive results.



6,000 beds on campus, with approval for 2,000 more to bring the total to 8,000 by 2013. With that additional capacity, we will surpass every university in Texas but one.

Statewide Housing Capacity 6 12,000

FALL 2013


FALL 2011


0 Texas A&M

UT Austin

Texas Tech

Texas State

North Texas

UT Arlington

UT UT Dallas San Antonio

Since 2008, $219 million in construction projects have been completed. Another $219 million in new construction is currently under way and an additional $200 million will fund future construction. Projects


A major initiative in our nine-point plan is to create a residential environment on campus. Today we have

include the Health and Biomedical Sciences Center, Blaffer Museum renovation, the new Vision Institute, more classrooms and laboratories, and the football stadium. No state funding, unless specifically designated for construction, is being used for any of these projects.

‌ advancing the professional workforce in Houston and Texas.


UH’s designation as a Tier One institution

To the Cougar Community and Supporters, The Greater Houston Partnership applauds Chancellor Renu Khator and the University of Houston for its many recent successes, which positively highlight the Houston region. As Houston’s flagship university, UH plays an integral role in educating and training the next generation of Houston business professionals in a variety of industry sectors pertinent to the 10-county region we serve. Perhaps most impressive has been UH’s ambitious campaign to achieve Tier One status. GHP has urged the Texas Legislature to continue targeted research funds for the support of UH’s Tier One efforts, and we were particularly gratified to learn of UH’s designation as a Tier One research university by the Carnegie Foundation. We will continue to advocate on behalf of the university as it pursues even greater recognition. This past fall, we were pleased to host the special announcement marking the third time in five years that the Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center at the C.T. Bauer College of Business had been chosen by The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur Magazine as the leading undergraduate entrepreneurship program in the United States. This ranking points to the fact that Houston is an incubator for people with great ideas and the determination and guts to start new businesses. It is a blessing to have a college as successful as this one in our own backyard to help us cultivate the talent necessary to continue growing that spirit of entrepreneurship that has made the Houston region so successful. Please know that UH can count on the continued support of the Greater Houston Partnership as it becomes one of the leading universities in the United States. Go Coogs! Very truly,

Jeff Moseley President & CEO

…and the steadfast

In 2011, we were named as one of the “Great Colleges to Work For” by The Chronicle of Higher Education. Our stellar faculty includes a Fulbright Fellowship recipient, Pulitzer Prize winner, Nobel Prize laureate and Sloan Research Fellowship recipients.

5 Four academic programs are ranked in the Top 10 and eight programs are ranked in the Top 50 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report

5 Top 10 ranked programs include the undergraduate Entrepreneurship program, Healthcare Law, Intellectual Property Law and part-time Law programs

5 Top 50 programs include Chemical Engineering, Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Pharmacy and Social Work

5 UH students volunteer nearly one million hours in the Houston community annually through


acknowledges the vision and hard work of those at UH…

internships and other course-related programs

“Houston is a city that believes in the University of Houston.” –System Chancellor and UH President Renu Khator

encouragement and support of the city for which we are named.


2 Tier One status, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

President Khator appointed to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas board of directors


One of the best universities nationwide for undergraduates, The Princeton Review

Cosponsor with NASA, International Academy of Astronautics Humans in Space Symposium

UH places in Top 50 out of 600 nationwide, in 3 categories by TARU (Top American Research Universities)

Named one the nation’s greenest universities, second consecutive year, The Princeton Review


2011 ESPN features nationally ranked Cougars football team with a perfect 12-0 record “Great Colleges to Work For,� The Chronicle of Higher Education

Top entrepreneurship program in the nation, Entrepreneur Magazine and The Princeton Review

Accepted invitation to join Big East Conference

BCS (Bowl Championship Series) ranked football team


Our dynamic leadership at the University of Houston‌

Renu Khator Chancellor, UH System President, University of Houston

The importance of higher education in America and the value of the public dollar demand that we are transparent about the decisions we make and the actions we undertake. We are committed to a greater return on investment in terms of students enrolled, degrees awarded, research productivity and private support. Key performance indicators in these areas clearly measure the progress we are making in our efforts to achieve institutional excellence. Our dynamic leadership at the University of Houston holds itself fully accountable to fulfilling our mission and attaining our goals. Anything less is unacceptable.

‌holds itself fully

Dona Hamilton Cornell

Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UH System Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, UH

Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs and General Counsel, UH System Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel, UH

Carl Carlucci Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, UH System Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance, UH

Elwyn C. Lee Vice President for Community Relations and Institutional Access, UH

Rathindra N. Bose Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology Transfer, UH System

Eloise Dunn Stuhr

Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer, UH

Vice Chancellor for Advancement, UH System Vice President for Advancement, UH

Grover Campbell

J. Richard Walker

Vice Chancellor for Governmental Relations, UH System Vice President for Governmental Relations, UH

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, UH System Vice President for Student Affairs, UH

accountable to fulfilling our mission and attaining our goals.


John J. Antel


The University of Houston reflects the ambition and vitality of Houston‌






“Everyone is crucial to our mission. Imagine a train going at top speed. To an observer, it would seem that the engine is pulling the entire train. In reality, the engine is only pulling the first car. The second car is pulled by the first car, the third by the second. It is the connection that passes on the energy and pulls the next car. You are a part of this train.” –System Chancellor and UH President Renu Khator


Alumni Participation 6

‘07–‘08 ‘08–‘09 ‘09–‘10 ‘10–‘11 UH is moving into the future with the help of increasingly engaged alumni who are proudly engaged with their alma mater. In 2011, 18,000 alumni contributed $8.4 million to the university, more than ever in our history.

the most promising and skilled among us to shine even brighter.


UH Athletics is committed to building champions for life.

The UH Cougar football team’s stellar season set records, not only for UH

UH Athletics is committed to building champions for life through the Cougar Pride Leadership program, which

Athletics, but also in national NCAA rankings. The team’s prowess on the field

inspires and supports student-athletes to excel academically as well as on the field, court and track.

during the pivotal 2011 season brought ESPN to campus to broadcast its live GameDay show just before the Cougars’ victory over SMU. The football team’s winning spirit is shared by all of UH Athletics, which has a legacy of victory.

5 Spring, 2011, student-athletes had the highest GPA ever recorded in UH history 5 They passed 13.7 credit hours per semester, a record

5 77 student-athletes/coaches were Olympic participants earning 33 medals

5 Their graduation rate is 52%, highest to date

5 16 golf national championships

5 They are doing it while breaking records on the field and winning championships

5 Five men’s basketball Final Four appearances

5 The Cougar football team, joining national runner-up LSU as the only 13-win teams this season, finished No.

5 Two baseball College World Series teams

14 in the polls, claiming 8 NCAA records in the process

5 UH basketball begins the 2012 season with a top 25 recruiting class


UH Athletics brings its

Champions premier programs to the prestigious Big East Conference in 2013. 13.


As one of the nation’s premier public research universities… The UH System Board of Regents is composed of 10 members, including a


student representative. Every two years, the Governor of Texas appoints three members for a six-year term, subject to Senate confirmation. The student regent serves a one-year term. Board responsibilities include preserving each university’s independence while enhancing its public image and connection to the community; providing policy direction and nurturing growth and excellence at each campus.

Nelda Luce Blair Chair

Mica Mosbacher Vice Chair


Jarvis V. Hollingsworth Secretary

Spencer D. Armour, III Nandita V. Berry Tilman J. Fertitta Tamecia Glover Harris (student regent) Jacob M. Monty Roger F. Welder Welcome W. Wilson, Jr.


…UH serves our city and our

5 The Indian Prime Minister’s Global Advisory Council 5 The American Council on Education Board 5 The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Board 5 The Greater Houston Partnership Board 5 The Houston Technology Center Board 5 The Texas Medical Center Policy Council

When Renu Khator was appointed president of the University of Houston in 2008, she made a


President Khator serves on:

commitment to elevate the school to Tier One status, no matter how long such a formidable task might take. To the surprise of many but the delight of all, it took just three years. Under President Khator’s leadership, UH has experienced record-breaking research funding, enrollment and private support. UH launched its 75-acre Energy Research Park and became a member of the Texas Medical Center. This remarkable progress puts UH in the national spotlight.

country, preparing students to shape and sustain a better world.


The University of Houston is facing the challenges of today‌

President:.........................................................................Renu Khator Enrollment:......................................................................39,820 Ethnicity:..........................................................................Caucasian (33%) Hispanic (23.5%) Asian (19%) African-American (12%) International (9%) Faculty:.............................................................................3,446 Staff:.................................................................................3,574 Degree Programs:..........................................................304 Degrees Awarded Annually:..........................................7,840



Alumni:.............................................................................221,400 Annual Budget:...............................................................$1.01 billion Total Research Expenditures:.......................................$113.7 million 2011 Annual Tuition/Fees:.............................................$7,512 (resident undergrad) $15,024 (non-resident undergrad)

‌for the benefit of generations to come.


The University of Houston is an EEO/AA institution.

2012 President's Report  
2012 President's Report  

As the University of Houston continues to make its mark in the annals of higher education, 2011 merits special attention. Our formidable und...