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In This Issue: YOUR IMPACT

Years following a life-changing surgery, Kyla is saying ‘thank you’ to the care team that helped her survive in the best way she can. Imagine hearing the words: You have a brain tumour. What would your reaction be? Fear? Shock? Anxiety? Kyla Tozer felt relief. “Finally,” she recalled, “someone knew what was wrong.” Since she was 16, Kyla suffered from serious headaches. She avoided going out with her friends, and struggled to con-

centrate under the fluorescent lights at school. Teachers noticed she had trouble remembering things. Over time, her peripheral vision gradually got worse. “I said to my family doctor ‘you need to send me for an MRI,’” Kyla recalls. “He replied ‘What, do you think you have a brain tumour?’” Kyla’s intuition was right. An MRI revealed a tumour the size

A look inside our new hospital. p. 3

MONTHLY GIVING Golden moment makes a difference. p. 4

YOUR LEGACY Four letters to consider during legacy planning. p. 6

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A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT Springing forward into a new season of giving and gratitude. Spring is a time of new beginnings and of renewal. It’s the time of year when many of us complete projects that we’ve been working away at during the winter months. After 10 years of anticipation, this spring we celebrate the opening of the new Providence Care Hospital – a feat that would never have been possible without the generous community support of donors like you! It’s been so rewarding to see this massive project reach completion. I hope that you’ll take an opportunity to stop by and see some of the new public waterfront spaces when the facility opens next month.

Denise Cumming, UHKF President & CEO

HOW CAN WE MAKE YOUR EXPERIENCE BETTER? We’ve enclosed our annual Donor Satisfaction Survey and we want to hear from you! Your feedback will help us continue to shape our fundraising efforts, recognition, events and communications. You are at the heart of everything we do and we ask you to please take a few minutes to let us know how we can make your experience as a donor even better.

This spring also marks the integration of Kingston General Hospital and Hotel Dieu Hospital. We are so grateful to our donors who so faithfully support these hospitals through gifts to University Hospitals Kingston Foundation and to those of you who have shared your opinions on naming of the new Kingston Health Sciences Centre. We also appreciate the comments that we’ve received regarding how important it will be to maintain each hospital’s unique values and culture. We look forward to sharing more details about this milestone integration with you as it takes place. I hope that whether you’re returning from time spent in the sunshine down south or simply looking for signs of the first crocuses and robins from home, that spring brings you a sense of renewal and energy. With continued thanks for your commitment to heath care in Kingston,

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YOUR IMPACT: A LOOK INSIDE KINGSTON’S NEW HOSPITAL Providence Care Hospital opens its doors to patients and clients on April 23, 2017. Here is a look at some of the beautiful spaces at Kingston’s newest hospital, brought to life by generous donors like you!

Welcome to Providence Care Hospital!

The spacious, bright and bilingual lobby.

Registration is easy to find, it’s right across from the UHKF offices!

Each wing of the hospital is colour coded for easy navigation.

Strategically located nursing stations allow staff to better monitor patients.

Recreation gym complete with upper-level walking track for rehabilitation.

Outdoor courtyards are fully accessible to patients, and clients.

No hospital is complete without a lovely donor wall!

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THE DIFFERENCE A MONTHLY GIFT CAN MAKE A 50th wedding anniversary is a milestone to be cherished. Back in 1999, Ron and Joan Knapton found a special way to mark their golden anniversary... Together, they made a gift to University Hospitals Kingston Foundation in support of the Intensive Care Unit where Joan had received lifesaving care several years earlier.

“I like the convenience of monthly giving,” he says. “I like that I only had to set it up once and it continues without me having to do anything.”

“We wanted to make a gift to say thank you,” recalls Ron. “We had another 13 years together because of the care Joan received – particularly from Dr. Moffatt and the wonderful nurses in the ICU.”

Through his monthly gifts, Ron has continued the legacy of giving that he and Joan started together.

When his son passed away on March 12, 2007 and Joan passed away three days later on March 15, 2007, Ron chose to give gifts in their memory. The following year, he made the decision to start an automated monthly contribution and he’s continued giving monthly ever since.

Monthly recurring gifts are a safe and convenient way to support the Kingston hospitals. By setting up an automated monthly gift, you also lower the overhead costs for UHKF, which ensures your gift has an even greater impact. You can join Ron and the growing family of monthly supporters of the Kingston hospitals by calling us at 613-549-5452, by visiting us at uhkf.ca, or by sending in the reply coupon below in the enclosed return envelope.

YES! I WANT TO SUPPORT OUR HOSPITALS... Cut out this form and mail to: University Hospitals Kingston Foundation, 55 Rideau Street, Suite 4, Kingston ON, K7K 2Z8

I want to make a one-time donation of $________________

I am interested in learning about Planned Giving. Please send me more information.

I want to make a monthly donation of $_________________ Method of payment: I have enclosed a blank cheque payable to UHKF, marked “VOID”. Please withdraw the above amount on the ______ day of each month. Signature: _______________________________________

I authorize UHKF to charge my monthly donation to my credit card on the ______ day of each month. Card #______________________________________

Expiry Date: _____ /______

Signature: ___________________________________

Name of Card Holder: __________________________________

I would like to see my donation:

Shared where needed most



Other: ___________________________

We recognize donors by name in our publications: I do not wish my name to be published. Tax receipts will be issued for all qualifying gifts of $20 or more. Charitable Registration No. 820218147R0001. We do not sell or rent our mailing lists.

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Kyla has had a phenomenal recovery and now lives a happy, healthy life while studying neurosciences at Queen’s University! cont’d from pg. 1 of a softball crushing the front left hemisphere of her brain. Thankfully because of the access to highly specialized care available right here in Kingston, Kyla was scheduled for surgery with KGH neurosurgeon Dr. Ronald Pokrupa the next week.

has turned into a real passion and also been beneficial to her mental health.

the May 7th Chase a Dream – Neuro Half Marathon and 5k event.

“Once I started running, my life just took a complete turn in a good direction,” said Kyla. But she still struggled to find a meaningful way to say ‘thank you’ to the care team that saved her life.

“Our healthcare system is beyond fantastic,” she says, but everyone recovers in a different way from a brain injury like hers. Through this community event, she is not only able to raise funds in support of the program, but is raising awareness about living a good life after a major brain injury.

Two days after her surgery, Kyla was amazed she could see clearly again – and the relentless pain that she’d lived with for so many years, was gone.

“I was thinking ‘what do I do? He saved my life’,” explained Kyla. “So we went and got a cheese basket as a thank you gift, but I remember looking at my mom and saying ‘I don’t think this is enough.’”

And, best of all, Kyla was able to set aside some unhealthy habits from her past and take up running – an activity that

That’s when she and her mother came up with the idea to raise funds and awareness for neurosurgery at KGH through

Kyla’s drive inspires her supporters, and will have an incredible impact on many people in the future who will also benefit from the specialized care of Dr. Pokrupa and the neurosurgery team.


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Dr. Grant Sampson understands the importance maximizing the impact of his giving. He is one of the generous donors who have supported the Kingston hospitals making his gift through his Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF).

YOUR RETIREMENT AND GIFTS OF RRSP/RRIF Saving for your retirement has become an essential part of a complete financial plan. But have you considered what happens to your RRSP or RRIF when you pass away? If your surviving spouse is a named beneficiary, these registered savings are transferred to their name without tax liability. However, if no surviving spouse (or disabled child) is listed as the beneficiary, these accounts are closed and 100% of the remaining balance is added to your income in the year of death. The tax liability is borne by your estate on your final income tax return. And if other income was earned in your year of death, this could easily be subject to tax at the highest marginal tax rate. Since Canadians can now receive tax credits for charitable gifts of up to 100% of their income in the year of death (and retroactive one year) – it may make good sense to donate assets like these to charity through a beneficiary designation or a bequest gift in one’s Will. For more information about legacy giving, contact the Foundation, at 613-549-5452 or email foundation@uhkf.ca.

BENEFITS TO RRIF/RRSP GIVING You can make a significant difference in the health of your community through a legacy gift. It’s easy to arrange a change in RRSP/RRIF beneficiary. Tax credits for your estate may effectively eliminate the taxes due on the disposition of the RRSP/RRIF on your final tax return. Gift is not subject to probate fees.

55 Rideau Street, Suite 4 Kingston, Ontario, K7K 2Z8 Phone 613.549.5452 Toll-Free 1.866.549.5452 Web uhkf.ca

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