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PANHELLENIC EXECUTIVE BOARD (From Left to Right) Mary Stevenson- Vice President of Recruitment, Natalie Joslin- Director of Public Relations, Lindsay NationVice President of Administration, Pierce Persons- President, Caitlin Siracusa- Director of Chapter Relations, Elizabeth Lowe Director of Finance and Correspondence, Nancy Satola- Vice President of Recruitment Counselors

Dear Potential New Member: Welcome to The University of Georgia! As the representatives for the more than 4,000 UGA sorority women, we congratulate you on your acceptance and decision to attend UGA. Your years here will include many exciting learning experiences, but perhaps none as well-rounded and long remembered as being a member of a Greek organization. The Greek community at UGA has enhanced the lives of thousands of students since 1865 and can add many valuable dimensions to your college experience. We, along with all 17 of our sororities, are eagerly awaiting your participation in what is sure to be a rewarding and unique experience. Recruitment will allow you the opportunity to meet as many Greek women as possible and learn about each organization, Panhellenic, and the Greek community. When most women think about participating in Recruitment, their primary thought is the idea of joining one special sorority where they feel at home. However, Recruitment is much more. In joining any sorority, you become part of Panhellenic. Think of Recruitment as a way to become a member of Panhellenic, rather than a member of just one sorority. By considering Panhellenic as a whole, you can look at all sororities with an open mind. Please do not rule out any sorority before Recruitment starts or before seriously looking at what it has to offer. After all, every sorority shares common goals of sisterhood and we are all part of Panhellenic. Involvement in a sorority can be a positive contribution to your collegiate experience through friendship, leadership, academics, networking opportunities and personal growth. No matter which sorority you choose, the Panhellenic friendships you form will be lifelong. Beginning with your first day as a new member, you will be part of a group of women with whom you can share your college experience. A sorority is much more than just a house to live in – it is a group of women drawn together by mutual goals, trust and respect. Once again, we are pleased you have chosen to attend UGA. We hope you enjoy Recruitment and will decide to become part of the Greek community. We wish you the best in your future at The University of Georgia!

2013 Panhellenic Executive Board – Pierce, Mary, Nancy, Lindsay, Caitlin, Elizabeth, and Natalie The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 1


Every woman who joins a sorority becomes a member of Panhellenic. The Panhellenic Council is the governing body for all 17 National Panhellenic Council (NPC) sororities on the University of Georgia campus and unites every sorority woman regardless of individual affiliation. Each sorority has a delegate and an assistant delegate on the Council. Together, the Council members strive to unite sorority women and strengthen their values through cooperation, common interests and talents brought from each chapter. The Council is led by seven executive board members and the advisor who oversees all programs and activities. They work together with the delegates to make the Greek community a positive and active influence on the UGA campus and in the Athens community. The Panhellenic Council is responsible for promoting scholarship, philanthropy, personal growth, health, safety and involvement in sorority life and the Greek community as a whole. Through committee work, Panhellenic provides activities and honors such as Panhellenic social events, philanthropy projects and scholarship awards. Panhellenic also sponsors programs in areas such as risk management, personal safety, leadership and new member education. The Council sponsors numerous service projects and contributes financially to campus and community organizations. Finally, the Council organizes and oversees Recruitment. Thus, you are able to experience what Panhellenic does firsthand.

The Panhellenic Creed We, as undergraduate members of women’s fraternities, stand for good scholarship, for guarding good health, for maintenance of fine standards, and for serving, to the best of our ability, our college community. Cooperation for furthering fraternity life, in harmony with its best possibilities, is the ideal that shall guide our fraternity activities. We, as fraternity women, stand for service through the development of character inspired by the close contact and deep friendship of individual fraternity and Panhellenic life. The opportunity for wide and wise human service, through mutual respect and helpfulness, is the tenet by which we strive to live.

2 • The University of Georgia

THE GREEK COMMUNITY National Pan-Hellenic Council Members “We as a Greek community commit to upholding the highest moral, academic, and ethical standards upon which we were founded, to change inappropriate ‘traditions’ which defy the ideals of our founding rituals, and to accept a higher level of accountability of Greek members for the safety of one another.” Panhellenic is only a small part of the Greek community at UGA. The Greek community also includes the groups of the Interfraternity Council, National PanHellenic Council and the Multicultural Greek Council. All chapters are advised by the Greek Life Office. The Interfraternity Council, known as IFC, is the governing body for fraternities on campus. IFC is responsible for creating policies, promoting academic excellence and planning Fraternity Recruitment. The IFC executive board is comprised of members from various fraternities and holds weekly meetings. The National Pan-Hellenic Council, known as NPHC, is another part of the UGA Greek community. NPHC brings unity among traditionally African-American sororities and fraternities on campus. NPHC is made up of eight groups: four fraternities and four sororities. NPHC sororities do not participate in Formal Recruitment because their national policies do not permit women to join who have not begun classes or established a college grade point average. The Multicultural Greek Council, known as MGC, our newest and fastest growing council, consists of 11 organizations. MGC serves as an umbrella organization to unify its unique fraternities and sororities. Together they hope to raise awareness of their respective cultures. The Office of Greek Life provides educational initiatives designed to challenge, support, and recognize individuals and groups associated with Greek organizations through leadership training, academic support, community service and diversified programming. While the Greek Life Office staff provides advisement, support and assistance to our member groups as well as the four governing councils, the groups are recognized as autonomous groups, and the University sets forth the rights of these groups as private, voluntary social organizations. UGA and the Greek Life office are not involved in membership decisions. As you can see, being a part of a sorority and Panhellenic brings you in contact with a diverse group of people. All four councils are part of Greek Life at UGA, and all Greeks rely on each other for support and assistance. For more information regarding UGA’s Greek community, please contact the Greek Life Office at (706)542-4612. Details regarding all aspects of Greek Life and individual council and chapter information can be found at the Greek Life website:

Sororities: Alpha Kappa Alpha Delta Sigma Theta Sigma Gamma Rho Zeta Phi Beta Fraternities: Alpha Phi Alpha Kappa Alpha Psi Omega Psi Phi Phi Beta Sigma Multicultural Greek Council Members Sororities: Alpha Sigma Rho Delta Phi Lambda Delta Phi Omega Lambda Theta Alpha Gamma Eta Sigma Sigma Rho Fraternities: Lambda Phi Epsilon Lambda Sigma Upsilon Lambda Theta Phi Delta Epsilon Psi Sigma Beta Rho Interfraternity Council Members Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Chi Phi Chi Psi Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta Kappa Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Kappa Tau Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Theta Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Pi Tau Epsilon Phi Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Chi Zeta Beta Tau

The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 3

ACADEMICS Academic achievement is the first and foremost priority of all sororities. Every sorority places strong emphasis on creating an atmosphere conducive to high academic performance as well as challenging each member to live up to her highest academic potential. Each sorority implements various programs designed to assist members in their academic pursuits. Programs range from tutoring and study hours in the house to educational programs, awards and incentives. Additionally, most organizations provide financial scholarships for members, often supported by their national organizations and local alumnae groups. The Panhellenic Council sponsors programs throughout the year designed to help chapters focus on methods of scholastic improvement and annually awards several scholarships to recognize academic accomplishments. These efforts reinforce the belief that academic achievement is an integral part of the Greek experience. Since the implementation of the HOPE Scholarship, chapters have been working even harder to help their members reach their full potential. Sorority women consistently achieve a higher grade point average than non-Greek undergraduate women. This statistic indicates the positive effect sororities have on women’s academic achievement.

LEADERSHIP The UGA Greek community is dedicated to building future leaders by providing a wealth of leadership opportunities. From academia to business to philanthropy, the leaders of today are gaining their leadership edge from their fraternal experiences. Membership in a Greek organization is one of the most effective ways to discover and refine your leadership potential. Within each chapter, members have the chance to assume many different leadership roles. These roles range from serving as Recruitment Chair to Treasurer to Social Chair or even President. Within each organization, anywhere from 5 to 25 different leadership positions exist, all requiring different degrees of skill and committment. Opportunities to learn and practice leadership stretch beyond chapters as there are leadership roles open on the Panhellenic Council and other organizations. Leadership is also gained by participating in educational programs and leadership workshops. The Greek Life Office offers several leadership development programs, such as the Greek Ambassador Program, Sophomore Leaders Circle, Order of Omega and Junior Panhellenic. Each national organization also sponsors leadership development programs which may include officer training programs and regional conferences. Beyond the Greek community, sorority women are involved in nearly all student organizations at UGA and can be found in leadership positions in many organizations such as UGA Athletics, the Student Government Association, Dawg Camp, Arch Society, University Judiciary and Georgia Recruitment Team, just to name a few.

4 • The University of Georgia


PHILANTHROPY All Greek organizations at the University of Georgia are involved with specific philanthropies and service projects. Each of our 17 sororities volunteers their time and contributes financially to help those in need. Sororities host a variety of fundraisers throughout the year such as softball and golf tournaments, barbecues, trivia nights and many other events. The money raised goes directly to the sorority’s philanthropy. Collectively our chapters raised over $600,000 in 2012 to benefit many worthy causes. Chapters also donate their time outside of their own philanthropic events. Members participate in a variety of University-wide and community-based organizations such as the Athens Homeless Shelter, Northeast Georgia Food Bank, and the Athens Tutorial Program. Every year, the Greek community hosts “Trunk or Treat” for the Boys and Girls Club of Athens. Sorority women volunteer their time in countless ways to help others, contributing approximately 50,000 hours of service in 2012. Sorority women actively participate in University-wide UGAMiracle events to benefit Childrens Miracle Network and Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta. Panhellenic had full sorority participation and helped UGAMiracle raised over $346,289 for this worthy cause. The Panhellenic Council has added a new committee to their council to focus solely on service initiatives for our campus and community. Greeks feel it is important to focus on aspects of life that can be improved, and serving others is a small way to help. After all, these programs benefit not only those in need but those participating as well.

One advantage of Greek Life is the wide range of activities available to you. Being in a sorority does not restrict you from becoming involved in the rest of campus life. You will have time to be involved with your sorority, other organizations and keep up your grades with a little time management. All sororities encourage members to be involved in activities outside the sorority. Through participation in various activities, a sorority can help develop the talents of its members. UGA offers a variety of athletic events in which all chapters may participate. In addition to organized intramural sports such as flag football, basketball, tennis, soccer and softball, there are a number of club teams in which women can participate. UGA athletes and band members are also members of sororities. Volleyball and soccer players, cheerleaders, Gymdogs and runners are all supported by their sorority sisters. Greek students are involved in the more than 600 student organizations on campus as well as many organizations in the Athens community. Many Greeks hold leadership positions within these organizations, ranging from the Student Government Association to the University Union. Greeks can be found in the Arch Society, as Orientation Leaders and volunteering for Relay for Life. They are active in business fraternities, honor societies and advocacy groups. Greeks are definitely an active force on campus and in the community. A sorority can open many doors to activities you may not otherwise experience and introduce you to people you might not otherwise meet.

The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 5

SISTERHOOD Although each sorority is unique and has its own special characteristics, there is a common thread that unites us all sisterhood, a special bond experienced among the members of a sorority. Sisterhood is laughing and smiling through the good times and getting through the bad times together. Sisterhood is a support system like no other in which your sisters are there for you always. Throughout your days at UGA, no matter how situations change or how many friends come and go, sisterhood is the steady acceptance that remains. Apart, we are different people with very much to offer, and when we are together we are a family that shares a unique bond. Sisterhood entails a respect for others and under no circumstance will individual chapters, the Panhellenic Council, the Greek community or UGA tolerate any sort of hazing activity. Hazing is any intentional, negligent or reckless action, activity or situation which causes another pain, embarrassment or harassment, regardless of the willingness of the participant. Sororities were founded by women who came together as friends to create a sisterhood and to support each other. Their goals are intellectual, social and moral development. Sororities at UGA expect their members to strive for academic achievement, demonstrate responsible citizenship, show concern for the rights and needs of others and provide leadership by promoting self respect. Hazing has no place in sorority life and is completely contrary to the original ideals of a women’s support group. If you have questions or concerns regarding hazing, please contact the Greek Life Office (706) 542-4612 or the Hazing Hotline at (706) 207-0779.

6 • The University of Georgia

SOCIALS In addition to academic and leadership opportunities, sororities also provide social programs and activities for their members. Social activities include events such as formals, themed socials, date nights, Homecoming, and Parents Weekends. The primary goal of every chapter is to bring together a group of women and enhance their values, traditions and honor while building lasting bonds of friendship. Diversified social programs allow students the opportunity to develop meaningful friendships within chapters, the Greek community and the UGA campus as a whole. For years, Greeks across the country have had to deal with an image of reckless partying and irresponsible behavior. At UGA, each chapter maintains a responsible social policy to promote enjoyable social activities in a safe environment. Alcohol is not permitted in any chapter house. The University also has a closed party policy that opposes the misuse of alcohol and maintains that all chapters, individual members and guests must abide by state and local laws and university regulations. All chapters work to foster a better understanding of social responsibility and alcohol education for their members. Panhellenic is committed to helping its organizations maintain balanced social programs which contribute to personal development and do not detract from the University’s educational mission. The purpose of a social life is to create a stimulating environment in which you develop into a mature and responsible individual. The social opportunities are varied and endless. There is always something to do when you are part of Greek Life at UGA.

GREEK DICTIONARY Active: A sorority woman who has been formally initiated by her chapter. Alumna: An initiated sorority member who is no longer in college but can provide recommendations for her sorority. Bid: A formal invitation to join a sorority or fraternity issued by the Panhellenic Council or by an individual sorority or fraternity. Chapter: A local group of a national organization, designated by its own Greek letter name. Continuous Open Bidding: An opportunity for chapters who are not at quota or total to extend bids to women who did not join a sorority during Formal Recruitment. Fraternity: The name that applies to all Greek letter organizations and is characterized by a ritual, pin and strong bond of sisterhood. Gamma Chi: A sorority member who has disaffiliated during Recruitment to assist Potential New Members. Gamma Chis will be wearing blue vests during Recruitment. Greek: A member of a sorority or fraternity. House Director/Mother: A woman who lives in the sorority house and cares for all of the women living in the sorority house. She plans meals and manages the house. Interfraternity Council (IFC): an umbrella organization that presides over men’s fraternities, each of which is autonomous as a social, Greek letter society of college men, undergraduate and alumnae. Initiation: The formal ceremony which brings new members into full membership of a sorority or fraternity. Intentional Single Preference: When a PNM attends more than one Pref Round event but only lists one choice on her Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement. This is strongly discouraged as your chances of joining are severely limited. Lavalier: A necklace with Greek letters attached to it. Sorority members usually receive their sorority’s lavalier at the time of joining or after initiation. Legacy: A PNM whose mother or sister is an alumna of or active in a particular sorority. A sorority is not obligated to pledge its legacies. Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA): Also known as a Pref Card, each PNM completes an MRABA after Pref Round to state her membership preferences. The PNM ranks the sororities she would accept a bid from and signs it to state she will accept a bid from any sorority she lists. This is a binding agreement. Multicultural Greek Council (MGC): a UGA conference body composed of 11 cultural interest Greek letter organizations, 6 sororities and 5 fraternities. Mismatch: When a PNM’s name fails to match any of her sorority preferences. New Member: One who has been accepted as a member of a sorority or fraternity. After a period of education about the sorority/fraternity, she/he may be initiated. New Member Educator: The individual who is the liaison between the new members and the chapter. This individual is responsible for implementing and monitoring the new member program and preparing the new members for initiation. National Panhellenic Conference (NPC): a conference body, composed of all 26 members of women’s fraternities, each of which is autonomous as a social, Greek letter society of college women, undergraduate and alumnae. UGA has 17 of the 26 represented. National Pan-Hellenic Conference (NPHC):a national conference body composed of the nine historically, predominantly African American Greek letter organizations at both the college and alumni level. UGA has eight of the nine represented. Panhellenic Council: The governing body of the women’s fraternities on the UGA campus. Panhellenic Exec: The seven members of Panhellenic Exec lead the UGA Panhellenic Council. They are sorority members who have disaffiliated during Recruitment to oversee the process. Look for members of Panhellenic Exec in red vests. Potential New Member (PNM): A woman who is participating in the Recruitment process and wishes to explore the possibilities of sorority membership. Quota: The number of women that a sorority may pledge during Recruitment. Recommendation: A letter written by an sorority alumna introducing and recommending a Potential New Member for membership in her sorority. Also called a rec or reference. Recruitment: A function whereby undergraduates interested in a sorority or fraternity meet with the members, learn more about the organization and join a organization.

Α Alpha (al-fah) Β Beta (bay-tah) Γ Gamma (gam-ah) Δ Delta (del-tah) E Epsilon (ep-si-lon) Z Zeta (zay-tah) H Eta (ay-tah) Θ Theta (thay-tah) Ι Iota (eye-o-tah) K Kappa (kap-pah) Λ Lambda (lamb-da) M Mu (mew) N Nu (new) Ξ Xi (zie) O Omicron (omi-cron) Π Pi (pie) Ρ Rho (roe) Σ Sigma (sig-mah) T Tau (taw) Υ Upsilon (oop-si-lon) Φ Phi (fie) Χ Chi (kie) Ψ Psi (sie) Ω Omega (o-may-gah)

The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 7

GAMMA CHIS Recruitment is exciting and memorable but can also be hectic and emotional. From the start of Recruitment, you will be assigned a Gamma Chi (also known as a Recruitment Counselor) along with 17 to 20 other Potential New Members. Your Gamma Chi is prepared to help you in any way and can answer any questions you may have. Although she is a member of a sorority, during Recruitment week she is representing the Panhellenic Council.

2013 GAMMA CHIS Abbey F Abby B Ainsley L Alana F

You will be able to identify Gamma Chis by the blue vests each of them will wear during Recruitment. Your Gamma Chi will explain the process of Recruitment to you, answer any questions you may have and help with any problems that may arise. You will have daily meetings with your Gamma Chi to review the day’s activities and to receive additional information. These meetings are very important and attendance is required.

Laura G Lauren P

Amanda M Asheton B Audrey D Blayne M Brenna B

Lexi E Libby R Lindsay F Lindsey F Lindy M Liz T

Caki S

Liza M

Caitlin G

Madalene D

Callie W Carly S Caroline J

Maggie T Maggie W Mandy P

Charlotte I

Maria S

Christine H

McCall S

Courtney E

Megan A

Cydney A

Meghan K

Deegan M

Melissa P

Delsa G

Morgan S

Elena W

Nicole G

Eleanor C Elizabeth B

Nicole G Nikki W

Emily W

Paige S

Erin C

Rachel P

Erin O

Rebecca L Rose F

Gracie G

Ryan C

Hayley S

Sam K

Hoopie B Jennifer V Julia D Julia Th Kaitlyn H Kate Anna A

Sam S Sarah C Sarah H Sarah L Savannah K Sophie F

Kate D Kate W

Tana B

Katherine R

Taylor S

Kathryn S

Texie A

Katie D

Tori P

Katie K

8 • The University of Georgia

Lacey W

Alex P

Grace M

Your Gamma Chi went through an extensive training program to qualify her for this position. Through her training, she gained a thorough knowledge of the Recruitment process. She has participated in Recruitment both as a Potential New Member and on the other side as a sorority member, so she is familiar with all aspects of Recruitment. Most importantly, she is an impartial listener. She will be your friend who will share in your joys and anxieties, and is always willing to talk about what you are feeling and experiencing. Your Gamma Chi can help you make your Recruitment experience even more exciting and enjoyable. Never hesitate to ask her anything. She is a vital link between you and the Greek community, so get to know her!

Kayla J Kristen J

Alyssa M

Ashley S

Each Gamma Chi has promised not to reveal her sorority affiliation in order to give unbiased advice and reduce the pressure you might feel if you knew with which sorority she is affiliated. Although it is sometimes tempting to know which sorority your Gamma Chi is a member of, please do not ask her to tell you or make extreme efforts to find out her affiliation. Also, if you know which sorority a Gamma Chi is a member of, please do not tell anyone else. All of the Gamma Chis and Panhellenic Exec will reveal their sorority affiliations on Bid Day.

Katie L

WHAT TO EXPECT Round One – Open House:

During Round One, you will visit all 17 sororities for 20 minutes each. These events are intended to introduce you to every chapter before you begin to make any decisions. Each event will begin with the chapter members performing chants and cheers. These can be loud, but don’t be afraid – they are just excited to meet you! You will spend the rest of the event being introduced to different sisters and talking to your hostess. You will probably talk about yourself (what you did over the summer, your high school activities, your intended major, etc.). Don’t be shy; the sorority members just want to get to know you. You may also get tired of repeating yourself, but remember each house is a new group that wants a chance to meet you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! These events are short, so just relax and enjoy meeting new friends.

Round Two – House Tours:

Round Two is an exciting day of house tours. Each Round Two event is 20 minutes long and if invited, you may attend up to 12 events. All of our sororities live in beautiful historic homes, and during this round they will show you around their house. They will want to get to know you on a more personal basis and during this round, you should begin to be able to recognize the character and spirit of each sorority. Pay attention to your feelings and consider whether you feel comfortable at each house and if you were excited to return for a second visit.

Round Three – Philanthropy:

Round Three events are focused on philanthropy and involvement. Events are 40 minutes in length and if invited, you may attend up to 6 events. At each house, the chapter members will perform a skit and show a video about their philanthropy. These will show you a lot about what the chapter values and its personality. Each of our sororities has a specific philanthropy it raises money for throughout the year. This round is a good opportunity to ask about other activities the sorority is involved in such as service projects and campus organizations.

What to wear: For rounds one and three, casual skirts and dresses are appropriate. During round two all women wear the Panhellenic Recruitment t-shirt with choice of bottoms (khaki shorts, skirts, etc.) Athletic shorts are discouraged. Lightweight materials are a necessity because of the hot weather. You will be walking a lot so sandals, flats and other comfortable shoes are recommended (heels are strongly discouraged). Ensure that your clothing is not too revealing or short. The most important thing is to make sure you feel comfortable and confident.

The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 9

WHAT TO EXPECT Preferential Round (Prefs):

The last day of Recruitment is Preferential Round. Events are 50 minutes long and if invited, you may attend up to 3 events. Remember that

the sororities would not have invited you to Prefs if they did not enjoy your company. This round is meant to help you make your final decision. At each event, think carefully about how comfortable you feel at each house and take time to look around you, as the women at these events could become your sisters. What qualities do you share with these women? Do you feel comfortable with them? Each sorority will present a ceremony, which usually consists of singers and speakers. The members will tell you what it means to be a sister and what their sorority has to offer. When making your decision, think back to previous rounds of Recruitment and recall what you liked best about each group. Consider why you would like to be a member of that organization and how comfortable you felt at the house each day. It can sometimes be difficult to choose between sororities, but remember that there is not necessarily one “right” choice, and a group that you may not have strongly considered earlier may be the perfect place for you.

What to wear: For Preferential Round, nice dresses or skirts that you would wear to a wedding, church or similar special event are appropriate. Semi-formal and formal dresses are too dressy. Since you may only attend up to three Pref Round events, heels are appropriate but not required. Because Pref events are the most formal, many women choose to wear black dresses but this is not a requirement. Again, make sure you feel comfortable!

Signing the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement: The preferential bidding system is a method in which Potential New Members’ preferences are matched to sororities’ preference lists. Following your last Preferential Round event, you will meet with your Gamma Chi to sign a Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA). You must maintain complete silence between each Preferential Round event from the time you leave your last house until you sign your MRABA. You may ask a Gamma Chi or Panhellenic Executive Officer for assistance. However, remember the silence period is important to ensure that your decision is yours and yours alone. On your MRABA you will be asked to list, in order of preference, the sorority(ies) you wish to join and you will sign your MRABA with the understanding that you are willing to accept a bid from the group(s) listed. If a bid is extended to you from one of your choices and you decide not to accept it, you will not be eligible to participate in Continuous Open Bidding and or Recruitment for one year. Remember that the decision you indicate on your MRABA is binding for one year. If you attend more than one Preferential Round event, your Gamma Chi will encourage you to list more than one sorority on your MRABA because you maximize your opportunity to receive a bid if you list more than one option. Once you have signed and turned in your MRABA, it cannot be changed under any circumstances. You should also not reveal to anyone what choices you made because there is no guarantee of which group you will match. If there is ever any problem with your MRABA, only a Panhellenic Executive Office or your Gamma Chi will contact you about it.

10 • The University of Georgia

BID DAY What to expect on Bid Day: The conclusion of Recruitment is Bid Day! You may receive an invitation to join or you may be notified by Panhellenic that your bid has not been matched. If your bid has not been matched, you will be eligible for snap bidding. If you receive an invitation to join, your bid card will list the sorority that has selected you. Every new member is required to wear a white dress on Bid Day. You will meet with your new pledge class at Tate Grand Hall and be shuttled by University busses to your Bid Day Celebration. At your sorority house, you will be met by your new sisters. Bid Day is a time for fun, pictures, entertainment and new friends. You will meet and become better acquainted with the other new members and older sorority sisters. This day is the exciting end of Recruitment and the beginning of the development of your new “home” away from home. Your new friends will last throughout your college career and the years after. Sisterhood extends beyond your college years to anywhere you may go as an alumna.

CONTINUOUS OPEN BIDDING What to expect during COB: The purpose of Continuous Open Bidding (COB) is to enable the chapters that did not fill quota, or filled quota but did not reach chapter total, to invite additional new members to join immediately following Formal Recruitment. It is also an opportunity for those women who have mismatched, been released from Recruitment or withdrawn from Recruitment to join a sorority. The intent of COB is to provide maximum opportunities for membership to the greatest number of women who did not join during the Formal Recruitment period. Continuous Open Bidding begins after Bid Day and will also continue throughout the year when sororities have spaces available so you could be contacted about COB opportunities several months after Recruitment has ended. Your Gamma Chi will explain COB in more detail during Recruitment.

The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 11

UPPER CLASSMEN QUOTA What is an upperclassmen quota?

An upperclassmen quota is a seperate quota that is used to specifically place upperclassmen Potential New Members. It makes the recruitment process more friendly!

Why are we using an upperclassmen quota for Fall Recruitment? It gives upperclassmen and transfer students a greater opportunity to pledge during the Formal Recruiment process.

How will you determine if I am an upperclassmen?

We will determine if you are an upperclassmen based on your high school graduation date. If you graduated in Spring 2012 then you will be considered a freshman, and if you graduated any time before that you will be considered an upperclassmen. If you feel that you have special circumstances, please contact the Panhellenic Council.

If I am an upperclassmen will the process be different? No, the process will be no different for you!

PNM CODE OF ETHICS Being a part of the University of Georgia’s sorority recruitment is not only a great opportunity but also a great privilege. Each of the sororities on campus has worked hard for the past year in preparation for your visit to their home. As a guest, you are expected to act in accordance to the following rules, which apply to both the active sorority members as well as recruitment counselors. Failure to do so may result in your removal from the recruitment process.

Potenial New Member Code of Ethics: 1.

I will attend all events to which I receive an invitation.


I will behave respectfully towards myself, other potential members, chapter members, recruitment counselors, and university staff at all times.


I will act respectfully and politely when attending all events.


I will not discuss my opinion of any sorority participating in recruitment with other potential new members.


I will not discuss or reveal a known affiliation of any recruitment counselor or Panhellenic Exec member with other potential new members.


I understand that if I am matched with a sorority and receive a bid, I am bound to that group and am therefore considered ineligible for an invitation for membership from any other sorority for a year.

12 • The University of Georgia

NEW MEMBER OBLIGATIONS Once you make the decision to join a sorority, you will begin one of the most exciting times of your college career. You are probably wondering what your role as a new member will be and what you can expect to gain from sorority membership. You will enter a new circle of friends and can expect to find your home away from home. You can also expect to be treated with respect. Sororities at UGA do not condone or participate in any activities which can be classified as hazing. Each sorority has an organized program designed for its new members. Once a week you will attend a meeting with the new member educator. She is a sister who has been elected to direct the new member program. At these meetings you will study the history, purpose, structure and standards of your sorority. This education period will give you an appreciation and understanding of what awaits you as an initiated member. In a sorority, you will find an atmosphere where academic endeavors are encouraged and honored. You will be expected to work up to your potential and attend all of your classes. Some sororities may require you to attend a study hall at the house. Every sorority stresses academics and will have programs set up to assist you.

Activities are also held to build relations between the new members and the sisters. Each new member has a big sister who is there to help and offer the benefit of her experience in the chapter. Additionally, sisterhood events such as movie nights and study breaks are planned to bring the new members and sisters closer together. It is important not only to be involved in the sorority, but in other activities. Greeks have a reputation for being active in and holding leadership positions in many organizations. Because they realize the benefits and rewards of campus involvement, sororities may require members to be involved in one or more activities outside the sorority. This can help you learn to budget your time. The value of your experience will depend largely upon what you make of it. Remember that the sorority chose you not only on the basis of your past achievements, but for the contributions you will make as a future sister. You will be expected to attend sorority functions and contribute your time to making your chapter a success. You will represent your sorority to others and will be expected to maintain the high standards your sorority has established. Sorority membership can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your college career. Make the most of it!

FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS An important consideration in deciding to join a sorority should be if you are able to meet the financial requirements of membership. Membership is most expensive the first semester you join due to many one-time fees. However, all sororities are willing to work with each member individually through payment plans to meet the financial obligations of membership. Sororities often require members to live in the sorority house for at least one year, usually during the second year of membership. Living in the sorority house is an exceptional value, as the average cost of living in the house (including room, board and dues) can be less than living in UGA residence halls! There are also many “extras” such as t-shirts and pictures from events, which are in no way mandatory. Pictures cost about $3 each and t-shirts cost from $9 to $12. If you have questions regarding the cost of belonging to a sorority, please ask your Gamma Chi or sorority members about their costs.

Average Expenses (per semester) Average New Member Dues (first semester membership only): $1,554 Average In-House Dues: $3,039 Average Out-of-House Dues: $1,080

The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 13

HELPFUL HINTS If I participate in Recruitment, am I obligated to join a sorority? No, many women choose to go through Recruitment to meet people and make new friends. Recruitment is an opportunity for you to visit the sororities, get a glimpse of Greek life, and assess whether or not you would like to be a part of the UGA Greek community. What if I only want to be in a certain sorority? Potential New Members often experience the greatest disappointment by beginning the Recruitment process only wanting to be in one or a few certain sororities. Sorority membership is more than wearing certain Greek letters. It is giving your time and energy to the sorority, agreeing to abide by all the rules and regulations, and living up to high expectations. Don’t make a decision based on stereotypes and others’ opinions. Keep an open mind and make a decision that is right for you. I have heard that sororities have various reputations. How do I handle this information? The only opinion of a chapter that should matter is yours. Each chapter is different from campus to campus and from year to year. If you allow someone else’s perceptions to influence you, then you may not feel satisfied with your choices during Recruitment. Remember that each chapter is made up of many different women with different talents and qualities that compose the entire group. There are always rumors about any important event and Recruitment is no exception. If you hear derogatory remarks about any sorority or any women in the group, please disregard those comments as inappropriate and against the Panhellenic spirit. Any questions regarding rumors or inappropriate comments should be directed to your Gamma Chi or a Panhellenic Executive Officer. It is very important to keep an open mind about each sorority throughout the process and not to dismiss a certain house based on rumor or stereotype.

14 • The University of Georgia

What do sororities look for in members? It is difficult to pin-point exactly what sorority women are looking for. There are as many answers to that question as there are sorority women. A strong academic background is very important to every sorority. Each sorority has a minimum grade requirement and no matter how wonderful the Potential New Member may be, the sorority might release her if she cannot meet the grade requirement. Often, women have friends currently in sororities or are legacies to certain sororities. Some women feel that these Potential New Members have an advantage in that sorority. However, just as you are not obligated to join that sorority, that sorority is not obligated to extend you an invitation for membership. Furthermore, you should not worry if you are not a legacy or do not know anyone in a sorority. The entire point of going through Recruitment is to meet new people, and every sorority wants to give all Potential New Members an equal chance. It is most important to be yourself. Every sorority is looking for a variety of members. Not everyone can or wants to be Chapter President and the sororities realize this. Keep in mind that it is up to you to present yourself to each sorority. Smile and feel free to talk and ask questions. Remember that membership selection is not an easy task and it varies from sorority to sorority. These differences are based on national policies and chapter bylaws. Therefore, Panhellenic has no input in the membership selection process or the qualifications each sorority considers for members. Sororities strive to put together a well-rounded and balanced group of new members. There is no mold or “perfect” member. Every house wants to add diversity with each group of new members. No sorority wants to be a house of clones. It is important to be yourself and let your personality shine.

HELPFUL HINTS How do the sororities decide who to invite back for each round? As your Recruitment schedule is reduced from round to round, so is the number of women each sorority is allowed to invite back. Every Potential New Member has something to offer a sorority, but sororities are required to release some Potential New Members. In deciding which Potential New Members to invite back and which to release, each chapter has a democratic voting process. In other words, one or a few sorority women cannot guarantee that a Potential New Member will receive an invitation to the next round. Also, sororities are not required to pledge their legacies. Most importantly, a sorority woman should never imply or promise a Potential New Member that she will be returning to any subsequent round. I am a legacy to a sorority - what should I know? Each Potential New Member is considered on an individual basis; a legacy is no more obligated to join a particular sorority than the sorority is obligated to pledge her. The Potential New Member and the sorority should be looking for compatibility, not necessarily a family connection to the group. Panhellenic has no policies regarding legacies because each sorority has its own policy, and Panhellenic has no input in individual sorority membership decisions. More specific questions regarding legacies should be directed to the individual sororities. What if I turn down a bid I receive? After the Preferential Round if you wish to join a sorority, you will fill out and sign an official Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement. Your signature on this card is binding for one year. If you then receive a bid and decide not to accept it, you will not be able to participate in Recruitment or Continuous Open Bidding for one year. We therefore urge you to think carefully before turning down a bid as emotions can temporarily cloud your thinking. Please give yourself and the sorority a chance before declining a bid.

What are recommendations and do I need them? Recommendations (recs) are letters or statements from a sorority alumna recommending a Potential New Member for membership. While it is recommended that you secure as many recs as possible, remember that it is ultimately not your obligation to solicit recs so don’t worry if you can’t find a letter for a sorority – the sororities will also be looking for recs on you. Sometimes it can be difficult for sororities to secure recs for all PNMs so it is extremely helpful to them for you to send in recs. There is no advantage to having more than one rec for a chapter. If you wish to secure recs, the letters must come from sorority members who are alumnae. You should not contact sororities about recs – it is only appropriate for an alumna to contact her sorority. For your convenience, addresses to send recs to for each chapter are listed in the Pointer and online. Sororities will accept recs until the last day of recruitment If you are having difficulty securing recs, you can contact the Atlanta Alumnae Panhellenic Association at recruitment@ or contact your Panhellenic group.

What if I have a hard time making decisions about sororities? Difficult decisions are a very common dilemma. Potential New Members, however, should not look at this as a problem. Most women can be happy in any of the sororities on campus. Besides, you have to keep in mind that sororities are also having to make decisions. Think carefully and look objectively at what each sorority has to offer you. A sorority should be a home away from home; a place where you feel totally comfortable and welcome. Your experiences at each Recruitment event and personal goals and desires should guide your decision making.

The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 15


What to Bring Don’t forget to bring all of your belongings as there is no break between Recruitment and the first day of UGA classes! 1 pack of 3 x 5 index cards* A white dress** Umbrella Comfortable shoes Band-aids Safety pins * Index cards are filled out and left at each house for attendance purposes. You will need approximately 50 index cards ** Panhellenic Sororities require new members to wear a white dress on Bid Day

Abiding by the Spirit of Recruitment Recruitment is intended to give each PNM an equal opporunity to become familiar with every sorority. To keep the process fair, guidelines have been established with the expectation they will be followed. However, violations may occur, sometimes involving PNMs unwittingly. If a sorority offers you presents, invites you to Recruitment events during the summer or implies that you will receive a bid, that sorority is illegally recruiting you. This is unfair to you because this special attention may lead you to believe you may have a better chance of becoming a member of that chapter. However, Recruitment holds no guarantees for anyone. Sororities should be confident that they can attract members when playing by the rules. If you are aware that a sorority is illegally recruiting you, it is your duty to report this violation. Please contact Panhellenic with any questions (706.542.4612)

16 • The University of Georgia

All women participating in Recruitment who are scheduled to live in University Housing this Fall may move into their assigned rooms on Tuesday, August 6 beginning at 9 a.m. Upon your arrival to campus, report to your assigned residence hall. It is extremely important that you check into your room and move in your belongings as soon as you arrive on campus. Early move in fees will be charged to your student account. OFF-CAMPUS RESIDENCES Participants who will be living off-campus this fall must move into those residences for Recruitment as no special housing is provided.You must also provide your own transportation each morning to the Tate Center. RECRUITMENT CHECK-IN Recruitment check-in will be in the Reception Hall in Tate from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and in Brumby Hall from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. All participants are required to check in. Do not check in for Recruitment until you have moved into your residence hall. MEALS Five breakfasts and 2 lunches are provided during Recruitment. For meals on your own, remember to bring extra money. The UGA Meal plan will be open at limited locations the first day of recruitment. TRANSPORTATION UGA buses are chartered during Recruitment to transport you to and from events. Potential New Members are required to ride the bus to events. Buses will load at the Tate Student Center one hour before events begin each morning and will be available between events if houses are not within walking distance of each other. Buses will also take you back to the Tate Center after your last event. ATHLETES, BAND, AUXILARY MEMBERS and LATE ORIENTATION During Recruitment, scheduling conflicts may occur for you. Panhellenic makes every effort to accommodate your schedule and will get you to as many events as possible. Sororities will be made aware that you are missing events due to scheduling conflicts and not skipping them. Try not to worry – we will work with you individually to help you get the most out of your Recruitment experience! Potential New Member’s Bill of Rights • The right to be treated as an individual. • The right to be fully informed about the Recruitment process. • The right to ask questions and receive true and objective answers from Gamma Chis and sorority members. • The right to be treated with respect. • The right to be treated as a capable and mature person and not be patronized. • The right to ask how and why and receive straight answers. • The right to have and express opinions to Gamma Chis. • The right to have inviolable confidentiality when sharing information with Gamma Chis. • The right to make informed choices without undue pressure from others. • The right to be fully informed about the binding agreements implicit in MRABA signing. • The right to make one’s own choice and decision and accept full responsibility for the results of that decision. • The right to have a positive, safe and enriching Recruitment and membership experience.

PANHELLENIC RECRUITMENT RULES All Recruitment Rules have been established to help sorority women and Potential New Members uphold the Recruitment system. The Formal Recruitment period has a twofold purpose: to give the Potential New Member every opportunity to become acquainted with as many sororities as possible so that she may make a wise, unbiased decision concerning membership and to ensure that sororities have equal opportunities in recruiting and membership selection under the Panhellenic System. All sorority members and Potential New Members will be expected to conform to the highest standards of conduct. Mentioning subjects such as sorority reputations, stereotypes or generalizations, Potential New Member reputations or promising bids for membership violates the spirit of the Panhellenic System. Formal Recruitment begins August 7, 2013 and ends at the conclusion of Bid Day on August 12, 2013.


2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

For the purposes of membership recruitment before the Formal Recruitment period, sorority women and alumnae representing their own sorority may not contact Potential New Members or their parents unless they know them personally. Normal social contacts should not be disrupted in the case of long-standing friendships by prohibiting all contact between sorority women and Potential New Members. Normal contact implies communication common among relatives, friends and co-workers. In any type of communication with a Potential New Member, the use of sorority stationary or any sorority symbolism such as sorority colors, mascots, flowers, etc., is prohibited. There will be no Recruitment functions at any time during the year except during Formal Recruitment. Continuous Open Bidding (COB) activities are an exception to this rule. Absolutely no Recruitment functions of any kind are permitted in the summer (beginning the last day of classes in the Spring until classes begin in the Fall). Women who are planning to be Potential New Members at the University of Georgia may attend only cooperative Panhellenic events that are sponsored by a Panhellenic Alumnae organization. No Recruitment events, alum teas, luncheons for high school students or other activities may be given in the name of an individual sorority or have members from only one sorority in attendance. There will be no organized attempt by any sorority or sorority member to inform or influence a Potential New Member in regards to a particular group at any time except during Formal Recruitment. This includes phone calls, cards, summer Recruitment events, alum teas, luncheons, etc. A sorority member, alumnae or anyone acting as a representative of a sorority may not contact, in any manner, a Potential New Member outside of a regularly scheduled Formal Recruitment event from August 1 until bids are extended. Contact includes visiting, phoning, sending letters, notes, flowers, balloons, other gifts, etc. Contact the Panhellenic Executive Board with extenuating circumstances. Potential New Members and sorority women may live together during Recruitment if the living arrangement has already been planned for Fall Semester. Under no circumstances are the roommates to engage in any contact outside their residence during the Recruitment process. Absolutely no visitors (except parents and family members) are permitted during the Recruitment process. The names, address and phone numbers of the sorority women and Potential New Members must be reported to the VP of Recruitment as soon as the arrangement is made.

FORMAL RECRUITMENT RULES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

A woman must be enrolled at the University of Georgia as a student to participate in Recruitment and belong to a sorority. Potential New Members and sorority women are not permitted to discuss or mention any other sorority or fraternity in a negative or degrading manner at any time. Sororities are not to mention or make inference to other sororities and/or fraternities in songs, skits, slide shows or other types of entertainment. Sorority women and Potential New Members may not arrange or go on dates or double dates together from the disaffiliation date of August 1 until the conclusion of Formal Recruitment. Potential New Members may not contact, in any manner, a sorority member from the disaffiliation date of August 1 until bids are extended. Contact includes visiting, phoning, sending letters, notes, flowers, balloons, etc. Contact the Panhellenic Executive Board with extenuating circumstances. Any Greek woman, including members and alumnae, may not contact or visit a Potential New Member in her place of residence during the Formal Recruitment program. This includes residence halls, apartments or any other type of lodging. Greek women may not tell Potential New Members to which sorority Gamma Chis and Panhellenic Executive Officers belong. Potential New Members may not tell other people to which sorority Gamma Chis and Panhellenic Executive Officers belong. Gamma Chis will be stationed at all the chapter houses during events for the Potential New Members if they need assistance. Potential New Members must attend all first round events. For subsequent rounds, Potential New Members must accept invitations to the maximum number of events they can. A Potential New Member not attending an event she accepted an invitation for may be dismissed from the Recruitment program. Sorority women, alumnae or anyone acting as a representative of a sorority should not tell a Potential New Member or imply that she has a bid, ask her to join or imply an invitation from a group at any time. Any type of statement, written or oral, that would lead a Potential New Member to believe that she was automatically assured a bid or invitation from a sorority is prohibited. Sorority women are not permitted to say anything regarding a Potential New Member’s return to their house at any time during the Recruitment process. A bid, written or oral, is defined as a sorority member saying that she or her particular chapter is interested in pledging a particular woman. A bid also infers or implies future connections with the sorority including future meetings during Formal Recruitment. Conversation during the Preferential Round should not in any way indicate that a Potential New Member will be a part of that particular group, will be guaranteed a place or will be returning for Bid Day. No Potential New Member shall be asked to state intent or give a promise to any sorority woman, alumna or anyone acting as a representative of a sorority. No Potential New Member should likewise tell her intent or give a promise. Potential New Members must attend all meetings with their Gamma Chis. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the Recruitment program. A Potential New Member must consult with her Gamma Chi before withdrawing from the Recruitment program. In the event the Potential New Member feels she must wirhdraw, she must complete an official withdrawal form with her Gamma Chi. Any Potential New Member signing a Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement and receiving a bid at the end of Formal Recruitment is bound by the agreement for one calendar year if she is at the same university or college. Potential New Members found in violation of any of the Recruitment Rules will be subject to dismissal from the Recruitment program.

The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 17

2013 SORORITY RECRUITMENT SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES Tuesday, August 6 –Check-in & Orientation 9 a.m. ������������������������� PNMs scheduled to live in UGA residence halls move in beginning at 9 a.m. Report to your assigned Residence Hall first and then check in for Recruitment. 9 a.m – 5 p.m ����������� Recruitment Check-in – Reception Hall, Tate Center 2 – 5 p.m. ������������������� Recruitment Check-in for Brumby Hall residents at Brumby Hall 2 – 3 p.m. ������������������� Parent Orientation, Tate Theater 7 – 9 p.m. ������������������� Recruitment Orientation and Gamma Chi group meetings –Tate Grand Hall

Wednesday, August 7 – Round One 6 a.m. ������������������������� Breakfast, Tate Plaza 7 a.m. ������������������������� Meet buses at Tate Plaza Round One events 1 – 11 Event 1: ��������������������� 8 – 8:20 Event 2: ��������������������� 8:35 – 8:55 Event 3: ��������������������� 9:10 – 9:30 Event 4: ��������������������� 9:45 – 10:05 **Break between Events 4 & 5** Event 5: ��������������������� 10:30 – 10:50 Event 6: ��������������������� 11:05 – 11:25 Event 7: ��������������������� 11:40 – 12:00 Noon – 1 p.m. ���������� Lunch, Tate Plaza 1 p.m. ����������������������� Meet buses at Tate Plaza Event 8: ��������������������� 1:45 – 2:05 Event 9: ��������������������� 2:20 – 2:40 Event 10: ������������������� 2:55 – 3:15 Event 11: ������������������� 3:30 – 3:50 4 – 5 p.m. ������������������� Gamma Chi group meetings

Thursday, August 8 – Round One (completion) 6 a.m. ������������������������� Breakfast, Tate Plaza 7 a.m. ������������������������� Meet buses at Tate Plaza Round One events 12 – 17 Event 12: ������������������� 8 – 8:20 Event 13: ������������������� 8:35 – 8:55 Event 14: ������������������� 9:10 – 9:30 Event 15: ������������������� 9:45– 10:05 Event 16: ������������������� 10:20 – 10:40 Event 17: ������������������� 10:55 – 11:15 11:30 – 12:30 ������������� Gamma Chi group meetings/PNM sorority selections

Friday, August 9 – Round Two 6 a.m. ������������������������� Breakfast, Tate Plaza. PNMs receive schedules for Round Two from Gamma Chis 7 a.m. ������������������������� Meet buses at Tate Plaza Round Two events 1-12 Event 1: ��������������������� 8 – 8:20 Event 2: ��������������������� 8:45 – 9:05 Event 3: ��������������������� 9:30 – 9:50 Event 4: ��������������������� 10:15 – 10:35 Event 5: ��������������������� 11:00 – 11:20 Event 6: ��������������������� 11:45 – 12:05 Event 7: ��������������������� 12:30 – 12:50 1 – 2 p.m. ���������������� Lunch, Tate Grand Hall 2 p.m. ������������������������� Meet buses at Tate Plaza Event 8: ��������������������� 3 – 3:20 Event 9: ��������������������� 3:45 – 4:05 Event 10: ������������������� 4:30 – 4:50 Event 11: ������������������� 5:15 – 5:35 Event 12: ������������������� 6 – 6:20 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. ������� Gamma Chi group meetings/ PNM sorority selections

Saturday, August 10 – Round Three 6:00 a.m. ������������������� Breakfast, Tate Plaza 7 a.m. ������������������������� Meet buses at Tate Plaza Round Three events 1-6 Event 1: ��������������������� 8 – 8:40 Event 2: ��������������������� 9:05 – 9:45 Event 3: ��������������������� 10:10 – 10:50 Event 4: ��������������������� 11:15 – 11:55 Event 5: ��������������������� 12:20 – 1 Event 6: ��������������������� 1:25 - 2:05 2:15 – 3:15 p.m. ������� Gamma Chi group meetings/ PNM sorority selections

Sunday, August 11 – Preferential Round 6 a.m. ������������������������� Breakfast, Tate Plaza. PNMs receive Pref Round schedules from Gamma Chis 7 a.m. ������������������������� Meet buses at Tate Plaza Preferential Round events 1-3 Event 1: ��������������������� 8 – 8:50 Event 2: ��������������������� 9:20 – 10:10 Event 3: ��������������������� 10:40 – 11:30 12:45 – 2 p.m. ����������� PNM sorority selections and MRABA signing at Gamma Chi group meetings

Monday, August 12 – Bid Day/UGA classes begin 6 p.m. ������������������������� Bid Distribution –Tate Grand Hall 7 p.m. ������������������������� Bid Day activities begin

18 • The University of Georgia

ALPHA CHI OMEGA “Went to college, what did I see? Alpha Chi is the one for me!”

Quick Facts:

NICKNAME: Alpha Chi, A Chi O FOUNDED: DePauw University, October 15, 1885 CHAPTER NAME: Beta Sigma SYMBOL: Greek Lyre FLOWER: Red Carnation COLORS: Scarlet and Olive Green MASCOT: Butterfly MAGAZINE: The Lyre


Alpha Chi Omega was founded by seven women at DePauw University in 1885. Their badge, the Grecian lyre, represents the musical talents of its founders and their dedication to the arts. “Together let us seek the heights” is the motto that Alpha Chi Omega chapters strive to emulate in order to succeed as sisters. The Beta Sigma Chapter at the University of Georgia has been honored as one of the top Alpha Chi Omega chapters in the nation for over a decade. The sisters of Alpha Chi Omega pride themselves on being actively involved on UGA’s campus. Many sisters hold prestigious leadership positions amongst UGA’s largest philanthropy organizations such as Relay for Life, HEROs, and UGA Miracle. Several members are also involved in academic, leadership and honor societies including SGA. Alpha Chi sisters support UGA athletics by volunteering as team ambassadors in clubs like Deck Dawgs, Diamond Darlings, and Hoop Girls. In addition to being team ambassadors, Alpha Chi cheers on the Dawgs every Saturday during football season. GO DAWGS! Beta Sigma is also actively involved with Relay for Life, the chapter philanthropy. They have hosted a Casino Night for the past few years in order to raise money for Relay. The event is extremely close to the hearts of Alpha Chi sisters and allows everyone to unite in order to support Relay’s battle against cancer. Alpha Chi’s national philanthropy is Domestic Violence Awareness. Each year, Beta Sigma hosts ‘Barefoot on the Lawn,’ an event where members invite students to enjoy a home-cooked meal and hear live music at the Alpha Chi house with the goal of raising money for DVA. Alpha Chi Omega warmly welcomes you to the University of Georgia. We are looking forward to meeting you this recruitment season!

Send recs to: Emma Shearer Address: Alpha Chi Omega Attn: Emma Shearer 1064 South Lumpkin St. Athens, Ga 30605

The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 19

ALPHA DELTA PI “Boom boom, I wanna go A-D-Pi, don’t you?”

Quick Facts:

The “Adelphean Society” is noted as being the first secret society for college women. The founding date of 1851 gives ADPi the distinction of being the first sorority. In 1913, the Adelphean Society changed its name to Alpha Delta Pi. The ADPi founders chose “we live for each other” as their open motto and their avowed purpose was that of bettering themselves morally, mentally and socially. From its inception, Alpha Delta Pi possessed all of the attributes of a secret order including ritual, badge, motto, grip and a password. The Beta Nu chapter of Alpha Delta Pi was installed on the University of Georgia campus in 1933. Alpha Delta Pi’s national tradition of excellence gives its sisterhood a sense of strength and unity. Members of Alpha Delta Pi enjoy working actively with their national philanthropy, the Ronald McDonald House. Their annual “Teeter Totter Barbecue” is just one way that they raise funds. This unique activity provides a wonderful opportunity for collegians and alumnae to help children throughout the United States and Canada. Since ADPi’s national support of the Ronald McDonald House began, sorority members across the country contribute over $100,000 annually to this philanthropy. Members of ADPi are very active on the University of Georgia campus. While maintaining a high chapter grade point average, they are involved in Relay for Life, Arch Society, ugaMIRACLE, Georgia Recruitment Team, UGA Athletics, campus honor societies and with Alps Road Elementary School. Alpha Delta Pi welcomes you to the University of Georgia. We look forward to meeting you!

Send recs to: Address: Alpha Delta Pi Attn: Margaret Abernethy 150 S Milledge Avenue Athens, GA 30605

20 • The University of Georgia

NICKNAME: ADPi FOUNDED: Wesleyan College, May 15, 1851 CHAPTER NAME: Beta Nu SYMBOL: Diamond FLOWER: Woodland Violet COLORS: Azure Blue and White MASCOT: Lion MAGAZINE: The Adelphean


ALPHA GAMMA DELTA “Oh how I love those Alpha Gams so deep deep, so down down, in my heart!”

Quick Facts:

NICKNAME: Alpha Gam FOUNDED: Syracuse University, May 30, 1904 CHAPTER NAME: Gamma Alpha SYMBOL: 14 Pearls FLOWER: Red and Buff Roses COLORS: Red, Buff, and Green MASCOT: Squirrel MAGAZINE: The Alpha Gamma Delta Quarterly


The Gamma Alpha Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta was installed at the University of Georgia in 1923 and is the third oldest sorority on campus. After almost ninety years on campus, the ladies of Gamma Alpha continually strive to surpass the principles of sisterhood set forth by their eleven founding members through service, scholarship, and involvement. The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, which benefits diabetes research, is Alpha Gam’s philanthropy. Through the Foundation, large grants are made annually to organizations and individuals for diabetes research, treatment, and education. Alpha Gam hosts a Barbeque Bash each spring to raise money for the Foundation. This past fall, Alpha Gam began a new annual philanthropy event, Mr. Milledge, which is a fraternity member pageant benefiting the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation. Not only do the sisters of Alpha Gam give back to the Foundation, but they also give back to the local community. The chapter supports Talmage Terrace and Lanier Gardens senior living community and frequently visits the residents. Alpha Gams also take pride in supporting other Greek and campus philanthropy events. Across campus, you can find an Alpha Gam in nearly every organization. Sisters participate in the UGA Honors program, Order of Omega, honors societies, and are represented as college ambassadors. Leadership comes naturally to Alpha Gams. Sisters are active in several preprofessional organizations, Young Life, Autism UGA, Manna Project International, Wesley Foundation, Golden Key, Leonard Leadership Scholars, Arch Society, as well as UGA Miracle, Relay for Life and UGA HEROs. Sisters are also involved with Redcoats, Majorettes, cheerleading, Hoop Girls, Red Hotz, Sports Medicine, and Dance Dawgs. Many of the sisters also have participated in Study Abroad programs to places all over the world including Australia, South Africa, China, New Zealand, and Spain. Alpha Gamma Delta holds a special place in each sister’s heart and looks forward to sharing that experience with you during recruitment. From themed social events to sisterhood parties to formal dances, there is never a dull moment. Alpha Gamma Delta welcomes you to the University of Georgia and looks forward to meeting you during Recruitment this year!

Send recs to: Address: Markley Jones Before July 20th: 114 Dutch Island Drive, Savannah, GA 31406 After July 20th: 530 S Milledge Avenue, Athens, GA 30605

The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 21

ALPHA OMICRON PI “It’s my life, oh so right, AOPi’s the life!”

Founded in New York by four accomplished women, Alpha Omicron Pi has expanded to 109 chapters. The Lambda Sigma chapter, chartered in 1935, stands to uphold the high standards of academic excellence, leadership, involvement and genuine friendships. AOPi takes great pride in academics and consistently holds one of the highest grade point averages among all of the sororities. Members participate in the UGA honors program, Order of Omega, Tate Society, Foundation Fellows, and has ambassadors in many colleges here at the university. Leadership is also a high priority to members of AOPi. AOPi is represented on the executive boards of ugaMIRACLE, HEROS, Relay for Life, CURE UGA, and Roteract. Members are active in the Arch Society, Welsey Leadership, Crossroads, and Young Life. Perhaps most characteristic of the chapter is its deep involvement in campus organizations. AOPi is represented in the Red and Black Newspaper, Dawg Camp, Georgia Recruitment Team, Student Government Association, and the Visitors Center. Members have active roles in UGA Athletics on the Track Team, Cheerleaders, Dance Dawgs, Georgettes, and Club Lacrosse and Soccer. AOPi’s have been honored as the 2006, 2008, and 2011 Homecoming Queens, 2011 SGA President, 2009 and 2010 UGA Idols, and multiple Orientation Leaders. With a passion for our national philanthropy the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation, the Chapter puts on an annual 5K “Run for the Roses.” As a top sorority in community service, AOPi’s love taking time to get involved in the community volunteering for Athens Regional Hospital , YMCA, Habitat for Humanity, as well as mentoring and coaching at local schools. A visible characteristic of this group of women is their sincere ability to remain honest and true to themselves. Girls with a diversity of interests and backgrounds come from hometowns all over the country to share a wonderful four years together at UGA. We warmly welcome you to the University of Georgia and hope you enjoy Recruitment! GO DAWGS!

Send recs to: Address: Alpha Omicron Pi Attn: Marisa Gonzales or Ansley Spinks 1190 S. Milledge Avenue Athens, GA 30605

22 • The University of Georgia

Quick Facts:

NICKNAME: AOPi FOUNDED: Barnard College of Columbia University, January 2, 1897 CHAPTER NAME: Lambda Sigma SYMBOL: Ruby FLOWER: Jacqueminot Rose COLORS: Cardinal and White MASCOT: Panda Bear MAGAZINE: To Dragma


CHI OMEGA “Chi Omega key I chi, Chi Omega til I die!”

Quick Facts:

NICKNAME: Chi O FOUNDED: University of Arkansas, April 5, 1895 CHAPTER NAME: Mu Beta SYMBOL: Owl FLOWER: White Carnation COLORS: Cardinal and Straw MASCOT: Owl MAGAZINE: The Eleusis of Chi Omega


Founded in 1895 at the University of Arkansas, Chi Omega is the largest women’s fraternal organization in the world with more than 300,000 initiates and 173 collegiate chapters. The Mu Beta chapter was chartered at the University of Georgia in 1922. Throughout Chi Omega’s history, six great purposes have been stressed, including friendship, high standards of personnel, sincere learning and credible scholarship, community service, participation in campus activities, and career development. Members are encouraged to develop appreciation for the things in life that contribute to a finer culture, habits of responsibility, attitudes of understanding, standards of conduct that make it possible to attain the purposes, and interest in learning. Chi Omega’s open declaration is “Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals.” Today members recognize their great heritage from which they draw their present strength and prestige. Chi Omegas participate in many activities at UGA and in the Athens community. Current chapter members are on the executive boards of UGA Miracle, UGA HEROs, and Food2Kids. There are several members that have served as senators on the Student Government Association. Many Chi Omegas enjoy mentoring at Athens-Clarke County Elementary Schools. Others participate in club volleyball, lacrosse, and soccer. Chi Omegas are also involved in activities such as Tap Dawgs, Order of Omega, Crossroads, Hoop Girls, and Relay for Life. Members are YoungLife Leaders and college representatives for companies, such as Sony and Rent the Runway. Chi Omega hosts a fall cookout, Dawgs for a Cause, and a Casino night in the spring to benefit the Make-A- Wish Foundation. Chi Omega welcomes all of you to UGA and looks forward to seeing you during Recruitment!

Send recs to: Address: Chi Omega Attn: Amanda Peterson 324 South Milledge Avenue Athens, GA 30605

The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 23

DELTA DELTA DELTA “Tri-Delta and you will see why all the best girls go DeltaD-D!”

Founded at Boston University in 1888, Delta Delta Delta embodies the ideals of truth, selfsacrifice and friendship. The stars and crescent, the badge of Tri Delta, serves as a reminder to the sisters that they can reach great heights. In Tri Delta, a woman will find the support she needs to set and accomplish many goals. The Alpha Rho chapter of Tri Delta has been a member of the Greek community at UGA for more than 75 years. Tri Delta stresses the importance of both academics and extracurricular activities. Members are leaders in a variety of activities including the Student Government Association, Georgia Recruitment Team, Match Mates, Deck Dawgs, University Judiciary, and Rotaract. Tri Deltas also participate in athletics such as cheerleading, tennis and the Gymdogs. In the past, Tri Deltas have been honored as Homecoming Queen and Miss UGA. Members also value academic achievement and have been honored with membership in groups such as Mortar Board, Golden Key, Order of Omega, Leonard Leadership Scholars, the Honors Program and The Arch Society. Tri Delta’s annual philanthropy event is a pancake supper which raises money for Tri Delta’s national philanthropy, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Other fundraisers for St. Jude include an annual bowling tournament, silent auction and letter writing campaign. The members of Tri Delta are proud to have raised more than $37,000 this year for such a worthy cause. Each year Tri Delta is also proud to be among the top sponsors for both Relay for Life, ugaMIRACLE, and UGA Heros. The sisters of Delta Delta Delta welcome you to the University of Georgia and look forward to seeing you during Recruitment.

Send recs to: Address: Delta Delta Delta Attn: Allie Herndon 1111 S Milledge Avenue Athens, GA 30605

24 • The University of Georgia

Quick Facts:

NICKNAME: Tri Delta, Tri-Delt FOUNDED: Boston University, Thanksgiving Eve, 1888 CHAPTER NAME: Alpha Rho SYMBOL: Stars and Crescent, Pine FLOWER: Pansy COLORS: Silver, Gold and Cerulean Blue MASCOT: Dolphin MAGAZINE: The Trident


DELTA GAMMA “She’s an anchor lovin’ southern beauty”

Quick Facts:

NICKNAME: DG FOUNDED: Lewis School for Girls December 25, 1873 CHAPTER NAME: Delta Iota SYMBOL: Anchor FLOWER: Cream Colored Rose COLORS: Bronze, Pink and Blue MASCOT: Hannah (rag doll) MAGAZINE: The Anchora


What began as an Anchor Club in Oxford, Mississippi has grown into a women’s fraternity which boasts more than 190,000 members and 147 collegiate chapters. The Delta Iota chapter was chartered at UGA in 1968, and emphasizes sisterhood, service, involvement and individuality among her members. Two golden anchors, gifts from the U.S. Navy, sit in the front yard of the chapter house and in downtown Athens. Nationally, the Delta Iota chapter has been recognized for its commitment to the Delta Gamma Foundation, and in both 2009 and 2010, was awarded the Patricia Peterson Danielson Award for excellence, which is only presented to a small percentage of DG chapters. In 2010, Delta Iota accepted an invitation from the national fraternity to help colonize a chapter at the College of Charleston. Delta Gamma is represented on the UGA Varsity Cheerleading team and in club cheerleading, and swimming, volleyball, and equestrian, Hoop Girls, UGA Flagline, and many political and professional groups, and more. DGs can also be found in University Judiciary, SGA, The Odyssey Greek Life Newspaper, the Greek Ambassadors Program, Dawg Camp and Alternative Spring Break. Academically, DG is proud to have sisters in the Honors College, Order of Omega, Golden Key and more. At UGA, DG raises money for its national philanthropy, “Service for Sight,” which aids the blind and visually impaired, through a Low Country Boil dinner in the fall and a Grill Off in the spring. Delta Gamma is also proud to partner with Prevent Blindness Georgia and we have girls involved in the Guide Dog Foundation. DG sisters support other philanthropies, including ugaMIRACLE, Habitat for Humanity, UGA HEROs, Promote Africa, Autism UGA, Special Olympics and Relay for Life. We welcome you to the University of Georgia and can’t wait to get to know you during Recruitment!

Send recs to: Address: Delta Gamma Attn: Nina Paletta 290 South Milledge Avenue Athens, GA 30605

The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 25

DELTA ZETA “I wish they all could be Delta Zeta girls...”

Founded in 1902 at Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio, Delta Zeta strives to join its members in a strong sisterhood while stressing individuality and personal development. Delta Zeta’s motto, “May the flame endure,” reflects the eternal flame of sisterhood, love, and friendship shared by the sisters of the Zeta Pi chapter. Delta Zeta members believe in the value of service and leadership and are actively involved both on campus and in the community. From the Miss UGA Pageant to mentoring in local schools, members possess diverse interests and are involved in a wide range of organizations. Members are involved in athletic activities including Diamond Darlings, Match Mates, Hoop Girls, the equestrian team and a variety of intramural sports. Delta Zetas take pride in their involvement in organizations such as Arch Society, Student Government, Rotaract, and Georgia Recruitment Team. Delta Zeta has long served its philanthropy, the speech and hearing impaired, on the local and national level. Nationally, it supports Gallaudet University, House and Ear Institute and The Starkey Foundation, and locally it has started its own grant, “The Turtle Grant,” for the hearing impaired in Athens. Every fall, DZ hosts Wing Bash to benefit this worthy cause. In the spring, DZ hosts a paintball tournament to benefit its newest philanthropy, The Painted Turtle, a camp founded by Paul Newman for children with serious illnesses. Delta Zeta is involved in many other service organizations on campus, such as ugaMIRACLE, HERO, Habitat for Humanity and Relay for Life. The sisters of Delta Zeta welcome you to the University of Georgia and wish you the best of luck in Recruitment.

Send recs to: Address: Lauren Hossfeld 909 Broad St. Apt. 333 Athens, GA 30601

26 • The University of Georgia

Quick Facts:

NICKNAME: DZ FOUNDED: Miami University, October 24, 1902 CHAPTER NAME: Zeta Pi SYMBOL: Roman Lamp FLOWER: Killarney Rose COLORS: Old Rose and Green MASCOT: Turtle MAGAZINE: The Lamp


GAMMA PHI BETA “Come on along and we’ll show you why - all over this land number one is Gamma Phi!”

Quick Facts:

NICKNAME: Gamma Phi FOUNDED: Syracuse University November 11, 1874 CHAPTER NAME: Delta Upsilon SYMBOL: Crescent Moon FLOWER: Pink Carnation COLORS: Pink and White MASCOT: White Harp Seal MAGAZINE: The Crescent


Gamma Phi Beta’s motto, “Founded Upon a Rock,” originates from the strong foundations on which it rests. Gamma Phi strives to develop the highest type of womanhood through social life, education, and service to the community. At the University of Georgia, Gamma Phis enrich the bonds of sisterhood through chapter activities and involvement on campus. Chapter activities such as Parents’ Weekends, socials, date nights, sisterhood retreats, and intramural teams add to the college experience. Gamma Phis show their support of UGA athletics through their participation in UGA cheerleading, Deck Dawgs, Hoop Girls, and Diamond Darlings. On campus, Gamma Phis impact more than 100 different organizations including Orientation Leaders, Georgia Recruitment Team, University Judiciary, Student Government Association, ALternative Spring Break, MedLife, HERO, Relay for Life, and ugaMIRACLE. Gamma Phi members show that they have the high academic standards through maintaining a high chapter grade point average and having members in honor societies such as Order of Omega, Golden Key, and The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Gamma Phis are committed to supporting local and national philanthropies. Each fall, sisters how the annual Chili Cook-Off benefiting Children’s Miracle Network and the Clute Barrow Nelson Foundation. In the spring, Gamma Phi’s hold our annual Crescent Classic on the Gamma Phi Beta front lawn raising money for Girls on the Run, which is an organization that inspires girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident young women. As its symbol of the crescent moon signifies, Gamma Phi Beta warmly accepts its new members while constantly embracing older members and alumnae. Gamma Phi Beta welcomes you to UGA and wishes you the best of luck during Recruitment!

Send recs to:  Address:  Gamma Phi Beta  Attn: Kristin White  397 S Milledge Avenue  Athens, GA 30605

The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 27

KAPPA ALPHA THETA “Theta made a lady out of me...”

Kappa Alpha Theta was the first Greek letter society organized by women with principles and methods like those of men’s fraternities. Founded in 1870 at Indiana Asbury University (now DePauw University), Theta maintains a long tradition of excellence. The Gamma Delta chapter at the University of Georgia, chartered in 1936, is one of 118 chapters at colleges or universities across the United States and Canada. Thetas live up to their outstanding reputation by showing support for one another, the University and the Greek community as a whole. The sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta strive for excellence in areas of campus life including academics, social endeavors and sisterhood. Theta members are involved in Tate Society, University Judiciary, Arch Society, Order of Omega, ugaMIRACLE, Leonard Leadership Scholars, Student Government Association and many other student organizations and honor societies. Thetas are also involved in many athletic, social and volunteer groups on campus. Theta has members of the football and basketball cheerleading squads, as well as members of the Hoop Girls, Deck Dawgs and Diamond Darlings. As a group, Kappa Alpha Theta contributes a great deal of time and energy to the University community and boasts a well rounded group of members with hometowns from Texas to Tennessee and majors ranging from business to veterinary medicine. In both the fall and spring, Theta sponsors philanthropy events to benefit CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates. The members of Kappa Alpha Theta can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to the University of Georgia.

Send recs to: Address: Kappa Alpha Theta Attn: Kelly Cox 338 S. Milledge Ave. Athens, GA 30605

28 • The University of Georgia

Quick Facts:

NICKNAME: Theta FOUNDED: DePauw University, January 27, 1870 CHAPTER NAME: Gamma Delta SYMBOL: Kite FLOWER: Pansy COLORS: Black and Gold MASCOT: Cat MAGAZINE: Kappa Alpha Theta


KAPPA DELTA “We are the Kappa Deltas, we are the ones for you... don’t you want to be a KD too?”

Quick Facts:

NICKNAME: KD FOUNDED: Longwood College October 23, 1897 CHAPTER NAME: Sigma Phi SYMBOL: Nautilus Shell FLOWER: White Rose COLORS: Olive Green and Pearl White MASCOT: Teddy Bear MAGAZINE: The Angelos


“Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest.” Kappa Delta was founded in Farmville, Virginia in 1897, and the Sigma Phi Chapter was installed at UGA on March 22, 1924. Nationally, the objective of the sorority is the foundation and perpetuation of good fellowship, friendship, and sisterly love among its members, the encouragement of literature and education, the promotion of social interest, and the furtherance of charitable and benevolent purposes. Kappa Deltas find pride in their sisterhood through a combination of leadership, involvement, and love for each other. KD encourages scholarship, community service, and campus involvement. Members of Kappa Delta hold Orientation Leader positions and actively participate in the Georgia Spirit Program, Georgia Club Sports, Georgia Recruitment Team, UGA Hero, UGA Miracle, Relay for Life, Tate Society, Student Government Association, Order of Omega, Dawg Camp, Georgia Gameday, Hoop Girls, Diamond Darlings, Match Mates, Deck Dawgs, and many other noteworthy organizations. Kappa Delta is very involved in supporting local philanthropies: the Athens Council of Prevent Child Abuse and local Girl Scout Troops. Our chapter hosts events for local Girl Scout groups at least three times a semester in which we promote Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty and teach the Girl Scouts how to be confident young women. This past year Kappa Delta had our annual philanthropy week, 5 days and a 5k. All proceeds from this week benefitted Prevent Child Abuse America and Prevent Child Abuse Athens. These events included an All-You-Can-Eat Waffle House dinner held at the Kappa Delta house and our very first 5Kd Run. While we host events throughout the year to raise money for both local and national charities, our sisters feel that the most rewarding aspect of our philanthropies is that we also have the opportunity to make a difference by interacting hands-on with the families our philanthropies support. The Kappa Delta house is the only sorority house at UGA that is made up of a main house and 19 furnished apartments. The apartments enclose a beautiful courtyard where sisters enjoy spending time together. Kappa Delta welcomes you to UGA and wishes you the best of luck during Recruitment!

Send recs to: Address: Kappa Delta Attn: Caroline Benoist 750 S Milledge Avenue Athens, Ga 30605

The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 29

KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA “I’m a Kappa Gamma, awful glad I am a.. rootin’ tootin’ K-K-G!”

When Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded at Illinois’ Monmouth College, the blues of the sky and the sea were chosen to represent their sisterhood. Since October 13, 1870, members of Kappa Kappa Gamma have worked to improve upon the principles that the six founding sisters set before them. The fraternity badge is a golden key one inch in length, plain or jeweled, with the Greek letters Kappa Kappa Gamma on the stem and the letters Alpha Omega Omicron on the ward. Minerva with her owl is the patron goddess of Kappa Kappa Gamma. The coat of arms also incorporates the various fraternity symbols. The Delta Upsilon chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded on February 14, 1948 at UGA. Last year, the Kappas hosted their annual crawfish boil to raise more than $61,000 for The Common Ground Collective, and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Kappa women are at home here, but their roots are in as many places ranging from Texas to West Virginia! Members of Kappa are involved in a variety of activities and various student organizations on campus. Nationally, Kappa has grown to include 138 chapters and approximately 200,000 initiates. Kappa Kappa Gamma wants every member throughout life to seek bonds of friendship, mutual support, opportunity for self growth, respect for intellectual development and an understanding and allegiance to positive ethical principals. Kappa welcomes you to Sorority Recruitment at the University of Georgia and can’t wait to meet you!

Send recs to: Address: Kappa Kappa Gamma Attn: Chappell Loudermilk 440 South Milledge Avenue Athens, GA 30605

30 • The University of Georgia

Quick Facts:

NICKNAME: Kappa FOUNDED: Monmouth College October 13, 1870 CHAPTER NAME: Delta Upsilon SYMBOL: Key FLOWER: Fleur-de-lis COLORS: Light Blue and Dark Blue MASCOT: Owl MAGAZINE: The Key


PHI MU “La de da, those Phi Mus are the best!”

Quick Facts:

NICKNAME: Phi Mu FOUNDED: Wesleyan College March 4,1852 CHAPTER NAME: Alpha Alpha SYMBOL: Lion FLOWER: Rose Carnation COLORS: Rose and White MASCOT: Ladybug MAGAZINE: The Aglaia


Phi Mu prides itself on strong sisterhood and a longstanding tradition. Thedifferences members possess as individuals are retained and complimented in Phi Mu. Phi Mu was founded at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia on January 4, 1852. Phi Mu was originally founded as the Philomathean Society by three young women, Mary, Mary, and Martha. For several years around the turn of the century, there were discussions about becoming a national organization, and in 1900 they adopted the Greek name, Phi Mu, which symbolized the Society’s secret motto. In 1903 the national charter was received by the state of Georgia, and the original membership became the first chapter of Phi Mu. The open motto for Phi Mu is “Les Soeurs Fideles.” The Alpha Alpha chapter of Phi Mu was founded as the first sorority at the University of Georgia on April 28, 1921. The sisters of Phi Mu enjoy each other’s company and strengthen their sisterhood through their commitment to enhancing the community. Local alumnae support members in their philanthropic endeavors in the community. Phi Mu’s philanthropy is the Children’s Miracle Network. To benefit the Children’s Miracle Network, Phi Mu hosts an annual “Meal on the Lawn”, participates in ugaMIRACLE and hosts an annual 5k. The members of Phi Mu are proud to be the chapter in the southeast that has raised the most money for their philanthropy and the second largest amount of money nationally. When you visit Phi Mu, you will experience the sisterhood and constant support Phi Mus offer each other in academic, social and philanthropic arenas. We look forward to sharing our sisterhood with you and wish you the best of luck in Recruitment.

Send recs to: Address: Phi Mu Attn: Abby Suddreth 250 South Milledge Avenue Athens, GA 30605

The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 31

PI BETA PHI “There’s nothing but Pi Phi, nothing else I know...”

The first national organization for women, Pi Beta Phi, was founded in 1867 at Monmouth College. UGA’s Georgia Alpha Chapter was established in 1939 and is one of 131 chapters. Pi Phi’s symbol, the arrow, is always pointed upward and worn over the heart to represent Pi Phi’s permanent place in a member’s heart. This arrow can be found on Parker pens and Wrigley’s gum, displaying Mrs. Wrigley’s and Mrs. Parker’s dedication to their sorority. Pi Beta Phi hosts their annual Kick It with Pi Phi Kickball Tournament and Pi Phiesta to raise money for its philanthropy, the Pi Beta Phi Foundation. The Pi Beta Phi Foundation promotes literacy and provides scholarships to those in need. In addition, the Foundation supports The Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, a year-round school for education in arts and First Book, an organization that donates books to children from low-income families. Pi Phi is also a partner in education with Alps Road Elementary in Athens where members tutor students regularly. Some activities in which Pi Phis are involved include the Order of Omega Honor Society, Equestrian Team, Hoop Girls, UGA Miracle, Dawg Camp, UGA Judiciary, SGA, Manna Project International, UGA HERO, Noteworthy, Club Lacrosse, UGA Relay, and Roteract. The mission of Pi Beta Phi is to promote friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential and enrich lives through community service. There is an unmatched level of integrity, commitment to excellence and a general aura of potential that sets a Pi Phi apart from the rest. She is a member of a premier organization with a history steeped in tradition. The ideals set forth by their founders are what they live by today. Pi Beta Phi hopes you have a fantastic experience at UGA and looks forward to meeting you!

Send recs to: Address: Jordan Berg Re: Pi Beta Phi 1705 Windsor Cove Milton, GA 30004

32 • The University of Georgia

Quick Facts:

NICKNAME: Pi Phi FOUNDED: Monmouth College April 28, 1867 CHAPTER NAME: Georgia Alpha SYMBOL: Arrow FLOWER: Wine Carnation COLORS: Wine and Silver Blue MASCOT: Angel MAGAZINE: The Arrow


SIGMA DELTA TAU “The cutest girl I ever saw was a Sigma Delta Tau!”

Quick Facts:

NICKNAME: Sig Delt FOUNDED: Cornell University March 25, 1917 CHAPTER NAME: Eta SYMBOL: Torch FLOWER: Yellow Tea Rose COLORS: Cafe Au Lait and Old Blue MASCOT: Teddy Bear MAGAZINE: The Torch


Sigma Delta Tau was founded on March 25, 1917 at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York and has grown to include more than 90 college campuses across the United States and Canada. The Eta chapter was chartered at the University of Georgia on April 6, 1924. The mission of Sigma Delta Tau is to enrich the college experience of women of similar ideals, to build lasting friendships, and to foster personal growth. On campus, Sig Delts are involved in many activities. SDT sisters hold leadership positions on the executive boards of Relay for Life, ugaMiracle, Habitat for Humanity, and Student Merchanidizing Association. Many sisters are involved in SGA, HEROs, Match Mates, Greek Emerging Leaders Resource Team, Advertising Club, and various honor societies. The Eta chapter has a strong work ethic and repeatedly holds one of the highest chapter grade point averages. Sig Delts also have active roles in UGA athletics such as Track, Women’s Basketball, Club Soccer, Swim Club, Club Lacrosse, Club Tennis, and Red Hotz Dance Team. In addition to campus activities, Sigma Delta Tau contributes to multiple philanthropies. Each year, the Eta chapter looks forward to its signature event, Greek Grind. This highly anticipated event is a dance competition among all Panhellenic sororities on campus that raises money for Prevent Child Abuse America. Each year we take this event to a new level, expanding to a larger audience and raising more money for this great cause. Sig Delt sisters also host a Spring Philanthropy called ΣΔΤ Your Heart Out: Battle of the Chefs. This event is a sorority-wide dessert competition among all of the house chefs. The Eta chapter shares a close sisterhood and takes pride in its academic, social, and philanthropic endeavors. Sigma Delta Tau welcomes you to Athens and hopes you have a wonderful Recruitment!

Send recs to: Address: Julia Franklyn 525 Bloomfield St Athens, GA 30605

The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 33

SIGMA KAPPA “ Sigma Kappa you will see, is the place you want to be!”

“One heart, one way,” is the way we live, work and play! The sisters of Sigma Kappa have lived by this motto for more than a century. Sigma Kappa creates more than friendships among its members, it creates lifelong sisterhood. Sigma Kappas bond by having fun at social events, cheering for the Dawgs at football games, participating in various campus activities, and helping others through philanthropy. Some annual events we participate in are Homecoming activities, Violet Ball Formal, Parents Weekend, Choral Cup, Greek Grind and Derby Days. Sisters also enjoy living and playing together in their beautiful home, which is a part of the National Register of Historic Places. Sigma Kappas are visible and well-known on campus with members involved in a variety of activities including Diamond Darlings, Hoop Girls, Match Mates, ugaMiracle, HERO, Young Life, Relay for Life, Club Cheerleading, CURE International, the Rally Foundation and Georgia Recruitment Team among others! Sigma Kappas also strive for academic excellence with many sisters in the Honors Program, CURO Research, Leonard Leadership Scholars, Arch Society, Tate Society, Order of Omega and other honor societies. Sigma Kappa is also proud of our extensive number of girls on Deans List, as well as the Presidential Scholars. Sigma Kappa’s willingness to help others is apparent through their philanthropic efforts. Sisters worked together to raise $70,000 at last year’s Alzheimer’s Memory Walk, which benefitted the Alzheimer’s Association, one of our national philanthropies. They also hold The Longest Drive Tournament in the spring to raise money for the Foundation as well as volunteer weekly at an assisted living home in Athens in the Memory Room. Sigma Kappa welcomes you to UGA and wishes you the best of luck with Recruitment!

Send recs to: Address: Jenny Bilko 393 Oconee St. Apt 14 Athens, GA 30601

34 • The University of Georgia

Quick Facts:

NICKNAME: SK FOUNDED: Colby College November 9, 1874 CHAPTER NAME: Epsilon Epsilon SYMBOL: Dove FLOWER: Violet COLORS: Lavender and Maroon JEWEL: Pearl MAGAZINE: Triangle


ZETA TAU ALPHA “Boom boom I’m glad I’m a Z-T-A, Boom boom wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Quick Facts:

NICKNAME: Zeta FOUNDED: Longwood College October 15, 1898 CHAPTER NAME: Gamma Pi SYMBOL: Crown FLOWER: White Violet COLORS: Steel Grey and Turquoise Blue MASCOT: Strawberry MAGAZINE: Themis


In 1898, nine young women at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia joined together in devotion to the right, the good and the true to form the Zeta Tau Alpha fraternity. At the University of Georgia, the Zetas strive to reflect their open motto “Seek the Noblest” in every aspect. The Gamma Pi chapter, chartered in 1949, is committed to excellence and continually receives national awards of the highest distinction. Zeta prides itself on exemplary leadership, involvement and service. Members of Zeta Tau Alpha are active in UGA Cheerleading, UGA Miracle, Georgettes, UGA Equestrian, Dance Dawgs, Relay for Life, Orientation Leader, College Young Life, Crossroads, Hoop Girls, Wesley Foundation, Match Mates, UGA Heros, LeaderSHAPE, Visitors Center Staff and Diamond Darlings. Academic achievement is also a high priority at Zeta. Many are part of the UGA Honors Program as well as the Order of Omega. Several girls have been selected for Foundation Fellows and Leonard Leadership Scholarships. Zeta Tau Alpha consistently maintains an excellent chapter grade point average that exceeds the overall University of Georgia student average. Zeta’s national philanthropy of Breast Cancer Education and Awareness is extremely important to the chapter. Every year, the chapter hosts the Diamond Challenge Softball Tournament to raise money for the cure. The Gamma Pi chapter raised more than $50,000 in 2011 to benefit women nationwide through programs such as Race for the Cure and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The ZTA Foundation claims “Think Pink!” as a registered trademark to serve as the umbrella for all of our breast cancer education and awareness projects. Zeta Tau Alpha welcomes you to the University of Georgia and wishes you the best of luck with Recruitment! GO DAWGS!!

Send recs to: Address: Zeta Tau Alpha Attn: Caroline Fore 897 S Milledge Avenue Athens, GA 30605

The 2013 Panhellenic Pointer • 35

Questions concerning any aspect of Recruitment 2013 should be directed to: UGA Panhellenic Council – 153 Tate Student Center – Athens, Georgia 30602 Phone - (706) 542-4612 Email: Website: Twitter: @ugapanhellenic Blog: Facebook: UGA Panhellenic Council

We look forward to seeing you in August! Thanks: Panhellenic extends a special thank you to Steve Penley for allowing us to use the picture you see on the front cover. Thanks, Steve!

36 • The University of Georgia



2013 UGA Panhellenic Pointer  

2013 UGA Panhellenic Recruitment Guide

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