Foundation Fellows Annual Report, 2019 -2020

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University of Georgia

Foundation Fellows & Ramsey Honors Scholars

2019-2020 Annual Report

“Being offered the Foundation Fellowship introduced me to all of the opportunities UGA has to offer within and beyond the scholarship: study abroad programs, research opportunities, and so much more. I decided to dive in headfirst, and I’ve never looked back.” PHAIDRA BUCHANAN Third-year Foundation Fellow majoring in social studies education

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CONTENTS Endowed and Named Fellowships . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Letters from the President, Chair, and Director . . . . . . 3 Global Representation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Overview of the Scholarships . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Year at a Glance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 National and International Recognition . . . . . . . . 12 Honors Program Overview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Faculty Mentors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Academic Enrichment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Internships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Research . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Individual Travel-Study . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 New York and Washington, D.C. . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Mississippi Delta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Senior Travel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Lisa Ann Coole Award . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 Foundation Fellows Class of 2020 . . . . . . . . . . 53 Foundation Fellows by Class Year . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Ramsey Honors Scholars Class of 2020 . . . . . . . . 70 Ramsey Honors Scholars by Class Year . . . . . . . . . 72 Fellow and Ramsey Alumni . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75

Student Scholarships and University Initiatives Committee Members

Endowed and Named Fellowships Philip Alston Fellows Aakash Arora ’23 Jon Mallory McRae III ’20 Eugene Black Fellows Elise Maria Karinshak ’23 Manav Cherian Mathews ’21 Carlyle Fraser Fellows Maeve Akiko Breathnach ’23 Rebecca L. Buechler ’20 Brian Jay Woolfolk ’21 Vera Milner Fellows Mackenzie Rose Joy ’20 Marianne Christine Lamarche ’23 Winship Nunnally Fellows Christopher Alan Rosselot ’23 Benjamin Crawford Starks ’20 Martha Nunnally Fellow Keaton Patrick Coletti ’22 Bernard Ramsey Endowed Fellows Asim Ahmed ’21 Avni Sheel Ahuja ’20 Zoë Lorene Andrews ’21 Nitin Sai Prasad Ankisetty ’21 Robyn Evelyn Anzulis ’22 McKenna Aliya Barney ’20 Eva-Michelle Belikova ’22 Mary Teresa Breen ’23 Phaidra S. Buchanan ’21 Katherine Fredrica Christie ’21 Jordan Shira Cole ’23 Sophia Emelia DeLuca ’23 Emma Calhoun Ellis ’22 Danielle Chukwunoryenim Emefiele ’23 Elizabeth Ann Esser ’22 Arden Anne Farr ’21 Montgomery Lloyd Fischer ’20 Vic Calvin Fischer ’23 Patricia Alejandra Gonzalez ’23 Stephan Nicholas George ’20 Nicole Marie Googe ’20 Madison Janel Greer ’23 Emma Chandler Innes Hale ’22 Hyde Alford Healy ’23 Nina Grace Howard ’21 Satya Amritsai Jella ’21 Jena M. Jibreen ’22 Melita Joanna Kalczynska ’23 Jamil Fayazali Kassam ’22 Anderson Kunho Kim ’21 Shi Ho Kim ’23

Vanisha Kudumuri ’23 Carlos Felipe López Ramírez ’23 Kaitlin Mary Luedecke ’20 Isabella My Lan Luu ’23 Margaret Louise Mitchell ’23 Sahana Maya Parker ’23 Kyle Pishunjay Patel ’21 Sebastian Puerta ’20 Nina P. Reddy ’20 William Goins Ross ’22 Fiachra Eileen Rottinghaus ’21 Margaret Grace Russo ’20 Nathan Samuel Safir ’22 Anna Samsonov ’22 Andrew Dunivin Schmitt ’20 Oleksandra Stogniy ’22 Jordan Edward Theoc ’23 Emma Joanna Traynor ’22 Angela Lily Tsao ’21 Emma Grace Tucker ’21 Anthony J. VanDieren ’21 Avery Elise Warner ’21 Margaret Elizabeth Warren ’22 Claudia-Michele ZiYi White ’23 Lauren Rose Wilkes ’23 Rachel Janeyee Yuan ’21

Christopher W. Brown, Chair Newton, Massachusetts

Allison Ausband Atlanta, Georgia

Leah Brown

Phoenix, Arizona

Mark Chandler Atlanta, Georgia

Victor E. Corrigan Atlanta, Georgia

Richard W. Courts IV Atlanta, Georgia

Betsy Cox

Jacksonville, Florida

Jim Dinkins

Atlanta, Georgia

Jennifer Flanagan Atlanta, Georgia

Nancy Juneau

Atlanta, Georgia

J. Keith Kelly

Newborn, Georgia

Charles E. Knox Augusta, GA

Elizabeth Correll Richards Atlanta, Georgia

Dorothy Barfield Sifford

John White Ramsey Fellow Aditya Krishnaswamy ’20

Nashville, Tennessee

Penelope W. and E. Roe Stamps IV Foundation Fellows Luke Joseph Armao ’22 Claire E. Bunn ’22 Denzel Jeremiah Cunningham ’23 Claire Martha Drosos ’20 Samuel Chukwubuike Ejiofor II ’23 Zakiyya Nzinga Ellington ’21 Victoria Christine Fonzi ’21 Shashank Sriram Ganeshan ’23 Divya Ghoshal ’21 Emma Marie Goldsmith ’20 Griffin Scott Hamstead ’20 Edward Tatum Hunda ’22 Nicolas Leis ’20 Jessica Yan Ma ’20 Natalie Elena Navarrete ’23 Priyanka Sunil Parikh ’23 Aparna Pateria ’22 Tarun Neel Ramesh ’21 Isabelle Olivia Riddle ’21 Himani Yadav ’22

Delos H. Yancey III

Charlotte and Claude Williams Fellow Jaaie Upkar Varshney ’22

Emily L. M. Shirley

Kimberly L. Stamper Alpharetta, Georgia Rome, Georgia

David E. Shipley, Ex-Officio, Voting Athens, Georgia

Asim Ahmed, Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Athens, Georgia

Savannah Hembree, Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Athens, Georgia

Jack Hu, Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Athens, Georgia

Vernon Googe III, Advisory Atlanta, Georgia

Rebecca B. Winkler, Advisory Charlotte, North Carolina

Foundation Fellows Program Staff David S. Williams

Associate Provost & Director

Jessica B. Hunt

Major Scholarships Coordinator Program Administrator

Jess Pasquarello Graduate Assistant

Our Mission: The Foundation Fellows program fosters a community of scholars and leaders by providing intellectual, cultural, and service opportunities in an environment conducive to learning and personal growth through shared knowledge and experiences.



Letters FROM THE PRESIDENT The Foundation Fellows and Ramsey Scholars are part of a university that continues to reach new heights of excellence across all facets of our mission. They belong to a community committed to making a positive impact through teaching, research, and service. They are mentored by world-renowned faculty who are pushing the boundaries of knowledge in their fields. They take classes and conduct research in state-of-the-art facilities. They benefit from many initiatives that promote hands-on learning, entrepreneurship, data literacy, and other critical skills and experiences. And they share an intellectual curiosity and spirit of camaraderie that inspire all of us here. I have enjoyed working closely with many Foundation Fellows and Ramsey Scholars throughout much of my career at the University of Georgia, and as President, I remain a strong supporter of this exceptional scholarship program. Jere W. Morehead, President University of Georgia

FROM THE UGA FOUNDATION CHAIR As we welcome a new class of Foundation Fellows and Ramsey Scholars, we are reminded of the incredible capacity of these tremendously talented and diverse students. Whatever their interests, past history tells us that after making significant contributions at UGA, these scholars will move on to earn the country’s most prestigious scholarships, be admitted to top graduate programs, and become leaders in local, national, and global forums addressing the most critical needs of our time. The University of Georgia Foundation is proud to support these outstanding students and is convinced that the Foundation Fellowship is the best program of its kind in the country. John H. Crawford IV, Chair University of Georgia Foundation

FROM THE DIRECTOR Foundation Fellows and Ramsey Scholars are truly extraordinary individuals with an exciting array of talents and abilities. It is a privilege to work with them on a daily basis. Their sustained commitment to academic excellence, service, and concern for others makes a very positive impact both on and well beyond our campus. We are grateful that these students annually receive such strong support from our administration, the University of Georgia Foundation, the dedicated staff and faculty members of the University of Georgia, our alumni, and our many friends and supporters. David S. Williams, Associate Provost and Director Honors and Foundation Fellows Programs



Global Representation


GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES University of Georgia Foundation Fellows and Ramsey Honors Scholars come from around the country and globe, all arriving in Athens, Georgia, to advance their educational goals. This page provides an overview of the locations our students call home.


129 &

total Fellows and Ramseys from




29 states

78 3

from Canada


each from Jamaica, South Korea, and the Netherlands

from Georgia


each from Missouri and Tennessee

each from California, Florida, and Virginia

Other states represented are Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.






About the Foundation Fellowship and Ramsey Honors Scholarship The UGA Honors Program administers the university’s top academic scholarships—the Foundation Fellowship, UGA’s premier academic scholarship, and the Ramsey Honors Scholarship, one of the highest merit-based awards. The Foundation Fellowship was created in 1972 by UGA Foundation trustees to enrich the educational experience of outstanding undergraduates. Fellows receive an annual stipend, research and academic conference grants, and individual travelstudy grants. Fellows participate in a post first-year Maymester at the University of Oxford, and spring group travel-study. The Ramsey Honors Scholarship was created in 2000 by UGA Foundation trustees under the name of the university’s most generous individual benefactor, the late Bernard Ramsey (BS ’37). Ramsey Scholars are selected through the Foundation Fellowship application process and receive an annual stipend and travel-study grants and participate in domestic spring break service trips. Fellows and Ramseys enjoy mentoring from professors who have matched interests, peer mentoring, dinner seminars and book discussions with faculty and alumni, cultural events, group travel, the Fellows Library in Moore College, and off-campus retreats that promote a sense of community.

2019-2020 PROGRAM OVERVIEW first-year Fellows

28 average scores:

1540 SAT 35.5 ACT 4.33 GPA


average scores:

1538 SAT 34.8 ACT 4.27 GPA


first-year Ramseys


2019-2020 statistics

In the 2019-2020 academic year, 28 first-year Foundation Fellows, five Ramsey Scholars, and three Mid-Term Foundation Fellows joined the program, bringing the total numbers to 94 Fellows and 34 Ramsey Scholars. New Foundation Fellows for 2019-2020 had an average SAT of 1538 and an average ACT of 34.8. Their high school grade point average was 4.27 on a 4.0 scale, which indicates extra points for Advanced Placement courses. New Ramsey Scholars for 2019-2020 had an average SAT of 1540 and an average ACT of 35.5. Their high school grade point average was 4.33 on a 4.0 scale.

Benefits of both scholarships

• Special seminars and book discussions with UGA and visiting professors • Faculty, peer, and alumni mentoring • Twice-a-year retreats • Participation in a community of scholars who stimulate each other’s intellectual and personal development • First-year housing supplement of $614 for in-state students, $1,228 for out-of-state students

Foundation Fellowship benefits

• Annual stipend for in-state students: $12,300 plus the Zell Miller Scholarship (currently $9,790 per year) • Annual stipend for out-of-state students: $20,300 plus an out-ofstate tuition waiver (currently $19,040 per year) • Three fully funded spring travel-study programs (first through third years). Recently, Fellows have traveled to Morocco, South Korea, Bali, Japan, Tanzania, Argentina, and Vietnam • Fully funded summer study abroad program to Oxford immediately following the first year (valued at $8,500) • Individual travel-study grants up to a cumulative total of $9,000 (related to academic and professional goals, can be combined with semester stipends for travel-study for semester or academic year) • Research and academic conference grants up to a cumulative total of $1,750

Ramsey Scholar benefits

• Annual stipend for in-state Ramseys: $6,160 plus the Zell Miller Scholarship (currently $9,790 per year) • Annual stipend for out-of-state Ramseys: $10,160 plus an out-ofstate tuition waiver (currently $19,040 per year) • A separate travel-study grant of $3,000 (related to academic and professional goals, can be combined with semester stipends for travel-study for semester or academic year) • Four funded spring service-learning trips. In recent years, Ramseys have traveled to Seattle, Austin, New Orleans, Miami, Asheville, San Francisco, and the Mississippi Delta

2019-2020 Estimated Cost of Attendance • Full Academic Year Fellows



Myers Hall rent (double room)




7-day Meal Plan




Tuition & Fees




Zell Miller Tuition Scholarship







First-Year FFR Housing Supplement




Balance to be paid by student:







Myers Hall rent (double room)




7-day Meal Plan







Out-of-State Tuition Waver




FFR Stipend










u Georgia Resident

FFR Stipend

u Non-Georgia Resident

Tuition & Fees

First-Year FFR Housing Supplement Balance to be paid by student:

Sources: Myers Hall dorm rates, UGA meal plan rates, UGA tuition and fees

First-year Fellows play in the snow in Myers Quad. UGA FOUNDATION FELLOWS & RAMSEY HONORS SCHOLARS ANNUAL REPORT 2020






FFR dinner seminars, book discussions, alumni events (Suturing Workshop with Caroline Coleman and Eytan Palte, Class of 2016), cultural and theatrical events, and Honors Program lunchbox lectures and book discussions


FFR Pre-Spring Trip Seminars



UGA Orientation Sessions

FFR Class Breakfasts








Move into Myers Hall First-Year FFR Welcome and Orientation Freshman Welcome, Sanford Stadium FFR Welcome Reception at the President’s House FFR Library Drop-In Feast FFR Fall Retreat, North Georgia Mountains



FFR Wellness Weeks (yoga, painting and pottery workshops, hiking, and kayaking) FFR Family Reception (Homecoming Weekend), Moore College Lobby


UGA at Oxford Foundation Fellows Maymester Orientation Meeting


Foundation Fellows Interview Weekend

FFR Graduation Banquet at the Classic Center FFR Recruiting Events­—Kayaking the Broad River


Finals Week Food in FFR Library




FFR Winter Retreat, UGA Special Collections Library FFR Pre-Spring Trip Seminars



FFR dinner seminars, book discussions, cultural and theatrical events, and Honors Program lunchbox lectures and book discussions





Finals Week Food in FFR Library UGA at Oxford Foundation Fellows Maymester


FFR Spring Trips




“As I have changed and grown over my four years at UGA, the Fellowship has offered me every possible opportunity and supported me both inside and outside the classroom. From presenting at the International Studies Association Conference in Toronto to taking MATH 3500 freshman year, I have been repeatedly challenged to push myself farther than I ever imagined I could reach.” REBECCA BUECHLER Fourth-year Foundation Fellow majoring in international affairs & mathematics



“My UGA experiences were life altering in the most positive and profound ways. I was able to cast a wide net over my diverse interests, both intellectually and in the community. There is zero doubt in my mind that I would not be the person I am today without the experiences afforded to me in college— here in Athens, elsewhere in the country, and abroad. My growth as a student, person, and member of my community is a direct result of the challenges and opportunities I faced during my time at the University of Georgia.” GRIFFIN HAMSTEAD Fourth-year Foundation Fellow majoring in English




Nina Reddy


Shaun Kleber


Angela Tsao


Mackenzie Joy


Malcolm Barnard




Katie Luedecke

Tarun Ramesh


Chip Chambers

Bailey Palmer

Princeton in LA:

Jess Pasquarello

International Recognition

Schwarzman Scholar examines social narratives of education Shaun Kleber is deeply interested in stories, in the social narratives that shape how different people and different groups view the world. This fall, he will have the opportunity to learn about a whole new set of stories through the Schwarzman Scholars program. In December 2019, Shaun was one of 148 candidates selected internationally as a Schwarzman Scholar, a graduate fellowship designed to prepare the next generation of leaders with an understanding of China’s role in global trends. Shaun graduated from UGA in 2016 with bachelor’s degrees in international affairs, political science, and economics. A Foundation Fellow and Honors Program alumnus, he spent two years with McKinsey & Company as a business analyst before transitioning to work with City Year, an AmeriCorps program. He first served as a student success coach in Detroit. He then was a team leader with City Year Boston, supervising student success coaches at UP Academy Boston and developing tailored strategies for middle school student achievement. His interest in storytelling emerged while working with AmeriCorps. “As I started working with students and working in communities that are very different from the one I grew up in and have existed in for most of my life, I started recognizing the power of stories in shaping our reality,” he said. Originally, his main focus was education—his career aspirations are in education policy—and how educational opportunities help shape students’ futures. The more time Shaun spent with students, the more he realized the power that stories and social narratives have in determining what paths students will take.

“It got me interested in the Schwarzman program and China specifically in recognizing that they have very different styles of storytelling and very different stories guiding their society and their sense of reality,” he said. Shaun is UGA’s fifth Schwarzman Scholar. The Class of 2021 was narrowed down from a pool of more than 4,700 candidates from China, the U.S., and around the world. It includes students from 41 countries and 108 universities. Five classes of Schwarzman Scholars have been named since the highly competitive program opened to applicants in 2015. Students focus their studies on public policy, economics and business, or international studies and, in many ways, can design their own academic programs. Shaun’s program, he said, will center around leadership in shaping social narratives. His coursework will focus on leadership, communication, policy, and education. “As China’s influence is rising in the world, I think understanding the values and stories that guide their society is going to be critical to understanding the world that we are going to be living in, in the 21st century,” he said. After he completes his year as a Schwarzman Scholar, Shaun will attend Harvard Law School and continue to pursue a career in education policy and public education administration. During Shaun’s time with City Year—as well as through an internship with the superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools—he has confronted issues such as intergenerational poverty, segregated neighborhoods, and insufficient access to basic resources. He is working to unlock the potential of

individuals through education, he said, before ultimately working to unlock the potential of the American South through both public education and public policy. Now almost four years out from his time at UGA, Shaun says he can look back and see how the Honors Program and Foundation Fellowship have helped shape him. “What I took from this program is the very real power that comes in creating teams and groups that are deeply diverse—not just surface diversity, not just demographic diversity, but diversity of thought, background, and experience,” he said. “There’s so much vibrance and power in the community that’s built by the Honors Program and Foundation Fellowship in expanding our horizons and our perspectives.”



National Recognition

Udall Scholar focuses on computer science and sustainability

Angela Tsao is working to advance research at the intersection of computer science and sustainability, and her focus has earned her national recognition as a 2020 Udall Scholar. She was one of 55 undergraduates selected from across the nation for the scholarship, which is awarded to sophomores and juniors on the basis of their commitment to careers in the environment, Native health care or Tribal public policy. Angela, from Manchester, Missouri, is working toward bachelor’s degrees in computer science and cognitive science and a master’s degree in artificial intelligence. An Honors student and Foundation Fellow, she plans to earn a doctorate in artificial intelligence, developing and applying novel machine learning techniques for environmental data analysis. “Angela is an extremely dedicated and engaged person, and she is a very deserving Udall recipient,” said David S. Williams, associate provost and director of UGA’s Honors Program. “We congratulate Angela on earning this prestigious award, and we look forward to all the further contributions she will make in the future.” With the addition of Angela, UGA has had 14 Udall Scholars in the past 10 years and 19 total since the scholarship was first awarded in 1996. The Udall Scholarship provides up to $7,000 for eligible academic expenses. Angela’s goal is to become a lead researcher at NOAA, where she plans to apply machine learning techniques to environmental data in order to advance the understanding of natural processes. She hopes to use emerging technology— from virtual reality to genetic algorithms to neural nets—to bridge the gap between science and society. “With an unwavering commitment to environmental



research and advocacy,” said Jessica Hunt, UGA’s major scholarships coordinator, “Angela is harnessing new technologies to improve food systems and reduce water, food, and energy waste. Encouraging sustainable practices within both higher education and global agriculture, she embodies the Udall mission of environmental stewardship.” Angela is a 2019 NOAA Hollings Scholar. Her current involvement at UGA includes serving as Georgia Political Review editor-in-chief, Roosevelt Network at UGA team lead, Bag the Bag treasurer, Women in Science vice president, Student Government Association senator, Agricultural and Environmental Economics Club president, and Association for Computing Machinery-Women cofounder and secretary. She is also a Lunchbox Garden Project lesson leader, Athens Science Café core leader, and an alumni mentor through the Public Service and Outreach Student Scholar program, where she previously interned for UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant. She is an intern for UGA’s Office of Sustainability, conducts virtual reality research with UGA’s Center for Geospatial Research, is a CURO research assistant studying machine learning in sustainable development, and is the financialization coordinator for the Roosevelt Institute National Network. In summer 2019, she was an ecological researcher in software development—studying Inner Mongolian deserts and grasslands—through the NSF’s International Research Experiences for Students program. She spent a Maymester studying computer ethics at the University of Oxford and was a summer farm apprentice in Scotland through WWOOF, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

National Recognition Nina Reddy

Fulbright-Nehru English Teaching Assistantship

Chip Chambers

Phi Kappa Phi Marcus L. Urann Fellow

Nina’s assistantship places recipients in an underresourced school environment. Due to COVID-19, the program start has been pushed to 2021. After a year in India, Nina plans to return to the U.S. for law school.

Only six Urann Fellows are selected nationwide each year. The award carries a $20,000 stipend, which Chip will use toward his medical studies at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine.

Mackenzie Joy

Katie Luedecke

Mackenzie will use the fellowship to fund a PhD in physics at the University of California, Berkeley. While an undergraduate, she conducted astrophysics research at UGA and completed a REU in physics at UC Davis.

Katie will be pursuing a PhD in chemistry with the NSF fellowship funding at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Her intended research will have a synthesis focus.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Bailey Palmer

Malcolm Barnard

With an interest in labor and development economics, Bailey is pursuing a PhD in economics at UC Berkeley. For two years after graduation in 2018, she was senior research specialist at Princeton University.

Malcolm, from the class of 2017, is currently a PhD student in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Institute of Marine Science. He is conducting fieldwork that includes studying harmful western Lake Erie algal blooms.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Tarun Ramesh

Newman Civic Fellowship The Newman Civic Fellowship recognizes Tarun’s work to bridge the gap between policy research and community needs by building diverse coalitions to reduce disparities in health care access. He was also a national finalist for the Truman Scholarship.

NSF Honorable Mention

Jess Pasquarello Princeton in Latin America Fellow

As a Princeton in Latin America Fellow, Jess will be working for a year in Guatemala for the Women’s Justice Initiative, an organization that provides legal services to local indigenous women.



UGA HONORS PROGRAM The UGA Honors Program is one of the oldest and most respected in the country. It provides its 2,500-plus undergraduates with the resources to make the most of their higher education experience—including 300 Honors classes a year with an average class size of 17 students, expert advice from Honors and faculty advisors, independent research opportunities, mentoring, internships, lunchbox lectures and book discussions with faculty, and the Myers Hall residential community. The Honors Program affords numerous opportunities for local, national, and global civic engagement and career development, including internship placements in Washington, New York, and Savannah; the Corsair Society, which mentors undergraduates pursuing banking and finance careers; the Honors Program Student Council; UGA MATHCOUNTS Outreach; the Association of Women in Science; and the Thomas Lay After School Tutoring Program. Through the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO), students work with faculty on projects that reach beyond classroom learning, giving them important research-related experience needed for graduate or professional schools. Housed in the Honors Program, CURO is open to all UGA undergraduates interested in pursuing research ranging from the humanities to social sciences to traditional STEM disciplines. Among the on-campus benefits provided to Fellows and Ramseys is access to Honors Program staff members, including the major scholarships coordinator, who provides important counsel for a variety of pursuits, including drafting personal statements, resumes, and cover letters for job, scholarship, and postgraduate study applications.

713 4.06 1517

first-year students


average GPA average SAT

average ACT

Zane Placie, Sasha Stogniy, Aparna Pateria, and Margaret Schrayer take a break in the Fellows Library during Foundation Fellows Interview Weekend.



Claire Drosos scuba dives at the Great Barrier Reef.


Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Through CURO, the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities, students work with faculty on projects that allow them to reach beyond classroom learning and give them important research-related experience to demonstrate their passion to admissions staff at graduate or professional schools. Undergraduate research opportunities abound across the curriculum, from laboratory and social sciences to humanities and fine arts.



SENIORS SPEAK: Faculty Mentors

“Working with Dr. Deanna Walters in the UGA College of Public Health has been an impactful experience. I’ve been with her since fall 2018 as a research assistant for the Athens-Clarke County Sex Trafficking Awareness and Response Task Force. Last spring I worked on a project to measure labor trafficking prevalence in Georgia. Dr. Walters has given me guidance in multiple projects and has given me a greater understanding of how public health can be used as a tool for social justice.” AVNI AHUJA Fourth-year Foundation Fellow majoring in sociology



“My faculty mentors, Dr. Chris Cornwell and Dr. David Mustard, both took me under their wings and taught me what economics research is and how to conduct it. Their instruction helped me write my master’s thesis on insider trading—I would not have had this research idea without my experience interning at the Department of the Treasury. The Fellowship helped me accomplish my goal of becoming a management consultant with constant exposure to new fields and industries to continuously learn and be challenged.” DREW SCHMITT Fourth-year Foundation Fellow earning dual bachelor’s & master’s degrees in economics



SENIORS SPEAK: Faculty Mentors

“My deep thanks go to Dr. Neil Lyall, Dr. Giorgis Petridis, and Dr. Alexander Petukhov. They have all given me their valuable time to help me grow as a student and researcher of mathematics. From my first research experience at UGA trying to improve on a result in additive combinatorics with Giorgis, to the many hours I spent discussing real analysis with Neil, to my recent work with Dr. Petukhov on the application of deep convolutional networks to improving image and video quality, I am grateful to have had these men as mentors.” MONTE FISCHER Fourth-year Foundation Fellow earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science & dual bachelor’s & master’s degrees in mathematics



“I first got to know Dr. Cecilia Herles in the Department of Women’s Studies as the undergraduate advisor who encouraged me to explore the field. Soon afterwards, I took her North American Asian Feminism course, and one class project challenged me and a partner to question our relationship with colorism. “Dr. Herles encouraged us to pursue our own independent research project concerning colorism’s impact on interpersonal relationship formation in the IndianAmerican community through CURO. Over the next year, Dr. Herles guided us through all the stages of our research project. Not only was she patient, reliable, and flexible, but she also went above and beyond in guiding us to develop our own perspectives.” NINA REDDY Fourth-year Foundation Fellow majoring in economics, sociology, & women’s studies



Academic Enrichment Fellows and Ramseys explore an array of intellectual and professional topics at dinner seminars and book discussions with faculty and alumni throughout the year. In addition, the Fellowship sponsors attendance at campus conferences, lectures, and a wide range of cultural and social events throughout the year—including Wellness Week activities such as kayaking, hiking, yoga, improv, and pottery workshops; productions at UGA’s Performing Arts Center, Town & Gown Theatre, and Canopy Aerial Dance Studio; dinner at the UGA Press; Big/ Little mentoring dinners; and class breakfasts.

This page, above: Fellows attend a theatre production. Albert Chen and Shi Ho Kim, left, do some meditative coloring in the Moore College building during Wellness Week. Facing page, clockwise from top left: 1) Fellows and Ramseys go ice skating at the Classic Center; 2) one of the fall enrichment activities includes painting at ARTini’s Art Lounge in Athens; 3) Fellows and Ramseys put their flexibility to the test at Fuel Hot Yoga; 4) Fellows alumni Eytan Palte, left, and Caroline Coleman, second from right, lead a suturing workshop with Emma Hope, Emma Tucker, and others; and 5) first-years cheer on the Bulldogs in Sanford Stadium.







INTERNSHIPS Internships give students hands-on experience and professional connections they can build on for years to come. As undergraduates, Fellows and Ramseys hold internship positions in forprofit, non-profit, academic, and governmental organizations throughout the U.S. and around the world. They gain valuable skills and test out possible career paths, often while earning credit toward graduation.


58 internships

students participated in


21 virtual



SENIORS SPEAK: Internships

“I served as a Civic Digital Fellow under the supervision of the former Health and Human Services Chief Data Officer, Dr. Mona Siddiqui. Working on projects from the ReImagine Data Insights Initiative to, this fellowship was my first foray into civic technology and allowed me to see the wealth of opportunities available to technologists within the public sector. I was inspired to meet others with similar interests who also want to see the public sector modernized and brought into the 21st century. I developed connections with leading technologists, from the first U.S. Chief Data Officer, DJ Patil, to former Chief Technology Officer, Megan Smith.” ADITYA KRISHNASWAMY Fourth-year Foundation Fellow majoring in mathematics & statistics



SENIORS SPEAK: Internships

“I interned with the Boston Consulting Group after my junior year at UGA. At one of the premier consulting firms in the world, I gained experience at solving the complex problems Fortune 500 companies face. I delved into fascinating research and business topics, and I brought that experience back to mentor other students at UGA to pursue similar internships.” NICOLE GOOGE Fourth-year Foundation Fellow majoring in business administration, economics, international business, & psychology



“Interning at the Feminist Women’s Health Center in Atlanta opened my eyes to the possibility of working at the intersection of medicine and social justice. Under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Andrea Swartzendruber, I gained valuable skills in quantitative and qualitative research while learning extensively about the landscape of sexual and reproductive health across Georgia and the United States. Dr. Swartzendruber is an incredible role model for those of us who want to harness the power of academia to promote social change.” JESSICA MA Fourth-year Foundation Fellow majoring in sociology & women’s studies



SENIORS SPEAK: Internships

“I discovered my passion for programming and computer science later in my college career. Throughout the spring, summer, and fall of 2018, I took every computer science course I possibly could to speed through the major. Then, in 2019, I spent the summer in Seattle working with what would eventually become my long-term team at Amazon. I worked on a project to develop a new tool for the organization— one that Amazon Web Services would use to test the network connections of devices in datafarms around the world. I’m very happy to say that I received and accepted an offer to work with that team full-time after graduation.” BEN GIEBELHAUSEN Fourth-year Ramsey Honors Scholar majoring in cognitive science, computer science, & psychology



“My internship at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was a life-changing experience. I learned so much in 10 weeks, and it was a launch pad to where I am today. “Also, I am an economics student because of Dr. Meghan Skira. If you take her Principles of Microeconomics Honors course, you probably will be too. I would not be who I am without her constantly pushing me and holding me to high expectations.” SEBASTIAN PUERTA Fourth-year Foundation Fellow earning dual bachelor’s & master’s degrees in economics UGA FOUNDATION FELLOWS & RAMSEY HONORS SCHOLARS ANNUAL REPORT 2020


Undergraduate Research


RESEARCH INTERESTS Guided by their research mentors, Fellows and Ramseys learn to communicate their research findings through presentations and publications. Fellows attend professional and academic conferences and extra-university courses with funding through the Fellowship. Domestic and international conferences introduce students to academic communities and add to their professional development.




10 publications 42 presentations CURO 27 presentations 30



24 29

students participated in


6 virtual 13 out of state 4 out of country

SENIORS SPEAK: Research “Working at the University of California, Davis for 10 weeks as a physics researcher was one of the best experiences I’ve had as an undergrad. I lived in a huge and extremely odd co-op house on campus along with 14 other physics undergrads. We biked around Davis together, ate meals together, and worked on our individual projects in random cafes and restaurants. And my work on the sound horizon from this Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) actually got published about six months later!” MACKENZIE JOY Fourth-year Foundation Fellow majoring in astrophysics




“The most important lesson I have learned from undergraduate research at UGA is that synthetic chemistry research rarely works out the first try. Patience and tenacity are absolutely necessary in planning a synthetic experiment, and I gained both of those attributes during my three and a half years of research in the Robinson Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory. “Synthetic research often comes at the expense of long hours in the lab and lots of thinking about optimizing syntheses, but the atmosphere in the Robinson Lab keeps it a place I look forward to being. The people in the Robinson Lab make it feel like home.” KATIE LUEDECKE Fourth-year Foundation Fellow majoring in chemistry



“Diverse research played a foundational role in my four years at UGA. I began working with Dr. Nina Wurzburger in the Odum School of Ecology during my first semester, focusing first on experimental soil research and then on climate changerelated soil biogeochemistry and scientific communications. “After meeting SPIA professor Loch Johnson at Interview Weekend, we would meet for coffee, mentoring, and fascinating discussions about world affairs. I looked for a way to combine my ecology background with international affairs, which led to a directed reading with Dr. Johnson on environmental security intelligence. This led to an environmental security internship at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, where I continued my research and published multiple articles in the Wilson Center’s New Security Beat publication. “During my final semester, I took a directed study in ecology from Dr. Jim Porter on historical global warming research and environmental security. Although Dr. Johnson and Dr. Porter are now emeriti, I am currently working with both to write an article on the history of climate change research and its effects on present day environmental security for a peerreviewed international affairs journal.” EVAN BARNARD Fourth-year Ramsey Honors Scholar majoring in ecology & international affairs UGA FOUNDATION FELLOWS & RAMSEY HONORS SCHOLARS ANNUAL REPORT 2020



“One of the best things about UGA was the professors’ willingness to engage with students early and meaningfully in a student’s career. I was fortunate enough to conduct research beginning the first semester of my freshman year and to develop encouraging relationships both with my mentors and with the subject matter. This greatly enhanced my development both as a person and as a scientist and provided the framework for many academic and career decisions to follow. I presented some of our work in several cities and met many scientists, all because of the inviting academic culture at UGA.” STEPHAN GEORGE Fourth-year Foundation Fellow majoring in biochemistry & molecular biology, biology, & genetics



SENIORS SPEAK: Conferences

“My attendance at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference and my internship with the LA Clippers would not have been possible without the incredible support of the Fellowship. Both experiences provided me with valuable connections and learning opportunities that launched my postgraduation career with the Clippers. Anyone with even a remote interest in sports analytics should look into attending the Sloan conference. Titans across the sports industry are all present, and you never know who you will bump into for a great conversation.� BEN STARKS Fourth-year Foundation Fellow majoring in management information systems with a MS in business analytics



SENIORS SPEAK: Conferences

“In the summer of 2019, I interned in Athens at the UGA Vet School’s Educational Resource Center and created medical artwork for them. I also attended the annual Association of Medical Illustrators conference in Milwaukee with some of my coworkers from the Vet School. As a new member, I got to make trading cards with my artwork as a tool to introduce myself and network with people, including current grad students, professors at various graduate programs, and working professionals. My scientific illustration professor even presented at the conference and talked about critiquing artwork in the classroom and used some of our work from class in his presentation.” AVEN JONES Fourth-year Ramsey Honors Scholar majoring in fine arts & scientific illustration




Stamps Day of Service UGA Stamps Scholars invited other Fellows and Ramseys to join them in two service activities in the fall. For the Stamps Scholars Day of Service, left, Sophia DeLuca, Jordan Cole, and Mary Breen (pictured) as well as Jessica Ma, Himani Yadav, Sam Ejiofor, Claire Drosos, Divya Ghoshal, Sahana Parker, Hyde Healy, Carlos López Ramírez, Rosa Brown, and Phaidra Buchanan joined PERIOD at UGA for its packing party. PERIOD is committed to eliminating the period taboo and expanding access to menstrual care in the community. In the photo below, Nico Leis, Shashank Ganeshan, and Sahana Parker (not pictured) cut a short trail re-route at Sandy Creek Park. To open the new reroute, they cleared debris and brush from the ground and removed brush and trees from the new trail corridor. —The Stamps Foundation supports 20 Foundation Fellows, selecting five new Stamps Scholars from each entering class of Fellows.





Fellows & Ramseys encourage fellow UGA students—and Athens occupants—to be counted correctly in the 2020 Census Every. One. Counts. One group of University of Georgia undergraduates is working hard to make sure occupants of Athens-Clarke County are tallied correctly for the 2020 Census—including the county’s almost 40,000 UGA students. The undergraduates—including Ramsey Honors Scholar Marshall Berton; Foundation Fellows Shashank Ganeshan, Priyanka Parikh, and Christopher Rosselot; and Honors student Sophie Murtey— established UGACounts to alert UGA students to the responsibility (and the benefits) of being counted in the 2020 Census.

34 38

University students represent approximately 25 percent of AthensClarke County’s population. An accurate count of Athens-Clarke County’s residents helps ensure that the area receives federal funding to support infrastructure, education, affordable housing, employment, and health care. UGACounts started as a policy proposal that was the product of at least six months of work, including problem identification, formal research, and collaborating with local organizations. Titled “UGA Counts: Accurately Enumerating the University of Georgia


Student Population for the 2020 Census,” it was selected from over 80 submissions and was published in the Roosevelt Network’s policy journal 10 Ideas in June. The Roosevelt Network is an organization of over 10,000 students on 130 college campuses working to advance policy solutions in their communities. The UGA campus chapter is known as Roosevelt @ UGA. “Being recognized by Roosevelt gave us the extra confidence boost that we were heading in the right direction,” Marshall said. “Roosevelt helped us refine our policy and think about some key

2020 CENSUS Every 10 years, the federal government collects Census data and uses it to allocate billions of dollars to local governments across the country.

CENSUS IMPACTS ON ATHENS & UGA: Public works Schools Healthcare Representation Fellows and Ramseys featured on social media as part of the #IAmAthens campaign include, top, left to right, Maeve Breathnach, Marianne Lamarche, Carlos López Ramírez, Asim Ahmed, Sahana Parker, Mariah Cady, Isabella Luu, Aditya Krishnaswamy, Priyanka Parikh, and Avni Ahuja.

Pell grants & federal student aid Research On-campus mental health support

points to essentially take it to the next level.” Their policy proposal was completed before the coronavirus pandemic put a halt to in-person activities this past spring. Although COVID-19 provided plenty of obstacles, several things worked in the group’s favor. For the first time, the Census could be filled out online; the Census Bureau allowed college communities to count students who live off campus; and the original deadline for completing the Census was extended. “Before COVID, we had a good plan— social media campaigns and tabling on campus—and that all changed. But the Census Bureau’s decision to change some policies eases the burden on us,” said Christopher, who adds that UGACounts

had been working closely with the Athens-Clarke County government and its Complete Count committee to get students involved. “College students are generally undercounted in the Census, and because of COVID and students staying at home, it has exacerbated the issue,” Shashank said. Athens-Clarke County has a significant population living in poverty, and federal funds allow the local government to better help citizens who need it the most. “The Census data helps you understand what your community’s needs are,” Priyanka said. “The data can be used

by all kinds of organizations to increase what resources they have to help people in the community. “It’s really easy to be here four years and just think of yourself as a UGA student, but we have to realize we’re part of the Athens community. It’s important for us to recognize what issues exist outside of UGA’s campus borders and for us to take some initiative to use what we’re learning and the connections we’re making to do something outside the UGA community. That’s the whole point of our college education—to have an impact beyond campus.”




“In the summer of 2019, I decided to follow my growing passion for sustainability and work on the front lines for the Student Conservation Corps. The program sent me to the Payette National Forest within the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho—the most remote roadless wilderness area in the lower 48— to do backcountry trail maintenance and live full time. Our food, mail, and other supplies were brought in by a backcountry bush pilot every two weeks. Overall, the solitude and simplicity of living in the wilderness was a soulenriching experience that inspired me to spend the rest of my life pursuing such immersive experiences in the wild.” NICO LEIS Fourth-year Foundation Fellow majoring in economics & psychology



“I loved being on the UGA Kickstart Fund through the UGA Entrepreneurship Program because it made me realize how truly amazing UGA is. Seeing students from all areas of campus trying to turn their unique gifts or passions into businesses was an incredibly rewarding experience on its own, but being able to give them actual capital to propel their projects to success was even better. It felt like funding dreams.” CLAIRE DROSOS Fourth-year Foundation Fellow majoring in finance & sociology





Individual Travel-Study, 2019-2020

Avni Ahuja – Boston, Massachusetts Michelle Belikova – Thompsons Station, Tennessee Marshall Berton – Washington, D.C. Maeve Breathnach – Clarkston, Georgia Mary Breen – Ponce de Leon, Florida Erica Bressner – Italy Rosa Brown – Washington, D.C. Phaidra Buchanan – Ghana


Katherine Christie – Palm Beach, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana Sam Daly – Thailand Emma Ellis – Guatemala; Clarkston, Georgia Elizabeth Esser – Guatemala Arden Farr – Thailand; Washington, D.C. Monte Fischer – New York, New York Stephan George – United Kingdom; San Diego, California; Boston, Massachusetts


Nicole Googe – United Kingdom Emma Hale – Puerto Rico Emma Hope – Ecuador Aven Jones – Milwaukee, Wisconsin Mackenzie Joy – Honolulu, Hawaii Kunho Kim – Puerto Rico Shi Ho Kim – San Francisco, California Nico Leis – Mexico Katie Luedecke – Houston, Texas

Ashley Martin – Australia Jack McRae – Orlando, Florida Eric Miller – Pasadena, California Priyanka Parikh – Baltimore, Maryland Kyle Patel – Puerto Rico Sydney Phillips – Israel; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Zane Placie – Austin, Texas

Sebastian Puerta – San Diego, California Isabelle Riddle – Tanzania Maggie Russo – Singapore Nathan Safir – Puerto Rico Anna Samsonov – Puerto Rico Drew Schmitt – Chile, Ecuador, Peru Ben Starks – Boston, Massachusetts Sasha Stogniy – Palm Beach, Florida

Jessica Thompson – Tanzania Angela Tsao – Puerto Rico; Boulder, Colorado Avery Warner – San Francisco, California; Austin, Texas Brian Woolfolk – Canada Rachel Yuan – Puerto Rico



Spring Travel



New York and Washington, D.C. Program Leaders: Dr. Andrew Owsiak, associate professor of international affairs, School of Public and International Affairs; and Jessica Hunt, assistant director and scholarships coordinator, Honors Program Academic Focus: Public health, the arts, law, and politics

Jordan Cole ’23 “From the moment we stepped off the plane in New York to the round of farewell hugs after D.C., the trip was filled with memorable moments of love and laughter. We bonded over incredible food, walks through Central Park, and jaw-dropping Broadway shows and were constantly experiencing something new. When you combine our enriching Fellows community with Jeni’s ice cream, the Highline, the Smithsonian, and impromptu Times Square photoshoots, you get an unforgettable experience that I will cherish long beyond these four years.” Maeve Breathnach ’23 “NYC and D.C. brought us more than just the average tourist experience. Our friendships deepened while we roamed around New York neighborhoods and the National Mall, discovering more about our environment and ourselves. Going to the Met, viewing show tapings live, and touring our capital’s landmarks as a cohort was an invaluable learning and bonding experience. From sharing meals with FFR alumni and listening to high-profile professionals speak about their careers, we also saw a clear picture of what our future selves can accomplish in these cities.” Elise Karinshak ’23 “I learned more than I thought possible in the span of a week. I loved every minute of this opportunity to travel with friends, and I look forward to bringing our shared memories back to Athens.” Aakash Arora ’23 “The memories that were created, whether from walking down the Brooklyn Bridge at midnight, going to multiple Broadway shows, or getting lost in the city looking for a dessert shop, will stay with me forever. I left this trip revitalized by new bonds of friendship, the taste of diverse cuisines, the expertise of alumni, and the great energy that exuded from both cities.” Marianne Lamarche ’23 “The New York/DC trip was by far one of my favorite memories from freshman year! From walking along the Brooklyn Bridge with my best friends at sunset to touring NBC Studios and appearing on The Today Show, attending Broadway performances, and visiting powerful museums, I rapidly fell in love with both cities. Meeting with incredible UGA alumni and friends also inspired me to dream big, believe in myself, and return to New York or Washington for an internship or job later in my college career.” UGA FOUNDATION FELLOWS & RAMSEY HONORS SCHOLARS ANNUAL REPORT 2020


Ramsey Spring Travel-Study Trip

Mississippi Delta Led by Dr. Myra Moore and Dr. Meghan Skira of the Terry College of Business, Ramsey Honors Scholars explored the music, history, and foodways of the Mississippi Delta. Along the region’s Blues Trail, they paid homage to Delta blues legends— including Robert Johnson and B.B. King—and engaged with contemporary musicians and music scholars. Following the Mississippi Freedom Trail, they confronted the tragedies and triumphs of the Civil Rights Movement, and along the Tamale Trail, they sampled the rich culinary traditions of the Delta.





SENIORS: Travel-Study

GLOBAL SENIORS The Class of 2020—both Foundation Fellows and Ramsey Honors Scholars—have traveled the globe and the greater United States during their four years at the University of Georgia.

SENIOR TRAVEL students traveled to


34 17






“I came to UGA anxious to see the world. I pursued this interest with a fierce dedication and ended up spending about 14 months abroad on my own, and I traveled to almost 20 countries. “I’ve been asked if I was scared to travel alone. My first answer is yes, absolutely. It’s terrifying! It’s also not what you expect. The scariest parts are the most mundane—navigating the post office or figuring out the bus route. “But the second answer to this question is that I was never really alone. And I say this for a couple of reasons. So many alumni of this program were more than willing to help me out whenever I needed something. Kathleen Wilson let me stay at her apartment in Amsterdam after having met me once at Interview Weekend. Yannick Morgan met me for coffee in Kigali, Rwanda, to talk about my career. Logan Campbell talked me through my insane South African visa process without having met me. Sarah Caruana helped me prep for interviews via Skype from Washington, D.C. I bring this up because it speaks to the power and scale of this network and the mindblowing willingness of its members to come through for you no matter what you need or where you need it.” MCKENNA BARNEY Fourth-year Foundation Fellow majoring in economics & geography UGA FOUNDATION FELLOWS & RAMSEY HONORS SCHOLARS ANNUAL REPORT 2020



“While at UGA, I traveled to San Francisco, Seattle, and Mississippi with the Ramsey Scholars. I also traveled to Croatia to study public health, Costa Rica to study Spanish, and China to study Chinese politics.” GRANT MERCER Fourth-year Ramsey Honors Scholar majoring in biology, international affairs, & Spanish



“The Foundation Fellowship encouraged me to travel more than I ever expected to, and I have had so many amazing experiences because of it. Studying at Oxford after freshman year was the first time I traveled outside of the U.S., and by the time I graduated I had visited 11 other countries. “I spent a semester abroad in Singapore, where I studied Singaporean literature and the anthropology of ghost stories in Southeast Asia. Besides classes and tutorials, my semester was filled with countless night markets, amazing food, and two back-to-back midnightto-sunrise hikes (one to a volcano and the other to the world’s largest acid lake). As I traveled and explored, I learned that while cities are exciting hubs of culture and tradition, there is just as much to be discovered in small towns, whether they’re tucked away in the mountains or near a river delta. These experiences were lessons in spontaneity and exploration, and they taught me to appreciate just how extraordinary the everyday world can be.” MAGGIE RUSSO Fourth-year Foundation Fellow majoring in English & linguistics



SENIORS: Lisa Ann Coole Award

Avni Ahuja and Emma Goldsmith honored with Lisa Ann Coole Award The Foundation Fellows Class of 2020 chose Avni Ahuja and Emma Goldsmith as this year’s recipients of the Lisa Ann Coole Award. The award was established in 1999 to honor Lisa Ann Coole’s memory and to inspire Foundation Fellows to translate into their lives the compassion, joy, courage, and excellence that defined Lisa’s presence in the Fellowship, at UGA, and in her communities both in Georgia and in Illinois. Lisa was an extraordinary young woman and a model Foundation Fellow. She graduated from UGA magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in biology in 1997. She was a 19-time All-American swimmer, won two NCAA titles, and was selected as the 1997 NCAA Woman of the Year. Lisa had just completed her first year of veterinary medicine at the University of Illinois-Champaign when she died as a result of injuries received in an automobile accident. In 1999, she was inducted into the UGA Athletic Association Circle of Honor, the highest tribute paid to former Bulldog athletes and coaches. Avni graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and is now attending the Emory University School of Medicine and working toward a dual MD/MPH degree. Emma graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and is now a teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina, through Teach For America. Avni’s and Emma’s classmates share their appreciation below. Avni Ahuja —“I can truly say, without a doubt, that Avni Ahuja is one of a kind, and she deserves this award more than anyone. She is wholly good. She is warm hugs and Starbucks chocolate chip cookies. She is a radiant smile with an even more radiant heart to match. Avni is the kind of person who finds and believes in your strengths and lifts you up to believe in them, too.” —“I have never witnessed Avni be anything but kind, generous, and understanding. She welcomes everyone with open arms, even if she has just met them. She is usually the first to plan group activities and bonding events; she does this not to receive praise or gratitude, but rather to strengthen the sense of community we all value so much.” —“What sets Avni apart from the rest of our peers, I think, is that she really truly is a friend to all. I don’t think Avni has ever known a stranger and she stands out as someone that loves to bring people together and always seeks to make sure everyone is included. She’s just a joy to be around!”



Emma Goldsmith —“Emma has been a constant source of joy and light for our FFR class since the first day we stepped foot on this campus. Talking to Emma is like getting a warm hug! She has a calm, relaxing presence and treats everyone with consideration and respect. I’ve really never met a more genuine person and am lucky to call her my friend. I really couldn’t think of anyone else more deserving.” —“First, Emma always goes out of her way to make people feel welcome at UGA, regardless of if they are FFR, Honors, or even if she knows them. Second, Emma is the embodiment of genuine kindness and always goes out of her way to help a friend or classmate even if she has to sacrifice sleep or studying. Third, Emma is active at UGA as a tour guide to recruit new generations of Dawgs and in a host of other commitments, yet she still finds the time to attend FFR book clubs and other events. I cannot think of anyone else who so embodies an award that is based on being genuine, community oriented, leading through service, and love of FFR.” Previous recipients are Caroline Shearer (2019), Emily Maloney and Mollie Simon (2018), Moira Fennell (2017), Kirstie Hostetter and Chris Lewitzke (2016), Eilidh Geddes (2015), Jesse Chan (2014), Sara De La Torre Berón (2013), Hank Schwartz (2012), Mir Inaamullah and Alex Squires (2011), Betsy Allen (2010), Elizabeth Godbey (2009), Anant Mandawat (2008), Helen Smith (2007), Chloe Thompson (2006), Krisda Chaiyachati (2005), Vanessa Reynolds (2004), Chris Gibson (2003), Cathy Lee and Tina Rakkit (2002), Laquesha Sanders and Kyle Wingfield (2001), Bronson Lee (2000), and Lacy Feldman and Torre Mills (1999).

Foundation Fellows Class of 2020 Avni Sheel Ahuja

Avni Ahuja

McKenna Barney

Major: Sociology Minor: Biology Hometown: Alpharetta, Georgia Research: Measuring Labor Trafficking Prevalence in Georgia; Training and Outreach Initiatives Addressing Sex Trafficking in Clarke County; Studying the Effects of Sexual Harassment Training; Maintaining and Observing Malaria Parasite Cultures in Sexual and Asexual States; Reviewing Literature on Sexual Victimization and Revictimization; Developing Proposals to Curb Sex Trafficking in Lodging Businesses Travel-Study & Internships: Bali; Bolivia; Costa Rica; Thailand; United Kingdom; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, Georgia; New York, New York Activities: Greater New York Hospital Association intern, SGA First-Year Forum director, Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Student Group, It’s On Us regional advisor, The Cottage crisis hotline counselor, American Public Health Association Division for Health Policy & Practice intern, Child Family Health International intern, Freeland Foundation intern, YouthSpark intern, Athens Sex Trafficking Awareness and Response Task Force core member Honors & Awards: AT&T Student Leadership Award, Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society, Palladia Women’s Honor Society, UGA Homecoming Court, Sphinx Society, Blue Key Honor Society, Presidential Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, First Honor Graduate, summa cum laude UGA Faculty Mentors: Dr. Deanna Walters, Dr. Sarah Shannon, Dr. Justine Tinkler, Dr. Dennis Kyle, Dr. Jody Clay-Warner Post-Graduation Plans: Avni is attending Emory University School of Medicine, where she will obtain an MD/MPH.

McKenna Aliya Barney Majors: Economics, Geography Minors: International Agriculture, Urban and Metropolitan Studies Hometown: Venetia, Pennsylvania Research: Food Stamp Underutilization; Federal Food Safety Regulations in

South Africa; The Influence of Climate Forcing and Policy on Historical Famines; Reintroducing Native Purple Ribbon Sugar Cane to Sapelo Island; The Impact of Conflict on Hunger and Nutrition of Women and Children Travel-Study & Internships: Argentina; Rwanda; South Africa; United Kingdom; Vietnam; Washington, D.C.; New York, New York Activities: Community Mapping Lab researcher, South African Governance of Food Safety researcher, Political Ecology of Famines researcher, Sapelo Island Sugar Cane Production research assistant, Malnutrition of Women and Children in Conflict research assistant, Mokah Johnson for Georgia House District 117 Campaign fellowship director, Southern Economic Advancement Project intern, Campus Kitchen at UGA development intern, NASA DEVELOP research consultant, CARE International Vulnerable Women Program intern, UGA Office of International Education assistant, Lunchbox Garden Project executive director, Women in Economics Society vice president of external outreach, UGAVotes volunteer, Stacey Abrams and Deborah Gonzalez political campaign volunteer, Peer Assisted Leadership Mentorship Program mentor Honors & Awards: Rhodes Scholar National Finalist, Udall Scholar Honorable Mention, Truman Scholar National Finalist, Blue Key Honor Society, UGA Geography Department Senior Award, UGA Geography Department Outstanding Student Award, Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grant, CURO Research Assistantship, UGA Undergraduate Library Research Award runner-up, Dean Tate Honor Society, Presidential Scholar, Dean’s List, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude with Honors UGA Faculty Mentors: Dr. Nik Heynen, Dr. Maria Navarro, Dr. Meghan Skira, Dr. Marguerite Madden, Dr. Jerry Shannon Post-Graduation Plans: McKenna is working on a local political campaign in Athens (Mokah Johnson for Georgia) before moving to Atlanta to work for Deloitte’s Government and Public Service division as a strategies and operations analyst.



Foundation Fellows Class of 2020

Rebecca L. Buechler


Majors: International Affairs, Mathematics Minor: Russian Hometown: Duluth, Georgia Research: Sequencing of the Steps to War Thesis; Dataset Creation of National Security Strategy Objectives and Strategies Travel-Study & Internships: Bali; Russia; United Kingdom; Vietnam; Washington, D.C.; New York, New York Activities: UGA Chapter of Spoon University photography director, Ballroom Performance Group principal dancer, Athens Humane Society volunteer, Stimson Center research assistant, Ambactus Group operations intern, International Studies Association Conference panel presenter, CURO Symposium presenter Honors & Awards: Center for International Trade and Security Richard B. Russell Security Leadership Program, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude UGA Faculty Mentor: Dr. Andrew Owsiak Post-Graduation Plans: Rebecca briefly worked as an assistant baker at Crave Pie Studio in Duluth, Georgia, before beginning her position as an associate at Boston Consulting Group.

Claire Martha Drosos Majors: Finance, Sociology Minor: Personal and Organizational Leadership Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio Research: National Cannabis Legalization Research Study Travel-Study & Internships: Argentina; Australia; Bali; United Kingdom; Vietnam; Washington, D.C.; Athens, Georgia; Atlanta, Georgia; New York, New York; Cincinnati, Ohio Activities: Corsair Society head of management consulting, UGA Kickstart Fund managing partner, Leonard Leadership Scholar, Lunchbox Garden Project lesson leader, Public Service and Outreach student scholar, Athens Prison Tutorial tutor, Deloitte summer scholar,

Archway Partnership analyst, Centro de Atencion Integral para la Inclusion intern, Small Business Development Center intern, CincyTech LLC market researcher Honors & Awards: Stamps Scholar, Palladia Women’s Honor Society, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude UGA Faculty Mentors: Dr. William Finlay, Dr. Jennifer Gaver, Dr. Lydia Aletraris Post-Graduation Plans: Claire is working for Bain & Company as an associate consultant in their Atlanta office.

Montgomery Lloyd Fischer Majors: Computer Science BS, Mathematics BS/MA Hometown: South St. Paul, Minnesota Research: Convolutional Neural Networks for Inverse Problems in Computer Imaging (Video Demosaicing); Analyzing Systemic Risk in Fedwire Bank Transfer Network; Option Valuation for Emerging TYVIX Market; Bounds on Plünnecke’s Inequality Travel-Study & Internships: Bali; Costa Rica; Hungary; United Kingdom; Washington, D.C.; Worcester, Massachusetts; New York, New York Activities: UGA Honors Program Student Council PAL Mentorship Program director; Reformed University Fellowship; Redeemer Presbyterian Church; Athens Prison Tutorial tutor; UGA Math Club vice president of communications; UGA Corsair Society technology group member Honors & Awards: Goldwater Scholar, Strahan Award, Alan J. Jaworski Science Award, Hollingsworth Award, Presidential Scholar, First Honor Graduate, summa cum laude with Highest Honors UGA Faculty Mentors: Dr. Neil Lyall, Dr. Giorgis Petridis, Dr. Alexander Petukhov Post-Graduation Plans: Monte is starting work as a software developer at Epic in Madison, Wisconsin. He will be joining a team of data scientists responsible for building and deploying computational models to reduce hospital mortality and promote population health management.


Rebecca Buechler

Claire Drosos

Monte Fischer

Stephan Nicholas George

Stephan George

Emma Marie Goldsmith Major: Journalism Hometown: Albany, Georgia Travel-Study & Internships: Bali; Costa Rica; United Kingdom; Washington, DC; Atlanta, Georgia; Savannah, Georgia; New York, New York

Nicole Googe

Nicole Marie Googe Majors: Business Administration, Economics, International Business, Psychology Minors: Mathematics, Certificate in Actuarial Sciences Hometown: Athens, Georgia Research: The History of Eye Development in the Anolis Sagrei Lizard Travel-Study & Internships: Australia; Costa Rica; Ecuador; Tanzania; United Kingdom; Washington, D.C.; Boston, Massachusetts; New York, New York Activities: Jonathan Wallace for Georgia House District 119 campaign manager, STEMPump tutor, UGA Women’s Rugby Team, Athens Prison Tutorial president, Demosthenian Literary Society president, treasurer, and judicial counsel, Counterpoint Dance Company treasurer, UGA Corsair Society, Medicine in Literature co-president, Boston Consulting Group summer associate, SMART Accounting Solutions project manager, Jittery Joe’s executive assistant Honors & Awards: CURO Research Assistantship, Presidential Scholar, Dean’s List, summa cum laude Post-Graduation Plans: After finishing her fourth undergraduate degree in the fall and running Jonathan Wallace’s campaign for State House Representative for District 119, Nicole will move to Atlanta to start her work as an associate consultant at the Boston Consulting Group.


Foundation Fellows Class of 2020

Emma Goldsmith

Majors: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Biology, Genetics Minors: Cell Biology, Chemistry Hometown: Lawrenceville, Georgia Research: Gene Therapies and Immunotherapies for Treatment of Hereditary Disorders; Characterization of Mutants Associated with X-Linked Intellectual Disability; Generation of a Biological Sensor for Detection of Aflatoxin B1; Tissue-Directed Bioengineering Approaches for Gene Therapy of Hemophilia A; Papers Co-Published and/or Presented on: Biochemical Characterization on Missense Mutations in the Tetratricopeptide Region of O-GlcNAc Transferase Found in Patients with X-Linked Intellectual Disability, Target Cell-Directed Bioengineering Approaches for Gene Therapy of Hemophilia A, and Tissue-Directed Transgene Engineering for AAV and Lentivector Gene Therapy Approaches Travel-Study & Internships: Tanzania; United Kingdom; San Diego, California; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, Georgia; Indianapolis, Indiana; Boston, Massachusetts; Memphis, Tennessee Activities: iGEM Research Team captain and advisor, Biochemistry Undergraduate Society president and chair of service, Science Olympiad Outreach at UGA treasurer, exam director and advisor, HOSA: Future Healthcare Professionals treasurer and founding member, IMPACT Service Breaks participant, UGA Club Tennis Team, American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honors & Awards: Goldwater Scholar, UGA Today Amazing Student, Dean Tate Honor Society, Charter Scholar, CURO Honors Scholar, Blue Key Honor Society, Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude UGA Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lance Wells, Dr. Brian Kvitko Post-Graduation Plans: Stephan is working at Expression Therapeutics in Atlanta for a year and applying to graduate schools.

Activities: SGA First-Year Connect director and fellow, Public Service and Outreach student scholar, Omicron Delta Kappa at UGA co-president, Grady Newsource technical manager, UGA Honors Program teaching assistant, Athens Wellbeing Project student team leader, Athens-Clarke County Mentor Program mentor, UGA Tap Dawgs, University of Edinburgh university exchange participant, American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation junior counselor and Georgia Girls State junior counselor, Kid Power Inc. program intern, Park Place Outreach AmeriCorps VISTA summer associate, UGA Visitors Center tour guide Honors & Awards: Honors in Washington Scholar, Stamps Scholar, Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society, Palladia Women’s Honor Society UGA Faculty Mentor: Eric Johnson Post-Graduation Plans: This fall, Emma began working as a teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina, through Teach For America.

63 55

Foundation Fellows Class of 2020 56

Griffin Scott Hamstead

Mackenzie Rose Joy

Major: English Minors: Spanish, Certificate in Sustainability Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee Research: Nuclear Proliferation and Strategic Trade Controls; Storytelling in the Novella Form; Apocalyptic Literature and Religion; Climate Change as a National Security Threat; Development of a Digital Media Brand and Book Imprint; Mental Health on College Campuses Travel-Study & Internships: Canada; Denmark; Iceland; Israel; Morocco; Portugal; Tanzania; United Kingdom; Vietnam; Washington, D.C.; New York, New York Activities: Center for International Trade and Security Richard B. Russell Security Leadership Program, NYU Summer Publishing Institute graduate scholar, Jupiter Entertainment research intern, Red & Black staff writer, Avid Bookshop intern, TED Fellows Program intern, WOW Urban Ministry program coordinator, Peer Assisted Leadership Mentorship Program mentor, UGA Hillel Fact Finders Trip, Lunchbox Garden Project volunteer, Georgia Political Review staff writer, SGA director of firstyear senators, UGA Honors Program teaching assistant, University Council student representative, prose and poetry published in Red Cedar Review, Stillpoint, The Orator, and Process Journal Honors & Awards: Stamps Scholar, UGA Today Amazing Student, Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society, Dean Tate Honor Society, Bezos Scholar, Dean’s List, magna cum laude with Honors UGA Faculty Mentor: Dr. Aruni Kashyap Post-Graduation Plans: Griffin is pursuing work in the field of international sustainable development before applying to MFA in Creative Writing programs in the next few years.

Major: Astrophysics Minors: Physics, Spanish Hometown: Woodstock, Georgia Research: Formaldehyde in the Diffuse Molecular Cloud MBM40; Discrepancy in the Value of the Cosmological Sound Horizon; Turbulence in Diffuse Molecular Clouds; Atomic Hydrogen in the Diffuse Interstellar Medium Travel-Study & Internships: Bali; Tanzania; United Kingdom; Vietnam; Davis, California; Denver, Colorado; Washington, D.C.; Jacksonville, Florida; New York, New York; Seattle, Washington Activities: Lunchbox Garden Project executive director and lesson leader, Athens Prison Tutorial tutor, Camp Invention leadership intern, UUFA Hogwarts Camp head of Waverider house, UGA Division of Academic Advancement peer tutor, DAE ambassador, UGA Deep Scholars Program tutor, Peer Assisted Leadership Mentorship Program mentor, NASA Laboratory Astrophysics Workshop participant, UGA Stargazing Club, MathCounts Outreach at UGA tutor, Club Fencing Team, Rock Climbing Club, Intramural Volleyball Honors & Awards: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, Goldwater Scholar, Chambliss Astronomy Student Achievement Award, Physics and Astronomy Award, Linville L. Hendren Memorial Scholarship, Charles H. Wheatley Award, American Astronomical Society Undergraduate Affiliate, Palladia Women’s Honor Society, Presidential Scholar, Dean’s List, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude with Honors UGA Faculty Mentor: Dr. Loris Magnani Post-Graduation Plans: Mackenzie is pursuing a PhD in physics at the University of California, Berkeley.


Griffin Hamstead

Mackenzie Joy

Aditya Krishnaswamy

Nicolas Leis

Majors: Mathematics, Statistics Minor: Public Health, Certificate in Applied Data Science Hometown: Marietta, Georgia Research: Analyzing the Effectiveness of Various Policies on Voter Turnout in the United States; Balancing Privacy with Health Data Access; Relationship Between Emergency Department Utilizations and Health Literacy; Gradient Boosting Machines in Predicting an Incipient Disease Outbreak Travel-Study & Internships: Costa Rica; India; Tanzania; United Kingdom; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, Georgia; New York, New York Activities: Mokah Johnson for Georgia campaign manager, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Civic Digital Fellow, UGA Honors Policy Scholars teaching assistant, Center for American Progress health policy intern, Roosevelt Network national policy coordinator for health care and student board of advisors, PipeCandy data science intern, Drake Laboratory of Population Dynamics undergraduate researcher, Data for Good at UGA founder and president, Science Olympiad Outreach president and exam director Honors & Awards: Honors in Washington Scholar, Blue Key Honor Society, Best Statistics Capstone Student Award, Dean Tate Honor Society, Dean’s List, Presidential Scholar, magna cum laude with High Honors and CURO Research Distinction UGA Faculty Mentors: Dr. Nicole Lazar, Dr. Robert Schneider, Dr. Grace BagwellAdams, Dr. John Drake Post-Graduation Plans: Aditya is managing the campaign for a state house race candidate in Athens through the November 2020 election and then working at Deloitte GPS in Atlanta.

Majors: Economics, Psychology Minor: Ecology Hometown: Milton, Georgia Research: Environmental Economics; Weather and How It Relates to Perceptions of Climate Change, the Environment and Sustainability; Symptoms and Treatments of Schizophrenia, Decision Making and Cognitive Resource Depletion, and the Role of Acceptance in Emotion Regulation Travel-Study & Internships: Tanzania; United Kingdom; Vietnam; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, Georgia; Payette National Forest, Idaho; New York, New York Activities: Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services independent contractor, Student Conservation Association wilderness trail maintenance intern, Greater Athens Composting sustainability consultant, UGA Ballroom and Social Dance Club president, UGA Ballroom Performance Group principal dancer and performer, Weather, Climate, and Environment Psychology Lab research assistant, Clinical Affective Neuroscience Lab senior research assistant, Clarke County Mentorship Program mentor, UGA Economics Society events coordinator and secretary, UGA Climbing Club secretary, WUOG 90.5 FM music staff, UGA Club Ultimate Frisbee Team captain and president Honors & Awards: Stamps Scholar, CURO Research Assistantship, National Hispanic Recognition Program, Volunteer Service Award, J.W. Harris Leadership Award, AmeriCorps Education Award, Presidential Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude UGA Faculty Mentors: Dr. Alan Stewart, Dr. Gregory Strauss Post-Graduation Plans: Nico is working as a field guide in the West Desert of Utah for Outback, a wilderness therapy program for troubled teens. He is also embarking on a southbound thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, and plans to return to Outback when he is finished.


Foundation Fellows Class of 2020

Nico Leis

Aditya Krishnaswamy


Foundation Fellows Class of 2020 58

Kaitlin Mary Luedecke

Jessica Yan Ma

Major: Chemistry Hometown: Peachtree City, Georgia Research: The Reactivity of N-Heterocyclic Carbine-Stabilized Species, Synthesis of Low-Oxidation State Main Group Compounds, and Synthesis of Air-Sensitive Compounds; The Synthesis, Molecular Structure and Equilibrium Dynamics of 1,3,2-Diazaborole-Derived CarbeneBX3 Complex, Synthesis and Reactivity of Carbene-Stabilized Diborene, and Synthesis and Reactivity of CarbeneStabilized Disilicon; Reactivity of Imidazole-Based Monothiolates; Issues in Sustainability; Papers and/ or Presentations on C5 Metalation of Imidazole-Based Monothiolates en Route to Selenothiolates, Novel Reactivity of N-Heterocyclic CarbeneStabilized Disilicon, and Complexation of 1,3,2-Diazaboroles with Boron Trihalides Travel-Study & Internships: Argentina; Australia; New Zealand; Boston, Massachusetts; Charlotte, North Carolina; Houston, Texas Activities: CURO undergraduate researcher, UGA Department of Chemistry peer learning assistant, UGA Chapter of Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society president, SGA Freshman Forum representative Honors & Awards: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, Goldwater Scholar, UGA Today Amazing Student, Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, American Chemical Society Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry, Inorganic Undergraduate Symposium Workshop participant, 2017 Undergraduate Student of the Year, Joy P. Williams Award in Physical Science, Dean’s List, Presidential Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude with Highest Honors and CURO Research Distinction UGA Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gregory H. Robinson Post-Graduation Plans: Katie is pursuing a PhD in chemistry at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California.

Majors: Sociology, Women’s Studies Minor: Biology Hometown: Johns Creek, Georgia Research: Reproductive Health Services Study; Crisis Pregnancy Center Map; Comprehensive Sex Education: Protecting Sexual and Reproductive Health in Georgia; Utilizing mHealth technology to increase HPV knowledge and HPV vaccine uptake in adolescents: A qualitative study; Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Ensuring Accuracy and Transparency in Georgia’s Family Planning Services; Reducing Insurance Illiteracy: Teaching Health Insurance in Georgia Health Classes Travel-Study & Internships: Bali; Bolivia; Costa Rica; United Kingdom; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, Georgia; New York, New York Activities: Girlology communications intern, Planned Parenthood Federation of America Consortium of Abortion Providers intern, Greater New York Hospital Association summer intern, Feminist Women’s Health Center marketing and communications intern, PERIOD at UGA president, Roosevelt Institute executive director, Women’s Studies Steering Committee undergraduate representative, Counterpoint Dance Company, Honors Program Student Council connections chair, Georgia Political Review layout/ design editor Honors & Awards: UGA Presidential Award of Excellence, Institute for Women’s Studies Senior Award, Truman Scholar National Finalist, Blue Key Honor Society, Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society, Alpha Kappa Delta International Sociology Honor Society, Iota Iota Iota Women’s Studies Honor Society, Dean Tate Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Presidential Scholar, First Honor Graduate, summa cum laude with Highest Honors UGA Faculty Mentors: Dr. Andrea Swartzendruber, Dr. Diana Graizbord, Dr. Nichole Ray, Dr. Gabrielle Darville Post-Graduation Plans: Jessica is pursuing an MD at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine.


Katie Luedecke

Jessica Ma

Jon Mallory McRae III

Jack McRae

Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society, McNair Scholar, Terry Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement in Economics, Majors: English, Psychology Presidential Scholar, Dean’s List, summa Hometown: Bainbridge, Georgia cum laude with Highest Honors Research: Quantitative Characterization UGA Faculty Mentors: Dr. Gregory Caetano, of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells; Prof. Tim Samples, Dr. Meghan Skira, Dr. Applications of Biodegradable Plastics; Pharmacological and Nonpharmacological Josh Kinsler Post-Graduation Plans: Sebastian is Treatments for Sleep Apnea spending two years as a pre-doctoral Travel-Study & Internships: Bali; Costa fellow at Opportunity Insights at Harvard Rica; United Kingdom; Washington, D.C.; Orlando, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Boston, University, after which he plans to attend graduate school in economics. Massachusetts; New York, New York Activities: CURO Research Assistantship, Athens Prison Tutorial president and English chair, Pre-Med Book Club copresident, Barrow Elementary School Majors: Economics, Sociology, Women’s Basketball Team assistant coach Studies Honors & Awards: Dean’s List, Vince Hometown: Suwanee, Georgia Dooley Scholarship, Billy Reynolds Research: Colorism’s Impact on Memorial Scholarship, Phi Beta Kappa, Interpersonal Relationship Formation in magna cum laude the Indian-American Community; MultiUGA Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ross Marklein State Study of Monetary Sanctions in the Post-Graduation Plans: Jack is in the Criminal Justice System; Family Contact process of applying to medical school, During Incarceration and Recidivism; and he plans to become a clinical Laboratory for the Study of Social cardiologist. Interaction Travel-Study & Internships: Argentina; Bali; Costa Rica; United Kingdom; Washington, D.C.; New York, New York Activities: Center for American Progress Majors: Economics BA/MA legal progress intern, Carl Vinson Institute Hometown: Alpharetta, Georgia Research: Economics Micro/Macro Theory of Government intern, Georgia Conflict Center non-profit communications and Econometrics, Gifted Education, and In-State Tuition Policies on the Education and outreach intern, Litvin Legales intern, Public Service and Outreach of Undocumented Students; The Future student scholar, Roosevelt Institute of Investor-State Dispute Settlement; national leadership board member Winning and Losing in Investor-State and new chapter coordinator for the Dispute Settlement; Over-Identified Southern Region, Roosevelt at UGA Regression Discontinuity Design; Gender policy coordinator, Society for Women in Gaps Within Unemployment and Job Economics vice president for external Search outreach, The Cottage Sexual Assault and Travel-Study & Internships: Argentina; Child Advocacy Center hotline advocate, Bali; Chile; Atlanta, Georgia; New York, SGA associate justice, Relationship and New York Sexual Violence Prevention peer educator, Activities: Federal Reserve Bank of New Georgia Political Review staff writer York summer research assistant, Hispanic Honors & Awards: Omicron Delta Kappa Organization Promoting Education director and graduation coach, Economics Leadership Honor Society, Blue Key Honor Society, Palladia Women’s Honor Society, Society president and academic Triota Honor Society, Presidential Scholar, programming director, Georgia Political Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude with Review editor-in-chief and managing Honors editor, Roosevelt Institute community UGA Faculty Mentors: Dr. Cecilia Herles, Dr. engagement director and blog editor, Sarah Shannon UGA Terry College of Business Economics Post-Graduation Plans: Nina is working Department teaching assistant, Terry as a Georgia Voter Engagement Organizer Analytics Lab founder, UGA Ballroom for the National Asian Pacific American Performance Group, UGA Votes campaign Women’s Forum, after which she will director, Jon Ossoff for Congress political spend a year teaching English in India organizer, Georgia Association of Latino through the U.S. Fulbright English Elected Officials canvasser Teaching Assistant Program. Honors & Awards: Beinecke Scholar,

Nina P. Reddy

Sebastian Puerta

Foundation Fellows Class of 2020

Sebastian Puerta

Truman Scholar National Finalist, Omicron

Nina P. Reddy



Foundation Fellows Class of 2020

Margaret Grace Russo Majors: English, Linguistics Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas Travel-Study & Internships: Bali; Costa Rica; Singapore; United Kingdom; Washington, D.C.; Kansas City, Missouri; New York, New York; Providence, Rhode Island Activities: University of Georgia Press editorial intern, Avid Bookshop intern, University of Georgia Linguistic Atlas Project student assistant, Phi Kappa Phi student vice president Honors & Awards: Phi Kappa Phi, Presidential Scholar, Dean’s List, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude with Honors Post-Graduation Plans: Maggie is an editorial assistant at Chrisad, Inc. in San Rafael, California.

Andrew Dunivin Schmitt Majors: Economics BA/MA Minor: Statistics Hometown: Rochester, New York Research: Effect of Pill Mill Laws on Heroin Mortality; SEC Deterrence Effects on Insider Trading Profitability Travel-Study & Internships: Tanzania; United Kingdom; Vietnam; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, Georgia; New York, New York Activities: Bain & Company Private Equity Group associate consultant intern, Treasury Department Office of Financial Research research assistant, UGA Corsair Society, UGA Economics Society Honors & Awards: Terry Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement in Economics, UGA Today Amazing Student, Hollingsworth Award, Presidential Scholar, Dean’s List, Phi Beta Kappa,

summa cum laude with Highest Honors UGA Faculty Mentors: Dr. Christopher Cornwell, Dr. David Mustard Post-Graduation Plans: Drew is returning to Bain & Company where he will be an associate consultant in their Atlanta office. He plans to eventually attend business school on Bain’s sponsorship.

Benjamin Crawford Starks Majors: Management Information Systems, Business Analytics MS Hometown: Celebration, Florida Research: Amateurism in College Athletics Travel-Study & Internships: Tanzania; Los Angeles, California; San Francisco, California; Boston, Massachusetts; Seattle, Washington Activities: University of Georgia Men’s Basketball manager of analytics, Los Angeles Clippers business operations intern, Data for Good at UGA cofounder and vice president, Professional Entertainment and Sports Association sports director, UGA Baseball data analyst, MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference attendee, Game Point Capital business development intern, Black Male Leadership Society Honors & Awards: UGA Excellence in MIS Award, Blue Key Honor Society, Blue Key Tucker Dorsey Memorial Scholarship, Executive Data Science Certificate from Johns Hopkins, Silver Level Badge from UGA’s Society of Business Intelligence, UGA Today Amazing Student, summa cum laude with Highest Honors UGA Faculty Mentor: Dr. Spenser Simrill Post-Graduation Plans: Ben is a basketball data analyst with the Los Angeles Clippers NBA team in Los Angeles, California.

Maggie Russo

Drew Schmitt

Photos on facing page, top row: senior Fellows gather at Amicalola Falls State Park in 2019 for their final fall retreat; second row: Ben Starks, left, and Grant Mercer at the Blue Key Alumni Banquet in 2019 receive the Tucker Dorsey Memorial Scholarship and Richard B. Russell Leadership Award, respectively; McKenna Barney and Jack McRae tour New York; Jessica Ma and Aditya Krishnaswamy pause during their spring trip to Washington, D.C.; third row: Rebecca Buechler, McKenna Barney, Aven Jones, Emma Goldsmith, and Claire Drosos cheer on the Bulldogs; the Class of 2020’s Hits Don’t Lie intramural volleyball team get their game faces on; Katie Luedecke poses for graduation photos.



Ben Starks



Fellows Class of 2021

Asim Ahmed Brookstone School Columbus, GA Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Finance

ZoĂŤ Lorene Andrews Charles R. Drew Charter School Atlanta, GA Music

Nitin Sai Prasad Ankisetty Oxford High School Oxford, MS Biology, Finance

Phaidra S. Buchanan Sandy Creek High School Tyrone, GA Social Studies Education

Katherine Fredrica Christie Boca Raton Community High School Boca Raton, FL Ecology, Genetics, MS Conservation Ecology & Sustainable Development

Zakiyya Nzinga Ellington Allen High School Allen, TX Accounting, Arabic

Arden Anne Farr Hutchison School Memphis, TN Economics, International Affairs

Victoria Christine Fonzi North Gwinnett High School Suwanee, GA Cellular Biology, MPH Health Policy & Management

Divya Ghoshal Del Norte High School San Diego, CA Cellular Biology, MPH Epidemiology

Nina Grace Howard Academic Magnet High School Mt. Pleasant, SC Cellular Biology, Romance Languages

Satya Amritsai Jella Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology Lawrenceville, GA Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Economics

Anderson Kunho Kim Oconee County High School Watkinsville, GA Applied Mathematics, Computer Science

Yi Jian Ma Ma Westover High School Albany, GA Risk Management

Manav Cherian Mathews Chamblee High School Dunwoody, GA Economics, International Business, Statistics

Kyle Pishunjay Patel Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Duluth, GA Biology, International Affairs, Master of Public Health



Tarun Neel Ramesh Northview High School Johns Creek, GA Economics, Genetics

Isabelle Olivia Riddle Sequoyah High School Canton, GA Biology (Neuroscience)

Fiachra Eileen Rottinghaus Home School Lander, WY Classics, Cognitive Science

Angela Lily Tsao Parkway West High School Manchester, MO Cognitive Science, Computer Science

Emma Grace Tucker The Paideia School Decatur, GA Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Anthony J. VanDieren Notre Dame Preparatory Bloomfield Hills, MI Biological Science, Chemistry, Entomology

Avery Elise Warner Clarke Central High School Athens, GA Economics, Sociology

Brian Jay Woolfolk Westlake High School Atlanta, GA Advertising, Computer Science

Rachel Janeyee Yuan Orange County School of The Arts Fountain Valley, CA Entertainment & Media Studies, STEM MBA

Margaret Frances Schrayer Princeton High School Princeton, NJ Computer Science, MS Artificial Intelligence

Jessica Bailey Thompson Lakeside High School Atlanta, GA Psychology

Isabelle Riddle kayaks in Norway during a study abroad trip.



Fellows Class of 2022


Robyn Evelyn Anzulis South Carroll High School Woodbine, MD Applied Mathematics, Economics AB/MA

Luke Joseph Armao Archbishop Hoban High School Fairlawn, OH Cognitive Science, Economics, MS Artificial Intelligence

Eva-Michelle Belikova Woodstock High School Woodstock, GA Biology, Computer Science

Carter Elizabeth Best Campbell High School Marietta, GA International Affairs

Claire E. Bunn Marion Senior High School Marion, AR Genetics

Keaton Patrick Coletti North Oconee High School Bogart, GA Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering

Emma Calhoun Ellis Lovett School Atlanta, GA Genetics, Spanish

Elizabeth Ann Esser Cedarburg High School Cedarburg, WI Ecology, Genetics

Emma Chandler Innes Hale Charlottesville High School Charlottesville, VA History, Women’s Studies

Edward Tatum Hunda Wheeler High School Toccoa, GA Animal Science

Jena M. Jibreen Collins Hill High School Lawrenceville, GA International Affairs, Psychology

Jamil Fayazali Kassam Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Suwanee, GA Computer Science, Genetics


Eric Nathan Miller North Springs Charter High School Sandy Springs, GA Computer Science, Mathematics, MS Artificial Intelligence

Aparna Pateria Northview High School Johns Creek, GA Biology, English

Sydney Taylor-Brooke Phillips Chapel Hill High School Douglasville, GA Political Science, Public Relations

William Goins Ross Marist School Atlanta, GA Economics, Finance, MS Business Analytics

Nathan Samuel Safir American School of The Hague Wassenaar, The Netherlands Computer Science, Geography, MS Artificial Intelligence

Anna Samsonov Lafayette High School Wildwood, MO Anthropology, Biology

Oleksandra Stogniy Woodstock High School Acworth, GA Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Emma Joanna Traynor Savannah Arts Academy Savannah, GA International Affairs, Mathematics

Jaaie Upkar Varshney Rome High School Rome, GA Political Science, Women’s Studies

Margaret Elizabeth Warren George C Marshall High School Dunn Loring, VA Finance, Risk Management & Insurance

Himani Yadav Lambert High School Suwanee, GA Cognitive Science, Computer Science



Fellows Class of 2023

Aakash Arora Veterans High School Bonaire, GA Cellular Biology, Economics

Maeve Akiko Breathnach Campbell High School Roswell, GA Economics, International Affairs

Mary Teresa Breen Classical High School Providence, RI Unspecified

Jordan Amias Cole The Westminster Schools Smyrna, GA Psychology, Sociology

Denzel Jeremiah Cunningham Westover Comprehensive High School Albany, GA Mechanical Engineering

Sophia Emelia DeLuca Decatur High School Decatur, GA International Affairs

Samuel Chukwubuike Ejiofor II Martin Luther King Health Magnet Nashville, TN Exercise & Sport Science

Danielle Chukwunoryenim Emefiele Etowah High School Acworth, GA Nutritional Sciences

Vic Calvin Fischer Henry Sibley High School South St. Paul, MN Electrical Engineering

Shashank Sriram Ganeshan Northview High School Johns Creek, GA Computer Science, Economics

Patricia Alejandra Gonzalez Richmond Hill High School Richmond Hill, GA Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, English

Madison Janel Greer Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Lilburn, GA Marketing, Public Relations

Hyde Alford Healy Saint Paul’s School Covington, LA Entertainment & Media Studies

Melita Joanna Kalczynska Mater Dei High School Placentia, CA Finance, International Business

Elise Maria Karinshak Greater Atlanta Christian School Lawrenceville, GA Data Science, Marketing



Shi Ho Kim McIntosh High School Peachtree City, GA International Affairs, Linguistics, Spanish

Vanisha Kudumuri Chattahoochee High School Johns Creek, GA Economics, International Affairs, Political Science

Marianne Christine Lamarche Centennial High School Alpharetta, GA Early Childhood Education, Human Development & Family Sciences

Carlos Felipe López Ramírez West Forsyth High School Cumming, GA Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Psychology

Margaret Louise Mitchell Dupont Manual High School Louisville, KY Political Science, Sociology

Natalie Elena Navarrete Boca Raton Community High School Boca Raton, FL International Affairs, Russian, Spanish

Priyanka Sunil Parikh Columbus High School Columbus, GA Biology, Economics

Sahana Maya Parker Henry W. Grady High School Atlanta, GA Astrophysics, Cognitive Science

Christopher Alan Rosselot Decatur High School Decatur, GA International Affairs, Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Jordan Edward Theoc Campion College Kingston, Jamaica Finance, Mathematics

Claudia-Michele ZiYi White Thomasville High School Thomasville, GA Unspecified

Lauren Rose Wilkes United World College New Orleans, LA Chinese, Data Science

Isabella My Lan Luu Humboldt High School Humboldt, IA Anthropology, Art History



Fellows Class of 2024


William Cole Boomberg Lowndes High School Lake Park, GA Biology, Psychology

Theron E. Camp Clarke Central High School Athens, GA Interdisciplinary Studies

Audrey Violet Conner Tift County High School Tifton, GA Chemistry, Mathematics

Natasha Dรถrr-Kapczynski Campbell High School Smyrna, GA International Affairs, Romance Languages

Emilio Dante Ferrara IV Lovett School Atlanta, GA Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Jason Germaine Hawkins Academy for Classical Education Macon, GA English, Management Information Systems

Cassidy Jean Hettesheimer Mill Creek High School Dacula, GA Entertainment & Media Studies

Evan Sidney Johnson North Gwinnett High School Suwanee, GA Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Daniel Greer Klein Sylvania Northview High School Sylvania, OH Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Political Science

Matthew Jeffrey Li Adlai E Stevenson High School Buffalo Grove, IL Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Khushi Harshkumar Mehta North Gwinnett High School Suwanee, GA Economics

Sophia Maria Milazzo Victor Central High School Victor, NY Unspecified


Eniola Olujumoke Olubunmi The Ambassadors College Ota, Ogun, Nigeria Accounting, International Business

Ashni M. Patel Coffee High School Douglas, GA Data Science, International Affairs

Caroline Emma Schneider The Weber School Atlanta, GA Political Science

Emily Paula Spector New Albany High School New Albany, OH Genetics

Maxwell Booth White Thomasville High School Thomasville, GA Cognitive Science, Economics

Charlotte Conway Williams Isidore Newman School New Orleans, LA Unspecified

Joseph Logan Williamson Athens Academy Athens, GA Political Science

Thomas Elliot Williamson Athens Academy Athens, GA Economics

Matthew Li, left, and Matthew Motley, back, tour Stegeman Coliseum during Interview Weekend with Angela Tsao, Rachel Yuan, Zakiyya Ellington, Ben Starks, and Aditya Krishnaswamy.



Ramsey Honors Scholars Class of 2020 70

Evan Chandler Barnard Majors: Ecology, International Affairs Minors: Certificates in Environmental Ethics, Global Studies, and Global Education and Leadership Hometown: Johns Creek, Georgia Research: Early Climate Change Research as it Pertains to Environmental Security; History and Lasting Contributions of the CIA’s MEDEA Environmental Security and Intelligence Program; Soil Organic Matter as a Carbon Sink and its Effects on Climate Change; Parasite Insect Study During Mercury Vapor Night Lighting; Longitudinal Reef Diversity; Effects of Human Disturbance on Buff-Banded Rail Population Density on Lady Elliot Island UGA Faculty Mentors: Dr. Loch Johnson, Dr. James Porter Travel-Study & Internships: Australia; Costa Rica; Ecuador; Fiji; Galapagos Islands; Mexico; Netherlands; New Zealand; South Africa; United Kingdom; San Francisco, California; Washington, D.C.; Sapelo Island, Georgia; Clarksdale, Mississippi; New York, New York; Seattle, Washington Activities: UGA Education Abroad Ambassadors, Bag the Bag board member, Georgia Climate Change Coalition board member and media coordinator, Nature for All founder and leader, Society of Environmental Journalists member, Planet Forward senior correspondent, One Young World international youth ambassador,

Climate Reality Project climate reality leader, EarthEcho International Youth Leadership Council member, United Nations Youth Assembly delegate, United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth member organization leader, National Park Service educational volunteer Honors & Awards: UGA Honors International Scholar, UN Youth Assembly Outstanding Youth Delegate finalist, UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth Solutions Report, Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, CNN’s Great Big Story, Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Award, Ashoka USA Changemakers Everywhere, TIME for Kids World’s 50 Coolest Places, Presidential Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, cum laude with High Honors Post-Graduation Plans: Evan is preparing a peer-reviewed journal article on the history of climate change research as it pertains to modern environmental security and is applying to graduate programs to study environmental governance.

Evan Barnard

Sara Elizabeth Cagle Majors: English BA/MA Minors: Film Studies, History Hometown: Madison, Georgia Research: Fragmented Identity in Young Adult Fiction: The Impact of SelfConception on Personal Autonomy UGA Faculty Mentors: Dr. Channette Romero, Dr. Christopher Pizzino, Dr. Jonathan Evans


Elizabeth Cagle

Emma Hope

Benjamin Thomas Giebelhausen Majors: Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Psychology Hometown: Bennington, Nebraska Research: Georgia Decision Lab undergraduate researcher Travel-Study & Internships: Germany; San Francisco, California; Clarksdale, Mississippi; Seattle, Washington Activities: UGA Model United Nations chief of staff, UGA Data for Good data team leader, Academic Resource Center computer science tutor, Amazon Web Services software development engineer intern Honors & Awards: Presidential Scholar, Dean’s List, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude with Highest Honors Post-Graduation Plans: Ben is a software development engineer with Amazon Web Services in Seattle.

Emma Danielle Hope Major: Genetics Minor: Spanish Hometown: Englewood, Colorado Research: Role of Secreted Hedgehog Signaling in Downregulating Optic Identity at the Midline of the Early Retinal Primordium; Monitoring and Diagnosing Abnormal Glycemia in Cystic Fibrosis Youth UGA Faculty Mentors: Dr. Jonathan Eggenschwiler, Dr. Janet Westpheling Travel-Study & Internships: Ecuador; Thailand; San Francisco, California;

Aven Jones

Clarksdale, Mississippi; Seattle, Washington Activities: Whatever It Takes personnel director, site director and volunteer, Alpha Gamma Delta sisterhood committee and sisterhood chair, Hillel at UGA member, Greek Life liaison and community engagement intern Honors & Awards: President’s List, summa cum laude with Highest Honors Post-Graduation Plans: Emma is completing a two-year postbaccalaureate fellowship at the National Institutes of Health before pursuing an MD/PhD.

Sarah Aven Hartwell Jones Majors: Fine Arts, Scientific Illustration Minors: Cellular Biology Hometown: Richmond, Virginia Research: Annual Association of Medical Illustrators Conference UGA Faculty Mentors: Prof. Gene Wright, Dr. Rob Nichols Travel-Study & internships: France; Spain; San Francisco, California; Athens, Georgia; Clarksdale, Mississippi; Seattle, Washington; Milwaukee, Wisconsin Activities: UGA Veterinary School Educational Resource Center Medical Illustration intern, Order of Omega Honor Society vice president of administration, Pi Beta Phi vice president of housing, World Leaders International orientation leader, CRU Greek Women’s Ministry Team and community group leader, CRU Greek Summit Leadership Conference participant, ISL Language Partner Program participant, Freshman Greek Leaders, Honors Ambassador, DRC Notetaker Honors & Awards: Order of Omega Honor Society, Honors International Scholar, Dean’s List, Presidential Scholar, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude with Honors Post-Graduation Plans: Aven is taking a gap year to support a mentoring program in North Africa (COVID permitting) and will move to Chicago in June 2021 to pursue an MS in biomedical visualization at the University of Illinois-Chicago.


Ramsey Honors Scholars Class of 2020

Ben Giebelhausen

Travel-Study & Internships: United Kingdom; San Francisco, California; Sapelo Island, Georgia; Seattle, Washington Activities: Academic Resource Center writing tutor, UGA Ballroom Performance Group, Classic City Swing staff Honors & Awards: Sigma Tau Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude with Highest Honors Post-Graduation Plans: Elizabeth will be taking a year off before continuing to pursue a PhD. She plans to work as an editor and ghostwriter in the meantime.


Ramsey Honors Scholars Class of 2020

Honors & Awards: CURO Research Assistantship, Carson Scholar Alumni Hall of Fame, Dean Tate Honor Society, Coca-Cola Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude Post-Graduation Plans: Grant is pursuing an MD at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Carl Thomas Miller III

Grant Mercer Grant Harrison Mercer Majors: Biology, International Affairs, Spanish Hometown: Marietta, Georgia Research: Mitochondria’s Role in Muscle Regeneration; Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Autophagy Responses to Skeletal Muscle Stress; How Hearing Loss Affects the Brain’s Neuronal Circuitry; Volumetric Muscle Loss UGA Faculty Mentors: Dr. Jarrod Call

Trey Miller Travel-Study & Internships: Bosnia; China; Costa Rica; Croatia; San Francisco, California; Clarksdale, Mississippi; Nashville, Tennessee; Seattle, Washington Activities: Building Buddies founder, Athens Neighborhood Health Center volunteer, Stethoscope Magazine communications editor, Georgia Political Review assistant senior editor and staff writer, Richard B. Russell Security Leadership Program

Majors: Computer Science, Economics Hometown: Grovetown, Georgia Research: UGA Small Satellite Research Lab Travel-Study & Internships: United Kingdom; Mountain View, California; San Francisco, California; Seattle, Washington Activities: UGA Small Satellite Research Lab, UGA ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Team, Free IT Athens volunteer, Google intern Honors & Awards: Presidential Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude Post-Graduation Plans: Trey will be at UGA for one more year to earn an MS in artificial intelligence through the Double Dawgs program.

Ramseys Class of 2021

David Harry Bekore Sanford H Calhoun High School Merrick, NY Economics, MS Business Analytics


Erica Kaila Glorianna Bressner Douglas County High School Winston, GA International Affairs, Russian

Elijah David Solomon Courtney Home School Gainesville, GA Physics


George Branham Culpepper Westfield School Perry, GA Economics AB/MA, Romance Languages

Samantha Jane Daly Dunwoody High School Dunwoody, GA International Affairs, Master of International Policy

Hannah Yongxian Huang John S. Davidson Fine Arts School Augusta, GA Biology

Ashley Catherine Martin Home School Owens Cross Roads, AL Genetics

Zane G. Placie Kennesaw Mountain High School Kennesaw, GA Finance, Risk Management & Insurance

Karan A. Pol Campbell High School Smyrna, GA Economics, Master of International Policy

Meredith Elaine Van De Velde Glynn Academy St. Simons Island, GA Computer Science, International Affairs

Ramseys Class of 2022

Theodore Jacob Vincent Ladue Horton Watkins High School Creve Coeur, MO Applied Mathematics

Winston Hayes Way Westfield School Hawkinsville, GA Astrophysics, Mathematics

James Herbert West Notre Dame High School Chattanooga, TN Computer Science, Linguistics

Yehia Abdelsamad Baker Early College Wilsonville, OR Biology

Marshall Dean Berton North Springs Charter High School Sandy Springs, GA Finance, International Business, International Affairs

Rosasharn Lilly Brown Weber School Marietta, GA International Affairs

Alex Joshua Eldridge Dunwoody High School Dunwoody, GA Linguistics, Mathematics

Rachel Aubrey Mattson Hampton High School Pittsburgh, PA Cognitive Science, MS Artificial Intelligence

Austin Michael Stack Research Triangle High School Morrisville, NC Biochemical Engineering

William Frank Swenton III Cambridge High School Milton, GA Anthropology, Genetics



Ramseys Class of 2023

Garrett H. Williams Liberty North High School Kansas City, MO Economics, Finance

Eshaan Agrawal Chamblee High School Chamblee, GA Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Economics

Mariah Leigh Cady Columbus High School Midland, GA International Affairs, Russian, Master of International Policy

Albert Zhonghai Chen George Walton Comprehensive High School Marietta, GA Finance, International Affairs, International Business

Nicholas Andrey Kundin Archer High School Lawrenceville, GA Computer Science

Patrick Grant Chen Wheeler High School Marietta, GA Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Computer Science

Liberty Catherine Jones Cambridge High School Milton, GA Biology

Ramseys Class of 2024

Molly Katherine Young Providence Day School Matthews, NC Exercise & Sport Science

Adeboye Adeoye Campbell High School Kennesaw, GA Economics

Claire Elizabeth Armstrong Berkeley Preparatory School Tampa, FL Unspecified

Matthew Robert Motley Blue Valley North High School Leawood, KS Computer Science, Music Performance

William Wallace Riley Spearfish High School Spearfish, SD Astrophysics, Ocean Science

Kunal Vohra Alpharetta High School Alpharetta, GA Economics, Mathematics



Foundation Fellows Alumni

Foundation Fellowship alumni by class year Class of 1977 John E. Graves Robert Richardson Rice Joseph Allan Tucker, Jr. Class of 1978 Michael Thomas Bohannon Audrey Shields Crumbley Class of 1979 William Arthur Ball John Weldon Harbin Harold Bobby Lowery Class of 1980 Sara Shlaer Bryan J. Whitfield Class of 1981 Cornelia Isabella Bargmann Class of 1982 Fred Holtz III Peter L. Patrick

Michael Brian Terry Catherine Leigh Touchton Class of 1983 William Mark Faucette Frank Joseph Hanna III Betsy Lyons McCabe Jay Watson Class of 1984 Stephen Ellis Denise Lamberski Fisher Sara Voyles Liebel Jessica Bruce Hunt Charles William McDaniel Robert Brad Mock Kevin Brett Polston Leslie Williams Wade Class of 1985 Charles Victor Bancroft II Frank Eugene Glover, Jr. Shannon Terrell Gordon Margaret Crowder Lawrence

EYTAN PALTE Fellows Class of 2016 Resident Physician, Internal Medicine, NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center

“During my Fellowship interview, one alumna remarked that the Foundation Fellowship was not just a scholarship, but an investment in oneself. From the moment I stepped foot on UGA’s campus, I was immersed in a community of scholars, leaders, and friends. With our respective experiences and worldviews, we were able to challenge each other in debates about recent global political developments or the preceding weekend’s football game before sharing lunch or coffee as friends and colleagues. The experiential education provided by the Fellowship is unparalleled. The true value of these trips lies not only in the cultural exposures, such as morning chanting

Marjorie Dixon Mitchell Tab E. Thompson Christopher Lamar Vickery Sharon Anderson White Class of 1986 Grace Elizabeth Hale Andrew Martin Stephen Smith Mark Edward White Class of 1987 Rebecca E. Biron Bruce Edward Bowers Anne Davison Dolaher Kirsten Jarabek Franklin John Fowler Mary Ruth Hannon Noel Langston Hurley Elizabeth Ford Lehman Robert Marcus Reiner Margaret Ruth Sparks

Class of 1988 Cathy Luxenberg Barnard Thomas Christopher Cisewski Sharon Blair Enoch India Frances Lane Linda Leith Reddersin Neil Chandler Thom John E. Worth Class of 1989 Courtney Cook Angeli Lisa Caucci Amy Lee Copeland Kimberlee Ann Walkenspaw Curley Julie Kathleen Earnhart Nancy Letostak Glasser Susan Golden James Leah Deneen Lowman Adena Elder Potter Kyle Wayne Sager Andrew William Stith

Class of 1990 Maitreya Badami Felton Jenkins III Gwen Kaminsky Mark David Sheftall John Carlyle Shelton Alicia Elsbeth Stallings Class of 1991 Susan Shackelford Dawes Elizabeth Hebert Day James Ansley Granade III Paul H. Matthews John Phillip Piedrahita Marc L. Silverboard Gene Williams Class of 1992 Robert Geoffrey Dillard Chris Gunter Anne Marie Hargaden Robert Kirk Harris Martin Allie Hollingsworth Robin Ann Kundra

with Buddhist monastics in South Korea and the entrancing Balinese ritual Barong and Rangda dance, but also in the friendships formed and solidified by these shared experiences. After completing four years of medical school and beginning my residency, I look back on my experiences at UGA as integral. The Foundation Fellows community and challenges of new environments and perspectives amplified my curiosity and taught me the crucial give-andtake dynamic of intellectual and academic pursuit. Four years later as I discuss daily patient-care decisions or develop research proposals, the formal and informal education from UGA and the Foundation Fellowship continues to influence my approach. The lifelong friendships and global alumni network have continued to be an essential support network. Even just four years removed from UGA, the return on my investment has exceeded all expectations.”



Laura Jane Calhoon Lyttle Andrew Millians Charles Andrew Mitchell Christina Stewart Payton

A. E. Stallings: 2019 Georgia Writers Hall of Fame inductee The literary achievements of A. E. Stallings—awardwinning poet and translator, noted essayist and reviewer—go hand in hand with the high regard her readers, critics, and fellow poets and translators on both sides of the Atlantic have for the Georgia-born writer and her work. Alicia Elsbeth Stallings grew up in Decatur with her parents and sister and attended DeKalb County’s Briarcliff High School, where literary aspirations took hold and she published poems in Cat Fancy and Seventeen Magazine in her teens. She studied Latin at UGA where she was a Foundation Fellow (AB, ’90) and then earned a degree in classical languages and literature at Oxford University in England (MSt, 1991). Since 1999 she has lived in Athens, Greece. In interviews, when asked about what influence her work with classical writing has had on her own work, “the ancients taught me how to sound modern,” she told Forbes magazine in 2009. “They showed me that technique was not the enemy of urgency, but the instrument.” In 1999 her poetry collection, Archaic Smile, won the Richard Wilbur Award. She has since published three more collections of her poetry. Hapax (2006) won the Poets’ Prize, from a jury of 20 American poets, as the year’s best book of American poetry. Olives (2012) was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. Her collection Like (2019) was a named finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. Her translation of De rerum natura (The Nature of Things) by the Roman poet/philosopher Lucretius was published as a Penguin Classics book in 2009. The London’s Times Literary Supplement editor called A. E.’s version of the Epicurean classic, “one of the most extraordinary classical translations of recent times.” Her next book translation— the ancient Greek poet Hesiod’s 800-line poem Erga kai Hēmerai (Works and Days), another Penguin Classics publication—was a finalist for the Anglo-Hellenic League’s Runciman Award. In 2011, she was given a MacArthur Foundation fellowship—commonly known as the “genius grant.” In 2012, she was elected a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In fall 2019 she published her most recent book, her translation of the ancient Greek fable The Battle Between the Frogs and the Mice (BatrachomyomachiaI). —Adapted from her Georgia Writers Hall of Fame biography



Class of 1993 Jennifer Cathey Arbitter Christy Darden Brennan Michael Herman Burer Albert Vernon Dixon III David Michael Hettesheimer Peter James McBrayer Mia Noerenberg Miller Christen Wheeler Mitchell Nevada Waugh Reed Spencer Allen Rice Thad Andrew Riddle Philip Webb H. Thomas Willman III Class of 1994 Sonja Batten Stephen Spratlin Bullock Anne Kissel Harper Pam Hungerbuhler Michael Paul Jones, Jr. Eric M. Overby Brett Pellock Caroline Placey Tracie Calvert Rosser Jennifer M. Rubin Laura Anne Shepherd Katherine Anne Smith Julie Lynne Steiner Class of 1995 Laura Barbas-Rhoden Harold Dean Green, Jr. Scott Allen Haggard Joshua Eric Kight Molly Meghan McCarthy Darren Howard Pillsbury Andrew Rhea Schretter Amanda Wojtalik-Courter Class of 1996 Keith Robert Blackwell Thomas Andrew Bryan Robert Cartwright Timothy P. George Bomee Jung James Benjamin Kay IV Bradley Scott Malcom Justin Shoemake Robert Matthew Sutherland Stephen Tate Robert T. Trammell, Jr. Class of 1997 Ryan Paul Bartlett Christie Mew Jan Leilani Cooksey Lisa Ann Coole William Stephen Steiner Andrew Abell Wade Class of 1998 Jay Chugh Adrian John Daigle Brandon Edward Kremer Robyn Andree Painter Vijaya Rangan Palaniswamy Beth Shapiro Catherine Allison Evans Webb

Class of 1999 Leona Nichole Council Tzu-Chuan Jane Huang Ellen Sutherland Irby Lacy Feldman McCurdy Torré Deshun Mills Class of 2000 Melissa Bugbee Buchanan Dhruti Jerry Contractor Tiffany Earley-Spadoni Matthew Scott Eckman Holly Gooding Bronson Lee Michael Eugene Morris Ethan Sims Class of 2001 Laura Ann Adang Dustin J. Calhoun Chris Caruso Semil P. Choksi Fruzsina Csaszar Di Ruggiero Corey Gill Amita Ramesh Hazariwala Kathryn Jessica Hull Gardner Linn Thomas John Ludlam Frank Martin Amy Mulkey McGowan Joseph Adams Perry-Parrish Laquesha Shantelle Sanders Andrew Clark Thompson Kyle Wingfield Class of 2002 Divya Balakrishnan Alyssa Holmgren Craigie Laramie Duncan Amy Elizabeth Early Eric Jonas Gapud Julie Dotterweich Gunby Allyson Elizabeth Harper Rachel Kassel Cathy A. Lee-Miller Marc Paul Lindsay Caitlin Christine Martell Lorina Naci Tina Rakkhit Nandi Kameko Nichols Kathryn Stepp Nicolai Mary Catherine Plunkett Suzanne Scoggins Steven C. Smith Andrew John Sucre Lakshmi Swamy John Andrew Wright Emory Paul Wright Class of 2003 John Anthony Asalone Maria Anderson Booth Marshall Chalmers Timothy Tianyi Chen Adam Cureton Brian Dunham Christopher James Gibson Jennifer Gibson Gill Leah Rose Givens Tanya Martin Hudson Eirin Kallestad Dmitry Sergeevich Kolychev Robin Elizabeth McGill Meredith Neal McCarthy Moore

Jeffrey Pugh Rob Quinn Kimberly Council Sheridan Jennifer Srygley Sucre Gemma Suh Doannie Tran Melanie Monroe Venable Joseph Brendan Wolpin Class of 2004 Ellen Downs Beaulieu Jake Boggan Virginia Barton Bowen Amanda Morgan Casto William Cullen Conly Blake L. Doughty Corrin Nicole Drakulich Deepti Gupta-Patel Vanessa Reynolds Hale Sarah Nicole Julia Hemmings Bliss Immanuel Khaw David Alan Kross

Daniel Michael Ludlam Evan James Magers Megan Jean McKee Kunal Mitra Jane Adaeze Okpala Julie Orlemanski Satya Patel Nathan Ratledge Daniel Winfield Reed Travis Daniel Reeves Randolph Lines Starr Carson Wayne Strickland Manoj “Sachin” Varghese Josh Weddle Charles Elliott Willson Class of 2005 Raechel Anglin Kummer Ben Bain Jeanette Eva Thurber Barzelay Allison Carter-Agnotti Krisda H. Chaiyachati

Eugenia Gina Chu Charles P. Ciaccio, Jr. Renee Claire Contreras Kathryn Kay Coquemont Matthew Crim Kacie Schoen Darden John Thomas DeGenova Anne Zimmerman Hawkins Jeremy Paul Johnson Ivy Nguyen Le Ashley Lott Thomas Michael Mittenzwei Brendan F. Murphy Allison Scott Roach Sarah Ellen Sattelmeyer Amy Nicole Sexauer Matthew Buckley Smith Adam M. Sparks Charles T. Tuggle III Kate Vyborny Leslie Wolcott Tuquyen Mach Yee

Class of 2006 Jennifer Bartmess Jason M. Brown Simon Ferrari Daniel Gough Warren Brandon Holton Jana Dopson Illston Chloe Renee Thompson Kelley Melissa Cabinian Kinnebrew Lisa Last Joseph LeCates Jenny Page Linton Mike Lynch Patrick J. Maher Beth Grams Margalis Brian Patrick Quinif Katherine Leigh Morgan Ragland Heather Ripley Rebekah Rogers Laura Emiko Soltis Robert Christopher Staley

Matthew Stewart Nathan Joseph Stibrich David Turner Sara Pilzer Weiss Class of 2007 Mary Patricia Alvarez William Brooks Andrews Franklin Edwin “BJ” Ard John Christopher Binford Yves Bouillet Priya Chandan Lesley Graybeal John Floyd Howell III Douglas Michael Jackson Joseph Edgar Lariscy IV Michael James Levengood Robert Bradley Lindell Andrew Campbell McKown Erin Mordecai Yannick Morgan Amulya Nagarur Jayanthi Narain

Jill and Lucas Puente: The Silicon Valley Connection Finding a tech sector job in Silicon Valley, where egos are big and competition is stiff, can be pretty daunting. But Jill and Lucas Puente carved out success in the industry through making connections. For Jill, the head of environment and sustainability marketing at Google, and for Lucas, a senior survey scientist for the collaboration platform Slack, the connections started at the University of Georgia. Jill (AB ’11, MPA ’12) and Lucas (AB ’10, BBA ’10), Foundation Fellow Class of 2010, met at UGA through the Model UN team, which simulates the kind of giveand-take problem-solving that happens through the United Nations. “It encourages students to compromise and build diplomacy,” Jill said. Looking back, she admits, “it’s a pretty nerdy extracurricular” and “I took it way too seriously.” “That’s her way of saying she’s way better at it than I was,” Lucas threw in. Jill, an international affairs major in the School of Public and International Affairs, and Lucas, an international affairs and finance double-major, bonded through their shared interests. They started dating.

There were other connections, too. Lifelong friendships. Meaningful mentorships with administrators and faculty, including Jere W. Morehead (JD ’80), before he became the university’s president. “It’s pretty cool what a family feel UGA has, despite it being so large,” Lucas said. Through an internship on Capitol Hill in UGA’s Washington Semester Program, Lucas found his calling. He was inspired by the idea of getting answers to complicated questions. “The people I wanted to emulate had research backgrounds and PhDs,” he said. After graduating, Lucas went to Stanford University for a master’s in economics and a PhD in political science. A year later, Jill started looking for a

job in Silicon Valley. A UGA classmate knew someone at the rapidly growing startup Wildfire, a social media marketing company. She was hired, and within a year Wildfire was acquired by Google. Now Google’s head of environment and sustainability marketing, Jill promotes the tech giant’s commitment to sustainability. For example, Google is the largest purchaser of wind and solar energy in the world, she says, which powers Google’s data centers. Lucas finished at Stanford and started working at Slack, where he translates survey data into valuable insights across the company. They live in San Francisco with their son, Nico. —Story by Aaron Hale, fall 2019 University of Georgia Magazine



It was dissertation and white coat ceremony time for many Fellow and Ramsey alumni, including, left to right, Jessica Ho at Columbia University; Marcus Hines, who defended his dissertation and is finishing his MD/PhD at New York University; Laurel Hiatt, University of Utah; Tarun Daniel, Case Western Reserve University; Ashley Amukamara, Washington University in St. Louis; Prabhjot Minhas, University of California, San Francisco; Trisha Dalapati (with Kavi Pandian), Duke University; and Manasa Kadiyala, University of Pennsylvania. Corrine Allison Novell Caelin Cubenas Potts Sarah Brown Puryear Anna Harrison Saffer Helen Caples Smith Zach P. Smith Jake Everett Turrentine Katrin Usifo

Brittany Lee McCall Nithya M. Natrajan Caitlin McLaughlin Poe Kevin Christopher Poe Paul Ruddle II Milner Owens Staub Marlee Jean Waxelbaum Sana Hashmi Zahiruddin

Class of 2008 Lynzi Jacqueline Archibald Gruetzemacher Maria Alejandra Baetti Sarah Ritchey Bellamy Benjamin Cobb Anureet Cheema Copeland Rachel Elizabeth Whitaker Elam Katherine Elizabeth Folkman Adele Handy Goodloe Matthew Wood Grayson Shannon Hiller Donald Ray “DJ” Johnson, Jr. Joseph Robert Kapurch Peter Klein Mindy Lipsitz Anant Mandawat William Giles Mann Jordan Elizabeth Myers Bryan Scott Overcarsh Adam Podowitz-Thomas Tyler Blalock Pratt Deep Jayendrakumar Shah Gabriel Rehman Shaukat George Valentinov Vulov

Class of 2010 Betsy Allen Adams Thomas Matthew Bailey Amanda Brouillette Sarah Marie Caruana Kevin Copp Amy Davis David Fu Peter Horn Dave Howcroft Laura McDonald Hunter Connor McCarthy Jasmaine Williams McClain Sharon McCoy Josh McLaurin Zoë Meroney Allon Mordel Virginia Susan Newman Cleveland Alcides Piggott, Jr. Kelsey Jones Pratt Lucas Puente Jennifer Taylor Lila Elisabeth Tedesco Robert B. Thrasher

Class of 2009 Craig Chike Akoh Payton McCurry Bradford Kevin Kyong Chang Chuan “CiCi” Cheng Christopher John Chiego Rebecca Yeong Ae Corey Colleen Helen Cotton Jordan Allen Dalton Christina Lynn Faust Elizabeth Riggle Gargaro William Featherston “Beau” Gilmore III Elizabeth Anne Godbey Clare JoAnna Hatfield Chad Hume


Class of 2011 Anne Karam Conroy Katherine Sara Cuadrado Ryan Friday Lucy Fu Claire Underwood Hailey Marcus Jamel Hines Mir Inaamullah Matthew Levenson Phoeny Li John Benjamin Marshall Aaron Marshburn Calley Mersmann Phillip C. Mote Muktha Natrajan Sabrina Ann Ragaller Geales Goodwin Rawe Robert Rosenbleeth

Rachel Pocock Shah Trey Sinyard Alex Squires Stephanie Chapman Weishaar Tracy Yang Sheena Zhang Class of 2012 Victoria Suzanne Akin Elizabeth Allan Juan Cardoza-Oquendo Patrick Fitzmaurice Dana Higgins Hillary Kingsley Logan Krusac Morgann Ashley Lyles Tatum Danielle Mortimer Luke Mosley Saptarsi Rohan Mukhopadhyay Bryn Elise Murphy Jaime Ayers Patterson Jacob Hunter Rooney Chaim Schwartz Matthew R. Sellers Anuj Shukla Will Stephenson Hemali Prakash Vin Thomas Matthew Ward David Zweig Class of 2013 Sara De La Torre Berón Megan Unger Caudill Camille Gregory Brittany Young Leamon Ryan McLynn Todd Pierson Derek Ponticelli Reuben Reynolds Matthew Wyatt Saltz Bethany McCain Seewoester Waring “Buck” Trible Lawrence William White JoyEllen Freeman Williams Addison Wright Class of 2014 Sara Thomas Black Jesse Yuen-Fu Chan Smitha Ganeshan


Anisha Hegde Gerber Joseph E. Gerber Philip Joseph Grayeski Osama Hashmi Paul Kirschenbauer Marianne Ligon David Millard Clara Nibbelink Rachel Claire Sellers Blake Shessel Jeremiah Stevens Matthew Tyler Jacqueline Van De Velde Kishore Vedala Cameron Zahedi Yuliya Bila Zarnitsyna Class of 2015 Joshua Andrew Chang Savannah Colbert Maria Cox Parker Evans Eilidh Geddes Allison Koch Ronald Jackson Kurtz Michael Land Kameel Mir Sarah Mirza Davis Parker Camir Neville Ricketts Alex Rowell Grace Siemietkowski Rowell Avery Wiens Saucier John Henry Thompson Sophie Giberga Thompson Megan Ernst Tipton Megan Frances White Class of 2016 Caroline Coleman Alex Edquist Seth Isaac Euster Lee Handly Folk Kirstie Hostetter Caleb Alexander Ingram Jacob Kennedy Shaun Kleber Torre Elisabeth Lavelle Chris Lewitzke Kate Lovejoy Kelsey Lowrey Lauren Dennison Maslin

Sandip Kaur Minhas Caroline Elizabeth Moore Meredith Paker Eytan Palte Rand Pope Hannah Reiss Giovanni Righi Leighton Michele Rowell Madison Snelling Minhyuk Michael Song Karishma Sriram John Bradley Stroud Kevin Sun Treva Chung-Kwan Tam Bert Thompson, Jr. Chenée Tracey Kathleen Wilson Class of 2017 Jonathan Adelman Tristan Paul Bagala Cali Callaway Laura Courchesne Jonah Driggers N. Drew Farr Moira Fennell Carver L. H. Goodhue Shuchi Goyal Erin Elizabeth Hollander Glenn Anderson Jacoby Susie Jones Hammad Ahmed Khalid Bruce Li Krystal Lo Vijeth Mudalegundi Trang Xuan Nguyen Morrison Nolan Justin Payan Joy Peltier Gabrielle Pierre Elijah Scott Jason Terry Luke Thompson Class of 2018 Kerri Andre Michael Logan Campbell Lorin Crear Thomas Andrew Desoutter Maddie Dill Brianna English Shreya Ganeshan Kalvis Golde

Jack Hall Mallory Jessica Harris Rachel Kelley Joshua E. Kenway Mallika Madhusudan Emily Maloney Samia McEachin Reilly Megee Bailey Palmer

Sierra Runnels Mollie Simon Taylor Smith Samuel Tingle Matthias Stephen Wilder Elizabeth Francina Wilkes Victoria Yonter Lilian Zhu

Class of 2019 Swapnil Agrawal Rachael “Fola” Akinola Ashley Amukamara Maria “Izzy” Cerón Dwain “Chip” Chambers Trisha Dalapati Tarun Daniel Guy Eroh

Steven Feng Laurel Hiatt Jessica Ho Nirav Ilango Christina Lee Zoe Li Divine Ogbuefi Kavi Pandian Jessica Pasquarello

John Rawlings Ashley Reed Ruth Schade Caroline Shearer Aditya Sood Stephanie Stewart Abigail West Ashley Willard

Ramsey Alumni

Ramsey Honors Scholar alumni by class year Class of 2004 Ladson Gaddy-Dubac Andrew Ely Guthrie Virginia Wood Pate Daniel Anthony del Portal Samuel Winters Richwine III Rachel Elizabeth Wahlig Class of 2005 Katherine Elizabeth Bugg Andrew Gilman Crowley Lawrence Robert Ficek Matthew Eric Hickman Ngozi Christie Ogbuehi James Christopher Tarr Brian William Teplica Class of 2006 Molly Martin Anderson Staci Hutsell Cannon Elizabeth Kate Davidson Jarrett Roux Horne Jackson Charles Dillingham May Class of 2007 Mary Beth Bereznak Jonathan Andrew Charles Brian Lee Claggett Kelly Eaton Gladin Hope Carrell Ham Maggie McQueen Hodges Brian Levy Daniel Mathews Lamar Houston Moree Lauren Elizabeth Sillery Oberg Teerawit “Tim” Supakorndej Rebecca Rahn Vahrenwald Andrew Vesper

Class of 2008 Matthew Charles Agan Brent Lewis Allen Molly Beatrice Pittman Babineaux Jeff Elrod James Gordy Annie Ming Huang Joseph Stuart Knight John Matthews James Lucas McFadden Noah R. Mink Gregory James O’Connell Blake William Shealy Karen Christina Wong

Class of 2011 Jonathan Arogeti Jason Daniel Berkowitz Christopher Jordan Floyd Haylee Humes Mark Johnson Jung Woong Kim Nicole Elizabeth Nation Erika Parker New Griffin Rice Joseph Cataquiz Rimando Stephen Bradford Thompson Andrew Watts Laura Ann Wynn

Class of 2009 Nneka Alicia Arinze Shannon Chen Jonathan Brown Chestnut Nisha Gupta Jeremiah Johnson Jeremy Jones Lindsay Beth Jones BK Katzmann Madison Moore Pool Peter Samuel Shoun Joseph Dempsey Turrentine

Class of 2012 Whitney Ising Adams Sam Gray Aisha Mahmood Haley Tiffany Hu John Bradley Otwell Ryan Sheets Catherine Lois Shonts Sheila Vedala Anna Savelle Walker

Class of 2010 Alexander Linton Brown Peyton Clark Edwards Carole House William Daniel Jordan III Halina Maladtsova Nick Passarello Lauren Elizabeth Pinson Caitlin Gail Robinson Emily Frances Reed Underwood Zao Mike Yang

Class of 2013 Glenn Branscomb Logan Butler Trevor Hunter Hohorst Yiran Emily Peng Alexander Collins Vey Class of 2014 Catherine Backus Emily Backus Victoria Lynn DeLeo Amanda Holder Stephen Edward Lago

Mariana Lynne Satterly Pranay K. Udutha Class of 2015 Cody Baetz Carmen Kraus Tuan Anh Nguyen Abigail Taylor Shell Class of 2016 Melissa Carlene Cousins Berta Maria Franzluebbers Samuel Thomas Johnston Ray Paleg Mihir B. Patel Julie Saxton Class of 2017 Prentiss Rachel Autry Malcolm Alexander Barnard Katie Michele Googe Heather Huynh Megan Murphy Jones Class of 2018 Jenny Alpaugh Davis Coleman Emily Giambalvo Evan Knox Zoe Schneider Class of 2019 Manasa Kadiyala Jacqueline Kessler Prabhjot Minhas Vineet Raman Hayley Rutchow William “Trey” Walker



Aven Jones stops next to the Arch on North Campus for graduation photos.

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