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Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ. For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.. Col 2:8-9 The world the flesh and the Devil would seek to rob our young people of the greatest blessing they can know on earth, that is the knowledge of God in Christ Jesus and His gracious working in their lives. Your committee seeks to enlighten the young people through the various camps, training events and the Youth Assembly, to look at the Word of God to see what God is saying to us. The various themes take into account the culture of the day also the issues, philosophies and traditions that are affecting our young people, so that they are not cheated into the emptiness of the world. Our theme for the year was the ‘Ripple Effect’ showing the impact that our lives can have on those around us. To that end your committee designed a full colour brochure advertising both camps and the youth assembly for the year. This information was available on line and booking forms and brochures were available to be downloaded and printed off from the UF Church website. CAMPS 2010 The two camps in 2010 were S1-4 Camp, at the Windmill Christian Centre in February with 11 in attendance and the P5-7 Camp at Auchengillan in September. The S1 – S4 Camp looked at the Gospel and the reason for Jesus Christ coming to the cross, starting in Genesis and working through to the Fruits of the Spirit in Galatians. The young people discussed The Fall, the way the world is, the need for a Saviour, Jesus dying on the cross and what it means to follow Him. The teaching team for the weekend was Rachel Keane, Morag Steven, Nathan Owens, Avril Fotheringham and Laura Mackenzie. Diane Ledingham and Gordon Mackenzie cooked for the weekend and the committee thank everyone for their input over the weekend. The P5-7 Camp was held at Auchengillan with 21 children attending. The topic for the weekend was Daniel and his friends, and how they were able to stand for God in their situation. The young people were encouraged to find evidence of faith in the life of Daniel using the Word of God. It has been a challenge and an encouragement to hear the questions that our young people are bringing to the leaders. The committee thank Morag Steven, Rachel Keane, Nathan Owens, Andrew Brown and Jennifer Wilson, who, along with Laura Mackenzie comprised the teaching team for the weekend. Thanks are also extended to Julie Hubbert, Cecille Coltman and Ross McNaughton who catered for the weekend. YOUTH ASSEMBLIES 2010 The first Youth Assembly in 2010 considered the stand of Daniel, the second focused on the 10 Commandments. There was a great response to the teaching from the young people. To see them sitting in groups discussing the book of Daniel and responding later in a larger group was so encouraging. The level of understanding was amazing. The second Youth Assembly asked the questions – ‘Is it fair that God gives us commands?’ and ‘Why did God give the Commandments?’ The young people were asked to consider Why God has given us these rules, what they are for, what it means to follow them and why we need a Saviour. Looking at God’s standard for our own lives, for society 50

Youth we then were challenged to make our own commands for living, an eye opener that’s for sure! Eleven young people made the journey down from Shetland and we thank them for coming and a big thank you to the Presbytery of the North for assisting with travel costs to allow them to join us. The committee thanks Judy Campbell and Alison Thain for cooking over the weekend.

SUMMER MISSION 2010: The Summer Mission of 2010 was at Sauchie and Fishcross UF church using the SU Champion’s Challenge programme which looked at the character of Jesus, the need for the cross and Jesus as our substitute. The team was greatly encouraged by the congregation’s: prayer support, enthusiasm and willingness to help. The week was rounded off with a party for their families and a special morning service on the Sunday where 11 young people attended. This was a great week and we thank God for His faithfulness to us. The committee thanks Nathan Owens, Cat Mackenzie, Carol Owen, Louise Milne and Laura Mackenzie for leading this mission. CAMPS 2011 The Youth Committee changed the age ranges for camps at the end of 2009 with 2010 being the first year the new scheme was implemented. The camps this year have been well attended. The S1-4 Camp was at the Bible Centre, Inchinnan from the 11th-13th February with 15 young people attending. The theme ‘Tough Questions’ explored topics such as suffering, money, relationships and lifestyle. The young people were invited to put questions in a box that the team would try to answer over two sessions. Again questions posted were both challenging and encouraging. These young people are thinking about the Bible and are serious about their questions. The P5-7 Camp will be held in May at Lapwing Lodge, Paisley a new venue and time of year for this camp. During this weekend the young people will look into the kind of lifestyle God wants us to live. The committee expresses its thanks to Morag Stevens, Rachel Keane, Nathan Owens, Jennifer Wilson and Laura Mackenzie for providing the teaching at the 2011 Camps and also to Mrs Julie Hubbert and Gordon Mackenzie for undertaking the catering. YOUTH ASSEMBLY 2011 Due to the southern African Youth Visit, the committee decided to hold only one Youth Assembly this year, meeting at the Cairngorms Christian Centre, Aviemore from the 18th-20th March. Fifteen people attended and the theme was the ‘Ripple Effect’ and how the way we live impacts on those around us. We are all part of a ripple effect but in what way are we affecting those around us? The teaching was provided by Robert Owens and Laura Mackenzie. On the Saturday morning the speaker was Rev Gordon Thomson from Drumchapel Baptist Church and there was free time on the Saturday afternoon. Diane Ledingham and Gordon Mackenzie cooked for the weekend. The Youth Assembly is always a real encouragement to those in leadership. The young people are so committed to their walk with God and it is wonderful to see the level of understanding and ability these young people have. God has really blessed them and us as a denomination. We may not have many but what we have are quality young people. The committee thanks God for the blessing of the young people and prays that we may continue to reach more of them with the good news of Jesus Christ. 51

Youth CHALLENGES FOR CAMPS & YOUTH ASSEMBLIES: The committee would like to thank the congregations who support their young people in coming to camps and youth assemblies. There are however some congregations who do not send young people to camps. As such the camp team have agreed to do taster days in areas to try to encourage those who have never been before. If the information is not given to the children they cannot attend. Please make sure that the young people in your congregation are given the camp brochure when it comes out. They are missing out on being part of the wider denomination, on the encouragement that comes from knowing that there are other young people who go to church just like them, some are missing out on teaching and hearing the Gospel as camps are not just aimed at church children and young people. Please encourage the youth work and the young people by passing on the information and making it easy for the young people to attend. If finances are an issue, please contact the committee via the Church Office. Can we also respectfully ask that people recognise the closing dates for events and get forms into the church office on time? Gone are the days where forms were not required. We need to have permission from parents, an awareness of dietary requirements and medical issues before children come along. We also have to book places and pay for them even if not used, this is costly and a waste of resources and our cooks are all volunteers who need to purchase food and set menus. Please make sure that forms and payments are sent in by the closing dates to avoid the disappointment of the children / young people being turned away. Camps and Youth assemblies are hard work for the team, it makes it even more difficult for them and the office staff if the week running up to the event is spent chasing forms and money. The committee would like to thank the congregations who support their young people in coming to camps and youth assemblies. SATURDAY PRAYER & BIBLE STUDY DAYS These days are organised by the young people of the denomination to encourage the family of the United Free Church of Scotland to come together for prayer, Bible study and worship. We are very grateful to the speakers who came along and shared with them on the days. Last year, 2010 the theme was ‘Walking with God in the Psalms’. The days took place at the Church Office with Rev Archie Ford, at Aberdeen: Northfield with Mr Nathan Owens, at St Ninians with Rev Graham Brown and the fourth event was to be at Ayr with Mr Martin Paterson but this had to be cancelled due to adverse weather. Thank you to all who attended these days, we pray that you were encouraged by coming along. The 2010 planning group consisted of Avril Fotheringham, Carol Owen and Martin Paterson. This year, 2011, the young people decided to host all four events in the church office exploring the ‘I Am sayings of Jesus Christ’. This venue appears to suit more people. The speakers for our meetings will be Mr Frank Hartley, Mr Allan Brown, Mr Martin Paterson and Rev Bruce McDowall. The young people look forward to seeing as many there as possible and again wish to thank those who have come along. The 2011 planning group consists of Martin Paterson, Jennifer Wilson, Carol Owen, Ruth Fulton and Graham Skinner. The group would also like to thank Nathan Owens and Allan Brown for leading worship at these events. STUDENTS FOR MINISTRY The Youth Committee is delighted to hear that two of those who have been much involved in the work of the committee have recently been recognised as students in training for the ministry.


Youth Mr Nathan Owens of Drumchapel is currently studying for his degree at Highland Theological College. Nathan is a member of the camp teaching team, Summer Mission team, Youth Assembly, Youth Visit team and works in the Living Room. We are very grateful to Nathan for all his work in the youth work of the denomination and wish him every blessing in this new chapter in his service for God. Martin Paterson from Uddingston Park UF has been accepted as a candidate for ministry within the denomination. Martin is very involved in his congregation and is a member of Youth Assembly and the planning group for the Saturday prayer and Bible study days. We wish Martin God's blessing as he begins his studies at Glasgow University in October. YOUTH VISIT 2011 The Youth Visit is progressing well and is on track for August. At the time of writing the teams have been chosen both in Scotland and in Southern Africa. From Scotland we have Alasdair Keane, (St Ninians), Rachel Keane, (St Ninians), Carol Owen, (Chryston), Kirsten Boettcher, (Cathcart), Ruth Fulton, (Cathcart), Andrew Brown, ((Darnley), Ross McNaughton, (Darnley), Allan Brown, (Drumchapel), Nathan Owens, (Drumchapel), Jennifer Wilson, (Uddingston Park), Martin Paterson, (Uddingston Park) and Catherine McKenzie, (Aberdeen: Torry). There are three leaders coming from UCCSA with the young people, they are; Rev Alistair Arends, Wellington Sibanda, Meegan Dieragaardt. The team are: Mozambique - Esmenia Cuamba, Zacarias Chivale Namibia - Greyling Koopman , Aroshell Meyer Zimbabwe - Loreen Dladla - Lisa Ndlovu South Africa - Nobuhle Mayvel, Mathibe Jeremiah, Desira Donae & Jade Esau Botswana -Thamiso Chabalala, Macmillan Teku The first training weekends have taken place for both halves of the team. The training programme has been written in conjunction with UCCSA in order that the teams will look at the same topics so when they come together they will have had a similar training experience. The UF team met at Stroove House, Skelmorlie looking at – ‘Sharing the Gospel’, an ‘Introduction to Southern Africa’, ‘Personal Testimony’ [emphasising what God has done,] and team building. Thank you to Rev Archie Ford for his sessions over the weekend. Praise God for the enthusiasm and passion of the young people for this mission. The second training weekend will take place in June with an emphasis on ‘team building’, ‘music’ and ‘drama’ and also the modules written by UCCSA including ‘youth ministry’, ‘leadership’, and ‘issues facing Southern Africa’. We believe that when the young people come to Scotland they will face many culture shocks but also that God will use these young people and the congregations they will serve in a mighty way, for His glory. The young people will work together for part of the time and will also be split into smaller teams to work at the various churches. The main focus of the three weeks is sharing the Gospel and as such will involve schools work, summer missions, detached work, musical presentations, drama presentations and also testimony sharing and invitation evenings in churches. The congregations hosting a team are: Corstorphine, Lochwinnoch, Drumchapel, Croftfoot, Cumnock, Bo’ness, Torry and Cunningsburgh. The team will also visit St Ninians, Sauchie & Fishcross and Knightswood. Please see appendix one for the Youth Visit Programme and appendix two for prayer points throughout the three weeks. The committee and the team would value your prayers for this venture. This is an exciting time for all involved. We would like to thank all who have contributed financially to support this venture and thank you for your continued prayer support. 53

Youth YOUTH LEADER TRAINING At last year’s General Assembly we informed you of the ‘Training Programme’; unfortunately with the level of work required for the Youth Visit, the committee has not been able to run this programme. The programme has not been forgotten and the committee is very aware of the need for training in youth work. As such we have agreed to organise training days offering basic First Aid and also Food Hygiene particularly to those working with children/young people but open to everyone. We hope to have dates for some of these in the near future. The Youth Committee is aware of the need for training in other aspects of the work and also for advice on teaching material and are planning to have the training modules up and running as soon as possible. More information will be sent out to congregations as soon as we are able to begin running the course. We commend all those working with children and young people in our denomination and recognise the commitment people show to this work. Without people working week by week in our congregations, there would be no young people for camps and youth assemblies. Please remember the work among our children and young people it is so important. EASTER SCHEME The Youth Committee would like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed towards the Easter Scheme last year in aid of the work of Asia Link, specifically for the work they are doing in North Korea. The amazing amount of £10,827 was presented to Mr Martin Dudgeon at the Dunblane event in August. Congratulations to all who gave and raised money for this extremely worthwhile cause. Asia Link does such fantastic work and the gift given to them will help them immensely. The Easter Scheme for 2011 is to support the work of Flying Mission in Zambia. Since FM extended their work from Botswana to Zambia, it has gradually grown and includes not only dealing with medical emergencies and providing other medical services but also giving support to church workers and others who are involved in mission work in rural areas. FACEBOOK A Facebook page has been set up to spread the word about camps. Rachel Keane and Morag Steven are the administrators. Each camp has been set up as an Event on the page, where the centre details, dates and information can be seen. There is an area for discussion, for older campers/parents to provide feedback and ideas for future camps. A link has also been set up to the UF website, from where it is now possible to download booking forms. Anyone can view the page, found here:

The committee would like to thank the office staff, Rev John Fulton and Mrs Helena Jarvis for all their help with camps and the youth work of the denomination. [This year their work has been increased due to the organising of the travel arrangements for those coming from Southern Africa.] In the name of the Committee ROBERT O. OWENS ELIZABETH MCNAUGHTON JOHN O. FULTON 54

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