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12 EASY PIECES FOR BEGINNERS Wider Opportunities with the new Debut series

for Solo Group L or earning with Pi ano or C D

INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP LEARNING All of these pieces for young clarinettists in their earliest stages of learning can be performed as a solo or in unison with others. Some have an optional 2nd part and may also serve as ensemble material.

MIXED ENSEMBLE OPTION Whilst written specifically for the clarinet and addressing the challenges beginner clarinettists would encounter, a special section is included of four pieces which are “key friendly” for beginners on most instruments and are therefore ideal pieces for mixed instrumental groups. These same four pieces will appear in subsequent books for other instruments in the Debut series.

For the Pupil …

· Instrumental parts with fun cartoons for inspiration · A CD providing demonstration performances for listening as well as “minus-one” piano accompaniments for playing along at home

· Cartoons can be DOWNLOADED FOR FREE for colouring in UE 21526 (pre -1)* Clarinet Debut – with CD £9.95 e 12.95 8

The Bad Guys!

Die Bösen / Les méchants


James Rae

Slow and menacing! *)



5 E BM


! 5 E BM




! 5 E BM




5 E BM


G '

! 5 E BM



!5 EBM

5 E BM

E5 E5 5 5 5 E5 5 5 ' I cresc.

!5 EBM





4 = 4 5M 5M 5M


!5 EBM



E5 E5 5 5 5 E5 5 5

4 = 4 5M 5M 5M

Ic play an with along th at h e CD ome !

= 4 ? 5M

*) Langsam und bedrohlich! / Lent et menaçant !

CD 12 / 13

e Fre ads nlo dow tion ! op © Copyright 2010 by Universal Edition A.G., Wien

UE 21 526

For the Teacher …

· Sheet music for selected piano accompaniments can be DOWNLOADED FOR FREE – just follow the web link provided in the pupil’s book!

· If preferred, the accompaniments of all of the 12 pieces can be purchased in one printed and bound volume

UE 21527 Clarinet Debut – Piano Accompaniments £12.95 e 14.95

* Approximate gradings (1) - (8) Easy - Advanced

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Look out for the next publication in the series: Flute Debut!

Published January 2011 Wien · London · New York

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Klezmer Clarinet Duets Helmut Hödl Any of these pieces would be an exciting and popular choice for the concert programme. Both clarinet parts are of moderate difficulty and the pieces are presented with easier arrangements at the beginning, progressing to those that are a little more challenging. Today’s klezmer comprises a wide range of styles extending from traditional ensembles to “crossover” with jazz, pop and rock. This collection of ten arrangements from the clarinettist and composer Helmut Hödl, contains popular melodies as well as lesser-known folk songs. Two additional compositions from Helmut Hödl himself complete the collection. All share a common basis of deeply expressive themes where laughter and sadness are reminiscent of language and song. Includes: Bei mir bist du schean, Havah Nagila and Chiri Biri Bam UE 34531 (5-7) £9.95 e 12.95

Already available: Celtic Clarinet Duets Florian Bramböck

These duet arrangements of traditional music from Scotland and Ireland with a few original pieces by Florian Bramböck will make excellent concert performance material for intermediate players and beyond. Pieces include: Auld Lang Syne, Danny Boy, John Riley, Loch Lomond, Molly Malone, My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean, My Love is like a Red, Red Rose, Slievenamon, The Foggy Dew, The Golden Jubilee, The Great Silkie, The Ministrel Boy, The Old Triangle, The Wild Rover. UE 34532 £9.95 e 12.50

Kurt Weill Songs for Clarinet and Piano Arranged by Martin Reiter With CD 10 songs from three of Kurt Weill’s most famous stage works are presented here in easy arrangements for clarinet and piano. Players of any age will relish the chance to play these famous tunes. The CD provides invaluable listening material and an alternative accompaniment in the absence of a pianist. Includes: The Ballad of Mack the Knife, Polly’s Song (The Threepenny Opera); Alabama Song, Jenny’s Song (Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny); Don’t be Afraid, The Liquor Dealer’s Dream (Happy End) …and more. UE 34326 (3-4+) £19.95 e 24.95 Already available for middle-grade players:

Kurt Weill Songs for Violin and Piano Arranged by Martin Reiter With CD UE 34324 (3-4+ ) £19.95


e 24.95

Kurt Weill Songs for Alto or Tenor Saxophone and Piano Arranged by Martin Reiter With CD UE 34328 (3-4+ ) £22.95 e 26.95

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Kurt Weill 1900 - 1950

06.07.2010 12:45:14

Six Characteristic Pieces Mike Cornick “The six pieces which make up this set were composed over a number of years and explore a range of styles. Characteristic Pieces is a collective title which has been used by many composers, especially of the Romantic period, for a group of shorter piano compositions which are held together by a common factor. In this instance, however, the term ‘characteristic’ has been applied somewhat loosely and refers to the diversity of the distinct styles within the set. The chosen styles include the pastiche Rococo Plus, Ragtime and Blues and the somewhat more contemporary The Little Dancer.” Mike Cornick UE 21536 (4-6) £14.50 e 16.95

Nicolai Podgornov’s graded pieces for piano Vol. 3 ADVANCED Nicolai Podgornov

This collection of pieces for grades 7 – 8 is the last in the highlypraised, three-volume series from Nicolai Podgornov. Across the three volumes, there are now pieces to inspire and stimulate piano students from the earliest to advanced grades. Within each volume the pieces are presented in order, the technical level gradually increasing throughout. UE 34553 (7-8) £11.95 e 14.95 Reviewing VOL. 2 Faye Caley wrote: “….A delightful array of short pieces in varying styles – a sort of 21st century take on Burgmuller’s Op 100 studies. Musically appealing, every piece oozes quality and substance despite being aimed at the less experienced player ….. I enjoyed playing every piece and cannot wait to introduce them to my pupils.” Music Teacher, March 2010.

VOL. 2 INTERMEDIATE UE 34552 (4-6) £11.95 e 14.95

n up Brighte d your en o f te r m ! co ncer t

Vol. 1 EASY UE 34551 (1-3) £10.95 e 13.95

Piano 6 hands The following pieces have been set on the 2009 – 2011 Trinity Guildhall syllabus for Piano 6 Hands. Each piece can be separately downloaded by going to and following the link – they are only available on line. Information on more publications suitable for piano 6 hands, grades 2 – 7, may also be found on our website.


At the Movies

Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy

Module Five

arranged Laura Shur UE 21518 (1-2) Jonathan Tang, Salome Papadopoullos and Bobby Yin join forces at the keyboard

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Pyotr Tchaikovsky arranged Laura Shur UE 21519 (2-3)

Mike Cornick UE 21520 (3-4)

Mike Cornick UE 21314-27 (4)

06.07.2010 12:45:19

New Karl Scheit Guitar Edition Villanos Fandango Gallardas Cumbees Marizapalos La Jotta n





Santiago de Murcia (1680-1739)

For guitar solo Edited by Olaf Van Gonnissen, Thomas Müller-Pering & Johannes Monno The dances and sets of variations published in this volume come from the Codice Saldívar, a manuscript that was discovered by the Mexican musicologist Dr. Gabriel Saldívar y Silva in León (Mexico) in 1943. Although the title page of the manuscript is missing, we can assume with great certainty that it is the work of Santiago de Murcia. The manuscript dates from around 1732 and the handwriting, paper format and watermark are the same as those from another work by de Murcia. This collection demonstrates de Murcia’s interest in a wide range of music for guitar and, like many other Spanish composers, the inspiration he found in the new sounds and rhythms brought home by the Spanish seafarers. The result is a rich and colourful feast of the baroque guitar repertoire. UE 34488 (4-5) £9.95 e 12.50

Sonata in C Major op. 15 Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829)

For guitar solo Edited by Olaf Van Gonnissen, Thomas Müller-Pering & Johannes Monno Mauro Giuliani’s publication of his Sonata op.15 within the first few years of his arrival in Vienna met the standards of the sophisticated Viennese public and, with one stroke, profiled the guitar as an instrument and himself as a composer. Thus was born the three movement Sonata in C. This new edition will be of great interest to guitarists as, to this day, it remains unique in the repertoire. UE 34482 (4-5) £9.95 e 12.50 Already available for guitar solo in the New Karl Scheit Edition:

Preludio Fuga Jácaras Pavanas Canarios n


Suite in D minor


Robert de Visée (1650-1725) UE 34480 (5-7) £9.50 e 10.95


Gaspar Sanz (1640-1710) UE 34486 (5-7) £9.50 e 11.95

Suite in D minor

Variations on a Romance from “La Gloire et l’Amour” op. 105

Santiago de Murcia UE 34481 (5-7) £9.50 e 10.95

Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829) UE 34483 (5-7) £9.50 e 11.95

A Dream Melancholy Galliard Sir John Smith His Almaine A Fancy n


John Dowland (1563-1626) UE 34484 (4-5) £9.95 e 11.95

Music for Schools 11 – 17 years . Bestsellers Teaching Material

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Thomas Gould

Choral Operas and Musicals The School Concert

Piano . Bestsellers

Selected from our extensive and varied complete catalogue – these Bestsellers catalogues provide something for everyone - from the classics, music of the 20th century and contemporary music through to educational titles and music in lighter styles. Go to: to view the catalogues on line or, if you would prefer to receive a copy, contact Universal Edition at the address below.


These publications are available from all good music shops, on our Website or, contact us at: Universal Edition (London) Ltd., 48 Great Marlborough St., LONDON W1F 7BB Tel: 020 7292 9166 . Fax: 020 7292 9173 email: Visit our Website for our on-line catalogue!

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Violin . Bestsellers

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Thomas Gould‘s photographs by Simon Weir -

Alexandra Dariescu

Clarinet . Bestsellers Wien · London · New York

Cover photos by Tony Redmond (c) Alexandra Dariescu

Clarinet Bestsellers . Piano Bestsellers . Violin Bestsellers Secondary School Catalogue - NEW!

Scene from: The Threepenny Opera Kurt Weill / Bertolt Brecht

Universal Edition Wien · London · New York Wien · London · New York


Sarah Williamson‘s photographs by Simon Tottman -

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