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celebrating 125 years 1891-2016

KENNETH E. BARNER (MSEE’89, PhD’92) PROFESSOR & CHAIR The UD ECE Department celebrates 125 years of rich history, building on this storied past to embark on the next phase of growth as a department dedicated to excellence in research and the training of engineers prepared to tackle society’s greatest challenges.

ECE 125 CELEBRATION EVENTS Mark your calendar and join fellow alumni, students, and faculty at the following events.

October 29, 2016 | Homecoming Tailgate

Celebrate before the game at the ECE 125 tent

February 20-24, 2017 | Engineers Week (EWeek) iSuite Preview & VIP Project Showcase

May 19-20, 2017 | ECE 125 Main Event

UD ECE Impact, Research Showcase, iSuite Ribbon Cutting & 125 Gala

May 26-27, 2017 | Graduation

Senior Project Showcase & Graduation Celebration

June 2-4, 2017 | Alumni Weekend Alumni Reception in the iSuite

JANINE BARBACANE (BEE’01) FEDERAL ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, ORACLE, UD ECE ADVISORY COUNCIL, CHAIR The University of Delaware’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (UD ECE) has been helping to transform industries, communities, and lives for the past 125 years. Today, UD ECE students, faculty, and alumni continue to affect change by leading technology breakthroughs, creating and growing new businesses, and, most importantly, giving back to the UD ECE department to prepare the next generation of electrical and computer engineers. Please join us in celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the UD ECE Department, when we will reflect on the department’s accomplishments, recognize the students, faculty, and alumni who have contributed to its success, and support the development of our future UD ECE innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders who will continue to make history over the next 125 years.

A FUTURE OF INNOVATION UD ECE is charting a bold path forward dedicated to excellence in education and research. A new curriculum is being launched featuring multidisciplinary team-based projects and entrepreneurial focused courses in each year of study. The $2M Innovation Suite (iSuite) teaching laboratory renovation will provide state-of-the-art facilities in which student and faculty teams can brainstorm, collaborate, prototype, and build innovative solutions to society’s grandest challenges. A broad set of enrichment activities complement the UD ECE student experience, including study abroad, summer research, Cyber Scholars, and Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) programs. Fundamental UD ECE research contributions are helping drive societal innovations. ECE faculty members are leaders in Nanoscale Engineering, Information Sciences, Strategic Computing, and Cybersecurity. UD’s new 10,000 ft² Nanofabrication facility and the 272 acre Science, Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) campus support the academic and commercial collaborative discovery that is the hallmark of UD ECE’s research innovation and entrepreneurial focus.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineerin 1921

EE Lab, circa 1920

1920– 1929

Electronic television is developed

Electrical engineering separates from Department of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering; becomes Division of Electrical Engineering

Bell Telephone Laboratories is established

Shannon develops mathematical principles of Information Theory (1939-1967)

1930– 1939

19 19

1930 Evans Hall is completed and dedicated

Alan Turing leads breaking of German Lorenz and Enigma codes, greatly shortening World War II


HP-35 Image courtesy of Flickr/Kubanczyk

Computer punchcard, circa 1960



IBM introduces its first personal computer; uses MS-DOS

HP-35, first handheld scientific calculator, is developed

1960– 1969

1969 ARPANET, the first digital global network, is launched

An experimental nuclear reactor, used for education and research, is housed in 1969– 1975 DuPont Hall Public-key cryptography is invented

1970– 1979

1979 First CD audio player is demonstrated

1980– 1989

UD becomes one of the first ARPANET nodes and helps develop CSNET, NSFNet, and NREN UD introduces PDP 11 mainframe computers to campus

1984 EE Chair Peter Warter and UD officials rededicate Evans Hall after $2M renovation

UD establishes first global “post office” for academic email

1984 Apple Computer introduces Mac


940– 949

1890– 1899

1895 Marconi performs early experiments in wireless telegraphy

1900– 1919



Radio signal is first transmitted across Atlantic

Alternating current is used to electrify railroad

78% of UD degrees conferred are engineering degrees

Edison patents transmission of signals electrically (radio)

1903 The Derelict, UD yearbook, is first published


EE students working, circa 1940

Department of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering is founded at UD

1958 1947

First semiconductor integrated circuit (IC) is demonstrated

1950– 1959

Transistor is invented at Bell Labs

946 ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) is put into operation


Electrical engineering student Elbert Wisner, UD’s first African American student, graduates

1948 UD is desegregated

1997 UD develops concept of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology

1990– 1999

1993 World Wide Web browser Mosaic is released

1998 HDTVs go on sale in US

1996–1997 Computer engineering degree is established and department name is changed to Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)



2007 Apple acquires UD startup FingerWorks

2017 Innovation Suite (iSuite) Laboratory is scheduled to open

UD research launches multiple high-tech start ups, including FingerWorks, ETI, EM Photonics, PSI, Nuvve, and Cloudamize UD establishes Cybersecurity Initiative & Cybersecurity Minor and MS degrees. Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program begins


The engagement of alumni, collaborators, and friends is fundamental to the success of UD ECE students, faculty, and programs. You can make a tremendous impact by engaging in an array of volunteering and philanthropic opportunities — every level of engagement strengthens the UD ECE community.


Giving your time and talents directly supports and impacts ECE students, faculty, and programs. Volunteering opportunities include: • Mentoring individual students or student teams, including Capstone Project and VIP teams. • Participating in the Alumni Unplugged program, sharing your experiences and insights with students. • Helping students identify internship and employment opportunities in your industry. • Serving as an ECE 125 Ambassador.

For more information on personal or corporate partnering and engagement, contact: Cyndi McLaughlin ECE Business Administrator | (302) 831-3140 Kenneth Barner ECE Department Chair | (302) 831-6937

GIVE Support the Innovation Suite (iSuite) Laboratories The iSuite is a $2M renovation creating three worldclass synergistic spaces: Cyber & Electronics Lab, Collaboration Hub, and Makerspace Lab. Paired with innovative curriculum revisions, the 4500 ft² iSuite will support team-based cybersecurity training, multidisciplinary design, entrepreneurial activities, and rich collaborations between students, faculty, alumni, and academic/corporate partners.

Support Student & Enrichment Activities Scholarship and fellowship funds directly support and help recruit outstanding students. Activities — such as the Vertically Integrated Projects program, summer research scholars, study abroad programs, and travel to conferences — provide students with unique experiences outside the traditional classroom, enriching the overall academic experience.

Support World-Class Faculty UD ECE students learn from, collaborate with, and are mentored by faculty members who are world-class scholars and dedicated teachers. Junior and Senior Endowed Professorships are critical to recruiting and retaining such exceptionally talented faculty members in the UD ECE department.

For more information on giving, contact: Barbara Maylath Director of Development | (302) 831-7273 Kenneth Barner ECE Department Chair | (302) 831-6937

Electrical & Computer Engineering | Celebrating 125 years  

University of Delaware College of Engineering Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering 1891-2016

Electrical & Computer Engineering | Celebrating 125 years  

University of Delaware College of Engineering Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering 1891-2016