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Library and Resource Centre FACILITIES

Self-check Machine and Book Drop Self-Check Machine is a fully integrated self-service station that allows users to borrow or checkout library items in a fast and secure manner. Book Drop Service is located on the left of the UCSI University Library main entrance, which allows borrowers to return materials at their own convenient time.

Library and Resource Centre


The five-storey UCSI University Library offers a comprehensive collection of all the latest texts and references, both in hardcopy and online.

The Library also has a conducive and convenient cafe located on the 2nd floor of the Library that offers a variety of menus and beverages to students and staff alike.

Technical Processing Room Equipped with a printer and photostate machine, the Technical Processing Room is open to UCSI’s academicians for use.

Discussion Room There are six discussion rooms available in the Library. Booking for its use is made by completing the Discussion Room Booking Form and submitting it at the Circulation Counter. Pending its availability, a group may use the room for a maximum of two hours only.

Photocopy Services A photocopy machine is available in the Library. A user would need to purchase an access code at the Circulation Counter to use it. It costs about RM20 per 200 copies.

Audio Visual (AV) Room There is one fully-equipped AV room available at the UCSI University Library to play videotapes, videodiscs and audiocassettes.

Function Halls FACILITIES

Dewan Tan Sri Ahmad Razali (DETSAR)

UCSI Group Showroom

Fully equipped with air-conditioning and a sound system, the Hall can accommodate up to 660 pax for examinations and 1,000 pax for dinner functions. Other Examination Venues There are other allocated examination venues such as rooms located on the fourth floor of Block C and the various laboratories in Block B and elsewhere.

Throughout its 30-year history of excellence, UCSI Group has garnered numerous accolades both local and international. These are displayed at the UCSI Group Showroom. Visitors can also bring home a UCSI souvenir from the Premium Gifts section of the Showroom.

Conference Room

Multipurpose Hall (MPH)

The ideal venue for meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops, the Conference Room is equipped with individual delegate microphones and audio-visual apparatus.

The Multipurpose Hall can accommodate up to 420 pax for examinations and 700 pax for dinner functions.

General Learning Facilities

Recital Hall / Auditorium The Recital Hall and Auditorium is furnished with theatre-style seating for 450 people for professional performances.

SAA Resource Room Primarily used for counselling, the SAA Resource Room is also open for students who wish to have a quiet and comfortable location to hold a group study.

Problem Based Learning Room Fitted with LCD screens, the Problem Based Learning Rooms are ideal for students who wish to hold discussions pertaining to their lessons.

Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) can be described as interactive spaces where information and technology are combined to facilitate learning and teaching.



Applied Sciences Aquatic Lab

As the only local private university that offers aquatic science and aquaculture course, UCSI University has invested heavily in its new dry and wet labs equipped with aquarium tanks ranging from one to eight feet in length. The new facility is also home to the jellyfish kreisel tank, a carefully designed circular aquarium made specifically for jellyfish and seahorses that are sensitive to water pumps or even the corners of the tank itself.

Microbiology Lab

This facility houses all the bacterial and fungal cultures used in research and teaching. Well-equipped to culture, store and contain microbes, the facility supports cutting-edge research in the areas of drug discovery, environmental health, food safety and antimicrobial therapies.

Food Science Lab

Used for both teaching and research, this facility houses a wide range of instruments that are used to determine the physiochemical properties and sensory characteristics of food, as well as the ideal packaging for long term storage. High standards of hygiene are maintained to accurately simulate industry practices like GMP and HACCP.

Biochemistry Lab

Equipped with an abundance of analytical instruments, this facility supports the analysis of biochemical enzymes, as well as organic and inorganic molecules. Training at the lab focuses on techniques that identify, quantify and separate components within natural and artificial materials.

Cell Tissue Culture Lab

Specially built to culture plant and animal cells, this facility is equipped with advanced imaging technology that enables researchers to visualise the cell growth and condition. A sterile environment is maintained to house the many instruments for culturing plant and animal cells including photosynthetic growth chambers, carbon dioxide incubators and biosafety cabinets.

Chemistry Lab Used primarily for teaching, this lab houses various instruments and reagents for chemical assays and analysis.

Cell and Molecular Biology Lab The works in this lab focus on the study of cells – their physiological properties, structure, the organelles contained, the interaction with the environment, life cycle, division and death as well as functions. This lab enables the study of cells to be conducted on the microscopic, molecular, gene and protein level.

Phytochemistry Lab This facility is used by students for plant-related research. Our research teams collect plant samples from various localities for chemical analysis and bioactivity studies. The lab is equipped with the latest research instruments including high-end liquid and gas chromatographs, a microencapsulator, and equipment for sample extraction and preparation. FACULTY OF

Biotechnology Lab Housing a freeze dryer, spectrophotometers and PCR instruments, this facility houses a wide range of research apparatus and analytical instruments.


Business & Information Science

Computer Lab There are ten computer labs at UCSI University’s KL Campus. The labs are equipped with over 400 PCs and 15 servers, which are connected to the campus’ local area network.

IT R&D Lab UCSI University and RICOH Malaysia have established an industrial partnership to encourage research in information technology. RICOH has established the IT R&D Lab that comes with equipment including Windows-based laptops, Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, iPod Touchs, and Android-based smartphones. This lab is specifically built for postgraduate and final year IT students to work on their projects.



Engineering, Technology & Built Environment

Make Lab

Geomatic & Concrete Lab

This two-storey lab is equipped with the fundamental tools and machinery for architecture and interior architecture students to build scale models, piece together furniture and learn woodworking.

This lab is equipped with all the necessary surveying equipment. Students use this equipment for land surveying, and analyse data collected during assignments. Students can also do engineering evaluations and experiments to test the qualities of building materials like concrete and other cementitious materials here.

Power, Machine & Control Lab

Material Science & Petrology Soil Mechanics Lab

Equipped with state-of-the-art electrical machines, this lab allows students to run experiments related to electrical power systems, conveyor belts and high voltage energy.

In this lab, students can develop further knowledge of materials structure, properties, performance and its processes by producing, transforming, and analysing materials. Students can also do experiments to process, test and determine soil properties here.

Thermo Fluid Lab The lab allows students to conduct research in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer. Students can also study a variety of complex engineering issues, such as electronics cooling, nanofluidics, micro-flow control, and bio-inspired fluid dynamics.

Control, Instrumentation Pneumatic & Hydraulics Lab In this lab, students can study the profiles and properties of water in an open channel flow, and learn about pressure testing and flow control. They can also conduct experiments and learn about control on rotating conveyor belts.

Instrumentation Lab This laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment for teaching and research development. The equipment includes atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), UV-VIS spectroscopy with desktop computer, nano zeta sizer, titrator and tensiometer.

Industrial Chemistry Lab This lab is equipped with all the necessary measuring and analytical instruments for teaching and experiments, especially in chemical engineering. The equipment includes a water bath, oven, furnace, hotplate, and stirring hotplate.

Petrochemical Lab This lab has the necessary equipment for analysis and characterization of solid, liquid and gaseous substances, which students can use to conduct testing and research in the areas of air and water pollution. The equipment available includes a viscometer bath, flashpoint tester, seta oil test centrifuge, rotary evaporator, colorimeter, jar test, and turbidity meter.

Advanced Chemical Laboratory This laboratory has all the equipment for aspiring chemical engineers to conduct physical and chemical processes (fluid flow, heat and mass transfer). The equipment includes a PC-controlled and data logging system, a gas chromatography with a desktop computer, gas absorption demonstration unit, tubular flow reactor with a desktop computer, refractometer, continuous distillation column, batch reactor and CSTR in series.

General Labs Equipped with all general lab apparatus, these labs provide the ideal training ground for undergraduates of the Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Communication & Electronic Engineering degree programmes to conduct experiments for projects and assignments.

Drilling and Material Science Lab

Robotic PLC Micro-Processor Lab

The laboratory is designed to provide students with exposure to both macroscopic and microscopic analysis. It is well equipped with filter press, mixer, viscometer, grinder, polisher, hardness tester and emulsion stability mater. Students who are taking Drilling Engineering and Element of Material Science courses will be involved in experimental work in this lab.

This lab allows students to enhance their knowledge in programming and control of hardware. Students can also do various robotic experiments and use virtual reality software installed in computers for the simulation and study of various tasks.



Hospitality & Tourism Management

Mock Hotel Rooms

Hospitality Training - Restaurant & Bar

Mock guest rooms are set up to support students in accommodation studies. The rooms help equip students with vital skills on how to manage resources, administer assets and manage all the technical operations of a housekeeping department.

The UCSI University Kuala Lumpur and Sarawak Campus houses The Quad Fine Dining Restaurants and these provide students the opportunity to serve and entertain actual customers.

Hospitality Training - Front Office Reception

Training Kitchens (Western & Oriental Preparations)

A front office reception is usually the first point of contact between a guest and the hotel. UCSI University provides state-of-the-art front office environment and facilities to ensure students are trained in essential skills.

To ensure its hospitality students hit the ground running the moment they enter the workforce, UCSI University’s Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management comes with fully-equipped training kitchens for both Western and Oriental cuisine.



Medicine & Health Sciences

Molecular Biology Lab

Anatomy Museum

Intensive research on gene-based, protein-based and molecular-based studies takes place at this facility. It houses many of the Faculty’s prominent instruments including a multi-mode microplate reader, gel documentation system and real-time PCR machine. These tools are indispensable in the search for new drugs, therapies and vaccines.

This is used by the first and second year medical and optometry students. This Anatomy Museum contains 65 anatomy models and a plastinated cadaver, as well as a Cyber-Anatomy tool that provides a 3D study of the human anatomy using innovative technology. More than 1,000 microscope histology slides are available to the students.

Pathology Museum

Nursing Clinical Skills Unit

This Pathology Museum is used to teach first and second year medical students the various skills in pathology. It has about 120 potted specimens of the human body and also more than 500 histopathology slides for students to examine through microscopes.

The Nursing Clinical Skills Unit houses a simulated hospital ward that is equipped with emergency trolleys, ward beds, as well as other equipment used by nurses. Five adult and three infant low fidelity human patient simulators enable nursing students to smoothly transition from university students to life-saving nurses.

Optometry Clinic This purpose-built optometry clinic houses some of the latest eye equipment including slit lamps used to examine the health of the eye, fundus cameras to take photographs of the eye, ophthalmoscopes to examine the interior surface of the eye, as well as corneal topographer and phoropter used to determine a patient’s corneal contour and glasses prescription, respectively.

UCSI Optometry Retail Centre In line with its praxis® approach, which advocates the application of theory to practice, UCSI’s School of Optometry also has a purpose-built optometry retail centre. It is managed by one of the leading optical retailers in the country to give students an edge in the entrepreneurial aspect of optometry.



Pharmaceutical Sciences Pharmacy Postgraduate Lab

A dedicated Pharmacy Postgraduate Lab was launched in 2011 to facilitate cutting-edge research. The lab is equipped with advanced facilities like high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), and UV-Visible spectrometer, among others.

Pharmacy Project Lab

This lab is used to train students on the technology of drug formulation, formulation evaluation and quality assurance of drugs. UCSI pharmacy students have the option of undertaking a research project and this lab was purpose built to facilitate that.

Pharmacy Practice Lab

The Pharmacy Practice Lab is used by students to practice and master their drug compounding and preparation skills in various dosage forms, including the injectables before entering the workforce. A new cleanroom facility is included in this lab.

Simulated Community Pharmacy Lab

This lab was specifically designed for students to practice their skills in patient counselling and medication dispensing as pharmacists in training.

Physiology and Pharmacology Lab

This Lab provides students the equipment and opportunities to explore disease mechanisms, new pharmacological tools and new medications.



Social Sciences & Liberal Arts

Language Lab

Psychology Lab

UCSI University's Language Lab is a modern facility with 15 state-of-the-art computers (all equipped with Samsung flat-panel monitors) and the latest language learning software to pursue self-directed learning activities that support the learning of language skills like reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, and grammar learned in the classroom.

The Psychology Lab has two rooms equipped with facilities and equipment used for individual testing and counselling. It offers a one-way mirror for lecturers to observe simulated counselling sessions by students, and a Control Room equipped with a recorder player and a mixer for recording, editing and monitoring of individual and group testing, and for counselling, experiments, and others.


De Institute of Creative Arts and Design

3D Animation Lab

Fashion Design Workshop

Specially designed for students in the 3D animation programme, the lab is equipped with a hi-fi audio system and computers outfitted with the standard software available for 3D animation. The computers will mainly be used for courses that require animation studies, matte painting, modelling, advanced modelling, editing, compositing and special effects, rendering, and etc.

There are two Fashion Design Workshops with space for approximately fifteen to twenty students per workshop, which are adequately equipped with portable household sewing machines for beginners, nine industrial high speed sewing machines, and three ‘Overlock' high speed sewing machines. The workshops also have vacuum ironing boards, a steamer and boiler, drafting tables and mannequins available for student use.


Institute of Music

Recording Studio Located in the Recital Hall, the recording studio is a professional 24-track digital recording and editing studio with an attached control room for live recording purposes. Equipped to handle small to integrated productions, advanced editing and CD-R burning, it is available for stereo recording, multi-track recording, fully automated mix-down, CD writing or audio/CD-R production and audio post-production for vision.

Music Practice Rooms With over 20 private practice rooms (most equipped with a piano) for student use, the Institute of Music also offers classroom space and pianos during the evening hours for students' practice sessions.

Keyboard Lab The Keyboard Lab is equipped with 20 MIDI-compatible electronic keyboards (for use with or without headphones) that are linked to a lecturer's central listening desk and a master digital piano. A fully configured MIDI workstation is also available for class demonstration and project use.

Music Teaching Studios & Classrooms The teaching studios and classrooms are equipped with a piano and grand pianos, and designed to provide a conducive environment for lecturers to impart their knowledge on teaching, performances, practices, techniques, repertoire, skills, and contemporary music technology.

Ensemble Rooms The Institute maintains a number of ensemble rooms for ensemble rehearsals such as those for modern band, chamber music, choir, and orchestra. Through ensembles, students gain vital experience in performing with other musicians.

Music Tech Lab Comprising 10 fully configured Apple iMac workstations, the Music Tech Lab, with its advanced and user-friendly equipment, provides a home-styled, effective yet economical production environment for students to complete projects in MIDI sequencing, arranging, composition and song-writing.


Sports & Recreation

Basketball Court

Badminton Court

Staff and students can use the indoor basketball court on weekdays when the Multipurpose Hall is not booked for functions, events and examinations, or classes.

The Multipurpose Hall has two indoor badminton courts for students and staff to use on weekdays, provided there are no examinations, functions or classes at that time. Students and staff must bring their own badminton racquets and shuttlecocks, but may borrow the badminton nets through the Student Council office.

Squash Courts The Campus’ North Wing premise is equipped with three Squash Courts, which were built in compliance with national requirements.

Swimming Pool Located at the Campus’ North Wing premise, the swimming pool is covered with a canopy to make it pretty much an all-weather facility where you can indulge in your favourite pastime, come rain or shine.

Gymnasium Students and staff may use the University’s Gymnasium, which has stationary bicycles, treadmills, free weights and machines. They may also consult an experienced gymnasium instructor who can supervise the training sessions during prescribed hours.

Futsal Housed at the North Wing campus, the roofed futsal court also doubles up as a basketball court to meet the requirements of UCSI’s active students.

Bus Services

Free UCSI Shuttle Bus Services Monday - Friday: 6.45am - 8.20pm embarking from UCSI University Shuttle Service Route: UCSI University KL Campus - Bandar Tasik Selatan KL Campus. - UCSI College KL Campus (North Wing) - UCSI University KL Campus Saturday: 7.20am - 1.20pm embarking from UCSI University KL Campus.

Affiliated Services

Laurent Bleu Clinic Headed by experienced medical doctors, the Clinic provides prompt, convenient and cost-effective medical services to students and staff alike. Students benefit as it is on-campus.

Services available

• Consultation and Treatment for Illness • Toilet and Suturing for Wounds • Obesity Clinic • Antenatal Clinic

• Blood and Urine Examinations • Vaccinations • Ultrasound Treatments

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 5.00pm Saturday 1st and 3rd Week: 9.00am - 1.00pm

Apple Store


Located on campus grounds, the Apple Store offers special discounts and easy access to the latest products to the University's students and staff. The Apple Campus Experience Centre was built to ensure that students and staff have access to acquire and use Apple products for academic purposes.

The University's Bookstore stocks a wide spectrum of reference and textbooks, a wide variety of snacks, drinks, stationery and supplies.


Photocopy Store

UCSI University has many Cafeterias and Food Outlets located throughout the campus which serve a wide selection of popular Malaysian and international food to cater to every taste and fancy.

UCSI University has photocopy stores providing photocopy and printing services for students and staff at an affordable rate in both campuses.

ATM Machines

NCR Travel

In-house CIMB Bank and Hong Leong Bank automated teller machines are available in both UCSI University KL Campus and UCSI College KL Campus (North Wing).

As the travel arm of UCSI Group, NCR Travel creates personalised travel packages to meet – and exceed – the demands of clients. Highly recommended for students and staff seeking to travel Malaysia at an affordable rate.


University KL Campus UCSI


• All rooms are air-conditioned • Wi-Fi • Security access card system • 24-hours security surveillance • Shuttle bus service • Housekeeping and laundry services • In-house cafeteria • Surau (Prayer Rooms)

UCSI University KL Campus Facilities: • 262 beds • 131 twin sharing rooms


College KL Campus (NW) UCSI

North Wing Campus Facilities: • 220 beds • 110 twin sharing rooms


Block E & G

*Left: Block E, Right: Block G Block E

• 2 floors of parking • Sundries shops • Studio - total of 361 pax • Mechanical Dept with drilling machine, power saw, milling machine • Electrical Dept • Concrete Lab & Heavy Structure • Highway & Soil Lab • Open workstation - 152 pax • Postgrad Student Office • Banquet Hall - 1180 pax

Single Room



• 265 units • All rooms are air-conditioned • Tastefully furnished rooms • Wi-Fi • Security access card system • 24-hours security surveillance• Shuttle bus service • Housekeeping and laundry services • In-house cafeteria • Surau (Prayer Rooms)

Twin Sharing Room

Block G

• 6 floors of parking • Lecture Room - total of 1357 pax • Concert Hall - 527 pax • Tennis Court • Photography Studio • Mini Theatre - 40pax • Editing Suites - total of 51 pax • Dry Studio - 30 pax • Wet Studio - 15 pax • Multimedia Lab - 48 pax • 3D lab - 24 pax • Fashion Workshop - 21 pax • Fashion Studio - 20 pax • Recording Studio

Concert Hall

Lecture Hall

Lecture Room

Mini Theatre *All illustrations are artist's impressions.

CONTACT Student Affairs & Alumni

3rd Floor, Block A, UCSI University KL Campus. Tel. No: +603–9101 8880 Ext: 3168/3105

Facilities at UCSI University  
Facilities at UCSI University