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Imagine More A NNUA L R EPORT 2012 – 2013

14th “Best University in the World,� according to Center for World-Class Universities at Shanghai Jiao Tong


2 Letter from the Chancellor

10 Year in Review

30 CASE Awards

3 Letter from UCSD Alumni

20 Alumni Participation and Giving

32 Alumni Leadership

6 Outreach and Engagement

28 Communications

UC San Diego was founded as an experimental campus — one that would define the future of the public research university. We developed our tradition of excellence by recruiting the world’s top scholars, educating next generation leaders, and translating discoveries into real-world applications that save and improve lives.


THESE TRADITIONS LIVE ON TODAY, and you are living proof. Through your studies and accomplishments, you’ve helped UC San Diego to rise in the national and international ranks, and accomplish more than most long-established universities. We’ve become a world-renowned university in only five decades. During our golden anniversary, just three years ago, we celebrated our unique and enviable trajectory, one that we hope to emulate in the future. But these celebratory times also led to the inevitable question: what’s next? To answer that, we initiated a strategic planning process to assess where we are and develop a unifying vision for where we want to go next. During this process, we’re working with students, alumni, faculty, staff and community members to sharpen our mission and redefine our future goals. We know that we want to be a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university. Going forward, every decision we make will be based on these eight words. Even though the strategic planning process is still underway, we’ve already seized several opportunities to improve our campus. These initiatives include improving the student academic experience, enhancing Ph.D. quality and enrollment, reviewing credit hour requirements, responding to research funding opportunities, and improving access, affordability and diversity. I thank all of our alumni who’ve participated in this process and shaped an even brighter future for UC San Diego. You can track the plan’s progress at I hope to see you back on campus soon.

2  |  UCSD Alumni

Pradeep K. Khosla

UC San Diego is the place where imagination ignites. It’s the place where the synapses and neurons of some of the best minds in the world collide daily — searching, seeking, and solving. Innovation and the power of imagination are central to what we do, and who we are at UC San Diego.

A LETTER FROM ARMIN AFSAHI, ’90 Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director

AND THIS YEAR WE HAVE IMAGINATIVELY CREATED new programs in order to adapt to the changing profile of our ever expanding alumni family. We have exponentially increased the number of alumni reached through our Alumni Outreach Program. We launched a powerful new online advisor platform to connect alumni with current students called the Alumni Advisor Network. In only a few short months, we have over 1,000 alumni and students connecting with one another to build a stronger Triton Network. For the third consecutive year, alumni philanthropy remained at a historic high with nearly 10,000 alumni investors contributing approximately $23 million, the largest amount raised by alumni. Every individual and dollar represents our graduates’ confidence in our university, and the values and ideals it advances. We hope you will agree that this work, and the work completed this past year, is invaluable. I am constantly inspired by this special place and its students and alumni. I know you were once inspired by this place, too. I invite you to inspire the next generation of students because someday, the world will look to them for answers.

Armin Afsahi, ’90

Annual Report 2013  | 3

UC San Diego Fast Facts

$554 million


Total endowment for the campus

Alumni donors who made a gift, an 8.3% increase over the previous year

650+ Companies launched by UC San Diego faculty, staff and alumni






Average high school GPA of admitted freshmen

67,392 Freshmen applicants for 2013

Number of degrees conferred in 2012

29,052 Total campus enrollment

$1 billion Total research funding

66% Percentage of students that received financial aid


$25.7 million

Number of active local UC San Diego-related companies


Total estimated annual sales of active UC San Diego related companies

Direct jobs attributable to active UC San Diego related companies

Annual Report 2013  | 5

Outreach and Engagement In January 2009, UCSD Alumni launched the Discovery Initiative to re-engage alumni through informal interviews between current students, known as ambassadors, and alumni. In July 2011, four recent grads were hired for the new Regional Outreach Program, serving as outreach officers in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area. Almost five years, 67 student ambassadors and eight regional officers later, the combined Alumni Outreach Program has reached a milestone — 5,032 interviews. According to Brandon Buzbee, ’06, director of engagement and outreach, the purpose of the program is threefold, “We want to hear about their time at UC San Diego, hear about what’s happening [with them] since they left, and find ways to get them reconnected with the University.” The student ambassadors have traveled over 125,000 miles to meet with UC San Diego alumni all over the world. A large number of alumni reside in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco, but student ambassadors have also met with alumni from Seattle to Washington D.C., and across the globe to China while on spring or winter break. The outreach program has led to deeper engagement between the University and its alumni, as witnessed by one of the program's leading indicators: alumni gifts. More than 52.4 percent of all alumni interviewed have made a gift to UC San Diego, and have raised $1,121,000 in just under five years.

6  |  UCSD Alumni

Alumni stories have also made a deep impression on the students. Former Discovery ambassadors, like Jenelle Becker, ’12, have the benefit of meeting alumni and hearing the sentimental stories that accompany those gifts. Becker had an interview with an alumnus who was once a struggling young high school student but turned his life around when he was accepted to UCSD at the age of 26. Becker says, “He got a little emotional thinking about his journey to get to UCSD.” Alongside the inspirational stories, Discovery ambassadors have also received career advice and even the occasional job offer. Becker landed a job at Amazon as a part of their finance branch and Garron Engstrom, ’11, works for CCCMitchell as a user-experience designer. Natalie Bui, ’13, says, “It not only helped me develop my interviewing and writing skills, but it helped me develop my people-person skills.” Since its inception, the Alumni Outreach Program has led to direct contact with 60,000 unique alumni.

$1.1 million More than 52.4 percent of all alumni interviewed have made a gift to UC San Diego, raising $1,121,000 in nearly five years

Annual Report 2013  | 7

Imagining More: BETTER TOGETHER In fall 2013, the Career Services Center and Alumni and Community Engagement integrated to enhance the ability of the campus to fulfill its mission as a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university. With this integration, the Career Services Center can better leverage the power of 154,000 UC San Diego alumni as a resource for students.

ALUMNI REGIONAL CLUBS From San Diego to Hong Kong, and everywhere in between, our 23 regional clubs help alumni connect to each other and to UC San Diego with opportunities for social and professional networking through community service activities, sporting events, family picnics, mixers and much more. Learn more at

8  |  UCSD Alumni

The Career Services Center provides resources, programs and services to students and alumni seeking career planning and graduate and professional school advising, job and internship search preparation and employment (full-time/part-time/ student) opportunities. The Center’s preparatory services (e.g., résumé critiquing, job search workshops, mock interview practice) support these core programs and services, thus helping prepare students for success.

Both the Career Services Center and Alumni and Community Engagement share the long-term goals of ensuring that students at UC San Diego receive a world-class education, and that alumni will continue to have vibrant and rewarding careers. It is believed that no other California (UC or CSU) campus has developed this type of model. Other than strong collaborations between alumni relations and career services in a handful of colleges and universities, this strategic integration is a new model in higher education. Alumni Advisor Network In September 2013, UCSD Alumni and Career Services Center launched a powerful new online platform to connect UC San Diego alumni to current students: the Alumni Advisor Network, powered by This new service allows students to search alumni by industry, employer, geographical location, degree and years of experience. Once students find the perfect match, they can connect 1:1 with alumni via online session or phone, all coordinated through the Alumni Advisor Network.

UC San Diego alumni may offer advice on one or more topics during individual, 30-minute sessions: •

Career Conversation — Share industry knowledge and expertise.

Résumé Critiques — Offer feedback from a hiring manager’s point of view.

Mock Interviews — Provide a student priceless practice for the big interview.

All alumni are encouraged to participate. This powerful tool efficiently connects our past to our present — our current Tritons to our valued alumni. By supporting the greater Triton network, and by encouraging a current student, we all win. Learn more at

1,000 Alumni have volunteered to serve on the Alumni Advisor Network since September 2013.

Annual Report 2013  | 9

18,167 Alumni and Community Engagement welcomed over 18,000 alumni and guests at 274 events

10  |  UCSD Alumni

Year in Review It was an exciting year for UCSD Alumni. From annual events like Alumni Weekend and Inspiring Minds, to new programs like Beyond the Brew and Triton Connect, we brought the Triton community together and inspired them to imagine more. CHANCELLOR WELCOME TOUR

Night at the Museum

With the announcement of UC San Diego’s eighth chancellor, Pradeep K. Khosla, in the summer of 2012, a series of unique experiences were planned in major California markets to showcase the strength, vibrancy and warmth of the alumni community.

More than 300 alumni and friends enjoyed an exclusive tour of the new Walt Disney Museum in San Francisco. The chancellor welcomed alumni, friends and their families and was notably impressed by the strong feeling of passion and loyalty for the campus. As a special treat, UCSD alumna, Kirsten Brandt, ’94, awardwinning director and professor at UC Santa Cruz, gave a brief presentation on Walt Disney’s life.

Day at the Padres The series began in fall 2012 at PETCO Park, home of the San Diego Padres, with over 800 alumni, staff and students in attendance. The last home game of the season, Chancellor Khosla was asked to throw out the first pitch. Prior to the start of the game, alumni were invited to a special tailgate party in the popular “Park in the Park,” just outside the ballpark where they received a special commemorative UCSD Alumni and San Diego Padres T-shirt. The party included favorite ballpark foods, games for the kids and face painters.

Night at Fox Studios The series concluded in Los Angeles at the historic Fox Studios back lot where more than 200 alumni welcomed the chancellor. A prereception for a small group of alumni and senior entertainment industry professionals was held on the set of the Fox comedy, “New Girl,” where UCSD alumna, Rachel Axler, ’04, was a writer for the hit television show. As guests entered the reception area, photos were taken “red carpet style” in a step and repeat background lined with vintage-dressed paparazzi. Inside the event, the festive atmosphere continued with a 10-piece swing band, magicians, caricature artists as well as Hollywood-themed cocktails and food.

Annual Report 2013  | 11

Pictured from left to right: Actor Dileep Rao, ’95; opera singer Priti Gandhi, ’94; brew master Chris White, M.Sc. ’93, Ph.D. ’96; and researcher Ayana Johnson, M. Sc. ’09, Ph.D. ’11.



This dynamic program highlights UC San Diego’s emerging alumni leaders in the arts, humanities and sciences with graduation years 1991–2011. The multi-faceted marketing campaign includes 40 colorful and vibrant banners hung across campus and an online presence. The chosen alumni evoke the University’s spirit of innovation, discovery and entrepreneurial drive. From up-andcoming actors and entrepreneurs, to established civic leaders and politicians, the campaign serves as a compelling and inspirational testament to the value of a UC San Diego degree. View profiles online at

The UCSD Alumni Loyalty Society is responsible for the stewardship of alumni donors, both Associates and Benefactors. Because a number of these alumni live beyond San Diego, stewardship often has to take a digital slant. Enter Triton Online, the alumni-only online account, allowing alumni and donors to engage with the University, receive online support, and access an array of benefits. UCSD Alumni will continue to expand its stewardship efforts and benefits to ensure that alumni worldwide can stay connected with UC San Diego.

SENIOR CLASS GIFT PASSPORT CARD UCSD Alumni partnered with Passport Unlimited to offer additional benefits to annual donors of the UCSD Alumni Loyalty Society, which includes Associates and Benefactors. Passport Unlimited is a premier benefits program that provides significant discounts to a collection of restaurants, merchants, hotels and entertainment venues at over 28 markets nationwide. This collaboration allows UCSD Alumni to extend benefits to donors across the country for their loyal support.

12  |  UCSD Alumni

One in four members of the Class of 2013 supported their Senior Class Gift. Seniors raised $20,000 toward scholarships and distributed scholarships for $2,013 to four incoming freshmen.

BEYOND THE BREW Great beer is a strange blend of science and creativity…the perfect mix for UC San Diego alumni. Approximately 360 alumni and friends attended the inaugural series of events, Beyond the Brew in fall 2012. White Labs: The Chemistry Involved in Brewing The first of the series of events was hosted at White Labs, a yeast production facility and brewery owned by alumnus Chris White, M.Sc. ’93, Ph.D. ’96. Rough Draft Brewing Company: From Home Brewer to Microbrewer The second event of the series was hosted at Rough Draft Brewing Co., owned by alumnus Jeff Silver, ’94, a longtime home brewer who decided to take it to the next level and open his own brewery. Oktoberfest The series concluded with an Oktoberfest celebration at the Ida and Cecil Green Faculty Club at UC San Diego. All alumni breweries, including White Labs and Rough Draft, were invited to participate.

INSPIRING MINDS From San Diego to Los Angeles, and the Bay Area to Beijing, Inspiring Minds by UCSD Alumni, delivered quality programs that connected alumni, students, parents and friends to top-notch research at UC San Diego. From airplane safety and ocean exploration, to the beginnings of the universe with the Higgs boson and accelerated clinical cancer research, Inspiring Minds showcased the areas where UC San Diego excels — cutting-edge research and discovery. This year marked the first international Inspiring Minds program in Beijing with 70 alumni and guests in attendance. The series of events concluded during the 35th annual Alumni Weekend at Taste of UCSD. The year-long program, which included seven events, gave more than 800 alumni, donors and friends the opportunity to connect with UC San Diego faculty and get an inside-look at their research.

Seventy alumni and guests attended the first international Inspiring Minds program in Beijing, China.

Annual Report 2013  | 13


Friday, June 7

They came. They ran. They celebrated. More than 5,000 alumni and friends returned to UC San Diego during the fifth annual Alumni Weekend, June 6–9, to reconnect with the University and fellow alumni, and to celebrate all things Triton.

More than 400 alumni, families and friends explored the Birch Aquarium at Scripps in a private, after-hours evening event, Family Night at Birch Aquarium, with stingrays and starfish galore! Saturday, June 8 The day kicked off with a record-breaking Triton 5K. By re-imagining a 17-year campus tradition, we shattered event goals, with 2,500 members of the Triton community participating and a total of $300,000 dollars raised in philanthropic support for students. Participants at this year’s race ran (or walked) past renowned art pieces from the Stuart Art Collection, including The Bear and the iconic Sun God statue. New this year was the 100-meter dash Kids Fun Run, for approximately 200 of the University’s littlest Tritons, ages 12 and under.

Save-the-date for the sixth annual Alumni Weekend, June 5–8, 2014. Visit alumniweekend to learn more.

14  |  UCSD Alumni

Thursday, June 6 The much-buzzed weekend began Thursday night with Taste of UCSD. Alumni and friends listened to UCSD faculty members discuss their groundbreaking research and latest projects in short, five-minute TED-style talks. Afterward, they enjoyed culinary delights and tasty libations from alumni vendors. Faculty participants included Patrick Anderson, Communications and Ethnic Studies; Shaochen Chen, Nanoengineering Institute of Engineering in Medicine; Lisa LampertWeissig, English Literature and Comparative Medieval Studies; Joanna McKittrick, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering; and Nick Spitzer, Biological Sciences, Section of Neurobiology, Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind.

Following the race, more than 3,000 participants and supporters enjoyed the event festival featuring live music, jousting, inflatable bounce houses and a healthy living fair. Sponsors included Fisher Scientific; Darcy and Robert Bingham; UC San Diego Emeriti Association; Darlene Shiley; Andrew and Erna Viterbi; Ann and Bob Dynes; Oceanids; UCSD Retirement Association; Dr. Seuss Foundation; Henry’s Hemophiliacs; Peter ’67 & Peggy Preuss; Elizabeth Van Denburgh ’78; and The York Girls — Sybil, Cynthia, Rachel ’71.

$300,000 UC SAN DIEGO

And later that morning, Career Boost Camp was a hit amongst alumni and professionals alike with more than 100 attendees. The half-day program, featuring “America’s Top Career Coach” Robin Ryan, San Diego Business Journal editor-in-chief Reo Carr and a panel of alumni entrepreneurs, provided useful tips for professional development. The culmination of the weekend was the Alumni Celebration (read more on page 19), one of the many Alumni Weekend events attended by Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla. Four hundred alumni and friends gathered to recognize four distinguished members of the Triton Family held in the Price Center West Ballroom.

raised in philanthropic support for students during a recordbreaking Triton 5K

Sunday, June 9 The weekend concluded at the True Triton Brunch at the Faculty Club, recognizing and acknowledging alumni volunteers for the countless hours they contribute to their regional clubs and volunteer activities on behalf of UC San Diego. In addition, the inaugural True Triton Award was presented to Neville Billimoria, ’82, pictured below with Armin Afsahi, ’90, and Jerrilyn Malana, ’86, for his service to UC San Diego.

More than 2,500 members of the Triton community participated in this year’s Triton 5K.

Annual Report 2013  | 15


UC San Diego is one of the world’s more notable success stories. And its graduates, more than 154,000 worldwide, are the reason this great University exists and are the main expression of its success. Our students and alumni embrace the spirit of innovation, discovery and bold entrepreneurial drive. UC San Diego’s unique collaborative environment has cultivated and nurtured new discoveries and advances in science, engineering, technology, and arts and humanities . . . inspiring alumni visionaries, innovators and overachievers. We Are Tritons.

Who We Are AC ADE MI C D I V I S I O N S & S C H O O LS

Social Sciences — 6 1 , 9 5 2

School of International Relations & Pacific Studies — 4, 271

Biological Sciences  —   2 8 , 3 4 7

Scripps Institution of Oceanography — 2, 012

Jacobs School of Engineering — 23,802

School of Medicine Other1 — 1, 273

Arts & Humanities  —   2 2 , 2 7 8

Rady School of Management — 814

Physical Sciences  —   1 3 , 7 6 2

Other2 — 585

School of Medicine  —   5 , 1 5 8

Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences — 369



Muir — 3 2 , 6 3 5 ( 2 5 . 2 % ) Warren — 2 8 , 4 3 1 ( 2 1 . 9 % ) Marshall — 2 5 , 6 1 0 ( 1 9 . 8 % ) Revelle — 2 5 , 1 2 0 ( 1 9 . 4 % ) Roosevelt — 1 2 , 8 2 3 ( 9 . 9 % ) Sixth — 5 ,0 4 0 ( 3 . 9 % )







1 6 ,7 9 2





3 5

Millennials (1981– 2000) — 53, 799 (37. 6%) Generation X (1965 –1980) — 62, 646 (41. 2%) Baby Boomers (1946 –1964) — 33, 248 (21. 9%) Matures (1909 –1945) — 2, 322 (1. 5%)

1. Includes Family and Preventative Medicine, Neurosciences, Pathology, Psychiatry, Surgery 2. Includes Unknown, Unspecified, Multi-Divisional


Where We Live RE GI ON S








2,936 Southwest



International and unavailable data


Where We Work

What We Do

1. UC San Diego 2. Qualcomm 3. Google 4. Northrop Grumman 5. Hewlett-Packard 6. Kaiser Permanente 7. Microsoft 8. Genentech 9. Intel 10. Apple

1. Engineering 2. Research 3. Education 4. Entrepreneurship 5. Sales 6. Information Technology 7. Operations 8. Media and Communications 9. Healthcare Services 10. Marketing


PayScale Ranks UC San Diego the 10th Best Public University for Alumni SalaryEarning Potential September 2013

How We Stay Connected

22,465 alumni on LinkedIn3 2,205 alumni on Twitter3

11,005 alumni on Facebook3

274 Local and National Events in FY13 23 Regional Clubs worldwide 5,000+ alumni and friends attended the 5th annual Alumni Weekend

3. As of December 31, 2013

Our Impact 650+

200 +




Companies launched by and/or utilized technology produced by UC San Diego faculty, staff and alumni, including many San Diego biotech and technology firms.

Number of active local UC San Diegorelated companies.

Total estimated annual sales of active UC San Diego-related companies, including those utilizing licensed technology.

Direct jobs attributable to active UC San Diego-related companies.

UC San Diego is the largest employer based in San Diego County.

Where We Give Back 9,970




Number of alumni that made a gift, an 8.3 percent increase over the previous year and 24 percent increase over the three year period.

Percentage of the Class of 2013 that supported their Senior Class Gift.

UC San Diego has been ranked #1 in the nation for public service (for the fourth consecutive year) by the Washington Monthly.

UC San Diego ranks 11th among all large universities on the Peace Corps’ annual list of “Top Colleges and Universities.” Seventy-eight alumni are currently serving as Peace Corp volunteers.

About UCSD Alumni

Statement of Budget*



UCSD Alumni, part of the larger Alumni and Community Engagement team, promotes affinity, enriches lives, encourages engagement, instills a culture of philanthropy and serves those who wish to remain on the forefront of personal, intellectual and professional pursuits, so that our Triton Family — and UC San Diego — always remains world class.

Loyalty Fund Transfers Ordinary Income Royalty Programs

$2 20,000 $118,280 $187,595




Alumni endowments, which grew 10 percent over the prior year, continued to generate funds for scholarships and programs for deserving students, alumni and the campus community. Since the first scholarships were awarded in 1995, UCSD Alumni has supported 611 students with $1.5 million of critically needed funds. As of June 30, 2013, the market value of UCSD Alumni endowments had reached $7.2 million. Scholarship endowments constitute $5 million, representing named or designated alumni scholarship funds, the Black Alumni Fund and Student Foundation Funds. Annual income from gifts made to the Alumni Benefactor Loyalty endowment, valued at $2.2 million, provides a sustainable and steady level of support to operations. The University provides financial resources to develop and deliver alumni programs and services as part of a comprehensive budget that supports alumni, student and community engagement. The budget is further supported by funds generated by UCSD Alumni. The 2012 –13 operating budget was $8.5 million, of which $525,875 was generated by the Alumni Association through Loyalty Fund transfers, ordinary income and royalty programs.

Operations Programs and Services Signature Weekends Scholarships and Gifts

$207,375 $175,000 $ 97,264 $ 46,236




July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013

Triton Connect will return in 2014 with planned events across the country. Visit tritonconnect for more information.

TRITON CONNECT We’ve all heard, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” More than 300 UC San Diego alumni took this to heart by attending Triton Connect, a series of customized networking events, designed to meet the needs of alumni in each of our top three regions: San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Triton Connect events, hosted in September 2013, included a thought-provoking keynote speaker or panel discussion with plenty of time to network and socialize with fellow alumni. These distinguished alumni discussed their personal experience and how their networks played a crucial role in their professional success stories and shared valuable insights into their industries. And in an effort to connect younger graduates with experienced professionals, distinguished alumni were invited as “champions,” who volunteered to answer questions and offer guidance during the networking portion of the event. Triton Connect will return with another series of career-related programs in early 2014. Learn more at

18  |  UCSD Alumni

ALUMNI CELEBRATION More than 400 alumni and friends gathered for the annual Alumni Celebration, part of Alumni Weekend in June, which recognized four distinguished members of the Triton Family. Guests were entertained by Susan Narucki, professor of music, accompanied by pianist Brendan Nguyen, M.A. ’10, and Quartet Nouveau in the Price Center West Ballroom at UC San Diego. Outstanding Alumnus Kurt Campbell, Muir ’80, Special Project Major Kurt Campbell, former assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs at the U.S. Department of State, was the primary architect of the Obama administration’s diplomatic initiative known as “the pivot” or “rebalancing” that has restored U.S. leadership in the AsiaPacific region. His strategic vision has guided President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton in their diplomatic efforts.

Class of


Distinguished Leadership Leo Spiegel, Revelle ’83, Management Science

Class of

Leo Spiegel is a managing partner at Mission Ventures, a Southern California venture capital firm that invests in early stage IT companies. He serves on the Rady School of Management’s Dean’s Advisory Council, is a trustee of UC San Diego Foundation and chairman of its Development Committee, and serves as a board member of UC San Diego’s Entrepreneur Challenge.

’83 Distinguished Service James Rohr, M.S. ’80, Ph.D. ’85, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Jim Rohr is a research scientist at SPAWAR Systems Center and a lecturer at UC San Diego. For the past 10 years, he has been deeply committed to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, demonstrating remarkable initiative, leadership and dedication in implementing K–12 outreach programs with UC San Diego’s Jacobs School of Engineering.

Class of

’80 Emerging Leader Kelly Kovacic, Marshall ’00, History

Class of


Kelly Kovacic, a former teacher at the Preuss School UCSD, was the 2009–2010 California Teacher of the Year and was one of four finalists of the National Teacher of the Year. She has been recognized as an outstanding charter school teacher and was one of two teachers appointed by the California State Board of Education to the Advisory Commission on Charter Schools, an advisory board to the State Board of Education.

Annual Report 2013  | 19

24% increase in the number of alumni donors who have given over the past three years

15% of donations to UC San Diego come from alumni

20  |  UCSD Alumni

Alumni Participation and Giving For the third consecutive year, alumni philanthropy remained at a historic high. Nearly 10,000 alumni (9,970) made a gift, an 8.3 percent increase over the previous year and 24 percent increase over a three year period. UC San Diego alumni continue to shatter records in both the number of alumni donors and the total amount given. For the third consecutive year, Tritons exceeded the previous year’s tallies in UC San Diego’s Annual Giving campaign. Total dollars raised by alumni was $23 million, which includes an $18.5 million anonymous donor gift (read more on page 22). Alumni gifts support many areas of the campus, including scholarships, fellowships, research, innovation, and student programs.

The participation of alumni is vital and demonstrates a strong message of support for UC San Diego. When U.S. News & World Report selects “America’s Best Colleges,” one of its tools used to rank schools is “alumni giving rate,” or participation. When alumni submit their annual gifts, they state their opinion loud and clear, and indicate they believe in UC San Diego.

Annual Report 2013  | 21

THE GIFT OF SCHOLARSHIPS  In April 2013, Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla made headlines with the groundbreaking Chancellor’s Associates Scholars Program which provides $10,000 a year for four years to eligible graduates of Gompers Preparatory Academy, Lincoln High School and The Preuss School UCSD.

The anonymous $18.5 million gift will help finance the renovation and expansion of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering building, accelerate improvements in computer science undergraduate education and strengthen the department.

TRANSFORMATIONAL GIFT In June 2013, the Computer Science and Engineering Department at UC San Diego received an unexpected boost when a computer science alumnus made an anonymous $18.5 million gift. It is the largest alumni gift in the history of UC San Diego and will help finance the building’s renovation and expansion. Rajesh Gupta, a computer science professor, who is now the department’s chair, was instrumental in securing the gift and will oversee the renovation. Thanks to the gift, there will also be more tutors, more teaching assistants and more technical staff, five new endowed chairs, as well as an additional 7,000 square feet of space in the Computer Science and Engineering building. Much of the new space will become part of the Design Innovation Center, a forum where undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty, will be able to interact informally and work together. “I made this gift to recognize the wonderful education I received and to assist the department in its efforts to reach even higher levels of excellence. It is my wish to ‘pay it forward,’ and I hope other alumni, at all giving levels, will consider doing the same,” the anonymous donor says.

22  |  UCSD Alumni

“We are committed to our local community and the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion,” said Khosla. “These scholarships will strengthen our efforts to enroll highly qualified local students who will become our future leaders and innovators.” To receive the scholarship, students must be accepted to UC San Diego and be eligible for the University of California’s Blue + Gold Opportunity Plan, which covers tuition and fees for California residents whose families earn less than $80,000 a year. The Chancellor’s Associates Scholarship will cover additional costs including books, transportation and living expenses — essentially providing a full-ride scholarship to attend the University. The multi-year pilot program is made possible by funding from Chancellor’s Associates, a group of alumni, parents and friends who each make an annual investment of $2,500. In total, 29 of the 45 students who were offered the scholarship accepted admission to UC San Diego. Last year, only 10 out of 30 students from the same schools became Tritons, in part because competitor institutions — both public and private — can offer more generous scholarship packages.

Chancellor’s Associates Scholars Kimberly Rios Salutatorian of her class at Gompers Preparatory Academy, Kimberly Rios plans to study math or science at UC San Diego, and considers herself a role model to her younger brother and cousins.


… Class of ’17

“It is eye-opening for my family to see me go to UCSD. It is important for them to see a Latina go to a large university.”

Jesenia Carreon Jesenia Carreon, a graduate from Lincoln High School, was accepted to her three top college choices: Berkeley, UCLA and UC San Diego. But the Chancellor’s Associates Scholarship and a desire to stay close to her family persuaded her to become a Triton.

MARSHALL … Class of ’17

“I want to go to law school and become an immigration attorney,” says Carreon, a sociology major, whose parents both currently reside out of the country. “I would like to help families who are in similar situations.”

Efrain Gonzales

WARREN … Class of ’17

A graduate of The Preuss School UCSD, Efrain Gonzalez plans to apply his passion for mathematics to mechanical or aerospace engineering. Gonzalez had the choice of attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo or UC San Diego. “Both schools have great engineering programs, I come from a low-income family and we have financial struggles. The scholarship is a great benefit to me and my family, so attending UC San Diego made the most sense for me.”

Annual Report 2013  | 23

Chancellor Khosla meets with members of the UC San Diego Scholars' Society.

ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM Alumni philanthropy enables UC San Diego to provide a world class education to talented and deserving students. Since 1994, generous donations from the Triton family, together with support from the annual Alumni Celebration, have increased the UCSD Alumni scholarship endowment to $4.2 million. The endowment provides funding to Regents Scholarships and Alumni Leadership Scholarships. Based on academic excellence, Regents Scholarships, are the most prestigious scholarships awarded to undergraduates. Alumni Leadership Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students with academic and community leadership and financial need. During FY2012–13, UCSD Alumni awarded 37 Alumni Leadership Scholarships.

24  |  UCSD Alumni

The Alumni Leadership Scholarship Program has raised $2.2 million dollars and 30 alumni have established endowed scholarships for their families’ legacy. This scholarship program, leveraging matching funds from UCSD Alumni scholarship endowments, has provided $520,000 in scholarship funding to 172 students, as of June 30, 2013. To date, 121 Alumni Leadership Scholars have gone on to graduate from UC San Diego and proudly joined the alumni community. We proudly announce the Tom Tucker Leadership Scholarship, created by generous alumni donors who are building a fund principal toward establishing an endowment.

Our sincerest gratitude to donors of the Alumni Leadership Scholarship Endowments. Armin Afsahi, ’90 Scholarship Endowment Bay Area Alumni Scholarship Brutten Family Scholarship Gregory T. Bryan Scholarship Cambon Family Scholarship Janice ’78, and Steve Chaffin Scholarship Diamond Family Scholarship Endowment Dottie Conway Memorial Scholarship Anthony J. Fiori, ’98 Scholarship Hajim Family Scholarship Kevin T. Hart Memorial Scholarship Violet & Matthew N. Lehrer, ’91 Scholarship Joseph H. Lima, ’87 Scholarship Liu Family Scholarship Marchick-Rallo Scholarship Karen Moraghan, ’81 Scholarship Kathryn Mort Lane Endowed Scholarship Nelson Family Scholarship Stephen M. O’Leary, ’84 Memorial Scholarship

At the annual Hearts

Philip R. and Pamela Fadem Palisoul, ’72

and Scholars event,

Qualcomm UCSD Alumni Scholarship Leon T. Roach Academic Scholarship for Athletes Patricia Ordonez Valva Scholarship

student scholarship recipients meet their benefactors, often for the first time.

Vickerman/Munoz Family Scholarship Volt Scholarship Endowment Sarah Roman Vyse Physics Scholarship Walsh Chacon Scholarship C. Robert Wartell Memorial Scholarship Waxman Family Scholarship Woo Family Scholarship

Annual Report 2013  | 25

ALUMNI GENEROSITY BREEDS SUCCESS In addition to the Alumni Scholarship Program that UCSD Alumni manages, alumni have supported student scholarships in a variety of ways. Generous alumni and alumni families have established scholarship endowments that have provided students with financial support since 1986. Through scholarship philanthropy, today’s students are tomorrow’s alumni. Scholarships enable UC San Diego to more effectively attract, admit and retain some of the highest achieving and talented students. Our sincerest gratitude to alumni donors who have established scholarship endowments and to the members of our Triton family who have generously provided scholarship support in honor of alumni. Christopher B. Arrott, ’80 Gay, Lesbian and Bi-Sexual Endowed Scholarship James Avery, ’76 Endowed Scholarship David Marc Belkin, ’78 Memorial Undergraduate Fellowship Program Black Alumni Scholarship Endowment Thomas E. Curtis Endowed Scholarship Fund Engelhorn Family Endowed Scholarship Jaye Haddad Memorial Scholarship Elizabeth Stupp Kohl Endowed Scholarship for Women Engineers Wendy W. Kwok Research Scholarship Endowment Jeffrey R. Leifer, ’78 Scholarship Endowment Tosh Nomura & Annette Okamoto Alexander, ’85 Undergraduate Scholarship Endowment

26  |  UCSD Alumni

Sheila Yvonne Owens-Collins, ’73 Endowed Scholarship Cheryl Renee Persky, ’88 Scholarship Sven Peterson Memorial Endowed Scholarship Portillo Family Christian Scholarship Gary C. Reynolds, ’87 Memorial Endowed Scholarship Dr. Milton H. Saier, Sr., Memorial Endowment Senior Class Gift Endowed Scholarship Fund Justin D. Smith, ’06 Family Scholarship Endowment UCSD Student Foundation Endowment Fund UC San Diego UJIMA Network Black History Month Scholarship Endowment Allene Haunani Wong, ’71 Scholarship Endowment York Society for Scholarships Alumni members of the York Society for Scholarships place their ultimate confidence in UC San Diego, entrusting the University to steward their deepest ideals through a bequest, life income gift or estate plan to benefit undergraduate scholarships. Armin Afsahi, ’90 Curtis W. Abbott, ’76 Geoffrey C. Graham, ’92 Tosh Nomura Susan M. Papanek, ’75 To learn more or discuss alumni scholarship gift opportunities, please visit scholarships, or contact Jennifer Leighton, ’99, at, (858) 822-1537.

TELEPHONE OUTREACH PROGRAM The next time your phone rings during the evening or weekend, pick it up. You may have a chance to reminisce about a favorite professor at UC San Diego, inspire a student to live life to the fullest, or help transform him or her into a fellow philanthropist. At UC San Diego’s Telephone Outreach Program (TOP), up to 16 students operate the phones daily, year-round, to share their experiences about campus today and to ask alumni and friends for their support. This year, student callers spent 7,190 hours calling 91,153 alumni and raised $408,309 in pledged dollars from 4,886 alumni. Alumni account for 63 percent of the $647,818 dollars pledged from the greater Triton family. The calls, during which the students ask for money for worthy causes such as scholarships and upgraded facilities, have an impact on the callers as well as on those at the other end of the line. Kaylee White, a second-year student majoring in communications, discussed how TOP calls spurred her to take action for philanthropic causes. “Since I began as a caller, I’ve donated to causes I’m passionate about,” Kaylee said. Her favorite charity saves tigers. “I’ve actually gone out and done something as a result of my experience here.” Before becoming a caller, a student trains for up to 12 hours, learning how to make a phone call and operate the computers at the calling stations, reviewing scripts and options for giving, and performing mock calls. The student-callers represent a cross-spectrum of majors and academic backgrounds.

JUST THE FACTS: Number of student-callers on staff:

30 to 45 undergraduates Average length of phone call:


3 to 8 minutes Busiest days:

Monday and Tuesday evenings Number of alumni reached each day:

Alumni account for 63 percent of the $647,818 dollars pledged from the greater Triton family.

200 (average) Number of calls connected with alumni annually:

45,923 Number of donations made daily:

35 to 50 (average)

Annual Report 2013  | 27

Communications We keep UC San Diego alumni connected through a vibrant and engaging communications strategy which includes Triton magazine, website, social media channels and regular e-communications with alumni. September 2012 The editor-in-chief received an exclusive interview with the University’s incoming chancellor, Pradeep K. Khosla (“Interview with the Chancellor”) the summer prior to his official start at UC San Diego. This issue marked the formal name change from at/UCSD to Triton magazine.

10 yrs

January 2013 This issue featured the laser-technology company, Cymer, founded by UC San Diego alumni Robert Akins and Richard Sandstrom (“Laser Beam Ambitions”) and introduced readers to the new Structural and Materials Engineering building (“Bauhaus West”).

of Triton magazine, January 2014

TRITON The UC San Diego alumni publication, Triton magazine, was distributed to approximately 117,000 alumni, parents and friends, three times a year, in January, May and September. Triton magazine published more than 250 class notes and over 20 short profiles on alumni, ranging from entrepreneurs, and artists to politicos, teachers and donors. The magazine also contained 70 short articles on University research, and academic developments.

28  |  UCSD Alumni

The online edition of the magazine was launched in October 2012, which allows us to update stories and provide new online features on alumni and university research in the months between publications. The online edition also includes an archive of magazines since its inception in 2004. The online magazine is available at

May 2013 Triton magazine celebrated 40 years of the University’s theater and dance department (“Four Dramatic Decades”) and featured another successful alumni company, Peregrine, founded by Ron Reedy and Mark Burgener (“Sapphire and Silicon”).

Imagining More: LINKEDIN’S UNIVERSITY PAGES A powerful new networking platform for current and future alumni. Higher education has a new recruitment tool available with LinkedIn’s new University pages, which not only promote a school, but add a powerful networking platform for current and future alumni. “A LinkedIn University Page includes all the things that touch a university in one space,” John Hill, LinkedIn’s higher education evangelist, told University Business magazine.

But what is garnering the most attention, is the Alumni Tool. “Imagine a 16-year-old who is passionate about computer science. He knows he wants to attend a university with a strong engineering program but also wants to know where he might end up working once he gets his degree. That student can see that Google is our third largest alumni employer. He will also see that seven of our top 20 employers of alumni are major software companies,” says Brandon Buzbee, director of outreach and engagement at UCSD Alumni. “University Pages enables prospective students to have access to precise knowledge about the companies that have found our graduates to be a perfect fit for their business.” University Pages was released in early 2013 with a pilot group of 200 participating schools, including UC San Diego. It officially launched in August 2013.

Annual Report 2013  | 29

CASE Awards The Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) District VII Awards for Excellence recognized Alumni and Community Engagement with nine honors — including two gold awards — for outstanding alumni engagement, donor outreach and philanthropy initiatives. The Awards for Excellence recognize best practices at educational institutions in the western United States.

ALUMNI RELATIONS PROGRAMS Innovative Use of Technology Gold Award: “Commencement 2012: Tweetwall” Alumni, family, friends and graduates were invited by Alumni and Community Engagement to tweet a celebratory message, which was displayed on largescale stage screens, or “tweetwalls,” between graduation ceremonies.

Marketing and Branding Gold Award: “Engagement Kits” Alumni and Community Engagement created a modular tri-panel engagement kit for its regional outreach team to use when meeting alumni. The initial kit included three inserts focused on the core messages of Network, Volunteer and Give Back.

Bronze Award: “Commencement 2012: The Journey Continues” Through a partnership with Student Affairs, Alumni and Community Engagement created a moment, or rite of passage, to symbolize the transition from student to alumni by leveraging its tagline, “The Journey Continues,” as the event’s central theme. Student Alumni Initiatives

Silver Award: “Increasing Alumni Engagement Through Facebook Giveaways” Through a partnership program, Alumni and Community Engagement offered alumni and students the chance to win a monthly prize by submitting an entry through the UCSD Alumni Facebook page, which proved to be a highly effective method of increasing page “likes.”

30  |  UCSD Alumni

Silver Award: “We Are Tritons” The “We Are Tritons” campaign produced by Alumni and Community Engagement is a multi-faceted marketing campaign features a series of vibrant banners highlighting the University’s up and coming alumni in the arts, humanities and sciences, as well as an online presence at

Bronze Award: “Student Engagement, Loyalty & Philanthropy at UC San Diego” The UCSD Student Foundation re-imagined its campaign focus, adjusted its long-standing stewardship model and leveraged student engagement opportunities with alumni and campus partners to boost its campus-wide philanthropic efforts beyond graduating seniors.



Annual Giving Programs

Video General Information Features

Bronze Award: “An Extraordinary Outlier: UCSD Alumni Giving” Innovative strategies encouraged alumni giving, including enhanced solicitation efforts and stewardship pieces and providing value for making a gift, which increasing alumni creased alumni donors donors by by 14 14 percent percent and and alumni giving by more than 25 percent.

Bronze Award: “Alumni Celebration Video” A video tribute, “Making Waves,” was produced by Alumni and Community Engagement for the annual Alumni Celebration, featuring the stories of several distinguished alumni and the impact of the University on their lives.

Silver Award “ArtPower! at UC San Diego Stewardship Program” ArtPower! initiated a stewardship program for donors and 20+ Club members including a year-end impact report, recognition at the Founder’s Concert honoring 20+ Club members and an invitation to participate in The Big Bang at ArtPower!, an event benefiting the Hamburger Chamber Music Series Endowment and honoring 20+ Club members Robert & Sonia Hamburger.

Annual Report 2013  | 31




Established in 2007, the President’s Society reunites past leadership of UCSD Alumni. The presidents maintain a strong alumni leadership network while sharing ideas and perspectives on the ongoing role of alumni in the life of the University. The strength of the group is a powerful catalyst in its ongoing efforts of UCSD Alumni to engage the growing alumni body.

The Board of Directors for UCSD Alumni was formed by a group of early graduates in 1974. Today, the board includes alumni from various industries, backgrounds and from five decades of graduating classes. Each member may serve two, three-year terms. The Board oversees the strategic development of UCSD Alumni programs and initiatives that advance UC San Diego in communities around the world. The board is also committed to raising scholarships for ambitious and highly motivated students at UC San Diego.

Armin Afsahi, ’90 Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director

Tom Robinson, ’68 Tom Shepard, ’70 Randy Twombly, ’72 Frank Phillips, ’74 Susan Grady, ’71 John Cambon, Ph.D. ’74 Mark Broughton, ’73 Gerry McAllister, ’72 Gary Wollberg, ’80 Bob Kelly, ’74 Martin Shapiro, ’81 Steve Schreiner, ’80 Ross Schwartz, ’79 Beth Binger, ’86 Brian Walsh, ’89 Henry DeVries, ’79 Mark Diamond, ’87 Sheldon Engelhorn, ’72 Ira Rubenstein, ’87 Matt Newsome, ’91

32  |  UCSD Alumni

OFFICERS President Matt Newsome, ’91 Vice President, Cubic Corporation Vice President Jerrilyn Malana, ’86 Attorney/Shareholder, Littler Mendelson, P.C. Treasurer Tony Fiori, ’98 Director, Manatt, Phelps, and Phillips, LLP Secretary John Liu, ’87 Senior Director, Reimbursement Strategy, Astellas

Annamarie Bezzerides, ’91 Executive Director of Advancement, Georgetown University Neville Billimoria, ’82 Senior Vice President of Membership and Chief Advocacy Officer, Mission Federal Credit Union Sheldon Engelhorn, ’72 CEO, Opus Pharmaceuticals

DIRECTORS Charles Bergan, ’87, M.S. ’88 Vice President of Engineering, Qualcomm, Inc. Manuelita Brown, ’76 Artist/Owner, Tsahai Studio Robert Brownlie, ’85 San Diego Managing Partner, DLA Piper LLP (US) Brad Burstin, ’93 Principal, Senior Client Advisor, Bessemer Trust Jay Chitnis, ’96 Director, Business Development and Solutions Marketing, EMC

Nadine Corrigan, ’78 Principal, MindLeap Emily Deere, ’90 Executive Director, IT Applications, UCSD John Edson, ’92 Partner, McKenna, Long & Aldridge LLP Jeff Fenton, ’80 Senior Staff Information Assurance Engineer, Lockheed Martin Kevin Forrester, ’80 Attorney, Forrester Mediation Karen Garsson, ’88 Board President, Project Wildlife

Stefan Loren, ‘87 Managing Director, Westwicke Partner, LLC David Marchick, ’88 Managing Director and Global Head of External Affairs, Carlyle Group Honorable Richard Monroy, ’85 Judge, San Diego Superior Court Bill Proffer, ’76 and M.S. ’78 Chief Systems Engineer, Leidos Peter Preuss, M.A. ’67 Chairman, Board of Trustees, UCSD Foundation

Dawn Grob, ’87 Owner, IMAGINE Images

Steve Relyea Vice Chancellor, External and Business Affairs

Tracy Johnson, ’91 Professor, Department of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology, UCLA

Ira Rubenstein, ’87 CEO, MeeMee Media Inc.

Kristina Larsen, ’93 Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, UCSD Sandi Logan, ’86 Vice President of Casting, ABC Television

Mark Suster, ’91 Partner, Upfront Ventures Suzanne Valentine, ’89 Director, Science & Analytics for Enterprise Marketing Management, IBM

Tony Lopez, ’07 Vice President, The Pollakov Financial Group

Annual Report 2013  | 33

Save-the-Date Alumni Weekend June 5 – 8, 2014

Pradeep K. Khosla Chancellor, UC San Diego Armin Afsahi, ’90 Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director Cover Photography Erik Jepsen Photography Erik Jepsen: pages 1, 4, 6, 15, 20, 22 Brennan Romeril: page 10

UCSD Alumni Annual Report FY13  
UCSD Alumni Annual Report FY13