UC San Diego Colleges First-Year General Education Requirements

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Est. 1964 | revelle.ucsd.edu

Where the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities join to create and inspire well-rounded Scholars.


Est. 1967 | muir.ucsd.edu

Celebrating the independent spirit.


5 Humanities

5-course sequence includes intensive university-level writing.

3 Mathematics 3 courses in mathematics to include two courses in Calculus and one course chosen from an approved list.

5 Natural Science 5 courses in Natural Sciences to include courses from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Sciences. Separate sequences available for Science majors and for Arts, Humanities and Social Science majors.

2 Social Science

1 Fine Arts

From Music, Theatre & Dance or Visual Arts.

0-4 Language other than English Can be met by proficiency or coursework.


2 Muir College Writing Program

A 2-course sequence, MCWP 40 & 50.

3 Social Sciences GE

A 3-course sequence.

3 Mathematics or Natural Sciences

A 3-course sequence. Options are available for non science majors.

6 Fine Arts, Foreign Language or Humanities

Two 3-course sequences from two of these areas.

"Sequences" must come from a defined set of courses, typically in one department or area of study.


Est. 1970 | marshall.ucsd.edu

The Student as Scholar and Citizen.


Est. 1974 | warren.ucsd.edu

Toward a life in balance.


3 Dimensions of Culture Diversity, Justice, and Imagination courses, also includes intensive universitylevel writing.

2 Mathematics, Statistics or Logic Choices available for nonscience majors.

3 Natural Science 1 course each in Biology, Chemistry and Physics; choices available for nonscience majors.

2 Humanities/Culture 2 courses in specified domestic and selective global cultures.

1 Fine Arts

1 appreciation-based course in Music, Theatre & Dance or Visual Arts.

4 Disciplinary Breadth 4 courses outside of your major; 2 must be upperdivision; 1 must be writing intensive. Public Service option may fulfill one upperdivision disciplinary breadth requirement.


2 Warren College Writing Program

Includes 2 quarters of intensive instruction in university-level argumentative writing.

2 Ethics and Society

2 Formal Skills Calculus, Symbolic Logic, Computer Programming and/or Statistics.

12 Programs of Concentration (PofCs) for B.A./B.S. degrees (except engineering)

2 PofCs, not related to each other and outside the major discipline. Each PofC contains 6 courses.

6 Area Studies for B.S. degrees in engineering

2 Area Studies, 1 in the Humanities/Fine Arts and 1 in the Social Sciences. Each containing 3 courses.

– Optional, a minor may be used in lieu of a PofC or Area Study if outside the major discipline and unrelated to the discipline of the other PofC or Area Study


Est. 1988 | roosevelt.ucsd.edu

Developing world citizens through scholarship, leadership and service.


Est. 2002 | sixth.ucsd.edu

Innovative - InterconnectedAware.


Est. 2019 | seventh.ucsd.edu

Interdisciplinary explorations of our changing planet.


Est. 2022 | eighth.ucsd.edu

Engagement and community.


5 Making of the Modern World

5-course sequence includes 2 quarters of intensive instruction in university-level writing.

2 Quantitative and Formal Skills Choices available for science majors and non-science majors.

2 Natural Sciences Choices available for science majors and non-science majors.

0-4 Language other than English Can be met by proficiency or coursework.

1 Fine Arts

3 Regional Specialization Courses must be from one geographic region and at least 2 courses must be upper-division.


3 Culture, Art and Technology

Includes 1 quarter of critical reading and 2 quarters of intensive instruction in university-level writing and digital literacy.

1 Information Technology Fluency

10 Breadth Requirement

2 Social Analysis (2 social science courses)

2 Narrative, Aesthetic and Historical Reasoning (2 humanities courses)

2 Analytical and Scientific Methods (2 science courses)

1 Exploring Data (1 statistics course)

1 Structured Reasoning (1 math/logic course)

2 Art Making

2 Upper-division Requirements

Experiential learning course or project (can overlap with your major requirements).

CAT 125: Public Rhetoric and Practical Communication.

QUARTER COURSES First-year applicants can begin ranking Eighth College on the UC application beginning in Fall 2023.

3 Synthesis Courses:

• Two lower-division writing-intensive courses.

• One upper-division project-based course.

10 “Alternatives” Courses 2 from each of the following:

• Arts

• Humanities

• Social Sciences

• Natural Sciences & Engineering

• Quantitative Reasoning

1 High Impact Course (such as a departmental capstone, internship, practicum, mentored research, or study abroad)

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