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Music festivals Ind!e fuse • M.anifestivitie m.anifestivities

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Republic of Ghana’s Booth at the Summit Expo

Doing Business in Ghana Forum explored the exciting investment opportunities Ghana offers

Guest speaker from IBM

Mawuena Trebarh, CEO of GIPC

Key Ghana • volume 12 / 2013

nov & dec contents


Doing Business in Ghana

Practical tips on how to make the most of your business trip to Ghana. 8

Coming events

Discover Accra’s music, performing arts, galleries, sports etc. 16


Explore Accra This travel map includes streets & locations 18

beyond Accra

Discover Ghana beyond Accra this month we feature the Eastern Region 22

Entertainment index

Discover Accra’s many venues for music, film & theater


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From fine dining to street food in Accra 26

Shopping index Shop at neighborhood markets to unique boutiques 28

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Becca - performs at the 68th United Nations Day on Nov. 8, p.9

doing business in Ghana Business continues to thrive and evolve in Ghana. Here are some useful tips on how to make the most of your visit.

Doing Business in Ghana



Toss out all Expectations Embrace the differences. When something goes wrong, which it will, laugh and act in a humourous way. Remember that a smile, a shake of your head and a laugh will take you a lot further than being angry, frustrated and shouting.

Insider tip from Steve Wallace Don’t be surprised if your business meeting starts with a prayer -- which is often more than a modest moment of silence for reflection. Increasingly, both government and business meetings begin with heads bowed and an invocation. There seem to be few qualms about mixing religion prior to a government meeting or introducing some evangelizing in the boardroom to an extent likely unfamiliar, if not uncomfortable, for those coming from a more secular tradition. STEVEN WALLACE, Founder/President of the Omanhene Cocoa

Bean Company, oversees the strategic direction of Omanhene and divides his time between the US and Ghana.

Doing Business in Ghana



your onLook dressing best

Always greet someone first. Ask them how they are doing first, then after they have answered and returned the greeting, you can start to ask your question. Republic Bar & Grill



Relax your concept of time

It is not unusual for Ghanaians to be up to two or more hours late for a meeting. People usually just wait. Likewise, don’t be surprised if guests arrive late to a business event, unless it’s an official function. But don’t risk arriving late yourself, you will never offend anyone by showing up on time.

Watch Accra empty on the weekends as people return to ancestral towns and villages for funerals. Funerals are big business and command attendance. Indeed, a surprising amount of underthe-radar business is done outside the formal confines of a ministry office or boardroom. Trying to meet a moverand-shaker and can’t get past the gate-keeper? Find out what funeral they will be attending that weekend! - STEVEN WALLACE

Ghanaians generally like to dress well. They will spend time ironing their dresses and polishing their shoes before heading out the door. The most acceptable clothing for men, are nice pants, a collared shirt, and sometimes a tie. Shorts are generally viewed as reserved for school children. Women usually wear conservative dresses, skirts, or pants and blouses.

Doing Business in Ghana



Eat like a local Don’t be afraid to eat cooked food at the road-side kiosks. For less than $5 you can Use your right hand! To eat, to shake, to handle money (or anything else) is a must. Using the left hand is considered rude and dirty. Photo from Accra [dot] Alt

get a full meal very quickly. If that’s too adventurous for you, choose other local spots, just don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you have to eat all your meals in western establishments.

While popular perception outside Africa is that women suffer discrimination due to gender, the situation is far more nuanced -- especially so in matrilineal Ghana. From Supreme Court Justices and corporate managing directors (Ghana’s CEOs) to the market women who often clear many thousands of dollars a day, women play a subtle but often determinative role in everything from government policy to family finance. It’s not always obvious, but women wield almost gravitational power in many matters of love and commerce: from whom their brothers marry to how family money is spent. - STEVEN WALLACE



On Mobile Phones

You have two choices: buy a cheap phone when you arrive for less than $20 these include a SIM card, or get an unlocked phone before you leave and buy a SIM card when you arrive. To add minutes, purchase scratch-off phone cards ($1-20) which are sold everywhere.


coming events IND!E FUSE Save the Rex! December 7 The Rex 6:30 pm

Ghana’s oldest cinema house opens as an alternative creative space for art, music and film come see: Kwaku Ananse, Koo Nimo and This House is Not For Sale. (p. 14)

Abebuu Adekai Photo by: ONEFOTOS

4th annual IND!E FUSE concert Alliance Française - December 12-14 The coolest artists from Ghana and beyond perform in an exciting live music concert event. IND!E FUSE is the largest African indie music showcase in West Africa and highlights the best in hip hop, AfroBeat, traditional fusion, soul, electronic and rock music (p. 10) 8

g h a n a k e y. c o m

November 15

The Alliance Française Opening at 6:30 pm

These colourful objects, are not only coffins, but considered real works of art. Originally they were mostly seen in rural areas with traditional beliefs, now they have become an integral part of local funeral culture. (p. 13)

events- Music

Dela Botri

music November

1 Hewale sounds! Dela Botri CD Launch The premier performance of musician Dela Botri and choreographer Yawuza Alhassan’s album Adidon Gbani ! A revival of the traditional Ga Adowa, Kpalongo and Gome music and dance, taking us back to the way it was performed in the late fifty’s. Adidon Gbani emerges from Sobom a research development presentation to premier in April, 2014. This show is in cooperation with the Alliance Francaise Accra. Free, Goethe-Institut, 7 pm 8 Atenteben and the Warriors A nontraditional musical group live in concert! Their fusion of flute rhythms combined with other traditional instruments such as xylophone,

gome, gonje, kpanlogo drums, dono, bells and rattles create an exotic blend of traditional African music. Each member has taken pride in mastering several traditional instruments. Their band’s leader is Kofi Adjetey Quarshie former member of Hewale Sounds. The aim of Atenteben and the Warriors is to preserve, develop and promote neotraditional and contemporary music. Free. GoetheInstitut, 7 pm

8 68th United Nations Day Celebrations United Nations and partners present a cultural night: Building Community Resilience through Culture. Enjoy the cultural expressions of Ivorian refugee communities in Ghana through artistic performances tailored to portray strategies in strengthening their resilience and social cohesion. Artists include: the ManhBoya and the WazziCultural troupes from the Ampain and Fetentaa Refugee Camps. Also performing are Becca, a sensational music icon, the Ghana Dance Ensemble and the Goje Dance Group of visually impaired persons. Free. Alliance Française, 6 pm u Kouyate Neerman + Tayuta Lansiné Kouyaté, balafon

Lansiné Kouyaté and David Neerman g h a n a k e y. c o m 9

events- music

driveway and kebab stand in front. 6 -9:30 pm


ert Ind!e Fuse The 4th Annual IND!E FUSE features the coolest artists from Ghana and beyond in an exciting live three day event, it is the largest indie music showmaestro from Mali teams up with David Neerman, electric vibraphone sorcerer to put you in an hypnotic trance with a unique sonic landscape beyond African music, rock, jazz, electro. The duo is pushed to new heights by a new groovy rhythm section composed of David Aknin and Antoine Simoni. Concert sponsored by Institut Française. 10 Ghc / 5 Ghc for AF students and members, Children under 12 free, Alliance Française, 8 pm

between Golden Tulip Accra Hotel, Afrikiko & THavana. Saturday Dance Workshops and Grand Finale Dance Showcase will be held at the Alliance Française, 7 pm, 25 Ghc / 12 Ghc for AF students and member. For tickets & info call AccraPremium at 0240946655 or email

photo by ONEFOTOS

l-z Accra Salsa

Congress For Latin Dance and Culture lovers, presents The Accra Salsa Congress. Featuring a World Class Line-up of International Salsa Dance Stars from the US, France, Mexico, the UK and Uruguay who will teach dance, perform and socialize. Activities will take place 10

g h a n a k e y. c o m

Talk Party

; Talk Party Series Enjoy great discussions and killer jams. At Passions Premium Restaurant in Osu Ringway, two streets behind Country Kitchen or one street behind Pippa’s Gym. Look for an orange lowrise building with a

case in West Africa and highlights the best in hip hop, AfroBeat, traditional fusion, soul, electronic and rock music. Dec 12: SABOLAI Radio Labs 9am - 4pm, Alliance Française Accra Exhibition Hall. Free. Learn all you need to know to become a working, independent artist. These pop-up labs will engage artists, industry experts and audiences to openly share information on digital marketing, copyright protection, performance etiquette,

events- music

music management, international tour networks and much more. Dec 13: IND!E FUSE Block Party 8pm, The Republic Bar & Grill in Osu, 5 Ghc. Join us for a live street party with artists and DJs spinning great jamming music all night long. Dec 14: IND!E FUSE 7pm, Alliance Française Accra Main Stage, 10 Ghc/5 Ghc for AF students and members. Last time more than 1000 hardcore music fans came out to this finale! The Main Stage show brings together emerging and established artists to rip the stage apart with the help of a rocking live band. Organized by Accra Dot Alt.


p Ambolley – Album Launch Known as the father of rap, not only to Ghana but

M.anifest to the world. This versatile, singer, songwriter, producer and musicallife-force exploded on the music scene with a jazzy highlife sounds called Simigwa-Do and is back to launch another album. 10 Ghc / 5 Ghc for AF students and members, children under 12 free, Alliance Française, 8 pm

a M.anifestivities M.anifestivities 2013 is an end of year show headlined by M.anifest to thrill and thank fans for their wonderful support throughout the year. This year, M.anifest has experienced major breakthroughs in Ghana, winning 2 Ghana Music Awards, earning another trip to the Channel O music video awards and fulfilling some of the promise the BBC predicted in 2012. This year’s show will feature all new

material off his highly anticipated forthcoming EP, Apae: the Price of Free. Joining him on the night will be highlife legend, Pat Thomas whose Golden Voice has led him to many awards and much international recognition. Expect many other surprises and come and experience the best in contemporary Ghanaian live music! APAE!!! More Vim! 7 pm, Alliance Française, 20 Ghc / 10 Ghc for AF students and members, children under 12 free.

Pat Thomas

ACCRA [dot] Alt High Street, / Alliance Française Liberation Link, Airport Area Tel: 0302 77 31 34 / Goethe-Institut 30 Kakramadu Rd (next to NAFTI ) Cantonments Tel: 0302 779 769 / g h a n a k e y. c o m 1 1

events - the arts

Tei Huagie

The arts / Literature A melting pot of traditional and contemporary, local and international talents make for an interesting mix of art in Accra. November Traditional art from Sirigu Ghana’s Upper East Region has long been known for the red, black and white designs that adorn the earthen walls of its houses. Historically, the newly built houses of the Frafra people were covered in plaster and embellished with geometric and figural designs by the women of the community. Alliance Française is welcoming some of these women from Sirigu to paint the next temporary mural and replace the beautiful one that was done by NMA. For two weeks, crafts from Sirigu will be sold at Alliance Française Accra (potter12

g h a n a k e y. c o m

ies, canvases, baskets, tie & dye, etc). Oct 30: 7pm - Launch of the new mural painting Nov 8: 4pm - Presentation by Faustina on the artistic tradition of Sirigu, artist and member of the Sirigu Women’s Organization for Pottery and Arts (SWOPA) Alliance Française, Exhibi-

tion ends Nov 15 Tei Huagie Currently showing at the recently opened New Gallery, works of Ghanaian artist, Tei Huagie, with paintings, sculpture and furniture and fashion. Nubuke Foundation, Exhibition ends Nov 30

t Book Launch – Funeral Fashion in Ghana An innovative art book realized through the collaboration of Ghanaian historian Professor Irene Odotei and Swiss artist Lisa Meier. These photos and texts show distinctive

events - arts aspects of this complex funeral culture with a particular focus on clothes. Free, Goethe Institut, 7pm

the proverbial drawer, are for the first time made accessible to an interested public. The work, ranging from the ephemeral, to the mundane, to the bold, will be shown in the domestic setting of an authentic apartment. Goethe Institut. Exhibition ends Nov. 22

y Abebuu Adekai: cof-

fins like nowhere else Dedicated to develop the art initiated by his grandfather, Seth Kane Kwei, in the 50s, Eric Adjetey Anang is recognized in Ghana as a unique coffin maker, he is renowned abroad as an artist and a designer and is regularly invited to present his work at international events, and is involved in educational projects. Opening at 6.30pm. Alliance Franรงaise (Exhibition Hall), until Dec 11

s The Place Baba Musah Swallah explores the phenomenon of illegal migration from Africa to Europe, inquiring into contested pressures, desires and sociopolitical structures that motivate some African youth to il-

legally migrate to Europe. In a series of mixed material works on canvas, wood, and glass, he reflects upon the personal loss of two of his friends. Playing with the tension between dreams/ desires and harsh realities, he documents and opens up dialogue on the quest for greener pastures outside of Africa. Goethe Institut, Exhibition ends Dec 5 Ghana Voices Series Every last Wednesday of a month. Literature Reading in cooperation with www. Free. Goethe-Institut

y Kommen Sie Nach

Hause- An international traveling Exhibition Ideas, second thoughts, sketches, and the remains of abandoned projects in the form of objects, books and photographs, culled from the depth of

The Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop

Alliance Franรงaise Liberation Link, Airport Area Tel: 0302 77 31 34 / Goethe-Institut 30 Kakramadu Rd (next to NAFTI ) Cantonments Tel: 0302 779 769 / Nubuke Foundation 7 Adamafio Close, East Legon Tel: 233 289102163 / g h a n a k e y. c o m 1 3

events - film

Film & Puppetry November


Dichter und Kämpfer (Rhymers and Rivals) by Marion Hütter, Documentary, 89 min, 2012, Literature as a live act, poetry flung out to a large audience and word-acrobatics on demand. Director Marion Hütter follows four German poetry slammers over a year as they perform and rehearse, and also records their lives beyond their role as rhymers and rivals. Goethe Institute, 7pm

y The Master of Cof-

fins – Eric Adjetey Anang & his work 26mn documentary film, directed by Luis Nachbin for Matrioska Filmes, Rio de Janeiro, 2013. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Eric Adjetey Anang. Alliance Française, 6:30 pm

change the lives of those he loves. A roller coaster of events sweeping through a magical puppet world questions the manipulative use of power and how easy we become someone’s puppet. This narrative addresses social issues ranging from abuse of power, to child trafficking, child labor, poverty, critical thought, and education. Kwabena Danso collaborates with Master Puppeteer J.C.Abbey, the Noyam African Dance Institute, the Foundation for Contemporary Art and musicians and poets from the Ehalakasa movement. 2Ghc / 1Ghc for AF students and members, Children under 12 free. Alliance Française


7 Kwaku Ananse by Akosua Adoma Owusu Obibini Pictures opens one of Ghana’s oldest cinema houses as an alternative creative space for art, music and film with second showing of Kwaku Ananse, Ghana’s sole winning film at the 2013 Africa Movie Academy Awards. A creative retelling of a fable about a part man part spider starring Koo Nimo, Grace Omaboe, and first-time actress and singer, Jojo Abot. The film will be screened with live music accompaniment by Kyekyeku, This House is Not For Sale, Koo Nimo and his Adadam Agofomma Group. 5 Ghc/3 Ghc for AF students & members, Children under 12 free, Rex Cinema, 6:30pm November

k La Paillote Takpekpe: Koliko A young boy discovers the power of asking questions and uses it to understand society. He uses his knowledge to Alliance Française Liberation Link, Airport Area Tel: 0302 77 31 34 / Goethe-Institut 30 Kakramadu Rd (next to NAFTI ) Cantonments Tel: 0302 779 769 / Rex 7 Central Makola district 14

g h a n a k e y. c o m

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, and the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum marked this day under the theme “Tourism and Water: Protecting our Common Future”

The theme is sought to focus on tourism’s significant role and contribution to worldwide water conservation efforts. It offered a platform to urge all stakeholders to join

day included a tour of the Atuabo Gas processing plant and a grand durbar at Nkroful, birthplace of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. There was also a tour to the famous and unique village built on stilt, Nzulezo. Dignitaries that partook in the event included the 2nd Lady of the Republic of Ghana, Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur, Ministers of State, some members of the Diplomatic Community, Members of Parliament, among others.

global World Tourism Day campaign and continue to devise innovative solutions to ensuring sustainable access to water resources across the country. Activities carried out to mark the

MAKOLA MARKET • TEL: 0244 601181 g h a n a k e y. c o m 1 5




Achimoto F (New Ac


KW Achimota Abeka-Lopaz Interchange










ka R

no S Gon bi uo




Ab e

d a R am Fad

Dei Center ka




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Outer Ri ng

cea ti c O


Ab os s


National Museum

iR d


Slater Ave

Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital



Old Winneba Rd


Mantse Kwao St







Koj Wetse


eS gb be

Tuesday Market

e Roger Av

Gug gisb erg Av e

an Hi gh St Danso m



Av berg

Hi gh

s Guggi

Ha n sen

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Makola Shopping Ma


Sam a

Guggisb erg



Kwam e

R dlana Edu a r d o Moh

Dr Nanka Bruce




Larterbiokorsh i e


Dansoman High St

Danso St

Sekondi Takoradi

Ok a

eefo o









Ada Foah




A tl a n


d la n a Rd



Amansuri Lake

Nzulezu Stilt Village

Cape Coast


Shai Hills

Accra Tema

Kakum National Park

Ankasa Game Reserve


ar do

Atewa Forest d Oblogo R Aburi



Ed u



Boin National Park

Kwame N’Krumah Circle

Kaneshie Market

e Nkr Kwam

Lake Volta

i nH


poson Thom Kojo

o ma

Digya National Park


D an s



Ou t

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R i ng

g Orle R d St



l Pa

Fa a

Otublohurm Rd

t ia S

Blue Lagoon

n Rd agoo Wenchi Blu e L



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Ag bo n

To wn

Koley Yendi St




Oshipi St


Dr Bus

Bui National Park

cen re s nC rso


Darkuman Rd




ber Re

rm hu blo


Korlego n St

Mole National Park



Mukose St

Bolgatanga t man S s a ku









Paga Gbele Game Production Reserve

Al aj




4th Cresce n t


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1 1

Jamestown Lighthouse

Nkrum Memorial


Legon East Rd

Noguchi Memorial Institute of Medical Research



Tetteh Quashie Interchange

cent Cres fio ma A da


tex Spin



Wild Gecko


d tex R


Forest Reserve ccra Zoo)

5 6




Accra Mall

AIRPORT HILLS Accra Polo Grounds

8 Alliance Franรงaise




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Canto nme nts



T h ird O

St g a ri


18 th Ln


s Rd


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A sai

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Artists Alliance Gallery



Independence Sq.



Tribes Restaurant & Afia Gallery


ic Oce


sort y h Re Beac Carpentr Door ei Next Kane Kw RD BADI



Ghana International Trade Fair Center


e S St t




Oloo ti R d

Jo s


DaViva Boutique

me nt u Aw


Se c Fir ond L st La abone b

ton Can



i ah


Oxford St

A n g o la

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15th th 16 Woodin th 17 th

el Rd


Arts & Crafts Centre


St Fir


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Ga m



ia R

mah l Park



Mamas 1Global 4

AD 1957



st le









KA N Nima Rd

National Theater





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a rm Bu



Li n kR d




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Goethe Institute




n d C ir c u la








Dubois Centre for Panafrican



s 5 th Cre

National Film & Television Institute



Fourth Circu lar Rd


Gif f


R ard

a Rd

Giffar d

1000 ft 500 m


beyond Accra Beyond Accra discover unique wildlife, historical monuments and so much more.

Castles & forts Cape Coast Castle

After the passage of numerous foreign powers, this castle became a British possession in 1664. Millions of slaves were shipped to the Caribbean and the United States through this castle before becoming the seat of British colonial administration. The cannons still face seaward, stirring the imagination to scenes of exploration, discovery and great tragedy. The Museum of West African History, describes the role that 18

g h a n a k e y. c o m

these great structures played in the slave trade.

areas for the human cargo of the infamous slave trade.

Elmina castle

Fort St. Jago

Ten kilometers west of Cape Coast Castle, Elmina Castle is the earliest known European structure in the tropics. Built in 1482 by the Portuguese during early world exploration, the castle was taken over by the Dutch in 1637, who retained control for 274 years. Inside the vast fortification is the first Catholic church in SubSahara Africa. The Castle’s damp, unlit dungeons served as horrific holding

Walking distance from Elmina Castle, this fort unlike others was not used for trading activities but provided military protection to Elmina Castle. Be sure to bring your camera since it provides an excellent view. Axim - Fort Santo Antonio

Built by the Portuguese in 1515 and expanded between 1642 and 1872 by the Dutch. It is now run by the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board and is

Wildlife Shai Hills Resource Reserve

The closest wildlife park to Accra. The vegetation of Shai Hills is dry, coastal evergreen savannah and 40% of the park is made up of hills covered with dry forest. Major wildlife to be seen include olive baboons, green monkeys, kobs and bushbucks, as well as monitor lizards, pythons and snakes. Bird lovers will also find many bird species including the Senegal Parrot, Grey Plantain Eater, Hornbill, Red Northern Bishop and Violet Turaco and many more. Don’t miss a to visit to one of the three caves, Adwuku, Sayu or Hiewey Mole National Park

Mole is about a 1 hour drive from Tamale. Tamale is about 600 km from Accra (a 13 hour bus ride, or a 1 hour 20 min plane ride) The largest of its kind in Ghana. Its savannah woodland and forested areas cover a staggering space which measures just less than 5000 square kilometers. You can expect to see antelope, elephants, baboons, warthogs, buffalo, hyenas and if you’re very lucky, a leopard.

Lions have recently been re-introduced to the park as well. There are also more than 250 species of birds to enjoy. The park has a simple motel with a pool and restaurant located directly above the elephants’ bathing pond. Owabi Forest Reserve and Bird Sanctuary

15km from Kumasi Winter home to a variety of migratory birds as well as tropical birds who live there year round. Also home to hundreds of the endangered Mona Monkeys. Further to the northeast is the Bomfobiri Wildlife Sanctuary, containing the spectacular Bomfobiri Falls. The salt marshes of the Songow Lagoon are also worth seeing. Lake Volta

At Akosombo Dam, board the Yapei Queen ferry and cruise up massive Lake Volta on a 24-hour trip past wooded hills and farming villages and into Ghana’s arid north, docking at Yeji. Amansuri wetland

90 km west of Takoradi A complex of peat, swamp and mangrove forests, flood plains, and sandy shores with streams, rivers, a fresh water lake, lagoons and the sea as environmental features. It is the largest intact swamp forest in Ghana

ra Acc e nd if yo ldl Be Wi

open to the public. Look for the beautiful off-shore islands and lighthouse.

and home to many species of plants and animals. Ninety-three of these species made up of reptiles, mammals and birds are of global and national conservation interest.

Birding Ghana Bird Walks

Join a monthly bird walk on the last Saturday of every month from 7am to 9am. The birding site and meeting point for each month will be communicated. Contact Samuel Temidayo Tel: 0234237732 or Reuben Ottou Tel: 0244 893 528 Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary

Located 30km from Kumasi and about 25km from Konogo, along the Kumasi-Accra highway. Tel: 024 646 5993, A bewildering experience as clouds of mud-puddling Whites and Yellows take flight as well as Swallowtails and Pure Gold or Red Gliders, Mother-of-Pearls’. The butterflies are plentiful. There are also very good guided tours of the plants, explaining their interesting commercial and medicinal uses. The guesthouse on site serves basic food, and has a pleasant staff. g h a n a k e y. c o m


B E a e yo st nd e r Acc n RE r a gio n

Eastern Region With its striking landscapes, lush tropical forest, cascading waterfalls, weaving and bead-making, this region is a rich blend of dramatic landscapes, historic relics and traditional culture. The region’s natural highlights include the Aburi Botanical Garden just 45 minutes from Accra, Lake Volta one of the world’s largest man-made lakes, Boti Falls near Koforidua and Mount Krobo for hiking and rock climbing. The villages and towns are part of the richness of this region, at Mamong visit Ghana’s first cocoa plantation. Further north admire the craftsmanship and back-breaking work that goes into making the traditional Ghanaian beads at the Cedi Bead Factory in Odumase-Krobo or at the bead market in Koforidua.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

A 65-hector garden with a variety of beautiful indigenous and exotic plants set in a peaceful parkland, that seems to have a special ambience.

Tetteh Quarshie

and more than 3.2 million Ghanaians rely on cocoa today for their livelihood. koforidua

The capital of the Eastern Region, it is a pleasant and lively town with an important market. It is of particular interest to craft lovers Koforidua because of its bead market maximize the experience, in the center of town, which plan to spend a lot of time is only open once a week, there, be creative, buy a Thursday morning, but on variety of beads and have that day it is the place to be finished products made in town. The bead makers on the spot to your exact and traders attract people specifications. for all over Ghana with an Boti Falls overwehlming variety of After a decent rainfall is new and antique beads. To

Tetteh Quarshie

This small farm covering about an acre of land is the oldest cocoa plantation in Ghana. The cocoa seeds are believed to have been brought from Fernando Po Island by Tetteh Quarshie, who set up the farm in 1879. Ghana went on to become the second largest producer of cocoa beans in the world after the Ivory Coast 20

g h a n a k e y. c o m

Boti Falls

ra n Acc g i o nd Re yo n Be ster Ea


the best time to go to Boti Waterfalls, just north east of Koforidu. From the car park there is very hot and humid hike up 200 steps, through the tropical jungle, to a spectacular and refreshing two headed waterfall. Continue with a thirty minute walk under an impressively sheer cliff to the nearby Umbrella Rock for a great view of the the eastern regions striking landscape.

Tafi Atom Monkey Sanct



e V olt a Akosombo

Anyinam Umbrella rock

Boti Falls kade

kibi Suhum



Koforidua Aburi

Akosombo Dam Cedi Bead Factory



Tet teh Quarshie



Mount Krobo Mount Krobo

For the more adventurous, Ghana offers sport, traditional, top roping climbing, as well as bouldering opportunities for climbers of all range of abilities. Check out ghana-mountaineers. com for detailed trips. Cedi Bead Factory

The owner of the Cedi bead factory, who is a true artist, gives personal tours of the bead making process. You will never look at a bead the same way again.


Aylo’s Bay A row of self-contained chalets on the river. Tel: 233 (0) 243230288 Volta Hotel Akosombo Tel: 233 (0) 544357703 Hillburi Aburi Tel: 233 (0) 244385008 EAT A N D D RI N K

Hillburi Aburi Tel: 233 (0) 244385008 VI SI T

Aburi Botanical Gardens Aburi Aburi Woodcarvers On the main road to Aburi


Tetteh Quarshie Mampong Boti Falls Just north of Koforidua Umbrella Rock 30 min walk from Boti Falls Cedi Bead Factory Odumase-Krobo Agomanya Market Wednesdays and Saturdays between Krobo and Kpong Akosombo Dam Akosombo getting there

You can get a trotro from Accra’s Circle or Tema Station going to Koforidua for about 5 cedis or a taxi for about 80 cedis. The ride is about 2 hours on an amazingly paved road up through picturesque winding mountains.

Cedi Bead Factory g h a n a k e y. c o m


Entertainment meet here to have a drink and a game.


The Lexington next to Paloma Hotel, Kokolemle Tel: (0) 240 959 406

An upscale lounge/sports bar specializing in cocktails with fancy bar snacks frequented by ex-pats and locals alike. Next Door Beach Resort Beach Road, Teshie (opposite the Military Academy) Tel: 024 4318697

Live music on weekends, Sunday afternoons catch some traditional song and dance performances. The one2one Bar Mövenpick Hotel, Central

Robi’s Dutch Pub



Aphrodisiac 35 Osu Badu Street, Dzorwulu Tel: 0302 766 738

DJs serve a mix of hip hop and R&B, hip life, garage and techno. Ladies night on Thursdays. Fridays DJ Flava Nite open from 11pm - 6am


+233 jazz bar & grill 75 Ring Rd, North Ridge Tel: 0244 276 027

Ghana’s premiere jazz and live music club. Open until 4 am on week-ends


Cuzzy Bro Troas St, Osu Tel: 026 608 6003

Formally known as the Irish Pub, this is Ghana’s newest family venue, revamped with a whole new menu, outdoor garden bar, cocktail lounge and live entertainment. Duplex 2nd Kuku close off oxford st, Osu

Definitely the most down to earth place you will find.


Jokers Labadi Road, La Tel: 024 4370752

Not very far from La Beach, this is a very popular place to play pool, tourists & locals


g h a n a k e y. c o m

A chic cocktail bar where you can escape, socialize and launch your evening in style to the sound of African lounge music or live performances. The Republic Bar & Grill 3rd Lane Kuku Hill, Osu Tel: 024 631 4044


This place has quickly become the hot spot in Accra. Like the every-week-kind-of-spot to chill, catch up with friends, and listen to some cool music over beer and food. They have live music every Wednesday.


Robi’s Dutch Pub Dade walkstreet 14, Labone Tel: 0242201087

The only authentic Dutch pub in Ghana, with Dutch cuisine, beer, music and ambiance.

film Silverbird Cinema First Floor, Shop 39, Accra Mall, Tetteh Quashie Interchange Tel: 021 823270-4 Goethe-Institut 30 Kakramadu Rd, Cantonments Tel: 0302 779 769

Regularly show films on Thursdays. www.

arts & culture Drama / music Alliance Française Accra Liberation Link - Airport Residential Tel: 0302 773 134

A large producer of cultural events in Accra, including live music, poetry readings, theater, art exhibits and much more, that reflect the diversity and the quality of France and Africa’s artistic offer. National Theatre of Ghana South Liberia Road, Central Tel: 0244272884

This elegant and imposing theater is the hub of music and theater in Accra. It houses The National Symphony Orchestra, The National Dance Company and The National Drama Company. It is also a regular venue for Ghana’s world acclaimed satirist Kwaku Sintim-Misa popularly called KSM. Nubuke foundation 7 Adamafio Close, East Legon Tel: 028 910 21 63 Enjoy programs ranging from drama and music to art exhibitions, poetry, and films.

Art Afia gallery No. 2 Liberia Rd Ext, Osu Tel: 0302 681465

Packed with local wood carvings and crafts.

TEL: 0244 114719 / 5

Workshop of Seth Kane Kwei who invented the famous design coffins in the 1950’s which are carved into shapes that represent something important and relevant to the deceased person, such as a fish, airplanes, etc. Meet Eric Adjetey Anang, grandson of Kane Kwei, and hear stories about these fantastic coffins.

history Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum & Museum High St., central Tel: 233 671 610

An obligatory visit for history buffs. Dr. Nkrumah serves as a loose approximation of George Washington for Ghana. This museum is an introduction to a complex personality. It is a great source of information, including photos of Nkrumah with a wide range of world leaders, his books, his clothing, and artifacts. National Museum of Ghana Accra Barnes Rd, central Tel: 021-221633

Established in 1957, this museum’s collection ranges from pre-historic, archaeological discoveries, to colonial antiquities and exhibits of contemporary African art. Don’t miss the outdoor sculpture garden. Open from 9am 5pm Tuesday through Sunday W.E.B. Dubois Center 2nd circular Rd, Cantonments

This is the home, library and final resting place of American-born crusader for social justice, William Edward Burghardt DuBois.

Artists Alliance Gallery Omanye House. Beach Rd, La before LaPalm Hotel Tel: 0245251404

A fantastic African modern art gallery located right on the coast. The gallery is huge and more museum-like; three floors of fabric, paintings, sculptures, and odds and ends like coins and games. Hershel Gallery Mankrato St, East Cantonments Tel: 0243380668 Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop Teshie First Junction g h a n a k e y. c o m


dining Cantonments Rd Near MTN store Tel: 030 2773754 Osu

chop bars

Mama Mia

African Ghanaian Village Restaurant La Palm Royal Beach Hotel No 5 La Bypass Rd Tel: 0302 215100 La


10th Lane Tel: 030 2782953 osu

Christine’s Unique Café 150m off Ring Rd at Nima Junction Tel: 0302 222 265 Chez Afrique Near Yemoh Plaza Tel: 030 2911591 East Legon

Country kitchen 2nd Ringway Estates Tel: 0302229107 Osu

Le Grand 24

g h a n a k e y. c o m

Ecuyer Ring Road, just west of Danquah Circle Tel: 0302 768 64 Maquis Tante Marie 5th Norla Link Tel: 0244612832 Labone

Next Door Restaurant Beach Rd (op. the Military Academy) Tel: 024-4318697 Teshie Old Bob’s Place Niger Hse, 59 Okadan Tel: 028 8266378 Osu

The Orangery Crepe & salad bar Farrar Ave Tel: 030 2232988 Adabraka


Chicken Republic Cantonments Rd south of Papaye Tel: 030 2775496

Chop Bars range from a woman serving dishes out of a bowl on the side of the road to sit down spots with full kitchens. Here are few that we recommend:


Asanka Local 18th lane Tel: 0302786328

Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant La Palm Royal Beach Hotel No 5 La Bypass Rd Tel: 0302 215100

This is good place to go if you are looking for a local experience. Find delicacies like Banku, fufu, soups, chicken etc. osu Auntie Muni Waakye off Josiah Tongogari St & orphan cres., TEL: 233246980070

Though it looks like little more than a roadside stand Aunti Muni’s is one of the most popular spots for weekend Wakeye. Cantonments

Peace Palace off of 6th st accross ecobank osu

seafood Captain Hooks 4 Kakramandu St Tel: 0302762228 Cantonments

fast food Barcelos Op. Dynasty Chinese Tel: 030 2933784 Osu

KFC Cantonments Rd Osu



Dynasty restaurant Oxford St Tel: 030 2775496 Osu

Nobel House Kuku Hill, Salem Rd Tel: 0302785151 Osu

Zion Thai Restaurant Okodan & mission St Papaye Down Tel: 054-996-7644

Try spicy penang curry, true pad thai, and lots of vegetarian options. Afterwards, enjoy a sweetened Thai iced tea. Osu Padthai Restaurant 10 Monrovia Rd Tel: 0302962788 East Legon

italian Arlecchino 674 Oxford St

dining Tel: 0245 410 403

Tel: 030 2771999



Bella Roma Fourth Lane Tel: 024 74 74 007

Tandoor Indian near Land Tours Tel:0243 151 417



Eddy’s Pizza 66 Ring Road Tel: 54 413 3397



Il Cavaliere Pezzo Accra Polo Grounds Tel: 0302 823131 Airport Res

Mama mia Pizzeria 7th Lane Tel: 0244 264 151

Basha Kojo Thompson Rd Niagara Hotel

East Legon

indian Heritage indian off Salem Rd Noble Chinese Restaurant Bldg Tel: 0302785151 Osu

Koh-I-Noor Grisfarm Hotel off First


honeysuckle bar Ring Rd Tel: 030 2780774

Also serves French food. Osu

Cuzzy Bro Troas St Tel: 026 608 6003

Bus Stop Bar & Restaurant

The Venue Adamafio link Tel: 024 3323425

El gaucho Abrebrensem Tel: 0289117575



Airport Res


Le Magellan Restaurant Ring Road East at Labone Junction Tel: 0302 777 629

Osteria Michelangelos House No.3 Nortei Abadio St Tel: 024 4233533 Picasso Crown Apartamento Premises Tel: 0302771712




Airport Res

Sankofa Restaurant Mövenpick Hotel Tel: 0302611000

Tel: 0302220930 Adabraka

The Lexington next to the Paloma Hotel in the Kokolemle neighbourhood Tel: 0240 959 406



French La Chaumiere 215 Liberation Rd across ShangriLa Hotel

Tel: 0302772408 Airport Res

Serves deep fried brie, bruschetta, burgers, pulled pork.

Café Chez Des Amis Liberation Rd, Across from French Embassy

White Bell Cnr Farrar Av Adabraka Tel: 0302227066

Le Must No 28, Orphan Crescent Tel: 0244661069

Frankies Cantonments Rd Tel: 0302 77 35 67 Osu

Little Indian Sunshine Salad Bar 11th Lane Tel: 030 2780599 Osu

North Labone

Nicolino Alliance Française s Liberation Link Tel: 024 462 9656 Airport Res

Le Tandem 6 Mankralo St Tel: 030 2762959

Livingstone Safari near Akai House across from Kohinoor Tel: 024 6485135 Osu

Japanese 3121 Sushi 14th Lane Behind Barclays Tel: 026 777 3121

Seafood-grill, cocktail bar & cigar lounge, sushi/teppanyaki bar Monsoon 41 Oxford St Osu above Osu Food Court Tel: 030 2782307

Cafe Josie’s Cuppa Cappuccino 3rd Close,

Tel: 030 2773412 Airport Res

‘N’ café Nubuke Foundation, TEl: 028 910 21 63 EAST LEGON

brunch melting moments No. 78/5, 1st Norla St Tel: 0302770834 Labone

Labadi Beach Hotel No.1 La Bypass Tel: 030 277 2501/6 La

La Palm Royal Beach Hotel

g h a n a k e y. c o m


shopping markets Makola Market Kojo Thompson Rd

Dominated by women this bustling market of Accra is situated right in the center of the city. There you will find: jewelry, fabrics, plastic hair decorations, traditional Ghanaian glass beads, batiks, wigs, bags, shoes, toiletries, as well as shea butter, fish, beans, meat, vegetables, fruit, flour, eggs, pots & pans, grills and much more. central

Malata Market Elephant Walk Rd

If you want a true local market experience, you’ll find it here. No tourists, no African masks, no tourist handcrafts, but you will have the opportunity to eat some authentic Ghanian fare

malls Accra Mall Spintex Rd, Tetteh Quarshie Interchange Airport Area

supermarkets Koala Supermarket Off Danquah Circle at Cantonments Rd Tel: 0302773455

Excellent assortment of local and imported goods; bread selection is highly recommended. Carries Cottage Farms frozen pork. Osu shoprite Accra Mall Tel: 0302823020 Airport Area

crafts Centre for National Culture 28th February Rd Tel: 021 664099

A sea of stalls selling arts and crafts. It is also referred to as the Arts Centre. This is the place to shop in Accra for crafts. The level of aggressive hassling may discourage you but if 26

g h a n a k e y. c o m

Ohema Ohene opens her first shop at Nubuke Foundation. you have the patience you can come away with good-quality handicrafts from all over Ghana. central

Loom 117 Kwame Nkrumah Ave Tel: 0302224746

Sells spectacular paintings as well as woodcarvings, fabrics and statues. central Global Mamas 14th Lane Near Koala Supermarket Tel: 24 453 0467 Osu Wild Gecko Handicrafts Near Tetteh Quarshie exchange Tel: 030 250 8500

Unique handcrafted furniture, household decorations, accessories & jewelry. Cantonments

Woodwork ABURI CARVING CENTer Akwapim Ridge On the way to the Aburi town center

Here craftmen can be seen at work on magnificent carvings and drums which are available for purchase. If you are feeling creative, you can actually design your own piece. ABURI

shopping Jewelry Pmmc Mark Cofie Building Tel: 233 (0)302664579

Find diamonds and gold directly from local small-scale miners . Find a variety of jewelry we especially love the unique jewelry representing traditional Ghanaian symbols. central

DA viva Boutique 17th Lane Tel: 0289529770

Pure cotton fabric with a subtle mix of elegance and color. Osu Kiki clothing Accra Mall Tel: 020 817 4362

Unique ethnic designs for children and adults. Airport Area

Inka La Crescent TEl: 233 20 030 8618

Exquisite hand crafted African jewellery Osu Nyaniba Estate

modern Art Artists Alliance Omanye House Tel: 0245251404

A fantastic African modern art gallery located on the coast. Packed with artistic expression. Three floors of art, sculpture, carvings and artifacts. The best part is that most of it is for sale. LA

bookstores Silverbird bookstore Accra Mall Tel: 030 282 3270-5

Current fiction, nonfiction, business and religious books. Airport Area University Bookshop University of Ghana Legon Tel: 0302 500398

Current fiction, nonfiction & textbooks. Great if you are looking for books by local authors. Legon


13 Mensa Wood Street Tel: 0302510321

Exclusive embroidered wear for women and men. Western styled clothing in African print. Interior decoration utilizing a blend of African and other fabrics. East Legon Aya Morrison

23 Nii Bonnie Crescent Tel: 0302 956 355

Handbags, African print swimsuits & accessories Dzorwolu

ajePomaa Design Gallery No.8 Addo Close TEl: 026 564 5284

For gorgeous clothes East Legon Ohema Ohene SHOP Nubuke Foundation, 7 Adamafio Close TEl: 233 (28) 910 21 63

Higher East Legon


Higher Link For fast and easy customs clearing and forwarding

fabric & fashion

Located at the aviance cargo village

Woodin Boutique Oxford St Tel: 0302764371

Priscilla: (233) 244145647 Joe: (233) 240066188. White: (233) 233540898759 John: (233) 245045033

A temple of high fashion fabrics. 14 artists create ever changing designs. Osu

g h a n a k e y. c o m


accommodations resorts

and government ministries. The Hotel has 260 rooms include 61 Executive Club Rooms, 15 Junior Suites with balconies and view of the Swimming Pool, one Ambassador Suite & a 320sqm Presidential Suite.


Labadi Beach Hotel No.1 La Bypass, Accra Tel: +233 (30) 277 2501/6

Beautiful and well maintained. Includes a health club, an outdoor pool, a fitness facility, and a children’s pool, a business center, small meeting rooms, and secretarial services. la La Palm Royal Beach Hotel 5 La Bypass Tel: 233 30221 5100/5111


Featuring 152 rooms, each with its own private balcony, laid out in chalet fashion, creating the feeling of a village complete with 8 bars and restaurants, large swimming pool, souvenir shops, fitness center & casino. la

Luxury The African Regent 237-238 Airport West, Tel: 233 302765180


A refreshing taste of Africa in a classy establishment. Enjoy an enviable collection of African Art. A spa, a health club, outdoor pool, a fitness facility, wireless Internet in public areas. Cantonments The Aknac Hotel Trasacco Valley Tel: 233 302824235

In the peaceful suburbs of Accra near Trasacco Valley within easy reach of the city centre. This boutique hotel offers style, charm and personal service. Includes a restaurant, bars and an outdoor pool. Complimentary breakfast and wireless internet access. The MĂśvenpick Ambassador Hotel Independence Ave, Ridge Tel: +233 302611000


Ideally located in the central business district of downtown Accra, close to major financial institutions, the International Conference Centre 28

g h a n a k e y. c o m


Villa Monticello No.1A Mankata Ave Link Airport Residential Tel: 233 302773477

A boutique hotel in the heart of Accra with beautifully designed themed rooms - the Marrakech suite is our favorite. Restaurant, outdoor pool, full-service spa, bar/lounge. Televisions with digital channels.

moderate Afia African Village $65-170 2 Liberia Road Osu Tel: 233 302681465


Afia African Village is sensitively designed to take full advantage of the expansive ocean views and cooling sea breezes. Its traditionally styled architecture evokes the very essence of Africa. Singles, doubles and family suites. Breakfast included. Bojo Beach Resort $160-270 Off the Old Weija Barrier Tel: 233.302.912.946

With 35 guestrooms and suites, this retreat in the suburbs of Accra is perfect if you are looking to be in the city but enjoy the privacy and luxury of being far away. Enjoy the ocean and mountain views as well as high speed wireless internet. Kokrobite

Hillburi Aburi $150 Gyankama Tel: 0244385008

Blending modern style with strong colonial and African influences, lovely comfortable king size beds, fluffy duvets and pillows and thick towels, spectacular views overlooking the surrounding

accommodations Starlite Lodge No 2 Volta River Ave. Teshi-Nungua Estates Tel: 233 302 712829


from $20 w/ breakfast Pink Hostel Tel: 233-302-256710/256712 Asylum Down from $20 (with continental breakfast) Bedua Home Suites $40-60 Tel: 233-241-234-234 NO 58 Genesis Estates at Mariville off Spintex Road in a gated community

Villa Monticello hills. Includes a bar, restaurant, infinity swimming pool. Aburi Mahogany Lodge $175-195 No. 9, Kakramadu Link Tel: 233-302-761162


A very pretty courtyard with pool. Two computers with free wireless. East Cantonments

Bed & breakfast Spintex Inn $60 #1 Fourth Nii Kwaofio Link, Spintex Tel: 0207768243 Spintex

Budget Blue Royal Hotel $69-$129 No 36. 18th lane off Cantoment Rd Tel: (0)302) 783075 Osu New Ampax Hotel $20-40 Achimota Rd. Pokuake Junction Tel: (0)302-932158 Asylum Down


Frankies Cantonments rd. Tel: 0302 77 35 67 Osu

huts & cottages Big Milly’s Back Yard GHc17-125 Tel: 0249 999 330 or 0262 999 330

Twenty rooms, all have fans and are beautifully decorated with African art. Double huts are of local clay bricks with thatched roofs. Most cottages are self contained. Several have A/C. 150 trees and a large menagerie of pets in the garden. Entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights. Kokrobite

holiday rentals Legassi Gardens Apartments ADDIS AVENUE,POKUASE JUNCTION, NEAR ACP ESTATES JUNCTION Tel: 233 277 522229

Furnished and serviced apartments, in serene garden setting. Listen to our many birds, watch our garden butterflies, and play a game of Oware under the palm frond canopy! Convenience /craft store on-site & vegetarian cafĂŠ.


La-Paradise Inn Tel: 233 302 762085 4th Ostwe Street South La Estate

In the heart of vibrant Osu area, these apartments are surrounded by a diverse array of shops and restaurants. Each apartment has a modern living space, internet access and satellite t.v. Outside enjoy the swimming pool and the tropical garden. la g h a n a k e y. c o m


transportation Domestic Air: Antrak Air Tel: (233) (0) 302 765377, 765378

Wholly Ghanaian owned has flights to Kumasi, Takoradi, Sunyani, Tamale and Wa. Fly 540 Tel: (233) (0) 202 250 208

Offers internal flights to several locations around Ghana. They fly from Accra to Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale and Sunyani.

Buses: STC (State Transport Corporation) Tel: (233-21) 221-912 or 252-835 or 221-314 The main, government owned and operated, intercity coaches. You should buy the tickets in advance so that you are given an assigned seat. Buses from Accra to Tamale leave daily at 7am and 3pm, a 9 am bus continues on to Bolgatanga. Buses from Tamale to Accra run daily at 6.30am and 4pm, Kumasi at 7am (10am weekends). A service from Tamale to Takoradi runs twice a week, at 8am on Tuesdays and 3pm on Saturday. VIP Tel: 0544357030, 0544357038

Air conditioned clean buses to Kumasi. There are two levels of bus – one with larger seats and more leg room for marginally more money. Buses run frequently all day and night. A good alternative for a long drive. OA Travel and Tours Tel: 0243-3177620 Tamale: 0242-767694 / 0208-083644 Kumasi: 03220-41925

200m from STC station in Accra, OA offers very new buses for a reasonable price. Leaving at 3pm daily from Bolgatanga to Accra, GHc30.00. It leaves Tamale to Accra daily at 5pm, for GHc25.00. Booking tickets in advance is recommended. 30

g h a n a k e y. c o m

Car Rentals: Atlas Rent-A-Car

Tel: 024 427 7871 Tel:

A one-stop-shop for online car hire in Ghana. With a wide selection of vehicles for personal as well as business car rental needs.

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