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Apply online in 3 steps: Step 1 Visit /adult-learning and select the type of course you want. Click on the link and search for the course you want. Click on the course, read the information and click ‘enrol now’. Fill in the requested information and pay online.
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Course Title Code Start Date Day Time of Day Length (weeks) Cost Acting & Voice for all Q448030/09/2023SAT 4 £58* Q4535 10/02/2024SAT 4 £58* Q459220/04/2024SAT 3 £43.50* An Introduction to Metal and Foil embossing Q4595 20/03/2024 WED 2 £53.50 An Introduction to Candle Making Q442004/11/2023SAT 1 £39.75 Q442110/02/2024SAT 1 £39.75 Beginner to Intermediate Electric Guitar all style including Rock Pop Funk Metal Blues Q443127/09/2023WED 8 £116* Q459631/01/2024WED 8 £116* Beginners and Improvers Learn to Draw and Paint what you see Q459731/01/2024WED 3 £75.25* Beginners and Improvers Meditative and Therapeautic Art Q459828/02/2024WED 3 £75.25* Beginning to Sew Q427201/02/2024THUR 8 £184* Braiding for Beginners Q460030/09/2023SAT 1 £25.38 Christmas Needle Felting Day Q3574 25/11/2023SAT 1 £47.88 Christmas Gifts from the Sea Q460722/11/2023WED 3 £75.25* Christmas Gifts in metals and foils Q460813/12/2023WED 2 £53.50 Creative Photography for beginners Q345730/01/2024TUE 7 £101.50* Q443331/01/2024WED 7 £101.50* Crochet for Beginners Q461030/09/2023SAT 1 £31.75 Q3958 25/11/2023SAT 1 £31.75 Q4010 23/03/2024 SAT 1 £31.75 Q4049 03/02/2024 SAT 1 £31.75 Design and Lino Print a Greetings Card Q414025/11/2023SAT 1 £41.25 Q3552 23/03/2024 SAT 1 £41.25 DIY Hand Felted Journal/Book Cover Workshop Q4613 23/03/2024 SAT 1 £44.88
= Morning = Afternoon = Evening *Concession Available 5

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“Everyone can be taught how to be creative – it is not a gift or a special talent. Art should be fun, therapeutic and rewarding it opens you to a whole new perspective on life and makes you observe the world as you have never seen it before.”

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Drawing & Painting - All Abilities Q361727/09/2023WED 8 £116* Drums for Beginners Q429830/09/2023SAT 8 £70* Drums for Intermediates Q442827/01/2024SAT 8 £70* Experimental Drawing Q4614 05/03/2024 TUE 3 £75.25* Free Machining Q4425 23/04/2024 TUE 4 £92* Face painting for Fun Q446221/10/2023SAT 1 £29.38 Floral Art for Beginners Q426330/09/2023SAT 4 £92.50* Floral Art for Improvers Q426404/11/2023SAT 4 £92.50* Floral Art - Swag and table top arrangements for Xmas Workshop Q461502/12/2023SAT 1 £38.13 Floral Art for Improvers/Advanced Q418910/02/2024SAT 4 £92.50* Floral Art - Easter/Spring Arrangement Workshop Q4190 23/03/2024 SAT 1 £38.13 Ink and Watercolour wash Landscape Improvers Q362109/10/2023MON 9 £195.75* Q3622 04/03/2024 MON 9 £195.75* Introduction to Botanical Drawing with Watercolour Q453827/09/2023WED 4 £107* Knitting Workshop for beginners Q422211/11/2023SAT 1 £27.75 Learn to Draw and Paint for beginners Part 1 Q3501 30/09/2023SAT 8 £116* Learn to Draw and Paint for Improvers Part 2 Q4621 03/02/2024 SAT 7 £101.50* Lino Print a Manx Landscape/Scene Q4623 05/03/2024 TUE 4 £58* Macrame for Beginners Q442608/11/2023WED 4 £62* Q442728/02/2024WED 4 £62* Meditative and Therapeutic Art inspired by the ancient art of Sumi-e painting Q462701/11/2023WED 3 £75.25* Model Engineering and Restoration Q3442 Coming Soon Q3443 Oil Painting for Intermediates Q398005/10/2023THUR 6 £130.50* Q427601/02/2024THUR 6 £130.50*



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Course Title Code Start Date Day Time of Day Length (weeks) Cost King Rognvaldr Godredsson of Man and the Isles Q462030/01/2024TUE 1 £14.50 Let's Get Into Tune! A History of Blues Guitar Music Q462225/11/2023SAT 1 £39.88 Manx Law Part 1 Q445721/10/2023SAT 1 £14.50 Manx Law Part 2 Q445818/11/2023SAT 1 £14.50 The Keeills in the Isle of Man Q464026/09/2023TUE 1 £14.50 The Story of Rushen Abbey Q464107/11/2023TUE 1 £14.50 The Isle of Man - Home of Happy Holidays! Q4642 12/03/2024 TUE 1 £14.50 The Isle of Man in the Middle! Scottish/English Conflict (1266 to 1405) Q464305/12/2023TUE 1 £14.50 The Isle of Man - A Treasury of Viking Heritage! Q4644 05/03/2024 TUE 1 £14.50
Pen Ink and Watercolour Wash Landscape Painting for Beginners Q425310/10/2023TUE 9 £163.13* Q4254 05/03/2024 TUE 9 £163.13* Pottery & Ceramics - Beginners Q356227/09/2023WED 9 £169.50* Q445431/01/2024WED 8 £150* Pottery & Ceramics Intermediate Q445131/10/2023TUE 8 £149* Pottery & Ceramics Advanced Q356531/10/2023TUE 18£340* Q445209/01/2024TUE 10£188* Silver Jewellery Making for Beginners Q430530/01/2024TUE 6 £149.50* Special Occasion make up for beginners Q454025/11/2023SAT 1 £25.38 Simply Oils - Landscape Painting Beginners/ Intermediate Q355711/10/2023WED 9 £163.13* Q3558 06/03/2024 WED 9 £163.13* Upcycle a piece of clothing using block print Q464523/01/2024TUE 4 £58* Watercolour Landscape Painting for Improvers Q356014/10/2023SAT 9 £195.75* Q3559 09/03/2024 SAT 9 £195.75* Woodwork for Beginners Q437230/09/2023SAT 6 £190.50* Course Title Code Start Date Day Time of Day Length (weeks) Cost Analogue photography and darkroom techniques Q459326/09/2023TUE 8 £116* Coding for Web: Javascript Basics Q460930/01/2024TUE 8 £116* Computer Basics - User Skills Q3609 06/03/2024 WED 4 £58*



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MEET THE TUTOR Josephine warrington

“My love for baking is more than just cakes and bread. I love getting people in the kitchen and teaching them how to impress their friends and families as well as making tasty treats. I believe that baking should be for everyone from those that have never stepped foot in the kitchen to those with allergies.”

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Course Title Code Start Date Day Time of Day Length (weeks) Cost Gardening for Beginners Part 1 Q4529 02/03/2024 SAT 4 £97* Gardening for Beginners Part 2 Q453020/04/2024SAT 5 £118.75
Course Title Code Start Date Day Time of Day Length (weeks) Cost A Spanish Tapas Feast Q4594 23/03/2024 SAT 1 £46.25 Baking 101 Q431825/11/2023SAT 1 £49.88 Q4599 23/03/2024 SAT 1 £49.88 Baking for Fun Q444016/04/2024TUE 5 £112.75* Cake Decorating for Beginners Q411031/01/2024WED 6 £87* Christmas Cupcake Decorating Q360225/11/2023SAT 1 £44.00 Cooking for Beginners Q412126/09/2023TUE 4 £87* Q412330/01/2024TUE 5 £108.75* Festive Baking Q431614/11/2023TUE 5 £118.75 Mediterranean Meze - A Feast of Flavours - Part 1 Q4625 12/03/2024 TUE 6 £97* Mediterranean Meze - A Feast of Flavours - Part 2 Q4626 07/05/2024 TUE 6 £97* One Day Vegan Masterclass Q463125/11/2023SAT 1 £37.63
SketchUp Basic Q464608/11/2023WED 1 £21.75 Q4647 20/03/2024 WED 1 £21.75 SketchUp Pro Q463321/11/2023TUE 4 £87* Q4634 13/02/2024 TUE 4 £87* 8



Peter Crellin

“Psychology can unlock our potential when we understand how the science relates to everyday living. I find using my experience and expertise as a psychologist incredibly fulfilling when it helps guide people toward demystifying complex thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Knowing psychology reveals the best of our minds.”

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Course Title Code Start Date Day Time of Day Length (weeks) Cost Astronomy from the IoM Q341726/09/2023TUE 12£176* Badminton - Beginners/Improvers Q351825/09/2023MON 8 £126* Q351929/01/2024MON 8 £126* Get Golf Ready (Beginners) Q433709/10/2023MON 4 £46.50* Q420905/02/2024MON 4 £46.50* Get Golf Ready (Improvers) Q4210 18/03/2024 MON 4 £46.50* Q433820/11/2023MON 4 £46.50* Heal your Life - using the philosophy and techniques of Louise L. Hay and others Q461704/10/2023WED 5 £72.50* Intro to Indian Head Massage Q4476 05/03/2024 TUE 3 £70.25* Intro to Mindfulness Q448201/11/2023SAT 1 £14.50 Intro to Relexology Q447716/01/2024WED 3 £70.25* Intro to Swedish Massage Q447528/11/2023WED 3 £70.25* Listening to the Unconscious: the Language and Meaning of Dreams Q462414/11/2023TUE 6 £87* Mindful Self Compassion Q394827/09/2023WED 4 £60* Mindfulness in the work place Q3595 10/11/2023FRI 1 POA Non Verbal Communication Q462809/12/2023SAT 1 £21.75 Q462910/02/2024SAT 1 £21.75 Q4630 04/05/2024 SAT 1 £21.75 Pilates for all abilities Taster Session Q454526/09/2023TUE 4 £29* Psychology for Personal Growth and Wellbeing Q463226/09/2023TUE 6 £87*
Spanish Tapas - Dishes to Share Q463807/11/2023TUE 6 £97* Wine for Beginners Q411327/09/2023WED 7 £120.13* 9
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“Most people say “I’m rubbish at languages”, but you’re not! It’s the way they’re taught. Languages are taught like a science but language is an art. The more you speak and have fun, the easier it is for you. The type of Spanish you will use on holiday or in an everyday conversation is easy to learn when you immerse yourself in the language. I teach conversational Spanish with no complicated rules or grammar.”

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Course Title Code Start Date Day Time of Day Length (weeks) Cost French Refresher to brush up 'school French' Q446327/09/2023WED 10£150* French Refresher follow on course Q461617/01/2024WED 10£150* Italian for Beginners Q429526/09/2023TUE 9 £134.50* Italian for Improvers Q422130/01/2024TUE 8 £120* Japanese for Beginners Q342730/09/2023SAT 10£145* Spanish for Beginners Q340226/09/2023TUE 10£145* Q387616/01/2024TUE 10£145* Spanish for Beginners Level 1 Part 1 Q3959 26/09/2023TUE 9 £130.50* Spanish for Beginners Level 1 Part 2 Q463730/01/2024TUE 8 £116 Spanish for Improvers Level 2 Q340328/09/2023THUR 10£145* Q387518/01/2024THUR 10£145*
Social Dancing for Beginners Q346225/09/2023MON 10£72.50* Q463529/01/2024MON 8 £58* Social Dancing for Improvers Q346325/09/2023MON 10£72.50* Q463629/01/2024MON 8 £58* Tai Chi for Beginners Q415428/09/2023THUR 10£108.75* Q402701/02/2024THUR 8 £87* Universal Wisdom, self help for life Q453313/09/2023WED 9 £130.50* Yoga for All Abilities Q3614 03/10/2023 TUE 8 £87* Q361504/10/2023WED 8 £87* Q3978 30/01/2024TUE 8 £87* Q3979 31/01/2024WED 8 £87* Yoga for Beginners/Intermediates Q3527 26/09/2023TUE 18£195.75* Q361630/09/2023SAT 9 £97.88* Your Feel Good Toolkit - Reiki for Beginners Q344712/09/2023TUE 9 £130.50* 10



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Course Title Code Start Date Day Time of Day Length (weeks) Cost Digital Technologies Apprenticehip (BTEC HNC Level 4) Q302012/09/2023TUE 35 £2,428.00 Business Year 1 (BTEC Level 4 HNC) Q456814/09/2023THUR 35 £2,428.00 Cisco Networking 1 (CCNA Level 3) Q301213/09/2023WED 16£446.00 Cisco Networking 2 (CCNA Level 3) Q3013 24/01/2024 WED 16£446.00 Award in Understanding Internal Quality (City & Guilds Level 4) Q309930/10/2023MON 8 £234.00 Cert in Leading Internal Quality (City & Guilds Level 4) Q310130/10/2023MON 0 £763.00 Understanding Princples of Assess (City & Guilds Level 3) Q309322/01/2024MON 8 £234.00 Assessing Vocational Achievement (City & Guilds Level 3) Q362922/01/2024MON 0 £763.00
for Farmers
of Social Media Q455311/07/2023TUE 1 £66.00 Q455219/09/2023TUE 1 £66.00 Q455416/01/2024TUE 1 £66.00 Data Handling, business analytics Q4611 Visit for more information Digital Literacy course Q4612 Visit for more information Manual Book Keeping (IAB Level 1 Award) Q306813/09/2023WED 12£435.00 Course Title Code Start Date Day Time of Day Length (weeks) Cost Barbering short course Q4618 Visit for more information
- Basic Book Keeping, use
= Morning = Afternoon = Evening
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MEET THE TUTOR Paul rooBottom

Paul has authored textbooks and other published resources used all around the world to help learners understand more about science and our natural environment. He says: “Now, more than ever, it is important to understand the impacts we are having on our environment – at a local and international level. We can all make changes, including very small simple changes, that combined can make a big difference to our natural world right now as well as how we leave it for future generations.”

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Course Title Code Start Date Day Time of Day Length (weeks) Cost 18th Edition course - online offering Q3238 Visit for more information Award in Basic Stockmanship & Welfare (C & G NPTC) Q4494 07/09/2023 THUR 1 £440.00 Q460102/11/2023 THUR £505.00 Q460211/01/2024 THUR £505.00 Fork Truck Operations (Telehandler) (C & G NPTC) Q4497 21/09/2023 THUR 1 £456.00 Q460316/11/2023 THUR £540.00 Q460425/01/2024 THUR £540.00 Tractor Driving and related Operations (C & G NPTC) Q4493 12/10/2023 THUR 1 £456.00 Q460530/11/2023 THUR £540.00 Q460608/02/2024 THUR £540.00 Transport of Animals by road exam only (C & G NPTC) Q4496 On request 1 £126.00 Transport of Animals by road Teaching and Exam included (C & G NPTC) Q449514/12/2023 THUR 1 £209.00
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Manual Book Keeping (IAB Level 2 Cert) Q424910/01/2024WED 17£521.00 Manual Book Keeping (IAB Level 3 Cert) Q307012/09/2023TUE 30£718.00 Business Administration (Level 4 NVQ Diploma) Q301813/09/2023WED 35 £2,428.00 Cert in Ed Year 1 (University of Chester Level 4) Q309611/09/2023MON 34£2,428.00 Intro to Education and Training (University of Chester Level 4) Q309811/09/2023MON 15£809.00 Cert in Education Year 1 (University of Chester Level 5) Q337611/09/2023MON 34£2,428.00 Intro to Education and Training (University of Chester Level 4) Q362811/09/2023MON 15£809.00 12

Brush Cutters and Trimmers course (C & G NPTC)

PA1 Safe Handling & Application of Pesticides (City & Guilds L2)

Visit for more information


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Visit for more information Q3765 Visit for more information
information Q3769 Visit
PA2 Tractor Spraying course (City & Guilds L2) Q3236 Visit
for more
for more
information Q3768 Visit for more information Q3767 Visit
more information Sustainability (City & Guilds L2) Q4574 Visit for more information PAT Testing course Q323920/10/2023 FRI 1 £120.00 Q369114/06/2024 FRI 1 £120.00 Preparing a tractor
Hedge/Verge cutting operations (City & Guilds L2) Q457229/02/2023 To be confirmed £455.00 Safe Use of Mower course (City & Guilds L2) Q435820/10/2023 FRI 1 £500.00 Q4379 16/02/2024 FRI 1 £500.00 Q438026/04/2024 FRI 1 £500.00
PA6 Back Pack Sprayer course (City & Guilds L2)
for more
Course Title Code Start Date Day Time of Day Length (weeks) Cost Highfield L2 Food Safety course Q4348 06/11/2023 MON 1 £117.60 Q4349 12/02/2024 MON 1 £117.60 Q4352 20/05/2024 MON 1 £117.60 Highfield L1 Award in Food Safety for Catering (RQF) Q4576 02/10/2023 MON 1 £105.00 Highfield L1 Award in Principles of Health and Safety within the Workplace (RQF) Q4577 16/10/2023 MON 1 £105.00 Highfield L2 Award in Customer Service (RQF) Q4578 20/11/2023 MON 1 £170.00 Highfield L2 Award in Food Allergen Awareness and Control in Catering (RQF) Q4579 04/12/2023 MON 1 £136.00 Highfield L2 Award in Food Safety for Catering (RQF) Q4580 15/01/2024 MON 1 £141.00 Highfield L2 Award in Food Safety for Retail (RQF) Q4581 29/01/2024 MON 1 £134.00 Highfield L2 Award in Health and Safety within the Workplace (RQF) Q4582 04/03/2024 /01/2024 MON 1 £102.00 Highfield L2 Award in Healthy Food and Special Diets (RQF) Q4583 18/03/2024 MON 1 £102.00

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MAths & English

We offer a range of Math and English (including English for Speakers of other languages (ESOL)) courses for people who would like an up-to-date, recognised qualification in this subject or the opportunity to improve general understanding and skills, including:

GCSE Maths

Award in Mathematics Number and Measure

Community Maths

GCSE English

Functional Skills English

Community English

ESOL courses

Cost: Free

For more information visit:

Course Title Code Start Date Day Time of Day Length (weeks) Cost Speak Out with Confidence Q463911/10/2023WED 2 TBC Q4370 20/03/2024 WED 2 TBC HEALTH AND WELLBEING Highfield L2 Certificate in Customer Service (RQF) Q4584  To be confirmed 1 £1,936.00 Highfield L3 Award in Food Safety for Catering (RQF) Q4585 15/04/2024 MON n/a £377.00 Barista Skills Q4586 11/09/2023 MON TUE WED 1 £420.00



Apprenticeship courses are great for adults who want to reskill in a new industry or area of employment. Traditionally, apprenticeships were available in ‘the trades’ but this mode of study is now available across a wide range of industries including:


Carpentry & Joinery



Painting & Decorating

Construction & the Built Environment



Admin & IT


Digital Technologies



Dental Nursing

Professional Cookery

Motor Vehicle


Why choose an apprenticeship at UCM?

Earn while you learn

You benefit from applying the skills you learn during your course in a real work setting

You will build strong industry connections which will help strengthen your future career prospects

As well as the technical skills, you also learn key transferable skills in the workplace

We offer quality courses resulting in a nationally recognised qualification

Our lecturers have significant experience in their sectors, which is a huge benefit to you and the quality of your learning

Employers are building a strong and skilled workforce



*UCM provides the academic element of the apprenticeship scheme and does not find employers. Apprentice positions are advertised on the Job Centre website. Funding is through the Department of Education, Sport & Culture.


Apprenticeships are great for building a strong and skilled workforce. If you’re interested in providing apprenticeship places, visit for more information.



Whether you’ve always wanted to study a degree, or are wanting to add to your CV with a Masters, studying a degree as a mature student can be extremely rewarding and enriching.


Take the next step in your career with a level 4 qualification in Education, Engineering, Quality Assurance or IT.


Add a BA(Hons) or BSC (Hons) to your CV. These are offered in areas such as Art, Design, Media & Music, Business, Health & Social Care, History, IT, Nursing & Sport.


Achieve that Masters you’ve always dreamed of.



The Work Based and Integrative Studies (WBIS) framework allows for a highly individualised, bespoke pathway of learning.

Negotiate your qualification including BA(Hons)

BSc(Hons), Masters & MBA

Gain academic credit for past personal & professional experiential or accredited learning

Top up academic credit through taught modules and work-based projects

Learner support workshops to assist you in your studies

1-1 support from experienced lecturers


Why study a degree at ucm?

Face-to-face lectures

Smaller class sizes ensure you have an incredibly high level of support

You’re assigned a tutor for 1-1 support

Lecturers have industry experience

Research & employability placements

Staying on-Island ensures you can juggle family and study commitments



Access to Higher Education

If you’ve always wanted to attain a degree or are reskilling into an industry where a degree-level qualification is required but you don’t hold the required qualifications needed –An Access to Higher Education course could be ideal for you.



A one-year course ideal for people who have few or no formal qualifications* but want to go on study a degree. On completion of the course you’ll earn UCAS points in order to go on to study at a University in the UK can continue your studies on a Degree course with us.

*You’ll need a C or above in GCSE Maths and English, if you don’t have that already we can also help you with that.

Homefield Road | Douglas 01624 648200 MAIL@UCM.AC.IM Established 1880

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