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A Year of Reflection


Produced by: University of Cincinnati Libraries Xuemao Wang, Vice Provost for Digital Scholarship, Dean and University Librarian Melissa Cox Norris, Editor & Designer 640 Langsam Library, PO Box 210033 Cincinnati, OH 45221 (513) 556-1515 - www.libraries.uc.edu December 2019

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Students from Hughes High School learn about the work of the Preservation Lab during a visit to the Libraries

Raj Mehta, President Neville Pinto and Xuemao Wang with students at the Great Wall of China

Nursing students using the Sectra Virtual Dissection Table in the Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library


UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

FRO M T H E DE A N Welcome to the 5th Annual University of Cincinnati Libraries Progress Report – A Year of Reflection. This past year the University of Cincinnati marked its Bicentennial led by the tenants: to Honor the past. Elevate the present. Bend the future. While celebrating the Libraries’ vital role in the past 200 years of the university, I am appreciative of the dedication and efforts of my predecessors who worked diligently to build and propel UC Libraries forward. A list of all UC Librarians, from 1892 to the present, is included on page 6. Our mission is to empower discovery, stimulate learning and inspire the creation of knowledge by connecting students, faculty, researchers and scholars Vice Provost for Digital Scholarship, Dean and University Librarian to dynamic data, information and resources. Our ambitious vision is to become Xuemao Wang the globally engaged, intellectual commons of the university - positioning ourselves as the hub of collaboration, digital innovation and scholarly endeavor on campus. In order to meet our mission and achieve our vision, UC Libraries must provide access and services, strengthen our existing partnerships and build new ones. We are ever evolving to meet the changing needs of our constituents and to contribute to the research and scholarly endeavors of the university. As the next phase of our strategic direction, we spent this past academic year as a time of reflection. We began by assessing our goals, objectives, accomplishments and gaps in order to make an honest appraisal of our progress and to identify what needs further exploration. We took a critical look at our operations through an initiative we named Operational Excellence (OE), a process that resulted in the identification of gaps in both resources and staffing. To address issues identified by the OE process, we moved two staff members into new opportunities, changed two term positions to permanent ones and we welcomed eight new and talented staff members to join our organization to both fill crucial gaps as well as to create capacity for future growth. Through UC’s Strategic Sizing initiative that began this past summer, we identified four priorities that will position the Libraries to play an integral role in the university colleges’ academic pursuits and the strategic objectives outlined in Next Lives Here. The four priority areas are: to lead digital innovation; lead the open agenda; enhance global impact by enhancing investment in UC Libraries and to pursue excellence in supporting teaching, research and learning of UC students, faculty and staff. All of this reflection has illuminated the Libraries’ need to narrow our focus and to be even more intentional with resource allocation, thus resulting in the need for the creation of an emerging, and even bolder, Strategic Framework. Work on creating the Strategic Framework begins now with a consultant who will lead us in Design Thinking methodology. Taking the information gathered from our year of reflection, we will now concentrate on asking our community of students, faculty and university administrators not just what they want from UC Libraries, but to anticipate what they NEED. What are they trying to achieve? What grand problem or challenge are they facing and how can we enable them to succeed? We not only want to sharpen our “inside out” approach, but we are most eager this time to guide our future work from the “outside in,” by understanding the perspectives of our university leadership, faculty, staff, students and the Greater Cincinnati community. A new Strategic Framework built on the knowledge of our strengths and challenges, coupled with the needs and perspectives of our users will propel us forward as we strive to become the globally engaged intellectual commons of the university – now and well into the future. UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati


Reflecting on


Develop innovative technologies and services that transform and generate new modes of inquiry, access, scholarship, learning and creative ways of working together.

In October 2018, UC Libraries created a new Application Development Unit to develop and manage software projects for the Libraries. The new department is staffed by developers from the former Digital Collections and Repositories Department: Sean Crowe, Glen Horton and Thomas Scherz. They continue to work on repository development as well as new projects that support and advance various library endeavors and initiatives. Thomas Scherz, Glen Horton and Sean Crowe presenting a poster at the Samvera Connect conference

In May 2019, Provost Kristi Nelson and Vice President for Research Pat Limbach jointly announced that UC Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Center was selected as one of the first six anchor teams for the Digital Futures initiative. Digital Futures is integral to the Next Lives Here vision in UC’s strategic direction as it will “empower diverse teams of thinkers and doers to push the boundaries of what’s possible,” UC President Neville Pinto said, “to bend the future in Cincinnati’s direction.” James Lee presenting about the goals, needs and desired partnerships of the Digital Scholarship Center


UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

Reflecting on PILL A R II: PEO PLE

Transform the evolving role of the information professional.

New Hires Jessica Ebert

• Nathan Wysinski • Jeremy Berberich • Mark Chalmers • Sidney Gao • Rebecca Olson • Erin Rinto • Brad Warren • Hannah Stitzlein • Sarah Muncy • Katie Foran-Mulcahy


• Alfreda Green • Sharon Downing • Cheryl Ghosh • Leslie Schick • Linda Newman

University Librarians, 1892-2019

Sarah Muncy

• William Everett Waters, 1892-1894 • Frederick Leopold Schoenle, 1894-1896 • Thomas Herbert Norton, 1896-1900 • Harriet Evans Hodges, 1901-1907 • Charles Albert Read, 1907-1922 • Julian S. Fowler, 1922-1928 • Edward A. Henry, 1928-1951 • Wyman W. Parker, 1951-1956 • Arthur T. Hamlin, 1956-1968 • Bruce Kaufman, 1970-73 • Hal B. Schell, 1973-1980 • Charles Osburn, 1981-1986 • Linda Cain, 1987– 1990 • David F. Kohl, 1991-2001 • Victoria A. Montavon, 2001-2012 • Xuemao Wang, 2012-

Victoria A. Montavon

Rebecca Olson

Anniversaries 5 years Kristen Burgess Tiffany Grant Amy Koshoffer Eira Tansey Amanda Welter

20 years Holly Prochaska

10 years Jessica Ebert Dennis Gavin

25 years Alan Becker

15 years Elizabeth Meyer Sara Mihaly David Sandor

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

30 years Gerald Wagner 5

Amy Koshoffer

Jenny Doctor, Debbie Tenofsky and Xuemao Wang


Congratulations to two librarians who received UC Faculty Awards. Debbie Tenofsky, head of Research, Teaching and Services, for Faculty to Faculty Research Mentoring; and Jenny Doctor, head of the Albino Gorno Memorial (CCM) Library, for Faculty Excellence. The Society of American Archivists Council made a resolution honoring Eira Tansey, digital archivist and records manager, and her colleague Ben Goldman for their work in mapping regional climate risks to archival repositories and identifying archives in areas affected by natural disasters.


Melissa Cox Norris, director of library communication, was elected to the Executive Board of the Academic Library Association of Ohio as the PR Coordinator. Amy Koshoffer, science informationist, was named to the 2019 cohort of TRELIS Fellows. The NSF-funded Training and Retaining Leaders in STEM-Geospatial Sciences program provides professional development for academic women in the geospatial sciences. Jenny Mackiewicz, coordinator of special projects and programs, joined the board of Books by the Banks. Elizabeth Meyer, head of the Robert A. Deshon and Karl J. Schlachter Library for Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, was appointed as a board member of CF3: Cincinnati Form Follows Function. The mission is to promote, preserve, educate, document, enjoy and raise awareness of modern design in and around Cincinnati.

Conference Participation

S. Bennett, M. Leist-Smith and Emily Kean, research and education librarian, presented “The State of Professional Development Research” at the general session of the Association for Nursing Professional Development Annual Conference, April 3, 2019, Phoenix, AZ. S. Bennett, M. Leist-Smith and Emily Kean, research and education librarian, presented “Conducting an Integrative Review: Interprofessional Collaboration” at a concurrent session at the Association for Nursing Professional Development Annual Conference, April 4, 2019, Phoenix, AZ. Melissa Cox Norris, director of library communication, presented “Strategic Plan as Communication Plan” at the annual Academic Library Association of Ohio conference, Nov. 11, Columbus, OH. 6

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

Emily Kean

Peter Poulos, computer and information analyst, read “Religion and Cultural Exchange in Music for the Doge of Genoa” at the 18th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music, Cremona, Italy, July 10-15, 2018. Ana Hincapie, Kim Saverno, Gebra Cuyun Carter, Lucas S. Costa, Valerie Hughes and Edith Starbuck, information services librarian, presented the poster “Systematic Review of Validation Studies to Identify Liver, Lung, Brain and Bone Metastases in Administrative Claims Data” at ISPOR (The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research) 2019, New Orleans, LA, May 18-22, 2019. Sara Benson, Dominic Byrd-McDevitt, Greg Cram, Gabe Galson, Wendy Gogel, Molly Huber and Hannah Stitzlein, metadata and repository services librarian, presented “Standardized Rights Statements: A Data Driven Roadmap for Rights Statements Success, Working Group Updates and Community Conversation” at DPLAFest 2019, April 17-18, Chicago, IL. Hannah Stitzlein, metadata and repository services librarian, and Sara Benson presented “Copyright and Digital Collections: A Data Driven Roadmap for Rights Statement Success” at ACRL 2019, April 13, Cleveland, OH. Patricia Lampron, Hannah Stitzlein, metadata and repository services librarian, Ayla Stein, Myung Ja Han and Joshua Lynch presented “All the Gory Details of the <Type> Vocabulary That You Ever Wanted to Know” at DLF 2018 Forum, Las Vegas, 2018.


Jennifer Lanzillotta, Melissa Kalarchian, Edith Starbuck, information services librarian, Emily Kean, research and education librarian, and Angela Clark published “The Impact of Patient Characteristics and Post-Operative Exposure on Prolonged Post-Operative Opioid Use—An Integrative Review,” Pain Management Nursing, Vol. 19, Issue: 5, pp. 535-548, 2018. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pmn.2018.07.003. Olga Hart, coordinator of library instruction, and Carol Olausen wrote the chapter “Talking about the ‘Culture Bump’: Using Student Voices to Increase Cultural Sensitivity of Library and University Staff;” and Olga Hart, Pamela Bach and Don Jason, clinical informationist, wrote the chapter “Libraries as Cultural Crossroads: Events Promoting Global Diversity” in Rod-Welch, Leila J. Improving Library Services in Support of International Students and English As a Second Language Learners, 2019. Ben Kline, assistant department head of research, teaching and services, published poetry and fiction in over a dozen publications, including Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Riggwelter, Risk Magazine, Grist Online and The Offing. Hannah Stitzlein, metadata and repository services librarian, Myung-Ja K. Han and Sara R. Benson published “Unraveling Challenges: Rights Statements in Digital Cultural Heritage Collections,” Journal of Library Metadata, 18:3-4, acrl 135-150, DOI: 10.1080/19386389.2018.1540328. Olga Hart

Hannah Stitzlein

Don Jason

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati


Reflecting on PILL A R III: S PACE

Transform the concept and use of learning spaces managed by the library.

This summer we challenged students to Help Config the Reconfig! We asked them to provide input on possible changes to a large area within the main floor of the Walter C. Langsam Library by considering the questions: “Why do you come to the library?” “What kind of furniture do you want?” “What inspires you?” To provide input, library visitors were encouraged to draw, write or tell their ideas on one of two large chalkboards positioned at the entrance to the library as well as in the space to be renovated. After analyzing the input from students, we are now working with UC’s Office of Planning + Design + Construction to redesign the space to add more user space and seats, relocate or reduce some collections and to renovate existing group study rooms to make them more appealing and comfortable for a variety of uses. The project encompasses approximately 13,000 square feet of the library. It is part of the Libraries Master Plan, a comprehensive look at all library facilities and needs for the future.

Rows and rows of stacks with government documents and reference materials

One of two chalkboards asking for student input


UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

Reflecting on




Transform library research collections and enable new modes of scholarship.



• History of UC Women’s Lacrosse: Building Leaders through Sports

• Black History Month Event featuring author Carol Tongue Mack, Being Bernadette: From Polite Silence to Finding the Black Girl Magic Within

• 4th annual DATA Day, focusing on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in data

• Animals in Antiquity: An exhibit from the collections of the John Miller Burnam Classics Library

• Leonard Bernstein at 100: An exhibit featuring the collections of the Albino Gorno Memorial (CCM) Library • Native Voices: Native Peoples’ Concepts of Health and Illness, a traveling exhibit to U.S. libraries. Keynote speaker Dr. Suzanne Singer, energy systems and thermal analyst in the Computational Engineering Division at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, CA. Her talk focused on the intersections between land, energy and health in the Navajo community.

• The Great American Read sponsorship and hosting of three watch parties • “An Evening with Aristophanes,” in the John Miller Burnam Classics Library celebrating the life and work of the Greek comedy playwright

Aja Hickman examines a book on display at the 7th annual Preservation Lap Open House

• College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning professor Flavia Bastos’s art ed. graduate seminar created modified books that illustrated concepts in art ed. history Art Education exhibit in the Robert A. Deshon and Karl J. Schlachter Library for Design, Architecture, Art & Planning

Life of the Mind Lectures: • Sarah Stitzlein, prof. of education and affiliate faculty in philosophy, “What’s Next for America? Teaching Hope and Reviving Democracy” • Stephen Meyer, prof. of musicology in the College-Conservatory of Music, “Beyond Decanonization: The Future of Humanities in the Neoliberal University”

CCM and Classics graduate students perform at the “Evening with Aristophanes” event

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati


Inaugural Adopt-A-Book Event a Success for UC Libraries! This past March, donors braved a sudden spring storm to attend the University of Cincinnati Libraries’ inaugural fundraiser, Hidden Treasures: An Adopt-A-Book Evening. UC Libraries’ Adopt-A-Book program and event provides essential funding to support the preservation, acquisition and digitization of books, manuscripts and collections. Curators for each of UC Libraries’ special collection libraries, along with the Henry R. Winkler Center for the History of the Health Professions, carefully selected the materials put on display for the event at the Walter C. Langsam Library. The evening began with a reception and tours of the Preservation Lab. Guests were given a backstage look at the lab’s equipment and some of the items they were working on. Once the tours were completed, donors were free to peruse the 61 items on display available for adoption.

Materials from the Geology-Mathematics-Physics Library

By the end of the evening, half of the items had been adopted. The remaining items are available for adoption on the Adopt-A-Book website: libapps.libraries.uc.edu/adoptabook/.

Rosemary and Mark Schlachter peruse materials

Kim Fender, Dean Xuemao Wang, Ginger Warner and Harry Santen

UC Libraries would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Ann Santen and Rosemary Schlachter for serving as event co-chairs. We would also like to thank our sponsors: The First Edition Rare Books, Jack and Mary Gimpel, Dorothea Langsam, and Ann and Harry Santen. Save-the-Date for the next Hidden Treasures event planned for Thursday, March 12, 2020 at Langsam Library. Tickets are available to purchase online at foundation.uc.edu/hiddentreasures. 10

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

Reflecting on


Whether studying, taking a class, working, participating in a group project or taking time to unwind and recharge, students rely on the Libraries to provide the resources and spaces crucial for their academic pursuits.

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati 11

Reflecting on 20 0 Y E A R S

Authors Greg Hand, David Stradling and Phil Diller with Buck Niehoff

From publications to exhibits to events, UC Libraries celebrated the university’s Bicentennial throughout the year: • The exhibit “UC in Print: Books Marking 200 Years of the University of Cincinnati” • Bicentennial kickoff - Community Day - Holly Prochaska, head of the Preservation Lab, led a hands-on activity to create a book and Kevin Grace, university archivist and head of the Archives and Rare Books Library, presented “What Makes a Rare Book Rare?” • Fall Donor Event celebrating University of Cincinnati Press publications • Annual Cecil Striker Society Lecture - Daniel Drake’s Connection to Sir William Osler: Celebrating Two Medical Education Reformers. Speakers Philip M. Diller, MD, PhD, and Robert E. Rakel, MD, explored the immense impact both physicians had on medical education. The lecture coincided with the unveiling of the Daniel Drake, MD, Ohio Historical Marker. The University of Cincinnati Press Bicentennial Publications: • Leaving a Legacy: Lessons from the Writings of Daniel Drake by Philip M. Diller • In Service to the City: A History of the University of Cincinnati, a scholarly history by David Stradling • Edited by Greg Hand, From the Temple of Zeus to the Hyperloop: University of Cincinnati Stories, an anthology of 35 chapters


UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

In celebration of the UC’s Bicentennial year, the Archives and Rare Books Library posted on Facebook 365 images from their collections that illustrate Cincinnati - its people, places and momentous occasions.

Image #38. From the bio files in the University Archives, this image of Albert Sabin in his lab at Children's Hospital working on his live-polio vaccine, ca. 1957.

Image #56. Costume sketch from the Paoletta Collection. Paoletta was an opera specially commissioned by the City of Cincinnati for presentation at the 1910 industrial exposition.


Image #307. Jack Klumpe photograph: John F. Kennedy at Lunken Airport, Oct. 5, 1960.

Image #284. From the Jack Klumpe collection: Tyler Davidson Fountain on Fountain Square of the 1953 cicada summer.

Image #1, Central Parkway in 1928. From the holdings of Cincinnati Street Improvement images, which are digitized and available on the UC Libraries' Digital Scholarship website.

Image #84. From the Union Terminal progress photos. This collection is in 11 volumes.

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

Reflecting on THE NUMBERS



UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

FY19 financials: General Funds


• General funds were largely expended on salaries and library collections. • Spending on Salaries and Benefits has increased by 4%; Collection spending has a steady increase of 3%. • The library continues to utilize salary savings to support UCL facility improvements as well as Areas of Distinction strategic funding.

FY19 financials: Local Funds


• Earned $826.8K in endowment revenue; $99K in gift. Gift and Endowment Fund continue to grow steadily by 8% and 5%. • Received $600K+ in revenue from services provided to Children’s Hospital, UC Health, UC COM and others.

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati 15

Reflecting on DO NO R S

A Space for Learning to Honor Anne Grieme Dorsey, Who Dedicated Her Career to Early Education If Anne Grieme Dorsey chased one thing while she was a professor in early education and director of the Arlitt Center for Education, Research and Sustainability at UC it was a better understanding—a better understanding for how the youngest in our society learn. “The Nobel Prize this year went to a trio examining how young people learn in poverty,” remarked her husband of 58 years, Robert Dorsey. “Anne wasn’t focused on poverty, but – like the winners— she was indeed profoundly interested in how children learn in any circumstance.” Always searching for better ways to reach and teach children, Dorsey traveled around the world to see what was working elsewhere and became an expert on the topics of early childhood education and care. She put her work to practice, raising her and Bob’s three boys into very successful adults. “She was an incredible parent,” Robert Dorsey says, “and she wanted to expand her knowledge and share her findings with others.” Dorsey co-authored books including Developing and Administering a Child Care Center, now in its 9th edition, and her dedication to a better early education system led to a nomination for Enquirer Woman of the Year in 1991 by her colleagues and former students—an honor she won. Back in her days of teaching, Dorsey could often be found in a study carrel at UC’s Walter C. Langsam Library— that’s why her husband chose to make a grant this year to the UC Foundation to name one of the teaching and seminar rooms for his beloved wife, whom he met at a Robert Frost poetry reading at UC’s former Wilson Auditorium when they were undergraduates in the mid 1950s. From now on, 530 Langsam Library will be known as the Anne Grieme Dorsey Learning Space. The endowment made in her name will provide support for future room needs and/or aid in the general operations of UC Libraries. Family and friends gathered on October 26 to dedicate the room. Fitting, too, says her husband Robert, because she loved libraries and served on UC Libraries’ Proudly Cincinnati campaign committee. Anne passed away in 2014, but her legacy and name live on at UC, both in a scholarship in her name, and now in a room where people will learn for years to come.

Bob Dorsey at the entrance to the Dorsey Learning Space


UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

Kurkpatrick Dorsey, Peter Dorsey, Bob Dorsey, Brad Warren, Andrew and Thia Dorsey pose with the portrait displayed in the new Anne Grieme Dorsey Learning Space

Lucas Family Once Again Steps Up to Support the Winkler Center Being the secondoldest public college of medicine in the U.S., the University of Cincinnati has left an indubitable mark on the field Judy Lucas and Dan Lucas standing in front of a of medicine. It portrait of Dr. Stanley J. Lucas gave us the world’s first functional heart-lung machine and the first live, attenuated polio vaccine, among many other firsts. These medical triumphs live on in UC’s collection of historical medical documents, objects and other memorabilia—pieces of history that until now didn’t have funds directly devoted to their display and conservation. Mother-son duo Judy and Dr. Dan Lucas have stepped up to establish an endowment fund for exhibits at the UC Libraries’ Henry R. Winkler Center for the History of the Health Professions. The hope, Judy says, is that the center can better develop its exhibitions and connect with a wider audience. “Creating engaging and educational displays costs money,” Judy says. Who knows from 20 years’ experience curating the Skirball Museum Cincinnati at Hebrew Union CollegeJewish Institute of Religion. “Maybe in the future, as museums move into new technology, we can find better ways to access the collections and more effectively communicate their meaning.” The money can also be used for conservation and preservation of the collection, Judy says. The Lucas family has a long history at UC—three generations became doctors through the College of Medicine. Several objects in the center’s collection were donated and researched by the late Dr. Stanley J. Lucas, Judy’s husband and Dan’s father. Stanley was a well-known radiologist in Cincinnati and former president of the Ohio State Medical Association. He donated x-ray equipment and an early x-ray of conjoined twins in utero.

The Jim and Connie Ruebel Collection After completing his undergraduate degree at Yale, native Cincinnatian Dr. Jim Ruebel returned to his hometown to complete his master’s and doctorate degrees at UC where he earned a PhD in classics and ancient history. These degrees would pave the way for his future career in classics, as a lifelong teacher, learner, coach and mentor to countless students. When it came time to decide what to do with his collection, Dr. Ruebel’s wife, Connie, reached out to determine the most appropriate home. “A colleague and friend in classics did a little research for me when he heard my thoughts about giving the books to a university where they would be used by students. Jim was all about students! The fact that UC has a library dedicated to classics, the size of the program in terms of faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and its outstanding reputation made UC an easy decision.” Gifting the collection gave Connie Ruebel an opportunity to honor her husband’s memory in a meaningful, tangible way. “And I had to do something with all of the books!,” she said, “Jim taught classics at the University of Minnesota, Iowa State and Ball State, where his career culminated as dean of the Honors College. One can collect a lot of books over a 40-year teaching career. The Classics Library at UC seemed like a natural home for our collection. I know in my heart Jim would be very pleased to know the books are housed there.” The cross-cultural collection, numbering close to 2,300 books, will join the almost 300,000 volumes in the world-renowned John Miller Burnam Classics Library. Included in his collection is one of Dr. Ruebel’s own manuscripts, Apuleius: The Metamorphoses, Book 1, along with a one-of-a-kind piece of art by notable Garfield cartoonist Jim Davis.

The exhibits will be displayed in the Stanley J. Lucas, MD, Board Room, a premier location for meetings, lectures and receptions, made possible, too, by a gift from the Lucas family. “The room has been a great success,” says Dan, who is a practicing diagnostic radiologist in Arizona. “It’s a gateway to the medical “I would hope the availability of these books, center and an ideal space to highlight the contributions of many with Jim’s notations, would enhance the Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati 17 Cincinnati physicians. TheUC Winkler Center is a valuable asset to research experiences of students and visiting the community, and we want to promote it and bring it to life.” scholars at all of the UC Libraries.”

HO NO R RO LL O F DO N O R S The University of Cincinnati Libraries gratefully recognizes the generosity and foresight of our donors – alumni, faculty, staff and many friends, including corporations and foundations – who understand the importance of how an excellent library system is crucial to the academic and research success at UC. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the following individuals and organizations whose generous contributions of $100 or more help to sustain the operations and endowments of the UC Libraries. The list reflects support received from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019, and cumulative giving for donors at lifetime recognition levels.

Lifetime Donors

McMicken Club Annual Donors

McMicken Tower Society – Visionary (cumulative $1,000,000 to $4,999,999) Roger Chalkley, PhD Estate of Victor and Odette Haas Dr. Donald C. and Laura M. ‡ Harrison Rosemary and Mark Schlachter Michael and Margaret Valentine

$50,000 to $99,999 Anne G. and Robert W. Dorsey Family Foundation Gettler Family Foundation Mrs. Judith E. Lucas and Daniel N. Lucas, MD Mrs. Connie S. Ruebel *

McMicken Tower Society – Champion (cumulative $500,000 to $999,999) Mr. George R. Terry ‡ McMicken Tower Society – Benefactor (cumulative $250,000 to $499,999) Benjamin L. ‡ and Shirley T. Bernstein Mrs. Joann C. Cazden Ren and Cristina Egbert The Thomas J. Emery Memorial John Hauck Foundation Estate of Elizabeth A. Martin The Procter & Gamble Fund Benjamin J. and Coralie B. Rosenthal Memorial Fund Marge and Charles J. Schott Foundation

$10,000 to $24,999 Prof. Nicholas J. Chaparos ‡ * Vijay R. Sanghvi Family Foundation $5,000 to $9,999 Anonymous Mrs. Kimberlee J. Dobbs Mrs. Fritzi N. Heidt ‡ The J. M. Kaplan Fund, Inc. Edward R. & Jean Geis Stell Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Striker Ginger and David W. Warner $2,500 to $4,999 Dr. and Mrs. John E. Bossert Stanley T. Garber, M.D. Obstetric Fund Mr. and Mrs. John D. Harvith * Dr. and Mrs. Edmund W. Jones * Drs. Richard and Laura Kretschmer Ms. Dorothea K. Langsam Richard I. and Susan J. Lauf Mr. and Mrs. William J. McGowan Paul E. Potter, PhD * Ridgeway Foundation

McMicken Tower Society – Founder (cumulative $100,000 to $249,999) Anonymous Edward G. ‡ and Robert C. Bott ‡ Howard Hughes Medical Institute IBM International Foundation Drs. Richard and Laura Kretschmer $1,000 to $2,499 Estate of Francis L. Loewenheim Ms. Mary E. Alexander, Esq. Mrs. Judith E. Lucas and Daniel N. Lucas, MD Eula L. Bingham, PhD Milacron Geier Foundation Dr. and Mrs. William B. Camm Mr. ‡ and Mrs. Roger P. Schlemmer Roger Chalkley, PhD Estate of Dr. Else L. Schulze Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Davis, Jr. US Bank Dr. and Mrs. Philip M. Diller Wyeth-Lederle Vaccines and18 Pediatrics UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

Dr. and Mrs. Stewart B. Dunsker Ms. B. Lynn Estomin * Mr. and Mrs. Bob Fender Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gimpel Mr. and Mrs. James D. Graviss Mr. Bruce C. Levy Ms. M. Beckman Linhardt Robert F. Littlehale, MD Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Miliano Victoria A. Montavon, PhD Mr. Kurt E. Reichelderfer Harry and Ann Santen Rosemary and Mark Schlachter Mr. Kameron P. Schlachter Earl G. Siegel, PharmD * David G. Taft Foundation Mrs. Beatrice R. Winkler Dr. Allan M. Winkler and Ms. Sara J. Penhale Dr. and Mrs. Dennis B. Worthen Dr. and Mrs. Creighton B. Wright $100 to $999 Mr. James W. Clasper and Ms. Cheryl C. Albrecht Ms. Claire M. Alyea Ms. Rose A. Alyea Dr. ‡ and Mrs. Robert B. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Austing Mr. Richard A. Beck, AIA Miss Patricia A. Beresford Mr. and Mrs. John Bernardo Mr. Frank Connolly and Ms. Joanne M. Bessler Mary Ellen Betz Dr. and Mrs. Gregory G. Boren Mr. Ben D. Boswell Ms. Regina E. Bourne Mr. and Mrs. David T. Boyes Drs. Richard C. and Marguerite M. Bozian Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brown Mr. and Mrs. William E. Cameron Mr. and Mrs. David A. Camiener Ms. Deborah W. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. James R. Campbell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Carter

The Kretschmer Collection of Native American Children’s Literature: Exhibit & Children’s Program In conjunction with the traveling exhibition, Native Voices, UC Libraries featured children’s books from “The Kretschmer Collection of Native American Children’s Literature donated by Drs. Richard and Laura Kretschmer,” in the 4th floor lobby of the Walter C. Langsam Library. The books, with Native American themes, written and illustrated by Native Americans, are part of a collection of over 275 books donated by Drs. Richard and Laura Kretschmer and housed in the College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services (CECH) Library. With additional support provided by the Kretschmers, UC Libraries also hosted children from the Arlitt Center for Education, Research and Sustainability for an amazing program of dramatic skits, activity stations, and multi-media fun in Langsam Library. The students enjoyed learning about Native American literature, culture and traditions. As a parting gift, each child received the book D is for Drum: A Native American Alphabet by Debbie and Michael Shoulders and Irving Toddy. Native American culture event with students from the Arlitt Center

Richard and Laura Kretschmer

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati 19

Cecil Striker Lecture First Fully Endowed Lecture for UC Libraries The University of Cincinnati Libraries is pleased to announce the Cecil Striker Society Annual Lecture is now its first fully endowed annual lecture. The lecture was named for Dr. Cecil Striker, a graduate from Cincinnati’s College of Medicine in 1921, who established himself as a nationally and internationally acclaimed consultant for physicians with diabetic patients and led efforts to promote successful diabetes treatment through insulin, diet and exercise. He also helped found the American Diabetes Association and was its first President. Dr. Striker had a strong interest in medical history, which is honored by his eponymous lecture. The Cecil Striker Lecture has been held annually since 2011 hosted by the Henry R. Winkler Center for the History of the Health Professions. The endowment will allow for the lecture to take place in perpetuity. UC Libraries and the Winkler Center would like to thank the following donors for their generous support to the Cecil Striker Lecture Endowment Fund: Dr. and Mrs. Carl Fischer, Dr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Striker, Dr. John E. Bossert, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Dr. and Mrs. Michael K. Farrell, UC Health, Dr. and Mrs. William B. Camm, Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Davis, Jr., Dr. and Mrs. Philip M. Diller, Drs. William E. Hurford and Lesley I. Gilbertson, Drs. Laura and Richard Kretschmer, Jr., Cecil L. Striker, PhD, and Dr. and Mrs. Creighton B. Wright. Mike Farrell, Carl Fischer, Ted Striker and Joyce Fischer with Dean Xuemao Wang


Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Casey cf3 Mr. Michael E. Clements Mr. and Mrs. Sean R. Crowe Dr. Michael G. Curran and Dr. Manisha A. Patel Mr. Christopher A. Dalambakis and Mrs. Judy S. Schneider Dalambakis Mr. and Mrs. Michael Damschroder Rank O. Dawson, Jr., MD * Dr. and Mrs. Corwin R. Dunn Mr. and Mrs. James M. Eaton Barbara Jo Eckstein, PhD Drs. Wayne R. and Daniella J. Fisher Miss Janet B. Ganim Mrs. Susanne E. Geier Drs. William E. Hurford and Lesley I. Gilbertson Dr. Steven Goldman and Dr. Kathy Reed Lynne Meyers Gordon ‡ The Honorable Robert H. Gorman Hank ‡ and Jeannette Greeb Dr. Seyed Ehsan Haji Agha Mohammad Zarbaf Dr. T. Richard Halberstadt and Mrs. Margaret J. Halberstadt Ms. Sally S. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hart Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hatcher Mary L. Heider, PhD Dr. and Mrs. Dane O. Heuchemer Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Hill Mr. Gregory A. Hoodin Mr. Glendon D. Horton Dr. and Mrs. Warren D. Huff * Mr. and Mrs. James D. Huizenga Dr. Nancy E. Huth and Colonel Raymond D. Jones Mr. Samuel C. Ingraham III Ms. Marlene J. Jason Dr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Joffe Ms. Arlene M. Johnson Johnson Charitable Gift Fund Dr. Sandra L. Johnson-Pomeraning Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Kahn Dr. David E. Karol Dr. James N. Kaya and Ms. Debbie Grauel Ms. Emily B. Kean Dr. Lisa N. and Mr. Todd H. Kelchner Mrs. Carol W. Kortekamp Dr. and Mrs. Yau-Yam Lin Dr. Doris B. Lindner Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Lipps

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

‡ denotes deceased * charitable gift-in-kind

Mr. Jonathan G. Long Ms. Jennifer Mackiewicz David P. Marple, PhD Norma Marshall Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Martin Mr. John M. Williams and Ms. Joanne Mayfield-Williams Albert and Sandra McGlasson Ms. Tracy M. McMullen Dr. and Mrs. Hayden E. Meeker Messer Construction Company Mr. and Mrs. C. Mark Miller Mr. and Mrs. James L. Miller Mrs. Priscilla Neale Kristi A. Nelson and Mr. Stewart Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Jon A. Nicodemus Dr. Kathye Nippert and Alfred K. Nippert, Jr. Ms. Melissa Cox Norris Dr. Emmanuel M. K. Nyadroh Ohio National Financial Services Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Park Ms. Stephanie M. Parker Dr. Frank E. Pendle and Dr. Karin A. Pendle Mr. Gale E. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Brad Pierce Mr. Joseph L. Prior ‥ Mrs. Tracey L. Quintanilla Dr. Robert J. Rolfes and Mrs. Jane E. K. Rolfes Mr. Kenneth L. Ross and Mrs. Donna Cohen Ross Mrs. Delia R. Saba Mr. Michael P. Doyle and Ms. Lisa M. Sandora Mrs. Shirley B. Scharfenberger Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Scheid Mr. Stanley P. Schweinfurth Mr. Jason Shorten Vinton E. Siler Memorial Fund Mr. David Snopkowski Mr. Kerry T. and Dr. Karen L. Speed Mr. and Mrs. Wesley A. Spencer Mr. Michael Benson and Ms. Edith M. Starbuck Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Stern Dr. and Mrs. Cecil L. Striker Ms. Elizabeth A. Lenhart and Dr. Willard Sunderland Ms. Linda K. Ter Haar Mrs. Janet G. Todd Drs. Jimmie D. and Judith S. Trent Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Twyman Dean Xuemao Wang and Ms. Weihong Yang Mr. Brad Warren

Dr. Barbara A. and Mr. Paul A. Wenner Dr. Tina F. and Mr. Scott D. Whalen Mr. Howard E. Whitston Ben T. Yamaguchi, Jr., MD Mr. and Mrs. Carmine R. Zarlenga III Mr. Paul F. Zibritosky Linda and Dave Graviss review the Bicentennial books available for purchase

Nick Niehoff and Jim Tarbell

Judy Lucas, Marc Batz, Bea Katz, Penina Frankel and Bea Winkler

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Herman Schneider Legacy Society The Herman Schneider Legacy Society was founded in 1993 to honor visionary individuals who help to ensure the future excellence of UC through gift planning. It is with deep appreciation we recognize our current members of this prestigious group: Anonymous (3) Ms. Joanne W. Bader Dr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Block Roger Chalkey, PhD Mr. and Mrs. L. Ronald Frommeyer Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Hinkle

Mr. Samuel C. Ingraham III Mrs. Marjorie Motch Paul Edwin Potter Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. Schedler Rosemary and Mark Schlachter

Endowments Endowments provide permanent financial support to the UC Libraries, including our everyday operations, acquisitions and care of the collections, programming, special exhibits and improvements to our facilities. The UC Libraries thanks the following individuals and organizations for their vision and foresight. Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati Medical Center Libraries Fund The Isay Balinkin Color Collection Fund Dr. I. Leonard and Miriam G. Bernstein Fund Edward G. and Robert C. Bott Library Fund Breen Memorial Fund Dandridge Memorial Library Fund Day Book Fund Deshon-Schlachter Memorial Library Endowment The Anne Grieme Dorsey Endowment Fund John F. & Gertrude C. Dreyer Fund Albino Gorno Memorial Music Library Endowment Fund Victor and Odette Haas Fund David S. Hachen Fund Zelda E. Heiney-Rathweg, MD Library Endowment Fund Charlotte Hillebrand Fund Arthur E. Hinman Memorial Library Fund Christian R. Holmes Memorial Fund Stella Kramer Memorial Book Fund The Kretschmer Collection of Native American Children's Literature Endowment Fund Newton J. Krug Memorial Library Fund Library Enrichment Room Fund Francis Loewenheim Endowment Fund Dr. Milan A. Logan Biochemistry Memorial Fund The Dr. Stanley J. Lucas Family Endowment Fund Elizabeth A. Martin Library Endowment Fund Elizabeth A. Martin Literature Collection Endowment Fund 22

Marquita McLean Endowment Fund for University of Cincinnati Libraries The Vivian K. Morgan Library Support Endowment Fund NEH Challenge Matching Endowment Fund Alfred M. Pleatman Memorial Fund Daniel J. Ransohoff Fund for Archives and Rare Books Rieveschl Endowment Fund for University Libraries Charles S. Rockhill Fund Benjamin J. and Coralie B. Rosenthal Memorial Fund Dr. Jean W. Rothenberg Endowment Fund Robert C. Rothenberg MD Collection Schlemmer Family Library Fund Laura Seasongood Fund Mr. and Mrs. John J. Strader Library Fund Cecil Striker Lecture Endowment Fund Cecil Striker Medical Library Fund George R. Terry – UC Engineering Library Fund University of Cincinnati Library Collections The Charlotte and Edward Unnewehr Fund for the German-Americana Collection made possible by the Marge and Charles J. Schott Foundation Miriam B. Urban Memorial Fund Michael D. Valentine Engineering Library Fund Winkler Center Endowment Fund Winkler Center - Sabin Fund

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

2019 Edible Books Festival “Best Overall” winner – A Series of Unfortunate Cupcakes by the Warren Family

May Chang, Xuemao Wang, Debbie Tenofsky, Hong Cheng and Lori Harris celebrate the Chinese New Year

Sidney Gao, James Van Mil and Hannah Stitzlein using the 3-D scanner in UC’s 1819 Innovation Hub to capture a pop-up artist book from the Libraries collection

If you would like to support the UC Libraries, please contact Christa Bernardo at the University of Cincinnati Foundation. She may be reached at (513) 556-0055 or via e-mail at christa.bernardo@uc.edu. Every attempt has been made to produce a complete and accurate list of donors. If any mistakes have been made, corrections are welcome at (513) 556-0055. The Oesper Collections in the History of Chemistry, part of the offerings of the Ralph E. Oesper Chemistry-Biology Library

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