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Have We Transformed Yet? A Strategic Plan Review and A Look to the Future

Produced by: University of Cincinnati Libraries Xuemao Wang, Dean and University Librarian Melissa Cox Norris, Editor & Designer Photographers: Melissa Cox Norris, Sam Kane, UC Photographers 640 Langsam Library, PO Box 210033 Cincinnati, OH 45221 (513) 556-1515 - www.libraries.uc.edu December 2018

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UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

FRO M T H E DE A N Welcome to UC Libraries’ fourth annual Progress Report where we ask the question: Have We Transformed Yet? Early in my tenure as dean of the University of Cincinnati Libraries, I charged my new library colleagues to form an ambitious, future-oriented strategic plan for UC’s extensive library system. The time had come for the Libraries to transform, expanding beyond our well-established traditional library services to the cutting edge. With the help of a planning group led by the Dean and University Librarian senior associate dean, we engaged in a Xuemao Wang collaborative and inclusive process that resulted in a new mission for the Libraries: to empower discovery, stimulate learning and inspire the creation of knowledge by connecting students, faculty, researchers and scholars to dynamic data, information and resources. The vision I crafted myself as a call to action and the driving direction for UC Libraries to become the globally engaged intellectual commons of the university - positioning ourselves as the hub of collaboration, digital innovation and scholarly endeavor on campus. This mission and vision, along with the other integral components of the Strategic Plan, have provided tremendous guidance to the organization. Our first round of initiatives had a profound effect on the Libraries and the university, not to mention on our standing in the national and international library community. In this year’s annual Progress Report, we make note of the accomplishments of the previous year, as well as take a holistic view of UC Libraries since the Strategic Plan was launched five years ago. We celebrate the continued success of the Libraries’ annual events such as: UC Data Day, which this past year welcomed Dr. Patricia Brennan, director of the National Library of Medicine; Life of the Mind, an interdisciplinary lecture series co-sponsored by the Faculty Senate and the Office of the Provost; and the annual Preservation Lab Open House held during Preservation Week to showcase the work done to conserve and make accessible the Libraries collections. Integral to fulfilling the work of the Strategic Plan is the dedication of the faculty and staff of UC Libraries along with the investment of our donors. By highlighting the accomplishments of our hard-working staff and listing the current donors, both groups are recognized and celebrated in this Progress Report. Finally, if all of the accomplishments listed in this report signal that we are at least on the road to transformation than we must ask ourselves the question...what’s next? We will look to the future and our plans to build upon the transformative change brought on by the Strategic Plan to create a sharply focused framework to achieve distinctive excellence. UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati


PILL A R I: DIGITA L T ECH N O LOGIE S A N D IN NOVATIO N Develop innovative technologies and services that transform and generate new modes of inquiry, access, scholarship, learning and creative ways of working together. UC Libraries will be a leader in creating and utilizing digital technologies and innovation for the provision of learning tools and research platforms essential for transforming the user experience and the creation of new knowledge. We will create an agile and innovative information environment of ongoing inquiry, analysis, research and discovery.

Initiatives that enhance the access and interpretation of information through technology...

UC ’ S DIGITA L S CH O L A R S HIP CE N T E R The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded the University of Cincinnati a $900,000 grant in support of the Digital Scholarship Center’s (DSC) research on machine learning and data visualization in multiple disciplines in the humanities and beyond. Located in the Walter C. Langsam Library, the DSC is a joint venture of the University of Cincinnati Libraries and the College of Arts and Sciences, providing faculty and students with support for digital project conception, design and implementation. “As a Research 1 university, the University of Cincinnati must be equipped to support the highest level of research activity. Digital scholarship plays a key role in setting the stage for our continued momentum in investigation and innovation. It helps to break down silos to share new knowledge across disciplines,” said Neville G. Pinto, president of the University of Cincinnati.

Working on Mellon Grant Funded Projects: Erin McCabe, Ezra Edgerton and Zhaowei Ren

Co-led by Arlene Johnson and James Lee, the DSC uses technical innovations in machine learning and data visualization on large, unstructured datasets in text, image, audio and video formats to investigate complex, crosscutting research questions that call for collaboration among humanists, social and natural scientists, librarians/information professionals and others. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation’s support will enable the DSC to integrate the two methods in a cloud-based machine learning and visualization platform for other researchers to use, both at UC and at other institutions. For more about the Digital Scholarship Center, visit http://dsc.uc.edu. 4

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

S CH O L A R@UC U P G R A DE E N H A N CE S T H E U NIV E R SIT Y ’ S DIGITA L R E P OSITO RY This spring, the Libraries announced that Scholar@UC, the University of Cincinnati’s digital repository, was updated to include enhanced submission and viewing features, as well as usage analytics and social media sharing widgets. Scholar@UC is a digital repository that enables the UC community to share research and scholarly work with a worldwide audience. Faculty and staff can use Scholar@UC to collect their work in one location and create a durable and citeable record of papers, presentations, publications, datasets or other scholarly creations. The mission of Scholar@UC is to preserve the permanent intellectual output of UC, to advance discovery and innovation and to foster scholarship and learning through the transformation of data into knowledge. For more information, or to view submitted works, visit Scholar@UC at https://scholar.uc.edu/.

David Meyer, professor emeritus of geology in the College of Arts and Sciences, uses Scholar@UC to document and make available his research. His collection includes images of marine organisms, invertebrate and vertebrate animals, plants and environments gathered in his research in the tropical Western Atlantic and tropical Pacific Oceans. Data are provided on taxonomic identification, exact location, date, photographer, water depth, publications and relevant information.

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati


PILL A R II: PEO PLE Transform the evolving role of the information professional. UC Libraries will become more dynamically engaged partners with colleges, departments and units —integrating new methods for collecting, accessing, utilizing and preserving streams of data and information in support of the teaching and research mission of the university. We will become leaders in defining the changing role of academic libraries in the global library community.

Examples of how staff are transforming and defining the changing role of academic libraries... Service Appointments Ben Kline, assistant director of circulation services in the Walter C. Langsam Library, was a member of the Programming Committee for the Access Services Conference, Atlanta, GA, November, 2017. Eira Tansey, digital archivist/records manager in the Archives and Rare Books Library, was appointed to the Society of American Archivists (SAA) Committee on Public Policy, a national committee that does the legwork behind virtually all SAA public policy statements and press releases regarding “record keeping issues in the news” – including recent statements on law enforcement body-camera footage, violations of FOIA and other matters of public record keeping interest.

Ben Kline

Awards On April 13, two UC Libraries employees were honored at the UC Celebration of Black Excellence 2018 awards ceremony. Don Jason, health informationist in the Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library, was awarded a Maendeleo Award, Promotion Award for his advancement in the academy.

Don Jason

June Taylor-Slaughter, technical processing and e-reserves manager in the Geology-Mathematics-Physics Library, was named the 2018 recipient of the Marilyn Kershaw Legacy Award for Courage and Perseverance.


UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

June Taylor-Slaughter

Local and Global Professional Engagements Hong Cheng, global services librarian, participated in a panel discussion at the 18th Distance Library Service Conference in San Antonio, TX on April 13, 2018 called “Service Excellence in Global Librarianship: Perspectives and Trends.”

Hong Cheng

Ben Kline, assistant director of circulation services in the Walter C. Langsam Library, was a featured speaker for the 2017 USA Today series “I Am an American” – nationwide webcast in July 2017.

Ben Kline

In February, Amy Koshoffer, science informationist in the GeologyMathematics-Physics Library, presented along with several colleagues “Giving datasets context, a comparison study of institutional repositories that apply varying degrees of curation” at the International Digital Curation Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

Amy Koshoffer

MILE S TO N E S New Hires Ezra Edgerton, Data Visualization Developer Dorcas Gichuru, Staff Accountant

Dorcas Gichuru

Gino Pasi, archivist and curator for the Henry R. Winkler Center for the History of the Health Professions, gave a talk, “The Nuts and Bolts of Building a Diverse and Inclusive Archive and What They Didn’t Give You in Library School,” at the Archivists and Librarians in the History of the Health Sciences (ALHHS) Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, May 9-10, 2018.

Peter S. Poulos, information technology analyst in the Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library, presented “Myth, Mythology Gino Pasi and the Partitura delli sei libri de’ madrigali of Carlo Gesualdo.” American Musicological Society Midwest Chapter, Ball State University, Muncie, IN, April 21, 2018; and “G. B. De Marini and the ‘Genoese Nation’ in Rome: Patronage, Piety and Politics.” Early Modern Rome 3, University of California, Rome, Italy, October 5-7, 2017.

Aja Hickman, Human Resources Coordinator Richard Johansen, Data Visualization Specialist Erin McCabe, Digital Scholarship Library Fellow Margaux Patel, Business and Data Analytics Librarian

Aja Hickman

Zhaowei Ren, Software Developer Christopher Zonker, Staff Accountant Richard Johansen

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati


Local and Global Professional Engagements continued...

Sharon Purtee, senior librarian in the Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library, presented a poster created with Lori Harris, assistant director of the Health Sciences Library, titled: “Introducing High School Students to the Library Profession.” It detailed their work with three DePaul Christo Rey students over the last three school years.

MILE S TO N E S Anniversaries

Elizabeth Scarpelli, director of the University of Cincinnati Press, presented at the Library Publisher Forum in Minnesota on Extending and Measuring Impact along with colleagues Jason Colman, Michigan Publishing Services, University of Michigan Library; and John W. Warren, George Mason University Press/ Mason Publishing.

5 years ~ Glen Horton Yu Mao 10 years ~ Sean Crowe Suzanne Reller James Van Mil 15 years ~ Tiffany Grant Melissa Cox Norris Debbie Tenofsky 20 years ~ Jay Sinnard

Debbie Tenofsky

35 years ~ Leslie Schick 40 years ~ Jeff Crawford Randy Roberts 45 years ~ Dan Gottlieb

Three librarians, Olga Hart (Walter C. Langsam Library), Emily Kean (Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library) and Lauren Wahman (UC Blue Ash College Olga Hart Library), attended the 46th Annual LOEX conference in Houston, TX, from May 3-5, 2018. LOEX, a clearinghouse for library instruction and information literacy information, provides the opportunity to learn from colleagues and to explore trends and issues. This year’s conference was themed “New Frontiers: Exploring and Innovating in Uncharted Territory.” At the conference, Emily Kean presented “When the Stars Align: Successful Examples of Interprofessional Collaboration for eLearning and Instruction from a Health Sciences Library.”

Dan Gottlieb

Retirees Pam Bach Mike Bramel Janice Hutzler Lorna Newman Tom White Tom White


Lori Harris

Lorna Newman

Pam Bach

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

Local and Global Professional Engagements continued...

Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library staff presented at the Medical Library Association annual meeting. • Edith Starbuck, information services librarian, and Tiffany Grant, research informationist. Poster: “3D Printing Pilot: Testing a Potential 3D Printing Service in a Health Sciences Library.” • Tiffany Grant, research informationist, Lightning Talk on the effort to develop a cost-effective, low maintenance statistical support service that would educate researchers on statistical software and programming language tools and provide minor data analyses for research projects. • Don Jason, clinical informationist, Emily Kean, research and education librarian, along with colleagues Katie Lang, Kathy Moller and Joyce Zehler. Poster “Librarians Co-Develop and Team Teach Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Workshops with Hospital EBP Council”

Don Jason and Emily Kean

Edith Starbuck

Publications Ben Kline, assistant director of circulation services in the Walter C. Langsam Library, published poems and short fiction in The Matador Review, Impossible Archetype, The Birds We Piled Loosely, Love’s Executive Order, Animal Literary Magazine and several others. Eira Tansey, digital archivist/records manager in the Archives and Rare Books Library, co-authored the article “American Archives and Climate Change: Risks and Adaption” in Climate Risk Management, vol. 20. Visiting Scholars UC Libraries was honored to host visiting scholars Sufang (Sophie) Zhang (pictured left, middle front row), associate professor, School of Economics and Management at South China Normal University and Yanli Liu (pictured left second from right), associate professor of library science at National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences. While at UC, they learned about library services and participated in various library programs and initiatives. UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati 9

PILL A R III: S PACE Transform the concept and use of learning spaces managed by the library. UC Libraries will be recognized as the intellectual hub for students, faculty, researchers and scholars by providing engaging digital and physical environments, as well as powerful new tools and services that spark inquiry, support analysis and ignite discovery and scholarship as well as prepare emerging generations for lives of ongoing discovery.

2017/18 highlights to the facilities that helped transform the user experience... • Robert A. Deshon and Karl J. Schlachter Library for Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (pictured left): ~ Additional soft seating in open area of the library. • Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library: ~ Informatics Lab installation of larger monitor for the group meeting space. • John Miller Burnam Classics Library: ~ Group study room updated with dual monitors. ~ Shelving for the storage of paleontology collection.

• Albino Gorno Memorial (CCM) Library: ~ Large display case for exhibits. ~ Listening seminar room installation of specialized equipment for the specific listening/sound needs of CCM faculty for teaching. ~ Group study room installation of record player and head phones for listening. • Geology-Mathematics-Physics Library: ~ Shelving and décor for addition of the Castor Collection. ~ Eight-panel large data visualization wall installed as part of the Innovation Technology Grant from the Provost Office. • College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services Library: 10 whiteboards. UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati ~ Addition of 19 mobile

The University of Cincinnati Libraries will create exciting and innovative ways to deliver library services in both digital and physical spaces in order to connect to students, faculty, researchers and scholars in new ways and more directly.

Since 2014, the Transformation of the Walter C. Langsam Library... • Langsam Starbucks. • New study spaces and modular furniture throughout the building to provide a variety of options for students working in the library. • Updated 462 classroom to include new technology, flexible furniture and a glass wall for hightened visibility. • Conversion of closed offices to create a total of 64 group study rooms, many with white boards and digital display screens.

The 4th floor of Langsam now offers a variety of seating for studying and gathering.

The Desk@Langsam central service point

Digital Commons Space with flexible seating and presentation software plays host to a variety of events including book readings, conferences and siminars.

The 4th floor of Langsam includes a mix of seating options to accommodate the various ways students like to meet and work.


UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati






Transform library research collections and enable new modes of scholarship. From data to information to knowledge, UC Libraries will expand the scope and access to library and university collections by transforming the creation, acquisition, organization, discoverability, preservation and curation of data and information to meet the vast and changing needs of current and future students, faculty, researchers and scholars. We will support and inspire local and global, novel, innovative and one-of-a-kind research through our collections and services.

Library collections and events that promote the use and creation of new knowledge... Celebrity Storytellers was part of game-day tailgating activities for Homecoming 2017 and was held in support of Coach Luke Fickell’s passion for children’s literacy while also raising awareness of UC Libraries’ children’s literature collection. The event featured several notable storytellers, including members of FC Cincinnati, former Bearcat and retired MLB player Kevin Youkilis, newscaster Kathrine Nero, Thane Maynard of the Cincinnati Zoo (pictured), UC Libraries informationist Tiffany Grant and the UC Bearcat. In April 2017, UC Libraries hosted the German-Americana Lecture generously supported by The Charlotte and Edward Unnewehr Fund made possible by the Marge and Charles J. Schott Foundation. Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann (pictured, middle) served as guest speaker and spoke on “The German-Americana Collection, University of Cincinnati: How it Came to Be.” Located in the Archives and Rare Books Library, the collection is one of the nation’s largest of books, pamphlets, documents, journals, newspapers and manuscripts pertaining to German-American history, literature and culture.


The Henry R. Winkler Center for the History of the Health Professions and the Cecil Striker Society for the History of Medicine hosted the 9th Cecil Striker Society Lecture in May 2018, titled “Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Impacting the Health of Children in Our Community and the World: The Past, Present and Future.” The annual lecture is funded by the Cecil Striker Endowment Fund, made possible by the following sponsors: Dr. and Mrs. Carl Fischer; Dr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Striker; Dr. John E. Bossert; Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center; and UC Health. Additional support is provided by Dr. and Mrs. William Camm, the Cincinnati Pediatric Society, Dr. and Mrs. Michael K. Farrell and Cecil L. Striker, PhD. UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

Library Exhibits Celebrate and promote the services and collections of the University of Cincinnati Libraries, 2017/18 exhibits included: • Celebrate Appalachian Culture Month • The Lucille M. Schultz Archive of 19th-Century Composition • 125 Years of UC Libraries • Reformation 500

University of Cincinnati Press Announced in 2016 with director Elizabeth Scarpelli starting in 2017, the University of Cincinnati Press publishes on social justice and community engagement. The Press has celebrated numerous milestones:

The Libraries and the Press hosted a day-long meeting with nine midwest libraries and publishers to discuss methods of collaboration for scholarly publishing.

• Joined the Association of American University Presses in 2017. • Established CLIPS - Cincinnati Library Publishing Services to assist UC faculty with publication projects. • Expanded staff with a scholarly communications library publishing coordinator, assistant managing editor, marketing intern and an editorial graduate assistant, along with working with other library staff members in the operations of the Press. • Published first book, 50 Years of UC Blue Ash College, and several open-access journals hosted at journals.uc.edu. • Announced inaugural publishing season with six scholarly and regional titles.

UPCOMING: • Selected as a beta site for Manifold, an open-source, publishing platform for both iterative pre-print works and published open-access e-books. The Manifold platform provides powerful annotation tools, rich media support and robust community dialogue. Select forthcoming Press publications and new 13be hosted UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati modes of scholarship will on Manifold.

The University of Cincinnati Libraries will become the globally engaged, intellectual commons of the university—positioning ourselves as the hub of collaboration, digital innovation and scholarly endeavor on campus.

2017/18 Library Events Encourage use of library spaces, feature library collections and foster an intellectual, collaborative atmosphere. • Music in the Gorno Library (left, top) – concert of songs by Henri Duparc performed by UC College-Conservatory of Music students. • Coming Together to Give Thanks - annual celebration of worldwide traditions. • Books by the Banks: Cincinnati Regional Book Festival. • Life of the Mind (left, middle) - Jeffrey Blevins, associate professor and chair of the department of journalism in the College of Arts and Sciences, “Manufacturing Truth: The Political Economy of Fake News, Bots.” • An Evening with Ovid - lecture and music celebration in the John Miller Burnam Classical Library. • UC DATA Day (left, bottom) - featured keynote speaker Patricia Flatley Brennan, RN, PhD, director of the National Library of Medicine (NLM). • Digital Humanities Speaker Series – David Eichmann, director and associate professor, School of Library and Information Science; Blaine Greteman, associate professor of English, both from the University of Iowa. • Archives and Rare Books Library presented: 50 Minutes/One Book – The Elements of Style • Poetry at a Glance “Black History through Poetry” celebrated Phillis Wheatley. • “Madrid: A Culinary History” book reading. • Annual International Edible Books Festival – featured over 20 edible, literary creations from UC students, faculty and staff. 14

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

Global Engagement Following the 2016 visit from the University of Botswana Library (UBL) director Edwin Qobose during the IFLA World Library and Information Congress, UC Libraries and UBL formed a partnership to network and share information in the areas of preservation, business librarianship, information literacy and medical librarianship. UC librarians Holly Prochaska, Lori Harris, Olga Hart and Debbie Tenofsky (now Margaux Patel) participate in on-going email communication with their UBL counterparts on best practices and to seek collaboration opportunities.

UC Libraries and the University of Botswana Library meet virtually.

Visitors from both Near and Far UC Libraries played host to visitors from China, South Korea, Guatemala, Taiwan and Cincinnati. Chongqing University Delegation (China)

Cincinnati’s Lloyd Library and Museum

Adopt-a-Book In November 2017, UC Libraries launched its inaugural Adopt-A-Book program, which offers donors the unique opportunity to help contribute to the preservation of library materials. Through the generous support of donors, over $14,000 was raised and three items were fully adopted, including Green Willow and other Japanese Fairy Tales shown here. The Preservation Lab created before and after photo documentation of the book and repaired the spine. In other cases, the Lab will create storage and housing to allow the materials to be viewed in their current state. Stay tuned for a new event in March 2019 titled, Hidden Treasures: An Adopt-A-Book Evening at UC Libraries. Before treatment

After treatment


UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati 16


UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati 18


UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

Legacies of Giving Honoring Marian A. Spencer UC Libraries nominated Marian A. Spencer for the William Howard Taft Medal for Notable Achievement. Mrs. Spencer received the UC Alumni Association’s most distinguished honor at the annual Distinguished Alumni Celebration in April 2018. The Archives and Rare Books Library is home to a collection of papers from Marian and Donald Spencer. For over 50 years, the Spencers fought for educational equity and equal rights with organizations such as the NAACP, the U.S. Commission on Human Rights Ohio Board, and the Cincinnati Board of Education.

Donald and Marian Spencer

Marian Spencer with Jennifer Heisey, VP of Alumni Relations, UCF and UC President Neville Pinto

Finding aids for the Marian and Donald Spencer papers are available at: http://rave.ohiolink.edu/archives/ead/ OhCiUAR0030.

Troup Learning Space Open House The Dr. Stanley B. Troup Learning Space, located in the Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library, celebrated its grand opening with demonstrations by librarians and informationists who use the space. Paula Troup made a donation in 2015 to create the learning space in honor of her late husband, Dr. Stanley B. Troup, former senior vice president and director of the UC Medical Center.

The Troup family poses with Leslie Schick (left), Sr. Associate Dean of Library Services & Director of the Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library


UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

DO NO R PRO FILE Depression-era Wisdom Benefits UC Libraries It started with dimes. As a child, Vivian Morgan always received a dime on her birthday from a family friend. Her Depression-era parents taught her to save half. Morgan, BS ‘79, has continued the practice of saving. She also followed her parents’ example of sharing with others. Thanks to these virtues, she established The Vivian K. Morgan Library Support Endowment Fund for UC Libraries. Her endowment is for unrestricted operating support because she believes, “when you give a gift you shouldn’t give it with strings attached.” Morgan attended UC as a night student, working full-time during the day. After earning her degree in business and English, she didn’t plan on attending graduation. Again, her parents’ wisdom prevailed. “They said, ‘You’ve earned it, you’ve got to go’,” Morgan recalls. “I’m very proud to say I’m an alumna of UC, very proud. I think I got a really good education, and I think it’s a great institution.” Following graduation, Morgan continued to be employed at The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. As her career progressed, she was promoted and the in-house library fell under her jurisdiction. This was a perfect fit because Morgan is passionate about books and had taken library courses at UC. In her 40s at the time, she soon won over the librarians because she could speak their language. “They looked at me like, ‘who is this kid?’” she remembers. “But we got off to a really good start because I understood systems, reference books, bindings and journals.” After retirement, Morgan kept her hand in books by becoming her church librarian. “I have such a respect for books,” she says. “I think libraries are really important. They are the guardians of the past and the gateway to the future.” When she’s not reading or volunteering, Morgan can be found upholding her families’ 50-year tradition of attending UC football games. “I’ve been a Bearcat a long time. I’ve been very blessed and I’ve been very pleased with the whole university.” UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati 21

Donor Reception Celebrating 125 Years of UC Libraries The year 2017 marked the 125th anniversary of UC Libraries. This significant milestone was acknowledged at the Libraries’ annual donor reception, which celebrated the anniversary and featured the Press and its director, Elizabeth Scarpelli. Special guests Kristi Nelson, UC’s provost and executive vice president for academic affairs, and Peter Landgren, president of the UC Foundation (both pictured below), joined the festivities and spoke about their own personal experiences with UC Libraries.

HO NO R RO LL O F DO N O R S The University of Cincinnati Libraries gratefully recognizes the generosity and foresight of our donors – alumni, faculty, staff and many friends, including corporations and foundations – who understand the importance of how an excellent library system is crucial to the academic and research success at UC. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the following individuals and organizations whose generous contributions of $100 or more help to sustain the operations and endowments of the UC Libraries. The list reflects support received from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018, and cumulative giving for donors at lifetime recognition levels.

Lifetime Donors

McMicken Club Annual Donors

McMicken Tower Society – Visionary (cumulative $1,000,000 to $4,999,999) Roger Chalkley, PhD Estate of Victor and Odette Haas Dr. Donald C. and Laura M. ‡ Harrison Rosemary and Mark Schlachter Michael and Margaret Valentine

$50,000 to $99,999 Drs. Richard and Laura Kretschmer Ms. Vivian K. Morgan

McMicken Tower Society – Benefactor (cumulative $250,000 to $499,999) Benjamin L. ‡ and Shirley T. Bernstein Mrs. Joann C. Cazden Ren and Cristina Egbert The Thomas J. Emery Memorial John Hauck Foundation Estate of Elizabeth A. Martin The Procter & Gamble Fund Marge and Charles J. Schott Foundation

$10,000 to $24,999 Anonymous Robert A. & Marian K. Kennedy Charitable Trust Vinton E. Siler Memorial Fund

McMicken Tower Society – Founder (cumulative $100,000 to $249,999) Anonymous Howard Hughes Medical Institute IBM International Foundation Drs. Richard and Laura Kretschmer Estate of Francis L. Loewenheim Mrs. Judith E. Lucas and Daniel N. Lucas, MD Milacron Geier Foundation Mr. ‡ and Mrs. Roger P. Schlemmer Estate of Dr. Else L. Schulze US Bank Wyeth-Lederle Vaccines and Pediatrics 22

$25,000 to $49,999 Dr. and Mrs. William A. Altemeier III

$5,000 to $9,999 Dr. and Mrs. John E. Bossert Mr. and Mrs. John D. Harvith * Daniel N. Lucas, MD Matinee Musicale Endowment Fund Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Striker $2,500 to $4,999 Charles Scott Riley III Foundation Stanley T. Garber, M.D. Obstetric Fund Mr. Virginius C. Hall * Stephen L. Herr, MD Drs. William E. Hurford and Lesley I. Gilbertson Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. Schedler * Earl G. Siegel, PharmD *

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

$1,000 to $2,499 Anonymous * Anne G. and Robert W. Dorsey Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Block Dr. and Mrs. William B. Camm Roger Chalkley, PhD Dr. and Mrs. Stewart B. Dunsker Dr. and Mrs. Michael K. Farrell Mrs. Susanne E. Geier Mr. and Mrs. James D. Graviss Mrs. Fritzi N. Heidt ‡ Mr. Samuel C. Ingraham III Mr. and Mrs. David A. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Lauf Mr. Bruce C. Levy Victoria A. Montavon, PhD and Mr. James N. Myers Mr. Richard A. Puff Harry and Ann Santen Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Scheid Mr. and Mrs. William W. Schick Rosemary and Mark Schlachter Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Umstead, Jr. Dean Xuemao L. Wang and Ms. Weihong Yang Mrs. Beatrice R. Winkler Dr. and Mrs. Dennis B. Worthen Dr. and Mrs. Creighton B. Wright $100 to $999 Anonymous Ms. Claire M. Alyea Ms. Rose A. Alyea Ms. Myrna Arlen-Bloch Dr. ‡ and Mrs. Robert B. Arnold Ms. Joanne W. Bader Mr. Richard A. Beck, AIA Miss Patricia A. Beresford Mary Ellen Betz Mr. Bennett M. Block Drs. Richard C. and Marguerite M. Bozian Ms. Veronica Buchanan * Mr. and Mrs. William E. Cameron Mr. and Mrs. James R. Campbell, Jr. Cincinnati Pediatric Society Dr. and Mrs. C. Scott Clark Mr. James W. Clasper and Ms. Cheryl C. Albrecht Dr. and Mrs. Louis E. Claybon Mr. Michael E. Clements Dr. and Mrs. Roger Daniels

Digitization of the Dr. William A. Altemeier, Jr. Collection The University of Cincinnati Libraries is pleased to announce The William A. Altemeier, Jr. Archives Gift Fund, a gift from Bill Altemeier and his wife, Leslye, in honor of his father. Dr. Altemeier was a highly respected educator, surgeon and leader within the University of Cincinnati community who earned both his bachelor and medical degrees from UC, and served as the Christian R. Holmes Professor and Chairman for the Department of Surgery at UC’s Medical Center for 26 years. By the end of his storied career, he received countless accolades, served on numerous prestigious surgical boards and associations, had hundreds of publications to his name, and trained over one-hundred chief residents. This gift will support the digitization of Dr. Altemeier’s photographs, correspondence, memorabilia and published articles housed at the Henry R. Winkler Center for the History of the Health Professions; thus providing access to these materials to researchers from around the world.

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati 23

“It is impossible to solve a serious problem in nature without creating, in time, at least six more problems, two or more of which may be as bad or worse than the one solved.” William A. Altemeier, Jr. MD

Peter Landgren, President, UC Foundation with Rosemary & Mark Schlachter

Virginius Hall, Lynne Meyers Gordon & Allen Bernard

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Davis, Jr. Mr. Stephen G. Ferre and Ms. Jennifer R. Doctor Mr. Robert W. Dorsey Barbara Jo Eckstein, PhD Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Fairbanks Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon Farber Miss Janet B. Ganim Ms. Marie W. Garrison Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gimpel The Honorable Robert H. Gorman Mr. Daniel D. Gottlieb Mr. and Mrs. Anand R. Gupta Dr. and Mrs. Alan L. Guttman Dr. T. Richard Halberstadt and Mrs. Margaret J. Halberstadt Ms. Lori E. Harris Mary L. Heider, PhD Dr. and Mrs. Dane O. Heuchemer David H. Horowitz, MD Dr. Nancy E. Huth and Colonel Raymond D. Jones Ms. Arlene M. Johnson Dr. Sandra L. Johnson-Pomeraning Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Karaus * Ms. Emily B. Kean Dr. Stacey B. Knobler and Mr. Ron M. Aryel Mr. Martin Flamm and Miss Amy E. Koshoffer Mrs. Meghan E. Krabbe Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Lebor Dr. and Mrs. Yau-Yam Lin Dr. Joseph Lindner, Jr. ‡ Ms. M. Beckman Linhardt Mrs. Judith E. Lucas Ms. Yu Mao Mr. John M. Williams and Ms. Joanne Mayfield-Williams Ms. Mary A. McMillan Dr. and Mrs. Hayden E. Meeker 24

Rick & Laura Kretschmer with Bob Dorsey

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Metz Mr. and Mrs. C. Mark Miller Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Moler Mrs. Marjorie Motch Mr. Robert A. Moysey William J. (Bill) and Beth Bennie Mulvihill Ms. Debora Myree Dr. Kristi A. Nelson and Mr. Stewart Goldman Mr. Robert B. Newman and Ms. Mary Asbury Mr. and Mrs. Jon A. Nicodemus Miss Alverna E. Nored Ms. Melissa Cox Norris Mrs. Mary C. Olberding Mr. Gale E. Peterson Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Pomeranz Ms. Holly A. Prochaska Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Reay Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Regan Mr. Kurt E. Reichelderfer Dr. Ingrid M. Ritschel Mr. Kenneth L. Ross and Mrs. Donna Cohen Ross Mr. Michael P. Doyle and Ms. Lisa M. Sandora Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Schilling Sigma Alpha Iota Cincinnati Alumni Chapter Mr. and Mrs. John A. Skinner Dr. Kathleen A. and Mr. John L. Sloan Mr. Kerry T. and Dr. Karen L. Speed Mr. Michael Benson and Ms. Edith Starbuck Dr. James G. Stemler Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Szczepanski Mr. Justin Levy and Ms. Eira M. Tansey Ms. Linda K. Ter Haar Mrs. Janet G. Todd Drs. Jimmie D. and Judith S. Trent Ms. Sue G. Wilcox Ben T. Yamaguchi, Jr., MD Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Zibritosky

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

‡ denotes deceased * charitable gift-in-kind

Herman Schneider Legacy Society The Herman Schneider Legacy Society was founded in 1993 to honor visionary individuals who help to ensure the future excellence of UC through gift planning. It is with deep appreciation we recognize our current members of this prestigious group: Anonymous (3) Ms. Joanne W. Bader Dr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Block Roger Chalkey, PhD Mr. and Mrs. L. Ronald Frommeyer Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Hinkle

Mr. Samuel C. Ingraham III C. Nelson Melampy, MD Mrs. Marjorie Motch Paul Edwin Potter Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. Schedler Rosemary and Mark Schlachter

Endowments Endowments provide permanent financial support to the UC Libraries, including our everyday operations, acquisitions and care of the collections, programming, special exhibits and improvements to our facilities. The UC Libraries thanks the following individuals and organizations for their vision and foresight. Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati Medical Center Libraries Fund The Isay Balinkin Color Collection Fund Dr. I. Leonard and Miriam G. Bernstein Fund Breen Memorial Fund Dandridge Memorial Library Fund Day Book Fund Deshon-Schlachter Memorial Library Endowment John F. & Gertrude C. Dreyer Fund Albino Gorno Memorial Music Library Endowment Fund Victor and Odette Haas Fund David S. Hachen Fund Zelda E. Heiney-Rathweg, MD Library Endowment Fund Charlotte Hillebrand Fund Arthur E. Hinman Memorial Library Fund Christian R. Holmes Memorial Fund Stella Kramer Memorial Book Fund The Kretschmer Collection of Native American Children's Literature Endowment Fund Newton J. Krug Memorial Library Fund Library Enrichment Room Fund Francis Loewenheim Endowment Fund Dr. Milan A. Logan Biochemistry Memorial Fund Elizabeth A. Martin Library Endowment Fund

Elizabeth A. Martin Literature Collection Endowment Fund Marquita McLean Endowment Fund for University of Cincinnati Libraries The Vivian K. Morgan Library Support Endowment Fund NEH Challenge Matching Endowment Fund Alfred M. Pleatman Memorial Fund Daniel J. Ransohoff Fund for Archives and Rare Books Rieveschl Endowment Fund for University Libraries Charles S. Rockhill Fund Benjamin J. and Coralie B. Rosenthal Memorial Fund Dr. Jean W. Rothenberg Endowment Fund Robert C. Rothenberg MD Collection Schlemmer Family Library Fund Laura Seasongood Fund Mr. and Mrs. John J. Strader Library Fund Cecil Striker Lecture Endowment Fund Cecil Striker Medical Library Fund University of Cincinnati Library Collections The Charlotte and Edward Unnewehr Fund for the German-Americana Collection made possible by the Marge and Charles J. Schott Foundation Miriam B. Urban Memorial Fund Michael D. Valentine Engineering Library Fund Winkler Center Endowment Fund Winkler Center - Sabin Fund

To support the UC Libraries, contact Christa Bernardo at the University of Cincinnati Foundation, (513) 556-0055 or via e-mail at christa.bernardo@uc.edu. Every attempt has been made to produce a complete and accurate list of donors. If any mistakes have been made, corrections are welcome at (513) 556-0055. UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati 25

So, Now What? This past year, UC Libraries celebrated our 125th anniversary and we take great pride in our past accomplishments. With five years of the Strategic Plan under our belt, the University of Cincinnati Libraries is poised to enter the next stage of our transformation. As evidenced in this Progress Report, we have begun by assessing our goals, objectives, accomplishments and gaps in order to make an honest appraisal of our progress and to identify what needs further exploration. Consultations have begun with various segments of the organization to develop a new way to address the future of the Libraries that is sharply focused and able to maximize on our available resources and assets. We are taking a critical look at our operations, an initiative we have named Operational Excellence (OE). A process that, while still underway, is identifying gaps and realigning the organization, our resources, capacity and, most importantly, our continued learning culture in order to create a strong foundation on which to build for the future. All of this work has illuminated the Libraries’ need to narrow our focus, resulting in the need for the creation of an emerging, and even bolder, strategic framework. The challenge and opportunity we face is to connect with the university’s new strategic direction dubbed Next Lives Here (uc.edu/strategicdirection.html) while considering the capacity and the reality of the Libraries’ resources coupled with our strengths and abilities. By focusing on selective areas of distinctive excellence, we will not follow, but lead the pack in those areas while closely aligning with the university’s strategic directions. We will be bold explorers, pace setters, innovative leaders. By becoming distinctively excellent in emerging areas of transformational change, we will put our library system on the stage of national and global leadership. We have been working hard to re-articulate UC Libraries’ value proposition and now we are ready and eager to demonstrate how the Libraries contribute, and even become an indispensable partner, to the university’s academic core of teaching, learning, research and community engagement. We will continue to strengthen our traditional support of the university by providing the collections, spaces and opportunities for student and faculty engagement. In addition, we will endeavor to answer emerging mission-critical questions such as: How can we replicate the physical library user experience for the ever-growing online and digital learning research environment? What is the scalable, sustainable and collaborative solution we can provide for enterprise-wide research data stewardship in the higher education ecosystem? And how can the Libraries become a true catalyst to stimulate interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary scholarship? While our mission remains the same - to empower discovery, stimulate learning and inspire the creation of knowledge by connecting students, faculty, researchers and scholars to dynamic data, information and resources - with a more sharply focused framework to pursue selective areas of distinctive excellence, we will bring UC Libraries to new heights, creating a strong library legacy for generations to come. Stay tuned as we continue to transform into the globally engaged, intellectual commons of the university... 26 UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati

Notice of Non-Discrimination

The University of Cincinnati does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sex, age, sexual orientation, veteran status or gender identity and expression in its programs and activities. The complete Notice of Nondiscrimination can be found at uc.edu/about/policies/non-discrimination.

UC Libraries PROGRESS REPORT University of Cincinnati 27

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UC Libraries Annual Progress Report 2017/18  

In this year’s annual Progress Report, we make note of the accomplishments of the previous year, as well as take a holistic view of UC Libra...

UC Libraries Annual Progress Report 2017/18  

In this year’s annual Progress Report, we make note of the accomplishments of the previous year, as well as take a holistic view of UC Libra...

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