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journal the FREEDOM LIVES HERE 2022 Impact Edition


Dear Friend,

For those individuals and families battling addiction, the situation can seem hopeless. The CDC calls it “staggering” as over 107,000 Americans lost their lives to drug overdoses in 2021, a 15% increase from the previous year. That’s one overdose death every five minutes.

What can one person do? What can any person or organization do for that matter?

I have an answer and that is TO FIGHT. As a Vision Warrior, I promise to stand in the gap, fighting for the very lives of men who have struggled with addiction and are ready for healing and recovery…and freedom.

The Vision Warriors solution is based on the premise that when you provide the right environment, the right people, the right culture, and a few simple tools needed for continued healing, long-term recovery is possible.

The other critical component is time. We provide that for the men we serve. As long as they are growing, serving and contributing to the good of the culture and the house, they can continue to call Vision Warriors home for as long as needed.

The transformation of a Vision Warrior, that I get to witness first-hand is awe-inspiring. To see one son, one husband, one father’s life saved—one precious life reclaimed from the ashes of addiction and returned to family—well it doesn’t get much better than that.

Because that is how God works, in ones. The big picture can quickly overwhelm. So I choose instead to focus on serving one man at a time—to give away what has been given to me through Vision Warriors. Others have caught the vision and joined us in this fight. In the pages of the Vision Warriors Journal, you’ll meet some of our church partners, corporate partners, donors, volunteers, and some of the Vision Warriors themselves. Together, we are a small army fighting for freedom, for the men who might otherwise become heart-breaking statistics.

There’s always room for one more in the Vision Warriors army. We’ve got lots of ways for you to serve, give and connect. I hope you’ll join me in the fight and find inspiration in the pages of this year’s Journal.

“As a Vision Warrior, I promise to stand in the gap, fighting for the very lives of men who have struggled with addiction.”
40 250 5,000 350 100 700 70 2,000 % Serving over OVER Provided scholarships to over MEN IMPACT MEN monthly since 2013 with housing who were unable to afford intake fees, groceries, member fees and risked returning to an unsafe environment or homelessness since 2013. employment for all the men we serve. Job placement provides a level of self-respect and accountability. Hosted over recovery meetings and Bible studies. 3Hosted Vision Warriors adventure events. Vision Warrior crosses made and shared on four continents. Served men through Vision Warrior retreats and adventure events Since 2013, Provided job placement for nearly MEN MAINTAIN OUR 2022 hours of volunteer service returned to Vision Warriors this year. 003

Tri Scapes


Tri Scapes is in the business of outdoor beautification through commercial landscaping. A family-owned business operating now for over 25 years, they are well known for their outside landscape design and superior service.

Tri Scapes is also a valued and multi-tiered partner of Vision Warriors, supporting our men and organization in the following ways:

•Employ, mentor and train Vision Warriors to serve in multiple roles throughout the company.

•Presenting sponsor for 10,000 Days of Freedom Celebration

•Prayer and spiritual support

“We are thankful for the ongoing trust that TriScapes places in our organization and the men we serve.”

“To give a man a chance at employment is huge in many ways and helps build self-esteem and self-reliance. We are ever so grateful for their partnership as an employer and sponsor of our men.”

came ministry We
“What move
004 The embraced Learn more:
The Tri Scapes team at the 10,000 Days of Freedom celebration.


We are ever so grateful for the partnership of our faith communities who love, support and serve the people and families of Vision Warriors.

While Vision Warriors is a church, we are not a traditional house of worship. Rather we seek to come alongside our church partners, to serve a very specific audience: the broken down, the hurting, the hopeless impacted by addiction…who are ready for recovery and healing.

“What a joy it has been for us to partner with Vision Warriors! There is not a better place for a man who is ready to move past their addiction. I have had the privilege of baptizing dozens of men through the past several years who came to us while being active members of the Vision Warrior family. Many of these men are plugged into active ministry roles here in the Restoration Church family. I am glad to offer my highest recommendation on their behalf. We love Vision Warriors!”

“God called me to start a church where anyone and everyone would feel at home and loved for who they are. God’s Rolling Thunder began in Jan. of 2002.

After moving to a new location in 2020, we met some people from Vision Warriors and the rest is history. We fell in love with their vision which was in line with ours. We were able to work with them, their relationship with the Lord, and their commitment to continued prayer life, as well as their growth. The Vision Warriors have been an inspiration to many other members of our Church.

We support Vision Warriors in any way we can, as they do us, and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

“For the better part of a decade I’ve been able to follow along the Vision Warrior journey. I’ve been able to see men go from simply trying to get sober to uncovering a calling into pastoral ministry. From time to time I get the chance to preach at their gatherings. I go there to bring a word but I end up receiving more so much than I bring. The stories of redemption and reconciliation that I get to hear are tangible examples of how deeply God is at work through Vision Warriors. I celebrate this ministry and look forward to continued partnership.”

From left, Pastor Chuck Ramsey of Restoration Church, Pastor Dakota Schultz of God’s Rolling Thunder and Pastor Nathan Castleberry of Local Church Canton are a few of ouramazing faith partners. The men and women of Vision Warriors Church have been warmly embraced by many church communities in the north metro Atlanta area. -Pastor Chuck Ramsey Restoration Church -Pastor Dakota Schultz God’s Rolling Thunder
-Pastor Nathan Castleberry Local Church Canton

The devastation of Brandon’s 23-year addiction was undeniable and involved failed relationships, serious health complications, multiple overdoses, arrests and prison multiple times.

His wife, Amy, believed the fight for Brandon’s life was worth the effort. “It was a really big struggle to watch somebody you love and care about go down the wrong path and you can’t do anything for him or to help him,” said Amy. “I had to just let go and let him fall and then see what would happen from there.”

In order for Brandon to be released from jail, Amy had to find him a transitional home and the chance for him to strengthen his recovery before returning home.

Amy had no idea what the family was about to get into when she first called Vision Warriors. “But after talking to Kirk and going with Brandon to see Vision Warriors, I felt safe,” said Amy. “And I know Brandon did, too.”

“It was hard not living with Brandon for almost a year,” said Amy. “But knowing where he was and what that place was meant a lot. Even our son wanted to go over there sometimes just because he liked it. You just get this good feeling when you visit and you don’t get that a whole lot of times when it comes to recovery programs and other sober living homes.”

“The more I get clean, the more I commit myself to doing the right thing and being sober and helping others,” said Brandon.

Did Brandon ever imagine his life as it is now?

“Absolutely not,” he said. Never once did I see myself as a general manager of a company and having an awesome credit score and a 401K plan. I’ve been clean for 15 months and have another baby on the way. I’m about to purchase a home. I’m a student leader at my church. And all this has happened while I’ve been at Vision Warriors. It’s just unbelievable how fast everything has happened.”

“It’s just the tip of it, you know what I mean? It’s just now starting to really take off and it’s been really exciting.”

“I want to thank you all for providing a place for me to get my life back together and so that I can be there for my wife mentally and physically and spiritually, the way that I’m supposed to be,” said Brandon. “It means the world to me. I’ve had the opportunity to be the man that I’m supposed to be.”

In closing, Amy said, “Brandon is an amazing man. I knew that from the beginning. And, you know, I did not want to give up. And people would question that and say, you’re going to stay with him? And I’m like, I’m not giving up on him. I won’t do it. I’m really glad I didn’t because he’s amazing. And now we’re going to start a life together. And I just pray every day that he will continue to stay connected and just do what he needs to do. And my other son, Liam, adores him.”

Turning to Brandon, Amy said, “We just can’t be without you.”

Brandon and Amy’s Story
We are proud to welcome our newest Vision Warrior baby to the family, Uriah Joseph Conforti, born Oct. 18, 2022. His name means, “my light is Yahweh” or “flame of God.”
Brandon and Amy Vision Warriors


Bridging the gap from “I need help” to long-term recovery, enabling freedom from addiction for men, women and their families. Hundreds of men have called Vision Warriors “home” since 2013. While living here in community with others seeking freedom, these men have had their hearts and lives radically transformed by the simple yet effective culture and foundations of recovery found at Vision Warriors Church.


While sobriety can be attained through effective treatment programs, relapse often occurs during recovery. Studies show that chances of lasting recovery increase from 11% to 68% for individuals who maintain a sober living environment during their first year of recovery.*

*According to a US published study, National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health.


What We Do

Vision Warriors was founded to come alongside people seeking long-term freedom from addiction. It’s in this all-important phase of recovery where Vision Warriors serves its members.

Why Vision Warriors?

Vision Warriors is a community of people seeking freedom, collectively moving towards self-improvement, rigorous in nurturing recovery, and united in faith and service to one another.

It’s important to note that Vision Warriors is not a treatment program. Rather, it’s a place of continued healing, strengthening of recovery principles and radical lifestyle change. We believe that addiction should not bankrupt a person or family, and that safe, sober housing and services should be available to anyone seeking recovery.

Vision Warriors includes a network of recovery homes in north metro Atlanta where men can continue to work on their recovery in safe, comfortable and affordable environments.

Vision Warriors is a 501(c)3 organization in north Fulton County, Georgia.




For us, this whole journey of addiction and trouble started in high school. We were in ministry and had no idea. It really came to a head in college when we realized that this was not just a season of partying.

It was devastating. I remember talking about it and we were just like, what do we do? And we had been and we have been in ministry so long. We’re used to helping people and we had no idea what to do. And so Braden went to rehab, came out, did well for a while, came back out and then relapsed. And I felt like we needed to do something different.

I mean, I’m a pastor. I’m supposed to have answers. I’m supposed to have hope. And I had none.

So in steps Vision Warriors. And it’s a new day. It’s not an easy day, but it’s a new way filled with hope and a future. Fast forward a year. Oh, gosh. New hope, new faith and trust. Because again, we know this is what we’ve learned from Braden, Kirk and all the guys that it’s a daily battle, which it is for all of us. But this place has created within our family hope that we didn’t think possible.


I think for me, I hear Braden talking about freedom—that he feels freedom from his addiction and the state that he is in now.

But I feel freedom because of what Vision Warriors has given our family. I mean, any time you have a family member walking through addiction, it’s heartbreaking. You feel lost. You feel like you don’t know where to go or who to talk to. And it’s hard to lay your head down at night and have peace because you’re worried about tomorrow or where they are or what they’re doing. And for me, Vision Warriors has given me freedom as a mom because I can lay my head on my bed at night and know that he’s got brothers around him who hold him accountable, who love him, who are watching out for him, who can call him on his stuff when I don’t know what he’s going through. And I’m just so thankful for that. So for me, where he is now has just brought freedom to my life, not just me personally, but our marriage. But then also my relationship with my son. Because I don’t have to be the one worried and calling him all the time. I can just be his mom and I can just love him. I’m very thankful for that.


I have always felt since Braden was a little boy that God had a big, strong hand on his life. And I just knew that he was going to do something big in ministry. I didn’t know what it would look like. I kind of thought it would be following in our footsteps and he’d be a student pastor or he’d do something like that. But God’s ways are bigger and better than our ways. And is this the story I predicted for him now? But it’s the best story I can think of for him, because when I watch him in ministry, when I watch him sitting across from men in addiction, he’s not only sharing the love of Jesus. He’s sharing the love and story of how God’s restored him and given grace in his story. And that is so powerful.

He’s reaching people that the church will never reach. He’s reaching people and talking to people that will never set foot in our churches and in the seats in our buildings. And I could not be more proud of that.

And so I am just so thankful. And I just sit and watch him tell the story and I just think, gosh, my pain now feels worth it. I feel a purpose in my pain now as I see him just giving out and telling a lot of people about what Jesus has done for him.

Vision Warriors, I don’t know how I could believe in it more as a parent. I mean, it helped save our son’s life.

Kevin and Gina Parents of Braden, A Vision Warrior



Tell us your story…

I started using drugs in high school. And for a little while it was somewhat enjoyable. And then that became something quickly that was necessary for me. It was a crutch that I started to lean on through harder drugs as I got into college.

I lasted a semester and a half at Kennesaw State before I got arrested, and that was kind of where the journey began for me, just trying to stay sober. I remember my dad saying to the group counselor, “You know, for a while it felt like Braden has been keeping his head above water. But now it feels like we’re starting to sink.” And it was evident in my life.

The journey since has not been easy. I didn’t get it right the first time. It took a few tries of going to rehab and coming out and not surrounding myself with the right people, being miserable on the inside, trying to deal with this person that I saw in the mirror that I didn’t love yet. It came to a head at one point where, you know, I nearly lost my life. If it wasn’t for my dad finding me by the grace of God, at midnight in my bedroom, in the basement--I was probably five minutes away from that kind of being it for me and the end of my story. I spent a few days in the ICU and then got out and kind of started a journey of figuring out who I am, what do I actually want for myself, and how am I going to attain that.

For me, a huge part of my story is this mental health aspect. I obviously have an irrational and illogical response to drugs and alcohol. But a lot of my story is around this idea that I have dealt with crippling anxiety and depression. And it was something that, for me wasn’t really resolved until the right medicine came into play. Seeing the anxiety in me is one thing, but then knowing that I’m going out and coping with things that at that point were threatening my life is a completely different story.

When you were in the midst of your addiction, could you see that you weren’t living up to your potential?

Absolutely. There was a deep fear in me for a long time and an insecurity because I felt this thing inside of me, God nudging me in certain parts of my life. You know, it wasn’t all cloudy all the time. There was glimpses where God kind of gave me some nudges and said, hey, this is what I want you to do. Or, you know, this is how I’m using you even right now. And it was amazing, but it didn’t last because I didn’t have a solution yet.

Braden A Vision Warrior
“I didn’t have fellowship or accountability.”

How did your parents respond?

They’re amazing. I cannot imagine being on the other end, because I know how I felt during that time. But I was not sober minded and a lot of that process and how they responded every time in the face of me going against their suggestions or lying to their face or sneaking around them. I don’t know how they did it, but they have set an example for me through that process of and how I want to be a father someday, how I want to serve people out of love, the children that I hope to have someday. I hope to have an ounce of that faithfulness to my Heavenly Father, just as I’ve seen them serve and walk and love. Just firm, unconditional love. It has radically changed me. It’s probably one of the sole reasons I’m here today, because there was a long time where I could not love myself. I had no idea how to, didn’t really think I was worthy of it. And they showed up every day and just loved me. And I’m extremely thankful for that.

There was a point where we didn’t know where to turn. I mean, they—my parents—didn’t know where to turn. I had no idea how to get out of the hole I was in. It was at the height of really my anxiety, which was crippling at that point. I just couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without just kind of being frozen.

I was not myself, and I was just constantly in a heightened state of just misery all day. And it got to the point where sleep wasn’t really happening much. And it was scary for me to get in bed because it was like that was when I was alone with myself. And I’ll never forget on several occasions, my dad just knew that there were no words that were going to fix it in the moment. There was no way to remove what I was feeling. But he knew that his presence alone would help comfort me. And so he’d sit in my room as I fell asleep, watching TV or just on his phone in the dark. Just sitting there and just let me go to sleep, taking away from his sleep. But that was what was most important to him at that moment. And again, it’s like those moments where I even think about my Heavenly Father. I’d be worth that kind of love. My dad and my mom have been a really good example of setting the standard. And the fact that that standard can be exceeded by my Heavenly Father makes no sense. They did that for me on a daily basis.

Tell us about Vision Warriors

I came to Vision Warriors not knowing what to expect. I’ve been to Blue Ridge Recovery Center twice now. They recommended a transitional phase because the success rate skyrockets when people have an accountability outside of rehab. They advised that I could benefit from a step- down housing option before returning home. That is where Vision Warriors was introduced.

I really believe that God kind of ordained this process for me to step foot on campus. And it took a while for me to get accustomed to that culture because it was unlike anything I had ever experienced from the standard that was set. I mean, I wasn’t accountable to anybody. I wasn’t transparent about anything. I didn’t serve and I wasn’t capable of serving anybody. I couldn’t even serve myself in any capacity. I mean, my life was a wreck. And so coming in to a place that, you know, told me that those are the things I need to do to stay sober and then showing me how to do it. It really encouraged me because for the first time it was like, there’s people that are doing this thing and their life looks a lot like I want my life to look like. And it started to change my perception and I started to change the things that I did on a daily basis. And God has done the rest.

Braden and family
Can you give an example of how your parents loved you during your addiction?

My life today still shocks me because I know what Braden is capable of when he’s in the driver’s seat. Today it is only by the grace of God that I am able to serve at the capacity I’m able to serve, that I’m able to love people. But to be able to do it consistently and have the capacity that I’m able to, it blows my mind from the standpoint of conversations I have on a daily basis with other men answering the phones at Vision Warriors, having tough conversation after tough conversation. I mean, this was something that I used to crumble under after one conversation. You know, even the thought of a conversation like that would just have terrified me and I would freeze.

Now I’m able to live life in freedom. You know, I have a confidence about myself because there’s something to be proud of and the sense of who God has created me to be. And then I find that more, though, in surrendering myself and humbling myself before my Heavenly Father King, I mean, and to see what He’s done through that, that’s where it started and that’s where it ends. And it’s kind of a reminder on a daily basis that it’s only through Him and in Him that these things are happening. But man, it’s a sweet ride. It’s super fun to see what happens. It’s just surrendering to his will in the morning and seeing what He has, what He opens up, what he tells me to do. And it’s taking care of what’s going on in my heart. And then it’s getting out of my own way and seeing what he wants to do through me. And it’s allowed me to radically change my whole perception of what life is even supposed to look like. It’s pretty amazing.

Tell us more about the Vision Warriors Church Sunday Night Service

We are hosting a Sunday night recovery church at Vision Warriors and I’m leading that effort. It’s like God had a plan and some people might have been on to it a little bit, but they had no idea, and neither did I. What it looks like today from the standpoint of working in a ministry that is in the trenches, you know, on the front lines and being in that sanctuary, it radically changed my whole perspective on church. It’s the most authentic version of church I’ve ever experienced, and I grew up in it for the first 24 years of my life. And it wasn’t until I stepped in those realms and in that specific room that I truly experienced what scripture is talking about when it’s talking about being a body, being a group of people who are intentional in walking with each other in life. And the fact that I get to be a part of that ministry, I’m so thankful, but I never thought it would look like that. And I’m so glad it does look like that today.

We want to be a church for them...the broken and the hurting.

I don’t know what God is going to do, but I know that what we do, people could benefit from—really anybody could. And so I want Vision Warriors Church to be a safe place for people in recovery, to come and experience church, maybe wherever they’re at in their journey and not really be expected to be anywhere just to come hang out, but for people to come and really understand and begin to experience kind of what we talked about, giving away what’s been given to you. I think Jesus was clear, that we’re first to love our God with all our mind, body, soul, spirit, and then we’re to love our neighbor. And that looks like serving. It’s because of Jesus’ “Yes” on the cross that we are still talking about it today. And it’s incredible to me the power of one “Yes.” And then the daily commitment to that. And I get the privilege of experiencing Kirk’s “Yes” when 10,000 days ago, he said “Yes” And it’s because of Kirk’s surrender and his example that he said that, you know, I’m here today and it’s pretty special. And so I’m thankful that he said yes 10,000 days ago, because it’s changed a lot of people’s lives, including mine.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The thing that I love about Vision Warriors is for me, it set a standard of living that was more than just coming in the door and not doing drugs and alcohol which is all I was trying to do. I just need to stop doing drugs and drinking. And I come in the door and I quickly find out that we’re going to call you to more than that because you’re capable of more than that. The culture that I’ve experienced has changed my life and it has empowered me to do more than I ever thought I could imagine. It’s because of transparency. It’s because of accountability. And it’s because of service. Those are the things. And that’s what I was told when I came in. And you give it away to the next guy that comes in tomorrow. You do that and you’ve got a pretty good chance of staying sober. And if you do that every day, then you might have a good chance at 10,000 days of sobriety like Kirk, which is pretty cool.

Braden at the 10,000 day Vision Warriors celebration


Nancy Billick has a big personality and literally lights up a room when she enters.

The humor has served her well over the years—even when dealing with her son Jonathan’s addiction. After years of struggle, rehab and relapses, and multiple DUI arrests, Jonathan—and his mother—found hope and healing at Vision Warriors.

Through laughter and tears, Nancy shared her and her family’s story at the Vision Warriors 10,000 Days of Freedom Celebration. Ever the masterful storyteller, Nancy recalled when she offered to cook dinner for the house by herself, she didn’t realize it would involve serving 50 hungry men. Not to be deterred, she went about preparing meatloaf for 50 along with all the sides. According to Nancy, it was work, but it was worth it.

Since his arrival at Vision Warriors, Jonathan continues to work a solid recovery program and is free of the addiction that once enslaved him.

Jonathan, however, is facing another giant now, in the form of cancer.

We turn our thoughts and prayers to heaven and the Great Healer, we are thankful Nancy has her son back and that Jonathan can focus his energy and attention on his treatments.

- Jeremiah 29:11

Please join us in lifting Jonathan, Nancy, and the entire Billick family up in prayer…

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to give you a hope and a future.’”
Nancy at the 10,000 day Vision Warriors celebration
Nancy and her sons

Vision Warriors Community Celebrates 10,000 DAYS OF FREEDOM

The Vision Warriors Church sanctuary was transformed to an events hall for the 10,000 Days of Freedom Celebration on September 11, 2022.

Over 250 people gathered to celebrate founder Kirk Driskell’s 10,000th day of sobriety and to raise awareness and financial support for the organization he founded, Vision Warriors.

The room was festive and filled with Vision Warriors (current residents and alumni), family members, advocates for recovery, Vision Warriors donors, and event sponsors who were there to celebrate the occasion.

In addition to a delicious Italian dinner by Fuel Catering and heartfelt stories shared from the stage, we raffled off a fully restored vintage Chevy truck with proceeds benefiting Vision Warriors and Alpharetta Rotary.

Special thanks to all of the 10,000 Days of Freedom sponsors and attendees who made this event possible!


If I spoke from my heart, would you pay attention?

While I talk of a man in the grips of addiction, my struggle a puzzle with pieces gone missing. I come to the realization I’m addicted to my affliction, waking up at the table of a random stranger’s kitchen.

Theses streets that I roam, the only place I call home. I felt like a scarecrow left out for so long, all on my own as I’m slowly overgrown, all I feel is the coldness of being alone.

So sickening even now looking back, my stomach touching my spine yet I’m ignoring the fact. When all I own is in a black garbage sack, and I would trade all I have for some poison in a bag.

My soul as worn as the shoes on my feet, my thoughts incoherent and my spirit grows weak. My monsters become stronger the more they eat, in my dreams they creep; I’m tortured in my sleep.

They give me nothing all they know is take, I stand in the chaos that’s left in the wake. And yet so strange those monsters I hate, keep finding their place in the choices I make.

The weight of the world put me in the mud, my walk has been hard since they killed my father in cold blood. The only fondness I found is my trail of broken love, but I know that my sins have been forgiven with the price of His blood.


They say “iron sharpens iron” and “brother sharpens brother”, I give thanks for the brothers who pulled me out of the struggle. This community of transparency that taught me to trust others, that I don’t have to suffer on my own the pressure that I’m under.

I don’t have to suffer alone that much is for certain, I can reach out, divide up my burden. The fellowship we share can see where I’m hurting, They’re aware of my monsters and know where they’re lurking. Getting back all I lost but only in His time, I’m a candle for Christ it’s my purpose to shine. To be transformed by the renewing of my mind, while surrendering daily to He who gave his life.




Vision Warriors Shop


Vision Warriors accepts donation of cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles, trailers and other wheeled vehicles.

The on-site woodshop provides an opportunity for members to stay busy, including Vision Warrior crosses made of recycled wood, and Grandy-Daddy Adirondack chairs, handmade in the shop with original design by Kirk’s grandfather.

Auto Repair Shop

By appointment only and in service to those unable to pay.

On-site food pantry 016

Safe, clean affordable short-term recovery housing.

Includes Vision Warrior homes in north metro Atlanta serving men. Recovery is walked out and strengthened through rigorous house rules including regular testing for substances, community engagement and adherence to the Vision Warriors culture. and Auto Repair Woodshop Food Pantry
Car Donations
At the main campus.


Vision Warriors Adventure Trips are an important part of our program offering. Men are never more alive than when they are in nature. We have designed events throughout the year that forge community and awaken a man’s God-given warrior’s heart.

20 Vision Warriors traveled to Colorado and enjoyed a stay at a rustic lodge, white water rafting and a challenging yet exhilarating journey up 14,003-ft. Mount Sherman. Healing and memories were shared at night around the fire.

We will be offering a more expanded slate of Vision Warrior Adventure Events for 2023, including a journey to Tanzania and climb of Mount Kilimanjaro (God willing!)

Special thanks to The P-Man Foundation for your support of Vision Warriors Adventure events!



The most basic tenant of wood working is joining two pieces of wood together. When I first arrived at Vision Warriors this is how I felt, “ Back to Basics”, because what I was doing sure was not working.

The first cross I made was small so I could carry it in my pocket. I still have that first cross and keep it with me when I am leaving the property. I can only guess how many crosses I and other warriors have made now. Last Christmas a group of school boys visited and after we spoke with them in the sanctuary about addiction and life many followed me down to the shop. There they got to finish the last couple of steps on crosses that they then took with them to give as gifts. I strongly encouraged them to give them to their mothers as I know that they will have them forever, a handmade cross by a son or friend is always so special.

I have given Kirk many crosses that I made especially for him. He keeps finding people that need them more than he does so I keep making these special Vision Warrior crosses. I hope and pray in good times they will keep you humble by reminding you where you have been and serve as a guide to help you through the bad times as well.

Grab the cross and hang on tight and pray your way through everything that comes at you good or bad. Hopefully Vision Warriors crosses reach those who need them most at the best possible time. That is a great motivator to us cross builders and frequent users. - David

Want your own cross? Send us an email with your address:



On Thursday nights, all members gather at main campus to enjoy a meal together and for a check-in, recovery service and church.

Recently, volunteers have been bringing in meals for the supper, including Alpharetta Rotary, small groups and others wishing to serve the Vision Warriors community. Looking for a unique way to serve our organization?

Scan QR code, complete the volunteer inquiry form and someone from our team will get back to you. Thank you!


Meet Chase. He is the greeter-in-chief at Vision Warriors. A former world-class hunting dog and sire of many pups, Chase now spends his days on campus at Vision Warriors, providing love, healing and a feeling of ‘home’ to all who live here. Though time has grayed his muzzle and slowed his legendary ‘chase’ down, he’s still a world class hunting dog. Instead of ducks, Chase’s attention is now keenly focused on the men he serves. With a gentle nudge and an adoring gaze through clouded eyes, you can imagine him saying, “Dog is here…you can do this.”


1709 Old Country Place

Woodstock, GA 30188

Vision Warriors Church, Inc. 5665 Atlanta Highway, Unit 102 Alpharetta, GA 30004 EIN: 82-2741979 MAIN CAMPUS: 1709 Old Country Place Woodstock, GA 30188 All donations to Vision Warriors Church are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
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