2022 Orange Book: Your Guide to Volunteerism in Westchester, Putnam & Rockland

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Orange Book Your Guide To Volunteerism in Westchester, Putnam & Rockland

This book is produced on sustainably-sourced paper and is 100% recyclable.

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About Us The core mission of Volunteer New York! is to inspire, mobilize, and equip individuals and groups to take positive action to address pressing challenges, support nonprofits, and improve the quality of life in Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam. We encourage adults to serve, youth to build character, families to bond, young professionals to lead, mature adults to share their wisdom, and businesses to engage through volunteerism. Founded by volunteers in 1950, in just the last year Volunteer New York! inspired over 35,000 volunteers to take action and mobilized 399,000 hours of service, creating an impact of $12.7 million in value for our community. These are the values and beliefs that guide our work every day: • •


• • •


Now that you've gotten to learn a bit more about us, we hope that we'll get the chance to learn more about your interests and connect at some point along your volunteer journey! While there are hundreds of ways to volunteer every year, it only takes one person at the right place and at the right time to change the world!

Jeanette Gisbert, Executive Director Volunteer New York!


We’re here 365 days a year to make the process of finding a volunteer opportunity and connecting to local nonprofits in your community easy. You can use our website anytime to search our database of volunteer opportunities. Visit volunteernewyork.org to create a free volunteer profile and to sign up for or express interest in upcoming local volunteer opportunities. You can also customize your volunteer profile with your skills and interests, as well as use your Volunteer New York! profile to track your volunteer hours and print your volunteer history. If you’ve never volunteered before, or are new to the area, you can start by calling us at 914-948-4452 or by visiting volunteernewyork.org/schedule to setup a free conversation with a volunteer placement specialist who will help you find a volunteer opportunity that fits your schedule and interests.


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Scan here to create your free Volunteer New York! Account

Volunteering is Transformational The backbone of a strong, resilient community is its volunteers. Volunteers help many local nonprofits achieve their missions and increase the quality of life for all. Volunteers are the gears needed to keep our community strong. A large team of one-time volunteers who come together for a day of service can help make a nonprofit’s seemingly impossible project, suddenly possible. And a single ongoing volunteer dedicated to one nonprofit can expand that nonprofit’s capacity to create a larger, sustainable impact over time. From saving lives, holding a stranger’s hand, delivering meals and serving on boards, volunteers help fill important gaps.

vo l u n te e r n ew yo r k .o r g • 914 - 9 4 8 - 4 4 52


Volunteering is good for you THERE'S A REASON VOLUNTEERS SMILE MORE Volunteers have a 27% higher odds of finding a job than those without volunteer experience on their resume.

http s: / w w. a mericorp s .g ov/s ites/d ef a ult/ f i les/ev i denceexc hang e / F R _ 2 013_Volunteering a saPathw ay t oEm p l oy m ent_1. p d f

Volunteering is one of the best ways to network, meet likeminded people, and to find common ground with others in your community. Volunteering is an opportunity to learn new skills or gain experience in a field that you’re interested in. Volunteering feels good and can increase your sense of purpose in life. Acting generously is known to trigger your brain to release chemicals that can help lower stress and improve mood. http s : / w w. s cientif i camerican. c om/ p o dcast/ e p i sode/ g e nerosity - mig h t-keep - us-healthy -10-10-26/

Volunteers over age 55 who volunteer 100 hours a year are known to live longer and go to the hospital less often than those who do not volunteer. http s : / w w. p r b . o rg / v o lunteering - and-ag i ng - 2/ http s : / w w. n cb i . n lm. n ih. g o v / p u b m ed/ 18198690


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Youth Youth Volunteer Guidebook (A Free App) Volunteering is a great way for youth to gain experience, try new things, and expand their worldview. Our free Youth Volunteer Guidebook app is a comprehensive local guide to volunteering for youth under 18. Download the app today: volunteernewyork.org/youth

Youth Service Projects Throughout the year many youth and parents contact us about faith-based service projects. In preparation for a Confirmation or Bar/Bat Mitzvah a young person may be asked to complete a certain amount of service hours or a service project. We can help! Schedule a conversation today with a placement specialist: volunteernewyork.org/schedule Schools Volunteer New York! provides Be The Change presentations to local schools to encourage youth engagement and local volunteerism. Any school interested should contact: volunteer@volunteernewyork.org Families There’s never a better time for families to volunteer together, create lasting memories and impart strong social values. Throughout the year we feature opportunities on our website and in our newsletter that are family-friendly. Subscribe now to stay informed: volunteernewyork.org/newsletter

vo l u n te e r n ew yo r k .o r g • 914 - 9 4 8 - 4 4 52


A -HOME AARP - Tax Aide Program A}',} u] A PR`˙ }v A KPv] A(˙F}v}v}(Au]PSo](}L]( A]o]vP/]RC}uuv]˙Cv Ao˘v,u]o}v,]PRSR}}o Aoo]C}uuv]˙Ev]U/vX ALSA}]}v Aov}s]}ovP}i AoR]uA}]}v Au]vCvS}]˙r,}vsoo˙RP]}v Au]vD]A}]}v Au]v,A}]}v Au]vR}C D}N`Y}lN}RCR Au˙[’vR} AvCR]ov[vC Av}v,}v AvPouvS˙v}uF}v}v AvvDXD}vD]oSR}}o A]o[CR]o ARC}(WR ˙A U/vX AR]F}v}vUTR AWR A}]]}vFu]o],]v}(T˙}`v ,}u A /vS}u ,}u A }vRS}v ]A Sv]}L]]vPr]o]+Dv} AuS]vF}v}v AuSl D}v]vT}oo,}s]]}vC (}A}v RoN]vPURRUvRuv,}u ]P}Rv]PS]}(R}lovC}v˙ ]P}R]PS]}(Fu]o˙S]}(WR ]R]PR}(R}lovC}v˙U/vX oD}}A}]}v o˙RoCR]ov[,}]o }˙S}}(Au]WRrPvuC}v]o }˙’]oCo}(N`R}Roo }˙’]oCo}(N}RvWR }˙v’]oCo}(D}vsv}vNY }(L]( R]D’ES ]P}C}uuv]˙ ]vY}RAoo]vUTR }v˘R]Pl`˙R}vC}vv˙ lRR]o]}v,}]o C]v]Eo Cu,o]R CvS}Tu u}} C Cv(}D]vTRA C]vP(}R,}uo}(Pll]oo/vX C]}(P}CR R}o] C CR]R]} A }(N`Y}l R}o] C CR]C}uuv]˙S] Cv(}S(˙vCRvP CR]o}˙ A vC }(PvuC}v˙ CR]oC}v]o}(WR CR]ov}(P}u]SoU/vX CR]ov[s]ooPUTR C]˙}(N`R}RooPlR}vuv D Cou}vSR}}o Co˙ACv CLhSTERC}uuv]˙S] C}o}vCvCRoovPF}v}v C}uuv]˙A`vN`}l(}DPr(L](v Ev]}vuv~CANDLE C}uuv]˙C C}uuv]˙Cv}(N}RvWR C}uuv]˙F}}Pv˙SXD˙[ C}uuv]˙,}]vP/vv}}vU/vX C}uuv]˙S]A}] C}uuv]˙S˙vP}P}(R˙ C}u]}vCR}]}(N`Y}l C}vPP}vEuvrEo}(WR C}vvu}(PvR] C C}vooC}}E˘v]}v}(PvuC}v˙ C}}AvPoN`}l

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Each year, we work with 300 to 500 nonprofits!

TRT}LvF}v}v Business Council of Westchester T}`vLlR}v The Carver Center The Center for Aging in Place, The Friends of Scarsdale Parks The Guidance Center of Westchester The League of Women Voters - Rye, Rye Brook & Port Chester The LOFT: Lesbian & Gay Community Services TRLPvF}v}v The Mary J. Blige Center for Women TRN``v D F}v}v The New Jewish Home/Sarah Neuman Center The Picture House The Rye Arts Center TRSo}vAu˙rWR]Po]v TRSo}vAu˙rY}vl The Shikuri Project Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Teachers Together Our Unity Can Heal, INC. Tommie Cares T}.o]v E vC

Connecting To The Right Opportunity The Power of Search

With hundreds of local nonprofits and unmet needs in our community, there is an opportunity for everyone (regardless of age or ability) to serve in a meaningful way. Our website features an opportunity search engine that helps bring our community’s volunteer needs into one central location and makes navigating hundreds of choices or discovering new nonprofits easy. Community members can search for local volunteer opportunities by issue area, nonprofit, distance, age, skill or date. Whatever you are looking for, each search is its own opportunity to learn about local needs and explore new ways you can use your unique talents and time to make a difference. Get started at volunteernewyork.org or head directly to volunteernewyork.org/search to conduct an advanced search.


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RSVP OF WESTCHESTER A Volunteer Program for Adults Age 55+

Across our nation, over half a million AmeriCorps Senior members age 55 and over are making an impact in their communities where they are needed most. Locally, RSVP members help provide economic opportunities, tutor kids, assist veterans with services, and more. Our RSVP of Westchester program for adults age 55+ makes it easy to stay active and give back in a meaningful way. Learn more about how to join the club at: volunteernewyork.org/adults RSVP of Westchester is an AmeriCorps Seniors grantee and receives funds through their RSVP program. Additional support for RSVP of Westchester is funded in part by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, New York State Office for the Aging, and the Westchester County Department of Senior Programs and Services.

RISE Everyone Can Serve

The Readiness thru Integrated Service Engagement program connects groups of young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to local nonprofits where they build skills while volunteering in an inclusive environment. Find out more: volunteernewyork.org/RISE -9-

Volunteer New Rochelle!

In partnership with the City of New Rochelle, we’re proud to help encourage volunteerism and support local New Rochelle nonprofits at volunteernewyork.org/newrochelle


The Job Readiness Through Volunteerism program is designed to jobseekers' awarenes of the valuable role volunteering can play in their career and community. To express interest in being a coach, please visit: volunteernewyork.org/JRTV

National Days of Service

Project Leaders are needed to help others have positive volunteer experiences. Each year Volunteer New York!’s signature community-wide action days (#911Day, #MLKDay) bring thousands of volunteers together to address local needs. Trained project leaders help direct volunteer power to more organizations to increase impact. To learn more, please contact: nicole@volunteernewyork.org

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Leadership Westchester Are you ready to lead?

Since 1996, Leadership Westchester has been the signature leadership development program of Volunteer New York!. It is designed to sharpen your leadership skills, build your network, and teach you to leverage your strengths so you can make a lasting and powerful impact on Westchester and beyond.

The LW program also includes exclusive networking events and continuing education workshops for alumni. Classes are limited to 20 participants a year. More info: volunteernewyork.org/leadership

Nonprofit Board Boot Camp & Board Speed Dating Your Path to Board Service

As featured in

Not sure if you’re ready or have the experience needed to volunteer on a nonprofit board? This specialized annual program has helped prepare and connect hundreds of professionals to serve on local nonprofit boards. Find out more at volunteernewyork.org/bootcamp.

vo l u n te e r n ew yo r k .o r g • 914 - 9 4 8 - 4 4 52

- 11 -


Companies who partner with Volunteer New York! work closely with our experienced corporate engagement team to build or enhance a successful Employee Volunteer Program. Volunteer New York! leverages its ongoing relationships with over 500 community partners to identify pressing local needs that are aligned with each company’s philanthropic goals and pillars of engagement. Corporate service with Volunteer New York! helps local companies contribute to and strengthen the community in which they do business. Volunteer New York! works with our partners to plan projects that meet their needs. Whether one-time efforts or a calendar of customized projects, we create custom volunteer programs for each company we support. Learn more at: volunteernewyork.org/corporate-programs Recognizing that the future of work and workplace structure is continually evolving, the corporate team creates and facilitates Projects in a Box that allow employees to participate in giving back while working remote or hybrid. Learn more at volunteernewyork.org/box Encouraging volunteerism among employees builds morale, boosts employee retention, deepens leadership and team-building skills, and has been shown to raise workforce productivity. To request a custom corporate engagement proposal or to learn more about the ways Volunteer New York! can help you meet your CSR goals, visit volunteernewyork.org/lead or call 914-227-9317 to get started.

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Global Volunteer Month April 2022 New Rochelle Parks Clean-Up Weekend April 23 - 24, 2022 volunteernewyork.org/newrochelle Leadership Westchester Panel Discussion April 26, 2022 volunteernewyork.org/leadership-panel RSVP 50 - A Celebration of 50 Years of Impact May 18, 2022 volunteernewyork.org/RSVP50 Leadership Westchester Application Period (May - July) volunteernewyork.org/leadership Summer Volunteering Season (May - Aug) volunteernewyork.org/summer Leadership Westchester Graduation June 21, 2022 volunteernewyork.org/graduation 9/11: Serve + Remember Day of Service September 10 - 11, 2022 volunteernewyork.org/service Holiday Volunteering Season (Nov - Dec) volunteernewyork.org/holiday 2022 Nonprofit Board Boot Camp (Nov - Jan) volunteernewyork.org/bootcamp Giving Tuesday #Bridge2Give November 28, 2022 volunteernewyork.org/givingtuesday 2023 Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service January 14, 2023 volunteernewyork.org/mlk 43rd Annual Volunteer Spirit Awards April 2023 volunteernewyork.org/awards - 13 -

Nonprofit Partners

How Deep Is Your Impact? Nonprofit Support and Capacity Building Volunteer New York! helps nonprofits build and grow sustainable volunteer programs. Organizations are encouraged to use our online volunteer management tool, HandsOn Connect, to recruit volunteers. To register your 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit and to start submitting your volunteer needs to be published on our website go to: volunteernewyork.org/nonprofitservices Live training sessions and professional workshops are also available throughout the year for our community partners. Need an army of short-term volunteers to take on a big project? Consider being a part of one of our annual community-wide days of service. Haven’t checked your Volunteer New York! nonprofit profile in a while? Make sure your listings and contact info are up-to-date to improve sign-up rates.

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C o n n e c t . S e r ve . G r ow.

We’re In This Together A Hands On Approach We routinely visit local organizations to help assess their needs and challenges. We also help promote our partners’ volunteer opportunities through our website, Youth Volunteer Guidebook, monthly newsletters, collateral distribution and social media, and at outreach events and presentations. Looking to build a strong board for your organization? We can help. Visit our nonprofit services page to submit your board openings. Through our Leadership Westchester Alumni Association and Nonprofit Board Boot Camp we are building a pipeline of candidates who are ready and interested in local board service. To start a conversation about how we can work together to deepen your impact or to schedule a site visit with your agency, call 914-948-4452 or email info@volunteernewyork.org. PRESENTED BY








Volunteer Recognition Extraordinary volunteer efforts deserve special recognition. We encourage nonprofits to nominate their outstanding volunteers each year during the fall for our annual Volunteer Spirit Awards event. The awards presentation takes place in April during Global Volunteer Month. For over 40 years it has been one of the largest and most important volunteer recognition events in our region. For more info: volunteernewyork.org/awards

vo l u n te e r n ew yo r k .o r g • 914 - 9 4 8 - 4 4 52

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Making a difference is just a tap away! Use the Youth Volunteer Guidebook App to: • Get a head start on volunteer service hour requirements • Search hundreds of local nonprofits sorted by age group • Start your own custom service project • Find information about youth leadership opportunities and events • As a great family/classroom resource • Share your volunteer experience and more . . .

220 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591 • We Make Volunteering Easy @volunteerNYnow • 914-948-4452

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