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Boreham Library University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

If variety is the spice of life, then student life at Westark is well seasoned, One of the things Westark students have in common is they are all different, Each of us has a different background, a different personality, a different physical appearance, and different goals, Although have crossed here, we all walks of life. Westark is just a step on the road to our success.

Learning the ropes "Totally Awesome!" That's how freshman Kim Ryan described Westark's first try, in years, at a major student orientation. 400 students RSVPed and 700 did not, but this posed very few problems. For the convenience of students, orientation was held in two sessions, one in the afternoon and one at night. Each session contained a speech by President Joel Stubblefield, Dr. Sue Kincannon and Stacey Jones. Students broke into small groups where college policy and other useful information was given. Students then returned to the Student Union for free hamburgers and french fries provided by the staff. The student mixer helps to relieve the tension atter "THE DAY."

Instructor Tom Walton helps students find more out about Westark In a group discussion.

The Club Fair helps students find their niche on campus. 4

Student Orientation Gina Ogden poses for her student ID photo.

Susan Marks and Jonie Mize practice smiles for ID photos.

There was a mass group orientation before breaking into small student groups. 5

Lindsey Haisley entertains students with various types of instruments.

High temperatures and the threat ot rain didn't discourage students from attending the annual Student/Staff picnic. With temperatures soaring into the 100s, students retreated into the union and its air conditioning. Several students did endure the heat and ate lunch outside where they could also enjoy Lindsey Haisley, a singer from Austin, Texas, The picnic, sponsored by the Student Activities Council attracted one of the largest turnouts in years. Many students commented the president and his cabinet, who served at the picnic, had finally found their rightful place in front of the large fiery grill.

Administrators Dr. Bob Wyly and Jim Underwood show how to fire-up a grill. 6

Joel Stubblefield joins in the fun serving food to students.

Students enjoy last free food this year.


A Christmas Carol

The meanness of Ebenizer Scrooge becomes the topic of a ridiculing chorus.

Scrooge is shown a bleak future without Tiny Tim for the Crotchet family. The spirit of Christmas past begins Scrooge's education.


The whole town celebrates Scrooge's change of heart.

Scrooge has no time for Christmas or his nephew.

Marley's ghost comes to warn Scrooge of the fate of the heartless.

Bah! Humbug! A company of 35 singers, dancers, musicians and actors descended on Westark November 27 to prepare for a production for Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol/7 The company presented four shows on November 26 and 27, but spent the time from November 21 putting the show together. The Bill Fegan Attractions touring company out of Dallas used the Breedlove Auditorium for a residency as they began a seven-week tour of the holiday classic which took them from here to Georgia and up the east coast. This marked the second time a touring company has used Westark as a base for their residency.

The spirit of Christmas yet to come brings no happy news to Scrooge. 9

me NaTional

The villianous Pirate Captain, awaits the signal to decapitate the Italian murder.


The Italian Girl, fully unaware of unseen audience, preens herself to meet the Sultan.

They bey of Algiers is initiated into the ancient Order of the Papadummies.

As always, there is a happy ending.


To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday David and Kevin renew an old friendship.

Michael Brady's xx To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday" was the theater arts production for the fall semester. The play was presented in the Breedlove Auditorium on October 17,18, and 19. David Young directed, and Randal Kinnear designed the set. Brady's romantic play is a slice-of- life drama about a man's mourning over the death of his wife, and his emotional rebirth. The cast and crew took "Gillian" to the state competition of the American College Theatre Festival.

David reassures Gillian's memory Rachel when he returns to David at odd times. misses her mother. (Gillian)


Kevin suns herself on the beach. Paul consoles Cindy's broken heart after Kevin's arrival.

CAST David Rachel

Michael McClelland Heather Askew


Sonya Martin


Jenny Moody


Boyd Irons


Susie King

Gillian .

Charlotte Prody

Rachel tries to decide whether to live with Paul and Esther. Kevin is surprised at Esther's philosophy "In with the good and out with the crap."


Acrobats display incredible strength. This girl bends over backwards to entertain the audience.


Perfect balance is shown in this death defying feat.

Denny shows audience the paper he magically put back together. The beautiful Lee is put into a trance before floating on air.

For those who did not get to see "Denny and Lee" in the student union, you missed one of the most impressive illusion shows to come to our area, The show covered everything from sleight-of-hand card tricks to the unexplainable levitation' trick, the $20.00 -inthe-lemon' trick, and the most impressive who'll-be-next-inthe-box' trick. The illusion of catching a bullet in the teeth went off with no casualties. The entire show was one surprise after another.

By passing over the hoop, Denny shows there are "no strings."

The dance has a great turnout.

There was a variety of costumes at the dance. Shown here are Lisa Beattie, and Mike Bradley. These are this years costume contest winners.


Terry Latimer and Jimmy Oliver enjoy a slow dance.

Halloween Dance This is what happens to Bryon Knight when the moon is full.

Everyone tried to keep their distance from this unidentified ghoul.

This dance brought out a wide variety of people. 17

The slow dance gives everybody a chance to relax.

The looks on the faces of Irish Herron and Paul Phillips show just how much fun they're having.

The balloon and streamer decorations gave just that added touch. 18

This dance gave everybody a chance to let loose and have a good time.

As the night progressed, more people came and added to the fun.


William Windom brings Thurber to life with his delivery and cartoons.

April 23 in the Breedlove Auditorium, Thurber I was presented by the well-known actor William Windom. Based on the writings of James Thurber, Windom makes the witticisms of Thurber (the man) come to life, with his delivery and cartoons. Possibly best remembered for his Emmy-winning lead in T.V.'s "My World and Welcome To It," Windom has appeared on stages here and abroad in his one-man "Thurber I" since 1972, In a back-stage interview


with Windom I found him to be a man with a great booming voice and a little bit of a bawdy nature, These things we might expect from seeing him on T.V. lo these many years. But the man I spoke with showed a different side to me, his eyes though red from the road, were bright with the wonderment of acting, "No matter how many times I do this show, each new performance I learn something more about the man Thurber and his inner self, It (the show) exhilarates me!"

Beatrice Chia watches Tai Myong Yi devour his hamburger.

A friendly game of scrabble makes the day even more fun for Chai Chee Shin, Tiffany Yap, Chow Mun Long, Ricky Ng, and Tee Tong Ling.

Tee Siew Juian helps himself to the spread of food available. The picnic was held at St. Scholastica. 21

Miss Westark 1986, Elaine Sanders, plays her winning piano piece, "Preludium."

The Miss Westark Scholarship Pageant was held April 11 & 12 in the Westark Gymnasium to capacity crowds, This years winner was Elaine Sanders of Ft. Smith, her winning talent was a piano piece, "Preludium." Elaine has the distinction of being Westark's youngest Miss. 1st runner-up was Gina Kurre whose talent was the broadway song "My Luck Is Changing," Miss Congeniality award went to Sherry Elmore from Mansfield. Michelle Copeland was named 2nd runner-up with Gina Angeletti and Angie Schmidt winning third and fourth runners-up, respectively. This years pageant was also marked by having the largest amount of available scholarship awards, nearly nine thousand dollars was offered by over 20 junior and four-year institutions.

With help from Miss Westark 1985, Julie Russell, and Miss Arkansas 1985, Christie Tauntoa Elaine gets her crown.


Giving away her title was not easy for Julie Russell, Miss Westark 1985, as we see her making a final speech. First runner-up, Gina Kurre, receives her trophy and flowers.

Sherry Elmore, Miss Congeniality, sings "The Gregtest Love of All."

Gina Angeletti (third runner-up), Angie Schmidt (fourth runner-up), and Michelle Copeland (second runner-up) posed for a shot while waiting for the swimsuit competition. 23

Rhonda Reed

Melissa Boyd


Michelle Beauchaine

Jeneva Lowrey

Angie Schmidt

Leah Carter

Bridget Johnson


1986Contestants 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Rhonda Reed Kerri Hayes Gina Kurre Becky Beebe Cheryl Powell Sherry Elmore Robin Nance Elaine Sanders Melissa Boyd Michelle Copeland

12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.

Angie Schmidt Kay Lynn Wagner Gina Angeletti Bridget Johnson Michelle Beauchaine Patti Eveld Page Hiller Leah Carter Jeneva Lowrey Lisa Wahman

Patti Eveld 26

Susan Powell, Miss America 1981

Kerri Hayes

For the Sesquicentennial theme, Gretchen Tucker and Brian Gary sing "I'm Proud to be An American."

Robin Nance




Kari Weaver

The Prince .

Dwayne Waldon

The King The

Chris Bell Queen

Joanie Mize


Marsha Law


Susie King

Joyl Godmother

Ellen Douglas Gretchen Tucker


- Cinderella and her stepsisters sing about the ball.

Jarrod McClain

Cinderella's arrival at the ball will soon be acknowledge by all in attendance.

As the Fairy Godmother, Gretchen Tucker is surrounded by the town's children. A saddened Prince is abandoned at the Ball with only a glass slipper as a clue to the identity ot Cinderella.

The Herald announces the news of the ball to the townspeople.



The Westark Student Activities Council brought a "wee bit O'Scotland to the Fort Smith Civic Center March 25 with the presentation of 'Brigadoon' the musical by Lerner and Lowe. Produced by the Music Theatre Group and under the direction of William Westbrooks, the story of the mythical village and it's inhabitants came alive for the entertainment of theater-goers, with songs like

'There But For You Go I' anc 'Almost Like Being In Love7, Fur laughter, excitement anc tears moved the story to it' climax, but those in atten dance were still left on the edge of their seat, fearful that Brigadoon will fade into it's 100-year sleep without Tomorrow and Fiona together, still rejoic ing at the ending, Just as Fiona says, 'twas a very agreeable"

Meg Brockie's advances don't seem to have a pleasing effect on Jeff Douglas.

Surrounded by lovesick lasses, Fiona sings "Waitin For My Dearie."


Brought together by a miracle, "it's Almost Like Being in Love" for Tommy and Fiona. A ceremonial sword dance dazzled all.

Jean MacLaren and Maggie Anderson dance in celebration of Jean's upcoming wedding.


A blindfolded Gil Eagles gets assistance from Keri Didier.

The Student Activities Council presented the Gil Eagles Show January 29 in the Student Union, Eagles' show consisted of demonstrations of clairvoyance,E.S.P., and hypnosis, all of which thoroughly mystified the audience. Eagles' climatic ending to his show was thehypnotizingof several students, convincing them they were chickens, drill sergeants, and beeping road runners, then letting the subjects loose on the crowd side-splitting results,

Student volunteers paint imaginary pictures while under a hypnotic trance.


Kessel and his band gave a fantastic show.

Jay McShann tickled the ivories with his own special style.

Bass player Marvin Williams added his talents to the Kessel trio.


Come to the Cabaret! The Telephone Dance gives an exciting and humorous look at the Cabaret,

"June is bustin out all over" in this delightful number from Carousel.

Lee Thedore's troup appear to never miss a step, or a jump.


In this exciting number from the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, we take a peek inside the locker room of the Texas Aggies.

Lee Theodore's American Dancemachine, broadway theater/dance from over the last 40 years, came to the Civic Center Oct. 21. Walter Kerr of the New York Times called it "sheer exhilaration." "it was one of the most delightful evenings I've spent." was the reaction of one Westark student. The show reconstructs and preserves the most important choreography of 20th century American Musical Theatre, Choregraphers such as Agnes de Mille, Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins, Tommy Tune and many others are included in their vast repertoire. Over 80 works have been documented and performed.

Won't you Charleston with me? We see a quaint look at the 1920s in this dance from The Boyfriend. 35

Some of the students like to get a card game going to relieve boredom. Clockwise: Wendy Carson, Jay Steele, Brian Wyatt, And Jesse Fenwick. A variety of video games gives Allen Quails the chance to release some tension.

A friendly game of Pool is a good way to pass the time between classes.


Front Row: Davie Dotson, Ellene Rebsamen, Debbie Bedkham, Wendy Carson, Lisa Beattie, Taffy Tozier, Stacey Jones, Back Row: Marc Domingos, Pauline Plummer, Cathy Bell, Doris Burns, Brian McMahen, Mike Bradley, Don Bailey.

Council members of the month included: Pepper McGinnis, Laura Verderber and Richard Dekok.

Members of the council participated in the United Way Raft Race.


Council leaders included Lisa Seattle, secretary, and Mike Bradley, President

Pepper McGinnis was Vice-President of Chairs, and Wendy Carson was VicePresident of Recruitment and Retension.


S.T.E.P. sponsored dances give guys like Danny Johnson, Barry Youngblood, and Danny Easterling, a chance to have some fun.

Row 1: Melissa Whitfield, Sissy Woods, Ladonna Cole, Felicia Barnes, Janice Whitfield, Deann Stewart, Jean Jones, Jacqueline Cheeks, Mattie Brewer, Gladys Whitfield, Valarie Robinson. Row 2: Trell Cheeks, Eunice Barnes, Hope Whitfield, Carlo Williams, Rebecca Walton, Vivian Cole, Renee Richardson, Keely Diaz. Row 3: Tyrone Jones, Lawrence Wood, Toney Conley, Winston Whitfield, Sandra Whitfield, Elliot! Whitfield. Front: Delano Whitfield.


Irene Wright, Barry Youngblood, Anthony Johnson and his date enjoy a slow dance sponsored by S.T.E.P.

Students Together Effectively Progressing is an organization whose main objective is to constantly promote black togetherness and the importance of a sound education. Although their membership consists of mostly black students, they encourage ail students to also take part in their projects. Hoping to be seen as a public service organization, all last year proving it. Selling candy bars to raise money for a Scholarship honoring the late Rev. Norman McGill which will provide an education for two underprivileged black youths annually; holding an Easter Egg hunt and repainting the Lincoln Day Care Center; Hosting the second annual Hal Jackson Talented Teen International Contest; and presenting the Second Annual Achievement Awards program to honor outstanding blacks in the community were the main activities this year of S.T.E.P. James Dodson, Irene Wright, Veasta Porter, Emma Watts-sponsor, Valerie Robinson-president, Emma Holloway.


Dewayne Waldon spends time in the scene shop working with the table saw. Randy Kinnear demonstrates the use of styrofoam for lightweight sets.

Building sets is a full-time job for technical director Randy Kinnear.

Assisted by Richard DeKok, Ellen Douglas tries her hand at using the equipment.

Westark's Drama Club reactivated. The club devoted most of the spring semester to getting the group back on its feet with the election of officers, development of new bylaws, and the signing of the charter, The club is open to all who are interested in acting, stage-craft, or other aspects

of theatre

Clockwise from center: David Young, Susie King, Dwayne Waldoa Brian McMahen, Ellen Douglas, Boyd Irons, Michael McClelland, Sonya Martin, Tammy Hewett, Randy Kinnear, Gill Rogers, Mitzie Mankin, Pepper McGinnis.

The Westark Student Nurses Association participated in the annual Student-Faculty volley-

vance public awareness of the problems facing handicapped persons daily. ballgame,andforthefirsttimeFour m came away the winners. convention in Chicago, MemThe ballgame is only one of bers also participated in the the activities the group spon- state convention at Little sors every year. Rock, and the National ConThe organization made the vention at New Orleans, contribution to Fulfill A Dream A Bike-A-Thon was held to that put the organization in opraise funds for the Cystic Fibroeration several years ago. This sis Foundation, year, they sponsored a fundOfficers for the 1985-86 year raiser for Fulfill A Dream, at the are Tim Fuller-president; Mike Old Fort Riverfest, Turner-vice-president; Pat They sponsored the annual Brewer-treasurer; and Edie Barrier Awareness Day, to adDutton-secretary.

President- Tim Fuller, treasurer- Edie Dutton, secretary- Sue Tannehill, and vice-president- Michael Turner.


Back row: Jimmie Kersh, LeAnn Black, Gaylon White-president. Middle row: Anita Kersh, Brent Graham, Theresa Kaylor. Front row: Carol Price, Lora Handiboe, Ramona West, Mark Gunselman.

Formed by science instructor John Deaton to present students with an alternate method of study as opposed to evolutionism, Genesis I has become a religious force on Westark's campus along with the Baptist Student Union. This year with one of the largest memberships, Genesis I held several seminars on creation and our part in it. Front row: Chai Chee Shin, Parichehv-Chitsazan, Parivash-Chitsazan, Sabra Hopkins, Angela Berkley, Lisa Ledbetter, Carol Price, Tee long Ling. Back row: Ahmad-Reza-Chitsazan, Glen Gahrman, Juanita Willman, Tom Hotz, Terry Daniels, Robert Gustafson, Kathy Hamel, Donna Ahlert.


Westark is becoming a "hot- larly scheduled night concerts bed" of jazz largely because in Breedlove Auditorium, of "The Westark Jazz Band." This year the Jazz Band perUnder the direction of Don Bai- formed at the Civic Auditorium ley, the band is a group of mu- for the annual "USO Canteen" sicians ranging in age from 18 and competed at Tallequah, to ... let's say older, To be- Oklahoma in their annual jazz come a member of the band festival. While WCC may not just takes a little bit of talent, a be a "mecca" for jazz, just whole lot of desire and enroll- give these fellows a little time, ment in the class, The concert Who knows, sometime in the schedule varies, but is mainly not so distant future Westark kept to noon concerts in the may turn out the next Artie student union, and a few regu- Shaw or Chick Corea?

Before concert warm-ups are a must for a class performance.


Under the direction of Don Bailey, the Jazz Band shows its stuff. Richard Kelly is one of the trumpet players in the band.

Noon concerts really bring excitement to the Student Union.

Giving it his all, Don Bailey joins in on the saxophone.


Lots of rehearsals make for perfect performances.

Row 1-Mildred Pittman, Michelle Beauchaine, Christine Gilbert, Amy Casalman, Joanie Mize, Susie King, Louise Tripp. Row 2Gaylon White, LaDonna Welch, Claudine Shankle, Tammy Cobb, Melanie Roberts, Carol Stanzione, Robin Ray, Emma Holloway, Steve Towsend. Row 3-Ellen Douglas, Carolyn Hoopaw, Janet Echols, Shelli Curlin, Rebecca Riddle, Rebecca Smith, Ricky Clow, Greg Canaday, director Logan Green. Row 4-Brian McMahen, David Hight, Dewayne Walden, Steven Nichols, Wendel Rye, Boyd Irons, Jason Tackett, Bill Moates, Lee Dobson, Roger Harms.


Jazz director, Don Bailey, borrows the choir to sing some of "his songs."

The Westark choir presented annual Fall Concert on November 17 in Breediove Auditorium performing "The Peaceable Kingdom," an eight piece work by Randall Thompson, The choir also performed Christmas music at Central Mall on December 16 and 18. The choirs' final performance on May 4 featured "The Holy City" by A.R. Gaul,

Members of the National Association of Teachers of Singing were: Front Row: Carolyn Hoopaw, Steve Nichols, Susie King, Top Row: Gaylon White, Lee Dobson, William Moates


Sharon Winn-advisor, Rebecca Libbysecretary, Brian Hulseytreasurer, Linda Smithpresident, Suzanne Parker-reporter.

Being the most awarded club on Westark's campus, Phi Beta Lambda caters to business majors desiring to hone their skills in their chosen profession. Among their many activities were a fundraiser drawing for a stereo, a trip to a Florida conference, and attending competitive events in Little Rock.

Front row: Brian Hulsey, Linda Smith, Sharon Winn, Melissa Newlon, Debbie Roberts. Back row: Dr. Bill Lacewell, Denase Whitaker, Sandra Heiner, Barbara Cochran, Emma Holloway, Mary Carter.


Members are: Velma Albertson, Eric Appersoc Terry Askew, Michelle Beauchaine, Daniel Berry, James Bolin, Kathleen Borengasser, Michael Bradley, Cynthia Burnett, Paul Burnett, Ruth Carson, Arlis Clem, Ricky Clow, Helen Croley, Robert J. Dahlem, Jennifer Daniels, Elaine Drum, April Durham, Jodee Flatte, Charles Foley, Jeri Fox, Alyce Greene, Roger Harms, Sherry Hart, Hubert D. Johna Jr., Barbara Kelley, Robert Mills, Dao Quang Nguven, Ronald Owens, Annette Pearce, Marcella Rector, Trudy Rider, Shari Rowe, Peggy Schluterman, Peter Sellers, Theresa Sellers, Susan Vandyke, Freddie Jean Wagner, Mary West, Don Willadsen.

Students with a 3.50 grade point or above who have completed twelve or more credit hours and are working toward a degree are the students who make up Phi Theta Kappa. The club entered its 40th year at Westark. Phi Theta Kappa is an honor society encouraging scholarship, This years theme ot "Ethics and the Media" resulted in programs designed to allow these students to createabetter awareness of the media themselves and the community. At initiation, Eric Apperson and other members signed their names to the official role book.


After much deliberation, John Moore makes his move.

Chess Club members spend their Thursday evenings hidden away in a small room in the Student Union playing one game of chess after another for four hours. More and more students join the organization each year. Many have never played a game of chess before, but are formidable opponents by the time they leave.

Seated clockwise from left are: John Moore, Bill Styron, Cathy Murphy, and Karen Murphy.


The aroma of sopapillas makes them easy to sell. Patricia Ames had the job of making them.

Brought together by their common interest in the Spanish culture,Spanishclub members kept active with activities such as a sopapilla sale, trips to Tulsa to watch performances relatedtotheSpanish language and heritage, a talent show and their booth in the Annual Old Fort River Festival.

Front row: Ellen Douglas, Rhonda Wright, Darcetha Manning. Back row: Boyd Irons, Charlotte Freeman, Nancy Zechiedrich.


Becky Beebe takes a moment to look at an agenda for a banquet. During a phone survey, Price Ransom spent time manning the phone.

Row 1: Kay Lynn Wagner, Diana Paulette. Row 2: Rhonda Wright, Lois Jones. Row 3: Shelly Curlin, Debbie Roberts. Row 4: Becky Beebe, Trudy Brooks. Row 5: Karen Kreewan, Charlett Sollee, Kelly Danner. Row 6: Mike Parsons, Chris Mitchell, Price Ransom.


Serving at faculty dinners, is part of the job for Diane Paulette and Karen Freeman.

HEY! Who are these Pride of Westark people, and why are they dressed like that? The Pride of Westark is the newly formed student ambassador group founded by Penny Pendleton, Director of Recruiting and Placement and Stacey Jones, Director of Student Activities, The group was founded to help promote Westark to the community, by assisting the Director of Recruiting and Placement with high school tours, speaking engagements, and other high visibility functions involving the public and the faculty. During the year the "Pride" has served as tour guides for

several local high schools, ushers at several college sponsored performances, servers at faculty dinners, and manned the phones during the last phone survey, Yes, you are correct if you're saying to yourself, "They are into everything!" But, this is the reason for the "Pride", to be as visible as possible as often as possible. But, most importantly, to leave the best impression possible, Ultimately, the "Pride" represents the best Westark has to offer, and hopefully, high school students and their parents will want to be a part of this "PRIDE".


Fall staff members were: Alecia Phillips, Lesa Dugger, Scott Gordey, Deborah Reynolds, Rick Tabor, Brian McMahen, Tim Turner, Craig Cousins, Leah Carter, Tom Walton director, Carrie Gill, Donna Woodall, Wendy Carson, Ricky Clow, Denase Whitaker, Terry Darby, Terry Anderson, and John Popa.

Making deadlines, taking pictures, conducting interviews and surveys, and putting toogether Lion Pride and NUMA are just a few things that mean Student Publications. Coming from diverse backgrounds and majors help the members of Student Publications to know What is going on at Westark.

Experimenting with different methods of typesetting and layout ideas along with holding a photography contest, were just a few of this years innovations. However, trying to publish the best newspaper and yearbook possible is always their main goal,

Laying out the paper is no easy job. Ricky Clow, editor of the Lion Pride, spends many hours doing just that.

Photos make up most of the yearbook. Leah Carter, NUMA editor, designs layouts for and crops all of them.


Terry Anderson, darkroom manager, takes time to look at some negatives with Clinton Vaughn.

With a deadline close at hand, Deborah Reynolds rushes to type her story.

Spring staff additions included: Shawn Schoeppey, Clinton Vaughn, Mickey Hollihan Robin Davenport, and Suzan Blair. 57

In all walks of life we share common interests, Being a part of a club or organization is one way we cross paths and come together ... sharing ideas, dreams and interests. Either as an outlet or for improving a skill, we meet and work as a team in accomplishing certain goals. Clubs can teach us to be organized and we learn the best way to work and live together. It's another way we meet in all walks of life and another way we learn more about ourselves as well as others.


Destri Adair Judy Adams Paula Adams Whitney Adams

Khaled AI-Baitari Velma Albertson Paula Albright Basil Alchawaf

Everett Aldridge Steve Almond Victor Alvorado Patricia Ames

Patterson gets chance to sharpen skills LeAnne Patterson


Melanie Anderson Terry Anderson Thomas Andrew Gina Angeletti

Dan Angstead Lisa Appleton Terry Askew Janet Askins

Eddie Auprey Jonathan Aven Deborah Ayers Neal Baggett

Edward Bailey Sue Q. Bailey Charles Baker Mike Baker

Randy Baker Virginia Ball Amy Banning Pamela D. Barker


Jean Barkley Kevin Barley Polly Baron Beth Barrickman

Harold Baugh John Baumgartner Jr. Mike Beam Dorothy Bean

Lisa Beattie Missy Beauchaine Becky Beebe Wes Beene

James Bell Betty L. Bennett Angela Berkley Tanya Berkley

Daniel Berry Elizabeth Berry Greg Beshears Dora Bigler


Patti Bird Laura Black LeAnne Black Stacey Blake

Sherrie Blaylock Pamela Bly Jack Boersma Debbie Bogner

James Bolin Lisa Bond Mike Booth William Boothman


Mitcheal Bottoms Dave Boever Audrey Bowles Jeff Bowling

Marie Boyd Melissa Boyd Velma Boyd Mike Bradley

F.W. Breuer Patricia Breuer Matti Jo Brewer Bruce Brock

Trudy Brooks Nancy Bromwell Angela Brown Daniel C. Brown

Darren L, Delia Irene Pamela


Brown Brown Brown Brown

Stacey Brown Tim Brown Tim Brown Philip Bryant

John Buechley Lee Ann Burdick Hang T, Bui Shari Bullington

David Burnett Susan Burnham Gary Butler Terri Burns

Katie Buttress Jo Ella Bynum Tim D. Bynum Brent Byrd

Kim Cable Richard Cagle Greg Canady Ray Cantu


Beverley Carney Sandra Carolan Bodey Carson Wendy Carson

Ada Jim Leah Mary

Carter Carter Carter Carter

Terrence Carter Linda Caruthers Bernard Cash Lisa Cash

Chee Shin Chai John Chamberlain Noradeth Chanthaseny Shelley Carlile

Ratha Chatman Chee Shan Chia Billy Chrisman Benita Christian


Beatrice Chua Jereme Clapp Arlis Clem Ricky Clow

Jeff Cobb Tammy Cobb Barbara Cochran Barry Coddington

Corbit Cochran Bailey Coleman Billy Collins Linda Colston


David Conner Pam Cook Lucinda Cooper Paula Jean Cooter

Lee Ann Copeland Cynthia Cotner Imogene Couin Trudy Counts

Craig Cousins Kim Cox Sharon Craig Joey Craine

Carlo Crawford Anne Croley Janet Cross Sarah A. Crosswell

Edward Cruthird Barbara Curda Debi Curren Junior Curtis

Larry Daggett Robert Dahlem Ben Daly Skeeter Daniels

Terry Daniels Kelly Danner Kara Dargavel Diane Davis

Russel David Lloyann Day Richard DeKok Shelly DePierne


Carol Deuster Janice Deuster Peyton DeWitt Jimmy Dickerson

Angela Dickson Cindy Lee Didson Mick Dillon Lee Dodson

James Dodson Tina Dollard LaJuana Dorsey Ellen Douglas

Terie Duffee Lesa Dugger Karol Duggin Lisa Duggin

Paul Duncan April Durham Tim Dunivan Vernon Dunn


Dede Dutton Gloria Dye Renetta Ealy Greg Eason

Staci Easter B.C. Edds Jim Edwards Stephanie Edwards

Agatha Eger Clark Eger Robin Elkins James Ellerbee

Crystal Elwood Eddie Escalante Michaelle Etheridge Patti Eveld

Mike Fairbanks Tammy Fairrell Sophia Farid Lisa Farmer


Dr. Bob Wyly, Dr. Sue Kincannon, President Joel Stubblefield, Nancy Llewellyn, John Mott, and Jim Underwood survey building site for the new library.


Several Board members and other campus dignitaries joined the contractors in breaking grounds in April for the new library. Work on the library and Student Union expanison soon began.

John Fereck Oretha Ferguson Paul Fields Paul Kevin Findley

Martha Fleming Cindy Foster David Fowler Monique Frary

Deron Freeman Karen Freeman Nancy Freeman Sharon Frost

Tim Fuller Tommy Fuller Brenda Gann John Garcia

Tim Garrett Raymond Garth Annette Gill Carrie Gill


Lorrie Glidewell Carmen Goff Bobby Goines Andre Good

Thomas Goodin William Goodhoe Scott Gordey Karen Gordon

Jorge Garcia Brent Graham Chad Graham LaDonna Graham

Mark Graves Darren Green Mat Griffin Tosca Griffin

Charles Griggs Cara Griscom Laura Grizzle Stephen Grizzle


Tina Haden Tim Hagemeier Marcia Baggard Richard Haggard

Mike Hall Lynn Holmes Marty Hamilton Mike Hamilton

Sandra Hamilton Graig Handiboe Jannis Hare Natalie Harms

Roger Harms Carrie Harris Kim Harris Kim Hatchett

Sherri Hough Barry Hawthorne Marty Hay Kerri Hayes


Paula Haynes Wendell Heathcock Phillip Hedge Sandra Heiner

Dana Helm Lentz Henderson Susan Henderson Tana Hendricks

Danny Hendrix Will Hensley Debbie Henson Antonio Herrador

Patricia Herron Alan Heslip Scott Hesselberth Shannon Hicks

Laura Hill See-Lock Ho Mavourneen Hogue Jeannie Holcomb


Cathy Holden Gerald Holmbeck Laurie Holmes Cathy Honeycutt

Carolyn Hoopaw Sarah Hooper Rhonda Howard Phyllis Howell

Yvonne Hubbard Genny Hudson Joanne Huffman Christine Huggins

Gina Huie Jorge Hughes Frank Hubert Brian Hulsey

Fredrick Hunt Donna Hunter Deborah Hurst Scherell Hurst


Lenwood Hutson David Hyde Boyd Irons Rebecca Jackson

Jeff Jenkins Steve Jenkins Marga Jennen Frank Johnson

John Johnson Monica Johnson Brenda Jones Cherry Jones

Denese D. Jones Greg Jones Rodney Jones Ruth Jordon

Yazan Kaakaji Stan Kaiser Rhonda Key Theresa Kaylor


Sayatath Kayrath Kimberly Keeny Tammy Kelley Walter Kelley

Marlene Kendrick Kim Kerter Sohrab Khodayari Brad Kidder

Kevin Kimbrough Kris Kimmey Sherry Kincannon Joann King

Michelle King Susan King Susan King Janet Klaeger

Debbie Kolb Leo Kremers James Ladd David Laffoon


Betty Lamproe Larry L. Laney Paula Langston Terri Latimer

Dang Le Deena Lee Elizabeth Lee Lisa Ledbetter

Natalie Lemieux Chooi Har Leng Scott Lensing Lana Lester

Karen Lewis Heng Keong Liew Jennifer Liles Pat Linam

Chow Mun Long Margie Love Karen Lowrimore Steve Lunsford


Janet Lyles Jerry Lyles Mitzi Mankin Darcetha Manning

Kelly Martin Sonya Martin Susan Martin David Mason

Carolyn Masterson Tamara May Sherri McBride Kristi McCain

James McCartney Michael McClelland Gayla McConnell Roger McConnell

Gloria McDonald Sean McDougal Carol McFerran Pepper McGinnis


Gina McKinney Mark McKusker Melissa McLarty Brian McMahen

Tammy Metcalf Darin Miller Christopher Mitchell Paul Mitchell

Theresa Molshee Bonnie Mongold Robbin Moody Laura Mooreman

The Old Fort On Christmas Day, 1817, a small group of ill and dispirited soldiers set up camp in the western wilderness. They were on the Arkansas River at a place called Belle Point. Under the command of Major William Bradford they constructed a crude fort which was named Fort Smith to honor the regional military commander, Brigadier General Thomas A. Smith. The cantonment area was designed by Major James Long, an army engineer who had accompanied the soldiers from Saint Louis. Although the purpose of most western forts was to protect the frontier against hostile Indians, Fort Smith served as a center for peaceful negotiations to settle disputes among warring tribes. It is to the credit of the occupants that the forts was never fired upon. In 1824 the tropps left Fort Smith and established Fort Coffee, Indian Terri-

tory. However, in 1823, a new garrison was established on Belle Point and a permanent fort was built in 1838. It is the remains of this second fort that have recently been excavated. Although some small artifacts have been found dating to the original garrison, no remains of the structures have been unearthed. The last troops to occupy the fort left in 1871 and the buildings were used for other govermental functions, including the famous "Judge Parker's Court." Fort Smith was without a military garrison until Fort Chaffee was built in 1941. The National Park Service is doing an excellent job in preserving the remains of our town's early history and a few hours visiting the exhibit is very worthwhile. by Dr. C.B. Pat Porter


Janet Morgan Renia Morris Cheryl Morse Teresa Mosby

Linda Mullens Barbara Mullings Dennis Murrah Michael Neighbors

Lori Nelms Lori Nelson H.L. Nevel Paula Neville

Mary Newlon My Nguyen Carolyn Nichols John Nichols

Karen Nichols Steven Nichols Greg Nicka Richard Nicklin


Rod Nunley Jimmy Oliver Cindy Osburn Russell Overstreet

Monique Owens Dianna Painter Julie Parker Glenda Parr

Carol Patterson Glen Patterson LeAnne Patterson Diana Paulette

Janet Payne Donna Pense Richard Perkins Seaborne Perry

Robin Peters Trina Peters Alecia Phillips Anthony Phillips


Benjamin Phillips Kristen Phipps Stacie Pigeon Bryan Pitts

Lewis Polley Thomas Pool John Popa Janie Porta

Carol Price Mark Prock Malynda Pschier Janice Purdy

Frank Putman Diana Quick Ron Rankin Sheli Ransom

Marcella Rector Todd Reichen Kenneth Reichert Deborah Reynolds


Ruth Reynolds Danielle Richardson Sheri Richardson Bill Richmond

Kristi Rickard John Riley Collyar Ritchey Eric Robbins

Gaines Roberts JR. Greg Robinson Valeria Robinson Scott Rodon

Greg Roffine Sherry Rofkahr Denise Rogers Sherry Rogers

Kim Rohrach Daren Runion Samantha Rush Paula Russell



Kim Ryan Charlotte Sallee Brian Sanderson Madoka Sato

Carol A. Savoy Edwin Savoy Yvonne Sayarath Phonepraseuth Sayavong

Tina Scharbor Michael Scherff Shawn Schoeppey Paula Schuh

Gloria Schultz Michelle Scott Frances Seavey Jim Self

Thomas K, Self Robert Severs Farried Shaikh Brenda Sharp


Marian Sharp Larry Shelton Michael Shigetomi Mun Wah Siew

Stephanie Siganas Billy Simms Frankie C. Sinclair Jr. Kelvin Skaggs

Edward Skurdahl Edward Smetanka Rose Smetanka Benny Smith

Dusty Smith Greg Smith James Smith Janis Smith

Linda Smith Michele Smith Shirley Smith Vicki Smith


Don Sowershy Elaine Speer Theodore Spencer Doyle Spiers

Gary Stafford Preston M. Stallings Robin Stallings Ricky Standridge

Carol Stanzione James Steele James Stephens Doug Storment

Rosalind Stovall Ramona Stubblefield Scott Stubblefield Stephanie Sturgeon

Lori Sugg Nell Sullivan Audrea Summerhill James Sumners


Blake Sutton Sheila Swain Paul Swedeen Natalie Symonds

Dawn Tabor Jin Sun Tan Sooi Hong Tan Sue Tannehill

Sandra Taylor Linda league Slew Juan Tee Tong Ling Tee

Vinh Thach Dolores Thomas Kathy Thomas Malinda Thomas

Michelle Thomas Keith Thompson Roy Thompson Shelly Thompson


Taffy Tozier Hung Iran Kevin Traylor Dennis Treat

Kiem Loan Thi Trinh Louise Tripp Tuan Van Truong Sheila Tucker

Diana Turner Kim Turner Michael Turner Tim Turner

Otote Uyi Marie Vanmeter David Vanourny Mark Vanourny

Tammy Vanourny Clinton Vaughn Melissa Vaughn Sherri Vaughan


Vicki Vaupel Scott VanBargen Laura Verderber Jeff Vettese

Jody Wages Kay Lynn Wagner William Wagner Cindy Wakefield

Angie Walker Jamie Walter Guillaume Weaver Beth Weir

Russell Welliver Yvonne Wellnitz Camille Werner Mary West

Denase Whitaker Robert White Marcus Wiley Tommy Willhite


Jacke Williams Jonica Williams Kevin Williams Mike Williams

Nancy Williams Paul Duane Williams Debra Wilson Clarence Wimbish

Erika Winton Donna Woodall Harmony Woodrowe Lori Woody

Irene Wright Jim Wright Wilfred Wright Dale Wrightam

Nancy Yeiton Milton Young Tammy Young Barry Youngblood


The Lions fought an uphill battle to tie Allegany, MD, before dropping an 86-85 overtime thriller.

You've heard the old joke, "I've got some good news, and I've got some bad news?" That set up applied to the Lions basketball season. First, the good news (part 1). The Lions swept the Arkansas JuCo state tournament in post season. They then swept Seminole, the Oklahoma champ, to secure on eighth trip to the NJCAA national tournament. Now the bad news (part 1). The Lions had to open national tournament play against the "home" team, Hutchinson, KS, who hadn't been in the tournament for ten years. The whole town was there. The Lions lost. Since it's a double elimination affair, the Lions still had a chance for a respectable finish. They lost in the second round in overtime. Wait, the bad news (part 2).

The Lions at one point in the season were mediocre (by Westark standards) 16-8 after having lost an unprecedented three games in a row. They were virtually eliminated from the conference crown Lion patrons expect (nine titles the past ten years), Hold on, the good news (part 2). To use a cliche, the Lions roared to nine victories in their last ten games and did play for the conference crown. Unfortunately, their only loss during that streak was the conference crown clash. Rollercoaster season, maybe. Inconsistent season, perhaps. Another trip to the national tournament, you bet!! The Lions ended regular season 209. They entered the national tourney at 25-9. They came home 25-11.

The crowd was sparse during Westark's second round afternoon national tournament game against Allegany. Quite a contrast from the capacity crowd they played before when they met the host team, Hutchinson, KS, in the opening round.


Ben Phillips wrestles for two points during the Lion's comeback. Charles Baker goes back up after a miss to keep the rally going.


Arms and Elbows

Sometimes arms and elbows are all you see under basket. Ben Phillips, Lewis Jones (24), And Charles Baker (12), get their shots off and in the hoop despite the timber.


Believe it or not, but these are all shots of Charles Baker doing his offensive thing, as usual, in traffic.


'85-'86 Lions (front) Scott Lockhart, Mike Womack, Lenwood Hutson, Chris Cochrane, Junior Curtis, John Avon- Student Manager, (back) Head Coach Gayle Kaundart, Charles Baker, Rod Nunley, Anthony Phillips, Ben Phillips, Scott VonBargen, Tim Brewer, David Conner, Terri Carter, Bernard Cash, Lewis Jones, Asst. Coach Wes Kaundart.


'85-'86 Lady Lions; (front) Kim Hurt, Monica Johnson, Tina Haden, Karen Nichols, Becky Beebe, Jennifer Obana, (back) Karen Lawrimore, Diana Paulette, Sheila Stamps, Rennetta Ealy, Paula Albright, Kelly Danner, Amy Clark, Tammy Franklin.


Diana Paulette creates a double team situation so she can find an open player to pass to. Diana led the team with 3 assists per game.

Kelly Danner lobs a pass to Rennetta Ealy. Renetta was the teams leading scorer with a 17.1 per game average.

Paula Albright's team leading 49 percent field goal shooting helped her maintain a 15.4 points per game average, second best on the squad. Kim Hurt keeps her eyes on the passing lanes while positioning herself defensively in the backcourt.


Monica Johnson fires a pass to Diana early in the CAJC game. Not much a crowd had arrived yet.

Renetta landed on the floor as Paula landed two points against CAJC.


Bottoms resigns to return to Van Buren Monica shoves the ball inside through a crowd. Paula and Sheila Stamps await a rebound.


The 1986 Homecoming Court with escorts were: Kelly Danner with Greg Bain, Lois Jones with Sterling Williams, Michelle Willis (Queen) with Robert Ferguson, Michelle Copeland with Kenny McKien, and Michelle King with Dave Beavor.


Michelle Willis Homecoming Queen 1986


50 or so spring baseball games does not a season make. Practice, practice, practice starts in September and continues year round except for the few dreary winter weeks.

Jay Hodges works the double play pivot during infield practice.


The Coaches Eye

Coach Bill Crowder and asst. coach Rick Ritchel observe and shout encouragement during those long weeks of pre-season practice.



basic fundamentals to a successful baseball team.


Jeff Holt makes a mid-air catch at the March 10, Maplewood game. We catch Steve Meyer just as he follows through with a pitch.

Rick Grummer takes a pitch low and inside.


Bill Crowder Head Coach

Kerry Bubolz

Kevin Edwards

Greg Nicka


Rick Ritschel Asst. Coach

Rick Grummet

Brent Gattis

Brett Ritschel

Rodney Schluterman

Tim Wahlers

Robert Wolden

Bryan Todd

Steve Meyer

Ron Richard-Coach

Jimmy Dickerson

Paul Phillips

Joe Gaer

Devin Cochran

Dan Angstead


Left to right are: Dan Angstead, Jimmy Dickerson, Devin Cochran and Mike Ricker.

Having his eyes over the ball is the key to Devin Cochran's putting stroke.


Dan Angstead illustrates a strong left side as he follows through on an iron shot at Ben Geren.

Jimmy Dickerson demonstrates his putting stroke.

Devin Cochran and Jimmy Dickerson chat while on the putting green prior to a match.


Barry Youngblood, of Terrible Terrorists, is just about to get nabbed.

The winners of five-on-five basketball were: Jamie Walters, Brett Baker, Doug Wyatt, Marty Hamilton, and Kevin Hesslen.


Andy Johnson and Barry Youngblood both make an attempt to get the ball.

Not only are intramurals fun, but they are also great exercise.


The cheerleaders keep the spirits going during a time-out.

Mascot, Barry Youngblood, takes a break, but Kerrie Hayes stays intent on the game.

Lots of jumps and cheers are part of the job, as Trudy Brooks demonstrates. 120

Tara Deaton expresses herself with a leap for joy over the team's performance.

Clockwise from bottom left: Kerrie Hayes, Trudy Brooks, Tara Deatoa Terry Latimer, Kay Lynn Wagner, Melissa Beller, Laurie Dann, and Michelle King. 121

These guys know what spirit is all about. Student and faculty cheers help keep the team going.

The fans seem to become a part of the game during intense moments.


Board of

Sam Sicard Chairman

Conaly Bedell Vice Chairman

Shanon Bridges Treasurer

Nancy Llewellyn 124

Edward Sanders


Lucille Speakman Secretary

Dr. James Burgess, Jr.

Larry Clark

Michael Shaw 125

President Joel Stubblefield


Richard Hudson

Planning and Development

Dr. Bob Wyly


Dr. Sue Kincannon

Student Affairs

Jim Underwood

Finance and Administration


Administration Staff

Dan Butler Social and Behavioral Sciences Chairman Dennis Cash Registrar


Harold Hile Evening and Special Programs Faye Jones Administrative and Support Services

Stacey Jones Student Activities Remy Lewis Child Development Center

Nolan Lickey Business chairman Joy Lowe Humanities chairman


Lee Mynatt Technology chairman Ed Nagy Physical Plant director

Genelle Newton Business Office controller Gabe Peters Financial Aid

Ellene Rebsamen Nurse Sandi Sanders Community Service director


Ray Sparks Data Processing Chairman KSm Stinebaugh Duplication

Janie Turk Personnel EEO Nancy Vandett Developmental Ed. Chairman

Jim Wyatt



Front row- Cheryl Peters, Leon McLean, Rita Adams, back row- Rick Ritschel, Dr. Ron Formby-director, Jane Pryor, Roger Young.


Bill Crowder, Jo Bottoms, Gayle Kaundart, Wes Kaundart, Jim Wyatt-director.


Nina Assessment Abernathy Counselor

Diane Davis Choices Program

Financial Aid

Front-Louis Garrett, Terri Burns, BackChandra Rush, Pam Cook.


and Records Admissions

Mary Edmisten, Glenda Hendrix, Tammye Bittle, Betty Nixon, Holly Schluterman, Dennis Cash-director.


Shirley Nelms, Gary Perrydirector, Betty King.

Campus Shop

Margaret Harris, Delores True, Gina McKinney, Connie Kennedy-director, Danny Brown.


Office Business

Row 1-Janet Didier, Debbie Breedlove, (row 2) Karla Coplen, Kathy Palmer, Larry Farrar, (row 3) Genelle Newton-controller, Cheryl Jenson, Tammie Williams, Bill Loyd.


Gene Stiles, LaNelle Stiles, Elizabeth Stiles, John Bele.

Word Processing

Back-Virginia Elmore, Dorothy Forst, Carrol Smith, Faye Jonesdirector, front-Irene Sisk, Katy Brake-supervisor.


Bruce Crossno Sally Tucker Dan Davis

Westark Television

Julie Beth Lannigan, Kelley Chamberlain, Robert Huston, Richard Hudson-vice president.


Eva Pryor Coletta Furner Pauline Plummer

Conner Turner Bobbie Young 136

Physical Plant

Mike Daniels

Jeanne Stevens, Jack Canady

Row 1-Joe Bagley, Leonard Thorton, Bud McKinney, Danny Inman, Geneva Reese, Betty Harris, (row 2) Henry Johnson, Darrell McKinney, James Smith, Billy Windham, (not pictured-Anthony Dobson Don Ford Lonnie Cole).

Willie Word, Cornell Barker, Nick Ketterman, Tony Stewart.

Neal Chamberlain, Cliff Perkins, Ken Mclntosh.

Max Burns- director, Betty Pierson, Sue Street, Margie Hicks, Wilma Cunningham, Carolyn Filippelli.


Library assistant, Gary Stafford, tries to locate a book. The Microfiche machine is helpful to many students, LeAnn Black demonstrates how to operate it.

The Audio-Visual Lab offers several services to the campus. Back row; Lafe Hutcheson, Jack Gorham, Clarence Wimbish, and Kathleen Lease, Front row: Thomas Self and Dennis Murrah. 139

Front-Paul Leggett, Francis Bedell, Kathrine Taylor, Nita Prock, (middle) Betty Price, Diana Payne, Sharon Winn, David Craig, (back) Nolan Lickey- division chairman, Doris Van Horn, Gary Smith, Ronald Richard, William Lacewell, Emma Watts. 140

A course in the principles of economics taught by David Craig introduces students to the major areas of modern economic theory. Typing student Cathy Kelly seems to be hard at work typing to taped dictation.

During National Secretaries Week secretarial students got a taste of a realistic office environment, with everyone carrying out different jobs. 141

Any class is easier when there are advisers and helpers there to answer questions and help out. June Shellito codes something into the main frame in her operating systems class.

Computer Information Management Systems (CIMS) formerly a part of the business division now is a division of its own. Row 1-Elizabeth Balls, Carrie Atwell, Pam Fout, Brenda Cantwell, (row 2) Tu Woodrome, Shelley Whitsoa Karen Mellon, Tammy Tolman, (row 3) John Collins, Ray Sparks-director, Gene Mellon (not pictured-Bill Remington). 142

(Front row) Terri Leins, Dr. Nancy Vandett, Martha Efurd, (middle) Margaret Newell, Zoe Morgan, Nita Prock, (back) Mike Cooper, Harold Cameron.


A course in College Reading helps students build a larger vocabulary and sharpen comprehension.

The Learning Assistance Center gives free tutoring to any student seeking it. Zoe Morgan- director, Nguyet Nguyen, Irene Brown, Lisa Lee, Anne Valenti, Betty Lamproe, Jesse Fenwick. 144

Sengchanh Phranchanpheng gets some special help from her tutor, Anne Volenti.

A course in study skills taught by counselor Cheryl Peters was helpful to several students.

Front row: Darla Porter, Liz Ewing, Marjorie Preas, Mary Hammock, Mary Jane Keel, Monica Snyder. Back row: Calline Dipboye-division chairperson, Gale Hightower, Susan Chaney, Sue Sturgeon, Ruth Burns-secretary, Betty Bolin, Anita Hammack, Julie Reno.


David Payne gives his presentation to the rest of the class.

Nancy Mclaughlin, Barbara Cobb and Alice Holleman learn by participating in drill-type presentations.


Rhonda Key prepares to practice procedures on Resuci-Annie.

Somebody has to be the patient. Nancy Mclaughlin gets stuck with the job.

Linda Sumner, Karen Hardin, Jill Reed and Amy Moody act out realistic emergency situations. 148

(Row 1V Pete Howard Don Lee, Dr. John Preas, Mandy Baker, Tom Walton, (row 2)- Logan Green, Kathleen Keck, Carmen Beshoner Nancy Dover, Joy Lowe- division chairperson, Sherron Shuffield, (row 3)- Randy Kinnear, Ann Dawson, Nancy Zechiedrich (row 4)- Don Bailey, Gene Wells, Don Tannehill, Barbara Bartlett. (not shown- David Young).


The choir ensemble puts in extra hours of practice with director Logan Green. Gaylon White, Bill Moates, Boyd Irons, Dwayne Walden, Susie King, Joanie Mize, Ellen Douglas, Patricia Herron and Carolyn Hoopaw.

In 2-D Design students get a chance to learn the formal elements of design.


Some art students, such as Michele Mclntosh, spend most of their free time in the art department. This years jazz band was a big hit on campus. Two of the band's trumpeters were Deron Freeman and Boyd Irons.

Don Bailey's class on music appreciation was both enjoyable and informative. 151

Row 1- Cynthia Moore, Dr. Odene Forsythe, Kristie Cobb, Cheryl Pacheco, Jim Houston, (row 2) Thomas Clark, Dr. Carol Home, Linda Long, Doyle Coe, Thomas Buchanan, Dr. Mike Hightower- chairman, (row 3) Charles Irish, John Deaton, B.L. Holder.


Sciences Methods of integration, vectors, and parametric equations are covered in Larry Weignad's calculus class. Sonda Fletcher, Kim Lively and Steve Stringfellow work together in physics lab.

Taking good notes is an important part of human biology class.


David Miesner works diligently on a problem in his physics lab.

Instructor John Houston shows Kristie Cobb, Tom Self, and Burna Davis how to operate monitoring equipment in human biology.

Biology lab is not a safe place for young pigs. 154

Row 1- Dr. Lee Mynatt- division chairman, Doug Stathem, Georgia Durkee, Mary Copeland, Wayne Vyrostek, Al Brooks, Jerry Center, (row 2) Tim Mc Neil, Bobby Lee Jones Jr., Ken Butler, Darrell Scott, Stan Cagle, Dan Page, (row 3) Lee Cummings, John Vaughn, John Samuels. 155

Safety glasses and gloves are a must for Marlene Kendrick when working with acid in electrical circuits and components class.

Mike Mertin uses a photo-copier to transfer the image for a circuit board.


Darin Miller needs a steady hand when desoldering a circuit board. As it comes out of the printer, we see the final product of a photo-calender made by a computer.

Electronics students set up equipment in the Union and made calenders with students pictures on them.


Row 1- Lonnie Watts, Linda Gibbons, Dr. Dan Butler- division chairman, (row 2) Dr. Pat Porter, Dorothy Rappeport, Harold Callahan Dr Delece Gordon, Barbara Hutchison, (row 3) Dan Breitenberg, Ed Levy, George McAlister, Jim Wyatt, Bill Crowder, Gayle Kaundart, Wes Kaundart.


One of the new courses offered in social and behavioral sciences raquetball

Many students found a class in aerobics to be a great way to keep in shape.


Basic principles of psychology can be learned in Linda Gibbons general psychology course. The Child Development Center is more than just a baby-sitter to the children who go there while their parents go to school.

Westark's Child Development Center provides a great service to many students. (Right to Left) Kiem Loan Trinh, Remy Lewis- director, Clara Kendig, Kim Harold, Tami Jean Simpson, Dianna Loughridge.


Front row: Elizabeth Lee, Betty Anastasio, Loretta Domingos, Carol Able, Back row: Gary Wilson, Meta Potts, Judy Schaap, Sandi Sanders- director, Kim Mitchell, Janet Ledford.


This beginning course in guitar featured basic playing in the folk and country style.

Tennis courses were offered on beginning and intermediate levels for students of all ages.


Fran French's fun course in social dancing taught dances such as the waltz, rhumba, fox trot, and swing.

The harmonica is a fun and inexpensive instrument to play. Judy Dees' class taught the basics. 163

As we see a proud JoElla Bynum with her son Casey, we realize the wide variety of students at Westark. Deborah Parish gets a well deserved hug after the ceremony.

The nervous looks on the faces of the graduating class are quite different from happy graduates Phyllis Lukas, Deborah Parish and Michaelle Etheridge displaying their diplomas.


Abernathy, Nina 133 Able, Carol 161 Adair, Destri 60 Adams, Judi 60 Adams, Paula 60 Adams, Rita 132 Adams, Whitney 60 Ahlert, Donna 45 AL-Baitari, Khaled 60 Albertson, Velma 51, 60 Albright, Paula 60, 103, 104, 105, 106,

107 Alchawaf, Basil 60 Aldridge, Everett 60 Ahmond, Steve 60 Alvarado, Victor 60 American Dancemachine 35 Ames, Patricia 51, 60 Anastasio, Betty 161 Anderson, Melanie 61 Anderson, Terry 56, 57, 61, 89, 174, 175 Andrew, Thomas 61 Angeletti, Gina 22, 23, 26, 61 Angstead, Dan 61, 115, 116, 117 Apperson, Eric 51 Appleton, Lisa 61 Askew, Heather 13 Askew, Terry 51, 61 Askins, Janet 61 Atwell, Carrie 142 Auprey, Eddie 61 Aven, Jonathan 61, 102 Ayers, Deborah 61

Baggett, Neal 61 Bagley, Joe 137 Bailey, Don 33, 38, 46, 47, 49, 149, 151 Bailey, Edward 61 Bailey, Q. Sue 61 Bain, Greg 108 Baker, Brett 118 Baker, Charles 61, 99, 100, 101, 102 Baker, Mandy 149 Baker, Mike 61 Baker, Randy 61 Ball, Virginia 61 Balls, Elizabeth 142 Banning, Amy 61 Barker, Cornell 137 Barker, Pamela D. 61 Berkley, Jean 62 Barlett, Barbara 149 Barley, Kevin 62 Barnes, Eunice 40

Barnes, Felicia 40 Barnett, Cynthia 51 Baron, Polly 62 Barrickman, Beth 62 Baugh, Harold 62 Baumgartner Jr., John 62 Beam, Mike 62 Bean, Dorothy 62 Beattie, Lisa 16, 38, 39, 62 Beauchaine, Missy 62 Beavor, Dave 108 Bedell, Conaly 121 Bedeyl, Francis 140 Bedkham, Debbie 38 Beebe, Becky 26, 54, 62, 103 Beene, Wes 62 Bele, John 135 Bell, Cathy 38 Bell, Chris 28 Bell, James 62 Beller, Melissa 121 Bennett, Betty L. 62 Berkley, Angela 45, 62 Berkley, Tanya 62 Berry, Daniel 51, 62 Berry, Elizabeth 62 Beshears, Greg 62 Beshoner, Carmen 149 Beuchaine, Michelle 24, 26, 48, 51 Bigler, Dora 62 Bird, Patti 63 Bittle, Tammye 134 Black, Laura 63 Black, LeAnn 45, 63, 139 Blair, Suzan 57, 63, 174, 175 Blake, Stacey 63 Blaylock, Sherrie 63 Bly, Pamela 63 Boersma, Jack 63 Bogner, Debbie 63 Bolin, Betty 146 Bolin, James 51, 63 Bond, Lisa 63 Bookee, Mike 63 Booner, Louisa 33 Boothman, William 63 Borengasser, Kathleen 51 Bottoms, Jo 132 Bottoms, Mitcheal 64 Bower, Dave 64 Bowles, Audrey 64 Bowling, Jeff 64 Royd, Marie 64 Boyd, Melissa 24, 26, 64 Boyd, Velma 64 Bradley, Mike 16, 38, 39, 51, 64 Brake, Katy 135 Breedlove, Debbie 135 Breitenberg, Dan 158 Breuer, F. W. 64 Breuer, Patricia 64 Brewer, Matti Jo 40, 64 Brewer, Pat 44 Brewer, Tim 102 Bridges, Shanon 124 Brigadoon 30 Brock, Bruce 64 Brooks, Al 155 Brooks, Trudy 64 Bromwell, Nancy 64

Brooks, Trudy 54, 120, 121 Brown, Angela 64 Brown, Daniel C. 64, 134 Brown, Darren L. 64 Brown, Delia 64 Brown, Irene 64, 144 Brown, Pamela 64 Brown, Stacey 65 Brown, Tim 65 Brown, Tim 65 Bryant, Philip 65 Bubolz, Kerry 114 Buchanan, Thomas 152 Buechley, John 65 Burdick, Lee Ann 65 Burgess Jr., Dr. James A. 125 Bui, Hang T. 65 Bullington, Shari 65 Burnett, David 65 Burnett, Paul 51 Burnham, Susan 65 Burns, Max 138 Burns, Ruth 146 Burns, Terri 133 Butler, Dr. Dan 158 Butler, Gary 65 Burns, Doris 38 Burns, Max 128 Burns, Terri 65 Butler, Dan 128 Butler, Ken 155 Buttress, Katie 65 Bynum, Casey 164 Bynum, Jo Ella 65, 164 Bynum, Tim D. 65 Byrd, Brent 65

Cable, Kim 65 Cagle, Richard 65 Cagle, Stan 155 Callahan, Harold 158 Cameron, Harold 143 Canady, Greg 48, 65 Canady, Jack 137 Cantu, Ray 65 Cant well, Brenda 142 Carney, Beverly 66 Carolan, Sandra 66 Carson, Bodey 66 Carson, Ruth 51 Carson, Wendy 36, 38, 39, 56, 66, 174 Carter, Ada 66 Carter, Jim 66 Carter, Leah 25, 26, 56, 66, 174, 175 Carter, Mary 50, 66 Carter, Terrence 66, 102 Caruthers, Linda 66 Casalman, Amy 48 Cash, Bernard 66, 102 Cash, Dennis 128, 134 Cash, Lisa 66 Center, Jerry 155


Choi, Chee Shin 66 Chamberlain, John 66 Chamberlain, Kelley 136 Chamberlain, Neal 137 Chanthaseny, Noradeth 15 Chaney, Susan 146 Charlile, Shelley 66 Chatman, Reatha 66 Cheeks, Jacqueline 40 Cheeks, Trell 40 Chia, Beatrice 21 Chia, Chee Shan 66 The Chinese Golden Dragon's Acrobats

14 Chitshazen, Ahmad-reza 45 Chitshazen, Parichehb 45 Chitshazen, Parivash 45 Chrisman, Billy 66 Christian, Benita 66 A Christmas Carol 9 Chua, Beatrice 67 Clapp, Jereme 67 Clark, Amy 103 Clark, Larry 125 Clark, Thomas 152 Clem, Arlis 51, 67 Clow, Ricky 48, 51, 56, 67, 174 Cobb, Barbara 146 Cobb, Jeff 67 Cobb, Kristie 152, 154 Cobb, Tammy 48, 67 Cochran, Barbara 50, 67 Cochrane, Chris 102 Cochran, Deven 115, 116, 117 Coddington, Barry 67 Coe, Doyle 152 Colbrum, Corbit 67 Cole, LaDonna 40 Cole, Lonnie 137 Cole, Vivian 40 Coleman, Bailey 67 Collins, Billy 67 Collins, John 142 Colston, Linda 67 Conley, Toney 40 Conner, David 68, 102 Cook, Pam 68, 133 Cooper, Lucinda 68 Cooper, Mike 143 Cooter, Paula Jean 68 Copeland, Lee Ann 68 Copeland, Mary 155 Copeland, Michelle 22, 23, 26, 108 Coplen, Karla 135 Cotner, Cynthia 68

Couin, Imogene 68 Counts, Trudy 68 Cousins, Craig 56, 68 Cox, Kim 68 Craig, David 140, 141 Craig, Sharon 68 Craine, Joey 68 Crawford, Carla 69 Croley, Anne 69 Croley, Helen 51 Cross, Janet 69 Crossno, Bruce 136 Crosswell, Sarah A. 69 Crowder, Bill 111, 114, 132, 158 Cruthird III, Edward 69 Cummings, Lee 155 Cunningham, Wilma 138 Curda, Barbara 69 Curlin, Shelli 48, 54 Curren, Debi 69 Curtis, Junior 69, 102

Daggett, Larry 69 Dahlem, Robert 51, 69 Daly, Ben 69 Daniels, Jennifer 51 Daniels, Mike 137 Daniels, Skeeter 69 Daniels, Terry 45, 69 Dann, Laurie 121 Danner, Kelley 54, 69, 103, 104, 108 Darby, Terry 56 Dargavel, Kara 69 Darrs, Jean 69 Davenport, Robin 57 Davis, Burna 154 Davis, Dan 136 Davis, Diane 133 Davis, Russell 69 Davis Studios T. P. 174 Dawson, Ann 149 Day, Lloyann 69 Deaton, John 45, 152 Deaton, Tara 121 Dees, Judy 163 Dekok, Richard 38, 43, 69 DePierne, Shelly 69

Deuster, Carol 70 Deuster, Janice 70 DeWitt, Peyton 70 Diaz, Keely 40 Dickerson, Jimmy 70, 115, 116, 117 Dickson, Angela 70 Didier, Janet 135 Didier, Keri 32 Didson, Cindy Lee 70 Dillon, Mick 70 Dipboye, Calline 128, 146 Dobson, Anthony 137 Dobson, Lee 48, 49, 70 Dodson, James 41, 70 Dollard, Tina 70 Domingos, Marc 38 Domingos, Loretta 161 Dorsey, LaJuana 70 Dotson, Davie 38 Douglas, Ellen 28, 43, 48, 53, 70, 150 Dover, Nancy 149 Drum, Elaine 51 Duffee, Terie 70 Dugger, Lesa 56, 70, 174, 175 Dougan, Karol 70 Dougan, Lisa 70 Duncan, Paul 70 Dunham, April 70 Dunivan, Tim 70 Dunn, Vernon 70 Durham, April 51 Durkee, Georgia 155 Dutton, Dede 44, 71 Dye, Gloria 71

Eagles, Gill 32 Ealy, Renetta 71, 103, 104, 106 Eason, Greg 71 Easter, Staci 71 Easterling, Danny 40 Echols, Janet 48 Edds, B. C. 71 Edmisten, Mary 134 Edwards, Jim 71 Edwards, Kevin 114 Edwards, Stephanie 71 Efurd, Martha 143

Eger, Agatha 71 Eger, Clark 71 Elkins, Robin 71 Ellerbee, James 71 Elmore, Sherry 22, 23, 26 Elmore, Virginia 135 Elwood, Crystal 71 Escalante, Eddie 71 Ethridge, Michalle 71, 164 Eveld, Patti26, 71 Ewing, Liz 146

Fairbanks, Mike 71 Fairrell, Tammy 71 Farid, Sophia 71 Farmer, Lisa 71 Farror, Larry 135 Fenwick, Jessie 36, 144 Fereck, John 74 Ferguson, Oretha 74 Ferguson, Robert 108 Fields, Paul 74 Filippelli, Carolyn 138 Findley, Paul Kevin 74 Flatte, Jodee 51 Fleming, Martha 74 Fletcher, Sondra 153 Foley, Charles 51 Ford, Don 137 Formby, Ron 132 Forst, Dorothy 135 Forsythe, Dr. Odene 152 Foster, Cindy 74 Fout, Pam 142 Fowler, David 74 Fox, Jeri 51 Franklin, Tammy 103 Frary, Monique 74 Freeman, Charlotte 53 Freeman, Deron 74, 151 Freeman, Karen 54, 55, 74 Freeman, Nancy 74 French, Fran 163 Frost, Sharon 74 Fuller, Tim 44, 74 Fuller, Tommy 74 Furner, Coletta 136

Goer, Joe 115 Gahram, Glen 45 Gann, Brenda 74 Ganselman, Mark 45 Garcia, John 74 Garcia, Jorge 75 Garrett, Louis 133 Garrett, Tim 74 Garth, Raymond 74 Gattis, Brent 114 Gary, Brian 27 Geren, Ben 116, 117 Gibbons, Linda 158, 160 Gilbert, Christine 48 Gill, Annette 74 Gill, Carrie 56, 74, 174, 175 To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday 12 Glidewell, Lorrie 75 Goft, Carmen 75 Goines, Bobby 75 Good, Andre 75 Goodin, Thomas 75 Goodhoe, William 75 Gordey, Scott 56, 75 Gordon, Dr, Delece 158 Gordon, Karen 75 Gorham, Jack 139 Graham, Brent 45, 75 Graham, Chad 75 Graham, LaDonna 75 Graves, Mark 75 Green, Alyce 51 Green, Darren 75 Green, Logan 48, 149, 150 Griffin, Mat 75 Griffin, Tosca 75 Griggs, Charles 75 Griscom, Cara 75 Grizzle, Laura 75 Grizzle, Stephen 75 Grummer, Rick 113, 114 Gustafson, Robert 45

Haden, Tina 76, 103

Hagemeier, Tim 76 Haggard, Marcia 76 Haggard, Richard 76 Haisley, Lindsey 6 Hall, Mike 76 Halmes, Lynn 76 Hamel, Kathy 45 Hamilton, Marty 76, 118 Hamilton, Mike 76 Hamilton, Randy Jo 174 Hamilton, Sandra 76 Hammack, Anita 146 Hammock, Mary 146 Handiboe, Graig 76 Handiboe, Lora 45 Hardin, Karen 148 Hare, Jannis 76 Harms, Natalie 76 Harms, Roger 48, 51, 76 Harold, Kim 160 Harris, Betty 137 Harris, Carrie 76 Harris, Kim 76 Harris, Margaret 134 Hart, Sherry 51 Hatchett, Kim 76 Haugh, Sherri 76 Hawthorne, Barry 76 Hay, Marty 76 Hayes, Kerri 26, 27, 76, 120, 121 Haynes, Paula 77 Heathcock, Wendell 77 Hedge, Phillip W. 77 Heiner, Sandra 50, 77, 89 Helm, Dana 77 Henderson, Lentz 77 Henderson, Susan 77 Hendricks, Tana 77 Hendrix, Danny 77 Hendrix, Glenda 134 Hensley, Will 77 Henson, Debbie 77 Herrador, Antonio 77 Herron, Patricia 18, 77, 150 Heslip, Alan 77 Hesselberth, Scott 77 Hesslen, Kevin 118 Hewett, Tammy 43 Hicks, Margie 138 Hicks, Shannon 77 Hight, David 48 Hightower, Gale 146 Hightower, Dr. Mike 128, 152 Hile, Harold 129 Hill, Laura 77


Hiller, Page 26 Ho, See-Lock 77 Hodges, Jay 110 Hogue, Mavourneen 77 Holcomb, Jeannie 77 Holden, Cathy 78 Holder, B. L. 152 Holleman, Alice 146 Hollihan, Mickey 57 Holloway, Emma 41, 48, 50 Holmbeck, Gerald 78 Holmes, Laurie 78 Holt, Jeff 113 Honeycuff, Cathy 78 Hoopaw, Carolyn 48, 49, 78, 150 Hooper, Sarah 78 Hopkins, Sabra 45 Home, Dr. Carol 152 Hotz, Tom 45 Houston, Jim 152 Houston, John 154 Howard, Pete 149 Howard, Rhonda 78 Howell, Phyllis 78 Hubbard, Yvonne 78 Hudson, Genny 78 Hudson, Richard 127, 136 Huffman, Joanne 78 Huggins, Christine 78 Huie, Gina 78 Hughes, Jorge 78 Hubert, Frank 78 Hulsey, Brian 50, 78 Hunt, Fredrick 78 Hunter, Donna 78 Hurst, Deborah 78 Hurst, Scherell 78 Hurt, Kim 103, 105 Huston, Robert 136 Hutcheson, Lafe 139 Hutcheson, Barbara 158 Hutson, Lenwood 79, 102 Hyde, David 79


Inman, Danny 137

Irish, Charles 152 Irons, Boyd 13, 43, 48, 53, 79, 150, 151 The Italian Girl of Algiers 10

Jackson, C.H. 63 Jackson, Rebecca 79 James, Rebecca 146 Jenkins, Jeff 79 Jenkins, Steve 79 Jennen, Marga 79 Jenson, Cheryl 135 Johna Jr., Hubert D. 51 Johnson, Andy 119 Johnson, Anthony 41 Johnson, Bridget 25, 26 Johnson, Danny 40 Johnson, Frank 79 Johnson, Henry 137 Johnson, John 79 Johnson, Monica 79, 103, 104, 106, 107 Jones Jr., Bobby Lee 155 Jones, Brenda 79 Jones, Cherry 79 Jones, Denese D. 79 Jones, Faye 129, 135 Jones, Greg 79 Jones, Jean 40 Jones, Lewis 100, 102 Jones, Lois 54, 108 Jones, Rodney 79 Jones, Stacey 4, 38, 55, 129 Jones, Tyrone 40 Jordan, Ruth 79 Juian, Tee Siew 21

Kaakaji, Yazan 79

Kaiser, Stan 79 Kaundart, Gayle 102, 132, 158 Kaundart, Wes 102, 132, 158 Kay, Rhonda 79 Kayler, Theresa 45, 79 Kayrath, Sayarath 80 Keck, Kathleen 149 Keel, Mary Jane 146 Keeny, Kimberly 80 Keller, Tammy 80 Kelley, Barbara 51 Kelley, Walter 80 Kelly, Cathy 141 Kelly, Richard 47 Kendig, Clara 160 Kendrick, Marlene 80, 156 Kennedy, Connie 134 Kersh, Anita 45 Kersh, Jimmie 45 Kerter, Kim 80 Kessel, Barney 33 Ketterman, Nick 137 Key, Rhonda 148 Khodayari, Sohrab 80 Kidder, Jr., Brad 80 Kimbrough, Kevin 80 Kimmey, Kris 80 Kincannon, Dr. Sue 4, 72, 73, 127 Kincannon, Sherry 80 King, Betty 134 King, Joann 80 King, Michelle 80, 108, 121 King, Susie 13, 28, 43, 48, 49, 80, 150 King. Susan 80 Kinnear, Randal 12, 42, 43, 149 Klaeger, Janet 80 Knight, Bryan 17 Kolb, Debbie 80 Kremers, Leo 80 Kurre, Gina 22, 23, 26

Lacewell, Dr. William 50, 140 Ladd, James 80 Laffoon, David 80

Lamproe, Betty 81, 144 Laney, Larry L. 81 Langston, Paula 81 Lannigan, Julie Beth 136 Latimer, Terri 16, 18, 121 Law, Marsha 28 Lawrimore, Karen 103 Le, Dang 81 Lease, Kathleen 139 Lee, Deena 81 Lee. Don 149 Lee, Elizabeth 81, 161 Lee, Lisa 144 Ledbetter, Lisa 45, 81 Ledford, Janet 161 Leggett, Paul 140 Leins, Terri 143 Lemieux, Natalie 81 Leng, Chooi Har 81 Lensing, Scott 81 Lester, Lana 81 Levy, Ed 158 Lewis, Karen 81 Lewis, Remy 129, 160 Libby, Rebecca 50 Lickey, Nolan 129, 140 Liew, Heng Keong 81 Liles, Jennifer 81 Linam, Pat 81 Ling, Tee Tong 21, 45 Lively, Kim 153 Llewellyn, Nancy 72, 73, 124 Lockhart, Scott 102 Long, Chow Mun 21, 81 Long, Linda 152 Loughridge, Dianna 160 Love, Margie 81 Lowe, Joy 129, 149 Lowrey, Jeneva 25, 26 Lowrimore, Karen 81 Loyd, Bill 135 Lukas, Phyllis 164 Lunsford, Steve 81 Lyles, Janet 82 Lyles, Jerry 82

Mankin, Mitzi 43, 82

Manning, Darcetha 53, 82 Marks, Susan 5 Martin, Kelly 68, 82 Martin, Sonya 13, 43, 82 Martin, Susan 82 Mason, David 82 Masterson, Carolyn 82 May, Tamara 82

McAlister, George 158, 159 McBride, Sherri 82 McCain, Kristi 82 McCartney, James 82 McClain, Jarrod 28 McClelland, Michael 13, 43, 82 McConnell, Gayla 82 McConnell, Roger 82 McDonald, Gloria 82 McDougal, Sean 82 McFerran, Carol 82 McGinnis, Pepper 38, 39, 43, 82 Mclntosh, Ken 137 Mclntosh, Michele 151 McKein, Kenny 108 McKinney, Bud 137 McKinney, Darrell 137 McKinney, Gina 83, 134 Mckusker, Mark 83 McLarty, Melissa 83 Mclaughlin, Nancy 146, 148 McLean, Leon 132 McMahen, Brian 38, 43, 48, 56, 83, 174, 175 McNeil, Tim 155 McShann, Jaymer 33 Mellon, Gene 142 Mellon, Karen 142 Mertin, Mike 156 Metcalf, Tamy 83 Meyer, Steve 113, 114 Miesner, David 154 Miller, Darin 83, 157 Mills, Robert 51 Mitchell, Christopher 54, 83, 174, 175

Mitchell, Kim 161 Mitchell, Paul 83 Mize, Joanie 5, 28, 48, 150 Moates, Bill 48, 49, 150 Molshee, Theresa 83 Mongold, Bonnie 83 Moody, Amy 148 Moody, Jenny 13 Moody, Robbin 83 Moore, Cynthia 152 Moore, John 52 Mooreman, Laura 83 Morgan, Janet 84 Morgan, Zoe 143, 144 Morris, Renia 84 Morse. Cheryl 84 Mosby, Teresa 84 Mott, John 72, 73 Mullens, Linda 84 Mullings, Barbara 84 Murphy, Cathy 52 Murrah, Dennis 84, 139 Murphy, Karen 52 Mynatt, Dr. Lee 155

Nagy, Ed 130 Nance, Robin 26, 27 Neighbors, Michael 84 Nelms, Lori 84 Nelms, Shirley 134 Nelson, Lou 84 Nevel, H. L. 84 Neville, Paula 84 Newell, Margaret 143 Newlon, Mary 84 Newlon, Melissa 50 Newton, Genelle 130, 135 Ng, Ricky 21 Ngaven, Dao Quang 51 Nguyen, My 84 Nguyen, Nguyet 144 Nicholas, Steven 48, 49 Nichols, Carolyn 84 Nichols, John 84


Nichols, Karen 84, 103 Nichols, Steven 84 Nicka, Greg 84, 114 Nicklin, Richard 84 Nixon, Betty 134 Nunley, Rod 85, 102

Obana, Jennifer 103 Ogden, Gina 5 Oliver, Jimmy 16, 85 Osburn, Cindy 85 Overstreet, Russell 85 Owens, Monique 85 Owens, Ronald 51

Pacheco, Cheryl 152 Page, Dan 155 Painter, Dianna 85 Palmer, Kathy 135 Parish, Deborah 164 Parker, Julie 85 Parker, Suzanne 50 Parr, Glenda 85 Parsons, Mike 54 Patterson, Carol 85 Patterson, Glen 85 Patterson, Le Anne 60, 85 Paulette, Diana 54, 55, 85, 103, 104, 106 Payne, David 146 Payne, Diana 140 Payne, Janet 85 Pearce, Annette 51 Pendleton, Penny 55, 133 Pense, Donna 85 Perkins, Cliff 137

Perkins, Richard 85 Perry, Gary 134 Perry, Seaborne 85 Peters, Cheryl 132, 145 Peters, Cornelious 60 Peters, Gabe 130 Peters, Robin85 Peters, Trina 85 Phillips, Alicia 56, 85 Phillips, Anthony 85, 102 Phillips, Benjamin 86, 99, 100, 102 Phillips, Paul 18, 115 Phipps, Kristen 86 Phranchanpheng, Sengchanh 145 Pierson, Betty 138 Pigeon, Stacie 86 Pittman, Mildred 48 Pitts, Bryan 86 Plummer, Pauline 38, 136 Polley, Lewis 86 Pool, Thomas 86 Popa, John 56, 86 Porta, Janie 86 Porter, Dr. C. B. Pat 83, 158 Porter, Darla 146 Porter, Vesta 41 Potts, Meta 161 Powell, Cheryl 26 Powell, Susan 27 Preas, Dr. John 149 Preas. Marjorie 146 Price, Betty 140 Price, Carol 45, 86 Prock, Mark 86 Prock, Nita 140, 143 Prody, Charlotte 13 Pryor, Eva 136 Pryor, Jane 132 Pschier, Malynda 86 Purdy, Janice 86 Putman, Frank 86

Quails, Allen 36

Quick, Diana 86

Randolf, Susan 146 Rankin, Ron 86 Ransom, Price 54 Ransom, Sheli 86 Rappeport, Dorothy 158 Ray, Robin 48 Rebsamen, Ellene 130 Rector, Marcella 51, 86 Reed, Jill 148 Reed, Rhonda 26 Reese, Geneva 137 Reichen, Todd 86 Reichert, Kenneth 86 Remington, Bill 142 Reno, Julie 146 Reynolds, Deborah 56, 57, 67, 86, 174, 175 Reynolds, Ruth 87 Richardson, Danielle 87 Richardson, Renee 40 Richardson, Sheri 87 Richmond, Bill 87 Rickard, Kristi 87 Ricker, Mike 116 Riddle, Rebecca 48 Rider, Trudy 51 Riley, John 87 Ritchel, Rick 111, 114, 132 Ritchey, Collyar 87 Ritschell, Brett 114 Robbins, Eric 87 Roberts, Debbie 50, 54 Roberts Jr., Gaines 87 Roberts, Melanie 48 Robinson, Greg 87 Robinson, Valeria 40, 41, 87 Rodon, Scott 87 Roffine, Greg 87 Rofkahr, Sherry 87 Rogers, Denise 87 Rogers, Gill 43

Rogers, Sherry 87 Rohrach, Kim 87 Ronald, Richard 140 Rowe, Shari 51 Runion, Daren 87 Rush, Chandra 133 Rush, Samantha 87 Russell, Julie 22, 23 Russell, Paula 87 Ryan, Kim 4, 90 Rye, Wendal 48

Sallee, Charlotte 90 Samuels, John 155 Sanders, Edward 124 Sanders, Elaine 22, 26 Sanders, Sandi 130, 161 Sanderson, Brian 90 Sato, Madoka 90 Savoy, Carol A. 90 Savoy, Edwin 90 Sayarath, Yvonne 90 Sayavong, Phonepraseuth 90 Schaap, Judy 161 Scharbor, Tina 90 Scherff, Michael 90 Schluterman, Holly 134 Schoeppy, Shawn 89 Schluterman, Peggy 51 Schluterman, Rodney 144 Schmidt, Angie 22, 23, 25, 26 Schoeppey, Shawn 57, 90 Schuh, Paula 90 Schultz, Gloria 90 Scott, Darrell 155 Scott, Michelle 90 Seavey, Frances 90, 174 Self, Jim 90 Self, Thomas K. 90, 139, 154 Sellers, Peter 51 Sellers, Theresa 51 Severs, Robert 90 Shaikh, Farried 90

Shankle, Claudine 48 Sharp, Brenda 90 Sharp, Marian 91 Shellito, June 142 Shelton, Larry 91 Shigetomi, Michael 91 Shuffield, Sherron 149 Slew, Mun Wah 91 Siganas, Stephanie 91 Simms, Billy 91 Simpson, Tami Jean 160 Sisk, Irene 135 Shin, Chai Chee 21, 45 Show, Michael 125 Sicard, Sam 124 Sinclair Jr., Frankie C. 91 Skaggs, Kelvin 91 Skurdahl, Edward 91 Smetanka, Edward 91 Smetanka, Rose 91 Smith, Benny 91 Smith, Carrol 135 Smith, Dusty 91 Smith, Gary 140 Smith, Greg 91 Smith, James 91, 137 Smith, Janis 91 Smith, Linda 50, 91 Smith, Michele 91 Smith, Rebecca 48 Smith, Shirley 91 Smith, Vicki 91 Snodgrass, Rosemary 146 Snyder, Monica 146 Sollee, Charlett 54 Sowershy, Don 92 Sparks, Ray 131, 142 Speakman, Lucille 125 Speer, Elaine 92 Spencer, Theodore 92 Spiers, Doyle 92 Stafford, Gary 92, 139 Stallings, Preston M. 92 Stallixigs, Robin 92 Stamps, Sheila 103, 107 Standridge, Ricky 92 Stanzione, Carol 48, 92 Statham, Doug 155 Steel, James 92 Steele, Jay 36 Stephens, James 92

Stevens, Jeanne 137 Steward, Deann 40 Stewart, Tony 137 Stiles, Elizabeth 135 Stiles, Gene 135 Stiles, LaNelle 135 Stinebaugh, Kim 131 Storment, Doug 92 Stovall, RosaLind 92 Street, Sue 138 Stringfellow, Steve 153 Stubblefield, Joel 4, 7, 72, 73 Stubblefield, Ramona 92 Stubblefield, Scott 92 Sturgeon, Stephanie 92 Sturgeon, Sue 146 Styron, Bill 52 Sugg, Lori 92 Sullivan, Nell 92 Summerhill, Audrea 92 Sumner, Linda 149 Sumners, James 92 Sutton, Blake 93 Swain, Sheila 93 Swedeen, Paul 93 Symonds, Natalia 93

Tabor, Dawn 93 Tabor, Rick 56 Tackett, Jason 48 Tan, Jim Sun 93 Tan Sooi Hong 93 Tannehill, Don 149 Tannehill, Sue 44, 93 Taunton, Christie 22 Taylor, Katherine 140 Taylor, Sandra 93 Teague, Linda 93 Tee, Siew Juan 93 Tee, Tong Ling 93 Thach, Vinh 93 Thomas, Dolores 93 Thomas, Kathy 93


Thomas, Malinda 93 Thomas, Michelle 93 Thompson, Keith 93 Thompson, Roy 93 Thompson, Shelly 93 Thorton, Leonard 137 Todd, Bryan 114 Tolman, Tammy 142 Towsend, Steve 48 Tozier, Taffy 38, 94 Tran, Hung 94 Traylor, Kevin 94 Treat, Dennis 94 Trinh, Kiem Loan Thi 94, 160 Tripp, Louise 48, 94 True, Delores 134 Truong, Tuan Van 94 Tucker, Gretchen 27, 28, 29 Tucker, Sally 136 Tucker, Sheila 94 Turk, Janie 131 Turner, Connor 136 Turner, Diana 94 Turner, Kim 94 Turner, Michael 44, 94, 146 Turner, Tim 56, 94, 175

Underwood, Jim 6, 72, 73, 127 Uyi, Otote 94

Valenti, Anne 144, 145 Valow, Valerie 68 Vandett, Nancy 131, 143

Vandyke, Susan 51 Van Horn, Doris 140 Vanmeter, Marie 94 Vanourny, David 94 Vanourny, Mark 94 Vanourny, Tammy 94 Vaughn, Chinton 56, 94, 174, 175 Vaughn, John 155 Vaughn, Melissa 94 Vaughan, Sherri 94 Vaupel, Vicki 95 Verderber, Laura 38, 95 Vettese, Jeff 95 VonBargen, Scott 95, 102 Vyrostek, Wayne 155

Wages, Jody 95 Wagner, Freddie Jean 51 Wagner, Kay Lynn 26, 54, 95, 121 Wagner, William 95 Wahlers, Tim 114 Wahman, Lisa 26 Wakefield, Cindy 95 Walden, Dwayne 28, 42, 43, 48, 150 Walden, Robert 114 Walker, Angie 95 Walter, Jamie 95, 118 Walton, Rebecca 40 Walton, Tom 4, 56, 63, 67, 68, 149, 174, 175 Watts, Emma 41, 140 Watts, Lonnie 158 Weaver, Guillaume 95 Weaver, Kari 28 Weigand, Larry 153 Weir, Beth 95 Welch, LaDonna 48 Welliver, Russell 95 Wellnitz, Yvonne 95 Wells, Gene 149 Werner, Camille 95

West, Mary 51, 95 West, Ramona 45 Whitaker, Denase 50, 56, 89, 95, 174, 175 White, Gaylong 45, 48, 49, 150 White, Robert 95 Whitfield, Delano 40 Whitfield, Ellioti 40 Whitfield, Gladys 40 Whitfield, Hope 40 Whitfield, Janice 40 Whitfield, Melissa 40 Whitfield, Sandre 40 Whitfield, Winston 40 Whitson, Shelley 142 Wiley, Marcus 95 Willadsen, Don 51 Willhite, Tommy 95 Williams, Carla 40 Williams, Jacke 96 Williams, Jonica 96 Williams, Kevin 96 Williams, Marvin 33 Williams, Mike 96 Williams, Nancy 96 Williams, Paul Duane 96 Williams, Sterling 108 Williams, Tammie 135 Willis, Michelle 108, 109 Willman, Juanita 45 Wilson, Debra 96 Wilson, Gary 161 Wimbish, Clarence 96, 139 Windham, Billy 137 Windom, William 20 Winn, Sharon 50, 60, 140 Winton, Erika 96 Womack, Mike 102 Wood, Lawrence 40 Woodall, Donna 56, 96 Woodrome, Tu 142 Woodrowe, Harmony 96 Woods, Sissy 40 Woody, Lori 96 Word, Willie 137 Wright, Irene 41 96 Wright, Jim 96 Wright, Rhonda 53, 54 Wright, Wilfred 96

Wrightam, Dale 96 Wyatt, Brian 36 Wyatt, Doug 118 Wyatt, Jim 131, 132, 158 Wyly, Dr. Bob 6, 72, 73, 127

Yap, Tiffany 21 Yeiton, Nancy 96 Yi, Tai Myong 21 Young, Bobbie 136 Young, David 12, 43, 149 Young, Milton 96

Young, Roger 132 Young, Tammy 96 Youngblood, Barry 40, 41, 96, 118, 119, 120 Zehiedrich, Nancy 53, 149



Terry Anderson


Brian McMahen Lesa Dugger Frances Seavey Deborah Reynolds Carrie Gill Chris Mitchell Clinton Vaughn Suzan Blair


Chris Mitchell Deborah Reynolds Ricky Clow Wendy Carson



Leah Carter

Denase Whitaker Tom Walton

NUMA staff: (front) Tom Walton-director, Lesa Dugger, Leah Carter-editor, Carrie Gill, Terry Anderson-darkroom manager, Clinton Vaughn, (back) Suzan Blair, Brian McMahen, Chris Mitchell, Tim Turner, Denase Whitaker, (not pictured-Deborah Reynolds).



NUMA 1986  

Boreham Library University of Arkansas - Fort Smith If variety is the spice of life, then student life at Westark is well seasoned, One of t...

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