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Counselors Station 2: Students are guided into different fields of study by Westark Counselors. Dr. Warren Dodson (op. pg. far right) directs the Veterans, while Dr. Sue Kincannon (op. pg. bottom), who is the Director of Guidance and Counseling, Dr. Lee Mynatt, Cheryl Peters (right) help other students select appropriate courses. Mary Wilcox (op. pg. top) is in charge of the nursing students. Susan Abbott (above) is the Counselors secretary.


Jim Bo Iin (right), Dean of Business Affairs, heads the business office. He is responsible for the fiscal operation of the college. Since this responsibility is so big—too big for one man to handle—there are six other people who work with him: Debbie Green (left), Linda Mankins (below), Coletta Stengel (op. pg. lower left), Anita Woodard (op. pg. lower right), Gene lie Yates and Jo Bear den.


Dr. S. H. Blakely (below), Associate Dean of Liberal Arts, and Harold Hile (left), Associate Dean of Applied Sciences, keep the President and the Dean of Academics informed on activities involving the Liberal Arts and Applied Sciences programs. Dr. Blakely reports on the divisions of Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Hile reports on the divisions of Technology, Business, and Health Occupations. Both deans help plan and evaluate Westark course offerings, olus play an important role in the hiring and evaluation of faculty. Ruth Ann Nelson is their secretary.



Richard Hudson (above) is the Assistant to the President. He has held this position for one full year. Before President Kraby chose him for this position, he was the Technology Division Chairman. Sandy King (right) is the Operator. She receives all incoming telephone calls and, by pushing the correct keys, relays them to the person for whom the call was made.


CflmPUS BUYER Papers, papers, papers; requisitions, requisitions, requisitions; purchase orders, purchase orders, purchase orders. It's a wonder Gary Perry doesn't get writer's cramp. This year he signed his name to several thousand of the forms mentioned. This was his first year as Purchasing Agent. His duties included determining the validity of requisitions, receiving bids, and purchasing requested materials. Betty King, who also sponsors the Drill Team, works in the Purchasing Office. She helps Gary Perry with requisition, purchasing orders, etc. (right) Sharon Glass works in the Vines Building in the outer office adjacent to the offices of Sondra Wa/drop and Richard Hudson. She receives all incoming calls for the two administrators, as well as performing various secretarial duties, (left) Vickie Shu/tz is one of the many student workers on campus.


P.R.-PERSON Westark's Director of Public Information, Sondra Waldrop, has a very busy job. She does advertising for the college, for the Fort Smith Symphony, and for the Westark/ Arkansas Humanities Program lecture series. This advertising consists of writing the copy; taking photos or doing art work, if needed; and layout. She has contact with fifty area newspapers, radio and television stations. This year, in addition to the above, she was involved in putting together course program brochures, various posters, a 16-page magazine for recruiting purposes for the college's athletic program, and the college catalog.


Comprehension is just as important as speed, and Vanessa Arnold is testing her comprehension.

SKILLS LAB Gary Gram!ing concentrates intensely on his controlled reader.

Jo Spradling prepares to answer questions about the film strip she has just completed.

Spelling is only one of the many aspects of the skills lab. Here Larry Byrd prepares to take the diagnosis test.


Developemental Education The division of Developmental Education is one year old. Although developmental courses had been part of the college's course offerings for years, nothing existed as organ/zed as the present Developmental Education Division. Pre-co/lege math and English courses were a part of their respective departments. But the need for these courses became so great that it was necessary to place them in a separate division where they could be structured to best suit students needs. Subject areas included in Developmental Education at Westark are reading, writing, and mathematics. Martha Efurd (top), Terri Smith (right), Margaret Newell (op. pg. left), Louise Watts (op. pg. right), Curtis Ivery (op. pg. bottom) Director of Developmental Education.



The Future 32

Westark's Division of Business offers several different programs: General Business, Business Education, and Secretarial Science. These are wide range for any student that is going into a business. Paul Leggett, Chairman, Division of Business (op. pg. far left); Ruth Gant, Secretarial Science (op. pg. top); Tom Daily, part time business teacher (left).

Mministration... 33


Ronald Richard, Accounting (op. pg. top); Francis Bedell, Economics (op. pg. bottom left); Claude Yancy, Accounting (op. pg. bottom right), Bill Lacewell, Business (top left); Ruth Gant, (top right); Faye Jones, Secretary (above). Betty Price, Secretarial Science and Nolan Lickey, Business, not pictured.

The Audio-Visual Aids Department of the Learning Resources Center, located in the Ballman-Speer Building, houses various educational aids: television equipment which is used by "Public Speaking" classes. In these classes the students actually see themselves giving speeches, thus showing them their shortcomings; tape recorders; movie projectors; etc. Jack Gorham (below) heads this department and is Westark 's Media Specialist; Kay Cummings (right) works with him. Brenda West (below right) is their secretary. William Meitzenheimer (op. pg. below right) and Charles Carter (op. pg. right) of Maintenance are assigned to this building.



intro... print making All disciplines of Visual Art at W.C.C. Most of the space in the BallmanSpeer Building is occupied by the Art Department. James "Pete" Howard (op. pg. right) is one of the Art instructors. Ernest Cialone (top right) is an art student as we/1 as a cartoonist for the student newspaper, The Collegian. Felicia A very (right), another art student, works on one of her drawings. Donna House (below) is engaged in another drawing. Art students also work with ceramics, papier-mache and clay. Throughout the year their work is displayed usually in the front part of the Art building.


Don Lee has been an art instructor at Westark since 1972. This year Lee had a display of 15 still-life oil paintings in the gallery area of the Ballman-Speer Building. Lee was an instructor in painting, drawing and design for Moore College of Art and Cheltenham Art Center. In addition, he was a lecturer in design for Philadelphia College of Art and a teaching assistant in painting for Tyler School of Art. He attended Arkansas Polytechnic College in Russelville then went to the Memphis Academy of Art in Memphis, Tenn., earning a F. F. A. degree with a major in painting. He received his M. F. A. in painting from Tyler School of Art of Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa. Lee's work has been exhibited in 13 major exhibitions in the Southern and Eastern U. S. He was also named one of the outstanding Young Men of America in the 1970 edition of that publication.


Don Lee with just some of his art work in the Gallery of the Ballman Speer building (Opposite Page). Don Lee as an instructor (Top Left & Lower Left). Casimir Rutkowski Artist in Residence (Top Right).


The biology program at Westark guides students who wish to major in it on the bacca laureate level. Students have numerous courses offered to them: Fundamental Biological Principles, Environmental Biology, a lab course of the same name is offered, General Biology, General Botany, Anatomy and Physiology, Basic Microbiology, Human Biology, Invertebrate Zoology, and Vertebrate Zoology. Biology instructors are: Dr. Tom Buchanan (right), Sheila Huffstetler (below right), David Meeks (op. pg. top), and Mike Hightower (op. pg. bottom).




Balanc ing ? Scaling? Weightlifting 49

Westark's chemistry program, like the biology program, serves as a guide for the students who wish to earn a bachelor's degree in the subject. There is one added difference, students who complete this program may seek employment as a chemical technologist. In March, the seventh annual Northwest Arkansas Regional Science and Engineering Fair was held in Harrison. Tom Clark (right), was the assistant director and Jim Houston was one of the fair's judges. Up until this year, Westark had hosted the fair and Clark had been its director. John Deaton (below).


The mathematics curriculum is for students who plan to earn a bachelor's degree. Westark offers the following math courses: Beginning, Intermediate, and College Algebra, Modern Mathematics for Elementary Teachers, Modern Geometry for Elementary Teachers, Plane Trigonometry, Technical Mathematics, Finite Mathematics, Calculus and Analytic Geometry, and Calculus and Differential Equations. Math instructors are: Larry Weigand (op. pg. top), Dr. Dixie Metheny (op. pg. bottom), Doyle Coe (above), and Bill Holder (left).

Choir: First Row; Jo Ann Reed, Dana Aycfe/ott, Carolyn Seaton, Paula Cook, Michelle Miller, Melissa Matlock, Debbie Heather, Diana Glass, Beverly Parker, Paula Johnson, Melody Gentry. Second Row; Mary Ann Whitson, Brenda Posey, Terri L. Brown, Nianna Chappell, Terry Harris, Linda Evans, Teresa Whitson, Marjorie Cowan, Esther Easley, Rebecca Wallace. Third Row; Terri G. Brown, Stephen Butler, James Belmont,

Freddie Edwards, Patrick Hopkins, Bruce King, Gordon Wells, Herbert Shackleford, Steven Vincent, Mary Jo G//breath, Sharon Glass. Fourth Row; Jerry Wisdom, Doug Harrald, Mike Daniels, Bill Taylor, Robert Nelson, David Dinsmore, Randy Bartmier, H. D. Tripp, John Gary, Robert Mason.

TRA-LA-LA Steve Butler a second year student trying out for director Logan Green (Right). Mary Jo Gilbreath one of Westark's accompanists talking with James Dick (Below).



David Young teaches Speech and all the courses in Theatre, which includes: Principles of Oral Interpretation, Theatre: Rehearsal and Performance, Introduction to Theatre, and Introduction to Theatre Literature. This year, under his supervision, the theatre students put on two productions. He also helped with the Music department's production, "Pirates of Penzance."


Story Theatre Cast: First row; Cyndy Gates, Glenn Jeffords, Mike Shone. Second row; Lahn^Cook, Sherry I Robinson, Cathy Frederick, Jim Beckmont. Third row; David Young, Jim Moody, June Ross, Lori Rials, Boddy Mason, Red Khilling.


Cathy Frederick and Mike Shone (op. pg. top) perform in "Dr. Cook's Garden/' Students work on play (below). Mike Shone, Bob Griffin, Cathy Frederick, and Cyndy Gates

(bottom) perform.

Pirates of Penzance The first of four performances was presented April 29 in the Breedlove Building; then April 30 in Sallisaw; it returned to Fort Smith May 1. This performance was a benefit to raise money for the orchestra. The final performance was May 2 in Paris. The production was the first of its kind to be presented in the new Breedlove Auditorium.


Bob Nelson played the role of Frederick; Ruth was portrayed by Terri Brown; Major General Stanley was played by Mike Daniels; Mabel was portrayed by Dana Ay del on. Other members included Kelly Brown, Tina Chappell, Esther Easley, Kathy Hearn, Diane Glass, Sharon Glass, Beverly Parker, Ellen Paul and Karen Sprouse. Mary Jo Gil breath and Paul Johnson provided the piano accompaniment.

Nancy Allen is the Division of Humanities chairman's secretary. Besides doing work for Walter Minn/ear, she also provides secretarial services for the Humanities faculty (left). Ed Applegate (below) teaches courses in speech and journalism. He also advises the student newspaper, The Collegian, and the student yearbook.


SPEAKINGPUBLIC OR PRIVATE John Preas, while instructing his Public Speaking class, stands on a table to demonstrate how one of his students could have given a more effective speech (right). Instructor John Preas in his office (below). This year the sponsor, John Preas, took the Speech team to several tournaments. In November, the team attended the Student Congress in Little Rock and a tournament at A. S. U. at Jonesboro. The team also participated in a mock United Nations in December at Con way and tournaments at Fayetteville, Little Rock, and at Coffeyville, Kansas. Several members won awards.


Micheal S. Harper a poet who visited Westark first semester and read some of his works. (Left) Joe Martin recites poem at the Speech Festival in Little Rock. (Below Left) A class discussion by Westark speech students. (Below)



Corno// "Tiny" Gardner was chairman of the board of trustees during the initial phases of the building's progress. Classes held here are drafting, electronics, data processing along with West ark's nursing program.

The Data Processing program prepares students for programming positions upon graduation, or the work can be applied toward a bachelor's degree. Students who complete only one year of the program may find jobs as computer operators. Students may take the following courses: Introduction to Data Processing, Computer operation, COBOL Programming, Assembler Language Programming, Systems Analysis, Advanced Programming, and Computer Projects. Patsey Collier (Right). Michael Hendrix (Lower Right). John Collins (Opposite Page).


Westark offers students two programs in drafting. One program takes one year to complete and trains individuals as entrylevel draftsmen. The other program, Drafting Technology, leads to the Associate of Applied Science degree and prepares draftsmen. Students choose their courses with emphasis in either machine or architectural drafting. Students have plenty of drafting courses from which to choose: Blueprint Reading for Machine Trades, Electronic Symbols and Diagrams, Reading Architectural Blueprints, Engineering Graphics (I and II), Descriptive Geometry, Technical Illustration, Architectural Drawing and Design (I and II), and Machine Drawing and Design (I and II). Patt Joyce secretary, Division of Technology (Top Right). Mary Copeland, Drafting Instructor (Middle Right). Don Goodwin, Chairman Division of Technology (Bottom Right).




The Electronics program leads to the Associate of Applied Science degree. Students prepare for jobs in the use and maintenance of common electrical and electronic devices and instruments. The following courses are offered: Fundamentals of Electricity, Electrical Circuits and Components, Solid State Components and Circuits, Digital Circuit Concepts, Advanced Electronic Circuits, AM and FM Troubleshooting, Industrial Electronics and Process Control, Principles of Television, RF Theory and Techniques, and Communications Electronics.



Electronics instructors—John Sammuels (op. pgj, Stan Cagle (left), and Dan Page (below).


EM ERCrE PIC if«• • • Coline Dipboye Health Occupations instructor (Opposite Page Lower Right). Gail Hightower Health Occupations instructor (Left). Bonnie Harmon Secretary Division of Health Occupations (Below). Emergency Medical Technology a course offered at WCC (Below Left).

...CALL A NURSE... Westark's nursing programs include: Nursing, Associate Degree, and Nursing, Practical; and a technical program, Operating Room Technology. The first program allows a student to study at the college, plus actual experience in patient care in the Sebastian and Crawford County hospitals and health agencies. Not only does the student earn a degree but is also eligible to take the exam for I/censure as a Registered Nurse. The second program offers classroom instruction and clinical experiences of caring for patients at local hospitals and local nursing homes. The program entitles a student to write for //'censure as a Licensed Practical Nurse. The last program prepares students for the operating room. Classroom work and lab experiences with actual operating room procedures make up the student's curriculum.

Nursing Association: First row; Mary May field, Sharon Randolph, Lavern Manning, Donnie Feger, Mark Blaty, Maria Alexander, Pat Felkins, Susan Lewis, Debbie Martin, Janet Clayton, Sharon Ball, Doris Roe, Woyneve Lasiter, Janice Carter. Second row; Ronda Lynch, Renee Weaver, Edna Fowler, Rick Billingsley, Marsha Randolph, Linda Shook, Johnnie Martin, Irene Frances, Cindy West, Ramona Weedward, Alice Smith. Stairs First row; Lu Ann Par, Sonya Hiatt, Johnny Martin, Cindy Scott, Stella Stockham, Bonnie Babb, Joyce Harris, Doris Latta, Gwen Henson, Nancy Smith, Deborah Hodgen, Gloria Kelton. Stairs Second row; Reba Irons, Rebecca Ashcraft, Nina Carter, Janet Meadors, Lucinda Lewis, Reba Macmahand, Cora Gautier.


Dar/a Porter Nursing LPN (Top Right). Anita Hammock Nursing ADN (Left).



Eileen Casey Nursing ADN (Left). Pearl Good Nursing ADN (Lower Left) Carolyn Branch Chairwoman Division of Health Occupations (Opposite Page Left). Sister Carol Kellington (Opposite Page Top Right). Ruth Burns Secretary Nurse (Opposite Page Lower Left).




Susan Chaney Nursing ADN (Right). Joyce Morris Nursing Instructor (Lower Right).



Kathy Chambers Nursing (Left). Karen Byers Nursing (Lower Left).


OPERATING TECHNOLOGY A student enrolled in the Operating Room Technology program scrubs his hands after gaining clinical experience in an operating room lab. As part of the nine month program, a student must learn to function in the operating room. In order to do this, he or she must know how to read different instruments.


Max Burns (above) is the director of the library. WCC student (right) uses the card catalog. Carolyn Fillippelli, librarian (op. pgj looks for certain book in the card catalog.



Holt Building—Library: One of the places of the WCC campus where probably all students have had to go at one time or another. The WCC library contains 34,482 books of all types. Magazines and periodicals, easy accommodating hours.


I/I/CC student takes a break from studying for a stop at the water fountain on the way to her next class. Nancy Moore (op. pg. top) smiles for the camera. Cathy Frederick (op. pg. bottom) could care less about who takes her picture while she studies.


Westark offers two foreign languages: French and Spanish. Since most universities require a student to take at least six hours of a foreign language, Westark has an advantage over other two-year colleges. Students at Westark can get this requirement out of the way before he or she even goes to a university. Twelve students from the Spanish classes, plus the sponsor/instructor, Nancy Zechiedrich, traveled to Spain this year. Students got to see the University of Madrid, the Plaza de Espana, the monument to Cervantes, the monument to Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, the Prado museum, the Cathedral of Toledo, the Church of Santo Tome, the El Greco Museum, Andalucia, Costa del Sol, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the Alhambra. Sister Carmen Beshoner (below) teaches French. This year she helped escort Westark students to Europe. Two of Westarks english teachers, Nancy Dover (above left) and Don Tannehill (above right).


Foreign Languages and English. 93

The English Department provides students with not only the basic requirements of any university, but also a good start for those interested enough to want to major in that subject. Courses offered are the following: Freshman English, Honors Freshman English, English Literature, American Literature, World Masterpieces, and Expository Writing. Kathleen Cameron (op. pg. far left). Betsy A It man (op. pg. left). Barbara Bart/ett (op. pg. lower right). Judy Willcoxen (below). Gene Wells (below right). Joy Lowe (notpictured) also teaches English.


Like the Foreign Languages and English classes, the Education/Psychology classes are also held in the Technical Complex. There are three different education courses offered to students: Introduction to Education, Children's Literature, and Early Classroom Experiences. Dr. Delece Gordon (op. pg. top) and Dorothy Rappeport (op. pg. bottom) not only teach courses in education, but also courses in psychology. Westark offers three different psychology courses: General Psychology, which is required on a lot of university campuses; Abnormal Psychology, and Human Growth and Development, which is required on most college campuses for education majors. Faculty teaching courses in psychology are: Jean Cosgrove (left); Linda Gibbons (above).


The Social and Behavioral Sciences actually incorporate several different subjects or fields: History, Political Science, and Sociology. George McAlister (op. pg. top), who teaches History is in charge or is designated as "Head," while Dorothy Forst (op. pg. below) is the secretary to him and other faculty members making up the history section. Gary McBeath (below) is also a psychology teacher.


We study the past, in light ox the present, for tnepurpose 01 the Future/*


The History courses offered at Westark are: Survey of Western Civilization, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, United States History, and Survey of Modern Europe. These courses are taught by George McAlister (preceding pg. top left), Dan Breitenberg (right), and Dan Butler (below right).



Westark offers several courses in this subject: Current Problems, Introduction to Political Science, American National Government, and State and Local Government. Ed Levy (left) is the political science teacher. The Sociology instructor, Pat Porter (below left), teaches the following three courses: Introduction to Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, and Social Problems.

Political Science & Sociology


Society Needs

Human Services . . . 777/5 is the title of a particular course as well as a specific degree program. Headed by Fran Still (right), this program is associated with the Child Developmental Center (op. pgj. Students not only attend lectures, but are placed in an applied laboratory setting such as the Center. This year the program "really"grew in popularity, especially the Center.

Law Enforcement This, too, offers to students a specific degree if they so choose. Several courses are offered: Introduction to Law Enforcement, Introduction to Criminology, Police-community Relations, Criminal Investigation, Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement, and an Internship. This course allows the student to actually work with law enforcement agencies. Barry Starkell (right) is the instructor.


Kyle Larue (above), a student, works with two of the children. Kathy Adams (left), a student, plays with Missy Haring.

Child Development.




Like the Human Services course and program, the Child Developmental Center's popularity increased so much this year, that it opened its doors during the day for the first time in its four years of operation. Mothers, who attended classes, keep their children in the Center. This saves them time and money spent in trying to find a babysitter. Students enrolled in the Human Services, Human Growth and Development, Introduction to Education, PE for Elementary Teachers, Children's Literature, Abnormal Psychology, etc., classes work in the Center for partial credit. They experience first-hand what they have learned in the classroom. They work with the child, usually on a one-to-one basis. They also make materials, wash the bedding, plus prepare lessons. Pre-schoolers at the Center have readiness programs, such as: active listening, following directions, learning colors and shapes, etc. They also learn how to recognize names and how to get along with others. Maxine Marion, Fran Still, and others tell them stories, show various kinds of art, plus play music. Maxine Marion (op. pg. above), who is one of the Center's directors, instructs Stacy Hanna. Maxine Marion (op. pg. below) helps Samantha Parker with her coat. Nelda Williams (top) watches Carrie Payne. Vickie Hanna (bottom) holds Samuel Philpot.



There are two auto mechanics programs from which to choose. The Auto Mechanics program is a one year program designed to prepare individuals for employment. Students learn about every aspect of the car and its engine. The Automotive Technology program prepares individuals as mechanics, technicians, and junior managers. Students not only learn about the car and what makes it run, but about the paperwork involved in running such a business. Westark offers automotive-interested students courses ranging from Automotive Theory and Maintenance, Automotive Engines, Alignment, Brakes and Clutch, Introduction to Manual Transmissions and Drive Trains, to Automotive Electrical Systems, Emission Control Systems, Service and Overhaul of Automatic Transmissions, and Testing and Diagnosis. Instructors include: Ken Butler (top right), William Fitzgerald (top left), Gary Gebhart and Dwight Mason (left).





Westark's machine shop program was recognized by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers again this year. This program trains students as machinists. The courses for this program include: Basic Machine Shop, Machine Set-Up and Operation (I and II), Machine Processes, Advanced Machine Processes, and Advanced Machine Techniques (I and


These courses are also used in the mechanical technology program which prepares students as engineering technicians. Student operates rotary table (op.

pg.l Student works at grinding wheel (above). Doug Statham (left), instructor.

in vices... Jerry Center (right) instructor. Manufacturing Engineers (below) examine students work.



JOINTS... 113

Sparks fly as this student practices oxyacetylene welding (top). A student learns how to weld two pieces of metal together (bottom). Students watch as fellow classmate pipe welds (op. pgj.


...TO ARCS . . .

.••to hot spots...


This program prepares students as welders. Most of the courses are taught in the newest wing of the technical complex. Students can take the following courses: Welding for Related Trades, Oxyacetylene Welding (I and //), Arc Welding, Tig and Mig Welding, Production Welding, and Pipe Welding. Dixon Bridges (op. pg. top), instructor. Charles Callison (left), instructor.

ill cooling off.


MAIN-taining Every institution of any size has to have people to keep it looking nice and in physical working order. Westark's maintenance crew is no exception. These men perform their daily tasks without question. Their jobs include: taking care of the grounds, cleaning each and every building, painting, planting, delivering postal packages to each division/department, getting the mail at the post office, and building bookcases, shelves, etc. And to look at Westark one can see that these men are doing their jobs to perfection. Front row: (left to right), Charles Carter, Bill Harper, James Douglas, Rupert Brown. Back row: (left to right), Henry Johnson, Robert Rogers, Jeff Walker, Frank Finsel, Henry "Hank" Johnson, A. H. "Mac" McCullach, Claud Midd/ebrook, Joe Lee, Tom Tallent.


Keeping Kampus Klean

A member of the maintenance crew plants a bush on the college campus (right).


The Fullerton Union is a big conglomeration of people doing many different things. Many say they are going to study but end up playing a good hand of cards. Just standing around listening to all the conversations going on, movies, dates, parties all different but tied together in school. Op. pg. top left, Connie Jones; op. pg. top right, John Gary; op. pg. far left, Kim Milam; op. pg. bottom, Doug Maciejack. Top left, Mike Daniels, the craziness of life changes from day to day. Even with all this some people do have time to cram before a test.



Some People "DO" Work! There are people who have offices in the student union. This puts them closer to the students so they can serve them better. Op. pg. top right, Gabriel Peters—Director of Placement and Financial Aid; op. pg. top left, Tom King—Co-op Education; op. pg. lower right, Charles Rowe— Veterans Representative; op. pg. lower left, Carol Guffy—Financial Aids Secretary. Top left—Lunch line workers, Gene, LaNel/e, Chris, Tony Stiles and Roy Kendall; top right, Ellene Rebsamen—WCC student nurse; above, Bess McWilliams—campus shop.


There are all types of people at Westark, active—inactive, people you might think major in Student Union, they are always around. Above, David King; top middle, Joe Hester; top center, Debbie Congour; Right, James Freeman; Bottom center, Matt Joyce; far right, Earl Wald.




Democrats & Republicans When the 1976 Presidential election rolled around, Westark campus was busy with activity. Talk about various issues and people was common. After the first of the debates was over most public opinion polls named Ford the winner by a slight margin. Since public opinion polling is becoming almost a national pastime, it seemed only natural that a poll should be taken at Westark to see who the students felt won the debate. Half of those people contacted didn't watch the debate. Of those who did watch, 61% said Ford won,

7% said Carter won, and 32% thought it was a draw. Most of those polled said the debate had no influence on their decision of whom to vote for, but for a few the debate was a deciding factor. In the mock election Westark-held interest was low. Only 6% of the students and 21% of the staff participated—252 out of a possible 3400. The results were as follows: President Ford won the WCC mock election by a 5% margin over Carter. Gov. Pryor won by 64%, and Nancy Porter by 6%, Amendments 56 and 57 both passed by 78%, but Amendment 59 was defeated by 65%.


This year sixteen Westark students were selected to the Who's Who Among American Junior College Students. This year student organizations and faculty did the nominating and the finalists were chosen by a .committee of faculty and administration. Students were chosen on basis of scholarship, academics, citizenship, service, promise of future use and leadership. Students not pictured; Janna El kins, J. R. Joyce, Rebecca Kraby, Ralph L. O'BryantJr., She//a Pipkins.

Fae Conner Mike Daniels


Regina Christian Irene France Terry Harris

Sandra Jay Dana Aydelott Cora Gautier

Front Row: Debbie Congour, Thyra Stevenson. Enola London, Terry Langhorne, Stacey Jones, Linda Yancy. Back Row: Doug Maciejack, Glenn Gilley, Cathy Wa/d, Fae Conner, Cathy Anderson, Jim Snow, Lisa Brown, Dixie Wiles, Larry Plemmons,

Linda Yancy Susan Beard Terri Brown

Front Row: Marilyn Moore, Regina Christian, Deborah Tinkshell, Ronald Johnson, Tony Sneed, Melvin Turner, Vi Chaney. Stairs: top to bottom: Linda Criswell, Dianne Hall, Melissa Poole, Shirley Smith, Betsy Burton, Brenda Williams, Cecelia West, Kay Triplett, Wallace Garner, Wayne Thompson, Vanessa Arnold, Kathy Posey, John Garner, Kim Arnold, Michael Sanders, Jatawn Sneed, Craig Harrington, Frank Johnson. Sponsors: Dr. Warren Dodson, Mr. Gary Perry.



Right, Stacey Jones— Student Activities Director; top right, Henry the Fiddler who performed in the Student union. Op. pg. top, WCC choir sings Christmas carols;part of Sadie Hawkins activities a Pie Throw; op. pg. lower right, cheerleaders holding pep rally in student union. Op. pg. lower left, Human Pyramid—Top: Sam Harris, middle: Lisa Turner, Donna Buccella, 6oftom: John Gary, Mike Barker, Larry Plemmons, standing Phillip Hobbs.



lALITTLEBITOF ANYTHING Top Row: far left, Victor the wrestling bear; middle, Christmas Dance Band-Coniunction; right, Riverboat Ragtime Revue which performed with Donald Cowan who played the famed storyteller Mark Twain. Middle Row: left, Kelly Brown and Sondra Ledger are working (?) on a sign for a student dance; middle left, Ozark Mt. Daredevils; middle right, Alkebulan Theatre Group,performs

during Black Emphasis Week; right, Mark Amos gives blood at one of the many blood mobile stops at the school. Bottom Row left, Cyndy Cates expresses her feelings that she could not give blood; middle, "Bear" gets his swine flu shot; right, Miss Westark—Debbie DePree (center), Debbie Congoura/?c/ Nancy Moore, runners-up.



SPIRIT OF THE PEOPLE The Spirit of the People. It is different in every person here at Westark, each reason for being here is different too—to get just an education or to meet new people and make new friendships. Even the people on these two pages have different spirits—op. pg. top left, Shelia Pipkins; middle row center, John Spradlin. We on the yearbook staff know we have not reached every individual at WCC, nobody could get everybody, but we put out the best we had and we think the Spirit of the People is here.


The baseball team went through a series of fall practices and intra-squad games in preparation for the spring season. Head Coach Bill Crowder reached his 380th career victory. The team consisted of: (infield) Bob Stephens, Jeff Geren, Kent Kamm, Way/and Parker, Fred Rausch and Wes Robertson; (outfield) Dennis Geren, Ronnie /very, Hal Stewart and Jerry Valentine; Mark Daily (catcher); (pitching) Lawson Osborne, Tommy Paige, Donnie Sandifer and John Stevens; (others) Vestal Carter, Chris Lovelady, Brian Holt, Stan Clark, Jerry Kline, Chris Meyers, Glenn Callaway, Randy Dotson, Curt Ledbetter, Russell McConnell, Bobby McHale, Joe Pendleton, Scott Treece, Harold Chi/dress, Dave Elrod and Mike Kennedy. The Lions won more games than they lost during the fall practice season, according to coach Bill Crowder. The Lions were eliminated from the NJCAA Region II Tournament in Oklahoma City by Oscar Rose Junior College, 7-3. Westark suffered its second loss in the double elimination event after defeating Northeastern Junior College, Ok., 3-1. The Lions were able to advance in the tourney by defeating Western Oklahoma. 9-6, and Oklahoma City Southwestern, 6-4. Southern Baptist gave Westark its first loss of the tournament in the opening round of play, defeating the Lions 7-4. The Lions finished the season with a 33-23 slate. (Top) Kent Kamm, Chris Lovelady (Bottom) Jay Osborne





The Pride of WCC

Coach Gayle Kaundart, who has been coaching the Lions for three years now, once again took the basketball team to glory. In the past three years, Kaundart has compiled a 83-20 record and has captured three Ozark Conference championships and one Bi-State Conference crown. Westark reached the finals of the four-team Connors Classic before bowing to the host team, Connors, 74-57.


In first round action of the tournament, the Lions squeezed past Tyler Junior College, Tyler, Texas, 84-82. Westark traveled to Ada, Ok., March 2-4, for the NJCAA Regional Tournament. The Lions won three games by a total of five points to capture the regional championship and a berth in the National Junior College Tournament. Wallace Garner and Art Cook were named to the Ozark Conference All-Conference team. Both helped in leading the Lions to their third straight Ozark Conference title. In the National Junior College Basketball Tournament in Hutchinson, Ks., Westark's first opponent was the Pirates of Pensacola, Fla. The Lions lost 95-61. The second game for Westark was against Normandale of Bloomington, Minn. The Lions won 76-69. Westark's final game was against Lincoln Trail of Lincoln Trail, III. Westark lost and was put out of the tournament. Going into the tournament, Westark had the best defensive average in the nation at 59.1. The basketball team was made-up of: Wallace Garner, Art Cook, Tim Branham, Craig Harrington, Chuck Putnam, Del Bray, John Stewart, Arthur Banks, Chris Meyers, Chris Lovelady, Elton White, Jeff Sutton and Ollie Pleasant. (Op. pg. top) Art Cook (52), Del Bray (14) (Op. pg. bottom) Chuck Putnam (10), Art Cook (52), Arthur Banks (32) (Top) Elton White (44), Del Bray (14) (Bottom) Art Cook (52)


Homecoming Queen crowned February '77 Shirley Toran, a sophomore, was crowned homecoming queen, Jan. 22, in the Westark gym. She was crowned just prior to the basketball game between the Lions and St. Gregory's ofShawnee. The Lions defeated their opponent 54-33. Other contestants for the title were: Jatawn Sneed, Jean Ann Bateman, Dottie House and Debbie Congour. The queen, as well as the other contestants, was selected by members of the basketball team. A fter the game, a dance was held in the Ful/erton Union. A group, Fresh, provided the music. Students, faculty and former students were invited to attend. (Top) Dean Cameron, Fae Conners, Shirley Toran (Queen) (Bottom) Shirley Toran (Queen), Jatawn Sneed, Jean Ann Bateman, Dottie House and Debbie Congour.


WCC Cheerleaders: Cindy Merchant, Jean Ann Bate/van, Debbie Congour, Shirley Toran, Brenda Corbin. Left: Homecoming game, Craig Harrington (24).


Top: Drill Team: L-R (Front), Terri Langhorne, Jo Jo Sneed, Kathy Anderson, Melody Gentry, Dottie House. (Back), Linda Criswell, Vannessa Arnold, Dianne Bradley, Sharon Huet, and Jan El kins.




in Sports The Women's Basketball team, coached by MariAnn Ray, began this year. Dottle House was the manager. Eleven girls made-up the team: Kim Arnold, Donna Buccella, Betsy Burton, Susie Byers, Jane Coleman, Dellana Fisher, Melissa Hamilton, Amy JorDan, Bonnie Neubauer, Cord/a Soap and Lisa Turner. The team due to new state rules, had to play "'boys rules" with five players. A 30-second shooting time-limit was also in effect.

Westark Coaches 1977 The Physical Education instructors and coaches are: Harold Callahan—top left; William Crowder, Baseball— Gayle Kaundart, James Wyatt —below—Basketball; Mari-Ann Ray, top right, Girls Basketball.


INTICA/HLIRALS Stacey Jones, Student Activities Director, took care of the Intramural Sports. Intramurals during the fall semester consisted of the following: Football pass competition, punt competition, basketball, Fooz ball, archery, horseshoes, bowling and others. During the spring semester the intramurals consisted of the following: volleyball, pool, spades, Softball, tennis, ping-pong, and others. The intramural volleyball tournament was a double elimination tournament, with the final outcome being the two teams with the best records squaring off for the championship. To win a match a team had to win two out of

three games. Each game was played to 15 points and had to be won by at least two points. In the finals, BSU "Them"defeated their arch rivals BSU "Us" two games to one to take the volleyball championship. There were seven teams in the tournament. In March there was a spades tournament. Two 2-man teams competed to see which team can "nill" and void the other. Four teams entered the intramural Softball competition. Participants included faculty members as well as students. Left: Intramural volleyball, Right: John Spradlin, winner, intramural archery.


Top—Beginning Belly Dancing class is shown the position for the arms. Left— Ruth Stevens reads one of her stories to the Creative Writing class. Above—A member of Center Stage Dynamics practices playing the piano.


Right-A tole painting student shows off one of her projects. Below— Instructor shows wood shop student how to use one of the machines.


• • • Adds up to action! Left—Clarence Winborn looks over reading material for the Creative Writing Class. Below—To/e painting looks like an interesting and fun class from the looks of the students faces.




VINES Abbott, Susan Arnold, Vanessa Bedell, Conaly Bedell, Francis Blakely, S. H. Bolin, Jim Bumpers, Dale Burgess, James Byrd, Larry Cash, Dennis Cameron, Harold Daily, Tom Dodson, Warren Edmisten, Mary Efurd, Martha Gant, Ruth Glass, Sharon Gramling, Gary Green, Debbie Hi/e, Harold Holbrook, Woodson Hon, Gertrude Hudson, Richard Huff, Keith I very, Curtis Jones, Faye Kincannon, Sue King, Betty King, Sandy Klusmeier, William Kraby, James Lacewell, Bill Lanier, Wayne Leger, Sondra Leggett, Paul Llewellyn, Nancy


A very, Felicia Carter, Charles Cialone, Ernest Cummings, Kay Gorham, Jack House, Donna Howard, James "Pete" Lee, Don Meitzenheimer, William Rutkowski, Casimir West, Brenda

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Man kins, Linda Newell, Margaret Perry, Gary Peters, Cheryl Peters, Linda Prinze, Freddie Rapley, Eugene Reed, Laura Richard, Ronald Sanders, Edward Shane, James Shultz, Vickie Sicard, Sam Smith, Jerri Spradling, Jo Stengal, Colletta Stevens, Jeanne Udouj, Herman Wai drop, Sondra Watts, Louise Wilcox, Mary Woodard, Anita Wright, Elmer Yancey, Claude

23 31 27 20 8 9 12 8 34 12 16 26 12 30 29 22 18 12 28 31 21 22 19 34

Buchanan, Tom Clark, Tom Coe, Doyle Deaton, John High tower, Mike Holder, Bill Houston, Jim Huffstet/er, Sheila Irish, Charles Macferran, Sam Meeks, David Metheny, Dixie Peterson, Tim Weigand, Larry

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BREEDLOVE Allen, Nancy Applegate, Ed

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Aydelott, Dana Bartmier, Randy Beckmont, Jim Be/mont, James Brown, Terri G. Brown, Terri L. Butler, Stephen Butler, Steve Gates, Cyndy Chappell, Nianna Cook, Lahne Cook, Paula Cowan, Marjorie Daniels, Mike

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Dick, James Dinsmore, David Easley, Esther Edwards, Freddie Evans, Linda Frederick, Cathy Gary, John Gentry, Melody G//breath, Mary Jo Glass, Diana Glass, Sharon Green, Logan Griffin, Bob Harper, Micheal S. Harrald, Doug Harris, Terry Hopkins, Patrick Jeffords, Glenn Johnson, Paula Khilling, Red King, Bruce Martin, Joe Mason, Bobby Mason, Robert Matlock, Melissa Miller, Michelle Minniear, Walter Moody, Jim Nelson, Robert Parker, Beverly Posey, Brenda Preas, John Reather, Debbie Reed, Jo Ann Rials, Lori Robinson, Sherry I Ross, June Seaton, Carolyn Shackleford, Herbert

58 56 56 56 56 60,61 56 56 56,57,58 56 56 58 61 65 56 56 56 60 56 60 56 65 60 56 56 56 57 60 56 56 56 64 56 56 60 60 60 56 56

Shone, Mike Taylor, Bill Tripp, H. D. Vincent, Steven Wallace, Rebecca Wells, Gordon Whitson, Mary Ann Whitson, Teresa Wisdom, Jerry Young, David

60,61 56 56 56 56 56 56 56 56 59,60

GARDNER Alexander, Maria Ashcraft, Rebecca Babb, Bonnie Ball, Sharon Billingsley, Rick Blaty, Mark Branch, Carolyn Burns, Ruth Byers, Karen Cagle, Stan Carter, Janice Carter, Nina Casey, Eileen Chambers, Kathy Chaney, Susan Clayton, Janet

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Weaver, Re nee West, Cindy Woodward, Ramona

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HOLT Burns, Max Fillippelli, Carolyn Frederick, Cathy Moore, Nancy

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Collier, Patsey Collins, John Copel and, Mary Dipboye, Coline Feger, Donnie Felkins, Pat Fowler, Edna Frances, Irene Gautier, Cora Good, Pearl Goodwin, Don Hammock, Anita Harmon, Bonnie Harris, Joyce Hendrix, Michael Hen son, Gwen Hiatt, Sonya High tower, Gail Hodgen, Doborah Irons, Reba Joyce, Patt Kellington, Sister Carol Kelton, Gloria Lasiter, Woyneve


68 69 70 74 76 76 76 76 76 78 70 77 75 76 68 76 76 75 76 76 70 79 76 76

Latta, Doris Lewis, Lucinda Lewis, Susan Lynch, Ronda Macmahand, Reba Manning, Lav em Martin, Debbie Martin, Johnnie Martin, Johnny May field, Mary Meadors, Janet Morris, Joyce Page, Dan Par, Lu Ann Porter, Darla Randolph, Marsha Randolph, Sharon Roe, Doris Sammuels, John Scott, Cindy Shook, Linda Smith, Alice Smith, Nancy Stockham, Stella

76 76 76 76 76 76 76 76 76 76 76 80 73 76 77 76 76 76 72 76 76 76 76 76

Adams, Kathy Altman, Betsy Bartlett, Barbara Beshoner, Sister Carmen Breitenberg, Dan Bridges, Dixon Brown, Rupert Butler, Dan Butler, Ken Call Ison, Charles Cameron, Kathleen Carter, Charles Center, Jerry Cosgrove, Jean Douglas, James Dover, Nancy Finsel, Frank Fitzgerald, William Forst, Dorothy

103 94 94 92 100 116 119 100 107 117 94 119 112 97 119 93 119 107 99

Gibbons, Linda Gordon, Delece Hanna, Stacy Hanna, Vickie Harper, Bill Johnson, Henry "Hank " Johnson, Henry La rue, Kyle Lee, Joe Levy, Ed Marion. Maxine Mason, Dwight McAlister, George McBeath, Gary McCullach, A. H. "Mac" Middlebrook, Claud Parker, Sam an tha

Payne, Carrie Phi/pot, Samuel Porter, Pat Rappeport, Dorothy Rogers, Robert Starkell, Barry Statham, Doug Still, Fran Tallent, Tom Tannehill, Don Walker, Jeff Wells, Gene Willcoxen, Judy Williams, Nelda

97 96 104 105 119 119 119 103 119 101 104 107 99 98 119 119 104

105 105 101 96 119 102 111 102 119 93 119 95 95 105

FULLERTON Alkebulan Theatre Group Amos, Mark Aydelott, Dana Barker, Mike "Bear" Beard, Susan Brown, Kelly

137 137 132 135 137 133 136

Brown, Olive Brown, Tern Gates, Cyndy Christian, Regina Clinton, Bill Congour, Debbie Conner, Fae Daniels, Mike Dupree, Debbie Esealan te, Perry Ewe//, Don France, Irene Freeman, James Gautier, Cora Gary, John Gibbs, Robert Guffy, Carol Harris, Sam Harris, Terry Henry "the Fiddler" Hester, Joe Hobbs, Phillip Holiman,Alan Jay, Sandra Jones, Connie Jones, Stacey Joyce, Matt King, David King, Tom Leger, Sondra Maciejack, Doug McWilliams, Bess Mi/am, Kim Moore, Nancy Peters, Gabriel Pipkins, Sheila Plemmons, Larry Rowe, Charles Schirmer, Perry Spradlin, John Stiles, Gene Turner, Lisa Wald, Earl Yancey, Linda

137 133 136 132 131 128, 137 132 125, 132 137 139 137 132 128 132 124, 135 135 126 135 132 134 128 135 130 132 124 134, 135 129 128 126 136 124 127 124 137 126 138 135 126 137 139 127 135 129 133

Corbin, B renda Criswell, Linda Duerr, Diane Elk ins, Jan Fisher, Del/ana Gentry, Melody Harrington, Craig House, Do We Huet, Sharon Kamm, Kent Kaundart, Gayle Langhorne, Terry Lovelady, Chris Merchant, Cindy Neubauer, Bonnie Osburn, Jay Putnam, Chuck Ray, Man-Ann Sneed, Jatawn Spradlin, John Toran, Shirley Turner, Lisa White, Elton Wyatt, Jim

147 148 149 148 149 148, 151 147 146, 148, 149 148 142 150 148 142 147 149 142 144 149, 150 146, 148 151 146, 147 149 145 150

COMMUNITY SERVICE Knox, Nor ma Potts, Louise Stevens, Ruth Winborn, Clarence

152 152 153 155

SPORTS Anderson, Cathy Arnold, Vanessa Banks, Arthur Bate man, Jean Ann Bradley, Diana Bray, Dell Buccella, Donna Byers, Susie Callahan, Harold Cameron, Harold Coleman, Jane Congour, Debbie Conner, Fae

148 148 144 146, 147 148 U4, 145, 147 149 149 150 146 149 146, 147 146


NUMA 1977  

Station 2: Students are guided into different fields of study by Westark Counselors. Dr. Warren Dodson (op. pg. far right) directs the Veter...

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