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1950 Numa. The staff, in presenting this book, hopes it will be a treasure chest of memories of dear old JC for you. Read it; and keep it—to preserve the memories of happy occasions in Junior College. May the many pictures and the Jolly Roger pirate theme forever remind you of the days we have spent together.


Dean Elmer Cook To Dean Elmer Cook for his inspiring vision and untiring efforts to promote a Junior College building program, we, the JC student body of 1950, dedicate this book. He holds a special place in the hearts of all who have worked with him, and his leadership as our dean will never be forgotten. We know that his influence will long be felt and that students in the future, too, will appreciate him and his enthusiasm for making Junior College one of the best.

I "Ye Good Ship FSJC" Buildings II "Ye Captain and His Mates" Faculty III "Walking The Plank" Freshmen IV "Old Salts" Sophomores V "Dividing the Loot" Organizations VI "Cannon Balls" Athletics VII "Treasure Chest" Features




Fort Smith Junior college is located in the stadium building of the high school. This building has, until the present time, served the purpose well; but it has failed to grow with the enrollment of JC. A new junior college will make JC a larger and better school.


School Board

Responsible for the direction of the Junior College is the school board, a group of community-minded citizens who meet at least once a month to determine administration policies and action. Fort Smith has indeed been fortunate in the membership of its school board, for it is made up of citizens who are leaders in their respective fields and in civic affairs. The graduating class of 1950 pledges itself to follow the board members' example in improving educational facilities in the community. MEMBERS: UPPER row—Bruce H. Shaw, Sam D. Tressler, Dr. Thomas P. Poltz, Mrs. W. D. Powell. LOWER row— J. W. Ramsey, Chris Corbin, Raymond F. Orr, president; 3. Fred Patton, vice-president,


J. W. RAMSEY Fort Smith is justly proud of the president of Junior College, for Mr. Ramsey is both an able administrator whose capabilities are well known in national educational circles and an outstanding figure in the community which the Junior College serves. Mr. Ramsey's knowledge of educational trends and his philosophy of education have guided the establishment of a Junior College of recognized scholastic rating. This year with the initiation of the expansion program he has lent influence and effort to the securing of larger and more adequate Junior College facilities.


Elmer Cook Mr. Cook is serving his first year as dean of Junior College. He is always willing to help the students in any way that he can, and has worked untiringly in his efforts to promote a new Junior College building. He has made every student his friend and we hope that he serves many more years as our JC leader.



Members of the Faculty Fort Smith Junior College 1949-1950







MARY HYNES St. Louis Library School





J l M E R S O N , A. B.,







BESS J. RAMSEY, A. B. L. L. B., M. S.






I. E. LOYD Custodian



FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSOR AND OFFICERS Miss Isabella K. Smith, well known mathematics teacher in JC, was sponsor of the Freshman Class during 1949-'50 for the third consecutive school term. Her wit and originality helped lead the freshmen to a triumphant victory over the sophomores in the Thomas L. Thomas ticket contest. She is a class sponsor to be proud of. Freshman officers for the first semester, on the left reading down, were David McDonald, president; Henry Upchurch, vice-president; and Sally Crampton, secretary. Second semester class officers, on the right reading down, were Jim Curry, president; Henry Pape, vice-president; and Sue Ella Young, secretary.

BILL BACON "Just call me Neosho" LARRY BARBER "He went to sleep in a Barber chair"

BOBBY BARDRICK "Artist" J. E. BASS "Not a fish story"

FRED BAUMEISTER "Strong silent type" OLLIE BLAN "Dependable and efficient"

MARVIN BLAYLOCK "Chief" VAN BOATRIGHT "He starts his day with a song and a smile"

GENE BOONE "Business is my business" JACK BOYD "So round, so firm, -"

MARY BRIDGES "Friendless is the word'1 BOBBY BROWN "Big right hander"

J. H. BROWN "Is a red-bug red?" JAMES BURGESS "It's them eyes"

CHARLES CASTLEBERRY "It's a permanent permanentafter all" BILL CENTER "There's one in every crowd"

JESS CHAPPELL "One of Hackett's contributions" NORMA CLARKE "The atomic kid"

BARBARA COOPER "Iambic pentameter" JAMES COUGHLIN "Italy?"

MIKE COWART "Mr. Coach" SALLY GRAMPTON "School spirit"

MAXINE CROTTS "Petite and sweet" JAMES CURRY "Spearhead"

LOIS DORAN "Professional proof reader" HUGH BUTTON "The man who came to dinner"

MARTHA EASLEY "Easy does it" RELF EFURD "None other like him"

DOROTHY ERWIN "The brains of JC" DAVID FERGUSON "Silence is golden"

DELORES FLETCHER "Kitten on the keys" BARBARA FLINN "Greets you with a smile"

LADEMA FRANCIS "I did my lessons next week" DALE FURLOW "Sallisaw Kid"

RUTH GILL "Trusty" WANDA GOMPH "Quiet but pleasant"

HERMAN GOSSETT "The colonel" DORIS GRAHAM "Bright eyes of JC"

LUCY GREGG "A little bit of sunshine" EUGENE GRIFFIN "Dynamite comes in small packages"

JIMMY GRIFFIN "Future CPA" DON HAMPTON "Anbody wanta buy some cows?'

VIRGINIA HARMON "Did someone say Batesville?" HUGH HENDRICKSON "Solid Citizen"

RANDALL HIATT "Now working- for Uncle Sam" MARGARET HILL "So you think you got troubles?"

LIBBY HOLMES "Did you ever see a dream walking?" ADDIE HUMPHREY "Grade school tyrant"

SARAH JOHNSON "There's so much about her to like" VIRGINIA JOHNSON "It's a winning- thing—a smile"

LOWELL JONES "A man of a few words" JIM KNIGHT "A-Model blues"

DOROTHY KNIGHT "Miss Featurette of 1950" BOB KUNKEL "I'm from Texas—TEXAS, that is"

BOB KYMER "An old married man" BOB LANE "Peanut Butter"


DEWEY LEWIS but industrious, brains . . .?"


KENNETH LILLY "I just can't reach those amoebae!"

MADGE LEWIS "Intelligence, I reckon" BOB LOVE "Ask the gal who owns one"

RAMONA MACKEY "A welcome addition to an group" BILL MADDEN "He'll make his mark in this world"

PAT MAGRUDER "Einstein's theory?—Sure I helped him" JOANNE MARLEY 'Sweet and lovely"

MILDRED MCCULLOUGH "Just call me Mickie"

DAVID MCDONALD "Nice to have around"

LEROY McKINNEY "Locker 2063" DONALD MILLER "Picture man"

VON DELL MOONEY "Free as the wind" MONTE LOU MOORE 'Let's have more and more of Moore"

BILL MORGAN "0-Kaay!" HERMAN NEIHOUSE "Peck of brightness"

MARY EVELYN NEWMAN "Pretty as a picture" JAMES NIGH "Square dancer—deluxe"

HENRY PAPE "College Cutie" OLIVIE PATTON "Miss Personality"

GEORGE POUND "An energetic thinker" THOMAS PRINGLE "The quiet type"

SAM RAMEY "A winning way" WANDA RANEY "Preference—Read heads"

ISLA RHEA RATHBUN "So nice to know" JOHN RIGGS "California bound"

KENNETH ROBINSON "Dependable and energetic" ELEANOR SCHENK "Scatterbrain"

MARY ANN SCHMIDT "To know her is to like her" DICK SCHLEIFF "Little Giant"


ROSALEE STEPHENS "Those eyes!" HAL STIERWALT Have you heard the one about—"

JEANNE TATE "Tinky" JACK TAYLOR "The Whistler"

SUZANNE TAYLOR "She's really getting up in life" JOHN TUST "Well liked by everyone"


CAROLYN VICKREY "What's life without something to laugh at?" ROY WADSWORTH "Reserved and Capable"

WANDA WEINDEL "Always herself" CARL WIDMER "Whiskers"

"GROVER C. WEST "Intelligent thinker" HARRY WOOD "Left JC for Kemper"

GENE WORKMAN "Did you say Ethyl or Regular ?" JAMES WORST "He doesn't live up to his name"

SUE ELLA YOUNG "More points than a star, six that is"

FIRST SEMESTER STUDENT BOARD The first semester student board worked hard the first months of school. They were responsible for the Thomas L. Thomas arrangements and put the concert over in a big way. Miss Lucille Speakman served as sponsor. FIRST row—Sue Duncan, Wilma Dolan, Billie Lehman, Libby Holmes, Betty Hinton. SECOND row—David McDonald, Tom Caldarera, Sue Ella Young, Rod Naucke, Joe Smith.

FIRST SEMESTER STUDENT BOARD OFFICERS OFFICERS: Joe Smith, vice-president; Tom Caldarera, president; and Billie Lehman, secretary.


SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT BOARD The second semester student board, under the sponsorship of Miss Lucille Speakman, has had a full time job of piloting the concession stand on a successful voyage. All members made swell "hot-dog1 hands." The student board was also responsible for the spring banquet and dance. FIRST row—Sue Duncan, Wilma Dolan, Billie Lehman, Rosalee Stephens, Sally Crampton. SECOND row—Betty Hinton, Joe Smith, Tom Caldarera, Jack Taylor, Shelby Brecdlove, Lola Watson.

SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT BOARD OFFICERS OFFICERS: Wilma Dolan, vice-president; Joe Smith, president; and Lola Watson, secretary.


SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSOR AND OFFICERS As the Sophomores look back over their school years and remember the one of 1949-'50, the outstanding- person in all memories will no doubt be Miss Lucille Speakman. She has previously served as class sponsor and has again done a splendid job. Her wonderful personality and ability to get things done were great assets to the Sophomore Class. The class officers who worked with Miss Speakman to make the just past year a most successful one are, on the left, top to bottom; Squeaky Smith, Buster Womack, and Lola Watson. On the right: Tom Caldarera, Rod Naucke, and Ruby Quarry.



Music Guild

DON BANDY Phi Theta Kappa


MARY LOU BOAS Guild, IRC SecretaryTreasurer JOHN BRACKEN

SHELBY BREEDLOVE Student Coach, Basketball, IRC, Student Board TOM CALDARERA Sophomore Class President, IRC, Music Guild, Outstanding Student, Phi Theta Kappa President, Student Board, Student Body President, Who's Who

WILMA DOLAN Phi Theta Kappa, Student Body Vice-president, Music Guild, Who's Who, FTA, IRC, Student Board SUE DUNCAN Student Board, IRC, FTA Secretary-treasurer, Phi Theta Kappa, Music Guild, Numa Staff, Sock and Buskin, Outstanding Student, Student Coach

BURTON ELLIOT Student Coach, Basketball DON ELLIOT Student Coach, Basketball, Who's Who


MARK FRY CLYDE GAMBLE Numa Staff, Student Board, Lion's Roar Staff, Head Cheerleader '48


BETTY HINTON FTA Vice-president, IRC Vicepresident, Lion's Roar Editor, Outstanding Student, Sock and Buskin, Student Board SHIRLEY JONES IRC president, Music Guild, Phi Theta .Kappa, cheerleader

BILLIE LEHMAN Student Body Secretary, Phi Theta Kappa, Sock and Buskin,, Music Guild, Cheerleader, Freshman Class Vice-president and Secretary, Outstanding Student, Who's Who, Student Board BOB MASON


ROD NAUCKE Student Coach, Student Board, Sophomore Class Vice-president GEORGIA NEELY Numa Editor, FTA President, IRC, Outstanding Student, Who's Who, Lion's Roar Staff, Phi Theta Kappa Treasurer, Student Coach

LEON NIGH Student Coach, Basketball JOHN OLIVER Student Coach

RUBY QUARRY Sophomore Class Secretary, Music Guild, FTA BILL ROSE Student Coach

MILES SHOPFNER FTA, IRC, Student Coach, Lion's Roar Staff, Basketball Student Manager '48 IRC,

MARILYN SITZ Music Guild, Phi Kappa


JIMMY SMITH Who's Who, FTA, IRC, Basketball, Student Coach JOE SMITH Student Body President, Student Body Vice-president, IRC, Cheerleader, Numa Staff, Band,7 Outstanding Student, Who's W ho, Phi Theta Kappa, Music Guild, Lion's Roar Staff, Student Board

LAWRENCE SMITH Sophomore Class President, FTA, Student Board, Basketball, Who's Who, Student Coach GEORGE TAYLOR FTA, Student Coach

LOLA WATSON Sophomore Class Secretary, FTA, Music Guild President, Who's Who, Student Body Secretary GEORGE WERNETTE Phi Theta Kappa, IRC, Student Coach, Basketball, Sophomore Class Vice-president, Who's Who

BUSTER WOMACK Phi Theta Kappa, IRC, Student Coach, Basketball, Sophomore Class Vice-president, Who's Who

During the 1949-50 session of the Fort Smith Junior College, the student body inaugurated an expansion program for the College which may well be remembered as an historical event in the history of the institution. For sometime it has been clearly evident that the Junior College needs a well-equipped building; but up till the beginning of this school year, nothing definite was ever done about the matter. It fell to the lot of the student body of the 1949-'50 session to take positive action. During the year a buildingfund was begun, looking forward to the ultimate provision for adequate building facilities for the College. These students may finish college before the work is finally completed; but they will always be remembered as the father of the new building program for the Fort Smith Junior College.


LION'S ROAR STAFF This year "The Lion's Roar" enlivened campus life with a Junior College newspaper for the first time since 1937. The members of the staff named the publication "The Lion's Roar." Under the leadership of editor Betty Hinton and associate editor Doris Graham, the staff worked hard to give the students an enjoyable paper Other members of the staff standing from left to right are: Don Hampton ,Libby Holmes, Jerry Sharpe, Georgia Neely, Bill Center, and Dorothy Knight

EDITORS AND ADVISOR From left to right: Doris Graham, associate editor; Betty Hinton, editor; Miss Hazel Presson, advisor.

MUSIC GUILD MEMBERS: FIRST row—Joe Smith, Marilyn Sitz, Lucy Gregg, Billie Lehman, Lola Watson, Mary Boas, Mary Ann Schmidt, and Tom Caldarera. SECOND row—Ramona Mackey, Olivie Patton, Isla Rhea Rathbun, Norma Clark?, Barbara Cooper, Ruby Quarry, Carolyn Vickrey, and Wilma Dolan. THIRD row—Sponsor Floyd Pitts, Sue Ella Young, Kenneth Robinson, Jack Taylor, Barbara Flinn, Dorothy Seelbinder, Shirley Jones, Don McDaniel, and Doris Graham.

SOCK AND BUSKIN FIRST row—Rosalee Stephens, Betty Hinton, Sally Crampton, Sue Duncan, Billie Lehman. SECOND row—Jack Taylor, Bill Center, James Nigh.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Officers reading from left to right, FIRST row-- James Hill, program chairman; Shirley Jones, president; James Curry, vice-president. SECOND row—Sue Duncan, Norma Clarke, Wanda Weindel, Betty Hinton, Libby Holmes, Dorothy Knight, Sally Crampton. THIRD row—Miss Lucille Speakman, sponsor; Barbara Flinn, Ruth Gill, Marilyn Sitz, Jimmy Smith, Rod Nau?ke, Tom Caldarera, and Georgia Neely.

PHI THETA KAPPA MEMBERS: FRONT row—Georgia Neely, treasurer; Busier Womack, vicepresident; Tom Caldarera, president; and Billie Lehman, secretary. SECOND row—Don Bandy, Ruth Gill, Sue Duncan, Wilma Dolan, Barbara Cooper, Mary Ann Schmidt. THIRD row—Ollie Blan, Kenneth Lilly, Sue Ella Young, Marilyn Sitz, Joe Smith, and Rosalee Stephens.

ENSEMBLE MEMBERS: FIRST row-Barbara Cooper, Norma Clarke, Isla Rhea Rathbun, Mary Bridges, Sue Easley, Mary Ann Schmidt, and Ramona Mackey. SECOND row-Carolyn Vickrey, Marvin Blaylock, Kenneth Robinson, Jack Taylor, Sue Ella Young, and Mary Lou Boas.

FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA FRONT row: Doris Graham, historian; Sue Duncan, secretary; Georgia Neely, president; Betty Hinton, vice-president; and Dorothy Knight, reporter. SECOND row-Miles Shopfner, Isla Rhea Rathbun, Wanda Gomph, Mary Bridges, Sue Easley, Wilma Dolan, Maxine Crotts, Jess Chappell. THIRD row-Sue Ella Young, Jim Smith, Bill Bacon, Von Dell Mooney, Wanda Raney, Madge Lewis, Miss Horn, Lois Doran, and Bob Lane.

CHEERLEADERS From left to right: Joe Smith, Doris Graham, Libby Holmes, Sally Crampton, Billie Lehman, Shirley Jones, and Bill Center.


MEMBERS, SECOND ,T HIRD row-Don rowFIRSTrow: - Burton Elliott,Elliott, Buster, Ruby Marilyn Womack, Quarry, Sitz, John Wilma Lola Hallard, Watson, Dolan; Tom Mary Sue Calderara, Lou Dunca, Boas, Bill Betty Georgia Rose Hnton, Shelby Neeley, Billie Breedlove. Joe Smith Lehman

NUMA STAFF The Numa staff members, chosen for their writing ability, ingenuity, scholarship, and industry, now present to you your 1950 year book and hope you will enjoy it in the years to come as much as the staff enjoyed preparing it for you. Each staff member worked hard to meet deadlines and each did a splendid job of "doing his best". The staff will remember with appreciation the assistance given by Miss Hazel Presson and Eliseo Sanchez, without whom this year book would never have been possible. MEMBERS: Seated—Georgia Neely and Dorothy Knight. STANDING—Joe Smith, Doris Graham, Libby Holmes, Sally Crampton, Sue Duncan, and Clyde Gamble.

EDITORS The editors for the 1949-'50 Numa have worked hard to present the student body with an outstanding yearbook. They have worked untiringly throughout the year and have done a grand job. Editor, Georgia Neely; Associate Editor, Dorothy Knight.

ADVISORS The advisors have worked cooperatively and sincerely together with the staff to complete the yearbook. The staff wishes to say "thanks" to the faculty advisors for their assistance in printing the 1949-'50 Numa. Advisors: Eliseo Sanchez, Hazel Presson and Neal Little

Thomas L Thomas

The Junior College presented Thomas L. Thomas, famous baritone, in a concert, February 7. The students worked enthusiastically to make his presentation a success, and the proceeds from his concert were added to the JC building fund. This was the first time in the school's history that a well-known artist has been sponsored by Junior College. The above pictures were taken at a reception given at the home of Miss Lucille Speakman immediately following the concert.

Variety Show

"Through the Years," the 1950 annual variety show, under the direction of Betty Hinton, was held this year, April 26 and 27. The performance, filled with JC talent, was one which will long be remembered. The successful show was another of the many student projects to raise proceeds for the Junior College building fund.


BASKETBALL Basketball has been the outstanding sport in FSJC for many years. This year the Lions had a new coach, Jack Bell; and even though the team didn't come through with a string of wins, they always came through fighting. Each individual player displayed a fine school spirit, and we can truthfully say our team played every game with the greatest respect for real sportsmanship. We will be minus some players next year, but the freshmen can and will carry on for the JC Lions.

Coach Jack Bell

FIRST row—Bill Bacon, Buster Womack, Squeaky Smith, Coach Bell, Henry Pape, Mike Cowart, and Bob Lane. SECOND row—Jack Nigh, Bob Oberdorsten, Dewey Lewis, Burton Elliot, Don Elliot, Jim Smith, Shelby Breedlove, Marvin Blaylock, and Don Hampton.



Bill hails from Missouri—Neosho to be exact. Bill saw plenty of action during the past season. Since he is a freshman, JC hopes he will return next year.

This returned letterman is from the wide place in the road across the river—Van Buren. Shelby "Lou" is known not only for his ability, but his sportsmanship and team play (when he stayed on his feet). The Lions will miss Shelby next year.

MARVIN BLAYLOCK Marvin, a local boy, played both center and forward for the Lions. His experience added to the team and the Lions needed more of his playing. BURTON ELLIOTT


Burt, the youngest Elliott brother, is a spohomore. The Lions used Burton's height as an advantage. He is a capable playe*1 whom JC would like to keep n,xt year.

As the tallest man on the team, Don proved his worth at the center position. One of the regular five, he was always in the middle of. things and proved himself a good ball player, whom we hate to lose.



Don is also one of those puppyville enthusiasts. He was a "hustler" the Lions hope will return next season.

Dewey is another one of those Van Buren guys. He didn't see too much action but was nevertheless a good sport and a spirit booster. As he is a freshman, he will probably extract splinters from our bench again next year.

BOB LANE Bob, a freshman, has had some bad breaks (sprains really), but when he was not ailing, he was right in there with the Lions. Bob is from Fort Smith. JACKIE NIGH


Jack had a remarkable way of playing basketball ( ? ) which everyone liked. This is his second year of basketball for JC. Jack is a letterman, whom the Lions hate to lose.

Bob is one of those Greenwood plowboys who came through fine for the Lions this year. He saw a great deal of action this season, and his long range shots racked up quite a few points



Another Van Burenite, Henry was one of the regular five and his ability proved worth while to the old Blue and White. Sonny is a letterman the Lions hope will return next year.

Squeak's experience, eye for the basket, and good humor added to the team. Along with this, he was one of the high scorers. JC c o u l d use another Squeaky next year.

JIM SMITH Jim played a part of the season for the Lions and did a good job, but was kept out of most of the season's play because of a broken ankle.

BUSTER WOMACK Red was always in there for the Lions. He is another Soph JC would like to keep next year.



Outstanding Students

TOM CALDARERA Tom was a good Student Body President, and he is a good school citizen. He worked for the betterment of the college, and students responded to his genial guidance. Because of that united push, we can say that the first semester 1949-50 was one of the most successful that the Junior College has had. Much credit goes to Tom.

SALLY CRAMPTON Does anyone need a smile? Sally has them to spare. Her bright disposition has shed some gaiety on every one. As a member of the Student Board, Sally was capable and practical. She lead cheers from the position of head cheerleader, and though she has put forth scads of energy, the supply seems inexhaustible. Sally is still a live-wire in JC.

JAMES CURRY James took a very active part in school activities. As president of several organizations he did a wonderful job. He has the ability and personality to carry through all his plans to their best finish. The freshman showed that they knew this by electing him president of the freshman class. Jim doesn't worry—he gets the job done.

SUE DUNCAN Sue's untiring work on all the student board's projects this year would be hard to equal; and whenever any fun was in the making, she was always found behind the scenes manufacturing the good times. It will be a fortunate day for Junior College when another Sue is found, because she will mean energy, friendship, wit, and brilliance all tied up in one small package.

DORIS GRAHAM Doris has worked very hard this year and is to be commended for her ability to get things done. She has a good personality and the abiltiy to get along with everyone. She has taken part in many activities and has worked especially hard in journalism. In all she does you can be sure to find the best quality work from the best quality gal.

BETTY HINTON The girl with ideas and schemes which really work: As director of the Variety Show she did a good job. As a member of the Student Board she worked on all of the parties and inspired many projects. We have in Betty a natural leader and we respect her capabilities.

BILLIE LEHMAN Billie works in many worthwhile projects. She is one of the nice levelheaded persons who is an asset to any organization. She was a capable Student Body officer and has worked faithfully on the Student Board, always coming through with anything she undertakes. Billie is well-liked by the students for her friendly attitudes and kindness.

GEORGIA NEELY What characteristics do you admire in people? Whatever they are Georgia probably fits the picture. As a student her standards are high—her scholastic record proves that. As a journalist you can look at the Numa —she edited that. As a leader look at the positions she has held and look at the results of her guidance. And as a friend you can see that her kindly, sympathetic attitudes mixed with an air of mischief is a combination that makes people want to stay Georgia's friend.

JOE SMITH Did anybody see Joe? He was very busy with being Mr. President of the Student Body, second semester. Did a good job, too. He works from the students, for the students, with the students—remember the concession stand? Joe is a good friend to us all, and we like him because he is a good Joe who led us through the last dull months of the /ear—but with Joe around moments were never dull.

SUE ELLA YOUNG That six point girl. Brain, brain, brain. Nice girl too, also works diligently in several organizations, and is secretary of the freshman class. When she uses those things to which the nerves must go for the formulating of witty remarks we all know that's Sue Ella—no other like it!


Best All Around Sally Crampton Tom Caldarera

Most Popular Billie Lehman Joe Smith

Best Looking Libby Holmes James Burgess


Most Studious Sue Ella Young Buster Womack

Most Bashful Wilma Dolan Don Elliot

Class Wits Georgia Neely Bill Center

Cutest Mickey McCullough Henry Pope

Most Talented Lola Watson Tom Caldarera

Most Athletic Addie Humphrey Jimmy Smith

Class Will We, the '"Old Salts" of the Fort Smith Junior College, class of 1950, being of sound mind (?) and indubitably sound of body do hereby will to the "plankwalkers" our personal traits—such as they are! Cynthia "Blondie" Babcock wills to Barbie Flinn her fair complexion and blonde hah Donald "Duck" Bandy wills his way with Mr. Hixon to Bill "Wit" Center in hopes that he will put the companionship to great use. Mary Lou "88 keys" Boas wills her talent at the piano to Mary Ann Schmidt who really doesn't need it. Shelby "Lover Boy" Breedlove wills his way with women to Sonny Pape, who does pretty well on his own. Tom "Talent" Caldarera wills his all around abilities and ability to be president to James Curry. Wilma "Shy gal" Dolan wills to Dorothie Erwin her quite demure way. Sue "Shorty" Duncan refuses to leave J. C. Don "Tor" Elliot wills his title of "Most Bashful" to David Ferguson who is shy enough already. Burton "Bench Warmer" Elliot wills his seat on the bench to Bob "Peanut Butter" Lane. Clyde "Paintbrush" Gamble wills his artistic ability to Bob Bardrick, who may or may not find time to use it. George "The Voice" Hardcastle wills his talented vocal chords to Jack Taylor. Betty "Always Willing" Hinton leaves her pep and school spirit to Sue Ella Young. Bob "Curly" Mason will lend but not leave his curly locks to Charles Castleberry. , Don "Flutey" McDaniels bequeaths his musical talent to Dewey Tom Lewis. Maybe he will be capable of leading the "Hungry Six" next year. Rod "St. Louis" Naucke refuses to leave Sally! Georgia "Always leave them laughing" Neely wills to Eleanor Schenk her title of wit. John "Lanky" Oliver wills his Mill Creek team to Mike Cowart. Ruby "Smiles" Quarry leaves her good nature to Sarah Johnson. Miles "Chief Bald Eagle" Shopfner wishes someone would will him some hair. Marilyn "Bookworm" Sitz bequeaths her chair in the library to Ramona Mackey. Jimmy "Muscle Man" Smith leaves to Bill "Neosho" Bacon his athletic ability. Joe "Blue Eyes" Smith wills to James Burgess his good looks and personality. Lawrence "Squeaky" Smith wishes Junior College would let him leave. George "Punchy" Taylor has already left. Lola "School Marm" Watson wills her title as "Most Talented Girl" to Delores Fletcher. Buster "Red" Womack wills to J. H. Brown his front seat in Miss Smith's room. Billie "Popular Gal" Lehman wills her bright smile and cheerful personality to Doris Graham. George "Tall, Dark, and Handsome" Wernette wills his height to Gene Griffin. O. K, there it is, Frosh. Take 'em or leave 'em, but we don't want 'em back! Good luck in using every single item. Your beloved upper-classmen, The Sophs of 1950

Prophecy The ship had docked. The time had come to go aboard! Yes, the old pirate ship, the U.S.S.S. JC was sailing again. It was boarded by many famous people who wandered around to see the interesting sights. There were many familiar faces; for instance, the captain was none other than Joe E. Smith. He got his experience from operating the U.S.S.S. Concession Stand in Ye Okie Junior College. Chief cooks and hash slingers ( ? ) are Sue Duncan and Don McDaniel. Hot dogs are their specialty! The bartenders, John Oliver and Mark Fry, were kept busy mixing drinks. 'Nuff sed! Seems that the President of the United States, Tom Caldarera, didn't use his special ship, "The Arkansas," but decided to travel on the U.S.S.S. JC. Incidentally, Tom plays "Arkansas" very well on the piano. Another famous celebrity enjoying the trip on this ship was the movie star, John Hallard. He is trying to forget Mary Lou Boas, famous pianist of the philharmonic orchestra, and he was doing a pretty good job by keeping Cynthia Babcock, wellknown model, from being lonely. Miles Shopfner, owner of the Shopfner Candy Company, and his private secretary, Bob Mason, kept the Elliott brothers, a couple of his distributors, busy passing out the candy bars to passengers. The two famous baseball players on the ship were Shelby Breedlove and Jimmy Smith, who kept in condition by playing shuffle board with Lola Watson and Billie Lehman, former Junior College students. Now they are exchange teachers. Ruby Quarry was telling Wilma Dolan, who is still shy, all the latest gossip. Clyde Gamble was making the trip to 'get ideas for his latest comic strip. He watched the antics of Rod Naucke—Keep reading the funny papers—you may see Rod. The sheriff on the ship was none other than George Wernette. The well-known big game hunter, Don Bandy, whose specialty is ducks, was giving Garfield McNabb, John Bracken, and Roy Wadsworth pointers on hunting. George Taylor, boxer, was on board with his manager, Bill Rose. This pair is almost as well-known as Joe Palooka and Knobby Walsh! George Hardcastle was heard singing. I wondered who was his audience and I found it to be his press agent, Bett Hinton. Maybe he wants more publicity! Georgia Neely, gag writer for all famous comedians, and her colleague, Marilyn Sitz, were on board. It seems that if Marilyn responds to Georgia's jokes they are bound to be good. (Marilyn also helps Georgia spell!). Squeaky Smith was scheduled to be on the ship but later reports indicated that he was again attending Fort Smith Junior College and is president of the Sophomore Class! Buster Womack, navigator of the ship, is beginning to get seasick. So "bon voyage" to all the passengers on the "Jolly Roger." Here's to many more and even happier traveling days!

Review of the Year SEPTEMBER 9 Sophs register—underdogs again! 12 Frosh register, great in number, strong in spirit! 19 First "shindig" held in band room. 21 Freshmen win softball game due to low enrollment of Sophs. 2:5 Hail to the chief—Caldarera heads student body and Phi Theta Kappa 26 One of the Jones girls heads IRC—Future Teachers (?) install Neely (Pity poor students). 27 Mixed Chorus organized—a few foul notes arrive in JC. 28 Smith and McDonald head Sophs and Frosh respectively. Just can't get rid of "Squeaky"! 30 "Lion's Roar" growls--first JC paper in twelve years. OCTOBER 6 Paper diet started in JC—Neely heads institution! 14 Sophs even fued one-up in football game. Win by one touchdown, by a pass from Breedlove to D. Elliot. 18 Music Guild has a wiener roast—mighty fine time was had by all! 22 FTA has candy sale—Shopfner decides to go into candy business. 24 "Lion's Roar" wiener roast ends in gossip session. 26 The "Gruesome Six" perform at band assembly. 27 JC goes on the air—everyone is flying these days. 28 IRC sponsors square dance—all squares present. Y Co-Eds re-organized. Curry heads organization. 31 First thirty-one dollars collected from JC students and teachers for the Junior College Building Fund at Hallowe'en Party sponsored by Student Board. NOVEMBER 2 7 9 11 28

Yea, Blue! Yea, White! Yea, Lions! Fight, Fight, Fight! Cheerleader election. Numa Staff decides on theme. IRC assembly. PTK initiation. Picture delinquents herded to studio. Sadie Hawkins Day. JC assembly—Bearden speaks, sponsored by FTA. Miles Shopfner's birthday. "Pep Hats" arrive!

DECEMBER 2 9 10 12 13 16 20

"Bow-Tie" day and dance. First basketball game. Lions lose to Okmulgee A and M. Boys' Club Seniors defeat Lions. Cheerleaders sponsor candy sale. Tech Freshmen defeat Lions 75-33. IRC sponsors lecture by E. E. Dale. Holds party at Norma Clarke's house after the lecture. Bill Center gets a haircut! Christmas assembly. Christmas party and reception at Marine Room of Goldman Hotel. Out for Holidays.

JANUARY 1 4 5 11 12

Happy New Year and all that rot! Back to classes. Miles Shopfner caught going into the wrong room! Phi Theta Kappa assembly—Variety Show! Outstanding students announced—Caldarera, Cramnton, Curry, Duncan, Graham, Hinton, Lehman, Neely, and Joe Smith. 20 Who's Who named and exams started. 25 Exams end! Whew! 27 Alumni Association organized—Franklin Wilder heads group.

FEBRUARY 7 JC presents Thomas L. Thomas in concert. Frosh win contest of selling TLT tickets. Tom Caldarera winy $10.00 prize for selling most tickets. 10 Student body elects officers. Joe E. Smith becomes president. 17 Sophs honor frosh at tacky party. 20 Spaghetti supper for Music Guild members. 27 Graduating students find out that they aren't graduating. 28 "Confession Stand" opens. MARCH 1 Phi Theta Kappa members chosen. 6-10 Camera Week. 8 Music Guild assembly. Lola Watson wins the first Butterfield Music Scholarship. 10 Student Board sponsors box supper for Building Fund. APRIL 5 FTA assembly. Addie proves that she knows a nursery rhyme! 19 IRC sonscrs assembly. 23 Music Guild goes to convention in Little Rock. 24 Ping pong champions present program for JC students. 26-27 JC presents annual variety show—"Through the Years" directed by Betty Hinton. MAY

1 FTA banquet—Is the F for future or food? 3 Phi Theta Kappa assembly. The singing brains surprise everyone! 9 Ensemble and Speech groups give program on World Religion at Central Presbyterian Church. 11 The annual Spring Prom is held at the Ward Hotel. 15 Picture-day. X-ray, that is! 12 First Soph Day in years! Yea, for Dean Cook! 28 Baccalaureate services. JUNE '1 Graduation day for 17 Sophomores. JC will miss the Sophs The Sophs will miss JC, But we'll remember her Wherever we may be!

NUMA 1950  

THE NUMA 1949-50 ure chest of memories of dear Here it is—your ever remind you of the days we have spent together. old JC for you. Read it;...