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Strategic Plan 2012 - 2015

University of Arkansas - Fort Smith College of Business Strategic Plan 2012-2015

Mission We prepare our students to succeed in a changing and global workplace through an integrated, practice-oriented curriculum that cultivates entrepreneurial skills and attitudes. Our approach rests upon a foundation of proven competencies in business, leadership, and communications. Our scholarly activity focuses on instruction and application, and we are committed to service and regional economic development. (Approved by COB faculty, September 24, 2008) Key Performance Indicators • ETS Major Field Test in Business national ranking

• Number of degrees conferred in each program

• AACSB accreditation status

• Number and rank of faculty in each program

• Student credit hour (SCH) production per semester

• New transfers annually in each program

• SCH per full-time equivalent faculty

• New freshmen annually in each program

• Number of majors in each degree program

(Numbers in parentheses ( ) below correspond with the UAFS Five-Year Strategic Plan.)

Strategic Priority 1:

Develop as a center for intellectual, social, and cultural advancement.



Create and improve programs that supply graduates for high-demand professions. (1.1.1)

• Number of new programs developed

Promote and enhance academic incentive scholarships to attract motivated students. (1.3.9) Develop relationships with professional programs, graduate programs, and regional employers to facilitate a smooth transition for graduating students. (1.3.11) Maintain and expand accountability through accreditation for all applicable programs. (1.1.4) Continue to improve our compensation and benefits package to recruit and retain faculty and academic support staff. (1.2.4) Improve and expand campus facilities and hours. (1.7.3)

• Number of program modifications • Job placement rates • Number of recruiters and graduate schools recruiting • Number of merit-based scholarships • AACSB accreditation status • Number of faculty at or above 25% AACSB salary norm • Number of hours labs are open

Strategic Priority 2:

Maximize citizenship and real-world work application experiences.



Increase student engagement in applied learning and real-world experiences through internship opportunities and other types of practical work study. (2.1.1)

• Number of student internships

Expand innovative and entrepreneurial opportunities for students through coursework and internships. (2.3.2)

• Number of students in entrepreneurship activities (e.g. business plan competitions, etc.)

Strategic Priority 3:

• Number of career-development activities

Solidify and expand UAFS’s position as a primary contributor to economic development.



Evaluate existing University programs to ensure their relevance to the marketplace’s changing needs. (3.1.1)

• Number of job listings by discipline

Maintain and pursue appropriate programs dedicated to developing “work-ready” graduates for business and industry, education, healthcare, and government. (3.1.3)

Strategic Priority 4:

• Employer survey

Lead in the innovative use of technology.



Increase the quality and availability of courses and programs using relevant current and emerging technologies over the next five years. (4.2.1)

• Percentage of online/hybrid/webenhanced courses • Student survey • Number of targeted core courses available online • Number of new technologies used in the classroom

University of Arkansas - Fort Smith College of Business Strategic Plan 2012-2015

Strategic Priority 5:

Promote global learning initiatives.



Enhance global experiences by recruiting international students and by providing University students with opportunities to study abroad. (5.1.1)

• Number of exchange programs

Promote and implement learning opportunities and partnerships to develop new outreach programs focusing on global awareness. (5.1.2)

Strategic Priority 6:

• Number of students taking international business courses • Number of foreign Maymesters • Number of international students

Continue to seek and steward resources.



Complete successfully the current major gifts campaign. (6.2.1)

• Amount donated

Invest in the continuing development of faculty and staff. (6.3.6)

• Percentage of faculty receiving developmental funding • Number of faculty attending AACSB conferences • Number of staff participating in developmental activities • Number of new faculty/staff computers • Number of new endowed faculty positions

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UAFS College of Business Strategic Plan 2012-15  
UAFS College of Business Strategic Plan 2012-15  

UAFS College of Business Strategic Plan 2012-15