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AdVances The Newsletter of the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith Foundation | August 2011 | Vol. 3 - No. 2


GROUND Nineteen gold shovels lay neatly arranged—waiting for the University administrators, area planners, philanthropists, contractors, dignitaries, and students who would soon drive them into the red Fort Smith dirt—as Chancellor Paul B. Beran spoke June 28 to a crowd assembled to celebrate the breaking of ground for the Learning and Research Center at Boreham Library. “As we’ve focused on developing our programs, our faculty, and our classroom buildings, we’ve essentially pulled our library along behind,” Beran said. “Today, that changes. Today, we celebrate the decision to vault the Boreham Library well into the 21st century.” “The Learning and Research Center at Boreham Library,” Beran continued, “completes the intellectual and educational transformation from community college to

Construction begins on a major library addition, the linchpin of UAFS’s emergence as a premier regional university.

university that Chancellor Stubblefield began on January 1, 2002 [when Westark College became the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith].” The University is committed to raising $5 million in private gifts to help offset the $14.2 million cost of the project, and just before Dr. Beran spoke at the groundbreaking ceremony, UAFS Foundation Board member Peggy Hadley announced five gifts totaling nearly $700,000 that the Foundation had already received. Among them were two anonymous gifts: one given to name the study corner on the first floor of the addition, and another for two study carrels. Doug and Loretta Parker gave $50,000 to name The Kyle D. Parker, J.D., Landing Area to honor their son, currently serving as UAFS Vice Chancellor for Planning


P E R C E N TA G E W I T H B A C H E LO R ’ S D E G R E E S R I S E S A C R O S S U A FS S E R V I C E A R E A Since 2000, two years before Westark College became the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith and began awarding four-year degrees, the percentage of residents within the University’s service area holding a bachelor’s degree or higher has been ticking steadily upward. According to data collected by the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, the degree-holding segments of Sebastian, Crawford, Franklin, Logan, and Scott counties in Arkansas, as well as Sequoyah County in Oklahoma, all grew between 2000 and 2009. The percentage held steady in LeFlore County, Oklahoma. UAFS has awarded more than 3,000 bachelor’s degrees since joining the University of Arkansas system in 2002.


Sebastian 16.6% 17.4%

Crawford 9.7% 11.8%

Franklin 11.0% 13.0%

Logan 9.4% 10.6%

Sequoyah 5210 Grand Avenue • Fort Smith, AR 72903

“Once I had my career started and I was able to, I knew I wanted to give back to the school that gave me so much,” says Rachel Solley of her recent gift to the UAFS College of Business. And there’s no denying that she has a solid start. The 2006 graduate—who, as a member of the inaugural

class of the Chancellor’s Leadership Council, earned a full, four-year scholarship—started the management training program at Arkansas Best Freight immediately after school, then worked as an ABF account manager for three-and-a-half years before being promoted in early 2010 to Branch Manager of the La Salle, Illinois, terminal. At just 25 years old, she was the youngest female branch manager in ABF’s history. When she was in school, Solley understood the value of her scholarships from the student’s perspective. “I knew all along that this was a huge blessing,” she says. “I was fortunate enough to be selected for the CLC and the C.A. and Carrie T. Lick Scholarship, and I was very appreciative of the opportunity.” Now, though, she understands also how important private scholarships are as recruiting tools and hopes her gift will help attract more star students just like her. “When I was in high school and looking at colleges, one of my main criteria was scholarship opportunities,” she says. “When someone from UAFS came to Northside High School when I was a senior and talked about the CLC scholarship, I just knew that was what I wanted.”

and Technology, for his devoted service to the University. Also announced was an estate gift of more than $100,000 from the Joan M. Worley Living Trust to name the large presentation room on the first floor of the addition in honor of Ms. Worley’s parents, Bruce and Eileen Worley. The fifth gift, from longtime benefactors Dr. Ted and Betty Skokos, provided $500,000 to name the airy, twostory rotunda of the Learning and Research Center The Dr. Ted and Betty Skokos Commons. Dr. Skokos coached the FSJC basketball team in the 1950s as a volunteer and served for decades as a trusted advisor to college leaders. Numerous prime naming opportunities are still available. Contact the UAFS Foundation at (479) 788-7020 for details.

10.9% 11.9%







From the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR THRIVING IN TOUGH TIMES These are tough times for public colleges and universities. Faced with sharp cuts in state funding, many are struggling just to keep the doors open—laying off faculty and staff, discontinuing programs, and dramatically raising tuition, among other painful measures.

LIVING UP TO HER POTENTIAL Three scholarships and lots of hard work later, Myca Jester is on her way to medical school.

In contrast—even though we’ve also seen a steady decline since 2008 in state dollars per student—the University of Arkansas Fort Smith is adding students and faculty, building residence halls and a major library addition, and broadening its reputation as a premier regional university. How?

Financially independent since graduating from high school, Myca Jester has worked hard and made the most of

As the story on this page notes, incremental increases in tuition have certainly helped offset the steady decline in state dollars per student, but the sum of state dollars plus tuition and fees has remained relatively constant since 2008, ticking up by a half percent to one percent per year.

her scholarships to build a noteworthy academic career— and she’s just getting started.

The real answer is very simple—private gifts. Although the total amount distributed by the Foundation to the University each year is relatively small, on the order of two to three percent of the total operating budget, it’s a vitally important two to three percent. It provides what I call our “margin of excellence.”

“If it were not for this assistance,” wrote senior biology major Michaela “Myca” Jester recently in a thank-you note for the Bob and Joan Miller Scholarship, “I would find it a struggle to live up to my academic potential.” Truth be told, living up to that potential has still been a bit of a struggle at times. Financially independent since graduating from high school, Jester has worked throughout college to pay her bills, even while the Miller Scholarship and the Sally McSpadden Boreham Scholarship, which she received in 2008 and 2009, covered her tuition. “It’s just hard when you’re a single kid, doing it all on your own,” she says. “It’s hard to afford to stay in school. It’s hard to keep your grades up. But the scholarships have made it a lot easier. Everything helps when you’re in Private gifts also help the University recruit top faculty and top college. Everything.” students. There is keen competition today for the most dynamic Fortunately, Jester isn’t one to back down from a challenge. When she wanted to study abroad but didn’t have teacher-scholars, and endowed chairs and professorships funded the money for airfare, she went to the International Relations office and got a referral to a South Korean university by private dollars give UAFS an edge in attracting them. Likewise, that would pay her airfare, her tuition, and some of her living expenses in return for teaching English. She was also prestigious private scholarships help us compete for the most awarded a scholarship for travel abroad, the Bill and Marjorie Dixon Memorial Scholarship. So she packed up and promising students—students like Rachel Solley, briefly profiled on flew halfway around the planet, 20 years old and all alone, to Ulsan, South Korea, where she lived, studied, and the front page. taught for a full calendar year. “It was amazing, the best opportunity ever,” she says. That’s only one example of the kind of gusto with which Jester approaches life—both its triumphs and its And private gifts—like the Skokoses’ and the Parkers’ detailed challenges. Back home, after a stint as president of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority, she’s working at a retail store in on the front page—will in turn help offset the $14.2 million cost of the new Learning and Research Center at Boreham Library, Central Mall to make ends meet, serving as a Resident Assistant at the Lion’s Den, and taking summer classes, all while allowing us to build a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility that studying long hours in the library for her medical school entrance exams. will serve the University and Greater Fort Smith well for It’s enough to make you believe the last sentence of that thank-you note: “I promise that you will see this generosity decades to come. paid forward tenfold in the years to come.”

In other words, although the $1.85 million the Foundation contributed to the University in fiscal year 2010 may not seem like much as part of an approximately $60 million budget, that money goes a very long way. For example, it takes only a few thousand dollars—and sometimes just a few hundred—to keep a student in school who would otherwise have to drop out for financial reasons, or to give a first-generation student the shot he or she needs.

Let me take this opportunity to say to all of the generous individual and corporate donors who make it possible for this University to thrive in these tough times, “Thank you!” Best regards,

Marta M. Loyd, Ed.D. Executive Director, UAFS Foundation Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

U A F S G A L Á PA G O S T R I P S E T F O R F E B R U A RY 2 4 - M A R C H 3 , 2 0 1 2

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UAFS FOUNDATION, INC. BOARD OF DIRECTORS New to the Foundation board since March 2011 are Gina Clark, Cliff Beckham, Craig Rivaldo, and Tim Shields. Clark is Vice President of Curtis Investments, LLC, which focuses on developing, owning, and leasing commercial properties, with a specialty in the development of federal government properties. Beckham, who studied at Westark’s University Center, is Director, President, and CEO of USA Truck, where he began his career in 1994 as a staff accountant. Rivaldo, a Westark alumnus, assumed the position of President and CEO of Arvest Bank Fort Smith when John Womack relocated recently to Little Rock. Shields, a petroleum geologist, owns the Shields Companies, including John P. Shields, Inc.; Shields Energy, Inc.; Shields Operating, Inc.; and Tojac Minerals, Inc.

Mr. Douglas Babb Mrs. Cindy Bagby Mr. Richard Beauchamp Mr. Cliff Beckham Mr. Jimmy G. Bell Mr. Kent Blochberger Mrs. Gina Clark Mr. Carl D. Corley Mr. Hank Farrell Mrs. JoAnn Gedosh Mrs. Peggy Ann Hadley

Mr. Bill Hanna Mr. H. Lawson Hembree Mrs. Marianne Lane-Thompson Mr. John A. McFarland Mrs. Judy McReynolds Mr. Robert E. Miller Mr. Mark Moll Mr. Neal Pendergraft Mrs. Janice Hobbs Powell Mr. Craig Rivaldo Mr. Mark Rumsey

Mr. Tim Shields Mr. Sam M. Sicard Mr. Douglas O. Smith, Jr. Mr. John R. Taylor Mrs. Susan McMahon Taylor Mr. William S. Walker Mr. Bennie Westphal Mr. Randy Wewers Mr. Chris Whitt Mr. Stanhope Wilkinson Mr. Robert A. Young III

A D VA NCES - The Newsletter of the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith Foundation | August 2011 | Vol. 3 - No. 2

Dr. Ted and Betty Skokos—who met at a drugstore soda fountain in Pennsylvania when she was a Navy communications officer and he was an Army PFC—made a $500,000 gift in support of the Learning and Research Center at Boreham Library. “Betty has been the one for me,” says Ted. “She’s encouraged me in everything I’ve done, and I owe it all to her.”

IMPRESSIONS OF GENEROSITY Why a former basketball coach and his family decided to make a major gift in support of the new library addition What young Ted Skokos lacked in size he more than made up for in athleticism and ball-handling skills. In fact, the 5’7” guard was good enough to play his way into a full basketball scholarship to Washington and Jefferson College in Pennsylvania. At the time, though, W&J was more concerned with football (the tiny school had actually played Cal to a 0-0 tie in the 1922 Rose Bowl), and the basketball coach was a local attorney who volunteered his time after hours. He also went out of his way to support his players off the court, helping Ted land a janitorial job on campus for $15 a month to help with his expenses. That generosity made an impression. Years later, in the early 1950s when Fort Smith Junior College’s basketball program needed the same kind of leadership, Ted, who was by then Dr. Skokos, a successful Fort Smith dentist, answered the call. The program had been discontinued during wartime, and little remained of it but a closet full of old uniforms and a couple of basketballs. But Ted, like his former mentor, volunteered his time to coach in the evenings—on one half of the Boys Club court—after closing his office for the day. The team’s record wasn’t much to brag about, but by his generosity, Ted gave dozens of young men an opportunity to participate in college athletics, an opportunity they wouldn’t have otherwise had. Also like his former coach, Ted became a mentor and a friend to his players. He and his wife, Betty, took them under their wings, encouraged them academically, even occasionally cooked them a hot meal or did the odd load of laundry. At the same time, Ted was also becoming more than just a coach to the college leadership, serving as a trusted, straight-shooting advisor to presidents E.T. Vines, Tom

In Memory of Rebecca Needham Anderson Doris Needham Ray Baker Glidewell Distributing Company Rosemary and Gene Rapley Peggy and Bill Weidman Edward Bedwell Eloise Bedwell Edgar Bethell Barbara Bethell Rose Bethell Don Flanders

Hattie Mae Butterfield Bobbie and Homer Michael Rosalee and Donald Skorvaga Juanita Susan Carson Glidewell Distributing Company Elizabeth Chapman Glidewell Distributing Company Elmer Cook Capt. Sue E. Young

Roland S. Boreham, Jr. Fort Smith Symphony

Walter Davidson, Jr. Inge and James R. Davidson Phyllis Davidson

Dr. A. Calvin Bradford Glidewell Distributing Company Charles Brake Anonymous Donor Genelle and Dave Newton Dr. Shelby Breedlove Danielle and David Dixon Sally and Edward Nunley James Gary Bridges Glidewell Distributing Company

Gifts made Nov. 2, 2010 through June 15, 2011

Dr. Helen I. Brown Sylvia and Lester Coffin Carolyn Jenkins Linda and Rusty Myers Marion Thorpe

Dr. Sidney Blakely Mona and Richard Alonzo Carla and Phil Erke Taylor A. Joyce Bobbie and Homer Michael Faye and Herman Westfall Phyllis A. Young

Fullerton (whom Ted convinced to take a job at what was then a struggling community college), and Shelby Breedlove. Ultimately, he would prove to be something of a visionary after having told Fullerton in the 1960s that the institution “can’t help but grow … we’ll have 5,000 - 10,000 students there … education is here to stay. We are just at the beginning of something that’s going to be the greatest asset to our community.” Still, at first glance, it might be surprising that the Skokoses would make a $500,000 gift to name the Dr. Ted and Betty Skokos Commons in the new Learning and Research Center at Boreham Library, rather than to the athletic program, with which they were so involved. But there’s more to the story. For starters, the couple simply believe a library is the most important part of a college campus. “To me, it’s an integral part of any college or university,” Ted says. “It means more to the entire university than any other single thing.” Then there’s Betty’s aunt, who was a librarian in Van Buren; and her mother, a voracious reader; and Betty herself, a teacher with an unusual command language of mechanics and grammar. And then there’s Ted’s longstanding friendship with the late Roland “Bud” Boreham, whose name the existing library bears. “I was very close to Bud and his family,” he says. “I just thought so much of him that I wanted to be a part—and my family wanted to be a part—of his tribute to the college.” In fact, the way the Skokoses see it, they’re picking up where the Borehams left off, helping to vault the facility that bears the Boreham name—and now theirs, too—into the 21st century.

Albert L. Crain, Jr. Glidewell Distributing Company Jan Rose Cromwell Glidewell Distributing Company

Jewell Teague Davis Betty Carlile Flora Edgerton Daniel P. Hof J. D. Edwards Brenda and Courtney Crouch Mary Edwards Don Flanders Dr. Douglas and Lynn Nancarrow Selected Funeral & Life Insurance Company

Doris Walker Files Glidewell Distributing Company

Bob Hough Rhonda and Anthony A. Caton

Helen Frasier P.E.O. Chapter BD Judith Russell

LaVerne Davis Hudson Brenda and Carl Davis

Tom Fullerton Charles H. Robertson J. B. Garrison Kimberly and James Garrison Johnny D. Glidewell Glidewell Distributing Company George Glover Janice and Robert Powell Dillon Patrick Gulley Glidewell Distributing Company Tom Harmon Karen M. Harmon Dr. Alfred Hathcock Don Flanders H. L. Hembree Donnie Pendergraft Janice and Robert Powell Rachel and Don Smith Woody Henson Dr. Paul B. and Janice H. Beran Betty Anne Garrison Drs. Marta and Greg Loyd Dr. Arthur Hoge Margaret and Arthur F. Hoge III Mary Ellen and Brad Jesson Guy M. Kinman

Harper S. Jackson Dr. Douglas and Lynn Nancarrow Martha Rowene Jones Glidewell Distributing Company Greg T. Karber Janice and Robert Powell Rev. Dr. Thomas D. Kennedy Christine S. Kennedy Luella Krehbiel Jo and Graydon Bushart Ann and W. Dane Clay Linda Hunt Cravens Lt. Colonel Donald and Mary Ann Ellison Dr. Robert and Kay Finch Hilma and Walter Levy Bobbie and Homer Michael Tanya Musick Sally and Rod Naucke Dr. Anna Nelson Capt. Sue E. Young Paul Latture Margaret Latture Pauline Lear Glidewell Distributing Company Bernice Martin Janice and Robert Powell

Fort Smith Police Officer Daniel Martinez Cinnabon Cornerstone Benefits First National Bank of Fort Smith River Valley Detachment #1248 (Fort Smith Police Dept.) Randall D. Swaim Don Mason Sherri and Jimmy Bell Ransy Massengale Anonymous Donor Mary Elizabeth McCann Dr. Paul B. and Janice H. Beran Nancy McClure Glidewell Distributing Company Elsie B. McGarvey Janie and Jerry Peirce Daniel Crane Meriwether Rosemary and Gene Rapley Robert Mitchell Teija and Eugene F. Nelson III Margaret Montague Ann and W. Dane Clay Linda Hunt Cravens Dr. Robert and Kay Finch Dr. Anna Nelson Charles H. Robertson Jack Garvin Stewart Chloe J. Tedder cont. on back page

A D VANCES - The Newsletter of the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith Foundation | August 2011 | Vol. 3 - No. 2

In Memory of Christie Gilstrap Morgan Valarie J. Arnoldussen Bev McClendon Linda and Roger Parker Pam and Mike Phillips Margaret Marsh Newell Alan D. LaVenue John Clifton “J.C.” Nichols, Jr. Glidewell Distributing Company William Pendleton Don Flanders Dr. Douglas and Lynn Nancarrow William Mays Pendleton Dr. Douglas and Lynn Nancarrow John Preas Jo Ellen and Douglas Carson Annette Putnam Zonta Club of Fort Smith Dr. Frances Ralston Jack Blaylock Steve Rinke Peggy and Bill Weidman Glenn Ritter Glidewell Distributing Company Elise Bedwell Ross Don Flanders Bill Sharum Janice and Robert Powell

Elisa Shelby UAFS Financial Aid Office Staff Jeffery E. Shipley Morrison Shipley Engineers, Inc. Aunt Lucy Catherine Patton, Robert Patton and Family, Phylis VerSteegh and Family Kathy and Michael Redd Heather M. Robason Schawn and Greg D. Shipley Shipley Motor Equipment Company Cathey and Waldo White Joe Sidler Genelle and Dave Newton Michael “Mike” Sinclair Glidewell Distributing Company Dana Lynne Smith Sisco Glidewell Distributing Company Eddie Joe Smith Carolyn and Michael Brown Betty Carlile Glidewell Distributing Company Marie and Claude Hatley Isabella K. Smith Thomas C. Fennell Sally and Rod Naucke Jack Garvin Stewart Lucille Speakman Mona and Richard Alonzo Carole and George Beattie III Leroy L. Boas Ann and W. Dane Clay

Wilma and Prescott Cogswell T. R. (Tommy) Estes Dr. Robert and Kay Finch Wanda and James Foster James R. Gibson Linda and Jim Lincks Bobbie and Homer Michael Sally and Rod Naucke P.E.O. Chapter AD Charles H. Robertson Raymond H. Schaap Jack Garvin Stewart Freda and Colonel Bill Strang Ann and Randy Wewers Reba S. Woodard Phyllis A. Young Capt. Sue E. Young Harold Stallings Glidewell Distributing Company Doug Statham Genelle and Dave Newton Flavia Teresa Steele Anonymous Donor Chancellor Joel R. Stubblefield Danielle and David Dixon James H. Ross John Sullivan Janice and Robert Powell Mildred Sutherland Mary Ellen and Brad Jesson Drs. Marta and Greg Loyd

John Valenti Glidewell Distributing Company Juanita Nell Varner Glidewell Distributing Company W. R. Walker Mary Ann and Bradley Cassell Dan H. Ellis Elaine Ellis Sue and W. Hague Ellis Dr. Edwin Fields III and Martha Fields Glidewell Distributing Company Peggy and James Hadley S. W. “Bud” Jackson Genelle and Dave Newton Donnie Pendergraft Gina and Neal Pendergraft Connie and Douglas O. Smith, Jr. Harriett and Warren Stephens

Collier Wenderoth, Jr. Antoinette Beland Glidewell Distributing Company Dorothy E. Hosford Janice and Robert Powell Patricia Wheeler Doris Needham Clemmie W. White Glidewell Distributing Company Earl D. Wilkerson Carolyn and Michael Brown Karen Yeager Windsor Glidewell Distributing Company Janice and Robert Powell

Claris and Harold Wallace Carol and Darrell Hill

James Worley Dr. Paul B. and Janice H. Beran Jennifer Canada Anonymous Donor Peggy and Bill Weidman

Gordon Watson Sandra J. Marrs

Judith Anne Wrappe Sue and Jarrell Wrape

Larry Weigand Anonymous Donor Ignacio Guerra and Dr. Jill Guerra Dr. Gabriel and Tami Matney Drs. Kathy and Dan Pinzon Dr. Myron Rigsby and Dr. Carolyn Holdsworth Glenda C. Weigand

Claud Yancey Dr. Doris A. Christopher Joseph W. Gelzine Rosalee and Donald Skorvaga

Gene Wells Genelle and Dave Newton

In Honor of John Allison Flintco Scott Archer Flintco Dr. Rita Barrett Anonymous Donor The Mack Barry Family Jan and Rick Beauchamp Jan and Rick Beauchamp Kyle and Steve Creekmore III Heather Beene Jennifer Canada Chancellor Paul B. Beran Flintco Dr. Paul B. and Janice H. Beran Lois Knox Rose Bethell Suzanne and Bruce H. Bethell Alan and Linda Burns Karen and Jamie Glidewell Joe and Carla Byars Karen and Jamie Glidewell James Childers Flintco Ann Childs Anonymous Donor Linda and Bill Christ Jan and Rick Beauchamp Ernest Cialone Peter D. Cullum Jan and Bob Cooper Jan and Rick Beauchamp Kyle and Steve Creekmore III Mike Cooper Anonymous Donor Marty Cormier Flintco Danny Cowart Flintco Kay Cravens Dr. Carl and Linda Brown

The Dr. Neil Crow Family Jan and Rick Beauchamp Kyle and Steve Creekmore III Josie Decker Jennifer Canada The Jim Edwards Family Jan and Rick Beauchamp Mary Edwards Brenda and Courtney Crouch Selected Funeral & Life Insurance Company

Becky Hernreich Jan and Rick Beauchamp

Lynn Nancarrow Jo and Bud Harper

Ed Tinsley Flintco

Billy Higgins Anonymous Donor

Kyle Parker, J. D. Flintco Loretta and Douglas W. Parker

UAFS Academic Success Center Staff Anonymous Donor

Betty J. Hinton Joan F. Frisby Mark Horn Flintco

Dr. T.A. Feild III Katherine B. Feild

Pete Howard Melynda K. George William B. Osborne James V. Roughley Rosalee and Donald Skorvaga

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Charlotte and Dudley Flanders Jan and Rick Beauchamp Kyle and Steve Creekmore III

Jerry and Christie Jay Family Karen and Jamie Glidewell

Bernie Forsgren Houser Karen and Jamie Glidewell Dr. Keith Fudge Goddard United Methodist Women Gail Fulenwider Dr. Janet and Curtis Renwick Betty Anne Garrison Kimberly and James Garrison Jim, Carol, and Mimi Glidewell Karen and Jamie Glidewell Nick and Ellie Glidewell Karen and Jamie Glidewell Paula Glidewell and Sunny Wallace Karen and Jamie Glidewell John Goodrich Karen and Jamie Glidewell Casey Hargrave Flintco Dr. and Mrs. David Harper Jan and Rick Beauchamp Kyle and Steve Creekmore III James Franklin Hawkins Hawkins Oil & Gas

Dr. and Mrs. Greg Jones Kyle and Steve Creekmore III Dr. Amy Jordan Anonymous Donor Dr. Ragupathy Kannan Anonymous Donor Don Lee Peter D. Cullum Nancy and Ewell Lee Dr. Carl and Linda Brown Rick Massengale Dr. Janet and Curtis Renwick Rob May Flintco The McGehee Family Kyle and Steve Creekmore III The Roger Meek Family Jan and Rick Beauchamp Rusty Mullen Flintco Dr. and Mrs. Vent Murphy Kyle and Steve Creekmore III The Vent Murphy Family Jan and Rick Beauchamp

Donnie Pendergraft Jan and Rick Beauchamp The Neal Pendergraft Family Jan and Rick Beauchamp Pam and Bruce Pyland Family Karen and Jamie Glidewell

UAFS Art Department Dr. Paul B. and Janice H. Beran UAFS Boreham Library Staff Anonymous Donor Sue Vines Dr. Carl and Linda Brown

Cindy Rainwater Jennifer Canada

Lynn and Bill Steve Walker Jan and Bob Cooper Kyle and Steve Creekmore III

Dorothy Rappeport Linda and James Joyce

The Bill Steve Walker Family Jan and Rick Beauchamp

Gregg Roberts Anonymous Donor

Dr. Rosilee Walker Susan and Jim Echols

The Mark Rumsey Family Jan and Rick Beauchamp

Rebecca Wheeley Dr. Paul B. and Janice H. Beran

Vicki and Mark Rumsey Kyle and Steve Creekmore III

Chris Whitt Bennett S. Nolan

Jean Shields Mary and Patrick Shields Lori and Tim M. Shields

Chris Whitt and Family Jan and Rick Beauchamp

The Greg and Schawn Shipley Family Karen and Jamie Glidewell Elinor and Okla Ben Smith Kyle and Steve Creekmore III Lisa Spears Jennifer Canada Carolyn and Breck Speed Kyle and Steve Creekmore III Mike and Donna Stec Jan and Rick Beauchamp Bernard Stein Margot Faier Denise Hodges Stewart Pat and Cosby Hodges, Jr.

Fred O. Williams Jan and Rick Beauchamp Jane Warner Williams Kyle and Steve Creekmore III John Wilson Janae and John Campbell Tom Wing Jo and Bud Harper Alice Wood Jennifer Canada Richard and Jo Ellen Yaffe Jan and Rick Beauchamp Larry Young Flintco

Bruce Thigpen Dr. Janet and Curtis Renwick

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Advances, Fall 2011  

The newsletter of the UAFS Foundation

Advances, Fall 2011  

The newsletter of the UAFS Foundation