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Gemma Hellier

46Gavin Christie FEATURE 13. Brazil All times World Champions

16. Architect Pierre LaFleur Architect; Beach Soccer Arena

26. Jelili Ogunmuyiwa Beach Soccer Referee

38. Gabe Onah Carnival Commission Chair

44. Chiamaka Carnival Calabar; My experience


08. Briefs Global Bits

10. Lets talk about Beach Soccer Massimiliano De-Celis.

12. The Pitch; Where is the US? Tighe O’Sullivan


28. Profile; Miscellaneous Sham Mohammed

48. Pitch Line Kebbi Beach Soccer

4 • BSmag

32 Tokyo Verdy

Meet our amazing


Bahamas Beach Soccer Arena


Massimiliano De - Celis

Bernardo Avila

Marieme Ndiaye

Tighe O’Sullivan

De Celis a FIFA Beach Soccer instructor and Coach started his career in Italian League Serie A in 2008. In 2009, he coached Germany in FIFA World Cup Qualifiers and the Euro league. Passionate about the sport, he started a development project as Hungary National Team Head Coach, winning Linz Tournament (20102011) and Four Nations in Prague (2012). He is the author of “I Beach Soccer”, a book which was introduced by Joan Cusco and Carlo Tavecchio at the 2013 Beach Soccer World Cup in Tahiti.

Bernardo a Brazilian, founded Sports and Talent Studio to basicly document games and make creative video highlights of soccer players. An avid lover of beach soccer, got motivated by Alexandre Soares to take up a new project called Miami Beach FC. The idea is to develop beach soccer in USA form the grass roots. He has worked as a soccer coach in an Academy and is now in charge of the communications and branding for the Miami Beach FC.

Marieme a young sports marketing entrepreneur currently living in Dakar Senegal. She spends her time profiling and providing content for several online news media, including thoughts on beach soccer trends. She is also a radio presenter with Radio FM Senegal and Radio Convergence FM. Among many strings to her bow, she is a volunteer media officer for the Senegal National Beach Soccer Team, so it’s no surprise she’s particularly passionate about the sport.

Member of the Board of Directors at US FootGolf Association (Co-Founder), Created Viaports International LLC in November 2008 to manage multiple properties under one umbrella. Founder and senior director at Pro AM Beach Soccer, a premier Beach Soccer Events in the U.S., and the first in the Western United States that features both youth and adults competitions together. Tighe is also the President of Club Marin, a Soccer club dedicated to creating ‘soccer culture’ within its community.

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T & S Club

he 2017 edition of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in the Bahamas was indeed a showpiece to behold, on and off pitch away from the actions, the experience was phenomenal. As they say, ‘the Bahamas is made for beach soccer’ certainly played itself out. Every day was full of fun and excitement, there is just somewhere to go, some place to see. And the Atlantis, I can stay there forever! I’m going back to the Bahamas soon and you should, if you have, take a visit again.

24 Hayter Road, London, SW2, United Kingdom EDITOR IN CHIEF Taye Olajide ASSOCIATE EDITOR Patricia TO C O U N T R I B U T O R S Massimiliano De-Celis Bernardo Marieme Ndiaye (Senegal) Tighe O’Sullivan PHOTO CREDITS

A lot has been witnessed and said about the ninth edition of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup and Brazil reclaiming their title, also Tahiti’s consistent but stylish feature in the finals. Iran’s bold ambitioned rise beyond and above being just the Asian power horse is also in the glare. But Brazil’s aggressive and dominant return as world champions, now with 14 out of 19 World Cups is worthy of note. And it’s just mid-2017 yet, there has been so much of the game everywhere, even in the hinterlands of Birnin Kebbi, Northwest Nigeria. The South Africa city of Kwazulu Natal also witnessed the beautiful game since 2015 at an inter provincial game, as Tokyo in Japan also joined the party along with other cities. As we take you around the globe in bits in this edition, we are proud to bring to you the Carnival Calabar and Festivals; a new home for beach soccer.

FIFA Media BSWW GRAPHICS & LAYOUT. BSmag SPECIAL CONSULTANT. KEDE AIHE AD SALES Samson Mangga (AFRICA) +234 80359 287 18 Josep Maldonado Smith (UK/IRELAND) +34 605 3016 22 Richard Ojeabulu (US/Bahamas) +242 559 6440 Femi Oladele (Japan/Asia) +817014068600

Taye Olajide @tyolajide Twitter: beachsoccermag Instagram: beachsoccermag Email:

DISCLAIMER Some photographs and materials in this publication were obtained from readily available public sources. House14, Ziguinchour Street, Zone 4, Abuja





Switzerland lifted Morocco Beach Soccer 2017 Cup title in a thrilling penalty shoot out on a dramatic final day of competition with the host Morocco in Casablanca. As England finishes third ahead of the Netherlands.


weden Glomminge and

Beach FF crowned Swedish national men’s and women’s champions not without plenty of thrills and spills on show. An improvement on technical and tactical level of the players.



England’s women claimed 2017 European crown edging Switzerland in the final of the Women’s Euro Beach Soccer Cup, as Netherland earns third place in Nazaré.



Hungary are winners of the 2017 Nations Cup in Linz after a convincing 6-2 victory over hosts Austria. While the Czechs salvaged a third place win against Norway from their unsuccessful title defence.



Corinthians and Vasco da Gama emerged glorious in Brazil’s men and women 2017 Beach Soccer championship held is São Paulo. As Nacional and São Pedro secured bronze respectfully.


outh Africa

Host KZN claimed victory over Mpumalanga in the maiden SAFA Inter-Provincial beach Soccer challenge held at Richard Bay, KwaZulu natal.


FC Barcelona reclaimed the U.S. Open title at the North American Sand Soccer taly Championships Happy Car i n V i r g i n i a Sambenedettese claim the 14th Beach with a edition of the Coppa Italia trophy 6-1 win against after edging defending champiGobeachsoccer. ons Viareggio in Terrancina.



• BSmag



pain AIS Playa San Javier

and Melistar CD are the new Spanish champions after winning their respective National Beach Soccer League tournaments in Cadiz.



KP Lodz and Lady Grembach EE Lodz rule in Poland, as Hemako Sztutowo claim the Junior National Beach Soccer Championship in Kolobrzeg.


ungary T a l e n t

Beach Soccer Tournament 2017, Hungary claim victory in Talent Cup in Siofok in a 13-4 win over France, as Spain beat Poland for third place.




ussia Host Russia



St Lucia picked up the first beach soccer gold medals igeria Kebbi Beach Soccer Cup 2017 edition at the 2017 Commonwealth Youth saw the national defending champions Kogi Confluence Games in Nassau. The first in the defeating Kada Stars in the finals, consolidating their unbeaten run. carribean Islands.





ganda Munta Royal

AO Kefallinia defeated APS Napoli Patron 4-3 to win second Greek title at the 5th Greek Beach Soccer National Championship held at Patras.


ape Verde Portugal success-

fully defended their title with a dominant 12-3 win against host Cape Verde at the 2017 Sal Beach Soccer Cup.



triumph in Moscow, successfully defended their Euro Beach Soccer League Moscow title in a 7-4 thriller against Switzerland gripping finals.

Verdy Beach Soccer Brazil lifted their College succesfully defended countinue to rise in their quest for 14th BSWW Mundialito title in their Schools Beach Soccer title. the National Beach soccer title. Cascais

BSmag •


FRONTLINE / Massimiliano

Lets talk about BEACH SOCCER -

Part 3

M aDs es - i mC ei ll ii sa n o Author ‘Io, Beach Soccer’, presented at the 2015 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in Tahiti.


esides being offensive and defensive.

The first tactical concept is the difference between the offensive phase (ball to us) and the defensive phase (from defense to attack) and mentioned the concept of transition (intermediate stage), so fashionable in current beach soccer, I believe we might take a step forward. We have seen how the transition (positive or negative) is intermediate time between a phase and the other one. Separating two phases, albeit exemplary educationally, inevitably leads to two opposite concepts: on the one hand, the attacking phase (with the objective of scoring); on the other side, the defending, when you are not in possession of the ball (and eventually, if necessary, recovering the ball and try to score).

10 • BSmag


he step forward we were writing before looks at not separating two phases, eliminating, paradoxically, the concept of transition. In other words, thinking to attack, not considering the actual result. The most I attack and the loss I receive opponents chance to score to my team. In case I don’t have the possess of the ball, the first thing to do is conquering the ball. It can happen if:

• • •

you choose the best tactical team solution in the shortest possible time; the intensity to attack and conquer the ball is very high;

any players have metabolized the concept of going beyond the defensive and offensive. In other words, to know when, how, where and why.


etween many definitions given to the concept of “intelligence,” I prefer to think of intelligence as the “ability to find the best solution in the shortest

Massimiliano with Oliver Romrig (Germany player)

possible time”. This is the difference between a normal player and a fantastic player, or from a good player and a champion. Also, that is the difference between a great team from a team that can sign the history. A great player must be functional to the team concept.


ecause of small sizes in a beach soccer pitch, transitions are virtually unnoticeable: you do not have time to attack that, once lost the ball, you are in a few seconds in your own penalty area. Every coach should take in great consideration dynamism as a fundamental element of the sport. Because of this, it is important to organize training exercises in small size games and reduces spaces, in order to find fast and efficient solutions. It helps players to improve individual technical capacities, helps to find the

best solution in the shortest time and, at the same time, to be very aggressive and use high intensity during the exercise. It shows how an integrated methodology approach is welcome in the modern fitness training methodology.


n conclusion, the reference to going beyond the concept of offensive and defensive phase is oriented to a team that desires to demonstrate his aggressive philosophy and his ideas “to conduct the match”. Clearly, this is not a synonym for sure victory, but hardly somebody between my few readers can persuade me that it is very difficult to play a good and aggressive beach soccer and win. Indeed, I imagine these are two roads that can be traveled together. Extracts from the book “Io, Beach Soccer’




By Tighe O’Sullivan


et’s reflect a little on the 2017 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. The event held in Nassau, Bahamas was yet another example of why #FIFA needs to pay attention to this amazing sport and NEVER let it out of its grasp as the most exciting version of our favorite sport with a ball. A number of people I have met who have no interest in the grass game are enthralled and amazed by the crazy and acrobatic kicks, shots, and passing taking place mostly in the air. At this edition, friends would leave their seats to go watch the monitors just so they could see the replays because if you turned your head for a second you would miss a lot. The Bahamas as a country were not only gracious and friendly hosts, but did so in the middle of Carnival and on the eve of their national elections…not to mention following the now world renowned Fyre Festival which is known for all the wrong reasons and had nothing to do with Bahamas beside cleaning up JaRule’s & Co. mess they made of it. The point being is all at one time the Bahamas was the center of the world of sport and music and they pulled it off very well. Even the Fyre Festival a dismal failure gave praise to the Ministry of Tourism who basically bailed out the festival for all their short comings. But, this supposed to be about soccer/ futbol and the Beach Soccer World Cup, right? The event was exceptional! The stadium built at the foot of the bridge leading to Atlantis and the high-end resorts was amazing. There was a fear once the host team was eliminated it might be tough to have the party atmosphere continued.


• BSmag

This fear was never realized as the stadium filled each night for the later rounds of the tournament. Even the day of Carnival in full swing with the parade circling around Nassau the beach soccer stadium was full of excited fans witnessing Tahiti moving past Iran, and Brazil showing Italy why they are still the best, even though Italy has arguably the best professional beach soccer league in the world. Iran was the story of the tournament. When I first saw their goalie, Peyman Hosseini, I wondered how they were going to be successful with such a small member between the sticks. As he did the splits in preparation for penalties I sort of chuckled to myself, but later when he dove one direction and his leg raised to a level I have never seen and snap kick the ball away I was not only shocked and amazed but impressed like no other keeper I have ever seen. He gave precision service and even scored himself from the back making him the best goalkeeper of the tournament truly hands down. The team itself played very well and upset many teams along the way before stunning the heavy Italian crowd in the 3rd place game taking it to the Italians as well as the bronze. In addition, Mohammed Ahmadzadeh, was named the top player of the tournament by FIFA. Only the Golden Boot which was won by Italian Gabriele Gori (17 Goals) was not taken by Iran in the individual awards categories. In the final, we saw Brazil; the inventors of the sport and Tahiti, a finalist in the last two World Cups face off in what everyone anticipated to be a great game. But, the reality was Brazil has found new generations of young talent which many knew was the best, but no one could have imagined how good. They attacked Tahiti from the outset and in the end beat down their opponent to a 5-0 victory giving Brazil its 5th title! The number 5 was the number of the day for Brazil. It was five World

Cups since they last won the tournament, it was their 5th FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, as well as beating their opponent by scoring 5 goals. It was quite a sight to see them play against a very good Tahiti team. But, the tactics on the day by the Tahitian team could not match the pace, and precision finishing the Brazilians displayed. So where was the United States? They didn’t earn their way to the party. Up to 2007, the US had been to as many World Cups as the best in the world including Brazil. Since 2007 there have been six World Cups. Previous to 2008 the US had appeared in 12 World Cups. If they had continued on their pattern they would have now appeared in 18 cups. But, something went very wrong and we have only appeared once in the last six editions. Our country has probably the greatest potential of any nation to win big at the Beach Soccer World Cup. We have more beaches than probably any country, and pure numbers and young players playing the sport. Something has to change! Players have to be given the chance to show their talent. At this point, that is not possible. But, change will come, and when it does, we will hopefully once again see the US back in the Beach Soccer World Cup and back to the stage which it has been absent consistently for far too long. The USSF must begin to recognize this sport and its importance. It’s understood that USSF President Sunil Gulati is a big fan of beach soccer. But, we need action. Not in words but in funding to be able to develop our team and change the culture of it. The only team the USMNT has beaten in the last several years is China. Not exactly a soccer powerhouse, let alone one who plays beach soccer at a significant level. It is time for a change! Mr. Gulati, the ball is in your court, please lift it to yourself and hit the best bike kick we have ever seen to spring us back towards the top of the game!


Brazil extend all-time record to 5 FIFA Beach Soccer titles The 2017 edition of the FIFA Beach Soc-

The international tournament staged from

cer World Cup which held in the Bahamas

April 27th to May 7th 2017 had all 32 games

made it the ninth edition as governed by

played in the 3,500 seater stadium in the Ba-

FIFA, previous editions before the year

hamian capital, Nassau.

2005 were held as Beach Soccer World

The hosts, making their first appearance at a

Championships. However, overall this year’s

World Cup, exited at the group stage, as de-

tournament made it the 19th since its es-

fending champions Portugal were also elimi-

tablishment in 1995 and was the first time

nated the quarter-finals.

a men’s senior FIFA tournament would be

Brazil staged unbeaten run before

hosted in the Caribbean.

crushing former 2015 runners-up Tahiti 5-0

15 teams join the hosts, Bahamas having

in the final to claim their fifth title of the FIFA

qualified from their various continental

era ending an eight-year wait after last win-

tournaments. The Hosts Bahamas, Panama

ning the crown in 2009. This made it their

and Ecuador were debutants, and notable

35th consecutive wins in all competitions and

absence is two-time champions Russia

14th world title since the competition’s incep-

who failed to qualify ffrom their European

tion in 1995.


BSmag •


COVER FEATURE / Beach Soccer Arena

BAHAMAS beachsoccer ARENA 14 • BSmag

Beach Soccer Arena / COVER FEATURE

Jowel of the Caribbean


’ve been to quite a number of beach soccer stadia, but the one referred to as the “Jewel of the Caribbean” beats them all. The magnificent Bahamas National Beach Soccer Arena sitting at the foot of Sir Sidney Poitier Bridge in Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas is a complex to behold with the Atlantis providing an iconic

backdrop built at the cost of USD 2.5 million in the space of five months period, and has already made its mark in sport’s history hosting the 2017 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. The state-of-the-art multifunctional arena with essential complimentary facilities ensures that each of the 3,500 aquamarine and yellow seats, a reminiscent of the Bahamian

flag is carefully planned with proper sight lines and an unobstructed view of the game, placing patrons right in the action on the pitch. The structure, built just by the pristine turquoise waters of the Bahamas is indeed a solid foundation for the birth of future stars, in a country that places a great deal of interest in sports with Shaunae Miller and a host of others to show as products of prolifically successful athletics development programme. Designed and constructed largely by a Bahamian team, led by Architect Bruce LaFleur, a senior Vice President of the Bahamas Football Association, knew their task was no ordinary and time bound, but with professional planning and great knowledge of the construction typology. Designed as a permanent structure and first of its kind celebrates an engineering feat of a 50-meter wide span canopy which incorporates a VVIP lounge, 3 VIP lounges, 3 VIP boxes, Media and Press desks on the first floor. Changing room, medical room, doping room and control room were installed under the structure. Also there is a 3.20m wide circulation tunnel below the grandstand. The Facility now sits proudly as the Caribbean Jewel.

BSrmag •


COVER FEATURE / Beach Soccer Arena

Here, meet Architect Pierre LaFleur, who is also a Vice President at the Bahamas Football Association, as he takes us through his work.

16 • BSmag

BSmag - How would you describe your feeling when it became clear that the design responsibility of the facility that would host a FIFA World Cup lies on your laps? LaFeur - Well as an architect, I am always up to the challenge. Every design problem has its solution. The BFA selected a FIFA approved temporary stadium supplier and I looked at the design and modified it to meet the needs of the Federation as well as the local Bahamian football community.

Beach Soccer Arena / COVER FEATURE

The design provides for proper sight lines, thus each person is intimately engaged with the action on the pitch.�

BSmag •


COVER FEATURE / Beach Soccer Arena

18 • BSmag

Beach Soccer Arena / COVER FEATURE

“design intent was to primarily house beach soccer, but be able to host other events such as beach volley, concerts, and other social events.”

BSmag - What informed the design concept, choice of materials use and how did you overcome the challenges associated with choosing a suitable contractor? Lafleur - The Design was based on wanting every person to feel a part of the action, thus every seat is a great seat and there are no bad seats. The design provides for proper sight lines. The stadium’s capacity is 3500, thus each person is intimately engaged with the action on the pitch. The contractor, Cavalier Construction is one of the leading Construction Companies in the Bahamas and have done a number of FIFA Goal projects for the BFA in the past, thus it was relatively easy to select them as the owner and a number of their staff are former player, coaches and even past members of the executive. We consider them “Friends of the Federation” who are actively supporting the improvement of the football product in many different ways in the Bahamas BSmag -

Tell us more about your materials sourcing.

LaFleur - We had discussions with the stadium supplier as well as our local engineer of record – IBS, on the type of structure that would be required in the Bahamas as well as discussions on the types of concrete footings that would be needed to support and anchor the stadium to the ground. The glass panels in the VIP boxes are all impact resistant to address hurricane force winds.

BSmag •


COVER FEATURE / Beach Soccer Arena

BSmag - It’s a permanent structure, why the use of steel and not concrete. Considering salt water, sea breeze near by. LaFleur - Due to the condensed time lines for the World Cup, the use of Steel allowed us to complete the project in a timely fashion. As for the salt water and sea elements, the metal is properly coated and we adhere to the proper maintenance guidelines set for by the supplier. BSmag - Project was time bound, did you hit the set delivery target and were there budget overrun? LaFleur - We had many challenges as it pertained to the delivery of stadium parts out of China. The installers worked along with the supplier to re-arrange the installation schedule for the facility to help mitigate the time issues. Due to these delays and out of sequence installations, we did have some unforeseen budget overruns but very minimal. BSmag - It was a special kind of project and we understand the project team from design to construction were largely Bahamians. Did they have to go through some form of training? LaFeur - The contractor Cavalier Construction hired a UK installation company (Overlay) to assist with the installation. Overlay, not only installed the facility but also trained a number of local Bahamians who completed the stadium.


• BSmag

LaFleur with Joan Cusco (CEO Beach Soccer Worldwide)

Beach Soccer Arena / COVER FEATURE

BSmag - The arena configuration seems suitable for alternative uses, was the design in consideration for a flexible use and how? LaFleur - Our Federation is trying to become more selfsufficient, the design intent was to produce a facility that would primarily house Beach Soccer but be able to host other sporting events such as Beach Volleyball, concerts and other social events. BSmag - You have indeed raised the bar, have you delivered similar projects in the past? LaFleur - My Firm has done a number of large scale buildings in the past such as the Bahamas National Gymnasium, basketball, Volleyball, etc‌ and a number of private school sporting facilities. BSmag - What else should we know about you? LaFleur - We are in the early stages of designing the offices of the Bahamas Football Federation at the Beach Soccer Facility Site so we can move our base of operation to a beautiful site with adequate parking, great views and adequate space for expansion in the future. BSmsg - Thank you

BSmag •


COVER FEATURE / Beach Soccer Arena

The main objective was to create the ultimate fan experience for everyone in the stadium, from the general spectators to the VIPs and “I am most proud of the fact that the stadium was built by a Bahamian-led team” - Lafleur.


• BSmag

Beach Soccer Arena / COVER FEATURE

I’m sure the design of this stadium will be copied or duplicated in other parts of the region. I’ve already got a request from Trinidad to look at a similar stadium as what was designed for us… It’s the first in the region. There’s one other in El Salvador but it really doesn’t compare with what we’re doing here” - Fred Lunn; BFA General Secretary

BSmag •


FEATURE / Interview


What else takes your time, asides being on the pitch? Gemma: I am a Physical Education Teacher at Fareham Academy, in Hampshire which I absolutely love, Adele Deasy the Head Teacher is amazing! But when I am not working I am training, on the sand, grass or in the gym. My fiancé is a personal trainer so he helps keep fit!

BSmag: Congratulations winning Euro Beach Soccer Women Cup for England. When was your first kick on the sands? Gemma: My first pro ball kick on sand was 4 years ago, but have only trained seriously past 2 summers and it has immensely helped my grass game. And my fitness has improved and so has my technical ability.


• BSmag


You were top scorer at the 2017 Euro Beach Soccer Women Cup, were you expecting this? Gemma: I wasn’t expecting to be top goal scorer at all, but my team and I have worked so hard to create more chances for each other in training, we are all starting to score more goals in competitive matches.

Interview / FEATURE

year, we train hard, our aim was to get to the final. We could not have imagined how well the tournament had of gone for us, but all the training paid off. We have a special group of players, who are all very close and believe and trust each other. That and the tactical knowledge that were implemented in our game from Perry were the main reasons we won.


How soon do you feel we can see the Women Beach Soccer World Cup Gemma: With the success of the EBSWC, and recent inclusion of women beach soccer at the Commonwealth Youth Games in the Bahamas. We are obviously years behind the men’s game, but to bring more female participants and spectators into the sport, it can only benefit the game by having a Women’s World Cup sooner rather than later.


We are all still learning and want to improve so the more time we can spend training on the sand, and get more experience of competitive matches, the better we will become. We do not have a beach soccer league in England, so it’s important we create competitive situations in training against our men’s team to help us improve,

we owe them a lot. Last year was the first women’s Euro Winners Cup, where I had the best weeks of my life, I didn’t think anything could top the experience. We managed to come second, which was incredible for a group of girls who only train on sand 3 weeks before the tournament. Leading up to the Euro Cup this

Would you consider coaching in the future? Gemma: Beach soccer has changed my life, once you start playing you cannot stop, I obviously won’t be able to play forever so when I stop playing I’d love to pass my knowledge onto younger females aspiring to improve and win tournaments. I owe Perry Northeast so much, giving me the opportunity to play at this level, believing in me and teaching me everything he knows, so it would be great to grow the game in England and get more females involved.

BSmag •


FEATURE / Interview

My greatest moment ever in the World Cup is 2009 semifinal match between two powerhouses of the game, PORTUGAL and BRAZIL”

26 • BSmag

Interview / FEATURE



IFA badged January 2008, following his recommendation by the Nigeria Football Federation. And not too long, in March same year Jelili made it into the list of 8 referees (four Africans, four Europeans) to officiate the 2008 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup qualifiers in Durban South Africa. And that kicked started his bright career as an international beach soccer referee. He was among the few African referees which officiated the 2011 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in Marseille France, officiating up to the third place match as a 2nd referee. He has since been a regular feature at the CAF Beach Soccer, also the World Cup since 2008 except for Tahiti 2013. BSmag: It’s about a decade officiating the beautiful game, do you have any high moment you like to share? Jelili: My greatest moment ever in the World Cup is 2009 semifinal match between two powerhouses of the game; PORTUGAL and BRAZIL. BSmag: If you were to choose between officiating the association game and it’s variant, which comes first, In terms of personal satisfaction? Jellili: I always pray the question never comes up because both has given me the recognition and prestige.

would you consider much more technically demanding??. Jelili: Beach Soccer is much more technical considering the spectators’ satisfaction and the speed of the game.. BSmag: Have you ever been on duty and made calls meant for the other variant? Jelili: God has been my blessings, I’ve never made such mistake or call.


BSmag: Which games did you officiate at the recently concluded World Cup in the Bahamas? Jelili: I was involved in the Portugal against Panama match and Brazil against Japan as well.

BSmag: You have officiated both variants at high levels, which

BSmag •


EXTRA / Profile


28 • BSmag


Profile / EXTRA

iscellaneous is a leading integrated sports and entertainment marketing group delivering specialist expertise for brand activation, rights holders, charities and governing bodies. Founded in 2012 with a vision of being much more than a regular marketing agency, but creatively focused and commercially aware to innovate, build brands, inspire, create compelling strategies and have over the years gained international recognition workimg with great brands and sports personalities all across the world. A proud partner of Beach Soccer Worldwide, have promoted and organized Beach Soccer events in parts of North America, Africa, and the Caribbean. Also partners with the South Florida Soccer Leagues for the development and promotion of Soccer 7 tournaments, throughout the United States. Recently hosted several football 7 events in Laventille and environs and supported the Trinidad and Tobago National teams. Miscellaneous Group established Soccer Seven USA and the Football 7 Association of Trinidad and Tobago under the leadership of Sham Mohammed its founder and CEO, an avid and long standing supporter of Soccer. And through the Soccer7 Association, the company is scheduled to hold the Fourth Soccer7 Cup this September and the First Soccer7 League scheduled for early 2018. Both events will be held in Miami and New York respectively. With Alexandre Soares; a Brazilian four-time FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup winning coach, Miscellaneous is currently developing Miami Beach FC for both male and female teams. Sham with Fatma Samoura (FIFA Secretary General) BSmag •


EXTRA / Profile

Our aim is to create an everyday environment designed to produce the next generation of stars” - Sham

30 • BSmag

Profile / EXTRA

Miscellaneous is proud to have four-time Brazilian FIFA Beach Soccer Winning Coach Alexandre Soares.” Sham

Miami Beach FC with Alexandrea Soare as Tedchincal Director

BSmag •


EXTRA / Profile






okyoVerdy is a Japanese professional football club, based in Tokyo, Japan, that plays in J2 League. Initially founded as Yomiuri FC in 1969, Tokyo Verdy is one of the most decorated teams in the J. League, and the most successful team in Japanese football history with 25 titles. However, recent developments with the formation of a beach soccer club under the Tokyo Verdy brand by Ozu Moriera had further made the club famous in Japan.

I’ve always had a dream of a beach soccer club in Japan and with the help from Athleta sports clothing brand who is now one of my main sponsors, I was introduced to Tokyo Verdy, a very famous soccer team who helped to start my dream project. It was indeed big news when we formally introduced the first beach soccer club in Japan earlier in February this year. - Ozu Moriera; Founder Tokyo Verdy Beach Soccer and Captain Japanese National Beach Soccer Team. 32 • BSmag

Profile / EXTRA

I invited 4 players from the Japan National team, Goto, Oba, Kawai, and Haraguchi to join the new club and I play as well as coach. I hope the number of beach soccer team from J League will increase in the near future and further strengthen in Japan, as I leverage on building a strong beach soccer team under the famous Tokyo Verdy will definitely bring positive impacts, as well as help to further develop the beach soccer community in Japan. - Ozu

BSmag •


34 • Designfreebies Magazine •

Taye with Bahamas Team Officials Taye with Sham Mohammed

Noriko Nagano & Taye Taye, Ibrahima Chita & Reto Wenger

Inaki Uribarri & Taye

Taye with Gena Patton

Bruno Xavier & Taye

Kebbi State First lady & Taye

Suleiman Kwande & Taye

Designfreebies Magazine • • 35

Taye with Jamie Yarza & Ibrahima Ndiaye Chita

Gilberto Costa with Taye

COVER FEATURE / Carnival Calabar

carnival calabar & festivals

... A new home for beach soccer

36 • BSmag

Carnival Calabar / COVER FEATURE


Street Parade: A

Competitive arm of the carnival parading the traditional five bands: Freedom Band, Bayside Band, Passion4 Band, Seagul Band and Master Blasta Band. Richly costumed girls led each group, accompanied by music blasting trucks and acrobatic dancers, revelers lined the carnival routes, cheering up the participants. Masquerades, celebrities, notable disc jockeys and exquisite floats offered some side attractions.




Over 1,000 power bikers drawn from Nigeria, China, Canada, Australia, Germany, the US, Philippines, Togo, Ghana and Benin Republic in a 12-kilometre ride, performing stunts to the admiration of ecstatic crowd that lined up along the carnival route to catch a glimpse of the extreme riders.


Culture and Dance:

Foreign groups including the Flamingo of Spain, Italian Flag Twirlers, Drumming Wonders of Burundi, Urukereza of Rwanda, Ghana cultural Troupe, Masai Dancers from Kenya, Vai Vai Samba of Brazil and Passion-4 from Nigeria.

Fashion Show:

Top Nollywood megastars & fashion label owners were also in attendance to participate in the fashion show and mingle with other tourists. There was a boat regatta, cultural events and family-friendly entertainment too.


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COVER FEATURE / Carnival Calabar




that Carnival Calabar & Festival presents has

Why Carnival? The spectacle, verve, and the synergy

for about thirteen years now attracted various

categories of interest opportunities, an unimaginable

volume of spectators and spellbinding performances borne out of our tradition and passion. We are compelled by our strong desire to re invigorate and sustain the interest of our Nigerian publics who have seen Calabar as a choice holiday city in line with the economic realities of our times with scarce foreign exchange for international travels, as these events have gradually become part of the people and their endeavours. The Carnival was conceived as a strategy to change the narrative of our people. This platform and the socio economic opportunities it provides can change lives and has changed lives with its huge impact as harnessed. BSmag:

In very few words, tell us what the Carnival Calabar

offers. GO:

Carnival Calabar offers a potpourri of activities and

an expression of the warmth and welcoming spirit of the people of Cross River State ‎as a true show of her conscience to be the mother destination of Nigeria’s tourism. Mindful of current trends, the Carnival Calabar also offers yearly themes to

underscore its dramatic content, woven around a current issue or topic that affect the lives of the people utilizing

patterns, costumes and dance to interpret under a competitive adjudication system to heighten creativ

ity and motivate interest and a mouthwatering prize of about 150,000 USD is given yearly. Last year’s theme was “Climate Change “and for

this year, the Carnival bands will play to and

interpret the 2017 theme of “ MIGRATION “.


ning Africa’s biggest street party, as its been


38 • BSmag

How challenging can it be run

Carnival Calabar / COVER FEATURE GO:

The challenges remain the complete buy-in‎ of the community

and private sector in the quest for its sustainability for a complete experience to underscore responsible Tourism. BSmag: So far, how has the Carnival contributed to boosting the State economy? GO:

The Socio economic impacts have been phenomenal, the tour-

ism supply value chain has been activated. Apart from increased arrivals, jobs are created and taken up by our youths, the creative industry experiences a boom, and the state internally generated revenue (IGR) increases during this period. BSmag:

Which aspects of the Carnival would you consider a hit?, an

absolute recommendation. GO:

The entire carnival experience, colors, smiles, warmth, dance

completes the true renaissance of the African heritage and diasporan spirit of oneness. However, the road march themed “Africa’s Biggest Street Party” and the “International Carnival” components remain the most outstanding because it is the melting point and the platform for cultural diplomacy that show cases our welcome spirit. BSmag:

The Carnival has been quite sustainable over several adminis-

trations, growing even bigger and now a brand. Any secrets you’ll like to

Africa’s Biggest Street Party and the International Carnival components remain the most outstanding” - Gabe

share for others to emulate? GO:

It’s simple, the strong pillars for a sustainable tourism experience

remain the community, stakeholders and the product itself working in tandem. This normally receives the necessary boost from a strong political leadership and private sector support. BSmag:

Any plans to divest the carnival ownership and open up for

private sector investments? GO:

That is the long term strategy, to work closely with the private

sector to assuage the challenges in the sector through the provision of enabling environment. We are working towards reasonable private sector funding in the immediate and private sector management for sustainability in the long term. The Carnival Calabar bands are privately owned and run like limited liability companies. And from my table, we offer regulatory services and drive policy on behalf of His Excellency the Governor.

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COVER FEATURE / Carnival Calabar


It’s been a little over a decade, how have you

been able to provide variety to the carnival experiences? GO:

The creative, bottoms up approach has

helped, and of course we have been blessed‎ with a strong political leadership in the creativity of the Governor’s in council.

Former Governor Donald Duke with his Bat Moblie


Congratulations on your recent award at the Accra

Weizo 100 Top Tourism personalities in West Africa. How would this shape the Carnival going forward? GO:

Carnival 2017 with theme ‘MIGRATION’, expect FIREWORKS

and watch out as H.E Governor Ayade is warming up to push boundaries, trust me. Well, as for me if West Africa appreciates the drivers of the Cross River State soar away Tourism initiative, it therefore connotes an endorsement and a seal of approval for all our tourism products for which Carnival Calabar remains the most tangible and most sought after just behind Nollywood, hope I’m not being too modest here.‎ But above all, it comes to us, the entire Tourism team as an acknowledgment of our mod-

40 • BSmag

Carnival Calabar / COVER FEATURE

Bike rally.

Governor Ben Ayade leads his team.

est efforts in this rather new and sustainable sector as we strive to make a difference and stand out with our Tourism products, quality service delivery and the achievement of our spatial as “Africa’s warmest welcome”. But make no mistakes, it’s still work in progress until we conquer the challenges of stereotypes and archetypes in the sector. Again, my appreciation to the Africa Travel Quarterly (ATQ) for their research and the awards to deserving recipients of which destination Cross River is one. industry and a seamless world class experience for our tourists to ensure repeat visits.

BSmag •


COVER FEATURE / Carnival Calabar

Governor Ben Ayade With Spanish dancers.

BSmag: How would you

model Entertainment

like to see the Carnival in

City situated across the

5 years?

Marina resort channels.

GO: More private sector

This venue will also host

involvement, community

the black musical festival,

participation in benefit-

Market Square Carnival,

ing from this lucrative

adventure water sports

industry and a seamless

and the afternoon beach

world class experience

jump events. For beach

for our tourists to ensure

Soccer, we are very

repeat visits.

excited because of the occupational sporting


Lastly, it’s being rumored that beach soccer is coming

angle to change lives and unite with dance, music, and culture of

to Calabar this Christmas. How do you think this would further

the people as we remind ourselves that Calabar hosted the first

attest to Governor Ben Ayade’s vision of Calabar Carnival as the

football game in Nigeria many years back on the Hope Waddel

melting point of African Hospitality?

field. For starters, we are looking to showcase West African


beach soccer teams from Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana and our

Of course, it is no more rumors from where I’m seated.

His Excellency the Governor Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade has been look-

own Sand Eagles. Also, we plan to feature exhibition matches of

ing for ways to create more experience, excitements and engage

female teams from Brazil, Switzerland and the recently crowned

the entire city and arriving Tourists. He has therefore approved

European Champions, England.

the inclusion of the beach carnival in the Calendar of events as a platform to activate the activities at the proposed Calas-Vegas

42 • BSmag

Carnival Calabar / COVER FEATURE

We are looking to showcase West African beach soccer teams from Senegal, Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana and our own Sand Eagles.” - Gabe

BSmag •


COVER FEATURE / Carnival Calabar


OBUEKWE Calabar Carnival – My Experience


hat better subject to discuss than this amazing carnival that rocks the whole of Calabar. If you have not heard about the Calabar carnival, you are probably not a Nigerian or you live under a rock. The Carnival which started in 2004 under the government of Donald Duke was created as part of the vision to make Calabar a worldwide tourist destination. The Carnival is a month-long event, from 1st to 31st of December with various interesting activities from fashion shows to boat regattas, balls, and dinners, etc. however, the main carnival

44 • BSmag

dates are from 26th to 30th. However, exquisite floats offered some side attractions all through during which there are performances by various bands in colourful costumes. The main Carnival kicked off on 27th of December with the Biker’s festival. This was the first time a separate day was added for bikers and the theme was ‘Hot Wheels’. It was a display of several professional bikers from all over the world. They did a parade with several stunt performances, jawdropping and risky moves.

Carnival Calabar / COVER FEATURE

We all know bikers can be complete showoffs, and when they gathered for the festival, they put on a show. The Governor Ben Ayade said that including the Biker’s festival was an economic move as they knew that this would attract lots of foreign bikers and bike lovers into Calabar. He was right, as there were lots of foreign visitors. On the 28th of December was the Carnival main day and street parade – also known as the largest street party in Africa. The Carnival literally takes the whole day, starting from about 7 am till 3 am the next day and covers more than 30km which is almost the whole of Calabar. There are six bands, five competing bands and the Governor’s band which includes celebrities, actors, musicians and other notable people. The competing bands are Bayside, Seagull, Passion 4, Masta Blasta and Freedom band.

Each year, these bands follow the theme of the year and stand to win millions if they emerge as the best band. Passion 4 won last year, taking the title from Masta Blasta the defending champions; they had won the competition 3 years consecutively from 2012. In the evening after the parade, everyone gathered at the stadium and all the bands had special performances, with displays and special sessions for the king and queen of each band. There were also international performances from different countries like Brazil, Italy, Belize, Kenya, etc. Various musical acts such as Patoranking, P-Square and much more which thrilled the audience. The next day, several events were held at the stadium, the cultural centre and some other places around town. It was a memorable experience.

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FEATURE / Interview

Playing was an experience that the Bahamas long for again.”



Interview / FEATURE many awards to prove it. Second would be Heimanu Taiarui of Tahiti, this guy is a beast on the sand, a perfect mix of passion, aggression and tactical intelligence. I have had the pleasure of training, learning and also playing against Manu. The Tahitian defender is definitely one of my favourite players, and a must have on any Dream Team. My third would be Bruno Xavier, an artist of the game. This Brazilian is a powerhorse with an exquisite touch. Oh yeah, and I have to mention that amazing goal he scored against Germany nearly three years ago that beach soccer fans and players are still talking about today. Then BSmag:

How would you


You came all

Tahiti’s Jo Torohia would also join

describe your experience at the

out against Ecuador in your last

the list, he’s not just a shot stop-

2017 World Cup?

game, do you feel if this had come

per, but also an offensive threat. Jo

earlier your team would have made

is very calm and composed both

comes true, one of the highest

it past group stage?

defensively and offensively, giving

points in my life! It’s something


any team he’s on the competitive

[World Cup] we all dream about as

easy games in the World Cup. You

advantage. And lastly, Jose Agustin

kids to raise the trophy at a World

have to play every game as if it is

of El Salvador. I could not complete

Cup and be considered the best in

a final. Our opening game against

the list without a player from my

the world. Unfortunately, that did

Switzerland was a thrilling match

region, he’s a strong presence in the

not happen but the road to the

with both teams going back and

canter of the pitch and a consistent

World Cup and actually playing was

forth until the third period when

goalscorer and a valuable asset.

an experience that the Bahamas

Switzerland unfortunately secured

long for again.

the victory. The second defeat


against Senegal was a tough pill

sider a career in coaching?

to swallow and crashed hopes the


ing the world changed you?

Bahamas had to move to the next

so much that I will always want to


stage. So our last game against

stay connected to the sport in so

number one sector. So being born

Ecuador, was for the fans, for

many ways..

and raised in the Bahamas, we

Bahamian pride, to show the world

are taught at a young age to be

that this little country can compete

friendly, warm, caring, kind, helpful

at the global stage, and no better

and hospitable. So it is Bahamian

way to do that than securing the

nature and culture that we wel-

first ever victory for a Caribbean

comed with open arms all of the

country at a Beach Soccer World

players, coaches, and fans from all




It was a dream

How has hostTourism is our

There are no

Would you conII love the sport

over the world. We have a beautiful country, so we love to show it off,


talk about it and share our experi-

pick world best 5, which players

If you were to

ences with visitors, and every visi-

would make your list?

tor that enjoys my country makes


me much more happier.

be Madjer, arguably one of the best

My first would

in the sport. The Portuguese forward is a goalscoring machine with

BSmag •


EXTRA / Pitch Line: Kebbi Beach Soccer


ogi State confluence beach soccer team has won the 3rd editions of this year’s Kebbi State Beach Soccer Championship held in Zauro, Kebbi State, Northwest Nigeria. The competition which was played at the river side of Zauro town to the surprise of the audience had Ex-National Football goal keeper and Captain, Peter Rufai, former Super Eagles player, Tijani Babangida and celebrity footballer Abu Azeez in attendance.

48 • BSmag

The confluence team won their semi-final match by 10 – 1 to qualify for the final where they defeated Kaduna kada stars 5 – 4 to emerged champions of the tournament. This recent success of the Kogi boys makes it the third time in a row the team has won a national trophy, having emerged champions in previous two championships in Abuja and Kaduna. Kada Stars of Kaduna, a rising team walked home with the silver ware.








Our audience is global Our game is Beach Soccer

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