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Nuclear waste concern ANDRÉ BAKKES



he “spent fuel” issue at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, along with every other similar power station around the world, is increasingly becoming a serious concern. There are currently in the region of 1 400 tons of spent fuel stored at Koeberg, and nobody knows what the best way to dispose of it is. The number of pools in which these highly radioactive rods are stored are few, and Eskom has recently said they have resorted to “triple-stacking”, in which three times the amount of rods are stored in any single pool. These pools do two things – provide cooling and radiation shielding. Roughly every seven centimeters of water cuts the amount of radiation in half. Koeberg insist that nuclear waste is “extremely well managed throughout the world, probably managed better than any other waste”. But what happens to the incredibly radioactive rods in the long term remains unknown.

Radioactive threat Peter Becker from the Koeberg Alert Alliance says: “Nobody knows! It is kept under water for a few years and then when it becomes a little safer these are placed in dry-cask storage.” He adds that the word “safer” is relative, since the rods are still extremely radioactive, and would stay that way for thousands of years. “Koeberg needs about 30 tons of uranium ore fuel rods to operate. These rods decay over time, but the 1 % spent plutonium, which is the main ingredient for nuclear bombs, remains radioactive for 10 – 20 000 years,” continues Becker. “Koeberg opened in 1984 and they originally said that within five years the conundrum around spent fuel would have been solved. We were recently told during the Public Safety Information Forum on 27 March that the issue would be resolved in five years time.” According to Becker the danger exists that the combination of over-stacked pools and a natural disaster such as an earthquake or a

Koeberg Nuclear Power Plant currently stores about 1 400 tons of highly radioactive “spent fuel”. tsunami could pose a serious nuclear threat to large parts of Cape Town. Eskom’s stakeholders management manager, Lewis Phidza, says there are currently 2 117 elements of spent fuel, of which 112 are in dry storage casks, 1 009 in the Unit 1 spent fuel pool and 996 in the Unit 2 spent fuel pool. Each fuel element has a total mass of 670 kg. Phidza adds: “Although the plant was designed for an operating life of 40 years, the original fuel rack capacity of the spent fuel pools was only for four fuel cycles. These spent fuel pools have been re-racked twice in the past to increase the used fuel storage capacity. The re-racking and expansion of the storage capacity of spent fuel pools is a

normal international practice performed to international standards and regulated by the national nuclear regulatory body in each country (the National Nuclear Regulator for South Africa).” He adds that Koeberg spent fuel cooling systems are designed with independent cooling pumps and heat exchangers.

Well managed “Various enhancements have been made over the years to the spent fuel pool cooling systems, including the installation of an additional cooling circuit (cooling pump and heat exchanger) and the installation of emergency water make-up systems to the spent fuel pools,” says Phidza.


He insists that spent fuel and all radioactive waste arising from nuclear power operations are “extremely well managed throughout the world”. According to him countries that produce used nuclear fuel either recycle (recover the uranium and plutonium) and dispose of it in deep geological repositories, or directly dispose of it in these geological depositories without recycling it, or finally with continued interim storage. He concludes: “In April this year the Minister of Energy launched the National Radioactive Waste Disposal Institute that is tasked with the siting, construction and operation of radioactive waste and spent fuel disposal facilities on a national basis.”


Week­old baby abandoned A seven-day-old baby, wrapped in a blanket, was found abandoned at the vlei near Oakdale Crescent on Monday. Table View police spokesperson Lt Elizabeth Munro said a “suspicious” woman was seen walking around the vlei before the incident. “At about 21:00 the local neighbourhood watch received a complaint about a suspicious person walking there. When the members searched the vlei they found the baby, who was then placed in a safety home.” Munro said anyone who could provide information should contact investigating officer, Det W/O Japhta August on 076 644 2891. Photo gallery

Annual Blanket Ride ­ Harley­Davidson chapters from all over Cape Town rode from Signal Hill to Eden­on­the­Bay on Sunday 6 April.

Photo gallery


Belhar boy has eye on golf stardom GARY VAN DYK @gvdcapejazz


ith most golfers vying for the number one spot held by Tiger Woods, a young golfer is following in the footsteps of Trevor Immelman on the junior golf scene. Tristan Galant (12) from Belhar is no stranger to winning despite his age and has just emulated the senior SA golfer by becoming one of only a few junior golfers to tame the Fish River course thrice in the junior ranks. His latest achievement came last month when he successfully defended his title at the Fish River Challenge. He is now to defend his national title in Johannesburg later this year. His Dad, Martin, who is his coach and also heads up coaching for WP development explained, that at the prizegiving they were told that Immelman was the last junior golfer to come out tops at the course three times in a row. “As an 11-year-old Tristan first played the challenge for under-13’s in 2013 and won that,” he said.

International tournaments “Later that year he was there again for the SA Championships and now he has done it again. It was tough for him this year, sharing the lead on the first day but then coming in under pressure to eventually win by three strokes.” With preparations and practice underway for defending his SA title later this year, further exciting news is that the young golfer has been invited to take part in a tournament in Scotland next month.

Martin saidthe opportunity for him to participate in a World Series golf tournament was “very exciting news” but they needed “some financial help or sponsorship to get him there”. “I’ve never pushed or forced Tristan into the game, but I see how much he has grown to love it and enjoy playing, so I want to give him as much encouragement and motivation as possible. Part of that is playing tournaments here in South Africa, but the real test is getting him out to all the major junior events across the world. “This has been a testing ground for all the major professionals and as a junior he will get the chance to understand what it’s like to take to the world stage with his abilities.”

Family support This week remained a busy week for the young golfer who is in grade 7 at Erica Primary in Belhar, as he was playing in the u-13 championships in Bellville. “For me the best part is the support of my family, their encouragement at all times and, most importantly, I love the game,” says Tristan. Martin also wants to grow the sport in his community but needs help. “I am trying my best at the moment. Unfortunately golf is not a cheap sport and I need help to keep youngsters here once they get playing. There are already a few I am helping but feel that with more support I could get more youth interested,”says Martin. “It’s not just about the sport but about getting them to realise their capabilities and potential. For golf on the whole it could also mean a lot because overseas they have so many good professionals rising through the ranks of good foundation programmes.


Last chance to win tickets for the whole family to FamFest, one of two Toddler Tummies Frozen Food Gift Packs worth R200 each, and Lukas de Beer’s debut album, Storm op Jupiter.

Tristan Galant, on the green with dad Martin, is ready to take on the best juniors in the world. PHOTO: GARY VAN DYK “We must get that going in South Africa as well.” V For more information about sponsorship call Mar­ tin on 073 145 0661.

Brand verwoes alles, behalwe liefde vir mekaar BRENDEN RUITER

Uitsig Animal Rescue, who give neglected and stray animals a second chance in life, need to vacate their current premises soon.

Woensdag, 9 April 2014

Dit was ter wille van die liefde dat hulle saam onder ’n brug beland het, en twee jaar lank al daar woon. Mario Lottering (39) en sy lewensmaat se blyplek onder die brug oor die Elsieskraalkanaal, is verlede week deur ’n brand verwoes. Hulle het alles verloor, behalwe hul liefde vir mekaar. “Haar ouers het nie van my gehou nie en my mense het ook nie van haar gehou nie,” sê Mario terwyl hy aan sy enigste oorblywende winterbaadjie trek. Sy “meisie” stap na die oorkant van die brug, weg van die kamera. “Ons was so lief vir mekaar dat ons besluit het ons worry nie wat die ander sê nie, ons wil bymekaar wees.” Bymekaar beteken op die straat wees, onder die brug wees. “Ek droom ook drome vir ons, maar meer vir haar. Sy verdien nie om so te lewe nie. Ons skarrel maar saam in die dromme van die mense van Ruyterwacht.” ’n Vrou in ’n silwer minibus – met die naam van ’n ouetehuis – ry oor die brug. “Het hulle blyplek afgebrand?” skree sy in ons rigting. “Hulle het gisteraand vreeslik baklei daar,” sê sy beskuldigend.

Mario Lottering se liefde vir sy meisie het hulle op straat laat beland. FOTO: BRENDEN RUITER Mario slaan nie ag op die vrou nie, hy praat net voort. Sy ore het al baie dinge ge-

hoor; sy oë het baie dinge gesien. “Ek het maar meer by my antie grootgeword. My ma is dood toe ek agt jaar oud was. My pa was maar ’n ander ou. Hy het baie gedrink.” Wanneer hy oor sy pa praat, kyk hy verlangend in die verte. “My meisie het vier kinders wat by haar ma woon. Ek het twee laaities. Hulle bly by hul ma in die Delft – sy’t ’n ander ou. Elke keer as ek ’n orige sentjie het, gaan gee ek dit maar vir hulle.” Hoewel Mario in 2001 laas ’n werk gehad het, gee hy nie moed op nie. Hy het immers vaardighede. “Ek was vir sestien jaar ’n technician, het TV’s reggemaak. Sal nogal laaik om weer ’n job te kry, sodat ek vir my meisie kan sorg. Sy verdien beter.” Gebeure in die land gaan ook nie verby Mario nie. “Elke ou moet stem. My stem is ook belangrik. Maar ek het nie ’n ID-boekie nie. Hulle sê dis nou so duur om ’n ID te laat maak. Ai, as ek maar net geld gehad het vir ’n ID.” Gaan hulle nou na ’n ander brug trek? “Ek weet nie, miskien maak ons maar net skoon. Waarheen kan ons dan gaan?” Teen die einde van die onderhoud herinner Mario my: “Onthou om te sê van die joppie wat ek soek. Of ’n paar ou goedjies. Vir ek en my meisie...”

TVHS celebrates new turf Table View High School (TVHS) has recently had a new Astro Turf laid. The grand opening will be held at 17:00 on Friday 11 April. The first game played will be at 17:30 between the girls first team and TVHS Old Girls. Thereafter the boys first team will play TVHS Old Boys. SA company Easy Grasse partnered with Dutch company Happy Feet to build and lay the Astro Turf.


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KNIGHT SECURITY SPIKES Cnr Blomvlei & Polaris Rds Lansdowne 021 797 5586



Guide to home safety ANDRÉ BAKKES


Safeguarding one’s home is one of the most important things a person can do, and Milnerton’s Craig Pedersen has made this task a whole lot easier in Crime Watch: The Book. He recently completed this highly anticipated project in which his years of experience in this field has been put between 100pages. It will be distributed for free to each Milnerton Crime Watch member and otherwise sold for R75. He funded the printing costs himself and plans to recoup some of these expenses by selling 500 of the 1 000 copies to the public. The central theme in the book is that a person’s home is their castle. Writes Pedersen: “Let’s take a moment and consider a castle. It has a moat, a drawbridge, and parapets for lookouts. It is well fortified! Draw a castle and its basic security and you will see concentric circles of security. “Each ring around a castle provides a barrier that someone would have to bypass in order to reach the inner dwellings. “This is the theory of concentric rings, and it can be applied to our modern-day security.” In order to get to you, an intruder needs

to bypass residential patrols, gates, walls, fences and lighting, burglar bars, doors and locks, and finally an alarm and a panic button.” He continues: “Ultimately, the average homeowner is the criminal’s greatest asset. Human nature counts against us in the fight against crime. We’re naturally relaxed in our home environment and tend to drop our guard when things have been safe for a period of time. Similarly, we’re prudent when it comes to spending money – especially when we’re not 100% familiar with what we’re buying. This results in the installation of cheap locks, badly fitted burglar bars and substandard alarm systems.” Pedersen goes on to elaborate on each of these subjects before he once again using the metaphor of a house being a castle. He analyses the advantages and disadvantages of having a high wall, discusses the importance of minimising the places where an intruder could be hiding and even having a safe place “where nobility could hide if bandits made their way through all the layers of security”. Pedersen even finds a way to draw a parallel between the Trojan Horse and letting someone “innocent” into one’s home. Pedersen adds: “So far the reception from those that have seen the pre-print version hasn’t been bad at all. The theory behind

Table View CPF meets Table View, Sunridge, West Riding, Flamingo Vlei and Doornbach residents are invited to the Table View Community Police Forum’s AGM on 10 April at 19:00 at Kingsgate Fellowship in Table View. V For more info go to or

Craig Pedersen recently finished writing Crime Watch: The Book.

M-KEM partners Gill Watson, Mr M & Leigh Hershaw

We celebrate our excellent staff

it is to answer the most commonly asked questions about home and personal security and to educate the consumer about what their rights are when purchasing security, as well as giving them some key points to look for in good service providers.” He concludes with a chuckle: “For years I promised to write something like this, and in the end it took me just six months.” V Anyone who wants to purchase a copy is urged to contact Pedersen at 021 551 8649 or email him at

Good 2 Great Gala Staff Awards 2014

Dress­up picnic for Cheshire Home The Eric Miles Cheshire Home in Milnerton is having a “Picnic on the Farm”fundraiser at Welbedacht in Durbanville on 12 April from 11:00 to 17:00. The event will be an “Alfresco Day”, with picnickers invited to spruce up the picnic terrain and themselves befitting their chosen theme. Participants must bring their

own food and picnic amenities. The food, decorations and clothing will be judged by Emily’s Restaurant’s Pieter Veldsman. Tickets cost R50 per person with no charge for children under six-years-old. There will be food and cooldrink stalls, but no alcohol will be sold.

Special vote for special cases People who are unable to get to their polling station on election day on 7 May can apply for a special vote on the previous two days through the IEC application form. Applications can be submitted to the IEC office at Nobel Park in Bellville between 7

and 17 April. The forms are available from the IEC or the DA office in Durbanville by phoning 021 976 5910 or e-mailing People on official duty on voting day, nur-

Champions: (From left to right) Hanneli Gerber

(Best Pharmacist), Sandra Scheepers (Dispensary Support), Anna-Marie Shafer (Salon Therapist), Henna Fortuin (Night Cashier), Bianca Belafante (Floor Personal) & Veronique Goliath (Day Cashier)

During the event there will be orchestras, singers, and fun competitions to make for a memorable day. Performers include Ekwanders, Masson and Munro, Matthew Kruger, Mark Bekker and Stone Jets. V For more info contact Hendrik or Marti Gerber on 083 321 9391. sing staff or those who know that they will be in hospital, and others with special circumstances can apply for a special vote. Those who will be absent from the province or country on voting day can also apply. Those who are housebound can apply for a home vote and will be visited by the IEC on either 5 or 6 May. V For further information or application forms, send an email to

(From left to right) Zandile Ngaka (Hygiene Staff), Gregory Ribeiro (Day Floor Staff), Haydei Lodder (Supply Chain), sr. Freda September (A/H Sister)

Tel: 021 948 5706 l M-KEM is conveniently situated next to the N1

(Opposite Barons & Toys R Us in Bellville)



Free safety check

• Windscreen spray pattern and wipers. • Check all lights. • Brake system. • Clutch operation. • Battery test. • Engine air filter. • Accessory drive belts. • Cooling system, radiator and hoses. • Shocks/struts and suspension. • Supplemental restraint systems.


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Woensdag, 9 April 2014



Woensdag, 9 April 2014

Armed thugs hit Paddocks ANDRÉ BAKKES


Four armed men stole R200 000 worth of MTN equipment at Paddocks Shopping Centre on Thursday morning. During the heist they threatened employees but according to Milnerton police no one was injured in the incident. Says local police spokesperson, W/O Daphne O’Reilley: “It all happened very quickly. The armed men entered the store at about the time it opened at 09:00. They stole laptops, cellphones and routers to the value of R200 000. It was all over within minutes.” She adds that the suspects rushed out of the store and made their escape in a vehicle

parked outside. “We are busy investigating the matter and have security footage of the incident,” she said. Paddocks Centre’s Masood Muller said this was a once-off incident. “It’s never happened before and now everything is under control. Our relationship with the police is good. People must know that they can always feel safe when they come to Paddocks. Our security is top-notch,” says Muller. An anonymous tenant says she feels safe while she works there during the day, but once the sun sets the security isn’t what is desired. The MTN store has been temporarily closed.

Citizen Journalism A special kind of light

Caron Dean from Milnerton captured the sunset in Cape Town from Milpark Flats on Monday evening. Visit for the full gallery. FOTO: CARON DEAN

Become a Citizen Journalists and win Do you have a knack for writing or an eye for a stunning photo? Then try your hand at citizen journalism at and stand a chance to win one of two RedOker bags worth R2500 in our national citizen journalist competition! You are invited to submit stories and photos of interesting events and people for our website, exposing your story to thousands of users across the northern suburbs. Whether it’s a crime incident, an event

or tale of a missing bunny, you have the opportunity to tell the story. Our team of wordsmiths will assist with the grammatical nitty-gritties before publication. The Citizen Journalist who had the most stories published during March and April will be entered into the draw for the RedOker bags along with citizen journalists at Media24’s other community publications. V Register at and get bu­ sy – the best submissions may be featured in our print edition.

Woensdag, 9 April 2014



Vandalism mystifies residents ANDRÉ BAKKES


After the children’s play area was recently vandalised in Melkbosstrand the spotlight has fallen on the malicious destruction of public facilities. Even though these acts of vandalism rarely occur in Melkbosstrand, the local ratepayers association chairperson, John Taylor, voiced his disapproval. “It’s everyone’s rates and taxes that have

been destroyed in this senseless act. It is a real pity this happened just before Easter when we expect a lot of visitors,” he says. He believes it was undoubtedly a deliberate act of vandalism. The new jungle gym and climbing steps were smashed with planks and boards ripped out and scattered, leaving dangerous nails exposed. It was reported by a member of the local neighbourhood watch. Continues Taylor: “The City of Cape

Town’s Parks Board recently spent thousands of rands upgrading the area, including ranchstyle fencing.” Blaauwberg subcouncil chairperson Heather Brenner says it is always disappointing when she sees facilities such as the park defaced, but she confirms that this rarely happens in the southern part of her subcouncil. “If one moves further north into Atlantis

then the problem of vandalism becomes clearer. We do not know why people resort to vandalism, but it has to stop,” she says. Brenner says the best way to combat vandalism is for neighbourhood watches to keep an eye on vulnerable areas. “Neighbourhood watches serves an invaluable role in this battle. They are doing a superb job,” she concludes.

STAD VERSOEK INWONERS OM DIE ONWETTIGE VERKOOP VAN GESTEELDE RAADSVULLISSAKKE AAN TE MELD In ’n poging om die diefstal en herverkoop van Raadsvullissakke hok te slaan, druk die Stad se departement vasteafvalbestuur sedert Junie 2013 die letters “CCT SWM” gevolg deur ’n reeksnommer in swart teks op al die Raad se blou sakke. Dit sal verseker dat alle gesteelde sakke herken en die oorsprong daarvan opgespoor kan word. Ondanks hierdie maatreëls wat getref is, ervaar die Stad steeds diefstal van die blou sakke wat dan onwettig op straat asook in sommige winkels verkoop word. Die Stad versoek inwoners weereens om glad nie blou vullissakke op straathoeke te koop nie, aangesien dit gesteelde goedere is. Die vullissakke word gewoonlik saam met ander sakke verpak en gevou om die drukwerk weg te steek. Daar kan aangeneem word dat alle blou sakke gesteelde sakke is. Blou sakke word slegs vir al die aktiwiteite en programme van die departement vasteafvalbestuur se skoonmaaktak gebruik. As jy enige individu of winkel raaksien wat hierdie sakke verkoop, meld dit aan by die verliesbeheertak van die Stad se departement vasteafvalbestuur by 021 900 1689 of e-pos Jou samewerking en hulp hiermee word hoog op prys gestel. Hierdie optrede is in lyn met die handhawing van ’n goed bestuurde stad.



The children’s play area between 1st and 4th Avenue has recently been vandalised.

09 - 13 April 2014

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Woensdag, 9 April 2014

Siblings expose domestic abuse DESIREÉ RORKE @dezzierorkje


fter a lifetime of abuse, three brave young people broke their silence and made a daring stand against their tormentor. Not only did local siblings TeriAnn Robinson (18), Kailee Robinson (16) and Jason Roberts (22) empower themselves by creating a Facebook page they provided a platform for others suffering abuse to do the same. In essence, the Facebook page, started eight months ago, is a forum created by teenagers where teenagers can speak out against abuse and violence in their home. The siblings decided to go public with their own abuse after realising the desperate plight of so many of their peers at their school. “After we started talking about our own circumstances, a floodgate of other, similar stories reached our ears,” says Kailee. “So many other kids in our school told me that they don’t know whom to turn to or speak to about abusive situations at home or elsewhere, which gave us the idea,” adds TeriAnn. Their own page best describes their objective. “Our intention was to speak out... to assist anyone and help is given privately or people are referred if needed…The idea is also to empower ourselves and others, to heal our trampled lives as best as we can,” states their Facebook page. “Since we can remember it has always been the same. He has abused us and our mom verbally, emotio-

Siblings Kailee Robinson, Jason Roberts and Terri­Ann Robinson nally, physically and even financially,” says Kailee. “I cannot remember the amount of times I have wiped the spit off my mother’s face, or the amount of times that we had to listen to his threats,” adds Terri-Ann. Older brother Jason often took the brunt of the abuse, with several physical attacks. Due to their abuser’s financial recklessness the family was forced to move 17 times in 19 years and are currently again looking for accommodation. “Apart from never having stability, the abuse has left us afraid and without confidence for most of our lives. “Nobody can imagine the hurt and pain we’ve suffered. This is the first time that we have spoken out and it feels good.”

After navigating a maze of red tape, the siblings obtained an interdict against their abuser, but still question the system. “He has been ordered not to come near us, yet he is still in possession of a copy of our house keys, leaving us in constant fear,” says Kailee. Their abuser also obtained a gagging order against the children, preventing them from writing about him on Facebook. “We find it strange that the same court... is now prohibiting us from exposing him. Nothing stops him from harming us and yet we have been gagged from doing what empowers us,” says Kailee. In many ways the siblings view their Facebook page as a means of protection. “Starting this page has given us new hope,” says Terri-Ann.


T H E PA D D O C K S , M I L N E R T O N tel: 021 5518388

Visit our experienced Interior Decorator JOHAN FERREIRA in-store or call 021 5518388 to make an appointment for a home consultation Johan is always on hand to give you advice on colour, or pattern or on how to refresh your decor. Using over 300 exclusive fabrics we make up blinds, curtains and a host of decor accessories.

Woensdag, 9 April 2014

Swimming ahead: Elkanah House pupil Jason Howard has qualified to participate at

the SA Senior/Youth National Swimming Championships taking place in Durban from 7 to 12 April and will represent Western Province Aquatics at the championships.





‘Pypman’ streef na beste vir Kaapstad BRENDEN RUITER


n Pierre Maritz se kantoor in Durbanville kan hy nie vir ’n oomblik sit nie. Hy begin sommer staan-staan te praat in die middel van sy verbasend netjiese kantoor. Netjies, want uit dié kantoor word die Kaapse metropool se water-infrastruktuur bestuur – ’n hele 10 000 km van pype en pompe. Pierre is reeds sedert 1996 in die waterbedryf en sedert 2009 aan stuur van die Stad Kaapstad se watertoevoer en hy is steeds so passievol soos die eerste dag toe hy die werk aanvaar het. “In dié werk moet jy passie hê – passie om probleme op te los,” sê hy terwyl hy van die een kant van die kantoor na die ander stap. “Jy kan nie wag vir ’n ander dag nie. As mense se water af is, moet dit so gou moontlik aangesit word. Jy kan hulle nie laat wag nie.”

Boorling Maritz, ’n boorling van De Aar in die Noord-Kaap, wat tans in Stellenryk bly, se missie is om sy departement, wat hy “my besigheid” noem, op wêreldstandaard te kry. “Ons vergelyk onsself met stede soos Quebec in Kanada, wat infrastruktuur en dienslewering aan inwoners betref. Internasionale beste praktyke word gevolg en teen 1 April volgende jaar behoort ons aan die Internasionale Standaarde Organisasie se standaarde te voldoen,” sê Pierre trots. Wat is die geheim om ’n personeel van 1 800 te bestuur? “Vertroue. Sonder vertroue kan ’n mens nie die werk doen nie. My werknemers moet my vertrou en ek vir hulle. Ek weet almal maak foute, dus gee ek my werknemers die geleentheid om foute reg te stel. As ’n ou egter steel, toon ek geen genade nie, dan moet hy waai.”

Dogs sniff their way to tracking success

Pierre is ’n pa van twee dogters en wanneer hy nie werk nie, probeer hy soveel moontlik tyd saam met hulle deurbring. “Kyk, ’n man moet dinge balanseer. Al is ek af, is die werk steeds in my agterkop. Maar tyd saam met my vrou en kinders is vir my baie kosbaar.” As iets by die Stad se waterbaas se huis breek, maak hy dit self reg? “Nee, nee,” skerm Pierre. “Ek kry maar ’n loodgieter in.”

Feite Die Stad se inwoners word deur 10 318 pype, 631 496 dienspunte en 79 524 kleppe bedien. Sou die pype aaneen in ’n lyn gelê word, sou dit tot in Australië strek. As al die rioolpype aaneen is, sal dit tot in Romenië strek. Ook moet die Stad 44 331 toilette diens.

Pierre Maritz, die man aan stuur van die Stad Kaapstad se pypstelsel. FOTO: BRENDEN RUITER




Two German Shepherd dogs from Durbanville are not only obedience champions, but have also qualified to become tracker dog champions. Angie Brooke of Langeberg Ridge and her dog, Quando, qualified on Saturday 29 March in the working trials of the Walmer and Suburbs Kennel Club in Port Elizabeth and Durbanville resident Sheila Wills, with her dog Bronte, qualified on Sunday 30 March in the working trials of the Port Elizabeth Kennel Club. Both handlers are members of the Cape Handlers Dog Club in Milnerton. The dogs were entered into the most senior level of working trials, the Tracker Dog III level. The trial involves a number of sections which all have to be passed in order for the dog to qualify for a certificate. The first section involves the dog followiing the track of a person who has walked through a field three hours earlier and dropped three articles on the track. After three hours the dog, followed by the handler on a long line, must follow the track and find and indicate all three articles. There are up to 11 corners on the track. The next section takes place in an area of rough ground or ground covered with trees, in which an article is hidden. The dog must check every quarter of the area and find the article and either bark or indicate to the handler where it is hidden. The third section consists of the dog finding four small articles – each about the size of a matchbox - in four minutes after they have been hidden in another area of rough grassland. The articles would have been held and scented by the judge for one minute.






Sheila Wills (left) with Bronte and Angie Brooke with Quando after their success at the championships held in Port Elizabeth. There is also a send-away and redirection section in which the dog must run out 50 m to a visible object. It could be a log, a bush or something similar. The dog must stop when commanded and then, when redirected by the handler, must run either to the right or the left for another 20 m and stop when commanded. The dog must also do a 10 minute downstay with the handler completely out of sight, then a section of heelwork, where it must stay close to the handler even if the handler changes pace or walks close to other people, dogs or cars. The dog must also not be alarmed by two gunshots and stay close to the handlers. V Anyone interested in taking part in trials trai­ ning with their dog can call Angie on 021 988 3388.














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95 8417 fire tree design e&oe


Woensdag, 9 April 2014

Woensdag, 9 April 2014


Free chapter of Cape Town assistants Bernie van der Zandt, Zelda Newman, Chanté Newman, Lisa Cumberlidge, Ammi du Toit, Tricia Moodli, Vani Moodli, Ansia Moodly and Marzell Newman.

Bikers bring blanket joy



The collective roar signalled solidarity, sincerity and support as 150 Harley-Davidsons blazed a trail of goodwill. The annual Blanket Ride, where Harley-Davidson chapters from all over Cape Town ride from Signal Hill to Eden-on-the-Bay, was a huge hit once again on Sunday 6 April. Under the watchful and helpful eyes of the traffic department, the bikers started their ride in glorious sunshine at 09:15. When they arrived at their destination, most “bought” a blanket and handed these over to the Rotary Club of Blouberg, who in turn will distribute it to child-

ren just in time for winter. The true value of what happened on Sunday cannot be comprehended, since the echo of the bikers’ philanthropy will reverberate through the lives of the beneficiaries for years to come. Secretary of Harley-Davidson free chapter Cape Town, Gideon Kriel, was very happy with the turn-out. “This shows we care,” he told TygerBurger. “More than half of the bikers have pillions (passengers), so we can’t wait to see how big a difference we can make today. We enjoyed the ride. Along the way I saw a traffic official put away his speed camera and taking out his cellphone to take a picture of the passing bikes!” V Go to to see a picture gallery.

With Table Mountain as the backdrop, the sight of Harley­Davidsons was a feast for the eyes.

Free chapter’s secretary Gideon Kriel and director Bruce du Toit.


Walter Uys from the Tygervalley chapter.




Maak hande en harte oop vir 500 diere Troeteldiere lê elke mens, wat al die uitbundigheid van ’n hond of die gespin van ’n kat met jou tuiskoms beleef het, na aan die hart. Diere – enige dier – bring vreugde en bewondering, en soms natuurlik vrees. Ons wil hê daar moet altyd diere wees wat ons kan versorg en vertroetel, wat na óns fisieke en geestelike welstand kan omsien, en wat daar is om tydens uitstappies en vakansies bekyk en bespreek te word. Dis vir die meeste regdenkende, goeie mense daarom verskriklik as diere skade aangedoen of benadeel word. En hoewel die Uitsig Animal Rescue-sentrum naby Fisantekraal juis nié diere skade aandoen nie, maar absoluut alles doen om goed te wees vir verwaarloosde en mishandelde diere, gaan hulle dalk gedwing word om dié werk te heroorweeg. Sonder die dringende ingryping van weldoeners met oop hande en harte, gaan sowat 500 diere sonder heenkome wees. Die grond waarop die sentrum is, gaan nou ontwikkel word deur die maatskappy wat hulle goedgunstiglik al vir jare daar huisves, en hulle steeds help. Feit bly, honderde diere wat ’n tweede kans op die lewe gegun is, kan hul lewe verloor as daar nie spoedig ’n ander terrein vir die sentrum gevind word nie. Kan ons met die wete saamleef dat ons iets kon doen om soveel diere én die mense wat alles gee om hulle te help, sonder heenkome en hoop te laat? As ons lief is vir diere, laat ons hierdie 500 nóg ’n kans op ’n beter lewe gee.

SMS V Ek wil net vir mense vra wat iemand an­ ders se pos kry: Voor jy dit lees, gaan gooi dit in hulle posbusse. Ek maak so met an­ der se pos. Ek het klaar die poskantoor ge­ bel en gepraat oor dié probleem. Daar moet seker mense wees wat hul neuse in ander se sake druk. - Anoniem V Die vrou wat so in my karakter ingeklim het: As ek 36 jaar gelede my huis gekoop het vir ’n appel en ei, was dit ook klaar be­ taal. Ongelukkig kry ek nie geld van Sassa om ’n kar kontant te koop nie. - Anoniem V Ek will graag weet wanneer ons sypaad­ jies skoongemaak gaan word, vernaam agter U­Save en die apteek. Ons paaie is in ’n slegte toestand, want daar ry te veel swaar voertuie. Waarvoor betaal ons be­ lasting? - Anoniem, Kraaifontein V Thanks to the City for repairing the road past Altydgedacht. We are privileged to live in such a well run city. - Anonymous V Daar gaan seker baie stemlokale oopge­ maak word; hoekom nie ook vir nuwe identiteitsdokumente nie? - Loryn, Richwood V It was with great excitement that I read the article on wheelchair­friendly streets. I am disabled and can’t wait to access all the places not accessible to me at present . - Trish V The water pressure in Aurora is disgust­ ing as it takes forever. - Anonymous V Die dennebome by Northpine­inkoop­ sentrum mors heeljaar. Volgens die muni­ sipale werkers het die Stad die dennebo­ me in ander gebiede reeds uitgehaal, maar hier word dit net gesnoei. - Herby, Kraaifontein V Met die waterdruk dans jy onder die stort om ’n straaltjie te kry en seep af te spoel. Skoon uitasem! - Lourens, Bellville ) SMS’e kos R1,50 elk. Stuur die woord “Tyger”, gevolg deur jou boodskap na 45527.


Wie liefde verwar met sinnelikheid, sien ’n engel aan vir ’n aap. C.J. Langenhoven

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Woensdag, 9 April 2014


Entertainment on the move: Jeremiah Ndenzeko entertains the local kids in Fisantekraal by pulling them along in this handmade cart.


BRIEWE|Faks: 021 910 6501|Posbus 747, Bellville 7535|Briewe wat nie langer is as 250 woorde nie, sal voorkeur geniet. Verskaf asb. u naam, adres en telefoonnommer by (nie vir publikasie). Spertyd is Vrydag om 12:00

Moedeloos oor eienaar niks doen Ons woon al twee jaar in ’n huis, waaraan baie verbeterings aangebring moes word. Die eienaar het vir ons gesê as ons eendag kan bekostig om huur te betaal, sal hy begin om als reg te maak. Die afgelope jaar betaal ons die huur, maar niks word gedoen nie. Ons huis se dak lek en die kamers het geen kaste nie. Daar is ook nog baie ander foute. Eers het ons langs ’n tikhuis gebly. Ten minste was daar toe niks van ons gesteel nie. Nou bly daar ’n tikkop en ’n prostituut. Vandat hulle daar bly, is daar al baie goed uit ons huis en motorhuis gesteel. Wat staan ons te doen? ’n Mens kan nie aanhou huur betaal aan ’n eienaar wat agter in die woonstel bly en niks doen aan ons huis en klagtes nie. Ek het drie dogters. ’n Hond van my is al vergiftig. ANONIEM Parow

The best ward councillor around I address this letter to Sanco as well as the 50 disillusioned “residents” of Joe Slovo Park after reading last week’s article “Councillor in firing line”. How many of you are permanent South African citizens? I believe that Marius Fransman has gotten around you, lying yet again that the Western Cape (incidentally being the only non-ANC governed province) is better off being in ANCs hands yet again. They lost it to the DA just recently through misappropriation and inactive governance. The Western Cape is the best run province in the

country, save for some minor problems which do not include embezzlement and corruption. McCarthy has and always will be a blessing in disguise to the Summer Greens Ratepayers in the services she gives to our people. Hats off to you McCarthy. I stand by Heather Brenner’s comment the she is the best councillor around. This is while the ANC promises they were going to make the Western Cape ungovernable. Is Charles Kanku going the believe the words of a few (50 maximum) against a lecturing Doctor to what I would understand as being an “electioneering ploy or touting” by Sanco? Is this the thinking of an educated person? No! MAHENDRA NAIDOO Summer Greens

Help keep our sidewalks clean Walking along Erica Drive one morning, at the back of some houses – possibly in Arctotis Way – I was greeted by a splash of dirty leaves coming over the wall of someone’s house where someone was cleaning the pool. Further up the road there was loads of doggy poo on the sandy part of the sidewalk. This also looked as if it was just dumped over the back wall. Come on dog and pool owners, when you pick up your dog’s poo, please flush it down the drain. I also once owned a dog and that’s what I did. Pool owners, do not throw leaves from your pool over the wall, surely you can dispose of them in a better manner. Spare a thought to the pedestrians using the sidewalk and let’s do our bit to keep our area clean. PEDESTRIAN Belhar

Moenie kleintjies alleen in motor los Ek het die afgelope weke gesien dat ouers hul babas en klein kinders sonder die toesig van ’n ouer kind of persoon in motors in parkeerareas, by hospitale en winkelsentrums los. Ek is self ’n ma en sal dit nooit oor my hart kry om my baba alleen te los met ’n ander klein kind in die motor nie. Ek sal hulle eerder saamvat of self in die motor bly, want daar kan in dié tyd enigiets gebeur. As kinders vermis word, dan huil die ouers. Kyk mooi na jou kinders, want elke kind word aan ons ouers geleen as ’n geskenk van die Here. BEKOMMERDE OUER E­pos

Woefie Wandel a rousing success More than 1350 walkers and 1000 dogs put their best paw forward in the SPCA Purina Woefie Wandel at the beautiful D’Aria Wine Estate outside Durbanville on 30 March. Entry fees and a generous sponsorship from Nestlé Purina raised an amazing R105 000 which will go toward looking after the animals in our care. This will also help the Cape of Good Hope SPCA to continue to protect and care for the animals of Cape Town. We were touched, once again, by the overwhelming support from animal lovers from the northern suburbs and surrounds. The CoGH SPCA hopes everyone had a wonderful time and that we’ll see them again next year. A tail-wagging thank you to all the event sponsors and supporters. LISE­MARIE GREEFF­VILLET SPCA spokesperson

TygerBurger waardeer lesers se menings, maar ten einde die onafhanklikheid van die koerant te handhaaf en in billikheid teenoor alle politieke partye en kandidate, sal tot die afhandeling van die verkiesing geen brief van ‘n politieke aard geplaas word wat op een of ander wyse politieke partye en hul kandidate se standpunt propageer nie.

Woensdag, 9 April 2014



Pedestrian dies in MyCiTi collision

Brave new world: Parklands College Preparatory’s new robotics educator, Mala Naidoo, displays their new robotics kits. These kits will be used for the integration of robotics as a curriculum subject into the preparatory faculties from the second quarter this year.

MyCiTi driver strike resolved The unprotected strike by bus drivers from the Transpeninsula Investments (TPI) vehicle operating company was resolved last week Thursday after it severely interrupted the MyCiTi bus service. The strike started at 05:00 on Wednesday morning and even though the T01 route (Dunoon, Table View, Civic Centre, Waterfront) was affected, the fact that only seven of the 38 buses on the route are operated by TPI lessened the impact. The strikers barricaded the gates at the depot in Prestwich Street in Green Point on Wednesday, preventing the MyCiTi buses from departing. On Thursday morning 10 TPI drivers did arrive for work, and they, along with stand-

in drivers from other vehicle operating companies, assured that MyCiTi could operate effectively along T01. A small group of striking drivers employed by TPI gathered on Thursday morning at the bus depot in Prestwich Street, but no incidents were reported by city’s law enforcement officials who attended the scene. An agreement to end the two-day unprotected strike was signed late on Thursday between TPI and the striking drivers after the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration assisted with the negotiations. At least 80% of the drivers resumed their duties by the end of the day and on Friday all drivers reported for duty.

A pedestrian was fatally injured on 1 April when he got out of a vehicle and stepped onto the red lane in front of a MyCiTi bus on its way to the Potsdam station. The police, traffic services and paramedics were on the scene shortly thereafter. One person was taken to a hospital for shock. Traffic officials diverted the MyCiTi buses into the normal traffic lanes on Blaauwberg Road, between Gie and Koeberg Road. The bus involved in the accident was substituted. Customers at the stations were informed of slight delays through messages on the public information displays at the relevant stations on the T01 route between Du-

noon, Table View and the Civic Centre. The MyCiTi bus service continued on the red road at around 10:20 after the roadway was cleared. Says Brett Herron, mayoral committee member for transport: “We would like to remind pedestrians that the dedicated red bus lanes are for the exclusive use of the MyCiTi buses, designed to give the MyCiTi service a headway advantage. It is extremely dangerous for pedestrians to take shortcuts over these lanes or to step into the lanes. Pedestrians, cyclists and other road users should stay out of these clearly marked roadways at all times.”

Inwoners sal opdok vir dienste MICHELLE LINNERT @linnertmb

Die Stad het onlangs sy kosepbegroting bekend gemaak te midde van die talle uitgawes waarvoor dié munisipale hoof self voorsiening moet maak. Só het Johan van der Merwe, voorsitter van die Stad se portefeuljekomitee oor finanies, gesê. “Salarisse (van stadsamptenare) is verhoog, só ook is Eskom se tariewe. Die Stad het uitgawes vir huur, brandstof, voertuie – alles is meer,” sê hy. TygerBurger het reeds in die uitgawe van 2 April oor die jongste verhogings in tariewe verslag gedoen (“Rate hike in line with consumer inflation”) en lesers ingelig oor wat om te verwag. Hiervolgens is die Stad se kapitale begroting van R6 miljard, en operasionele begroting van R27,8 miljard reeds op Maandag 24 Maart aan raadslede voorgelê vir kommen-

taar teen Maandag 7 April. “Die finale begroting sal aan die einde van Mei goedgekeur word, met ingang op 1 Julie,” het hy gesê. Van der Merwe sê van die tien stadsdepartemente sal “elk insette lewer oor wat hulle nodig het in die begroting”. Hy sê daar is R700 000 afgestaan aan elk van die 110 wyke vir wyksprojekte, wat byvoorbeeld insluit spoedkalmering, straatligte en opknapping van sportvelde. “Saam met die begroting gaan ook tariewe en beleide. Een van dié beleide is die sogenaamde ‘deernisbeleid’. “Hiervolgens kry behoeftiges ‘afslag’ van die Stad,” het hy gesê. Hy sê belasting is verhoog met 6 % (teenoor 6,10 % in 2013), elektrisiteit met 7,6 % (teenoor 7,86 % in 2013), water en sanitasie met 8 % (teenoor 9,53 % in 2013) en vaste afval met 5,9 %.



Woensdag, 9 April 2014

Help needed to rescue 500 animals DESIREÉ RORKE

“Our landlords were very good and generous to us over the years and we realise the importance of housing. It’s just that it came down on us rather suddenly, and we now have to move very fast to raise the funds we need to re-establish the centre,” she said. The centre envisions purchasing their own land, registering it in a trust and rebuilding their shelters on it for the exclusive use of the rescue centre. “We are solely dependent on public donors and our own fundraising, but believe that with the help of the community we can reach or target in time,” she said, and adds: “Please everyone, we have only 90 days to raise what we need. The alternative is unthinkable and will crush so many of us.” The organisation would need about R5 million, of which they have raised R50 000 to date.



he innocent pleading eyes of previously abused or neglected animals look up at you, willing to give their hearts as you step into the Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre. It is unthinkable that the some 500 rescued animals on these premises might be without a home in three months time. The organisation last week received notice to vacate the smallholding near Fisantekraal, to make space for the Greenville Garden City housing development. It is a very real probability that these animals could lose their lives if the organisation loses its facilities. However, for the fervent, tough-as-nails animal lovers and passionate founders and members of this exceptional organisation, it’s not an option.

Massive mandate “Failure is not an option. It is a big worry for us, but for the sake of the animals we cannot afford to not succeed,” said founding member Denay Saunders, about the organisation’s quest to now find new land to home the animals. Her love and genuine concern for the welfare of animals is tangible in the unselfish work she, her 15 staff members and other volunteers have put into the organisation since its inception in 2009. A former veterinarian assistant, it was her intention to provide abandoned and surrendered animals with a short-term alternative to euthanasia.

Given a chance for a better life. PHOTO: CARINA ROUX Their mandate is gigantic: to rescue neglected, abandoned and abused animals in the northern suburbs of Cape Town and to nurse them back to health, provide them with a safe and loveable haven, to rehabilitate them and to find them permanent homes. In fact, the centre is the only pro-life, proquality-of-life animal rescue haven with premises in the entire area of the northern suburbs of Cape Town. “We believe that all animals have a second chance no matter how neglected or abused they were, when we found them. We do not believe in euthanising animals and will only do so in exceptional circumstances. We believe in providing all our animals with a

quality of life, sufficient food, shelter and attention, until such time we can re-home them with a suitable family,” says Denay. “We have had great success with our adoptions, while at the same time we undertake sterilisation and animal care education programmes in underprivileged areas and townships to address the problem at the core. Additionally, all the animals we rescue stay on at the centre for an unlimited period of time,” she says.

No hard feelings According to Denay, they have no gripe with the land owners as they were aware from the start that the land was earmarked for development.

Planning phase Garden Cities CEO John Matthews confirmed they were in the planning phases of phase 2 of the project but had given the farm manager of the Uitsig Farm appropriate legal notice. He said the lease between the farm manager and the centre stipulated three months but this notice period was not to his knowledge envoked as yet. “I am however happy to engage with the centre in order to find a solution,” he said. V Should you require more information or wish to “buy a brick” contact Susan at Hello.uit­ or visit their website at www.uit­

Cape pupils see setwork staged Cape Town learners are set to receive an enormous boost to their knowledge of this year’s grade 12 setwork thanks to the staging of Amaza at the Artscape Theatre. To be performed from 5 to 14 May and endorsed by the Western Cape Education Department, Amaza forms part of the Artscape educational youth development programme which aims to promote social cohesion, good citizenship and empowerment through the arts. Amaza, a prescribed book by ZS Qangule for grade 12 learners, has been adapted into a fully-fledged Xhosa play by Thokozile Ntshinga using professional artists to capture the essence of the book. It is in its fourth consecutive season and aimed at grade 12 Xhosa learners from the greater Cape Town area, giving them the opportunity to experience the play in their own language and further equip them with essential skills to become performers. Over 5 700 learners from 60 previously disadvantaged schools, and the general public, saw the production in 2013. “The purpose of the educational programme is to assist grade 12 learners academically by presenting plays which are taught as literature on a theatre stage, therefore putting it in its intended setting”, says Marlene Le Roux, director for Artscape Audience Development and Education. “We will also be introducing learners to theatre and drama production of a high quality, thereby building the audience of the future”, concluded Marlene. Amaza is an 18 cast member thriller set in a rural village in the Transkei. V For more information on production and ticket bookings (tickets cost R40.00 per per­ son), please contact Nolan Africa, Artscape School Liaison Unit Coordinator, on 021 410 9927 or email

Woensdag, 9 April 2014



Dam wys eendrag verrig wondere MICHELLE LINNERT

het en aan die Stad voorgelê het vir goedkeuring.” Flint sê die proses het die Stad se beplannings-, erfenis-, verkeer- en paaie- en stormwaterdepartemente ingesluit, asook die dienste van ’n plaaslike argitekfirma. “Die kern van die plan het ’n massiewe skoonmaakoptrede behels. “Ná baie jare van verwaarlosing waarin die park die tuiste was van haweloses, wat die digte riete as vullishoop gebruik het, was dit nodig.”



ie gewilde Duck Pond-park in Kenridge is die bewys van wat ’n gemeenskap in eenheid kan uitrig. Só meen Andrea Crous, wyk 70-raadslid, oor die opknapping wat aan dié park gedoen is – uit die sak van plaaslike inwoners en lede van die Kenridge The Hills Ratepayers Association (KHRPA) en die Stad. “Hierdie inisiatief is ’n uitvloeisel van ’n gemeenskap wat begryp dat ons as inwoners van die metropool nie meer net kan aanneem dat die eiendomsbelasting wat ons betaal, genoeg is om vir alles te betaal wat ons graag wil hê nie. “Ons moet ook deel word van die proses en die besluitneming. “Die KHRPA is regtig ’n goeie voorbeeld van hoe so ’n proses moontlik is. Die opknapping van die park is ’n sprekende voorbeeld van hoe die gemeenskap en die amptenary kan saamwerk tot voordeel van almal,” sê Crous. Sy sê dit mag dalk vreemd voorkom vir “sommige amptenare dat inwoners so gretig is om te help, dat hulle sélf soms prosesse laat sloer – dít weer tot hul eie irritasie!”

Plan opgetrek Sy sê al die nodige prosesse is gevolg: “’n Plan is deur die gemeenskap opgestel, deur die parke-afdeling goedgekeur en daarna kon die eerste fase begin met geld van die wyksbegroting.” Ian Flint, ondervoorsitter van die KHRPA, sê hulle is baie in hul skik met die uitkoms van hul harde werk en insette. “Ons het dié projek twee jaar gelede begin om ’n fokuspunt vir die gemeenskap te skep – ’n openbare ruimte in die hart van ons buurt waarop ons trots kan wees, wat mense sou aantrek om dit te gebruik vir buitemuurse aktiwiteite,” sê Flint.

Só lyk die eendedam, wat die Kenridge The Hills Ratepayers Association met die hulp van verskeie stadsentiteite, weer mooigemaak het. “Daar is gemeenskapslede wat voel die instandhouding en verbetering van openbare bates is die Stad se verantwoordelikheid en dat die belasting wat ons betaal, ons deel is. “Dít is ’n geldige punt, aangesien ons houding gedryf word deur die erkenning dat om mooi, nuwe parke vir welvarende gemeenskappe te voorsien, laag op die prioriteitslys lê teenoor die voorsiening in basiese behoeftes aan minderbevoorregtes,” sê Flint. “Ons word goed ondersteun deur ons raadslid en subraad, maar soos dit is, is daar nooit genoeg geld beskikbaar nie. So, ons samel maar self in wat ons kan.” “Wat ons toe gedoen het met die rugsteun van die parke-afdeling, is om borgskappe

Young maestros can test mettle Entries from junior level music students to the Hubert van der Spuy National Music Competition are invited by the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO). Now in its fourth year, the project builds on the strong foundation laid by the SA Society of Music Teachers (SASMT) 26 years ago when fledgling musicians competed on a national basis for the first time. The closing date for this year’s competition is Friday 18 April. Auditions will commence at the beginning of June. About 60 candidates will eventually be selected to compete over four rounds at the Hugo Lambrechts Auditorium in Parow, Cape Town, from 29 September to 3 October. Candidates will compete in four categories: piano, strings, woodwind & brass instruments, and other instruments (percussion, recorder, classical guitar and harp), with a sub-category for developmental groups. Candidates must still be 13 (14 for developmental groups) at the time of the

competition. This year South African works are compulsory. The competition includes an incentive for developmental groups to compete on equal terms. Medals, prize-money totalling more than R80 000, and other attractive prizes are on offer. According to Hilda Boonzaaier, who chairs the SASMT Tygerberg, the competition has a broad appeal amongst instrumentalists across the music spectrum at junior level. “It offers participants the chance to distinguish themselves within the ambit of their own sections, and also facilitates interaction and contact between students, teachers and parents from diverse communities in South Africa. The 25th winner last year, Arjen van Renssen, happened to be a student of the very first winner in 1989, the acclaimed cellist Anzél Gerber.” V Full particulars and entry forms are available at

Pool boy: Elkanah

House pupil Matthew Hibberd competed at the Level 2 Age Group Swimming Champions­ hips in Oudtshoorn recently. He achieved personal bests in four events, reached three finals and received a second place for 200m breaststroke. The Cybersmart boys’ relay team of which he was part also did very well with three fourth places.

van die bome en banke aan te bied in ruil vir ’n bordjie wat die borg se naam vertoon.” Flint sê daar is ook ’n leer-aspek betrokke. “In die geval van bome huisves die bordjie ook die naam van die boom saam met sy wetenskaplike naam.”

Ondernemings Hy sê die saak met die park is deur 23 plaaslike ondernemings, instellings en inwoners ondersteun, en hulle kon sowat R21 600 bymekaarmaak. “In die proses het ons gebruik gemaak van die dienste van gekwalifiseerde mense in ons gemeenskap, soos tuinargitekte en stormwateringenieurs, wat planne opgestel

Dreinering Dié riete is teruggesny met die hulp van die parke-afdeling. Toe het dreinering aan die beurt gekom en daarna die skep van voetpaadjies, wat teen die einde van Junie 2015 heeltemal klaar sal wees, sê Flint. Herstelwerk is ook gedoen aan ’n lekkende dammuur, sodat die watervlak reg is en die voortdurende watervloei in die kanaal die natuurlike vlei kan ondersteun en plantegroei aan die oewers help stabiliseer, sê hy. Nuwe bankies is ook opgerig en daar is planne om die bruggies, wat oor die dam loop, op te knap en ’n eilandjie by te voeg. Meer plante sal ook binnekort ’n tuiste hier vind. “Daar is planne vir ’n veldblomarea,” sê Flint. ’n Muur, met die park se naam daarop, is in aanbou op die hoek van die verkeersirkel van Door-de-Kraal, Mildred- and De Bronstraat, sê hy. Flint sê die kosbare “nuwe” parkie word weekliks skoongemaak en daar kom nog nuwe vullisdromme. “Die lekkerste is om te sien hoeveel meer aktiwiteit heir plaasvind – of dit skoolkinders is wat rondhardloop, pensioenarisse wat met hul honde stap, werkers wat middagete kom geniet of jong verliefdes,” sê Flint.



Woensdag, 9 April 2014

Ice Station hosts figure skating champs The 2014 Western Cape Figure Skating Championships will be held at the Ice Station at GrandWest Casino on Saturday 12 April for “short programmes and non-nationals” and Sunday 13 April for the finals. Proposed time schedules are 06:00 to 12:00

on Saturday and 07:00 to 15:00 on Sunday. Spectators pay R30 per person per session and R10 per club member per session (on presentation of club membership card). Selection of the WP team to participate in nationals 2014 will be based on this event.

WEsTErN CApE GAmbLING ANd rACING bOArd Die eerste Bokvaart verlaat Kaapstad vroeër vanjaar.

OFFICIAL NOTICE rECEIpT OF AN AppLICATION FOr A sITE LICENCE In terms of the provisions of section 32(2) of the Western Cape Gambling and racing Act, 1996 (Act 4 of 1996), as amended, the Western Cape Gambling and racing board (“the board”) hereby gives notice that an application for a site licence, as listed below, has been received. A site licence will authorise the licence holder to place a maximum of five limited payout machines in approved sites outside of casinos for play by the public. dETAILs OF AppLICANT Name of business: At the following site: Erf number: persons having a financial interest of 5% or more in the business:

derick Allan benjamin Giles (sole proprietor) t/a pint & pelican 4 Keat Street,Table View 7441 12098, Milnerton Derick Allan Benjamin Giles (Owner)

WrITTEN COmmENTs ANd ObJECTIONs Residents of this province who wish to lodge objections or to furnish comment on any application, may do so in writing. In the case of written objections to an application, the grounds on which such objections are founded, must be furnished.Where comment in respect of an application is furnished, full particulars and facts to substantiate such comment must be provided.The name, address and telephone number of the person submitting the objection or offering the comment must also be provided. Comments or objections must reach the Board by no later than 16:00 on Friday, 25 April 2014. Notice is hereby given that, in terms of Regulation 24(2) of the National Gambling Regulations, the Board will schedule a public hearing in respect of an application only if, on or before 16:00 on Friday, 25 April 2014, a written objection to such application relating to: (a) the probity or suitability for licensing of any of the persons to be involved in the operation of the relevant business, or (b) the suitability of the proposed site for the conduct of gambling operations has been received. If a public hearing is scheduled, the date of such hearing will be advertised in this publication approximately 14 days prior to the date thereof. Objections or comments must be forwarded to the Chief Executive Officer,Western Cape Gambling and racing board, p.O. box 8175, roggebaai 8012 or handed to the Chief Executive Officer,Western Cape Gambling and racing board, seafare House, 68 Orange street, Gardens, Cape Town or faxed to the Chief Executive Officer on fax number 021 422 2603 or emailed to


“Hoe op aarde gaan hierdie magdom staal bo-op die water bly?” het Elzeth Austin angstig gedink toe sy die MSC Sinfonia se loopplank die eerste keer betree het... met beelde uit die fliek “Titanic” wat deur haar kop maal. Maar toe sy eers aan boord is, was dié gedagtes gou vergete. Elzeth was een van die bevoorregtes wat in Januarie vanjaar op die eerste Bok Radio-bootvaart was – ’n ondervinding wat sy as “’n belewenis” beskryf. Volgende jaar doen Bok Radio dit weer, maar dié keer gaan TygerBurger saam en ons het by Elzeth gaan inloer om te hoor waarna ons kan uitsien. “As jy die inboekproses agter die rug het, is dit net genot van voor tot agter,” vertel sy. “Die vaart uit die hawe was asemrowend, want jy sien die Moederstad uit ’n hele nuwe perspektief,” sê sy. En dan, as die skip eers die oop water slaan, begin die verkenning met mening. Dít is ook die tyd om uit te vind of jy jou seevoete kan vind, volgens Elzeth. “Tussen die menigte kroeë, die casino, belastingvrye inkopies, fliekteater, dek met speletjies en heerlike swembad, is dit jou eie skuld as jy verveeld raak,” vertel sy.

Elzeth sê dat hulle met die inboekslag hul kredietkaartbesonderhede of kontant neergesit het, sodat dit nie nodig was om vir die res van die vaart hul beursies uit te haal nie. “Solank jy net onthou dat jy in Amerikaanse dollar betaal, voor jy jou kaartjie wys en teken,” waarsku sy. “Ons was geseënd met heerlike weer en was die meeste van die tyd buite op die dek, waar daar heeltyd vermaak is – van aërobiese oefeninge tot Latynse danslesse. Kos is ingesluit op die skip en soos Elzeth vertel, klink dit voorwaar na ’n feesmaal op feesmaal. “As jy nie baie sambreeldrankies bestel nie, hoef jy nie met ’n groot begroting te werk nie en is daar geen rede om honger te ly nie. Daar is ook netjiese eetkamers waar jy kan aansit vir ontbyt en driegang-aandetes as jy wil – ook alles ingesluit.” Sondag het ’n paar plaaslike kunstenaars soos Desmond Wells, Die Broers, Burger le Roux en Viljoen Retief gesorg vir vermaak in die son. V Besprekings kan aanlyn gedoen word by Die vaart vind plaas van 12 tot 16 Januarie vanaf Kaapstad na Walvisbaai.



Bok Radio en TygerBurger se bootvaart ’n belewenis

IT'S TIME TO JAM ALONG WITH MYCITI Celebrating the launch of the Atlantis routes with Heart FM Come and join MyCiTi and Heart FM for an outside broadcast at Atlantis Mall on Monday 14 April 2014 between 15:00 and 18:00 to celebrate the launch of the Atlantis routes. Loads of giveaways and spot prizes to be won.

For more info call the Transport Information Centre (toll-free 24/7) 0800 65 64 63

Woensdag, 9 April 2014



Show seeks singers Milnerton players will be hosting auditions on Saturday 12 April for their next production. Auditions for And the World Goes Round, The Songs of Kander & Ebbwo will be held at the Milnerton Playhouse in Pienaar Road from 13:00. This fast moving revue consists of an eclectic collection of love songs, torch songs and acerbically witty comic numbers, some well-known and some not so well-known, from 14 Broadway shows including Chicago, Cabaret, The Rink, Funny Lady, The Act, Kiss of the Spider Woman and New York, New York. The Players are looking for five lead singers - three female and two male - with strong voices, lively stage personalities and experience in singing harmony are required. They are also looking for two extra female singers who can dance. Performers will be required to sing two prepared songs in their voice range: one ‘belting’ number and one slower ballad. At least one of these should be by Kander & Ebb if possible (A list of the songs in the show is available on request). Singers are asked to bring their own sheet music or a backing track on CD or flash drive. The ability to read music would be an added advantage. The audition will begin with a short choreographed group dance/movement audition (auditionees are asked to wear comfortable clothes and suitable shoes), after which individual singing auditions will be held. As this is an amateur production, there will be no payment involved. The production will be directed by Sheila McCormick with musical direction by Jeremy Quickfall.

@ HOME valid until 13 April 2014 46” SMART LED TV

S/N 39905

S/N 31748

V For more information call Sheila on 021 557 3206 or 079 877 2466 or email S/N 42736

What’s up?| Wat’s Waar?

V Blaauwberg Art Society (BASE) meets at 19:00 on the first Tuesday of every month at the Milnerton Bowling Club. Entrance fee is R10 for members and R20 for visitors. For enquires call 082 562 5075 or email

• 600Hz Subfield Motion • HDMI x 3 • USB x 2

• 100 Clear Motion Rate • HDMI x 2 • USB x 1

UA46F8000ATXXA TV License required

PS51F5500AKXXA TV License required

UA40F5000ARXXA TV License required



S/N 40407

S/N 39984





• 4 Door Pockets • No frost • Multi Flow

• No frost • Multi Flow • 4 Door Pockets

• 4 Door Pockets • No frost • Multi Flow


S/N 12154




• Mono Cooling System • No Frost • Door Pockets x 3

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S/N 22203


S/N 35328

R749999 122 LITRE WINE COOLER • LED Display (yellow green) • Adjustable Temperature Control • RECESSED Door handle

S/N 28340



S/N 33161


S/N 41579





S/N 29639

R1799999 12 PLACE SILVER DISHWASHER • 5 Number of programs • Front Control Panel Style • A+ Energy Consumption

S/N 43815



• 2.1 Channel • 310W Total Power • USB Host 2.0


S/N 39904

• Diamond Drum™ technology • Child-proof display lock • Water Tank Indicator


S/N 40427

UA55F6800AKXXA TV License required


• 1,200rpm max spin • Super Eco Wash • Wide Grahpic LED display

S/N 28193

• 500 Clear Motion Rate • HDMI x 4 • USB x 3

• Tempered Glass Window • Inlay Control Panel Type • Air Turbo Drying System

• Spin Speed Max 1,400 RPM • Anti-Foam Control • Safety Self Diagnostic System

• Various Cooking Modes • SOLO Heat Source • LED display

• 2 Cooking Stages • 1,200W Power • 10 Power Levels


S/N 28338

S/N 28183


Have a unique shopping experience with a family that cares about offering great prices and better service.

V The Parklands Saturday La Leche League meeting will be held on the second Saturday of every month at 14:00. For more information on breastfeeding support contact Kim on 082 330 5352 or go to V The Parklands Intercare La Leche League will meet on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 10:00. All pregnant and breastfeeding mums are invited to their next meeting. For more information contact Simela on 021 553 1664 or Juliet on 021 556 0693 or go to

• 1,000 Clear Motion Rate • HDMI x 4 • USB x 3


V The Hidden Halos AGM will be held on 24 April at 18:30 for 19:00 at Theo Marias Park in Milnerton. Refreshments will be served. RSVP for catering purposes to Roxanne at or contact her on 076 900 5136. V The Milnerton Library hosts yoga class­ es for beginners and more experienced students every Monday and Wednesday evening at 18:00. Morning classes are hosted by the Kung Fu Temple at Sable Square Shopping Centre, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 09:00. For more information please call Pam on 021 444 0817 or email Aidan at 082 997

40” LED TV


V The Living Legends Table View Seniors Club meet on the last Wednesday of the month from 10:30 – 13:00, with a variety of other activities during the month. Contact 072 648 7332 or 073 430 9281 for information. V Huis Zonnekus’ white elephant table will be held on the last Thursday of every month from 10:00 to 13:00. Call 021 552 2074/5 or email


Cape Town: Milnerton 021-528 6700. 454 Koeberg Road, Milnerton, Cape Town Kwazulu Natal - Ballito 032-946 7400 • Umhlanga 031-570 4000 • Springfield Park 031-242 2600 • Hillcrest 031-761 7500 • Gauteng - StrubensValley 011-858 4600 • Fourways 011-707 8000 • Centurion 012-621 6300 • Meadowdale 011-657 2400 • Boksburg 011-823 0000

Allan and Richard Hirsch


0861 HIRSCH (44 77 24)




E & OE T’s and C’s apply



Woensdag, 9 April 2014

80’s se musiek op album vasgelê LOUISA STEYL @lounotes

Lukas de Beer gesels oor sy album, Storm op Jupiter.


oe kan ons Afrikaanse musiek vat en dit rêrig ’n tipe van 80’s geur gee?” Dis die vraag wat die plaaslike sanger, Lukas de Beer, en die vervaardiger, Helmut Meijer, gevra het toe hulle aan Lukas se debuut- album begin werk het. Alhoewel hy al baie liedjies vir ander kunstenaars geskryf het, het hy eers onlangs sy eie album, Storm op Jupiter, bekend gestel. “Dis iets wat al kom van my kinderdae af,” sê Lukas van sy musiek. Hy was elf of twaalf toe hy al in sy eerste orkes gespeel het. Lukas sê dat daar ’n klomp dinge in sy lewe is wat saamgekom het, sodat hy die stap kon neem om sy eie musiek op te neem. Hy het al baie van die materiaal op die album klaar geskryf en hy’t homself afgevra: “Waarvoor wag ek?”. “Dis nie asof ’n ou jonger word nie en dis nie asof die tyd meer raak nie,” spot hy. Toe Lukas en Helmut besluit het om die album op te neem, was hul kriteria dat hulle musiek wou maak wat vir hulle mooi is, ongeag of dit op die radio gespeel sou word. Albei hou van die 80’s, asook rock-musiek, en Lukas sê dat hulle ’n bietjie van ’n soft rockbenadering gehad het.

Musikaliteit Toe Lukas en Helmut ontmoet het om oor die album te gesels, was Helmut toevallig die vorige aand by ’n Mike and the Mechanicsvertoning en die twee het besluit om te sien of hulle nie iets van die musikaliteit van daardie era kan vasvang nie. Lukas was bietjie bekommerd dat die album te divers is, maar hy sê dieselfde skrywer, musikante en vervaardiger maak dat die tien liedjies op die ou einde tog bymekaar pas. Hy sê die inspirasie vir sy liedjies kom van die school of hard knocks. Van die liedjies is

What’s On | Wat’s Waar V Wit Manne se Wapens met Gys de Villiers is vanaand (Woensdag) by Die Boer te sien. R120. Bespreek by of 021 979 1911. V Art@Artscape, a solo art exhibition by comedian Casper de Vries, runs at Artscape’s Marble Foyer from today (Wednesday) until Sunday 20 April. V Andriëtte Norman en haar orkes: Schalk Joubert (baskitaar), Sven Blumer (kitaar), Simon Orange (klawers) en Tim Rankin (dromme), is Donderdag en Vrydag by Die Boer te sien. R140. Bespreek by of 021 979 1911. V Steve Lovemore will be at Villa Pascal on Friday with Klaza Kalish and Other Stories. R80. Call 021 975 2566 or visit to book.

10 jaar oud en hy sê: “Ek dink moeilike tye laat jou ophou en laat jou mooi dink wat aangaan.” Hy glo ook dat moeilike tye goeie materiaal gee vir skrywers. “My geloof is ook vir my ’n groot inspirasie,” vertel hy. “Ek sou nie ’n lyn wil deurtrek en sê hierdie is heilig en hierdie is sekulêr nie. Vir my is alles sacred.” Buiten Helmut, is die musiek van JP Crouch op dromme en Sven Blumer op kitaar, asook die stemme van Konstand Spies en Uys Visser, op die album te hoor. Lukas het met musiek grootgeword en albei sy ouers is ook musikante. Sy pa het kitaar gespeel en sy ma het gesing en hulle het ’n orkes gehad toe Lukas klein was. “Ek onthou ons het altyd in die huis musiek gehad, altyd.” Hy was net vyf jaar oud toe hy sy eerste kitaar gekry het en op ses begin lesse kry het, maar toe hy sy baskitaar gekry het, was hy verlief. Dis nou rondom dié tyd dat hy sy eerste orkes begin het. “Dit was vet pret,” sê hy. Wanneer hy nie sy eie musiek speel nie,

speel hy ander kunstenaars se musiek op die radio as ontbytomroeper by Radio Kaapse Kansel. “Vir ’n musikant is dit ’n uitdaging om so vroeg wakker te word.”

Meesters Hy is ook besig met sy meestersgraad in bestuursafrigting en hy fokus spesifiek op mense in die kreatiewe bedryf. Hy het ook drie kinders wat hom besig hou, terwyl sy vrou ’n dokter by ’n noodeenheid is. Sy plan is vir eers om vir die volgende tydjie Storm op Jupiter in die land te bemark. Hy was al klaar Gauteng toe vir ’n media-toer en beplan ’n toer in Junie. V Vir meer oor Lukas en sy musiek, besoek sy Face­ bookblad of volg hom op Twitter by @lukiedebeer. V Lukas is vandeesweek op die Orange Couch met ’n voorsmakie van sy nuwe album. Besoek www.ty­ om sy optrede te sien. WEN! WEN! WEN! V Twee lesers kan elk ’n kopie van Storm op Jupiter wen. Besoek om deel te neem.

Paasproduksie aangebied Volbring – Verkondig en besing! is ’n nuwe Paasproduksie wat op Woensdag 16 April deur die gospelkunstenaar, Alwena van der Vyver, aangebied word. Alwena tree op as sanger, samesteller en musiekverwerker. Sy en haar medesangers, Ivan Siegelaar en Liamé Deminey, word bygestaan deur Anrich Herbst as stemkunstenaar/voorleser/ sanger, met Braam Potgieter as begeleier en Thomas de Bruin as dwarsfluitspeler. V Die produksie is by Die Boer op die planke. Bespreek kaartjies teen R90 by 021 979 1911.

V Wit Manne se Wapens met Gys de Villiers is Vrydag in die Ou Meulteater te sien. R120. Bespreek by 083 564 0056 of V Patrick Canovi and Natalie will be at Johnny Fox every Friday from 20:00. Call 021 558 0686 to book. V Slowbone will be at Just Wine in Milnerton on Sunday from 16:00. R20. Call 061 490 1694 for more information. V The Belhar Collective will play two hourlong sets, at 13:00 and 16:00, at the Food Court at GrandWest on Sunday. V Apollo Saxophone Quartet (UK) will be performing at the Hugo Lambrechts auditorium on Sunday from 15:30. Tickets cost R80 and R120 and are available at the door or on 021 939 9105. The group will also host a sax­ ophone symposium on Monday and saxop­ hone master classes on Tuesday. Email for more. V Chris Chameleon is Sondag om 16:00 met Daniella Deysel en Sarel Fourie in sy vertoning, Drie Vriende, in die Ou Meulteater te sien. R120. Bespreek by 083 564 0056 of V God die Digter met TT Cloete, Babette Viljoen, Olga Leonard is ter viering van TT Cloete se 90 jaar Dinsdag by Die Boer te sien. Regie is deur Lize Beekman. R100. Bespreek by of 021 979 1911. V The next Memories and Melodies con­ cert takes place at the Bellville Civic Theatre at 10:30 on Wednesday 16 April with Shirley Sutherland and Michael Blake. R45. Call Cynthia on 021 976 1227 to book.

Gee ‘breek’ ’n nuwe betekenis: Breek, ’n produksie deur tien jong opkomende kunstenaars van The Stage Performing Arts School and Theatre is Vrydag en Saterdag by The Stage ten bate van Adopted Heart te sien. Die produksie fokus op die eenvoudige woord met dieper betekenis: breek met abstrakte uitbeelding van verskillende tipe breke. Breek bestaan uit sang, choreografie en toneelspel, wat gelei word deur die bekwame Marika van Heerden, Adele Rix en Yolandé Rabé. Vertonings van Breek was uitverkoop by vanjaar se Woordfees en die groep sal in Augustus by die Kalfiefees in Hermanus optree. Kaartjies kos R60 plus ’n pak weggooidoeke of babaformule ten bate van Adopted Heart. Bespreek by of 082 817 6016.

Woensdag, 9 April 2014



Computer boffins earn honours

Parklands College has been placed on the Computer Olympiad Talent Search Honours List. They are one of three schools in the Western Cape and one of seven schools nationally on this list. The competitors are, from left, Ural Jonathan Alp, Ashley Minshall and Emile Tredoux, who obtained 100%.

The Parklands College class representatives collected Easter Eggs throughout the quarter. These have been donated to the local Lions Club and a charitable organisation in Dunoon.

Teon en Danyn is hier met die Expresso­aanbieders, Katlego Maboe en Elana Afrika­Bredenkamp.

Twee sing land aan die brand DESIREÉ RORKE @dezzierorke

’n Elfjarige tweeling van Philadelphia, albei studente van die Riana van Wyk-musiekskool in Brackenfell, is besig om opspraak te maak in die musiekwêreld. Nie net bekoor Teon en Danyn White gehore met hul unieke en pragtige harmonieë nie, maar ook trek hulle baie media-aandag met hul “plat-op-die-aarde-kindwees-houding” te midde van groot sukses. Die duo het al selfs op die gewilde ontbytprogram, Expresso, opgetree, nadat hulle onlangs genader is vir ’n lewendige optrede in die ateljee van SABC 3. Die prestasie is ’n riem onder die hart vir hul sangonderwyser, Riana van Wyk. “Die tweeling maak die afgelope tyd geweldig opgang. Hulle het ’n paar jaar gelede ’n tuisgemaakte musiekvideo op YouTube gelaai, wat tans al meer as 12 000 kykers gelok het,” vertel sy. “Alhoewel dit as ’n tegniese produksie nie werklik hul talente na vore gebring het nie, is hulle baie opgewonde oor hul eerste ‘rêrige’ musiekvideo,” sê sy. Dié musiekvideo, wat eersdaags die lig gaan sien, was deel van die prys as algehele wenners van 2013 se Solis vir Christus-sang-

kompetisie, wat jaarliks deur Kruiskyk aangebied word. Hulle het ook die afgelope naweek by die KKNK opgetree saam met hul sangmaat, Nadia van der Westhuizen, ook ’n student van Riana van Wyk. Nadia het verlede jaar opslae gemaak met haar optrde in SA’s Got Talent, waarin sy as finalis geëindig het. Die drie tree gereeld saam op en besoek aftreeoorde waar hulle senior burgers vermaak. “Dis ’n voorreg om hulle te onderrig. Hulle is tipiese tienerseuns wat nog wil speel en kind bly solank hulle kan. Hul sangsukses op so ’n jong ouderdom, is nie vir hulle ’n groot ding nie. Hulle geniet elke oomblik daarvan om kind te wees en wanneer hulle op die verhoog klim, sal ’n mens nooit sê hulle het nou net iewers op die speelterrein baljaar nie. “Hulle is gefokus en vul mekaar se stemme aan met ’n harmonie wat ’n mens nie sommer by opkomende sangertjies van hulle ouderdom vind nie. Hulle is werklik talentvol,” spog Riana. Die tweeling het ook onlangs hul eerste CD vrygestel. Vir ’n video-opname van hul onlangse optrede by Expresso, besoek ons webtuiste by



Woensdag, 9 April 2014

Woensdag, 9 April 2014




Waar kopers verkopers ontmoet

: 0860 11 75 20 -








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NOTICE OF SALE OF BUSINESS Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 34 (1) of the Insolvency Act, No. 24 of 1936, as amended, that Valortrade 1073 CC (Registration No. 1999/029745/23) intends to transfer its Petrol Station business conducted under the name and style of Total Auto Centre - Diepriver from the premises generally known as 55 Main Street, Diep River, Cape Town, 7800, Western Cape, on a date not less than 30 (thirty) days and not more than 60 (sixty) days after the date of last publication of this notice. DATED at Cape Town on this the 29th day of January 2014 .

Valortrade VERKOOP VAN SAAK Ingevolge art.34(1) van die Insolvensiewet, nr 24 van 1936, soos gewysig, geskied kennie hiermee dat VALORTRADE 1073 BK (Registrasie nr. 1999/029745/23 van voorneme is om sy vulstasie onderneming wat sake doen onder die naam en styl van Total Auto Centre - Dieprivier, vanaf die perseel algemeen bekend as Hoofweg 55, Dieprivier, Kaapstad 7800, Wes-Kaap, oor te dra op 'n datum nie minder as 30 (dertig) dae en nie meer as 60 (sestig) dae nie vanaf die datum van laaste publikasie hiervan. Gedagteken in Kaapstad op 29 Januarie 2014. BARTOZEST (EDMS) BPK., Sandpiperstraat 12, Florida-meer, roodepoort, Gauteng, Suid-Afrika 1709, Posbus 627, Florida Hills 1716. Tel. 083 944 9177. Verw: Nathan Hittler.






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. DECKSTER'S CATERING DÉCOR / HIRING Decor / Hiring. Menu's from R120.00. Includes: crockery, cutlery, white tablecloths, white chair covers organza backdrop, arch & red carpet ( Ielaahm or Rene 021 3714507 / 0823249486 .


Spitbraai Specialist Any weather conditions. Tel:Swannie 0832876746

. LOKAAL OP R44, 6KM BUITE STELLENBOSCH OPPAD NA KLAPMUTS Van 30-300 mense spasie beskikbaar teen R40 per persoon onderhewig aan voorwaardes, gelisensieerde kroeg, toegeruste kombuis, spit en algemene braai. Verhoog, dstv met bigscreen, vir enige bymekaarkom, partyjie, ens. Kontak Michelle by 072 735 5696 of 021 889 9158


. A JOLLY JUMP -021 979 1729 Durbanville: Naomi 072 324 2607 . A JOLLY JUMP -021 979 1729 Durbanville: Naomi 072 324 2607 . All Weather Jumping Castles & Waterslides. Free delivery/ collection in Northern Subs. See for prices/pics. (0836512570/ 0219110595 (a.h.) . JUMPING CASTLES Northern Suburbs 0747438473 . JUMPING CASTLES 4 HIRE Tel: 0219351773 / 082 4576807 0R 0825941796 . WELGEMOED J/Castles & W/slides. 072 147 4414 .



DAYCARE GOODWOOD R900 p/month, ages 2-4 years % 021 591 4750 / 076 793 4545



. AGAPE Driving school learner + driver's lessons code 8+10+14. Patient Instructors % Lorraine 082 336 0391 . ALL CODES: Learners classes, driving lessons code 8. Contact Charmaine 0722101774/0215912575 DRIVE DYNAMICS . DRIVE ALIVE DRIVING SCHOOL All Codes leaners classes Code 8 & 10 driving lessons 021 9112657 /0743003476 . DRIVE WITH TYGERBERG Safe Driving, K53 code 08 Special 3 lessons @ R360 0219303799/0826701766 .

LM Professional Drivers

Exclusivo Catering


1405 2011/145003/07 *Code 10 lessons 6hr-packages/R750 *Driving test truck/R500 Contact 072 968 1333 .



* Golden Produkte* Onafhanklike GNLD Verspreider. ( 0215532343 of 0721738763


HYPNOSIS CENTRE Tel: 021 975 3620 Kan help met ophou: Rook, Stres, Dwelms en Gewigverlies Kontak Elsie & Chris Britz

HEALER J FRANK * Troubled relationships * Financial problems * Magic wallet / stick PAY AFTER JOB IS DONE SMS 081 088 2412

. SH'ZEN CONSULTANTS NEED Free kit, conditions apply. %083 446 0517 .



A PROF ABU The Great Healer

King of financial problems Specialist in love & luck SMS 073 583 4399 .

CHIEF MBOMBA * Love problems * Sexual problems * Boosting your business * Solve your financial problems by using short boys and magic stick All problems R300 Call: 071 122 9909 . MARIAM Specialise in palm reading, business problems, financial, marriage / love problems,court cases, help with selling of property. Ph 061 793 1623 or email: .

MARVIN HERBALIST *Financial problems *Love problems *Financial growth *Amagundwane *Troubled marriages Call: 061 417 9213 CAPE TOWN


HERBALIST JUMA Money paid after your problem is solved. * Casino & Pass Exams *Business luck / boost *Business luck & get Rich *We give good luck and clean bad luck *Clear all Bad Debts *Promotion at work & increased salaries *We help you sell your assets quickly. 0783696387 .


* Financial problems * Love affair * Sexual problems * Lucky wallet * Pregnancy problem No matter what your problem is, make a call and be helped. Cell 083 489 2223 Tel 021 839 5773 .


*Financial problems *Magic wallet *Pregnancy problems *Win lotto / Casino *Loan problems *Lost lover *Amagundwane *Relationship problem

HERBALIFE 0219814697 Independent Distributor. ( André 0716843501 Beatrice 0826853428



. HEALER M JACOBS * Love problems * Troubled marriages * Financial growth * Magic wallet and luck * Money problems * Divorce quickly * Evil spirits 1 DAY RESULTS SMS YOUR PROBLEMS 073 968 9959


% 078 601 5016


SPITBRAAI KING DURBANVILLE Whole lamb in 2 hours CATER 4 ALL FUNCTIONS Tel: 021 976 3939 Tel: 083 457 1060


MAMA AULLAH Financial problems & Work Troubled marriage & relationships Court Cases & Luck Pregnancy problems and all life problems 073 880 3031 021 828 9043 .



With muti shop. Help in all problems. Athlone 078 1192924/0218382737

F. RIYAZI * Love problems * Manhood * Financial problems Unfinished jobs. Same day results 083 622 4738 .


*Troubled marriages *Financial problems *Love problems *Evil spirits *Job promotion * Boost Business * Rats, magic stick 4 Luck Cape Town/Parow % 073 145 0106 .

STOP SUFFERING Prophet Dindo is here to help u in the following problems Lost Lovers & settle marriages Divorce & Court cases spiritual Loans & Financial Problems Luck in gambling & casino Promotion at work & Boosting Business Pregnancy Problems Unfinished/delayed job free. Kraaifontein Call 078 748 8298 .

Strong Herbalist Papa Pio Pay after work is Done Financial Problems Relationship Problems Business, job problems Bad Luck Promotion at work Quick sell of property Boost of business Body pains Call 073 217 2871 Parow .


* Bring back lost lover * Win Lotto/ Cassino *Magic Wallet - R350 * I give good luck & fight bad luck * Clear all bad debts * Promotion at work & Increase salaries * Marriage problems solved. Call 084 712 9251

Hot Red H o t Deals R20 000 – R5 Million

One Easy Payment

Open Mondays - Saturdays

L o a n s & D e b t C o n s o l i d a t i o ns

R 20 000 082 257 4164 R 40 000 078 095 5017 R100 000 You Need : SA ID, Payslip, Latest R200 000 Bank + Account Statements for All

021 949 0458

Complete the ONLINE APPLICATION & Fax to: 086 268 2902

Bellville: Worcester:

WAPP or SMS your Name, ID, Salary, Town & Total Debt to:



from R 500pm

from R 900pm from R1 500pm from R2 800pm

T&C apply for All Deal Assessments

Inside ABSA Bank, 32 Voortrekker Road, 4th Floor (Opposite Shoprite) Tel : 021 949 0458 77 Adderley Street Tel : 023 342 5501 / 023 342 8496

Visit us Monday - Saturday for your same day deal! Loans & Consolidations and so much more!

Send a “Please Call Me” to: 071 440 2535

20 TYGERBURGER Table View .



DEBT CONSOLIDATION LOAN Up to R230 000 Blacklisted welcome immediate reply Office 605, 18 Lower Burg Str Cape Town 021 836 5840

. Attorney: Divorce, Criminal Matters 0219493619 Rob v.d. Linde .


BOEDELS Testamente, egskeidings, voorhuwelikse kontrakte. Bel Gideon 0219484872 Meyer Nel Prokureurs

. EGSKEIDINGS, Boedels, ens Cap van Tonder 0219305721 . EGSKEIDINGS,strafhof ens. Buks vd Schyff 083 462 9298 .

Haywood DE Bruyn Attorneys Divorce Law Will & Estates Motor Vehicle Accidents Tel: 021 946 2412 21 First Avenue Boston, Bellville

. REGSVERTEENWOORDIGING In alle strafsake. 021 913 9767 .







A BRIDGING LOAN Waiting for Pension/Package payouts? SMS or send "please call me" 082 301 7856 Ph: 0860 105 546

. AA PAWN ANY VEHICLE Lowest interest 5%. ( 0820589735) . AANBIED ANY CAR PAWN 0219872277 / 0825584836 . AANBOD: Pawn your vehicle 0219756166/ 0842474726 .

Are u waiting on a PENSION /PROVIDENT payout? Lump sum only. Sms/Call: 0768867655 .





2de Handse Meubels. % 083 310 1081. .

. Consolidate all Debt Pay 1 Instal. Call / Sms HELP 021 829 0327 / 0848591889




. ACCURATE PSYCHIC THORA Reading & help 072 455 6862 .

ADS EGSKEIDINGS Ons kom na u toe. (0219794848 / 0828241041





AANDAG BETAAL KONTANT VIR ALLE 2DE-HANDSE meubels, beddens, sitk.stelle, yskaste, stowe, elektriese ware, kombuisware, breek-goed, beddegoed, klere, ens. ( 0215587546/ 0824100405


2ND HAND BUILDING MATERIAL Tel 021 932 7200 071 382 7804 We buy & sell, collect & deliver baths, toilets, basins, doors, windows, etc.

BELASTING Opgawe en konsultasie Individue en klein besighede Quantum Portefeuljes 0824983738 of 0219751615 .

MAGDALENAHUIS Is op soek na Ricardo Wiese i.v.m. dringende familieskae. Kontak Mev. Barry 021 948 3637 Verw: MG 2007/02 .

PSYCHIC MIA For accurate answers to all problems, SMS your name, date of birth and a specific question to 38381. R10 per sms

ATTENTION CASH PAID FOR ALL SECONDHAND FURNITURE, Beds, lounge suits, stoves, fridges & bric a brac. 0215587546/ 0824100405 . CASH For Baby Cots, prams & car seats.We Collect. 078 263 2311 . GESOEK lewend of dood, ys/vrieskaste, stowe, wasmasjiene, mikrogolfoonde. 0736084652

WEDDINGS . A BETTER AFFORDABLE MARRIAGE From Marriage Officer- Patrick 0741004701 / 021 9115357






AK WENDY'S Cash D.I.Y. 3 x 6 - R4300 3 x 9 - R6300 3 x 3 - R3300 3 x 7 - toilet + basin R7 000 082 621 4441/021 3935475 Free buglar bars + lining

MUSIEKSKOOL. Klavier, klawerbord, kitaar, blokfluit, orrel, viool, tjello, teorie. 021 981 2696 / 083 261 5854


. 1635

A1 FURNITURE SHOP Koop alle tweedehandse beddens/meubels/ breekware. KOM DADELIK 0835651685/0219824176 .

AANDAG AAN ALMAL DIRK BETAAL KONTANT Vir alle 2de-handse meubels, kombuisware, ens. 0215589815/ 0824432640 . AARON WANTS ENTIRE Home Contents. Best Prices. 021 557 9900 / 074 554 6614 . ATTENTION ALL BAREND BUYS 2ND HAND FURNITURE & APPLIANCES FOR CASH Beds, fridges, wardrobes etc. Call now (0828482880

. AANKOPER van boeke en boekversamelings.KONTANT 0215923460 / 0844360842 . EK KOOP BOEKE en langspeelplate. 0826708987

Ons koop en verkoop alle bruikbare meubels. KOM DADELIK. ALLE AREAS WERNER 083 5651685/0219824176

. A.B. BUILDERS Building & Renovations NRBC REGISTERED %078 111 3306


MOBILE DOG WASH & DIP Good service, low rates. Hennie ( 0762201607


TE KOOP Opregte AMERICAN Pitbull Hondjies (ongeregistreerd) 7 weke oud/Goeie bloedlyn (Zebo/Carver/Red-Nose IngeĂŤnt en ontwurm, R1800 elk Kontak 071 414 2340 .


''MAAK TOE'' Met Vibracrete Mure of Verhogings. ''Spikes'' Kontak: Willie Els 0765825942 / 021 9873369






. AANDAG ALMAL: ALLE GROOTMENS-DOEKE beskikbaar. Laagste pryse in die Wes-Kaap. Skakel Vera of Dian Tel: 021 5911104 .




!!! DEBT !!!

. Amanda of ( 0219397839 0822218014. Beste kontant vir goeie dames-, mans-, kin-derklere en -skoene. Gordyne en beddegoed asook kombuis-ware. Ek kom haal.







021 592 0487 083 289 6674



. A MARRIAGE OFFICER Get married anytime, anywhere. Phone 0219305119 / 0828524571 . Absoluut die beste! Professionele Fotograaf: Troues, ens. ( 0219137105/ 0834402040 .



. BOUSAND & KLIP Bruinklip, Rivierklip, Kompos, Topsoil. Klein en Grootmaat. Teerwerk, Plaveisel, Bouwerk. Skakel: 021 9305411 .


•Affordable Pricing •Personal Supervision •3 Standard Rooms R350 Northern Suburbs

. OLD CUTLERY&SILVER Wanted 082 4564104 . WANTED All military items, swords, bayonets, war medals, old coins, bank notes, stamps, old wind-up watches, antique jewellery, silverware Tel: Mac 076 104 8511 .

5M, SAND, STONE, Tel: 082 709 6443


. NEW TECH MAT DROOGSKOONMAKERS DRY CARPET CLEANERS TIRED OF WET CARPETS? TRY THIS WITH OUR NEW TECNOLOGY! •Sparkling clean, deodorized, disinfected and 90% Dry •No powder or steam only using Quality Carpet Shampoo

. DIAMANTE/GOUD. Voor u Verkoop: Raadpleeg my eers. BESTE PRYS: 0837774177 . GOUD & DIAMANTE BENODIG 021 5911138 / 0824564104




ALLE WEER DROOG - Matte & Skoonmaak van bekleedsel / Matrasse-nat. Deon 084 5648225


Voertuig op jou eie naam? Kontant dadelik beskikbaar! 083 454 2807 PERSONAL


. A SPECIAL CARPET CLEANING SPECIAL 3 Bdrms for R350 6 Seater Couches for R350 Beds, Curtains & Cars Contact Rob 0792484296 web email .

Stel jy belang in kwaliteit sangafrigting? % Lindi 083 736 7489 of e-pos:


. VOLMAAN-vriendskapsklub. Enkel en alleen, op soek na jou sielsgenoot? % Elize, 0218010580 / 0713402290 .

R1 000 tot R250 000. SWARTLYS kan ookgehelp word. VIR VINNIGE HULP Tel: 078 505 7696 Faks: 086 511 8277




. SIENER / PSYCHIC Pieter 0219103499





Woensdag, 9 April 2014






$POT CA$H "THERE IN A FLASH" We BUY 2nd Hand Furniture & Appliance Tel: 021 591 5708 GOODWOOD

. Ek koop antiekeware,juweliersware , speelgoed, kombuisware, linne, skilderye, ornamente & meubels Skakel Anita 0829638877 .




      !  !  "    



. ALLE Plaveisel. Goeie verwysing. 0761244713 . AWILL BOUERS. NHBRC- gereg. Aanbouings, strukturele betonwerk, nuwe huise, afdakke & verfwerk. (William 0722297619 . BRC CONSTRUCTION Bou van nuwe huise, aanbouings, verbeterings, plaveisel, verfwerk teĂŤlwerk, dak herstelwerk, oprig van afdakke en oprig van grens mure. (steen & vibacrete) Ons klop enige geskrewe kwotasie! Tel: 021981 1104 Faks: 086 725 4662 Ben: 076 129 6289 Martin: 081 825 7642 /

ERVARE TWEETALIGE HONDE-OPLEIER Saterdaemiddae:Kuilsrivier Volgende groep: Mid April Bel Chris by: 021 8514303/082 590 7660 .



CARPORTS/ PATIO COVERS Best prices for the best quality from reputable 22 year old business. 0834148103/ 0218581873


. BEST CASH PAID PER ITEM For: Clothing, Furniture, Appliances. 082 419 1110/ 021 555 3111 .


CORWA BOUERS Alle tipe bouwerk. Bouwerk vanaf braaikamers tot Ek betaal KONTANT grensmure asook opknap Vir 2de handse en nuwe van bestaande huise kleure, skoene, beddegoed, gordyne, breekgoed, potte, Opsit van hout afdakke as ook toemaak van panne,kombuisware & bestaande. meubels, alle elektriese Skakel: vir gratis ware,ensovoorts. kwotasie Cornel $ HARDE $ KONTANT $! Tel: Johan 074 474 4275 078434 8706

Room 1033, Pickbell Building 53 Strand Street, Cape Town

DEBT 5X2 120314


DARWIN BUILDERS FOR ALL YOUR Renovations and Building WE SPECIALISE IN Timber Decks Skimming Plaster Ceilings Boundary Walls Waterproofing For FREE quotations contact Boetie Stander Office: 021 9873822 Fax: 021 9872661 Cell: 0724076555 Email:darwinbuilders . HERMISYS (PTY) LTD CONSTRUCTION For All your desired Plans WE SPECIALISE IN: . Building of new Houses & Alterations (Add on's) . Building of boundary walls (Brick & vibracrete) . Garages & Carports (Galvanised) . Tiling . Plumbing . Painting . Paving For free Quotations Contact Dewald Gerber at 0827209247 or .

HOMECARE BUILDING PROJECTS . ALLE BOUWERK . PAVING . GRENSMURE . VERFWERK . ALUMINIUM: Windows & Doors Professionele diens. ( 0219762622/ 0839507870/ 0834419141


WENDYto 41911 and we will call you back


tel: 021 697 3530 | fax: 021 696 5397 | bbm pin: 2A4F4005 NO DEPOSIT CASH BACK









. STAAL HEKKE EN OMHEININGS Sien: of % 082 374 2565 .









ALLE BOUPLANNE Skakel Izak 021 981 4352 of 082 9200 839 .



Teken & ontwerp van nuwe huise & aanbouings. REG. MET SACAP. Skakel Riaan % 082 415 9696 % 021 930 8888 .

BOUPLANNE Billike fooie. Flink, kundige diens. 30 jr ondervinding estetiese ontwerpe. SACAP - Reg. Goedkeuring. Alle Ure:021 9038063 Mike 0835647227 .

BUILDING PLANS Excellent services and prompt delivery. Call Karel ( 0724465054/ 021 9814788 .




HOMES, OFFICES & SPRING CLEANING. 0219499082/074 3096830 .





R500 000 = R3000 p.m.

021 421 4991 081 284 6723 082 994 2052


Alle Bouplanne Vir nuwe huise en aanbouings. Skakel Louis 0219033730

. AERIAL SATELLITE SERVICES Have DStv/Aerial Problems? * No Signal? * Picture breaking up? * Re-installations? We do: Home Theatre, Extra Points, TOP TV install Call Vincent 0822689339 Same day response.


DSTV & AERIAL REPAIRS AND INSTALLATIONS Dstv packages for R599 HD PVR installations R1999. Cctv & Home Theatre. Service call repair charge of R150 Call: 0832882757 . DSTV INSTALLATIONS 0215580834 / 0828800843 CONTACT DEON . STEVE'S SATELLITE SERVICES DSTV & antennae installation (HD PVR), extra points, home theatre system. CONTACT: 073 161 0655 n

Woensdag, 9 April 2014 .

24HRS DSTV INSTALLATIONS Extra view, signal problems, HD PVR, surround sound, room points, re-inst & more. 079 881 4556 All areas.


. For fast, efficient, quality personal service Call Coenie at 072 365 3622

. ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS Registered and Qualified Call Patrick 0828368051 .



. Fridges & Deep Freezers wanted Working or not WILL PAY CASH! Tel: 072 592 2507 . FRIDGES WANTED Dead or alive. We will collect. Cash offer. (0717109299 . FRIDGES, tv's & double / single beds URGENTLY WANTED! (021) 911 3366 /083 377 7223 . GI ELECTRICAL Installations & C.O.C'S GORDON 0794640362 .


*Yskaste *Stowe *M/oonde ens. 021 930 0133 / 084 772 9753 . PRO FIX TV Repairs to all makes of TV's, Plasmas and LCD's. Free pick-up & deliveries. Aerial & DStv installations. 0219317616/ 0832949931


Installation Electrician T: John 076 073 7150

. 24/7 GASHERVUL en herstel op perseel. Yskaste, stowe ens. % 076 062 8674 . AFT AIRCON & FRIDGE Repairs Installations & services free quotes 0727876582 . AIR-CON & FRIDGE Repair, Installation, Services & Sales. 0219451376/ 0789011594 .


REPAIR: Fridges, Stoves, Washing machines,Tumble Dryers,Aircons,Dishwasher ON SITE REPAIRS. Tiaan 082 776 2393 / 021 917 1620 . ALL APPLIANCES REPAIRED ON SITE Fridges, stoves, washing machines with guarantee and regas from R180 Skakel Francois 0798381851


ALL AREAS ELECTRICIANS •Installations •Powertripping •Maintenance •Generators •C.O.C'S DANIE 082 362 7004 .

ALL HOUR ELECTRICIANS Special: Generators No Power Power Tripping Lights + plug points, renovations, prepaid meters Free Quotations Johan 072 908 7377 .

ALTYD KONTANT Vir jou yskas, vrieskas. werkend of nie - werkend 0820864752 . BESTE PRYSSE VIR YSKASTE Frieskaste - Werkend of nie. % 072 493 9332


BEST PRICES PAID FOR YOUR WORKING FRIDGE Up to R1000, we collect Call 0717109299 .



Fridges,washing machines, stoves, dishewashers & tumbledriers FREE QUOTES anywhere, anytime

Francois tel/Fax: 021 987 7775 or Cell: 072 588 4702

. Wasmasjiene, Yskaste & Stowe . Herstel deur mobiele werkswinkel (0219399338. 0746082411 .

WE DO REPAIRS On all appliances. Regassing done on all types of fridges @ R180. Tel. 0782128078 10 months' guarantee! .


. ON-SITE PC REPAIRS Upgrades, ADSL set-up Virus removal. Free Quotes WERNER at 0837880876 or 0219824951


ALL GARDEN & POOL MAINTENANCE Experienced & Reliable % 083 3130 732 . AM LANDSCAPING Trellises, plants, pots, pavers, water features, stone, bark & roll-on lawn. New & up-grading of irrigation systems. I beat any written quote. Anton 082 729 3811 .


Tuinuitleg, algehele skoonmaak, afsaag van bome, snoeiwerk. *PERSOONLIKE TOESIG* Tel: 021 903 1272 Tel: 082 775 0977 .

BLUESCAPE Well points and irrigation. Tel: 072 293 8270

. Boomsloop, snoei, verwyder ( 0219301258/0747892176 . CR MOUTON TUINDIENSTE Instandhouding van tuine Verwydering van tuinvuillis Verskaffing van kompos, topsoil, lawndressing & bas. Rudolph 0833568786 .



ALLE TEĂ‹LWERK vanaf R35 per m2 % 061 797 9155 / 081 065 7688


Built-in Cupboards

Vir beste prys, kwaliteit, in alle areas. Tel:Brian by 0219 495 001/082 8546051 .


(25 Years Exp) Free QUOTES On Site Colour 3D Designs Call Erica 084 611 2037



Bomag roller hire Repairs of all compaction equipment. Rollers, F/R plates, Rammers Contact: Josh 082 787 5760/ 021 905 2125 www. .





HOME MAINTENANCE Repairs & Renovations ARTHUR 0824935980 .

INGEBOUDE KASTE Sedert 1995. Kwaliteit! Gratis kwotasies % 083 270 4739



ACE TREEFELLING, Pruning, Stump Removal. Garden & rubble removal. Garage clean-ups R450 per load. Selwyn 0832676181 .

ACH GARDEN & HOME MAINTENANCE Rommel verwydering, Gras sny dienste, Skoonmaak van erwe. Algemene huis onderhoud. Snoei en afsny van bome Persoonlike toesig Anton 0712009618 / 071 2009616 .


TREEFELLERS Afsaag en snoei van bome en palms Hannes 082 082 3116

JAMACS KASTE Beste pryse en gehaltediens. Kombuis- en kamerkaste. Skakel Jacques 0837640249/ 0219823071. .


We beat any Realistic Quote % GLENTON 072 409 5224 .

RITTER PAVING, PRECAST & CIVILS Paving, tar, Vibrecrete walls, civils, steelwork, garage door/gate installations & automations, gas installation & maintenance. (Authorised installer.) Electric fencing. Quality service assured. 0860556666 0828995682



WATERPROOFING Flashing Decks Sealing etc. % Grant 078 592 3087 .

BUDGET PAVE Affordable Paving Call 0215596148 . BUILDING & ROOFING Paving, braai rms, boundary walls, bathrms, plumbing, garages,carports NHBRC 24/7. Plans guaranteed. Tel: 082 956 7776 / 021 982 1309

. MD PAINTERS - Painting of houses exterior/interior. Painting & cleaning, roofs, waterproofing Contact Mike 0790965325 . PAVING FRIEND: Special offer on cement pavers, any colour. Complete job from R128 per m2. Tel: 0716478026 .

ROOFCLEANING & MAINTENANCE Paintwork, Carports , Roofsand Building extentions. % STEVEN 083 991 5730 / 021 952 2403

. TAR AND PAVING Driveways, parking areas, lowering of curbs, etc. Call 079 289 6737 .

UNIVERSAL PAVING Gratis kwotasie vir alle areas Skakel 021 9454455 0732631191 (Mnr Boonzaaier)







KMS Plumbing



BAKKIE TE HUUR Sonder drywer R400 per dag Kontak: 082 680 6393


Willie 073 228 3929



BATHROOM RENOVATIONS SPECIALITY Repair/Replace Geysers All Plumbing Maintenance 021 976 9497 / 072 613 9555




Eienaar toesig. Free quotes

Tuinvullis verwydering. Tel 083 458 3416/988-0374










A BEST TILER All tiling wall and floor, from R30 m Call Desmond 0219883295/ 0725661281 . AHA Burglar Bars & Gates Tel: 021 933 1647 083 542 1097 of 021 909 1807 .

ALL TILING Do work myself, Mike 076 9364153 / 0219307015 . BEN THE HANDYMAN Carpentry: doors, ceilings, cupboards, facias. Painting. Laminated flooring. Security gates / fences. Carports. 15 yrs experience % Ben 074 627 1150

ELECTRICIAN Michael 021 939 2543/ 082 479 6083

. FIRST CHOICE TILING Tiling from R50 /sqm, Plumbing, bricklaying, Skimming, laminated flooring, painting, plastering and wallpaper hanging. Call 0744840288

Geyser replacements Blocked drains Bathroom renovations General maintenance

Qualified plumber Shane Carney Cell: 084 651 3596 Tel: 021 838 2927 .

STORAGE 4 U Brackenfell (naby Cape Gate) Vanaf R495 pm incl VAT 021 982 7426 Storage4

. AA ENGELBRECHT MEUBELVERVOER en stoor vanaf R300 p.m. Verpakking materiaal te koop. T: 0748981387/ 021 5920923 0832312964 of 021 981 3053 .

AMAZING MOVES ( 0219314427/ 0837230263 .


 1+ *1 +'   1+ *1 &+

. ABRIE VERF/PAINT 0219816805/0833283628






PAINTING INTERIOR *Exterior*Redecorating &*General maintenance % Grant 078 592 3087

Plumbers On demand For your personal service. Block drains, Geysers, Leak detection. 082 502 0362



A & Y Plumbing

Renovations& Blockdrains 083 5538553/0219304620 .

Tel: 021 948 3070 Tel: 083 326 5009 . 24/7 PLUMBING SERVICE & MAINTENANCE % Quinton 084 564 2451 .

. 1860

. 1.3-ton bakkie A2Z Transport anything. % 083 783 9458 . BOU-/TUIN-/MOTORHUIS -rommel. Tel: 0790259221 . BOUROMMEL VERWYDERING MELINDA 021 9305411 . Call Martin 084 907 5513 RUBBLE REMOVAL Garden Refuse, Renovation Rubble, Garage junk. .


DUMINY'S TRANSPORT Transport all goods from Cape Town to PE and all areas. All hours., Contact Heno 0845033097 .

. ROMMELVERWYDERING Tuin, ''Garage'& bourommel. 0837661792 . TUINVUILLISVER WYDERING. (0799453065 . VERWYDERING van alle vullis en bourommel asook skoonmaak van erwe. Louw, % 083 413 0701 Eienaartoesig.





  '     ( 30 /+/ +/00 , 30% # 00+3

 *".   )!$2 *  " )2 & .) * 2      1$..$"*  .$)  .* 2    !""#   !""# .



Beste Pryse en Diens % 083 610 1211

. PUIK SWEMBAD DIENS - Verwys. beskikbaar. % Joe 071 326 9454 .


Burglar Bars Gates, Fencing & Balustrade. Call Alex @ ABBG for a free quote.T:082 496 8760 .

DC STEELWORKS Sliding gates, palisade fencing, safety gates, burglar bars, etc. David, 0799130618

. HANDYMAN Need that household job done? Galloping Granddads of the Northern Suburbs. Call: Richard 082 5777 842


6 9. .(9 -(9

REYNECKE'S REMOVALS No move too small. Storage & packaging available. Tel./fax: 0215910375 / 0832274245 /0832331784



'3!, 92 - &1&  $!# $'4!%0#"'$,*%0 555*+$'4#,#,,*'*8

SWEMBAD DIENSTE *Pompe *Filters *Lekke Tel: DJ 072 589 2802





MR PAVING Alle plaveisel vanaf R120 per m2. Alls ingsl. % 072 132 5573





. BILLIKE pryse vir meubelvervoer.( 0219310328 e.t. .



. ALL paving best prices. 4 free quote: PAVEMASTER Eugene 0826774445 .

 + #,0! +))!%  #% %#', +3", %#7  #''+ 7 '30 5!0 +)0,  '3  00+,, '4+, 4!##




$)   ,%  )$

 % -$ # $)% .)% /)$%!$)"


TOILET PAPER 1 Ply in a pack of 24 R70.00 1 Ply in a pack 48 R120.00 2 Ply in a pack of 48 - R180.00 We also sell all kinds of household detergents, internal & external, such as car, garage etc. All orders more than R100-00 we deliver for free. Please call Clive. 079 882 7009 021 903 7393



MIKES HANDISERVE Your all round ''make nice'' Handiman Call Mike 083 4599 748 021 949 1285

. PALISADE FENCING, VIBRACRETE WALLS, GATES AND SECURITY SPIKES We install, or sell direct. Galvanised product, tailor-made, owner operated business. Contact Angela on 0836508563 .



. MEUBELVERVOER met persoonlike toesig. 0219451376/0833038684 .

TE HUUR Mobiele Kraan - 25 ton Verskeidenheid hyskraan trokke en sleepwaens % 021 981 0094

A2Z Mini Movers

Nolen's Transport

(Eienaars toesig) Tel: 083 255 6148



AAA TREE FELLING Pruning & Felling of Trees & Palms. STUMP REMOVAL

% Deneys Steyn: 083 7699286/0215589651 %Charl Steyn:0713470717 .



. 50 AVON Agente gesoek in Noord Voorstede. Antoinette. 0219192986/ 0829651992 . BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY vs. A JOB Do you want: Unlimited earning potential? To be in control of how & when you earn and to create an ASSET at the same time? Network Marketing is the answer and will turn your circumstances to financial freedom. This is the opportunity you've been waiting for to start your own business {Full/Part Time} Join us for our next presentation! Phone Elza / Bruce at 0836556894 or e-mail for more information .

A2B Afford-A-Move Enclosed truck Pierre 083 255 6148 .

. Te Huur: Bakkie met drywer in Bellville - 0799954815 .

EARN EXTRA MONEY By Selling Avon SMS Name/Area Tel: 074 602 7373


. 1.3 Ton Bakkie met Drywer in Bellville area - 0799954815 . 5 TON CLOSE TRUCK For Removals and Courier. (021 9341131 0827748511

RUBBLE 8-ton truck CALL 0828459998


Home &Office Removals Enclosed Truck Tel: 021 903 3013

. EKSTRA GELD! Verkoop van Avon - Produkte SMS naam na: 0829333986 .

SERVICES . ALL ACCOUNTING, tax, payroll & all Reg. 0219305310 .

Direct Value Motor Spares OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 8 TILL LATE 021 903 0711


22 TYGERBURGER Table View .

FURNITURE REMOVALS Countrywide, Big discount on Shareloads. Johan: 082 44 777 93 .










KLEINMOND (Erika 0825505585) Sec. self-cat. units. Avail. any time, from R350 p/n(2-4ppl)



. GORDONS Bay S/catering holiday accom. 6&8 sleeper from R1000p/n 0795224309.


PROPERTIES . . . . . . . . . . . . .




. ALL CANOPIES: Sell or Pawn. Instant Cash. Phone 082 058 9735 . GESOEK: Canopies, trailers, cars & bakkies. Pawn as well. 021987 2277/082 558 4836

. GOODWOOD Naby N1-Stad, 2 slpk., sekuriteitskompleks, ingeboude kaste, stoof, yskas, DStv-sein. Dep. R7 500. R4 500 p.m. Skakel 082 452 3417 tussen 08:00-17:00 . KUILSRIVIER For single person only, secure parking, semi furnished, R2500 water & electricity included, sober habits %082 372 5956 .



T LYNCH FITMENT CENTRE RHINO BAR PRODUCTS SABS Approved. Towbars, Nudgebar, Rollbar, Bush Guards, S/Steps ect. Accredited Fitters. Parow East Industria. OFFICE: 021 911 3575 .

BAKKIES & 4×2’s FOR SALE or HIRE 3010

. NORTHERN BAKKIE HIRE Bakkie Rentals R475/day. T&C Apply. Tel. 021 986 0016/ 072 803 8144 .



AANBOD Aan alle bakkie/motor eienaars. Ek benodig voertuie, enige model welkom. Skakel Marius 079 442 5550

Eenmans w/s, 3 vertrek, stort, w&e ing. R2 200 p.m. Privaat ingang. Nie-rook mans. Beskikb. 1 Mei 2014. 021 939 8229


Goodwood, Daffke Court - 2 bedr. flat @ R4 300.00. Available immediately. Close to transport & amenities. Goodwood, Moredou - 2 bedr. flat @ R4 500.00. Available immediately. Secure block with off street parking. Bellville, Karoo Court - Neat 1 bedr. flats from R3 500.00. Avail. immediately. Spacious, newly renovated. Close to transport and shops. Bellville, Idahof - Newly renovated bachelor flats @ R3 200.00, 1 bedroom flats @ R3 650.00 with fitted stove. Close to amenities. Available immediately. Rugby, Cecelia Court - 1 bedroom flat @ R3 350.00. Garage @ R350.00. Kitchen, bathr. and lounge. Close to transport and shops in Koeberg Road. Parow, Marshlou Court - Well maintained 2 bedr. flats @ R4 975.00, parking bay included consisting of a kitchen, lounge and bathroom. Close to Parow Municipality and transport. Goodwood, Alistar Court - Neat 1 bedr. flat @ R3 500. Kitchen, bathr. and lounge. Close to amenities. Available immediately. Goodwood, Hilda Court - 1 bedr. flat @ R3 400. Kitchen, bathroom and lounge. Close to President High School. Available immediately. Goodwood, Ardette Court 1 bedroom flat @ R3 250. Kitchen, bathroom and lounge. Close to amenities. Available immediately. Contact 021 426 1184/5 or visit our website:

. .

AANBOD AAN ALLE EIENAARS Ons koop nie-lopende of beskadigde voertuie vir kontant. Beste pryse. Ons verwyder gratis. Skakel 083 294 8428 of 021 949 9083 .

AANBOD ALLE BAKKIE/ MOTOR EIENAARS Kontant vir alle voertuie!

Skakel/SMS 074 404 8344 Nie-lopende voertuie welkom


AANBOD Ek soek nie-lopende, stukkende of ongelukbeskadigde voertuie. Ek betaal kontant en verwyder u voertuig gratis uit enige gebied Tel 021 949 6066 / 076 211 1620 . "ALL Bakkies, Cars, Micro Busses and Bikes Wanted." PHONE 082 058 9735 . Alle bakkies / motors gesoek. 021 97 56166 / 084 247 4726 . Alle bakkies / motors gesoek. 082 558 4836 /021 987 2277

. EDGEMEAD Fully furnished, suitable for single person, non smoker, no pets, R3100pm + W&E, avail.01.05.2014 %021 558 2576 / 083 653 4946 .














Sonstraal Heights – Belami Ridge 2 bed flat. 1 May. R4 200 Vredekloof – Aroma Park Village 2 bed flat. 1 May. R4 800 Fanie 082 551 8074 Chrizane 082 417 2487 Kraaifontein - Viking Villas 2 bed flats. Avail. imm. from R4 000 Kraaifontein 3 bed house. Avail. immed. R7 500 Somerset West – Victoria Park 3 bed house. 1 May. R5 500 Gordons Bay – Fairview Golf Village 2 bed flat. Avail. immed. R3 000 Sonja 082 964 3432 021 975 1770



. KLAPMUTS PINOTAGE ESTATE Koop direk van die ontwikkelaar met 100% verbande. Nuwe 2/3 slpk. huise, i.g.k., stoof, DStv-punt, grensmure, wasgoedlyn, landskapering, diefwering, veiligheidshekke en in sekuriteitskompleks. Pryse vanaf R459 900. Skakel Susan 082 515 5088



. D’Urbanvale. House to rent in upmarket security complex. 3 beds, 1 & half baths, double garage, patio with braai, small serviced garden. No pets. Available immediatly. R6 950.00 per month. Contact: 082 921 2851 . EIKENBOSCH ESTATE KUILSRIVIER Losstaande 3 slpk 1½ Badk huis, dubbel motorhuis in veiligheidskompleks R7 500 p/m. Beskikbaar 1 Mei. % 082 771 9106 . OUDE WESTHOF R8 500 p.m. 3 beds, 2 bath. Avail. 01/06/2014. OUDE WESTHOF R10 100 p.m. 3 beds, 2 x lounge. & 4 x garage. Available 01/05/2014. DURBANVILLE R16 000 p.m. 4 beds, large home, 3 bath & 4 x garage. Available 01/05/2014. BRIAN MOORE PAM GOLDING PROPERTIES 021 975 7209 083 651 7790


Luukse Aftreeoord 2 slpk. R890 000 Lewensreg 2 slpk. R1.1 miljoen Deeltitel SKAKEL 021 975 0408 Kantoor Ure 08:30-16:00 .

AFTREEOORDE SPESIALIS Huise te koop: Villa Cortona R1 880 000 2 slpk., 2 badk., ruim leefarea, toegeboude patio. Enkelmotorhuis. Woonstelle te koop: Villa Cortona 1 slpk. R850 000 Legato Hulpsorg w/stel. R495 000






2 slpk. R790 000 1 slpk. R690 000 SIEKEBOEG Beddens beskikbaar. BYSTAND VIR VERSWAKTES Beddens beskikbaar. SKAKEL 021 975 0408 Kantoor Ure 08:30-16:00 .

AFTREEOORD SPESIALIS LINETTE TEEPE EIENDOMME 071 413 0592 TE KOOP: Welverdiend * Luukse ruim eenmansw/stel op grondvloer met tuintjie. R800,000 SUNETTE 082 656 2852 Fairtrees * 2 slpk., 1 badk., mh. R1,450,000 Meerenbosch * Luukse 1 slpk. met baie ekstras. R785,000 Panorama Palms * 2 slpk., badk., mh. R1,224,000 (kontant) Vue du Cap * 2 slpk. huis, 2 badk., 2/3 leefareas, mh. R1,050,000 LINETTE 082 852 7632 TE HUUR: Klaradyn * 3 slpk., 2 badk., dmh. R6 800 p.m. Sunette 082 656 2852

Skakel of sms LENIE DU PREEZ 082 852 4593 . PAROW-NOORD Volle losies vir bejaarde dames in privaat woonhuis, 3 maaltye, wasgoed, medikasiebeheer en versorging ingesluit. Vanaf R4000 p.m. Skakel Sonya 021 939 5995 .


. BRACKENFELL Vir werkende enkel man. R1 850 p.m Skakel 084 626 5853. .






* Mature person with banking and marketing experience for our personnel finance department. * Sales persons for the retail department. * Technical experience required for our buy department.

Please send two page CV to: capegate@ .

POS VIR REKENMEESTER Professionele rekenmeestersfirma met takke in Somerset-Wes, Durbanville en Paarl wat ook as opleidingsentrum optree vir leerlingrekenmeesters, wil graag 'n nuweling werf vir ons Durbavnille tak. Suksesvolle aansoekers moet 'n derde jaar leerlingrekenmeester met nog een jaar SAIPA kontrak om te voltooi of 'n eerst jaar geregistreerde profesionele rekenmeester by die SA instituut vir Profesionele Rekenmeesters (SAIPA). Vereiste: Moet toepaslike B-graad voltooi hĂŞ by aanvangs.

. Earn good money now Urgently looking for reliable & available people, all races and Characters for 3x TV Series & TV Commercials – ages 18-65, No experience needed, call us on 021 447 9459 . EMPIRE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PTY LTD Reg. No.: 2012/233199/07 HOSPITALITY STAFF NEEDED * Waiters 120 * Bar Staff 80 * Housekeepers 55 * Chefs - enquire at office. For an interview, call Jamie 074 414 2795 (Whatsapp) Elvis, 078 5873289 (Whatsapp) 071 836 5790

KLEUTERSKOOL BRACKENFELL Juffrou 3-4 klassie. Assistent vir potjieklas. Toepaslike kwalifikasies en ondervinding. E-pos CV en 'n onlangse foto na .


benodig vir 3-4 jariges in Brackenfell. Verkieslik met ondervinding en ECD Level 4 of 5 opeleiding. Salaris onderhandelbaar afhangende van ervaring. Stuur 'n 2 bladsy CV na ghoempie.kleutersorg@ .

. Aandag Huisvrouens Betroubare inslaaphuishulpe beskikbaar. 021 981 2009 of 082 577 5307


Justine Cosmetics Earn extra, sell Justine. SMS name and area to 082 412 5505. .


*20 Receptionists/Office Admin staff *30 Cashiers *20 Barmen *30 Waitrons *20 Porters *10 Data Capturers *10 Cruize ship staff * 8 Flight attendents/Cabin crew *50 Cleaners/Housekeepers



. Wil jy 'n Agent word vir Avon justine en 'n ekstra inkomste verdien deur aan jou kollega's, vriende en familie te verkoop. Skakel my by 021 910 1665 of 083 392 2161 of e-pos my by

Opening 2 new Branches Need 20 Sales reps to start immediately. Must have own car No Exp. needed Full training provided App set by Co.


VOERTUIGEBESTUURDERS Het u u eie betroubare voertuig en geldige rybewys? Ouderdom 21 - 35 jaar? Verdien ekstra kontant deur saans in 'n prettige omgewing te werk. Skakel Chantelle tussen 10:00 en 16:00 by Tel 021 982 1876

Vir 3 dae per week. Relevante persoon moet betroubaar wees met kontakbare verwysings en Matriek. Iemand wat baie higiene bewus is en eie inisiatief gebruik.

. Sell Avon & earn extra Milnerton & Surrounds SMS NAME & AREA 0845585777

Call for proposal for accredited service providers to maintain quality Nursing/ Cleaning/Catering services.

Please deliver detailed proposal to above address. No telephonic conversations will be allowed.

Visit us at 112 Loop Street, Cape Town, or CALL 021 424 5949/ 021 820 3682/ 0780621672

Earn extra money by selling Avon Products. SMS name & area to 0845163353.

The Sarepta Old Age Home, Samuel Street, SAREPTA 021 906 0800

Submission date - on or before 14 April 2014 closing 16h00. If you have not heard from us by 28 April you can accept that you applicatiion was unsuccessful.




Providers must be registered with Cipro/Department of Labour and in possenssion of a Tax clearance Certificate (compulsory).


Fax asb jou CV na 086 7593553 of e-pos extrutekhr@ teen 18 April 2014.



GEREGISTR. VERPLEEGKUNDIGE Durbanville. Bestuur, Admin, Kommunikasie, Interpersoonlike Vaardighede, belangrik. 5-dag werkweek. CV aan: Dementia Tehuis

Nursing Coordinator.

. HOME CARE / ANCILLARY (ADVANCE) HOME CARE NURSING Courses, FREE Job placement Register + Accredited with HWSeta. Call 021 838 2728 (Bellville)





Intercare Parow Medical and Dental Centre seeks to recruit an ambitious, talented, goal-driven and self-motivated individual to fulfill the role of




Stylist wanted to rent a chair. Contact 072 669 8938


To apply call 021 903 0771



MEISIES/DAMES VANAF OUDERDOM 16 EN OP MET selfvertroue, wel ter tale en wat dit geniet om saans te werk. Geen vervoer nodig nie. Uitstekende kontantaansporings vir diĂŠ wat dit geniet om in 'n prettige omgewing te werk. Tel. Chantelle 0219812487 tussen 10:00 en 16:00.

HMR cooks urgently required for busy supermarket kitchen in the Northern Suburbs. Must have at leaste 5 years supermarket cooking experience. Send CV to 021 913 5322 or e-mail to

E-pos jou CV na voor 15 April 2014


Woensdag, 9 April 2014



. 3660

Beplande Nuwe Aftreeoord

Alle afgetredenis en beleggers Uitstekende geleentheid Durbanville / Brackenfell. Luukse ruim eenman, 1 & 2 slpk woonstelle alle dienste en fasaliteite ontwikkelaar het voorheen Welverdiend, 'n gewilde, suksesvolle aftreeoord ontwikkel. E-pos asb. u naam, telefoon no. en u behoeftes om op ons waglys geplaas te word. Fairtrees Manor Nuwe ontwikkeling in Durbanville vanaf R600,000 De Plattekloof Nuwe ontwikkeling in Plattekloof, verkope vanaf 01/09/2014. Linette 082 852 7632



Waiter Must have between 1-2 years exp. Must live in the Northern Suburbs. E-mail CV to .


Looking for a young energetic male, who is interested in the technical field. Must have a Grade 12, Drivers Licence and live in the Northern suburbs. Please email your cv aristelpabx@




Needed in Redken Salon at Parow Centre. Please contact us on 021 911 5837 or 079 771 4463

Qualifications/Requirements: •Grade 12 •Diploma/Degree in Nursing leading to qualification as Registered Nurse • 2-3 years experience within a supervisory position highly advantageous •Computer proficiency (MS Office) essential •SANC Registration as Registered Nurse Suitable applications can be sent to careers1@ Contact Lizl Rodrigues on 021 929 5500 for any enquires. .

Woensdag, 9 April 2014 .

. Ana Shivambo is looking for a mon. - fri. work call: 0781257487 . Andy, is looking for everyday or sleep in work exp. & ref. av. call: 0733779817 . Aphiwe, 28 yrs, is looking for full time work call: 0834916860 . Belinda, 28 yrs, is looking for a every day cleaning or domestic work call: 0839815818 . Blessing is looking for a 5 days job , 3 yrs exp. call: 0745303414 . Bukeka is looking for Domestic or cleaning work call: 0783754106 . Francisca is looking for a job call: 0788540597 . Gloria is looking for char or every day work call: 0832188109 . Gugulethu is looking for 5 days job, 3 yrs exp. call: 0765894770 . Jennifer is looking for a domestic job 3 or 5 days a week call: 0783335698 . Joyce Jwayi is looking for Fri & sat char work 4 yrs exp. call: 0738700259 . Juliet is looking for domestic work mon. - fri. hard worker. call: 0834228283 . Linah is looking for a 3 days char work call: 0765894770 . Lulama, is looking for 5 days char work ref. & exp. av. call:0837442370 . Mandisa is looking for domestic work mon - fri. 4yrs exp. call: 0718739175 . Monica is looking for 2 days char work call: 0765894770 . Monica is looking for a 3 days char work 10 yrs exp. call: 0765894770 . Monica, is looking for 3 days char work call: 0765894770 . Mrgaret is looking for 4 - 5 days job call: 0715847376 . Ncediswa Sekemba is looking for domestic work call: 0713422744 . Ncumisa Nomgcana is looking for a every day job. Call: 0710627196 . Nokuzola 25 yrs is looking for a job call: 0830526822 . Nolitha is looking for 2 days char work tues.& thur. call: 0737491669 . Noludwe is looking for a full time job call: 0730463272 . noluthan , 23 yrs, is looking for domestic, cleaning & char work call: 0725140300 . Nozuko Mtolo is looking for domestic or nanny work call: 0788428504 . Portia is looking for a cleaning job mon. - fri. call: 0738189730 . Portia is looking for a full time job. Call: 0787357789 . Shailety is looking for a 5 days job, 2 yrs exp. call: 0604647722 . Tabisa, is looking for domestic or char work, h/keeping course & Nanny training ref. av. Call: 0792550979 . VALENCIA. Available Mon., Tues. and Thurs. Contactable references. Tel: 072 359 0706 . Valerie is lookin for Tues., thur. & saterday charwork good ref. call: 0849579346 . Veronica is looking for a 3 days char work good ref. call: 0767432260 . Veronica is looking for mon. - fri. domestic work Call: 0788300244 . Victoria is looking for a Mon. - fri. work or chars call: 0738195656 . Vivian, is looking for a job, 27yrs 7 yr cleaning xp. Call: 0735597428 . Wiueka is looking for domestic work call: 0722094359



Viamed Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd. T/a VetsMart Payroll & HR assistant Payroll experience in any payroll package VIP Classic an advantage General admin and PA experience The successful candidate will act as an assistant to the Operations and HR Director in conjunction with payroll duties Send CV to 086 694 7976 Email: .



ACT NOW Looking for harwordking ambitious people. 18 - 25 Salesman needed. NO experience necessary. Rapid advancement possible. Own car a must. STARTING earnings potential of R12 000 per MONTH. Call for a interview & start ASAP CALL or SMS name, age, area to 072 623 0516 .

COUNTER SALESMAN REQUIRED Applicant must have a valid driver's license. Knowledge of steel and hardware would be a big advantage. Company situated in Kuilsriver. Please e-mail your CV to pattymyburgh@ .


. 45 yrs old women is looking for mon. - fri. char work exp. av. call: 0782582376 . Amanda is looking for Wed. & Sat. char work call: 0717830369




CALL TO BE EMPLOYED NOW 20 Housekeepers /cleaners, 13 Cashiers, 16 porters 10 data capturers, 8 waitrons, 12 bartenders 11 Call centres, 16 Bank tellers, 5 Cruise ship attendants, 7 flight attendants, 8 Receptionists 17 Heerengracht Street, Pier House, 7th Floor, office 701, Next to Park Inn Hotel Cape Town Call: 021 828 2416 / 081 8277 046 /079 485 5896


Scratch or dent your car?

Don’t want to pay the insurance excess and lose your no-claim bonus?

Let us remove those minor scratches and dents and make your car beautiful again. Personal & Professional Service. Please call Auto Dental Centre on 021 949 0713

Let asseblief daarop dat die spertyd vir plasing van geklassifiseerde advertensies stiptelik as volg is: Maandae om 16:00 Skakel gerus ons kontaksentrum by 086 011 7520/21 om u advertensies te plaas.












R120 Per Room Loose Rugs - R80 - R150 6 Seater Lounge Suite - R450 * Minimum R380 Collect/Deliver - Loose Rugs

Email: .


Mon - Sat 8am - 5pm Email queries:



· · · ·

· · · ·

Packaging Sauces Spices Detergents



WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ? If you are catering, then we have what you need




021 951 7561 7671

Fax 021 951 Email our Rep :


KINGSWAY COLLEGE For Computing & Business Study

www. #Project Management # Electrical Engineering # Civil Engineering # Mechanical Engineering # Tourism # Public Management # Marketing Management # Human Resource # Business Management # Public Relations #English & Xhosa # Police & Traffic # Information Tech (IT) # Bookkeeping # Economics & Accounting # Office Administration # Aviation courses # Vocational Courses #Pastel Accounting # Flight attendant # Database # System Support # Cert. Port E. Learning # Whole sale trade & Retail trade # Nursing # MATRIC - RE-WRITE SHORT & LONG COURSES 17 Heerengracht Str. Pier House, 7th floor, Office 701, next to Park Inn Hotel Cape Town. Tel: 021 421 9170 / 021 481 4287 / 021 828 2416 Fax: 021 418 7909




 Burglar proofing and Spanish bars.  Design steel fencing.  Driveway & Pedestrian gates.  Palisade fencing & Gates.  Custom made Carports.  Balustrades.  All steel products can be Hot Dipped Galvanised and or Powder Coated.  Manufacturing of Various Trailers.  Designs available to choose from or we will manufacture according to your design.  Available 24/7 after a break-in for temporary safeguarding




Workmanship Owner Supervised & Guaranteed



Tel/Fax 021 903 0804



is looking for DELIVERY PERSONEL with basic knowledge of computer hardware. E-mail CV to:




Hotels Restaurants Caterers Fast Foods

Suppliers of:



Call Marius 072 092 3875

Suppliers to:


Pieter Pieter 076 076 882 882 0307 0307


Cell 071 782 2811 Johan (owner) Cell 081 270 7688 Johnny Office 021 824 3998 E Mail .





NEVER compromise on quality NO NEED to compromise on price Tip-up, Sectional & Roll-up Doors and Motors Gate Automation,

The blind repair specialist


CALL Toll-Free: 0800 22 00 50 or 021 558 7996/7





Bird Removal & Proofing For a FREE Quotation Call


Contact Jeannine at Scratch & Dent Express for all your Spraypainting, Dent or Polish advice!!

“They Bug You We Bug Them!”


Call 021 930 2266


Rodents, Bedbugs,

* Bellville * Cape Town * Claremont * Goodwood * Paarl * Table View * Kraaifontein


021 949 5915 021 425 2363 021 674 5327 021 591 5209 021 872 4083 021 556 5601 021 987 6798

Tel: 021 951 5371 Unit 12, Tygerburg Junction Junction Rd, Parow Ind .

10% Discount for domestic business .

(T’s & C’s apply)





Set on a smallholdings in the farmlands of Durbanville lies Toscana - a beautiful venue for weddings, functions and corporate events. For more information, contact 082 707 9262 or e-mail:

Specialists in

- Colour Screeds & Flooring - Natural Sandy Wall & Floor Finishes - Colour Plasters - Skimming Plasters - Plaster Fillers - Crack Fillers - Waterproofing Cement Modifiers - D.I.Y White Cement Products

R1 900

R6 200

Specials on texture coatings. Special for base coats before final painting.


SABS No 671/81341/89 Available in 1kg & 25kg packets.



Need some work done on your beloved vehicle to restore it's glory?? Don't know where to go?



079 880 1889 021 827 0340


(Registered PCO & Member of SAPCA)


R 395 pm for 4,1 sqm R 450 pm for 5 sqm R 850 pm for 42 cubic meters

Toscana Wedding & Function Venue

Guaranteed Effective PEST CONTROL


We have a trailer and bakkie pick up service for your goods at only R500 worker incl. Caravan, Boat, Car and Trailer PARKING at R 500 per Month NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED MONTH BY MONTH RENTAL

Athlone 021 638 0531 Bellville 021 949 6070

Blouberg & Northen Suburbs 072 320 8611 021 829 0490

Hygiene & Bug’s ‘R’ Us We are specialists in Motor glass, Aluminium products, Service of patio doors, Frameless showers, Glass tinting, Glass shelves, Table tops, Mirrors, Shopfronts, Shopping centre maintenance glass, Earthmoving Equipment glass. INSURANCE CLAIMS WELCOME. FREE QUOTATIONS FREE PROFESSIONAL ADVISE 20 YEARS IN BUSINESS


30mm Counter-Tops from R870 - R1 800 Prices incl. VAT & Installation Headstone from R850 Full Package Stone R5 500 Full Package Bed R6 500 Including VAT, Installation, Wording & Permit

Seapoint & Southern Suburbs 084 463 4877 021 671 0442

Manufacturing of steel gates


Granite & Tombstones

We do NEW blinds We REPAIR blinds We REPAIR awnings We CLEAN Awnings & blinds We do repairs on electrical blinds, awnings & curtains.

DIY Automation available

E-mail: dominator





Woensdag, 9 April 2014



OLYMPI C TI M BERS -The Name You Can Trust-

082 574 3499







TOLLFREE 0800 600720

This months special


Toupret Building, Tetra Road,

TEL: 021 982 3210

• carpeting • • laminated flooring • • vinyl flooring • • underfloor heating • • blinds • steam cleaning •

021 981 7040


Boy's Clubhouse

Tool Shed


Girl's Doll House



Sales: 021 905 5913 Cell: 082 714 5339 / 079 763 7504 Email: .

Ons klop enige skriftelike kwotasie 5 Jaar Waarborg Duisende verwysings Vir Gratis Kwotasie





Kontak John Vraagom 083 563 1717

Woensdag, 9 April 2014



B O Y U A S D BIRTHcky vouchers to N be found. 1M n lu illio . Check your till slip

smart shoppers o nly. **Terms and



Selected products on this page have been styled for photography




Lamb Leg Roast Per kg





Bulk Lamb Braai Chops Per kg

Bulk Lean Beef Mince Per kg

6 Hot Cross Buns






10x Valid 24 March - 21 April



PnP Four Seasons Salad 200g, Salad Tomatoes 750g and English Cucumber



Terms and Conditions apply.







Flora Gold Medium Fat Spread 500g









Kellogg’s All-Bran Flakes 500g

Celebrate Easter

Buy any 6, get the cheapest 1 FREE



Baby Soft 2 Ply Toilet Tissue Assorted 9s 42.90 Per Pack

Chopstick Long Grain Rice 2k 2kg



Cllover Seal Clover Fresh Milk Fr Assorted As ssor ss ort rrtt 1 Litre Each

Clover Cheddar, Gouda or Tussers 450g Vacuum Pack Each

PnP White Sugar 2.5kg


PnP Washed Potatoes 2kg



on H Hot ot Cross Buns


Cheapest on shelf

PnP NO NAMETM Fresh Chicken Breasts Bone in Per kg




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Woensdag, 9 April 2014

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Triathlon to be a first for Africa A

n addition to the 2014 World Triathlon for action. Olympic silver medallist Lisa Series calendar was in November an- Norden (SWE) will also be making her ITU nounced by the International Triath- World Series comeback in Cape Town after the 2012 Olympics. Along with Helen Jenklon Union (ITU). For the first time ever, a World Triathlon ins (GBR), she’ll be looking to regain her forSeries event will take place on the African mer ITU World Triathlon Series glory. Says Richard Murray: “To compete in continent with a race to be held at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town from 26 to 27 April. front of my home crowd in an ITU World SeThe Cape Town race will serve as the se- ries event is already special. To know I am cond stop on an eight-city tour starting in going to be racing against the best athletes in the world will make Auckland from 5 to 6 for an unforgettable exApril. perience and epic race. Cape Town, along “This event will give with Chicago, is one of South Africans the optwo cities to debut on portunity to watch or tathe WTS calendar in ke part in a pro-am 2014. event, which caters to The world’s top triboth elite and mass parathletes have confirmed ticipation. It’s increditheir participation in bly important in terms the Cape Town leg of the of growing the sport loseries. With eight of the cally. Having Discovery top ten elite men on the as title sponsor and Virstart list, spectators can gin Active as a partner expect a tight, action - both large companies packed race. Local hero with a focus on promoRichard Murray (ranting healthy living - will ked 5th) will take on Maalso go a long way to rairio Mola (ESP), who narrowly beat him by 18 se- Richard Murray PHOTO: CHRIS HITCHCOCK se the profile of triathlon amongst ordinary conds in the World Cup season opener in Mooloolaba last month, as weekend warriors and the public.” “We are thrilled to have the opportunity well as fellow Spaniard Javier Gomez who is number one on the WTS rankings. With to sponsor the ITU World Triathlon Series 15 and seven World Series wins under their Cape Town event, which is the first event of respective belts, Brownlee brothers Alistair its kind to be held in South Africa, and on and Jonathan are the most successful elite the African continent,” says Gidon Novick, athletes in the history of the series and will Discovery Vitality CEO. In addition to the competitions, athletes be looking to retain their position. With the top three ladies on the WTS ran- will be treated to a weekend full of festivities kings, Jodie Stimpson (GBR), Non Stanford including sundown concerts, a race exhibiti(GBR) and Anne Haug (GER) confirmed, the on, kids and family races. Register online toladies competition will rival the elite men’s day at

Body image: Elouise Kellerman from Table View won the ladies fitness bikini division on Saturday during the IFBB Western Province SSN Cape Classic. Elouise also won the overall fitness bikini title on the night. For more images go to PHOTO: STEHAN SCHOEMAN


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Groms make Boland proud


ver 120 surfers representing six provinces competed at the 22nd edition of the Billabong South African Grommet Games at Pollock Beach in Port Elizabeth recently. The annual SA Grommet Games is now a prestigious event on the South African surfing calendar and this yar 15 proud Bolanders represented the province. Andre Roos, the youngest surfer in the Boland team, won second place in the u-8 division. Lisa van Rensburg won second place in the u-10 mixed division. Kealla Pratt came fourth in the girls u-12 division, with Declan Fiet (from Melkbos) and Kira Bester making it through to the semi-finals in their respective age groups.

Team spirit Kira Bester won the paddle battle event for girls while Elrico Ludick (from Table View) came second in the senior boys beach flags event. Boland team displayed the most spirit and support during the contest, winning the Best Team Trophy, while Western Province took home the Mandela Bay Trophy for the team with the highest points in total. The Grommet Games is a transformation and development tournament that gives young surfers from around the country their first opportunity to compete for their respective provinces in a major surfing contest. Cross­culture Girls and boys from a variety of different cultures and communities represented in eight divisions, travel from all parts of the

The Boland grom surf team from top left: Joshua Kruger, Kira Bester, Rossanne Strauss, Adele Van Wyk, Nathen van der Westuizen (Table View), Danielle Johnson (coach), Elrico Ludick (Table View) and Carika Meyer (team manager). Middle: Kealla Pratt, Paul Tinotenda (Table View) and Rodney Thembo. Front: Emilie Nelson, Lisa van Heerden, Litlitha Koko (Table View), Andre Roos, Aphelele Kona and Declan Fiet (Melkbosstrand). South African coast. While much of the focus is on surfing itself, events such as a paddle battle, beach flags and a tag team surfing competition add to the activities that make this event so special each year. In order to be selected for an appropriate

team for this event, provinces have held a series of trials in their respective provincial areas. The trials for the Boland grommet surf team were held in Strand and Melkbosstrand.

Quality MX at club champs Last weekend saw quality performances at round three of the CTMX Club Championship at Melkbos Motocross track. Local Cape Town MX hero Anthony Raynard showed great form on his RedBull Kawasaki and was overall winner on the day. There were various up-country riders eager to get a feel for the track and challenge local riders for a win in anticipation for the nationals in Cape Town on Easter weekend. The weather played its part on the day, providing great racing conditions. Anthony Raynard, competing in the premier “Steam 1” class, set extremely fast lap

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times in practice. In Race 1 Michael Kok (JHB) grabbed the holeshot with David Goosen (JHB) in second and Ant Raynard in third. Raynard then pushed through to second place on the third lap. One lap later, Raynard made a great pass for the lead and put his head down to finish the race a solid 32 seconds in front. Raynard then showed how hungry he is to be SA national champion again this year by winning the second race of the day by 28 seconds. “I’m looking forward to the CT Nationals in 2 weeks time,” said Raynard.

NISSAN NP200 1.6 8V • Lugversorging (opsioneel) • Diensplan (opsioneel) • GRATIS Bakkievoering


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Tygerburger table view 9 apr 2014  

Tygerburger table view 9 apr 2014