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Pats Service Station

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Woensdag 18 April 2012

21 Modderdam Rd Bellville South 7531 Phone: 021 951 8969 E-mail:

Tel: 021 910 6500

Brent Oil (Pty) Limited

Faks: 021 910 6501

Kinders herderloos

Honderde straat­ kinders in die noordelike voorste­ de sal voortaan geen maatskaplike dienste ontvang nie, wanneer die maatskaplike program van No Limits aan die einde van April ophou voortbe­ staan. Berig op bl. 3. Foto: Werner Hills

) Community outraged at gangsters

Child dies in crossfire GARY VAN DYK

The weekend shooting of three children in gang crossfire has left a community calling for answers to stem the tide of crime in the area. In the latest incident on Saturday three children were caught in the crossfire of two gangs on the corners of Vlamboom and Vaalbos streets in Bonteheuwel at about 22:00. The three innocent victims, who

live in Vlamboom Street, were on their way home from their grandmother, when the gunfire erupted around them, leaving one dead and two seriously injured. Sade Boltman (12) died bleeding in the street after bullets struck her in the chest and neck, while 17-yearold Tiffany Boltman was shot in the right foot. The third victim, Quade Fredericks (12) was hit in the left cheek and had to undergo surgery to remove the bullet. Police arrived on the scene within minutes but they also came un-

der fire – however they managed to arrest a 21-year-old in connection with the shooting. This latest shooting has left the community angry at the destruction that gangsterism and crime is causing in the community. Annette Johnson is a mother of two small children and one of several residents in the area who live in constant fear of their safety. “You never know when these monsters will start shooting each other,” she said. “The children already know

when they start hearing gunfire they have to stay away from the window and sit on the ground in case bullets come through. “Every time they have to walk to school, even play outside I am worried about them, and that is not the way that that they should be growing up. “I don’t know what has happened to our youth because this used to be a safe neighbourhood when I was young,” she said. Clive January has been living in the area for 40 years, and believes

that the deterioration has flourished because the youth have not been given positive role models in popular culture. “Bonteheuwel was one of the centres of the struggle against apartheid in the ’70s and ’80s,” he said passionately. Many of the important role players in the struggle came from here. “Our children have been brainwashed into believing in the fake role models that popular culture shoves down their throats, and we are now reaping the harvest.”

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Woensdag 18 April 2012

Cattery just too cute for kittens REYANA STEYN

An array of different coloured cats and kittens playing around and meowing out of satisfaction for their new home. This was the scene on Saturday

when the Frans Massyn Feline Care cattery was launched in Belville South. Not even a few drops of rain could stop the joyous occasion from happening. Many animal lovers gathered to witness the opening of the cattery,

which features a storage room, maternity ward, two kitten cages and three adult cat cages. Frans Massyn who hails from Bellville says he decided to have this cattery built at the Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL) after he read about their troubles in the Ty-

Frans Massyn cutting the ribbon to launch the Frans Massyn Feli­ ne Care cattery on Saturday. Photos: Reyana Steyn

gerBurger. “I saw the article in TygerBurger about the AACL who was having a function at Willowbridge to raise much-needed funds for their cattery. I then contacted Alma, whose number was in the paper and told her that I wanted to assist and rebuild the cattery.” He says he did it for his love for cats. “Although building the cattery cost a lot of money it was all worth it, ensuring that the cats are happy.” Alma Schaap, an adoptions officer at AACL, says they are ecstatic. “The previous cattery was in a bad condition and cats had to be euthanised because they were getting ill. We were so thrilled when Frans let us know that he wanted to build a new cattery.” She says the cattery is important

because cats are not given the proper recognition. “Cats often receive the short end of the stick and some people think that dogs are more important, when they are both equally important. Cats breed more and it is important for us that they are taken care of and have the correct shelter; and that’s why this cattery is so important.” Schaap says they are always in need of cat and kitten food, and all donations will be appreciated. . Anyone interested in adopting a cat or kitten can pop into the AACL in Sacks Circle, Bellville South. For adoption, a fee of R200 must be paid, which includes vaccinations as well as sterilisation of the cats. Call the AACL on 021 951 3010 for more information.

Two kittens enjoying their new home in the Frans Massyn Feline Care cattery.

Arrests follow cops finding illegal guns NOTICE OF BASIC ASSESSMENT PROCESS FOR THE BELHAR RETAIL COMPLEX INVITATION TO REGISTER AS AN INTERESTED AND AFFECTED PARTY AND COMMENT ON THE DRAFT BASIC ASSESMENT REPORT SEF Ref No: 504357 DEA&DP Ref No: E12/2/4/1-B2/33-1031/11 Notice is given in terms of Regulations published in Government Notice No. R.543 in Government Gazette No. 33306 18 June 2010, under Section 54(c)(i) of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No.107 of 1998), as amended [NEMA], that Belhar CBD Development Company. (Pty) Ltd proposes to construct a shopping centre as well as parking and internal service roads on Erven 21489 – 21492 and Erf 24020, Belhar. The proposed development is located between Erica Drive and the railway line abutting the University of the Western Cape, Belhar. In terms of Government Notice No. 544 (Listing Notice No. 1) of NEMA the following listed activities are triggered and therefore require Environmental Authorisation by way of a Basic Assessment Process:

Lost contact:

Do you know this woman? She was known as Hannah, Johanna or Helena in the Epping Forest area about 15 years ago when she left her daughter, known as Pinokie, at the time in the care of Jeanette de Vos in Uitsig. The child was eventually reunited with her father and grew up in Lesotho, but she would dearly like to make contact with her mo­ ther or find out more information about her whereabouts. Anyone with information can call Shariema Davids on 074 473 5151.

Police in Belhar have been taking crime to task in the area with a number of arrests over the weekend. On Saturday at about 20:30, Belhar police responded to a shooting incident, where a man was shot in Schubert Street. It is believed that the victim was walking in Sonata Way when a suspect approached him and fired shots at him, wounding him in his left leg before fleeing on foot. The police followed up on information received from the victim and searched a house in Piccolo Close, Belhar. During the search they seized a .38 Rossi revolver with five rounds and a marine flare. This firearm was reported stolen in Caledon in July 2010. Police then arrested eight men and three women, all in their early 20s. The suspects face charges of illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, at-

tempted murder and charges under the Explosives Act. . In another incident in Belhar another illegal gun was confiscated in a search and seize operation. This incident happened on Friday at about 07:20 during police operations in the area and they arrested a 27-year-old man in possession of the illegal firearm. The gun, a Smith & Wesson revolver and five bullets were reported stolen in Benoni, Johannesburg earlier this year. . Police were also active in Delft when members attached to the Nyanga cluster tracing team followed up information regarding an armed robbery which occurred in the Nyanga area. They arrested a 23-year-old suspect at a house in Anaboom Street in Delft South in possession of a Norinco 9mm pistol and seven rounds of ammunition. The serial numbers of both firearms were filed off.

Policeman hurt in line of fire

Item No. 9 and 23 The Draft Basic Assessment Report (BAR) for the abovementioned project is available for public review and comment from Wednesday 18 April 2012 to 29 May 2012 on SEF's website ( and at the Belhar Public Library, Blackberry Crescent, Belhar, 7490 (Contact Person: Mr C September; Tel 021 952 5807). The library hours are: Monday & Wednesday (11h00-18h00), Tuesday, Thursday & Friday (11h00-17h00) and Saturday (09h0012h00). The Draft BAR may not be removed from the library. PLEASE NOTE: The proposed retail complex was previously authorized by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning (DEA&DP) on 17 June 2009. The Environmental Authorisation lapsed before the authorized activities were able to commence, hence the need for this reapplication. Interested and/or affected parties who wish to participate by contributing comments, or who would like to obtain more information, should please contact: Natalie Ritsch, STRATEGIC ENVIRONMENTAL FOCUS (PTY) LTD, P.O. Box 1330, Durbanville, 7551, Tel (021) 979 3822, Fax (021) 979 3830 or email: natalie@sefsa, on or before 29 May 2012 SEF CODE: 504357 DATE OF ADVERTISEMENT: 18 April 2012

Police escaped serious injury when they came under attack last week. Members of the flying squad were on patrol near the cemetery in Modderdam Road in Belhar last Thursday, when they spotted suspicious-looking occupants in a white Ford Bantam bakkie. While the members were busy checking the details of the vehicle, the driver of the suspicious vehicle sped off. Police then established that the vehicle was reported as stolen in Bellville. They then called for backup, and with the assistance of police stationed in Ravensmead they spotted the vehicle in Industria Ring Road, in the Parow industrial area. When they tried to pull the vehicle off the road, the suspects fired several shots at them and police returned fire. During the exchange of gunfire, one police officer was wounded and the suspects then

jumped out of the vehicle and fled on foot. With the assistance of the public police were able to arrest four suspects and retrieved three firearms, whose serial numbers were filed off. Two more suspects were later arrested by police. It was then ascertained that the same suspects were involved in an armed robbery at a business in the Parow industrial area. During this incident the suspects acted as clients. Three of the suspects held the owner at gunpoint and forced the 39-year-old to open the safe. The suspects then fled with an undisclosed sum of cash. The police officer’s condition is not lifethreatening and he was taken to a nearby hospital for medical attention. The suspects face charges of attempted murder, armed robbery, possession of illegal firearms and ammunition, and possession of a stolen vehicle.


Woensdag 18 April 2012

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Swaard hang oor Badisa se kop JANA BEKKER

Die voortbestaan van Badisa word bedreig deurdat kinderbeskermingsdienste swaar getref word deur die gebrek aan regeringsfonds-toedelings. In die afgelope drie jaar is die staatstoelaag van die provinsiale departement nie verhoog nie en sou dié situasie voortduur, voorspel dit niks goed nie. Annemarie Bezuidenhout, Badisa se direkteur vir bemarking en fondswerwing, sê dié organisasie,

met kantore in Bellville, verloor maatskaplike werkers omdat hulle nie mededingende salarisse kan aanbied nie. “Ons word slegs per pos gesubsidieer en dit sluit nie eens die ekstra onkostes, soos brandstof, in nie,” sê sy. Dít beteken die diens kan nie gelewer word soos dit moet nie en sou dit wyer uitkring, sal dit noodwendig beteken Badisa sal sy deure moet sluit. Een van Badisa se programme, No Limits, het pas die maatskaplike dienste wat dit lewer gestaak weens ’n geldtekort. Dié dienste is

nou onder ander maatskaplike programme verdeel sodat dit nie verlore gaan nie, maar die staking van dienste weens geldelike tekorte hang soos ’n swaard oor die maatskaplike wêreld. Die staking van maatskaplike dienste weens ’n tekort aan geld benadeel gemeenskappe, want sou Badisa weens geldnood dieselfde pad loop, is dit hulle wat daaronder ly. “Ons is bekend vir ons goeie dienslewering, maar die gebrek aan regeringsfonds-toedelings sal beteken die mense aan die ont-

vangkant gaan nie dieselfde diens kan ontvang nie,” sê Annemarie. Sy sê indien kinders wat tans in pleegsorg is, se pleegouers nie meer hulp ontvang nie, bestaan die risiko dat dié diens verlore kan gaan omdat daar nie ’n behoorlike hulpbronprogram bestaan nie. Tans is Badisa in afwagting op goeie nuus van die Lotto-raad oor óf hulle geld sal ontvang, maar ook dít sal ’n tydelike hulp wees. “Ons kan net ’n kwart van ons vorige toekenning verwag, want omdat al meer organisasies aansoek doen by dié raad, word die be-

Honderde straatkinders herderloos DESIREÉ RORKE

Honderde straatkinders in die noordelike voorstede sal voortaan geen maatskaplike dienste ontvang nie, wanneer die maatskaplike program van No Limitsaan die einde van April ophou voortbestaan. Die program, wat ’n holistiese benadering tot dié kwessie neem, het vir meer as 10 jaar lank uitstekende werk gedoen onder die straatkinders en hoërisiko-kinders in die noordelike voorstede van Kaapstad. Maar dit was veral die kinders van Scottsdene, Scottsville, Wallacedene, Parow en Kuilsrivier wat die meeste hieruit gebaat het. Die program het in 1995 as ’n projek van die Christelike Maatskaplike Raad in Parow begin, maar het in 1999 geregistreer as ’n onafhanklike program vir straatkinders. Sedert 2003 het die program deel uitgemaak van Badisa-maatskaplike dienste. Maatskaplike werkers van die organisasie het elke week sakesentrums regoor die noordelike voorstede besoek om kinders wat op straat bedel op te spoor en te probeer help. By die No Limits-sentrum in Bellville is die kinders met onmiddellike nood bygestaan met kos, klere, persoonlike hiegiëne en vaar-

digheidsontwikkeling, terwyl die ander wat net op straat bedel ondersteuning ontvang het om weer terug te gaan na hul ouerhuise en in te skakel by skole. Skole in die gebied sowel as huisgesinne waaruit die kinders kom, is op ’n gereelde basis besoek om die welstand van die kinders te monitor. Verder is vakansieprogramme en ouerleiding aangebied vir ouers met hoërisiko-kinders. Volgens die programbestuurder Isabel Swarts ervaar die program egter al jare lank ernstige finansiële druk. “Die staatstoelaag wat die program van die provinsiale departement van maatskaplike ontwikkeling ontvang, het die afgelope drie jaar nog nie vermeerder nie, hoewel personeelsalarisse aangepas moes word en daaglikse uitgawes saam met inflasie toegeneem het,” sê sy. Voorheen het die program ’n toelaag van die Kaapse munisipalititeit ontvang wat ook nie meer die geval is nie. “Ná ’n jarelange gesukkel is die tender wat ons by die munisipaliteit ingedien het, in Maart vanjaar goedgekeur, (en word dit in klein maandelikse bedrae uitbetaal), maar was dit toe al te laat om die organisasie te

red,” sê sy. Volgens haar het die organisasie ook nie verlede jaar geld van die loteryraad ontvang nie en is die donasies wat die organisasie tans ontvang van onder andere die gemeenskapskas, vrywilligers en ondernemings nie genoeg om die bal aan die rol te hou nie. “Dit spyt my om die aankondiging te doen. Probleemgevalle ten opsigte van kinders wat op straat bedel, sal voortaan by Badisa se maatskaplike werk-kantore in die betrokke gebiede aangemeld moet word. Dit sal natuurlik die werklas van Badisa se maatskaplike werk-kantore vermeerder,” sê sy. Volgens Paul Hooper van die Wes-Kaapse straatkindforum, is die verlies van die organisasie ’n groot terugslag vir die straatkinders van die noordelike voorstede. “No Limits het vir jare daarin geslaag om so baie kinders in die armste gebiede van die noordelike voorstede van die strate af te hou, en die verlies van die program gaan baie kinders raak. Dis ’n werklikheid wat my baie bekommer,” sê hy. Volgens Hooper is No Limits die enigste geregistreerde maatskaplike program in die noordelike voorstede wat spesifiek op straatkinders toegespits is.

Bad day for thieves

Dié studente doen deel Twee studente wat ’n bemarkingskursus by Northlink-kollege doen, het by die Tygerberg-dienssentrum vir bejaardes met gemeenskapswerk betrokke geraak. Hulle het geld ingesamel om bestanddele te koop om aan die gemeenskap van Bellville-Suid, kos uit te deel. Die dienssentrum het hier ’n voedingsprojek. Daar is onlangs worsbroodjies aan 400 begunstigdes uitgedeel. Die twee studente sien reeds daarna uit om tydens die volgende uitreikaksie bredie en rys te gaan uitdeel. “Die dienssentrum is regtig so bevoorreg dat jongmense en kinders in ons welsynsprogram betrokke is. “Ons wil ook die donateurs wat skenkings gemaak het, hartlik bedank,” het Linda Louw, bestuurder van die sentrum, gesê.

Ronwhen Kekana (student), William Lenos (student) met Shanic Witbooi, en Karen Pedro.

The Copperheads reported a triple success when quick-thinking officers responded to an armed robbery, opened a case against a scrap metal dealer and arrested a suspect selling goods illegally – all at the same site. They were conducting an inspection of a Bellville-based scrap metal dealer on 13 April when they were alerted that robbers had gained access to the dealer’s cash office. After robbing staff at gunpoint, the two men fled the scene with stolen cash and the officers immediately gave chase on foot. Both suspects were apprehended quickly. The Copperheads had been at the scrap metal dealer initially to conduct an inspection and subsequently opened a case of possession of suspected stolen goods. While statements were taken, the culprit who had sold the stolen goods to the dealer returned. He was identified and arrested.

Belhar Dental Centre Devoted to servicing the community ur llect yo ET o c e m Co AGN DGE M I R F E FRE DER CALEN

Cnr. Sonata & Organ Ave. Belhar Denture repairs, In one day, Out next day

We now Edgars accept all , Jet Ca rds for treatme Dental nt paym ents

drae wat aan elke begunstigde toegesê word al kleiner. Om te voorkom dat ander programme wees fondsnood gestaak moet word, het Badisa ’n projek, Nog een Veldtog/ One more Campaign, begin. “Hiermee sê ons ons weet die nood is groot en baie organisasies is in die knyp, maar ons versoek mense om nog net één keer te help. Ons wil vir die publiek sê jy kan met ’n klein donasie ’n groot verskil maak, of jy R10 of R100 skenk, dit help ons.” Vir meer besonderhede bel Badisa by 021 957 7130 of Annemarie by 083 708 2049.


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Woensdag 18 April 2012

Lagtrane rol by ‘funny’ vertoning JANA BEKKER

As jy nie kan onthou wanneer laas jy gelag het dat die trane rol nie, is dit beslis tyd dat jy ’n kaartjie vir die vertoning FunnyKaap bespreek. Dié vertoning was verlede week by die Bellville-burgersentrum op die planke en keer weer in Mei terug vir nog ’n speelvak. FunnyKaap is ’n mallemeule van komedie, skerpsketse, tragi-komedie en musiek wat gehore laat skaterlag, maar tog ook laat nadink. Die verhoog word gedeel deur die eg Kaapse Emo Adams, Dowwe Dolla, Pedro Kruger, Wayne Mckay, Sarah Theron en die onstuit-

bare Take Note-orkes. Die komediant Ashley Pienaar vorm ook deel van die vertoning, maar dit is eers later in die vertoning, wanneer Dolla haar vererg, dat dít duidelik word. Die vertoning vier vrouwees met skreeusnaakse dialoog. In die vertoning sê Dolla iets moet gedoen word aan die slaggate op die land se paaie. Haar idee is om hulle te vernoem na bekende politici wat mal is daaroor om hulle “name gat te maak”. Dolla erken dat Kapenaars egter nog nie te veel kan kla oor die slaggate nie, want “hier ry ons immers nog op die pad en nie langs die pad nie”.

Sy dryf in goeie gees ook die spot met Jacob Zuma en ander politici. Wayne Mckay laat die maagspiere werk deur sy skreeusnaakse vertoning van hoe Kaapse vroue hulle hare “blowdry” en die groep lewer ’n skitterende vertoning oor ’n “nuwe lugredery” genaamd Satan Air. Sarah Theron bekoor die gehoor met haar sang, terwyl Emo oudergewoonte wéét hoe om die gehoor aan die lag te kry. Die konserte word aangebied ten bate van verskeie organisasies en skole.

As jy dus een van die volgende organisasies of skole wil ondersteun, bespreek jou kaartjie teen R130 by hulle. . 15 Mei: Laerskool Aristea, 082 785 3340 en die Laerskool Mikro, 021 903 2126 of 084 580 8170; . 16 Mei: Hoërskool Tygerberg, 021 939 2023; . 17 Mei: Andre Botma-hulpfonds, 072 951 1800 en Dunatos, 021 919 9585, en . 18 Mei: Alta du Toit-nasorgsentrum, 021 913 2106 of 082 411 2411.


33 00


cm11 Grey

ROOFING Corridated sheeting

Supplies TEL: 021 948 1852


60 00





365 00



/ Each


150 litre 400 KPA



Including Drain Cock and Safety Valve

I S O 9 0 0 1


Including Drain Cock and Safety Valve





Mechanism Incl.


1975 00


/ Each

1995 00 / Each

Terms and conditions apply

Sarah Theron, Wayne Mckay, Dowwe Dolla, Emo Adams en Pedro Kruger.







3300 00







95 m²


7 95


5 95





1395 00 R895 00 R1295 00

R 9 95








995 00

495 00


600mm x 400mm WHITE

1.2 x 460mm




695 00






2500 00

900mm WHITE


995 00




195 00

/ Each

Foto’s: Jana Bekker

695 00

5 year guarantee


Basheera Ismail, Valerie Grant en Nadine Lewis by Wayne Mckay.


175 00

/ Each



159 00

/ Each

Modderdam Rd BELLVILLE (behind ESKOM) MONDAY - FRIDAY 07:30 - 5:30 pm • SATURDAY 08:00 - 1:00 pm


’Cause we Can! show will help Iris House REYANA STEYN

Iris House Children’s Hospice which cares for special needs children is thrilled to have been selected as one of the beneficiaries in the prominent Want ons Kan!/’Cause we Can! concert. TygerBurger is the media sponsor of the event. The amazing concert is set to take place on Sunday 29 July and will showcase artists such as Andriëtte Norman, Alan Committie, Zanne Stapelberg, ADAM, Heinz Winckler, Koos Kombuis, Wicus van der Merwe, Die Broers, Lize Beekman, Brandon October, Emo Adams and Take Note, Pedro Kruger and Dowwe Dolla. The Iris House Children’s Hospice, situated in the northern suburbs, is an organisation committed to enriching the quality of life for special needs children and young people with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions; such as cancer, special syndromes and cerebral palsy. The hospice is currently in need of funding so that they can get a building to cater for all the children’s needs. “We are so excited and grateful to be a beneficiary of the concert,” says Sue van der Linde, founder of Iris House. “The money will be put to good use and we will definitely be able to better our services. Our aim is to get a building – right now all the paper work is being done at my house. Currently we are providing support to families but our goal is to also provide accommodation to the children.” The hospice, which is nearly a year old, of-

fers assistance and support to families in their homes with the aim of making their lives a bit easier. “Currently we have six volunteers, who go into the homes of the 16 families we assist,” says Van der Linde. “The volunteers who are fully trained spend a maximum of four hours at the homes where they care for the children. This meeting also gives the parents an opportunity to take a break as caring for a child with special needs is a 24-hour job.” Van der Linde says she wanted to open the centre after she did some work in the UK. “I was trained in the field and I loved working with children and when I came back I decided that our children and families also need assistance in South Africa. It’s great to know that we can make a little bit of a difference in the lives of the children.” She added that it is amazing working with the children and becoming part of the families. She says another goal is to train a team of volunteers to assist more families. “Volunteers can be any age, but must have a passion for children. They will receive full training, get their uniforms and all the equipment they will need to assist the children.” Anyone interested in being a volunteer can contact van der Linde on 083 937 7517. . Tickets for the ’Cause we Can! concert cost R250. To support Iris House, phone Sue van der Linde on 083 937 7517 to book. The artists perform free of charge and all the other expenses are carried by the sponsors.

Woensdag 18 April 2012


TygerBurger Ravensmead & Belhar Bladsy 5








RRP R799




Lavender team in need The Lavender in Lavender Hill project is calling on the community to help them. This project that has recently spread to areas in Elsies River and surrounds aims to help communities grow lavender in an effort to provide employment opportunities in disadvantaged areas. While the project has been accepted with much enthusiasm in these areas their major sponsorship has been withdrawn and they will be hosting a number of fundraising events in an effort to keep the project going. On Tuesday 22 April they will be hosting a unique yoga event in Sea Point in an effort to help the project. Marcel van Zyl, CEO of the project, pointed out that the project has really brought hope into the lives of the community. “For us to give up now is just not an option,” she says. “In due time the project will become self sustainable once the lavender products are

sold in stores. Until then, we need a minimum of R20 000 a month in order for the project to run the way it has been. “This project has been able to employ up to five men in the community who have been trained by our main gardener who has been with the project from the beginning. “The money also goes to the ladies in the community who make the lavender products and the rest ensures that the projects running costs are covered. The project has really allowed for individual growth in men and women in the community allowing them to provide an income for their household.” The yoga session will be taking place on the Sea Point Promenade, opposite the SABC Studios, starting at 17:00, and participants are asked to donate R40. This session will be with Steve Porter of ZenZoo and you will also be able to purchase some of the lavender products that are available from the project. Call 082 357 7613, or 021 433 1942, email,



Marcel van Zyl, second from right, shows some lavender cuttings to visitors who attended the launch of the project in Elsies River recently. Photo: Gary van Dyk


92 cm wide

White & Ivory Colours extra


RRP R1799

White / Ivory Pedestals, Colours and Mattress optional extra


RRP R3799



RRP R2999




RRP R3999

RRP R7799








RRP R3999


wings optional extra mattress optional extra colours extra

RRP R1399


RRP R5999



WHITE/ IVORY Colours & mattress optional extra

RRP R7999


TEL: 021 903 5254 TEL: 021 595 2909 TEL: 021 704 0349 TEL: 021 703 8622 MITCHELLS PLAIN INDUSTRIA TEL: 021 376 5699


Business hours: Mo. - Fr.: 9 am - 5:30 pm SA.: 9 am - 4 pm

RRP R7199


WHITE/ IVORY Colours & mattress optional extra

TygerBurger Ravensmead & Belhar Bladsy 6


Woensdag 18 April 2012

‘Get tested and treated for TB’ Celebrity and global TB ambassador, Gerry Elsdon has been striding out to raise awareness of TB by travelling to South Africa’s nine provinces and visiting people in communities, prisons, clinics and taxi ranks along the way. Elsdon says she’s determined to reach three million South Africans through her three-week “Hit the Road and Kick TB Walk for Humanity” campaign. “This is about spreading the message that it could save your life to get tested and treated for TB. “When I go home, I want to know that I have advocated like never before to stop TB,” Elsdon said during a visit to Tygerberg Children’s Hospital. Elsdon, who is a TB survivor herself, chatted to mothers and children with TB during her visit to the hospital, where Professor Simon Schaaf of Stellenbosch University’s Desmond Tutu TB centre sees up to

60 babies and children a week during consultation sessions. The centre is situated on the Tygerberg campus of the university. “We are hoping for a turning point at this stage. We are in a phase of history when we have new drugs on the horizon, which for 40 years was not the case. “But we still need to do far more. We also need to counsel TB patients more,” said Schaaf. Elsdon said this was one of her main aims – to highlight the need for more counselling of TB patients and to encourage people to get tested for TB and to be diligent in completing their treatment. “I see people who are really sick. I want to say: ‘If you had gone for treatment early in the game, it would have made such a difference’.” Elsdon started her countrywide tour on World TB Day – 24 March – in Johannesburg, and has since been to Limpopo, Northwest, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape, and now the Western

Cape. Elsdon, who is also a national department of health TB ambassador, has also been closely involved in the “Kick TB” campaign, which uses the love of soccer to bring home the message that TB can be treated. The campaign involves hundreds of children at a time and has been recognised internationally. Throughout her countrywide tour, Elson has been handing out stickers to taxi drivers, encouraging them to open windows and help to halt the spread of TB. She’s hoping that her awareness campaign will go some way in helping to break the stigma of tuberculosis. “Anyone can contract TB. We all need to look after each other.”

Celebrity and global TB ambassador, Gerry Elsdon, chats to Fumane Liko­ bo, at Tygerberg Children’s Hospital. Her three­year­old son, Lihle, has been treated for TB, and comes for regular check­ups at the hospital.

Prestigious music competition opens MARANA BRAND VAN HULSTEYN

The finalists in the final round of last year’s national competion were (back) Althea Steynberg, Iman Bulbulia, Natanja Uys, Kensuke and Eriko Kawajiri, Landi Schaap and André le Roux (Samro endowment). In the middle are Dani­ elle Rossouw, Thami Mrwarwaza, Sakie Ndala, Frances Whitehead and Ni­ cholas Bosman. At the back are Leon Hartshorne (SA Society of Music Tea­ chers and Hugo Lambrechts) and the adjudicators Isabel Arzul, Pamela Kier­ man and François du Toit.

All instrumentalists across the music spectrum, who are 13 years and younger, are once again called to enter the prestigious Samro Hubert van der Spuy National Music Competition. The closing date for entries is 20 April. Auditions will take place early in June in all main centres across South Africa. About 60 candidates will eventually be selected to compete over four rounds at the Hugo Lambrechts Auditorium in Parow, Cape Town, from 24 to 28 September. Medals, attractive cash incentives and a host of other prizes are at stake.

Radio Tygerberg wen die ‘grote’

The only condition is that candidates must still be 13 at the time of the competition. Candidates compete in four categories: Piano, Strings, Woodwind & Brass, and Other Instruments (percussion, recorder, classical guitar and harp), with sub-categories for developmental groups. Says Leon Hartshorne, president of the SA Society of Music Teachers (SASMT) Tygerberg and director of the Hugo Lambrechts: “Potential candidates from poor/disadvantaged communities who are receiving music tuition in development outreach initiatives, but whose progress is being delayed or jeopardised by socio-economic issues, are assisted to enter, audition and

Health checks offered MARANA BRAND VAN HULSTEYN

Radio Tygerberg het dit reggekry om die groot prys as gemeenskapsradiostasie van die jaar voor baie ander stasies weg te raap. Die prestigeryke MTN-radiotoekennings, waarby SuidAfrika se topradiotalent vereer en bekroon word, het Saterdagaand 14 April by die Sandton-konferensiesentrum plaasgevind. Dit is die derde keer dat die toekenningsgeleentheid gehou word. Bykans 900 inskrywings is hierdie jaar ontvang. Radio Tygerberg het vanjaar vir die eerste keer deelgeneem en was in vyf kategorieë as finalis aangewys: Gemeenskapsprojekte; Geleentheid van die Jaar vir Gospel-skouspel 2011; Ontbytprogram van die Jaar vir Oggendrooi met Anton Brink en Benescke Janse van Rensburg, en Nuusleser van die Jaar – Merentia van der Vent. Die toekenning in die kategorie Gemeenskapstasie van die Jaar word toegeken aan ’n radiostasie wat die unieke behoeftes van ’n gemeenskap verstaan en in hul behoeftes voorsien. Die stasie moet ’n baie sterk verhouding met sy luisteraars hê en toepaslike programme voorsien. “Hierdie toekenning is ’n geweldige eer wat ons te beurt geval het,” sê Hardus Zevenster, uitvoerende hoof van Radio Tygerberg. “Ons leuse is eenvoudig: ‘Ons verkondig Christus’. Met dié

finally compete, on equal terms with all entrants and within their own peer group.” After the exceptional performances in last year’s final round of the competition, André le Roux of the Samro Foundation, said that it was inspiring to have “such a platform of excellence existing at primary school level”. Interested parties should call 021 939 9105 or send a fax to 021 939 9123. Entry forms will also be available from members of the SASMT and on the internet at For more information, call Leon Hartshorne on 021 939 9105 or Hilda Boonzaaier (after 20:00) on 021 945 3861.

It was an opportunity to have various health checks, as well as to see first-hand what health services Tygerberg Hospital offers. Last Tuesday 12 April the various departments of the hospital had information stalls and material available to the public. The theatre stall, where prostheses, instruments and artificial body parts were on show, drew a lot of attention. Good Hope FM broadcasted live from the venue. Free health checks were on offer and several members of the public had their blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol tested. Men queued up for a finger prick to see if they have prostate cancer. Several women did the sensible thing by having breast examina-

tions. Professional medical staff were available throughout the day to offer any health advice members of the community needed. “ The purpose of the open day was to raise awareness and educate the public about the various services that Tygerberg Hospital renders, and also to familiarise the public with the hospital,” Laticia Pienaar, principal communications officer: Tygerberg Hospital, said. “We also want to encourage community participation, so that the community can take pride and ownership of the hospital by respecting the staff and the facility.” Tygerberg Hospital provides a full range of general and specialist services and offers support and outreach to several other hospitals in the area.

Radio Tygerberg is die naweek bekroon met die toekenning vir Gemeen­ skapsradiostasie van die Jaar by die MTN­ radiotoekennings. Willem Er­ wee en Hardus Zevenster kon nie wag om die trofee terug te bring Kaap toe nie. Foto: Carina Roux eenvoudige stelling wil ons graag prakties ’n verskil maak in die gemeenskap waar ons glo die Here ons geplaas het. “Ons wil elke luisteraar en almal wat betrokke is by Radio Tygerberg bedank. Sonder julle sou dié prestasie nie moontlik wees nie. “Alle eer moet egter aan die Here gaan. Dit is amper ondenkbaar dat ’n Christen-radiostasie iets

soos dié in ’n uiters kompeterende mark kon wen. Dit maak dit soveel meer spesiaal. “Ons onderneem om ons passie – om die liefde van Jesus prakties aan ons gemeenskap te demonstreer – met nog groter ywer uit te leef. “Die stasie sal nie nou op sy louere rus nie, maar voortbou op hierdie prestige-toekenning,” het Hardus gesê.

Men waiting in line to have their finger pricked for a prostate cancer check during an open day at Tygerberg Hospital last Tuesday.


Woensdag 18 April 2012

TygerBurger Ravensmead & Belhar Bladsy 7

Meeting is moved

New book tells UWC’s legacy

The committee of the My Own at Last Backyarders Association would like to apologise for the meeting that could not take place on Monday 26 March due to unforeseen circumstances. They will now be hosting the meeting on Monday 23 April and it will be taking place at The Hague Community Hall in Delft starting at 18:00. For further information call Amanda on 082 399 1578 or Quinton on 074 045 7066.


The rich legacy of the University of the Western Cape (UWC) comes to light in a new book. Called Becoming UWC: Reflections, pathways and unmaking apartheid’s legacy, the book was produced by the Centre for Humanities Research and was launched at the university on Tuesday 3 April. An interesting publication, it asks what it has meant to think their way out of the legacies of apartheid and offers ways to think about the ideas that defined UWC, about its design, architecture and its textures, and about its creativity. It also invites readers to revisit (with a critical mind) some of the foundational narratives that guided the university through South Africa’s turbulent 1970s and 1980s. The book weaves together a history and poetry of the institution and opens the space of the institution to an ongoing search for what knowledge means in the aftermath of a violent and destructive past. But, mostly, this book invites readers to think ahead, beyond the constraints of apartheid, towards an elaboration of a concept of deracialised knowledge that has consequences for the very idea of the university in our world. Quotes from contributors include: “I came to UWC for the first time in 1963. I was 17. You know,

Kwv 3 year old brandy

glen Corrie malt whiSKy

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The Elsies River Day Hospital will be hosting their AGM tomorrow at 18:30. Pastor Ronald Ruiters is calling on all interested parties in the community to attend to ensure a better service at the medical facility. The facility is in Halt Road, and further information is available from Ruiters on 073 360 8553.

Top acts coming Professor Brian O’Connell signs a copy of the book for Nathan Holt of the American Embassy. Dick van der Ross alleges that someone told him that UWC was never meant to be big or good ... As students we of course got there in protest, but a lot of my intellectually shaping experiences did in fact take place during those years at UWC. Not necessarily in the classrooms. “We, the students from the Eastern Cape had these little study groups. My first real introduction to Marxism, for example, took place there. Therefore, maybe it was academically a very poor

place, but to us it was shaping and intellectually rich in other ways,” said Jakes Gerwel. Interspersed throughout this book is an effort to delve into new ways of bringing UWC into view. For all intents and purposes, UWC was created as an institution that would be rendered aesthetically sterile by apartheid planners. “In Becoming UWC we are interested in what it would mean to render the space meaningful in a way that would allow us to recast

the limits of an instrumental and disciplinary apparatus in thinking our way out of the inheritance of apartheid. “In the process, the university hopes that this book will serve to challenge the students to think about what it would mean to overcome race as a category of instrumental and disciplinary reason, even as they open on to a new vision that has been the desire behind successive generations of academics, students and workers at UWC.”

7995 10995

Some top talents are coming to Ravensmead. On Saturday 28 April Ravensmead High School will play host to the likes of Loukmaan Adams, comedian Ashley Pienaar as well as SA’s Got Talent winner, James Bhemgee. Also on the bill for the evening are the Kinders van die Ses, boy band, 4Real and many more surprise acts. The show starts at 19:30 and tickets are R80 per person with tickets available from the school on 021 931 9300, and further information from Lizelle on 074 708 4472.

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Woensdag 18 April 2012

Prison project lies close to his heart GARY VAN DYK

A good community worker just can’t turn his back on the community. While Dhakir Christians has retired from most of his portfolio in community work he still took time to complete one of his projects that is dear to his heart. Getting to youth at risk has always been dear to his heart and last Thursday he took another group to prison as part of the Books Not Prison Bars project. He confessed that he was still retired but wanted to keep an eye on this project because it was starting to deliver great results. Young people in the Western Cape who are “engaging in anti-social behaviour are getting a helping hand to get back on track through this project,” he said. “These visits to prisons to show youngsters the harsh realities of life behind bars follows successful schemes in overseas projects. “This project has proven a positive influence on our youth to break away from crime. We had good results after our first visit to Goodwood Prison. “Many of those who take part in the project are already committing offences and are known to police,

Warders address learners taking part in the project at Pollsmoor Prison. youth offending groups, schools and courts, but after this experience they have a rethink about their behaviour.” Christians pointed out that the day-long workshops demonstrate the harsh reality of prison life and inmates give a harrowing detailed

account of how they ended up inside. “Young people take part in a range of interactive activities and discussions aimed at helping them to choose a life other than crime. “They are also encouraged to stay on the right side of the law with a

scheme which gives them a taste of life in a cell and the chance to chat to a prisoner. “So far, 85 young people from Bellville South, Belhar, Bishop Lavis, Bontheuwel, Netreg, Wesbank and Mitchells Plain have made the trip. “Seeing the realities of prison life

is a real wake-up call to a lot of them about where their behaviour could lead.” Councillor Mercia Kleinsmith, who has worked closely with Christians on these projects added that the project was making a difference and making these youth look differently at what they want from their lives. On their most recent trip to Pollsmoor, Christians accompanied 50 learners on the experience. “In the bus on the way to the prison some of the youngster were full of bravado, saying how it must be a laugh in prison and how they could ‘do time’ standing on their heads. “Once we arrived at the prison that bravado disappeared very quickly,” he said. “The most interesting part of the visit and in my opinion the bit that will have the most impact on the young people’s behaviour was the talk by warders who work with youth offenders at Pollsmoor. They gave a warts and all account of prison life and you could see the colour run from the young people’s faces. “They had a clear message for other young people who are getting into trouble: ‘You are being stupid and messing up your lives. You don’t want to end up in a place like Pollsmoor’.”

City has plan for uplifting communities Upliftment is on the cards for some communities in the Cape. Executive Mayor Patricia de Lille recently introduced a programme focusing on the regeneration of identified areas within the City of Cape Town. The objective is to uplift areas that have been identified as neglected and dysfunctional and are seen to be degenerating rapidly. This programme will help to improve the safety, quality of life and socio-economic situation in these areas, with a particular focus on the public spaces. Some of the areas that have been identified in our areas for the initial roll-out of the Mayoral Urban Regeneration Programme include Bishop Lavis, Valhalla Park, and Bonteheuwel, with the Bellville Transport Interchange precinct and Voortrekker Road corridor also scheduled for some attention. The selection of these areas was primarily informed by the need to address inequality which is still a reality for many communities within the city – the legacy of many generations of spatial and economic exclusion. Maintenance of public infrastructure and facilities, in partnership with communities, is the basis of the programme with the objective of stabilising areas and providing a platform for more effective public and private investment. These future investments will be included into the City’s Integrated Development Plan. It is within this context that the city is introducing the concept of an area-based approach to urban development and management based on the successful Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading (VPUU) programme. It is the city’s intention, based on the success of this programme, to extend it to other areas that would benefit from such intervention. Area Co-ordinating Teams (ACTs) will be set up within the identified communities, under the umbrella of the relevant subcouncils. These teams will provide a platform for representatives of the communities, businesses, non-governmental organisations and the city to engage on a regular basis on issues such as maintenance, cleansing, informal trader management and performance monitoring


Woensdag 18 April 2012

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Prize package includes: Venue and catering, including standard white linen, cutlery, crockery and glassware, one night’s sleep-over in the honeymoon suite, a buffet menu for 60 guests, flowers and decor and a wedding cake sponsored by De Kleine Oliphantskop situated close to Philadelphia (R30 400); photography by Pro Photography (R21 500); a beautiful wedding dress from renowned Cape Town designer Ilse Roux Bridal Wear (R10 000); music for the wedding by Soundprint (R5 500); bridal make-up and hair by Elegance Hair & Make-up (R2 500); bridesmaid dresses by Jacoba Clothing (R2 500); invitations from Paper Paradise (R2 000); wedding shoes by Anella Wedding Shoes (R1 000); Save the day invitations by Secret Diary Designs (R1 000); and confetti by Scatterlings Fynbos Confetti (R400).

Win a wedding:

TygerBurger and FAB are giving one bridal couple the chance to win a wedding valued at over R70 000. Collect all five wedding photos pertaining to FAB, published in TygerBurger, and take them along to Autumn FAB to enter. Autumn FAB takes place on 12 and 13 May in the Market Hall at GrandWest Casino. You will receive an entry form upon entering the show – drop your entry form, together with your photographs, in the entry box inside the venue on any of the show days. The winning couple will be announced at the show on Sunday 13 May at 16:00. Photos can also be downloaded from the TygerBurger and FAB Bridal websites. For more information on the competition, go to or www.ty­, or phone: 021 981 4737 or 084 596 1753.

District Six Museum has ‘hip­hop at bioscope’ Do you long for the days of going to the “bies” on a Saturday afternoon? Tthe District Six Museum will be screening movies from its archive during April and May for all to enjoy. The movies, the majority by young filmmakers, will showcase the art of hip-hop, looking at the various musical influences that have shaped this Cape Town

musical sound. These movies will be screened at the District Six Museum at 25A Buitenkant Street. Viewings will start at 15:00, but performances, exhibitions and networking will take place from 14:00 onwards. There will be a question and answer session with directors after each screening. Admission is R20. Visit

You are a future artisan, businessman, engineer, fashion designer, personal assistant, sportsman... Northlink College offers you the opportunity to be whatever you choose! Annual Open Day – 20 & 21 April 2012 Campus workshops open to you from 9am – 2pm

Laptop with Software to be won! Terms and Conditions Apply

A decade of shaping students’ minds


Bursaries available (Terms and conditions apply)

Enquiries: 08600 NLINK (65465) • SMS‘NLINK’followed by your message to 43122 (Standard Rates Apply)

TygerBurger Ravensmead & Belhar Bladsy 9

KENNISGEWING VAN ‘N VERGADERING VAN DIE RAAD VAN DIE STAD KAAPSTAD ‘n Vergadering van die Raad van die Stad Kaapstad word op Donderdag 26 April 2012 om 10:00 in die Raadsaal, 6de Verdieping, Podiumblok, Burgersentrum, Hertzog-boulevard 12, Kaapstad gehou. Let asseblief daarop dat sitplek in die openbare galery van die Raadsaal beperk is en dat dit dus op ‘n eerste-daar-eerste-gehelp-grondslag toegeken sal word. Bel asseblief vir me. Ann Curtis by 021 400 3342 tussen 09:00-16:00 as u die vergadering wil bywoon. Alle versoeke om bywoning moet teen nie later nie as een dag voor die vergadering ontvang word. U moet asseblief u van, voorletters en kontak-telefoonnommer verskaf. Besoekers word vriendelik versoek om hul sitplekke teen 09:30 in te neem. ACHMAT EBRAHIM STADSBESTUURDER

TygerBurger Ravensmead & Belhar Bladsy 10

Hoofartikelblad/Leader's page

Woensdag 18 April 2012


Vital to enforce water by­laws What’s the use of a by-law if it’s not enforced? If there are too few “enforcers” and too many offenders? With water being such a scarce resource, the city has decided it has no option but to appoint 18 additional peace officers to enforce its by-laws relating to water. These peace officers have the authority to issue on-the-spot fines to offenders who contravene the by-laws related to water; wastewater and industrial effluent; treated effluent; and stormwater management. It comes as no surprise that most of the fines that have been issued during March related to industries that discharged illegal substances into the stormwater system. Somehow they think they can get away with it. Because of ignorance, they sometimes still do. In this time 60 spot fines amounting to R60 000 were issued to offenders who contravened the stormwater management bylaw. The culprits were also ordered to take remedial action within a stipulated timeframe or face further consequences. Hitting them hard where it hurts most. In their pockets. That’s the only language they understand. Kudos to the city for taking the bull by the horns. Let’s hope the city also looks after the peace officers so they don’t lose steam while taking on the big boys.

One man’s trash, another’s bed! ‘Trolley people’ move what is believed to be their find for the day down a street in Bonnie Brook, Kraaifontein, on Friday morning. This is a familiar site on garbage day in many Cape Town suburbs.

Photo: Carina Roux

I beg of you, don’t judge me

Wie ’n ander voorspoed gun, sal self oorvloed hê. Wie die dors van ander les, sal self genoeg kry as hy dors is. Spreuke 11:25

Beamptes jaag wild Ek het al voorheen geskryf oor die gedrag van ons metropolisie wat soggens so lekker op die N1 jaag. Vanoggend is daar weer eens ’n voertuig - CCT 3179 - wat van die linkerbaan na die regterbaan jaag. Die persoon sny voor ander motoriste in en ry soos ’n besetene, want die bestuurder is natuurlik weer laat vir werk! Al die gejaag is om by Goodwood-afrit vanaf die Paarl-kant af te draai. Hoekom word daar nie na die bestuurders se “tracking”- rekords gekyk nie? Die meneer/dame sal nie hulle eie voertuig so haastig bestuur nie, want dit is mos nie hulle brandstof wat hul so lekker uitjaag nie.

As ons verkeersmense voertuie huis toe ry. moet hulle belasting betaal soos enige ander werknemer van ’n maatskappy. Ek as belastingbetaler verskaf die petrol wat so lekker gemors word. Ek is seker die verkeersbeamptes begin werk teen 06:00, so as jy dan nog teen 05:55 op die pad is, is jy laat vir werk. Produktiwiteit is dus min, want daar word seker nog eers koffie gedrink en lekker gesels voor die beamptes hul daaglikse take verrig. Aan die beamptes wat so lekker jaag, die volgende boodskap. Niemand is verhewe bo die gereg nie! Trudy van Niekerk Durbanville

Dank aan Stad vir sport-bydrae Graag maak ek gebruik van die geleentheid om die organiseerders van die afgelope Paasnaweek se onder 19-toernooi in die Bayhill Premier Cup geluk te wens met ‘n uitmuntende taak. Ek wil veral die Stad Kaapstad se amptenare uitsonder vir hul rol wat hulle gespeel het om hierdie gebeurtenis ‘n reuse-sukses te maak. Ek dink regtig julle kan uitgesonder word omdat julle ‘n groot rol gespeel het. Bo en behalwe dat die stad ander rolle gespeel het tot die sukses van dié toernooi, het die gerief te Ericapark in Belhar, ook gewys

dat ons enige byeenkoms op enige dag kan aanbied. Die toilette was skoon en netjies, die vergaderpersele en kleedkamers was perfek. Daar was genoeg munisipale amptenare om die nodige hulp en bystand te verleen. Die speelvelde was wêreldklas. Selfs toe ons so ‘n klein storm gehad het, kon die spele voortgaan. Baie dankie aan almal van die Stad Kaapstad vir julle bydrae in die byeenkoms! RAADSLID GRANT TWIGG Kraaifontein

Rig eerder toegee­tekens op Ek is ’n stapper en stap so 3 km per dag. Ek kruis so 8 vierrigting-stopstrate waarvan twee verby skole loop. Soos ons almal teen die tyd weet, stop geen motorbestuurder by ’n stopstraat nie. So waarom nog moeite maak om stopstrate op

te rig? Kan die owerheid nie maar van dag een af ’n toegee-teken oprig nie? My persoonlike mening is dat hulle geld en arbeid sal bespaar. Wend arbeiders aan waar hul werk nog waardeer word. Straatstapper Kraaifontein

Having recently lost everything – and I mean everything – I now find myself in the position of having to beg when I can’t find casual work. I spend the morning until 13:00 looking for work and if unsuccesful am left with three options. The first is to tell my wife that she and I must go hungry and sleep outside. The second is to go out and steal something or from someone. The third is to swallow my pride and ask my fellow man for ‘help’. I rule out option one, as I don’t think my wife deserves it and also because I hate the look in her eyes’ when I tell her. I rule out option as it goes against what I believe and how I was raised. My God also doesn’t approve. I am thus left with option three. I therefore take out my pride and proceed to swallow it. I prepare myself mentally for the succesion of no’s to come. Steel myself mentally for when I am sworn at, ridiculed, ignored, chased away and looked upon with disgust. I pray to God and ask that he send some “kind souls” across my path, willing to help, so that I am able to provide us with food and shelter for the night. As long as I do my part, keep my faith and obey my Lord – my Lord answers my prayers. So, please. When next a “beggar” approaches – before you swear at, ignore or judge them, ask yourself – would I rather have this person stealing than reaching out? Remember that we are also people and deserve the same respect as anyone. By no means am I saying help everyone. There is no denying that “chancers” and “conmen” exist. I ask only that you take each situation on its own merit, as there are those who truly are suffering. BELLVILLE BEGGAR Email

Woensdag 18 April 2012

A grave lack of space for the dead Worried about your final resting place? You should be, because the City of Cape Town’s older cemeteries are reaching full capacity. This poses a challenge to City Parks, the department under which cemeteries fall. Instead of just developing more cemeteries, they have seen it as an opportunity to make available additional burial and internment options in order to increase density of burials, whilst still striving to respect cultural and religious diversity. The Maitland cemetery is Cape Town’s largest cemetery (113 hectares) and will have exhausted its vacant graves’ space within three years. There are areas within this cemetery that cannot be used for in-ground burial due to the presence of a high water table. This land was therefore earmarked for building above-ground concrete crypts in the form of a mausoleum, as an alternative internment option to the public. A pilot phase of 144 mausoleum crypts were built in 2011 and after 15 months of environmental monitoring, these crypts are now officially on offer to the public. Booking enquiries can be made at the northern cemetery booking office, on 021 550 7639. During the last five years City Parks has also extended Khayelitsha, Grassy Park and Welmoed cemeteries, as well as developed new cemeteries in Wallacedene and Delft. These cemeteries have been designed with two types of private graves, namely full monumental and berm grave blocks. In order to densify burial layouts, the berm grave layout was introduced without pathways between the graves. The memorial work on berm graves is limited to headstones only and no monumental work is allowed on the surface of the grave. The surface is levelled and grassed to provide access for visitors. Berm graves are offered at 40 percent of the price of a full monumental grave, which provides a significant cost incentive, whilst the city saves space for future burial demands. Both berm and full monumental graves offer “exclusive right of burial” and these graves give the family the option to re-use the grave for second burials (on top) of another family coffin. Second burials or burials on top of another family member, causes no disturbance of the first buried coffin in any way. This practice is therefore being encouraged, so as to provide for more space in existing cemeteries for the future. New cemeteries are also being planned in Vaalfontein (Somerset West) and Metro South East (Mfuleni) to cater for future demand for burials. Anyone wishing to enquire about bookings at Wallacedene, and Delft can contact Derek Sebybo on 021 929 4561 or 021 929 4562: Welmoed cemetery: Cathy Esterhuyse on 021 900 1902.

A scientific way to run marathons The Sports Science Institute of South Africa (Ssisa) and Optifit will be hosting a running programme for those interested in running events like the Two Oceans marathon. The programme runs for 12 weeks for those wishing to be able to run 10km and a further eight weeks for those wishing to be able to run 21km. There are various packages on offer as well as health assessments. The courses start on Monday 14 May. For more information contact Ssisa on 021 659 5725.


TygerBurger Ravensmead & Belhar Bladsy 11

Kuns & Vermaak Entertainment TygerBurger Bladsy 12

Onder redaksie van: Marita Meyer Onder redaksie van: Louisa Steyl

Woensdag 18 April 2012

Double launch for top SA musos Natasha Meister and Gavin Minter are taking on a double album launch this weekend. The two will be launching their respective albums: Natasha’s Half Way and Gavin’s My Return to Paradise at the Fugard Theatre on Friday. Touted as one of South Africa’s “bright young talents” (with a voice that will leave a room in awe and guitar skills said to be reminiscent of John Mayer), Meister’s sound is a refreshing change of pace in an industry that has become characterised by over-production and a one-sizefits-all approach to the nurturing of new talent. She currently fronts the Natasha Meister Band, which includes Roger Bashew (bass) and

Brackenfell’s Natasha Meister, and Gavin Minter will be launching their albums at the Fugard. Paul Tizzard (drums). Natasha also recently got the nod from Fender, which makes her the first-ever Fender-en-

dorsed female musician in the whole of Africa. Gavin’s latest album is a very personal commentary on his life, told with the help of beautiful melodies and great vocals, and delivered with a sincerity and honesty that gives the listener an opportunity to understand his journey. The musicians on the album are top class: Mark Fransman (the album’s co-producer) on piano and piano-accordion; Dave Ledbetter, Gorm Helfjord and Albert Frost on guitars; Luna Paige and Melanie Scholtz sing backing; Kevin Gibson plays drums with Wesley Rustin on bass and Dave Ferguson on mouth organ. Tickets for the launch cost R150 at Computicket.


Local production Bullets over Bishop Lavis will be playing at the Baxter Theatre from this Monday until Saturday 12 May. The production tells the story of two brothers, Ronnie and Jerome, and how Bishop Lavis gang activity runs the lives of the people. The production enjoyed a successful debut at the Absa KKNK in 2011 where it was nominated for a KykNet Fiesta Award. Shows run Mondays to Saturdays at 20:15 and tickets cost from R90 to R120 via Computicket or 08619158000. Contact the Baxter Theatre on 021 685 7880. Pictured here are Euodia Sampson and Diaan Lawrenson in a scene from the production. Photo: Andrew Brown

Bringing music back to Where We Live across the Western Cape as it uncovers the talent that exists in comA new music project wants to munities, and reveals the next genbring melodies back into the eration of talents coming up community in a big way. through the ranks. Fernando Van Wyk explained The Where We Live jazz project that their experience with music in has its roots in the formation of the their youth taught them valuable Bishop Lavis Jazz Society many life lessons that empowered them in years ago and it is now spreading their lives. “We grew up in an environment where music was a vibrant part of our community,” he said. “The harmonies of the choirs, church brigades, Christmas bands, and even the klopse played a vital role in maintaining the harmony in our neighbourhoods in those days. “There was also a lot of jazz bands that came from our areas, Sax man, Gus Gamba, blows up a storm at the re­ and there were vencent showcase of the Where We Live Project at the ues that featured Jamrock Theatre in Brackenfell. Guitarist Derrick them all the time. Schippers is all smiles as the music gets grooving. Apart from the live Photos: Gary van Dyk music there were GARY VAN DYK

. Bye Ma, Jaypee met Chris Van Niekerk en regie deur Margit Meyer-Rodenbeck is Vanaand (Woensdag) en Donderdag by Die Boer te sien. R110. Bespreek by 021 979 1911 of 083 406 0111. . De Wallen, Eating Stone Joni and Ballistic Blues will be at Jamrock on Friday. R30. Call 021 981 1313 or email to book. . The Albert Frost Trio will be at die Boer on Friday. R90. Call 021 979 1911 or 083 406 0111 to book. . Patrick Canovi will be at Sangrias in Bothasig on Friday. Entrance is free. . Godfrey Johnson presents

Season in the Sun at Villa Pascal in Durbanville on Friday. To book call 021 975 2566 or 082 569 4147 or visit . Saterdag is daar kinderteater by Die Boer met Dolf Wolf en die drie Varkies. R50. Bespreek by 021 979 1911 of 083 406 0111. . Kyle Petersen will be performing live with Rockerfellas at the V&A Waterfront Amphitheatre on Saturday at 18:00. Entrance is free. . Ignition will be at Tiekiedraai in Brackenfell Industria (Viben Street) on Saturday from 20:00. R30. . Louis Fivaz is Saterdagaand by Die Boer. R55. Bespreek by 021 979 1911 of 083 406 0111. . Wolfgang Riebe and Peter G Magic will be at Die Boer on Tuesday. R80. Call 021 979 1911 or 083 406 0111 to book.

groups of friends that loved listening to the overseas influences so we would visit each other with LPs and spend afternoons listening and having great discussions. “The friendships that were formed then, are still going strong, and this harmony and togetherness is what we want to bring back to neighbourhoods through this project.” Guitarist Derek Schippers is also very excited about the project and feels that it will benefit the talent that exists in the communities. “I come from a background where music has empowered me to travel the world, but I feel that the time has come to make a difference in my home town, where I live,” he chuckled. “Over the years our we have had some great talents coming from Cape Town, but too many of them have to ply their trade overseas, or head north to Johannesburg. “The problem is that there has been too little support for our unique sound that we can produce with what can be termed the ‘Cape’ jazz sound. “Growing up in this part of the

Guitarist Derrick Schippers gives fellow project members Fernando and An­ gel Van Wyk, a taste of some music featured in the project. world we were inspired by legends like Robbie Jansen, Tony Schilder, Basil Coetzee, the Dyers brothers, The Four Sounds ... but you rarely hear this at venues, or on the radio. “Part of this project is bringing that sound back into our neighbourhoods by playing concerts at houses, halls, and even in playparks to bring the sound to the people.”

Another important aspect of the project is re-discovering the talents that are still there in the neighbourhoods. “The time has come for people to discover the music from Where We Live,” he concluded. For more information about the project and future gigs call Fernando Van Wyk on 083 739 2141.

Comedy: The Artscape theatre in the city centre will be hosting the Shakespearean comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream until this Saturday. Directed by Fred Abrahamse and featuring a cast of South Africa’s finest classical actors, the play is one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays and is the perfect introduction for young theatre­goers to the Bard. The play has showings at 10:00, 15:00 and 20:15, and tickets can be purchased through Computicket for R40. For more information contact the Artscape on 021 421 7695. Pictured here are (from left): Nicholas Andrews as Puck, Chi Mhende as Titania and Marcel Meyer as Oberon. Photo: Fiona MacPherson


Woensdag 18 April 2012

TygerBurger Ravensmead & Belhar Bladsy 13


eksklusief aanlyn by

Waar koper en verkopers mekaar ontmoet

: 0860 11 75 20 - (021) 405 1181 (FAX) A & A HIRING

For all your crockery, cutlery,

FAMILIEKENNISGEWINGS 05 Huwelike Marriages CYNTHIA'S HIRING White & black chair covers stretch: R4,50. Crockery, cutlery and linen. 074 1905 808 / 021 953 1181

linen, etc. @ 10c per item. 082 267 7616/021 902 0904 ALL OCCASIONS CATERING Flowers for all occasions Hiring for all occasions, chair covers, arch and red carpets, Call Jenny 021 952 8535 / 072 906 6063 FLOWERS, table cloths, chair covers, overlays, red carpet, arch, stands & backdrops for all occasions. ( 079 1822 344 VALENTYNS hiring. Tables, table cloths, tressles, chairs, chair covers, transport avail. 021 909 5467 / 083 766 1792



JUMPING Castle to hire, R300 a day incl. delivery! 084 6919 893/076 596 6180

43 22 Persoonlik/Personal

Persoonlike Dienste Personal Services


Cash - DIY

3x3 - R3 500 3x6 - R4 500 3x9 - R6 500 3x7 + Toilet & Basin - R7 500 3x10 + Toilet & Basin - R9 500.

Vib & Nutec available. (O) 021 905 6219 (F) 021 905 4686 (C) 084 319 4062 / 078 619 5494 082 968 2269

ALL ABOUT APPLIANCES Repairs to stoves, w.machines, t/driers, m/waves, d/washers & fridges. Contact Mr Campbell 078 222 8510 or 073 047 1484 / 021 952 3417 / 021 952 1399 ALL MAKES & MODELS I BUY / SELL AND REPAIR ALL FRIDGES /FREEZERS & APPLIANCES DEAD OR ALIVE. 021 591 1699/084 985 7425


Any problem you have i will help you R50 Consultation fee Doctors in Bellville Call 078 575 5770


Upington - Kaapstad Upington Deur tot deur

Vanaf Upington: Donderdae & Sondae Vanaf Kaapstad: Vrydae & Maandae

BESPREKING: 076 99 000 22


I am Sandra Moos, 37 years from Stellenbosch. I would like to thank Zadir with all my heart for helping me solve my financial business and love problems that I have suffered for many years. I read about GranyZadir’s special powers in the newspapers. I also decided to contact him for an appointment. He charged me R650 for the magic ring for casino, lotto, power ball and horse racing. The day I played at the Grandwest Casino, I won a big jackpot. I used my money to pay off all my debts, renovated my house and boosted my business. Grany Zadir also helped me with my marriage. My husband use to cheat and abuse but now he stopped. We live a happy and successful life now. Thank you again. Grany, may God bless him. If you have any problems or disease, call Grany at

073 643 3208


AFFORDABLE JUMPING CASTLE(021 952 7492a/h/ 078 877 1183 JUMPING Castles, kids tables & chairs + Gazebos & tents for hire.( 021 930 5282 or 082 202 3495. JUMPING CASTLES kids table & chairs for hire. Call Jody 083 744 3022


Onderrig/Education HELENE'S DRIVING SCHOOL For K53 driving lessons Code 8 ­ Code10 Learner's classes ­All Codes. Learner 021 931 6933 or 083 959 9903 Driving lessons ­ 071 438 3232 K53­DRIVING LESSONS ( 021 933 3681

Spyseniering Catering CATERING DONE: 100 ­ 200 People. Call 021 933 3681


Motorhuise, braaikamers, afdakke, muur­ en vloerteëls gelê, Vibracrete­mure en verhogings, plaveisel en loodgieterswerk. Skakel 083 725 8591 / 021 904 4854 na ure

Binnenshuisdienste Home Services Interior

PRO FIX TV Repairs to all makes of TV's, Plasmas and LCD's. Free pick­up & deliveries. Aerial & DStv installations. 021 931 7616/ 083 294 9931

BLINDS & CURTAINS. All types. Free quotes. 021 371 8627 / 082 516 0030



Boumateriaal Building Materials 3 ml BOUSAND & KLIP. 021 397 6413 / 082 709 6443 A BARGAIN PAVING SLABS 400 x 400 = R11.50 450 x 450 = R13.50 500 x 500 = R14.95 VIBRACRETE SLABS ­ R27.50 Cement = R70 ( 076 382 6711

(Account Basis Only ) ,Tiling, Paving ,Vibracrete ,BIC's ,W/ Houses ,L/Flooring

6 ­ 60 mnths to pay!!! Ashley 072 371 6000 CARPET & UPHOLSTERY cleaning, 95% dry. Phone 021 905­4529 or 021 905­4247 / 072 832 1388 CARPETS, etc CLEANING 021 592 0626/082 428 7163


A BETTER BLOCK 190/140/90 BLOCKS, MAXIS, SAND, STONE BEST PRICES 0861 33 3314 021 704 3636 021 391 6330


Buitenshuisdienste Home Services Exterior HIGH PRESSURE ROOF CLEANING & PAINTING Call 078 696 9123 or 021 931 7788. VIBRACRETE EXTENSION 074 321 9215 / 021 820 4384 VIBRACRETE­MURE Los materiaal vir "DIY".


( 021 905 7820 k.u.



Algemeen Miscellaneous




Affordable, honest & reliable. 30 Years Exp. SACAP ­ Reg. Approval. All hrs: 021 903 8063 / Mike 083 564 7227

NO DEPOSIT BLACKLISTED WELCOME BELLVILLE: 021 802 6787 073 997 4312 DELFT: 021 954 1008 078 335 6770 071 807 0649 AFTER HOURS: 021 797 6569 072 542 7217

WENDYHUISE, van staal ge­ maak. 15 j.­waarborg. Sterker as hout. Brandbestand. Gratis geiser vir 1ste 100 kliënte. Krediet beskikbaar so min as R99 p.w. Tel. 021 911 5054 (kantoor)/ 021 824 0656.

Payout (lumpsum only) Cash same day Tel: 021 949 0930/1/2 DEAR FRIEND, NEED A LOAN? HOFFMEESTER ­ Up to R100 000. Same day payout. B/listed. 081 285 5558 LOANS BLACKLISTED WELCOME! NO ITC CHECKS! UP TO R15 000 Fax: 086 724 5130 084 714 4216 / 071 762 0362

LOANS? No problem, I'll help. Anthea 072 086 8029

• Wendy Houses • Paving • Built-in • Tiling Cupboards’ • Walling • Furniture • Carports • We do Palisade • Gates • Building extentions fencing as well

• Blacklisted welcome • Easy monthly terms • No deposit • Huge cash back in your pocket

Call 076 848 1572 021 911 5533 AUTUMN SPECIAL 180412

SLAPELOOS OOR SKULD? • Moeg vir dreigoproepe en briewe • Ek wil jou help met jou skuld • Slegs 1 paaiement GEEN ADMINISTRASIE!! EN ONS HELP SWARTLYS KLIËNTE  Agnes 082 455 8182 0021 948 3095


Veroer en Berging Moving & Storage 4 TON Truck with driver for hire from R700. 084 397 2144


Elektriese Herstelwerk Electrical Repairs WASMASJIENE, yskaste en stowe herstel deur mobiele werkswinkel. ( 074 6082411 021 939 9338



Kamers te Huur Rooms to Let BLACKHEATH ­ Sep. Ent. ( 021 905 6727 / 083 5282 013

exciting oPPortunities for Persons who wAnt to mAKe A Difference


AssistAnt Director: informAtion mAnAgement REMuNERATiON: R 221 058 PER ANNuM SERvicE bENEFiTS: 13th cheque, employer’s contribution to the pension fund, housing and medical aid allowance. REquiREMENTS: MiNiMuM EDucATiONAL quALiFicATiONS: An appropriate tertiary qualification in statistics, information management and/or a health related field. ExPERiENcE: • Relevant experience in an information and data management and monitoring and evaluation environment • Experience in the application of data collection to support policy. cOMPETENciES (kNOwLEDgE/SkiLLS): • Strong leadership skills and ability to demonstrate leadership in complex applications • Advanced knowledge of information and communication technology systems • Knowledge of public policy analysis, development and monitoring and evaluation processes • Knowledge of operational and strategic planning • Understand and implement National and Provincial information management policy • Excellent relationship management, project management and data management • Excellent computer literacy skills (Excel and PowerPoint) • Advanced numeracy and report writing skills. DuTiES (kEy RESuLT AREAS/OuTPuTS): • Develop an operational plan aligned with the strategic plan and ensure implementation thereof through project management • System optimisation: develop, standardise and implement information products, processes and procedures aligned with the strategic imperatives/business purposes of the province in consultation with clients • Ensure standardised departmental data meets data quality criteria • Database management (understanding client needs and communicating with system controller/developers) • Build and maintain excellent client relations • Provide data, information and reports according to client specifications • Staff supervision. ENquiRiES: Ms L Shand: 021 483-2639

Reparasies/Allerlei Repairs/ Miscellaneous

PleAse submit your APPlicAtion for the Attention of ms c VersfelD to the Director: humAn resource mAnAgement, DePArtment of heAlth, Po box 2060, cAPe town 8000.

FRIDGE RE­GASSING (Labour + gas incl. R180)

iNSTRucTiONS TO APPLicANTS: Z83 forms (obtainable from any Government department or must: Be completed in full, clearly reflect the name of the position, name and date of the publication (candidates may use this as reference), be signed, accompanied by a comprehensive CV, the names of 3 referees and certified copies of ID, driver’s licence and qualification/s. Applications without the aforementioned will not be considered. Applications must be forwarded to the address as indicated on the advertisement. No late, faxed or e-mailed applications will be accepted. CV’s will not be returned. Excess personnel will receive preference. Applications, which are received after the closing date, will not be considered.

(083 330 1625 *All jobs done at home!!!


KUILS RIVER, Sunbird Park, rooms avail. No children. (021 908 1250/072 255 7574


Autumn AUTUMNrBSpecial onanza


Bouplanne/ Building Plans

Wendy Houses SPECIAL 6 x 3m, R6 000 CASH 021 393 5475/082 621 4441/


ALL BUILDING WORK Paving work, palisade fencing, carports and general building work. Contact 079 822 3863 or 081 302 0071 / 021 952 9928


26 Sosiaal en Ontspanning Social and Recreational

while waiting for:

Bouwerk Building Construction

Vibracrete Walls, Plastering. ( 021 392 1433/083 539 5478


Come To Me I Have Your Solutions Financial Problem Bring Back Lost Lover Clear Debts Marriage Problems Win Casino / Lotto Pass Exams Clean Home


on a Pension/ Provident/ Package / Lumpsum Payout? Cash same day. Sms/Call: Chantal 076 886 7655




Elektriese Tuisbehore Electrical Appliances


DR SHADIK pay after problem solved


AHA Burglar Bars & Gates Teen bilike pryse. ( 24/7 021 933 1647/021 909 1807/ 021 909 3038 / 083 542 1097.

80 ADS EGSKEIDINGS Ons kom na u toe. (021 979 4848 / 082 824 1041

Allerlei Miscellaneous Services

Easter Special


Kindervermaak Children’s Entertainment

APPLY NOW loan up to R50 000. Same day. Sms/call 081 449 6824


Geld/lenings Money/Loans 1 000 ­ R90 000 KAR PAWN GOEDKOOP. 082 359 2546 1­2­10 Cash Loans Blacklisted, 5 min. approval, any amount.( 021 762 9079/ 021 696 8028

A BRIDGING LOAN? Waiting for Pension/package payouts? SMS or send “please call me” 082 301 7856 Ph: 0860 105 546

Further communication will be limited to shortlisted candidates. If you have not received a response from the Department within 3 months of the closing date, please consider your application as unsuccessful. It will be expected of candidates to be available for selection interviews on a date, time and place as determined by the Department. As directed by the Department of Public Service & Administration, applicants must note that further checks will be conducted once they are shortlisted and that their appointment is subject to positive outcomes on these checks, which include security clearance, qualification verification, criminal records, credit records and previous employment. The Department of Health is guided by the principles of Employment Equity. Disabled candidates are encouraged to apply and an indication in this regard will be appreciated.

closing Date: 4 May 2012

P O S i T i v E A b O u T P E O P L E w i T H D i SA b i L i T i E S

Human Communications C94381E

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Woensdag 18 April 2012


Hare/Skoonheid Hair/Beauty



WINDSCREENS and motorglass supplied and fitted. Ph 082 973 5536


Free Valuations ­ Free Property Advice.



Motortoebehore Spares and Accessories


HAIR COURSE R750. Call 072 373 4147



No transport or previous sales experience needed. Free training is provided. We offer basic salary, commission, petrol allowance and various other incentives.

OLD BELHAR Call SIDNEY MOSES at 082 954 0781.

For appointment, call Stacy on 021 465 7852 Terms & Conditions Apply

Besighede te Koop Businesses for Sale


RAVENSMEAD Hair Salon for sale. R79 000 neg. Call 074 436 5559


Huise te Koop Houses for Sale BELHAR ­ PRIVATE SALE 3 beds., facebrick house,, fam. bathr. & shower. Garage & fully enclosed. Entertainment area. Must see! R650 000 Call 083 7788 259


R370 000. Lots of potential!!! 3­bed home, large corner plot, open plan kitchen/ lounge. A must see...Don't delay ­ phone today!!!



isi :V


eq u HAIR Uni




Sake Geleenthede Business Opportunities Are you ready to be your own boss? Earn extra income P/T Min. investment. Max. returns. Low capital, low risk, high returns. ( 083 650 1004 AVON AGENTS NEEDED Start today and receive a free gift for your first six months + commission 15% to 30%. 072 282 3919/ 074 150 5801

Upmarket Salon looking for Professional Barbers SHOP P3 • SHOPRITE PARK• PAROW TEL. 021 939 1985

Algemeen General Vacancies Home Care: Advanced Home Care Nursing Courses, Hairdressing Course, Free Learner's License, First Aid/Childcare. Full/Part­time. Registe now! ( 021 945 4848 a.h. or 071 303 4426 E­mail: STAFF needed. 19­25 years. R2 500 p.m. (021 930 4219/073 454 4430.

Tydelike Drywers Nagskof

PDP, Sober gewoontes. Onmiddellik beskikbaar. Skakel 082 569 2793

"BARGAIN CORNER" ALL AREAS BONTEHEUWEL COTTAGE: R345 000 ­ Cottage, 2 beds., carport, g.flat, b.bars. Close to Bluegum Road..

ELSIES RIVER / CONNAUGHT EST. ­ R299 000 ­ 3 beds., lounge, kitchen, bathr., toilet. ELSIES RIVER ­ AVENUES R580 000 ­ 3 beds., garage, carport, g.flat, large plot. EPPING FOREST ­ R275 000 Cottage, 2 bedr., spotless condition. RUYTERWACHT ­ 2­3 beds. R620 000 ­ R720 000 Immaculate condition, large plots. Call your area specialist now for a FAIR DEAL at FAIRPROP 021 534 4690 / 082 678 1044 FOR 100% BONDS NOW!




EERSTE RIVER ­ R540 000 (Rosedale) 4 bedr., m.e.s., lnge, diningr., f.kitch, b.i.c., bathr., extra kitch, ideal for sub­letting + 2­bedr. maid's quarters, gar. Montana ­ R549 000 neg. 3 beds., m.e.s, lnge/diningr., f.kith, d/gar. BELHAR ­ (Off St. Vincent Drive) R399 000 ­ 4 beds., 2 m.e.s., lnge/diningr., TVr., large kit + gar. (Needs attention) Call SOLLY PARKER CIEA, CRS 021 853 0561/ 072 743 3506


Ouma Woonstelle Granny Flats MATROOSFONTEIN 2 bedr. sep. entrance. with kitchen, lounge, bath. & toilet. ( 021 931 7828 / 072 575 6805


S.A. Parker

Cell: 071 010 5912



• • • •

We specialize in: • Nutec Houses • Vibracrete Houses • Carports • Bathrooms and Electric


sms WENDY to 41911 and we’ll call you back. R1.50/sms

3 bedr., lounge, o.plan kitchen, 1½ bathr., spacious enclosed yard. Worth a view. PHONE ME NOW!

JACQUES 083 686 2117




Ext 13 ­ R320 000 3 bedr. with lam. flooring, lounge, diningr., garage. Ext. 1 ­ R450 000 3 bedr., lounge, TV r. with fireplace, f.f. cherrywood kitchen & remote garage. R980 000 ­ Modern home with mo­ dern features, office + garage.

EERSTE RIVER FOREST HEIGHTS PLOTS 1 x 290m² ­ R150 000 cash or R45 00 dep. 1 x 220m² ­ R140 000 cash or R42 000 dep.


(Near Station) La Paloma ­ 2­bedr. flats 1 x R290 000 with p.bay 1 x R330 000 with p.bay

PROPERTIES Contact Priscilla, 073 219 5256/ 021 952 2037

BELHAR/MUSICALS ­ R580 000 Fully encl., 3 bedr., sep. bathr. + toilet, f.f. lounge with Jetmaster. BELHAR/SELFHELP ­ R499 000 Fully encl., f.f. (lots of b.i.c.), 2 bedr. (main bedr. b.i.c.), gr. flat. ST AUGUSTINES ­ R680 000 neg.: Corner plot, 3 bedr., fully encl, kitch. with b.i.c., lnge, gar, carport. TUSCANY GLEN ­ R620 000 3 bedr., lnge, dining r., fully fitted, 2 bathr, swimming pool. BELHAR ­ R380 000 Fully enclosed, large plot, 2 bedr., fully fitted, undercover carport. Ideal starter home. BELHAR ­ R420 000 2 beds.,, lounge/diningr. with Jetmaster. Lots of b.i.c., knotty pine ceiling, cobbled paving driveway, entertainment area. BELHAR ­ R320 00 within 500m from Shoprite Airport Mall. 2 beds., f.f.kitch, tiled thru­ out, in cul de sac. We require property in all areas for qualified buyers.

Sharon, 083 317 3794 or 021 953 1480 Aleric, 083 966 7878



VALUE FOR MONEY 3 bedr., open­plan kitchen, lounge, bathroom, spacious enclosed plot and garage.

JACQUES 083 686 2117

Sport Sport

Woensdag 18 April 2012 Woensdag 18 April 2012

TygerBurger Ravensmead & Belhar Bladsy 15 TygerBurger Eersterivier & Blue­Downs Bladsy 15

Nuweling­spanne kry dit hotagter SAREL BURGER

Vir Tygerberg-klub as die nuweling in die A-afdeling van die WP se Super-rugbyliga, en vir Goodwood as die nuweling in die B-afdeling van die Superliga, het die 2012-seisoen die afgelope Saterdag op ’n ietwat vals noot begin. Durbanville/Bellville (in die A-afdeling) en Noordelikes/ Northlink-kollege, Bellville (voor-

heen Bellville Tech) en Brackenfell (al drie in die B-afdeling) was die enigste van die nege Tygerbergse klubs in die WP se topliga wat in die eerste reeks wedstryde aan die wenkant kon eindig. Tygerberg-klub is baie gou deur die Universiteit Kaapstad daarvan bewus gemaak dat die A-afdeling ’n veel moeiliker wêreld is as die B-afdeling waarin hy verlede seisoen koning gekraai het. Maar alle eer aan die Floridapark-span – wat met

rustyd reeds 0-21 agter was – vir sy terugbaklei in die tweede helfte waartydens hy, net soos die Ikeys, 14 punte aangeteken het om “net” 14-35 te verloor. Durbanville/Bellville is goed opgekeil deur Valsbaai, maar die Durbies se oorheersing van die vaste fasette het hulle met 23-7 laat wen. Belhar kon egter op Accordeon Park net eenvoudig nie al die gate toestop in sy wedstryd teen die Maties nie en die gevolg was ’n kous-

oor-die-kop-verrinnewering van 6710 deur die besoekers. Brackenfell het in sy wedstryd teen Pniël Villagers sewe keer agter die besoekers se doellyn gaan kuier vir ’n sege van 47-29, maar ietwat kommerwekkend is die feit dat die Brakke se verdediging self vier keer deur die Pniël-span oopgevlek is. Noordelikes/Northlink se oorheersing voorlangs en veel meer vaardighede in die agterlyn, het hom ses drieë in die sak gebring ten

einde Kuilsrivier met betreklike gemak 49-8 te klop. Goodwood se terugkeer na die Superliga (nadat hy as verlede seisioen se Premierligakampioen bevorder is) het ongelukkig nie die verloop gehad waarop hy gereken het nie. Die gesoute Helderberg het Goodwood 42-6 ore aangesit. Bellvile en Hands & Heart het mekaar goed vasgevat – sodanig dat albei net een keer die doellyn kon oorsteek. Die Bellvilliete het 16-8 gewen.

Tyandela makes his return as the favourite The man is back after a lengthy twoyear break and makes his return on Saturday at the Western Province Kyokushin-kan Open karate championship at the UCT sports centre. Siyanbonga Tyandela, who represented the Rest of the World versus Russia three years ago, makes his much-anticipated return. Tyandela, who is a former seventime national champion, will enter in the men’s heavyweight division and is punted to make it to the final where he might meet Pierre Appelgryn. Appelgryn, who tips the scale at 110kg at the young age of 23, has his sights sets on the final. “It is great to have Siyabonga back, his track record speaks for itself and I’m sure we will have him in the final. Pierre, who will compete in only his second full contact tournament, is a promising prospect for the future.

EERSTERIVIER CEDARVALE 3 slaapkamers, ingeboude kombuiskassies, diefwering, vibracrete, motorafdak.

R400 000 SILWOOD HEIGHTS 2 slpk., vibracrete, diefwering, on­ middellik beskikbaar. R250 000 WESBANK / KUILSRIVIER 'RDP'­huis met diefwering, vibracrete ­ R80 000 Skakel April 072 550 7649 Kantoor 021 902 0984

KRAAIFONTEIN / BELMONT PARK ­ R560 000 A must see home!! 3 beds., with b.i.c., lounge, diningr., 2 baths., huge fitted kitchen, single garage, situated on big plot & right around enclosed. KRAAIFONTEIN / ZOO PARK R750 000 ­ MAKE THIS HOUSE 3 big bedr., 2 bathr., lounge, diningr., f. kitchen, single garage, huge outside room with bathr. & toilet. CALL TODAY... Call Brian Curran 083 551 5564 or 021 801 8500

“We are looking forward to what may very well be the best provincial champs we have had in years. “We expect more than 250 entries on the day and for the first time we have other Kyokushin organisations entering our championships,” said Shihan Hennie Bosman. Henry Bosman, who is the current u-17 provincial and national champion, will have some stiff competition from fellow competitors. Former champion Sydney Veremu (u.80kg) will look to once again walk away with the honours. Monique Theore (Kyokushin Union) who will compete in the girls’ u-17 division looks set to win. The tournament starts at 09:00 with the men’s elimination rounds estimated to start at 14:00. Admission for adults is R20 and children R10. Contact the Welgemoed dojo on 021 913 1600 for more information.

Kuils River/ Highbury Park ­ R385 000 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen,

MALIBU VILLAGE ­ R330 000 2 bedrooms, fully enclosed.

2 bathroom. Carport. Spacious plot. Close to shops and walking distance to Nooiensfontein Road

MALIBU VILLAGE ­ R350 000 2 bedrooms with fitted kitchen and carport. FOUNTAIN VILLAGE ­ R380 000 neg. ­ 3 bedrooms, double carport, fully enclosed.

BELLVILLE Shirleypark ­ R930 000 3/4 bedr, bics, large fully fitted

MALIBU VILLAGE ­ R390 000 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, study, 1½ garages, fully enclosed.

kitchen. Lounge, Dining room, TV­ room. Outside braai. Swimming pool. Massive plot. Close to high­ and primary school FRANCIS DE WET 021 906 1994 082 770 8954

SELLERS, sign a sole mandate with Rawson Properties and stand chance of wining a home make over to the value of R125 000

Contact or sms Carol on: 083 648 2648 Office: 021 909 0461

DE WET PROPERTIES MACASSAR R395 000: Blue Downs 3­bedr. home with en suite, lounge, kitchen, bathr., big yard. schools and shopping centres.


RDouble­storey 4 2 0 0 0 0house : Mwitha c a2 s sbedr. ar on top floor, 2 bedr. on ground floor, bathr., kitchen with built­in stove, lounge with fireplace, garage & covered parking.

R485 000: Macassar 3­bedr. facebrick home

with en suite, bathr., lounge, diningr., kitchen, garage & fully enclosed yard.

KARIN, 079 024 9239

The students at the Welgemoed dojo are busy with final preparations before the WP championship on Saturday. Front from left: Sydney Veremu and Henry Bosman. Middle: Siyabonga Tyandela and Pierre Appelgryn. Back: Shihan Hennie Bosman.

MALIBU VILLAGE ­ R150 000 Vacant plot. SUMMERVILLE / KUILS RIVER R250 000 ­ Vacant plot, gated community. HIGH GATE / KUILS RIVER R310 000 ­ 2­bedroomed house. SUMMERVILLE ­ R550 000 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully enclosed, 24 hours security gated community. SELLERS, sign a sale mandate with Rawson Properties and stand a chance of winning a home make over to the value of R125 000

Call or sms Maurice 084 909 9365 Office: 021 909 0461

AÏDA PROSPUR Southern Suburbs WETTON 021 761 0707 M/PLAIN 0213 91 2200

Everything we touch turns to SOLD

FAIRDALE: R340.000excl F/s,2Beds, Lounge, F/Bath, Fitted Kitchen, Carport, Encl, 198m. SILVERSANDS: R350.000excl F/s, 3Beds(1xB), Lnge, F/Bath, Kitchen, Encl, 281m, Satellite Dish, T/Doors, B/Bars. KLEINVLEI: R350.000excl 3Beds(2xBics), Lounge, Bath, S/toilet, FFK, Encl, B/Bars. EERSTERIVER: R250.000excl F/standing, 2Bedrooms, Lounge, F/Bath, Kitchen, Enclosed. SILVERSANDS: R620.000excl D/s, 7Beds(4xBics), Ent.Hall, Lnge, Drm, S/toilet, Mes, K(Bics), Garage, Encl, 354m. ANDILE 084 776 6532


RIVERSIDE PALMS/SONNEKUIL R730 000: 3 bedr., en suite, b.i.c., f.f. kitch, lounge & dining area, full bathr., gar., fully fenced, covered braai area, close to Soneike Mall. FAIRDALE/BLUE DOWNS R325 000: 2 bedr., kitch., lounge, bathr., gar., fully fenced. EAST RIDGE/M.PLAIN ­ R299 000 3 bedr., kitch., lnge, bathr., fenced. HEATHER PARK/EERSTE RIVER R385 000: 3 bedr., fitted kitch., big lnge, f.bath., semi­encl., spac. plot. ILITHA PARK ­ R450 000: 3 bedr., kitch., spac. lnge, bathr., huge plot. LUZUKO PARK ­ R350 000 2 bedr. + 1­bedr. flat, kitch., lnge, f.bathr., garage, spacious plot. MANDELA PARK ­ R220 000 2 bedr., lounge, f.f. kitch. incl. oven + hob, fam. bathr., enclosed. SUMMERVILLE/KUILS RIVER R530 000 ­ 2 bedr., kitch., lnge, f.bathr., gar., quiet security estate. ( Gilbert, 079 293 1237 Lulamile, 074 293 1237 Khaya, 072 596 5655 Luyanda, 078 492 4880 (O), 021 361 8915/021 361 6782 MILTONS MATSEMELA Attorneys & Conveyancers


PLOT & PLAN DEVELOPMENT RIVERSIDE PALMS/SONNEKUIL R790 000 and above. 3 bedr., en suite, b.i.c., f.f. kitch. incl. oven + hob, d. gar., outside covered braai area, Tuscan­style houses in central Kuils River, limited number of plots, near Soneike Shopping Mall, close to all public amenities. ANNOUNCEMENT TO PLOT OWNERS: Plot owners must please contact us for speedy service on sale of plots. We need plots in all areas for cash on registration of transfer. Lots of buyers available. Brentwood Park / Kuils River R430 000 ­ 3 bedr., m.e.s., kitchen, lounge, family bathr., fully fenced, quiet area. WESBANK ­ R200 000 Facebrick house, 2 spacious bedr., kitchen, lounge, bathr., fully fenced. ( Gilbert, 079 293 1237 Lulamile, 074 293 1237 Khaya, 072 596 5655 Luyanda, 078 492 4880 (O) 021 361 8915/021 361 6782 MILTONS MATSEMELA Attorneys & Conveyancers

YOLAM PROPERTIES NOOITGEDACHT/ BISHOP LAVIS R550 000 ­ 5 bedr. (3 with b.i.c.), f.f. kitch., big lounge, knotty pine ceilings, tiles, lam. flooring, b.bars, sec. gates, blinds, gar. Fully encl.


R620 000 ­ 3 bedr., en suite (2 with b.i.c.), bathr./toilet, lounge, dining r., Jetmaster, kitch with b.i.c., tiles, entertainment area, b. bars, safety gates, gar for 2 cars. Fully encl.


2 bedr., kitch., bath, toilet, lounge, b.bars, s.gates, encl. & much more


We are looking for houses to sell in Bellville South, Belhar, Delft, Bishop Lavis, Ravensmead, Parow. CALL DUANE, 073 159 3432 or STEPHANIE, 072 977 9972 or OFFICE, 021 951 2290

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- SEDERT 1984 -

ONS HET VOORRAAD ! u b r e g y .t w w w

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Taurusstraat 10 • Brackenfell • Tel (021) 981 4501 • Fred Prinsloo Reklame gho/18/11/2011 A

TygerBurger Bladsy 16

Onder redaksie van Stehan Schoeman

Woensdag 18 April 2012

Vodacom­rugby by D’ville­klub Die DHL Westelike Provinsie en Toyota Vrystaat pak mekaar in ’n Vodacom-bekerwedstryd volgende Saterdag by die Durbanville-rugbyklub. Die wedstryd wat om 15:30 afskop, is deel van ’n rugbytoernooi wat van 26-28 April ten bate van die Masibambane-sportprojek gespeel word. “Die Masibambane Sport Foundation (MSF) het die afgelope twee jaar soveel sukses behaal dat ons as

rugbyspelers graag hul goeie werk wil ondersteun,” sê Carel Steenkamp CA(SA), voorsitter van die Durbell-rugbyklub. Heelwat skole in die omgewing het nie genoeg fondse om leerlinge bloot te stel aan sportsoorte soos rugby nie. MSF gebruik sport as ’n medium om die jeug van die Durbanville-gemeenskap te bereik. Nie net kry jong spelers die geleentheid om professionele sportafrigting te ontvang deur voormalige provinsiale spelers nie, maar word hulle ook aan-

gemoedig om noodsaaklike lewensvaardighede te ontwikkel binne hierdie veilige omgewing. Die invloed van MSF is veel groter as die ontwikkeling van sportvaardighede. Een van die spelers, ’n hoërskool-seun, het onlangs aan ’n afrigter erken dat hy betrokke was by dwelmmisbruik en dat MSF aan hom ’n geleentheid gee om te ontsnap van die euwels binne sy gemeenskap. Daar is ook ’n 5-jarige seun wat by elke oefening opgedaag het met

die verskoning dat hy graag wil help. Volgens die ander spelers word beide sy ouers vermis. MSF gee aan hierdie 5-jarige ’n veilige plek waar hy deel vorm van ’n groep mense wat sy lewe positief beïnvloed. Hierdie seun tree tans op as spanbestuurder vir een van die MSF-spanne. MSF het dringend fondse nodig om etes te verskaf aan spelers wat dikwels by oefeninge en wedstryde opdaag sonder enigiets om te eet of drink. Fondse wat ingesamel word ty-

Raw power

dens die rugbytoernooi gaan hiervoor aangewend word.Die jaarlikse nasionale ou manne-rugbytoernooi vorm deel van die naweek se verrigtinge. Kom kyk hoe 400 van SuidAfrika se meer ‘volwasse’ rugbyspelers mekaar die stryd aansê. Wedstryde vind plaas van 10:00 die oggend af. Verskeie kunstenaars soos Christo en Cobus, beter bekend as die Broers, gaan ondersteuners tot laataand vermaak op die It-all-comestogether-with-a-Castle-verhoog.

Mr Suit Hire


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Jean Roos from Delft compe­ tes in the deadlift event du­ ring the WP Powerlifting Championship that took pla­ ce held at the Mustang Gym in Goodwood on Saturday. Ross, competing in the 115kg heavyweight division, managed to lift 280kg in the deadlift, 180kg in the bench press and 260kg in the squat.

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Tygerburger Ravensmead & Belhar 18 April 2012  
Tygerburger Ravensmead & Belhar 18 April 2012  

Tygerburger Ravensmead & Belhar 18 April 2012