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Wisemen of the East in harmony The Boland Christmas Band associa­ tion held their union’s second annual competition at the Salberau Sports­ ground in Elsies River on Sunday, and it was a day filled with magical music as well as fun and games for the kids and many families from the commu­ nity who attended the event. The event was a huge success as the eight bands in the union played their hearts out, but the day belonged to locals, Wisemen of the East, who scooped most of the trophies for the day. Here they are seen marching past the podium to win the trophy for the Best Dressed category.

) ‘No similar incidents’ say police

Dog attack one case GARY VAN DYK

Police are calling for calm, after a guard dog attacked a child. While a Belhar toddler is still in intensive care after being mauled by a dog, police have squashed rumours that other children had been attacked. The community is still in shock after three-year-old Lincoln Nimmerhuidt was attacked by a Rottweiler that ran out of the Perseverance Secondary School.

At the time of the attack at about 08:00 on Sunday he was walking to the doctor with his stepfather, Uzent Links. According to the police report Links described how the dog grabbed Lincoln by the neck and would not let him go. Apparently the dog was part of security at the school but dug its way out of its holding area and ran out of the school. Links also described how the dog would not let go of the boy and tried to drag him into the school, even

when he tried to throw himself at the dog to let him leave the toddler. The youngster was taken to Karl Bremer Hospital and underwent surgery for injuries to his head, face and body. Police spokesperson W/O November Filander said the dog was put down by the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). A case of letting a dangerous dog stray was opened against the unnamed security company operating at the school. Police have called for calm in the


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that if there were any victims they would not have hesitated to report the incident. “We are all aware that the community is concerned for this little boy but we cannot let emotions based on rumours make matters worse. The police will be investigating this incident to the fullest and if there is any criminal wrongdoing the proper punishment will be meted out to the guilty parties.” At the time of going to press, Lincoln was still in a critical condition. . To page 2.

Mon - Friday 9:00 - 18:00 Friday (Closed 12:30 - 14: 00) Saturday 9:00 - 13:00 Opposite the Day Hospital Abaisha Centre, 356 Halt Rd, ELSIES RIVER



area after rumours that dogs from this specific company had escaped before and attacked others surrounding the school. Capt Joe Wilson, media officer for the Delft Cluster which covers Belhar, said that these rumours were not true. “This is the first incident of this nature that we are investigating,” he said. “If there had been other incidents action would most certainly have been taken and the public would have known about it. I am also sure

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Dog handler ‘must have training’ . From page 1. . A dog trainer in the community who did not want to be named, said that this incident highlighted the need for proper dog control training in security companies. “A properly trained dog would not have wanted to escape from the school, and this shows that maybe the handler also had a part to play in allowing this to happen. “These breeds need stimulation, and as working dogs their patrolling is that stimulation, but it must be done at regular intervals. When you stop this stimulation problems like this can happen. “There is legislation in place that all dog handlers in these security companies must be certified in dog control, and the company involved must also prove that the dogs were trained for specific tasks by a certified trainer.”

Steun aan verslaafdes ’n Biokinetikus praat op Donderdag 8 Maart by ’n Ramot-ondersteuningsaand vanaf 19:00 by die Ramot-sentrum in Tonerstraat 54, Parow, oor die rol van biokinetika in die herstel van die skade weens verslawing. Glynn Moolman van Ramot is die spreker. Een van die pasiënte sal getuienis lewer. Biokinetika word aangebied as een van die holistiese elemente in die behandeling van verslawing by Ramot. Glynn sal praat oor die voordele van ’n gesonde oefenprogram met spesifieke verwysing na die herstelproses van verslaafdes. Enigeen kan die praatjie bywoon. Toegang is gratis, maar bespreek by of 021 939 2033.

Woensdag 7 Maart 2012

Hawelose­tameletjie erg ANDRÉ BAKKES

Die probleem met haweloses in die land ruk vinnig hand uit, en die noordelike voorstede is geen uitsondering nie. Elke raadslid het amper weekliks iets te sê oor die dakloses wat met hul trollies deur die strate drentel, in inwoners se asblikke rondkrap vir iets om te eet en partykeer selfs bydra tot misdaad. Sommige mense glo die beste manier om hulle te help, is om kos of geld te gee, en ander glo die dakloses moet die koue skouer kry. Die meeste mense stem egter saam dat hulle op een of ander manier van strate verwyder moet word. TygerBurger het verlede week weer eens gepraat met ’n leser wat nou genoeg gehad het van die “trollie-brigade”. Elizabeth Langeveld van Goodwood is baie bekommerd oor die impak wat hierdie besonder arm mense op die buurt en die eiendomspryse het. “Goodwood was altyd netjies – dit was ’n fees om hier te bly! Nou is dit 80% erger. “As jy een hawelose persoon sien, dan is

daar gewoonlik 10 ander wat hom volg,” meen Langeveld. Die koördineerder van TASP (Tygerbergassosiasie vir straatpersone), pastoor Jerry Louw, skat dat daar omtrent 600 hawelose mense in die noordelike voorstede is. Hierdie getal is heelwat meer as ’n mens die misdadigers wat hulle as haweloses voorhou, byvoeg. “TASP is daar om mense met ’n probleem te help, en ons moet hierdie probleem so vinnig as moontlik oplos,” se Louw. Volgens hom is die haweloses nie net ’n seer op die oog nie, maar ook op die omgewing. “TASP wil hulle help deur hul op te voed en bewus te maak van hul probleem. Ons het sekere programme wat die haweloses inlig oor dinge soos gesondheid, misdaad, dwelms en alkohol.” Hy sê ook dat ’n mens nie net die persoon se trollie kan verwyder nie, want dan vat jy sy hele lewensbestaan van hom weg. Langeveld het al probeer om klein werkies te gee vir die haweloses in die omgewing. Sy het vullissakke vir almal gegee om die straat weer skoon te maak, en as hulle dit terugbring, dan gee sy vir hulle melk en brood.

Maar dit het ook nie gewerk nie, want die volgende dag het sy gesien hoe hulle net die vuilgoed verskuif van een gebied na ’n ander. Sy gaan voort: “As ons met hulle praat, dan word hulle aggressief, en partykeer wil hulle selfs ’n siviele saak teen ons indien!” Die haweloses word baie keer van een buurt na ’n ander geskuif deur die owerhede, maar volgens raadslede help dit ook nie. Een buurt se oplossing word net die ander se probleem. Louw sê ook dat as iemand geld gee vir ’n hawelose, dit in die meeste gevalle nie gebruik gaan word vir die doel waarvoor dit gegee is nie. Daar is nou ’n inisiatief van die raad om ’n geskenkbewys-program van stapel te stuur – wat beteken dat die publiek in plaas van geld, eerder ’n geskenkbewys aan die persoon kan gee. Met hierdie bewys kan hulle dan kos gaan koop by ’n spesifieke winkel. Louw sluit af om te sê dat die publiek verantwoordelik moet wees wanneer hulle die haweloses help. “As mense geld wil gee, skenk dit eerder aan organisasies soos TASP, MES of nagskuilings,” vra hy.

Oldest student in Western Cape ANDRÉ BAKKES

Lindela Malgas from Du Noon laughs when he is told that he is the oldest Adult Basic Education and Training (Abet) learner in the province. “I am just 59 years old!” he exclaims mischievously, before adding that he was, in fact, born in 1932. When looking at the sparkle in his eyes, he looks young for a 59-year-old, never mind a 79-year-old. Malgas was recently honoured by Western Cape education minister Donald Grant and received R1 500 for his excellence and perseverance. “I feel proud,” he laughs again. Malgas has been going to an Abet centre for four years to further his education. “I always wanted to know as much as others do!” When asked if this was the sole reason for his educational adventure and whether it isn’t really just to see all the younger girls, he said wide-eyed and abruptly: “No!”, but then laughed wholeheartedly again. Malgas’s sense of humour is just as sharp as his mind. He is very interested in geography and history, but unfortunately these subjects were not part of the curriculum. As a result he decided to take English, life orientation, biology and mathematics – to name but a few. He goes to class four days a week from 17:00 to 19:00 and “most of the time” gets homework as well. “I love maths,” he says determinedly. “It is important to think logically. If this happens, then that will not happen. Also, it’s

good to know if King William’s Town is so many kilometres from Cape Town, then it will take so long to get there!” Malgas often visits his birthplace in King William’s Town, but he goes alone, since he never got married or had children. This is one of his regrets, as he explains: “It’s good to know that you left something behind.” An outsider’s perspective could be that Malgas is indeed “leaving something behind” – an example of how one should always be fascinated with things around you. He is also an inspiration to others and is living proof that it is never too late to learn. “Other older people should join me, although I can see they are not really interested. There are a lot of things you can learn there. Even today, people connect with oth-

ers with what they know.” He is a student at Isibane Community Learning Centre in Du Noon and has recently completed his Abet Level 4 curriculum. He often reads newspapers, but this only makes Malgas angry, because “it steals his time”. “I would rather read something which gives me knowledge!” With his R1 500 he wants to buy a geography book to appease his hunger to learn about this subject. “The most important thing I want to know is how the planets are dwelling. I also want to learn what causes earthquakes and how evolution works. The church people tell us that Earth is just a few thousand years old, but some books say it is millions of years old. I think I now believe in evolution.”

Lindela Malgas from Du Noon, the oldest Adult Basic Education and Training (Abet) learner in the province. Photo: André Bakkes

Max sentence wanted The Cart Horse Protection Association has called for the maximum sentence to be imposed on three men that appeared in the Bellville Magistrate’s Court yesterday (Tuesday) on charges of cruelty and abuse. A horse named Mr Lonely died last year shortly after he was found by a cart horse inspector on Freedom Farm on 23 July. When found, the horse was lying on the ground, his testicles badly swollen and with open welts. The animal’s condition was so severe

he had to be carried into the horsebox to be transported to the Cart Horse Epping Clinic for veterinary treatment. The incident has been described as one of the worst cases of abuse encountered in many years. Megan White, fundraising manager at the association said too often, small fines and suspended sentences are handed down in animal cruelty cases which is unacceptable. “We need the court to send a strong message that as a decent and civilised society we will not tolerate animal abuse,” she said.


Woensdag 7 Maart 2012

TygerBurger Elsiesrivier Bladsy 3

bust in Students want bursary action Cop bribery sting REYANA STEYN

Scores of students from Northlink College’s Tygerberg campus joined forces and protested against the allocation of their bursary fees. The bursaries which students receive, come from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), which covers their institution fees and a portion of their travelling fee or hostel accommodation. The 70 to 80 students demonstrated outside the college’s premises and marched through corridors chanting and dancing as they asked for immediate action to be taken. Students handed over a memorandum of their grievances to the CEO of Northlink College, Leon Beech on Monday; and also met with him to discuss some of their grievances. A strong police contingent was dispatched to the college to ensure that no riotous behaviour occurred. The students’ demands include; . That they receive their travelling allowance from the bursary upfront and not daily and that it is not rated on distance from campus to homes; . Transparency on the administration of applications and the allocation of NSFAS funds; . The immediate termination of alleged corrupt relations between Nedbank and Northlink College which force students to open accounts as a precondition to accessing NSFAS; and . The full payments of residential and meals fees by NSFAS and more affordable residences. Lusapho Maduma, the secretary general of the South African Students’ Congress (Sasco) Tygerberg says: “Each student should have received their travelling allowance to get to campus, but last week we received nothing, yet we are expected to be in class.

Northlink College students in protest over bursary funds. We are standing up for the rights of all students and want something to be done immediately.” He says they are also disturbed that students were told to open Nedbank accounts. “In the townships there is no Nedbanks, only Capitecs and some other banks, yet we are told now to open those accounts.” Sello Nkhatho, the provincial chairperson of Sasco Tygerberg said: “We are in full support of the mass demonstration. As an organisation we are prepared to shut down the institution in an event that we are denied the opportunity to engage in a consultative process with management.” Beech addressed the students to iron out some of their grievances on the day. “We are still waiting for money from NS-

Photo: Reyana Steyn

FAS. The students want their travelling allowance to be paid out in full for the year, but that is something we can’t do. They cannot receive money if they are absent from the college on certain days.” He says the only reason students were asked to open Nedbank accounts is because it is the bank the college uses and they would then be able to receive their money the same day. René Bonzet, spokesperson for Northlink College, says besides the small percentage of students who protested, the majority continued attending classes. A Sasco delegation met with Beech yesterday (Tuesday) where it was decided that all students will go back to class and all protesting will be abandoned.

Century City Sports fest great family fun People from all walks of life joined in on the annual Century City Sports Festival which took place this past weekend. The race included a 10km Road Race, the Century City Express, from Friday 2 March

until Sunday 4 March. Chris Blackshaw, CEO of the Century City Property Owners’ Association which represents all stakeholders at Century City, says this was the fourth consecutive year they

Various teams participated in the colourful dragon boat races at the sports festival on Saturday. Pictured here are the Monte Dragons, Mujaji and Warriors teams racing towards the finish line.

had staged the sports festival and it had grown exponentially. “This year’s festival promises to be even bigger and better than previous years,” he said. Aimed at both corporate teams and individual participants and providing both participatory and spectator sports, the festival was again held in and around Central Park and included fun, food and entertainment for the whole family. The signature event of the festival was the 10km Road Race, the Century City Express, which forms part of the Western Province Athletics calendar. Cash prizes were awarded to category winners and places with the first 1 000 finishers receiving medals. The festival also included corporate touch rugby tournaments, five-a-side corporate soccer competitions, kermesse road circuit cycling races, junior and senior canoe marathons.

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The law could not escape the long-arm of the law with new of another arrest of a policeman in the community. After two policemen were recently arrested in Bishop Lavis this time around it was a member at Elsies River that was arrested. On Tuesday 28 February a 33-year-old sergeant was arrested for corruption by members of the Hawks during an undercover operation, and detained in Bellville. The member allegedly solicited a bribe from a person whom he was investigating for attempted murder, and requested an amount of R50 000 from this person, for favourable treatment with regards to the investigation. After the person reported the matter, an investigation was launched which led to the exchange of R25 000 as a down payment by the wife of the complainant. After the bribery money was paid at the meeting place in Elsies River, the member was arrested. The communications officer at Elsies River SAPS said that this proved that the SAPS have no place for corrupt officers in the service, and one by one they will be eliminated from the organisation so that the people of South Africa can be served and protected by honourable members only.

Copperheads on form The City of Cape Town’s Metals Theft Unit, commonly known as the Copperheads reported a successful weekend, with two arrests, four fines issued, and stolen items recovered. On Saturday 3 March, they inspected 47 vehicles outside Faivelowich Scrap Metal Dealers in Elsies River. Officers issued three fines to motorists for unlicensed motor vehicles and one fine for making a fire by burning copper wires. In addition, the Unit tracked the vehicle that was used during a recent theft. They also responded to a complaint of theft of copper earth strapping in Neutron Street, Bellville.


TygerBurger Elsiesrivier Bladsy 4

Woensdag 7 Maart 2012

Verkeerslui­tekort ’n groot krisis “So een keer in ’n paar maande word ons vereer met die teenwoordigheid van verkeerspolisie (seker van ’n ander dorp af), net om nooit weer daarna gesien te word nie,” sê sy, en voeg by dat die goeie nuus seker is dat sy haarself nie hoef te verknors oor verkeersreëls nie. Haar sentiment word gedeel deur ander inwoners wat al hande in die hare is oor dié kwessie wat hulle as onuithoudbaar beskou. Salome Lategan van Kuilsrivier sê dat sy, “genoop voel om haar en ander motoriste se noodkrete kliphard uit te gil aan die Stad Kaapstad”. Volgens Salome sit die verkeer by al die hoofuitgange na Kaapstad of Bellville elke oggend vir ure vasgepen. “Waar is die verkeersbeamptes om net ’n bietjie te wys dat hul darem bereid is om die verkeer te reguleer?” TygerBurger het vasgestel en by verskeie ingeligte bronne verneem dat daar slegs nege verkeersbeamptes in diens staan vir die hele gebied van Bellville-Suid tot in Kraaifontein. Die distrik sluit glo Belville-Suid, Belhar, Welgemoed, Riebeeckshof, Durbanville, Durbanville Hills, Fisantekraal, Klippieville, Kraaifon-


Die kritieke tekort aan verkeersbeamptes in dele van die noordelike voorstede het onlangs onder die soeklig gekom, ná hulpkrete van die gemeenskap en TygerBurger-lesers. Die Stad Kaapstad het die krisis erken en gemeld dat die probleem oor die volgende vyf jaar aangespreek gaan word, mits voldoende fondse beskikbaar gestel word. Dit blyk dat die Stad in dié stadium meer fokus plaas op verkeerspolisiëring in terme van boetes, terwyl inwoners voel daar word nie dienste gelewer om verkeersvloei aan te spreek nie. In vele briewe het lesers die bul by die horings gepak en die probleem soos volg geskets: Adele de Jager het die vraag reguit gevra: “Het Brackenfell verkeerspolisie? Nee, ek wonder regtig! Want as ons het, waar is hulle soggens tussen sewe en agt? Volgens De Jager is die verkeersvloei tussen Ou Paarlweg en Brackenfell Boulevard amper elke oggend ’n gemors omdat verkeersreëls openlik verbreek word.

tein, Wallacedene, Bloekombos, Scottsville, Scottsdene, die hele Brackenfell, Oakdale, Stikland en Stikland-industria in. Daar is 18 skole in dié gebiede. “Daar is heeltemal te min verkeersbeamptes om by al die publiek se klagtes, verkeersknope, ongelukke, of skole uit te kom. Ons is al vir ’n paar jaar onderbeman en die tekort is kritiek,” het een van TygerBurger se bronne gesê. Volgens ’n ander bron is een van die vernaamste klagtes wat ontvang word en nie suksesvol aangespreek kan word nie, juis verkeersvloei-probleme. Die Stad het nie die syfer bevestig of ontken nie, maar in ’n aanbieding, wat aan TygerBurger gestuur

is, bekendgemaak dat daar 278 verkeersbeamptes stadswyd is. Volgens Richard Bosman van die Stad se veiligheids- en sekuriteitdienste is daar onlangs ’n begrotingsversoek gerig vir meer beamptes in al die streke van die stad. Die versoek sal by die Stad se sentrale raadsvergadering op 28 Maart bespreek word. “Dit is ’n feit dat die verkeersdienste en ander veiligheidsdienste reg oor die stad onderbeman is … tog is dit ook ’n feit dat ons met die min beamptes groot suksesse in terme van statistiek behaal,” sê hy. Volgens Bosman beoog die Stad om in die volgende vyf jaar die veiligheidspersoneel in die stad met 200 personeellede per jaar te ver-

TygerBurgerhet vasgestel en by verskeie ingeligte bronne verneem dat daar slegs nege verkeersbe­ amptes in diens staan vir die hele gebied van Bell­ ville­Suid tot in Kraaifon­ tein.

meerder. “Sodra ons weet of ons fondse gaan kry, sal daar op komiteevlak bespreek word hoe die ekstra personeel verdeel sal word tussen die dienste,”sê hy. Volgens die voorsitter van die veiligheids-en-sekuriteitsportefeulje, Carin Brynard, het die verkeersdienste oor die afgelope vyf jaar vanaf ’n “kreupel diens, in een van uitstaande gehalte verander,” en “haal sy haar hoed af” vir al die verkeersmense wat sulke lang ure werk. “Operasioneel fokus ons tans op alle oortredings en spesifiek op spoedmeting, hoewel daar net 12 beamptes (stadswyd) tans in hierdie span is. Dwarsdeur die Stad is daar ook 50 permanente spoedkameras en een gemiddelde spoedafstandsmeting wat in werking is. Die meeste klagtes van lede van die publiek gaan oor mense wat die spoedgrens oortree, as gevolg van ’n kultuur van roekelose bestuur wat onder padgebruikers bestaan,” sê sy. . Statistiek verskaf deur die Stad wys dat daar gedurende Januarie, ’n totaal van 138 229 verkeersoortredings in die stad aangeteken is. Die hoogste hiervan is onder andere 11 580 vir ongelisensieerde voertuie en 83 000 vir spoed.

Versoening is om te vergewe én weer vriende te word In hierdie wêreld waarin ons leef is daar baie stukkende verhoudinge. Ouer en kind wat kwaad is vir mekaar. Vriende wat nie meer met mekaar praat nie. Families wat met stywe nekke in vyandskap met mekaar lewe. Kom ons gesels vandag oor versoening. Die eerste vraag is natuurlik: wat beteken versoening? Versoening beteken om weer vriende te word. Om die stukkende verhouding reg te maak. En wanneer ek sê die vriendskapsverhouding herstel, bedoel ek ook in die huwelik, in families, tussen ouer en kind, tussen kollegas en ja, natuurlik, ook tussen vriende. Versoening is wesenlik belangrik om vrede in jou eie gemoed te kry

en vrede met die een te kry met wie jy in onmin is. Versoening maak gesond. Versoening herstel weer die vriendskapsband. Haat bring verwydering, haat bring die dood, haat maak dat jy later moet vlug. Versoening is gewoonlik ’n proses wat verloop vanaf die argument of onmin wat die verwydering gebring het, tot daar uiteindelik versoening plaasvind. Belangrike elemente in die versoeningsproses is: . Selfondersoek – vra jouself af watter aandeel het jy gehad in die onmin. Ondersoek jou eie motiewe. . Vergifnis. . Kommunikasie. . Jy moet verskoning aanbied en jy moet ook verskoning aanvaar. . Toewyding aan die herstelde







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jy my vergewe. Dan gaan jy aan met jou lewe en ek met myne. Versoening sê egter ons het mekaar vergewe, maar nog meer, die vriendskapsverhouding word herstel. Ons is nou weer vriende na die breuk wat tussen ons gebeur het. Versoening beteken ek groei van haat na liefde; van bitterheid na vergifnis; van woede na vrede; van hoogmoed na nederigheid; van afsydigheid na “laat ons praat”. . Dr. S.T. Potgieter: 021 949 5007 of


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gelaat. Die Biehl-ouerpaar het die uitspraak gesteun, en in ’n gebaar van versoening, hande met die moordenaars geskud. Versoening is nie altyd nodig of selfs wenslik nie. ’n Voorbeeld is waar ’n vrou mishandel is in die huwelik. Hier moet sy skoon breek en aangaan met haar lewe. Hier is nie sprake van versoening nie, maar sy kan haar man vergewe. Vergifnis en versoening is nie dieselfde ding nie. As jy vir my kwaad is oor iets wat ek gedoen het, kan




verhouding. Versoening bring groei en ’n hartsverandering by beide partye is nodig. Elemente wat versoening verhinder, is haat en bitterheid; teleurstelling; woede; emosionele letsels; onvergewensgesindheid en eie ego. Versoening is soms baie moeilik. Versoening is sekerlik ook nie altyd moontlik nie – veral wanneer een van die partye onwillig is. Maar selfs in van die moeilikste omstandighede is dit soms tog moontlik. Die bekende geval van Amy Biehl, ’n Amerikaanse student, wat op 25 Augustus 1993 in Gugulethu in Kaapstad vermoor is, is ’n voorbeeld van versoening. In 1998 is amnestie aan die vier moordenaars verleen en is hulle uit die tronk vry-

GEYSER I S O 9 0 0 1



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Including Drain Cock and Safety Valve

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Woensdag 7 Maart 2012

TygerBurger Elsiesrivier Bladsy 5








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Hierdie kinders geniet die pret by the Elsiesrivier­biblioteek.

White & Ivory Colours extra

Leef drome deur boeke GARY VAN DYK

Daar is min dinge in die lewe wat nog verniet is, maar het jy geweet dat lidmaatskap by die Elsiesrivier- en ander biblioteke heeltemal gratis is? In hierdie tyd wat alles net duurder word, is dit ’n stryd om net vir kos op die tafel te sorg en te begroot vir ander noodsaaklike dinge soos elektrisiteit en petrol. Reise na eksotiese bestemmings is heeltemal buite die kwessie. Julian Schroeder van die biblioteek wil mense wys dat jy jou drome kan leef deur te lees en gebruik te maak van die vele dienste by die biblioteek. “Ons fokus hierdie jaar is om die biblioteek en sy dienste te bemark en ons wil ook graag meer lede werf. “Onlangs het ons ’n blitsopname gedoen by ’n skool in die omliggende gemeenskap en ontdek dat slegs 25 % van die leerlinge aan die biblioteek behoort. Dit is nou tyd om

daardie syfers te verander.” Hy wil mense inlig dat by die biblioteek daar altyd ’n boek of tydskrif, ’n DVD of CD is wat jy verniet kan leen en in die gerief van jou huis kan geniet. “Mense en kinders moet besef dat ’n lekker leesding en ’n koppie tee enigeen op ’n reis kan wegvoer. “Met ’n boek hoef jy nie op ander te wag om jou vlerke te gee nie, jy kan self besluit hoe ver en hoe hoog jy wil vlieg.” Die Elsiesrivier-biblioteek is ses dae oop, Woensdae tot 19:00 en Saterdae is hulle oop van 09:00 tot 12:00. Vele werksoekers en ander gebruik ook hul gratis internet om werkaansoeke te e-pos en om vriende te maak op Facebook. “In Maart vier ons Nasionale Biblioteekweek met hope pretprogramme vir die jongspan en gratis biblioteeksakke en -plakkers,” vertel Schroeder. Vir meer inligting, besoek die Friends of Elsies River Library se blad op Facebook, of skakel 021 936 8816.


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TEL: 021 903 5254 TEL: 021 595 2909 TEL: 021 704 0349 TEL: 021 703 8622 MITCHELLS PLAIN INDUSTRIA TEL: 021 376 5699


Business hours: Mo. - Fr.: 9 am - 5:30 pm SA.: 9 am - 4 pm

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WHITE/ IVORY Colours & mattress optional extra


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Woensdag 7 Maart 2012

‘Lavender in Lavender Hill’ GARY VAN DYK

The Lavender in Lavender Hill project that is spreading to Elsies River is hosting a planting session on Saturday 10 March. This unique project started in Lavender Hill last year with the vision to create a social art piece of lavender farms in struggling communities. Debbie Goodwin, project manager, said that they have already started the colourful project in Elsies River where they will be operating from the Elsies River Adult Training Centre. “These farms will not only beautify the area but will create jobs,

The Lavender Project has also been doing an exhibition on the properties of lavender at the Elsies River Library. Project manager, Debbie Goodwin is seen here with senior librarian Julian Schroeder.

skills transfer and instil pride in the community. “They will also create lavender products for retail purchase which will aid funding for the project to grow. “We are inviting the public to join us for the first farm planting that will be taking place on Saturday 10 March starting at 09:00. “It is going to be very interesting because we will also be doing cutting workshops where training will be given to the public on how to take proper lavender cuttings so that people can start growing their own lavender in their gardens.” She added that they will also be undertaking other tasks at the centre on the day.

“We will also be painting the offices of the centre purple and there will be stalls from other community organisations displaying their creativity and Lavender Ice Tea will be on sale. “All you have to bring with you is a spade if you have one, old shoes and a pair of gloves because it could get a bit dirty. “We also welcome donations of any paint brushes and rollers, as well as white primer and lilac overcoat paint,” she said. The Elsies River Adult Education Centre is in 13th Street, Elsies River (go down 14th Avenue from Halt Road, to get to the centre.) For further information call Goodwin on 084 861 2828.

Just a little taste of life behind bars GARY VAN DYK

Learners from Bellville South got to spend some time behind bars recently, but they got to learn that it was no paradise. These learners from high schools in the area were part of a new project called Books not Prison Bars, who visited Goodwood Prison on Thursday 16 February. This project was started by community worker Dhakir Christians last year to show youth that prison is a place that they don’t want to be. “Too many of our youth look up to gangsters as their role models in our communities,” he said. “Many young children fall prey to gangsterism because they are being

given the wrong messages about life in prison by ex-inmates, and with visits like this we want to show them the truth, and have them experience what it is really like.” The visit to the prison gave the participants insight into how the criminal system works and to educate them about prison life. “We want to make it clear to youth that there are consequences for criminal behaviour, and they have to face that responsibility if they make the wrong choices in life,” added Christians. “Most of us are afraid of responsibility and would rather force it off on someone else. Parents need to take the responsibility of teaching their children responsibility.

“During this visit the children learnt about the importance of their choices, how to react to making a decision when facing the wrong choices.” He also pointed out that most of the participants found that it was an amazing experience and discussion afterward revealed that most of them had changed their mindset about how they felt about the pictures that gangsters painted of life in prison. Learners that participated in the project were given certificates of attendance and requested to share their experience with others in the hope that youth realise that crime does not pay and prison was no paradise.

Learners who took part in the prison visit are seen here with warders at Goodwood Prison and members of the Books Not Bars project.







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17 MARCH 2012

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Woensdag 7 Maart 2012

‘Look forward and see your future’ GARY VAN DYK

Learners at Hindle High in Delft are making positivity a priority in their lives.

modes to empower youngsters and to assist the learners to put the principles into action and to enable them to reconnect with their own creativity. “They will be learning how to work together with each other to create a piece of rap music that will highlight the message of being positive about their potential in life.” Another incentive for participation in this project is tangible rewards and that side of things is being sponsored by Christo Stofberg, of Modern Hair, a company from Epping that distributes Wella hair products in South Africa. At the launch of the project recently he pointed out his commitment to the project. “If you take this project to heart you will be learning lessons that will take you to suc-

The school recently started the Positive Principle Project at the school and hoping that with its success it will spread to other schools in the peninsula, especially in areas where learner on learner violence has been prevalent. Dr Izanette van Schalkwyk is a personal power specialist at the school and said that this project was initiated after reading about recent research about the state of schools in the country. She said that this research dealt with the challenges that children faced when facing school-based violence. “Their inquiry into the challenges to learning which children face highlights specifically school-based violence and the threat of violence at school as the primary interference. “Within the context of school based violence, as well as being constantly exposed to the difficulties and challenges associated with immense poverty, it all seriously inhibits children’s right to learn and develop,” she said. Christo Stofberg unveils one of the posters that will be used at While Van Schalk- the school to motivate learners during the Positive Principles Pro­ wyk is involved with a ject. Photo: Gary van Dyk number of upliftment projects at the school this new one will see cess in all that you want from your life. all learners involved in finding their posi“Don’t look at yourself and say your are tive potential. from a disadvantaged situation, look for“It will come about in several phases and ward and see where you are going,” he said. it is projected that this model will be used He also outlined at what stages of the procincreasingly in other townships to encour- esses classes and individuals will be reage them to become active partners regard- warded for their prowess. ing the implementation of positive princiNeville Goliath, from the Western Cape ples/values and the building of strong and Education Department was also excited resilient communities. about the start of the project – hoping that “Music is going to be used as one of the it would eventually spread to all schools.

Casidra (Edms) Bpk streef om die voorste fasiliteringsvennoot vir volhoubare, geïntegreerde landelike ontwikkeling met ’n meetbare impak op armoedeverligting te wees. Die maatskappy is ’n skedule 3D Sake-entiteit ingevolge die Wet op Openbare Finansiële Bestuur.

OPROEP OM VOORSTELLE PLAASLIKE EKONOMIESE ONTWIKKELING GROEIFONDS Of jy nou ’n onderneming in ’n landelike of nie-landelike gebied van die Wes-Kaap bedryf, is jy net die persoon wat nou hier moet lees... Ons weet hoe moeilik dit deesdae is om ’n suksesvolle onderneming in baie dele van die platteland te bou – of selfs in dorpsgebiede wat nie te ver van ons groter stede of dorpe geleë is nie. Ons weet dat jy al die hulp wat jy van die provinsiale regering kan ontvang, sal waardeer. Dit is waarom ons dink jy die denke agter – en die implementering van – ons Plaaslike Ekonomiese Ontwikkeling (PEO) Groeifonds sal ondersteun. Spesiaal vir jou daargestel, is die fonds se mikpunt om geleenthede vir groei-georiënteerde ondernemings soos joune te voorsien – in landelike en nie-landelike gebiede van ons provinsie. Toegang tot die fonds is baie eenvoudig. Al wat nodig is, is dat jy by die idee moet inkoop dat samewerking tussen ondernemings ’n wye reeks opwindende moontlikhede teweeg kan bring – selfs al is jou onderneming een van die kleinstes op die dorp. Die samestelling van ’n ‘sakegroep’ – bestaande uit ten minste twee sake in afsonderlike besit – in jou gebied kan jou op ’n pad van sukses plaas wat jy nooit voorheen gedink het moontlik was nie. Wanneer jy jou groep gevorm het, gaan na die PEO-verteenwoordiger by jou munisipaliteit of kontak ons en versoek ’n aansoekvorm vir die PEO Groeifonds. Amptenare daar sal jou al die nodige inligting gee om die vorm volledig te voltooi. Die idee is dat provinsiale regeringsbystand die produktiwiteit en mededingendheid van jou onderneming (en dié van ander) sal verhoog – en dat dit in ruil groei en werkskepping sal bevorder. Die fonds is daarop gemik om van hulp te wees in areas soos produktiwiteitsverbetering, navorsing en ontwikkeling, opleiding, eiendomsregte, markstudies en behoeftes in marktoegang, en innoverende idees en voorstelle. Maar onthou net: die sukses al dan nie van jou aansoek sal van vier dinge afhang: • Die aansoekvorm moet vergesel wees van ’n voorstel wat verduidelik hoe ondersteuning van die regering die produktiwiteit van jou onderneming sal verhoog • Jy sal ’n vennootskap met ten minste een ander onderneming moet aangaan • Vir jou aansoek om suksesvol te wees, moet jy dit saam met die regering mede-finansier – Rand-vir-Rand • Die aansoek kan nie vir die vestiging van ’n nuwe onderneming of entiteit wees nie. Wat van jou vereis word: • Kollekteer en voltooi ’n aansoekvorm • Stuur dit aan Casidra by die volgende adres: Aandag: Leon Faro, Casidra, Posbus 660, Suider-Paarl 7624, tel: 021 8635000 • Wees gedurende die assesseringsproses beskikbaar vir ’n ter plaatse onderhoud met die assessors • Stel enige bykomende inligting wat op die aansoekvorm mag ontbreek beskikbaar, of wat bykomend tot die inligting op die aansoekvorm benodig word. Vir meer inligting oor die PEO Groeifonds, skakel Anzél Venter by 021 483-9295 of Anzel., of besoek anders

Tesame vir Landelike en Ekonomiese Ontwikkeling. Human Communications C94107A

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TygerBurger Elsiesrivier Bladsy 7

One of the members of the Each One Teach One team of cyclists gets to meet one of the children of Afrika Tikkun’s Early Childhood Develop­ ment Facility in Mfuleni in Delft. The team who are all riding in the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle tour to aid the organisation recently got to do a small tour of the community to get to know the community that they were helping. The Each one Teach one campaign was created by Afrika Tikkun to encourage sportsmen and women to ride/run/swim in order to secure the education of a child who has otherwise not had the opportunity to attend early childhood development. It costs R180 a month (R2 160 a year) to send a child to Afrika Tikkun’s Early Childhood Development Facility. The riders all met at the Engen off Hindle Road and were then guided by the Mfuleni police through the community. There were children cheering and clapping as the riders rode past.


TygerBurger Elsiesrivier Bladsy 8

Woensdag 7 Maart 2012

‘Nie alle straatmense is sleg nie’ JANA BEKKER

Nie alle straatmense gebruik drank en dwelms nie. Daar is dié wat hulle daar bevind, nie omdat hul te sleg is om te werk nie, maar wat daar is omdat die lewe hulle ’n paar skewe klappe gegee het. Danny Delport (42), Johan Kruger (30) en nog ’n man wat nie sy naam wil noem nie ter wille van sy skoolgaande kind en gewese vrou wat in die Strand bly, is sulke mense. Hulle is drie van vier mans wat daagliks met bordjies om die nek op die hoek van Durbanweg en Old Oak-rylaan staan. Die anonieme man van 46 sê nóg sy vrou, nóg sy kind is bewus van

sy situasie en hulle mag ook nooit uitvind nie. Hy wil hulle nooit in die verleentheid stel nie. Hy betaal elke maand R800 onderhoud vir sy kind – dít betaal hy heel eerste. Dit is juis om sy gewese vrou en seun (16) te beskerm dat hy in Bellville staan en nie in die Strand nie. In ’n onlangse berig in TygerBurger is mense versoek om nié vir straatmense geld te gee nie, maar eerder kos of koeponne. Maar, sê hulle, hoewel koeponne ’n ete verseker, het hulle huur om te betaal en die koeponne kan nie daarvoor aangewend word nie. “Die rede dat ek nie inskakel by Metro Evangeliese Sorg (MES) nie, is omdat ek nie vir my gewese vrou koeponne kan gee nie. My kind se

Johan Kruger en Danny Delport.

skoolgeld moet betaal word,” sê die anonieme man. Sedert die jongste berig oor MES in TygerBurger verskyn het, het sy daaglikse inkomste van tussen R80 en R100 gedaal tot ’n gemiddelde van R20, vertel die man. “Ons panic omdat ons nie ons huur kan betaal nie, sê hy, Danny en Johan. “Dit is moeilik as jy in ’n groef is, want jy moet elke dag eet en klere hê om aan te trek,” sê hy. Hy vertel hoe hy nou die dag in ’n man se tuin gewerk het. “Hy het my selfrespek vir my teruggegee.” Oor wat hy met die geld doen, is hy eerlik. “Ek koop eerstens kos en wanneer daar geld oor is, drink ek een bier in die aand.” Hy leef al drie maande op straat. Nooit het hy gedink dit sou met hom gebeur nie. “Ek het verby sulke mense gery en gesê ‘kry vir jou werk, jy is slapgat’. En nou gebeur presies dieselfde met my.” Voor hy hier beland het, het hy bourommel en skrootmetaal weggery en voor dit het hy vir 14 jaar in die posdiens gewerk. In 1996 het hy uit die formele posdiens bedank en sy eie posdiens begin, City Post. Dié onderneming het goed gevaar en later het hy verskeie franschises besit, maar toe moes hy sy deure sluit, want die poskantoor het geëis dat slegs hulle gestandardiseerde briewe mag aflewer. “Toe verloor ek alles – my vrou, my kinders, my twee pitboelterriërs, my khoi-visse en tot my budgie,” sê hy. “Ek het drie swart sakke met klere gevat en uitgeloop,” vertel hy. “Ek het die huis met alles vir my vrou gelos en toe is ons geskei,” onthou hy. Op sy bord staan “Man, vrou, kind in nood.” Die rede daarvoor is omdat hy nie net vir homself vra nie, maar eerstens vir sy vrou, vir wie hy die onderhoud moet betaal om na sy kind om te sien. Aan die agterkant van sy bord staan daar met die vryhand geskryf: “Wie is jy om te oordeel? – Rom 14:4”. Daar staan geskryf: “Wie is jy wat die huiskneg van ’n ander oordeel? Hy staan of val met betrekking tot sy eie heer; maar hy sal staande bly, want God is magtig om hom staande te hou.” “Wanneer mense my skel en vloek draai ek my bord om met dié

kant vorentoe,” sê hy, “want wie is jy om te oordeel? ’n Mens sal geoordeel word soos jy oordeel,” sê hy. “Ek weet mense dink ons is sleg hier op straat, maar ons is nie.” Hy vertel hoe hulle dikwels hoop gegee word vir werk en dit dan nooit realiseer nie. “Mense sê vir jou om die volgende oggend 07:00 hier te wees omdat hulle vir ons werk het. Dan daag ons op, maar hulle kom nooit terug nie,” sê hy. Om werk te kry is nie maklik nie. In November het hy 13 CV’s uitgestuur, maar nie eens een oproep gekry nie. Hy het staatsreg, arbeidsreg en personeelbestuur in sy jare Johan by die verkeerslig met sy bord.Foto’s: Jana Bekker by die poskantoor studeer. Nou is daar mense wat sê Hy leef die afgelope maand en ’n hy is oorgekwalifiseerd, vertel hy. half op straat. Voorheen het hy in Danny woon sedert Augustus die granietbedryf in die Strand geverlede jaar op straat. Hy herleef werk, maar het sy werk verloor die gebeure wat hom hier laat be- weens ’n drankprobleem. Elf jaar land het. ondervinding in dié bedryf help Hy het in ’n woonstel in Bellville hom nie om werk te kry nie. “Ek saam met sy kinders gewoon. “Een- drink al vir drie maande nie meer dag bel my buurvrou en sê my nie, maar kry steeds nie werk nie,” seuns van 14, 18 en 21 rook dagga in sê hy. die woonstel.” Onmiddellik is DanDie lewe op straat is nie maklik ny huis toe en het almal (daar was nie. heelwat van sy kinders se vriende “Mense vloek ons onder die rok by die huis) uitgejaag. in en onlangs het ’n man in ’n Volvo “Een seun het my gestamp en in gedreig om sy hond op my te sit,” die hitte van die stryd het ek hom vertel Johan, sy oë neergeslaan. geslaan. My seun het my skoonpa “Ek het nog nooit enigiemand legebel, wat vir die woonstel betaal lik behandel nie,” sê hy. “Ek staan het, en ek is uitgegooi.” net met my bord.” Kort ná hy op straat beland het, Hy sê dit neem sielkundig en fihet sy werkgewer daarvan uitge- siek alles uit hom om by die vervind en was hy sy werk as ketelma- keerslig te staan. ker kwyt. Onlangs het Danny uit “Dit is nie ’n plesier nie. Jy moet wanhoop by ’n skuiling aangeklop, die heeltyd jou gedagtes ‘lig’ om maar daar is hy meegedeel hy kan daar te bly staan,” sê hy. nie “met sy ‘luisgat’ daar inkom “Dit maak ongelooflik seer as nie”. mense jou skel. Jy voel minderFreddie Visser vorm deel van die waardig, asof jy nie meer deel is van vierstuks by die verkeerslig. Fred- iets nie,” sê hy. die het ’n huis in Eersterivier en so Johan sê daar is ook dié mense een keer ’n week gaan die mans wat baie gaaf is en dít is wat hom daarheen om te bad en hul klere te aan die gang hou. was. “Partykeer is dit net iemand wat Johan Kruger (30) is die jongste vir jou glimlag. Jy sal nie glo hoe van die mans. baie dit beteken nie,” sê Johan.

Paying rent now easy City spreading its network of caring Rent collection in the community is becoming easier for residents. The City of Cape Town will commence with the citywide roll-out of its door-todoor rental collection project, following highly successful pilot programmes in Atlantis, Elsies River and Retreat. The project was initiated in order to make the payment of rent easier for residents who reside in cityowned properties, in all of the city’s rental and selling schemes. Residents will be able to pay their rental fees from the convenience of their own homes as well as make arrangements for more flexible payment arrangements, thanks to collectors who visit their homes. The city’s contractors, Trace Online, will appoint the collection team from

within the specific communities in which they will work. This will create job opportunities through the city’s Expanded Public Works Programme. The rental income received is used to maintain the city’s rental stock, with numerous upgrade projects currently under way, thus ensuring ongoing maintenance and upkeep of rental housing. Residents can also pay their rental fees at their local Housing Offices; at any of the city’s cash offices; or at Shoprite, Pick n Pay and the Post Office. As part of their commitment to making Cape Town a Caring City, they remain mindful that some of the residents in city-owned properties do not have the financial means to pay their monthly rental fees. In such cases, they will as-

sist the occupants in applying for an indigent grant. If residents qualify for an indigent grant, they will only be required to pay a minimal amount towards their rent. Where residents who are struggling to pay do not qualify for an indigent grant, they will be assisted through with debt management processes. The city is also aware that some residents who currently reside in rental units might not be the rightful tenants. In such cases, the current residents will be required to enter into a monthto-month contract. Additionally, the Human Settlements Directorate runs an incentive scheme where, each month, debtors who have paid their rent regularly for three consecutive months can win one of six prizes of R1 000 in shopping vouchers.

Critical care is spreading in communities. The City of Cape Town’s Social Development and Early Childhood Development Directorate is expanding its Local Networks of Care (LNOC) programme to cover the entire city. LNOC is a structural programme made up of local people and organisations, such as Policing Forums, Religious Organisations, community-based organisations (CBOs), non-government organisations (NGOs) and other groups. The programme plays a pivotal role in the early detection of substance and other forms of abuse, and

intervenes by referring affected individuals to places of support. It also assists with the process of re-integration of street people into the local community or the communities from which they come. In addition to this, the programme provides preventative programmes to communities. As part of their commitment to being a Caring City, they provide facilitation services in the process of establishing these LNOCs and provide training for facilitators. These units are crucial in attempts to be even more effective in caring for the people of Cape Town. The training, which will

start shortly, is geared towards building capacity. The city has successfully negotiated with the Extended Public Works Programme to support at least 20 people from all Local Networks of Care, and four supervisors will be trained to assist with field work in their communities so that the success of the programme can be ensured. Currently LNOCs are active in Woodstock, Elsies River, Mitchells Plain, Khayelitsha, Delft, Bellville, Gugulethu, Philippi and Uitsig/Ravensmead. The plan is to have this programme rolled out across the city in the next 18 months.

Woensdag 7 Maart 2012

Disabled qualify for bursaries Disabled students have been given the fuel for their studies with new bursaries from PetroSA. South Africa’s national oil company has come to the assistance of tertiary students living with disabilities, establishing a bursary programme for the physically challenged. This week PetroSA signed an agreement with the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) to establish the CPUT-PetroSA Bursary Partnership. The bursary programme will ensure financial assistance to CPUT students living with disabilities. It is the culmination of a process started in 2010 when PetroSA in conjunction with CPUT hatched the idea of funding students with disabilities. Thirteen students have been granted full bursaries to study for qualifications in the fields of Information Technology, Engineering, Accountancy and Human Resource Management. Darrin Arendse, PetroSA’s vice president for human capital, said the organisation would ensure that the bursary recipients received adequate financial support, including internships, to allow them to qualify and gain on-the-job training in their chosen career fields. “At PetroSA we recognise not only the importance of appointing people living with disabilities, but also the glaring need to ensure that we create the opportunity for them to receive the best available training. “This groundbreaking initiative ensures that PetroSA leads the way in providing adequate support to persons living with disabilities,” he said. Dr Nina du Toit, head of the Disability Unit at CPUT, was excited about the bursaries. “Our students have to face numerous barriers in their lives. Coming mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds, these students struggle financially to register at the institution, to be accommodated and to get access to the academic environment in unique ways. “Academic access includes specialised software programmes, adapted hardware, assistive devices and trained staff members, among other things, and it is essential to help improve the students’ chances of completing their studies successfully.”

Nurses hold reunion A reunion will be held for all nurses who attended Karl Bremer and Tygerberg hospitals from 1965 until 1995. It will take place at the Elsies River High School, off Franci van Zyl Road, at 14:00 on Saturday 26 May. Bring your own platter. For more details contact Elaine Du Plooy on 072 516 9179 or Lynette Arendse on 076 247 7009.

Police Forum AGM The Elsies River Community Police Forum will be hosting their Annual General Meeting on Thursday 8 March. Starting at 19:00 it will be held at the Shawco Hall in Halt Road. Further information from Captain Pierre Jordaan on 082 302 8602.


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TygerBurger Elsiesrivier Bladsy 10

Movie follows Mighty Men

WCED: Enrol early for ‘a better education’ The year is only a couple of months old and the first phase of the early enrolment process for the 2013 school year was already rolled out on Thursday last week. Each year the Western Cape education department (WCED) stresses the importance of enrolling children early for school, especially for parents of children who will be entering Grade 1 or Grade 8 the following year. Early enrolment allows the WCED to plan for the year ahead, which depends on knowing how many learners will be in every school in 2013 well before the end of this year. “We can then make provision for textbooks, educators, furniture, and other learning materials that are needed so that we can start the school year on time and prepared,” says Donald Grant, Western Cape minister of education. “Early enrolment is also important because parents do not always get their children into their first schools of choice. What we have found in previous years is that parents apply only to a small number of schools and in many instances, only one school.” Parents are not guaranteed their first schools of choice and they need to be prepared for the fact that their application can be unsuccessful. “Being on a waiting list is also not a guarantee that the learner will be admitted to that school. Applying early allows parents to consider in good time more options available to them. It also allows us to assist where necessary. There are are-

Woensdag 7 Maart 2012

as, especially in the metro region, which are in high demand.” The first phase of enrolment will end on Friday 22 June. Parents must first deal directly with the schools at which they wish to enrol their children and apply. He says parents should be informed by the beginning of July if their application has been successful. This allows parents sufficient time to look for alternative schools at which to enrol their children in the second round. The second phase will begin on Monday 16 July. If parents continue to encounter difficulties in enrolling their child, they may approach their local education district office for assistance. Contact details of the relevant education district office may be obtained from the school. Parents must provide the following documents when submitting their applications: . The child’s birth certificate (baptismal certificates are not regarded as proof of birth date); . Immunisation card, and . Transfer card or the last report card for learners who have already been to school. Schools may enrol learners provisionally if these documents are not available. They will give parents and guardians reasonable time to submit them. “Make use of this opportunity and take responsibility for the education of your children by enrolling early,” says Grant. “By enrolling early we can make education better together.”

Ten TygerBurger readers can win tickets to the premiere of Angus Buchan’s Ordinary People. The life and ministry of Angus Buchan has become a world-wide phenomenon. Through his Mighty Men Conferences (MMC) and by a philosophy of simply believing God’s Word, he has directly impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. This film, Ordinary People, gives a dramatic insight into the impact his ministry had on several people’s lives. The backbone of the story is Angus Buchan, at the 2009 Mighty Men Conference, sharing his simple but rock solid faith with a few hundred thousand men. We experience his onstage heart attack and the resulting personal

insight he received from God regarding his own ministry. In the vast crowd we find three typical men, all in the process of being touched by the Holy Spirit through Angus’s words. The film tells the dramatic story of the three men’s journeys and experiences leading up to the 2010 MMC. Their respective stories are cleverly interwoven with the anointed message and ministry of Angus Buchan. The movie will be released at Ster-Kinekor theatres on Thursday 5 April. WIN! WIN! WIN! . 10 TygerBurger readers can win tickets to the premier of Ordinary People on Wednesday 14 March at Ster-Kinekor N1 City. SMS the word “people” followed by your name and contact details to 45527 before Friday 9 March. SMSes cost R1.50.

Win a cruise of V&A canals CitySightseeing Cape Town is celebrating their first decade as a company, and is giving away five double tickets to TygerBurger readers to their newly launched Canal Cruise in the V&A Waterfront. The company, known for the unmistakable red double decker open-top buses, is now officially South Africa’s first bus system to be completely carbon neutral. They offer four exciting tours: the Night Tour, the Canal Cruise, the Red City Tour (which comprises 17 stops within the city) and the Blue Mini Peninsula Tour (which takes you beyond the city limits to 13 stops, and includes an exciting extension – a wine tour that takes visitors to Groot Constantia and Eagles’

Nest). The cruise is an exciting tour of the Waterfront through the various canals, with stops at the One and Only, the City Lodge and the Harbour Bridge before arriving at the Westin and Cape Town International Convention Centre. For more information visit the CitySightseeing website at or contact their offices on 021 511 6000. WIN! WIN! WIN! . Five lucky readers can each win double tickets for the Canal Cruise. SMS the word “canal”, followed by your name and contact details to 45527 before Wednesday 14 March. SMSes cost R1.50.


BlackBerry® Curve™ 8520 Smartphone


PM x24 on Controlchat 125*


+ R145 airtime pm + 100 SMSs pm FEATURES: Full QWERTY keyboard, Dedicated Multimedia keys on top of device, 2MP camera, Wi-Fi.

LG Optimus Black P970


PM x24 on Casualchat 100*

Samsung i9100 Galaxy SII

R280 PM x24 on Activechat 100*



+ 100MB data pm x 24

+ 250MB data pm x24 including C-Cover

+ 100 off-peak minutes pm

FEATURES: 2MP video call camera & 5MP rear camera, Android OS v2.2 (Froyo), 3G enabled.

+ 100 anytime minutes pm

FEATURES: Android OS v2.3 (Gingerbread), 8MP camera + AF/LED flash, 1GB RAM, 16GB and MicroSD.

JHB 35394

Available at the following Cell C stores: Cape Gate 084 770 0071 • Canal Walk 084 770 0057 • Bayside 084 770 0032 • Tygervalley 084 770 0103 • Westgate Mall 084 770 0031 • Grand Central 084 770 0029 • N1 City 084 770 0076 • Picbel 084 770 0030 • Brackenfell 084 770 0014 • Kenilworth 084 770 0017 • Zevenwacht 084 778 8733 RICA IN-STORE. Offers valid from 1 March - 31 March 2012. While stocks last. Terms and Conditions apply. VAT inclusive. *Once-off R114 SIM and Connection fee applies on Casualchat, Activechat, with CLI & Itemised Billing included. No SIM and Connection fee on Controlchat, CLI, BIS and Itemised Billing available on request. Where BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) is not included in the monthly cost, kindly note that it is R57 pm - to activate this service dial *147# option 7. On device browsing is available on the BlackBerry® Internet browser. Downloads, streaming and using your BlackBerry handset as a modem are billed according to normal data rates. These rates and other Terms and Conditions are available at or any of our stores. All rights reserved. BlackBerry®, RIM®, Research In Motion®, SureType®, SurePress™ and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world. *Google Maps, YouTube, Android Market, Gmail, Google Talk and Google Web Search come pre-loaded with your Android Smartphone. Dial 147 or for full Terms and Conditions, visit

Woensdag 7 Maart 2012


TygerBurger Elsiesrivier Bladsy 11


Met Begroting 2012 is ons in staat om meer geleenthede te bied, wat indien iemand soos jy dit benut – ons op die pad na ekonomiese groei en werkskepping plaas.

Kaapstad Internasionale Konvensiesentrum (KIKS) in samewerking met die Stad Kaapstad en die privaatsektor. • Bykomende R300 miljoen bydrae tot paaie infrastuktuurprojekte: ◦ ’n Nuwe afdelingspad tussen Gansbaai en Bredasdorp om toerisme langs hierdie besienswaardige roete te verhoog. ◦ Beplanning van nuwe brûe by die Wingfield-wisselaar. ◦ Beplanning van ’n nuwe padnetwerk rondom die Saldanhabaai Nywerheidsontwikkelingsone. • R31.69 miljoen bydrae tot die skep van ’n telekommunikasie-breëbandprojek om breëbandtoegang te verskaf aan elke skool, elke provinsiale en elke munisipale regeringsfasiliteit in die Wes-Kaap, en uiteindelik vir elke burger, terwyl die koste van breëbandtoegang vir sakelui ook sal verminder. U en u besigheid moet elke geleentheid gebruik om die ekonomie te laat groei.

Verbetering van ons gemeenskappe

Twee derdes van die totale begroting word aan GESONDHEID en ONDERWYS spandeer Onderwys Ons sal ons inisiatiewe versterk om geletterdheid en syferkundigheid in laerskole te verbeter; die aantal matrieks wat matriek slaag, te laat toeneem, en die algemene gehalte van hul eindeksamen te verbeter; die aantal onderpresterende skole te verminder; elke kind vanaf Graad 1 tot Graad 12 met ’n teksboek vir elke vak te voorsien; en topgehalte Graad R-programme by gewone openbare skole te voorsien. U moet seker maak u kind werk hard om te slaag.

Ons sal maatskaplike insluiting bevorder en armoede verminder deur: • Befondsing van maatskaplike ontwikkelingsprojekte wat fokus op kinders, die jeug, ouer persone en middel misbruik. • Fokus te plaas op skoolsport, na-skoolse programme en biblioteke in armer gemeenskappe. • Bevordering van veiligheid deur sekuriteitsvennootskappe. • Vermindering van sterftes wat deur padongelukke veroorsaak word. U moet u gesondheid oppas en nooit drink en bestuur nie.

Die totale begroting vir 2012/13 is R39.885 biljoen. Menslike Nedersettings R1.921 biljoen, 4.8%

Ander departemente* R3.082 biljoen, 7.7%

Gesondheid Ons sal die voorkoms van beserings en aansteeklike siektes soos MIV en VIGS en TB verminder, en vroue- en kindergesondheid verbeter. Ons het ook die Khayelitsha Hospitaal voltooi en bou ’n hospitaal in Mitchells Plein.

Vervoer en Openbare Werke R4.609 biljoen, 11.6%

U moet ’n gesonder lewenstyl handhaaf en altyd veilige seks beoefen.

Gesondheid R14.632 biljoen, 36.7%

Infrastruktuurprojekte Ons sal werkskepping aanmoedig en ons ekonomie versterk deur ons meer-jarige, dinamiese kapitaalbeleggingsprogram: • Drie vernuwingsprojekte in die stad: R149.50 miljoen bydrae tot die Stigterstuin/Kunstekaap-stadsgebied, R156.65 miljoen bydrae tot die ontwikkeling van ’n regeringskompleks in die SSG en R103 miljoen bydrae tot die ontwikkeling van die Somerset Hospitaal-kompleks. • R161.79 miljoen bydrae tot die verdubbeling van die

Onderwys R14.229 biljoen, 35.7%

Maatskaplike Ontwikkeling R1.412 biljoen, 3.5%

*Ander departemente: Premier, Provinsiale Parlement, ProvinsialeTesourie, Gemeenskapsveiligheid, Omgewingsake en Ontwikkelingsbeplanning, Landbou, Ekonomiese Ontwikkeling en Toerisme, Kultuursake en Sport, Plaaslike Regering.


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Woensdag 7 Maart 2012

Carnival spirit lives on The annual Cape Town Carnival ignites the Mother City for the third time on Saturday 24 March at the Fanwalk in Somerset Street in Green Point. The event will feature spectacular art, music and dance. The Fanwalk opens with street performers at 17:00 and the Carnival Parade starts at 20:00. This year the venue moves from Long Street to the popular Fanwalk and promises to transform this carnival corridor into an explosion of colour, music and dance. The 2012 theme, “Cape to Cairo”, was unveiled last week. The aim is to celebrate the rich history and diversity of the city, country and continent. There’s less than 15 days left to gear up to run for a “life”. The South African Cancer Association’s Athlone Relay for Life is on track to be a great success, with more than 2 000 local residents expected to take part. Kevin Southgate, chairperson of Athlone Relay for life organising committee, believes everyone involved in the overnight event can look forward to a memorable experience. “Relay for Life is all about cele-

“The Cape to Cairo theme of this year’s carnival will celebrate the rich art, music, culture and heritage of the African continent. It will also raise awareness of important issues like xenophobia,” says Paul Mashatile, Western Cape minister of arts and culture. The carnival parade will include 11 themed pods with 80 lead performers in larger than life costumes, nine richly decorated floats and 11 academies. Each academy has 150 community dancers. The carnival brings together 45 community performance groups from 23 different areas in Cape Town. The three best lead dancers on the night will travel to Brazil to perform at the 2013 Rio Carnival. “The Cape Town Carnival is a

gem on our annual events calendar and the Western Cape government is proud to be one of its supporters. I would like to encourage all the people of our city and province to participate in this lively event as it showcases the very best of what our destination has to offer,” says Alan Winde, Western Cape minister of finance, economic development and tourism. Food and beverages will be available at the various restaurants, cafes, bars and street vendors along the way. The MyCiTi bus service will be in operation and spectators are encouraged to use public transport to avoid inner city congestion. Late night trains and buses will be provided to take carnivalistas home after the event.

Cape Town is gearing up for yet another spectacular carnival.

Join Relay for Life for a good cause brating the courage of local cancer patients and spreading hope,” he said. “We have a fantastic event planned that reflects the spirit and personality of this event, that highlight a very good cause.” This Relay for Life is an overnight event and teams of 10 to 15 people will lap at Vygieskraal Stadi-

um in honour of people touched by cancer in Athlone and surrounding areas. The aim being that at least one team member will be walking the track at all times. Cancer never sleeps and with this in mind, those participating in the night’s event are kept awake by a very entertaining programme ta-

king place on and around the special Coke stage. Teams are encouraged to do some fundraising before as well as during the actual event with very creative ideas being brought to life while they also aim to create awareness around the different types of cancer. Funds raised at these events ena-

ble Cansa to positively impact the lives of those affected by cancer. As these events are community owned and volunteer-driven, funds raised get plowed back into the community by a multitude of services as well as funding the research necessary toone day have a cancerfree society. To become part of this fun, overnight event and help those affected by cancer, please contact the organising committee Michele on 082 588 6566 or Kevin on 082 788 1181.

Wandel met woefie in wingerde Hondeliefhebbers kan op Sondag 18 Maart van 09:00 af met hul viervoetige beste vriend tussen die wingerde op Nitida buite Durbanville gaan stap tydens die gewilde Woefie-Wandel. Dié wingerdwandel word georganiseer deur die Kaap die Goeie Hoop-dierebeskermingsvereniging (DBV) en hondekosvervaardiger Purina. Deelnemers kan kies tussen die gesinsvriendelike 2 km-kronkelroete deur laagliggende wingerde of die langer 4 km-roete vir fikser stappers en honde. Na die wandel kan stappers en hul honde ontspan en piekniek hou onder sambrele op die oewer van die landgoed se dam. Ferdinand Rabie van Big Brotherfaam sal saam met deelnemers kuier en ook die gelukkige prystrekking doen. Troeteldierbenodighede sal verkoop word. Kindervermaak word aangebied. Die Cassia-restaurant op Nitida sal ’n verskeidenheid van kos en drank verkoop. Piekniekmandjies kan vooraf bestel word per e-pos by Klein hondjies onder vier maande mag nie deelneem nie. Die eienaars van grootrashonde jonger as 18 maande moet ook eerder die korter roete oorweeg, omdat die stap van langer afstande onnodige druk op delikate skeletstrukture plaas. Waterpunte, asook veterinêre- en noodhulppersoneel, sal langs die roete beskikbaar wees. Inskrywingsvorms is beskikbaar by sekere Pick n Paywinkels in die noordelike voorstede, plaaslike veeartse, die DBV-kantore in Grassy Park en die DBV Vet Shop in Plumstead. Deelnemers wat vooraf per e-pos, faks, pos of aanlyn by registreer se inskrywingsfooi is R35 per persoon en R25 per hond. Kinders in stootwaentjies is gratis. Registrasie op die dag open om 07:00. Inskrywings is dan R40 per persoon en R30 per hond. Besoek of kontak die Kaap die Goeie Hoop DBV by 021 700 4141/80.


Woensdag 7 Maart 2012

TygerBurger Elsiesrivier Bladsy 13


eksklusief aanlyn by

Waar koper en verkopers mekaar ontmoet

: 0860 11 75 20 - (021) 405 1181 (FAX)


FAMILIEKENNISGEWINGS 05 Huwelike Marriages CYNTHIA'S HIRING: White chair covers R4,00. Black chair covers R4,50. Crockery, cutlery and linen. 074 1905 808 / 021 953 1181

Algemeen Miscellaneous


021 931 0997 /078 844 6507


NO DEPOSIT BLACKLISTED WELCOME BELLVILLE: 021 802 6787 073 997 4312 DELFT: 021 954 1008 078 335 6770 071 807 0649 AFTER HOURS: 021 797 6569 072 542 7217



Kamers te Huur Rooms to Let BLACKHEATH ­ Sep. Ent. ( 021 905 6727 / 083 5282 013 KUILS RIVER, Sunbird Park, rooms avail. No children. (021 908 1250/072 255 7574



Lost Lover Sexual Problems Court Case & Lotto Win Contracts & Tenders

Tel: 021 952 9928 Cel: 079 822 3863

Allerlei Miscellaneous Services AHA Burglar Bars & Gates Teen bilike pryse. Tel. 021 933 1647/021 909 3038/ /083 542 1097.

From R 60 /week. TERMS OR CASH No deposit: Blacklisted welcome.

Parow 083 6211 480 RK WENDY’S 26


Affordable jumping castles 076 233 2954 / 079 120 6047 JUMPING Castles, kids tables & chairs + Gazebos & tents for hire.( 021 930 5282 or 082 202 3495. JUMPING CASTLES kids table & chairs for hire. Call Jody 083 744 3022

Easter Special

Cash - DIY

Vib & Nutec available. (O) 021 905 6219 (F) 021 905 4686 (C) 084 319 4062 / 073 457 6634 082 968 2269

JUMPINGCASTLES, ballponds, tables & chairs. 021 905 6119 /072 909 1203

SECURITY TRAINING SPECIAL "E ­ C" for R650 Contact 021 931 2429

BIC kitchen & bedrooms. ( 021 952 5374 / 079 692 4877 WENDY HOUSES!!! 3 x 6 ­ R6 900 (021 836 7602 082 072 6152


Spyseniering Catering

Wendy Houses SPECIAL 6 x 3m, R6 000 CASH 021 393 5475/082 621 4441/

For all your crockery, cutlery, linen, etc. @ 10c per item. 082 267 7616/021 902 0904



ALL OCCASIONS CATERING Flowers for all occasions Hiring for all occasions, chair covers, arch and red carpets, Call Jenny 021 952 8535 / 072 906 6063

PRO FIX TV Repairs to all makes of TV's, Plasmas and LCD's. Free pick­up & deliveries. Aerial & DStv installations. 021 931 7616/ 083 294 9931

CHAIR COVERS / TABLECLOTHS Red, black, cream & white, For Hire Contact Marilyn 076 563 3361 or 021 952 9808


SYDNEYVALE CATERERS for all occasions, hiring & decor. ( 021 934 6924/ 079 314 0213/082 588 3068 WOW! ON Q CATERING & decore. Backdrops, ceilings from R600. Ph 021­534 4331 or 073 020 7695

BLINDS & CURTAINS. All types. Free quotes. 021 371 8627 / 082 516 0030 CARPET & UPHOLSTERY cleaning, 95% dry. Phone 021 905­4529 or 021 905­4247 / 072 832 1388 CARPETS, etc CLEANING 021 592 0626/082 428 7163 J & C ALUMINIUM Aluminium doors, window frames + glass fitted, sliding doors, shower doors & shopfronts, enclosures & repairs. Carports as well. All work fitted & made of very high quality. 20 years exp. ( Sheldon Rinquest 079 817 1092/ 021 952 3965 a.h


Boumateriaal Building Materials 3 ml BOUSAND & KLIP. 021 397 6413 / 082 709 6443 A BARGAIN PAVING SLABS 400 x 400 = R11.50 450 x 450 = R13.50 500 x 500 = R14.95 VIBRACRETE SLABS ­ R26 ( 076 382 6711

Buitenshuisdienste Home Services Exterior

Kindervermaak Children’s Entertainment JUMPING Castle to hire, R300 a day incl. delivery! 084 6919 893/076 596 6180


Bouplanne/ Building Plans ARCHITECTURAL EXPERTS ( 021 903 9166

FRIDGE RE­GASSING (Labour + gas incl. R180)

END OF YEAR BOAT TRIP & SUN CITY TRIP Boat trip January 2013 ­ Wal­ vis Bay Sun City/JHB ­ January 2013 Contact Uncle Ike/Marie 083 459 5863/021 9271 920


Weekend trip to Arniston Dates: 21 & 22 April 2012. Accommodation in Arniston: 4* Hotel. For more info call: 021 952 6887 / 082 738 6805

(083 330 1625 *All jobs done at home!!!

Fridge Re­gassing Gas + Labour R150. Jobs done at home 074 364 1842

AA paving, garages, carports, vibracrete and extensions. Ph 021 705 5372 / 072 425 5111 ALUMINIUM windows, doors, b.bars, gates & glass repairs. (073 429 7856

TAR AND PAVING 079 289 6737 VIBRACRETE EXTENSION 074 321 9215 / 021 820 4384 VIBRACRETE­MURE Los materiaal vir "DIY". ( 021 905 7820 k.u.




Geld/lenings Money/Loans 1­2­10 Cash Loans Blacklisted, 5 min. approval, any amount.( 021 762 9079/ 021 696 8028

A BRIDGING LOAN? Waiting for Pension/package payouts? SMS or send “please call me” 082 301 7856 Ph: 0860 105 546


on a Pension/ Provident/ Package / Lumpsum Payout? Cash same day. Sms/Call: Chantal 076 886 7655

BRIDGING CASH while waiting for:


Payout (lumpsum only) Cash same day Tel: 021 949 0930/1/2 LOANS BLACKLISTED WELCOME! NO ITC CHECKS! UP TO R15 000 Fax: 086 724 5130 084 714 4216 / 071 762 0362

Huise te Koop Houses for Sale


R650 000. 3 bedr. with b.i.c., TV room, garage 4 cars, big grounds, 743m² plot and much more, price negotiable. Tel. 084 7202 553


Ouma Woonstelle Granny Flats BELHAR: Sep. entrance available for a student or young professional. Tel. 078 877 1183. EERSTE RVR.: Sep. entrance. R425 p.w. ( 079 157 1707

Veroer en Berging Moving & Storage 4 TON Truck with driver for hire from R700. 084 397 2144


Elektriese Herstelwerk Electrical Repairs WASMASJIENE, yskaste en stowe herstel deur mobiele werkswinkel. ( 074 6082411 021 939 9338

Algemeen General Vacancies AVON­AGENTE BENODIG Begin nou en ontvang 'n gratis geskenk. Vanaf 15% tot 30% kommissie. ( 021 910 2747 / 073 227 1034 AVON­AGENTE BENODIG Delft, Bellville Suid, Belhar & Bishop Lavis. Kommissie + gratis geskenke. Sms naam en adres na 076 824 9175

SUMMER JOBS IN 5 ,, 4 , HOTELS , BIG SUPERMARKETS & BIG COMPANIES URGENTLY NEEDS! .20 Receptionists .30 Cashiers .20 Barmen .30 Waitrons .20 Porters .50 Cleaners/ Housekeepers .10 Call Centres .10 Data Capturers For More details please contact us or visit our offices on , 112 Loopstreet, 5th Floor, Cape Town, or CALL: 021 801 9963/4 or 078 707 1963

AVON­AGENTE GESOEK (083 885 3126 (na 16:00) Geen "Please call me."


With/without matric, jobs available, as well as training.

021 418 3407 / 078 199 7056 JOBS AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY Cell: 078 295 5314 No. 32 Kruskal Avenue, Bellville. "TABLE CHARM"­AGENTE BENODIG ­ Verdien hoë komm. en werk op u eie tyd. Skakel 021 931 0194 / 078 8394 098

The Wagon Burner Liquor Distributors

WELCOME ESTATE 1 bedr., sep. entrance with kitchen, bathr./toilet, b.i.c. R1 700 p.m.

Experienced & reliable

Must have sober habits. Call 021 638 4300 after 16:00.

Warehouse Despatcher



It is the responsibility of the advertiser to make sure their adverts are correct on the first day of publication and placed according to their instructions and that mistakes are corrected before the next edition. W.P. Newspapers does not accept responsibility for more than one faulty placement. No credits will be allowed for insignificant typographical errors or typing errors which do not affect the value of the advertisement. NB: All cancellations must be done in writing - No credits will be passed without written proof of cancellation. Please note, we can under no circumstances guarantee positioning on the pages. Please note

429 AVON­AGENTE BENODIG Ravensmead, Delft, Bellville, Belhar & Bishop Lavis. Kommissie + gratis geskenke. Sms naam en adres na 083 405 0511 of 074 369 8091

RAVENSMEAD Oumawoonstel beskikb. Slegs jong getroude paar. R1 650 p.m. Skakel 076 940 1676


CAPE TOWN­BASED COMPANY IS OPENING UP A NEW BRANCH & NEEDS TO EXPAND ITS SALES FORCE! No transport or previous sales experience needed. All training is provided. We offer basic salary, commission, petrol allowance and various other incentives. For appointment, call André on 021 930 9068 Terms & Conditions Apply. VIBRANT SALES CONSULTANTS NEEDED No transport or previous sales experience needed. Free training is provided. We offer basic salary, commission, petrol allowance and various other incentives. For appointment, call Stacy on 021 465 7852 Terms & Conditions Apply

with forklift driving experience.


Applicants must reside near Blackheath. Call 021 905 5880 to arrange an interview.


Needed to work in supermarket in Bellville area.

LOANS UP to R50 000. Blacklisted + Govt. welcome. ( Shireen 078 902 5602.

SLAPELOOS OOR SKULD? • Moeg vir dreigoproepe en briewe • Ek wil jou help met jou skuld • Slegs 1 paaiement GEEN ADMINISTRASIE!! EN ONS HELP SWARTLYS KLIËNTE  Agnes 081 270 2530 / 021 982 7846


Opleiding/Kursusse Training/Education

Home Care All areas!! Advanced Home Care Nursing Courses, Hairdressing Course, Free Learner's License, First Aid/Childcare. Full/Part­time. Registe now! ( 021 945 4848 a.h. or 071 303 4426 E­mail:

REWINDING OF ALL ELECTRICAL MOTORS. And repairs on washing machines, stoves & microwaves. ( 021 905 3547


GARAGE DOORS & automation. 076 523 0306


ALL TAURIQ REPAIRS done at home. Fridge, stove, w/machine. 083 479 0614


Binnenshuisdienste Home Services Interior




Motorhuise, braaikamers, afdakke, muur­ en vloerteëls gelê, Vibracrete­mure en verhogings, plaveisel en loodgieterswerk. Skakel 083 725 8591 / 021 904 4854 na ure Vibracrete Walls, Plastering. ( 021 392 1433/083 539 5478

Also Nutec and Vib-houses


Bouwerk Building Construction


3x3 - R3 500 3x6 - R4 500 3x9 - R6 500 3x7 + Toilet & Basin - R7 500 3x10 + Toilet & Basin - R9 500.

Reparasies/Allerlei Repairs/ Miscellaneous





Call 072 999 3630 *All jobs expertly done at home.*


Sosiaal en Ontspanning Social and Recreational




A BETTER BLOCK 190/140/90 BLOCKS, MAXIS, SAND, STONE BEST PRICES 021 704 3636 021 391 6330 082 339 6138 107







Affordable, honest & reliable. 30 Years Exp. SACAP ­ Reg. Approval. All hrs: 021 903 8063 / Mike 083 564 7227

Call 021 919 7710 194

Sake Geleenthede Business Opportunities Are you ready to be your own boss? Earn extra income P/T Min. investment. Max. returns. Low capital, low risk, high returns. Call: 083 650 1004 AVON AGENTS NEEDED Start today and receive a free gift for your first six months + commission 15% to 30%. 072 282 3919/ 074 150 5801


Sakepersele Te Huur Business Premises to Let BLUE DOWNS 3 shops to let. R2 000 p.m. each. Ideal for café, take­away, retail business or medical rooms or office use. Main road of Malibu Village. 084 245 0624 / 012 252 4139


Eiendomsagente Estate Agents


Has vacancy for Real Estate agents to work in the Blue Downs, Blackheath and Kuils River (Hagley) area. A car and cellphone is a requirement for this position. Previous experience and a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate will be to your advantage. Forward your CV to: m or call Maurice on 084 909 9365


Hare/Skoonheid Hair/Beauty

Experienced Stylist

for Salon in Eerste River.

Contact 082 492 0329



• • • •

We specialize in: • Nutec Houses • Vibracrete Houses • Carports • Bathrooms and Electric


sms WENDY to 41911 and we’ll call you back. R1.50/sms


TygerBurger Elsiesrivier Bladsy 14



Woensdag 7 Maart 2012


BELHAR ­ R420 000 Modern 2­bedroom home situated

3 beds. (b.ic., en­suite), o.plan kitchen/lounge, f.f. kitchen, alarm, garage, spacious, beautiful finishes.

BELHAR ­ R440 000 Neat 2­bedroom house with lounge

TUSCANGY GLEN ­ R620 000 NEG. 3 beds. (en­suite), 2 living areas,, spacious carport yard, secure parking, 1 bedr. granny flat, extremely neat finishes, lots of space!

on huge plot, fully enclosed.

and dining area, bathroom with corner bath and garage.

AUSTINVILLE ­ Lovely 3­ bedr. double­storey house with double garage. Lounge + TV r. with fireplace. Only R780 000

BELHAR ­ Musicals. Spacious 3­bedr. home, with f. kitch, encl. double carport. BONUS: Modern braai room. Priced at R799 000.


GREENFIELDS: 2 x 2­bedr. houses on one ERF.

Beautiful, mod. 2 bedr., gar. + extra parking. BONUS: Lovely f. kitch. & Wendyhouse. R650 000.

CONNIFERS: Plot with 32m² sep. entrance. Only R220 000 PHONE/SMS IRMA 082 318 9358 or 021 903 6631 OLYMPIC ESTATES


Only R495 000!

Spac. 3 bedr. Price on request!

NOOITGEDACHT ­ MAKE AN OFFER 4­bedroom double storey, 3 living areas, walk­in closet in main bedroom, entertainment area, double garage, parking for 7 cars, bathrooms and separate toilet. Granny flat.

TUSCANY GLEN ­ R630 000 3 beds. (b.i.c., en­suite), o.plan kitchen/dining/lounge, automated d/garage, big s.pool, lovely family home!

CALL BERNICE 072 234 5687

You can also contact us via What's App. Contact Ollie, 073 399 2082 Shireen, 079 077 7665



HEATHER PARK ­ R320 000 2 bedr.,, fully enclosed, starter garage. FAIRDALE ­ R330 000 2 beds., lots of extras. SUNBIRD PARK ­ R650 000 4 beds., spacious grounds.



TURTLE CREEK ­ R549 000 (K.River) ­ 2 beds. (b.i.c.),, garage. NORTHPINE ­ R640 000 2 beds. (b.ic.),, garage, as neat as a pin. RIVERTON ­ R790 000 (Elsies) ­ Gorgeous 2/3 beds., beautifully finished, lots of extras.

Administration Clerk Directorate Policy and Planning, Cape Town Remuneration: R101 007 per annum (Level 5) Reference number: DOTP 10/2012/T Enquiries: Ms I Britz: (021) 483 5478

Call Warren0744289707

R240 000

Neat, fully tiled 2­bedr. house with lounge, kitchen & bathr. Burglar bars & sec. gates. Situated on a main road & close to all amenities. PRISCILLA VOLWYN 082 435 1106

List your property with BRM for impeccable service! Call 021 906 5416 or 079 879 2515

Requirements: • Senior Certificate (or equivalent qualification); • Minimum of 2 years’ relevant experience. Key performance areas: • Render clerical support for the sub-directorate in the execution of employment equity and human resource planning; • Collate data for all HR and EE Plans/Reports and compile a workforce analysis/statistics in respect of the client departments; • Render the secretariat function at consultative forums at client departments; • Effective recordkeeping and filing; • Copying, binding and laminating of documents; • Maintain a database on HR and EE matters. Competencies: • Computer literacy; • Planning and organising skills; • Good communication skills (verbal and written); • Be a team player and have the ability to work under pressure.

Note on remuneration: Cost-to-employer (CTE) remuneration packages for occupation-specific dispensations (OSD), the middle-management service (MMS) and contract positions are inclusive of all costs related to service benefits or obligations including basic salary, 13th cheque, medical assistance, housing assistance, pension-fund contributions, etc. ELSIES RIVER / SALBARAU ­ R450 000 NEG. ­ 3 beds, beautiful paved driveway. O.plan lnge & kitch. Kitch fitted with cupbaords, stove, oven & hob. Full bathr. Sec., b.bars & security gates. Close to schools, mosque, & main roads. Very neat. Ready to move in. BONTEHEUWEL ­ R395 000 3 beds., spac. rooms. Main bedr. with cupbds. Smartly tiled, large lnge. Big kitch., b.i.c. Mod tiled bathr with shower over bath. Spac. yard with braai area. Dble gar. with direct access into the house. Fully sec. with b.bars, sec. gates & alarm. Call Habeeb 084 216 9469 / 021 931 9265 (o) FOREST HEIGTHS ­ R630 000 Spac. 3 bedr. dble storey house, lnge & diningr. Kitch, 2 baths & toi­ let. dble garage. 2 granny flats. Contact ZARA 082 581 2400/021 931 9265 (office hrs: 09:00 ­ 17:00) WWW.ABDUSPROP.CO.ZA

MMS remuneration packages are flexible and may be individually structured as prescribed. The MMS package may be structured for a car allowance.

RE/MAX Property Associates 021 987 6433 www.remaxpropertyassociates

Elsies River, Belhar, Delft, Glenhaven, Bishop Lavis, Matroos­ fontein, Bonteheuwel, Ruyterwacht. FREE VALUATIONS ­ FREE PROPERTY ADVICE. Call our Area Specialist 021 696 4114

Where remuneration is not indicated as CTE, employees’ service benefits or obligations are funded or co-funded in terms of the applicable prescripts or collective agreements. Applications are to be submitted on fully completed Z83 forms obtainable from any government department or clearly indicating the position being applied for and reference number. Applications must include a current CV (5 pages maximum) together with copies of ID, Academic qualifications and proof of other requirements as indicated in the advertisement. The candidature of applicants will be considered on the information as supplied in the submitted application documentation. Applicants who are considered for the interview and further selection processes may be required to submit documentation supporting such information with due regard to conditions that may be set. Shortlisted candidates will be required to attend an interview and/or competency assessments/proficiency tests on a date and time as determined by the department. Forward your application to Judy Johnstone, Ayanda Mbanga Response Management, PO Box 833, Green Point 8051 or place in the Ayanda Mbanga Response Management Job Application box located at Ground floor, 1 and 4 Dorp Street, Cape Town. Applications not submitted via Ayanda Mbanga or applications not received on or before the closing date as well as faxed or e-mailed applications will not be considered. If you have not received a response from the Department within 3 months of the closing date, please consider your application as unsuccessful. The WCG is guided by the principles of Employment Equity. Disabled candidates are encouraged to apply and an indication in this regard will be appreciated.

Closing Date: 23 March 2012


Human Communications C94121


3 bedrooms, 1½ bathr., study, single garage.

Offers from R750 000 3 bedrooms, double garage, lounge & dining area. Renovations incomplete.

BELHAR ­ R475 000

3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, lounge, family room.

SHARON, 084 580 0439 FERDI, 084 091 5775 (O) 021 915 4800

GOLDEN OAKS / BLUE DOWNS NEW DEVELOPMENT From R280 000. 2 & 3 bedrooms. Security complex/Hurry for your apartment. Contact us now!!! OFFICE: 021 836 8037 HANNES 073 444 0879 LOUIE 072 726 0400 PHELISA 071 323 3691 TASNEEM 074 867 3500



Woensdag 7 Maart 2012

TygerBurger Eersterivier & Blue­Downs TygerBurger Elsiesrivier Bladsy 15

Tournament ‘a big hit’ CHILTON MELLEM

The Ryushin-Kan Karate Tournament kicked off its second big tournament to the public on Saturday at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) in Bellville. This was the first tournament that was pulled together by Sensei Coral Jacobs from Eerste River. With more than 250 entries and six clubs joining in the tournament, contenders did their utmost to show their skills. Coral has her own karate studio and trains youth in martial arts with the aim of empowering them. She said that she could not do it alone and had the help of her parents and the parents of the Hunbo Dojo Rhuyshin Kan Melton Rose School of Karate, who helped make the tournament successful. The tournament started out with Coral demonstrating a kata after the official bow. Then it was up to the female participants to demonstrate their katas going head to head with each other. The competition focused on the skills of participants regardless of which level they were. Each participant wore a red or blue belt so that their skill level was not displayed to the judges. “I am very happy with the turnup of the people. It’s a positive feeling which opens doors to whoever wants to start their own tournament,” Coral said. The tournament was not just

South African women’s ice hockey team members Nadine Sheffield (in green) and Sandra McClurg take part in a practise session at the Ice Station, at GrandWest Casino. Photo: Liam Moses

Taking on the world

Sensei Coral Jacobs demonstrates a kata before the Ryushin­Kan Karate Tournament starts at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Photo: Chilton Mellem

for the display of amazing talent among contestants but served a higher cause of raising funds. Funds that were raised through the tournament were to aid some of the contestants to participate in the International Ryushin-Kan Karate Tournament in Port Eliza-

beth in July later this year. Another fundraiser will be held at Club Night Shift on 17 March. Doors open at 21:30 and R15 gets you in. For more information, contact Astrid Visagie on 083 978 2611 or Louise Jacobs on 083 950 8796.

The puck is in place as the South African Women’s Ice Hockey team get ready to head off to the world champs. Tomorrow night they will be hosting their last practise in Cape Town at the Ice Station at GrandWest Casino being going to Korea for the World Championships. They will be at the Ice Station from 18:00 to 20:30 and then go off to Johannesburg to meet the rest of the team for the final training camp. Cape Town is represented by Dalene Rhode (Ravensmead), Keena Strachan (Woodstock), Nadine Sheffield (Fish Hoek), Nicola Roche (Table View), Samantha Jansen (Bothasig), Simone van Wyk (Bellville) and Sandra McClurg (Plumstead). From 10 to 16 March, 20 of South African’s finest female ice hockey

HOUSES FOR SALE BELLVILLE SOUTH R600 000 ­ Below Kasselsvlei Rd.

AÏDA PROSPUR Southern Suburbs WETTON 021 761 0707 M/PLAIN 0213 91 2200

Everything we touch turns to SOLD

Large 3 bedr. house situated on a huge plot with lounge, kitchen, bathroom, seperate toilet. Property well secureds and close to all amenities.


Olienhout Place, Off 9th Avenue, Elsies River 4 Beds, Lounge & Open Plan Dining Room & F/F Kitchen, & Separate Bathroom Toilet. R450 000

R800 000 neg. ­ Below Kasselvlei Rd. Massive house consisting of 2 bedrooms, lounge with fireplace, 2 bathrooms, and, plenty of built­in cupboards. 2nd unit ­ 2 bedrooms, lounge/kitchen fam. bathroom. 3rd unit ­ 1 bedroom, lounge/kitchen, fam. bathroom. Extra large double garage, huge enclosed corner plot.

8TH Avenue, Grassy Park 3 Bedroom House, Kitchen, Garage & Separate Entrance. R699 000 Badsberg Crescent, Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain Semi, 3 Beds, F/F Kitchen, Dining Room, Lounge and Carport. R280 000

Call Theresa 021 951 5929 / 082 077 3270

Vacant Plot, Suurbraak, Swellendam 1047m² Vacant Plot for R180 000


3 bedr., modern fitted kitchen, lounge, diningr., 1½ bathr., single garage. GREAT BUY.

JACQUES 083 686 2117

James Rustin 021 7031235 & 083 626 1526

ICON ICON Sell, Sell and stand a chance to win R2 000 in cash. Simply mandate Icon to sell your

home from now till end March 2012

Verkoop en kom in aanmerking om R2000 te wen. " Lucky Draw" eindig einde Maart 2012. Contact: Gary 076 696 2403 Melissa 072 057 5753 Ollie 073 399 2082 Shireen: 079 0777 665 Office ­ 021 903 7587

players will be travelling to Seoul, Korea to take part in the 2012 IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship Division II Group B. They’ll be going head to head against some of the world’s top ice hockey teams from Belgium, Korea, Iceland, Poland and Spain. The ladies have been hard at work in training camps all year long at various venues across South Africa including Cape Town’s ice rink, The Ice Station and Kollonade Ice Arena situated in Pretoria, with specialist coaches focusing on power skating edges and perfecting puck control. To take skaters to the next level much work has also been done on various “plays”, zone coverage and systems. To keep up to date with the team’s progress go to

SILVERSANDS ­ R335 000 2 bedrooms, f. bathr., semi­fitted kitchen, lounge, secure lock­up parking for 2 cars.

HILLCREST ­ R340 000 2 bedrooms, lounge, ktichen, bathroom, fully enclosed.

HIGHBURY PARK R420 000 ­ 2 bedrooms, kitchen, basic built­in cupboards, lounge, family bathr.

Bellville South ­ R460 000 Beautiful 3­bedroom, en suite, family bathr., open­plan f. kitchen, fully enclosed, patio, single garage.

Austinville/Blackheath R595 000 ­ 3 bedrooms, fitted kitchen, family bathroom, situated on a 500m² plot. Contact Melissa, 072 057 5753 Gary, 076 696 2403

SUMMERVILLE / KUILS RIVER R250 000 ­ Vacant plot. SUNBIRD PARK/ KUILS RIVER R400 000 ­ 1 000m² vacant plot. SUMMERVILLE/KUILS RIVER R565 000 ­ 3 bedr., enclosed yard. SUMMERVILLE/ KUILS RIVER R600 000 ­ Neat 3­

MAURICE 021 909 0461/ 084 909 9365 HILLCREST ­ R330 000 2­bedr. house, fully enclosed. MALIBU ­ R330 000 2 bedrooms, fully enclosed.

CAROL, 083 648 2648 / 021 909 0461

SUNBIRD PARK: R690.000excl F/s, 4Beds, Lounge, FFK, F/Bath, D/room, Garage, 496m, Plans 4 Business Premises. BLUEDOWNS: R340.000excl F/s, 2Beds, Lounge, F/Bath, Fitted Kitchen, Carport, Encl, 198m. SILVERSANDS: R395.000excl F/s, 3Beds(1xB), Lounge, F/Bath, Kitchen, Encl, Satellite Dish, B/Bars. ANDILE 083 621 5571

BLUEDOWNS: R390.000excl 3Beds(Bics), Lounge, F/Bath, FK, Garage, Carport, L/Floors, 285m. ASHBY 072 777 6316

YOLAM PROPERTIES NOOITGEDACHT/BISHOP LAVIS R550 000 ­ 5 bedr. (3 with b.i.c.), f.f. kitch., big lounge, knotty pine ceilings, tiles, lam. flooring, b.bars, sed. gates, blinds, gar. Fully encl. ROSENDAL/DELFT ­ R255 000 2 bedrooms, bathr./toilet, kitchen, b.i.c., lounge, fully enclosed. BELLVILLE SOUTH R620 000 ­ 3 bedr., en suite (2 with b.i.c.), bathr./toilet, lounge, dining r., Jetmaster, kitchen with b.i.c., tiles, entertainment area, b. bars, safety gates, garage for 2 cars. Fully enclosed.


We are looking for houses to sell in Bellville South, Belhar, Delft, Bishop Lavis, Ravensmead, Parow. CALL DUANE, 073 159 3432 or STEPHANIE, 072 977 9972 or OFFICE, 021 951 2290


Visit our website.

5L Supa PVA interior paint various colours R39-95 /5L Safari Gloss Enamel Oil Paint Interior / Exterior R139-00 /5L u b r e g y .t w w w

Contractors 20L PVA Interior / Exterior

B u r g e r


Three burner, self igniting stove with pipe, clamps & regulator




R2999 7.0 kg R13599 R5999 9.0 kg R169 00 00 14 kg R275 4.5 kg R85 99 99 19 kg R369 5.0 kg R99 Many more specials in-store 6.0 kg R12999 48 kg R89900

BP Gas


1.3 kg

• Gas Centre • Appliances • Accessories

3.0 kg

Tel: 021 932 4106/5 • Address: 306 Halt Rd, Elsies River

TygerBurger Page 16

Editor: Stehan Schoeman

Woensdag 7 Maart 2012

B’Suid­krieketspan kook

Drie spanne van Tygerberg lyk goed SAREL BURGER

Hoërskool Bellville-Suid is ’n skool met hope talente in elke sportkode en hierdie jaar is hul krieketspan ten volle op dreef. Met ’n rekord van tien wedstryde gewen hierdie seisoen en net een verloor, is die skool baie trots op hul o.19-span. Hierdie span stap al ’n lank pad saam omdat hulle van hul o.15-dae af by die skool saamspeel, vertel Guilermo Josephs, ’n onderwyser by die skool. “Hulle is nog steeds saam en speel op hul beste,” pronk Josephs. “Ons by Hoërskool Bellville-Suid is nie bevoorreg om tuis te kan speel soos ander skole nie. Elke wedstryd wat ons speel, is ’n wegwedstryd vir ons, maar ons maak die beste van dit wat ons tot ons beskikking het en dit is die twee krieketnette. “Die huidige krieketspan het hulle die afgelope paar jaar goed van hul taak gekwyt as ons gaan speel het. “Hulle het ’n passie vir die sport, hulle houding is reg en hulle offer hul pouses op om krieket te oefen. Die span vaar nie net goed in krieket nie, maar akademies is hulle ook baie sterk.” Die skole wat vanjaar teen die span gespeel het, sluit in Bosmansdam, JG Meiring, Elsiesrivier, en wedstryde teen Hoërskool Edgemead, en Tygerberg gaan nog plaasvind. Josephs vertel ook dat die skool besluit het om die span te vereer vir hul optrede op die veld. “Die kern van die span sal basies nie volgende jaar kan speel nie, want dan is hulle almal in matriek,” vertel Josephs. “So ons het besluit om hierdie jaar krieketsweetpakke vir hulle te maak. Dit is maar net ’n gebaar van waardering vir al hulle opofferings, toegewydheid, en die feit dat hulle die skool so mooi verteenwoordig het die afgelo-

Halfpad deur die voorlaaste reeks tweedaagse krieketwedstryde in die WP se eerste liga is daar ’n hele paar klubs met bekommernisse. Maar Tygerberg-klub, NoordelikesGoodwood en Durbanville sit stewig in die saal in hul onderskeie wedstryde. Bellville en Universiteit Wes-Kaapland het in die topafdeling albei wankelrig begin – Bellville (145) met ’n eerstebeurt-agterstand van 60 lopies teen Victoria, en UWK (163) met ’n agterstand van 7 lopies teen WP-klub. Louis Delport (32) en Ruben Healley (31) was al kolwers in die Bellville-span wat die mas opgekom het, terwyl die bydraes van Nkululeko Serame (4/54), Esmund van Wyk (3/20), Mujahid Behardien (42) en Ashley Fernandez (35) nie genoeg was om UWK sy neus voor te kry nie.

Mr Suit Hire


Contact us for Corporate and Group Bookings Same day service ALL CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED

Hoërskool Bellville­Suid se o.19­krieketspan pronk met trots in hul nuwe uitrustings. Agter van links is Ashwin Solomons, Brendan Adams, Calvin Owies (onderkaptein), Elroy Geefelaar, Cameron Farmer, en Kyle Gelderbloem. Voor van links is Andre Engel (afrigter), Denzil Williams, Ashwill Arendse (kaptein), Junaid Josephs (afrigter), Jason Cloete, William Witbooi, Justin Phooko en Hein Stone (afrigter). pe paar jaar.” ’n Paar van die uitblinkers in die span is Adrian Jason met 201 lopies so ver vir die seisoen. Ashwill Arendse en Justin Phooko

BELLVILLE 021 946 3690

SALT RIVER 021 447 0143

WESTGATEMALL 021 374 4839

N1 CITY 021 595 2298

WORCESTER 023 347 8586

STEENBERG 021 701 4644


GEORGE BLOEMFONTEIN 044 874 4099 051 448 3370


TABLE VIEW 021 556 6369

doen ook goed met 133 lopies elk. Die voorste drie boulers so ver is Kyle Gelderbloem met 16 paaltjies, Adrian Jason met 13, en Denzil Williams met 10.



GOODWOOD 340 Voortrekker Rd. 021 592 2626

Business Hours: Mon. - Fri. 08h00 - 17h00 Saturday: 08h00 - 13h00

EXHAUST SPECIALS Golf 1.3 to 1.6 Mazda 323 1.6 Mazda Rustler Nissan 1400 LDV

10yr. guarantee

R1350 R1350 R1350 R1350


Duran Byman was the first Tygerberg­ Northlink junior across the line on Saturday during the 2012 Century City Sports Festival. Photo: Carina Roux

credit available at 0% interest

Mild Steel 1yr. guarantee

R915 R915 R915 R915



Bunks Pine R1590

Loose Joints from R350 Complete Shafts from R650



Discs, Shoes, Pads Master & Slave cylinders, Disk & Drum skimming

Overhauls Clutch Plate Pressure Plate & Release Bearing




Contact André Schreuder

Tel: 021 910 6525 Cell: 072 735 2504 Fax: 086 636 1473

Front & Rear Bearings for all cars


High Density Chip Foam Mattresses

Including mattresses

Cloud Nine

R3890 YEAR Y











Piper Tri-Bunk Excluding Mattress








021 935 0444













Support-A-Paedic Pro




(max 2 per customer)


R3410 YEAR




Heavy Duty 150kg per side








Rest Assured Matrix R3160




Quality approved - 1 year guarantee - no cheap imports!


Prices valid until End March 2012




Single Double






Stainless Steel



We fit: MONROE GABRIEL - RANCHO Shock testing done



SA quality not Chinese

CAPE TOWN FACTORY SHOP VALHALLA PARK WE PROMISE TO BEAT 021 461 0838 021 534 4900 021 934 3837



Tygerburger Elsies Rivier 7 March 2012  

Tygerburger Elsies Rivier 7 March 2012

Tygerburger Elsies Rivier 7 March 2012  

Tygerburger Elsies Rivier 7 March 2012