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‘The Twyn School offers the very best opportunities for primary children. Our children are full of smiles and we hope that we have the opportunity of working with you to ensure that your child has the best start in life so that they can reach their full potential.’ HEAD TEACHER

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Twyn School East View, Caerphilly CF83 1UT Tel 029 2085 2527 Fax 029 2088 6787

Twyn School Caerphilly Prospectus Twyn School East View, Caerphilly CF83 1UT Tel 029 2085 2527 Fax 029 2088 6787

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Our school motto is ‘together we succeed’ Our school vision

Our School Mission is to create a happy and productive community where we:

The school will always encourage pupils to have a love of life, an understanding of people and a desire for learning.


each traditional values in modern ways

ork and play hard to become the self motivated citizens of tomorrow outhful enquiring minds that share knowledge  rture a safe u and happy environment

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It will be a school where the well-being of children is at the heart of learning. It will be a fully inclusive school which focuses on raising the attainment and achievement of all its pupils. Its is a school which will promote learning for life and we will support independent learning alongside effective teamwork where people work collaboratively. We will enable our learners to become flexible and adaptable for the modern world. Our learners should be encouraged to seek to extend themselves in mind,

body and spirit and be able to learn from their mistakes. There will always be clearly defined boundaries for acceptable behaviour and we will help to develop everyone’s self esteem – where people show positive attitudes, respect for themselves and others and for the environment in which they live. We will continue to develop a broad and challenging curriculum which offers an enriching programme of extra curricular events and visits, and looks towards the promotion of life long education.

Design and production

The school mission

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Welcome to Twyn School Dear Parents and Guardians Making the right choice for your child’s school is a vitally important decision. This prospectus aims to inform you about our school and to help you make this choice. It will provide you with a good insight but we

also recommend that you visit us to see for yourself that we have excellent standards of behaviour and provide high quality education. I will be delighted to meet with you to show you around and arrangements

can be made by phoning the School Clerk. Our school motto is ‘Together We Succeed’ and we pride ourselves in the good relationships that are established with our parents and with the community. Children are at the very heart of all we do at the Twyn School and their well-being is central to everything we plan for. Their voice is important and we are here for them. The staff work extremely hard to ensure that we maintain our very high academic standards and we endeavour to meet the needs of all learners. I believe that the Twyn School offers the very best opportunities for primary children. It is a privilege to lead this team and it is a delight to be here each and every day. Our children are full of smiles and we hope that we have the opportunity of working with you to ensure that your child has the best start in life to enable him/her to reach their full potential. Mrs. Davies, Head Teacher

The School Council Dear parents, We represent the pupils and help to ensure our views and opinions are considered. Our school is full of happy pupils and staff. Our Foundation Phase building has an exciting woodland area and a creative room for children. The juniors learn in a Grade II listed building which has an amazing quad. We have an IT suite, a great library, laptop trolleys, and fabulous audiovisual equipment in our hall, which helps us with our assemblies and concerts. We have a tower in the junior yard and an outdoor classroom. Our dinner ladies are very helpful and work with older pupils to organise fun activities at lunchtime. We always feel safe and secure, we make sure no-

one is left out and everyone is involved in their learning. With special certificates we reward successes in assemblies. We have ‘House Points’ and always try our best for our ‘Houses’. Our teachers make each day interesting with fun activities. School Council is great because we have our say, taking ideas from our classes to weekly school council meetings. We have set up a healthy fruit tuck shop and indoor activities during wet playtimes. We feel proud to represent our friends in meetings. In assembly Mrs Davies makes us aware of events in the national and international news. We always support local and national charities and have great fun whilst raising money.

‘We learn to listen to our friends and report their ideas back to the School Council.’

‘We have a budget and a say in how the school is run.’

Yours sincerely, School Council Twyn School 029 2085 2527 1

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Our Grade II Listed Building. Key Stage 2 – Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Upper Foundation Phase. Year 1 and Year 2.

School Address Twyn School East View Caerphilly CF83 1UT Head Teacher Mrs. Isobel Davies Chair of Governors See notes in the pocket at the back of this prospectus. Tel 029 2085 2527 Fax 029 2088 6787 Email Website A full listing of staff and governors is included in the insert, which can be found in the pocket at the back of this prospectus. It is also available on our school website.

Lower Foundation Phase. Nursery and Reception.

Our school is administered by Caerphilly County Borough Council. (C.C.B.C.) Director of Education and Leisure Caerphilly County Borough Council Penallta House Tredomen Park Hengoed CF82 7PE Tel 01443 815588 Our school holds a unique and important place in the community. We recognise that we cannot achieve our aims in isolation and therefore value the involvement of parents, carers, extended families and all the members of the community. It is only through partnership that we can give our children the quality of education that they deserve.

Our School Aims • Develop ‘child centred’ learning where we nurture enquiring minds and a spirit of curiosity • Enable our learners to become flexible and adaptable for the modern world so they can become life long learners • Provide a range of innovative teaching styles which encourage an investigative approach to learning and a stimulating learning environment • Strive for continuous improvement by evaluating our current practice alongside the national/local agenda • Develop effective teamwork where people work collaboratively and develop learning partnerships between home, school and the community • Help to develop everyone’s self esteem, respect for themselves and others in the changing global world.

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Our school in the centre of the historic town of Caerphilly We have a beautiful and unique Grade II listed building status which has many benefits; notably an ornate quadrangle and façade which is used to great advantage by the staff and pupils. The school amalgamated in 2002 from separate infant and junior schools and the classrooms are situated in three buildings. We cater for approximately 480 children aged between 3 and 11 years of age. Our excellent facilities have blended the traditional with the modern. The indoor facilities include: • bright classrooms • ICT suite • four halls, one with a magnificent stage and a state of the art audio visual system • well stocked libraries • an Art and DT room Our play space is tarmaced with outdoor adventure play equipment for all age groups, two outdoor classrooms, woodland area, pond, vegetable garden and a sporting grassed area.

School hours Lower Foundation Phase Nursery The children will attend one of the following sessions: AM 9.00am – 11.30am. PM 12.30pm – 3.00pm. Reception 9.00am – 3.00pm. There are no formal playtimes. Children have a daily timetabled slot for outdoor play and physical development. Upper Foundation Phase – Y1 to Y2 9.00am – 3.10pm. Lunch is from 12.05 – 1.00pm. Break times are from 10.10am – 10.25am and 2.00pm – 2.10pm. Key Stage 2 – Y3 to Y6 Juniors attend from 8.55am – 3.10pm. Lunch is from 12.20 – 1.10pm. The morning break is from 10.30am – 10.45am.

Arriving at school

Teaching time

School organisation

During a normal school week:

The school is organised into the following year groups:

• Foundation Phase pupils are taught for 21hrs 40mins • KS2 pupils are taught for 23hrs 30mins.

• Lower Foundation Phase Nursery and Reception.

This does not include registration, assembly, break and dinner times. The majority of the teaching time will be spent on the subjects of English, Mathematics and Science.

• Upper Foundation Phase Year 1 and Year 2.

School Term dates and holidays are listed in the back of this folder.

• One Nursery classroom and two reception classes in the Early Years Unit.


• In the Upper Foundation Phase building we have the Year 1 and 2 classes.

A fare paying school bus is provided to Watford Estate, St. Martin’s Road and Nantgarw Road. These buses operate at the beginning and end of the school day only. Nursery parents will need to make alternate arrangements for travel at lunchtime. Details of the timetables and fares are available from the school office. Children are escorted to the bus at the end of the day but it is then the responsibility of the parents, not the school, to ensure that their child travels safely and adults are encouraged to travel on this bus with their child.

• Key Stage 2 Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. At present the school has:

• In the KS2 building we have Y3 to Y6. Currently there are mixed ability classes throughout the school. Pupils may be grouped according to ability within these classes. The children attend for seven years and then transfer to secondary school in the September, following their eleventh birthday. Most of our pupils in our catchment area transfer to our local secondary school of St Martins.

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Additional educational needs at Twyn School, Caerphilly

More able and talented We have many learners who are high achievers and we are proud of their talents and skills. Pupils are encouraged to celebrate their successes and we monitor their progress through the school. Our school has a reputation for sport as well as the academic success. We aim to ‘challenge’ and support these pupils in their learning. We offer them suitable opportunities in and out of school hours to develop and practise their talents and skills.

Special educational needs The Twyn School is proud to be an inclusive school. It is a school that values the abilities and achievements of all pupils and we are committed to providing each pupil with the best environment and resources for them to learn.

Some of our pupils have statements of special educational need. These pupils have full access to the Foundation Phase and National Curriculums within their own class, and where necessary through small group and individual support.

Everyone at the school is concerned with the ‘wellbeing of the ‘whole child’ and we support everyone to reach their full potential. We promote positive selfesteem and individual success at every opportunity. We recognise that many pupils will have additional or different needs at some time during their life and we are aware of the importance of early identification and support.

We have a dedicated and outstanding Special Needs Co-ordination Team and copies of our Special Education Need Policy is available on request from our school office, or it can be downloaded from our website. The school makes every effort to accommodate pupils regardless of any ability. We have a wheelchair ramp into the nursery and other entrances but please note that there are also many steps in this Grade ll listed building.

Basic skills We have the Basic Skills Award as our school identifies and supports all pupils with their literacy and numeracy skills. These pupils are supported by intervention programmes. The learners are assessed before and after the programmes to assess the value that the activities have had.

‘I have been able to try out lots of new things here and find out what I am best at.’

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Our ethos and values

Behaviour and discipline The Twyn School supports every person in the school and prides itself on the excellent relationships that it fosters. Our pupils’ behaviour is exemplary and the school has a very clear policy for the management of behaviour. This policy is available from the school office or it can be found on the school website. Whole school assemblies and ‘circle time’ class activities offer important opportunities for everyone to focus on. We have positive attitudes and behaviour codes to which the community are expected to adhere to. We have strong links with the Police who compliment our Personal and Social curriculum.

‘Everyone looks out for you and there is always a friend here.’

We always look for the best in everyone and a ‘positive approach’ is adopted in a consistent way. Children are encouraged to write their own class rules and we have well defined rules and codes for the whole school. The School Council and the Head Teacher reinforce and remind pupils through assemblies and discussions. Class teachers reward compliance with age appropriate praise such as: stickers, house points and certificates. There are clear sanctions for inappropriate behaviours and in exceptional circumstances of misconduct pupils may be excluded for specific periods. We provide a safe and secure environment for learning, therefore bullying of any kind

is unacceptable at the Twyn School. If this should occur, then all our pupils are expected to tell someone. They will then know that the incident will be dealt with promptly and effectively. We also expect those who observe or witness bullying to tell a member of staff. There is no such thing as an ‘innocent’ bystander. Copies of our Anti Bullying policy are available from the school office or on our website. Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure in school. We do ask that visitors and parents park and drive with care around the school site and we ask that you do not bring dogs onto the site for health and safety reasons.

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Our curriculum

We teach a ‘skills based curriculum’ catering for the needs of all pupils.

Teaching methods Teachers use a variety of teaching methods – whole class, group and individual teaching. We teach a ‘skills based curriculum’. This means that skills are taught across the curriculum so that they are regularly practised, consolidated and developed. We are class based and teachers differentiate activities, catering for the needs of all pupils. During the evaluation process, pupils will suggest their ideas on how lessons can be extended, further building on their own skills. This encourages pupils to develop thinking skills and gives them greater ownership in the learning process.

A thirst for knowledge

Foundation Phase and national curriculum At the Twyn School we offer a broad and balanced curriculum which provides our pupils with excellent opportunities to engage in learning that is challenging, creative and provides first hand experiences. The staff at the Twyn School work hard to inspire the pupils in their learning and it is our aim to ensure that all pupils have a ‘thirst for knowledge’ and a love of learning. We know they will need to be adaptable and flexible to the needs of the modern world and so we nurture and encourage independent skills to carry them through their life’s journey. Self confidence, tolerance and respect for others will be the foundations for this journey. We ensure that opportunities for different learning styles are catered for so we can meet the individual pupil requirements.

Main phases of education There are two main phases, The Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2.

outdoor space. These are crucial first years when children learn how to work together.

Foundation Phase

Key Stage 2

Nursery, reception, Years 1 and 2 children cover seven areas of learning, through a thematic approach, outlined below:

This includes pupils from Year 3 to Year 6.

1. Language, Literacy and Communication 2. Mathematical development 3. Physical Development 4. Creative Development 5. Knowledge and Understanding of the World 6. Personal and Social development, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity 7. Welsh Language Development It is a statutory requirement that pupils are taught RE. The school fully embraces the philosophy of the Foundation Phase and great emphasis is placed on developing the child through practical activities and the use of the

Whilst the pupils are in Key Stage 2 they will follow the National Curriculum. This consists of the following subject areas: • Literacy • Numeracy • Science • Art • Design and Technology • Geography • History • Information Technology • Music • Physical Education We are also required to teach Religious Education and Welsh as a second Language. The teachers and pupils plan themed approaches together.

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Our curriculum

Geography Sharing ideas



Our English curriculum includes Oracy, Reading and Writing. All skills are considered to be of equal importance and opportunities are given to develop these skills in a variety of ways. In partnership with parents we help your child to develop a love of reading and all children bring home a reading diary.

Our science work builds on the children’s natural curiosity about the world. Learners are encouraged to explore their environment and find out why things happen.

In the Early Years we begin to teach Phonics – a method of learning letter sounds. At the Twyn School, we pride ourselves on our high standards of presentation. The children are taught a style of handwriting. A copy of which can be found in the pocket in the back of this prospectus.

Numeracy We use a lively and enthusiastic approach to this core subject with an emphasis on practical activities. Children are encouraged to develop a good mathematical language. The school uses many resources alongside the Abacus, Collins and Heinemann schemes. Computers are used as part of the maths curriculum and the children have lots of opportunities to develop their mental maths and investigative work, to solve problems.

By presenting the children with discovery and investigative situations we develop the skills of: planning, observation and reflection – as well as developing co-operation and perseverance.

Art We value our children’s creativity and have a unique Art room where pupils’ work is created and displayed. We will provide a balanced Art curriculum which includes a lot of practical work.

Design and Technology In Design and Technology, the emphasis is on designing, making and evaluating, using a variety of materials. The children model with construction kits and use a range of tools to enable them to realise the importance of technology in everyday life.

Children will develop their knowledge and understanding through studying: • their local environment • a contrasting area in this country • a contrasting area in another country We aim to adopt a practical approach by using a variety of resources and we include fieldwork whenever possible.

History The children will be taught about events and actions in the past, extending to the time before they were born. They will be taught about changes in the way people live and work. In KS2 the children study key historical periods and local history.

Information Technology We are proud of our achievements in Information Technology and have the NAACE award for IT. Our children are competent and confident users of IT. We are well resourced at The Twyn School and all pupils have access to: • computers • laptops • interactive whiteboards • video equipment Our pupils are therefore able to develop excellent IT skills.

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Music Our music provision is excellent and children are confident and capable in the three areas of performing, composing and appraising. Children are able to reach their musical potential and we can offer further support from a splendid peripatetic service. A small charge is requested from parents who wish their child to learn a musical instrument. All children undertaking these lessons must consider it a three year course that will continue until the end of Y6. The school service offers woodwind, brass, cello, guitar and violin. Lessons are available for KS2 pupils.

Sex Education Our school programme of Sex Education is agreed by the Governing Body. It is linked with areas of the National Curriculum and our Personal and Social Education programme. The main emphasis is on social relationships and does reflect the physical changes and needs of pupils as they develop over the key stages. Upon request parents may view the policy and discuss the teaching materials. Parents may withdraw their child, should they wish, from Sex Education.

Religious Education and collective worship

Physical Education/ Sport

Religious Education is provided in school as part of the basic curriculum under the guidelines of the 1988 Education Reform Act and in accordance with the statutory requirements. The school is multicultural in approach with an emphasis on Christianity. The programmes of study, attainments and assessments are approved locally by the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE). Collective worship in school is conducted through a daily act of worship. A ‘Celebration Assembly’ takes place every Friday morning where we award our ‘Stars of the Week’ and present certificates and other achievements.

Physical Education is a statutory requirement and an important part of establishing healthy lifestyles. Every pupil is expected to participate in PE lessons and parents are requested to inform the school if their child is not fit enough to participate in these lessons.

Parents who wish to exercise their rights, under the 1988 Education Reform Act, to withdraw their child wholly, or in part, from RE and daily assemblies should contact the Head Teacher in writing to make arrangements.

Welsh Language We are very proud of our development in Welsh language and we support the Welsh cultural life across the curriculum. It is a compulsory subject for all pupils in accordance with the Welsh Assembly guidelines. All the staff and pupils use ‘incidental Welsh’ and everyone is encouraged to ‘have a go’ and be confident in their use of spoken Welsh. We participate in our annual St David’s’ Day Eisteddfod celebrations as well as learning about the history and culture of Wales.

We are very proud of our development in Welsh language.

The Twyn School is a ‘Healthy School’ and we are actively involved in the Physical Education and School Sports initiative (PESS). This ensures continuity and progression within PE and supports transition at KS2 to KS3. Our school has a gym and three hall spaces. We also have the use of the playing fields opposite the school. In addition we have a range of outdoor equipment for use at break times. We have many sport clubs running throughout the year. Information for these clubs is listed in the back of the school prospectus. Swimming lessons and an outdoor residential experience is provided for all pupils during their KS2. Children are expected to wear appropriate clothing for PE: • white T-shirt • navy shorts (navy joggers are allowed for outdoor games) • trainers or black daps will be needed for outside games If your child has a verrucca please provide him/her with black daps for all PE lessons. Year 5/6 pupils who play rugby need: • football/rugby boots • jerseys and shorts For safety reasons, jewellery is not allowed during PE and games lessons. All jewellery should be removed before the lesson. The school cannot take any responsibility for any items that are misplaced during PE.

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Useful information

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All children have a home reading book so please encourage your child to read every evening. Assessment When children start their education in the Nursery or Reception year, they will have an entry assessment of the key areas of learning. These assessments will be shared with parents. Further information is included in the back of this folder. Each teacher then regularly assesses your child’s progress in order to provide a suitable programme of work for them. Other standardised tasks are administered throughout the year. To help with the administration of the ‘end of year’ assessments, parents are kindly requested not to take holidays during May or June. We use a wide range of assessment strategies, ranging from standardised assessment tasks, staff observations of learning and listening to learners. In addition we use ‘Assessment for Learning’ strategies which means that pupils are engaged in self-evaluation. Examples include pupils using a ‘traffic light’ system for their work, or they identify ‘two stars and a wish’ using established success criteria. Each pupil is tracked and has set targets with their class teachers.

Recording and reporting to parents School records are kept of each child’s progress, which are passed on through the school. Parents are informed of their child’s progress three times a year. This takes place at parent/teacher consultations in the autumn and spring terms and a written report in the summer term. However, parents are very welcome to make an appointment to discuss their child’s progress at any time during the year. End of Key stage performance is distributed to parents in Year 2 and Year 6 and to all parents in the Governors’ Annual report to Parents. Governors monitor the standards of the school very closely with the staff and performance is compared with other Families of similar school and with schools in Wales.

Homework Children at the Twyn School have a Home/School Learning Log. All homework tasks are set within this Learning Log and parents are invited to support and evaluate these tasks, alongside the class teachers. Homework is set each Thursday and it is due back on the following Monday. All children have a home reading book so please encourage your child to set aside a regular time every evening. We advise fifteen minutes each evening will set good habits for the future. Read with your child and share stories at all ages, to encourage a love of the printed word.

Home school partnership Our School Motto is: ‘Together We Succeed’ and at the Twyn School we firmly believe that children do much better when parents and teachers work in partnership together. During your child’s time here we aim to involve you as much as possible in his or her education. We have a Home School Agreement that you will be asked to sign with us. It is not a legal document but rather an agreement to show that we wish to work together to help your child. A copy of this agreement is included at the back of this folder. You can also help and support your child in their learning by attending all Parents’ meetings. Encourage your child to come to school on time and take an interest in the world around them and by supporting with reading and home/school tasks.

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Useful information

Lunchtime fun

School uniform School uniform helps our pupils to feel part of a community. Our aim is to keep the uniform as smart, practical and economical as possible. Winter: • Blue pullover, cardigan or sweatshirt • White shirt/polo shirt • Black/grey or navy trousers, skirt, pinafore • Black shoes or trainers • White socks Summer: • As above • Navy, black, grey shorts • Blue striped or checked dress P.E. kit is listed in the curriculum section. Children are not allowed to bring mobile phones, wear make-up or jewellery (with the exception of small stud earings, or watches). If your child does come to school wearing jewellery, they will be asked to remove it.

School meals


School meals are cooked in the school kitchen.

Teachers are not allowed to administer any medication to children. If your child needs to take medication and the GP has said that they are well enough to attend school, you may visit the school to administer the dosage. Asthma inhalers can be given to the class teachers for the pupils to administer. Please ensure they are named.

Free school meals are provided for children whose parents are in receipt of Income Support. Please speak with the School Clerks for the required form. Packed lunches may also be brought. No glass bottles or pop please. We are a nut free school to support those pupils who have allergies. Milk is provided for Foundation Phase children. As we are a Healthy School we encourage healthy eating habits and crisps and sweets are not allowed. The younger children are offered a healthy snack and the Key Stage 2 pupils have the opportunity to buy from a Fruit Shop. Pupils are encouraged to drink water in their classrooms. Please provide a clear plastic drinking water bottle.

School health service The School Nurse carries out checks on pupils’ vision and hearing. She no longer checks pupils for Head lice. Parents are requested to do this regularly. Alert letters are no longer sent out.

First aid The school has qualified First Aiders in each building and all our Midday Supervisors have training in First Aid. Illness and accident If your child is taken ill in school we will telephone you immediately. It is very important that the school has your up to date contact details. If your child bumps his/her head, parents will be informed. Children contracting certain illnesses are excluded from school for minimum periods. Parents should contact the school if they are unsure about the length of the exclusion.

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More useful information The Friends of The Twyn – Parents’ Association The governors and staff are grateful for the hard work of our very successful Parents’ Association. We hope that you will support them by attending the meetings and functions which they regularly organise. All children benefit from the money raised, which goes to providing extra resources for the children.

Family learning Two members of staff run a weekly Family Learning Group. Parents and their child, work alongside each other to share language and numeracy activities.

Parent support There are so many ways in which you can support your child in school. Many groups volunteer to come into school to help in a variety of activities. Your help is invaluable in our busy and lively school. If you have any spare time please do contact us. Also if you have a particular talent or interest, which you could share, we would be very glad to see you. Regular parent helpers will be asked to have a CRB check.

Breakfast club We have a free breakfast club which runs from 8 o’clock until the start of school. This is independently run by the school cook. Please contact the school office for a registration form if you would like your child to attend.

After school club The school is very fortunate to have an independent service on its site. This club runs from 3.15pm until 6pm. It is run by a qualified play leader. A Holiday Play Scheme is also provided. The children take part in a variety of activities. If anyone wishes to use the service, please refer to the details which are included at the back of the folder, or contact the school office for details of fees and a registration form.

Child Protection

Well being The Twyn School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the children and young people. We expect all staff and volunteers to share in this commitment and the school has a comprehensive Safeguarding Policy that links to a range of policies. These are all designed to provide ‘wrap around care and support’ for all children. As part of our curriculum activities we have well-developed personal and social programmes. Children learn how to cope with any problems they may face in life and how they can become valued members of our society. We have nurture groups and Circle Time activities where pupils can explore their feelings, views and beliefs in a non-threatening situation. Trained members of staff support pupils who may, from time to time, require a little additional support. This is provided through attending our Student Assistance Programme, SAP and nurture groups.

The Head Teacher is the designated Child Protection Officer who liaises with the Local Authority and the Social Services Child Protection Teams. Should anyone have any concerns regarding a particular child the Head Teacher should be informed immediately.

Security Every effort has been made by the LA and Governing Body to ensure the security of our very large site. There is fencing around the school site and all access points are monitored. Visitors are required to sign in and wear identity badges. Anyone without the appropriate badge will be challenged. All staff and volunteers have been CRB checked.

Family holidays The school discourages pupils from taking holidays during term time. If parents do wish to take a holiday with their child, during term time, then the appropriate holiday form is available from the school. The Head Teacher has the discretion to grant a maximum of ten days authorised absence per year.

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Attendance and punctuality It is vital for children to attend school regularly and on time for them to obtain the maximum benefit from school life. The school’s attendance record is very good and maintaining high standards is of very great importance.

Equal opportunity for all Our Governing Body is fully aware of its duty to ensure that equal opportunities are promoted at the school. It is central to the ethos of our school. Our Equal Opportunity and Race Equality Policies outline how we endeavour to ensure equality for all. (These can be accessed on the school website or are available from the school office). We work together to feel valued members of the community and to be free from discrimination. We encourage and develop everyone’s talents and cater for the need of all our pupils regardless of race, culture, religion and ability. We have a Grade ll listed building and there are areas which are more difficult for wheelchair access. However, we do have an Accessibility Plan (included at the back of the folder), and we work very hard to

adapt and ensure that all pupils are catered for. We are opposed to all forms of prejudice and discrimination. Language or behaviour that is threatening, racist or potentially damaging to any ethnic or racial group will not be tolerated and is challenged. We recognise that Wales and the U.K have diverse societies and it is important that all pupils are prepared to live harmoniously in society. All pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum allowing them to develop their spirituality, achieve standards and develop their full potential. We understand how factors such as: nationality, language, gender, and social circumstances can impact on learning.

If your child is absent from school, please notify us by 9.30am on the first day of absence. In accordance with the ‘Guidance on Infection Control in Schools and Other Child Care Settings’ documentation, any child who suffers from sickness or diarrhoea should not return to school until 48 hours have passed since their last episode of vomiting or diarrhoea. If absence is pre-planned i.e. hospital appointment, please notify us beforehand either verbally or in writing. We also require a copy of the appointment card/ letter. We work with the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) to monitor attendance and punctuality and we routinely contact parents if their child’s attendance falls below 80%, or persistent lateness is evident. Up to date attendance data for our school is included at the back of this folder.

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Further information

Foundation Phase Forest Schools

Admission to school The children are admitted to our school following the Caerphilly Local Authority School Admissions Policy. The Caerphilly Local Authority Admissions Officer can be contacted by telephone on 01443 864 870. Children who are admitted into the Nursery and Reception will be admitted in small groups over a few weeks each September. This helps the children to settle in quickly and enables the staff to spend more time with individual children in their first days at school.

Transition to Comprehensive School In order to ensure that our pupils transfer happily to their comprehensive school, arrangements are made in the children’s final summer term, for them to visit the school and their new classes on a number of occasions. Most pupils transfer to St Martins Comprehensive School but links exist with other comprehensive schools in Caerphilly.

Charging and remissions policy The school’s educational provision and most of the activities organised by the school are financed via funds received from C.C.B.C. There are however, some valuable educational experiences that cannot be provided by the school without financial support from parents. Where a visit occurs during school time, voluntary contributions to enable the visit to take place may be invited. Full charges may be levied for visits occurring outside school hours that are deemed optional extras. A small charge may be made for instrumental tuition. No compulsory charge is made for materials used in school except when pupils make products to take home. Contributions may be requested for visiting workshops to support work being carried out in curriculum areas.

School budget The school’s outturn budget can be found at the back of this folder.

Complaints procedure We very much hope that you will never need to complain. If you do need to do so, we want to ensure that you can do so easily and that you feel that your complaint has been addressed. Complaints can usually be sorted informally by simply talking to the member of staff involved. If this is not appropriate then the matter can be discussed with a senior member of staff, or with the Head Teacher. On the rare occasion that a formal complaint needs to be made, the school’s Complaint Policy and Procedures should be followed. This can be found on our school website or a copy can be requested from the school office.

Access to documents Parents are welcome to read relevant documents related to their child or any of our school policies. There may be a small administration charge.

16 Twyn School 029 2085 2527

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Twyn School Brochure  

Twyn School brochure

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