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Christ mas 2012

Gift Catalogue

Unique gifts with lasting meaning… that you don’t have to wrap!


Joy to the World! Reach the World for Christ through the TWR Global Media Outreach Fund Speaking fluently in more than 200 languages and dialects, TWR exists to reach the world for Jesus Christ. For 60 years, God has enabled TWR to lead people from doubt to decision to discipleship, engaging millions in 160 countries with biblical truth. Whether using high-powered AM, shortwave or FM radio, streaming content to Internet users or visiting face-to-face with listeners, TWR leaves a lasting spiritual footprint. TWR is uniquely positioned with the capacity and capabilities to blanket our entire Earth with the Gospel. Now -- more than ever -- there is greater potential for the Gospel to be preached to everyone, everywhere. Today, two-thirds of the world can hear the Gospel through TWR’s international broadcasting network. Delivering the Gospel audibly and orally, across geographic, political and social borders, with appropriate, available, and affordable technology is the only way to communicate to the entire world. This Christmas, your gift of $50 to the TWR Global Outreach Fund can help blanket the world with the Gospel. Suggested Gift


TWR CANADA • PO BOX 25324 • LONDON, ON • N6C 6B1 TOLL FREE 888-672-6510 • EMAIL:

• Radios for unreached people • Keeping the Gospel online 24x7x365 • Reaching into hard and hidden places • Offering hope to hurting women • Equipping leaders

Use the enclosed order form or call 888.672.6510

Dear Friends in Christ, The TWR Canada team would like to wish you a very blessed Christmas season! We also want to thank you for considering TWR as a recipient of your Christmas generosity. Christmas shopping is not always easy, and sometimes our gifts impact others for such a short time and in such a small way. In this catalogue, we want to share with you some gift ideas that have lasting meaning and eternal value. By helping meet the needs in this catalogue, you will be sharing the Good News of Christ’s salvation into the hard and hidden corners of this world, delivering the greatest gift of all to millions who do not know the joy of the true meaning of Christmas. You can also give to the projects in honour of friends and loved ones, and we will send them a special card to notify them of your gift. What better way to celebrate God’s greatest gift than to give gifts that will change lives and reach out with the Gospel. Merry Christmas and may God bless you.

Ray Ray Alary, President, TWR Canada


Support the Project Hannah Ministry in Africa Many African women suffer in their daily life as they deal with issues such as war, poverty, illiteracy, domestic violence, human trafficking, HIV/AIDS, discrimination, lack of basic health care and sanitation, cultural beliefs such as witchcraft and idolatry, and many more. Project Hannah’s Women of Hope broadcasts share practical advice and Biblical teaching, letting listeners know they are understood and loved – especially by God. They discover the hope found only in Jesus and find healing and freedom in His name. Your gift of $100 helps ensure this message of hope is broadcast to French, Portuguese, Umbundu, Makhuwa and Bambara speaking listeners in Angola, Mozambique, Mali and other West Africa countries.

Suggested Gift




Meet the needs of Low GermanSpeaking Communities in Canada

1. Radios and Media

Players for Africa Your gift of $30 will help purchase and distribute a solar-powered radio or media player in Africa. Many of these devices are given to community church leaders where they are used for evangelism and as a group Bible study tool. Solarpowered radios and media players are ideal for sharing God’s Word in communities where there is little or no electricity and batteries are not readily available.


The needs of the Low German speaking audience are varied depending on the privileges they have had for education and spiritual training. Through the Women of Hope broadcasts, we reach out to those who observe strict external rules to gain salvation and need to internalize truth and grace found in Jesus. Your gift of $25 ensures that the broadcasts go out to reach into these needy hearts. Suggested Gift


Hope for Burundi Deliver Good News! Burundi is deeply scarred by oppression, ethnic divisions, food shortages, and civil conflict. People need hope and to see the value of life. TWR delivers the Good News For All and Jesus Is The Answer programs so that listeners can hear about the peace and hope available only through Jesus Christ. Your gift of $60 will help produce and broadcast these lifechanging radio programs.

Suggested Gift 10



Suggested Gift


Behind Closed Doors 2. Reaching Give to Women of Hope broadcasts for the Persian Speaking World The Middle Eastern woman’s face is often masked by a black cloth hiding her from sight. This cloth represents the darkness in which she lives: physical, spiritual and emotional. Project Hannah’s Persian Women of Hope broadcasts break through this darkness, addressing practical issues on daily living as well as introducing hope through Jesus Christ. She learns she is loved by a personal God, the darkness is lifted, and transformation begins. In turn, this change leads to a transformation of communities throughout the Persian-speaking world. Your gift of $250 helps ensure this vital message of hope is produced. Suggested Gift



3. Provide Spanish-Language Christian Literature and Bibles for Cuba

Help TWR Canada’s Cuba Radio Ministry reach more people

TWR’s Ministry Director in Cuba, Alberto Gonzalez has produced over 400 programs from his Havana studio, sharing the message of the Gospel to Cuba. He has received thousands of responses to his ministry and distributed Bibles and Christian literature across the island. Often, it is a challenge to have enough Christian resources for all of the listener and ministry follow-up. Your gift of $15 will help provide Christian literature and follow-up resources for TWR’s Cuba ministry. Suggested Gift



4. Quebec TWR Canada shares the transforming message of Jesus Christ in French with the people of Quebec through a translation of Charles Price’s 30-minute weekly Living Truth program on radio, television, and by Internet. These programs are available every day, any time. Calls are answered from listeners 24 hours a day, and new believers are connected with churches. TWR Canada also purchases air time on commercial stations throughout Quebec. Your gift of $75 will continue the life-transforming ministry of TWR Canada in Quebec, an important mission field in our own backyard. 4

Suggested Gift



Equipping African Leaders Critically-Needed Leadership Training The church in Africa faces strong opposition. It needs effective leadership, and pastors with a solid understanding of Biblical principles. The weekly program Tools for Wise Leadership broadcasts across South, Central and East Africa to meet this need. This program provides teaching for professionals and leaders in education, health, social welfare and church sectors. Invest in Africa’s future with a gift of $100. Suggested Gift



the Church in China 5. Equip Sponsor a Seminary on the Air (SOTA) Student chinese Internet Ministry According to a recent report, China has 513 million Internet users. This reinforces what we already know – that the Internet is potentially the most efficient platform to reach the Chinese people with the Gospel. A major ministry focus is reaching out to China’s youth. Modern-day social issues affecting Chinese youth include suicide, HIV/AIDS, and a youth culture that is becoming more open and bringing with it problems such as premarital sex, unwanted pregnancies, and abortions. Thanks to modernization, the Internet has become the central meeting place for China’s younger generations by providing a place to share their struggles openly. They have questions and TWR seeks to provide them with answers through five different TWR Chinese websites (including Radio Organic Live). Visitors can listen to programs online, download mp3s, learn English, take theology courses, and obtain mental health information. Your gift to TWR’s Chinese Internet Ministry is an effective way to reach the world’s largest people group. Suggested Gift


The Church in China is exploding! More people attend Sunday services in China than in all of Europe. More than 60 million Christians in China need leadership, and incorrect teachings have infiltrated the house church movement causing confusion. In answer to this urgent need, TWR Canada provides “SOTA”, an intensive seminary-level training program teaching Biblical doctrine and life applications through shortwave radio, the Internet and in-person training. For $900 (or $25 per month over 3 years), you can fund a Chinese student through the full SOTA program. Equip China’s future Christian leaders. Many of the graduates return to their home regions and begin a home church. SOTA equips them to meet the spiritual needs of their church family, and support the explosive growth of churches in China with sound biblical education. Suggested Gift


per month through TWR’s Direct Giving Plan

6. Words of Hope for Mozambique

Invest in Bringing Hope to Africa Mozambique has struggled with a 20-year civil war resulting in over 900,000 deaths and another 5 million displaced people, but your investment can speak hope to the largely unreached Lomwe and Makhuwa people with the Words of Hope broadcasts. The cost of producing and broadcasting these daily programs is approximately $70,000 per year. In Mozambique, over 300 churches have already been planted in response to the Words of Hope messages. Your gift will help pay for this year’s remaining broadcasts. Suggested Gift


$125 5




Support Frontline Project Hannah Coordinators


Wars, poverty, natural disasters, inequality and discrimination make women and young girls in Africa especially vulnerable. Project Hannah’s Coordinators in Africa often face insurmountable circumstances as they seek to meet the needs of women in their country. Through prayer and mercy ministries, they are able to show compassion and love to the suffering and the lost. Through visitation, providing counsel and prayer, and in other practical ways, they are able to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Your gift of $50 enables a Project Hannah Coordinator in Africa to minister in practical face-to-face ways to the suffering women in her community.


Help Establish a New Production Studio in Havana

Suggested Gift


Help Expand Ministry to Cuba TWR has been producing Christian programming for a Cuban audience for over four decades. From the TWR transmitter on the Caribbean island of Bonaire, the life-changing message of the Gospel penetrated the iron curtain of the cold war, and offered the hope of Jesus Christ to the Cuban people who had no other way to hear it. Today, TWR Canada makes it possible for Cubans to hear evangelical programming written and produced within Cuba. TWR’s Cuba Ministry Director, Alberto Gonzalez, has produced over 400 programs from a small Havana studio. He is currently in a small, shared office environment and could increase the effectiveness of the ministry in a new production studio location. Your gift towards our Havana Studio Fund will help move TWR’s Cuba ministry into improved studio facilities to help better reach Cuba for Christ. Suggested Gift


9. Persian Ministry Conference

Provide an Amazing Opportunity For believers in the Middle East, meeting with other believers, getting baptized, and learning Biblical truths are difficult and potentially dangerous. Your gift of $500 will allow one believer to attend a week-long conference outside their home country in safety. It’s a wonderful blessing for those who receive sponsorship to travel to these conferences. Your gift will cover the conference expenses (including transportation, food and lodging) for one attendee. Suggested Gift




2012 TWR Christmas Catalogue  

Unique gifts with lasting meaning.

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