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Results happen through people, not in isolation

Sisse Fjelsted Rasmussen CFO at Stark Group


A surprising half year By Jacob Schmidt, Owner and COO at twoHundred

The global pandemic has hit us all, some harder than others. Home offices, teleconferences and, in some countries, even curfews. But there seems to be a positive upward curve for the business communities, which under the circumstances, have adapted to the new conditions of doing business with great innovation, will and ability to overcome and survive. But what does this mean for companies and employees? What does everyday life look like when you have Corona as a risk factor that, after all, will exist still for some time in the future? We are in a situation where no one can be expected to have the answer to that question – we can only guess and prepare ourselves as good as possible. The road back to normal will be challenging – but with the great support we see and have seen from both speakers, conference participants and partners – we in TwoHundred – see a world that is connected. A community of senior businesspeople who, together with us – despite the challenge – want to share experiences, exchange knowledge and last but not least create opportunities to optimize their own businesses, processes and employees. Therefore, we are not only ready with 2021's Executive Forums for CSCO’s, CIO’s, CHRO’s, CMO’s, CISO’s and CFO’s, but also our Executive INSIGHTS magazine. Once again, we bring interviews with some of the Nordic region's absolute top business profiles, who are not only part of the INSIGHT magazine, but who are also speakers at the Executive Forums in the upcoming conference season. We have to acknowledge that the world and not least the speakers, participants and partners we communicate with every day – are in a very special "corona-influenced" state. A condition we want to respect and take very seriously in twoHundred. Enjoy the magazine and the conferences.





Nordic Executive Forums 2021/H1 21/04 2021

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Nordic Executive Forums 2021/H2 07/09 2021

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09/09 2021

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14/09 2021

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21/09 2021

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05/10 2021

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09/11 2021

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16/11 2021

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18/11 2021

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Rune Sylow

CVP, Strategic Sourcing at Novo Nordisk Page 24

Torsten Steenholt

EVP, Global Operations at Chr. Hansen Page 32

Frank Berg Rasmussen VP Global Supply Chain at Coloplast Page 42

Peter Cabello Holmberg SVP & CIO at Pandora Page 54

Thomas Okke-Frahm SVP & CIO at Vestas Page 56

Mette Krogsrud

EVP, Chief People & Corporate Affairs Officer at Schibsted Media Group Page 66

Hilde Vestheim Nordh EVP, People & Safety at Hydro Page 74

Maria Rosenkrantz Sundemo SVP HR Volvo Group Trucks Operations at Volvo Group



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Lene Trollnes

EVP People and Global Functions at Yara International Page 90

Karin Svensson EVP, People & Change at Tele2 Page 94

Sisse Fjelsted Rasmussen CFO at Stark Group Page 102

Thomas Brebøl Christensen Group CFO at DLG Page 110

Lars Troen Sørensen CFO at Danske Commodities Page 120

Magnus Bach

VP, Global Marketing at Vestas Page 122

Helena Andreas

SVP Group Brand and Communications at Securitas Page 128

Filip Engel

VP, Sustainability, PA, Global Branding at Ørsted Page 130

Gro Myking

EVP, Marketing & Communications at KLP


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Torsten Steenholt


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Frank Berg Rasmussen

Henrik Larsen

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CPO, Maersk Procurement A. P. Moeller Maersk


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Caverion Norge

Veronika Nihlén

Jon E. Fornes

Volvo Trucks

Coop Norway

Torild Lid Uribarri

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Helena Andreas

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Filip Engel

Former CMO, GN Hearing & SVP, Global Marketing

VP Global Marketing

Corporate Director Communication

SVP, Brand & Communications


Ahsell Sverige

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VP Marketing

EVP & Head of Group Communications


VP, Sustainability, PA, Branding & Marketing Ørsted

Charlotte Ejstrup Krogh-Jensen

Hilde Haugen Kallevig


Norsk Hydro

Head of Marketing


VP, Head of Brand & Marketing


Mette Munk

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Telia Company

Head of Group Branding, Design & Digital Communication

Head of Marketing and Industries, Telia Global and Division X

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Rune Sylow: "My speech is about reinforcing the cost focus and accelerating agility in the Strategic Sourcing function. I will, specifically, touch upon how increased specialisation is key to unlocking additional value to the organisation." 16


Rune Sylow

CVP, Strategic Sourcing at Novo Nordisk 43 years Education Rune Sylow has a Master of Innovation and Business Development from Copenhagen Business School.

Career Rune Sylow is CVP of Strategic Sourcing in Novo Nordisk. He has been with Novo Nordisk for the last 15 years in different jobs - always with a focus on improving the Strategic Sourcing of the company. Before Novo Nordisk, he has worked for Jebsen & Jessen in South East Asia and the Royal Danish Embassy in Singapore.

Private Rune is married and has three children in the ages of seven and 11. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his family and practice road cycling. He grew up in Helsingør in Denmark and now lives in Helsinge, also in Denmark.



• Novo Nordisk is driving change to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases. • Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with more than 95 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. This heritage has given the company experience and capabilities that also enable them to help people defeat other serious chronic diseases: haemophilia, growth disorders and obesity. • Headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk employs approximately 42,700 people in 80 countries and markets its products in around 170 countries and 30 million patients use Novo Nordisk diabetes care products. • More info on:


Specialisation in Strategic Sourcing unlocks additional value How can companies increase their success when operating in ever-changing and volatile markets? For Rune Sylow, Strategic Sourcing is part of the answer by reinforcing the cost focus and accelerating agility through specialisation, and thus unlocking extra value to the organisation, in this case Novo Nordisk A/S. Rune Sylow has been part

cost base while simultaneously

But I think that the good old focus

of witnessing how Strategic

safeguarding sustainable business

on cost ca be further enhanced.

Sourcing, as a discipline, has

decisions. Additionally, they also

Indeed, it is still in fashion to focus

undergone a transition the recent

know our internal customers

on how to optimise and create

10 years in many organisations.

intimately as well as what creates

additional value of our huge

value for them. In doing so, we will

sourcing budgets. Moreover, in

Back in the days, the driver was

truly succeed in being the best

the very volatile markets, where

a need to take ‘cost out’ from

commercial sourcing partner to

many pharma companies operate,

sourced materials. In more

the company.

one cannot predict how the right

recent years, focus in many large

supply chain will look like in 10

organisations has been on driving

Reinforcing cost focus and

years. One next step for my area

‘value in’ as part of a broader and

accelerating agility

is to strengthen the whole cost

more diverse agenda, including

Sustainable business is not

focus on top of our value-based

for instance sustainability, risk

something new to Novo Nordisk

sourcing. I call this being forensic

mitigation, delivery, quality

as it is also reflected in the

about cost; understanding cost

performance, and cost. In order

company’s ‘triple bottom line’

elements down to the tiniest

to respond faster and more agile

principle. This principle is applied

details. Something you can be

to increasingly volatile markets,

to ensure that business decisions

sure of that your suppliers do.

strengthening the cost focus and

balance financial, social and

accelerating agility in the Strategic

environmental considerations,

Another next step is to accelerate

Sourcing function are important

always keeping in mind the best

agility in the Strategic Sourcing

next steps according to Rune

interests of the patients the

approach, for instance when

Sylow. And specialisation is key to

company serve.

establishing new supply chains as

succeed with this.

well as when expanding existing - A part of our value-based

supply chains to meet the market

- Five years from now, my

sourcing also includes early


organisation will be completely

involvement with our suppliers.

transformed into a specialised

Plus, that we have a more long-

Specialisation paves the way for

workforce that through

term, often 10-year, view in our


accelerated project management

sourcing strategies concerning for

Reinforcing the cost focus

and latest digital platforms keeps

instance our choice of suppliers

and being more agile are two

close tabs on Novo Nordisk’s

and the geographical locations.

important elements in the



transition that the Strategic

- We have established a digital

The right team is a game

Sourcing function in Novo Nordisk

sourcing platform from where


is undergoing. But how do they

we drive all our ‘go-to-market’

For Rune Sylow, the right team

do it?

activities, like for instance

is a game changer in order to

running auctions and quotations

bring Strategic Sourcing to the

- We need a higher degree of

for markets. These disciplines

next level. And leadership is an

specialisation in both roles and

are so important for us that we

important lever to this.

competences to be successful.

have decided to build a digital

Previously the most important role

competence centre in our own

- For me as a leader, it is all

has been the Category Manager

area. Analytics are another

about creating the best possible

who besides knowing the

important discipline, where we

conditions and environment for

category down to the last details

already now have a competence

my 65 people big team to develop

also took care of everything from

centre based out of India. Our

and perform their best – I truly

developing the strategy, collecting

colleagues in India help to crunch

believe the right team makes

the data, doing comprehensive

complex data and accordingly give

the whole difference for being

analyses, finding and introducing

recommendations to the Category

successful. Nothing beats talented

new suppliers to also handling


people with a strong purpose

the price negotiations as well

to work for. So, I continuously

as complicated contracts with

investigate how we can attract

complex legal implications. Over the years, we have realised that some of these disciplines have become more and more important, and thus require a higher degree of specialisation and aligned processes. Rune Sylow’s area started, a couple of years ago, to specialise and professionalise the discipline of negotiation and contracting. This included the establishment of a dedicated negotiation team

"... I truly believe the right team makes the whole difference for being successful. Nothing beats talented people with a strong purpose to work for."

working according to standards

and maintain the best possible team. Besides ensuring the best conditions and development for them, I also need to be ready to let them go when they want to pursue the next step in their careers. Supporting your talents in this will surely be paid back twofold as you hopefully will be known as a place where people can develop and grow, and thus be attractive for new talents. Rune Sylow has had many different leaders throughout his

enabling faster negotiations,

career, and they have all offered

thus supporting the whole agile

But where is the Category

him new inspiration and different

approach. This was the first step

Manager now? This role is still in

perspectives on how he could

of the specialisation transition

the centre of Strategic Sourcing,

develop to be the best version

and additional disciplines are

but instead of handling everything

of himself, which essentially has

now taken out of the Category

themselves, they will to a higher

brought him to where he is today.

Managers’ portfolio.

degree have an overall role of orchestrating sharp specialised

Digitalisation enables faster

competences. This calls for an


upgrade of the management

Another specialisation area is

competences of the Category

digitalisation, meaning being

Manager, being the informal

able to capitalise on the latest

manager of the specialists.

digital platforms and understand

Additionally, the Category

how this can enable the Strategic

Manager still needs to know and

Sourcing function to drive better

understand our internal customers

and faster business decisions

in every aspect including what

across the organisation.

creates value for them.



Three pieces of advice 1. Make sure to build the best possible team around you. Nothing beats talented people with a strong purpose to work for. 2. Know your customers intimately as well as what creates value for them. Let that be your guiding star in everything you do. 3. Be forensic about cost. Sourcing is also a cost agenda, so make sure you understand every aspect of your cost base.


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Torsten Steenholt

EVP, Global Operations at Chr. Hansen 50 years Education Torsten holds an MSc in pharmaceutical science CPH, MSc in chemical research from UCL and a Diploma in brewing science

Career Before joining Chr. Hansen in 2013, Torsten held various leadership positions within the Carlsberg Group for 13 years. He is a board member of CO-RO A/S and ALTIA plc.

Private Torsten is married and has three children aged 14, 17 and 20. The family has called Copenhagen their home city for the past seven years after having been abroad for 8 years as expats living in Portugal and England. When Torsten is not working, he loves to read and watch a good movie and he defines himself as a true gadget lover. When it comes to staying both mentally and physically fit, Torsten ties his running shoes and hits the trails. He is a proud member of a running club called ‘Running 26’ and he expects that in 2020, he will pass the 45,000 km distance, which is equivalent to one round around the world. His passion for running does however not wipe out the love he developed for a great beer during his education as a brew master with Carlsberg.


Torsten Steenholt: "Motivate, train, communicate. Remember to share best practices. Be visible and listen."


Transforming global food systems – one microbe at a time For Danish bioscience company Chr. Hansen, tiny microbes – or good bacteria as they prefer to call them – are the true rock stars if you ask, Torsten Steenholt, Executive Vice President of Global Operations. On both a professional and personal level he finds it very meaningful to work for a company that can help address some of the problems that are facing our modern world. Food waste, antibiotic resistance and the need for more sustainable farming practices with less chemistry are all serious challenges. But they are challenges where Chr. Hansen’s good bacteria can be part of the solution by creating a sustainable food system from farm to fork.

Most people think of Chr. Hansen

and responsibility, to help shape

7,500 companies from all over

as a food ingredients supplier,

a more sustainable food system.

the world that were assessed.

which is not surprising since

A global food system where we

A corporation automatically

the company was founded on

can produce more with less and

qualifies for the assessment if it

industrialized production of

reduce the overuse of antibiotics

has a turnover above 1 billion USD.

rennet for cheese making in 1874.

and chemical pesticides. It is such

According to Torsten, the fine

Today, Chr. Hansen is still a front-

a strong and meaningful purpose

rankings are a result of a pioneering

runner and a leading player in the

and it motivates me greatly, says

approach to working strategically

food ingredients industry with 12


with United Nation’s Sustainable

production sites on four continents that run 24/4/365. Impressively, the company’s natural ingredients are consumed by more than one billion people every day. Doing well by doing good - At Chr. Hansen we believe that nature is the greatest scientist of all times, and we have almost 150

"Motivate, train, communicate. Remember to share best practices. Be visible and listen"

years of experience, studying and

Development Goals, as well as a testimony to the power of good bacteria; - I look very much forward to introducing the audience to the world of good bacteria, and how Global Operations plays a vital role for our global business. Reaching more than one billion people with our products every day requires

commercializing the brilliance

Chr. Hansen’s efforts within

a strong production set-up and

of nature. Many people do not

sustainability have been recognized

world-class supply chain.

associate bacteria with anything

two years in a row by the

good, but luckily science has

independent research company

Capacity expansions without

progressed tremendously in the

Corporate Knights, who announces

compromising on safety

past decades, and today we know

its Global100 list of the world’s most

Chr. Hansen has been on a steady

that good bacteria is nature’s

sustainable companies each year

growth journey since the company

own way of helping humans,

during the world economic forum

was listed in 2010, and in order to

animals and plants stay healthy.

in Davos, Switzerland. Chr. Hansen

keep up with a growing demand,

As a global leader in the food and

was ranked number 1 in 2019 and

the company has added close 100%

health we have the opportunity,

came in second in 202 among the

new capacity to its production



• Chr. Hansen Holding A/S (known as Chr. Hansen) is a Danish bioscience company that was founded in 1874 by pharmacist Christian Ditlev Ammentorp Hansen. • Today the company is led by CEO Mauricio Graber, is listed on Nasdaq OMX Nordic and employs around 3700 people across its more than 30 global offices and 12 production sites on four continent. • Every day, more than 1 billion people consume one of Chr. Hansen’s natural ingredients. • Chr. Hansen is committed to addressing global challenges such as food waste and the overuse of antibiotics and chemical pesticides with its natural microbial solutions. • The company was ranked as the world’s most sustainable company in 2019 by Corporate Knights during the World Economic Forum in Davos. In 2020, the company cemented its position in the world elite of sustainable companies by coming in second on the list.


network in the past 5-7 years.

asked what has worked well for

operations and supply chain

According to Torsten, one of the

him in building strong teams and


biggest challenges has been to

mobilizing people around a shared

drive a change in mindset while

goal, the message is clear;

flying. From a very entrepreneurial

- I would like for us be able to use digitalization as a way of predicting

organization to working more

- Motivate, train, communicate.

our manufacturing. As an example;

strategically on a global scale.

Remember to share best practices.

when we can use multiple data

Bringing people along in the

Be visible and listen.

sources and link the performance

process made the difference. In

of our products at our customers’

the same period the company has

He also stresses the importance

plants to our processes and then

managed to reduce work accidents

of passion for what you do

adjust and improve them.

by 90%, which is something that

professionally as a key lever for

Torsten is very proud of:

personal growth, which is again

Talking more broadly on behalf

a prerequisite for being able to

of Chr. Hansen, Torsten believes

- As a company with global

inspire people around you. For

that we are entering a new era

production sites and offices that

Torsten, working within operations

when it comes to food and health.

employ around 3700 people, we

and supply chain is the perfect

Chr. Hansen is an innovation

are responsible for creating a safe


driven company and research and

work environment. We have several

development have always been key

safety initiatives implemented to

- I have always been inspired

components of its business. The

ensure that safety always comes

by technology, engineering and

company possesses the broadest

first, and we track the effect of

chemistry. As a boy I loved to make

range of cultures and has access

such initiatives by measuring

all kind of experiments at home;

to almost 40,000 microbial strains

what is called Lost Time Incident

mixing solutions and making small

that can be developed into exciting

Frequency, Torsten explains.

explosions. What I really enjoy

new products for its customers.

about my professional field is the - In 2019 we had the lowest number

combination of people, business

- There is a shift happening in the

of incidents in the history of Chr.

and technology. You’ve got to

perception of how the food that

Hansen. A great achievement

master all three disciplines well and

we eat is produced, how we can

by all employees and definitely

once you do, you will understand

get more out of less and preserve

not an easy task when a big part

how to really add value in a global

the scarce resources that we have

of our employees have come to

operations function.

on this planet while feeding a

work at sites that were literally,

fast-growing population. Those

because of the expansions, a huge

- Some of my major duties are to

are trends that Chr. Hansen is

construction site for a long time.

ensure that we constantly develop

well positioned to tap into, but of

the right capacity strategies

course we also need to adjust to

Leadership – a lifelong journey

for where to expand our global

what Industry 4.0 means for us as a

Torsten Steenholt has been in

presence in Chr. Hansen. We need

food ingredients supplier. We have

leadership roles for more than 20

to take many aspects into account,

already started to develop many

years and is very much aware of

like proximity of the customer base,

advanced automation and robotic

the impact a leader can have – both

investment costs and available

solutions. In the future, even more

positive and negative. Even small

people skills. In addition, I also

digital solutions based on big data

changes or encounters with an

need to constantly look for better

will automate several of our more

employee can create a big impact.

ways of doing things as part of our

analogue continuous improvement

Today, he leads an organization

sustainability journey. For example


with more than 1,000 people

choosing more environmentally

across four continents. He truly

friendly technology solutions.”

believes that all leaders need to take the responsibility that comes

Looking ahead

with leading others very seriously

Talking about the future there is

and acknowledge that you can

no doubt that digitalization will

always develop as a leader. When

keep playing a key role in global



Leadership – a lifelong journey: "What I really enjoy about my professional field is the combination of people, business and technology. You’ve got to master all three disciplines well and once you do, you will understand how to really add value in a global operations function”

– Torsten Steenholt


Three pieces of advice: 1. Think big, start small and scale fast. Always have a strong vision for where you are taking your organization and allow people to experiment and share best practices. 2. Change before you have to – be versatile, listen, observe and act fast. It’s a highpaced world and leaders need to stay alert and create the foundation for managing change. 3. Invest in developing people and your organization – every day. High performing teams and a strong culture don’t come from nothing. Both are direct reflections of the effort you put in as a leader.



Frank Berg Rasmussen: "Throughout my working life, I have met an incredible number of interesting and inspiring people – the value of a wellfunctioning team can never be overestimated."


Frank Berg Rasmussen

VP Global Supply Chain at Coloplast 53 years Education Frank Berg Rasmussen has a PhD in Physics from Aarhus University and participated in the Leadership Challenge Program at the IMD Business School in 2013. He has also attended the Scandinavian International Management Institute (SIMI), and various business and leadership programs.

Career Frank Berg Rasmussen has been with Coloplast for 17 years. During this time, he has been based in Denmark and China and has had leadership positions within R&D, manufacturing and recently supply chain. Frank Berg Rasmussen now holds the global responsibility for Coloplast’s end-to-end supply chain and is working on making the Coloplast supply chain more customer oriented, more agile and prepared for the future. Notably, Rasmussen featured as number ten on IDA’s Danish Dynamite Supply Chain Executives List 2019.

Private Rasmussen grew up in Jutland in the Vejle region. He has a wife and two children aged 15 and 18 years. When he’s not at work, Rasmussen likes to travel and cook.


• Coloplast develops products and services for people with very personal and private medical conditions. They call this intimate healthcare. • Its business areas include Ostomy Care, Continence Care, Wound & Skin Care and Interventional Urology. • Coloplast is a global company and currently has 13,000 employees, made up of 70 different nationalities. The company has 42 % female managers. • Coloplast’s mission is “Making life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs.” • Coloplast began in 1957 when Elise Sørensen, a nurse, conceived the idea of the world’s first adhesive ostomy bag. • Coloplast's headquarters is in Humlebæk, Denmark where it is led by the current CEO, Kristian Villumsen. 2018/19 revenue was 17,939 million DKK. • Coloplast is represented in 41 countries, has 8 production facilities and its products are sold in 139 countries.


Delivering a more agile and customer-oriented supply chain In an industry helping people with very intimate medical conditions, Frank Berg Rasmussen and his team has helped transform Coloplast’s supply chain into one which is more agile and customer-oriented. His journey has been one of experiences, challenges and achievements. “I wanted to come to a company with more focus on commercial business and with a history and product range that actually makes an immediate difference to people.” A time of transformation

In 2016, Coloplast brought

Indeed, Rasmussen says that

Coloplast develops products and

Rasmussen back from managing

making a real documentable

services that make life easier for

a factory in Zhuhai, China to

difference to individuals is one

people with very personal and

bring about transformational

of the biggest challenges in the

private medical conditions. As

change for Coloplast’s supply

industry both now and in the

Vice President of Global Supply

chain. And that is just what he

future. This challenge informs

Chain, Frank Berg Rasmussen

has done, transforming the supply

both the product range and the

and his team acts as a link

chain to be more responsive and

development and marketing of

between Coloplast’s commercial

customer-oriented. Rasmussen

Coloplast products.

organization (sales and marketing)

counts this transformation as his

and its operational organization

biggest professional success in

- Working closely with the people

(manufacturing, supply chain, and

recent years.

who use our products, we create


"Working closely with the people who use our products, we create solutions that are sensitive to their special needs. We call this intimate healthcare."

solutions that are sensitive to their Making a real difference

special needs. We call this intimate

One of the things that Rasmussen


is most passionate about is making a real and lasting

Making a plan and sticking to it

difference to people who have

In addition to making a difference

had a hard time with their health.

to people’s lives, the industry

In fact, the potential to make an

faces more ongoing challenges.

impact on these people is what

Healthcare costs in all countries

inspired him to work for Coloplast.

are under great pressure, so in the

This outcome guides Rasmussen’s

medical devices industry there is a

work, and the task of ensuring

significant price pressure. What’s

customer focus in operational

more, healthcare products and

organization, is one which he

services need to be profitable

counts among his most important

for society and continue to be an

as VP of Global Supply Chain.

interesting prospect for investors.



Rasmussen has seen these

important to maintain and future-

challenges face to face since

proof a skilled, dynamic and

joining Coloplast in 2003. He

committed team of employees.

has held many different roles

He keeps his employees in mind

in research and development,

when making major changes,

manufacturing, and supply chain,

spends time with them and

and has seen a number of major

expects strong results.

structural changes. He understands the challenge

- Throughout my working life,

of implementing major changes

I have met an incredible number

in a good and proper manner

of interesting and inspiring people

in relation to the employees

– the value of a well-functioning

involved, while ensuring that the

team can never be overestimated.

business goes on and the risk is handled.

A future of lasting change

But Rasmussen knows what it

The main focus of Coloplast’s

takes to meet such challenges.

supply chain making a real difference to the people who use

"Throughout my working life, I have met an incredible number of interesting and inspiring people – the value of a wellfunctioning team can never be overestimated."

its products. Rasmussen knows what the challenges are, and he knows how to tackle them. Working in supply chain is a team effort and by inspiring his team to be the best they can be, they ensure access to premium medtech products. Although Coloplast has come a long way with the planned supply chain transformation, Rasmussen and his team wants to build further on this. With continued determination, the aim is to ensure that the organization reaches its long-term goals in their entirety – to create lasting change

He places great emphasis on ensuring a detailed, thoughtthrough plan and not least that it is executed down to the last detail. Indeed, delivering on agreed plans is a part of the job that Rasmussen is most passionate about. In addition, when any problems crop up, it’s important that both Rasmussen and Coloplast respond quickly and focus on the longterm journey they are on. Another key area for Rasmussen is the people that he works with. Throughout the years he has been passionate about working with talented people, and he sees it as


now and in the future.


Three good tips for successful Supply Chain Leaders: 1. Say what you do and do what you say 2. Delegate as much as possible and expect strong results 3. Spend time with your employees and your customers


Ivalua has helped 300 leading companies achieve a competitive advantage by strategically managing over USD 500 Billion in spend In the last few years, Ivalua has taken the European market by storm, earning itself a $1B company valuation and being marked as a leader in Gartner’s Procure-toPay and Strategic Sourcing Magic Quadrants. The Ivalua platform is unique in the industry, as it relies on a single code base instead of a patchwork of acquired technologies, giving customers a single view of their supplier landscape. What’s more, Ivalua is dedicated to listening to its customers and working alongside them to help foster innovation. By creating an industry-leading Spend Management platform and taking a customer-first approach, Ivalua has maintained a customer retention rate of 98%. As GM EMEA for Ivalua, Franck is at the forefront of driving Ivalua’s unique approach to procurement innovation. With a proven track record of helping start-ups to grow their business, driving M&A programmes and helping to transform companies from smaller players into leaders in their fields, Franck chose Ivalua because of the opportunity it presented.

“I wanted something different, something to demonstrate entrepreneurship, a scale up like Ivalua. My job has been to expand the business throughout Europe, with a new focus on helping Nordic businesses to manage spend effectively and improve efficiency, risk management and innovation.” A flexible approach to procurement For Ivalua, the most important thing to offer customers is the ability to manage all kinds of spend, and all kinds of suppliers, without compromise. “Before they came to Ivalua, all of our customers experienced the same problem, their procurement solutions were too rigid and not flexible enough to meet the customers’ specific needs. Either requirements were too complex, or valuable suppliers weren’t digitised or signed up to the system. Often, this ten per cent of suppliers who aren’t signed up to procurement platforms are the ones that deliver the mission-critical goods that count most for the business. At Ivalua, we support 100 per cent of suppliers and 100 per cent of spend. In many

cases, we are chosen because we are the only platform that can deliver the customer’s complex sourcing, direct materials and direct spend requirements. We are focused on helping businesses to advance and turn procurement into a competitive advantage” Some of the most innovative organisations are often those that

"At Ivalua, we are writing the book on how to leapfrog supply chain management. Sometimes, market leaders don’t want to follow the standard ‘best practice’ model – they are unique, far ahead of competitors, so why would they be inspired by industry standard procedures?"

Franck Lheureux

GM EMEA at Ivalua Career

• Franck Lheureux is GM EMEA at Ivalua and has been with the company for more than two years. • Before Ivalua, Franck worked at supply chain management software firm JDA for ten years as Regional VP EMEA and was in charge of commercial activities for the region. • Franck started his career in French start-up soft solutions. He also worked as MD of Retail in France for the SAS institute, starting a retail and consumer goods practice from scratch. • In his spare time, he likes enjoying life with his family & friends, and playing on occasion.

Education • Franck has a master’s degree in Business Management, Marketing and Related Support Services from ESCC. • He also holds a degree in Business Administration and Management from Lycée Montalembert, DoullensHead of Retail and Distribution at Vodafone in London.

Ivalua • Ivalua was founded in 2000 to help companies unlock strategic value from a company’s spend and supply chain through Procurement. • Currently, Ivalua is led by Founder and CEO David Khuat-Duy and CEO for America and APAC, Dan Amzallag. • With joint headquarters between the US and France, Ivalua has more than 500 employees across more than 15 countries.

break the mould, defining their own way of managing procurement. Ivalua recognises this and works with customers directly to ensure that the solution meets every companies’ specific requirements. Our software is flexible, with the R&D team working directly with customers to absorb their complexity and help them to solve their unique problems. We listen to customers, helping them to innovate by meeting their specific requirements. We won’t force a customer to compromise their own best practice to fit with ours and limit their transformation. Instead we want customers to be free to innovate.” Another reason for Ivalua’s high customer retention rate is the clear view it offers customers of their own supplier landscape. “Other S2P firms use a patchwork of acquired solutions that prevent the holistic 360-degree view of supplier performance and don’t help to equip the CPO to see across the supply chain, and this is the value we bring.” A market of innovators As a team leader who has worked on European expansions for all of his career, Franck understands that the Nordics is a growth opportunity for the company. “Countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark are incredibly advanced in their business practices,

and often lead the way in Europe by setting and achieving goals in everything from the use of robotics and AI to corporate social responsibility initiatives across the enterprise. Sustainability is the topic this year, and Nordics have been leading in this area and so many others for years. Ivalua can help companies on their environmental journey, helping to rank supplier performance based on complex factors like sustainability across the supply chain and beyond.

"We help companies to extend their lead in complex areas like sustainability by giving companies a unique 360-degree view of suppliers.This means they can better assess opportunities and risks within their own company, in their suppliers and even their suppliers’ suppliers, helping them to lead by example and set the standard for procurement and supply chain management in their industry." “We’re already serving customers locally in Denmark and Sweden, and I am excited to be driving Ivalua’s growth in a market where we can help companies to achieve their ambitious goals. I truly believe we will offer these innovative companies the capability to foster innovation, lead in their markets and encourage sustainability across their supply chains.”

Our customers include:


Peter Cabello Holmberg SVP & CIO at Pandora 50 years Education Peter Cabello is cand. merc. in data science from CBS and has an Executive MBA from the same school.

Career Peter Cabello came to Pandora in 2016 from a position as CIO in GN Store Nord. Previously, he has been Director of IT Operations with the Maersk owned shipping company Damco and Vice President of IT Operations with Carlsberg. He has furthermore held IT-management positions with ISS and IBM. The 50-year old CIO is responsible for 220 employees in Pandora's global IT organisation, where there are still 50 available positions that need to be filled. The main track in the IT-organisation's effort is data collection and analysis, as well as the exploitation of the millions of sales data points to optimize production, distribution, marketing efforts, and consumer experiences.

Private Peter plays Tennis and runs in his spare time. He is married to Carmen Cabello Holmberg, and together they have three kids being 8, 13, and 15 years old, respectively. The family lives in Jyllinge.


Peter Cabello Holmberg: "There were not many people who believed that a project involving a global IT-organisation was even possible."


• Pandora was found in 1982 by the couple Winniw Liljeborg and Per Enevoldsen. They operated a goldsmith in Nørrebro for three years before they expanded to importing and sales of jewellery from Thailand under the name Pandora. From here, the business grew steadily. In 2008, they sold 60% of the company. • Pandora is the world´s largest jewellery manufacturer, and the company produced 112 million pieces of jewellery last year. That corresponds to 280.000 pieces daily. The jewelleries are sold in over 100 countries across the globe through 7.700 retailers, including 2700 concept stores. Pandora employs over 30.000 people and generated a revenue of 22,8 billion DKK in 2018. • Pandora went public on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange in 2010. According to a brand awareness-research conducted by Pandora, the company achieved the title as the world´s most recognizable jewellery brand over the competitors Swarovski and Tiffany & Co. • Pandora announced a two-year transformation plan in February 2019, aiming to cut costs with 1,2 billion DKK in 2020 to invest heavily in the brand. Additionally, Pandora is currently undergoing fundamental changes in how the company operates globally.


Peter has transformed Pandora's global IT: "It has been the largest change management-task in my career." Pandora's 50-year-old CIO, Peter Cabello, has in just two and a half years created a global it-organisation from scratch. From having invested substantially in expanding capacity, the task will, in the coming years, be to streamline the organisation. In October 2017, Pandora's CIO

has built a global IT-organisation

- Pandora had experienced rapid

Peter Cabello Holmberg received

from the bottom up, outsourced

growth, and we had to realize that

praising words following a meeting

the operations, and implemented

everything needs to be built from

with Pandora's Board.

global ERP systems as well as a

scratch. Hence, A large part of the

stream of other global applications.

task was to ensure that people

The reason was that he had

were on board with the project,

successfully conducted a global

- The way Pandora's IT had been

IT-deployment, and a series of IT-

managed and operated until then

projects were finalized. However,

couldn't continue as it was too

When the CIO started in Pandora

it took one and a half years of hard

fragile and non-scalable. It didn't

in 2016, it was very limited in how

work and several tense discussions

have the necessary transparency,

employees in the IT-organisation

to succeed. At one point, the

and the costs were too high. The

knew each other across national

discussions even evolved into

costs proceed to be high. However,

borders. During a kickoff at

having a managing co-worker

that is because we are in the

Global IT in Frankfurt, Peter

shouting at him.

middle of a transition says Peter

Cabello Holmberg noticed that

Cabello and adds:

representatives from the different

- Several colleagues told me that

says Peter Cabello Holmberg.

countries were standing in different

they didn't expect me to deliver.

- It has been a huge change

corners without talking to one

One co-worker even said that he

management-task. Probably one of


was almost afraid of the pace with

the largest I have faced.

which we were heading, Peter Cabello explains.

- There were not many people who IT-management was divided

believed that a project involving

into every corner. The way the

a global IT-organisation was even

I am meeting the 50-year old

organisation was built before was

possible. So, we started behind

Pandora CIO in bright settings in

that each region managed their

before we even started, he says.

Havneholmen, Copenhagen. For

own IT. In other words, there were

the last two and a half years, he

no global IT processes, IT-systems,

The 50-year-old CIO launched a

has been working in these offices

or central places where IT projects

program for top management in

where he, amongst other things,

had to be approved.

the new global IT-organisation with



four modules and a final exam,

Exactly this approach has entailed

which the jewellery company will

to bind the employees together.

that the organisation at the

use to optimize internal design

In the span of a year, they were

beginning of 2018 had 280 projects


brought together five times where

in the pipeline. Peter Cabello and

they attended lectures for a couple

his team, therefore, had to sort the

- What many companies struggle

of days on project management,

projects and identify what needed

with is that their data on customers

root course-analysis, and change

to be delivered in 2018 and what

and transactions are stored in

management, where they were

could be postponed to 2019.

different places. We have made

tasked with building global IT as a

sure that the data is stored in a

case. In that way, they realized that

The acceptance of Global IT is

central database. We have not

we were facing a large task, says

in place, and Peter Cabello has

collected all the existing data yet.

Peter Cabello Holmberg.

achieved that the IT-organisation

However, we are not building

is now regarded as a key partner to

it anywhere else, which means

the business.

that we will be able to do quite

- It was vital that they were speaking in the same language

advanced stuff with artificial

that they had met each other

- It is expected that IT has an

intelligence and machine learning

and worked together. In the

opinion in which projects make

so that we can identify patterns

beginning, they were standing in

sense, and it is also expected that

that we cannot see today. This will

individual corners, but one year

Global IT can and will say no,

be our most important focus area

later, when they met for dinner and

he says.

going forward he says and adds:

champagne, they were all talking and laughing with one another. I wanted them to know each other and know what they can use each other for. And with that, we succeeded, he says. Discussions with the management board One of the other techniques that Peter Cabello used to make the employees accept the new ITorganisation was to turn down as few IT-projects as possible in the first one and a half years. However,

"I often think about what I would do if Pandora was my own business. It has helped me when I needed to make tough decisions."

this did not mean that it was a freefor-all.

- We are beginning to be able to measure how campaigns affect sales very precisely. For example, we can “geofence� our campaigns in specific cities or countries to see how they affect sales. Programmed Pac-Man-games as child Peter Cabello Holmberg has an extensive it-career behind him, which beyond a cand. merc. degree in data science from CBS, includes several IT-management positions. He has, amongst others, been

Data is the future

CIO at GN Store Nord, Director

One of the key areas that Peter

of IT-operations with the Maersk

- One of the first cornerstones

Cabello Holmberg and the global

shipping company Damco and Vice

we laid in our governance-model

IT-organisation must prioritize in

President of IT-operations with

was our demand-model. All

the coming years is to understand


investments must go through a

and apply customer data to offer

central demand process, where

customers the right products

The interest in technology has

there needs to be a business case,

and create a better customer

more or less always been around.

and then it was decided whether

experience. The data must

Peter Cabello Holmberg was so into

to allocate resources. Many

likewise be used to investigate

technology that he programmed

disliked the implementation of this

how Pandora's resources are

his copy of the well-known Pac-

process, but we made sure not to

applied optimally. Furthermore,

Man computer game when he was

say no so that we did not seem

there are many exciting initiatives


too bureaucratic since we needed

in the pipeline with for example,

everyone to accept that Global IT

augmented reality in Pandora's

- I had a Sinclair Spectrum-

was a great idea, he says.

stores as well as virtual reality,

computer (Sinclair ZX Spectrum),



Retail Transformation and Advanced Data Analytics: "We have many considerations regarding the customer journey in Pandora, and how we can apply data to create a better experience. The entire consumer experience and digital experience across our online store, as well as physical stores, is thus something that we are quite focused on. We are not entirely there yet, but I strongly believe that many others have similar considerations."

– Peter Cabello Holmberg


which was the computer before

his goals this quickly because

thinking that the time would

the Commodore 64, on which I

of his competent team, but also

comeat some point, he says.

would program my games, and I

because he has been provided with

remember that I saved the games

resources to invest.

a smile.

Retail Transformation and Advanced Data Analytics

on a tape recorder, he says with - We were allowed to speed up the implementation with consultants.

- We have many considerations

The great love for new technology

Amongst others, we made a fixed

regarding the customer journey in

and gadgets has not left him since.

price deal with the brightest minds

Pandora, and how we can apply

from Microsoft Consulting to avoid

data to create a better experience.

- I often check whether new apps

any subsequent extra charges.

The entire “consumer experience”

have arrived, and I curiously follow

Furthermore, we decided to hire

and “digital experience” across our

what my three boys are interested

the best consultants available for

online store, as well as physical

in because, after all, they are ahead

our factories in Thailand. It was a

stores, is thus something that we

on the technology front, says Peter

large investment, but we decided

are quite focused on. We are not

Cabello Holmberg.

to commit because it was the right

entirely there yet, but I strongly

thing to do. Naturally, it is not a

believe that many others have

The 50-year old CIO has three

viable long-term option. However,

similar considerations, says Peter

boys who are respectively 8, 13,

it was a necessity to succeed with

Cabello Holmberg.

and 15 years old with his Chilean

our ambitions, says Peter Cabello

wife, Carmen. He was raised


in a completely Danish family in Taastrup with his mom, dad,

In the coming years, the 50-year

and big sister. Hence, it is from

old CIO and den new global IT-

Carmen that he took the Spanish

organisation will contribute to

sounding last name “Cabello”.

Pandora's growth ambitions.

The parents were independent

However, the jewellery company

business owners with a wholesale

ended in 2018 as the poorest

business in Roskilde with about 15

performing stock in the Danish

employees that sold industrial tools

C25-index. The stock lost 56

for larger projects, including the

percent of its value, and more than

Storebaelt-bridge, amongst others.

40 billion DKK disappeared into thin

The parents’ work as independent

air. Furthermore, it was announced

business owners can be credited to

that a company-wide cost-saving

how he conducts business today.

initiative would commence in 2019. Therefore, a main task in the

- I often think about what I

coming years will also be to reduce

would do if Pandora was my own

costs, which the CIO is not trying

business. It has helped me when I

to hide.

needed to make tough decisions, says Peter Cabello Holmberg. How do you feel about cutting Made the money succeed

costs? I suppose that it is more fun

The 50-year old CIO is not afraid

to invest and build something than

to admit that there have been

to save money?

many tough decisions that needed to be made in the process of

- I feel okay with the task that I

building a global IT-organisation,

face. I told the top management

deploy global applications and

when I started that we would

outsource operations in less than

not succeed in building a global

two and a half years. The Pandora

organisation if we had to save

CIO believes that he has achieved

money. So, I have always been



Peter Cabello Holmberg's three keys to success in the CIO role: 1. Make sure to have the right team around you. 2. Think three-five steps ahead and consider what your successor would do. 3. Know the business and keep your stakeholders on a leash.


Let Us Build a Trusted Future Together

Your transformation partner for enabling trusted business In these challenging times, it is more important than ever, that organizations exploit the potential of digital technologies. You need a trusted partner. Our aim is to be that trusted partner to help you transform your business. This goes well beyond providing technology solutions. Instead, we aim to understand your challenges, purpose and strategy so that we can help you strengthen your business. In essence, we believe that the following actions are key to transforming a business and winning the trust of customers and other stakeholders: • Architect a purpose driven business • Build a human centric organization • Drive the business with digital At Fujitsu, we contribute to making the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation. We create partnerships with our customers to help them achieve digital transformation successfully. Let us work together with you to drive a trusted future together.

Build a safer digital society We are Europe's leading go-to security services provider, supporting businesses globally. Our International reach includes the Americas, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Orange Cyberdefense is the expert cybersecurity business unit of the Orange Group, providing managed security, managed threat detection & response services to organizations around the globe. As Europe’s go-to security provider, we strive to protect freedom and build a safer digital society.

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Contact us at or visit

We Transform. Trust into Value

Rethinking Your Business? Let itelligence Inspire You to Reach Your Full Potential.


Equals Sharing Facts Thomas Okke-Frahm SVP & CIO at Vestas Professional: What will the content of your

What are the biggest challenges

What has been the biggest

presentation at Executive Forum

facing your industry now - and in


be? Please elaborate.

the future?

- How to deal with the imbalance

- I will discuss how the role of the

- Commoditization is a risk. It is

when convincing business

CIO has changed over the past 20

very good for the entire world

leadership on spending more time


that price of wind energy on land

on IT.

- I will discuss what is the same?

in many cases are the cheapest

What has changed? - What is the role of the CIO? Have the influence peaked? How to reinvent? What are some of the most important tasks in your role? - Create value for Vestas shareholders via IT and digital capabilities. - Measure value created by IT/ Digital.

form of energy The Industry

What do you want to achieve

must adapt and be even better at

within the next few years?


- I would like to do more teaching/

What inspired you to work within your field? - Energy is an information industryIT/Digital is at the core.

how to get more out of their IT functions.

where you are today? - My education at Maersk has been extremely defining for me as a leader and a commercial thinking



What part of your job are you most

What has been your biggest

passionate about?

professional success?

- Leadership!!!!!

- I have been good at driving

- I love creating results through

change in different industries.

people and I love to see how the

The IT functions have moved from

talents I have guided develop

back office to sharp end of the business.


- I would like to assist boards in

What / who inspired you to get to

- Protect value created by IT/

What inspired you to work at your


- I have shown the value of MVP (minimal viable product) at different and fun occasions:

- Green energy – change the

Big Data, Augmented reality,

world (and it is realistic).

Disrupting internally.

Private: Do you have a partner and/ or children? - Married since 1999 3 sons Where were you born? - Born in Copenhagen What do you like to do when you are not at work? - I like to follow my sons following their ambitions within sport. Where did you grow up? - In Sorø on Sjælland



Three good pieces of advice to achieve success in your role: 1. Always be curious. 2. Raise your hand (Get things done). 3. Work hard and have fun while doing it.



Mette Krogsrud

EVP, Chief People & Corporate Affairs Officer at Schibsted Media Group 51 years Education Mette Krogsrud holds a Master’s degree in finance from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in Bergen, Norway (NHH) and an MSc in Organizational Change from Ashridge Business School, UK.

Career Krogsrud is the Chief People & Corporate Affairs Officer at Schibsted Media Group and has worked with the group since early spring 2019. She has previously worked at Schibsted as Head of Talent and VP Organizational Development (2005–2011) and joined the group most recently from the position of Managing Director of Korn Ferry in Norway. Krogsrud has held several roles including CHRO, Investment Director and Finance Director across various companies – among them Elopak, Ard Group, SATS. In her current role Krogsrud takes ultimate responsibility for HR, supporting and driving culture building across business units within the group. She is also in charge of Communications, Sustainability and Public Policy.

Private Krogsrud grew up in Oslo and is married to a Scotsman. She has two children aged 24 and 28. Outside of work she enjoys being with friends and family, spending time outdoors and online and keeping fit


Mette Krogsrud: "Creating competitive edge through how we attract, develop and retain our people and create work cultures that enable growth of people and businesses has always thrilled me."


• Schibsted is an international family of digital consumer brands with locations in Denmark, Finland, Norway Poland and Sweden. • The group consists of world-class Scandinavian media houses, leading marketplaces and digital services. • 200 million people interact with Schibsted companies every day. Its mission is "Empowering people in their daily lives". • Schibsted is the largest media group in Scandinavia with media houses including: VG, Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende, Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet among others. • Schibsted Publishing House was established in 1839. Christian Michael Schibsted, an orphan, became sole proprietor of the printing house in 1843. • Currently, Schibsted has more than 5000 employees and is led by CEO Kristin Skogen Lund from its headquarters in Norway with a revenue of about 13 billion NOK.


What is the future of organizations? In the face of disruption and hyper competition, Mette Krogsrud is shining a light on how to create successful organizations of the future with open, interconnected networks and a fluid workforce driven by purpose with a focus on sustainability. "Our challenge and opportunity is to be an agile player and create new, sustainable business models within the disruptive landscape."

We live in disruptive times.

comfort of your own home.

constructs into open,

Disruption that shows no signs

Or finding what you need in user-

interconnected networks

of letting up, particularly in the

led marketplaces at half the price

populated by a fluid workforce

industries Schibsted operates in

you thought you had to spend.

and values of transparency and

– media, online marketplaces and

And when you do pay for it, you

immediacy, just like the world wide

digital services including the likes

can do so with a swipe from your

web. This is how organizations

of fin-tech.

mobile phone.

will foster the innovative culture needed to succeed in our world of

The way we absorb information

It is this kind of unending disruption

isn’t just about morning radio or

that Mette Krogsrud wants to

the evening news on TV. These

ensure Schibsted is prepared for by

Transforming the HR function

days we’re ‘always-on’, digital

taking the lead on innovative HR

Any organization is only as good

mobile consumers. Searching


as its people, which is why HR

for information during every

hyper competition.

is increasingly critical for the

spare moment – day or night.

Having recently joined Schibsted

success of today’s businesses.

Traditional newspapers, radio and

during early 2019, she is leading

Understanding how to get the

flow TV bulletins have their digital

the group into its next phase of

best from your people according

counterparts, not to mention the

organizational transformation.

to Krogsrud, starts with driving

proliferation of online, specialist

It is clear to Krogsrud that just

transformation and change within

publications and blogs enabling

as our businesses have been

the HR function itself. Attracting

endless choice of what, from

disrupted by digitalization, the

and developing talent to create

where and how we consume our

sharing community and resulting

a competitive advantage means


new business models – the way

being increasingly strategic. And in

organizations structure themselves

the era of big data, a data-driven

in the future, must also follow suit.

strategy is key.

or walking down the high street on

- I believe that future-proof

HR data can be used to improve

a Saturday. It’s scrolling through

organizations must transform

business decisions, optimize

your favourite brands online in the

from our traditional hierarchical

processes and make employees

In the same way, shopping isn’t just about your local supermarket



happier, healthier and more

make economic and sustainable

of the most inspirational figures in

productive. These are all issues

choices. Sustainability will continue

her life as her own grandfather,

which can help businesses achieve

to be a key area of advocacy for

their strategic aims, making

Schibsted under Mette’s leadership.

HR data extremely valuable.

- He was a curious learner and fighter until he died aged 94 and

Harnessing HR data, analysing it,

In an environment of continual

managed to go digital with both his

forming insights and acting upon

change regarding tech, media

news sources and when shopping

them is what Krogsrud believes will

and politics, Krogsrud believes in

on at the age of 85.

place Schibsted at the forefront of

the importance of taking a front-

a new paradigm in HR.

row seat in analysing Schibsted’s

She goes on:

areas of expertise. Putting out A passion for people

positioning papers and studies is

- Creating competitive edge

sustainability and policy

vital to maintaining the group’s

through how we attract, develop

This is the second time around at

industry-leading voice. This is

and retain our people and create

Schibsted for Krogsrud. Previously

how the organization can keep

work cultures that enable growth of

she worked as Head of Talent and

policy makers informed when

people and businesses has always

VP Organizational Development

making decisions that impact both

thrilled me.

from 2005–2011. Her enthusiasm

businesses and society at large.

for the group and in particular her

There is no doubt that her belief

work with developing its people

Clearly energized by her position

in the potential of people and her

and culture shines through. She

and belief in Schibsted’s mission of

ability to mould them into top-

voices how keen she is to evolve

‘empowering people in their daily

performing teams, led Krogsrud to

and grow Schibsted’s group of

lives’, Krogsrud describes what

turning around Korn Ferry Norway

companies beyond the sum of its

it is that brought her back to the

from a loss-making company to

parts. For her, that means not only


a hugely successful consulting

through HR and Schibsted’s people,

business in just four years. This

but also through communications,

- Schibsted has a zest like no

runaway success has really set

policy and sustainability which also

other company I know –having

the benchmark for her biggest

form part of Krogsrud’s remit.

been a consultant for many years,

challenge yet, which Krogsrud

I’ve worked with many of them–

herself confesses is the cultural and

It’s within these areas that Krogsrud

the people and the culture truly

digital transformation of Schibsted.

has the opportunity to fulfil

endorse a growth mindset, which is

Schibsted mission of ‘empowering

genuinely fun and rewarding to be

Working closely with the rest of

people in their daily lives’. In an age

part of.

the management group, Krogsrud’s

often dubbed as ‘post truth’, where

ambition in the coming years is

fact-checking is a commonly used

All Schibsted’s industries are

to play her part in the success of

term, supporting those working

among those that experience the

Schibsted’s growth agenda. Within

at the group’s media houses and

most disruption. Being proactive

HR this means being on point with

marketplaces is essential. These are

by staying informed and at the

the ambitious transformation of

the people creating new products

forefront of these industries is

being ever more data driven to

with sustainable business models

what enables Schibsted to be the

ensure the people at Schibsted

that are vital for quality journalism

agile, dynamic player it needs to

provide an increased competitive

and marketplaces to thrive.

be. Its track record of supporting

edge that will continue the group’s

innovative start-up talent is what


Equally, Mette is passionate not

has enabled the development of its

only about maintaining Schibsted’s

collection of leading media houses,

focus on acting in a sustainable

marketplaces and digital services.

and responsible manner, but also creating new sustainable business

It is this track record that really

models. As a provider of journalism

seems to resonate with Mette and

and other digital services,

a belief in people and their ability to

Schibsted empowers people to

learn and adapt. She describes one



Three good tips for successful HR Leaders: 1. Focus on how HR supports the business and measure it. 2. Embrace disruption. 3. Be a role model for the culture you want to create.



Talent Development

Resource Optimization

A simple way to assess and optimize competences in your organisation


Standard or tailor made – see how it works at

Go from employee stress to employee success. Your employees demand more—more service, more convenience, more support. Give them the next-generation experience they deserve with ServiceNow. We make it easy to unlock enterprise-wide productivity and meet the expectations of a modern workforce. Now you can deliver the anytime, anywhere services that make people smile. Learn more at

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PFA Klima Plus

Sammen slår vi et grønt slag for fremtiden ”I Chr. Hansen arbejder vi for en grønnere og mere bæredygtig fremtid på alle niveauer. Det gælder også vores pensionsordning, som medarbejderne nu kan sætte på ekstra hårdt arbejde for klimaet med PFA Klima Plus” Annemarie Meisling, Senior Director, Corporate Affairs, Chr. Hansen

Læs mere på


Hilde Vestheim Nordh: "We may have different accents, but we speak with one voice."


Hilde Vestheim Nordh Executive Vice President, People & Safety at Hydro 50 years Education Master of Science degree in Materials Technology from Rheinisch Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen, Germany.

Career Hilde Vestheim Nordh is Head of People & Safety on the corporate management board of Hydro, based in the company’s headquarters in Oslo. Previously in Hydro, she was Head of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and Human Resources in the Energy business area, as well as HSE manager and casthouse manager at the Karmøy, Norway, aluminium plant.

Private In her spare time, Hilde Vestheim Nordh enjoys her seaside cabin and skiing, as well as spending time with family and friends. Hilde Vestheim Nordh was born in Årdal, Norway, growing up near an aluminium plant – later acquired by Hydro – where she would work summers. Hilde Vestheim Nordh is married and has three teenage children.


Over more than a century of history, Hydro has operated in many industries: hydropower, fertilizers, oil & gas, plastics, farmed salmon, aluminium. Mergers, acquisitions, and divestments along the way. Thousands of employees coming and going. How do you preserve your company culture, yet keep it relevant?

- The key is the foundation of

- We had these very different

into leadership positions with

the Hydro culture – the values

companies coming together:

personnel responsibility. Here she

and the underlying purpose

upstream and downstream in the

was able to combine her technical

behind how the company acts.

value chain, from mining and to

knowledge with learning how to

Courage, Care, and Collaboration

end products. But we put these

work with and motivate a larger

are the guideposts. The 35,000

two companies together and

group of employees.

employees pull together toward a

created something that is ours.

shared goal.

We have a lot of nationalities and

- That was a step into the real

businesses, but we have our core

world, she remembers.

- We may have different accents,

values and our purpose. There may

but we speak with one voice,”

be differences in how to express

- Dealing with 120 plant operators.

Nordh says. “Hydro’s purpose is

this, but we have a common

I started out as an academic

to create a more viable society


person, but I’m also a down-to-

by developing natural resources

earth person. It was always about

into products and solutions in

Early inspiration

being myself. If you are authentic,

innovative and efficient ways.

Nordh grew up in the small

people understand that.

“company town” of Årdal, in - We have a common direction:

western Norway, where several

Open to opportunities

Lifting Profitability & driving

family members worked at the

After more than 25 years in

Sustainability. They are very

aluminium plant. In junior high

business, Nordh can look back and

interlinked. And through our

school, she wanted to become

see how opportunities presented

values and purpose, we develop

an electrician, and later spent

themselves that weren’t apparent

our people and create a common

summers working at the plant.


- My father was a teacher, and he

Indeed, how did the young girl who

convinced me to choose a more

wanted to be an electrician end up

Out of diversity - strength

academic path. When I was in high

getting a Master’s degree from a

Most recently, Hydro brought

school, he started working at the

technical university in Germany?

together two company cultures

aluminium plant in HR. I remember

Or move from aluminium to Head

when it acquired its partner’s

thinking, "I’m never going into

of Health, Safety and Environment

stake in a joint venture producing

HR, engineering is much more

in Hydro’s Energy business area in

aluminium extrusions. The task was


Oslo after 17 years in Karmøy? The


to contribute Hydro’s strengths

list goes on.

as veteran industrial concern with

After some years of working in

that of an entrepreneurial company

R&D at Hydro’s aluminium plant

- I didn’t have a path laid out that

used to a more fast-paced style.

in Karmøy, Norway, she advanced

I felt that I had to follow. I think



you have to be open. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t beenopen to new challenges and possibilities, she says. This is an important message to employees and prospective employees alike. Hydro wants to foster more diversity and mobility, and that comes from opportunities. As a global company with several businesses in the aluminium value chain – from bauxite mining to finished aluminium solutions – Hydro offers a wide range of opportunities around the world. But a different kind of mobility is also important, Nordh says: - Mobility is not just geographical, but also between operations and staff, and between different business areas. This way, our employees can get insights into how the business works at different levels and broaden their experience. Attracting today’s talent

Open to opportunities: "I think you have to be open. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t been open to new challenges and possibilities."

Nordh says that Hydro’s purpose, values and products that address the climate challenge resonate with people who will be employees and leaders of the future. Low-carbon aluminium

– Hilde Vestheim Nordh

products are increasingly popular with decision-makers, and will be more and more visible in the market in coming years. - This is how we can differentiate ourselves, she explains. - It is very motivational for future employees – young people, especially – who are motivated by values-based companies. That’s how Hydro has managed to preserve the best of its historical strengths, and yet stay relevant.



• Hydro was founded in 1905 by Sam Eyde and Kristian Birkeland to harness hydropower for industrial use. Over the last century, the company has produced fertilizer, oil and gas, aluminium, plastics, farmed salmon and other products. • The company’s purpose is to create a more viable society by developing natural resources into products and solutions in innovative and efficient ways. • Today, Hydro is present along the entire aluminium value chain, from bauxite mining to finished aluminium solutions. Industries served include building and construction, automotive and transportation, packaging, and heat transfer. • With a focus on more sustainable solutions, Hydro has committed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 30% within 2030. • The company has about 35,000 employees in 40 countries, serving over 30,000 customers worldwide.


Three pieces of advice to achieve success in the role as a HR leader: 1. Always be an authentic leader, with integrity; be yourself in all situations. 2. Be curious. Have insight into the business so you keep being relevant. 3. Take an active role in developing people, ensuring that you have a pipeline of talent for business critical roles.


Work should work for people

Book a free demo at

How Egmont uses Peakon to execute on its digital strategy Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel, Egmont’s HR Vice President, explains below why Egmont implemented Peakon to drive the company’s digital strategy forward, and how empowering managers and HR departments at a local level was vital to that mission.

Empowering managers to take positive action locally

In a modern and constantly evolving group of companies like Egmont, it was imperative for me that HR is constantly striving to mirror the digital advances of the business and that we have an equivalent modern HR function. Peakon fits into this agenda, through its focus on real-time data and easy usability.

Our ambition with Peakon is to bring better and more timely insights to the managers and thereby help them to optimise the performance and well-being of their team.

As change is driven forward at a local level in Egmont, we needed to empower our managers to take control of the engagement and well-being of their employees. With Peakon, our managers get access to their own personal dashboards, with insights on their team, the day after the survey closes — not weeks as with the old way.

Surveys usually provide a lot of valuable information and data, but it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for a busy manager to process. Peakon provides a simple overview of the main segments and engagement drivers to focus on for the individual manager with the option to dig deeper into the data and comments.

Measuring employee engagement as a strategic benefit We know how important employee satisfaction and engagement is for a company - both for the overall well-being of the people working here but also for the bottom line. It’s very simple; happy employees equal happy customers and company growth.

Book a free demo at


Maria Rosenkrantz Sundemo

SVP HR Volvo Group Trucks Operations at Volvo Group 62 years Education Behavioral Sciences and of Work psychology at University of Gothenburg

Career Maria Rosenkrantz Sundemo holds the position of Senior Vice President, Volvo Group Trucks Operations, the largest industrial organization within the Volvo Group, responsible for truck manufacturing and logistics for the Volvo Group. She has held several leading positions at Volvo such as Vice President HR R&D Volvo Cars, HR Director marketing & sales Volvo Cars and General Manager Parts distribution, Volvo Trucks, Volvo Bus and Volvo Penta.

Private Maria is a passionate gospel singer and founder of a Gospel choir in Gothenburg that has now been singing together for 30 years and that has released several records. Maria was born in Stockholm, but spent her formative years in Gothenburg. When she’s not singing she likes to spend time with her children and grandchildren She also likes to spend time on her boat enjoying the Gothenburg archipelago.


Maria Rosenkrantz Sundemo: "For an engineering company like the Volvo Group, technology development is not the biggest challenge, but the major one is to really succeed with the human and organizational development. Which I think is great fun!"


• Volvo was founded by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson in 1927 and the very same year the first car rolled off the production line. The first truck is produced a year later, and the first bus was launched in 1934. • In 1999, Volvo Cars was divested, and the Volvo Group put all focus on industrial vehicles and transport solutions. Volvo has developed from a small Swedish industry to one of the leading global suppliers of commercial transport solutions providing products such as trucks, buses, construction equipment and drive systems for marine and industrial applications. • The Volvo Group continues its far-reaching drive to develop next generation transport solutions. The latest example is Vera, a system in which autonomous electric vehicles are coordinated to ensure as efficient and safe goods transport as possible. • Based on sales volumes, the Group is the world’s second largest manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction equipment, buses and heavy-duty diesel engines, as well as a leading supplier of marine and industrial engines.


In the midst of an industrial revolution, Maria Rosenkrantz Sundemo is driving the global HR community at the Volvo Group’s largest industrial entity As a young woman in 1978 Maria

driver to management positions in

Volvo Cars belonged to the Ford

found herself looking for a summer

the operational environment and

Motor Company and the company

job and she was excited when she

in HR.

was facing the challenge of

got a job as a driver for Volvo.

merging different technology areas Maria Rosenkrantz Sundemo

from the different brands such as

- I thought I was going to stay for 4

implemented the Volvo Step,

Ford Europe, Land Rover, Jaguar

weeks, I have now been at Volvo for

a program initiated in 2012 for

and Volvo Cars.

over 40 years, she says and laughs.

unemployed youths to get in contact with the industry work

- What company was going to

During her time as a driver she

environment. It is now a permanent

take the lead in the different

realized that she had a strong

initiative within the Volvo Group,

technological areas of the car and

passion for the interaction and

yearly involving around 400

with that drive it for all brands? It

dialogue with the customers.

youths/teenagers, it has continued

was a big challenge to try to merge

After completing Behavioral

to be a success and almost all of

these organizations into one. We

Sciences and of Work psychology,

them get a job offer inside Volvo or

faced a lot of different cultures,

she returned to work at Volvo.

outside at the end of the program.

organizational structures, language,

She remembers her first job as a

expertise and much more. It was

driver as an excellent education,

- It is of course a lot about society

a tough job but resulted in a great

but it took some more time before

itself and how we as a company

learning experience. Among others

it all was clear.

can contribute with something

how important the facilitators are,

concrete that makes a difference.

we really saw the benefits of having

- It was when I truly understood

But for us it has also proven to

non-engineering neutral facilitators

the full complexity of a job

be a vital tool in changing the

that could focus on driving the

within Human Resources that I

perception of the manufacturing

meetings and provide a clear

was completely hooked. There

industry, it's not only men

direction and structure.

is this broad variety from tough

working with coal and tar. The

lay-offs, salary negotiations to

manufacturing industry offers a

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

coaching leaders and developing

variety of positions and roles that

But as the curious mind Maria

organizations that makes my job so

can be very valuable. I am very

Rosenkrantz Sundemo is, it is not


excited to see that this has now

when looking back but when she

become a permanent initiative.

speaks about what’s to come that’s

Curiosity has always been Maria’s

she really lights up. Therefore,

main driver, the constant drive

Another big challenge she

she is now finding herself in great

to learn new things has naturally

remembers was when she worked

times to be working at a company

taken her further in to new exciting

as Vice president HR R&D Volvo

like Volvo Group. The Industry 4.0,

job opportunities in a big company

Cars and was responsible for a large

the fourth industrial revolution,

like Volvo. From the first job as a

synergy project. This was when

is changing a lot and puts new



challenges on the table for the

have the necessary competence

across borders. If you can succeed

Volvo Group’s largest industrial and

to explain why we are doing

there you have un-leashed a lot

logistics organization.

certain things that affect people,

of knowledge and I see a huge

and that can require competence

potential when it comes to these

- For an engineering company

that is deeper than just about

organizational developments.

like the Volvo Group, technology

the digital transformation itself.

I believe in our journey from

development is not the biggest

Employees who are not in on the

centralization toward accountability

challenge, but the major one is to

‘why’ can easily become hesitant

and people focused.

really succeed with the human and

and resistant. It is so important to

organizational development. Which

remember that the development

Maria speaks about the challenge

I think it is great fun!

is not only in the technical areas,

to embrace the new ways rather

the human areas are also in a big

than feel comfortable in the old


way of doing things. It should be

Maria speaks about the natural state of change and adaptation every

fun and inspiring to be part of that

"How successful we will be in the company is how we manage to remove the silos and start working across borders."

development when you see the

today to be able to make money

The Business at the top of

rejuvenate the human knowledge.

that we can invest for the future

our minds

I want our excellent engineers to

to stay competitive. The future

Maria’s highest priorities when

also become great leaders that

is already here, and we as HR

leading her HR organization are

can deliver results both today and

professionals must be a strong

to constantly secure the E2E-

tomorrow. And the HR Community

driver together with the line

perspective and the connection to

should be there to drive along the

organization in this journey.

the business.


Maria speaks passionately about

- It is so easy to get stuck into the

agile organizations that improve

different processes. I have to secure

its performance by learning from

that we always have what’s best for

experience and how that will affect

the business at the top of our minds.

organization needs to maintain a competitive advantage in the market place and for new business environments. That a faster pace and new technologies sets higher demands on an agile and change capable organization. - We speak in terms of ‘perform & transform’ which I really see go hand-in-hand, we have to perform

future leaders. She sees a future where leaders are moving towards

Many transport solution companies

a more coaching and engaging

like the Volvo Group are exploring

position, having more autonomous

all the different technologies

teams that perform without a

to use, whether it is fuel-cells

constant involvement from a

or electrification. To meet the

manager. Digital competence is

competence shift we can of course

not only for leaders and the whole

recruit externally but the biggest

organization has to be aware of its

challenge is how to manage to re-

effect on business and their roles in

train employees that are already in


the company.

- We have a culture of high

- How successful we will be in the

performance created through

company is how we manage to

engagement. As leaders we must

remove the silos and start working


value of it and feel a part of it. - I want a HR Community that is focused, that can coach and develop leaders to lead into the future. A HR Community that offer HR systems that continuously removes unnecessary administration and supports the business. I think it is very important to take back and


The Fourth Industrial Revolution: "We have a culture of high performance created through engagement. As leaders we must have the necessary competence to explain why we are doing certain things that affect people, and that can require competence that is deeper than just about the digital transformation itself."

– Maria

Rosenkrantz Sundemo

better and more correctly rewarded. Robust performance management is also extremely valuable for the board of directors, as it supports High Performance Leadership and identifies and rewards high performers. When it comes to C-suite in general, and board members in particular, a new HR solution that builds a process for succession planning helps future-proof companies in the face of unexpected change. If a senior team member were to resign, an HR director who can

How to build the business case for HR in 2020

ensure the next person is in place and ready to take over

Sometime around summer 2019, HR directors started to notice a shift in the way internal budget discussions played out. They had lost their magic argument - they were no longer able to use GDPR compliance as leverage for obtaining budget. New HR solutions can make an HR professional’s job quicker and easier, but most solution providers are saying the same thing, and the bottom-line benefits for the rest of the company are unclear. So, how can HR directors create a compelling business case for new HR solutions?

incorporate some kind of an ROI calculator. There is

1. Highlight the positive impact on the business as a whole It is, of course, tempting to talk about how a new HR solution will save 6 minutes per recruitment, or

is very valuable for company board members.

2. Build a solid business case that uses data from the entire company The normal way to build an HR business case is to collect the data you need, create an Excel sheet, and a major problem with this approach: when the case is brought to the CFO, it is immediately distrusted as the case was not built using data provided by the finance department. A better approach is to move away from the siloed approach common in many companies, talk directly with the CFO and ask if you could work with finance data before building your business case. This same approach can be used when talking to other business functions. Once you have everyone onboard, calculate ROI both on a department basis and for the company as a whole. The result will be a much more compelling business case that addresses both the individual needs - and overall goals - of your company.

3. Work with solution providers that help you build new ways of working HR solution providers are usually strong when it comes to data capture and platform flexibility, but a little weaker when it comes to developing processes and

increase payroll admin efficiency by 20%. The truth

best practices. A common approach is to build exactly

is, the business case for operational tasks such as

what a company wants. Yet in many cases, companies

these is weak in the eyes of the rest of your company.

don’t know the best processes for things like employee

Instead of talking about how your life will be made

engagement surveys and performance reviews, especially

easier, switch your focus to thinking about how

when it comes to the specific needs of an organisation of

you can support your company’s strategic business functions. For instance, if you are planning to talk to your CFO, an HR solution that delivers a markedly improved salary review process is instantly more appealing, as it directly supports the financial outcome of the company. This is done through better usability of salary spend and development, as well as ensuring high performers are

their size and shape. Once again, this is because both companies and solution providers tend to work in silos, and best practices don’t tend to get shared. Find HR solution providers that focus on identifying the internal processes that matter most and provide a flexible system that can support building your own needs. Once this is done, they should bring in external experts who can help create best practices for a company like yours.

When building your business case, think about the following that can be of benefit for your company: Recruitment - secure the right talent for your company

Data reporting - better strategic decision making for

as quickly and securely as possible. This ensures internal

organizational development. Instead of paying external

skill shortages do not become an issue and decreases

consultants to perform a company audit, a comprehensive

new employee churn, which also reduces costs associated

and valuable HR data set will give top management a true

with recruitment advertising spend, training new recruits,

view of their company and employees.

onboarding, and acquiring certification. Talent & organizational development - secure and Salary review - ensure salary spend and development

develop the right organization and competences for the

is fairly distributed. A systematic salary review process

future in line alignment with company strategy. A well-

will see high performers fairly compensated, and will

balanced workforce that develops its skills in line with the

also address employees who feel demotivated because of

company mission is more motivated and delivers better

lower than expected salaries.


Performance Management - positively motivate your employees by continually supporting high-performance leadership. Unlike performance reviews that appraise and grade work that has already been done, a performance management system helps identify and reward high performing employees, while also continually offering positive development support for others. This will reduce churn in high performers, and will lead to less sickness and absences.

Keep in mind

At the core of HR is employee data. When properly utilised, actionable insights derived from high-quality employee data can give HR directors the ability to change an entire organisation for the better. Well-structured processes that, for instance, survey employee engagement and enable performance reviews can reveal the true strengths and weaknesses of your company. HR directors can help break down internal silos, guide management to address needs, and predict future challenges before they become major issues. By working to raise your colleague’s level, you will prove your worth and demonstrate your value.

Michael Bjerrum works as the Director of Consulting & Development at Sympa in Denmark, where he helps Sympa’s costumers digitalise their HR processes. From positions within Human Resources, Finance, Costumer Insights, Sales and Business Development he has gained a broad business experience where HR is his base and special field of expertise. He uses his strategical business perspective to help develop and engage leaders and employees – always with the goals of the company and the customer experience in mind.


Lene Trollnes: "Results happen through people, not in isolation."


Lene Trollnes

EVP People and Global Functions at Yara International 52 years Education Mrs. Trollnes holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Sciences and a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology.

Career Mrs. Trollnes has served as Executive Vice President People & Global Functions since March 2018. She is responsible for HR, Corporate Communications and HESQ (Health, Environment, Safety and Quality). From September 2016 to March 2018, Mrs Trollnes served as EVP HR and Corporate Communications & Brand. Before joining Yara, Mrs Trollnes held the position of EVP HR & Integration at Sapa from 2013 to 2016. Prior to this, she led the integration between Sapa and Hydro (2012-2013) and held several HR and management positions at Norsk Hydro between 1992-2013.

Private Lene has always loved sports. She is competitive and enjoyed team sports in her youth. Today, she aims to go to the gym three times a week. Outside of work Lene enjoys spending time with her husband and two children (20,23) as well as with friends. Her advice to young aspiring leaders is to embrace opportunities and explore the world. Be curious and dare to bring in different perspectives.


Lene Trollnes, EVP People & Global Functions, played a central role in bringing Yara’s new purpose-driven mission and vision to life throughout the organization "At Yara, we strongly believe that better business and a better world go hand-in-hand. This is reflected in our company mission, which is to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet."

People who know Lene, describe

Her deeply rooted belief in equality

The power of a unified culture

her as value-driven, solution

has guided her leadership journey

One of Lene’s first priorities when

oriented, courageous and

and sparked her interest and

she joined Yara four years ago

passionate. Already as a young

passion for promoting diversity and

was the development of leaders.

girl, Lene chose her own path.

inclusion in the workplace.

Her approach was to recognize

She played football – which was

the importance of leadership and

uncommon at that time –, she left

- This subject is very close to my

culture and put this into a business

Norway at 19 to study Science and

heart because I strongly believe

context. This started with the

Organizational Psychology in the

that every person can contribute

development and roll out of a new,

UK, and she started her first job

in a good way when given the

purpose-drive mission and vision,

just two days after graduation.

opportunity. It is important to

a new set of company values and a

listen, see different perspectives

new corporate strategy.

and have the courage to focus on Early in her career, a leader asked

diversity and inclusion. This leads

Yara’s mission, vision and values

Lene whether she didn’t have high

to better results and makes the

were first developed with

professional ambitions? Lene was

workplace more fun.

involvement of Yara’s employees

flabbergasted by this question.

and launched at the company’s

Of course, she had high ambitions!

Following several leadership

Leadership Summit in 2016, where

She then found out, that the leader

positions with HR, HSE and

250 of Yara’s top leaders actively

asked this question because she

Transformation, Lene joined Yara in

engaged in workshops on how

spoke with the people on the shop

2016 as a member of the executive

to better define and implement

floor in the same way she did with

management, responsible for

them throughout the organization.

senior management. “People are

HR, Communications, JVs and

Subsequently, the values were

people, regardless of where they

HESQ. She was attracted by

incorporated into all relevant

work, they all contribute to the

the company’s purpose-driven

core global processes, such as

company’s performance.” – This is a

approach and mission to do well by

recruitment and performance

philosophy Lene still lives by today.

doing good.

management to ensure that the



Yara International • Yara grows knowledge to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet. Supporting our vision of a world without hunger, we pursue a strategy of sustainable value growth, promoting climate-friendly and high-yielding crop nutrition solutions for the world’s farming community and food industry.   • Yara’s ambition is to be the Crop Nutrition Company for the Future. We are committed to creating value for our customers, shareholders, and society at large, as we work toward establishing a more sustainable food value chain. To achieve our ambition, we have taken the lead in developing digital farming tools for precision farming and work closely with partners throughout the food value chain to improve the efficiency and sustainability of agriculture and food production.   • Founded in 1905 to solve the emerging famine in Europe, Yara has established a unique position as the industry’s only global crop nutrition company. With our integrated business model and a worldwide presence of 17,000 employees and operations in over 60 countries, we offer a proven track record of responsible and reliable returns. In 2019, Yara reported revenues of USD 12.9 billion.


mission, vision and values (MV&V)

Following the launch of our

co-responsible for developing the

live in every fiber of the company

MV&V in 2016, Yara’s employee

talent in the organization, as she

and that everything Yara does truly

engagement index rose to 81%.

firmly believes this to be one of the

reflects this commitment.

The mission, vision and values

most impactful priorities one can

also build the foundation for the

have as a business leader.

- Yara’s mission to responsibly feed

development of a new company

the world and protect the planet

strategy in 2018.

The program itself consists of three

defines what we do and how we do

When analyzing Yara’s recruitment

modules over three days and is

it – it frames both our purpose and

efforts, Lene’s team found that

designed to help leaders become

our role in the world. Our vision is

the company had improved

better versions of themselves –

to realize an expanded community

its attractiveness, while

as one needs to start with oneself

of collaboration that works

simultaneously being able to

before being able to coach or lead

toward protecting our planet and

express clearly what we do and

others, as Lene explains. Openness

supporting farmers. We want to

why we do it.

and trust are two denominators

create a collaborative society, and

throughout the program, and at

our values of ambition, curiosity,

- Young people today want to join

Yara all leaders are encouraged

collaboration, and accountability,

a company where they feel they

to be authentic and openly bring

guide our behavior in doing so.

can help solve some of the world’s

issues important to their business

biggest challenges. This means of

or leadership situation to the

Lene’s team developed films,

course that we need to constantly

program, to connect the session

workshop material and internal

follow-up and make sure that we

with business reality.

communication, which were

conduct business accordingly and

utilized in the entire organizations

that our values guide our behaviors

- I participate throughout all

to bring the new mission, vision

in everything we do.

modules and have one of my

and values to life. Lene recalls how Yara’s CEO personally signed 17,000 copies of the Yara book - What we do and why we do it – One copy for every employee. - We hadn’t quite taken into account how long this would take, Lene says with a smile. - Svein Tore (Holsether) spent several weekends signing books. Time well spent, as Lene sees it, as it firmly underlined the CEO’s and the company’s commitment to a common mission, vision and values.

- What we hear from our

colleagues with me as a sponsor

"Every person is different and has had different experiences in life – the sum of these perspectives creates diversity. Not harnessing these in a business context is a lost opportunity."

employees is that our mission,

in each one. In this way, we demonstrate that this is important for top management and we can engage directly with our next level leaders. This has provided valuable insight for us as a company and the dialogue with the program participants has had a real impact on our strategy process. To ensure that this is brought further out in the organization and reaches more people, Lene’s Talent Management team has developed a condensed version of the program called Yara Collaborative Culture.  Here, we have certified internal facilitators, and, to date, some 400 employees have participated across the organization.

vision and values are deeply embedded in our way of working

The importance of leadership

The value of Diversity

and our DNA. It is something that

As part of the company-wide MV&V

and Inclusion

everyone recognizes as being

rollout, Lene asked her executive

A subject Lene is very passionate

present in Yara.  People feel they

management peers to join her

about is the promotion of diversity

are part of a company doing

in a leadership development

and inclusion within business – so

business with a purpose.

program to empower them to be

much so, that this year, she became



one of the first leaders in the world to be certified

clearly drives value. Investing in diversity is not only the

in diversity management, which will become an

right thing to do, but it is profitable as well – therefore,

international standard like other ISO processes.

diversity and inclusion are firmly anchored in Yara’s business strategy.

- I must admit, that after having worked with people and organizations for more than 20 years,

One initiative to promote diversity and inclusion

I thought that I had a pretty good insight into the

throughout the Yara organization is the global D&I

subject. But the certification program was a real

Ambassador network, where more than 500 employees

eye-opener for me. There are so many different

are actively engaged in efforts to strengthen D&I. On a

perspectives in this and so many layers. It is an

corporate level, Yara has moved from 10% female senior

incredibly rich and broad theme to explore.

leaders in 2015 to nearly 20 percent today. The ambition is to reach a minimum of 25% women on all levels in the

Lene strongly believes that diversity and

organization by 2025 as well as closing the gender gap a

inclusion have a positive impact on engagement,

minimum of 25% women on all levels in the organization

profitability, innovation and overall job satisfaction.

by 2025 as well as closing the gender gap within the next

They empower innovation, foster collaboration and

five years.

improve company performance. However, Lene is very clear that diversity goes far beyond

"... I am convinced that the engagement in our organization will flourish, our financial results will improve, and we are better positioned to meet a world in constant change."

gender or ethnicity. - Every person is different and has had different experiences in life — the sum of these perspectives creates diversity. Not harnessing these in a business context is a lost opportunity.

- Yara has 17,000 employees across more than 60 countries, so we have a huge talent base to tap into. I am certain that we today don’t leverage this potential to the fullest. If we can release the potential in this diversity and connect it to innovation, effectiveness and sustainability then I am convinced that the engagement in our organization will flourish, our financial results will improve, and we are better positioned to meet a world in constant change. Research by McKinsey & Company shows that companies that commit to a diverse and inclusive work environment are more successful. Those that score high on racial and ethnic diversity are 35 percent more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians. For gender diversity the number is 15 percent. - It is simply good business for us to leverage our collective capabilities and diverse workforce — it



The value of Diversity and Inclusion: "I must admit, that after having worked with people and organizations for more than 20 years, I thought that I had a pretty good insight into the subject. But the certification program was a real eye-opener for me. There are so many different perspectives in this and so many layers. It is an incredibly rich and broad theme to explore."

– Lene


Always Learning The winners of today are the organisations and people who make space for learning and development. Explore new ways to ďŹ nd, develop, engage, and mobilise your people. Cornerstone Recruiting

Cornerstone Learning

Cornerstone Development

Cornerstone Careers

Cornerstone HR

Content Content

Cornerstone Performance


Equals Sharing Facts Karin Svensson EVP, People & Change at Tele2 Professional: What will you talk about for the HR

we have made great progress with

The most important tasks for me

Executive Forum? Please elaborate.

63% percent female recruits overall,

is to provide advice to the CEO

- Tele2 and Com Hem was merged

basically the opposite of Tele2’s

and the leadership team in the

past numbers. Even in areas known

future transformation of Tele2,

to be difficult when it comes to

prioritize business demand, and

recruiting female professionals,

create a team of high impact HR

such as IT and Technology,

professional by providing a work

we have been able to recruit

environment where everyone can

56% respectively 44% females,

perform at their best.

on Nov 5 2018 and has since then completed one of the largest integrations in Sweden in many years. We have done it in record time, delivering expected synergies in one year rather than the three years originally anticipated. A lot of activities in an integration are people oriented, for example merging cultures, organizational restructuring, leadership appointments, co-location of employees, harmonization of terms and conditions, migrating payroll and pension, updating HR

compared to the less than 30% we recruited before. At the Executive

What part of your job are you most

Forum, we will share key points

passionate about?

about how we have been able to

- To win in the market by ensuring

turn the trend around, lessons learned, and our plans ahead.                           What are some of your most

we have engaged and growing talents within the business as well as within my own HR organization.

important tasks as Leading an HR

polices, processes and information.

organization at Tele2?

Our HR organization has played a

- As part of the merger between

significant role in the success of the

Tele2 and Com Hem, we also


needed to merge the HR

Do you have a partner and/

departments. In parallel with the

or children?


Besides completing the

integration work, we have not

integration activities, we have

only been able to support the

been able to make great progress

business, we have also been able to

around diversity & inclusion. We

transform the HR function and its

committed to a challenging mission

role. We merged four separate HR

that Tele2’sleadership team stand

departments into one, resulting in a

behind to 100%: We are going to

~25% headcount reduction.

build an inclusive environment

Despite this fact, we managed

where diverse talent can perform

to increase the HR team’s

at their best and achieve a gender

engagement and are now

balanced workforce with 50%

above top performing company

women and 50% men by 2023.

benchmarks. Feedback from the

Being a telecom company, this

business leaders is that they feel

will be far from easy, but we firmly

they are getting more support than

Where did you grow up?

believe that it is doable. In one year

ever before.

- In Sätra, Sweden.


- Married to Anders and we have 3 children. When were you born? - January 23th 1965. What do you like to do when you are not at work? - Family and friends, travelling, eating out, any type of sports.


What inspired you to work for Tele2? - The unique people and culture of Tele2, and a exiting transformation agenda ahead of us.   What are the biggest challenges in your industry now - and in the future? - Winning the customer, and radically

Three good tips to succeed in the role of Leader within HR:

simplify the way we operate as a business. What inspired you to work with HR? - I have worked in HR related roles since 2004, either as a consultant, interim manager, or employee. I am driven by the fact that there are endless opportunities within the HR field. What has been your biggest

1. Ensure you have a team of high impact HR professionals – use the same rigor in assigning roles and/or in recruitment as in recruitment to other business roles.

professional success? - Becoming a partner in Accenture was clearly a milestone, but for me personally taking the step to create and run my own business was a very rewarding experience, both professionally and personally.

2. High impact HR professional have unique competence and expertise – make sure it is used in the best possible way.

What has been the biggest challenge? - In my career? In this case, historically I would say the working hours in particular as we have three children and both me and my husband have had challenging work and long working hours. These days I believe keeping up with the fast phased digital developments is both exciting and challenging. What do you want to achieve within the next few years? - I am very excited about being part of Tele2’s journey and the transformation we are going through in order to fulfill

3. The demand for HR support is endless – take the lead and prioritize work based on business impact, and not based on individual manager’s needs. Also, do not forget to often stop and reflect on what has been achieved - we call it “stepping out of the car” (and look at the view).

our new vision to “Become the smartest telco in the world, creating a society of unlimited possibilities” - for consumers, businesses and society, as well as for all our current and future employees.


The CFO’s Scenario Planning Starter Kit


This step-by-step guide offers best practices in scenario planning, giving business leaders a deeper understanding of how Oracle Fusion Cloud solutions can help them navigate through uncertainty

When ZERO is the biggest number of them all

The green transformation requires large investments in initiatives by companies that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumptions. As Denmark’s largest lender, we can support the green transition by providing financing. In 2019, Nykredit launched mortgage loans backed by green covered bonds and we are now market leader. Nykredit’s deep insight into our customers’ business models, challenges and potentials is a key factor to the holistic advisory services we provide. Nykredit secures a natural alignment between our customers’ green transition and the financial solutions we offer. Together we can make a positive impact. We look forward to CFO Executive Forum 2020.

Nykredit’s Corporate Management Team Søren Kviesgaard +45 20806480 or

Tom Ahrenst +45 20141953 or

Jesper Foli Larsen +45 61227528 or

Torben Kaag +45 21474155 or

International standards and principles Nykredit is committed to:


Sisse Fjelsted Rasmussen: "I have always had fun working with numbers - but even more so with the challenge of understanding the story behind the numbers. That’s where you’ll find the code to unlocking value in the business, and that’s where you as a CFO need to acquire a deep understanding of everything that goes on in your business."


Sisse Fjelsted Rasmussen

CFO at Stark Group since August 2018 52 years Education State Authorized Public Accountant

Career Sisse Fjelsted kick-started her career at Arthur Andersen and became Partner in Deloitte. Then, after a few years as CFO in the advertising industry, she was headhunted to Scandinavian Tobacco Group where she completed the listing of the Group on Nasdaq Copenhagen. On top of this, Sisse has built a considerable experience as a board member in several large companies such as TV2, Co-Ro, Inwido, and PostNord.

Private Sisse Fjelsted Rasmussen grew up in Gilleleje, a small town north-east of Copenhagen. Today she lives with her husband in Holte and has three daughters. When Sisse Fjelsted Rasmussen is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.


On a grey afternoon in the outer region of Frederiksberg, I am meeting Sisse Fjelsted Rasmussen in one of Stark’s 412 retail stores across five countries. The store is bright and big, 1700 square meters I am told, and although its interior is simple and neat, I still can’t help becoming inspired for a new renovation project at home with all the building supplies at display. While the store is one of Stark’s most well-visited ones, few customers probably realize that just a few floors above it, a team of dedicated and competent people, constituting STARK Group’s headquarter, work hard every day to fulfill their purpose of building a future by helping others build theirs.

Sisse joined STARK Group in 2018

and challenges on a strategic level.

- I have always had fun working

at the same time as the group

When colleagues are asked

with numbers - but even

was acquired by Lone Star, a US

to explain what Sisse Fjelsted

more so with the challenge of

based PE Fund. STARK Group is

Rasmussen does well, they

understanding the story behind

the leading distributor of building

highlight two main things;

the numbers. That’s where you’ll

material to the professional

managing numbers and managing

find the code to unlocking value in

builders’ segment across the


the business, and that’s where you

Nordics and Germany with more than 10.000 employees.

as a CFO need to acquire a deep Considering Sisse’s CV, it seems

understanding of everything that

natural that she should be quite

goes on in your business.

As an industry leader in building

good with numbers.

distribution, the ongoing challenge

She kick-started her career at

What will the content of your

is to keep a close relation on

Arthur Andersen and became

presentation at Executive Forum

an ultra-local level to the core

Partner in Deloitte. Then, after a

be? Please elaborate.

costumers while maneuvering

few years as CFO in the advertising

on an international level with a

industry, she was headhunted to

- I am going to talk about diversity

demand for synergies in the supply

Scandinavian Tobacco Group where

chain and operations alongside an

she completed the listing of the

appetite for both organic growth

Group on Nasdaq Copenhagen.

and expansion through M&A.

On top of this, Sisse has built a

As a CFO, it is part of Sisse Fjelsted

considerable experience as a board

Rasmussen’s job to weigh in on

member in several large companies

this plethora of different scenarios,

such as TV2, Co-Ro, Inwido, and

which offers both opportunities

PostNord. And she loves numbers:


leadership in different ownership models. During my career, I have had the privilege of working under almost all kinds of ownerships including partnerships, privately owned, publicly listed, and now under PE ownership. They all have different characteristics with impact on the culture and the role


• STARK Group A/S operates 412 branches across Germany and the Nordics through its subsidiaries STARK Deutschland GmbH in Germany, STARK Danmark A/S in Denmark and Greenland, Beijer Byggmaterial AB in Sweden, STARK Suomi Oy in Finland and Neumann Bygg AS in Norway. STARK Group A/S has approx. 10,000 full-time employees and annual net sales of approx. EUR 4.3 billion. • STARK Group serves a wide range of customers, primarily professional builders, in the renovation and new construction sectors through a flexible delivery model.


you have to play as CFO.

members get the opportunity to

of the right products at the right

shine and play a solo on the back

place at the right time is one of

What inspired you to work at your

of the rhythm. It is also important

the most important competitive


for me to work in a team where

differentiators we have. However,

- I was attracted by the opportunity

everybody has a voice and express

as for many other companies,

their opinion as we always let the

sustainability and digitalization of

best argument win and not the

the way we operate and interact

one with the highest ranking or the

with customers will play a larger


loudest voice.

and larger role to us in the future

What are some of your most

In that sense, I feel very engaged

to work under a PE ownership and be part of a transformation in a company with a large unlocked

important duties in your role? - My most important duty is to drive performance and value creation seen from our shareholders’ perspective. Under PE ownership, you know that your owners have a certain time horizon and that they work towards an exit. But you do not necessarily know the exact timing of the exit and

rather than simply products, price,

“building our future by helping

What inspired you to work within

others to build theirs” – a purpose

your field?

that I feel is not only related to

- I have always had fun working

STARK, but also to me personally, as I get fulfilled when I can support people around me to grow professionally and personally and help them live the lives they dream about.

or an IPO. As such, I am also very conscious about my role as a leader and a communicator both internally and to the market. What part of your job are you most passionate about? - I am extremely passionate about my role as a people manager. I have a desire to inspire and grow people through empowerment and by creating an environment which is challenging, yet safe and characterized by trust, respect, and care. I feel thrilled when I experience my team solve problems by building on our individual strengths and

"I have always had fun working with numbers, even from when I was a child. But what has driven me from the auditor role into the CFO role is the challenge of understanding the story behind the numbers."

competences. I am also excited about being able to impact the

What are the biggest operational

corporate culture in a way that

challenges facing your industry

makes people feel that the goal is

now - and in the future?

not to be perfect, but to become better every day and learn from their mistakes. I am very committed to my team and enjoy practicing jazzmanagement where all team


with numbers, even from when I was a child. But what has driven me from the auditor role into the CFO role is the challenge of understanding the story behind the numbers. That’s where you’ll find the code to unlocking value in the

whether it will be a sale to another sponsor or and industrial player

and logistics.

in the STARK GROUP purpose of

- The builders’ merchants and our industry are in general operating in a very traditional way in order to meet the customers’ needs of today. Our consistent deliveries

business, and that’s where you as a CFO need to acquire and maintain a deep understanding of everything that goes on in your business. What / who inspired you to get to where you are today? - Anders Colding Friis has played a vital role in my career as he had the courage to hire me as CFO in a broad leadership role at STG. Ultimately, this enabled me to take the step from a Nordic advertising group to a world leader with global operations within manufacturing, branding and sale. Anders has left a huge footprint on me as a leader. He taught me the strength of vulnerability, honesty, and integrity in a leadership role and how practicing this enables the people you are around to unlock their full potential. What has been your biggest professional success? - If I disregard the IPO of STG for moment, I have led some heavy transformations of the finance


areas in all the companies I have worked for since I left my auditor career. I have arrived to my jobs on the back of significant change in structure or ownership where the finance area including staffing, reporting systems etc. have had to be built from scratch. I have only succeeded in this as I have been able to attract a diverse team of extremely smart people who have been willing and able to deliver hard efforts and overcome heavy struggles through amazing team work. What has been the biggest challenge? - An overshadowing challenge for me has always been how to balance my time between family and work and to remember to take care and allocate time for myself. Pure professionally, it has been to lead the IPO of Scandinavian Tobacco Group in 2016, which was also my biggest learning. STG is a very solid company operating with strong values based on passion and integrity, but they are in a challenged industry and we entered the stock market when it was quite volatile in early 2016. What do you want to achieve within the next few years? - For the coming years, I will first maintain my focus on developing STARK Group to become a stronger company well equipped for the future and able to meet our customers’ demands and our shareholders’ expectations.

Three good advices on how to achieve success in your role: 1. Be authentic and stay true to who you are – lead with your heart and not with your crown. 2. Focus on your audience and your messages and keep it simple. The CFO role is very much about cutting through complexity and translate it into simple messages with focus on what really matters. 3. Your success depends on the team you have around you – having a diverse loyal team of smart people around you, who have a true desire to win together, makes the whole difference.

Secondly, and just as importantly, my team and I will continue to learn, explore and have a lot of fun working together.



Basico rådgiver om økonomi og jura. Fra krisehåndtering til analyse. Fra CFO Services til interimsløsninger. Basico blev grundlagt i 2003 og rådgiver de største danske virksomheder.

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When your budgets are stretched thin, there is only one thing to do Achieve a single version of the truth You can achieve these benefits is your Supply Chain? How transparent and more by linking data silos to create a single version of each record.


How well do you know your suppliers?

Master Data u Do youManagement receive all product/material information from (MDM) integrates your existing your suppliers digitally? data wherever it’s captured and new data as itsignals to be ready for sudden u stored, Do youand receive the right pours in.


changes in your demand planning?

But MDM doesn’t just manage u How ‘green’ is your supply chain? your data. It eliminates duplicates and combines incomplete records Connect your datafor with MDM and increase transparency customer, product andchain other of your entire supply data to create a single golden record.

+45 89 39 11 11




Thomas Brebøl Christensen Group CFO at DLG since July 2019 46 years Education Holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Political Science from the Universities of Copenhagen and Aarhus, an Executive MBA from Warwick Business School and attended an Executive Board Programme at INSEAD. He is a Lieutenant-Commander in the Royal Danish Navy Reserve (sprogofficer).

Career Prior to joining DLG as Group CFO in July 2019, Thomas developed a profile as an international business leader, strategist and commercially minded CFO with broad experience across the entire value chain in business unit, category and central settings. For five years Thomas was Senior Vice President and CFO at Danish Crown Pork after working 12 years for Mondelez, Kraft Foods, Cadbury and Dandy, mostly abroad, where he held several General Management, Strategy and Finance positions in Denmark and abroad. Thomas started his career as Assistant to the Defence AttachĂŠ at the Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow, Russia.

Private Thomas grew up in Holstebro, Denmark. After living in Russia, the UK and Switzerland for a number of years, he now lives in Aarhus, Denmark with his wife Marie-Louise and their two daughters aged 12 and 13. Outside work, he prioritizes time with family and friends. The family often travels, and Thomas is particularly fond of spending time in the Alps, either skiing or hiking. He also does some kayaking and plays the occasional round of golf.


Thomas Brebøl Christensen: "To me leadership is all about setting the right team and organization, agreeing on a guiding vision, and being clear on roles and responsibilities"


DLG GROUP • With activities in the three core business areas Agribusiness, Premix & Nutrition and Energy & Retail, the DLG Group is one of Europe's leading agricultural companies, organized as a limited liability cooperative owned by Danish farmers. In 2019, the Group had a turnover of DKK 50 Bn, of which approximately 60% is generated in Germany, the Group’s largest market. EBITDA was DKK 1.9 Bn. The DLG Group has activities in 20 countries. • The recent strategic focus has been to sharpen the portfolio through mainly divestitures, thus positioning the Group for a renewed focus on profitable growth whilst benefiting from a Group mindset, which is also supported by joining and scaling up the head office and several regional offices into one new common location. Also, a comprehensive restructure of the Danish route-tomarket has been announced for 2020. • DLG has approximately 6,400 employees of which almost 1,500 are employed in Denmark and 4,300 are employed in Germany. Colleagues are united by the core values of being trustworthy, creating value and being ambitious.marine and industrial engines.


New DLG CFO wants to drive functional development in a transforming business Thomas Brebøl Christensen, Group CFO at DLG, wants to move his organization even closer to the business and increase its contribution to both value creation and value preservation. Joining and scaling up across the Group and leverage of IT are some of the key enablers in the process.

In the first week of February,

What was once the centre for

during transition. At the same

Thomas Brebøl Christensen

assistive technology in Fredericia

time, I decided to reorganize

delivered his first annual accounts

now serves as temporary offices

Group Finance to add more

as Group CFO at DLG. A milestone

for the DLG Group’s white-collar

focus on Business Finance, we

that marks his first seven months

employees, who share their

moved Procurement into the CFO

as Group CFO at one of Europe’s

time between the current head

organization, I filled four vacancies

leading agricultural companies

office at Axelborg in the centre

amongst my direct reports and one

with a turnover of DKK 50 Bn,

of Copenhagen and the office

of my key staff went on maternity

which also makes it one of

in Fredericia. This summer 350

leave as the year-end was rapidly

Denmark’s largest companies.

employees will move into the new

closing in. And we were assisting

head office, that is currently being

one of our German subsidiaries

It is also a company that is amid

built in a field overlooking Lillebælt

in handling a competition case,

a large-scale business-wide

– and in a location closer to DLG’s

whilst also working through how

transformation. Initiatives range

Danish owners and customer base

to handle it in the Group accounts.

from sharpening the business

as well as the German market.

So, there really was no time for the

portfolio through M&A activity, over

classic 100-day plan. That said, I’ve

a comprehensive restructure of

- In many ways the first months in

now realized that a 100-day plan

the Danish agribusiness, including

the role have been straight on and

wouldn’t have been a good fit with

the move of the Group head office

quite demanding, but, at the same

DLG’s culture anyhow, so actually

from Copenhagen to Fredericia, to

time, they have also been fun,

it turned out quite well, Thomas

further leverage of Group synergies

challenging and presented me with

Brebøl Christensen says, smiling.

and the implementation of a

a steep learning curve.

common business platform across

I came into the business at a time

Finding cooperative

parts of the Group.

when there were a lot of things


The transformation is evident

going on. We are moving our head

He became Group CFO at DLG in

at DLG’s temporary location in

office from one part of the country

July 2019 after five years as CFO for

Fredericia, where I meet Thomas

to another, which means that a lot

Danish Crown Pork and before that

Brebøl Christensen just a few

of new colleagues are joining. This

several years in Dandy, Cadbury,

weeks after the annual results were

brings new energy and perspective,

Kraft Foods and Mondelez, where


but naturally also some challenges

he held several international roles



within General Management,

to him. In the course of his previous

all. Also, I believe we have vast

Strategy and Finance. It is by choice

roles, Thomas Brebøl Christensen

potential in joining and scaling

that he is once again employed by

worked across all parts of the value

up across the Group in all of our

a cooperative owned by Danish

chain and participated in a number

functions. This will enable a more


of major business transformation

efficient and effective use of

and integration programmes,

our resources. We have so many

- It’s no secret that I saw a position

most of which involved joining

competent and talented colleagues

as Group CFO as the right next

and scaling up across multiple

in the organization and I firmly

step in my career, but it was

international business units. This

believe that by bringing their skills

very important for me to locate

gave him valuable experience that

into play in a new way, we can both

an Executive Board position at

is beneficial as he sets the direction

increase value creation, strengthen

the right company and where

for his organization, which covers

value preservation and at the same

my fellow Directors and I would

Group Finance & Accounting,

time make our work more fulfilling,

complement each other well – and

Business Finance, Treasury, IT

Thomas Brebøl Christensen says.

at eye level. I found that here at

and Business Transformation,

DLG, Thomas Brebøl Christensen

Procurement, Legal and M&A.

says and continues:

Stepping up on digitalization and harvesting the benefits of IT in

- I am leading functional

areas such as Business Intelligence

- The fact that DLG is a farming

development in a transforming

and robotics are key enablers in the

cooperative also carried a lot of

business. My main focus right now

transformation that Thomas Brebøl

weight. In a cooperative, your focus

is working with my leadership

Christensen and his team are now

is broader than to create financial

team on creating a vision for the

looking into.

returns to shareholders as in a

support area and getting our entire

listed company, as you also work to

organization to buy in to that

- We have to invest in IT and

benefit the Danish farmers as a key

vision. It is challenging, but in many

digitalization if we want to

trading partner. Their investment

ways a dream task, he says and

achieve our goal of developing

in the company is an integral part


the business. We are rolling

of their own farm business, which

out SAP Business Planning and

represents the livelihood of past

- We need to unleash our

Consolidation (BPC), are about

and future generations. This means

full potential. The goal of the

to launch SAP S/4 HANA Central

that there is less focus on quarterly

transformation of the support

Finance and will be implementing

financial statements and more

functions in DLG is all about

HANA as a common business

focus on creating long-term value

creating even more value for

platform across parts of the Group,

and securing the competitiveness

the business and our owners by

which will have a significant

of the entire farming sector now

changing our role from being a

impact. Leveraging data to develop

and in the future, which, in turn,

support function to becoming

the business becomes increasingly

this being such an integral part

a business partner – whilst also

important, and Business

of Danish society and economy,

strengthening our efforts at value

Intelligence will play an even bigger

is vital for the country. I find

preservation through areas such as

role in DLG in the future, the CFO

that extremely meaningful and

risk management and compliance.


motivating – and, frankly, awe-

I believe we have low-hanging


fruits to harvest to release the

Purchasing power

resources required for the change

Every year DLG Group spends more

Functional development in

journey, for example by further

than EUR 500m on purchasing

a transforming business

simplifying and automating manual

goods, services and infrastructure.

After closing the 2019 accounts,

processes and by leveraging

Therefore, Group Procurement is

Thomas Brebøl Christensen and

Business Intelligence – and, rather

naturally part of the transformation.

his team now focus on setting

than seeing the change in the

the tone and direction for

business surrounding us as an

- We can only keep our market

functional development across the

obstacle, we can join forces and

leading position, remain our

transforming Group.

change along with it, making

customers’ preferred partner, and

It is a task that is very well-known

change management easier for

keep costs down by applying our



full leverage and continuously working to harvest synergies between the companies in the Group. Important levers in these endeavours are the pooling of our purchasing power, sharing of best practices and application of world class sourcing standards across our entire business, Thomas Brebøl Christensen says. Team spirit During his first seven months at DLG, the Group CFO has put together his leadership team, whom he describes as “a great group of people, motivated for change, and professionally some of the best within their field”. - As a leader you are only as strong as your team, so it was very important for me to have the continuing and right colleagues in place before we started building the team and our shared vision for the future. I am very much aware of my role as a leader. To me leadership is all about setting the right team and organization, agreeing on a guiding vision, and being clear on roles and responsibilities – and then trust the team to define the right strategies and make the right decisions in execution. The strengths and skills we have in the leadership team is reflected in the entire organization, he says and continues: - One of the things I truly appreciate as a leader is the development of organizations, competencies and talent. We need to make sure we have a pipeline of talented colleagues with the right width and depth of competence and potential.

Team spirit: "One of the things I truly appreciate as a leader is the development of organizations, competencies and talent. We need to make sure we have a pipeline of talented colleagues with the right width and depth of competence and potential."

– Thomas Brebøl Christensen


Three good tips to succeed as CFO: 1. Encourage awareness of where and how value is created in the business - as a prerequisite for measuring the right things, for allocating scarce resources and for making the right decisions. 2. Create a strong leadership team with a shared vision for the future - and make the vision an ongoing guide for the team's functional strategies and execution. 3. Be mindful of your leadership role – know what you should be spending your time doing and what you should not be doing, including the ability to zoom in and out, i.e. to maintain an overview and only selectively dive into details.


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Lars Troen Sørensen: "Being involved in optimising how we manage renewable energy in the company, rising power production and the transition to using new energy sources for the production of oil and gas has been an exciting process."


Lars Troen Sørensen

CFO at Danske Commodities A/S 58 years Education Shipping and finance education at A. P. Møller  Graduate Diploma in Accounting & Financial Management and Graduate Diploma in Strategy & Management from Copenhagen Business School.  Internal management training at Statoil/Equinor, including under the auspices of Harvard Business School, Handelshøyskolen in Bergen, etc.

Career In 2019, Lars Troen Sørensen celebrated his 25-year work anniversary at Equinor, which until 2017 was Statoil. Lars has held many different management posts here in the economic and financial areas – in Denmark, at the company’s headquarters in Norway, and many other places around the world. He joined the company’s Investor Relations department just after its IPO in 2001 and in 2006 became Head of IR. In 2010, he took the plunge as Country Manager in Azerbaijan and next became CFO in Tanzania for the company’s largest operator project outside Norway. After a few years with responsibility for the company’s energy policy and contact to public authorities, Lars became involved in business development, where the focus was on finding a way to efficiently market power from Equinor’s rapidly increasing portfolio of renewables. This led to Equinor’s acquisition of the Aarhus-based energy-trading company Danske Commodities, where Lars is now CFO.   Before joining Equinor, Lars worked with Maersk and IBM.

Private Lars Troen Sørensen is married to Ida, and together they have Caroline (23), Louise (18) and Frederik (16). An interest in cars and motorcycles has been maintained since childhood, while a passion for tennis and squash has over the years been replaced by golf.


Equinor (formerly Statoil) is one of the Nordic region’s largest companies, which over the past decade has transformed from being an upstream oil company into a broad energy company with ambitious operating, earnings and climate goals. The company’s strategy is “Always safe, high value and low carbon.”

- I have been with Equinor for 25

electrification of production in the

Equinor will thus be a major

years and have had many different

coming years, Equinor will enable

consumer of power generated by

management positions in the

carbon-neutral production by

hydro, wind and solar and has itself

economic and financial areas. Being

2030 and by as early as 2025 have

a strongly growing portfolio of

involved in optimising how we

emissions of less than 8kg per BOE.

renewable energy. Aarhus-based

manage renewable energy in the

Danske Commodities (DC) is one

company, rising power production

That is less than half the average

of Europe’s largest power trading

and the transition to using new

emissions of our competitors at the

companies, so Equinor therefore

energy sources for the production

moment (OGP average is roughly

acquired DC in 2019 and it is now

of oil and gas has been an exciting

18kg per barrel) – and we have our

the group’s route to market for

process, says Danske Commodities’

minds firmly set on the target of


CFO Lars Troen Sørensen.

zero net greenhouse gas emissions

For example, through extensive



- We had three options, says Lars


Troen Sørensen.

energy markets. Constant shifts in

market price for power is heading,

energy requirements and/or energy

we have to collect and process

- 1. We could build systems and

production create commercial

data on energy production and

competences ourselves,

opportunities, and by being able to

energy consumption in other parts

2. We could find one or more

quickly register these changes and

of the system. We consider power

partners with access to the market,

trade on them, DC can create value.

production from hydro, nuclear,


coal, gas, etc. paired with how

3. We could acquire one or more

We buy capacity in existing power

warm/cold the weather is expected

companies with systems, expertise

and gas transport systems and use

to be, and combine this information

and market access.

this capacity to buy energy where it

with actual data from previous

When we found Danske

is cheap and transport it to where it

periods to estimate consumption.

Commodities and saw their

can be sold at a premium.

systems and business model

These forecast algorithms provide

and also how many markets the

Energy systems change and we

traders with decision-making

company has access to, the choice

are constantly finding new ways

information so they can execute

was not difficult.

to trade and compete in these

trades and take positions. We

evolving landscapes in order

also have many algorithms on the

to create value. Wind and solar

production side that automatically

energy produce power as the

execute trades based on the

wind blows and the sun shines.

market data they ‘see’. Meanwhile,

Hence, most renewable energy

our Automated Trading team

production is unpredictable or

constantly tracks existing

intermittent. With more and more

algorithms and their performance,

wind and solar in energy systems,

and at the same time they follow

the task of balancing production

market changes that can give rise

and consumption becomes even

to other or altered algorithms being

more difficult and requires even

able to create value.

"I have had the pleasure of being CFO of the company for one year now and am happy to note that the acquisition of Danske Commodities has exceeded all expectations and must be considered a success."

more data and faster response times. Prices in the system also

Margins in DC’s markets have

become more volatile, and during

traditionally diminished the more

times of major overproduction

liquid and well developed the

turn negative. With consumers at

markets become. To maintain the

the same time becoming more

same level of earnings in markets

engaged and energy producers

that are developing, we typically

becoming smaller in scale and more

have to execute more trades

decentralised, so the complexity of

from year to year due to margins

the energy markets is increasing.

declining. As well as doing more of the same, we can also develop

The key to success for DC is

more products that we can sell to

mainly the ability to predict power

market participants and thereby

DC is also a major player in the

production from renewable

increase earnings. In addition, we

trading of natural gas, and Equinor

installations. This is done by

can become established in markets

is one of the largest suppliers of

combining weather data and

that are completely new or less

natural gas to the European market.

market data. The more precise data

developed than the markets in

DC’s systems, competence and

on the market and the weather

Western Europe.

market access for both power and

around the wind farm or solar

natural gas represent a perfect

park we can obtain, the better our

Paradoxically, the most developed,

strategic match for Equinor’s future

forecasts can become. And the

liquid and competitive power


more actual data we can compare

market in the world is the

Danske Commodities creates value

with the forecast, the more we can

US market, but because it is

by connecting producers, suppliers

refine our forecasts going forward.

undergoing considerable change

and consumers to the wholesale

To obtain an overview of where the

due to an increasing share of



renewable energy – and hence

Premier League now, and we

products that are processed by

increased supply uncertainty –

have to capitalise on the major

the front office, standardising

the US market fulfils most of the

opportunities we now have. The

back-office processes as much as

criteria that enable DC to generate

company’s three-year strategy,

possible has been important for us.

solid earnings. We got established

LEVEL UP, lays out the prerequisites

Given our increasing transaction

in the US in 2019 through an

for our further development.

volumes, further standardisation

Equinor-owned subsidiary that DC operates.

and streamlining of processes so DC processes huge amounts of

more and more reconciliation,

data every day, and given the

confirmation, settlement and so

- I have had the pleasure of being

increased volume of transactions

on can be automated will become

CFO of the company for one year

and greater number of markets

even more important.

now and am happy to note that the

and products in the portfolio, the

acquisition of Danske Commodities

requirements for data structure and

Risk management is a chapter in

has exceeded all expectations and

quality will keep on rising. Likewise,

itself at DC. With gross revenues

must be considered a success”,

the requirements pertaining to

of more than EUR 10 billion a

says Lars Troen Sørensen. “We

risk management and back-office

year and around 70 persons with

have realised more than expected

management of the many trades

market access, it is vital that all

in terms of synergies and have

and transactions will also increase.

risks are registered and tracked

transferred all the business

from the moment they arise until

activities we had planned to DC,

In 2019, DC averaged around 6,000

they are mitigated and eventually

who are now optimising them

trades per day, with a single day

neutralised. Risk management is

on a daily basis. DC is now part

in November seeing more than

an independent function, and the

of a substantially larger company

15,000 transactions pass through

company’s CRO reports to the CEO

and has been granted the

the system. We expect these

in the same way as the CFO.

opportunity to trade in markets

figures to triple in the next five

with products and counterparties

years. DC already uses Robotics

To ensure future growth, DC must

we never had before because our

Process Automation (RPA) for

be able to handle even larger data

capital base and solvency were

much of the back-office process,

volumes, and indeed the company

not large enough. We are in the

and while we have many different

has established a data strategy in



"What’s fantastic is that it is not IT who is driving the data strategy, but rather it is a demand of the business. They understand that for our systems and algorithms to work optimally in the future we need data to be high quality, accessible and unequivocal."

the past few years which via a central data office

structured and highest quality data will enjoy an

(managed by IT) ensures structured and high quality

enormous competitive advantage. Those who

data throughout the company.

fail to understand this or keep up will lose out. In our opinion, we are certainly well equipped, but

- What’s fantastic is that it is not IT who is driving

definitely cannot afford to rest on our laurels.

the data strategy, but rather it is a demand of the business. They understand that for our systems and algorithms to work optimally in the future we need data to be high quality, accessible and unequivocal, says Lars Troen Sørensen. DC is now working with Equinor to reinforce the entire group’s data strategy. DC’s strength is trading and the administrative processing of transactions, while Equinor’s strength is process and production optimisation, etc. The digitalisation of the energy market is proceeding at great speed, and those companies that have the best


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How well do you know your suppliers?


Do you receive the right signals to be ready for sudden

Not only do customers rely heavily on digital channels to research products u Do you receive all product/material information from and prices before purchasing, they also suppliers digitally? expectyour more personalized experiences.


While data offers hope for building a changes in your demand planning? cohesive customer-centric strategy that results in more sales, making sense of u How ‘green’ is your supply chain? it requires more than traditional technology.

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Why should experience data help you do business? And how can you succeed with it? Customer Journey, Omnichannel, and Experience Management (XM). These are all “hot topics” being top of mind with many business leaders and something all companies need to focus on to survive in today’s experience economy. What all topics have in common is that they all address the need for understanding how products and/or services being sold convert into a great customer experience. Until now, companies have had a quite good handle on KPI’s defined by efficiency such as costs of sales or return on marketing investment, but lots of businesses are lacking behind when it comes to understanding how the resources spent translate into actual customer experiences. This is a paradox since customer experience is crucial in a buying situation and plays an even bigger role than price when choosing who to spend money with. Customers not feeling satisfied with a product or service will often be on the lookout for other alternatives. Companies need to understand what their customers think and want to deliver a great experience today. Experience data (X-data) allows them to do exactly this and can be classified as “soft data” that makes it possible to understand how people are feeling and why things are happening e.g. why a customer decides to buy or not to buy from a company. But how can you be successful with this type of data? The answer is to combine it with operational data (O-data) such as orders, products, price points, promotions, costs, revenues, and sales. An experience database that associates customer experience to the product, service, price, time and channel is the basis for kicking of processes to fix problems and be successful.

Many companies unfortunately seem to be hesitating when it comes to realizing the power of experience data. Too bad, since it would allow them to determine how individual customer experiences can be improved compared to segmenting on typical factors such as size, profitability and industry. What if: • You knew exactly what is causing reduced customer satisfaction and could trigger corrective action and track progress in real time? • Your real-time experience data was automatically analyzed and segmented into a format you could easily understand as a business leader? The possibilities for improving your customers’ experiences are plentiful - let’s make sure to integrate it in everything we do to make true business impact! Listening to experience data doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated - but if you do not move, you risk becoming irrelevant to your customers and might fall behind in the experience economy! Jonas Almstrup, Nordic Head of Sales at SAP Customer Experience


Equals Sharing Facts Magnus Bach VP, Global Marketing at Vestas Professional: What will the content of your

large. At different times in my

passionate about.

presentation at Executive Forum

career certain aspects of the

Finally, I find permission marketing

be? Please elaborate.

discipline have surfaced more

fairly interesting; in many cases

than others. Earlier in my career,

digital communities are the new

I was especially passionate about

“segments”, and the thing about

content development and strategic

communities is that you are

storytelling, i.e. the articulation

granted access to them and once

and substantiation about the

you are allowed in, you engage into

corporate value proposition; later

a dialogue rather than directing

on, I shifted focus to the digital

and controlling the conversation;

aspects of marketing, both in terms

it will require new skillsets from

of channels targeting customers

marketeers, and that’s for sure

but especially on the internal


- I will be talking about something as mundane as corporate sponsorships. In a B2B environment in particular, sponsorships easily become nothing but a high-end hospitality platform; wine & dine in other words. There is nothing wrong with that, but it has a much greater potential, in particular regarding the platform becoming a strategic communications vehicle. If you do so, you generate not only profitable growth for the company, but also brand awareness and possibly also brand relevance. With that in mind, the session will essentially touch on the transition from Sponsorships to Partnerships.                          What are some of the most important tasks in your role? - Finding the right balance between maintaining the core and developing the team, infrastructure, mandate and process. Otherwise we end up riding the bike while the pavement is being laid. What part of your job are you most passionate about?

infrastructure side; an area that has the potential to completely disrupt the marketing discipline at large and therefore, naturally, is high on my agenda. Another thing that always get me excited and something I have strong opinions about is creative

Private: Do you have a partner and/

concepts and art direction; the

or children?

power of symbols and imagery

- Married to Jingjing and two

should never be underestimated;

kids – a boy and a girl.

its hugely important, internally as well as externally. Since recently, with the emergence of purpose marketing, it is clear that an overarching narrative above and beyond the proposition is vital; for our part at Vestas, sustainability has always been part of who we are and what we do; now that the space is increasingly crowded, we

When were you born? - CPH, Denmark What do you like to do when you are not at work? - I read a lot of novels; I cook if wine is involved – and Spotify is a close friend of mine.

- I easily get excited and I am in

need to figure out how best to

general a fairly passionate guy;

position. A hugely interesting and

Where did you grow up?

also about B2B marketing at

important task that I am of course

- Vejle, Elsinore, Copenhagen.



What inspired you to work at your company?

current Formula E partnership we have with Mercedes

- I have worked in other industries (including bulk

Motorsports. Time will tell if the ambition level pays off

meat trading) than renewables earlier in my career, and what I realized was that especially in marketing

across all metrics.

and communications, you invest a bit of soul; a

What has been the biggest challenge?

bit of yourself in what you do. With that in mind, I

- Aligning ambitions with the realities of B2B Marketing;

would have difficulties getting up in the morning

time and resources are not always available to the extent

if I didn’t truly buy into and believe in the greater

required to deliver on ambitions.

cause; the important role that companies like Vestas can potentially play. People are motivated by

What do you want to achieve within the next few years?

different things, but for me it’s the green agenda.

- Should the opportunity manifest itself, I would like to

Vestas is the market leader, technology leader and industry pioneer of the renewable sector and to a wide extent the green agenda at large - That’s why I applied for a job at Vestas 13 years ago, and its why I

architect and facilitate the repositioning of Vestas towards a full-scope solution player within renewables; that may or may encompass an element of rebranding.

am still around. What are the biggest challenges in your industry now - and in the future? - The energy transition at large. Like many other industries, the energy business is being disrupted by new technologies and framework conditions. With the introduction of auction schemes, the price of renewables has dropped significantly, making renewable energy even more competitive and on par with other electricity generating sources – also before factoring cost to society of fossils into it. Likewise, on the technology side, companies like Vestas now has the capability to provide costcompetitive baseload energy, meaning electricity regardless of the circumstances; we do that by offering hybrid solutions, that combine wind, PV and storage, that feed “green electrons” into the grid, regardless of the wind is blowing or sun is shining. Finally, digitalization offers great opportunities, i.e. in terms of moving further up the value chain, offering digital asset management solutions to our customers. Since the business model is being finetuned to cope with these changes, there is an increasing need to tune the corporate positioning as well. . What inspired you to work within your field?? - I Tall, majestic, epic and powerful constructs of human imagination – they are called wind turbines. What has been your biggest professional success? - It depends on how success is defined, of course. In terms of potential strategic impact, investment and complexity implied, it’s the landing of the

One good tip to succeed in the role: Never underestimate the leadership role. I tend to become a player as well as a leader. Setting direction and facilitating that everyone always buys into and move towards the overarching objectives is key in leadership positions. It requires line of sight and clear communications. Luckily, given our discipline, we should be capable of that. 121


Helena Andreas: "We build pride in the role we play in society, pride in all the everyday heroes we have in the company and pride in the services we provide, which in the end makes our customers feel proud too."


Helena Andreas

SVP Group Brand and Communications at Securitas 45 years Education • MSc, Engineering Physics • BSc, Business & Economics • MBA (Marketing focus) from INSEAD

Career Helena has been employed by Securitas since the beginning of 2019. Before starting at Securitas Helena was Group Director of Marketing and Communications (CMO) at Nordea in Stockholm and before that she was Group Head of Retail and Distribution at Vodafone in London

Private Helena was born in Malmö and currently lives in Stockholm, but enjoys experiencing different cultures and has lived in London for almost a decade as well as in California, Singapore and France. In her spare time Helena loves spending time with her family, especially with her two daughters who are six and two years old. Good literature is always something that Helena turns to when she wants to get inspired or to relax off from work.


Mission: Building a +370 000 employees purpose-driven company Solution: Creating pride every day, in everything we do at all times When asked, most people would

purpose: We help make your world

transformation journey we are on

say that Securitas is a traditional

a safer place!

to use all the data we have and all

guarding company, and that is true in many ways.

the technology available to provide - We build pride in the role we play

even better services to our clients

in society, pride in all the everyday

and make the job easier for our

- We have an impressive forte and

heroes we have in the company


presence in our core guarding

and pride in the services we

business which few others can

provide, which in the end makes

Helena’s first mission was very

compare with and this is something

our customers feel proud too.

clear: Building a purpose-driven

that makes me really proud.

company. That could have been

However, I would say that it is the

We want to remain a leader in the

a more easy task if the people of

combination of this high quality

security industry, both in terms of

the company could be filled into

manpower together with our

innovation of new services and the

one room, but this is Securitas,

comprehensive technology-based

use of modern technology, but also

a company with over 370 000

services and our investment in

in terms of our employees ' skills

employees in 58 different countries

new intelligent products which will

and expertise. We have around

worldwide. Not only the amount

enable us to reach our aim: being

370 000 employees worldwide

of employees was the challenge,

globally recognized as an intelligent

who all help create a safer society

the over 100 000 people Securitas

protective services partner to our

every day, not only by preventing

recruits every year adds to the

clients. Taken together, all this

crimes but also by preventing fires,

equation. This was not only a

prepares us exceptionally well

performing first aid and much

mission, it was a challenge of a life

for serving a large, growing and



Helena Andreas joined Securitas

- I could not turn down an offer like

little more than a year ago. What

this. I love challenging myself and

a responsible company and as a

was the appeal?

taking on missions that almost look

vital part of the fabric of society

- There are many great things about

impossible, because it drives me to

we naturally want to contribute

Securitas, but two in particular

positively – a sense of safety and

stood out for me. Firstly, the strong

stability is a fundamental human

values and the wish to do the

need and essential for a well-

right thing and be a responsible

functioning community.

and sustainable company not

By protecting workplaces, public

only for the next quarter but for

spaces, infrastructure and in some

the next 100+ years is an essential

placesplace’s even homes, we help

element for me. Secondly, I am

provide this peace of mind.

inspired by the challenge to take

This is also how we live our

all our people with us on the

changing market. At Securitas we take pride in being


do my best and to always evolve. You usually overestimate what you can accomplish in three months, but underestimate what you can accomplish in three years. This was a marathon – not a sprint. Securitas was founded in 1934 and much has changed since. Yet the basic beliefs remain unchanged.


• In the beginning of the 1900’s, private security companies became increasingly common. The services that these companies offered were primarily keeping watch for fires and guarding entrances and gates. • Today, security solutions are designed to meet specialized customer demands and the industry is led by a few international focused security companies – among them Securitas. • We experienced strong market momentum in 2018 and achieved a sales milestone of more than SEK 100 million. Some important acquisitions of electronic security companies were made.


As in the past, everything we

of background, gave more or less

do today is based on the strong

the same core message and so the

values – Integrity, Vigilance, and

purpose was built from within.

Helpfulness – which have helped us ensure global business success for

However, reaching all employees


with the new purpose has been the biggest challenge of them

"What has truly amazed me unlike anything I have ever experienced before, is how people have taken to the purpose to their hearts immediately. As soon as people hear our purpose, they integrate it in their thinking and start using it completely naturally in their daily work." - I found something at Securitas that really helped in this journey, and that was pride in our values. People at Securitas feel pride of what they do, who they are and what we achieve, and this inspired me to use that pride to build the purpose. The values were already a rocksolid foundation for the company, and a decision was made to add a purpose supporting them. Securitas held purpose workshops all over the world with thousands of employees in all types of job roles and it was surprising how common the answers were. Almost all employees, regardless


all. Among the 370 000 people, many work part time or in some countries in rural areas with limited infrastructure. This means that a lot of creativity is needed and use of non-traditional communication channels – and a large dollop of patience, since fully embedding our purpose will take several years. - What has truly amazed me unlike anything I have ever experienced before, is how people have taken to the purpose to their hearts immediately. As soon as people hear our purpose, they integrate it in their thinking and start using it completely naturally in their daily work. It’s only half a year since it was revealed, and it already feel like we’ve had it forever!


Three pieces of advice on how to achieve success as a top leader in marketing and communications 1. Start from the company core values and strategy and always stay true to these. 2. Find inspiration in your organization. Listen and engage as broadly as you can, with colleagues from all geographies and roles. 3. Always, always, always put yourself in the shoes of the audience.



Equals Sharing Facts Filip Engel VP, Sustainability, PA, Global Branding at Ørsted Professional: What will the content of your presentation at Executive

green technologies to transform from black to

Forum be? Please elaborate.

green energy and stop climate change. But the

- To talk about how we at Ørsted leverage sustainability

change is still not happening fast enough.

and a purpose based brand in our marketing and the results we

What inspired you to work within your field?


- My concern over climate change. And because energy is an exciting industry with massive societal

What are some of the most important tasks in your role?


- To set build our sustainability performance and integrate it into the positioning of the company. And

What / who inspired you to get to where you are

to leverage the brand towards all our target audiences


including our customers. I also spend a lot of time

- Too many people for me to mention. I get

digitalizing our marketing and communication in general.

inspired all the time.

What part of your job are you most passionate about? - On a personal level it is to be a part of a company that delivers some of the solutions to tackle what I would label the most important challenge we are facing globally; climate change. On a more professional level it is to define the strategies

Private: Do you have a partner and/

and execute on the and see the results materialize. I also

or children?

take great joy in being a leader and help talented people

- I live with Nynne who works at DR and we

grow and succeed.

have a 3 year old son together. When were you born?

What inspired you to work at your company?

- 1980.

- To help transform the company from black to green energy. When I started back in 2008 DONG Energy was a

What do you like to do when you are not at

very fossil based company but senior management had


a vision to change the company to green energy and I wanted to be a part of that. What are the biggest challenges facing your industry now - and in the future? - To deliver on the green transformation. Contrary to what many believe the world actually has most of the


- Spend time with family and friends and enjoy good food and wine. Where did you grow up? - I'm from Valby Copenhagen.


What has been your biggest professional success? - I would mention two results. The full rebranding from DONG Energy. It was a sizeable task to do a full rebranding of that magnitude including finding a new name, visual identity, purpose driven narrative, launch strategy and subsequent brand building strategy. Secondly, that Ørsted was recently named the most sustainable company in the world which is the result of many years continued work to drive the sustainability

Three good tips to succeed in the role: 1. Build a strong team around you. You need it.

performance of Ørsted forward. What has been the biggest challenge? - To continue to drive our positioning forward and always try to be ahead of the curve. When the world changes so much as it does and you as a company does the same you continuously have to look ahead and revise your strategy. What do you want to achieve within the next few years? - To continue to strengthen our global set up even more than today as Ørsted grows and expands to still more markets.

2. Be persistent but in a constructive way with your organization who perhaps not always at first hand appreciate your recommendations. 3. Don’t be afraid to stick around in an organization for some time. Often that will give you the chance to create long term and lasting impact which is really rewarding.



Equals Sharing Facts Gro Myking EVP, Marketing & Communications at KLP Professional: What will the content of your presentation at Executive

What inspired you to work at your company?

Forum be? Please elaborate.

- I had noticed KLP of course, being among the 10

- At the CMO-forum I will be talking about the

largest companies in Norway. What appealed to

importance of long-term brandbuilding in a strategic

me the most was the impression of KLP as very

perspective.  I will elaborate on some of the choices KLP

open and transparent in their investment strategy

has made working towards a clearer and more distinct

and also ambitious in contributing to a sustainable

position for the company.

development through responsible investment. KLP being a mutually owned company also feels very

What are some of the most important tasks in your role?

motivating as our customers are our owners. So

- I am in charge of KLPs communication overall and we

basically, our customer’s needs and owner’s needs

are responsible for KLPs positioning, brand building,

are the same, so there is no conflicting interest.

marketing, public relations and media, customer experience, market insight and more. KLP is Norway’s largest pension company with total assets of NPK 745 billion. The group also includes a bank, an insurance company, one of Scandinavia’s largest real estate managers - so it is a wide range of communication. What part of your job are you most passionate about?


- Although I love my job and everything about it, a few

Do you have a partner and/

things really stand out: The long term responsibility KLP

or children?

has of managing the future pensions for almost one million Norwegians working in the public sector, is a huge issue that makes me both inspired and humble. Also we aim to really understand what’s important for the public employers and their employees, and to give them the best possible return on the pension assets

- Yes, I am in a relationship. Two children who are teenagers. What do you like to do when you are not at work?

along with the best possible customer experience.

- Being outdoors as much as possible,

The pension-and insurance industry in the past has

hiking and sometimes skiing. I am also very

been known for communicating with the customers in a complicated manner which can create a distance

preferably in the Norwegian mountains, social, love being with family and friends.

between the companies and the customers. KLP has

Where did you grow up?

for many years been on the forefront for an easier and

- In beautiful Bergen.

more customer-oriented communication. The work has resulted in great and measurable results, and we just received a major industry award for our work in this area.



What are the biggest challenges facing your industry now - and in the future?

What do you want to achieve within the next few years? - Within the next few years KLP would like to contribute

- Climate-risk and how it affects the world and

even more towards assessing climate risk and working for

the finance-sector is the biggest challenge in my

a sustainable future. We have many years of experience


and would like to share knowledge and inspire others.

What inspired you to work within your field? - I have always had an interest in macroeconomics,

I will also be very happy if our customers also in the future consider KLP as being a company that communicates in a simple, relevant and human manner.

strategy and communications and how they work together in the positioning of companies. During my education at NHH, Norwegian School of Economics, I took an interest in these specific areas and have built my career within strategic communication and brand positioning. What / who inspired you to get to where you are today? - All the competent people I have worked with during my career have inspired and motivated me. I also remember something my amazing mother said when I was little; “Remember that the biggest barriers exist within yourself.” She was one of the first female leaders in her area, in the seventies and eighties - leading the way for the coming generations. Sadly, she died in a car accident at only 49 years old. What has been your biggest professional success? - That is not for me to judge, but I am very proud of the work I am doing in KLP now together with my team. Another thing:  In 2018 KLP was awarded Norwegian Champion in Customer Experience, in a global survey by KPMG.  “Integrity” was one of six factors that were measured, and KLP had the highest rating of all the measured companies worldwide. I am also proud of leading a very successful brand strategy-transition for Posten and Bring in my previous job. What has been the biggest challenge? - The biggest challenge in communications right now is the technology and the way people consume information. At the same time this is also the biggest enabler for an even more dynamic and integrated way of communicating. I think working in communications and brand positioning is more

One good tip to succeed in the role: I only know what has been valuable in my career, I’m not sure how it applies to others, but for what it’s worth: Be genuine, be curious, be respectful of others’ point of view. And always keep a high standard of quality for your work.

exciting than ever before, because we must find ways of using the new possibilities in a responsible way that is beneficial for people and for the society.


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