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April 2012


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Pictured: Members tour Cass Screw Machine Products during Manufacturers Week.

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President’s Message... STEM Summit: A Positive Impact on Students For a fourth year, TwinWest hosted—as part of our Business Education Partnership offering—a STEM Summit. STEM is short for science, technology, engineering, and math. The March 21 STEM Summit enabled 175 participating 6-9 graders from the Robbinsdale, Wayzata, and Minnetonka school districts to see how STEM classes translate into engaging and satisfying future careers. The model for helping students make the connection between classes and careers is straightforward. The students visit exhibits created by businesses and organizations and see first-hand how science, technology, engineering, and math are used in different industries. Thanks to great exhibitors, students have the opportunity to ask questions and learn directly from business leaders. Thank you to these 2012 STEM Summit exhibitors: - Aveda - CenturyLink - Federal Bureau of Investigation - Haldeman-Homme, Inc. - Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab - Horwitz/NSI - Johnson Controls - Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest - Paul Meyer Architects, Inc. - ReconRobotics - Total Entertainment LED Tube Show - University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies - VISI Incorporated The event produces results. Each year the post-event survey shows that at least 70 percent of attending students are likely to take more rigorous science, technology, engineering, and math classes. Thank you for enabling that result through your membership!

Bruce Nustad, president TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

Directions—April 2012


Jobs Programs... Unraveling the Mystery Behind Jobs Programs Hennepin-Carver Workforce Investment Board Sets the Area’s Jobs Strategy For many employers, there is a bit of mystery when it comes to public job services programs. Aside from an acknowledgement that a small percent of federal unemployment taxes return to the State for ―job service training programs‖, there is little understanding about how to access those resources for the purpose of training or re-training employees. Arguably the key player in setting workforce strategies in the western suburbs is the Hennepin-Carver Workforce Investment Board (WIB). Since the reorganization of the Private Industries Council-based workforce training model across Minnesota in 1988, the Hennepin-Carver WIB has served as the catalyst for determining workforce strategies in the counties of Hennepin and Carver. At the core of the WIB’s mission is a model that is predicated on creating a partnership of businesses, education, government, and nonprofits to enhance workforce development services for employers, workers, and students in the western Twin Cities. In essence, the WIB is chartered with playing a proactive role as a conduit for workforce development and economic development.

Back in 2008-2009 when TwinWest operated a program called Workforce Ready!, the Chamber worked with the WIB and other job service providers to build a bridge surrounding the job skills gap that existed in manufacturing. TwinWest knows first-hand that the WIB is influential in directing programs needed by businesses, especially in changing economies. Who Runs the WIB? The Hennepin-Carver WIB is run by a Board consisting of 27 members. Fifty-one percent of the Board represents businesses (14 seats), with the balance of 13 seats comprised of educators, non-profits, and community support organizations. The Board delivers the job service programs authorized under the federal Workforce Investment Act. Board members are appointed by the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners. The WIB’s chair for the past eight years is Tom Bodin, managing partner/president of human capital and organizational development company O.I. Partners – Organizational Innovations, Inc. The WIB is directed by a familiar economic development face at Hennepin County, Patrick Connoy. Not to be confused with the HennepinCarver WIB, in the fourteen counties

surrounding the Twin Cities area, there exists an organization that serves as a collection of the WIBs and other public job service agencies called the Greater Metropolitan Workforce Council. What Resources are Available to the WIB? The WIB oversees—in its strategy development capacity—approximately $4.6 million. These funds come from federal, state, and local sources. To deliver on its strategy, the WIB subcontracts job training and related activities to a network of largely private service agencies. In addition, the WIB maintains oversight of area one-stop Workforce Centers in partnership with Minnesota’s Department of Employment and Economic Development. What are the Goals of the WIB? The WIB, in compliance with the federal Workforce Investment Act, has six established goals: 1. Encourage and assist in the development of employment opportunities, particularity in the private sector, for current, unemployed, or disadvantaged residents of suburban Hennepin and Carver counties. Continued from previous page...

TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

Directions—April 2012


...Jobs Programs Unraveling the Mystery Behind Jobs Programs Continued from previous page…. 2. Increase participation of businesses in employment and training activities. 3. Analyze employment and training needs to ensure program effectiveness. 4. Develop program themes and direction to enhance the delivery of employment and training activities. 5. Monitor and evaluate employment and training activities. 6. Support and participate in the employment initiatives of the local boards of commissioners and Hennepin and Carver counties. In addition to classic workforce development, the WIB also supports economic development. As an example, in late March the WIB passed a resolution of support relating to the development of the Southwest Light Rail project. In its resolution, the WIB referenced Southwest Light Rail’s propensity to spur and support job growth. TwinWest and other chambers of commerce continue to work actively to promote Southwest Light Rail.

What Services Do Businesses Access at the WIB? Since the WIB relies on service partners to actually deliver workforce services, reaching out to the WIB is a good first step for a business looking to tie in to workforce training opportunities. The WIB is designed to provide feedback to businesses on their needs, and identify available programs and services. In addition to direct referrals to services, the WIB offers several programs designed to support growing businesses. One such program aimed at getting businesses beyond the ―second stage‖ is called Economic Gardening. This program offers fifteen CEO’s from pre-approved companies (10 to 100 employees and annual sales between $1 million and $50 million) the opportunity to participate in consultant-facilitated monthly peer-to-peer roundtable discussions and benefit from targeted technical and market research assistance. Dozens of others have the opportunity to attend quarterly CEO forums, referral networks, and other growthoriented services.

How Do Businesses Connect with the WIB? To learn more about the WIB, its services and service partners, contact: - Board Chair Tom Bodin, tel 952.417.7201, - Workforce Service Director Patrick Connoy, tel. 612.348.2215, What Leadership Opportunities are there with the WIB? The Hennepin-Carver WIB is currently seeking applicants for several vacancies on the WIB Board. These are specifically intended for business leaders in management positions living in or working in suburban Hennepin or Carver Counties. The application deadline is May 24, with an online application process available at

Link | Hennepin-Carver Workforce Investment Board Information (PDF) Link | Greater Metro Workforce Council Link | Minnesota Workforce Centers

TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

Directions—April 2012


You Are The Legacy of Hope Please join us for the Wayside House

Legacy of Hope Breakfast Thursday, May 3, 2012

8:00-9:00 a .m.

Hosted by Honorary Breakfast Chair Jody Grieger

Wayside House, Inc. is where women recover sobriety, identity, home, and family. Established in 1954, Wayside House is among the nation’s oldest treatment centers devoted exclusively to the gender-specific needs of women and their children. We are approaching our 50th year of providing substance abuse treatment services to women and families in the Twin Cities. Sponsored by:

Minneapolis Golf Club 2001 Flag Avenue South St. Louis Park, MN 55426

Please RSVP by April 25, 2012 to Heather Wolfgram at (952) 405-7651 or Funds raised from this event will go toward the Wayside House general fund that will pay for essential services not covered by grants or state contracts, such as:  Pro bono residential and nonresidential substance abuse and mental health treatment for women in poverty (more than $25,000 spent on these services in 2011);  Family programming such as Family Treatment, the Celebrating Families!™ program, and family therapy sessions designed to keep families together and repair family bonds (more than $15,000 spent on these services in 2011);  Recovery support services such as employment readiness, housing application fees, computer training, and GED testing and assessments (more than $12,000 spent on these services in 2011);  Medical expenses not covered by Minnesota’s General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC) such as dentures, glasses, medications, etc. (more than $10,000 spent on these services in 2011);  Wellness and spirituality services such as acupuncture, massage, meditation, relaxation (more than $7,500 spent on these services in 2011);  Childcare to enable women to attend therapy groups, AA/NA meetings, and similar programming (more than $2,500 spent on these services in 2011). These services are critical to helping women and their families in poverty and with lifelong histories of addiction achieve and maintain their sobriety, reunify and rebuild their families, and live independently. In addition, services such as these are essential to increasing women’s self-esteem, self-confidence and self-sufficiency.

Success TwinWest... Member Article: Leaving a Company? Don’t Forget That Personal Guaranty By Joshua A. Hasko, Esq. Messerli & Kramer, P.A. Often in business, a director or shareholder will be required to give a personal guaranty to a third party for the debts of the company. But what happens when the director or shareholder leaves the company? Well-established Minnesota law holds that extending a personal guaranty creates a binding obligation and a personal guaranty contract will be enforced in the same manner as any other contract. Courts have interpreted guaranty contracts pursuant to their terms and will not read a limitation (such as leaving the company) into the guaranty. When a company is growing and successfully performing for a number of years, giving a personal guaranty doesn’t appear to be a risk. Years later, however, if the company falls on rough times or defaults on its obligations — as many companies have in recent years — guarantors may be called to perform under the original guaranty. If the

exiting guarantor fails to renegotiate or terminate the guaranty — or the termination is not officially accepted — only a few defenses are available under Minnesota law. Defense by terms, time or transition The easiest way to terminate a personal guaranty is to do so according to its terms, even if the guarantor has already left the company. Most guaranty contracts contain a specific termination provision as well as specific notice provisions dictating the method and delivery of the notice. While it is imperative that these provisions are followed, the termination may not be in the guarantor’s exclusive control. For example, a typical termination provision will require written notice and an affirmative obligation that the account balance is paid in full before the personal guaranty can be properly terminated. Thus, even a timely notice of termination may not terminate liability. If there is no termination provision, a time limitation defense may be available. In a 1988 decision in Borg Warner

Acceptance Corp. v. Shakopee Sports Center, Inc, the Minnesota Supreme Court held that ―[i]f a guaranty does not contain a time limitation, it is true termination after a reasonable time may be implied.‖ Continued on the next page….

TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

Directions—April 2012


...Success TwinWest Member Article: Leaving a Company? Don’t Forget That Personal Guaranty Continued from previous page... The limitation on this defense, however, is that it only applies when the contract does not specifically include an expiration date or termination provision. Where the guarantor reserves his right to terminate the guaranty at any time, the reasonable time defense does not apply. Another common defense is that a change to the form of the underlying agreement has materially altered the risk associated with the original guaranty, such that liability should be discharged. If the guarantor did not consent to the changes, this can strengthen the defense. The changes must be significant. In one case, an increase in financing was found to be insufficient to release the guarantor’s personal obligation, as increases in financing were contemplated by the original agreement. When the principal debtor’s identity, through changes in management or business structure, increases the risk initially assumed under the guaranty (and without the guarantor’s consent), a

guarantor may also be released from personal liability. Again, the change must materially alter the risk. For example, a merger of the principal company into another corporation, such that the principal does not survive the merger as an independent entity, but instead takes on the name, character, and corporate structure and organization of the surviving company, may entitle a guarantor to a release.

This article does not constitute legal advice. Please consult an attorney if you have questions regarding personal guaranty agreements. Joshua A. Hasko is an attorney and shareholder in the business litigation department at Messerli & Kramer, P.A., a business law firm with offices in Minneapolis, Plymouth and St. Paul. Link |

Terminate or renegotiate Without proper termination or a viable defense, a personal guaranty can remain valid and enforceable against the guarantor like any other contractual agreement. Therefore, it is critical that the guarantor remembers and deals with continuing guaranties as soon as possible, so that they can be terminated or renegotiated before the guarantor leaves the company. Without these safeguards, guarantors may be very surprised by an unexpected liability for debt. TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

Directions—April 2012


Profile... Minnesota Representative Lyndon R. Carlson, Sr., District 45B Year Elected: 1973 Term: 20 District: 45B Contact Information: (651) 296-4255 Legislative Assistant: Lill Pohlkamp Home: Crystal, MN Education: B.S., social studies, graduate work, Minnesota State University, Mankato, and University of St. Thomas Family: Wife—Carole, 3 children, 6 grandchildren Committees/organizations: Ways and Means, DFL-Lead; Capital Investment; Taxes What first sparked your interest in public service? I believe in a free democracy and the power and responsibility of public involvement. I like the challenge of becoming involved in creating solutions to issues important to Minnesotans. This has been my motivation for serving in public office throughout my time in the legislature. What specific bills or initiatives will you be working on during the 2012 legislative session? During the 2012 legislative session, I have worked to represent my constituents by taking an active role in legislative leadership. I have sponsored and supported legislation

in the following areas: jobs and economic growth, health care, tax relief, education funding, environmental protection, and transportation. What should the Governor and legislature do to help stimulate the economy, support job growth, and increase Minnesota’s economic competitiveness? Among the most crucial ways to help business is to invest in education at all levels to ensure that our businesses have access to employees that have the education and skills to be productive participants in the workplace. Also, the role of the legislature is to provide the infrastructure that strengthens the ability for businesses to be competitive nationally and globally. What do you think the legislature should do as it relates to stabilizing future state revenues or comprehensive tax reforms? I believe that the Legislature must continually re-examine state spending priorities to make sure that we are getting the most for our tax dollars. The Legislature must remain committed to a sound and fair tax system that adequately funds essential services and does not over burden our citizens. What are the biggest challenges that face your district and why? The biggest challenges that face my district

are job creation and economic growth. Meeting these challenges is critical for providing economic security for the people in my district and across the state. I have supported legislation to strengthen our economy and to provide good jobs and better security for our citizens. Why is the business community important to you? A strong-healthy business environment is critical for all Minnesotans. Businesses provide jobs and economic opportunity for our residents. As a legislator, I believe it is important that the legislature work cooperatively with business to assure that businesses can grow and be productive. What is your favorite pastime or leisure activity? Spending time with our grandchildren, reading biographies of political leaders, and working out at the Northwest YMCA. What is something from your past or present that people would be surprised to know about you? I have maintained 100% attendance each legislative session since elected. Link | Rep. Lyndon Carlson’s Profile

TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

Directions—April 2012


Small Business Awards Luncheon... CMF Holdings, Inc. Founder to Speak at Small Business Awards Luncheon Event Details Small Business Awards Luncheon Thursday, May 24, 2012 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Minneapolis - Park Place 1500 Park Place Boulevard St. Louis Park, MN 55416 Link | Register online Honor the entrepreneurial spirit, witness the awarding of the Entrepreneur and Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, meet TwinWest Foundation High School scholarship recipients and donors, and hear keynote speaker and franchisor entrepreneur, Ron Olson, CMF Holdings, Inc. at TwinWest’s May 24 Small Business Awards Luncheon. CMF Holdings is the franchisor of Play It Again Sports, Once Upon A Child, Plato’s Closet, Computer Renaissance, Music Go Around, It’s About Games, and Disc Go Round. WCCO’s Frank Vascallero returns as the event’s emcee. The TwinWest Foundation scholarship reception will take place prior to the luncheon.

led to the purchase of the Once Upon a Child concept, growing to 150 stores in eight years. Olson retired from Grow Biz--now called Winmark Corporation--in 2000 after franchising well-known brands Play It Again Sports, Once Upon A Child, Plato’s Closet, Computer Renaissance, Music Go Around, It’s About Games, and Disc Go Round. Today, over 900 stores exist under the Winmark operation.

Olson’s retirement wasn’t permanent and in 2007 he launched CMF Holdings, purchasing the franchise rights to Clothes Mentor. Olson now operates 50 Clothes Mentor stores in 22 states, with 40 more stores planned this year. About Keynote Speaker Ron Olson His company continues to grow with the In 1962, Ron Olson started his career with a purchase of franchise rights for New Uses, department store business in Washington, selling used home furnishings in five stores in DC. Two years later he returned to Minnesota Minnesota, Ohio and Illinois. to work for Dayton’s, seeing first-hand the changes in the retail world with the opening of discount stores and noticing opportunities in the used and consignment industries. Tickets $45/members, or $400 for a table of 10/members

Involved in starting Franchise Business System in 1986, Olson crafted a business plan to help start-ups become franchise companies. Play It Again Sports was one of Olson’s first clients, growing to over 100 franchised used sporting goods stores by 1992. That success Continued on next page... TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

Directions—April 2012


...Small Business Awards Luncheon Thank you Small Business Awards Luncheon Sponsors Gold Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

In-kind Sponsors Fuzzy Duck Design, Design Gleason Printing, Printing Master Communications, Video Quality Resource Group, Inc., Awards Sandy Benson Photography, Photography Sign-A-Rama, Signage Star Tribune, Media Swank Audio Visuals, Audio Visual

TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

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Breakfast with Senator Klobuchar Join TwinWest for a signature public policy event & update on D.C. activities April 30 Event Details


Monday, April 30, 2012 8:00-9:00 a.m.

- gold sponsor


CliftonLarsonAllen - silver sponsor

Marriott Minneapolis West 9960 Wayzata Boulevard St. Louis Park, MN 55426

Grand Casino Mille Lacs & Hinckley – silver sponsor


Sponsorships Available

Members: $25/ticket, includes continental- style breakfast. Advance registration is strongly recommended to guarantee seating. RSVP TwinWest will host a special breakfast event with U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar April 30. Sen. Klobuchar will address federal issues critical to Minnesota and the business community. Elected in 2006, Sen. Klobuchar is Minnesota’s senior senator and first woman from our state to serve in the U.S. Senate.

Register online at or contact the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce: Tel. (763) 450-2220 For More Information Contact Judy Johnson, director of government affairs,, tel. 763.450.2226

Gold Sponsors: Investment - $1,000, includes eight tickets to the event with reserved table near the podium, logo displayed on all publicity/promotions, two In Touch e-mail sponsorships, banner at the event, opportunity to place business information/ marketing materials at each seat at the event, and recognition from the podium. Silver Sponsors: Investment - $500, includes four tickets to the event, a reserved table near the podium, inclusion in publicity/ promotions, banner at the event, recognition from the podium.

Link | Register Online

TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

Directions—April 2012


April Networking Event Fun Returns to Networking April 18 with Comedy at Cinema Grill Add April 18 to your calendar as TwinWest kicks off a new networking platform, replacing our monthly Business Showcases and Overtimes. The April networking event at Cinema Grill features networking, a free pizza buffet, $2.50 drink specials, a 30-minute comedy show by Wild Bill Bauer, and a chance to meet VIPs including Cinema Grill owner Sean Furhmann, New Hope Mayor Kathi Hemken, TwinWest Board Member & Liberty Diversified International Executive Ron Leino, and Robbinsdale Area Schools Superintendent Aldo Sicoli.

This event is included in your membership—no additional cost to attend.

More Information

Pizza, non-alcoholic beverages, & comedy are compliments of the host.

For more information visit or call (763) 450-2220. Link | More Information

No need to RSVP. Open to TwinWest members & Cinema Grill guests.

Event Details TwinWest Networking: Networking Event at Cinema Grill April 18, 2012, 4:30-6:30 p.m. Program/comedy from 5:30-6:15 p.m. Cinema Grill 2749 Winnetka Avenue North New Hope, MN 55427 Near the corner of Winnetka Avenue and Medicine Lake Road.

Interested in hosting an upcoming TwinWest networking event? Click here to learn more about the new networking platform at TwinWest.

TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

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Welcome New Members/Member Orientation Photos From left to right: Laura Kottke, European Wax Center Minnetonka; Jennifer Turan, European Wax Center Minnetonka; Alicia Wagner, European Wax Center Minnetonka.

Allied Waste Services 9813 Flying Cloud Drive Eden Prairie, MN 55437 Todd Sawyer TRASH AND RECYCLING, ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS

Mighty Oak Technology, Inc. 1011 First Street South, Suite 444 Hopkins, MN 55343 Judy Barnes COMPUTERS, SOFTWARE SALES & SERVICE, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Paul Schirmers Agency - Farmers Insurance 3350 Annapolis Lane North Plymouth, MN 55447 Paul Schirmers FINANCIAL SERVICES, INSURANCE

Data Center Advisors 725 Ferndale Road North Wayzata, MN 55391 Mike Sowada TECHNOLOGY

Neptune Society 7560 Wayzata Boulevard Golden Valley, MN 55416 Laura Anderson CREMATION, FUNERAL HOMES & DIRECTORS

From left to right: Nick Schmitz, Muzak; Nick Gorjane, HoneyBaked Ham Company; Member Orientation sponsor: Jamie Larson, Jim Lupient Infiniti of Golden Valley.

Galleria Shops of Distinction 3510 Galleria Edina, MN 55435 Shelley Klaessy SHOPPING CENTERS & MALLS

Opportunity Services 401 North 3rd Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401 Heidi Stennes NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION


603 EAST LAKE STREET SUITE 213 WAYZATA, MN 55391 952-476-8392 OFFICE 612-581-7608 CELL GREGRYE@AOL.COM “It’s All About Relationships”

From left to right: Andrew Schwert, West End Chiropractic and Wellness; Dana Schomberg, West End Chiropractic and Wellness; John Wertish, West End Chiropractic and Wellness.

TwinWest hosts Member Orientation every month on the first Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m., at the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce office in Plymouth. Link | Member Orientation April 4. TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

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Renewing Members

25+ Years_____________________ AAA Minneapolis Liberty Diversified International Medina Golf & Country Club Ridgedale Center White Oaks Wealth Advisors, Inc. YMCA - Northwest Branch 21-25 Years___________________ Deli Double Twin Realty Investment Co. 16-20 Years___________________ Lease Finance Group, Inc. Suburban Chevrolet Target Commercials 11-15 Years___________________ Cardinal Stritch University Greater Twin Cities United Way Office Depot 6-10 Years____________________ Brookdale Honda Brown & Carlson, P.A. Brunswick Zone

CEAP Center National Bank Crown Marking, Inc. Hennepin County Commissioner Gail Dorfman Kraus-Anderson Companies 1-5 Years_____________________ Affiliated Insurance Services LLC City of Brooklyn Park Connect to Buy Daniel K. Duffy Architects, Inc. ECM– Sun Group, LLC Effective Learning for Growth Ev3, Inc. John A. Halpern & Associates Larson Records Management Rainbow Pest Experts RBC Wealth Management - Wayzata Salem Communications - AM 1280 The Patriot Sun Country Airlines Total Energy Concepts, Inc. University of Minnesota Athletics

Bev Russell: April’s Volunteer Superstar! TwinWest is very pleased to honor Bev Russell, CAbi/ Independent Fashion Consultant, as our April 2012 Volunteer Superstar. As chair of this year’s Gala Committee, Bev was the driving force behind a very successful event. From style and décor, to promotion of the event, Bev was committed to every detail of this year’s Gala every step of the way. Bev and her team of members created a fantastic memorable evening! Thank you Bev for all you do and all you continue to do!

Chamber Champions If you know someone whose business would benefit from membership, contact Jacqui Sauter at (763) 450-2228, or When your new member joins we’ll issue you $35 in TwinWest credit.

TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

Directions—April 2012



Link |

Parkshore Senior Community—Park Club Grand Opening

27th Annual TwinWest Gala

March Legislative Breakfast with Congressman Erik Paulsen

2012 STEM Summit TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

Directions—April 2012


April Calendar... Monday, April 2 Power Partners Networking|link 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. TwinWest office, 10700 Old County Road 15, Suite 170, Plymouth Investment: $75/year. Pre-registration required.

Thursday, April 5 St. Louis Park Business Council | link 7:30– 9:00 a.m. Wolfe Lake Professional Center 5000 36th Street, St. Louis Park Investment: No cost to attend.

Power Partners is a networking program that helps members exchange business leads.

The Saint Louis Park Business Council is for business and civic leaders who want to have a voice in local government and grassroots issues.

To get there: Go west on Highway 55. Take a left a Revere Lane just after Highway 169. Turn right onto the frontage road. Wednesday, April 4 Member Orientation| link 8:00 - 9:00 a.m. TwinWest office, 10700 Old County Road 15, Suite 170, Plymouth Investment: No cost to attend. Each month TwinWest offers an opportunity for new members and new employees of existing members to learn about their opportunities with the chamber and how to maximize your membership. To get there: Go west on Highway 55. Take a left a Revere Lane, just after Highway 169. Turn right onto the frontage road. TwinWest is on the right.

To get there: Take Highway 100 to Highway 7. Turn left on Highway 7. Turn right on Belt Line Boulevard. Citizens Independent Bank is located in the Wolfe Lake Professional Center.

Tuesday, April 10 Plymouth Business Council | link 7:30 a.m.—9:00 a.m. WestHealth, Inc. 2805 & 2855 Campus Drive, Plymouth Investment: No cost to attend. The Plymouth Business Council is for business and civic leaders who want to have a voice and make an impact on local government and grassroots issues.

Thursday, April 12 Export & Manufacturing Issues Roundtable with Congressman Keith Ellison | link 12:30—1:30 p.m. McLaughlin Gormley King, 8810 Tenth Avenue North, Golden Valley Investment: No cost to attend.

Friday, April 13 TwinWest Legislative Breakfast I Education Reform link 7:30—9:00 a.m. DoubleTree by Hilton Minneapolis – Park Place, 1500 Park Place Boulevard, St. Louis Park Investment: $30 for members.

Please join us for a roundtable discussion on exporting and other manufacturing issues with Congressman Keith Ellison. Congressman Ellison will have just returned from a trade mission to Saudi Arabia so he is particularly interested in discussing trade and export issues. This meeting also provides a great opportunity for you to share with the Congressman the challenges that face your company and federal policy concerns. The meeting is hosted by TwinWest and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce.

This month’s Legislative Breakfast will feature the topic of Education Reform. TwinWest members understand the importance of having an educated workforce now and in the future. Panelists include: Senator Gen Olson, President Pro Tem of the Minnesota Senate, Chair of the Senate Education Committee. Tom Dooher, President of Education Minnesota (invited)

To get there: From Highway 55 going west, turn left onto Boone Avenue North. Turn left onto 10th Avenue North.

To get there: Take 349 East to Xenia/Park Place Exit. Turn Right onto Park Place Boulevard.

To get there:To get there: From Highway 55 going west, turn right on Northwest Boulevard before 494. Take a left onto Campus Drive.

TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

Directions—April 2012


...April Calendar Monday, April 16 Power Partners Networking|link 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. TwinWest office, 10700 Old County Road 15, Suite 170, Plymouth Investment: $75/year. Pre-registration required. Power Partners is a networking program that helps members exchange business leads. To get there: Go west on Highway 55. Take a left a Revere Lane just after Highway 169. Turn right onto the frontage road. Tuesday, April 17 Prospective Member Forum | link 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. TwinWest office, 10700 Old County Road 15, Suite 170, Plymouth Investment: No cost to attend. TwinWest invites you to a one-hour forum to learn how to grow your network and improve the business climate through TwinWest. To get there: Go west on Highway 55. Take a left a Revere Lane just after Highway 169. Turn right onto the frontage road. Wednesday, April 18 Government Affairs Meeting | link 7:30 a.m.—9:00 a.m. TwinWest office, 10700 Old County Road 15, Suite 170, Plymouth Investment: No cost to attend. Discuss public policy issues impacting the business community. To get there: Go west on Highway 55. Take a left a Revere Lane, just after Highway 169. Turn right onto the frontage road.

Wednesday, April 18 Emerging Leaders Luncheon Featuring Sun Country Airlines CEO Stan Gadek|link 11:30a.m.-1:00p.m. Golden Valley Golf & Country Club 7001 Golden Valley Road, Golden Valley Investment: $25 for members Join the TwinWest Emerging Leaders as they welcome Sun Country Airlines CEO, Stan Gadek. Gadek will share his story about Sun Country’s turnaround and share his vision for the company’s future. To get there: Take Highway 55 West to Winnetka Avenue. Left on Winnetka and a right onto Golden Valley Road. Wednesday, April 18 TwinWest Networking at Cinema Grill | link 4:30p.m.-6:30p.m. Cinema Grill 2749 Winnetka Avenue North, New Hope, Join TwinWest and Cinema Grill for an evening of networking, a free pizza buffet, $2.50 drink specials, a 30-min comedy show by Wild Bill Bauer and a chance to meet people in the business community. To get there: Take 169 North to County Road 70/ Medicine Lake Road. Turn Right onto Medicine Lake Road and then take a left onto Winnetka Avenue

Thursday, April 19 Crystal/New Hope Business Council Meeting|link 7:30a.m.-9:00a.m. Liberty Diversified International, 5600 North Highway 169, New Hope Investment: No cost to attend. The Crystal/New Hope Business Council is for business and civic leaders who want to have a voice in local government and grassroots issues. To get there: Take Highway 169 North to the 49th Avenue North exit and turn right. Turn left on to Independence Avenue North.

Thursday, April 19 Ribbon Cutting at Tranquility Dental | link 3:00-7:00 p.m. Open House Ribbon Cutting at 3:00p.m. 7415 Wayzata Boulevard, Suite 201 St. Louis Park Investment: No cost to attend. Join the Ambassadors as they help celebrate a ribbon cutting ceremony. To get there: Take 394 to Louisiana Avenue. Take a right on Louisiana Avenue South. Take a right onto Wayzata Boulevard.

Thursday, April 26 Ribbon Cutting at Neptune Society | link Ribbon Cutting at 10:00 a.m. 7560 Wayzata Boulevard, Golden Valley Investment: No cost to attend. Join the Ambassadors as they welcome Neptune Society to the community and with a ribbon cutting ceremony. To get there: Take 394 to Louisiana Avenue. Take a left on Louisiana Avenue South. Take a right onto Wayzata Boulevard. Monday, April 30 Breakfast with U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar|link 8:00a.m.-9:00a.m. Mariott Minneapolis West 9960 Wayzata Boulevard, St. Louis Park Investment: $25, members only. Join TwinWest for a special event with U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar. Klobuchar will keynote this public policy event, addressing federal issues that are critical to Minnesota and the business community. To get there: Take Highway 169 North to Betty Crocker Drive. Turn left on Betty Crocker Drive and continue on Sherland Parkway. Turn left on to Wayzata Boulevard.

Register for Events To register for any TwinWest event: Online | E-mail | Call | (763) 450-2220

TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

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Board & Leadership TwinWest Board of Directors Executive Committee Greg Korstad, Larkin Hoffman Attorneys, Chair Mike Sowada, Data Center Advisors, Chair-elect Dannette Coleman, Medica, Past Chair Nathan Agre, Blanski Peter Kronlage & Zoch, P.A. CPAs, Treasurer Bruce Nustad, TwinWest, President Directors Becky Bakken, Citizens Independent Bank Gordy Engel, The Foursome Fine Apparel and Shoes Tom Harmening, City of St. Louis Park Michael Lehmann, Ferguson Enterprises Ron Leino, Liberty Carton, Co., an LDI Company Luke Litteken, CenterPoint Energy Pat Mascia, Duke Realty Corp. Lisa McDaniel, Minnwest Bank Samantha Metcalf, LarsonAllen LLP Pamela Muldoon, Next Stage Media Group Bob Schlichte, Grand Casino Mille Lacs & Hinckley Matt Thompson, US Bank Beth Ulrich, Fuzzy Duck Design

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TwinWest Directions magazine is published electronically ten times a year by the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce, 10700 Old County Road 15, Suite 170, Plymouth, MN 55441, phone (763) 450-2220. Annual subscription rate of $40 is included in a TwinWest membership investment. TwinWest serves the communities of Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, Crystal, Golden Valley, Hopkins, Medicine Lake, Minnetonka, New Hope, Plymouth, St. Louis Park, and the surrounding areas.

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Directions—April 2012


April 2012  
April 2012  

TwinWest Directions Magazine April 2012