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Twenty Something September 2012

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Fashion Capitals

New York City. London. Paris. Milan. If you are a part of the fashion-obsessed, you are already familiar with these cities. For those of you who might not know, these cities are the four major fashion capitals of the world. Starting in New York City and finishing in Paris, Fashion Week is the most important week to fashion houses. It is an event that draws the fashion-obsessed from everywhere around the world. The competition for a spot in Fashion Week is fierce, so it is important for a designer to choose when to show their collections. Since this is the September issue, when Fashion Week begins, let’s see what these capitals bring to the fashion world!

Fashion Week kicks off in New York City. Known as the fashion capital of the world, New York City is the premiere spot for major fashion. At the beginning of New York Fashion Week, the smaller and up-and-coming designers show their collections and presentations. Towards the middle and end of New York Fashion Week, the larger and more successful design houses like Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, and Oscar de la Renta start to show their collections. New York Fashion week is one of the longer fashion weeks because of the enormous amount of talent that exists in the city. New York City is the first fashion capital to start Fashion’s Night Out, which is a night of fabulous parties, shopping, and all-around fun for those enthralled with fashion and shopping. Fashion Week continues in London. London has a very short fashion week compared to the other three. This, however, does not mean that London has weak fashion. In fact, Burberry, one of the oldest fashion houses in the industry, is based in London. With the emergence of designers like Christopher Kane, Jonathan Saunders, and Peter Pilotto, London fashion is very much a favorite in the industry. Milan Fashion Week follows London. Milan is the one city out of the four capitals that has

seen tremendous growth as a fashion capital. You can’t say Milan without thinking about labels like Prada, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana. To add to the fact that Milan is a fast-growing fashion capital, it was named the top fashion capital in the world a couple of years ago. Fashion Week finishes in Paris. Known as the city where fashion started, Paris is the most lavish of the fashion weeks. For one, Paris is home to the most famous fashion house in the world, Chanel. Secondly, Paris is known for being the home to other famous fashion houses like Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, and Lanvin. Paris is rich in the fact that Parisian clothing has a very couture and luxurious look to it. The gorgeous gown that you might see in a fashion magazine? It was probably made in Paris. The spectacular embellished shoes that you spotted in a fall issue? Probably Paris. Fashion’s finest show up at the Parisian shows to experience the feel of luxury that Paris is associated with. This French city has definitely played an important role in fashion history. Fashion Week is a chance for designers to show buyers, editors, and all of fashion’s most important people what they bring to the fashion world. With the growth of the fashion industry today, the growth of more fashion weeks has increased as well. Today, we see fashion weeks in Australia, Sweden, Africa, and other countries. Fashion Week is not just about a week of staring at clothes walking up and down the runway. It’s also about the appreciation that the fashion industry has for its major fashion cities.

Written by Whitney Lynn

Coco Rocha in Zac Posen New York Fashion Week, February 2012


Bold Colors

It’s September! Who has already touched, drooled, and coveted everything among the pages of Vogue? I have, I have! As a Makeup Artist I love this time of year because it usually means wearing more makeup. More makeup means more colors, blended of course, but more is more, after all! This year does not disappoint at all. Blush! Who knew a simple cheek flushing could become a thing of madness? And I don’t mean the ever popular, wee dusting of color made so famous by one Françoise Nars. I speak of Orgasms of course! We all have it and I’m sure many of us have it in its multiple forms of lip gloss, polish and “super”. I by no means am knocking it. That would be blasphemy! Branch out is all I say. Go out on the limb of bright, deep, penetrating color and gorge yourself in colors like NARS Exhibit A, The Balm’s Cabana Boy, tarte’s Feisty and Blushing Bride. Oh and the lips. Bitten and seductress are the color descriptions here! One must try Liptini’s Vampire Kiss, NARS Moscow or Fire Down Below, or MUB beauty’s Berrylicious. Colors that are all wanton and throbbing with ambition and confidence. Let’s face it, it has been said by many over the years that deep red lipstick may be all you need to look presentable in this world. LBD with a tube of lipstick and you are right in this world. Own it. The eye shadows this season are all over the place - just where I like it! Metallics are ruling the day for sure. Deep Bronzes and golds, along with shimmering pale ambers. A must try is MUB beauty’s cult favorite, Brazilian Bazaar, a deep very metallic bronze. It is beautiful alone, or mixed in with the other colors of the season, which are teals and dark blues. (In all formulas: flat, shimmering, metallic) If you like all three, go ahead and be daring! Mix them all together. I love metals with teal. Smoke it out and line with a blue or black. The best part? These colors look beautiful on every eye! The best all in one palette I’ve seen is brand new from The Balm called Balmbini. It has everything you need to be glamtastic for the upcoming seasons. Hey, if you feel a little friskier or more confident, or perhaps hit on by more men because you are rocking your new bold look, well, you can thank me later. Written by Alex Mendez-Kelley Owner of The MakeUp Bar


First Time Home Buying Tips

Twenty somethings are often first time homebuyers. Buying a house is a big responsibility, one that can induce a lot of stress. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Here are some of my tips to consider when buying your first home. And yes, I do have a bit of experience in the home buying arena. 1. Work with a Realtor - an experienced agent will be your best ally when purchasing a home. They are there to be a resource, help educate you on the market and lobby on your behalf. Work with someone you definitely trust, but also someone you truly like! 2. Keep an open mind - First time homebuyers often think their first home will be their dream home. And if that turns out to be true - great! But more often than not, you will have to make a few compromises. Be realistic about your price range and what that will get in the area you are looking to buy in. 3. Do your homework- Even though you are working with a Realtor, you still need to do your homework. Educate yourself on price per square foot, what to look for during an inspection, school districts…. The list goes on. 4. Use your creativity - don’t walk into a house and be turned off by the paint color, carpet, or furnishings. So many things are super easy to change, so don’t let things that will be easy to switch override your whole opinion on a house. Look at the big picture.

Good Luck!

xoxo, Emily


Fall Fashions Be a stand out in neutral tones and lots of layers.

Photography: Melissa Cosper Makeup: The MakeUp Bar Hair: Jamy Green Styling: Kelsey Self Clothing: Funky Monkey Model: Christine B. of Anthony David Agency


What We’re Li Album of the Month: Yeasayer, Fragrant World

Formed in 2006 out of Brooklyn, Yeasayer has been steadily working to give us “middle eastern-psych-snap-gospel” music. Although far from actual gospel, members Chris Keating, Ira Wolf Tuton, and Anand Wilder create somewhat psychedelic pop that is progressively influenced by mainstream rather than the underground music most new hipster musicians swear by. They always keep listeners guessing, especially with their newest album Fragrant World that was just released on August 21. A newer sound with more minor keys and grimy dance rhythms found in tracks like “Henrietta” and “Fingers Never Bleed,” Yeasayer got inspiration from the unexpected likes of Jay-Z and Missy Elliot. Songs like “Give It To Me,” by Jay-Z and the Neptune’s, produced by Timbaland gave them insight into their new sound. Apparently, our current hip-hop is revolutionary and inspiring artists across the board. This album is their third and they seem to keep getting better in time. Fragrant World is all over the place, scattered and upbeat, yet holds high regards all the same and guarantees a good time.

istening To... Artist of the Month: The Lumineers

I spend a lot of time listening to music. As with life, I believe it is important to be well rounded. That is why it is important to listen to folk every once in a while. I know I just wrote about Seryn, who is also a folk band, but both of these bands deserve attention. The Lumineers are playful and simple. From Denver, Colorado, they remind their listeners of good lyrics and originality. Drums, cello, acoustic guitar and voices are just about all this band needs to produce their work. They’ve been in the works since 2005 when Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites started writing songs together in NYC. They came back to their roots in Denver, CO and looked for a cellist on Craig’s list. Naturally. In 2011 they got their chemistry and built a bigger fan base. From then on they started to have sell-out crowds and tour nationwide. Songs like “Ho Hey,” “Flowers in Your Hair,” and “Classy Girls” are my favorites. Broaden your horizons and never forget Southern roots.

Song of the Month: “They Say” (feat. Tay Walker) by The Internet The Internet is a duo of Syd tha Kyd who is a producer, and Matt Martians of OFWGKTA. I didn’t exactly know who these people were, but I really liked what they did here with this song when I first heard it. Syd tha Kyd is actually a girl. A 19-year old girl who’s producing great hip-hop amongst the boys. Her voice is sweet, but you’ll learn that she’s capable of so much more than singing. “They Say” has a nice groove to it and is easy to listen to. Working with other artists like our pal Frank Ocean and Tyler, the Creator, The Internet has some music worth listening to. Check them out.

Written by Sarah Ethridge


Photo By: Bethany Young

Meet our September Twenty Something Girl, Courtney Corbeille. This OU Alum can now be seen on Broadway in the new hit sensation, Bring It On. Tell us about yourself! I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas and have danced since I could walk! As a child, I loved performing and constantly forced my siblings to put on performances in our garage for all the neighbors. However, it was not until about twenty years later that performing actually became my profession. I graduated from Fort Worth Country Day School in 2006 and made the cheer squad at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. After my heart called me back to the south, I transferred to the University of Oklahoma and started to bleed crimson. I studied journalism at Gaylord College and cheered on the large coed squad for the rest of my college career. I had the chance to cheer at bowl games, Big XII championship games, the Final Four tournament, and the college cheerleading national championship. I auditioned for Bring It On in February of my senior year, graduated from OU in May, worked as a counselor at Kanakuk Kamps the summer after graduation, and also taught cheerleading in Australia, Europe, and China. That summer is when I received a call from the casting director in New York telling me that I had landed the part in Bring It On. I participated in the workshop in New York in 2010, the world premiere in Atlanta in 2011, and a twelve-city North American tour in 20112012 before ending up on Broadway nearly two and a half years later! What a ride it has been!

How did you first become attracted to cheerleading? As a toddler, I started out in gymnastics and ballet. My gymnastics schedule became too rigorous and was practically impossible to balance with the academic demands of school and my other extracurricular activities, so my parents encouraged me to focus on fewer activities. Cheerleading seemed to be a perfect combination of dance and gymnastics. I found that I was able to talk more at cheer practice than at ballet rehearsal, and that was also fun for me. However, I continued to balance my cheerleading with ballet training throughout middle school and high school. I also cheered competitively for Spirit of Texas All Stars for seven years. I minored in dance my first year of college while also cheering for the university. In 2007, I transferred to the University of Oklahoma and cheered on the large coed squad for the remainder of college. What is it about cheerleading that has driven you to pursue it? Cheerleading exemplifies the definition of teamwork to the fullest extent. If there is one weak link, a pyramid crashes to the ground. I think the teamwork and comradery required for cheerleading both intrigued me and challenged me. It also presented the chance for me to be a leader, which is a position that I naturally gravitated toward even as a young girl. Tell us about your role with Bring it On! I dance, sing, act, and cheer throughout the whole show as a member of the ensemble. During the show, I play a peppy high school student, a punk high school student, a cheerleader for two different schools, a fast-food customer, and even a goth girl at one point. Usually, I am portraying a student or cheerleader at Jackson or Truman

High, the two rival schools in the musical. I have three different wigs in the show, none of which are similar to my real hair. I have over a dozen costume changes and change my wig about a dozen times every show too!

smile. Every single show is someone in the audience’s first time to see a show, and knowing that you are having an impact on the way musical theater affects their life is special. I also thoroughly enjoy talk-back sessions that we get to have with student groups after the The show is on Broadway now, show. I love to give kids and young adults but you have been with it since advice on how to pursue their dreams and the very beginning in Atlanta and also hear how the show has inspired them. on the national tour – what was The most rewarding part of being on tour that experience like for you? was touching the lives of people all around This experience has been life-changing. I the country. As cheesy as it sounds, there have learned more about teamwork and is no better feeling than signing a playbill friendship during this process than I have in for a little girl after the show and hearing my entire life. Putting together a Broadwayher mom say that she wants to be just like caliber show from its conception is the ultiyou one day. We have performed for school mate test of your perseverance, stamina, atgroups in several cities, and receiving letters tention to detail, and overall wellbeing. I have from the students after the show is also relearned a lot about my limits as a performer, ally neat. Even if only one person walks out and have been urged to push my boundaries of the theater inspired, happier, or changed on a consistent basis. The support of my cast for the better, then we have done our jobs as mates, designers, directors, and everyone be- performers. The personal interaction with hind the scenes, has shown me the meaning patrons is something that I did not anticipate, of family, and I know that these relationships but something that I really enjoy about my that I’m forming now will be long-lasting. To job. originate a show, especially one as unique as Bring It On, is beyond special and something Of all the amazing experiences I will probably never have the chance to do you have been able to have over again. the last two years, what has been the one to outshine the rest? Did you ever think that you Closing night during the world premiere would be on Broadway? in Atlanta and opening night on Broadway Nope. I never, ever dreamed I could be remain at the top of the list when it comes on Broadway. Well, maybe as a little girl I to memorable moments in my Bring It On dreamed it, but I never thought that dream journey. On our closing night in Atlanta, I would come to fruition. cried throughout the entire finale because I thought that my journey with Bring It On What has your experience on was coming to an end. Thankfully, that was Broadway been like? not the case. Similarly, I cried during that My experience on Broadway has been a same number onstage on opening night on mixture of long hours of extensive rehearsals Broadway because I thought about all the with a grand sense of gratification. When I steps I had taken to make it to that night. I walk out of the stage door and see children, will never forget the feeling of gratitude I felt teens, and even grown men with glowing on opening night on Broadway with my best faces eager to get an autograph or even just friends by my side and my family in the audia glimpse of the cast, I know that the blood ence. and sweat were totally worth it. No feeling can compare to the feeling of knowing that you inspired someone or made someone

Photo By: Joan Marcus


A pop of color is a wonderful way to spice up your everyday outfit. Take a look at these colorful pants after all, if you are going to make a statement, it might as well be a big one. Photography: Bethany Young Makeup: The MakeUp Bar Hair: Jamy Green Styling: Kelsey Self Model: Jessica M of Anthony David Agency Clothing: Funky Monkey


Dating on a Dime in the Metro

Like many twenty-somethings, I find myself a little cash-strapped lately. Okay, you got me. I’m no longer in my 20s and there’s so little breathing room in the budget that sometimes I feel as though the proverbial tightened belt will pop open if I exhale. However, as my third 30th birthday approached yet again this year, I kept thinking that there must be a way for my family and I to celebrate without cutting off our air supply. It was time to get creative, as dropping nearly $100 on dinner, drinks and a movie wasn’t a good option. My husband and I came up with a list of things we could do for little or no money in our great metro area. We haven’t had a chance to do all of these things yet, but we will! Museum I know, this sounds like one for the supernerds and brainiacs, but this can actually be fun! We went to the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History in Norman. In nearly five years of marriage, my husband and I have never visited a museum together. I found that it provided us with some original conversation. I know I sound like the aforementioned super-nerd, but it was interesting to read about Pangaea (look it up if you’ve forgotten high school history) and chat about it. Admission is typically $5, but since we arrived an hour before closing the clerk charged us each $4 instead. Oklahoma City Zoo Many things have changed about me over the years, but many things have also stayed the same, including my LOVE for animals! Naturally, visiting the Oklahoma City Zoo was a must on this list. Admission is just $8 for adults and you get to act like a child all over again and make jokes about whose family more resembles the gorillas—everyone does that, right? You might think this is a place for families, but we saw several couples ranging in age without children. What’s really cool

is that the zoo allows you to bring in coolers with your own lunch packed. Keep in mind though that there are extra charges to do a few things, like the sea lion show.

Free Festivals/Celebrations It’s on our schedule to check out The Paseo District’s First Friday Gallery Walk. According to The Paseo’s website (http://www., over 60 artists and more than 17 galleries participate in the free monthly event. Everything is within walking distance, so you and your honey can leisurely stroll through the historic district while checking out some new gallery art openings. The Plaza District hosts Live on the Plaza every second Friday of the month. During Live, businesses stay open late and offer special deals. Meanwhile, it’s free to check out the district that’s filled with featured artists, live music and special events. Indoor Go-Karting It will be chilly before we know it, so I had to find something indoors to put on our to-do list. I’m revved up to try Pole Position Raceway. You can reserve the indoor track for special events, but you can also walk in and do what they call ‘Arrive and Drive’. As long as you’re at least 48 inches tall and don’t mind wearing a stylish helmet, you can pay $19.95 per person to hit the racetrack. Karts go up to 45 miles per hour and this will provide some great smack talking conversation after the date! Try these date ideas or create your own dating on a dime list. No matter what your financial situation, just know that you can still have fun without cutting off your oxygen supply.

Written by Kealey McIntire


Five Ingre

It’s closing in on that time of year where our leagues are starting back, meetings seem to be abundant and our time for a home cooked meal is at a minimum. Sure, there are great ideas on the Internet but rarely do we have elaborate ingredients to pull them off or the time. At the end of the week you find half–chopped veggies, a few leftovers and a lack of creativity to stump you; but there are always a few things you can pull out of the ‘fridge to assemble a decent and speedy meal! Leave the creative lunch packing for your thirty-something years, these ideas are a salute to you twenty-somethings at work during the day, committees and leagues at night, a husband, boyfriend or roommate, a couple dogs and no room for a fussy meal.

*All measurements below are in true twenty-something fashion. A pinch of this, a couple of that… Fancy Pants Sandwich Friday Frittata An interesting cheese A couple of eggs (goat cheese, brie, blue cheese, etc.) Half a bag of hash browns out of the Two or three veggies freezer (avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickHandful of chopped up veggies (red bell pepper, green bell pepper, les, red onions, radishes, lettuce, etc.) A protein you have available onion, broccoli, etc.) Any vinaigrette dressing Whatever cheese you have Toasted bread This can go anyway you want it to! Brown the hash browns up and pat Basically, skip the PBJ and load up your dinner with veggies the easy them in a pie pan. Mix your veggies and eggs, omelet style, and pour over way. Give a regular turkey, cheese and mustard combo a serious facelift just your ‘tatoes. Toss them in the oven and bake it all for 20 or so minutes. by adding an interesting cheese and toasting the bread! Your kitchen will Sprinkle on some cheese and slice it turn into a regular deli with infinite up like pizza. combinations. (Salsa or pico de gallo is a good substitute if you don’t have fresh veggies.)

edient Fixes Tutti Frutti Smoothie A banana Handful of other fresh or frozen fruit (strawberries, peaches, pineapple) Generous scoop of low-fat yogurt or Greek yogurt Splash of skim, soy or almond milk Handful of spinach (It might make the color weird, but I promise you wont taste it.) Bonus: Scoop of protein powder

Spaghetti Sans Sauce Serving of noodles (spaghetti, angel hair, linguine) Drizzle of olive oil Couple cloves of garlic Several slices of onion Chopped tomatoes (grape, cherry, Roma, etc.) Bonus: Use some protein you already had in the fridge from leftovers. (Shrimp, chicken, etc.)

You only have time for water to boil. On your super late nights when you No problem. Boil off some noodles really don’t feel like whipping anymeanwhile sautéing some onion and thing out, just whip it up! Plus, you garlic in the olive oil. Toss over the get extra points for two servings of noodles with some tomatoes and fruit, good protein, calcium and folate. make that your base. If you have some This recipe lends itself to be mixed fresh or dried herbs, or some parmeand matched to whatever you have. san, add that! If you don’t want to eat You could have a chocolate covered a hot pasta, sub the long noodles for strawberry smoothie (strawberries, penne or bow tie pasta, drizzle with strawberry yogurt and chocolate proItalian dressing, mix in any chopped tein powder with a hit of cocoa) or a veggies you have and let it chill. You tutti fruitti smoothie combining all have the easiest pasta salad! different fruits.

No matter how busy we get, we need to always remember that we are fueling our bodies from the inside out. A few meals made at the house each week will save you money and calories. Let’s face it, we all grocery shop anyway, we might as well make the most of the food we buy! No more frozen meals and no more boxed dinners. Pull five(ish) things out of the kitchen and pantry and go to town! You will be surprised what you can put together with a creative mind and a hungry belly! Written by Meagan Owen


September t

Labor Day. That wonderful holiday that celebrates our hard work, gives us one final opportunity at a long lake weekend, is the unofficial end of summer, and glorious kickoff of fall. Most are familiar with these, but what you may not have known about Labor Day is that it’s the fall’s version of New Year’s Day. That’s right. Labor Day is an excellent opportunity to refocus, reset, and prepare yourself for a strong finish to the year and take meaningful steps closer to who you want to be. Remember those goals you set back on January 1 (yeah those goals)? Are you still moving towards them or did you abandon them quicker than Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’s marriage? Regardless if you made progress, regressed, or stayed the same the past 8 months, now is a great time to focus on finishing the year right. Like a sports team, set up winning habits in September so we can be the champion to close the year. Let Labor Day serve as your opening day of the season. Identify your goals, put your strategy together on how to achieve, then execute.

Don’t be like the clock this fall season. Spring forward to a better you. Finish the year strong by incorporating the following suggestions: 1. Write Down Your Goals and Set Shorter Deadlines. Pick December 31st as your latest deadline. Set smaller goals or benchmarks leading up to that so you have more urgency to stay committed. Set daily behavioral goals to build habits and increase confidence. Ex: Goal – lose 10 lbs by December 31. Benchmark – lose 2 lbs by October 1, 5 lbs. by November 1, 7 lbs by December 1 Daily - Read goal daily, Eat 1 serving fruit/veggies daily, Exercise 30 minutes/day

to Remember

2. Understand Why You Haven’t Accomplished Your Goal So Far. Ask yourself lots of questions. By understanding what’s holding you back you can better plan how to move forward to succeed. Ex: Eat healthier until later in the day when you pig out of control. Maybe you starve yourself during the day only to break at the end. Solution – eat more, earlier in the day when you are better able to eat well and control yourself so you are full and satisfied later, making you less likely to binge. 3. Brainstorm a To Do List of Possible Necessary Actions to Get to Your Goal. Here are some examples: - Look at your goals daily - Tell people your goals to hold you accountable - Follow a proven fitness program - Get a coach - Surround yourself with people with similar goals - Track your calories - Always eat whole foods - Throw away all the junk in your fridge/pantry - Have a food plan for the week 4. Take Action and Evaluate. Cross those to do’s off your list. Be consistent. Understand what’s working, what isn’t, and why. Make adjustments where necessary. 5. Always Stay Positive and Believe. Your mind is your greatest asset or greatest barrier. Know that you can and will do it regardless of what happens. Consume and surround yourself with positive, inspiring, and uplifting people or content. Written by Jeff Ragan

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Twenty Something Magazine - September 2012  

The September 2012 issue of Twenty Something Magazine.

Twenty Something Magazine - September 2012  

The September 2012 issue of Twenty Something Magazine.