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Be Bold

Summer time is upon us and in the Southern Midwest, that means temperatures are beginning to heat up. There is no telling when you may end up sitting on the patio, or, better yet, poolside. Men’s trends move slower than ladies. This is good news for our sake and makes being well dressed quite achievable. While this is the case, there are some bolder styles that are catching on and this summer is the perfect time to test them out.

Prints and colors are everywhere this season. In fact, more men’s clothing lines are playing up prints than women’s. From head to toe you can now pick up any accessories or pieces of clothing with this style. The easiest way to break into the trend is with an accessory. A cap, watch, tie, pair of shoes or even socks could be the little element you add that would offset any classic outfit. The larger clothing pieces are more of a commitment to the look, but are just as easy to pull off. Short sleeve shirts, tees, tank tops, pants, and shorts are all perfect examples. Keep the rest simple with basic single color pieces to complete the outfit. If you’re feeling wild and want to mix prints use both large and small designs, this keeps the look easier on the eye. Many people I talk to wouldn’t pick these pieces for themselves. Once they slip into that lime sherbet colored shirt with the chevron print, they tend to approve.

Shoe style for the summer months is moving in two different directions. The casual trend is the espadrille. This lightweight kick will leave you feeling barefoot without the worry of what you’re stepping in. A go to for kicking it around the house or the pool. The dressier look is the wingtip with a color pop accent. This can be accomplished with the laces, soles, or even both. Changing your laces to bright blue is the easiest way to add summer style to your older shoes. I tend to wear mine a little messy and untied. Another shoe to-do this summer is the no or low sock look. Something about going sock less throughout the warmer months just looks right. Unfortunately, wearing shoes without socks will inevitably take its toll. There are some precautions you can take. Baby powder and insole liners will help add years, but eventually the shoe is going to pick up an odor. Brands are now making no show socks with a grip on the inside of the heel that will help keep them in place. I advise making the investment.

When it is 110 outdoors, the last thing you want to be wearing are pants. Sadly, some of our nine to fives do not allow for a choice in the matter. The best remedy for this is wearing pants a few inches higher than usual. This allows a little airflow to catch your ankles and cool the lower extremities. The easiest way to do this is with a couple of cuffs. If you are not a cuff guy, I recommend having a tailor take up the length of your pants 2-3 inches to get the look. I find myself doing both simultaneously these days. Shorts and swim trunks are also moving towards a shorter and shorter inseam. This is a win-win if you ask me. Functionally you have a wider range of motion without the shorts drooping below the knee. Comfortably you’ll find yourself much cooler as well. You may not even have to go shopping to achieve this look. A couple cuffs on my older shorts and they are the same length as what is in style.

There are a few things I appreciate about the direction these styles are moving. The bolder prints allow a little more freedom of choice in the menswear world. Options are not merely confined to the normal plaids and checks. Also, style seems to be moving in a direction that makes sense from a functional standpoint. If you are breaking a sweat, why would you want to wear anything more than necessary? The idea of skipping socks and showing some leg sounds cooler. Literally.

Article by Jacob Peregrin


Photography: Bethany Young Stylist: Bailey Young Model: Lauren Young Clothing and Accessories: Target


The Evolution of a Shoe Enthusiast

They are the last things you put on before leaving the house, and the first things you relieve yourself of when you arrive home. They make you ache, cause your gait to become compromised, pinch your toes, give you blisters and make the balls of your feet feel like you’ve done nothing but jump up and down on a bed of boulders while barefoot for hours on end. And yet, you endure the discomfort. Men and women alike constantly ask you why you continue to strap these torture devices on your feet time and time again. Outwardly, you probably answer ‘Because I like them.’ But if you’re like me, inwardly, you’re screaming ‘Why?!’ Because it’s my God-given right as a woman to wear these crazy things we call shoes. Denying that would be as crazy as returning a pair of free Christian Louboutins!’ I haven’t always felt this way. To understand my enthusiasm (I do prefer the word ‘enthusiast’ to ‘fanatic’ or ‘addiction’… it makes me sound less crazy) toward shoes, you have to understand how it started. If the shoe fits… Early in life, this was my simple mantra. I’ve always had an issue with shoes, but you could say that it started with my being neglectful of them and not enthusiastic. I had one pair of ‘going out’ shoes. Ladies, you all know what I’m talking about. They were these low black boots with a chunky heel. They were very popular in the late 90s. After about one year they were scuffed and pretty pathetic, but my foot soldiers and I marched forward. I used to joke that you could probably become over the legal intoxication limit merely by licking the tops of them because so many alcoholic beverages had been spilled on them. At any rate, I wore them with just about every outfit. Not because I loved them, but because they were comfortable and they seemed to match well enough. I’ve never been one to care much about public opinion, but for some reason, this has stuck with me. One night, I was at a bar with a group of friends. Of course, I was wearing my ‘going out’ shoes. A group of guys behind me all of a sudden started talking to me. One guy said ‘I’m sorry about your shoes.’ I shot back with double the amount of what I thought to be a sarcastic remark, but then the guy said, ‘No, really. Your outfit is great and you look great, but those boots ruin it.’ This was my first lesson stating that shoes aren’t part of an outfit. They make an outfit. I’m pretty sure I retired them shortly after that night. If you could walk a mile in my shoes… A few years later, my mantra had slightly changed. Many of you know that my first profession after college was in the TV news business. I was a reporter, which meant I had to walk through all sorts of terrain at a moment’s notice: muddy fields, house fire remains, miles of concrete, etc. I had to be prepared to move quickly no matter what was thrown at me. I had traded in my ‘going out’ shoes for my ‘work shoes.’ They were a pair of black loafers with a very small chunky heel. They were sensible and comfortable. I had worn those shoes so much that they too became scuffed. Instead of buying a new pair, I just colored in the scuffmarks with black Sharpie. At one point, an image consultant literally LOL’ed and said ‘Oh, the shoes you girls wear!’ That was the second time I had been reminded that good shoes complete an outfit; bad shoes draw negative attention. This was not good, as I was a young professional trying to make it in a grown-up world. I vowed there would be no third lesson.

For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places. Seo Min Hyun It didn’t take much longer for me to get the hint. Although I was barely surviving on my reporter salary, I decided it was time to adopt a new mantra. Some of the best advice I’ve ever received is to dress for where you’re going, not where you are. That meant stepping it up in the footwear department… pardon the pathetic pun. Not long after my second lesson, I purchased my first pair of stilettos. They were black, midcalf, pointed-toe boot. Sensible and sharp looking, yes; comfortable, weeelllllll???? Let’s just say that I thought only a man could come up with something that was this uncomfortable. Turns out, I may be right. Although women have been wearing heels for hundreds of years, many people believe that Italian designer Roger Vivier invented the stiletto in the 1950s. They force you to stand on the balls of your feet, and stick your chest and butt out just to balance. This did take some getting used to, but now, I LOVE them! I believe my collection is modest, but my husband and some co-workers would gravely disagree. “Maybe the reason Cinderella was so happy the shoe fit wasn’t because of the prince. It was because of the shoes.” The Carrie Diaries My new shoes took me to new heights—literally and figuratively. I love that by stepping into a pair of heels I’m virtually stepping into a new persona. ‘Work/Wife’ Kealey leaves the house in a variety of heels or boots. They are not sensible, but they look hot and make me feel sexy and that’s all that matters. I walk a little taller, feel a little sultrier and have more confidence when I’m in my heels. ‘Home/Mom’ Kealey dresses in sensible tennies or flats. Stepping into or out of a shoe signifies the changing of the guard. Mom is now on duty; work Kealey has checked out. Shoes are powerful accessories. With one magical step, you feel transformed. Shoes can also change the entire look of your outfit. The right shoe with leopard print or red leather can take an LBD from simple to stunning. They can take jeans from casual to catty. And they can take a pair of shorts and a basic tee from boating to the ready-for-the-bar. Instead of shelling out hundreds for a new head-to-ankle-look, you can spend $100 (or less) for a new look on your feet. That small area may be at the bottom of your body, but it better be at the top of your mind. No matter where you purchase them, your Louboutin’s, Gianni Bini’s or Stride Rite’s, make a statement. The question is… is it the statement you’re trying to make? Many of my friends, as well as women worldwide, share my feelings toward footwear. Many women like to buy shoes because no matter how much your body changes, your feet stay the same size. That’s one reason I have changed my attitude toward them. But really I’ve found that if you want to stand out, standing in a snazzy pair of shoes is a good way to do it. So my current, and likely my final, mantra: After you’ve got your proverbial ‘foot in the door’ it better be wearing a good shoe if you want it to get noticed.

Written by Kealey McIntire


Wine, Women & Shoes

When your girlfriends ask you if you want to go to an event to shop shoes, sip wine and taste delicious bites from local restaurants, you just say yes. That’s what I did on April 19, and if all those things weren’t fabulous enough, it was to raise money for a truly great cause. WOW (Work of Women) and World Neighbors (a subsidiary of Feed the Children) hosted their second annual Wine, Women and Shoes event this past year and what a wild success it was. Women enjoyed a night of touring some of OKC’s favorite boutiques like Liberte, Heirloom Shoe, Plenty Mercantile and so much more. Dapper shoe men carried silver platters with shoes and jewelry from the boutiques like waiters showing you the latest dessert specials. As you are aware, shoes are just as drool worthy to women as a beautiful chocolate mousse anyway. We kicked off the night being greeted at the door with swag bags and entered into an oasis of mini bunt cakes, wine tasting and great displays. Several opportunities presented themselves for fundraising that evening but what was probably the most unique was the “Keys to the Closet” raffle. Several of the vendors and community partners around the city had donated nothing short of a haul to the “closet”. Massages, gift certificates, clothing and so much more made the loot value at more than $10,000! Keys were then sold at $100 apiece and one woman won the whole closet! A live auction, filled with trips to vineyards across the country, kicked off the show with all the proceeds benefiting World Neighbors. Wrapping up the evening were beautiful models from the Brink Modeling Agency, walking in four categories of clothing to a great beat and on a light-up runway provided by Innovated Event Solutions. Ladies took notes from their runway seats of the latest spring fares and finished out the evening catching up with local vendors and making final purchases. All in all, a fantastic evening. What a great way to spend a Friday evening, with your girlfriends, raising money for girl power! World Neighbors seeks to improve the lives of countless women through identifying problems in their communities and villages around the world and helping them work through them for a better future. They are not a short-term fix but a life enhancing organization. If you would like more information on how to get involved with them in the future or to aid in future fundraising events, check out If nothing else, be sure and get your tickets for next year’s event when it rolls around. It is sure to be a good one!

Article by Meagan Owen


Oklahoma Fashion

Oklahoma is a state known for its down-to-earth people and its love of sports. The state’s capitol has made tremendous growth over the years. There is one thing, however, for which Oklahoma is not typically known. Since I write about fashion, you can easily figure it out or just look at the title of this article! Although Oklahoma is not known as a fashion capitol, fashion awareness in our state has tremendously increased over the years. With the rise in fashion boutiques, creation of an outlet mall, and a love for sports, more Oklahoma fashionistas are strutting across the Sooner state. As a place that is known for where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain, when it comes to fashion, you’re doin’ fine Oklahoma! Fashion awareness in Oklahoma has become an exciting idea in our state. From fashionrelated topics in the newspapers to online fashion magazines, Oklahomans are making a great effort to be fashion savvy. Throughout the years, we have seen the creation of fashion-related platforms in the likes of newspaper columns, magazines, and news segments in our state. In the past, it was highly unlikely for one to browse the pages of an Oklahoma-based online fashion magazine. Now, you can find several outlets dedicated to covering the latest fashion trends here in Oklahoma. If you want an example, pick up a local newspaper or magazine and more than likely there is a fashion-related article in it. The creation of such fashion magazines like our very own Twenty Something Magazine all leads to one simple and interesting fact: Oklahoma is taking a keen interest in fashion. If you are a hard-core fashionsta like me, you have probably noticed the increase and popularity of local boutiques. Considering the small size of our state, the number of Oklahoma boutiques has increased to an amazing number. Moreover, this number is not just limited to our state’s capitol. These boutiques carry different styles ranging from today’s popular trends to vintage and eco-friendly styles. The great thing about some of our boutiques is the fact that they are very friendly, fashion aware, and inexpensive. In addition to the increase of Oklahoma boutiques, the number of fashion forward stores in our malls has also increased. Stores like Michael Kors, Coach, and Forever 21 have added a luxurious experience to everyday shopping. The creation of the outlet mall has also helped with fashion awareness and style in our state. With its high-end stores Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th and DKNY, the opportunity to grab some of today’s most popular trends is easier than before. If you ask me, boutiques, new fashion forward stores, and the outlet mall have definitely had an influence on Oklahoma fashion. When it comes to sports, it is obvious that Oklahomans are passionate about their teams. Whether it be football, baseball, basketball, or any other sport, Oklahomans are dedicated to the love of the game. The need for fashionable and unique apparel to cheer on one’s favorite team has become a popular event for Oklahoma fashionistas. Due to my own personal love of sports and the need to look stylish while cheering on my team, I can understand this concept. As sport-loving Oklahoma fashionistas, instead of opting for the typical jersey or t-shirt with your favorite team on it, we are going for dresses, stylish

tanks, and dressier looks for the game. Oklahoma fashionistas are now probably switching out their foam hands for Michael Kors watches. They might be wearing their Tory Burch flats instead of their sporty sneakers. For a football game, you are more than likely going to see some girls wearing dresses with western boots instead of jerseys and t-shirts. The success and popularity of the Oklahoma City Thunder has also had an influence on game day fashion. Long skirts, unique printed tanks, and Thunder color-coordinated outfits can be easily seen on game day. There is no question that Oklahomans have fun with fashion when it comes to the state’s sporting events. So what about Oklahoma style in general? I have talked about the importance of things like boutiques and the influence of sports, but what does any of it tell us about Oklahoma fashion and style? For one, it tells us that people here in Oklahoma have fashion needs, and the existence of fashion savvy stores accommodates those needs. Also, it tells us that there are a lot of women and men who actually do care about fashion. Typically, the fashion industry can be perceived as a catty and unimportant industry. However, I think that Oklahomans are using fashion to have fun and accommodate their own unique personalities. If you visit the Paseo Arts District in Oklahoma City, it is probably full of hip and stylish people. If you happen to be walking in Penn Square Mall, you have probably noticed individuals with a more casual and dressier style aesthetic. Many Oklahoma fashionistas’ style can also be seen through blogs, style websites, and social media profiles. If you want a quick example of how many talented Oklahoma fashionistas there are in our state, keep flipping through this issue of TwentySomething Magazine. Our contributing writers have just as much passion and excitement for fashion as the fashionista who is probably reading this article! Oklahoma fashion in general has come a long way from where it was. It is so great to see more people getting dressed up to go to a game or walk around the mall. It is also refreshing to see more stores and boutiques opening up in our state. As Oklahoma keeps up the good work taking a genuine interest in fashion, fashionistas have more opportunities to keep up with the fashion world! Written by Whitney Lynn Photo by Melissa Cosper


Calling all girls fourteen years and older! The Outlet Shoppes at Oklahoma City is looking for the next “it” girl to grace their advertisements in the year to come. If you’ve always wanted a chance to become a model, here’s your opportunity! The search begins in June and is open to girls ages 14-26, and 5’7” to 6’ in height. The search is absolutely free to enter. There will be two casting calls associated with the search: Tuesday, June 4th at 6pm and Saturday, June 25th at 2pm. Don’t think of this as your typical job interview; it’s the “bare essentials” type they are looking for. Skip the makeup and skip the Texas hair! Maybe some lip-gloss and a touch of mascara will do. Let your hair down and keep it simple. Bring a hair band for digital images to be taken on site for judging purposes. No need to bring any professional images. Your outfit should be fitted and solid in color. Maybe try a tank top and shorts or a fitted dress and bring those heels! Remove all that bright summer nail polish and go neutral. Keep free of tan lines and leave the jewelry at home. This is a “less is more” mentality! Following the two castings, potential models will be narrowed down to the top ten. On July 10th, models will meet with a panel of five judges made up of industry professionals, who will then narrow down the potential models to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. The winners will be announced at the finale showcase on the evening of Thursday, July 25th where all of the top ten models will showcase their catwalks at the finale fashion show! The event starts that evening at 7pm. The top three finalists will win shopping sprees to the Outlet Shoppes at Oklahoma City in the amounts of $500, $300 and $200, respectively. Additionally, the winner will win a photo shoot with one of Oklahoma’s top fashion photographers including wardrobe styling, hair and makeup as well as a portfolio and modeling contract with Brink Model Management. She will also grace advertisements at the Outlet Shoppes for the year! Don’t miss out on this chance to pursue your dream! Mark your calendars now for the first annual Model Search at the Outlet Shoppes at Oklahoma City! Written by Heather Rouba


Nightstand Styling

Did you know that your nightstand could be one of your favorite décor moments in your home? It definitely can be with the right styling! Creating a gorgeous nightstand vignette certainly isn’t rocket science. Consider these tips a road map to creating a nightstand you will absolutely LOVE. Pick the right nightstand. The most common mistake made when choosing a nightstand is choosing one that is too small. Consider the size of your bed and make sure your nightstands aren’t dwarfed by it. Also, consider storage. If you feel like you need a lot of items within reach of your bed, make sure your nightstand has drawers so there’s not a bunch of junk laying out on the surface. And my biggest tip is to pick nightstands that compliment the rest of your furniture. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have the MATCH. Vary the heights. Your lamps will probably be the tallest item on your nightstand. But adding in other items that are various heights will create interest and be more visually pleasing than one big item paired with a bunch of small ones. Picture frames, taller floral arrangements and stacks of books can be good ‘mid-range’ heights Make it personal. I know I say it all the time- but your décor should reflect YOU! Add in pictures, art, books you love, your favorite colors…. just anything that makes you smile! After all, your nightstand will be one of the first things you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night. Let’s start the day and end it on a good note, right? For more interior design tips, head on over to my blog xoxo,


Image credit: The Designer’s Attic Blog

Fashion Photography:Melissa Cosper Styling: Lacey Rosenwald Makeup: Candace Hopf Hair: Jeff Ivison Clothing: Isabella & The Felt Bird Models: Madison S. of Brink Model Management, Noel Delano of Linda Layman Agency


Lyric Theatre’s 50th Anniversary Brings Big Events and Even Bigger Shows

Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, meaning this Oklahoma theatre scene staple has been around twice as long as most of us twenty something’s. For a theatre to continue to appeal to audiences, generation after generation, it must be in the business of revitalization and reinvention, which is exactly why Lyric’s productions get bigger and better each season. The 50th Anniversary Season is no exception. With two productions — “Some Enchanted Evening” and “The Glass Menagerie” — at the Plaza Theatre already under its belt, the theatre poses to kick off its summer shows at the Civic Center Music Hall on June 25. Launching onto the stage, literally and figuratively, will be the high-flying adventure “Tarzan,” starring New York-based actor Nicholas Rodriguez. If you’ve seen his photo on Lyric’s Facebook page, you know there will be no shortage of eye candy, but the real kicker? He also has the voice of an angel. He’ll be belting out the Phil Collins tunes we all know and love—who hasn’t had a private “You’ll Be In My Heart” performance a time or two? — along with a cast of 25 incredibly talented actors.

“Tarzan” will have wild acrobatics including monkeys bouncing from floor to ceiling and butterflies flowing gracefully across the stage. The set itself will prove to be one of Lyric’s largest and is designed by Helen Hayes Award-winning scenic designer Adam Koch. His set designs for Lyric’s 2012 summer shows received high critical acclaim and were featured

in a Stage Directions Magazine article. Koch is collaborating with Oklahoma City artist Erin Latham, who has used her screen-printing skills to create larger-than-life flora to adorn the set. The show runs through Saturday, June 29. Not to be outdone is the second summer show, “The King and I” running July 9 - 13. This classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical has been dazzling audiences for generations and Lyric’s presentation will be no exception. “The King and I” will be directed by “Sesame Street” star Alan Muraoka, known as “Al” on the show. Muraoka last joined Lyric to direct the hit musical “Xanadu” in 2012, complete with a roller skating cast. His directing credits also include Off-Broadway and regional theatre, as well as television. As an actor, he joined the cast of “Sesame Street” in 1997 and has been a series regular ever since.

Heading the cast will be Heather Geery as “Anna” and Mel Sagrado Maghuyop as the “King of Siam.” The production holds a special place in Geery’s heart, as she appeared in Lyric’s 1983 production of “The King and I” as one of the King of Siam’s children. How special that her career comes full-circle during Lyric’s 50th? Maghuyop will travel to Oklahoma from New York City. This is not the actor’s first time tackling the role, as he played the part at Walnut Street Theatre in November 2011. Maghuyop is also a volunteer police officer with the NYPD. It’s also worth noting that Maghuyop has a side business—Google “original sushi pillow.” Cool, huh? Following “The King and I” is the musical based on Oklahoma’s favorite son, “The Will Rogers Follies,” lighting up the stage from July 23 - 27. This production is an especially poignant choice by Artistic Director Michael Baron and Executive Director Paula Stover, as it was the first show Lyric ever performed at the Civic Center Music Hall, following its massive renovation in the late 1990s. Tom Huston Orr, who is quite a dead-ringer for Rogers himself, and is also the director of the University of Oklahoma School of Drama, will headline “The Will Rogers Follies”. The show will feature the iconic light-up staircase, as well as several exciting Oklahoma ties.

The role of “Wiley Post” will be played by a different Oklahoma City civic, political or arts leader each evening. Those who have already signed on include Mike Turpen, Kirk Humphreys, Oklahoma City Philharmonic Music Director Joel Levine and Oklahoma City Ballet Artistic Director Robert Mills.

You didn’t think Lyric would do a show about an Oklahoman without including the Oklahoma City Thunder, did you? The portion of “Will Rogers” dedicated to a ‘wild west show’ will feature the Storm Chasers, the always-exciting trick basketball act seen at every Thunder home game. That’s right—the Storm Chasers are donning some cowboy fringe. Rounding out Lyric’s summer will be the knee slapping, country music extravaganza “Big River,” running August 6 - 10. Based on the Mark Twain novel “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” the show will feature a big cast with big voices. If you had the chance to see Lyric’s production of “The Glass Menagerie,” Alex Enterline, who played “Tom,” is back as “Huck Finn.” We promise he won’t make you cry as much this time around. The “Big River” set is also being designed by Koch with lots of southern flair and gorgeous ‘river life’ influences.

Tickets to all of Lyric’s 2013 shows are now on sale. To buy tickets, visit Lyric’s box office at 1727 NW 16th Street, call (405) 524-9312 or visit Summer performances will be held at the Civic Center Music Hall on Tuesday through Thursday at 7:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., and Saturday at 2 p.m.

Written by Michaela Webb


What We’re Li Artist : Haim

The classic nature vs. nurture argument has me wondering sometimes when celebrities’ kids get famous. Did they luck out or are they genuinely that talented? Haim is almost a case like that. Formed of three sisters, Este, Alana and Danielle, the trio grew up in a musical environment. Their parents are musicians and formed a family band in their adolescence so the girls could grow up musically educated. It worked. Just like a Hispanic nanny can make a kid bilingual, these girls were meant to succeed in music. Each daughter manifested her own talent with time. Danielle and Este joined the group Valli Girls in 2005 and even had one of their hits appear in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. With their seventies influences, being compared to the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benetar, or The Pretenders, the trio decided their music would work best if all three worked together. Haim’s earliest work dates back to 2006 but was not released until 2012, which is why we’re just now hearing about them. They’re hipster, feminine and independent, which makes them likable for our generation of females. It would make sense if their music was on an episode of “Girls.” Haim would not be complete without their drummer Dash Hutton. Together, all members have created singles like “Don’t Save Me,” “ Falling,” and their most famous, “Forever.” This band has not recorded a substantial amount of music, but it’s enough to keep us going. With Danielle on lead vocals and guitar, Este on bass, and Alana on rhythm guitar and percussion, these sisters have proven that talent runs in one’s blood and can transcend among generations.

istening To... Album : Modern Vampires of the City, Vampire Weekend

For many of you, Vampire Weekend might mean nothing more than the band that’s playing in the first scene of Stepbrothers with their song “A-Punk.” Or maybe they’re just another Indie band that made it big and is just like the rest of them. Although these New York City natives are a successful Indie-Rock band, they really have created an elaborate story with their music and added another chapter with their latest album Modern Vampires of the City released May 14, 2013. Just like any great band, Vampire Weekend wanted to be different, yet the same with their new work. Apparently, while experimenting with new sounds, they threw out anything that sounded like their older music belonging to previous albums, Contra (2010) and Vampire Weekend (2008). Even their album artwork, a 1966 photograph capturing the intense Manhattan smog, is meaningful for the band’s direction. Just like NYC found a way out of the smog and led itself into a new future, the band is heading in a new direction. Striving to be different paid off with their clever use of technology. Pitch variations, for example, in “Diane Young,” their first single from the album and a more methodical cheery tune like “Step,” my personal favorite. For some reason, Ezra Koenig’s voice brings great familiarity and comfort with its distinctiveness, no matter the form or delivery. In the song “Worship You” he takes listeners by surprise by spouting off lyrics faster than seemingly possible. One thing I’ve noticed about this band is how greatly they balance music and lyrics. Both are so thoughtful and don’t seem rapidly produced. Not that I know anything about music production, but I do know that sometimes you can just tell if a band has taken their time to develop good music rather than popping out albums left and right. While making this album, I read they wanted their music to sound warmer than it has before. They even used Apple earbuds while recording to make sure it sounded its best to normal people like us. Bottom line is, Modern Vampires of the City is a great introduction to summer and will not leave you empty-handed. For those who are fans, I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do, and for newcomers, I hope you become as big of a fan as I am. Written by Sarah Ethridge


Boasting jam band sensibilities and Red Hot Chili Pepper-esque vocals, Ripple Green attracted a sizable crowd while playing on the rooftop of Velvet Monkey Salon. The Oklahoma City-based trio has been performing tirelessly throughout the metro in 2013 and shows no signs of stopping. Photo & Article: Nathan Poppe


Summer on 16th

While some people may travel across the country for summer vacation, the newest place to visit this summer is the Plaza District! The Plaza District offers two monthly events that let you enjoy the outdoors and the creative, local flavor of Oklahoma City. We celebrate the second Friday of every month with LIVE on the Plaza. LIVE lets you shop the local businesses after normal hours, browse through tons of art from featured artists, and live music is always guaranteed. It is a giant block party for the entire city - families, dogs, artists, grandparents -- you name it. The Plaza District has also created a new monthly event called Plaza Sunday. The first Sunday of every month, from 1pm-5pm, we welcome people to take a long stroll on their day of rest, indulge in a delicious brunch, enjoy live music, and my personal favorite - hit up local shops. We hope to provide fun and unique activities for future Plaza Sundays, giving everyone’s day off that extra something special. Summer evenings are even better with the addition of four new patios! The Mule, Urban Wineworks, and now Saints and Pie Junkie have all created unique patio experiences in the Plaza. Each having their own adult beverage specialty, the patios are the perfect spot to catch up with the gals, take a date or even read a book with your pup on a leash. I suggest The Mule for beer; they often have seasonal in bottles and rotating beers on tap. I suggest whichever beer is on their Farmhouse Ale tap and if you’re lucky, it may just be the Oklahoma-made Prairie Standard. You’ll find me frequenting The Mule a lot more when this beer is on tap. Just across the street, Saints has incredible cocktails that are created with house-made liqueurs and change with each season. “Thar’s Gold in Them Thar Hills” may have a funny name, but this seasonal cocktail at Saints is a real winner. If you’re the type to enjoy a nice Red or White, take a stroll down to Urban Wineworks. They have several wine options to choose from, all made right here in Oklahoma! Along with wine by the glass, UWW serves up a delicious Wine-A-Rita in two different, seasonal flavors, but I recommend a swirl of both! Although we didn’t quite make it in the playoffs, you can still cheers with their newest wine, sparkling Thunder Struck. Saints and Urban Wineworks also celebrate my personal favorite holiday, Brunch (some might call it Sunday Funday). While the deliciousness from one of our newest Plaza businesses, Pie Junkie, may not exactly help with your bikini body, the ladies of Pie Junkie make some pretty out-of-thisworld pies; enough to make you want to “treat yourself ” more than once a week. Great idea for a group summer picnic or Fourth of July treat. What could be more American than Apple pie and a picnic, right? Speaking of bikini body… Hello, new summer wardrobe! We are very happy to welcome Tree & Leaf Clothing to the Plaza! They have a huge selection of super-soft tees and tanks. Next door, hit up DNA Galleries and Collected Thread - both offering cute and cool Oklahoma and Thunder themed apparel. These are also great places to pop in if you’re looking for the perfect accessory. You can always find handmade and one-of-a-kind jewelry to

add some extra pizzazz to your summer outfit at these Plaza shops. If you’re trying to rock one of this season’s trends, cut-off shorts and vintage boots, try Plaza staples, Dig It and Bad Granny’s. You can always find a wide selection of handpicked vintage at both. (Not to mention those high-waisted shorts that are the buzz lately!) The Salvage Room and The Ruff Life, two other recent additions to the Plaza, also have exquisite retro and vintage selections of dresses and blouses when looking for something classy and unique to wear to those summer weddings, showers and barbeques. While the Plaza District may take up just one block, it’s jam-packed with great businesses to help you enjoy your summer in the city. Fill your closet full of tanks and dresses, relax on a patio, and spend your weekends at Plaza Sunday or LIVE on the Plaza. See you on 16th! #summeron16th

Written by Cayla Lewis


A Tasty Conversation

I can’t trace back exactly where my love for food began but I know it was somewhere around the dinner table growing up. It wasn’t necessarily fancy, but it was homemade, with love, and almost always involved butter. I’m so thankful for a mom who instilled in me a love for creating in the kitchen and the community that happens around the table. During my college years, my twin sister Megan and I began to dabble in the kitchen, attempting to put into practice what we had watched (and continue to watch) our adorable mom so effortlessly do for years. She is the equivalent of a pianist who plays by ear; food is her instrument and her palate is the means by which she creates. Over time, Megan and I developed a better understanding of the basics in the kitchen: how to cook meats, putting together classic recipes, spices that complement each other... which eventually grew into a love for all things food, presentation, and entertaining. Just as a perfectly wrapped present can be half the fun of a gift, a well plated meal or thoughtfully set table can enhance flavors and create a perfect atmosphere. I’ve surrounded myself with other so-called “foodies” who constantly inspire me (and make me drool a little). These relationships have resulted in monthly food swaps, a weekly soup club, potlucks, and hours of tasty conversation. And somehow, I now have the privilege of baking for a living alongside my mother every day, living out our dream (a subject perhaps for another day). I get to do what I love with the people I love... Somebody pinch me please! Born, bred, and buttered in the great state of Oklahoma and now I get to be a little part of contributing to its local charm (at least that’s my hope). Seasonal soirees... I love embracing each new season and the yummy offerings that they bring. I especially enjoy entering into the spring and summer months. There is a certain freshness that seems easier to attain with the abundance and variety of fruits and veggies at our fingertips; whether a trip to the farmer’s market, a local co-op or your own backyard. And before the scorching Oklahoma heat sets in, I adore enjoying a simple meal outdoors with loved ones, the aroma of freshly cut grass or someone grilling out nearby and the sun still peeking it’s head out just a little while longer. These are the magical moments around the table that have become so dear to me. I’ve learned that a delicious meal doesn’t always have to be overly contrived or made from fancy, obscure items that are impossible to find. Sometimes simply letting the natural flavors of a few ingredients really shine on their own is a recipe for success. One of my mottos is “if it’s made up of good ingredients, it’s most likely going to be good.” (*Warning: this theory is not foolproof and has not been tested in all situations.) Italian food is one of my favorite genres to cook and enjoy for this reason; the possibilities are endless. I’m just sure deep down that there must be Italian in my blood but have yet to confirm it.

Photography by Bethany Young

For this particular Twenty Something meal, though, I went more in the direction of Mediterranean cuisine, highlighting a medley of flavors and fresh herbs. I wanted the meal to be light and fresh, and that it was. Each component complimented the other, no one ingredient vying more for our attention than another. It was a harmonious evening where the food, ambiance, and company were all concerned. My mom and sisters assisted me in the last minute scurry to finish the meal and set the table and my edible nephew was always nearby for entertainment purposes. I love entertaining with them and how they each have their own gifting and niche. Megan can make anything beautiful; Katie, my younger sister, is the queen of setting the perfect mood; and my mom gets things done, no matter how glamorous or not they may be. We literally moved the kitchen table outside for the party. This table is a work of art from a dear friend made of a 60 year old fence that was just begging to be enjoyed beneath the trees. So we gladly welcomed it to the party! Now take a chance and enjoy something new, perhaps a foreign vegetable that has been taunting you in the produce section. You might just be surprised when you’ve found your long lost love in a summer beet; I know what you’re thinking, “beets?!!!” But once you’ve married that beet to the perfect soft goat cheese and a little citrus, you might just be singing a different tune. And most importantly, enjoy what can take place around the table... converse with loved ones, create table questions, move your kitchen table outside, shake things up. Until we meet again, eat well! Our spread: ~Couscous salad with grilled chicken, parsley, mint, mango, pistachios, shallots, and balsamic (tweaked from a Real Simple recipe) ~Herbed flatbread & veggies with tzatziki sauce ~Cantaloupe & Grapefruit Dessert: ~Grilled brown sugar peaches with white chocolate, pistachios and strawberry balsamic ~Sugared Strawberries with mint and orange zest and homemade whipped cream

Elizabeth Diefenderfer Owner/Baker Cuppies & Joe


Kitchen No. 324

Open the door to Kitchen No. 324 and you’ll immediately be welcomed by a friendly face, the delicious aroma of baking bread and brewing coffee, and an atmosphere that can only be described as “bustling.” Depending on the morning, there may be rounds of business men and women stopping in for breakfast before work, joggers rewarding themselves with a fresh brewed cup of coffee or the weekend warriors making their way in for brunch and mimosas. Located in the heart of Downtown OKC in the historic Braniff building, Kitchen No. 324 is a seasonally inspired eatery, craft bakery and coffee curator; serving the very best of American rustic cuisine. “We get here at 3 AM and get started on the day – everything we make is fresh,” said Chef Beth Ann McFarland-Lyon. “We use locally sourced products whenever possible and develop a menu that celebrates what’s in season.” Along with the standard comfort food fare, Kitchen also caters to vegetarians and vegans with plentiful salads, dressings and side items that are sure to please. Delicious food and delightful people are Kitchen’s main priorities. It is evident in the energy that resonates within its walls and pours out of the large street level windows, reflecting the revitalization of the spirit and the heart of Downtown Oklahoma City. Sincere hospitality is the name of the game at Kitchen No. 324. When paired with their delectable menu, it creates an experience and a connection that is truly unlike any other and is worth returning for again and again. “Having a place in the heart of this growing city that is being revived is my favorite part,” said McFarland-Lyon. “The people who come in the doors to work every morning are my favorite part, and those who come here to eat, share and break bread with me is the best part.” What to Eat: For breakfast, you can’t go wrong with the Green Eggs and Ham; a light dish that is a take on an eggs benedict with house-made English muffins, sunflower pesto, spinach, basil and garlic, prosciutto ham, poached eggs and arugula. If you’re in the mood for some serious lunch, look no further than the chicken pot pie; an amped up version of classic comfort food topped with a fried chicken leg. Stopping in for a sweet treat? Cinnamon rolls are the only way to go! Delicious brioche rolls filled with cinnamon sugar and topped with royal icing. What to Drink: All of the fresh squeezed juices are delicious, and we are especially fans of the pineapple-green apple-lemon-mint concoction. As far as coffee is concerned, you can’t make a wrong choice. To try something new, we recommend the Spring Fling pour-over. Written by Taylor Andersen

Photography by Bethany Young


Packard’s New American Kitchen

Delicious American fare. Classic cocktails. Rooftop patio. Need we say more? Whether you’re entertaining friends over a casual lunch or searching for the perfect place to spend a summer date night, you needn’t look further than Packard’s New American Kitchen. Built in 1925, the Packard Building originally housed the showroom for the Packard Motor Car Company. Now, nearly 90 years later, it serves as a cornerstone in the restoration and revival of Midtown. “We love the growth that is happening in Midtown and we couldn’t wait to be part of the community,” General Manager John Ross said. “The location, the building itself and the rooftop access were too much to pass up.” Keeping with the spirit of restoration, the industrial and vintage vibe of the original structure serves as a perfect backdrop for the nuanced updates like the cork wall and chevron wood paneling. “We were inspired by restaurants from all over the world and the bar loft was my original design,” Ross said. “But much of the original structure is still being utilized, like the black and white marble tile from the 1925 showroom floor.” Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the pièce de résistance! For those warm summer nights, venture up to the rooftop patio to enjoy a drink or two as you take in the beautiful downtown skyline. As the sun sets, the strands of globe lights and fire-lit patio heaters cast a warm glow that keep the patio party going well into the evening. Packard’s ability to infuse a classic structure with new and inventive design is not only reflected in the architecture but in their mouth-watering menu as well. What to Eat: Asian influence has revamped the Sichuan Smoked Pastrami Sandwich; the house-made pumpernickel is out of this world. Another favorite, the Double Cut PorkChop, expertly paired with a green apple and tomatillo tamale, as well as buttery glazed carrots, will keep you coming back again and again. Finally, the Pan Seared Chicken, resting on a bed of mushroom risotto and adorned with a corn, fennel and edamame succotash will change your life, in the best way possible. What to Drink: Our cocktail recommendations include the classics like the Old Fashioned and if you’re looking for something a bit lighter, the Gin Fizz. If you’re up for trying something new, we would like to direct you straight to the Panhandler: bulliet bourbon, maple, lemon and a sprig of rosemary. You won’t be disappointed. Written by Taylor Andersen

Photography by Bethany Young


Photography: Bethany Young Makeup: The MakeUp Bar Styling: Kelsey Self Location: Plenty Mercantile Model: Talia S. of Brink Model Management


Plenty of Purpose

Sustainability is not a new concept – but the feeling the word inseminates in each of us is what Plenty Mercantile seeks to celebrate. With every purchase, a vote can be cast to promote responsible consumption. Our mission is to supply life and style goods that celebrate a strong sense of origin, process, and authenticity. We’ve found that a connection with the goods we work and live around actually makes them more beautiful. The sustainable mindset begins before standing in front of the recycling bin. Before a product makes it on to the floor of Plenty, it has been deemed a responsible choice by meeting a series of standards. There are no 100% sustainably perfect consumer goods – but there are trade-offs and wiser choices. Great style does not have to be sacrificed, but rather enhanced by the ingenuity of today’s responsible designers. We believe this filter can be applied in any situation. PRODUCTION | handcraft. lean manufacture. USA. renewable energy. RESOURCE | rescued. recycled. remnant. locally grown. organic. toxinfree. SUPPORT | buy one give one. donate proceeds. veteran support. foster culture. PACKAGING | recycled. reusable. biodegradable. compostable. minimal. DISPOSAL | biodegradable. buy back. trade in. compostable. refillable. no turn over. The classic “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is a mantra to stand by everyday. The order of the words is by design. First, in all matters try to reduce consumption – use less stuff or buy used or repurposed items. Second, reuse or repurpose the things you have – buy multi-functional pieces or create something new. Third, buy recyclable products so after reusing the item, the materials have a chance to become a new product. Designers today are producing products that, at first glance, don’t fit the sustainable stigma – products that are stand alone functional and beautiful. For example, Rewined Candles have a knockout presentation and

quality, distinct scents. Each candle in the collection is based on the notes of different wines – Riesling, Chardonnay, Mimosa, Merlot, and more. They are the perfect gift for a hostess, a celebration, or a housewarming. Eco-bonus – the company cuts used wine bottles for the vessel and hand pours the soy wax in Charleston, South Carolina. The best part for our team, we’ve come to know theirs. A simple and highly functional sustainable switch can be made through cleaning products. Green cleaners have deservedly earned negative attention in the past, but they’ve come a long way in form and function. Better Life is a cleaning line created by two men who, after becoming stay-at-home dads, decided they didn’t want their kids wallowing in the chemicals used in their cleaning products. These guys put the fun in function. They’ve created niche cleaners that make clean happen – the granite cleaner is named “Take It For Granite” and the stainless steel cleaner is “Einshine.” Eco-bonus – every cleaner is GMO free, cruelty free, made in the USA, fragrance free, sulfate free, and petroleum free. As it goes, the best part seems to be the connection our team has gained to the founders and executors of the Better Life concept…and that we can sustain.

Written by Brittney Melton Plenty Mercantile


Planning & Living Your Perfect Day

What is a perfect life made up of? Why, a bunch of perfect days! So, to get the life of your dreams, you have to know what the day of your dreams looks like. Write, in the greatest detail possible, what a perfect day in your life would look like. The kind of day you could repeat forever while still being very joyful and fulfilled. Ask yourself some of the questions below to gain clarity on what the perfect day is like for you. Find other questions to ask that bring about answers to a more detailed day. Here are some questions to ask yourself: • What time do you wake up? Go to bed? • How do you spend time throughout the day? • How do you earn money and make a living? • What’s your schedule? • What are you working on? • What are you doing for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? • Who are you with? • Where do you live? • What do you do for fun? Take 30 minutes to brainstorm and write down what you’d do from sun up to sun down. Once completed, put up on wall or desk, and review multiple times daily.

After completing your perfect day, you know all the finer details of the best way to spend 24 hours. You know exactly the who, what, where, when, why, and how you spend your time. With this newfound awareness of a perfect day, it makes it easy to compare how you are spending most of your days. And, if you are like most, I’m sure you’re further away from this perfect day then you’d like. So how about we fix that and start living it now? Yes, now. What else are you waiting for? Sure, you may not instantly appear in the middle of your perfect day. It may be hard to make a million dollars or marry a supermodel tomorrow. But there’s never a better time to start progressing towards a goal than the present. Some example actions you can take today are included below. In your perfect day are you: • Living on the beach or mountains? Start planning the move right now by looking for a new job or apartment. • Working a job you love? Understand what your dream job would be. Start looking for it. • Selling your third business? Start brainstorming ideas for the first one. • Having dinner with friends? Call immediately and schedule a dinner. • Changing the world? Research problems and make a list of solutions right now. Whatever makes your Perfect Day list can be lived, starting right now. Identify what actions you can do today to make your perfect day feel more like your normal day. Then act on those actions. Written by Jeff Ragan Founder of Kize Concepts Inc.

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Twenty Something Magazine - June 2013  

June 2013 issue of Twenty Something Magazine

Twenty Something Magazine - June 2013  

June 2013 issue of Twenty Something Magazine