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Resort Runway

There is something special about fashion aside from the fabrics and designs that make up the clothes… its innate ability to make us change, evolve. Fashion, although sometimes repeats itself, makes us look forward to the future and laugh at things past. We find ourselves sitting at fall shows in February when we haven’t even tackled spring or summer of the current year! It almost allows us to see into the future. What will we like this year? What will we wear? What will be our attitudes this year? Romantic? Edgy? Classic? We reflect on seasons past and look forward to the changes of the years coming; there is a time for everything. You’re not ready to look that far ahead? Well, that’s ok. We won’t even look into pre-fall yet, let’s move on to summer! If you are a reader from Oklahoma you probably cursed the days of 114 degrees last summer and then cursed the days of 30 degrees this winter (If you are not a reader from Oklahoma, it’s what we do. We win for craziest weather patterns, so we complain about it.) But right now, the days of high-70s are looking pretty good! And, of course, Oklahoma is swell, but if you are looking forward to somewhere a little more fabulous this spring or summer, take a note and be inspired from my top picks from the runway for resort season! I don’t even need to describe my love for Diane Von Furstenberg, hence the reason she made my list twice. But can we all agree that the neon, black and white dress is perfection? What a great way to incorporate a “wow” color in a dress, balance it out with a classic B&W and girly it up with great asymmetrical detail. Like I said, perfection.

Even though summer is all about color, I can’t help but lust after Carolina Hererra’s Resort Collection, especially this dress! Just a little polish of red, a chic bag and you are set for even a business occasion!

Even if you don’t love all things mini (miniskirts, mini Snickers, mini Coopers, whatever) chances are, you will still love this orange mini dress. I have a personal fashion rule that if you are going short on bottom, you better be going long on top and this creates that perfect Attention all lovers of pattern mixing but are unsure of balance! Keep this look very what actually matches, this dress from Louis Vuitton mod as is with a white bag and makes it completely perfect by combining multiple accessories and you will surely patterns and textures but all in the same color. Shoulder look very London-esq circa accents and biker gloves take this dress from tea party to early ‘60s. edgy chic. Strait from the Tory Burch pin board are some of my favorite florals. The maxi skirt especially is ringing my bell. What better combination for a vacation outfit than a white blouse to show off a neck-full of jewelry and a no-fuss, maxi. Pictures From: Fashion Gone Rogue,, Louis Vuitton and

Written by Meagan Owen

Label Love

“Gucci. Fendi. Prada purses. Purchasin’ them finer things..... Buyin’ things that’s hard to say. Rockin’ Christian Audigier!” As I write this article, I can’t help but to put on Fergie’s “Labels or Love.” You know? The fabulous song in the opening scenes of the first ‘Sex and the City’ movie. Whether small or large or unknown or worldwide, labels are everywhere. With the variety of labels going around, have you ever wondered what lies beyond the name of the label you wear? More than likely, you have heard of labels like Gucci and Prada. You probably didn’t know that Prada started out as a luxury leather goods company way before it became the ready-to-wear powerhouse it is today. You’d be shocked to know that hip-hop made Tommy Hilfiger a household name. You probably would not have guessed that those Calvin Klein jeans that you’re probably rockin’ right now changed the game in designer denim. Behind every label, there is a story of hard work and history that has determined the success of that label today. I’m sure a lot of you may know the name Tory Burch. Her accessories have graced the shelves of local Oklahoma boutiques. Her famous flats are a hit with local fashionistas hungry to get in on the fashion scene. From her flats to her marketable handbags, you wouldn’t think that the Tory Burch label started from a tunic. Taking inspiration from a tunic that she spotted in a flea market, Burch decided to start her own label of affordable and luxurious accessories. You would think that a designer with their own line of accessories also has their own line of clothing. Tory Burch fans, however, would be surprised to know that she just had her first runway show last fall! From a tunic in a flea market to a New York runway show, the history behind the Tory Burch label has definitely shaped her into the designer she is today.

Recently, I had the chance to talk to a close friend of mine about the specific labels that she wears. Burberry was one of the first labels that she mentioned. Long before the famous Burberry plaid scarf made its debut, Burberry was already an established fashion house ranging back to the 1850s. Burberry is such an iconic label because it was the first fashion house to introduce the functional trench. It was also the first fashion house to be commissioned by the Queen to provide a wardrobe to the Royal Family. Some people may not know that Christopher Bailey, the current Creative Director of Burberry, almost became a veterinarian instead of a fashion designer. Burberry is the most famous and successful British label in the fashion industry. So the next time you decide to pick up that plaid Burberry scarf, impress your friends with a little Burberry history! Fashionistas worldwide go to extreme lengths to have their Louis Vuitton bags and Miu Miu pumps. They love the idea of wearing a label that everyone has heard of before. Labels are great, but everything that goes into creating a label should be acknowledged as much as the label itself. Behind a Ralph Lauren jacket, there lies the story of a young man starting out his design career by creating and selling ties. Within the threads of a Juicy Couture bag, there is the story of two LA women creating a label that first sold stylish track suits. Deep within the jersey fabric of a Donna Karan dress, there is a story of a designer who dedicated her job to making seven easy pieces for women to wear. It’s interesting to see how many labels a fashionista can wear, but it is just as interesting to know the history behind those labels.

Written by Whitney Lynn

Spring Strut

Every six months I get the opportunity to sneak off to Las Vegas for market. Market is essentially every brand you have and haven’t heard of, all in one place, selling their goods to every clothing store in the Nation. Being the biggest show of the year for all those in the fashion industry, it is the best place to take a moment to look around and do a little trend watching. These are my notes on what I spotted men doing well for the coming spring season. One. Show some ankle. Wearing your pants an inch or so shorter than usual will give your look a more tailored and one-of-akind fit. Add a little cuff to the bottom and get another level of color and texture. This will also let you show off some bright socks, or go sockless in the summer months. Plus, summers are always way too warm; this little extra show will keep you a little cooler.

Two. Add a strong color. A little color can offset your outfit to make you look a lot more edgy. Whether it be orange, green, red, purple or even a brighter shade of your daily blue, it will go a long way. Lately, I have been building my colored corduroy collection. But if bright pants are just too much, try a colored tie or pair of socks to give people something to chat about.

Three. Button up. Every guy needs a decent collection of button ups, but give those shirts an added dimension by wearing them differently. Button them up to the top to give a vintage prep look to your daily wears. I have to admit being a little hesitant on this look, but as soon as I started buttoning up to the top, I haven’t been able to stop.

Four. Something extra. Menswear is all about the basics. We do not need flashy five-inch shoes, or oversized shiny jewelry. What we do need are little touches to complete our looks. I find accessories to be the easiest place to add that touch. A strong ring, a small leather bracelet, an eye-catching watch and you’re done. After a few wears, you will begin to feel off without it. Watches may not be the most necessary thing in our day and age, but find one with a good color, a different shape, or even an oversized face, and people will always notice. Five. Clean up. A good haircut is all it takes to compliment the clothing you wear. The most common trim at market the past few seasons has been the shortly trimmed sides with a longer body on top. Some people wear it messy to offset the short sides; others wear it cleanly styled with an almost timeless look. I lean towards the clean. Six. Classic and Quality. One thing I saw everywhere at the show was a step away from fast fashion. Fast fashion being cheaply produced, lower quality goods that try to stay on the edge of ever-changing trends. Brands are moving towards better quality fabrics that are made in the best of factories that will last for the long run and only get better on the journey. Whether that is great Americana leathers, or vintage loomed denims, everyone seems to have figured out that a piece of clothing should be something that lasts and you can love. Once you begin to build these quality basics, you can add little style pieces to your wardrobe along the way. For example, my Johnston & Murphy kicks have been my favorite for the past eight years. I’ve had them resoled once already, and plan on wearing them down for another in the next few years. Chances are, I will not ever need another pair of brown dress shoes. Written by Jacob Peregrin

Spring Style Spring is here and the colors are changing. Not just outdoors, but inside our closets and stores across the metro. As we come into the full bloom of the season, bright colors emerge and the browns and blacks of fall/winter are wilting away—for now. The changing of the season brings with it new fashions, daring colors and flirty, yet practical hairstyles. Here is what we can’t wait to try out this year! Back it Up We always want to impress when we enter a room, but this trend will drop jaws when you leave. Cutout backs are all the rage. This trend can take a simple black dress from darling to daring. We found a Nicole Miller for $126.99 at You can also be more casual with this look by throwing on a t-shirt that’s missing a little material from the back. We found one at UrbanOutfitter. com for $39. If you’re a resourceful person, check out how-to videos on YouTube to see how to cut up your own t-shirt! Get Low We live in Oklahoma and as we all know, it’s hotter than #@$ here in spring/ summer! Fewer things are worse in the hot, sticky months than a head full of hair sticking to your sweaty neck. We both have long hair, which is why we love the latest twist on the classic ponytail - the low pony. The look is fashionable and practical! Just gather your hair at the nape of your neck and secure it. You can do a deep part, or brush the hair straight back and use a headband. Just tease the crown for added height. At the Oscar Awards, Gwyneth Paltrow showed how sweeping the hair back can look elegant.

All of the Lights Now featured on a street near you is loud, obnoxious (by some peoples’ standards) 80’s-like shades of greens, blues and pinks. We dig it! However, reliving the glory days in outlandish hues may not be right for everyone. Nicki Minaj to the rescue. The pop artist recently came out with her own line of nail color by OPI. If you’re not brave enough to try the head to toe glow, maybe just a dab of color on your nails will get you in the neon spirit. You can grab Nicki’s line at local drugstores for $8.50 per bottle. Mullets Or as some people call it, the hi-low hemline, business in the front…party in the back. We dig it too. Here is an example of two dresses we found on There are many amazing things about the hi-low hemline dress. The outfit is effortless! We show the maxi with sandals for the daytime look and the shorter version with pumps. You could easily switch up the dresses and mix the shoes to transition between day and night. Also, the hemline instantly lengthens your legs and makes you look taller. Love it! The C&C California black and white jersey dress is $98 and the Gypsy 05 maxi is $176.

What spring fashions are you bold enough to try? Let us know by visiting us at Written by KSBI All About You’s JaNiece Cranmer and Kealey McIntire

March Fashions Look around and you notice an abundance of mints, lilacs, and sherbert’s. Pastel hues have made their way onto the racks in every store. Here are some great ways to wear these colors and see how you can incorporate them in to your spring wardrobe.

Clothing: Blue Seven Hair: Angela Hamilton Makeup: The MakeUp Bar Photography: Bethany Young Models: Jessica Morgan & Madison Sells

Lip Beauty Written by Alex Mendez-Kelley

What is beauty? How many times do you feel like you have asked or tried to answer this very question? Smokey eye, nude lips, power lips, natural, pops of colors. I think I have probably used all of these answers to any number of questions asked of me over the years. Trends and fads change of course, as well as ingredients and textures. I find myself poopooing today an idea that 5 years ago I LOVED and was OBSESSED with and now think eewww on so many levels! Yes, there will be a day where we think, “why did I ever think beige was a lipstick color?” Well I would like to put up my own new trendsetting idea! I am now currently obsessed with color lipsticks! Not just red, pink and coral - you know, the usual suspects. I am really obsessed with blues, teals, and mints. They are really beautiful colors and can really compliment an outfit. I think sky blue can be very sexy, and dark blue is bruiting. Green is playful and carefree, while lavender is innocent. Here are some examples of what I’m talking about…

I think these trends are here to stay for a long, long time. At least until next month, right?

Coffee Table Styling

Coffee tables are a great addition to any living room. Form and function in one…what could be better?? There are about as many options to accessorize your coffee table, as there are options of coffee tables themselves. If you need some help in this department, here are some easy styling ideas for ya.

Apartment Therapy

The rule of 3’s. Memorize it, people. Items grouped in 3’s are generally pleasing to the eye. It never hurts to stagger the height of the items either.

Customize generic items. I love this example of an easy customization- get a hurricane vase; add some rocks, and put a candle in it and you have yourself a very pretty item to add to your coffee table! And, it’s much more interesting than just sitting a candle on the table. There are so many other items to customize you really are only limited by your imagination.

Go bare. There is no written rule that your coffee table MUST have something on top of it. If you want the rest of your room to take center stage, leave the coffee table top bare! Apartment Therapy

Elle Decor

Fresh flowers are a great way to dress up any space and bring the outside in. And as a space that is very often seen in the home, the coffee table is a perfect place for them.

Lonny Magazine

Trays corral clutter and make your stuff look organized even if it’s not. I highly suggest using one. It will ground the space on your coffee table and creates a focal point.

Apartment Therapy

Here’s a wild idea. How about NOT having a coffee table at all? If you don’t have room in your space for one, just leave it out and use side tables instead. The end result can look great!

Suggestions of items to use when accessorizing your coffee table: flowers, trays, coffee table books (hence the name), decorative bowls, vases and sculpture, candles, small plants, shells, picture frames, (getting weird now) rocks and sticks. Use items that fit your personality and that YOU like to look at! If you want more decorating tips, head over to my blog at! Written by Emily Davis

Twenty Something Guy

Photography: Bethany Young

Meet the man behind Daily Thunder, our March Twenty Something Guy, Royce Young. Tell us about yourself! I’ve never lived anywhere other than Oklahoma. Kinda proud to say that, for some reason. It’s not that I never wanted to move, but I really never saw a reason to. But I grew up in the metro area, graduated from Mustang High School, went to the University of Oklahoma and got a degree in journalism, and now I live in Oklahoma City. Also of note: I’m married to maybe the best wife ever and have a better dog than pretty much anyone. How did you develop a love for sports? That’s almost like asking, “How did you start liking ice cream?” I don’t know honestly. I’ve just always loved competition, and the thing about sports is that it can be serious, while never being serious at all. A game can feel like it means life or death and you feel the emotions and pain or glory from it, but then you realize it didn’t matter all that much. I played everything growing up, all the way through high school. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of those “good” athletes that got to play any further than that. But when people ask me what I want to be when I grow up, I still say shortstop from the Chicago Cubs. Because, if I’m being honest, that’s still what I really want to be. Tell us about going to college to pursue journalism – what made you decide to go that route? Funny story: I went to college with my best friend and I spent my first year at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford. We went out there to enroll; there was something to fill out to pick a major, and we decided that we didn’t want to be undecided. (We were very decisive, you see.) So we looked at the majors - chemistry, pharmacy, engineering, whatever and came to the conclusion that if we were going to get a diploma four years from then, we needed to go a non-math route. So we both checked journalism.

I transferred to OU the next year and, since I’m not really one for change, I stuck with it. I kind of wanted to be a sportswriter, but I thought that was like saying you wanted to be president. Cool job, but how realistic is that? I really didn’t figure out what I wanted to do until after I graduated college. I was just sort of getting a degree with a plan to figure things out after that. Was writing for the Oklahoma Daily in college your first experience as a journalist? Yeah, that’s the first type of actual journalism I ever did. Softball was my first beat and, while I can safely say I don’t enjoy softball, there’s something about being so close to it that makes you kind of enjoy it more than you thought you would. I covered football the next semester, which was a big task. Walking into an OU football practice with legit reporters there that had questions for Bob Stoops was kind of surreal. I remember the first question I ever asked -- and it took me a solid 15 minutes of psyching myself up to ask it -- Stoops blew me off and ended the availability right then. I think I cried into a pillow for three weeks. You are now an NBA writer for – tell us about your job with them. It’s the type of job where I look around and say, “Is this for real?” I’m technically a blogger for and cover the NBA. Basically writing opinion and analysis on whatever is most important in the NBA that day, whether it’s an injury, a trade, a trade rumor or whatever. I’m kind of a read-and-react writer. Tell us about Daily Thunder! It started in the fall of 2008 when the Sonics officially loaded up their trucks and became the Thunder. It’s basically just a place that covers the Thunder from multiple angles -- hardcore basketball analysis, advanced stats, stupid videos and important things like each players’ pregame handshake routine. The goal is to hit kind of all spectrums of the Thunder experience, I guess. I’m a fan and don’t apologize for it. It’s extremely biased and unbalanced coverage of the team. But I am a credentialed reporter; I go to the games and talk to players and coaches. So there is a bit of a balancing act.

How did you get the idea to start Daily Thunder? Funny story, part two: I hated the name and logo. That’s really why I started it. The long story is that it was my last semester of college and I wasn’t writing for the school paper anymore. When the team name and logo were revealed, I hated them and it was killing me that I had no place to air my grievances (as if anyone cared). Writing has always been sort of sports therapy for me. I’ve always got a million thoughts about things and it just feels good to put them down. Like a release. So I figured, why not just start a blog about the team? My first post was about how I hated the name and logo and then it sort of just gained steam from there. ESPN started a network of blogs, asked me to join, which I did, so that helped a lot for exposure. And for the record: The name and logo have definitely grown on me a great deal. How does it feel to create something that has become so successful? Really, really weird. It was never part of the plan to have it take off like this and it still seems strange to me that people actually might care what I have to say. I still sometimes forget that when I click “publish”, evvvvverryone in the world can see what I just wrote. Sometimes I almost feel like I’m just writing it for myself to read. Would you say you are more passionate about journalism or sports? Definitely sports. Because I don’t consider myself the traditional journalism person. I’m part of new media where blogging and Twitter are important. I report news and do that type of crap too, but I don’t take it too seriously. I don’t think I really would be happy doing something in journalism outside of sports. I think in order to be good at something, there has to be a passion for it too. The more you like it and the more you care about it, the better you’re going to be at it. I once had an editor tell me that the best sportswriters hate sports. I thought that was total crap. I hate fashion, so you’re telling me I would be good at writing about it? That’s dumb.

What all have you been able to experience because of Daily Thunder? I’ve gotten to know people I definitely otherwise wouldn’t have. As a result of Daily Thunder, I was hired at, which has given me the opportunity to cover things like the NBA Finals and All-Star games. I’ve gotten to experience the thrill of seeing my name and picture on massive websites like and, which is seriously something I never thought would happen. It’s cliché to say it, but man, I’ve been really fortunate. What advice would you give to twenty-somethings out there who are trying to pursue sports journalism? Write what you care about. Read your favorite writers and read them a lot. Really try and pick up on their style, voice and cadence. Figure out why you like to read them. And probably the most important part is to keep writing, even if you think nobody is reading it. Like, if you want to be a great golfer but you only play once a month, you’re not going to get any better. If you want to be good at something, you’ve got to really work at it and do it a whole lot. Like Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule, if you want to be good at something, you have to do it a whole lot.

Who are your favorite NFL, MLB, NBA & NCAA teams? The Saint Minnesota Louis Viking Rams. Really, I just love Adrian Peterson and Sam Bradford. Chicago Cubs, Oklahoma City Thunder and OU. Who is your favorite player in the NBA? Kevin Durant - with Nick Collison a close second. If you could spend a day with any sports player, who would it be? Copout answer, but KD. He’s seriously the coolest, and the real deal. Favorite sports movie of all time? “Space Jam.” Just kidding. Probably “Rudy.”

The Tony-award winning rock musical Spring Awakening is coming to the Plaza Theatre from March 28 through April 14, thanks to Lyric Theatre. This coming-of-age indie rock musical, adapted from the controversial 1891 German play by Frank Wedekind, explores the intimate journey from adolescence to adulthood with unforgettable poignancy and passion. We caught up with the leads to see what this production is all about! How did you become involved in theatre? When I was in fourth grade I started taking voice lessons at a studio called Stagestruck, and my teacher asked me to audition for the summer musical ‘Grease.’ I had grown up with an intense passion for singing, but the thought of acting had never crossed my mind; to be honest, I found it a bit terrifying. I was very nervous about being in the musical, but after spending a few rehearsals as a Pink Lady, I fell in love with it and haven’t stopped.

What is it about the theatre that inspires you? There is this little term called “theatre magic.” It is a very broad term that is used to describe any moment in the theatre that Leah Coleman, starring as Wendla, was takes the audience’s breath away. It can be born and raised in Edmond, OK, where she something technical, like when the lighting attended Edmond North High School. She is set at the perfect intensity with just the is currently a Music Theatre student at the right hue that sets the mood of the scene, or University of Central Oklahoma. Before when the costumes have been constructed discovering theatre, she grew up with fabrics that give color and texture determined to be a pitcher for the USA to the picture we strive to paint on stage Olympic softball team who would also sing while bringing the characters to life, or it the National Anthem before the games. can come from the details in the staging

and choreography. After countless hours of hard work and attention to detail, these things are in place and, when combined with actors who are completely engaged and living in the moment, that is magic. When an audience member is able to be completely enveloped in the show, escaping from their everyday lives, or is emotionally affected and touched, that is where I get the inspiration to do what I do. Making a difference, large or small, in the life of an audience member is the greatest kind of theatre magic there is, as well as the number one reason I do theatre. Of all the experiences you have had in the theatre world, what has been the one that outshines the rest? I am extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to play many dream roles and work with incredible actors and directors throughout my young theatre career, making it very difficult to decide on one true favorite. At fourteen, I was in the ensemble for Lyric’s ‘Fiddler on the Roof ’ starring Jonathan Beck Reed and Cyndi SteeleHarrod, two of the most fantastic actors, teachers and friends that I know. I cannot tell you how much I learned by watching them in rehearsals and there are not words to describe how incredible it was being on stage with them. A few years ago I got to play the role of Jo March in ‘Little Women’ and that was the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life, because the story is a classic and means so much to so many women of all generations. The audiences’ response to that show was life changing for me; after every performance we were greeted by teary-eyed audience members who thanked us for bringing their favorite characters to life and inspiring young girls to read or reread the book. It was truly special.

Tell us about your involvement with Lyric. My seven-year stretch as a Lyric Academy student began at eleven years old with me playing a poppy flower in Lyric Theatre’s ‘Wizard of Oz.’ I was then involved with every single Academy show through age sixteen and spent about six days a week at Lyric’s production center taking lessons from the most incredible instructors and mentors an aspiring performer could ask for. From these teachers, especially Chris and Cyndi Harrod and Kevin Smith, I not only learned to develop my talents but I also learned countless life lessons and gained the self-confidence that many lack as a teenager. The Academy deeply impacted my life in so many ways, and I trained there until I graduated high school. I was also a member of Lyric Theatre’s Junior Company for several years, performing at various festivals, parties and conventions. What should patrons expect out of ‘Spring Awakening’? Let’s just say that there is a reason this show won the Tony Award for Best Musical. ‘Spring Awakening’ is a very passionate coming-of-age story, with a message for both young adults and parents alike, and a score that is so stunning I am certain people will want to get the album after seeing the show. Patrons can expect their hearts and minds to go on an incredibly moving and thought-provoking journey that will hopefully cause them to leave the theatre inspired. What are you most excited about when it comes to starring in ‘Spring Awakening’? My favorite thing about the show is that even though Frank Wedekind’s play, from which the musical is derived, was written in 1891, every issue is just as relevant and important today as it was then. I am so excited to tell this eye-opening, inspiring story

to new audiences because I believe it is a story that must be told to as many people that will listen. There have been, and still are, Wendlas everywhere who deserve to have their voices heard, and I am so honored to be that voice for them.

What is it about the theatre that inspires you? I believe the thing about theatre that is truly astounding and why it is so appealing to me is that theatre is about you, as an artist, expressing the way you view reality and putting it into words, sounds and movements. Being able to express yourself in that way is an opportunity you don’t come across too often in everyday life. Of all the experiences you have had in the theatre world, what has been the one that outshines the rest? I did a short piece of work with Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts (CC CEPA) over Christmas break two years ago and it left me with a greater love and appreciation with professional theatre. Working with performers that are actively working in the theatre world gave me a deeper understanding of what it would take to be part of that environment and survive.

Tell us about your involvement with ‘Spring Awakening’ here in Oklahoma. Kelly Methven, playing Melchior, is a nineteen year old from Atlanta, Georgia. He I’m performing the part of Melchior in Lyrwas initially a pre-med major at University ic Theatre’s upcoming production of ‘Spring of West Georgia before making a switch to Awakening’ in March and April. This is my first time performing with this theatre comMusical Theatre performance at the pany and it excites me to work with such University of Oklahoma. talented people from different universities How did you become involved in around the Oklahoma City Area. theatre? I was always raised with a deep appreciation What should patrons expect out for all forms of visual and performing arts. I of this show? grew up with four sisters that were all sing- They should expect an up-tempo and very entertaining show. The story is sure to ers, dancers, and actors, and just felt that capture your heart because the content is it was only appropriate that I follow suit. I so relatable, and the talent involved in this participated in the musical performances at my high school (Alexander High School) particular show is bound to put together a vocal performance that will knock your and also ventured out and did community socks off. theatre in Carrolton, Georgia for about three years.

Of all the experiences you have had in the theatre, what has been the one that outshines the rest? My favorite role that I have ever played was the Lion in ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ It was a very fun role and I was able to be completely outrageous on stage. Character roles such as that are my favorites because they are so unrealistic, but yet they create an amazing emotional connection with the audience.

Wilson Kerr, playing Moritz, is from Edmond, OK where he attended Edmond North High School. He is currently a student at OU studying Voice.

Tell us about your involvement with “Spring Awakening.” In ‘Spring Awakening’ I am playing the role of Moritz. Moritz is such a great character, he has so many things to say but he just doesn’t know how to say them. Moritz is filled with so much love and compassion, but he is also filled with fear. He is scared of changing and scared of losing his innocence. Moritz also has an inner rock star that only he knows about. I am so excited to play this role. It will be a challenge, but it will be extremely rewarding. I hope that I can do this character justice. What should patrons expect out of this show? Patrons should expect an intense rock show but they should also expect to be incredibly moved. ‘Spring Awakening’ deals with challenges that everyone faces and the beautiful, melancholy reality that is growing up.

How did you become involved in theatre? Sophomore year in high school is when I really became involved in theater. My high school did ‘Beauty and The Beast’ and I played the role of Maurice. After this, I began performing at Lyric’s Thelma Gaylord What advice would you give Academy playing various roles and perother aspiring artists? formed at other theaters around OKC. My advice to aspiring artists is to never give What is it about the theatre that up on your passion. No matter what people may say, stick to your guns. Also, just have inspires you? fun and don’t be afraid to live in the moI love theater because it allows you to be something that is completely different than ment. yourself. It is an infinite universe of different characters all serving a distinct purpose. I love trying to create an emotional connection between the character that I play and the audience. It makes me feel alive.

What We’re Listen Young & Old Album of the Month: Tennis,

Tennis just seems like a friendly band. A husband and wife duo, Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley sound like they would be the most low-maintenance people who would simply be happy with a guitar and a beach in California. Having somewhat retro summer vibes, Tennis actually released their first album Cape Dory in January of 2011, which was inspired by a sea expedition along the East Coast that lasted for seven months. Knowing that makes total sense when you’re listening to them, taking into account their simplicity, authenticity and appreciation for the past. Alaina Moore radiates the likings of Leslie Gore, a favorite from the 60s, with her sweet soprano voice that only makes us think of our parents’ generation in their prime. “Origins” is my personal favorite from this band that is a part of their most recent development, Young and Old, given to us just this last month and was produced by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys. What they did right with this album is not forgetting the innocence that made them so special and attractive in the first place. Often times bands fail to produce a sophomore album as good as a celebrated debut. Tennis is an exception with Young & Old. A band that appreciates the emotional and raw elements of music, Tennis will share their experiences and lust for life as long as they’re inspired. How refreshing.

Artist of the Month: Grimes

Claire Boucher a.k.a. Grimes is not the conventional type. She dares to be different and independent with her electronic experimental music. An artist, producer, and singer, Grimes is a Vancouver-born 24-year-old with a dreamy voice that almost sounds like a ghost. Her songs are hauntingly catchy and are a complete representation of her expression since she produces everything. Grimes is the total creative package and is steadily continuing her career with her most recent album Visions, released just a couple of weeks ago on February 21. Tracks like “Oblivion,” “Genesis,” and “Vanessa” are highlights that you need to check out to get the gist of Grimes and her bittersweet echo-like vocals that shine amidst her electronic masterpieces.

ning To...

Song of the Month: “With Just One Glance,” by Nicola Jaar feat. Scout LaRue I feel like we all need to be educated about this fellow. Born in Chile but based out of New York, Nicolas Jaar proves that age is just a number with his impressive talent as well as success for a 21-year-old. He has been creating music since 2009 and released his debut album Space Is Only Noise in May 2010. It did exceedingly well winning all kinds of accolades and Jaar has since made quite a name for himself. He’s known for slowing things down a bit by producing what sounds like low-key techno music, or “bluewave” if you want to be technical. This song, “With Just One Glance,” has the foundation of Jaar’s subdued electronic sounds, but is set off by unexpected saxophone and jazz-influence. To make things even better, he’s accompanied by up and coming musician Scout LaRue, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. She’s perfect for the part, giving off that sex appeal I’m sure he was going for from the beginning. And hey, a little tabloid flare can’t hurt the word of mouth Jaar surely deserves.

Written by Sarah Ethridge

Ben Rector We caught up with Tulsa native, Ben Rector, on his current tour with NEEDTOBREATHE. We love this guy and his music! You started piano when you were young, but didn’t really get into music until you started playing the guitar when you were older – what was it that clicked at that time to where you knew you wanted to pursue music? I didn’t really know I wanted to pursue music until later on, when I started writing songs and then really dug into that in college. What type of music influenced you growing up? I listened to oldies radio stations when I was growing up, along with whatever was popular at the time. I’d say the Beatles, James Taylor, Billy Joel and Motown are some of my biggest influences. Where do you get inspiration for the songs that you write? Lots of different places. It’s usually some sort of musical inspiration paired with something that’s been stirring in my heart or mind. Something will come out and then I’ll run with that theme. You started touring while still in college – what was that like, juggling the two together? It was really pretty challenging, but also invigorating. I was getting the chance to do something I loved and watch it grow, and at the same time was in college. Luckily the two kind of came to a crescendo at the same time; my senior year was a good transition into doing music full time. I was barely in Fayetteville for a weekend my spring semester.

Your latest release, Something Like This, was the #1 Singer Songwriter album 5 minutes after its official release – how did that make you feel? It was really special. I definitely tried to grow as a writer and musician on that record, so I was really encouraged to see people enjoyed it. You are an independent artist, and rely a lot on social media to promote your albums, which obviously worked with Something Like This – why do you think social media is so powerful? I think social media is powerful because of its speed and its reach. Now, more than ever, lots of people can know about something very quickly. In your words, what would you say sets this album apart from your other 3? I think it’s more creative than the others, in the way it’s arranged and in the songs themselves. It’s still definitely pop, that’s the music that I write naturally. It’s really important to me to be improving and exploring as a creative person, and I think that Something Like This is a step in the right direction. You have toured with musicians like Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Five for Fighting and now Need To Breathe – when you’re on the road with talented musicians, what do you take away from those experiences?

I learned something different with each of those artists. I’m a fan of each of them, and have so much respect for what they do, and they all challenged me in different ways. Every tour is kind of like school for me. I get the chance to soak up as much as I can from what they do, and see how I can improve what I’m doing. And you can’t really just take aspects of people’s shows, because they’ve developed something that works well for them, and that specific thing probably wouldn’t work for you. It’s more about being around something that raises the bar for what you’re doing. There are so many aspects that go into being a musician from writing, to recording to performing, etc. – is there one aspect that you really enjoy more than the others? I enjoy them all separately and together. There are aspects of each part that I love. I do know that I could see myself writing songs forever, whether or not anyone wanted to listen to them. What advice would you give other artists who are pursuing music with their lives? I’d say whatever you’re good at, become great at that (that’s not to say I’m great at what I do, but that I pursue that). Playing music professionally isn’t a right, it’s a privilege. So, if you want to do it, you have to figure out how to create something that people want to seek out and share.

For more about Ben Rector, visit his website:


We interviewed Erin Austin of OK SWEETHEART, to find out more about the woman behind the music. How did you first start to get Your album “Home” came out an interest in music? last year, and you’ve been tourI’ve sung and made up songs since I was a ing to promote it. How has life weee-little-lass. Started piano when I was been on the road for you? 4. Wrote my first song on paper when I was Life on the road is a blast! We were out 9 9. Started classical voice lessons when I was 1/2 months last year and have been out 12. since January starting with a month long songwriting residency in Las Vegas. Who are some artists who have influenced you as a musician? There are so many aspects that For song writing, The Beattles, Harry Nils- go into being an artist - writing, son, Randy Newman and Neil Young. recording, performing etc. Is there one aspect that you really Do you write all of your songs? enjoy more than the others? If so, where do you draw inI like writing the best. spiration? Yes and everywhere. Things I experience, What advice would you give things other people experience. It’s a consomeone who is pursuing mustant stream. sic? Work hard, be genuinely nice to people, be On your site it says you “split honest with yourself and others, show up your time between Tulsa, Den- on time, follow through and do more than ton and NYC” - can you explain talk about doing. that a little more for us? Well, the band started in Tulsa, made our record in Denton and now, I live in NYC. We have guys that play with us from a number of cities including Austin, Denver, San Francisco and Las Vegas... as well as NY, Denton and Tulsa. Your songs have been featured in TV shows and in films - what is going through your mind when you sit down to watch something and hear yourself coming through the screen? I’ve only ever seen one of the shows my songs have been in. My sister recorded it and saved it until I came through her town and then showed it to me. It’s interesting hearing it synced up with a scene.

Life is a Highway

Every car dealership entices customers with an appetite for the latest contemporary vehicle out there. However, there is one car dealership that does not confine itself to the protocol to which they are expected; this dealership does not only sell a form of transportation, they also pose as the Road to Stardom for undiscovered, musical talents. What kind of dealership caters the benefits for both itself and its diverse customers? Jonathan Fowler Volkswagen in Norman, that’s who. An aspiring musician himself, general manager Jonathan Fowler ingeniously entwined his passion for cars and music into a center of business and a haven for musicians trekking on their way to stardom. Inducted into a business that’s been around for generations, Fowler never imagined he would ever be placed into a role that would develop into something more. “When I was a little kid, I was always into cars and loved it; dealerships and everything. I kind of expected to work in the dealerships, doing various jobs, etc. But as I got older, it was just something I never really pictured myself doing,” Fowler reminisces. All his life, Fowler has been enthralled by the vibe music resonates and how it embodies human passions. Fowler takes a trip down memory lane and appreciates the fact that music has always had a place in his life. “I was really interested in music at a very early age, and I always saw myself doing something along those lines,” Fowler says. So, how does a car dealership and one man’s passion for music correlate? Fowler has equal passions for both cars and music, so why not merge those together and form something that not only pleases his customers, but also have the honor to mentor the next potential musical phenomenon? Despite the fact these polar mediums are in different spectrums, Fowler has craftily laced the two into one complementary passion. “I oversee the market of the store from top to bottom, and that’s the only way I can keep

my passions in play with the business side. There are not a lot of tie-ins with music and the car business. The closest thing we have outside of our marketing is actually the creation of the sound system of the new Jetta, Beatle, and Façade,” Fowler says. In addition to the functions of the market, Fowler chimes in and credits the contributing branches of his strategic concoction of business and entertainment. “Really, it’s the advertising. Things like the ‘Vdub sessions,’ the annual Christmas album, etc. You have to try to be a little more creative to get the music out there,” Fowler states. Epitomizing his mentorship and compilation with other artists, Fowler recalls when the legendary ‘Vdub sessions’ series, which highlight new artists and their talents are placed into the spotlight, was first formulated. “When we [Jonathan Fowler and Mary Anne Osko, PR consultant] were trying to think of an idea to be more creative, we had wanted to work with Nathan Poppe for a long time, just from music festivals and having seen him in shows all over the place, and we admire a lot of his work; he has a unique style and vibe. Ferris O’Brien, who thought of ‘The Spy’ series, found a bus in Oklahoma City, bought it, talked to Nathan and he was all in, and that is how it all began,” Fowler states. ‘The Spy’ series has a loyal audience and Fowler says because of that loyalty, the series has been active “…a little over a year now and we have made almost 50 [episodes],” Fowler recalls. From his success from the ‘Vdub sessions,’ the Jonathan Fowler Volkswagen dealership annual Christmas album, produced this year by Blackwatch Studios, is always anticipated during a season that influences reason to embrace all music. “Our idea is that we go to a different label every year, and find a variety of labels to work with so that that each year we grow, we work with a different one and the label does their own album too. So, hopefully, three to five years from now, you’ll see six to eight different Christmas recordings all coming out from local musicians. The next thing you know, Oklahoma City has all this regional Christmas music, and there is nothing else like it anywhere else in the country,” Fowler states. Embracing the ‘Renaissance’ movement where all talents are discovered in the strangest of places, Fowler voices his perception of the movement that is “spreading like wildfire.” “There’s a rebellious type of artistic spirit that has been floating in the state for a long time; sometimes it’s obvious [the spirit] and sometimes it’s not. It seems like there is a lot of potential out there and it could turn into something pretty incredible,” an inspired Fowler says. Symbolizing a role that all musicians look up to for guidance, Fowler welcomes all genres of music. He sees the inner gift that every musician possesses, a gift that he also embraces. When you venture into a new realm of music, your ears will be serenaded, as they never have been before.

Written by Meagan Thomas

March Movies


lma and Louise

Clothing: Isabella Makeup: The MakeUp Bar Styling: Kelsey Self Photography: Bethany Young Models: Lauren Young & Kendall Harris

If Dreams Really Did Come True

If your dreams came true, would you have the husband/wife of your dreams? Would you get an incredible job that you were not only passionate about, but overly compensated for? If your dreams came true, would you live a life full of bliss and freedom? If so, you are WEIRD - because if my dreams really came true: I would be riding a sailboat with Rihanna. I would have to cut a sleeping anaconda with a plastic knife. I would be in my grandparent’s backyard. I would be haunted by a 6 ft. tall goose named Bertrum. My dad would try to jump over the grand canyon with his car. I would be going down a perpetual waterslide at all times, no mater the storyline. I would be doing “adult things” with Kenneth the page from 30 Rock on a pedestal in a strange house. I would pet a bluebird; then eat an entire bowl of sugar. I would have a reoccurring birthday party picnic with my seat of honor on the very edge of a cliff. A witch would curse me with a cryptic calendar on my foot. My jaw would be too huge for my mouth and my teeth would fall out. Brad would be engaged to some pregnant skank on the side. I would show up to my wedding before realizing I never sent out invitations. Shredder would capture Donatello and send the other turtles his severed finger in a jar. Amy Grant and I would share studio time, and then I’d go on tour with Hanson. I don’t mean to judge. If pursuing your dreams is your thing, then by all means, get your dream on. In the meantime, you can find me running far, far away from mine (minus the Amy Grant part). Written by Sherree Chamberlain

catalog Heroes

Ever since ending my run of blogging at I’ve been trying to find something new to devote my spare time to. And I’ve found it. I’d like to invite you to check out my Tumblr, Catalog Heroes at I use clothing catalogs/magazines, and transform them into super heroes. Pretty self-explanatory. Check out some of my work below. Urban Outfitters January 2012 – Batwoman

Urban Outfitters 2012 February – Vigilante & Shinning Knight

GQ November 2011 article - The Survivors - The Black Keys – Mario & Waluigi

GQ December 2011 article – Showmen – Blue Beetle & Booster Gold

GQ November 2011 article - The Survivors - The Dungeon Family – X-Men

Hope you enjoy! Check out these and many more at Written by Luke Stephens

30 Before 30

Leap year really snuck up on us. We thought that with an extra day this month, we could accomplish around 6 or 8 tasks. As we slip out of our food coma, we now realize we danked* it up. Technically, we accomplished five sub-tasks under one goethel* task. These are the adventures of Taylor Upchurch, a beloved high school science teacher, husband, and music enthusiast and Denver Duncan, a local musician, husband, and father of two. Friends since childhood.

#14 Eat Local For a Week Denver: This has definitely been the easiest so far. All we had to do was show up and eat. I could get used to this. Taylor: I agree. My muffin top did also. I think I gained my freshmen fifteen again. Denver: For the first time in my life I felt like a professional at something. It was manfran*. Taylor: Totally manfran. Monday- Cafe Nova Taylor: Yum, Nova. I’ve heard good things about their happy hour. I was excited to try the food. Denver: What does Nova mean? Taylor: Like terra nova, you know? Denver: So they hooked us up with one of their specialties. We got to create our own burger. It was fun and intimidating all at the same time. There were so many different combinations to create. I needed Rainman there. Taylor: It was awesome to feel like the chef and the critic in the same night. I created what I would like to coin, “The Breakfast Burger”; fried egg, gourmet tator tot, ham, goat cheese, and poblano aoli sauce. Denver: Anything is good with a fried egg on it. I went wrong when I added jalapenos on an impulse. It might have been the hottest ‘peno I’ve had. I had

to be rocking a 5000 plus on the Scoville scale! Taylor: I would call you a harke* for not wanting to eat it, but I only had a smidgen of one ‘peno. Denver: If I remember right, you thought your smidgen was pretty hot. Taylor: If you say so. You can remember the day you discovered your first armpit hair. I have a hard time remembering where I parked my car. Denver: The food was amazing! The atmosphere matched! Over all, I give it two fat thumbs up! Taylor: Ha ha! I get it, because we are primates and have opposable thumbs. Tuesday- Ludivine Taylor: I did a lot of research for Ludivine. Mostly watching videos of the crazy drinks they make at the bar. Denver: I had been there once before, so I was really excited to go back. The food is vergoozenbiz*!!! Taylor: Youtube also had videos of them visiting all the local farms they buy from. Everything comes from within 150 miles of OKC. So fresh, and so clean, clean. Denver: I had the croque-monsieur which brought my fried egg tally to two days in a row. Taylor: Yours was valob*. I couldn’t quit eating your left-overs. I had the steak with a blue cheese concoction on it. It was also splendid. Denver: For chefs who are aware of culture and community, they are doing it right. Big kudos. Taylor: I ordered a “French Bulldog” drink that had a raw egg in it. I thought it tasted great, like a cappuccino, until Denver told me it smelt like black licorice. I’m not a fan of of those jelly beans. Denver: Overall if I had stars to give, I would give it FIVE! Taylor: I agree. Going back for the scallops. They made my duodenum smile.

Wednesday- Foodies Taylor: This place is located on 12th and Hudson. Look for the paintings of silverware on the building. Denver: This place is cool all around. It feels like you’ve stumbled onto a little secret when you walk in. Taylor: I loved it. We ordered about everything on the menu. I thought we were feeding the Duggars. Denver: The food is a crazy mash-up of American/ Vietnamese/Greek tastes all in a dinner setting. Oddly AMAZING! Taylor: I would suggest the Bulgogi gyro. It was so good. Also, add an extra side of the chips. Homemade, deep-fried. Doesn’t get any better. Denver: Or any of their traditional Vietnamese street food on a stick. Taylor: In the words of Guy Fieri, “Winner, Winner chicken dinner.” Denver: If you don’t go for the food, go there to help two young kids in love. They’re saving for their traditional Vietnamese wedding. Taylor: Which in my calculations is around 25,000 fish balls on a stick and 3 teriyaki chicken platters, or $50,000. Denver: We encouraged them to elope.

Thursday- Cuppies and Joe Denver: Whenever you get a chance to eat dessert for lunch, do it! Taylor: I called my Boom Boom Pow a muffin so it would seem like a breakfast item. Denver: The thing about C&J’s is that it’s so full of warm metaxander*. Taylor: It’s a plus when we’ve got great friends in Megan, Elizabeth, and Katie running the show. Denver: It’s like we are in the mob. “Ya, I know the Dief ’s” (in an Italian accent) Taylor: Do you think it’s named after Joe Pesci from Casino? Denver: Holy crap! I bet your right! What puts it over the top is the store’s ambiance. Taylor: Well, isn’t that nice for you. It had the ambiance of a school classroom. Megan and I had to teach the future leaders of America at Putnam City North High School that day. Denver: I had to work to! Nate had me make your latte’ and Elizabeth made me frost your cuppie. How did it taste? wink wink Taylor: What did you do? Denver: Moving on... Thanks Diefs for all you do! Taylor: Everyone should go visit Cuppies and tell them we sent you. You won’t get anything because of that, but it will still be delicious.

Friday- Ken’s Steakhouse (Amber, OK) Denver: ROADTRIP!!! Taylor: I’m glad you drove. I would have gotten lost, and I got to nap on the way home. Denver: I was emitting meat fumes from my pores when it was all said and done. Taylor: If you are carnivorous, you have to visit Ken’s. When we got sat down, they gave us a basket of ribs. Denver: Ha ha! Yes, instead of bread, we got ribs! Not to mention their menu only had a half chicken, ribs, steak, or prime rib. That’s it! Taylor: I was full after the rib basket and the “salad” bar that included fried okra and beans. Then I manned up and ordered the 12 oz. sirloin. “To go box, please!” Denver: But I viking’ed up and got the rare 16 oz. prime rib! I felt like Edward from Twilight. Taylor: I’m not sure he ate beef. Denver: He drinks bloooooooooood. Taylor: And back to Ken’s... It was so inviting. I felt like a local. Barbra and Phil were eating at the table next to us. Cousin Ricky came in with his three kids. Community. Denver: Barbra even told me to straighten my hat! I couldn’t get over how flavorful the meat was. Taylor: I will be traveling back to Amber, OK in the near future. My mouth is watering thinking of those ribs. Denver: If you want a quick little trip out of the city, get to Ken’s! I promise, it’s worth it!

I hope you guys are not too upset that we only accomplished one task. We ate too much and could not get motivated. So, in February, we began training for the OKC marathon (or some part of it). This will also help with our motivation during Multiple-task March. We have a road trip planned from border to border on Rt. 66. We will be surprising our kindergarten teachers, and we may brave the wilderness. If you have time after reading this, please let us play basketball against you KD. Big, big thanks to Cafe Nova, Ludivine, Foodies, Cuppies and Joe, and Ken’s Steakhouse; we are full. Keep following our adventures on Twenty Something Magazine’s Facebook, twitter, and website. *New Word

Jackie O

“Even though people may be well known, they hold in their hearts the emotions of a simple person for the moments that are the most important of those we know on earth: birth, marriage and death.” Jackie O, or Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was one half of America’s most glamorous political couple. Wife of President John F. Kennedy, this first lady had the style to influence a country.

Clothing: Ruth Myers Hair: Angela Hamilton Makeup: The MakeUp Bar Styling: Kelsey Self Photography: Bethany Young Model: Damaris Pierce

Five Filling, Fun, and Flavorsome Breakfast Boosts Written by Jeff Ragan

I LOVE eating. I love eating A LOT. My favorite foods are endless, but my favorite meal is one – breakfast. I enjoy breakfast so much that I’m genuinely excited to eat it every morning, and with good reason. I’m providing my body with a beautiful balance of healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. I’m also supplying sustainable energy that will help me feel focused, strong, and ready to handle any task. This is quite the opposite from most sugar laden, highly processed, carb intensive breakfasts that lack beneficial nutrition, and leave people crashing mid-morning or craving more junk food. Combining the preceding two positive reasons with my final reason, and because the dishes below are just so delectable, it’s no wonder why I’m so gung ho for breakfast. So say sayonara to non-nutritious options, like donuts. Say bon voyage to boring or blah-tasting healthy picks such as plain oatmeal. Welcome in a world of delicious, nutritious, and enjoyable breakfasts. Sample the choices below and find what works best for you. No Bake Oatmeal Break away from the blandness of regular oatmeal, and prepare it like one of your favorite childhood cookies. Simply mix oatmeal, natural peanut butter, chocolate protein, and warm water. Smiley Face Waffle You know it’s going to be a great day when you look down at your breakfast and it’s smiling at you. Toast a whole grain waffle, prepare a few eggs to your liking (over easy, scrambled, etc), and select bacon of your choice (regular, turkey, or Canadian (eh)). Add the eggs and bacon on top of your waffle. Position the eggs as eyes and bacon as the mouth. Make the smile look as happy as possible. The happier the smile, the better the meal and your day will be. For added sweetness, use a small amount of maple syrup or raw honey.

PB & J English Muffin The American lunch time classic gets an English twist in the morning. Split and toast a whole grain English muffin, spread all natural peanut butter, and top with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries. Fresh berries will work, but I prefer buying frozen fruit and microwaving until getting my preferred consistency. This tastes great while also preserving your food and money longer, compared to buying fresh. For delicious alternatives, try almond, pecan, or cashew butter with any of the fruit options above. Breakfast Wrap No, we aren’t rhyming about eggs, but this choice will be sweet music to your taste buds and belly. Select a high fiber whole grain wrap. Add eggs, any meat, peppers, onions, salsa, and you’ve got a terrific start to your morning. Warm the wrap for 10-20 seconds in the microwave for a toastier treat.

Blueberry Banana Blast Don’t let the fruity name mislead you. This fruit-filled gem of a drink is packed with powerful nutrition. In a blender, add frozen blueberries or fresh blueberries, ice, banana, dairy of choice (milk, almond milk, Greek yogurt, etc.), and whey protein. Great additions include flaxseed, raw honey, or peanut butter. Try several different combos to find your favorite.

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